The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 15, 2016 on Y&R

Victor paid off Bethany to pretend to be the woman he'd met with in prison. The police found the missing pages of Sage's journal. A hallucinating Adam attempted to strangle a prison guard, and he faced assault charges. Victoria and Travis had a passionate reunion in Mexico.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 15, 2016 on Y&R
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Chloe Develops Sympathy for Chelsea Chloe Develops Sympathy for Chelsea

Monday, August 15, 2016

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Chloe held pages from Sage's journal and said, "I am literally holding Adam's get-out-of-jail-free card. Victor replied, "All you have to do is hand over those journal pages to me." Victor added that if Chloe gave him the pages, she'd no longer have to look over her shoulder and worry that her child might be taken away. Victor noted that Dylan McAvoy was a persistent detective, so if Chloe's role in framing Adam was uncovered, he'd also be implicated. Chloe asked about the person who was supposed to "take the fall" for them both. Victor said it was none of Chloe's business, and he hinted that he'd paid off the person in question.

Chloe reluctantly gave Victor the journal pages and said that Adam didn't deserve to step foot outside prison. Victor insisted that his son had suffered immeasurably. Chloe expressed regret that Delia hadn't received justice. Victor explained that Delia had received justice when Adam had admitted in court that he'd been involved in the hit-and-run accident resulting in the child's death. Chloe cried that losing Delia caused her to suffer every day. Victor reminded Chloe that Chelsea, Connor, and Adam had been suffering because of Chloe's desire for revenge. Before Chloe stormed out, Victor warned her to change her attitude if she wished for her daughter to enjoy a happy life.

After her meeting with Victor, Chloe returned to Chelsea's penthouse. Chelsea had been crying, and she asked where Bella was, as Chloe had said she'd gone to pick up the youngster. Chloe said that Bella was with Esther. Chloe asked Chelsea why she was crying. Chelsea mentioned Adam and said she knew that talking about Adam was upsetting for Chloe. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to vent her feelings.

Chelsea wiped away a tear and said she'd had a dream about being with Adam in Paris, where they'd enjoyed laughter and happiness. Chelsea expressed hated toward Victor for stealing her and Adam's future. Chloe listened sympathetically. Chelsea cried that time had stopped for her and Connor the second Adam had been taken from them. Chelsea added that she and Connor missed Adam every single day. Chloe began to weep and admitted she'd never before realized she wasn't the only one who'd been hurting. Chloe embraced Chelsea and apologized.

In Adam's cell at the Walworth Penitentiary, a guard warned Adam that refusing to eat and not sleeping could make him weak and vulnerable. Adam stretched out in his cot. Victor appeared in a dream and told Adam that he'd always find a way to make his son miserable. Victor noted that Adam considered himself to be the hapless victim, though he actually controlled his own fate. Adam mentioned having been blackmailed by Victor and forced to leave Paris. Victor explained that Adam had returned because he'd yearned for his father's respect and approval. Adam tossed and turned in his cot during his nightmare encounter with Victor. Before Victor vanished during the dream, he told Adam that he'd had the key to unlock his happiness the whole time and should use it. Adam peered into his palm.

In an office at Jabot, Nikki visited with Victoria. Nikki asked if Victoria had had second thoughts about leaving Newman Enterprises. Victoria initially said that her new position was fulfilling, but she later tearfully admitted that she missed her work at Newman Enterprises. Victoria noted that her father had practically shoved her out the door.

Nikki said she understood how complicated Victoria's relationship with Victor had been, but she insisted that Victor was proud of Victoria's accomplishments. Nikki reminded her daughter that she didn't need her father to validate her decisions. Nikki said no matter what, Victor never failed to love his family, and she encouraged Victoria to follow her father's example. Victoria replied, "Do exactly as I want to do and damn the consequences?" Nikki agreed.

At Summer's apartment, Luca and Summer made love. Summer told Luca that she loved him. Luca replied that he couldn't wait to make Summer his wife. After the couple dressed, Luca pressured Summer to choose a date and a venue for their wedding.

Luca suggested having both the wedding and the reception at Top of the Tower. Summer said she might prefer Lausanne on the Lake. Luca explained that his chosen venue would continue a Newman family tradition. Summer asked Luca why he was being so insistent. Luca recalled that Summer had wanted a lavish wedding. Luca instructed Summer to phone Victor and ask him to reserve Top of the Tower.

Summer was struck by Luca's mention of her grandfather and said it seemed as though Luca was testing Victor. Summer accused Luca of keeping something from her. Luca admitted his plan was to test the Newman family to ensure they supported the marriage. Summer said her family would eventually come around and accept their union. Summer believed Luca's claim that his choice of venue would draw her family to the ceremony. Luca added that to him, being allowed to marry at Top of the Tower would be as good as having Victor's blessing. The couple decided their wedding would take place within a few days.

After Summer left, Luca phoned Travis. Luca told Travis that Victor suspected Travis was responsible for the recent attempts to sabotage the oil division. Travis insinuated that Luca had implicated him. Luca insisted that Victor had blamed Travis all on his own and was determined to pin the disaster on someone. Luca said Victor knew how Travis felt about corporate America. Travis said that what Victor believed didn't matter, but he did care about what Victoria thought. Travis seemed shocked when Luca claimed that Victoria had reconciled with Billy.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Nick reported to Phyllis information he'd uncovered about the sabotage of Newman Enterprises' oil operations. Nick said he hadn't found evidence tying Luca to the disaster, but he had discovered evidence suggesting Travis' involvement. Nick added that Luca had very quickly shifted the blame from himself to Travis. Phyllis said they should use Luca's deceit against him, just as Victor had planned to do.

Nick asked Phyllis if she thought Summer suspected anything. Phyllis indicated she didn't. Phyllis noted that Jack wasn't in favor of the plan, so she'd allow him to believe that she'd backed off for Summer's sake. Phyllis said she had to focus on preventing Summer from making a horrible mistake. Nick agreed and said he would share his findings with Victor. Phyllis asked Nick to help her make their next move with Luca.

Nick and Phyllis entered Victor's office. Nick said that Luca had been busy manufacturing evidence against Travis. Victor replied, "He took the bait!" Nick agreed and reported that someone had made two additional attempts to sabotage Newman's oil refineries. Nick explained that witnesses had identified a man resembling Travis who traveled on a sailboat. Phyllis noted that Luca had taken advantage of Travis' trip aboard his boat. Victor said he'd summon Travis, so he could refute Luca Santori's accusations. Victor cried, "We need to make sure that Summer understands what a duplicitous bastard [and] what a slimeball Luca Santori really is."

Victor's detective traced Travis to Manzanillo, where the latest sabotage attempt had taken place. Victor provided a phone number for Travis and asked which of them should summon the man back Genoa City. Nick said there was only one person who could convince Travis to return.

After Nick left, Phyllis paced nervously and said she felt like punching something whenever she thought of Luca's eagerness to marry Summer. Victor replied, "I understand your feelings about that. I share your sentiment. We can't let that happen." Summer entered through the open door and said, "We can't let what happen? You're not trying to put a stop to my wedding, are you?"

Nick showed up at Jabot to speak to Victoria. Nikki mentioned Summer's engagement. Nick claimed that though it had been difficult, he'd come to terms with Summer's plan to marry Luca. After Nikki left, Victoria asked Nick if he thought their mother had believed he'd come to terms with Summer's marriage plans. Nick explained that he'd played along because he didn't want to cause their mother distress or to push Summer away.

