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Victoria and Abby agreed to be Sharon's bridesmaids. Summer realized that Phyllis had slept with Nick. Nick bribed Summer into keeping quiet. A mysterious man named Rey arrived in town and began investigating people who were linked to J.T. Neil and Ashley got passionate.
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Sharon's party sparks bad memories

Sharon's party sparks bad memories

Monday, August 13, 2018

At Sharon's house, Mariah was surprised to see dozens of bridesmaid dresses hanging on racks in the living room. Sharon told Mariah she might even wear her selected gown on other occasions, but Mariah replied, "Mom, I hate to break it to you, but that whole 'rewearable' bridesmaid's dress thing -- that's a mythical entity." Sharon explained that Mariah and other bridesmaids would have to abide by the bride's final decision. Summer arrived just as Sharon was pouring wine into glasses for her guests. Sharon gave Summer a glass of wine and noted that there would be no cocktails served. After Sharon proposed a toast, Mariah suddenly protested Sharon's covert plan to rope her into another girls' night. Mariah grimaced as Summer added more wine to Sharon's glass.

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria told Nikki about her visit with Reed. Nikki asked Victoria if Reed had mentioned J.T. Victoria replied, "That was the surprising part. He stopped trying to rationalize J.T.'s crimes and the fact that he's fallen off the grid." Victoria seemed surprised and relieved that Reed had barely mentioned J.T. as she handed her phone to Nikki, so Nikki could view photos of her grandchildren. Nikki's hand cramped when she attempted to grasp the phone. Nikki assured a worried Victoria that she was being treated for a flareup of MS.

Victoria received a phone call from Sharon. Sharon invited Victoria to be a bridesmaid. Nikki winced when she overhead Victoria say, "You want me in your bridal party?" Victoria claimed her schedule was too busy, but Sharon suggested that Victoria's participation might allow her to reconnect with Nick. After Victoria ended her call, Nikki recalled Sharon's girls' night party and denounced Sharon's decision to host another get-together. Victoria expressed a differing opinion.

Victoria told Nikki that she agreed with Sharon's assessment that participating in the wedding might help Victoria mend her relationship with Nick. Nikki and Victoria expressed their mutual appreciation for Sharon having recently mentioned Phyllis' efforts to pin J.T.'s murder on them. Victoria said that for that reason, she and Nikki should maintain their improved standing with Sharon. Nikki agreed to accompany Victoria to Sharon's house.

Summer and Mariah chatted while they searched through a selection of accessories to coordinate with bridal attire. Summer said that Sharon and Victoria seemed to have become "besties." Summer didn't disagree. Mariah noted that her mom and Summer's mom had suddenly become more mature and cordial to each other. Mariah warned that her mother's parties, while well-intentioned, were often cursed.

At Jabot, Phyllis arrived and asked Billy where Summer might be. Seconds after Billy mentioned that Summer had left after work and headed to Nick and Sharon's house, Phyllis quickly rushed out. Phyllis nearly knocked Ashley down. Ashley asked Billy why Phyllis had been in such a hurry. Ashley added that perhaps a sign should be posted forbidding running. Billy suggested that there should also be a posted sign forbidding backstabbing. Billy complained because Ashley had secretly contacted Jabot's legal department in an effort to thwart his plans to expand the company's retail presence. Ashley recalled that Billy had conceived and executed his "retail coup" all by himself behind closed doors while she'd been away.

Ashley suggested that Billy open a single boutique to test the waters. Billy insisted that his plans required a bold vision to make an impact. Kyle entered and overheard Ashley tell Billy that he evidently thought her business approach was too rational and scientific. Kyle pointed to Billy and said, "He doesn't need science. He's got Abbott blood and a yacht." Billy told Kyle that Ashley might have misinformed Kyle about Jaboutique.

Ashley explained that because Kyle was involved with the company, he had a right to know how Billy had financed the project. Kyle complained that research and development had been left vulnerable after Billy had reallocated its budget to fund his project. Ashley agreed that a lack of funds would impact her ability to develop new and innovative products to compete in the cosmetics industry. Billy insisted that both Kyle and Ashley would soon be impressed with the success of his Jaboutiques. After Kyle and Ashley stepped out of Billy's office, Ashley denounced Billy's idea to Kyle.

Sharon answered her doorbell while Summer and Mariah continued bickering. Phyllis entered the front door in search of Summer. Summer explained that she was choosing a bridesmaid's dress for Sharon's wedding. Phyllis noted that Summer disliked Sharon. Summer explained that she'd changed her mind about Sharon after determining that they were all part of the same extended family.

Phyllis, exasperated, asked Summer to explain why she'd manipulated Jack into making a play for her. Summer attempted to deny her mother's claim, but Phyllis explained that she and Jack had already compared notes. Summer said she believed that Phyllis and Jack were a much better match. Phyllis cried that she had a match and wasn't looking for another. Summer replied, "Then maybe you should be."

After Summer went upstairs to change into a bridesmaid's dress, Sharon suggested that Summer's habit of being manipulative might be genetic. Victoria and Nikki arrived. Phyllis asked Victoria if she, too, would be a bridesmaid. Sharon quickly explained that she'd chosen Victoria because they were about to become sisters-in-law. After Nikki saw the invited guests, she said, "See, what did I tell you? It's girls' night all over again."

When Summer returned downstairs, Sharon suggested they all focus on the dress Summer was modeling. Phyllis refused and demanded that Summer explain why she seemed intent on reuniting her mother with Jack. Summer explained that Phyllis, usually the wild and free-spirited partner in a relationship with someone like Jack, had instead been forced to act as the more stable partner in her relationship with Billy. Summer added that Billy was even wilder and crazier than Phyllis was. Phyllis defended Billy and pronounced herself to be a "kook" when compared to Billy.

Nikki assured everyone at the party that no one was more of a loose cannon than Phyllis was. Phyllis added that if Summer's formula was accurate, then Billy should've ended up with the predictable and stable Victoria. Victoria quipped that Billy and Phyllis deserved each other. Summer disagreed and noted that she'd sensed tension between Phyllis and Billy. Sharon stuck her foot in her mouth when she attempted to explain that all couples dealt with tension. The women turned their heads toward Sharon when she blurted out that she and Nick had almost called off their wedding.

As if on cue, Nick returned home and said he'd interrupted a girls' night party. Nick immediately learned that Victoria would be Sharon's bridesmaid. Victoria suggested that Phyllis should also be a bridesmaid. Nick locked eyes with Phyllis, leaned his head to one side, and replied, "Really?" Sharon insisted that Phyllis wasn't obligated to be a member of the wedding party. Mariah piped up and said, "I think it's a recipe for disaster." Phyllis awkwardly opted not to be a bridesmaid.

While the others had stepped away, Nikki asked Nick if Victor would be invited to the wedding. Nick replied, "Do you think he can show up without causing problems?" Nikki said she wasn't certain. Mariah and Summer also talked privately. Summer recalled Sharon's comment about almost calling off the wedding. Summer asked Mariah if there were issues that might interfere with Nick and Sharon's marriage. Mariah insisted that there were no issues. Mariah explained that Sharon had once had misgivings about the way Nick had secretively started Dark Horse.

Before Nick left, Sharon wished him well with his leasing company. Nick said if his business meeting was fruitful, it might lead to Dark Horse's next acquisition, which Jack believed would be a shrewd investment. After Nick left, Victoria, Summer, and Mariah modeled dresses in varying shades of blue. Nikki liked Mariah's dress best. When Summer attempted to photograph Mariah, she threatened Summer. Reacting to Mariah's comment, Phyllis insisted that Sharon should consider not hosting future parties.

Sharon, thinking back, defended her "I'm Fine" party as having been a success. Phyllis recalled Hilary's role in hyping the party as a means to empower women. Mariah recalled having attended Hilary's wedding held at the hospital. Mariah fondly noted that the ceremony had celebrated love and commitment in its purest form. The women held up their wine glasses and toasted their late friend Hilary as a brave woman.

Mariah recalled how crazy the girl's night party had been. Mariah added that Summer had missed the craziness because she'd been away with her married ex-boyfriend, whose car Summer had later stolen. Summer had had enough and left, but not before Mariah got in one last dig. After Summer told Sharon she'd indicated her favorite dress selection by affixing a sticky note marked with an "s," Mariah replied, "Oh, sorry, is that 's' for 'succubus' or 'strumpet'?" Even Phyllis seemed reluctant to defend Summer's behavior.

