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Victoria told Ashland their relationship was over. Victoria, Ashland, and Rey got into a horrific three-car accident. Ashland rescued Victoria from her burning vehicle, but Rey didn't make it. Nick broke the news of Rey's death to a devastated Sharon. Sally admitted that she was falling in love with Adam.
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Victoria, Ashland, and Rey got into a three-car accident -- Ashland rescued Victoria, but Rey didn't make it
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Phyllis calls Diane's bluff

Phyllis calls Diane's bluff

Monday, April 18, 2022

Victor was waiting in Adam's office at Newman Media for Adam to return with an update about the generous monetary offer made to Ashland. Adam informed Victor that Ashland had agreed to surrender control of the company and annul his marriage to Victoria. Victor replied, "Well, so the end is in sight." Though Victor was pleased, he pointed his finger at Adam and reprimanded him for having impulsively offered a deal that could have backfired. Adam insisted that his offer of cold, hard cash had been the cleanest, most straightforward way to tackle the problem and force Ashland to take a hike. Victor suggested that Adam's actual goal had been to prove he was smarter and more capable than Victoria. Adam was taken aback to hear that his father believed he'd acted out of selfishness.

Victor reminded Adam that he'd blamed Victoria for having fallen for a con man, which Adam had used to lobby for removing her as CEO and installing Adam. Adam declared that he was a better leader than Victoria and admitted he'd hoped to please his father by approaching Ashland with a deal that would benefit the whole family. Victor, fondly recalling having taught a young Adam to play soccer, assured his son that he had been impressed. Victor, however, noted that Adam had cost him a "hell of a lot of money." Adam reminded Victor that they were close to getting rid of Ashland, whom he referred to as a "bastard." Victor nodded and replied, "I'm proud of you."

In her office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria embraced Ashland and pretended to be pleased about the lucrative deal he'd made with Adam. Ashland said, "Well, Adam and your father gave me 500 million reasons to walk away from our combined company [and] from our 'official' marriage." Ashland asked for assurance that Victoria was willing and ready to walk away from everything and build a new future with him somewhere far away. Victoria assured Ashland she was ready for a fresh start. Ashland replied, "What about your children?" Ashland expressed concern that Billy might keep Victoria from seeing Johnny and Katie.

Victoria assured Ashland that Billy would do the right thing and set up an arrangement. Ashland reminded Victoria that Billy, who hated him, was notably vindictive. Victoria replied that Billy would get much satisfaction from her finally walking away from Victor, adding that Billy despised her father even more than he did Adam. Victoria assured Ashland that more than anything, Billy yearned for her to have peace in her life, which he'd been unable to give her. Victoria told Ashland that because she loved him even after everything that had happened, Billy would have to accept that he couldn't fight against her feelings.

Victoria assured Ashland she was ready to begin their new life, and she kissed him passionately. Victoria suggested she and Ashland move to their palazzo in Tuscany, where they'd shared beautiful memories. Victoria promised she'd be waiting after Ashland finalized things with Adam. Ashland was eager to begin their new life together. After Ashland left, Victoria appeared uneasy and conflicted.

Ashland arrived at Newman Media and entered Adam's office. Victor greeted Ashland. Adam told Ashland they'd been expecting him. Adam showed Ashland the contract, displayed on a tablet, and instructed him to sign on the third page. Adam explained, "For 500 million dollars, you agree to relinquish all ownership and control of Newman/Locke as well agree to an annulment of your marriage to Victoria." Ashland said the goal was to erase him from the company and from Victoria's life. Victor agreed and said that after the contract was signed, Victor would transfer the funds. Ashland said he doubted Victor and Adam truly believed that getting rid of him would be so easy. Victor held up his phone and showed Ashland the transaction he was ready to authorize.

After Ashland signed, Victor completed the transaction and ordered Ashland to get out of their lives. Ashland attempted to tell Victor that Victoria would leave, too, but Victor interrupted and said, "Spare me." Victor, acknowledging that Ashland had wanted his name to become equal to the Newman name, lambasted Ashland for having lied about an illness to prey on Victoria's feelings and take advantage of her family's generosity. Ashland said he still admired Victor for his devotion to his family and his commitment to his empire.

Adam told Ashland it was time for Ashland to leave. Ashland offered praise for Victoria and said she was a remarkable, independent woman. Victor replied, "Get him the hell out of here." Adam escorted Ashland to the door. After Ashland left, Adam told Victor they'd won. Victor smiled.

Nikki entered Victoria's office and told her daughter she'd heard that Ashland had agreed to Adam's plan to pay him off. Victoria explained that Ashland expected her to leave town with him. Nikki exclaimed, "What? Well, you didn't agree to that, did you?" Victoria cried that there was no other way to get Ashland out of their lives, which was what they all wanted. Nikki asked Victoria what she wanted. Victoria replied, "Right now, Ashland is signing away his entire life. Everything that he'd built. Everything that we've built."

Nikki told Victoria she didn't owe Ashland anything after all his lies and the way he'd used her. Nikki said she hoped Victoria hadn't chosen to stay with Ashland. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes. Nikki acknowledged that Victoria's feelings for Ashland were still strong, despite everything he'd done. Victoria admitted she was grieving the loss of her marriage, though she hated Ashland, who'd once been her soul mate.

