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Chance's feelings of inadequacy intensified. Devon informed Abby and Chance that he had filed for joint custody of Dominic. Victor declined Victoria's request to sell Newman Media to her. Chelsea was devastated when she overheard Adam tell Chance that he had no old love left for her.
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Devon filed for joint custody of Dominic, and Victor declined Victoria's request to sell Newman Media to her
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Michael reminisces as he contemplates his future

Michael reminisces as he contemplates his future

Monday, January 10, 2022

Michael arranged for Lauren to meet him at Society. Lauren celebrated with Michael after he proudly announced he'd won a huge fraud case. Lauren ordered a bottle of Champagne from Andy, the bartender. Lauren proclaimed Michael to be the best prosecutor at the pinnacle of his career. Michael replied, "Driving over here, I had the same thought in my head. I've climbed the mountain. I've reached the apex." Michael told Lauren he felt he should quit while he was ahead. Michael recalled that he'd practiced every type of law that had piqued his interest, including civil, corporate, and criminal law, both as a defense attorney and as prosecuting attorney. Lauren was taken aback by her husband's sudden announcement.

Lauren asked Michael what he might do if he gave up his practice and his position. Michael suggested he might begin researching a mystery novel he'd always wanted to write. Lauren admitted she couldn't discern whether or not her husband was being serious and suggested he only needed a break after tackling a difficult case. Michael mentioned retirement. Christine, standing nearby, overheard and replied, "Retire?" Christine said she'd stopped by to pick up a takeout order and had overheard the conversation. Christine joined Michael and Lauren. Christine, in a somber tone, said that if Michael left the district attorney's office or retired from law, it would be the end of an era in Genoa City.

Michael recalled having given Christine her first job at a law firm. In a flashback, Michael remembered his initial interactions with a young Christine. Christine had timidly admitted she'd been a little nervous but also excited on her first day. Michael had extended his hand and welcomed Christine to the law practice of Whitman, Walker, and Wilson. Christine relived the memory, too, and told Michael he'd also come a long way since then.

Christine told Michael she'd been lucky to be his protégé. Michael reminded Christine that he'd also been an egomaniac, believing he'd been the smartest person in the room. Facing his worst moments, Michael remembered that after he'd crossed the line, Christine had fought back by dragging him into court to expose his abhorrent behavior. Recalling that Christine had prevailed in court, Michael remembered that he'd been outraged after losing his job and his reputation, eventually becoming consumed with revenge. Vividly remembering his dark past, Michael revisited images of himself wielding a hammer and chisel while punching through a wall. Sweaty and covered with dirt and drywall dust, Michael had said aloud to himself, "Ah, it won't be long now, Christine."

Michael admitted to Christine that he hadn't been in his right mind at that time, having given in to obsession, violence, and furious anger. In retrospect, Michael soberly explained that having spent a few years behind bars had been the best thing that could have happened to him. Christine remembered expressing doubt that Michael had changed after his release from prison. Michael said he understood why, though he'd persevered, begging Christine to speak on his behalf to the Wisconsin Bar Association so he might have his law license restored.

Michael remembered the day he'd pleaded with Christine to help him, insisting that God had put him on the earth to practice law. Christine, who'd been distrustful of Michael, had been reluctant to help "the monster who'd done all those things." Michael expressed sincere thanks to Christine for having overcome her doubts and helping to restore his career. Michael addressed Lauren, fondly acknowledging that Christine had even agreed to work with him again. Christine recalled that their firm in those days had been Baldwin, Williams, and Associates.

Michael smiled when Christine remembered that she'd excelled as a lawyer at the firm, where she and Michael had eventually become friends as well as colleagues. Lauren added, "To the chagrin of Paul, as I recall." Michael agreed that it had understandably taken Paul a while to trust that he'd been on the up and up. Michael thanked Christine for having been patient and kind, and for "cutting me an unending amount of slack." Lauren asked Christine what she thought about Michael considering retirement. Christine insisted that only Michael would know the right time to wind down his legal career.

Lauren suggested Michael explore his artistic side after she'd noticed him sketching a cottage in the woods. Lauren assured Michael that he could excel at anything he put his mind to. Michael replied that he hadn't a clue what he should do next. Christine said she hadn't regretted leaving her job and had since enjoyed doing pro bono work, which had allowed her more time to spend with her husband. Lauren pointed out that Michael thrived on adrenaline and might not be ready for a quieter, calmer existence. Victor overheard Lauren's comment.

Victor approached, laughing at the thought of Michael being calm and quiet. Christine left, and Victor took her place. Michael told Victor he was considering retirement. Victor advised against it, noting that Michael would become bored out of his skull. Michael said he'd love to spend time with his family. Victor invited Michael to join Newman Media. Michael said working for Victor would require him to be on call as an attorney and fixer, and it might also involve wading into murky waters. Recalling that back during his days of representing Victor's interests, it had been thrilling to find the perfect loophole. Michael remembered instances when he and Victor had been at odds. Victor assured Michael that he'd never face boredom if he opted to work for Victor again.

Victor promised Michael he could set his own hours and would be compensated for his extensive experience and talents. Victor stressed that the trust he and Michael had forged over many years was the most important aspect of a business relationship. Recalling a time when Victor had accepted blame for an upended scheme in order to protect Michael, Michael noted that he'd never respected Victor more than at that moment. Before he left, Victor made it known that his offer was genuine.

After Victor left, Michael told Lauren that Victor's offer and Christine's suggestions had expanded his choices. When Gloria, Kevin, and Chloe arrived, Lauren told Michael that she'd summoned them to help with his big decision. Michael greeted his family then swallowed a big gulp of Champagne, which elicited laughter from his mother and brother. The family gathered in the lounge area. Lauren explained that Phyllis had been unable to join them.

Gloria assured Michael that his family was ready and willing to share their insights. Kevin noted that they would share suggestions as a regular family and not like the broken family they'd once been. Gloria seemed reluctant to rehash the past, acknowledging that her son hadn't always been able to depend on her for motherly support. Gloria remembered Michael having berated her for denying her sons. She'd later approached her sons, begging them to reconcile. Michael and Lauren laughed when they remembered Gloria once emerging like a jack-in-the-box from a wrapped Christmas gift box. Michael laughed about the incident and assured his mother that all her efforts to remain present in her sons' lives had been appreciated.

Michael admitted to Kevin that he'd failed his little brother when they'd been younger. Kevin replied, "You have more than made up for that." Michael remembered sitting by Kevin's hospital bed, confessing that he'd neglected his little brother when he'd left him behind. Kevin, unconscious, bruised, and battered, had been assured that his big brother would strive to do better by him. Kevin lauded Michael for having kept his promise by stepping up for his family.

After Michael broached the idea of retirement, Chloe and Kevin supported the decision. Chloe noted that Michael was at his best and had nothing left to prove to anyone, so he should kick back and relax. Kevin, knowing his brother, said that Michael would never just kick back and relax. Kevin joked that Michael would become bored and drive them all crazy by bombarding them with unsolicited advice. Gloria laughed, agreeing that Michael had never been interested in hobbies. Chloe assured Michael that his family would support him, no matter his decisions about the future. Gloria suggested she, Kevin, and Chloe leave Michael and Lauren alone to talk things over.