After Summer left and Mariah went upstairs, Phyllis said she'd been waiting to have a private discussion with the other members of their exclusive club. Nikki expressed anger that Sharon and Phyllis had joined forces to blame Nikki for J.T.'s murder. Sharon insisted that it hadn't been her idea. Phyllis recalled that she and Sharon hadn't killed J.T. Nikki reminded Phyllis that Phyllis had insisted they not call police and had masterminded the plan to dispose of the body. Sharon shushed the women and reminded them that Mariah, upstairs, wasn't drunk like she'd been the night J.T. had died.

Victoria cried that she was still dealing with guilt after a recent visit with Reed. Victoria added that she was concerned that the added stress had triggered a flareup of Nikki's MS. Nikki explained that she'd be fine and had sought treatment. Phyllis noted that even Billy had noticed that she'd been under a lot of stress. Sharon cried that the night they could never free themselves from had changed them all forever. None of the women disagreed with Sharon.

Sharon expressed concern that her horrible secret could destroy any chance for lasting happiness in her marriage to Nick. Nikki replied that it wouldn't be the first time Sharon had lied to Nick. Victoria insisted that they should all agree to keep everything that had happened a secret. Nick returned just before Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria left. Nick asked Sharon why the women had been arguing. Sharon shrugged and replied, "What can you do? It's Phyllis."

At the rooftop deck, Kyle and Ashley dined together, but Kyle cautioned Ashley that it would take more than a free meal for him to pledge his undying allegiance. Kyle added that his and Ashley's negotiations would likely end in a stalemate due to the blood Abbott clause. Ashley said she had long-term plans, which she'd rather keep secret from Kyle, so he could claim deniability. Kyle replied, "Nothing to deny if you're just being jerked around." Kyle threatened to leave.

Ashley admitted to Kyle that she'd reached out to Jack in secret. Ashley explained that Jack had arranged for Dark Horse to acquire the leasing company Billy had contracted with to rent retail space for Billy's boutiques. Kyle replied, "So then Dark Horse could cancel the whole deal, shattering Billy's retail dreams." Ashley added that the board of directors would be appalled because Billy had rushed into his plans in secret. Kyle was impressed with Ashley's plans and expressed hope that Jack might be able to have a say in Jabot's future.

Summer arrived and paused in the doorway as Ashley warned Kyle that he'd have to trust her. Summer greeted Kyle and Ashley. Kyle explained that he and Ashley were having a private dinner meeting. Summer suggested that Kyle and Ashley should be discussing their support for Billy's brilliant Jaboutique project. Ashley insisted that Jabot's prosperous future was always foremost in her mind. Summer recalled that Ashley had recently attempted to recruit people to thwart Billy. After Summer left, Ashley asked Kyle to handle Summer.

Summer arrived at Billy's office while he was in the middle of a tense discussion on the phone, complaining that the building designs should beckon to customers from a distance and lure them into spending money. Billy told the person on the phone that he didn't care how much it would cost. After Billy ended his call, Summer explained that she'd run into Kyle and Ashley having dinner and was convinced that they were plotting. Billy insisted he wouldn't be sucked into Summer's mind games. Billy added that Summer should keep her distance from him. As Summer headed toward the door, she said, "Do you really mean that, Billy? Who are you trying to convince the most here, me or yourself?"

At Cane and Lily's house, Cane hastily packed a duffel bag with clothing and checked to ensure he'd packed passports for every member of his family. Lily entered the room and informed Cane that Mattie had conducted a search online and was aware that Lily's sentencing date was approaching. Lily said perhaps the family should meet and discuss what might happen. Lily added that she should get as much done as possible while she still had freedom to do so. Cane looked apprehensive.

The Ashby family gathered for a family dinner at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Charlie, sensing that something was up, asked what was going on. Lily admitted that she'd pleaded guilty for her role in the accident that had killed Hilary and Hilary's unborn baby. Charlie reacted when Lily said she was about to be sentenced. Mattie said she'd searched online and learned that the maximum sentence was twenty years in prison.

Cane insisted that Lily wouldn't be spending two decades in prison for an accident. Lily explained that her court hearing would take place at a later date, which was a week away. Charlie said Lily shouldn't be held responsible because she hadn't been drunk or high at the time of the accident. Mattie explained that in the eyes of the law, Lily had been responsible for operating the vehicle, so she was responsible for the deaths of Hilary and her unborn baby.

Cane attempted to calm Charlie's fears and said Michael Baldwin would be representing Lily in court. Cane added that he'd do whatever was necessary to keep his family together. Cane mentioned his twins' senior year of high school. Charlie cried that his mom might not be present to watch her children's graduation. After Charlie and Mattie excused themselves from the table, Charlie told Mattie that they would have to save Lily from being imprisoned.

Cane privately told Lily that he'd purchased five tickets to Sydney. Cane added that he, Lily, the twins, and Sam should leave Genoa City. Cane explained that he'd already discussed the matter with his father. Lily's eyes widened when Cane informed her that he had made arrangements for the family to fly to Australia later in the evening. Lily looked shocked and confused.

Summer realizes Phyllis had sex with Nick

Summer realizes Phyllis had sex with Nick

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Victoria grumbled that she wanted a double of anything after Sharon's party, and Nikki remarked that it was one of those days when she wished she could order a stiff drink. Victoria bemoaned that it piled on the guilt anytime she and Nikki got together with Sharon and Phyllis. Nikki swore that Victoria had nothing to feel guilty about after what J.T. had put her through, but they had to find a way to live with it, starting with a drink. Victoria opted for a club soda, and Nikki headed to the bar.

Nate approached Victoria, who didn't recognize him. He reminded her that he was Olivia's son and bragged that he'd become a doctor. He mentioned that he hadn't seen much of Genoa City, and he suggested that she show him around sometime. She begged off because she didn't have time between work and her kids. Nikki returned and observed that Victoria was catching up with Nikki's new private physician.

Nikki explained that Nate had been overseeing Victor's recovery, and Victor had asked Nate to take her on as a patient after her recent flareup. She gushed that Nate was wonderful and knowledgeable, and knowing he was on 24-hour call had taken her stress away. Nate noted that stress was a common cause for flareups, and he was determined to find out why Nikki's multiple sclerosis had been affecting her more than usual. He speculated that her new job was something to consider, but he was likely to pinpoint other factors as he spent more time with her.

Victoria lectured that pressing Nikki could cause more stress, but Nikki insisted that Nate had her best interests at heart. Victoria asserted that Nikki's neurologist was the expert, and Nate had a feeling that Victoria wouldn't let him forget that. Nate stepped away, and Nikki clucked that Victoria had been a little hard on him. Victoria thought his ego could handle it, but she fretted that Nate might just figure out the root of Nikki's stress.

Victoria suspected that Nate was just out to prove how smart he was, and there was something about him she didn't trust. Nikki admitted that what had happened with J.T. had taken a toll on her, and keeping it a secret had made things worse. Nikki asserted that she'd felt better and more relaxed since she'd been seeing Nate, and Victoria apologized for being selfish by overreacting. Victor joined them, and Nikki informed him that she'd been telling a skeptical Victoria that Nate being part of her medical team was a good thing. Victor wondered why Victoria doubted it.

Victoria updated her parents about Reed being on track to graduate early, and Victor was impressed and proud that Reed hadn't let what had happened with J.T. affect him. Victoria remarked that it truly took a village, and she thanked them for all they'd done to help Reed. Victor insisted that he would do anything to help his family, and he suggested that he and his wife have a private dinner that night. Victoria departed, and Nikki questioned where Victor was taking her. He heeded her advice that they both take it easy, and he took her hand and instructed her to close her eyes. He led her across the rooftop to a curtained area, and she gasped when she opened her eyes.

After a couples' massage, Nikki gushed that it had been the most romantic thing Victor had done for her in a long time, and he proclaimed that it was just the beginning, since he'd had the club chef prepare her favorites for dinner. He explained that it was his way of helping her relax, and he promised to do everything in his power to alleviate her stress. She confided that she'd been upset about J.T., but it was all in the past. Victor worried that J.T. was still out there somewhere, but Nikki said she had a gut feeling J.T. wouldn't show up there again. They embraced.