Nick gave Travis' phone number to Victoria and asked her to call him. Nick explained that Travis was the only person who could topple Luca and convince Summer to see him for what he really was. Victoria insisted that Travis would refuse to take part in their scheme.

Travis rejects Victoria's plea for help

Travis rejects Victoria's plea for help

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Via video chat, Luca questioned whether Travis didn't care that Victoria was back with her ex, and Travis replied that he and Victoria had ended things before he'd left. Luca suspected that what Travis and "Tori" had shared had meant more to Travis than it had to her. Travis snarled that he wanted to put his fist in Luca's face again, but Luca claimed that he was just trying to help. Travis growled that he was done with "lying, soulless peacocks" like Luca, and he had a beautiful view to enjoy.

Luca insisted that he was doing Travis a favor, since Travis' life might be in danger. Luca warned that Victor was ready to kill the person who'd sabotaged the oil division, and Travis was Victor's leading suspect. Travis accused Luca of putting a target on his back, but Luca advised Travis to keep sailing because if Victor tracked him down, Travis would "either rot in prison or rot in hell."

At Brash & Sassy, Nick pleaded that Travis was his only hope, and Victoria groaned that the situation was everything Travis had run away from, but Nick pointed out that Travis hadn't run away from Victoria. Nick was sure that Luca had convinced Summer to get married as soon as possible, but Victoria thought Summer would regain her senses. Nick argued that Summer had married the man who'd kidnapped Avery, so there was no reasoning when Summer's heart was involved. Nick refused to let Luca rip Summer's heart out, and he begged Victoria to call Travis.

Nick explained that Summer wouldn't listen to the truth about Luca from her family, but she might see who Luca really was if Travis told her that Luca had set him up. Victoria reasoned that Travis' number wouldn't work if he was in the middle of the ocean, and even if she got through, there wasn't a guarantee he would take the call. Nick suspected that Travis' love for her hadn't disappeared, but Victoria imagined that love had been taken off the table when she'd declined Travis' offer to sail away with him. Victoria recalled that Travis had wanted to get her away before the lies and pressure had broken her heart, and she contemplated whether they had.

Nick assured Victoria that no one's heart was bigger or stronger than hers, and he reiterated that he needed her. Victoria hesitated to selfishly drag Travis back into the mess, but Nick pleaded that Summer's future was at stake. Victoria reluctantly agreed to contact Travis, and Nick left to give her some privacy. She opened her laptop and initiated a video chat, and Travis was stunned to see Victoria appear on his screen. He asked how she was doing, and she replied that she needed him.

Travis guessed that Victoria hadn't called to say she was ready to sail around the world with him, and she informed him that Summer and Luca were engaged. Travis offered his condolences, and Victoria explained that Summer refused to see the truth or listen to her family. Victoria continued that the Newmans suspected Luca had been behind the sabotage, but he was trying to frame Travis, and she beseeched Travis to return to refute the allegations. Travis flatly stated that he'd jumped off the merry-go-round of lies and games, and he wouldn't get back on.

Travis added that it was a shame that Summer couldn't see Luca for who he was, but he was done with the Santoris of the world. Victoria wondered about the Newmans, and she tried to entice Travis with the thought of a few more dances if he returned. Travis grumbled that Billy wouldn't like that, and Victoria asked why he'd assumed she and Billy were back together. Travis said he couldn't help her, and he abruptly shut his computer. She exited the office and apologetically told Nick that they'd have to find another way to stop Luca.

At Newman Enterprises, Summer confronted Phyllis and Victor about faking their support for her marriage to Luca. Victor conceded that he'd had concerns, so he'd run a background check, just like he required for all employees. Summer contended that Luca was the man she loved, and Phyllis apologized for going behind Summer's back, but she swore that the goal had been to look out for her. Summer spat that both Phyllis and Victor had failed.

Phyllis asserted that she hadn't been there when Austin had hurt Summer, and she didn't want to see Summer have her heart broken again. Summer recalled that she'd felt close to Phyllis when they'd gone shopping for wedding dresses, and Phyllis swore that her emotions had been genuine. Summer griped that Phyllis hadn't even wanted to see her wear the dress, and Phyllis clarified that she wanted Summer to wear it to marry a man worthy of her. Summer insisted that Luca was worthy, and Victor stressed that her happiness and security were his priority. Summer refused to believe anything they said, and Victor incredulously asked if she believed Luca but not her own family.

Summer credited Luca for having enough faith in their relationship to be honest with her about his mistakes. She wished she could say the same thing about her family, and Victor maintained that they supported and loved her, but they just wanted the facts. Summer expected that they'd just keep finding more ways to stop the wedding if the first plan didn't work, and she recounted how Victor and Phyllis had ruined other people's weddings before. Summer snapped that she'd forgotten how good Phyllis was at lying, and she ranted that Phyllis was just like Victor. Victor said he and Phyllis had their love for Summer in common, but Summer retorted that it was all about their hatred of Luca.

Victor mentioned that he'd given Luca a chance to prove himself the day before, and Summer was surprised that Victor and Luca had spoken. Victor noted that it seemed odd that Luca hadn't told her about their meeting, and Summer guessed that Victor had been horrible to Luca, so Luca hadn't told her as a way to avoid hurting her feelings. Phyllis scoffed at the idea that Luca would protect Summer but Summer's family wouldn't, and Summer huffed that she didn't need protection from the man she loved. Victor mentioned that he and Luca had discussed the oil spill, and Victor had accepted Luca's offer to help prove that Travis had been responsible, but Luca hadn't found any evidence.

Summer urged Victor to give it time, and Phyllis compared it to her asking Summer to take time before the wedding. Nick entered, and Summer whined that he wouldn't believe what Phyllis and Victor were doing. Summer realized that Nick had been in on it, and he swore that he wanted to protect her. Summer became livid that they thought she was stupid enough to marry another loser, but she barked that she was smart enough to prove her fiancÚ was innocent, and she stormed out. Phyllis told Nick to get ready to give his daughter away, since Summer was more determined than ever to marry Luca.

Nick reported that Travis didn't care about returning to clear his name, and Phyllis questioned whether Victoria had used Travis' feelings for her to her advantage. Nick defended that it had been hard for Victoria to make the call, and Victor was sure that Victoria had done her best, but Phyllis griped that it hadn't been good enough. Victor reminded Phyllis that they'd taken down Ian Ward together, but Phyllis thought joining forces with Victor had been a colossal failure.

Summer returned home, and Luca inquired whether their wedding was on for the following Friday. Summer revealed that she hadn't gotten around to asking about it, and she demanded to know why Luca hadn't told her that he'd met with Victor the day before. Luca guessed that Summer's family had gotten into her head again, and she recounted that she'd walked in on her mom and grandpa with their heads together, even though they hated one another. Luca remarked that they hated him even more, and Summer bemoaned that everything her family had said about being happy for her had been a lie, since all they wanted was Luca out of her life.

Luca asked what Summer wanted, and she pledged her love, but he sensed that she had doubts. Summer wailed that even her dad had been in on it, and he was the most honest guy she knew. Luca wondered if her family had convinced her that he had ulterior motives, and Summer admitted that she wanted to be sure they weren't right. Luca said he respected her position, and he wanted her to marry him with no doubts or worries. She asked why he hadn't told her that he'd met with Victor, and Luca replied that Victor had told him not to, but Victor had turned around and set him up to be the bad guy.