Alone together, Michael told Lauren that the impromptu family meeting had given him clarity, and he explained that he needed no one else's advice but his wife's. Michael thought back to the beginning of their relationship and their first romantic kiss. Both Michael and Lauren remembered the heated passion they'd felt before their lips had met while they'd been dancing alone in an apartment. Michael rekindled the memory of them reciting their wedding vows, when he'd asked Lauren to walk through life with him and grow old with him. Tears welled in Michael's eyes when he confessed to Lauren that he had no idea what he'd done to deserve her, though he assured her that the best part of him was being with her.

Michael and Lauren remembered the day they'd learned they'd become parents. Michael had been fearful that he might be lacking in fatherly skills, but Lauren had assured her beloved spouse that he wasn't the same man he'd been before. Michael had promised to do his "damnedest" to be the very best father to his baby. Michael and Lauren cheered the family they'd built over the years, and Michael proclaimed that they were stronger than they'd ever been due to the challenges they'd faced and overcome.

Lauren sadly remembered a time when she'd almost destroyed everything, noting that it had taken a miracle to help them make it through. Michael told Laruen that they'd made it because they were meant to be husband and wife, and mother and father. Michael and Lauren poignantly remembered when Fen had presented them with a compass to symbolize their difficult journey with him. Fen had honored his parents for having guided him and loved him without judgment or harsh words. Fen also credited his parents for having saved his life.

Lauren told Michael that whatever happened going forward, they'd be okay, no matter which path he chose. Lauren advised Michael to choose the path that would make him the happiest. Michael told Lauren he'd made up his mind to retire, so he'd have more time to spend with her. Lauren replied, "Are you sure?" Michael answered that he was positive, and he took Lauren's hand and escorted her to the dance floor. The couple held each other close and danced, recalling romantic moments they'd shared all throughout the years of their marriage. Lauren said, "I love you so much. We've had such a great adventure, haven't we?" Michael smiled and replied that they'd only just started.

Nick's loved ones throw him a surprise birthday party

Nick's loved ones throw him a surprise birthday party

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Nick entered a dark Crimson Lights and called out for Sharon. The lights flipped on, and Sharon, Noah, Mariah, Tessa, Faith, and Moses jumped out from behind the counter and yelled, "Surprise!" Nick's loved ones cheered and blew noisemakers, and Nick admitted that it hadn't been what he'd expected. Noah explained that they'd wanted to do something on Nick's birthday, but Nick had taken off to Milan. Sharon added that the next round of beers was on Rey, who wasn't there because he had to work that night.

Nick was touched that his friends and family had gone to the trouble, pointing out that Tessa and Moses had no obligation to be there. Moses passed along Devon's best wishes along with some light ribbing, but Nick protested that it was a birthday party and not a roast. Faith chirped that a roast sounded like more fun, or the only jokes they'd be stuck with were Nick's lame dad ones. Nick pretended to suddenly remember an important root canal he had scheduled, but Mariah ordered him to have a seat. Noah plopped a paper crown on his father's head.

Over the phone, Nick told Monique that he'd be later than he'd thought because Sharon and his kids had ambushed him with a surprise birthday party, and he wasn't sure what he was in for. After he hung up, he remarked to Sharon that he was glad Christian would sleep through the party, since the boy still thought his dad could do no wrong, and Nick planned on keeping it that way as long as possible. Sharon recalled that when Christian had stayed with her, all he'd talked about had been how great his dad was. Nick hoped Sharon had agreed with everything Christian had said.

Nick glanced around at his kids conferring with one another and didn't like the looks of it. He asked Moses if he had anything to worry about, but Moses replied that he was sworn to secrecy. Tessa warned Nick not to get too comfortable, since he should be afraid. "Very afraid," Moses added. Faith urged Nick not to stress, since they were all there to celebrate him because they loved him and thought he was the best dad in the world, although he could be overprotective at times.

Faith referred to a second grader who'd tripped her during a soccer game and subsequently gotten the "Newman death glare." Moses asked what that was, and Nick swore that it was just a minor look of disapproval. Noah told Moses to hope he never saw it, but Mariah suggested that Nick give Moses a taste of what would happen if he stepped out of bounds. Nick's expression darkened, and Tessa feigned a shudder and claimed it was like he was looking through her.

Sharon recalled Nick chasing down a teenager who'd stolen Noah's bucket of Halloween candy. Noah remembered that Nick had dragged the teen back by the scruff of the neck and made him apologize. Faith praised Nick for doing anything for the people he cared about, and she thought their family was lucky to have him looking out for them. Faith and Nick hugged. Mariah announced that it was her turn, and she wasn't going to be that easy on Nick.

Mariah decided to take a dive into Nick's love life, and everyone groaned. Nick accepted that it was fair game, but he pointed out that he didn't have one right then. Mariah expected it wouldn't last long, since he was a hopeless romantic. Mariah admitted that she'd once been a hardened cynic, and she imagined it ran in the family, given Noah's recent attitude. She proposed that she and Noah screen Nick's future dates, but Nick gave the idea a hard pass because he didn't plan on dating for a while.

Mariah remarked that there was nothing wrong with being in love with love, and she credited Nick's wide-open heart as the reason he'd welcomed Mariah and Cassie into the family with no complaints. Mariah wished him a happy birthday, and they embraced. Noah declared that he was glad to be back in town to watch his dad grow old. Nick pointed out that he could still beat Noah in basketball, and Noah chalked it up to not playing in ten years. Noah appreciated Nick attending all his sports events when Noah had been a kid and being with him every step of the way at photography shows and art installations.

Noah applauded Nick for giving the same encouragement to Summer. Faith recounted that Nick had listened to Tigirlily when he'd found out she liked them, and she'd heard him singing their songs in the shower. Faith teased that it had almost been enough to make her stop liking the band. Noah considered Nick proof that no parent could be too involved in their children's lives. Nick asked if that meant Noah was going to accept his job offer.

As the partygoers prepared for cake, Sharon asked Nick if Noah would be doing design work for New Hope. Nick revealed that he wanted Noah to help run the organization with him, since he had plans to expand. Nick acknowledged that it would be a big change for their son, but he thought Noah was looking for something to give him meaning in life, and he felt the job could provide healing from whatever had happened while Noah had been away. Nick recognized that Sharon had been pushing Noah to accept Adam's job offer. Sharon swore that she wanted her son to do whatever was best for him, although she selfishly hoped he'd stay in town.

Tessa enthused to Noah that it had been a fun night, and she observed that Nick seemed to be happy Noah was back. Noah replied that it was nice to be surrounded by family again, and he asked how the baby plans were progressing. Tessa mentioned that she and Mariah had just started looking into adoption. She stated that Nick wasn't the only one glad to have Noah back, since it was nice having her friend close by. Mariah emerged from the back room with a birthday cake, and the group sang "Happy Birthday" to Nick.

Noah noted that there were a lot of candles on the cake, and Mariah recommended that they get the fire extinguisher just in case. Nick inquired whether anyone else wanted to say a few words, but Moses didn't want any part of the Newman death glare. Sharon instructed everyone to lay off the old guy, and Nick good-naturedly called her a traitor. Nick blew out his candles and proclaimed that he had three wishes -- cake, Champagne, and presents.