Over dinner, Victor toasted to Nikki's health and continued improvement, and she added a toast to him getting stronger every day. They clinked glasses, but he observed that she looked lost in thought. She wished that she could put something magical around the people she loved to keep them safe and protected, and he noted that she sounded like him. She recognized that she couldn't keep the bad stuff out, and he said it was why he'd hired Nate to deal with her anxiety. Nikki declared her faith in Nate because she could see what he'd done for Victor, but Victor stated that the most important thing that had made him feel better was her love. She felt the same way, since everything was better when she was with him.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily ranted that she felt like her head was going to explode over Cane's crazy plan to leave the country forever. Cane insisted that it would keep her from going to prison, but she protested that it was a disaster in the making. She scolded that he should have talked to her before he'd bought the plane tickets, but he was just glad that the judge hadn't taken her passport. Lily anticipated that the judge would lock her up once the travel plans were discovered, but Cane argued that the best thing was for their family to leave. Lily demanded to know how not facing the consequences of her actions was the best thing, and Cane reiterated that it had been an accident that none of them should be punished for. He urged her to put her family first.

Lily fretted that both she and Cane stood to go to jail if anyone found out what he'd done, since everything left a digital trail. She wondered if he'd even thought about their kids when he'd made the plans, and he swore that he'd done it for them. Lily snapped that their children might end up with no mother or father, but Cane maintained that leaving the country was better than her going to prison. She admonished him for teaching their kids to run away from taking responsibility, and he vowed to do whatever it took to protect his family, even if it meant breaking the law. Cane revealed that Colin had sorted everything out, and Lily became incensed that he'd based his decisions on the advice of a criminal.

Lily refused to stay because she was furious, and Cane acknowledged that he'd gone about it the wrong way. She chided him for not telling her that she'd been responsible for causing the accident and for ordering their son to stay quiet, and she blamed Cane for Devon wanting to send her to prison. Lily bellowed that Cane had made a bad situation catastrophic, and it wasn't about him. She spat that Hilary and her baby were dead, and all he could think about was himself. She insisted that their whole family needed to face the consequences of her actions, and she stormed off.

Victoria ordered a glass of wine at the Athletic Club bar, and she spotted Lily across the room. Victoria offered to get her a drink, but Lily thought she should hold off. Lily inquired whether it had been a rough day, and Victoria divulged that she'd spent the day at her ex-sister-in-law's house, picking out bridesmaid dresses so that Sharon could become her sister-in-law again. Lily suggested that Victoria needed something stronger than wine, but Victoria received a text message and had to tend to a work emergency. Victoria invited Lily to help herself to the untouched glass of wine, but Lily declined.

At Crimson Lights, Mattie chided Charlie for dragging her away from their family dinner when they didn't know how many more they'd have. Charlie griped that it was messed up that their mom could go to prison for 20 years, but Mattie pointed out that a lot could happen between then and the sentencing. She believed all they could do was let Lily know that they loved and supported her, but he insisted that they had to get the judge to see that their mom shouldn't be punished. Charlie thought the judge might listen to Devon, but Mattie reminded him that Devon wanted to see Lily punished. Charlie was adamant that they get Devon to see that he was wrong.

Mattie warned that talking to Devon would be a big mistake, but Charlie countered that their uncle was the only one who could convince the judge not to send their mother to prison. Mattie understood that Devon was mad at the world after losing everything, and Lily was responsible for Hilary and the baby being gone. Charlie incredulously asked whether they should do nothing, and Mattie figured that Lily had confessed, so it was up to Michael to explain that their mother was a good person who'd made a bad mistake. Charlie decided to talk to Devon on his own, and he told Mattie not to try to stop him. She followed him out and declared that twins stuck together, even if they didn't agree.

Charlie pounded on Devon's door, and Mattie reported that Devon wasn't answering her texts. Nate returned home and invited the twins into Neil's place, and he offered to give Devon a message. Mattie stated that they wanted to talk in person, and Nate assumed that they wanted to ask Devon to cut their mom some slack and perhaps even back her up at the sentencing. Mattie swore that they were all sorry about what had happened, but Nate warned that Devon was still really angry.

Nate thought the twins should be prepared in case Devon refused to help Lily. Nate understood the teens' desire to fix things, but he'd learned the hard way that they couldn't do that. He encouraged them to accept that certain things were out of their hands, and the only things they could control were themselves and their actions. He urged them not to stop listening to their heads and hearts and to be the people Lily needed them to be, and he implored them to never stop fighting for justice or for their mom.

A frazzled Lily arrived on the Athletic Club roof, where Cane was relieved to find her after looking for her everywhere. She told him that she still needed time, but he insisted on apologizing. Charlie and Mattie joined them, and Lily claimed that they'd gone up there for fresh air. Lily was surprised that the teens had returned there instead of going home, and they explained that they'd needed some twin time.

Cane recognized that the situation wasn't easy on the kids. Charlie declared that Cane and Lily could count on him and Mattie not to do anything stupid or selfish, since what they did or said affected all of them. Mattie added that they'd stick together to deal with whatever happened, and Cane realized that feeling powerless could lead to making bad decisions. Cane pledged to stick together to overcome anything, and he put his arm around Lily.

At Crimson Lights, Nate stopped Victoria and asked if she could spare a few minutes. She assumed that it was about her parents, but he wanted to talk about her. Victoria apologized if she'd seemed rude earlier, and she chalked it up to being tired after traveling. Nate suspected there was more to it, and she pointed out that it wasn't his business, but she was concerned about her mother. Victoria wanted to make sure Nikki was getting the best care, and Nate assumed that Victoria didn't think he could provide it. She swore that she hadn't meant to be insulting, and he asserted that the only opinion that mattered was Nikki's.

Nate imagined that Victoria had enough to worry about, since it was obvious she was carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Victoria testily noted that he'd only talked to her for two minutes, and he advised her not to hold things in because it could cause emotional and physical damage. He urged her to let out whatever it was, and she huffed that maybe he wasn't as smart as he thought he was. Nate swore that he'd just been trying to help. Victoria retorted that it never helped to stick one's nose where it didn't belong, and she sauntered off.

Across the coffeehouse, Summer plopped down at Kyle's table and asked where Ashley was. Kyle questioned why he'd know, and Summer observed that she'd hardly seen one of them without the other lately. Summer griped that they'd tried to get rid of her earlier, but Kyle dryly informed her that he and Ashley had more interesting things to discuss than talking about Summer behind her back. Summer referred to the plot they were hatching against Billy, but Kyle asserted that his business with Ashley wasn't even in the same category as trying to get one's mother's boyfriend into bed.

Kyle inquired whether Summer was taking the night off from home-wrecking, and she teased him for starting to show how worried he was about losing the bet. He contended that she'd set herself up to win either way, but she hardly considered sleeping with him a win. He argued that there was no one better to give her the meaningless sex she wanted. Mariah spotted them and tried to duck away, but Kyle called to her. He mentioned that he and Summer were having coffee and trying not to kill one another, and Mariah told them not to stop on her account.

Summer and Mariah exchanged barbs, and Kyle dared them to find something to talk about that didn't lead to scratching one another's eyes out. The women fell silent, and Kyle mentioned the party Summer had been telling him about. Summer referred to cheap wine, tacky dresses, and delusional women convincing themselves that Nick and Sharon had a shot at happiness. Mariah relayed that Nick had said Summer was on board with the wedding, and Summer confirmed that she had been until she'd learned that Nick and Sharon had broken up.

Mariah questioned whether Summer had never had a fight with a boyfriend before, but Summer countered that she'd never married the person. Summer accused Mariah of having her head in the clouds, since not everyone got a happy ending the way Mariah had. Mariah retorted that just because Summer hadn't gotten one didn't mean Mariah couldn't. Summer scoffed at Mariah being an expert on love and happiness after one successful hookup. Mariah questioned why Summer had agreed to be a bridesmaid if she was convinced the marriage was doomed to fail.