Nikki acknowledged that Victoria had put on the performance of lifetime to convince Ashland to accept the deal. Victoria explained that she'd drawn on real feelings she'd been unable to reconcile in her heart and mind. Victoria cried that Ashland's love for her had seemed so powerful and real that it was difficult to believe he'd faked it the whole time. Nikki explained that because Ashland was a sociopath, he knew all the right words to put on a perfect act, all the while feeling nothing except a sense of sick satisfaction for having duped them all. Nikki assured Victoria that she shouldn't feel shame or accept blame because they'd all fallen for Ashland's ruse. Victoria broke down in tears and said she didn't know what to do with all the love she had in her heart. Nikki assured Victoria that she would heal over time with her family by her side.

After Nikki left, Victoria read a text message from Victor. It stated, "He signed it all away. The company is safe. You are free." Ashland rushed in and excitedly announced, "All right, I just met with Victor and Adam. It's done. I see no reason to stay here one minute longer. You ready to go?" Victoria turned to face Ashland and angrily said, "Did you really think that I would run away with you after everything you put me through? Did you really believe this wasn't the absolute end for us?" Ashland looked shocked.

At the Abbott estate, Jack told Traci that Kyle and Harrison would arrive the next week. Though Jack was excited about seeing his son and grandson, he dreaded the thought of blindsiding Kyle with the news that his mother was still alive. Traci asked Jack what might have suddenly prompted Diane to reveal herself after so many years. Jack replied, "Oh, there is a reason, rest assured. Diane has a plan." Jack assured Traci he'd determine exactly what Diane's plan was. Jack told Traci he'd investigated "Taylor Jenson's" life in Los Angeles and discovered that Diane had sold real estate, though it hadn't afforded the lifestyle she'd once enjoyed. Traci acknowledged that Diane, having faked her death, had had to maintain a low profile.

Jack told Traci he believed Diane planned to convince Kyle to support her. Traci told Jack that it would be Kyle's decision, so in the meantime they should focus on the positive and enjoy Kyle and Harrison's visit. Jack said he hoped Allie might visit and have an opportunity to meet her whole new family. Traci wasn't certain it was a good idea. Traci reminded Jack that Diane was unpredictable and volatile. Jack agreed with Traci and explained that Allie had already met Diane and knew all the details about the past.

Diane unpacked and set up her suite at the Grand Phoenix to make it homey. Phyllis knocked on the door and informed Diane that the alias Diane had used to check in hadn't fooled Phyllis. Phyllis called Diane out for pretending she didn't know Phyllis owned the hotel. Diane admitted she'd been following the lives of people she knew in Genoa City. Phyllis asked Diane if she was aware of the "hell that will rain down on you" when people found out she was in town. Diane said she wanted to be present after Jack informed Kyle that she was alive. Phyllis said Kyle would likely not want to have anything to do with Diane.

Phyllis, suggesting a meeting with Kyle might spark fireworks, threatened to throw Diane "out on your butt" if she caused trouble. Diane, promising to behave, insisted that she'd changed. Phyllis told Diane that when some people in Genoa City discovered Diane was alive, things would get ugly in a hurry. Phyllis asked Diane how she'd been paying her bills. Diane explained that after she'd been certain her escape plan had been successful, she'd resumed her work as an architect, though she'd been limited by not being able to draw on her previous success by using her real name. Diane said she'd later obtained her Realtor's license and had mostly dealt with small, postwar homes in the Valley area.

Phyllis accused Diane of planning and plotting by jumping at the chance to buy Keemo's house because she knew that Jack's granddaughter had inherited the property. Phyllis berated Diane for having capitalized on Allie's grief and confusion. Diane accused Phyllis of twisting everything. Phyllis replied, "See, I know who you are, and I don't trust a word that comes out of your mouth, Diane, and nothing you say or do is ever going to change that."

After Phyllis left, Diane picked up her phone and perused all the latest news about Genoa City, learning that Victor had abruptly installed Adam as a temporary CEO. Diane laughed and said aloud to herself that Victor was still pulling strings and keeping everyone guessing. Diane also learned that Adam was personally and professionally associated with Sally Spectra and that Nikki, a powerful force to be reckoned with, would chair the Arts Foundation Gala for the tenth consecutive year. Reading the tidbit appeared to titillate Diane and get her wheels turning.

Phyllis went to visit Jack. Phyllis told Jack and Traci that Diane was in Genoa City, staying at the Grand Phoenix. Jack lamented that it was just the type of stunt Diane would pull by planning to pounce on Kyle. Phyllis told Jack that Diane had claimed she'd rebuilt her life during the past ten years and truly wanted to mend fences with Kyle. Jack said Diane would stick to her story because she was a skilled liar. Phyllis admitted she'd baited Diane, though Diane had never lashed out as expected. Phyllis told Jack that Diane had put on the best act of sincerity Phyllis had ever seen. Jack, puzzled, said that Phyllis seemed to be buying it. Phyllis replied, "No. Not for a minute."

Jack asked Phyllis how he could keep Diane away from Kyle before Jack could talk to him. Phyllis assured Jack she'd handle Diane. Jack thanked Phyllis for helping him and being consistently supportive. Phyllis acknowledged that she was also protecting Summer, which had put her in "mama bear" mode. Phyllis added, "And make no mistake, this is personal for me." Jack later angrily confronted Diane and asked her "what the hell" she thought she was doing.

