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J.T. underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Paul fired Rey. Arturo confessed to his tryst with Mia, and Abby dumped him. Kyle told Lola that he'd married Summer to save Lola's life. Ashley and Kerry conspired to secure patents for all of Jabot's new products.
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J.T. had a brain tumor removed, and Kerry duped the Abbotts
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Kyle tells Lola he married Summer

Kyle tells Lola he married Summer

Monday, March 25, 2019

At the Abbott cabin, J.T. had forced Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon to bind their hands and ankles. J.T., clad in a stolen security guard's uniform, flew into a rage and began angrily swinging a fireplace poker. The poker inadvertently turned on the gas line to the fireplace. J.T. lost his balance and hit his head when he fell. As escaping gas hissed and filled the room, the women repeatedly called out to an unconscious J.T. The women began coughing. Victoria lost consciousness. Sharon tried to stand, but she lost consciousness, too. Nikki tried to revive Victoria, but she also succumbed.

Outside the cabin, Billy and Phyllis searched the area. Billy aimed his flashlight and discovered the security guards lying unconsciousness on the ground. One guard was wearing only his underwear. Nick and Victor arrived. Victor noted that J.T. had seen right through Billy's plan. Billy said that J.T. was probably in the cabin. Victor added that J.T. probably had a gun. Phyllis smelled gas. Victor held his jacket over his nose, as they all headed toward the cabin.

When Victor, Nick, Billy, and Phyllis entered the cabin, Victor yelled, "Tighten the main gas valve. Turn the damn thing off." Phyllis took the gun from J.T. The others began carrying Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria out. Nick checked on J.T. and said, "If we want the others free, that bastard's got to live." Outside, Nick, Billy, Phyllis, and Victor attended to the ones they'd rescued. When Rey arrived, Phyllis directed him to a still-unconscious J.T. Nikki awoke just as Rey summoned ambulances to the scene.

Nikki called out to Victoria as Billy administered CPR, but Victoria remained in grave condition. After Victoria awoke, Rey told her that J.T. was alive. Rey explained that he'd gone out on a limb to pull off the escape, so when authorities arrived, he would tell the truth. Rey asked Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon what had happened. Nikki recalled that J.T. had first frightened them by making noises before cutting off the electricity and the phone line. Victoria added that because it had been dark, J.T. had also been able to steal their burner phone. After the women told Rey about J.T. terrorizing them with a gun and swinging the fireplace poker, Sharon recalled that J.T. had repeatedly cried, "I want it to stop. Make it stop."

At the hospital, Lola awoke. After seeing a nurse, Lola said, "Am I okay?" The nurse assured Lola that she was fine and told her Dr. Hastings would stop by soon to check on her. The nurse added that a young man was anxious to visit Lola. Lola smiled and said, "Kyle." When the nurse pulled back the curtain, Arturo stepped in. Lola asked about her donor and learned that the patient was fine. Lola asked about Kyle, but Nate interrupted just as Lola fell back asleep.

In Summer's hospital room, Kyle, with his arms folded at his waist, asked Nate if Summer should have already awakened. Nate said there was no cause for concern, though he'd keep a close watch on Summer. Kyle asked about Lola and learned that the transplanted liver was functioning as it should. After Nate stepped out, Summer awoke and called out to Kyle. Summer said all she'd wanted was to see her husband when she opened her eyes.

After Summer fell back asleep, Kyle met with Mariah just outside the door. Kyle reminded Mariah that she wasn't supposed to visit Summer. Mariah explained that she'd stopped by to check on Kyle. Kyle said he'd wait to explain things to Lola. Mariah insisted that Lola deserved to hear the truth from Kyle right away before someone else told her their version. Kyle asked about Sharon and the others. Mariah cried that the whole thing that had happened to Sharon and the others was ludicrous. Mariah was relieved when Nick phoned and told her that Sharon and the others had been found safe.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kerry approached a frustrated Jack. Jack was fuming about the media referring to Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria as fugitives. Jack told Kerry that Victor was behind it all. Changing the subject, Kerry mentioned the offer Jack had made for her to help him regain control of Jabot. Kerry said she was waiting to hear from her attorney. Jack noticed that Kerry was receiving a call from someone listed as "PC." Kerry assured Jack that it wasn't someone she was involved with romantically.

Jack asked Kerry if she was reluctant to sign the contract because another company sought her expertise. Kerry seemed taken aback. Jack noted that he'd touched a nerve. After a few drinks, Jack mentioned that Kerry had become more relaxed and, in turn, had helped him set aside his troubles. Kerry thanked Jack for encouraging her to take time out to enjoy her life. Jack received a call from Traci, who needed help with Dina, so he kissed Kerry and left.

After Jack walked away, Kerry's mood changed as she glanced at her phone and saw the notification about the missed call. Phyllis approached, holding an envelope. Phyllis asked Kerry who Dominique Carroll was. Phyllis explained that the envelope had been delivered upstairs by mistake and that she'd been sent to deliver it. Kerry thanked Phyllis and tried to take the envelope. Phyllis moved the envelope out of reach and asked who the person was.

Kerry told Phyllis that Dominque was her new intern. Phyllis said she didn't approve of Kerry secretly hiring someone who'd have access to the lab. Kerry said if she didn't know better, she'd think that Phyllis didn't trust her. Phyllis explained that she'd been under a lot of pressure. The two women made amends, and Kerry said she'd see Phyllis later at the office. After Phyllis left, Kerry sent a text message to PC, stating that the final paperwork was in, so they were all set.

After Jack returned home, Traci explained that Dina had become agitated about something that had reminded her of Ashley. Dina appeared, calling out to Ashley, and, thinking they were kids, asked Jack and Traci if they were about to go outside to play. Jack led Dina to the sofa to drink a cup of hibiscus tea. Jack told Dina that Ashley had moved to Paris. Dina recalled that her trips away always broke Jack's heart. Dina sobbed when Jack said he wasn't sure that Ashley would ever return. Jack said he missed Ashley, too.

After Dina went to bed, Jack said he couldn't believe she hadn't recognized her own children. Traci mentioned how much Dina missed Ashley. Jack noted that Ashley was able to thrive in Paris because Dina had given her a big chunk of the company. Traci said it was business, but Jack cried that it was as personal as personal could be. Traci said she'd noticed Jack whispering to Billy and to Kyle. Traci asked Jack what he was up to. Jack admitted he was willing to do whatever was necessary to put their father's legacy back into the proper hands.

At the police station, Rey, Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Nick arrived. Christine stepped out and said, "What the hell happened?" Rey said that after reviewing the evidence, he had realized that J.T. was still alive and had been tormenting Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon, so he'd set a trap. Rey added that J.T. was at the hospital. Rey left to check on Lola. Victor approached Christine, pointed his finger at her, and said, "You chose to ignore the evidence that someone was trying to set me up for J.T.'s murder." Victor continued yelling at Christine and berated her for convicting three women for a murder that had never happened.

After Christine walked away, Victor asked Nick why Nick had hatched a plan without Victor. Nick said all that mattered was that they'd caught J.T. Nick expressed relief that they'd been able to rescue Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria. Victor said he respected Nick for taking a big risk to protect their family. Victor embraced his son.

After Rey left the police station, he joined Arturo. Both men waited by Lola's bedside. Lola opened her eyes. She asked her brothers how long they'd been watching her sleep. Arturo told Lola that Nate had said she needed to rest. After Lola joked with her brothers about being extra nice, Rey said he had a "Lazarus situation" to handle back at the police station.

After Rey stepped out, he ran into Mia. Mia said she wanted to talk, but Rey said he had to go. Mia asked Rey if he was running off to rescue his precious Sharon. Mia said it wasn't like Rey to run from his marriage and from his unborn child. Rey ordered Mia to get her stuff out of his apartment.