Summer replied that she loved her dad, so she intended to be there when Sharon pulled a Sharon. Mariah couldn't believe that Summer found it impossible that two people could love one another, and Summer grumbled that she liked the old, snarky Mariah better. Summer frowned upon stupid romantic fantasies when she just wanted to have a good time with no strings or romance, but Mariah clarified that she wasn't asking about what Summer wanted but what she believed in. Summer responded that she just wanted to win a bet.

After Mariah left, Kyle requested that Summer lay off Mariah about Tessa. Summer agreed, but she cautioned him not to let anyone at work see his softer, gentler side. He figured that no one would see him stepping over them on his way to the top, and she inquired whether that included her. He taunted that she'd hitched her wagon to the wrong star, whereas he'd go with whoever could give him what he wanted. Summer surmised that was money, power, and fame, and Kyle looked thoughtful.

Kyle put a song on the jukebox, and he looked over Summer's shoulder as she flipped through photos from the party on her phone. He observed that it didn't look like it had sucked as much as she'd claimed, but she complained that it was bad enough that her dad was marrying Sharon again. Kyle figured that some people were just meant to be together, and Summer admitted that she'd been on board with the marriage until Sharon and Mariah had told her that the happy couple had just broken up again a few weeks earlier. Summer revealed that Sharon had considered ending the engagement, and Nick had ended up spending the night somewhere else. Kyle perked up and asked when Nick had spent the night away from home.

An irritated Summer asked how she was supposed to know when Sharon and Nick had had their stupid fight when they'd had so many. Kyle pointedly stated that it had been recent and big enough to cause Nick not to go home, and Summer groused about how often Sharon had made Nick miserable. Summer wondered why it was important to Kyle, who pointed out that she wasn't getting it. He stressed that Nick had spent the night somewhere other than Sharon's, and Summer's jaw dropped when she realized that her mom had hooked up with her dad.

Summer confronts Phyllis about cheating

Summer confronts Phyllis about cheating

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Michael told Phyllis he needed to speak with her, and it wouldn't be a friendly conversation. He confronted Phyllis about siding with Billy against Lauren. Phyllis defended Billy's business decision about opening Jaboutique across the country. Michael reminded her that Jaboutique was in direct competition with Phyllis' employer, and it would affect Fenmore's bottom line. He said that Billy had made a major unilateral decision without considering how it would impact Fenmore's.

Phyllis asked if Lauren had sent him to be her mouthpiece. Michael informed her that he was there as Lauren's attorney, and Lauren wanted to cut ties with Jabot. Phyllis said she believed in Billy's vision and that Fenmore's was in a different market. Michael asked if Phyllis was defending Billy's ill-advised actions to keep him happy. She said she wasn't and told Michael that she'd address Lauren's concerns and assure her that Fenmore's wouldn't be in trouble. She assured Michael that Jabot and Fenmore's wouldn't part ways. Michael warned Phyllis to act in her employer's best interests.

The conversation between Michael and Phyllis turned to Lily's accident. Phyllis was very angry. She told Michael that she wanted Lily to go to jail and that Devon would never forgive Lily. Michael said he didn't think Lily deserved a jail sentence, and he wished that Devon would see that. Michael asked if Phyllis believed that Hilary would have wanted her death to leave such a legacy.

At the Dive Bar, Sharon and Nick were waiting for their wedding planner, who was stuck in traffic. Victor arrived and asked how Nick could waste time picking out canapes when he should be launching his business. Nick said that success wasn't measured by how much money one had in their bank account, but how they lived their life. Pointing at himself and Sharon, he told Victor that was what a loving family looked like, and it was something Victor considered inconsequential. Nick and Sharon left to say hello to Summer and Kyle.

At a nearby table, Summer watched with distaste as Sharon and Nick kissed. Kyle wondered about Nick cheating on Sharon with Phyllis. Summer was shocked that her parents had hooked up. She said that Billy and Phyllis would be done for good. Kyle asked what Summer had in mind.

When Sharon and Nick arrived at Summer and Kyle's table, Sharon noted that Kyle had some files and told Nick that Summer and Kyle were busy. Summer shared that they were taking a break to discuss marriage. She said that many people were disillusioned about marriage, but Nick and Sharon looked very happy. Sharon claimed that they had love, honesty, trust, and the capacity to forgive. They'd been through a lot, and that had built a bond between them. Sharon said she was happy that Summer and Kyle would be at their wedding. Summer said she was amazed at how well Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis got along. Nick felt a little uncomfortable, and he and Sharon left.

Kyle asked Summer if she planned to blow up Sharon and Nick's lives because of one night. Summer said that Billy and Sharon needed to know the truth about Nick and Phyllis. Kyle said he knew that Summer hoped Billy would leave Phyllis and wind up in the sack with her. Kyle said Summer was adamant that Phyllis and Billy didn't belong together, but he guessed she'd feel that way about any guy Phyllis was with. Summer claimed that Billy was a sexy, cool guy who was wasted on Phyllis.

Kyle said that Summer hoped that when Billy and Phyllis split up, Billy would run to her. He asked Summer what would happen when she got bored, and he wondered if she would move on to the next prey. He reminded Summer of what she'd done to him. Kyle told her to stop looking for an unavailable guy to make her life worth living. He advised her to figure out who she was and what she wanted.

Summer said she knew that Kyle wanted her to forget about Billy and have sex with him. Kyle admitted that he'd benefit from losing that bet because when it was revealed that Billy had slept with Phyllis' daughter, Billy would go down in flames. Kyle said he would definitely make that work for him, job-wise. Kyle bet his car if Summer got Billy into the sack. Summer said she was up for a new experience.

Nick and Sharon returned to the bar and encountered Victor. Nick said he'd thought Victor would have left to take care of business. Victor said that Nick was dishonest with himself if he thought he could pick and choose the times he conducted his business. He said that Nick's employees depended on Nick for his decisions. Nick said that after he'd watched Victor over the years, he wouldn't let business ruin his life. Victor admitted that when his children had been growing up, he'd missed many of their functions, and he asked if Nick knew why. Nick stated that Victor had been busy building his empire.

Victor told Nick that he was disappointed that Nick had turned his back on everything Victor had worked for. Sharon chimed in that Nick had his own way of doing business -- not everyone subscribed to Victor's methods of doing things. Nick said that part of the reason he'd started Dark Horse had been to erase the damage Victor had done to the Newman name over the years. Nick wanted to leave his children a company they'd be proud of. Victor pointed out that Nick had started his business by being deceptive by pretending to be J.T. and stealing Victor's clients and staff.

After Victor left, Nick and Sharon were at a table to test canapes for their wedding, but Nick was distracted. When Sharon commented about his distraction, Nick said that he shouldn't let Victor get into his head. Sharon picked up a tray of canapes and took Nick into the massage area behind the curtains. Sitting on one of the massage beds, they tried a couple of canapes and kissed. Nick kept receiving an insistent phone call that he ignored. Sharon advised him to answer the call because a lot of people relied on him. She stated that she and Nick had to work together in order to succeed. She advised Nick to leave and take care of business.

As Sharon left the enclosed area, she encountered Victor once again. Victor explained what it would take for Nick to run a successful business -- he'd had to live it, eat it, sleep it, and breathe it. He said Sharon had already seen the changes in Nick. Sharon said she knew what Victor was trying to do, and it wouldn't work. Victor claimed that Sharon had misconstrued his motives, but Sharon said she'd read him loud and clear. Victor wanted her to play head games with Nick.

Victor told Sharon he wanted to give her some insights that he'd gained after years of running one of the most successful multinational companies in the world. Victor said he'd been impressed with how quickly Nick had started his venture, and he wished Nick all the best because if Nick was successful, it would reflect well on the Newman name. He hoped Nick would establish the lasting legacy that he envisioned.

Victor asked Sharon about Faith and Christian. Sharon gushed while telling him about the kids. Victor said he missed the special moments with the grandchildren, but there had to be certain trade-offs and hard work if anyone wanted a successful company. Competition was tough, and sometimes it was hard on the spouse. Victor was certain that Sharon was going into the marriage with her eyes wide open.

Sharon told Victor that Nick wasn't like him, and she knew that Victor wasn't willing to accept that. Nick didn't only talk about doing things; he did them. That was how Nick lived his life. Victor claimed that Nick was more like him than Sharon thought. He asked Sharon to give Christian a kiss from him, and while she was at it, she should give Christian a kiss from Nick. Victor left.