Luca pointed out that he'd fought for Summer's family's approval because he knew what it meant to her, but he thought it would never happen. He understood if she wanted to call of the engagement and find a man who her family thought deserved her, since all he cared about was her happiness. Summer professed her love and proclaimed that she wanted a life with him and only him, and they hugged. Luca recalled that he'd gone against his family when he'd chosen his integrity over doing their bidding, and he no longer existed to them.

Luca asked if Summer would be all right if her family didn't show up for the wedding, and she declared that she was a Newman and that Newmans got what they wanted. She vowed to do everything she could to make sure her clan was at the wedding, and he joked that the guests might throw grenades instead of rice. Summer intended to prove Travis was guilty so that her family had no choice but to accept Luca, and Luca marveled that he didn't know what he'd done to deserve such devotion, but he was a lucky man. They embraced.

At the Athletic Club, Bethany found an envelope addressed to her, and she discovered a key inside. Later, Bethany used the key to open a bus station locker, where she found a duffel bag full of money and a note that instructed her to take the money and leave town. She flashed back to Phyllis offering her money to shut up and go away, and she grabbed the bag and left.

Billy entered his home and looked around in dismay at all the changes. Jill bragged that the remodel was wonderful, and she thought Katherine would have been pleased. Billy grumbled that it was like he'd never been there, and it was no longer his home. Jill heartily agreed, and he asked if she was throwing him out. Billy admonished Jill for first swiping his company then yanking him out of the home she'd told him to make his own, and Jill invited him to move out if he didn't feel at home.

Billy demanded to know what game Jill was playing, but she swore that she just wanted what was best for her son. She contended that a home could be a refuge, and she fondly remembered the memories and holidays in the mansion. Billy remembered the catfights and food fights, and Jill conceded that great battles had happened there, but they'd also shared tears of joy and sadness. Jill envisioned filling the house with more love and memories, and she wanted Billy to have a home where he could close the door on the world outside. Billy argued that he was more of a wanderer, and Jill acknowledged that he'd lived all over the place, but Victoria had been his one and only home.

Jill asked if Billy had ever lived anywhere where he'd felt as at home as he had been with Victoria, and he flatly stated that perhaps he didn't know what a real home felt like because Jill hadn't provided one when he'd been growing up. Jill regretted that she'd made mistakes, but she'd learned from them, and she implored him to tell her where he'd been the happiest. He admitted that it had been with his family and kids, but it was in the past because of the divorce. Jill argued that it wasn't written in stone, but he maintained that Victoria didn't want to be with him, and he'd moved on. Bethany arrived, and she and Jill exchanged barbs. Bethany suggested that she and Billy talk privately.

Jill told Bethany to take her cleavage and go away, but Bethany declared that she and Billy had unfinished business. Jill refused to be chased out of her own home by "a surgically enhanced twit," but Bethany asserted that it was all her, and she thought Billy wouldn't want an audience for what they had to discuss. Jill begrudgingly stepped out, and Billy wondered if Bethany had changed her mind about telling the world about his relationship with Phyllis. Billy informed Bethany that it was over with Phyllis, but he assumed Bethany wanted more money to keep her lips sealed. An appalled Bethany asked if he thought she was that kind of person, and she rushed out.

Victoria stared at a picture of a boat on her computer screen, and Billy entered and asked if everything was okay. He guessed that Jill had gotten on her nerves by trying to shove them back together, but Victoria disclosed that she'd become the newest recruit in the mission to tank Summer's wedding. Victoria relayed that Victor and Phyllis were working together, and Billy imagined that Phyllis was desperate. Victoria reported that Phyllis was willing to do everything she could to stop the wedding, and Billy thought it sounded familiar after the many times Victor had tried to tear Billy and Victoria apart. Victoria remarked that they hadn't let Victor win, but Billy noted that Victor had won in the end.

Victoria pointed out that the difference was that Billy was a good guy, whereas Luca wasn't, but she thought she was acting like her father by trying to blow up Summer's wedding plans. Billy reasoned that they knew what Luca was capable of, and he asked what he could do to help. Victoria mentioned that she'd tried to get Travis to return to town to expose Luca's lies in the hope that Summer would call off the wedding, but Travis hadn't shown any interest.

Victoria wondered what would have happened if she'd taken Travis up on his offer to sail around the world with him, and Billy guessed that she wished she'd accepted the invitation. Victoria said it hadn't been that simple, but she'd been tempted by what might have been a nice adventure. Billy inquired why she hadn't gone, and she replied that she'd stayed because of him.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis lamented to Nick that the situation had gone from bad to out of control, and Jill entered and surmised that they were planning their daughter's wedding. Jill requested a word with Phyllis, and Nick headed to the bar alone. Jill asked what was going on between Billy and the "waitress tramp," since she'd just left them alone to discuss what Bethany had called unfinished business. Jill noticed a look of jealousy cross Phyllis' face, but Phyllis coldly replied that she didn't know why Bethany had stopped by, and she didn't care. Phyllis added that Billy was free to see whoever he wanted, and Jill advised her to look less heartbroken when she said it.

Phyllis stated that her marriage was solid, and Jill said that was what she liked to hear. Bethany entered, and Jill mumbled that she'd lost her appetite as she headed out. Bethany assumed that Jill had updated Phyllis about Bethany's visit with Billy, and she revealed that she knew Billy and Phyllis were over. Bethany observed that Phyllis looked about as happy about it as Billy had, but Phyllis said she and Jack had never been happier. Bethany dryly congratulated her on honoring her marriage vows, and she wondered if Phyllis was worried that word of her fling with Billy would get out.

Phyllis wondered if Bethany was threatening her, and she recommended that Bethany go out and have fun instead of stirring up trouble. Bethany questioned whether Phyllis was okay with her enjoying life in Genoa City, and Phyllis replied that she didn't care as long as Bethany stayed quiet. Phyllis stepped away to join Nick, and Bethany looked stunned. Bethany sorted through the stack of receipts behind the bar and found something of interest.

Phyllis pressed Nick for some brilliant ideas for their next move, and he was determined to do something to keep Luca from looking like the victim. Phyllis worried that Summer would hang on even tighter, and Nick anticipated that Summer might elope to spite them. Phyllis decided to stick with the plan to get Travis there in time to stop their daughter's wedding.

Bethany sauntered into Victor's office, and Victor asked who she was. She said he didn't have to pretend with her, since what had been in the bag had made them pretty good friends. Victor swore that he didn't know what she was talking about, and she remarked that a million dollars was a lot of money, even to him. Bethany asked why it was so important to the great Victor Newman that she disappear.

Kevin finds evidence that could clear Adam

Kevin finds evidence that could clear Adam

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

by Mike

On her way out of the Athletic Club, Phyllis ran into Jack, who wondered if she had forgotten about their dinner date. Phyllis apologized and started to make up an excuse about being swamped with work, but Jack interrupted and revealed that he knew what she was really up to because he had talked to Summer earlier.

Phyllis refused to apologize for trying to stop Summer from marrying Luca, telling Jack, "You can get angry, you can disapprove, you can give me your biggest lecture, but at the end of the day, this is my call. You have no say here -- none!" Jack countered that Phyllis had no right to be dismissive of his relationship with Summer, whom he had looked after while Phyllis had been comatose. "I love her, too, Phyllis, [but] I also respect her enough to allow her to make her own choices," Jack insisted.