A distraught Victoria gets behind the wheel and crashes

A distraught Victoria gets behind the wheel and crashes

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

At Newman Locke, Victoria revealed that she'd told Ashland what he'd wanted to hear to get him to sign everything away, since she wanted out of their marriage and him out of the company. Victoria taunted that Ashland prided himself on being one step ahead of everyone else, so he should have foreseen it. Ashland contended that he'd thought running away to Tuscany to start fresh had been their chance, and he'd been so overjoyed that she'd agreed to go that he hadn't questioned it. He swore that they could get out of there and make it work, but she pushed him away when he tried to reach for her.

Victoria reiterated that everything she'd said had been a complete lie, even if it hadn't been a grand fabrication about dying from cancer. She pointed out that she knew the feelings of betrayal and humiliation well. "It's your turn now," she growled. Victoria found it insulting that Ashland had thought she'd believe his story about being set up. She angrily asked if he took her for an idiot, but he insisted that he didn't.

Ashland doubted that Victoria would have forgiven him if he'd admitted he'd lied and made a mistake, but he'd hoped that in her heart, she'd wanted to believe that he was telling the truth. Victoria demanded to know why he'd kept lying. Ashland explained that he'd been stalling to buy time because he'd honestly believed their love would win out in the end and that they could have a future together. She stressed that they could never have a future after what he'd done to her, and she urged him to take comfort in what he did have -- money and freedom. Ashland claimed that he didn't "give a damn" about the money or the freedom if it meant going off without Victoria, since all he wanted was her.

Victoria conceded that Ashland didn't lack commitment -- but to the scam, not to her. She chided him for playing the dutiful, devoted husband to the bitter end, but he swore he wasn't playing anything. Victoria dared him to just admit what he'd done by telling her how he'd used her by lying about a disease that had ruined many people's lives. "I lied about having cancer," Ashland flatly stated, and she called it a start. He claimed that the whole truth wasn't what she thought it was, since he hadn't originally set his sights on Newman Enterprises.

Ashland recalled that he'd found out his wife had cheated on him and that his son wasn't his biological child, and everything had changed for him. Victoria blasted him for using a child as an excuse. Ashland explained that he'd seen an opportunity for something bigger than he'd ever done before, and he'd channeled his righteous anger into going after her family's company. She spat that he'd wasted no time, since he'd asked her to dinner in New York right after he'd learned about Harrison's paternity, and that was where Ashland had told her about his alleged cancer diagnosis.

Victoria had wondered why Ashland had wanted a virtual stranger around when dealing with his illness, and she surmised that he'd known it would create an instant bond with trust and intimacy. He confirmed that it had all been very deliberate, and she admonished him for letting a sweet little boy think his father was dying. Ashland reasoned that he'd done what he could to keep Harrison out of it, and Victoria guessed it was why Ashland hadn't fought Kyle taking the boy to Italy. She figured that Ashland had schemed to get all his business arrangements in place, intending to later make the announcement that he'd miraculously recovered while never having to lie to Harrison the way Ashland had done to her.

Ashland couldn't deny that he'd taken advantage of Victoria's immense heart by working an angle to win her love and trust. Victoria barked that he'd used death as his angle to get his hands on her family's company, and the merger was not only his ultimate power grab but also the most selfish and disgusting move of his entire career. Ashland confided that there had been a time he'd been proud of himself, but then something extraordinary and shocking had happened -- he'd honestly fallen in love with her.

A skeptical Victoria snarled that she'd be shocked if Ashland understood what those words even meant. He looked into her eyes and insisted that it was true, but she considered them empty words from a man who didn't have faith in anyone or anything but himself. Ashland reiterated that they could get past it, since he'd never loved anyone as profoundly as he loved her. He added that if he walked out the door without her, he'd be a lost man without direction, and he'd have no idea where to go. He lamented that for first time in his life, he didn't know what to do next.

Victoria told Ashland that she had no sympathy, since he'd had every opportunity to go to her before that night, but all she'd gotten from him had been lie upon lie. She snapped that he'd only told the truth because he'd been backed into a corner when he'd been caught, and that wasn't love. Victoria recounted that he'd said he'd had nothing left to hide, but he'd repeatedly shown her who he was. She regretted that she'd looked past his excuses because she'd wanted to believe he'd changed, and he insisted he had. Ashland referred to how he'd given up his life's work to show her he would do anything for her, but Victoria refused to believe anything he said. She repeated that it was over, and she didn't care what happened to him once he walked out the door. Ashland didn't believe her.

Ashland conceded that he deserved Victoria's scorn and outrage, but he thought she was just as conflicted as he was because there was still something between them. He moved in close and proposed that they leave town and start over. She firmly replied that she was starting over, but not with him. Ashland realized that the only thing left to say was that he was sorry. He headed to the door, gazed back at her one more time, and left.

At Newman Media, Adam handed Victor a drink. Victor crowed that Adam's idea had worked, and Ashland would be out of their lives very soon. Adam recognized that his idea had only been successful because Victor had backed him up. They clinked their glasses together, and Victor stated that they made a good team. Adam was sure Victoria would be irritated that the plan that had worked hadn't been hers and that she'd never even had the temporary satisfaction of throwing him under bus and watching him squirm. Victor lectured that there was no place for sibling rivalry, and he thought Adam should feel compassion and not competition toward his sister.

Victor sensed that it wasn't enough that he'd given Adam credit for his idea to get rid of Ashland. Adam retracted his previous comment and resolved to focus on staying positive, since he knew Victoria was tough and would eventually move past it. Adam added that it would also take awhile, since she needed time to recover. Adam bragged that the brilliant part of his plan was that they got to keep everything Ashland had put into the merger, and they'd nearly doubled their company's value for a bargain price of $500 million. Victor remarked that it was interesting how things worked out sometimes.