Phyllis arrived at Hamilton-Winters, looking for Devon. She was surprised to find Lily there. Lily advised Phyllis that Devon had tried to fire her, but Neil wouldn't allow it. She said that Devon was working from home because he couldn't be in the same room as her. Lily said that Devon hated her, and he'd accused her of wanting Hilary dead.

Lily asked if Phyllis felt the same way Devon did. Phyllis said she'd been enraged when Hilary had died and with how senseless it had been. She wanted to punish Lily. Phyllis said she'd been drowning in anger, and it had been eating her up. Phyllis said that Lily was an easy target.

Lily admitted that the accident had been her fault because she'd been so intent on telling Hilary why Hilary wasn't worthy of Devon. Lily said she'd thought she'd been protecting Devon. Lily admitted that she'd loathed Hilary. Her hatred had been the reason why she'd been so distracted and hadn't seen the light change. Lily said that Hilary was gone forever because of her actions, and she didn't blame Phyllis for hating her. Phyllis softened and asked Lily what would happen next. Lily explained that there would be a hearing, the judge would sentence her, and she could go to prison for twenty years. She said she'd lose her family, which was what Devon wanted.

Phyllis said that Devon only wanted Lily to lose her family at that moment. She said that revenge was temporarily satisfying, but it didn't bring anyone back and only caused more heartache and unhappiness. Phyllis said that Lily was punishing herself more than any legal system ever could. Lily confessed that she'd live with regret for what she'd done for the rest of her life. Phyllis confessed that all she'd wanted to do was to punch Lily out, and it would've felt good at that moment, but it wouldn't have lasted. Lily thanked Phyllis for admitting that. They hugged, and Phyllis left.

A short time later, Michael arrived at Hamilton-Winters to talk to Lily about the hearing. He promised he wouldn't sugar-coat anything. Lily asked if he thought it was fair that she'd have to spend years behind bars. Michael said he didn't, but unfortunately, it wasn't up to him. He promised he'd present his best case.

Lily told Michael that Cane's solution was to leave for Australia. Michael stated that Devon would use his resources to track her down, and once the Australian authorities had her in custody, she'd be extradited to the United States very quickly. Cane would be facing accessory charges, and he'd likely spend time in jail. Charlie and Mattie would be on their own, and they wouldn't be capable of taking care of Sam. He insisted that running away wasn't a solution. Lily said that Cane felt helpless, but Michael said that Cane needed to get a grip. Lily told Michael she was ready to face the consequences of her actions, but she was scared.

Lily told Michael she was trying to be realistic, but it was hard. Michael reminded her that she'd entered a guilty plea and avoided an expensive trial. Christine would look favorably on that when she wrote her recommendation. He said that prison wasn't mandatory, and he promised to negotiate with the state for the lightest possible sentence. He explained that the sentence would be a choice of Lily being fined, losing her license for a period of time, community services, or confinement without being in jail. That meant she'd be permitted to go to work, but she'd have to go straight home afterwards. Her whereabouts would be monitored at all times. Lily added they might opt to put her in jail for twenty years.

Michael assured Lily that if she didn't commit another crime or attempt to leave the jurisdiction, everything was on the table. Lily had a clean record, had shown remorse, and showed willingness to admit fault. Those were all arguments for leniency. Michael suggested that Lily should use her time before the hearing to get her affairs in order and prepare her family for a massive upheaval. Lily realized that she needed to hope for the best but expect the worst.

At home, Phyllis informed Summer that Billy was working late, and Lauren wanted to break her contract with Jabot. She and Summer had to support Lauren and attempt to convince Billy to pull back a bit on his project, or he'd be involved in a legal battle. Summer accused Phyllis of saying one thing to Billy's face, but being ready to stab him in the back. Phyllis said she was doing what was best for the company. Summer accused Phyllis of pretending to be a loving and supportive partner. Phyllis warned Summer not to lecture her on looking out for Billy's best interest, especially since Summer had set up a poker game in the apartment. Summer reminded Phyllis that it was her apartment, not Phyllis'.

Phyllis said that Summer had continued to drag Billy down by convincing him to gamble and lie about it to Phyllis, and that was when she and Billy had started having problems. Summer asked if Phyllis was accusing her of being the problem. Phyllis said it was the person Summer had become. Phyllis said that she and Billy had been fine until Summer had blown into town, acting like an irresponsible, attention-seeking brat who humiliated herself by walking around half-naked in the apartment.

Summer asked if Phyllis felt insecure. Phyllis retorted that it had been embarrassing. Summer laughed and said that it had been exactly the way Phyllis had acted in the past, and it blew her mind that Phyllis would lecture her on responsibility. Phyllis said she'd been trying to keep Billy from being a victim of his own worst impulses. Summer yelled that Billy's impulses were one of the best things about him and that he was a wildly impulsive, fun-loving person. She asked why Phyllis wanted to change that.

Phyllis explained that with that type of behavior, people did things they regretted, and she didn't want Billy to get sucked into gambling again. Summer asked Phyllis to stop blaming her for being the bad influence. Summer stated that it had bugged Phyllis that Billy hadn't told her about his gambling. Summer asked why Billy hadn't confided in Phyllis about his gambling, since he supposedly trusted her the most. Billy obviously felt he couldn't be completely open and honest with Phyllis. Phyllis informed Summer that Billy didn't want her and Summer's relationship damaged.

Summer said that Phyllis had changed, and Billy had noticed it. Exasperated, Phyllis asked Summer how many times she had to tell Summer that she and Billy were fine. Summer asked if Phyllis was certain about that because, if she was, there was no reason why Phyllis would have cheated on Billy. Phyllis asked what Summer was talking about and why she was stirring things up. Summer said there was no point in denying it. She said she knew what Phyllis had done, when she'd done it, and with whom.

Nick bribes Summer to stay quiet

Nick bribes Summer to stay quiet

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cane found Lily at Hamilton-Winters and presented her with lunch. He suggested that they discuss the kids' back-to-school schedules, but she reminded him that they'd talked about it the other day, and she wondered why he was really there. He admitted that he'd been worried when she hadn't returned any of his messages, and she explained that she'd been trying to focus on work, since she had a lot to do before the judge sentenced her. Cane offered to help, and Lily told him he could do it by getting his head out of the sand and acting like it was real.

Lily apologized for snapping at Cane, but she was trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy. She contemplated whether Devon and Neil would close her agency, and she wondered if Cane could talk to someone in advertising at Chancellor to recommend some alternative representation for her clients. Lily glumly realized that it would be headline news that the wife of Chancellor's CEO would be going to prison, and she urged Cane to prepare a press release to get ahead of the negative publicity. He told her that he couldn't accept her going to prison, and he refused to give up hope.

Lily relayed Michael's words that she had to put her affairs in order, and that meant facing not being a mom to her kids. Cane insisted that she would always be their mom, but Lily anticipated that he'd be doing both of their jobs. She needed him to look out for things for her, like how the twins would be treated at school because their mother was in prison. She became choked up at the thought of missing many of Sam's firsts, and she instructed Cane to record everything for her. She asked him to tell the kids every day how proud she was of them and to try to visit often if the prison was not too far, and he pulled her into his arms and told her not to give up hope. They were startled when Devon walked in.

Devon wordlessly sorted through paperwork, and Lily stammered that she was only there because she'd thought he'd be working from home. He curtly replied that he was just taking care of a few things, and he stepped aside to answer a call. Cane hesitated to leave Lily alone, but she was adamant that she had to talk to Devon privately. Cane kissed her goodbye and left.

Lily handed Devon a cup of coffee the way he liked it, and he accepted it. She referred to a financial report that she'd emailed him, and he repeated that he was just trying to take care of things so he could get out of there. She revealed that she was getting everything in order with Cane, the kids, and work because her hearing would be soon, and she recognized that it was Devon and Neil's call if they wanted to take over the agency or shut it down.

Lily believed that even though Devon was angry with her, he cared about her family. She anticipated that her kids would need all the support they could get, including his. She was surprised when he abruptly prepared to leave, since he'd seemed in a better frame of mind that day. Devon coolly stated that he had taken her coffee and hadn't kicked her out because he was exhausted, but Lily begged him not to go because she missed him. He stared at her for a moment before he walked out.