Kyle entered Lola's room just after she'd asked Arturo about him. After Arturo stepped out, Kyle told Lola that she looked amazing. Lola told Kyle he could kiss her, but Kyle said there were things she should know. Kyle admitted that Summer had donated part of her liver because she'd been the only match that doctors could find. Kyle sobbed as he explained how he'd been desperate and had married Summer, so she'd agree to donate part of her liver. Kyle told Lola that there was nothing in the world he wouldn't do for her because he loved her so much.

Lola cried that Summer had been Kyle's first love. Lola insisted that Kyle still loved Summer. Kyle cried that he loved Lola. Lola said fate had intervened. Lola said she was thankful that Kyle and Summer had saved her life. Lola added that she could never repay Kyle. Lola, sobbing, told Kyle to take care of Summer. After Kyle stepped out, he broke down in tears.

Mia approached Arturo outside Lola's room and cried that Rey had kicked her out and was threatening to leave her. Arturo said Mia should blame herself for cheating on Rey. Mia replied, "With you." Arturo said it had meant nothing. Mia said it would to Abby if she found out. Mia again threatened to tell Abby if Arturo didn't convince Rey to change his mind. Arturo refused to let Mia blackmail him. Arturo added that whatever the consequences, it was better than letting Mia control him.

Mariah visited with Summer. Mariah admitted that she knew everything. Summer asked about Kyle. Mariah said Kyle was telling Lola why he'd gotten married. Summer said she knew Mariah hated that Kyle had married her. Mariah said she only felt sorry for Summer.

At the police station, Christine was speaking on the phone to someone and said she'd get back to them. Christine approached Rey and asked about Lola. Rey said his sister was awake and talking. Christine ordered Rey to transfer Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria to a holding cell. Victor protested and asked why it was necessary. Nick added that J.T. was alive, so it was clear that none of them had committed murder. Christine said the women would be held until she could sort things out.

After Christine walked away, Victor told Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon that they would be kept temporarily in a holding cell. Billy assured Victoria that she would be fine. Victoria rushed to Billy and embraced him. Nikki told Victor that she was worried about Victoria. Victor embraced Nikki and told her she amazed him. Sharon asked Rey what might happen to him. Rey said that what was important was for Christine to convince the judge to overturn the convictions. Rey said he was ready to face whatever awaited him to make things right.

After Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria were escorted away, Nick seemed troubled. Nick asked Victor if he thought Christine could convince the judge to completely clear all convictions. Victor said Rey knew J.T. was alive, so all records against Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria should be expunged. Nick remained unsettled. Both Nick and Victor agreed that knowing what J.T. was capable of, nothing was a certainty.

In a holding cell, Sharon told Nikki and Victoria she'd been naive to believe that finding J.T. would have automatically cleared them. Victoria recalled J.T.'s odd behavior and said that something was wrong with him. Nikki said that, if so, it would make J.T. even more of a wild card. Sharon said their lives might be in J.T.'s hands. At the hospital, Christine approached J.T. as he lay unconscious. Christine seemed troubled as she walked toward the closed door and stared out the window. An armed officer stood guard with his back to the door.

Abby and Rey learn of Arturo and Mia's tryst

Abby and Rey learn of Arturo and Mia's tryst

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

At the police station, Rey asked Christine what had happened at the courthouse. She reported that Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon had all been released because there hadn't been a murder, but the judge had upheld the obstruction charges. Christine added that she'd argued that the sentences be suspended, and Rey was surprised she'd gone to bat for the women. She recognized that the debacle had eroded trust in the D.A.'s office and the police department, and Rey took full responsibility for his part in building the case. Paul overheard and found it interesting that Rey's focus was on the case he'd built and not that he'd helped three prisoners escape from custody.

Paul steered Rey into a private room and lectured that instead of finding J.T., Rey had opened a murder investigation, made false arrests, and told a suspect that he was in love with her. Paul continued that after the verdict, Rey had gone rogue and dragged two colleagues into the mess with him. Rey attempted to explain, but Paul flatly stated that Rey's cohorts had already flipped, so Paul knew the whole story about how Rey had used dirt on them to get them to do what he'd wanted. Rey surmised that his coworkers had been fired, but Paul huffed that they were going to jail for being dirty cops.

Paul demanded to know who had started the insane rescue mission, and Rey said it had been him. Paul was skeptical that Rey had thought to use the Abbott cabin, but Rey insisted that he'd arranged the escape and set the trap for J.T. Paul raged that he'd recruited Rey because Rey had been a dedicated detective who'd gone by the book, but Paul had gotten a rogue cop who thought he knew what was best and had had the audacity to lie to Paul's face. Paul declared that they were done there, and he ordered Rey to turn in his badge and his gun. Paul snarled that Rey was "damn lucky" Paul was only firing him, and he slammed the door on his way out.

Victoria arrived home and called out for Johnny and Katie, but she received no response. Later, Johnny and Katie ran into the house and yelled for their mommy. Billy called out that two little monkeys were excited to see Victoria, and Johnny was disappointed that his mom wasn't home. Billy assured the children that their mother would be there, but he looked worried.

A guard stood outside a hospital room door as Victoria stared at an unconscious J.T., whose head was bandaged. Nate entered the room and asked if she was sure she was up for being there. She wondered what had happened to J.T., and Nate explained that J.T. had undergone surgery to remove a benign tumor that had been pressing against his frontal lobe and had likely gone undetected for years. Nate added that J.T. had been in and out of consciousness, but J.T. was aware of the surgery and knew it had been a normal recovery so far. Victoria questioned whether the tumor had changed J.T., and Nate confirmed that it could have caused a change in J.T.'s behavior, to include anger and mood swings. J.T. moaned Victoria's name.

Nate examined J.T. and was pleased with his progress. Victoria requested some time alone with her ex, and Nate stepped out. J.T. mentioned that he knew about the tumor, and he didn't know what else to do but apologize. J.T. wished the doctors had been able to cut out the memory of what he'd done, but Victoria couldn't forget any of it.

J.T. recognized that he'd already been broken when he'd returned to town, and he'd wanted to blame everybody else. He'd thought being with Victoria would fix him, but it hadn't, even though he'd had every reason to be happy. Victoria recalled that he sometimes had been, but he'd also done and said horrible things to her. J.T. recognized that it hadn't been her fault, and he believed her mother had done the right thing because he'd deserved to die. Victoria swore that she'd never wanted him to die, but she didn't understand why he hadn't gotten help so that they all could have been spared the pain.

Victoria reflected back on how angry and judgmental J.T. had been, and he swore that he hadn't wanted to be that way. She blamed herself for not getting him medical help, but he maintained that it hadn't been her fault or her job. He conceded that he'd known something had been wrong with him, but he'd let it go and pretended that he hadn't known. J.T. recalled watching things fall apart with Mac and seeing how scared she'd been of him, but he hadn't been able to fix it. He continued that he'd gone back to Victoria and Reed, but he hadn't been able to fix things with them, either.

J.T. wondered if Reed thought he was a monster, and Victoria shared that Reed was in a lot of pain and had been shutting everyone out. J.T. wanted to talk to his son to explain that Nikki had just been trying to protect Victoria. Victoria reluctantly offered to try to approach Reed about it, but she left it up to her son. J.T. inquired whether Victoria was safe legally, and she informed him that the judge had agreed to let her and the other women go. J.T. was relieved.

Victoria reminded J.T. that there had been a warrant out for his arrest before everyone had thought he was dead. J.T. acknowledged that no matter what had been inside of him, it had been his choice to try to kill Victor. He appealed to her to tell everyone that he was sorry about what had happened at the cabin, but she became uncomfortable and started to leave. J.T. begged her for one more thing, and Billy peered in as she sat down at J.T.'s bedside.