Nick was stunned when he opened courtside tickets to a Bucks game, and Mariah chalked it up to her having a famous pop star for a girlfriend. Noah presented Nick with a bottle of wine bearing a label he'd designed in honor of the Underground. Moses shared that Devon had helped him pick out a retro acid jazz album from the nineties to give Nick, who scoffed at the idea of the nineties being retro. Faith gave Nick a collection of photos of them together and a book of dad jokes.

Sharon offered Nick a basket of his favorite muffins, and she handed him one last gift that Christian had helped her pick out. Nick was speechless when he pulled out a flannel shirt that reminded him of his favorite one from the nineties. Sharon revealed that it was the same shirt, which she'd found in a vintage shop. Nick fondly looked back at the grunge era, and Faith assured him it was back in style. Nick called his gifts perfect.

Nick thanked everyone for a special night, even if they'd reminded him of how old he really was. He added that it was also nice to be reminded of how amazing his kids and friends were. He mused that he had it really good, and Faith teased that he was getting sappy in his advanced age. Moses asked if Nick was going to cry, and Nick shot him the Newman death stare. Everyone laughed, and Tessa put on some retro music to make everyone feel young. The group began to dance.

Mariah read some bad dad jokes out of the book Faith had given Nick. Nick wondered if Noah had given any thought to working together. Noah hesitated to back out of his commitment to Newman Media, but Nick anticipated that Victor would appreciate Nick and Noah working together as a father-son team. Noah requested more time to consider the offer.

Faith squealed in delight when she learned that Mariah and Tessa were having a baby. Mariah confirmed that they were still early in the process, and she insisted that the day be about Nick. Nick exclaimed that their family getting bigger was the best news ever. Faith and Moses offered to babysit, and Faith realized that Sharon had already heard the baby news. Sharon reasoned that it hadn't been her secret to tell, but she was happy for Mariah and Tessa. Noah watched closely as Mariah and Tessa looked lovingly at one another.

Faith asked Moses what he'd told his mom about her when he'd gone home for the holidays, and he swore that he'd said only good things. Sharon handed Moses some cake to take home to Devon and Amanda, and Moses thanked her and headed out. Meanwhile, Nick described to Mariah and Tessa how Harrison had stolen Summer's heart. Tessa imagined she and Mariah would have much more time to prepare for motherhood than Summer had had, since they were just in the first stages of adoption interviews and paperwork. Noah squirmed. Noah volunteered to help clean up, but Sharon thought he looked tired. He blamed it on the dancing, and he glanced over at Tessa before he departed. Sharon looked concerned.

Sharon and Nick found themselves alone after the rest of their clan left. She stopped him from helping to clean up because he was the guest of honor. He quipped that it was his party, and he could clean up if he wanted to. She informed him that he'd reached his quota of dad jokes for the night, and they talked about how great it had been to see Faith smitten with Moses, and Mariah and Tessa in a great place. Sharon worried about the potential for delays and problems with the adoption, but she believed Mariah and Tessa were getting stronger every day. Nick figured that they'd never be done parenting.

Sharon inquired about Noah's response to Nick's job offer, and Nick told her that while Noah hadn't given his answer yet, he had a good feeling about it. Sharon believed Noah needed a new direction, and she observed that Nick seemed to be more at peace since he'd returned home from Milan. Nick said he'd realized that he had everything he needed to be happy, since his family was his touchstone. He thanked Sharon for putting the evening together and marveled that they'd created something special with their kids. "And it's only getting stronger," she replied. Nick confided that it was what he'd wished for. Sharon murmured that she'd already known that because she knew him pretty well.

At home, Devon and Amanda cuddled on the couch as they watched a movie. She shut off the television and guessed that he hated it, but he insisted that he was fine. She surmised that he'd been thinking about the baby. Devon claimed that he'd been thinking about how he'd been neglecting work lately, and Amanda figured it was understandable when he had a big decision to make about Dominic. Devon resolved to get his head together so the company he'd built with Neil didn't fall apart. Amanda sensed that Devon's primary preoccupation was still with Dominic.

Later, Devon heard a baby crying and called out to ask if Amanda also heard it. He frantically searched the penthouse for Dominic but found no one there. The baby continued to cry, and Devon assured Dominic that his daddy was there. Amanda shook Devon awake and assumed that he'd been having a bad dream. He whimpered that it had been awful.

Devon sipped some water and told Amanda about not being able to find a crying Dominic in his dream. Devon lamented that Dominic had needed him, but he hadn't been there for the baby. Amanda suspected that Devon's memories of not being able to count on his own mother hadn't gone away. She related to the situation because she'd also been through needing a parent who hadn't been there. Amanda imagined that Devon had promised himself that he'd be better with his child to ensure they never felt alone or afraid.

Devon grumbled that he didn't have a child, according to the contract, but Amanda countered that his heart said otherwise. She contended that he had much love and kindness inside him that he shared with everyone around him, and it made sense that he wanted to protect a child that he loved. Devon contemplated whether he hadn't been able to find Dominic in his dream because Dominic wasn't his to protect. Amanda questioned whether Devon really wanted to take a step back from Dominic.

Devon explained that he sometimes felt that he was doing what was best, but there were other times when he felt he was only doing what was best for himself and no one else. He recognized that Chance needed time to get his head on right to focus on being a dad, but Devon didn't want to wait because he intended to be there for Dominic for the rest of his life. Devon wondered if he was selfish to feel that way, but Amanda was adamant that it wasn't selfish to want to give a child all the love in the world. Amanda imagined that Devon wanted to pass on the love that Dru and Neil had given him, and she refused to let Devon think that there was something wrong with it. They kissed.

Later, Devon stared at the framed image of Dominic's footprints as Amanda wrapped her arms around him. He balked at making any decision that night because he was too tired, and he didn't intend to make any life changes based on a dream about fears all parents had. Amanda encouraged him to take all the time he needed, and she told him she'd be waiting if he wanted to talk or just sleep. She kissed him goodnight and ascended the stairs. Devon looked at a photo of Neil before turning off the light and joining her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance walked in on Abby holding the baby monitor, and he asked what her smile was for. She shared that she'd been listening to him reading Dominic a bedtime story, and it had been adorable. She hoped her husband didn't mind, since she hadn't meant to intrude. Chance reasoned that it had probably been best to have a backup, but she insisted it hadn't been like that. He abruptly headed to the kitchen to make some tea.

When Chance returned, Abby reiterated that she didn't want him to think that she'd been checking up on him or that she considered him incapable of reading their son a bedtime story. Chance felt confident about the story, but he wasn't sure about other stuff. Abby insisted that he'd been doing everything a father did by loving and taking care of his son, but he wondered if that was enough. Abby empathized with the feeling of not doing enough, since she hadn't been able to carry their child or keep Dominic and Mariah out of danger. She wailed that she hadn't even been able to nurse Dominic after he'd been born, so she understood the need and want to do more.