At home, Phyllis claimed that someone had been feeding Summer the wrong facts, since the only man in Phyllis' life was Billy. Summer huffed that he hadn't been on the night in question, but Phyllis swore that she'd never had an affair. Summer clarified that she'd never said it had been an affair. Phyllis argued that she loved Billy with all her heart and that they had a commitment, but Summer muttered that it was a sad one if Phyllis had jumped into bed with someone else two minutes after a fight. Phyllis insisted that Billy was committed to her, but Summer pointed out that he only was because he didn't know what Summer knew.

Phyllis noted that Summer was obviously angry to hurl such an accusation, and Summer condemned her mother for acting like a martyr who was being victimized. Summer urged Phyllis to be honest, and Phyllis surmised that Kyle had clued Summer in. Phyllis guessed that Summer had concluded the man had been Jack, and that had been why Summer had sent him over. Summer announced that she'd since figured out that Phyllis hadn't slept with Jack -- it had been her dad. Summer demanded to know how Phyllis could justify doing that to Billy when she claimed to love him.

Summer asked if Phyllis intended to continue on like her night with Nick had never happened. Phyllis confirmed that it had been a one-time thing that she felt very guilty about, and it had occurred when she'd been distraught over whether she and Billy had split up for good. Phyllis saw no reason to hurt Billy with the information, but Summer struggled with buying the excuse, and she thought Billy would, too. Summer blasted Phyllis for being hypocritical after freaking out when Billy had fallen off the gambling wagon and hounding Summer about growing up and being responsible when Phyllis was the one who couldn't control herself.

Phyllis swore that it would never happen again, and Summer believed that she meant it, but she compared Phyllis' history of cheating to Billy's urge to gamble. Summer admonished her mother for risking stability and happiness, and she recalled that Phyllis had betrayed every guy she'd ever been with, breaking their hearts and her own in the process. Summer ranted that she was screwed up because of who her role model was, but she realized that perhaps she shouldn't complain because she wouldn't even be there if Phyllis hadn't gotten Nick to cheat on Sharon. Summer pondered whether maybe she was the real hypocrite in all of it.

Phyllis understood that Summer was disappointed in her, and she offered to tell Summer whatever she wanted to know. Summer asked if Phyllis still loved Nick, and Phyllis replied that she did because he was Summer's father, but they were nothing less and nothing more than friends. Summer speculated that her parents had unresolved or repressed feelings for one another, but Phyllis chalked up their fling to both being in weird places the night it had happened. Phyllis recounted that both she and Nick had thought their relationships had been too broken to be fixed, and the chemistry they'd once shared had taken over.

Summer found it obvious that her parents still harbored feelings beyond friendship. Phyllis questioned whether Summer had ever been drawn to an ex physically, even though they'd moved on in every other way. Summer flatly stated that when she was done with someone, she was done, and Phyllis inquired whether Summer was done with her. Phyllis stressed that she and Nick had agreed that it never should have happened, but they were friends who had made the same mistake, and they'd vowed to move on. Summer whined that she couldn't forget what had happened, and it was difficult to stand by while Nick convinced himself that he and Sharon would have a fairy-tale ending when there was proof that it would end in disaster.

Summer added that Phyllis was letting Billy cling to the bogus belief that she was devoted to him. Phyllis recognized that Summer had a bond with Billy, but she appealed to Summer to stay quiet because it was what was best for him. Summer spat that it was a coincidence that it was also what was best for Phyllis. Phyllis contended that getting through Billy's gambling had shown how much they were willing to fight to preserve what they had, and Summer only stood to devastate Billy.

Summer reasoned that telling Billy would save him from more pain later, since the secret would only become more toxic as time went on, and the truth always emerged in the end. Summer reflected back on how Phyllis had felt when she'd found out that Summer and Billy had been keeping things from her, and that had been far less explosive than Phyllis cheating. Summer asserted that Billy and Sharon deserved to be told before they made decisions they might regret, and she headed for the door to go to Jabot. Phyllis followed her.

At Jabot, Gloria was on the phone when Phyllis rushed in and demanded to see Billy. Gloria brushed her off to tend to a personal call, and Summer declared that she'd been there first. Gloria curtly informed them that Billy was in a meeting, but she would forward their messages. Gloria implied that she'd give priority to whoever fetched a cappuccino for her, and Summer started to walk away. Phyllis stormed into Billy's office, and Summer raced in after her. Gloria chirped that Billy's meetings were out of the office, and Phyllis and Summer stubbornly decided to wait.

Phyllis questioned what had happened to her relationship with Summer, since they'd been close when Summer had left for Belize, but there had been a profound shift. Summer said she'd changed because she'd finally been far enough away to get perspective about who she was as a person. Summer explained that she'd spent her whole life having things happen to her, so she'd decided to take back control and do what was best for her, even if people had a problem with it. Phyllis agreed that there was a freedom when one didn't care what people thought, but she'd learned that the catch was that she cared about what the people she loved thought about her.

Phyllis swore that Summer had given her more joy than she'd ever thought possible, and she cried that she'd tried to give Summer a better life than her own. Phyllis acknowledged that she'd been rough on Summer because she'd wanted every dream she'd ever had to be a reality for her daughter, and she'd fight to the death for Summer. Summer explained that she was proud to have a "kick-ass mom," but it was also intimidating to live up to being the daughter of a gorgeous, powerful woman. Summer suspected that Phyllis seeing herself in Summer had freaked Phyllis out. Phyllis asserted that she was very proud to call Summer her daughter, even if she hadn't said it enough.

Phyllis wanted to do better with Summer by supporting one another and reminding themselves that they were a team, and she asked if they could try to reset things. Summer poured a drink and asked if Phyllis wanted one, but Phyllis preferred an answer. Summer conceded that it had been great hearing her mom say those things, but they couldn't start over when Phyllis was asking her to lie. Summer thought Phyllis was in denial about something being broken between her and Billy, and she felt like Phyllis was manipulating Summer to get what she wanted.

Gloria interrupted and announced that Billy wouldn't be back anytime soon. Phyllis proclaimed that her schedule was wide open, and Gloria stepped out. Phyllis pleaded with Summer to forgive her and to let her show that she and Billy belonged together, since she couldn't lose him. Summer figured that if Phyllis and Billy could survive her infidelity, they deserved to be together, and she would give both of her parents her blessing.

Phyllis stepped out and requested a favor from Gloria, who groaned. Phyllis offered Gloria a fabulous spa day on her if Gloria kept Summer there by any means necessary and updated Phyllis when Billy was free. Gloria thanked God that she had sons, and she demanded the ultimate luxury spa products. Phyllis promised that Gloria would be pampered within an inch of her life, and she mentioned that she was going to get backup.

On the Athletic Club roof, Nick commended Mariah for doing fluffy things like trying on dresses and talking about cakes and flowers, and she explained that Hilary's wedding had changed her attitude. She pledged to own the maid-of-honor title for him and Sharon, and he remarked that it was nice to have someone to count on. He recognized that his proposal hadn't made Summer's issues with Sharon disappear, and Mariah vowed to do whatever she could to make sure nothing spoiled his wedding day. Nick voiced surprise that Mariah intended to host a bridal shower, and she imagined that she would inject her own style into it. He envisioned a Bride of Frankenstein theme.

Phyllis interrupted and asked for a word with Nick. After Mariah departed, Phyllis reported that Summer knew, and Nick paled when he realized that she was referring to their secret. Phyllis was afraid that it wouldn't stay one much longer. Nick recounted that Summer had been making thinly veiled comments about marriage and commitment, and Phyllis revealed that Summer found it unthinkable that they'd ask her to live with their lies. Nick wondered when their daughter had developed a moral compass, but Phyllis countered that it was hardly moral to sabotage her father's wedding.

Nick was surprised by Summer's race to tell Billy before Phyllis could. Phyllis contemplated whether there was a bigger issue at hand that had nothing to do with either her or Nick, but she quickly clammed up. Nick pushed to consider everything, and Phyllis recognized that Summer had gotten very close to Billy. Nick was disgusted by the idea that Summer was trying to break Phyllis and Billy up so that Summer could have Billy herself, and he refused to believe it. Phyllis hoped that Summer might be open to changing her mind for Nick, and Nick was determined to convince Summer to keep mum. Phyllis wished him luck.