"Okay, so where do you draw the line? If she wants to drive off the side of a cliff, are you gonna try to help her?" Phyllis wondered. Jack started to object that Phyllis wasn't being fair, but she forged ahead, noting that it was ironic that he wanted to give Summer the freedom to make bad decisions, given the fact that he seemed to have no qualms about making her endure constant lectures on what to do and how to act.

"It's like whenever I get passionate [about something], you are making it your mission to try to stop me, and I just... I don't know. It's like you think you know best, and that's reminding me of somebody else I know who tries to protect their family [to the point] where they all want to scream!" Phyllis continued. Jack was hurt to hear that Phyllis felt like she'd had to "endure" him lately. Phyllis assured Jack that she loved him and hated lying to him about certain things. "But you know what I hate more? Being treated like a wayward child instead of your wife," she added before storming off, ignoring his attempt to stop her.

At Jabot, Victoria explained that she had decided not to sail around the world with Travis because she had known that it would hurt Billy to be separated from his kids for an extended period of time. Billy assumed that Victoria blamed him for robbing her of the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime with a man she'd had genuine feelings for, but she assured him that wasn't the case.

"I stayed here for the kids, my family, my friends... I mean, I'm here for a million reasons that aren't you, Billy," Victoria added. As Billy jokingly took comfort in the fact that he had placed somewhere on Victoria's list of reasons to stay in Genoa City, even if it had been at the very bottom of the list, Phyllis entered the lab and watched their breezy interaction from afar.

After a few moments, Phyllis interrupted and apologetically explained that she needed to talk to Victoria privately. Billy left, and once the coast was clear, Phyllis urged Victoria to go to Travis in person and convince him to return to Genoa City. Victoria was reluctant to do that, admitting that she wasn't totally over Travis yet. "[My] feelings were a lot easier to put aside when I figured that that ship had literally sailed," she added.

Victoria guessed that Phyllis could understand how it felt to say goodbye to someone and later realize that sticking to that decision could prove difficult. Phyllis confirmed the suspicion but argued that, for Summer's sake, Victoria needed to set aside her unresolved feelings for Travis and track him down. When Victoria agreed, Phyllis thanked her then stressed, "Remember, if it gets hard, you always have someone to talk to -- someone who gets it."

At the Athletic Club, Billy ran into Jack, who admitted that he had fought with Phyllis earlier. Billy decided not to ask for details, guessing that Jack would see that as an intrusion. "You already intruded. In a way, that's what this fight was about," Jack replied with a sigh. Jack explained that he had tried to take Billy's advice about letting Phyllis be herself but had reverted back to old habits after catching her in a lie that she had told to placate him. "When did my wife become so comfortable lying to me all the time?" Jack wondered.

Billy acknowledged that, given his track record, he never should have offered Jack marital advice in the first place. Jack clarified that he had appreciated the advice and wasn't trying to blame Billy for what had happened. Jack added that if he had been smart enough to resist his impulses, he might have been able to avoid getting into yet another argument with Phyllis. Billy mused that he and Victoria had just had a similar conversation about resisting impulses. Billy proceeded to tell Jack about Victoria's decision to pass up the opportunity to sail around the world with Travis.

Jack thought that Victoria had made the right decision, but Billy was sorry that her remaining ties to him had kept her from doing something exciting and new. Billy wondered if it was ever okay to hold a loved one back from doing something that would make them happy. Jack reasoned that it sometimes was, especially when kids were involved. "Look, giving in to the moment, surrendering to your passions -- I mean, that'll get the blood going, all right, but marriage, family, stability -- these are things that last. That's what I want with Phyllis. And it's not easy, but...Billy, I'm in this for the long haul," Jack added.

At the police station, Kevin found compelling new evidence that could prove Adam's innocence as well as Chloe's. Paul initially refused to take a look at it, but Kevin eventually convinced him to reconsider. Kevin explained that he had been keeping an eye on the locker that Dylan had been told to search for Sage's missing journal pages, and he had also repositioned the surveillance camera so it would capture a better image of anyone who opened that locker. In surveillance footage from less than an hour earlier, a gloveless woman could clearly be seen opening the locker with a personal key and retrieving a backpack filled with cash.

When Kevin argued that it would be negligent for Paul to ignore the evidence, Paul reluctantly agreed to send someone to check the locker for fingerprints. "I bet Dylan's available," Kevin helpfully pointed out. Paul insisted that he would decide who to give the assignment to because he was in charge of the police department.

At Sharon and Dylan's house, Mariah was surprised to learn that Dylan planned to spend the night on the couch because he and Sharon had fought earlier about his refusal to stop trying to prove that Adam had been framed for Constance's death. Finding that unacceptable, Mariah made Sharon and Dylan realize that they were being silly, and they soon patched things up. Meanwhile, Kevin arrived to fill Dylan in on the break in the case.

Dylan was upset to learn that Paul was likely going to let someone else follow up on the lead. Sharon encouraged Dylan to do whatever he needed to do, acknowledging that he deserved a chance to see his case through to its end. Dylan thanked Sharon for understanding then started to rush off. "Paul's not gonna like this!" Kevin warned. "I can't think about that right now," Dylan replied as he exited the house.

Mariah wasn't convinced that Chloe was innocent, but when she tried to point out that Kevin wasn't exactly capable of being objective about the matter, he dismissively insisted that he didn't want to hear a rehash of her reasons for believing that he needed to give up on getting back together with Chloe. Meanwhile, Kevin recognized the bouquet of flowers that he had ordered for Chloe. "That's why Chloe never thanked me for the flowers -- she never saw them, did she?" Kevin realized.

Mariah clarified that Chloe had seen the flowers and had liked them. Mariah reluctantly added that she had claimed the arrangement for herself to protect Kevin from getting hurt. "Who put you in charge of my love life?" Kevin demanded to know. Mariah looked to Sharon for help, but Sharon just offered a shrug. Frustrated, Mariah stormed upstairs after explaining that she had simply been doing what best friends were supposed to do, since that was what Kevin kept insisting they were. Confused, Kevin wondered what had set Mariah off. "Really, Kevin? You can't see it? Wake up. Open your eyes," Sharon replied before going to check on Mariah.

At the site of Delia's accident, Chloe tearfully apologized for having failed to make Adam pay for what he had done, explaining that she had realized that she couldn't risk being exposed as the person who had framed him because if she went to prison, Bella would be left without a mother. "But I promised you justice! I promised you, and now I have to break that promise. And somehow, some way, I have to find a way to live with that," she added with a sigh.

At Newman Enterprises, Bethany told Victor that she knew he was the one who had led her to the backpack filled with cash because the key to the locker in which it had been stored had been left for her with a signed receipt for a bar tab, and she had recognized the name of the customer as someone she had often seen having drinks with Victor. When Victor continued to feign ignorance, Bethany started to leave without the cash, warning that she wouldn't even consider taking the bait until he gave her some answers.

Victor stopped Bethany and explained that he wanted her to leave town so he could make it look like she had framed Adam for Constance's murder. Bethany was reluctant to live the rest of her life with that lie hanging over her head, but Victor guessed that she would take the deal because she couldn't afford to turn down one million dollars. "Sure I can. But what I can't afford to turn down is three million," she replied.