Abby continued that she'd always want to give Dominic the world, but she'd learned parenting was a journey with no endpoint, and both parent and child had to keep going. Abby assured Chance that there was no right way to do things, and his way was the right way because he loved Dominic. Chance lamented that she shouldn't have to deal with his problems, but Abby responded that a marriage was all about getting through life together as a team. Abby prepared to take a shower, but she suggested that she turn it into a bubble bath for two if he wanted to join her. Chance requested a rain check, and she headed upstairs. Chance sank back on the sofa and sighed.

Chance gazed out the window and flashed back to the sound of the explosion at the safe house in Spain. He suddenly heard Dominic crying on the baby monitor, followed by Abby apologizing to the baby for not hearing him while she'd been in the shower. She assumed that Chance had fallen asleep and hadn't heard Dominic, either, but she assured the tot that it was okay because his mommy was there. Chance glowered.

Abby descended the stairs and asked if Chance had fallen asleep. He informed her that he'd gotten lost in his head. She reported that Dominic had woken up, but she'd put him back to sleep, and she thought they should get some rest, too. Chance asked if they could just sit together for a moment. Chance picked up the baby monitor and stared at it as Abby looked worriedly at him. She suggested that they check on Dominic one more time before they went to bed. Abby headed upstairs, but Chance hung back for a moment before following her.

Victoria asks Victor to sell Newman Media to her

Victoria asks Victor to sell Newman Media to her

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

by Nel

At Newman, Victoria told Ashland that Jill wanted to wrap up the sale of ChancComm to Newman Locke. Victoria said she was happy to have Newman's old division back. She'd spoken to Victor, who seemed okay with it, but she knew Adam would be furious. She said if she got her way, ChancComm would not be the only company Adam would lose.

Ashland assumed Victoria intended to go after Newman Media, and he said consolidating the media companies was a smart move. Victoria assured Ashland that a good business battle earned Victor's respect, not his ire. If they acquired those companies, they would dominate the media field. Ashland said Victoria knew how to handle Victor, but Adam was the wild card. Victoria claimed she knew exactly how to handle Adam.

Lily arrived at Newman Media. She asked Adam to explain his cryptic text message, "Best of luck at Chancellor," which he had sent right after Billy had declared a truce. Adam claimed it had been genuine. He wondered why it was difficult for Lily to believe he respected her and wanted her to do well in her new position. Lily said she didn't trust him. His text message had appeared like a veiled threat. Lily wanted to believe the feud between Adam and Billy was over, but Adam loved having the last word.

Adam told Lily that Billy had had a number of last words for him. Lily claimed Adam had sent the text message as a counterpunch. Billy had gotten the best of Adam, and Adam had taken a shot at her. Adam denied it and claimed Billy had had a temper tantrum and shot off his mouth. Lily reiterated that Billy had called a truce and had stepped away from ChancComm, even though he hadn't done anything wrong. Billy had proven he was the bigger man.

Adam told Lily he was tired of Billy's superior act -- like somehow his growth was bigger than anyone else's. Lily smiled and stated that Adam hadn't let go of the feud. Adam claimed he didn't want to alienate Chancellor because he wanted to acquire ChancComm. Adam asked if Jill had made a decision. He knew Newman Locke had also made a bid. Lily said she couldn't give him that information. She wished him the best of luck. As she was about to leave, Adam asked what she meant by that comment.

Lily asked why Adam couldn't take what she'd said at face value, since her intentions were sincere. Adam got the message. Lily informed Adam that Billy was going to work with her as COO at Chancellor. Billy had put all the negativity between him and Adam behind him. Victor entered the office as Lily told Adam to let things go and to move on. Victor asked why Lily was there. Adam explained that he'd wished Lily good luck at Chancellor and that Billy would be working for Lily as COO. Lily turned to Victor and asked him to tell his son that Billy had waved the white flag. Lily left.

Victor asked Adam what Lily had meant. Adam explained that Billy hadn't been spiraling into a carnival of binge drinking and gambling, and the videos had all been an act. It had been a setup for revenge. Billy had hoped Newman Media would put out a story about his downfall, and Billy would then sue and cripple Newman Media. Victor claimed Billy was pathetic because he hadn't carried out his own plan. Victor asked if Adam had gotten Billy to confess. Adam said Billy had volunteered the information. He said Billy had claimed he wanted to be a better person. Victor declared that Billy would never be a better person.

Victor told Adam that Jill was selling ChancComm to Newman Locke. Adam refused to accept that. He claimed Billy and Lily had persuaded Jill to do that. Adam wanted to call Jill, but Victor stopped him. Victor said he and Adam needed to go to the ranch and congratulate Victoria.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Nate that Chance and Abby had refused his request for shared custody. Nate felt bad for having pushed Devon in that direction. Devon valued that Nate had told Devon that having a bigger part in Dominic's life was in Dominic's best interest. Devon said it had been a conversation he'd needed to have with Chance and Abby, even if he hadn't received the answer he'd wanted. It had pushed him into taking action.

Devon told Nate that he'd decided to officially file for shared custody, because Abby and Chance had refused to allow Devon a bigger role in Dominic's life. Devon said he was concerned about Chance's ability to be a parent. Devon claimed he had a positive role in Dominic's life, he wanted to protect that, and it was his only option. Devon didn't want things to get messy. He wanted things to push through as painlessly as possible.

At the coffeehouse, after Lily greeted Devon and Nate, Nate left. Devon told Lily he was going to legally pursue shared custody of Dominic. He immediately changed the subject and asked if Lily was excited about her new job. She said she was. She said Billy was going to be her COO. Devon asked how she'd convinced Billy to take the job. Lily claimed Billy was tired of the feud with Victor and Adam, and taking the job was part of that transition. He asked if Lily really believed the feud was over.

Lily thought Devon had gotten over his doubts about her relationship with Billy. Devon said Billy had made a big change in his personal life, but professionally, Billy still kept getting himself into trouble, like at ChancComm. Lily stated that hadn't been Billy's fault. Devon said Victor and Adam had provoked Billy, and Billy had done exactly what they'd known he would. Devon was concerned that Billy would be a liability to Lily.

Elsewhere in the coffeehouse, Ashland told Nate his test results showed the cancer had abated. Nate was overjoyed. Ashland hoped it meant years of building a life and a business with Victoria.

Lily finished her call with Billy. Ashland told Lily that Newman Locke would be involved in negotiations to wrap up the sale of ChancComm. Lily confirmed she would be intimately involved in those negotiations. Ashland hoped the negotiations would be pleasant and productive.

Lily told Ashland she didn't care if Ashland had been part of the conspiracy to knock Billy off his perch at ChancComm, and it didn't matter if Ashland had been guilty of his past crimes. It was all in the past, and Billy had turned over a new leaf and walked away from the fight. Lily asked if Ashland could do the same.

At Society, Sally recalled that Chloe had remarked that Sally and Chelsea were incredibly talented, intelligent, and ambitious women who had a lot to offer, and they all wanted the platform to be a success. Chloe had said she wanted them to work as a team, which would be impossible if Sally stayed on her current trajectory, and Chloe had told Sally to fix it. Sally also recalled Adam telling her that the spying was done, and there was to be no more trying to score extra points with the boss. He'd told her to focus on the job she was paid to do.