Nick greeted Gloria at Jabot and mentioned that he was there to see Summer. Gloria griped that she wasn't Summer's gatekeeper and personal secretary, and Nick applauded Gloria for indulging his family. He encouraged her to go home early and have some fun, but she declined because she had an obligation to fulfill. Nick revealed that he knew about the spa day she would be getting in return, since he was the backup Phyllis had been talking about. Gloria balked, and Nick offered to turn it into a free spa weekend. Gloria crowed that she was starting to relax already, and she proclaimed that Summer was all his.

Phyllis arrived home and received a text message from Nick, who indicated that he was about to speak to Summer. She waited nervously, with a glass of wine, for an update. She sent a text message to Billy to tell him she missed him.

Nick entered Billy's office, and Summer assumed that Phyllis had sent him. Nick thought it was a good thing he was there, since Summer could have started a chain of events that would have destroyed five people's lives, including her own. Summer surmised that he was furious with her. He assured her that he wasn't angry but just freaked out that she hadn't turned to him before making such an extreme decision about something that couldn't be undone. He suggested that they talk and clear up any misunderstandings, since it would kill him if their relationship was ruined.

Nick insisted that he and Summer be completely honest with one another, and he argued that Billy and Sharon were blameless but stood to lose the most. Summer huffed that she'd already gotten the story in depth from her mom, but Nick countered that she didn't know his side of the story. Nick reiterated that he and Phyllis regretted that night, but they couldn't go back and change it, so they had to move forward. Summer chided them for brushing it aside like a minor mistake, but he knew it had been a massive error in judgment.

Summer figured that Nick still wanted a free pass. He didn't blame her for being furious with them, but he didn't understand why she wanted to use it against them. Nick recalled that Summer had wanted him to be happy, and that meant marrying Sharon; however, Sharon wouldn't be able to get past it if she found out what he'd done. Nick shared that the night had happened because he'd found Sharon's engagement ring on the desk and thought things were over, and he hadn't been able to handle it alone. He hadn't realized until the following morning that he'd made a terrible mistake and that he'd do anything to get Sharon and his future back.

Summer grumbled that Nick made it sound like a fairy-tale romance, but he wouldn't have made that kind of mistake if he had the perfect, epic relationship he claimed to have. Summer thought her parents wouldn't have hooked up if there hadn't still been a spark between them, and she thought they shouldn't be leading Billy and Sharon on anymore. Nick inquired whether Summer had already made her final decision, and he imagined how Faith would feel if she found out that Summer had taken away her dream of having her parents back together.

Summer expected that Faith would feel the same way if Nick and Sharon got married and divorced again, and it would be worse for everyone if they kept up the charade. Nick accepted that he and Summer obviously didn't have the kind of relationship where they could love and support one another, flaws and all. Nick figured that maybe only one thing would make her listen. He wrote out a check and wondered if it was enough to persuade her to keep what she knew a secret.

Ashley and Neil spend a romantic evening together

Ashley and Neil spend a romantic evening together

Friday, August 17, 2018

At home, Phyllis chugged wine and anxiously checked her phone. She began to write a text message to Nick to ask what was going on with Summer, but she ended up deleting it instead.

In Billy's office at Jabot, Nick bemoaned that he'd acted like his father by bribing one of his children for their loyalty, since he'd known that Summer could be bought. Summer questioned whether she was just supposed to take the check, and Nick replied that she should if it was what it would take to get him out of the mess. She protested that it was a trap, since it made her look bad either way. Nick reminded her that she'd accepted some guy's car in exchange for not telling his wife that they'd been having an affair, and he saw no difference. He pointed out that begging and reasoning hadn't worked, and he just wanted to put his night with Phyllis behind them.

Summer complained that Nick was making it sound like she'd been responsible for him and Phyllis cheating, and he flatly asked whether they had a deal or not. Billy walked in and assumed that he'd interrupted something private, but Summer crowed that it didn't mean she couldn't tell him all about it. Summer showed Billy the check and claimed that Nick was helping her pay down her debts. Nick ignored a call from Phyllis, and Billy commented that Nick was on the losing end of the deal. Nick countered that it was money well spent, and he led Summer out. Meanwhile, Phyllis left a message, demanding that Nick call her with an update. She left her apartment.

Later, Phyllis found Billy in his office and became alarmed that Gloria was nowhere to be found. Billy reported that Gloria was gone for the day, and Phyllis mentioned the text messages she'd sent him. He indicated that his phone had died, and she cautiously asked if he'd seen Summer. Billy recounted that Summer and Nick had been having a secret meeting, and he tattled that Phyllis' ex was supporting Summer's spending habits. Billy questioned whether Phyllis was fine with Nick throwing cash into a money pit, and Phyllis intended to have a conversation with Nick about it.

Ashley arrived home and ran into a shirtless Kyle. She inquired whether there was another Birthday Suit promotion, but he explained that he'd just been working on his "baby." She teased that he spent more time pampering his car than driving it, and he bragged that it was a classic that wasn't made anymore. Ashley remarked that it sounded like a keeper, and Kyle grumbled that it would be unless he did something stupid, like lose it in a bet.

Kyle claimed that he had made a bet with a buddy in New York, and Ashley blamed Billy for rubbing off on Kyle. Kyle swore that it was a one-time thing, and Ashley hoped that his friend was putting up at least as much. She asked if Kyle could win, and he replied that he wouldn't have agreed to the bet otherwise. After he exited, Neil called Ashley and declared his need for an evening of jazz and excellent company, but he understood if she was busy. She asked where she could find him.

On the Athletic Club roof, Nick confessed to Summer that he was mostly upset with himself, but she observed that she was the one he was glaring at. He said he'd learned a lot about her and himself that day, and she countered that she'd learned a lot about him and her mom -- but she hadn't wanted the information. Summer asked why he was blaming her for him falling into bed with Phyllis. Nick reiterated that the past was supposed to stay in the past, but Summer wouldn't let it go. Summer confirmed that she was on board, but Nick was disappointed that she'd only done it because he'd paid her off. He was disgusted with himself for pulling a "serious Victor move," but he was also hurt because he'd thought he and Summer were tight.

Nick had expected Summer to understand that the one night he'd spent with Phyllis hadn't had any deeper meaning and didn't need to be exposed, but Summer referred to the other times in other years when he'd jumped between Sharon and Phyllis. Summer griped that he loved to remind her that she'd had an affair with a married man, but she thought it was no surprise, considering how she'd entered the world. She pointed out that it wasn't uncommon for kids to think that their parents belonged together, but he couldn't tell if that was what she really wanted or if she was still playing games with him. Nick answered a call from Sharon, and Summer sauntered off.

Nick approached the bar and sat next to a man who was watching a sports event on his phone. Nick asked which baseball teams were playing, and the man replied that he was watching football, but he clarified that he meant soccer. The man introduced himself as Rey, and he recognized Nick's last name. Nick confirmed that he was "one of those Newmans, and he said he had to go because he had to pick up his fiancée.

Across the rooftop, Neil and Ashley listened to jazz, and he gushed about how a chord change could shift a mood. He enjoyed letting the music wash over him, and she realized that he'd needed it. He admitted that it had been a rough week and month, and she replied that she'd also needed to get out after working with Billy. Ashley asked how things were going with Neil's family, and he lamented that his kids had always been a team, but he couldn't fix things between them or protect them from one another. Ashley imagined that the music could be an antidote for the time being, and she suggested that he dance with her. They held one another close as they swayed to the music.

Neil asked if he'd ever told Ashley that he'd taken trumpet lessons, since his one goal in life had been to be Miles Davis, even though Neil had sounded like a sheep on a trampoline. Ashley laughed, and she joked that her own experience with a violin might have been why her mother had never wanted to be at home. Ashley asked if Miles was still his hero, and Neil suggested that she impress people with her knowledge of jazz by mentioning Clifford Brown. She said she wasn't familiar with the artist's music, and he said they could fix that. They headed out.