J.T. wondered if someday Victoria could forgive him. Victoria pointed out that they'd all changed and that there was no going back, and J.T. recognized that she had even more reason to hate him. She insisted that she could never hate him because of a beautiful boy with J.T.'s voice, but she couldn't forget, either. J.T. understood, and she hurriedly exited the room, running into Billy. Billy explained that he'd taken the kids home, but she hadn't been there, so he'd thought she might be at the hospital. He asked what had happened, but she muttered, "I can't do this now, Billy." She rushed off.

Christine visited J.T. and noted that his surgery had gone well. He curtly responded that he was still there, and she informed him that he'd be charged with attempted murder once his recovery was further along and that he'd stay in the jail's infirmary. He remained silent, and she scolded that Paul had loved him like family. She snapped at him when he still said nothing. He replied that there was nothing left to say, since he deserved whatever happened to him.

At home, Victoria cuddled with her kids, and Johnny asked if she'd bought them presents. Victoria recognized that she always had gifts when she got back from a business trip, and she suggested that they pick something out together and make up for lost time. Billy appeared in the doorway as she murmured that she never wanted to leave them again.

Billy got the kids settled in upstairs and reported that they'd be fine for a while. Victoria coldly asked why Billy was there, since she'd told him at the hospital that she didn't want to talk. Billy swore that he was there for support and for the kids, and he thought it was better if she wasn't alone. Victoria became irate that he'd decided that for her, and she ordered him to go. He protested, and she testily asked if he was going to make her ask him again to leave. He headed out.

At the Newman ranch, Victor welcomed Nikki home, and she looked around the living room in awe. She mused that she hadn't been sure she'd ever be home again, and he hugged her. Nikki worried that Victoria had been fragile during the trial and after the verdict, and Victor pledged never to let J.T. hurt Victoria or anyone else again. Victor thought he and Nikki had to work together to make sure their daughter regained her strength and confidence, and Nikki agreed. Victor announced that he had a surprise for Nikki.

Victor presented Nikki with a gorgeous necklace, and she quipped that it would have clashed with her prison jumpsuit. He considered it a symbol of their everlasting love, but she cooed that she didn't need a symbol because she had the real thing. He offered to take it back, but she jokingly urged him to rethink that, since she was a hardened criminal. He vowed that nothing would get between them again, and they kissed.

At the cottage, Sharon gushed that she'd missed Mariah, Faith, and her own bed. Mariah mentioned that she'd put on fresh sheets, stocked the fridge, and picked up bath salts. Sharon intended to take many baths, and Mariah pressed to know exactly what had happened at the cabin. Sharon promised to fill her in about everything, but there was a knock at the door. Sharon let Nick in, and he asked if it was a bad time. Sharon replied that she'd been busy relaxing and enjoying, and he surmised celebrating, too.

Sharon prepared to enjoy a pizza, since she wanted that more than anything except being under her own roof with her children. She shared that she'd realized her priority was being home with her family, and Mariah decided to spend the night. Sharon insisted that Mariah didn't have to, but Mariah preferred to know where Sharon was the whole night. Mariah left for work, and Nick asked if he could stick around. Sharon remarked that the pizza wouldn't eat itself, and they dug in.

Sharon thought she owed Nick more than pizza for saving her life at the cabin. He recalled that it had been scary finding the three women passed out from the gas, but she pointed out that they'd made it because his plan had worked. Nick credited Billy and Rey for doing their parts, and he applauded Rey for putting his career on the line by arranging for the van and the guards. Sharon wondered how the men had decided to work together, and Nick shared that it hadn't been hard to convince Rey, who had felt responsible for the conviction. Nick acknowledged that while Rey had felt guilty about Nikki and Victoria, Rey had done it because he loved Sharon. Sharon contemplated how she could thank someone for risking everything for her.

Nick prepared to leave to let Sharon take a nap, and she wondered if he was going to see Phyllis. Nick didn't believe that he could fix things between them, since someone always had to lose so Phyllis could win, and he didn't want to live his life like that. Sharon noted that Nick loved Phyllis, but he thought things were too messed up. He recognized that he'd messed up with Sharon, too, but she assured him that they were good, since she knew she could always count on him. She insisted that he would always have a place in her heart, and he said she'd always have a place in his, too. They embraced.

Rey returned home with a box of his belongings and found Mia packing her things. He voiced surprise to see her there, and she coolly replied that she was respecting his wishes to get her things out. She remembered thinking it would be their baby's home until they found something bigger, and he offered to help find her another place. She inquired about what was in his box, and he revealed that he'd gotten fired. Mia panicked that someone had found out he'd been covering for her about Lola's attack.

Rey confirmed that no one else knew about that, and he referred to a confidential police matter as the reason for his dismissal. Mia guessed that it had had something to do with Sharon, and Rey admitted that it had. Mia hissed that Sharon had lied to Rey every day he'd been on the case, yet Rey had risked everything for Sharon. Rey argued that there hadn't been any murder, but Mia questioned how many times he'd said he wouldn't know what to do with his life if he wasn't a cop. She snapped that he'd thrown it all away, and she asked if Sharon was worth more than his job and their marriage.

Rey recognized that Mia was used to getting what she wanted, but fighting wouldn't change that he couldn't be with her ever again. She sarcastically thanked him for his honesty, and she presented him with hers -- she'd had sex with Arturo right there in that room. Mia taunted that it was true, and Rey retorted that he wasn't surprised, since she was never happy with what she had and always reached for something else. Mia contended that she'd wanted Rey, but he'd wanted Sharon.

Rey reminded Mia that she'd looked him in the eye and told him she didn't want his brother anymore, but she did. Mia boasted that Arturo had wanted her, and Rey bet that she'd loved that Arturo had risked everything to roll around with her. Mia countered that Rey had given up everything for another woman, and she grabbed her suitcase and headed to the door. Rey angrily asked if the baby was even his. "Don't pretend you care," she spat, and she walked out.

At Dark Horse, Abby left a message for Nick to ask whether the judge had made a decision. Arturo entered and inquired whether there had been word, but Abby immediately sensed that something was wrong. She guessed something had happened with Lola, but Arturo informed her that it was about him. Arturo reluctantly told Abby that he needed to confess something to her.

Over the phone, Abby told Nick to give Sharon her best. Arturo asked if everyone was home, and Abby called Rey a genius. She intended to check in with Victoria and Nikki later, but she was more concerned about what was going on with Arturo, since a confession sounded dramatic. Arturo stammered that it was hard and that he wasn't just saying it to scare her. He admitted that he'd slept with another woman -- Mia.

Arturo swore that it had been a stupid, one-time mistake. Abby asked when it had happened, and he replied that it had been weeks earlier, when Mia had needed help with her furnace while Rey had been out of town. Abby realized that it had been the night of J.T.'s memorial service, and she blasted Arturo for having sex with Mia while Abby's sister had been "going through hell." Abby became increasingly angry when she remembered that Arturo had told her he loved her the next day, and she accused him of only doing so because he'd felt guilty.

Arturo protested that it wasn't true. Abby ranted that he'd promised her that he was different, but he'd lied. She growled that she couldn't believe a single word he said. Arturo chased Abby down the hallway and pleaded with her to stay so he could fix it and show her that she was all he wanted. She boarded the elevator, and the doors closed in his face.