Impressed, Victor agreed to Bethany's terms and handed over the extra cash but advised her to spend it wisely, warning that she wouldn't be able to get more out of him in the future. Insisting that there was no time for Bethany to pack her things, Victor instructed her to head straight to the airport and buy a one-way ticket to a country that didn't have an extradition treaty with the United States.

Shortly after Bethany left, Victor placed a call to someone. "She's on her way. You know what to do," he said before ending the call. Meanwhile, Chloe arrived and wondered if the woman she had just passed in the hallway was Victor's new patsy. Victor said that was none of Chloe's business. Victor added that it would be best for Chloe to stop showing up at his office, where someone could easily catch them together and get suspicious.

Victor wondered if Chloe was having second thoughts about the deal they had made earlier. Chloe assured Victor that she intended to honor their arrangement -- as long as he could guarantee that everything would be resolved soon. Chloe stressed that she needed to find a way to move on, and she wouldn't be able to do that if Victor kept causing complications to prolong the case against Adam. Victor revealed that a plan was already in motion that would wrap things up. "Once the police have the evidence they need, they will clear Adam. He'll come out of prison, and their suspicion regarding you -- it's gonna evaporate [and] be gone," Victor promised.

Dylan met Paul at the locker, and Paul didn't try to fight Dylan's attempt to help with the investigation. Later, at the police station, Paul and Dylan linked the fingerprints they had found on the locker to Bethany Bryant, who was in the system because she had previously been arrested for underage drinking. Paul returned Dylan's badge and gun before they rushed off in search of Bethany. When they got to her motel room with a warrant, they found it in disarray, suggesting that she had left in a hurry. However, several wigs had been left behind.

Adam attacks a prison guard

Adam attacks a prison guard

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dylan was sure that there had to be something else in Bethany's motel room, but Paul said forensics had been over it twice. Dylan recounted that they'd found three wigs and a vial of the same toxin that had been found in Constance's body, but they needed the pages of Sage's diary. Paul pointed out that the pages might have been destroyed already, and he instructed his men to wrap it up. Dylan moved to turn off the lights, and the light switch plate fell off the wall. Paul was shocked when Dylan pulled out the missing pages of the diary from inside the wall.

Dylan read Sage's words that Constance had died of natural causes, but there was nothing about a murder. Dylan wanted to rush over to tell Chelsea that Adam would go free and Victor would go to prison, but Paul argued that they still had to authenticate the pages and prove that Victor had used Bethany to frame Adam. Dylan thought that Adam deserved to be at home with his son, and he left to tell Chelsea that they had proof of Adam's innocence.

Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy, and he was stunned to discover that Billy had pulled an all-nighter that hadn't involved booze or poker. Billy reported that he hadn't done it alone, and Cane asked if Billy had spent the night with Victoria. Jill overheard and was thrilled. Billy chided her for not even trying to hide that she'd bought the company to pimp him out to Victoria. Jill declared that that Billy, Victoria, and Cane were very talented on their own, but they'd be unstoppable together.

Jill said Billy's father would have been proud, and Billy mentioned that he'd just put flowers on John's grave. Jill thought John would have been happy to see that Billy's life was on the right track, and Billy assumed that she meant because he was working with Victoria. He credited Victoria with the idea for the ad campaign, and Cane presented an idea featuring shirtless men. Jill thought Cane's mockup was sexy and fresh, and Billy conceded that it didn't completely suck. Jill noted that healthy competition was good for the men, and she told them to keep up the good work as she headed out.

Billy pointed out that Jill wanted him and Cane at one another's throats almost as much as she wanted Billy back with Victoria, and Cane understood why Jill would push them to make the company better, but he questioned why she was being pushy about Victoria. Billy noted that Jill hadn't been very supportive of his relationship before, but he guessed that his mother thought Victoria could cure him of his tendencies to be a "jackass." Cane asked whether Billy needed saving, and Billy requested that Cane find out what Jill was really up to.

At Jabot, Phyllis informed Victor over the phone that Victoria was on her way to find Travis. She added that she only intended to act civil until they stopped Summer from marrying Luca, and she hung up as Ashley entered. Ashley warned that Phyllis was playing a dangerous game, but Phyllis snapped that her daughter's future wasn't a game. Ashley cautioned that partnering with Victor could backfire by pushing Summer closer to Luca and driving a wedge between Phyllis and Jack.

Phyllis asserted that she could protect her daughter and her marriage at the same time, and Ashley inquired whether Phyllis knew that it was the anniversary of John's death. Phyllis replied that Jack hadn't mentioned it, and Ashley griped that Phyllis had been too busy scheming with Victor. Ashley scolded Phyllis for ignoring her husband and "acting like Victor in a dress," but Phyllis refused to let her daughter marry someone who didn't deserve her. Ashley empathized as a mother who'd seen her child struggle, but she lectured that it was their job as parents to cheer their kids on and to be there to pick up the pieces. Phyllis agreed, but she also thought that sometimes a mother had to "nail the bastard to the wall" to stop a wedding.

Ashley questioned whether Phyllis wanted to act like Victor, but Phyllis wouldn't apologize for protecting her daughter. Ashley anticipated that Phyllis' behavior would hurt her relationships with both Summer and Jack, and she suggested that Phyllis worry about her own marriage rather than Summer's. Phyllis told Ashley to get her own life, and Ashley realized that she was wasting her breath. Ashley passed by Jill on her way out, and Jill reminded Phyllis that her one job was to hold onto Jack, or Jill would tell him the ugly truth. Phyllis dared her to tell him everything, since their marriage couldn't get any worse.

Phyllis swore that she'd done what Jill had asked by staying away from Billy, but she and Jack argued about everything. Phyllis snapped that she couldn't miraculously fix things just because Jill had an axe hanging over her neck, and she warned that telling Jack that Phyllis had fallen in love with his brother would shove him right off the cliff. Jill insisted that what Phyllis and Jack had was real, and they didn't have to throw it all away just because they had both changed. Jill thought Phyllis' affair with Billy had made Phyllis angry and miserable, and Phyllis and Billy couldn't make one another happy. Jill urged Phyllis to make her choice by thinking with her head and not her heart.

Jack stopped by Newman and ordered Victor to "stay the hell away" from Phyllis. Victor explained that he and Phyllis both wanted Summer's safety and happiness, so they didn't want her to marry Luca. Jack believed it was Summer's decision to make, even if it was a mistake. Victor vowed to protect Summer even if Jack wouldn't, and Jack imagined what underhanded tactics Victor would use. Victor asserted that he and Phyllis would take care of it, and he guessed that Jack's problem was that Phyllis had turned to Victor instead of going to her husband for help.

Jack barked that Phyllis had been holding her nose and gritting her teeth since she'd turned to Victor, but she loved her daughter more than she detested Victor. Jack maintained that no one had the right to tell Summer who to love, and Victor questioned when Jack had become saintly. Victor thought it was no wonder that Phyllis had turned to someone other than Jack, and Jack grumbled that Victor sounded like Billy. Victor thought the fact that he and Billy agreed on something was a sign that they were right, but Jack insisted that they weren't right about Phyllis.