At Neil's penthouse, Neil proclaimed that Ashley was about to hear a man at the peak of his talents, but there might have been more that Clifford Brown could have given the world. Neil explained that a car accident had claimed the musician's life at 25 years old, but Brown had made those years count by inspiring other musicians for generations. Ashley noted that it seemed to matter to Neil, and he considered it a reminder that some things in life couldn't wait until later. He pulled her into a passionate kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Arturo the details about her PR campaign for Dark Horse, but she figured that it was boring for him. He replied that he'd had no idea that PR was very sexy, and she assumed that he was making fun of her, but he insisted that smart was always sexy. Sharon stopped by their table and offered them a refill, and she remarked that she and Abby hadn't spoken one-on-one recently. Sharon inquired whether Abby had time then, since things were moving along with the wedding plans. Abby commented that it was great that Nick and Sharon had gotten to a good place that quickly, but her voice trailed off; she covered her discomfort by offering her congratulations.

Sharon mentioned her get-together to try on bridesmaid dresses, but she felt like something or someone had been missing. A stunned Abby realized that Sharon was asking her to be a bridesmaid, and she surmised that it had been Nick's idea. An insulted Sharon clarified that it had been her idea, since the past was in the past, and the whole idea was to unite their families and mend fences. Sharon huffed to forget it if Abby expected her to beg, and she walked away. Abby squirmed.

Abby filled Arturo in about the disaster with Scott, and she accepted that she'd made her own awful choices. She figured that he should know why Sharon looked like she wanted to set Abby on fire, but Arturo said he was in no position to judge, since he'd made his own bad calls. Abby inquired whether it had been with Nikki or the other woman he'd mentioned, but he didn't want to talk about it. She amorously suggested that they either talk about her or not talk at all, and he invited her to get out of there.

Sharon stopped Abby from leaving, and Abby politely thanked her for everything. Sharon requested that Abby get back to her about being part of the wedding party, but Abby hoped for some time to think it over. Sharon testily asked what there was to think about, and Abby retorted that it deserved some thought because her brother was marrying a woman who hated her. Sharon argued that she'd made an effort, and Abby accused Sharon of playing the hero while wanting Abby to decline. Abby recalled that she'd apologized and that Sharon had forgiven her, but Sharon snapped that she hadn't. Abby demanded to know if Sharon wanted Abby to stay out of her face or carry a bouquet.

Abby asked why Sharon had accepted her apology when Sharon had continued to hate her, and she told Sharon not to grit her teeth and ask Abby to be a bridesmaid when Sharon really wanted to pour coffee in her lap. Nick approached as the women argued, and Sharon snapped that Abby couldn't take the time to reply to her invitation to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. Abby retreated to the patio and ranted to Arturo about Sharon's hypocrisy. Arturo speculated that Sharon was trying to get over the past for Nick's sake, and the point was for everyone to be happy on their wedding day. Meanwhile, Nick hoped Sharon hadn't asked Abby to be a bridesmaid for his sake, and she replied that she hadn't done it for her own.

As Rey entered the coffeehouse, Sharon groused that Abby couldn't show the tiniest speck of decency. Rey and Nick greeted one another, and Rey teased that he'd thought Nick's story about a fiancée had been a sad lie that he told people. Sharon played along by saying she humored Nick by pretending they were a couple, and Rey ordered some coffee. Rey revealed that he was new in town and looking for a short-term rental, and Nick mentioned that he and Sharon were looking for a place, too. Rey imagined that he wouldn't have the same expectations as a Newman.

Sharon handed Rey the business card for a rental agent. Rey departed, and Abby and Arturo returned from the patio. Abby apologized for not being more gracious when Sharon had reached out to her, and Sharon conceded that she could have extended the invitation with more warmth. Sharon insisted that it would mean a lot to her and Nick, and Abby said she'd love to be part of their wedding day. Sharon hoped it would be a special day for all of them.

Nick announced that he had to go out of town to pick up some buildings for development, and he invited Arturo to go with him. Nick praised Arturo's work on New Hope and hoped he was ready to jump into the big leagues, and Arturo pledged to make it happen. Arturo realized that it was closing time, and Abby reiterated that she'd be honored to be part of the wedding party. Sharon anticipated that the wedding would be a new beginning all around. Meanwhile, Rey pinned photos of various Genoa City residents on an evidence board, with J.T.'s picture in the middle.

Kyle met Summer at the Athletic Club, and he thought she looked smug and satisfied. She revealed that she'd planned on telling Billy the news, but she'd had a huge fight with her mom and gotten a lecture from her dad. She proudly displayed Nick's check as the first monthly installment of buying her silence, and Kyle suspected that she'd cash the check and rat her parents out anyway. She vowed not to break her word to her dad, and Kyle inquired whether he should book them a room, since she'd just lost the bet. Summer insisted that the bet was still on, since sleeping with Billy and telling him about Phyllis' infidelity weren't the same thing.

Kyle backed out of the bet, and Summer demanded his car keys. He argued that she only got the car if she and Billy got busy, but she countered that Kyle was trying to back out because he was terrified that she'd win. They agreed that the bet was still on, and she envisioned having more than just revenge sex when she and Billy got together. She bragged that Billy was ready to fall for her, and it would only take a small breeze to push him over. Kyle recounted that she'd told him that she wanted Billy because there would be no strings attached, but Summer contended that maybe she wanted more from Billy.

Kyle scoffed at the idea that Summer wanted a mature, committed relationship with Billy, but she asked why it was that hard to believe, since Billy was sexy and dangerous. Kyle added that Billy also had sex with Summer's mother on a regular basis, and he recalled that Summer's plan had been to go for "all fling, no strings" with Billy. Summer imagined that Kyle still expected her to be the person who'd chased him around for months and wanted him to be her first, but she wasn't that girl anymore and never would be again. Summer added that she'd never go back to wanting Kyle and only Kyle, and he questioned whether she thought he wanted her and only her. He warned that it wasn't her best look.

Billy spotted Summer and Kyle across the dining room, and Phyllis agreed to say hello. Summer was surprised to see them there, and Phyllis mentioned that they were about to head home. Billy said he had to stop by the office, and he requested that Summer give Phyllis a ride home. After Billy left, Phyllis invited Kyle over for a nightcap -- a shot of cyanide with an arsenic chaser, since she knew he'd told Summer what he'd seen. Phyllis sarcastically thanked Kyle for his discretion, and she left with Summer.

At home, Summer didn't want things to be awkward between her and her mother. Phyllis shared that while she was glad Summer had a bond with her father, it hurt that it hadn't been enough for Phyllis to ask her not to go to Billy. Summer claimed that Nick had made her see that things made sense, but Phyllis insisted on talking about the check. Phyllis contended that she would have whipped out her own checkbook if all it had taken was money.

Summer wondered what else her parents wanted from her other than to stay quiet. Phyllis suggested that they get back on track by going to the movies or getting their nails done, and Summer agreed. Phyllis prepared to go to bed, and Summer was surprised that her mother wasn't waiting up for Billy. Phyllis stressed that she really wanted things to be okay between her and Summer, and Summer halfheartedly assured her that they'd be fine. Later, Summer changed into a sexy dress and sneaked out.

Billy was unamused when Summer sashayed into his office. She closed the door and purred that she'd still been thinking about their kiss, but he cautioned that her behavior could get her fired. He figured that her daddy was writing her checks, so there was no reason for her to act like an adult. Summer flat-out asked if Billy wanted the same thing she did, and he reiterated that the answer was no and always would be. She accused him of bluffing, but he spat that it sucked for him every time he saw her, since it was like being pushed off a ledge.

Summer seductively inquired whether that was the only thing Billy felt, and he insisted that it was. Summer didn't buy it, since she could tell when a guy was into her, even when he couldn't admit it to himself. She doubted that he really wanted to be serious and responsible when they could be so good together, but he repeated that he wasn't interested. She cooed that she liked that he wasn't young and dumb, and he didn't need to party to talk to a woman.

Summer recognized that Billy had a life and a past and that he'd seen a lot of things, yet there was still something about her that made him nervous. He snapped that it wasn't a compliment, but she considered it one. She was certain that he watched her, and she thought he'd eventually let himself have what he really wanted -- maybe even right then. He leaned in closer and firmly stated, "We're done." He walked out, clearly agitated.

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