Sally called Chelsea and stated they needed to work out their working relationship. She asked Chelsea to meet her at Society. When Chelsea arrived, Sally admitted she'd forced herself to say she wanted to learn from Chelsea, and she knew Chelsea hadn't believed her. Chelsea claimed it didn't appear that Sally wanted to fix their working relationship, but Sally claimed she did.

Sally told Chelsea she'd put together a few pitches for Chelsea. She was prepared for Chelsea to hate them, but she wanted to know why Chelsea hated them. Sally asked if Chelsea could admit when Sally had a good idea. Chloe arrived and asked why they were there. Sally said she was trying to fix things with Chelsea.

Sally presented her pitches to Chelsea. Chelsea wasn't impressed. Sally claimed that out of all the ideas she'd presented, Chelsea had claimed to like only ten percent of them. Sally felt Chelsea was biased against her. Chelsea claimed she was biased against bad ideas. Chelsea said when she heard a terrible idea, she assumed the next one would be, as well, and Sally would lose all credibility.

Chloe told Sally and Chelsea it had been a great start, but they had to get through a mountain of work to become a well-oiled machine. Adam arrived. Chelsea immediately joined Adam at the bar and said she wanted to thank him for the talk they'd had with Connor. She said he'd calmed down about the sale of the penthouse, but it had become Connor's mission for them to move to the ranch. She was attempting to convince him it was a bad idea. She said she didn't want to live that close to Victor and Nikki. Adam didn't blame her.

Adam told Chelsea he was giving Victor a wide berth, that he was going to look for his own place. He'd moved out of the penthouse for the same reasons Chelsea had -- too many memories. Being at the ranch had been for Connor's sake, to be around family. Chelsea said Connor didn't need to be at the ranch any longer. Adam agreed and said they would figure things out. Chelsea told Adam they needed to talk. It was important. Adam suggested a drink after work. Chelsea commented that she'd noticed the change in Adam.

After she'd seen Sally staring intently at Adam and Chelsea, Chloe told Sally they needed to return to the office because Society wasn't a productive work environment. Sally claimed it was a bad idea because she had to convince Chelsea she wasn't interested in Adam or threatened by Chelsea's desire to reunite with Adam.

Chloe claimed it was driving Sally crazy not knowing what was going on between Adam and Chelsea because Sally was interested in Adam. Chloe told Sally not to deny it. Chloe said if she could see it, so would Chelsea. That wouldn't help Sally's bridge building with Chelsea. Sally accused Chloe of siding with Chelsea, but Chloe denied it. Chloe was worried because Sally saw things as a competition. She reminded Sally they were all on the same team.

Chloe told Sally that Chelsea was her best friend and business partner. Chloe had brought Sally on because Sally had a lot to offer. Chloe had known that working for Adam would be problematic, but she'd never thought it would be because of a misguided love triangle. Chloe said she was disappointed in Sally and Chelsea. Sally asked what she could do to prove she was a team player.

Chloe wanted Sally to go to New York and handle a series of interviews with designers who were preparing for their spring show. Sally claimed the timing was suspect. Chloe stated that Sally wasn't in a position to question her assignments. Sally felt Chloe was trying to get her out of town. Chloe stated that Sally and Chelsea needed space away from each other. Chloe told Sally to take the assignment to solidify her role in Chelsea's eyes, and then they could focus on the real work. Sally agreed to go.

Chelsea returned to the table. She told Chloe she and Adam had discussed a couple of issues with Connor. Adam approached and asked to speak to Sally. After Sally and Adam stepped away, Chloe told Chelsea that Sally had agreed to go to New York. Chelsea said they should have fired Sally, but sending her out of town was the next best thing. Chloe realized Chelsea was going full force after Adam. Chloe claimed that sending Sally to New York meant Chelsea had no competition for Adam's attention, and she saw things ending in disaster.

Chloe told Chelsea that Adam only existed to sign their checks. Chelsea said she wasn't delusional. Adam had said he didn't see a future for them, but Chelsea claimed they had to try. Even Connor had claimed they needed to try. Chelsea pointed out that Chloe had agreed to work with Adam because he'd changed. Chelsea felt things would be different "this time."

Outside, Adam apologized to Sally for having been brisk and dismissive the previous day. He'd had a run-in with Billy, and he hadn't been on his best behavior. Adam took off his coat and put it around her. Sally asked if he had any business in New York. She said she had an assignment in New York, and it would be great to have some company.

Victor arrived at the ranch. He told Victoria he'd given Adam the disappointing news about ChancComm. He said Victoria persuading Jill to sell to Newman Locke had been "one hell of an accomplishment." Victoria was sure Victor had hoped it would wind up with Newman Media. Victor said he was happy for her and disappointed for Adam.

Victoria told Victor she wanted to buy Newman Media. Victor asked why Victoria hadn't approached him and Adam together. Victoria doubted that Adam would entertain the offer. She doubted Adam's pride would allow him to sell. Victor wanted to know if her idea to buy Newman Media was a business consideration or if she wanted to avenge Billy. She denied it.

Victoria told Victor the numbers were on her side, and it wasn't a personal vendetta. Victor asked if it was personal for Ashland. Victoria stated that Newman Media had been Ashland's company, and it would be poetic justice if the company was returned to him. Victoria wanted to have a real stake in the media world. With ChancComm and Newman Media under Newman Locke's roof, they would be an unstoppable powerhouse in the media field.

Victor told Victoria he didn't see any advantage for him and Adam in selling Newman Media to Newman Locke. Victor felt Adam had done good things with Newman Media. They'd become a company to be reckoned with in a very short period of time. Victoria reminded him it had been based on a business Ashland had built. She hadn't seen any innovation. Victor claimed they'd added the fashion platform, but Victoria pointed out that any success had been because of Sally and Chloe. Victoria claimed she'd proven her business acumen.

Victor told Victoria he wasn't going to compare his children's business skills. She claimed that would be a mistake. Victor needed to sell Newman Media to her and Ashland before Adam did irreparable damage. She said that when Adam hadn't been looking, he'd almost allowed Billy to destroy Newman Media.

Victor refuses to sell Newman Media to Victoria

Victor refuses to sell Newman Media to Victoria

Thursday, January 13, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Ashland told Lily that he and Billy had made peace. Lily confirmed Billy had been sincere, but Ashland wondered if they could rely on Billy's word. Ashland mentioned the Gaines video and how Billy had tried to blackmail Ashland with it. Lily had no interest in rehashing the Gaines video. She said that Ashland had been aware that Billy had had no intention of releasing that video. Billy had acknowledged he'd been wrong for threatening to do so. Lily said Billy had taken the hit, and he'd paid the price. She asked Ashland to leave Billy alone.

Ashland asked Lily why strong and intelligent women ran to Billy's defense. Lily said with Victor's target on someone's back, that person needed all the support they could get. Ashland claimed Billy deserved every consequence for his poor judgment. Lily stated that Victor hadn't gone after Billy because of what had happened at the wedding. He'd hated Billy for years, and he would use any excuse to go after him. Ashland was aware of the long history, and he claimed that Tuscany had been the final straw. Lily said there was no final straw because it was an ongoing vendetta for Victor.