Nick and Nikki entered the office, and Nick indicated that Victoria hadn't been answering his calls. Victor announced that Ashland had accepted the offer to leave, signed away control of both companies, and annulled his marriage. Nikki begrudgingly acknowledged that Adam's plan had worked, and Adam remarked that it had all been about helping the family. Victor said he'd shared the news with Victoria as soon as Ashland had left the office, and he had the feeling that Ashland was probably with her then. Nikki hoped the conversation was nothing more than to say goodbye and good riddance, since Victoria had made Ashland think they'd still be together despite the deal.

Nikki worried that Victoria was still reconciling the relationship she'd thought she'd had with her husband with reality. Nick called Victoria a strong woman who could handle herself, but he was more concerned about Ashland. Victor shared that his investigators had stopped monitoring Victoria and were watching Ashland all the time. Victor sternly stated that if Ashland made one wrong step, they'd get him. Victor checked in with his security detail and learned that Ashland had left the building alone. He hoped it meant Victoria was done with her husband once and for all.

Meanwhile, Victoria stared at a framed photo of her and Ashland and set it facedown on the credenza. She crossed over to her portrait and removed it from the wall. She furiously smashed it against a sharp statue on the desk and threw it across the room. She grabbed her coat and raced out.

Later, Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Adam filed into Victoria's office and were shocked to see the destroyed portrait. Victor was certain that Ashland had left peacefully, and he bet Victoria had done the damage. Adam considered it the work of someone in a lot of pain. Nick called security and learned that Victoria had left the building about five minutes earlier, with no sign of Ashland. Victor implored his family to give Victoria some time alone, and Nick suggested they grab something to eat. Adam declined because he had some things to take care of, but he told them to let him know if there was anything he could help with.

After Adam headed out, Nikki surveyed the ruined portrait with concern and pondered what had made Victoria lash out. Nick said he had to make a quick stop, but he planned to meet his parents at Society afterward. Nick recognized that Nikki was worried about Victoria, but he echoed Victor's sentiment that Victoria needed some time alone. After Nick left, Nikki wailed that she just wanted to help Victoria get through it. Victor promised that they all would when the time was right.

At Crimson Lights, Rey approached Sharon from behind, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her neck. She jokingly guessed that it was "Mr. Anderson" and feigned surprise to see Rey. She admired his new jacket, and she inquired whether he'd gotten it for his trip to Chicago. Rey said it wasn't specifically for the trip, but he figured it would be a good place to debut it. He asked if she'd seen Connor and Chelsea yet, but Sharon hadn't.

Rey thanked Sharon for being okay with him taking another woman and her son to a hockey game. Sharon insisted that there was nothing strange about it, but Rey appreciated that she hadn't disapproved of him spending the night away. Sharon reasoned that it was important to Connor and that Rey seemed to be even more excited than Connor was. Rey marveled that it would be his first live hockey game.

Chelsea and Connor entered the coffeehouse, and Rey asked if the boy was ready for the big game. Connor chirped that it would be fun to watch the Blackhawks in person, but the best part would be getting to go with Rey. Chelsea remarked that she felt like a chaperone because Rey knew the sport. Rey anticipated that it would be a great night for all of them. Sharon squirmed.

Chelsea left Connor at a table with Rey and stepped over to the counter to talk to Sharon, who was packing food for the trip. Chelsea thanked Sharon for lending her Rey for the evening, since it meant a lot to Connor. Sharon pointed out that staying in Chicago after the game made sense, and Chelsea noted that the game wouldn't end until after Connor's bedtime. Sharon added that it could get foggy at that time of year, and it might not be safe to drive late at night. Chelsea promised that she would get Rey home safely, and Sharon envisioned having the house to herself for the night, watching the shows Rey pretended to like for her sake. Chelsea commented that it sounded like the perfect evening.

Meanwhile, Rey asked Connor what he was most excited about seeing live, and Connor mentioned the slapshot. Connor demonstrated the move, and Rey praised him. Chelsea smiled as she observed the exchange, and Sharon asked if Chelsea had any special requests. Chelsea noticed that Sharon had been very generous when packing the snacks, and Sharon replied that it was her pleasure. Chelsea sensed that Sharon wasn't happy about the trip but was working hard to act like everything was okay. Chelsea pushed to know if Sharon was truly fine with everything happening that night.

Rey offered to take Connor to the skating rink sometime after the trip so the boy could show him some things. Sharon plastered on a smile and stated that she supported Rey going on the trip with Chelsea and Connor. Sharon continued that it would be good for Rey, who liked how Connor looked up to him. Chelsea clarified that she didn't think Sharon had an issue with Rey taking Connor, but the issue was with Rey spending time with Chelsea, given their history.

Sharon asserted that it was all in the past, and she knew Chelsea was doing a lot better. Chelsea swore that she'd never do anything to undermine her progress, and she'd never forget how kind Rey and Sharon had been to her. Chelsea pledged to live her best life from then on, and it was why she'd been up-front with Sharon. Chelsea hoped Sharon would do the same with her.