Later, Paul arrived to see Victor, and he inquired about Victor's visitors at Walworth. Victor recalled that his children had seen him in prison to accuse him of ruining their lives, and his wife had served him divorce papers. Paul asked about Bethany signing in as Dorothy Gale, and he handed Victor a surveillance photo to jog his memory. Paul explained that the police suspected the woman in the photo had framed Adam for murder, and Victor guessed that Paul's conspiracy theory was that Victor had hired her. Victor confirmed that he had.

Victor claimed that he'd hired Bethany to use her charms on Billy so Victoria would see Billy for the lowlife skirt-chaser he was. Paul thought the story of hiring a woman to keep apart a divorced couple was pretty weak, but Victor anticipated that Bethany would confirm that she and Billy had had "a hell of a time." Paul divulged that Bethany had left town with the money Victor had given her, and he vowed to find proof that Victor had framed his own son. Victor contended that he didn't want Adam to rot behind bars, and Paul had nothing to prove otherwise.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jack wondered when John had stopped being around, since he needed his father's wisdom more than ever. Ashley sat down next to Jack and remarked, "You need him, too, don't you?" Jack wished his dad was there to tell him what to do, and Ashley groaned that it was easy for work and family to get to them sometimes. Jack thought John would say he was proud of his "Beauty" for everything she'd done to help Jabot, Abby, and Jack, but Ashley imagined that John would wonder why she didn't have a man in her life.

Jack thought John would ask why Jack still hadn't gotten it together where women were concerned, but Ashley insisted that Jack had grown, since he hadn't cheated on or lied to Phyllis. Jack resolved to be in it for the long haul, but he couldn't figure out how to keep Phyllis happy. Ashley thought Phyllis had to figure out a way to make herself happy, and she believed Phyllis should be grateful for a husband like him. Jack thanked her.

Jill ran into Cane in the foyer, and she invited him to lunch to discuss his advertising idea. He accused her of using him as a front to put Billy and Victoria back together, and Jill countered that the couple had made it work before. Cane suggested that they might try again someday without her help, but Jill asserted that she was turning someday into right then. She hoped Billy and Victoria reunited their family the same way Cane and Lily had, and she asked Cane to help her make it happen. He agreed to trust her the same way she trusted him.

At the penthouse, Chelsea read Adam's birthday letter to Connor, and she assured the boy that his daddy was doing everything he could to be there to celebrate the following year. Chloe eavesdropped from the stairs, and she flashed back to telling Victor that Adam didn't deserve to set foot outside the prison, but Victor had asserted that his son had suffered immeasurably. Chloe joined Chelsea and referred to the letter, and Chelsea said it was Connor's favorite birthday gift. Chloe remarked that he'd get an even better one soon, and Chelsea questioned what could be better than a note from his dad.

Chelsea thought it wasn't fair to get Connor's hopes up when the letter was all he had left of his father, and she contemplated how to teach her son to deal with pain as well as to have faith. Chloe replied that Chelsea was already doing it, and she called Chelsea the most loyal, generous person she knew. Chloe recalled that she'd wanted nothing more than to see Adam rot in a cell, but she credited therapy, Chelsea, and Bella for allowing her to let go of the rage. Chloe claimed that she'd mentioned Connor getting a greater gift because she knew Chelsea would find a way to make sure Adam was back in their lives.

Later, Chelsea invited Dylan in, and she worried that he had more bad news. Dylan revealed that the police had found the pages of Sage's diary, and it was the proof that would set Adam free. Chelsea squealed in delight and hugged him as Chloe sullenly looked on. Dylan explained that he'd found the pages in a motel room of a waitress friend of Billy's, and Chelsea inquired whether Billy had been involved. Dylan suspected it had been a coincidence, and he revealed that Kevin had seen Bethany on the bus station surveillance video.

Dylan mentioned that Bethany had skipped town with a lot of cash, and Chelsea thought they had to find her to get her to admit Victor had behind the whole thing. Dylan asserted that the priority was to clear Adam, and Chelsea thanked Dylan and hugged him for not giving up. Dylan received a text message and headed out, and Chelsea gushed to Chloe that it was amazing. Chelsea realized that Chloe had just said that Connor would get a better gift, and she asked how Chloe had known.

Chloe said she'd known Adam would be cleared because Chelsea deserved to be happy, and Chelsea asked if Chloe was really happy for her. Chloe hugged her and insisted that she was, and she added that she'd be free of Adam once he was released, since she'd felt guilty watching Chelsea suffer. Chelsea said Adam's incarceration hadn't been Chloe's fault, but Chloe pointed out that she'd wished a lot of hate on Adam, and she had to undo it because of Bella. Chelsea thanked her for everything, and Chloe pressed Chelsea to give Adam the good news.

After Chelsea left, Victor arrived at the penthouse, and Chloe informed him that Dylan had already been there, so Chelsea was on her way to the prison to tell Adam the news. Victor reported that Paul had held him up with accusations of framing Adam, and he fawned over Connor. Victor told the boy that his daddy would soon be home and that his grandpa would always protect him.

Billy was surprised when Paul and Dylan dropped by the office, and Dylan said they were there about Bethany. Billy confirmed that he and Bethany had had a fling, but he hadn't even known her last name. Billy mentioned that she'd stopped by his house earlier that week, but he'd never found out what she'd wanted. Paul relayed that Victor had claimed he'd hired her to seduce Billy to get between Billy and Victoria.

Billy burst into Phyllis' office, and she scolded him for barging in. He announced that they had a problem, since Victor had hired Bethany to keep Billy away from Victoria. Phyllis recalled that she'd been the one to hire Bethany to cover up their affair, and Billy imagined that Bethany had been taking two paychecks. Billy worried that Bethany might have relayed everything she knew about them to Victor, but Phyllis was sure that Victor would have had surveillance photos posted on billboards if he knew. Billy contemplated whether Victor was waiting for something bigger than a billboard, and he had a feeling they were about to find out what it was.

In his prison cell, Adam willed himself to stay awake to keep the nightmares away. A guard observed that Adam hadn't eaten anything in days, and he warned that the warden wouldn't tolerate a hunger strike. The guard called to a despondent Adam, who mumbled for him to go away. The guard enticed Adam to eat, or he'd have to move Adam to the infirmary to be fed intravenously. The guard set down a tray of food, and Adam hallucinated that Victor said it was something special for Adam's last meal.

The guard offered to keep Adam company while he ate, and he started to tell a joke. In Adam's mind, the guard morphed into Victor, who announced that Chelsea was finally making the move to Paris with Connor, since she'd realized that Adam was nothing but a liar. Victor taunted that he'd put a special ingredient in the food so Adam could put everyone out of their misery, and Adam muttered that it was poison. The guard said it was all the food he had, and he stepped out, locking the door behind him. Adam picked up the tray of food and threw it across the cell.

Later, the guard told Adam to pull it together, since Adam wouldn't want his wife to see him looking like garbage. Adam envisioned that Victor was telling him that Chelsea was there to give Adam the good news that she'd found a French man with a fancy house. Adam muttered that Victor had stolen his entire life away, but the guard said the judge hadn't believed Adam without any proof. Adam referred to the journal pages, but Victor crowed that he'd lit a bonfire, and the pages had gone up in flames. Victor added that he'd invited Chelsea and Connor to watch them burn, but they'd been packing for France to go live with Jean-Pierre.

The guard urged Adam to see his wife, but Adam instructed him to tell her to go away. The guard advised Adam not to be an idiot, since most inmates got dumped, and Adam was lucky he still had a wife. Adam ranted to tell her to go to Jean-Pierre and leave him alone.