Ashland asked how Lily would feel if someone had broken Mattie's heart repeatedly the way Billy had done to Victoria. Lily asked if that justified their continued war against Billy. Ashland claimed Billy had nothing left to lose, since he'd already trashed his own career. Lily said Billy hadn't trashed anything. She said Billy would be working at Chancellor as the COO. She said he would redeem himself as long at Ashland, Victor, and Adam didn't interfere.

Ashland realized that Lily wanted to know how the ongoing battle with Billy would affect Chancellor. He told Lily to keep Billy busy, because Billy would create his own drama when he got bored. Ashland realized Lily had also wanted to know if there would be any retribution if she brought Billy on board. Ashland said his latest test results showed his cancer had abated, and his focus was on his health. Lily was very happy for him. Ashland said that if Billy had moved on from Ashland's past, then he had nothing to fear from Billy. Lily wished Ashland well, and Ashland left.

At the ranch, Victor told Victoria that Billy had informed Adam he'd been going after Newman Media, but for whatever reason, Billy had just dropped it. Victoria said she'd discovered that Billy had been about to sue Newman Media and force Adam to admit that the story about Ashland was true. She'd told Billy to stop, or she would inform Victor and Adam. If it hadn't been for her, Newman Media would have been in a huge mess.

Victoria told Victor she hadn't done it to help Adam because he should have been protecting Newman Media himself. Victor didn't want Victoria to use the situation to go after Adam. Victoria said she wasn't attacking Adam, but Victor needed to admit what was staring him in the face. She claimed Victor had given Adam far too much responsibility, and Adam couldn't handle it; however, she understood it had been a loving and generous gesture between father and son. Victor said he wouldn't sell Newman Media to her and rip the company away from Adam.

Victoria suggested that Victor take the proceeds from the sale of Newman Media and buy Adam a new company. Victoria asked Victor to imagine combining the two companies. She said that with ChancComm and Newman Media under the Newman Locke umbrella, they would be an unstoppable force and the dominant player in the communications industry. She asked how Victor could pass on that. Victor claimed she'd outbidded him and Adam for ChancComm, and he wanted to know why that wasn't enough for her.

Victoria reminded Victor that Cyaxares had originally been part of Locke Communications, and it would be a simple reintegration. Victor asked if Ashland regretted selling Cyaxares to him and if Ashland disapproved of the way Adam had been handling things. Victoria admitted they had discussed what it would mean to acquire both companies. There would be endless opportunities for synergy and cross promotion. Victor asked if Ashland was on board to gobble up Newman Media.

Victor said he loved Victoria's ambition, but he wasn't going to sell his company to her. He wanted to give Adam more time to prove himself as CEO. Victoria claimed that given Adam's distractions with all the issues in his life, it was only a matter of time before Adam ran the company into the ground, and she would then buy the company for a lot less. Victor claimed he didn't see that happening.

Outside Society's door, Sally pushed Adam to agree to go to New York with her. Adam said it sounded tempting; however, there was a lot going on at work. Sally had just laid out a possible itinerary for them in New York when Chelsea joined them. Adam told Sally he appreciated the offer, but the timing wasn't great. He left. Chelsea asked Sally what that had been about. Sally claimed it hadn't been anything important.

Chelsea asked what Sally had offered Adam. Sally claimed she wanted to go inside because she was cold, but Chelsea persisted. She asked if there was a reason Sally didn't want to share what she and Adam had been discussing. Chelsea wanted to believe Sally was being straight with her, since Sally had said she was keeping things strictly professional. Sally said she'd shared the ideas Chelsea had approved with him, to show him they were working together and that she was a team player, something everyone wanted from her. Chelsea said she would fill Adam in on the details later. Chelsea wished Sally a productive time in New York.

After Sally left, Chloe asked Chelsea if everything was okay because things had seemed a little tense. Chelsea said Sally had made another move on Adam, and Adam had shot Sally down. Chelsea left.

Back inside, Chloe asked if Sally had been flirting with Adam. Sally claimed it had been a work conversation. Chloe stated that Sally was very lucky to be going to New York to take the meetings. Sally hoped the trip wasn't something Chloe and Chelsea had cooked up to get her out of the way so they could figure out a way of getting rid of her. Chloe said Sally was the face of the brand, and no one wanted to see her leave. Sally claimed Chelsea had convinced herself that Sally was the problem and that Sally was standing in Chelsea's way for a grand reunion with Adam, something he had no interest in. Sally said that with her in New York, Chelsea would have to face that sad reality.

When Victoria arrived at Newman, Nikki had been waiting for her to congratulate Victoria on her big win. Victoria claimed ChancComm made a wonderful addition to the Newman portfolio. Nikki claimed everything had fallen into place beautifully. She said she was happy Billy didn't have a media outlet to weaponize against the Newman family and that Victor was fine with Victoria besting Adam. She said Victor had been impressed with Victoria's boldness.

Victoria told Nikki she'd seen Victor, and he'd congratulated her. Nikki was delighted that a major business upset hadn't caused any family strife. Nikki presented Victoria with a new pair of shoes as a celebratory gift. Victoria squealed in delight. She wished she'd been wearing them when she'd met with Victor. Victoria explained that the first part of the meeting had gone well. Victor had respected her powerful business move, but she'd made another proposition: she'd asked Victor to sell Newman Media to her. It hadn't gone over as well.

When Ashland arrived, Victoria explained to Nikki that ChancComm had belonged to Newman Enterprises, Newman Media had been part of Locke Communications Group, and she wanted everything under the same umbrella. Nikki asked if that was really the reason Victoria wanted Newman Media -- or if it was another way to stick it to Adam. Nikki claimed she'd been enjoying the peace within the family, and she didn't want anything to disrupt it.

Victoria told Nikki she wished Victor had felt the same way. He'd turned down Victoria's offer because he wanted to keep Adam employed and protect Adam's delicate feelings. Victoria suggested that Nikki start shopping soon because things could move rather quickly.

Nikki wanted Victoria to let go of the idea of acquiring Newman Media because the last thing they needed was a turf war between Victoria and Adam. Victoria suggested that Victor could buy Adam a new plaything. She told Nikki it bugged her that there was a company out there with her name on it that wasn't part of her empire.

After Nikki left, Ashland told Victoria he was surprised Nikki hadn't been behind Victoria acquiring Newman Media. Victoria said Nikki hadn't been thrilled when they'd gone after ChancComm. Ashland said Victoria had been spot-on about Victor's reaction. It was as if he was proud that she'd had the guts to snake a deal out from under him.

Victoria said she had believed that Victor favored his sons over his daughters, especially Adam because he was so ruthless. However, she'd realized Victor only liked winners. She claimed she'd been on an amazing winning streak ever since she'd fallen in love with Ashland. Ashland reminded her that Victor had broken her winning streak by rejecting her proposal for Newman Media. Victoria said Victor had left the door open in case he changed his mind.

At Newman Media, Victor asked Adam about Billy's scheme. Adam claimed Billy had seen the plan wouldn't work, and he'd waved the white flag for total surrender. Victor claimed it hadn't been about waving the white flag to prove he was the bigger person, as Lily had claimed. He said Victoria had discovered Billy's plan and put a stop to it. Victor reported that Billy had intended to pressure Adam into admitting that what he'd written about Ashland had been the truth, and Billy and ChancComm would have been vindicated. Victor said Victoria had seen the whole picture, and Adam should have.