Sharon agreed that transparency was a great idea, and she was glad she and Chelsea were getting along. Sharon suggested that they not look for problems where there were none, and Chelsea swore that Sharon had nothing to worry about. Connor called out that they should go soon, and Rey hoped to catch a puck. Chelsea jokingly hoped it wouldn't be with his teeth. Sharon looked uncomfortable as the trio prepared to leave.

Sharon handed Rey and Chelsea two coffees for the road, and she requested that he call her once he got to Chicago to let her know he was safe. Rey kissed Sharon goodbye, but she told him to wait and kissed him more passionately. He told her to remember that for when he got back, and they exchanged words of love. Rey checked to make sure he had everything and panicked when he discovered that he'd left the game tickets in his other jacket. He prepared to make a quick trip home to pick them up before meeting back up with Chelsea and Connor at the coffeehouse. Connor urged Rey to hurry because he didn't want to be late for the game. Rey swore he'd be back before they knew it, and he rushed out.

Chelsea steered Connor to the patio to wait for Rey. Nick entered the coffeehouse and greeted Sharon. Nick confirmed that Sharon had been right about Victoria not wanting him to intervene with Ashland, but he'd tried his best to be supportive. Nick shared the good news that Ashland had decided to accept Adam's deal. Nick commended Adam for stepping up, but he doubted his brother would just accept a thank-you card for his efforts. Nick expected that it would be difficult to get Adam out of the CEO seat, and another mess was right around the corner. Nick noticed that Sharon seemed distracted, and she claimed that it had just been a long day.

Adam returned to his office and called Sally. He gleefully informed her that his plan had worked, and Ashland was on his way out of town. Adam relayed that his father had been very happy and appreciative, but Adam hadn't wanted to push the angle about keeping the CEO job until after the dust settled. He thought Ashland's departure was cause for celebration, and he proposed that he and Sally meet somewhere.

Later, Adam entered a hotel suite and called Sally's name. He found a note on the table, saying that she'd be back soon and instructing him to get comfortable and enjoy a drink to his success. He poured a glass of Champagne and toasted, "To a new beginning."

Victoria drove on a foggy road, wiping away tears. She used voice controls on her phone to call Nikki. At Society with Victor, Nikki answered the call and asked where Victoria was. Victoria replied that she was out driving, and Nikki invited her to the restaurant. Victoria preferred to do some thinking instead, but she'd wanted to let Nikki know she was okay. Nikki told her not to worry, since everything would work out. Victoria cried that she didn't think anything would be okay ever again, since she'd loved Ashland, and he'd made a fool out of her.

Victoria shakily admitted that she'd almost left with Ashland that night, and Nikki offered to meet her wherever she was. An emotional Victoria questioned how she'd let it happen. Nikki pleaded with Victoria to pull over and assured her that everything would be fine. Victoria sobbed that she kept making the same mistakes with men. Victoria screamed when headlights flashed into her eyes, and there was the sound of a crash. Nikki frantically yelled Victoria's name.

The car accident results in a fatality

The car accident results in a fatality

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Nikki shouted Victoria's name into the phone. Nikki told Victor it had sounded like a car crash. Victor asked Nikki to call Victoria back immediately. Nikki left a voicemail message asking Victoria to return her call because they were worried. Victor asked Nikki if Victoria had mentioned where she was. Nikki said Victoria had only wanted them to know that she'd gone for a drive to clear her head and that she was fine.

Victor called one of his security people and asked them to find Victoria because he believed she'd been in an accident. Victor called Adam and asked if he'd heard from Victoria, but Adam hadn't. Victor received a call from one of his security team, informing him they'd lost Ashland. Frustrated, Victor slammed his phone down on the table and asked "how the hell" his people could lose Ashland. Nikki stated that they didn't know whether Ashland had been involved in an accident or not.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Nick that Rey was going to a hockey game with Connor and Chelsea. She said Chelsea's trip had been canceled, and she'd managed to get another ticket. Nick assured Sharon she didn't need to feel threatened or jealous that Chelsea was going with Rey because going to a hockey game with a kid in tow was the opposite of a romantic date.

Sharon and Nick agreed that Rey was completely trustworthy; however, Chelsea wasn't. Sharon said Chelsea was capable of doing anything, but Sharon admitted she'd noticed a big change in Chelsea since Chelsea had returned to town. Sharon told Nick that Rey, Chelsea, and Connor would all be spending the night in Chicago, and it was difficult not to instinctively jump to conclusions. Nick agreed that Chelsea wasn't the most trustworthy person, but he said Rey was solid. Nick didn't believe Sharon had anything to worry about. Sharon thanked Nick for always knowing how to make her feel better.

Nick received a call from Victor asking if Nick had spoken with Victoria. Victor explained that he thought Victoria might have been in an accident. Victor asked if Nick had any idea where Victoria would have driven to. Nick said he was going to go and look for her. Victor said the police and his people had been contacted, and they were looking for her. Nick told Sharon that Victor thought Victoria had been in an accident. He asked Sharon to call him if Victoria showed up.

On the patio, Connor told Chelsea he was worried they would miss the puck drop if they didn't leave soon. He wanted to know what was taking Rey so long. Chelsea called Rey and left him a voicemail message asking if he was on his way because Connor was getting anxious. Chelsea assured Connor they had plenty of time to get to the hockey game.

After Nick left, Chelsea asked if Sharon had heard from Rey because he should have returned a while before. She said he wasn't answering her calls. Sharon tried to call Rey, and it went to voicemail. Sharon left a message saying she and Chelsea were getting worried that he hadn't returned. She asked Rey to call her to let her know where he was.