In the visiting room, the guard informed Chelsea that Adam had said she should go away. Chelsea figured Adam was feeling hopeless, and the guard revealed that Adam hadn't had any food or sleep. Chelsea begged him to tell Adam that there was new evidence, and she had to talk to Adam to tell him he'd be home soon. The guard reentered Adam's cell and relayed that Chelsea had big news, and he thought Adam would want to hear it from her.

Adam hallucinated that Victor was telling him that Chelsea and Connor were busy taking a flight to Paris, and Connor had called Jean-Pierre "Papa." Victor chuckled and said things were as they should be, and the guard figured that Adam was incoherent because he'd refused to eat or sleep. Adam envisioned Victor telling him to sleep forever, since it would be best for Adam to say goodbye and never see his family again. Adam attacked the guard and vowed to kill him. Moments later, the prison alarms sounded, and Chelsea screamed Adam's name.

Victoria tracks down Travis in Mexico

Victoria tracks down Travis in Mexico

Friday, August 19, 2016

At the police station, Nick asked Paul and Dylan if it was true that there was evidence that proved Adam hadn't killed Constance. Paul informed Nick that they had found the original pages of Sage's journal, and Nick realized that Adam had been telling the truth about being framed. Paul handed over copies of the pages, and Nick flipped through them and discovered that Sage had only written about her grief over losing Constance.

Nick asked if Victor had set up Adam by having the pages forged. Dylan explained that they had no concrete proof of Victor's involvement, but they had a connection between Victor and the woman who'd rented the hotel room where they'd found the real pages. Dylan added that Victor had been meeting with the woman in prison, allegedly about keeping Billy and Victoria apart, and Nick suspected that Dylan didn't believe Victor. Dylan asked if Nick did.

In his prison cell, Adam tried to strangle the guard, who he hallucinated was Victor. Adam ranted that "he" had tried to take Adam's life away, so Adam would take his. The guard begged Adam to stop, but Adam vowed that he wouldn't let Victor live. Two other guards rushed in and pulled Adam off their coworker, and they Tasered Adam before shoving him onto the bed, where he passed out.

In the visiting room, Chelsea asked a guard what was going on when the alarms sounded, and she demanded to know where her husband was. The warden ordered her to leave because there had been an incident, but she refused to leave until she saw Adam. Michael arrived, and Chelsea begged him to tell the warden that Adam was innocent. Michael pulled Chelsea aside and explained that he could get answers as Adam's attorney, but he advised her to go.

Chelsea whined that she was supposed to tell Adam the good news, and Michael promised to call her as soon as he knew anything. She reluctantly departed, and the warden informed Michael that Adam had been on a hunger strike for a couple of days and had attacked a guard who had tried to get him to eat. Michael hoped that all would forgiven with some time in solitary, but the warden reported that the guard was unconscious.

Adam awakened in the prison infirmary, handcuffed to the bed. Michael entered and mentioned the altercation in Adam's cell, and he wondered if Adam remembered anything. Adam insisted that Victor had been trying to kill him, and Michael stated that Victor hadn't been at the prison for days, but Adam swore that Victor had taunted him in his cell. Michael figured that stress had done a number on Adam's body and mind, so it was possible Adam had seen things that hadn't been there.

Adam realized that he'd been hallucinating, and he asked how long he'd been out. Michael reported that it had been about ten minutes, and Adam was surprised that Michael had gotten there that fast. Michael revealed that he'd been at the prison for another reason -- to tell Adam that they'd found the missing pages of Sage's journal, and the police had proof to exonerate Adam. Adam assumed that Chloe had turned over the pages, but Michael revealed that another woman had been paid to plant false evidence.

Michael expected that prison would be a distant memory once they presented the new evidence before a judge, but the warden appeared and announced that Adam was facing new charges for assault. Adam argued that he hadn't been in his right mind, but the warden replied that it was no excuse. Adam defended that there was evidence to prove his innocence, and he never should have been there. Michael advised Adam to calm down or risk making things worse, but Adam angrily questioned whether the warden was on Victor's payroll. The warden ordered the guards to take Adam back to his cell.

Later, the warden stopped by to see Adam in his cell, and Adam insisted that he had to get back to his family. The warden replied that the beaten guard had a wife and two daughters, and he was sure the guard wanted to get back to his family, too. The warden anticipated that Adam was looking at another six to ten years, and he walked away. Adam crumpled to the floor in despair.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chloe worried that things were moving way too fast, but Victor stated that the police had done their job by finding the journal pages. Chloe realized that Adam would go free, and Victor implored her to think about getting out of town. Chloe protested that Victor had promised that she'd be protected, but he didn't want her living under the same roof as Adam. Chloe thought it would look like she was running away, but Victor reasoned that she'd be giving her good friend a chance to reconnect with her husband.

Chloe noted that she and Chelsea were in a really good place after a long road, and they had bonded as friends as well as through their kids, since Delia had allowed Connor to see. Victor warned that Adam thought Chloe had been responsible for the missing journal pages, and he advised her to stay as far away as she could. Chloe thought it sounded like an order, and Victor clarified that it was a strong suggestion to go someplace else to raise her beautiful daughter.

An agitated Chelsea returned home and wondered what Victor was doing there. Victor explained that he was there to see his grandson, and Chloe said she'd told him that the kids were napping. Chelsea relayed that something had happened at the prison, and the alarms had gone off, but no one would tell her anything. Victor offered to make some calls, but Chelsea reported that Michael was handling it. Victor asked Chelsea to let Connor know he'd been there, and he departed. Chloe promised Chelsea that everything would work out the way it was supposed to.

Chelsea fretted that Michael hadn't called, and Chloe assured her that he would be able to handle it. Chelsea complained that she couldn't just sit there, but Chloe stopped her from leaving and urged her to look at the bigger picture, since there was proof Adam was innocent, and he would be back home soon. Chelsea said she didn't know what she would have done if Chloe hadn't been there, and she called Chloe a good friend. Chloe volunteered to take the kids out while Chelsea waited for news, and she went upstairs. Chelsea called Dylan and asked him to make sure that Adam was okay.

Later, Dylan arrived at the penthouse and informed Chelsea that Adam was in the infirmary, but the only thing he knew was that Adam had been restrained after he'd attacked a guard. Chelsea conceded that Adam had a temper, but she was sure that Adam wouldn't attack someone unprovoked, and she pleaded with Dylan to find out what had happened. Michael arrived, and Chelsea expected him to tell her that Adam was getting out of prison. Michael regretted that he couldn't do that.

Victor was on the phone when he arrived at Newman, and he attempted to find out what was going on at the prison. He found Nick in his office, and he inquired whether Victoria had found Travis in Mexico. Nick announced that he was there to discuss Adam, and he judged from the nature of the phone call that Adam was on Victor's mind, too. Nick surmised that things weren't going according to Victor's plan.

Nick said Adam had been telling the truth about being framed, since the police had found the real pages of Sage's journal. Victor revealed that the police had already been there to make the same accusations, and Nick was sure that Victor had lied to them the same way Victor was lying to him. Victor asserted that he hadn't forged the pages, but Nick questioned why Victor was worried about what was going on at the prison. Victor claimed that he'd wanted to find out why Adam hadn't been released yet, since he wanted Adam to get out, but he suspected that Nick didn't.