Adam told Victor that as the mother of Billy's children, Victoria had more opportunities to catch Billy in a lie than he had. Adam wondered why Victoria had waited for Billy to confess before she'd warned Victor. Victor claimed it was because of Adam's inattention, and a lawsuit would have been devastating. Adam claimed he'd been in the fact-finding stage. He would have found out with or without Victoria's help. Adam claimed he had all the videos of Billy drinking and gambling.

Victor told Adam that was tantamount to Billy saying he'd had all that information about Ashland, but he'd had no intention of using it. Adam claimed it wasn't the same, and he claimed he wasn't anything like Billy Abbott. Adam said he would have only used the videos to challenge Billy's credibility. Victor said Billy would have pushed Adam to use them. Victor questioned Sally's involvement. Adam claimed she wasn't involved. Sally had been just as shocked as he'd been when Billy had blurted out the truth. Adam assured Victor that he and Newman Media had never been in peril.

Adam also assured Victor he was ready to take on the responsibilities Victor had given him, but Victor claimed he was going to take on a more active role in the company. Adam claimed it wasn't necessary. Victor said it wasn't up for debate or Adam's approval -- he was going to take an active role in the company. Victor left.

Deep in thought, Adam recalled Victor saying he respected what Adam had gone through in his life and the tough time Adam had had growing up. He recalled that Victor had always had faith that Adam would work it out and become the man he was at that moment. Victor had told the family that he would never turn his back on Adam. Adam had vowed he would prove to everyone that Victor had been right to believe in him.

Adam snapped out of his reverie when Chelsea arrived and claimed they hadn't made any specific plans for their get-together. Adam claimed something had come up, and he wasn't sure he could meet with her. He asked what Chelsea wanted to say. Chelsea asked if he was trying to make a point; if so, he could have done it without being a total jerk. Adam admitted he was annoyed with someone, and he shouldn't have taken it out on Chelsea. He apologized.

Adam told Chelsea he'd been reminded that being a Newman, there was no such thing as independence. Chelsea said Victor was back to being Victor again. Adam claimed it didn't make things less irritating. Adam said he didn't know why he let Victor get to him. Chelsea said because Adam and Victor loved each other. Adam thanked Chelsea. He said it was nice to have someone to talk to who knew his history. Chelsea claimed it was her history, too. If Adam wanted someone to talk to who was well versed on the never-ending saga of the Newman clan and all their foibles, she was available. Chelsea invited him for a drink, and they left together.

At the ranch, Nikki told Victor she'd discovered that Victoria had had her sights set on Newman Media. Victor asked if Victoria had consulted with Nikki prior to making the pitch to him. Nikki said they had both been surprised by Victoria's request. Nikki claimed Victor needed to discuss it with Victoria. She was certain Victoria would have a very compelling offer for him if he was willing to entertain the idea. Nikki asked if Victor had told Adam about Victoria's offer.

Victor told Nikki he'd been happy with the way things had been going for the Newmans. He and Nick were on speaking terms; Adam had turned his life around and had become part of the family. Nikki stated that Ashland's health was improving, and Victoria was very optimistic about their future together. Victor claimed that he and Nikki had never been stronger; however, things seemed precarious, and they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. He said that wh en it did, it could mean a major shift in their family.

Devon tells Abby and Chance he is suing for shared custody

Devon tells Abby and Chance he is suing for shared custody

Friday, January 14, 2022

by Nel

At home, when Abby heard Dominic crying, she entered the room, and Chance told her he'd fallen asleep on the sofa. He said he'd had a nightmare, woken up shouting, and scared Dominic. Abby calmed Dominic and put him back into his bassinet. Chance said Abby was "so great" with the baby. Abby claimed Chance was, as well, but he just hadn't realized it yet.

Abby told Chance she was worried about what was going on in his head and about the nightmares that woke him screaming "no." She asked if Chance had given any thought to seeing a therapist, someone who specialized in PTSD. Chance didn't think it was necessary. All he needed was her and Dominic. They'd both known it was going to take some time for him to adjust. While Dominic slept, they went upstairs and made love. After the loving, Chance quietly left the mansion.

Sometime later, Mariah and Tessa arrived at the Chancellor home. Mariah told Abby it was the one-year anniversary of Abby asking her to be surrogate to Dominic. Abby was delighted with their gift. Abby commented that Mariah and Tessa seemed extra happy. Mariah said she and Tessa were ready to be parents, and they were going to adopt. Abby was really excited for them. Abby stated that she hadn't seen Mariah that happy in quite some time. Mariah admitted it was the happiest she'd been a long time.

Abby asked if Mariah had spoken to Devon recently. Mariah said she hadn't and asked why. Abby explained that Devon wanted to make changes to their arrangement. He wanted Dominic to spend more time with him at the penthouse. He had grown very attached to Dominic, and he was having a hard time letting go.

Abby told Mariah and Tessa that it was a critical time for them because they were trying to figure out how to be a family. Devon had been disappointed when she'd told him they wouldn't agree to shared custody. Abby said she hadn't heard from him since. She thought perhaps he needed space, just like Mariah had. Mariah suggested she could reach out to Devon. She said he'd been there for her when she'd been struggling.

At home, Devon told Amanda that he wanted a bigger role in Dominic's life and that having legal rights to protect that relationship was the best way to secure it. He loved Dominic and wanted to do right by him. Devon claimed Chance needed time to recover after the traumatic situation he'd gone through. He said Chance wasn't ready to be a parent. Devon said he only wanted to be there to help them. He wished they didn't have to go the legal route.

Amanda told Devon the legal route was the best way to get what he wanted. Devon didn't want to be forced into attacking Abby and Chance's parenting skills. Amanda said Devon had to argue that Chance wasn't capable of giving Dominic the love and support he needed. They needed to approach it with their strongest strategy. Amanda was ready to fight to get Devon the relationship he deserved. She said custody battles were brutal, and before she filed the documents, Devon had to be sure he would do whatever it took to win.

Devon told Amanda he wanted to proceed with as little insult as possible, because he didn't want it to appear like an attack. Amanda said that might be difficult to do. Amanda said that Devon needed to go into the case with his eyes wide open. Devon hoped that once Abby and Chance saw the lengths he was willing to go to, they might settle rather than going through a court battle. Amanda claimed Abby and Chance's feelings could turn to anger, and they might instruct their attorney to go into battle mode.

Devon told Amanda that all he'd ever wanted was for the three of them to be on the same page for Dominic. Even if he won, he would make certain that Abby and Chance understood they were all on the same team. Amanda warned Devon that if he lost, Abby and Chance would control all access to Dominic, and they might not allow Devon to see him. Devon claimed that Abby would never keep him out of Dominic's life. Amanda said she'd pointed out all the risks, and she wouldn't have encouraged Devon to pursue legal action if she believed he would lose.

Amanda told Devon she'd done her research, and there had been specific circumstances, similar to Devon's, where donors had been awarded rights. Regardless of what had been going on with Chance, Devon had been a constant presence in Dominic's life, and he was close to the family. Filing the document with the court would give Devon the opportunity to make sure that never changed.