Abby entered the parking garage, yielding a hammer, and approached Arturo's prized truck. She hesitated for just a moment before smashing the windows and headlights as its alarm went off. Arturo appeared and yelled at her to stop, and she glared at him. He told her to do whatever she had to do, and she resumed trashing the truck and bellowed to be careful what he wished for. He professed his love, but she warned him not to say that to her ever again. She threw the hammer aside and ordered him not to follow her, and she stormed off. Rey approached Arturo and punched him, revealing that he'd heard about Arturo and Mia.

Later, Abby ordered a double tequila at the Athletic Club bar to celebrate her freedom.

Arturo arrived at Crimson Lights and spotted Mia sitting in a booth. He approached her, and she dryly informed him that Rey knew about their tryst. Arturo barked that if she thought she could get to Abby, he'd already told her. He divulged that Abby had dumped him, but he'd sleep just fine, knowing Mia was miserable and alone.

Rey answered his door to Sharon, who explained that she'd let herself up. He invited her in and mentioned that he'd heard she was free. She replied that it was because of him and his plan, and she questioned how she could thank someone for something like that. Rey insisted that she didn't have to thank him, since he should have tracked J.T. down. Sharon pointed out that they didn't have to talk about that anymore. Rey announced that he and Mia were done for good and that there was only one woman he wanted to be with. Rey and Sharon kissed passionately.

Devon invites Jett to move into the penthouse

Devon invites Jett to move into the penthouse

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Jack showed Abby the glass bits Mrs. Martinez had found in Abby's laundry. Jack asked if it had been from a car accident. Abby said no and gleefully admitted that it had been a deliberate act. She walked away.

At the hospital, Lola was in her wheelchair in Summer's room when Summer woke up. Summer told Lola she was there because her appendix had ruptured. Lola said she knew that Summer had been her donor. She thanked Summer for saving her life. Lola said that she was very grateful, but she hoped that they would never see each other again. Summer asked why Lola was angry. Lola said she wasn't angry, but it was time for her to move on. She congratulated Summer on her marriage.

Kyle entered the room. Lola turned to leave. Kyle offered to take her to her room, but Lola refused his help and said he needed to be with his wife. Lola left.

Later, Rey arrived at the hospital to take Lola home. Lola wanted Rey to fill her in about everything that had happened since she had entered the hospital. Rey advised her to focus on her life, but Lola claimed she didn't know what that looked like anymore. Rey assured her they would figure it out together.

Down the hall from Lola's room, Kyle arrived to take Summer home. Summer told him that when Lola had stopped by to see her, Lola had said she wanted everyone to move on. Kyle sternly told Summer he didn't want to talk about Lola.

At Devon's, Ana spotted a gift bag on the counter with her name on it. She pulled out a framed picture. Devon told Ana that it was a limited edition print from Jett's first concert. Ana was overjoyed. She asked if she and Devon were cool with everything. Devon assured her they were and added that he wanted to support her and Jett. He wanted to help Jett in any way he could. Ana said that Jett wouldn't accept any handouts.

Devon explained that, in the past, after he'd lost his hearing, he'd refused any help because he hadn't wanted charity, but when he'd finally accepted the help, his hearing had been restored. He told Ana that he had access to doctors that she would never be able to afford, or he could get Jett out of that motel room. He told Ana he wanted Jett and Elena to move into the penthouse. Ana said that Jett was a very private person, and she had discovered from Elena that Jett had needed surgery for nodes on his vocal chords. Devon said that the penthouse was the right place for Jett to recover.

Ana told Devon that Jett hoped for a comeback. Devon said that with the right care, it might be possible. Ana told Devon that after she'd discovered that Jett was her father, she had memorized all his songs, and she'd had a crazy dream that one day, they would sing together. Ana and Devon agreed that Jett and Elena should move into the penthouse.

At the police station, Paul welcomed Sharon back. He said he had been amazed at the choices she'd made during J.T.'s ongoing murder investigation. Paul said that Sharon had betrayed their trust. Concerned, Sharon asked if Paul intended to fire her, but Paul said that she was a valuable addition to the department, and he hoped they could put all their issues behind them.

Sharon told Paul she wanted to talk about Rey because she felt that Paul had made a big mistake when he had fired Rey, the best cop in the department. Paul said the best cops fought crime; they didn't enable it. Paul said that Rey had undermined his authority, and he'd lied, which had resulted in a loss of trust. Sharon said that Rey would work to earn Paul's trust again.

Paul told Sharon that Rey was lucky he'd only been fired. Paul said he could have done more than take Rey's badge and gun. In a dismissive tone, Paul said their conversation was over because Sharon had work she needed to get caught up on, but Sharon said she wasn't done. Paul admitted that she'd made her point. Frustrated, Sharon told him she quit. Paul said she'd made a big mistake because Rey wasn't worth it.

Devon went to Jett's motel room. When Elena answered the door, Devon informed her that he had a proposal, and if Jett didn't like it, he would walk away. Devon told Jett that he could provide top-notch medical care for Jett, and Jett could have a relationship with Ana. Jett refused because he wouldn't accept a handout. Devon said it wasn't a handout because Jett was Ana's father, and that made him family. Devon said he wanted Jett and Elena to move into his penthouse. He said he had a lot of room, and if things didn't work out, then Jett could move. Devon said that he could pay for specialists, and he advised Jett that the recovery from surgery would be a lengthy process.

Devon told Jett that the important thing was to get Jett to specialists so that, in the future, he could sing again. Elena said that Devon couldn't promise that Jett would be able to sing again. Jett informed Devon that he had realized something was wrong with his vocal chords ten years earlier, but he'd continued to sing until he'd lost his singing voice. He said he didn't have the money to pay for the surgery.

Jett told Devon it had been rough when he'd discovered that he had a daughter. Devon said that moving into the penthouse would allow him to be close to Ana. Jett refused. Devon said he was doing it for family, and it would make Devon and Ana happy if Jett agreed. Elena told Jett that Devon's offer was a great solution, but she had her reservations about whether or not it would work.

At the Abbotts' home, Kyle carried Summer over the threshold. Summer told Jack and Abby that she and Kyle had had an amazing honeymoon. Abby asked how many amazing days they had been gone. Summer ignored her and said she wanted to go to her room because she was exhausted. Abby handed Summer a glass of Champagne, and Summer said she would pass on the drink. Abby snapped that married life would be boring. Jack asked if Abby was okay. Abby claimed she had never been better.

Jack proposed a toast to the newlyweds to welcome them home and a toast to love. A slightly inebriated Abby said yes to love. She tried to pour herself more Champagne, but Jack attempted to stop her. Kyle asked if Abby and Arturo were okay. Abby informed him that she and Arturo had broken up, and she admitted that she'd smashed the windshield of Arturo's truck into a million pieces.

Abby claimed she wasn't angry, because Arturo had reminded her that love was nothing but a cruel devil's prank, and it was the cruelest prank the devil had ever pulled. She said the devil was a man, and she giggled. She said that the only way to be happy was to stay single. She downed the rest of her Champagne and left.

After Kyle helped Summer get settled in their room, Summer thanked him for being a good husband. He covered her with a blanket and left. Downstairs, Jack asked Kyle if Summer was pregnant because of the quick wedding, the fatigue, and Summer refusing the Champagne Abby had offered. He also asked if Kyle had moved on from Lola. Kyle said he hadn't moved on from Lola. He confessed that Summer had been a match for Lola, and he'd married Summer to ensure that Lola received the liver transplant. He loved Summer for what she'd done, but he was in love with Lola.

Jack asked Kyle if Summer had blackmailed him. Kyle said it had been his idea to marry Summer because he had wanted a guarantee that Lola would receive the transplant. Kyle said that it was his reality, and he admitted that moving on from Lola was much harder than he'd anticipated.