After Sharon ended the call, she told Chelsea it was very foggy, and Rey was probably being extra cautious. Chelsea saw Sharon's concerned look and asked what was wrong. Sharon explained that Nick had given her some bad news about Victoria before he'd left. She said the Newmans believed Victoria might have been involved in an accident.

Sharon told Chelsea that perhaps Rey had heard about the accident and gone to the scene, or perhaps he'd witnessed the accident. Sharon said it could be that Rey was there to make sure everyone was okay, and that might be the reason why they hadn't heard from him. Chelsea hoped Victoria was okay.

When Chance arrived, Sharon asked if he'd just been at the station and if he'd heard about a possible accident involving Victoria. Chance said he hadn't. Sharon explained that the family had been worried about Victoria driving in the fog, and no one had been able to reach her. Chance called the station to see if any accidents had been reported since he'd left.

Chance told Sharon there had been a few fender benders, but no injuries had been reported. Chance felt that would have been the worst that would have happened to Victoria. Sharon was relieved. She said Rey had gone home to get the hockey tickets and that Chelsea and Connor were waiting for him. Chance said he'd spoken to Rey as he'd left the ranch. Chance became concerned and said Rey should have been there already.

On the patio, Connor asked Chelsea what was taking Rey so long. Chelsea explained that Rey had to have gotten caught up in last-minute police work. She told Connor that if they didn't make it to Chicago, Rey would make it up to Connor.

In a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Adam called Sally, thanked her for the bottle of Champagne, and said he would wait patiently for her to arrive. He recalled the night he and Sally had first made love in one of the suites, and he smiled.

Adam received a call from Victor asking if he'd heard from Victoria or if Adam knew where she might have gone. Adam stated he hadn't heard anything. Adam said to let him know if there was anything he could do. Sally arrived and heard Adam tell Victor that Victoria was strong and tough enough to handle herself in any situation.

Adam told Sally that Victoria might have been involved in a car accident. He didn't have confirmation or details. Sally and Adam agreed not to jump to the worst-case scenario. Sally said that hopefully everything would turn out okay. Adam said it had put a damper on their celebration. He said he wished someone would call him and tell him what was going on. Sally assured him he would hear as soon as there was any news. Adam wasn't so sure. He told Sally that no one would think to call him because he was always the last on the list of contacts.

Sally reminded Adam that Victor had just called him. Adam claimed Victor had called him because he'd needed information. Adam stated that he was a priority only when he would be useful to Victor. Sally reminded Adam that Victor had constantly asked her to leave Adam's office because he wanted to discuss family matters with Adam. Adam claimed he wasn't concerned about being part of the inner sanctum.

Adam told Sally he wanted a good word or a simple text message, anything to let him know Victoria was fine. Sally commented that Adam was really concerned about Victoria. Adam admitted he was because he wouldn't want Victoria hurt. He asked if Sally believed that if Victoria was hurt, it would give him a better chance at Newman Locke. He asked if that was what Sally thought of him.

Angry, Sally asked if Adam realized how badly he'd hurt her by suggesting that she would be that cold, heartless, and calculated about a woman's life. She stated Adam didn't know her at all, and she wouldn't accept that from him. Sally stated she wasn't one of the people who automatically assumed the worst of him. Adam apologized, and he admitted it had been a cruel and unfair comment to make.

Sally asked Adam if he understood how deeply he'd hurt her. Adam admitted he did, and he understood how she felt. Adam stated he'd been asking himself the same twisted question; he wondered if he was genuinely concerned about Victoria, or if part of him was thinking that if something was to happen to her, it would be a leg up for him at Newman Locke. He said he'd hated that that thought had popped into his head -- that he would even consider the business ramifications if Victoria had been seriously injured. Sally claimed the fact that he hated that proved he hadn't meant it.

Adam told Sally that perhaps he'd been trying to convince himself he wasn't that cold and selfish. He admitted that his plan for buying Locke off had been more about impressing Victor than helping Victoria. He admitted he'd seen Victoria's relationship to a lying con artist as an opportunity. He admitted that it hadn't been very brotherly. Sally stated that if the situation had been reversed, Victoria would have done the same thing.

Sally said that Adam and Victoria's sibling relationship had been based on one-upmanship. Adam admitted he'd spent years seeing Victoria as a rival, and she'd felt the need to defend herself. He said it didn't say much about him. Sally said she knew for a fact that he wasn't cold and selfish because she wouldn't fall in love with someone like that. Taken aback, Adam asked if Sally was falling in love with him.

Nick arrived at Society. He told Victor and Nikki that he'd gone to a few places where he had thought Victoria might be, but he hadn't had any luck. He said the fog had thickened, and he'd felt he should get off the road.

Victor told Nick and Nikki it had been his fault. He said if he hadn't told his team to stop tailing Victoria and to go after Ashland, they would have known where Victoria was. Nikki assured him he'd made the right decision, since Ashland had proven how dangerous he could be. Nick asked where Ashland was, but Victor had no idea. Nick asked Victor, "What if it wasn't an accident? What if someone hurt Victoria intentionally?" Victor didn't want to think about it.

Victor received a call, and he asked that person "why the hell" they'd waited so long to inform him they'd lost Ashland Locke. Angry, he shouted for them to find him.

Later, Victor received an update that there had been a report of an accident, and he informed Nikki and Nick.