Devon told Amanda he had to do right by Dominic. He hoped things wouldn't get ugly in court, and he wanted the situation handled as civilly as possible; however, he instructed her to move forward if things didn't work out the way he wanted. Amanda wanted Devon to take a step back and let her handle things with Abby and Chance's lawyer. It would be less personal with just two lawyers talking. Devon disagreed because it was personal, and Abby needed to hear it from him.

At Crimson Lights, Rey and Sharon flirted. Rey didn't look happy when Mariah and Tessa interrupted them. Mariah told Rey he'd been missed at Nick's birthday party. Rey said he'd heard it had been blast. Hiding his annoyance, Rey said he would be at the next big celebration.

Mariah and Tessa told Sharon they were going to Fenmore's and then to Abby and Chance's because they had a little surprise for them. Just when Rey wanted to pick up where he and Sharon had left off their flirting, Chance arrived. Sharon left to fix a beverage for Chance. Rey said he couldn't wait for Chance to return to the force, but Chance informed him that he was going to take an indefinite leave. Rey was disappointed, but he said if that was what Chance needed to do, Rey supported him.

Chance told Rey he'd missed the pregnancy, the birth, and the first few months with Dominic. Abby, Devon, and everyone else had taken care of Dominic. All those people had spent more time with his son than he had. Rey claimed Chance would create his own history with his son, and it wouldn't be long before Dominic realized how lucky he was to have Chance as his dad.

After Chance left, Sharon sat down again with Rey, and she promised she wouldn't let anyone interrupt them. Rey said he wanted to spend some quality time alone with his wife. Rey wanted to wine and dine her at a French bistro. Rey wanted to leave immediately, and Sharon agreed.

At Society, Chelsea told Adam she wanted to talk about them, but Adam interrupted and told Chelsea that there was no future for them. Chelsea claimed they had overcome worse situations previously. She reminded Adam that he'd promised they would rebuild what they'd had. She claimed it was her turn, and she wanted to make those same promises to him. Adam stated that Chelsea had missed something in her recollections; things had always fallen apart, and the last time, things had disintegrated. He asked if she really wanted to do that again.

Chelsea knew Adam was scared, but so was she. She claimed it was difficult to put her heart into the hands of the person she needed the most because that person could break it, but it was worth the risk. She claimed it would be worse to walk away from true happiness. Chelsea believed they could have the happiness and the deep love again. She wanted them to try.

Adam realized Chelsea had given their situation a lot of thought. Chelsea said some things just felt right. Adam claimed they weren't one of those things. He knew with every fiber of his being that a reconciliation would be a terrible mistake. Adam said Chelsea had put a man in the hospital; she could have killed him, all because she wanted to get back at Adam. Chelsea reminded Adam that she hadn't been in her right mind because she'd had a brain injury. Adam claimed the brain injury had been his fault. He asked if she realized how toxic their love had been to have driven her to that point.

Adam told Chelsea he was trying to be gentle because he didn't want to hurt her, but she was holding on to something that wasn't going to happen. He said if Chelsea couldn't let go, then he didn't think their working relationship could continue; however, he didn't want things to go that way. He wanted Chelsea to stay at the company and thrive, but if their proximity was a problem, then he wouldn't hesitate. Chelsea claimed that was cold. Adam said it was the most caring and compassionate thing he could do for her. He wanted her to live a rich and full life and to be the best mother to Connor she could be. He asked her to stop hoping they could get back what they'd had. It wasn't going to happen, and Chelsea needed to come to terms with that.

Later, at the coffeehouse, Chance and Chelsea were surprised to see one another. Neither had realized the other had returned to Genoa City. Chance said he was there to do a bit of thinking. He got the impression that Chelsea was there for the same reason. Chelsea said she'd heard what he'd been through in Spain. Chance said that while he'd been in Spain, he had heard what Chelsea had been through. He admitted he was surprised Chelsea had returned to Genoa City. Chelsea said she hadn't had much choice because she had to be with Connor, and Adam wasn't going to allow her to take Connor far. Chance claimed she could have fought that, but Chelsea didn't want to keep Connor away from his dad.

Chance commented that Chelsea and Adam seemed to be in a good place. Chelsea said they weren't. She had believed they could work things out, but that wasn't going to happen. Chelsea apologized for bringing the conversation down. She changed the subject and said they should be rejoicing because Chance was alive and at home. She asked if Dominic was the light of Chance's life. Chance appeared to agree halfheartedly. She asked if he had any photos of Dominic. Chance checked his phone. He claimed he didn't have any photos of Dominic. Chelsea said he was getting to know his son, and that was more important than photos.

Chelsea described to Chance what to expect as babies grew. Chance commented how much Chelsea seemed to love being a parent. Chelsea claimed it was the most rewarding thing she'd ever done. Adam arrived. Chelsea left to get a coffee. She told Rey she wanted a coffee to go. Rey saw Adam, and he understood her request.

Chance told Adam he got the gist of what was going on between Adam and Chelsea. Adam was surprised that Chelsea had said anything because she didn't usually open up to people she didn't know well. Adam said he was sorry Chelsea was hurting, but hopefully they could move on and put the past behind them. Chance received a text message from Abby. "Please come home. I need you."

Chance told Adam that life was short and unpredictable. He knew Adam and Chelsea had been to hell and back, but they obviously still cared for each other, and they had maintained a strong connection. He asked if Adam was 100% certain it was over. Chance asked if Adam had any of that love left. Adam stated he didn't. Chelsea had been at the door, eavesdropping. Chelsea rushed out of the coffeehouse, obviously upset. Rey watched her leave.

Adam arrived at Newman Media, and he poured himself a drink and sat down on the sofa, looking disheartened.

Chelsea arrived home in tears. She poured herself a drink and gulped it down. In a fit of anger, she threw her glass into the fireplace, where it shattered.

At Society, Tessa asked if Mariah was thinking about Devon and Abby. Mariah admitted she was worried about Abby and Devon because she loved them both deeply. Mariah could see the irony in the situation. Mariah had been attached to Dominic but had been able to distance herself, and Devon was holding on tighter than she had. She said Devon had a special connection with Dominic, and he wouldn't let go.

Tessa told Mariah she felt bad for Devon, as well as Chance and Abby. Mariah claimed they'd had everything planned from the beginning, but the situation had become more complicated than anyone had expected. Mariah said she was going to reach out to Devon because she wanted to help in any way she could.

Devon and Amanda arrived at Abby's. Devon asked if Chance was there. Abby stated he was out running errands, and she asked if she needed to call him. Devon said it wasn't necessary. He wanted Abby to hear him out. Abby said the conversation would have to wait until Chance was present.

When Chance arrived, Abby said Devon had something to say, and he'd brought his lawyer. Abby had asked Devon to wait until Chance was home. Devon hoped they would understand where he was coming from. Devon said he'd given a lot of thought to what Chance had shared with him the last time they'd spoken. He hadn't wanted to take the next step; however, he felt he was doing what was best for Dominic and himself. He was taking legal action to get shared custody of Dominic. He said Amanda would be filing the paperwork and contacting Christine in the near future.

Beside herself with anger, Abby asked Devon if he was taking them to court in order to spend more time with her and Chance's son. She asked how Devon could do that to them.

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