In Summer's room, Jack told Summer that Kyle had admitted that she'd been Lola's donor. Summer said she'd known how it would look, and she had wanted to keep the surgery a secret because she hadn't wanted people to jump to the wrong conclusions. She told Jack that she had married Kyle because she loved him. When Jack asked why she had agreed to the transplant, she said she'd found it difficult to say "no" after she'd learned she was a match. Jack told Summer that Kyle loved what she'd done for Lola, but Summer assured Jack that Kyle's heart had always been with her and always would be.

Jack asked Summer if she was concerned that Kyle still had residual feelings for Lola. Summer said she wasn't. She pointed out that Kyle always came back to her and that Jack had seen what she and Kyle had. Jack left Summer, but he appeared a little troubled.

Downstairs, Kyle decided to send Lola a text message asking if she had arrived at home okay. He added that he missed her. He began pacing. In anger and frustration, he threw his phone onto a loveseat. As Jack descended the stairs, he told Kyle that when he'd spoken to Summer, he had admitted that Kyle had told him that she'd been Lola's donor.

Jack told Kyle that Summer had tried to convince him that she and Kyle were meant to be. Jack understood that it didn't go both ways, but he said that Summer was crazy in love with Kyle. Kyle admitted he'd known that, and he had no idea what he was going to do. Jack said that after Summer had given up part of her organ for Lola, he would hate to see Summer become collateral damage. Kyle said he didn't want to hurt Summer. Jack said, "Then don't," and left.

After Rey had settled Lola on his couch, Lola wanted to know why she wasn't at Arturo's. Rey said that Arturo had a lot going on. Lola asked about Mia. Rey explained that they had split up for good. Lola suddenly realized that, once again, Mia and Arturo had slept together. Rey said that in a weird way, he felt relieved. He told Lola that he'd punched Arturo in the face and that after Abby had found out about Arturo and Mia, she'd taken a hammer to Arturo's truck. Lola and Rey had a chuckle over that.

Rey told Lola that he'd lost his job because he had made mistakes in J.T.'s murder investigation. He'd gone outside the lines, trying to fix it. He said he wasn't sorry for what he'd done because Nikki, Victoria, and especially Sharon had been treated unfairly. Rey received a text message from Sharon asking him to meet her.

After Rey left, Lola received a text message from Kyle asking if she had arrived at home okay, and he added that he missed her. She chose not to respond.

At Crimson Lights, Elena asked if Devon saw Jett as an investment. Devon assured her he didn't. He just cared. He told Elena that the sooner they moved Jett into the penthouse, the sooner they could get him into a vocal rehabilitation program. Elena asked why Devon was being so kind. Devon said it was what family did for each other, and Jett was lucky to have someone like Elena so protective of him. Elena said that Jett was the best uncle a girl could ask for.

Devon asked if Elena was a nurse. She informed him that she was a doctor and that she'd graduated medical school a number of years before. She'd had to drop out of residency because of her numerous student loans. It had happened around the same time that Jett had required a nurse. Jett used his disability money to pay her, and she kept her overhead low and took on odd jobs in order to pay off her debts. Elena and Devon agreed that she and Jett would move into the penthouse the next day.

At another table, Sharon told Rey that she'd quit her job at the police station because she didn't want to work for someone who had treated Rey the way Paul had. Rey protested that the work she'd done there had been important. Sharon told Rey to stop stomping all over her grand gesture shirt. Rey smiled and said it was time he took Sharon on a real date. Sharon was pleased.

At the penthouse, Ana was overjoyed when Devon told her that Jett and Elena would be moving in the next day.

Lily serves Cane with divorce papers

Lily serves Cane with divorce papers

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Abby stepped off the elevator at Dark Horse, checked her phone, and confirmed that her meeting had been moved up an hour. She started to head toward the conference room but discovered flower petals leading a path to her office, where she found flowers everywhere. Arturo appeared in the doorway and declared that the blooms were for her as a big apology for a big screwup. She huffed that there weren't enough flowers in the world to make up for what he'd done. He begged her to hear him out.

Abby chided Arturo for having her assistant tell her a meeting had been moved up, and Arturo reasoned that she wouldn't have shown up if he'd extended the invitation himself. She scoffed at the idea that a few flowers would change her mind, but he hoped that they'd soften her up. Abby demanded to know why he'd think she'd ever forgive him for what he'd done, and she ranted that she never should have gotten involved with a "lying, backstabbing serial cheater." Arturo swore that he'd changed, but Abby griped that he was still the same sleaze he'd been in Miami.

Arturo reiterated that he hadn't believed in commitment until he'd met Abby and that she'd made him realize that their love could last. He refused to give up on them, even after what she'd done to his innocent truck. He regretted sleeping with Mia, but it had taught him that Abby was his everything. Arturo promised to show Abby that he could be the man she deserved, and he knew apologizing wasn't enough to make up for his huge mistake. He pointed out that she'd also done things she'd regretted because no one was perfect, but he knew in his heart that they were perfect for one another. Arturo begged her to give him one more chance.

Arturo pleaded with Abby to tell him they could make it work, and she started to laugh. She dryly gave him an A for effort, and she conceded that his story about how he'd changed because she was the love of his life was very believable, but she knew the truth. Arturo insisted that he'd meant every word, but Abby spat that he'd never loved her. She figured that he might love the idea of her, and she was sure he'd loved having a pretty, blonde heiress on his arm to climb the social ladder, but there was "no way in hell" he'd ever convince her he loved her for her. She bellowed that they were finished.

Arturo vowed to prove Abby was wrong about him, and she admitted that she'd been wrong when she'd thought he was a decent, faithful man who she could build a life with. She blamed herself for being so stupid and blinded by love that she hadn't seen the "sleazebag tattoo" across his back, even though the flags couldn't have been bigger or redder. She recalled that she'd gotten past him sleeping with her stepmother, but he'd thrown away everything they'd had when he'd chosen to sleep with Mia.

Arturo said Mia meant nothing to him, and Abby snarled that it was insulting to all parties involved. Abby reflected back on how everything Arturo had done had been because of Mia, since Arturo had told Abby he loved her after he'd cheated on her with Mia, and he'd proposed while Mia had been renewing her vows to his brother. Arturo insisted that Abby was the only woman he wanted, but she gave it a week before he was back in Mia's bed.

Arturo reiterated that it had been a one-time thing with Mia, but Abby stressed that it didn't matter because they were done. He stressed that they could have a great life together, but she intended to have a great life on her own. Abby started to head to the door but stopped. She informed Arturo that she'd talked to Nick earlier and that he'd intended to tell Arturo the news, but she wanted to do the honors. "You're fired," she snapped, and she stalked out.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa discussed J.T.'s return from the dead, and Tessa called it a win for Sharon and the others. Mariah proclaimed that it was finally over, and Tessa mumbled, "For them, anyway." Mariah swore that she hadn't forgotten about the charges against Tessa, but Tessa didn't want to dampen the mood when Sharon's freedom was cause for celebration. Mariah anticipated celebrating again once Tessa was exonerated, but Tessa was skeptical about how many free passes the D.A. would hand out.

Mariah contended that Tessa didn't deserve to be a sacrificial lamb, and she noticed Michael walk in. Mariah rushed over to him and insisted on hiring him to represent Tessa, regardless of the cost. Michael said they didn't have to worry, but Mariah argued that there was no reason for him not to take the case. Tessa was determined to pay her legal costs herself, but Michael replied that she'd be wasting her money. A horrified Tessa asked if things were that bad, but Michael assured her that they were that good, since Christine had just filed a motion to drop all the charges against her.

Over the phone, Tessa confirmed with her public defender that no charges would be filed against her. She hung up and announced that the charges had been dismissed with prejudice, and Michael explained that it meant the case had been dropped. Mariah proclaimed that they wouldn't be needing Michael's services, and he quipped that it was one job he was glad to lose. Mariah and Tessa cheered and hugged.