Victoria was unconscious in her car after the accident. In another car, Ashland regained consciousness, and he yelled to Victoria. He tried to exit his car, but his door was blocked by a large tree branch. Ashland kept asking if Victoria was okay. He found his phone, but there was no service. Suddenly, Victoria's car caught fire.

Ashland yelled for help, and he fought to get his door open. He finally managed to exit his car, and he limped to Victoria's car. He burned his hand while trying to open her driver's door. He finally got her out of the car and carried her over his shoulder, swearing he wouldn't let her die.

Ashland carried an unconscious Victoria to an abandoned shack and lay her down on a cot. He begged her to wake up. When Victoria regained consciousness and saw Ashland, she yelled for him to get away from her. Victoria tried to move, but Ashland told her to lie still because they didn't know if she had any internal injuries or broken bones. Victoria asked where they were. She stated that Ashland was supposed to be gone.

Ashland told Victoria she'd been in a car accident, she'd been unconscious, and her car had caught fire. He said he'd been able to get her out and carry her to the shack. He asked if she had her cell phone because they needed to get her help. She didn't. Ashland told her he would return to her car and see if he could find her phone or someone who could help them. He asked her to stay still, and he left.

Victoria tried to get off the cot, but she couldn't because of the severe pain in her leg. She shouted for help. Ashland rushed in. She told Ashland she'd injured her knee. She asked if he'd found her phone. Ashland said her car had been engulfed in flames. He stated they were stranded.

When Victoria saw the concern on Ashland's face, she asked what he wasn't telling her. Ashland apologized. He said he'd been badly shaken after he'd seen her unconscious in a burning car. He was grateful she was okay. Victoria asked why he, of all people, had found her. She asked if he'd run her off the road. Ashland vehemently denied it. He stated he'd had nothing to do with that accident.

Ashland told Victoria that when she'd left the office, she'd be extremely upset, and he'd followed her. Ashland said she'd been very distraught after their confrontation, he'd been worried something would happen to her because of the fog, and it had terrified him. He understood she despised him, but it didn't mean he didn't love and care about her. He admitted he'd hurt her deeply.

Victoria told Ashland she could tell he was hiding something from her, but Ashland insisted that she lay still and rest. Victoria wasn't fooled. She asked how the accident had happened. She suddenly remembered that there had been another car, and there had been a light coming toward her. She noted that Ashland's lights had been behind her. She said the fog had been so thick, she'd barely been able to see the road, and suddenly, there had been headlights coming at her.

Ashland told Victoria the accident hadn't been her fault. He said Victoria had had to swerve to avoid the other car. Victoria remembered that everything had gone black after that. Ashland said he'd been behind her; he'd had to swerve to avoid that car, but it had sideswiped his car. He'd seen Victoria's car hit a tree.

Ashland told Victoria that when her car had caught fire, he'd struggled to get out of his car to pull her out of her car to save her. Victoria saw Ashland's burned hand and realized he'd burned it on her car. Victoria said he'd risked his life to save hers. Ashland said the last time that had happened to him, he'd run and left his best friend to die in a burning car. He said he hadn't been able to do that again. He said he'd had to do everything he'd been able to do to save her. Victoria asked if it had been a hit-and-run. Ashland said it hadn't been.

Ashland told Victoria that when he'd gone to look for her phone, he'd checked the other car. He said it had gone into a ditch, and it had been damaged far worse than either of their vehicles. He said there hadn't been anything he could have done for the driver. He told Victoria the other driver had died. He said he hated to tell her that the other driver had been Rey Rosales.

Nick tells Sharon that Rey died in the accident

Nick tells Sharon that Rey died in the accident

Thursday, April 21, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Victor told Nikki and Nick that his people had found the accident scene. Nick asked if anyone had found Ashland. Victor said he was concerned that Ashland had been involved in the chaos. Nick said he was going to the scene, and he suggested that Victor and Nikki remain at Society in case Victoria showed up. Sometime later, Nikki asked Victor why they hadn't heard from Nick. Victor said that Nick was following their advice to drive carefully.

Nikki told Victor they shouldn't have allowed Victoria to go off on her own because she'd been too upset about what Ashland had done to her. Nikki insisted they needed to go and search for Victoria. Victor told Nikki they were staying put until they received more information. He reminded Nikki that Victoria was a very strong person.

Nick called Victor and reported that three cars had been involved in the accident, and one of the cars was definitely Victoria's. Nick said that Victoria wasn't there, and he believed that was good news, considering the condition her car was in. Nick told Victor he believed that Victoria and Ashland had gone to find help. Victor asked what Ashland had to do with any of it. Nick said Ashland's car had been one of the cars involved, and there was no sign of him or Victoria.

Victor asked Nick about the third car. Nick told him that it had been Rey Rosales' car, and he said that Rey hadn't made it. Nick stated that Sharon would be devastated. Victor asked if there was any sign of Victoria. Nick said there wasn't, which meant she was probably alive. Victor told Nick that he and Nikki would be there shortly.

Nikki told Victor she was upset to hear that Rey had died, and she felt for Sharon. She asked how Ashland had been involved. Victor said he had no idea.

At the cabin, Victoria was upset and told Ashland that she refused to believe that Rey had died. She said Ashland didn't know Rey. Ashland stated he'd seen Rey around town, and he'd recognized Rey. Victoria said she knew Rey very well, and she refused to believe that the other driver had been Rey. She asked Ashland to take her to the other car to check. When he refused, Victoria yelled at Ashland, through clenched teeth, to take her to the other vehicle to check on the driver because there might still be a chance they could save him.