Nick asked what he'd have to gain if Adam stayed in prison, and Victor noted that it would leave Nick as the only possible successor at Newman. Nick warned Victor not to try to create a nonexistent war, since neither he nor Adam wanted the job, and only Victor insisted on battling with everyone in the family. Victor bellowed that his family had betrayed him and put him in prison, but Nick retorted that Victor had framed his own son. Victor maintained that he hadn't stolen the pages, but Nick was sure that Victor knew who had.

Victor stated that Bethany had been responsible for framing Adam, and Nick inquired whether Victor had met with her in prison. Victor said it had been an unrelated matter, but Nick pointed out that Bethany hadn't had a motive, whereas Victor had. Victor swore that he hadn't wanted Adam to go to prison, but Nick growled that Victor had exacted revenge on those who had sent Victor to prison for something he'd actually done. Nick ranted that Victoria had gotten off easy with Brash & Sassy, but Victor had taken Adam's life away from him and used Nick's dead wife to do it.

Victor reiterated that he hadn't wanted Adam to spend any time in prison, and Nick wondered if Victor had arranged for Adam to get out. Victor admonished Nick for accusing him of both putting Adam in prison and trying to get him out, and he questioned whether Nick considered him to be a savior or a monster.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Sharon prepared to go to work, but Mariah sensed that Sharon had something she wanted to say. Sharon inquired whether Mariah had talked to Kevin recently, but Mariah expected him never to talk to her again after she'd hijacked Chloe's flowers. Sharon thought Kevin understood why Mariah had done it, and Mariah panicked when she realized that Sharon had said something to him. Sharon spotted Kevin at the counter.

Sharon told Mariah to stop freaking out, since Kevin had needed to know how Mariah felt. Mariah asked what Sharon had said, and she became increasingly nervous when Kevin headed over and asked to talk to Mariah, who said they'd been about to leave for work. Sharon insisted that they had time, and she headed to the counter to get more coffee. Mariah rambled that she couldn't believe Sharon had cornered him, and she was sure that Sharon hadn't known what she was talking about. Kevin asked if Mariah was saying she didn't have feelings for him.

Mariah huffed that Sharon hadn't had any right to talk to Kevin about Mariah's personal business, but Kevin thought they might as well talk about it. He recounted that Sharon had told him that he was being blind and stupid for not seeing what was in front of him, but he'd thought he and Mariah had decided to just be friends. Mariah recalled that their attempt to be more had been awkward and mediocre, and Kevin wondered why Sharon had implied that Mariah wanted it to be more. Mariah was mortified by the topic of conversation, but Kevin reasoned that things would just continue to be awkward if they didn't talk about it.

Mariah admitted that she felt a lot of things when she looked at Kevin, and one of them was concern that he'd get hurt by the situation with Chloe. Chloe entered with Connor and Bella, and Kevin asked how Chloe felt about the missing journal pages turning up. Mariah took the kids to get some treats to let Kevin and Chloe talk privately, and he imagined that it wasn't easy for Chloe to know that Adam would be released. Chloe recognized that she'd been angry for a long time, but she didn't want to live like that anymore, and Bella deserved better. Chloe declared that she was free and done with all of it.

Kevin and Chloe played with the kids, and Sharon wondered why Mariah had left them alone together. Sharon advised Mariah to fight for Kevin if she wanted him, but Mariah replied that there was a big, blinking sign with Chloe's name on his forehead. Mariah caught a soccer ball and handed it back to Connor, and Chloe thanked Mariah for getting the kids cookies. Mariah suspected that Chloe would curse her later when the children were running around like Tasmanian devils.

Mariah and Sharon observed that Kevin was really good with the tots. Sharon imagined that it was hard for Chloe to watch Kevin with Bella, since it was bound to stir up memories of Delia, and she understood why Chloe wanted to maintain a distance. Chloe agreed that it was hard, but she also had good memories of being a happy family with Kevin and Delia, and she thought Bella deserved that, too. Chloe added that any girl would be lucky to have Kevin.

At a Mexican port, a shirtless Travis docked his boat and relaxed in the sun. He tended to chores inside the boat, and Victoria stepped on board and descended the stairs into the cabin. Travis cursed as he tried to fix the sink, and he was shocked when he saw Victoria. He wondered why she was in Mexico, and she responded, "You."

Victoria asked how Travis dealt with the heat, and he offered her a drink. He reminded her that he'd made it clear when they'd talked that he wasn't interested in Newman Oil, but she said she was there because Luca was trying to pin the oil spills on Travis. Victoria realized that there was rum in the drink, and Travis inquired whether she didn't like it. She replied that it was a long story, and he invited her to have a seat while he heard her out.

Victoria revealed that Luca had been tracking Travis, and all of the sabotage attempts had been in close proximity to Travis' boat. She believed that Luca wanted to look like a hero and marry Summer, but he'd been behind the spills the whole time. Victoria reported that everyone wanted Luca gone except Summer, and Travis guessed that was why Victoria's family had sent her. Travis flatly stated that if her plan was to seduce him into submission, she'd wasted a trip.

Victoria swore that seduction wasn't on the agenda, and she asserted that Travis was a good person who didn't deserve what Luca was doing to him. Travis thought Victoria was acting like Victor by trying to control Summer's life, but Victoria argued that Summer had been "through hell and back" after the last guy she'd fallen for had crushed her with lies, and Victoria wanted to prevent it from happening again. Victoria implored Travis to return to Genoa City and expose Luca for who he really was, but Travis intended to keep sailing away from that world. She countered that it was also her world, and he said he'd tried to escape from it and succeeded. He thought that was the reason she was there.

Travis bragged that the trip had exceeded his expectations, and he'd barely scratched the surface. He contended that being in the world rather than trying to make a buck off of it felt good, and he proclaimed that he'd never felt that free. Victoria seemed skeptical, since he'd been cursing at the sink when she'd walked in. Travis conceded that he still hated repair work, but he loved sailing the open seas. Victoria questioned why he hadn't left port in two weeks, and he claimed that he'd had to make sure the boat was in working order for the next leg of the trip.

Victoria noted that Travis had talked about how great everything was, but she theorized that the boat was just a substitute for the dive bar, and she surmised that it was another place to hide. Travis suspected that it killed her that he wasn't miserable without her, and he sarcastically apologized that he hadn't run to her when she'd called. She moved to slap him, but he grabbed her hand.

Travis found it interesting how concerned Victoria was about his happiness, and he inquired about how things were going for her back home. He mentioned that Victor was out of prison and that Victoria was working with her ex, and she asked how he knew that. Travis revealed that Luca had called him to rattle off reasons why Travis shouldn't return to Genoa City, and Luca had said she was back with Billy. Victoria announced that she hadn't reunited with Billy, and she ordered Travis not to tell her how to handle her life, since at least she didn't hide. Victoria started to leave, but Travis told her to wait.

Travis and Victoria drank rum on the deck, and he admitted that he'd been running away. He said he'd lost himself in the sky full of stars for a while, but reality had crept back in, and his head had been filled with thoughts of Victoria. Travis added that he dreamed about Victoria all the time, and the whole trip had been meant to be a way to forget about her, but he wanted to share every experience with her. They confessed that they'd missed one another, and they kissed. Victoria said she needed him as much as he needed her, and they retreated inside the boat to make love.

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