Mariah "toasted" with cupcakes to her and Tessa's future. Tessa teared up, and Mariah clarified that it was supposed to be a happy toast. Tessa explained that it had been a long time since she'd been able to think about the future, and Mariah asked what she wanted to do first. Tessa preferred to go through the things she didn't want to do anymore, like blackmailing, stealing, and lying. Tessa declared that her days of being a con artist were over, and she just wanted to move forward. Mariah suggested Italy, Bora Bora, or Mount Everest, but Tessa opted to stay in Genoa City, since she didn't need to escape because her reality was amazing.

Tessa took Mariah's hand and insisted that she had all she needed to be happy. Mariah wondered about Tessa's music, and Tessa admitted that she missed songwriting, but she thought she'd screwed up her chance to have a music career. Mariah dared her to name one music star who hadn't had a scandal, and she urged Tessa to start writing again to take a shot at doing what made her happy. Tessa crossed over to the jukebox, played a song, and extended her hand to Mariah. Tessa explained that she was taking Mariah's advice and doing what made her happy, and they danced.

Abby interrupted Mariah and Tessa's close moment and insisted on talking to Mariah. Mariah testily said it would have to wait, and Abby sniped that they were making a colossal mistake that would end up in epic heartbreak and pain. Abby invited them to go down their doomed path of romance, but she needed to talk about things that mattered. Tessa assured Mariah that it was okay, and Mariah grumbled that it better be good.

Abby demanded a major media blitz for her new restaurant, but Mariah argued that it didn't even have a name yet. Abby asserted that Newman was the only name needed for publicity, and she wanted a whole episode of GC Buzz devoted to it. Tessa voiced surprise, given that Lola had just had major surgery, but Abby huffed that Lola was fine and ready to work. Abby expected her new restaurant to open and blow the town up like nothing Genoa City had ever seen, so everyone would know she wasn't just an emptyheaded, gullible princess that people took advantage of. Meanwhile, Abby's assistant handed Arturo a box of his belongings and informed him that Abby wanted him out that day.

At the Ashby home, Cane poured a cup of coffee and looked at an envelope that had just arrived from Michael's office. He opened it and looked stricken when he found a petition for divorce inside. Charlie asked who had been at the door, and Cane muttered that it wasn't important. Mattie thought the look on her father's face said otherwise, and Cane claimed that he had a lot on his mind at work. Mattie spotted the envelope and panicked that it was a college rejection letter. Cane assured them that it wasn't, and the twins wondered if it was about their mom. Cane insisted that Lily was physically fine.

Charlie and Mattie pressed to know what was going on, and Cane revealed that Lily had filed for divorce. Mattie theorized that Lily felt like Cane had abandoned her, but Cane was sure Lily knew he'd never do that. Mattie guessed that something had upset her mom, and Cane commented that prison changed a person. Charlie sensed that there was something else Cane didn't want to tell them, and Cane confessed that he'd done something to hurt their mom. Mattie expected her parents to get past it, since they'd gotten through bad stuff before, but Charlie had a feeling it wouldn't happen that time.

Cane pledged not to give up on his marriage, but he refused to divulge any details about why Lily had filed for divorce. Charlie recounted that they'd been through separation and cheating before, and he thought it was a sign that his parents shouldn't be together. Charlie acknowledged that Cane and Lily loved one another, but he thought it wasn't enough. Cane promised to figure it out and fight for their family.

Later, Michael stopped by and noted that Cane had sounded upset over the phone. Michael assumed that the divorce papers had arrived, and Cane rambled about needing to know what was going on, since Lily wouldn't see him or take his calls. Michael referenced attorney-client privilege, but Cane asked if there was any way he could save his marriage. Michael divulged that Lily had been calm and rational when she'd requested that he draw up the papers, and he'd gotten the impression that she was ready to move on.

Cane protested that he wasn't, and Michael scolded that Cane's actions had led him to believe otherwise. Cane recalled that he and Lily had faced huge problems before, and he was determined to get past them again. Cane begged Michael to convince Lily to see him, and Michael agreed to try. Once alone, Cane gazed at the divorce papers and flashed back to happier times. He looked at family photos, wiped away tears, and ripped the documents up.

On the coffeehouse patio, Mattie and Charlie discussed their parents' troubles. Mattie cited Cane's reassurance that everything would be okay, but Charlie recalled that their dad had said the same thing when he'd gotten Juliet pregnant. Charlie expected that Lily wouldn't forgive Cane again, but Mattie thought it was better than the alternative. Charlie doubted that they'd seen the worst of it, and he wondered what would happen when their mother eventually got out of prison.

Victoria dreamed about J.T. taunting her, and he kept appearing in whichever direction she turned. He pulled her into his arms and promised that she'd be safe, but she pushed him away, accused him of lying, and told him to get away. He swore that the rage and violence hadn't been him because he'd been sick, but it was all over, and everything was okay. Victoria awakened on her couch to Reed telling her that it was okay. She anxiously looked around and breathed a sigh of relief.

Victoria explained that she'd thought Reed had been part of a dream she'd been having. She hugged him and said she was glad he was there, and he inquired whether Johnny and Katie were home. Victoria mentioned that they'd spent the night at Billy's, and Reed insisted that they talk about what had happened between his parents. She realized that he'd found out from the news, and he grumbled that it had been trending, but not in a good way. Victoria chalked it up to the press putting a spin on things. Reed barked that it would have been nice to hear it from her.

Victoria sympathized that it was difficult for Reed to deal with everything that had happened, but J.T. had been very sick. Reed was skeptical that a brain tumor would absolve his father of four attempted murders, and he assumed from Victoria's nightmare that she was still afraid. He insisted that he wasn't a kid anymore, but she asserted that a mother never wanted to stop protecting her children. She conceded that she might have been wrong to keep the truth from him, but she'd done it out of love. Victoria urged Reed to let her help him make peace with it, but he doubted that would ever happen.

Reed questioned why Victoria had given him up when he'd been little, since kids usually went with their mother after a divorce, but she'd let his dad take him. Victoria countered that the judge had awarded J.T. full custody, and the day Reed had moved to Washinton, DC, had been the worst day of her life. Reed accused her of getting back at J.T. by making Reed think his father had abandoned him the way Victoria had. Victoria adamantly stated that it hadn't been about payback but about wanting to give Reed hope. Reed argued that it had been false hope, and Victoria explained that she hadn't been able to bear the thought of him thinking of J.T. as an abusive person.

Victoria mentioned that she'd spoken to J.T. the day before and that he didn't blame Nikki for what she'd done. Victoria added that J.T. had taken full responsibility for everything that had happened, and Reed was appalled that his father had been willing to let her and Nikki go to prison for something they hadn't done. Reed wailed that he was supposed to look up to and want to be like his dad, and Victoria pointed out that perhaps J.T. could be that person again. Reed contemplated whether he and J.T. could really go back to what they'd had, and Victoria left the decision up to Reed. Reed wanted to see J.T.

Victoria and Reed arrived at the hospital. J.T. awakened when they stepped into his room, and Reed asked how J.T. was doing. J.T. reported that the doctor had said he'd be good as new in a few days, and Victoria stepped out to give them privacy. J.T. recognized that saying he was sorry didn't seem like it was enough, and he didn't know if anything would be, since he couldn't ever make up for the pain he'd caused Reed and Reed's family. Reed pointed out that J.T. had been sick, and J.T. confided that he didn't know whether he or his tumor had been behind his violent behavior.

Reed recalled that J.T. had been a really good dad before everything that had happened, and he felt like his life had been unplugged when he'd thought he'd lost his father. J.T. figured that there was a chance to plug it back in, but the future was up to Reed. J.T. understood if Reed wanted nothing to do with him, but he would love the opportunity to get back what they'd had. J.T. envisioned hanging out and playing guitar together, and Reed said he couldn't wait. "Neither can I," J.T. replied as Victoria peered in.

J.T. thanked Victoria for not discouraging Reed from being there. Victoria thought it was time to move on and leave the past in the past. J.T. observed that she didn't look so good, but she insisted that she was fine. Two police officers entered and announced that J.T. was under arrest for attempted murder. Reed objected because his father had to recover, and he couldn't lose his dad again. J.T. accepted that he had to answer for what he'd done, and an officer read him his rights.

Reed offered to call Michael, but J.T. intended to plead guilty to hurting Victor. Reed argued that J.T. had been sick, and he asked if his mom would testify to that in front of a jury. J.T. said he would never ask Victoria to do that, and he questioned what kind of father he'd be if he didn't take responsibility for his mistakes. He added that he deserved to be punished for what he'd done to both Victor and Victoria, and he told Reed to stay strong.

The officers wheeled J.T. out, and Victoria implored Reed to talk to her. Reed complained that she hadn't had a word to say about his dad, yet she wanted him to open up when J.T. was being ripped away. Victoria figured it was too much for a boy his age, but Reed snapped that the problem was that she still saw him as a kid. He ordered her to stop treating him like one, since he'd seen more "crap" than most adults. She suggested that they go home and talk, but he growled that he was done running home to his mommy, and he walked out.

Victoria returned home and called out for Reed. When she received no response, she smashed a vase of flowers on the floor and hurled things across the room at the fireplace before collapsing in a tearful heap.

Ashley returns with a vengeance

Ashley returns with a vengeance

Friday, March 29, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Summer slept on the couch as Kyle checked his phone. He looked disappointed to see no response to the text messages he'd sent to Lola. Summer stirred, and Kyle offered to help her back to bed. She insisted that she was perfect where she was, but he cautioned her not to overdo it. He encouraged her to enjoy her time off before she went back to Newman, but she intended to go on a honeymoon first.

Summer rattled off possible honeymoon destinations, and she asked what sounded good to Kyle. He said he hadn't thought about it, but it depended on how much time they could take off. She chirped that it wouldn't be an issue because his boss was his mother-in-law, but he expected all hands needed to be on deck for the new product launch. Summer figured they could go afterward, but Kyle doubted that Victor would give her more time off, since her grandfather thought they'd already been on their honeymoon.

Summer looked dismayed, and Kyle warned that going on a trip might force them to tell everyone about her surgery. Summer thought her family should hear it from her, and Kyle worried that her parents wouldn't believe their marriage was real. Summer recalled how sweet and loving Kyle had been when she'd told him about how Billy had used her, and she thought that if he was like that in front of her parents, they'd trust him as much as she did.

At Jabot, Phyllis and Billy brainstormed marketing campaign ideas that would compete with the news of a vengeful ex-husband rising from the dead. Billy proposed that they highlight Jabot's own resurrection by playing up the inspiring story of a new chemist pumping new life into the company. Phyllis wanted to run the idea by Kerry, who valued her privacy and might be overwhelmed. Phyllis mentioned that Kerry had hired an intern to help her in the lab, and she guessed from Billy's reaction that he hadn't known. Phyllis noted that Kerry hadn't run it by her, either, and all Phyllis knew was that the intern's name was Dominique Carroll.

Billy stepped out of Phyllis' office and spotted a pile of mail on Ted's desk. Billy volunteered to grab his mail to save Ted a trip, and he rifled through the stack and found a letter addressed to Dominique Carroll in care of Kerry. He swiped it, stepped out of sight, and opened it. He was stunned by what he read.

At the Athletic Club, Traci was pleased that Jack had been able to meet her for lunch, and he figured it had been to give the newlyweds some time alone. Traci sensed that Kyle and Summer got prickly with other people around, and Jack imagined that they'd move back to the pool house once Summer was feeling better. Traci wondered if she could expect another new occupant at the house. She assumed that Jack had been thinking about inviting Kerry to move in.

Jack asserted that any discussion of Kerry moving in was premature, and Traci asked if he was worried about upsetting Dina's routine. Jack confided that it wasn't his only issue. Traci noted that she didn't know Kerry well, but she saw how happy Kerry made him. Jack shared that he didn't know Kerry well, either, and that was the problem, since she could be secretive. Jack added that Kerry had lied to him more than once about sensitive issues. He answered a call from Billy, who told him to drop whatever he was doing because they had a serious problem.

Jack met Billy at the Abbott mansion. Billy handed him the envelope addressed to Dominique, and Jack read the contents and thought it had to be a mistake. Billy revealed that he'd called the patent office and confirmed that Jack of Hearts had been patented to Premiere Cosmetics, which had recently been incorporated, but he had no idea who had done it. Jack asked who Dominique Carroll was, and Billy replied that she was an intern in the lab. Jack countered that Jabot didn't have interns in the lab, and Billy informed him that Kerry had hired her. Billy suspected that Jack's girlfriend had either gotten played or had been in on whatever was going on.

Kerry enjoyed a decadent dessert at Crimson Lights. She answered a call from Jack and cooed that she'd just been thinking about him. He hoped to steal her away from work by tempting her with a bottle of wine she'd been eyeing, and she told him she was on her way. After they hung up, Billy asked if Jack wanted him to stick around, but Jack preferred to handle it on his own.

Kerry showed up at the Abbott mansion, and Jack waved a glass of fine wine under her nose. She wondered if it was foreplay for another bargaining session, and she purred that she loved the way he handled contract negotiations. He reported that he had her contract right there, and she inquired whether it included all the perks they'd discussed. He informed her that there were some other surprises, too. He handed some documents to her and suggested that she start on the last page.

Kerry found the letter addressed to Dominique Carroll and asked how Jack had gotten it. He realized that she'd been in on the patent subterfuge, and she gleefully confirmed that she had been. He demanded to know who Dominique was. "You're looking at her," Kerry replied.

Jack questioned whether Kerry was working for someone else, and she urged him to read the text message he'd just received, since all would soon be revealed. She prepared to leave, and he pushed to know where she was going. She replied that she was going to the same place he was. "It really was spectacular, Jack," she mused, and she swallowed the rest of her wine and exited. Jack checked his phone and followed her out.

At Jabot, Ted opened a letter from the patent office, and his jaw dropped when he read it. He rushed into Phyllis' office and announced that they had a problem -- all of their recent patent requests had been rejected. Phyllis grabbed the letter and swore that it couldn't be right. She unsuccessfully tried to get Kerry on the phone and ordered Ted to find her. "How in the hell did this happen?" Phyllis asked herself.

Billy returned to Jabot and asked Phyllis if she had any new information about Kerry's intern. Phyllis griped that they had bigger problems, since all their new patent applications had been rejected. Billy looked over the documents and realized that the rejections included literally every product they were about to launch. Phyllis revealed that the formulas already belonged to another company, and Billy was mortified that they had no new products to sell. Phyllis mentioned that she'd had no luck tracking down her chemist, and Billy suggested that they find Dominique, who had registered the patents to another company right under Phyllis' nose.

Phyllis accused Billy of conspiring against her to take over her office, but he scoffed at the idea that he'd sabotage his family's company. Phyllis wanted answers from Kerry, and Billy informed her that he'd told Jack about the patents and that Jack was with Kerry. Phyllis growled that Kerry should be answering to her, and Billy threatened to expose both women if Phyllis had let a snake into the garden. Phyllis snapped that Jack was the one who'd fallen in love with Kerry. Billy received a text message about an emergency board meeting that was taking place immediately, but he didn't recognize the number.

Lauren raced over for the meeting, but Phyllis spun a story about it being a glitch in the system. Lauren sensed that Phyllis was trying to rush her out of there, and she demanded to know what the problem was. Ted indicated that a board member was on the phone, and Phyllis instructed him to relay that the message had been sent in error. Just as Traci walked in, Phyllis asked if Ted had been able to find Dominique. Phyllis hoped Traci knew where Jack was, and Traci mentioned that he'd received a call from Billy and hurried out. Billy returned to the office and reported that Dominique wasn't in the lab and never had been, since Kerry's lab assistants hadn't had any clue who Dominique was.

Lauren and Traci learned about the patent debacle. Billy theorized that someone had bought Kerry off, and Traci reeled from the possibility that Kerry had been working against them the whole time. Kerry arrived and brightly declared that she was glad everyone could make it. Jack appeared behind her and groused that "Dominique" had become uncommunicative after the text message. Phyllis realized that Kerry had posed as Dominique to file the patent applications, and Billy informed Jack that every single one of Jabot's patent applications had been rejected.

Kerry beamed, and Billy realized that she was proud of what she'd done. Kerry haughtily stated that she had nothing to be proud of, since they'd made it so easy. Phyllis asked who had put Kerry up to it, but Kerry swore that no one had forced her to do anything. Jack mentioned that Kerry had claimed to have a partner, and Billy contemplated who would try to obliterate Jabot. Ashley sauntered in with a grin and observed that they were missing a few people. She guessed that they'd have to start without them.

Abby stopped by Rey's apartment to visit Lola. Abby asked what Lola was doing on her feet, and Lola pointed out that someone had needed to let Abby in. Lola added that she'd been in bed for a month, so it felt good to walk. Lola inquired about what Abby had in the bag she was carrying, and Abby revealed that she'd picked up some bone broth because she'd heard it was good for post-surgical recovery. Abby was surprised that Lola seemed excited, and Lola explained that her aunts had made it all the time when someone had been sick. Lola invited Abby to try some, but Abby cringed at the thought and admitted that she had an ulterior motive for being there.

Lola enthused that the broth smelled terrific, and Abby conceded that it was certainly strong, since it had been so overpowering that she'd had to roll her car windows down. Lola claimed to be jealous that Abby's car would smell like that for a week, but Abby turned the focus to Lola. Lola groaned that the last thing she wanted was to be the center of attention, since she was doing great. Abby wanted to get her back in the kitchen, and Lola was surprised that Abby didn't want to wash her hands of the entire Rosales family after what had happened between Arturo and Mia.

Abby recognized that Arturo and Lola were very different people, and she didn't hold Lola responsible for his actions. Abby hoped Lola didn't blame her for Kyle's unfortunate choices, and Lola confirmed that she didn't. Abby suggested that they talk about the restaurant, since they both needed a place to channel the energy that they'd put toward men who hadn't deserved them. Lola marveled that it was all she'd ever wanted.

Lola looked forlornly at Kyle's text message. Abby sympathized that Lola had been in a coma for weeks, only to wake up and find out that everything had changed. Lola thought things weren't all that different, since Arturo was always making stupid decisions, and Kyle and Summer's reunion had been heartbreakingly predictable. Lola figured that she and Kyle hadn't been meant to be together, and that had been what had kept her from sleeping with him.

Abby wished she had that kind of radar, and she lamented that she hadn't paid attention to the warning signs. Lola pointed out that they'd both fallen for charming guys who had swept them off their feet, and Abby gave Arturo extra points for being a great dancer. Lola bragged that she'd taught him everything he knew, and Abby planned for her next boyfriend to be hard on the eyes with two left feet. Lola wanted one like that, too, and she grimaced when she laughed. Abby joked that she'd broken Lola, but Lola was just happy to be laughing again.

Abby received the message from an unknown number about the emergency board meeting, and she decided to get the details later. Lola pressed to hear all about the restaurant, and Abby expected Lola to be blown away once she saw it. Lola inquired about the staff, and Abby shared that she'd had to replace a few people who had gotten other jobs, but Lola was the indispensable part of the team. Abby wanted to move forward with Lola back on her feet, and she anticipated running the hottest restaurant in town in a couple of weeks. Lola couldn't believe it was really happening, and she thanked Abby for believing in her. They hugged.

Nick was surprised when Summer and Kyle stopped by his house, and Summer claimed that she'd wanted to check on him, since she wasn't there to take care of him anymore. Nick assured her that he'd been managing, and he urged her to visit Nikki, who was upset that she hadn't been able to make it to the couple's wedding. Summer became a bit woozy, but she insisted that she was fine. Nick ordered them to explain, and Kyle proclaimed that Nick's daughter was the bravest, most generous person he knew. Summer promised that Nick would be really proud of her once he got over the shock.

Nick was floored to learn that Summer had been Lola's organ donor, and he demanded to know "what the hell" Summer had been thinking. She claimed that she'd been able to save someone's life, so she'd wanted to help. He guessed that Kyle was grateful that she'd saved his ex-girlfriend's life, and Kyle said it showed what kind of person Summer was to make such a sacrifice for someone she barely knew. Nick surmised that Summer had done it for Kyle, and Summer insisted that Kyle had been taking really good care of her.

Nick assumed that the couple had gotten married before the surgery because Summer had been afraid Kyle would walk away otherwise, but Kyle asserted that he'd given Summer his word, and he was totally committed. Nick asked if Kyle was in love with Summer, and Kyle took Summer's hand and replied, "I am." Nick suggested that Summer pack her things while he and Kyle discussed unfinished business, and she stepped out. Nick questioned how he could be sure Kyle wouldn't break Nick's little girl's heart, just like he'd broken Lola's. Kyle reasoned that he hadn't been able to be the person Lola needed -- someone completely over Summer.

Kyle ignored a text message and said it could wait. Nick recognized that Summer could be exhausting and challenging, and Kyle agreed that she was an acquired taste. Nick understood that couples argued and drove one another crazy, but he stressed that if Kyle broke her spirit or hurt her in any way, he'd have to deal with Nick, and it wouldn't be pretty. Kyle gulped and confirmed that he understood.

Nick handed Kyle a drink and said he'd need it for starting a life with Summer. They toasted, and Nick was glad that they'd had the opportunity to clear the air. Summer reentered the room and commented that the closets at the pool house would explode if she packed anything else. Kyle explained that he'd been living there before they'd gotten married, and they planned to head back there. Nick called it a bachelor pad and not a home, and he recalled that he still owned land from when he'd planned to build a house for Chelsea. Nick offered to build a home for Summer as a wedding present. Summer hugged him, and Nick welcomed Kyle to the family.

Later, at Dark Horse, Abby entered Nick's office and informed Nick that she'd made a decision. He had the feeling he wouldn't like it, and she reflected back on how important it had been to her to be part of his company's launch. She thought it was time for her to move on, and he asked what he could do to get her to stay. She replied that he couldn't do anything, since she would be devoting herself to her new restaurant full-time. Nick offered to fire Arturo if it had anything to do with him, and Abby admitted that she'd already done it. Nick groaned that he hated losing her, and he would miss her. He wished her nothing but the best, and they hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Summer wondered what Nick and Kyle had talked about while she'd been packing. Kyle indicated that Nick had just wanted to make sure she was in good hands, and Summer insisted that she was. She squealed that they would soon have their own house together, and she thought it meant her father believed in them. She envisioned that it would be the house where they'd build a long, happy life together and share some of the best years of their lives. Lola looked on from the patio and saw them holding hands.



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