Victoria told Ashland that if it was Rey, he could be unconscious or severely injured. She said they had to make sure that Rey stayed warm until help arrived. She asked if Ashland had tried CPR. Ashland repeated that he'd checked, and Rey was gone. He said Rey hadn't been breathing, and there hadn't been a pulse. He said he'd stayed as long as he'd dared, and he'd checked Rey's vitals again. In tears, Victoria said she couldn't believe she'd caused that.

Ashland assured Victoria the accident hadn't been her fault. He said he'd been right behind her, and he'd seen what had happened. Victoria wanted him to tell her exactly how the accident had occurred. Ashland repeated the events that had led up to the collision. He said the fog had been thick, and it had been impossible to see anything clearly. Victoria stated that no one should have been on the road, including her. Ashland said their job was to get her to a hospital and get her checked out because she might have internal injuries. She claimed she was fine, but Ashland said taking care of her was the only thing that mattered to him.

Ashland told Victoria everything was going to be okay, but Victoria claimed it wasn't okay and shouldn't have happened. She claimed that Rey was dead because of her. Ashland repeated that it hadn't been her fault; it had just been a terrible accident. Ashland said he hated leaving Victoria alone, but he needed to get help. Ashland gave her two bottles of cold water, one to drink and the other for her knee. He asked Victoria to promise she wouldn't move until he returned. She agreed and thanked him for saving her.

Ashland told Victoria that after he'd regained consciousness and seen her in the burning car, he'd only had one thought, and that had been to save her. He said she'd been the reason he'd found the strength to extricate himself from his car. He said he'd had to pull her out of the car because he hadn't been able to let her die in a burning vehicle. Victoria said the irony wasn't lost on her. She knew Ashland was referring to the way the real Ashland Locke had died. Ashland said he'd made that connection after he'd saved her, and it had hit him very hard. It had taken him back to that night and the friend he hadn't been able to save.

Ashland told Victoria his job was to get help and to make sure she was safe. She asked why that was so important to him and why he hadn't just let her go. She asked why Ashland kept telling her he had feelings for her after he'd accepted a payoff in exchange for admitting their marriage wasn't real. Ashland said the contract he'd signed was a useless piece of paper. Victoria said it was much like their marriage was. Ashland said it had nothing to do with how he really felt about her.

Victoria told Ashland she'd told him how she felt about him and that she'd lied about wanting to run off with him because she'd wanted him to sign off on the company, and she'd told him she wanted him out of her life. She asked why Ashland had followed her from Newman Tower and what his brilliant plan had been. Ashland denied he'd had a plan. He said he'd only wanted to make sure she'd been all right because he'd known how upset she'd been after their confrontation. Victoria asked what Ashland wanted from her. She wanted to know why he'd risked his life to save her. He said he loved her, no matter what had happened between them. He said Victoria meant everything to him.

Victoria asked if that was Ashland's way of trying to get her to forgive him. Ashland claimed it hadn't been calculated, and he couldn't imagine a world without her in it. He said he knew she hated him, and he would find a way to live with that, as long as he knew she was alive.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Chance regaled Connor with stories about hockey. Sharon told Connor that Rey would make it up to him for missing the hockey game. Connor said it was okay because Rey had probably gotten called for some important police business. Connor claimed that when action was needed, the police had to drop everything and take care of business. Chance said that was exactly right. Chance asked Sharon how many meals had been interrupted because of Rey's job. Sharon said more than she cared to recall. Connor and Chance continued to talk about hockey.

Worried, Sharon left the patio and kept checking her phone for a message from Rey. Chelsea joined Sharon at the counter and said it couldn't be easy being married to a cop. Sharon said she was used to not hearing from Rey when he was on a case. She said whatever was keeping Rey, it had to be very important. Chelsea said that whatever was going on, she was certain Rey would return with a very intriguing story for Sharon.

Sharon said she realized that Chelsea had been looking forward to the hockey game. Chelsea admitted she enjoyed spending time with Connor. Sharon stated she wasn't accusing Chelsea of anything, but she couldn't shake the feeling there was a connection between Chelsea and Rey, like Chelsea telling Rey she wanted to get to know him better. Chelsea asked if Sharon was asking if she had a crush on Rey. Sharon asked Chelsea to be honest about her and Rey, but Chelsea claimed there was no "me and Rey."

Sharon told Chelsea that after everything Chelsea had done to Rey, he'd gone above and beyond to show Chelsea that he'd forgiven her, and he'd wanted to help her get back on her feet again. Sharon stated that Rey was kind and generous. Chelsea said she'd been very grateful and that Rey was just a friend. Chelsea said that despite the dark things she'd gone through, Rey had been there for her and Connor. Chelsea said that Rey was an incredible man and a great friend to her.

Chelsea assured Sharon she knew that Rey was very married and that Sharon and Rey were very happy. Sharon thanked Chelsea for her honesty. Chelsea said given her and Sharon's history, she understood why Sharon was questioning her. Sharon said she knew how lucky she was to have Rey in her life. Chelsea said it was obvious that Rey felt the same way about Sharon.

On the patio, Chance called the station. He was told about a three-car collision resulting in one fatality. When Sharon and Chelsea returned to the patio, Chance said he had to get back to work. Sharon asked Chance to have Rey call her when Chance saw him.

Sharon asked Connor how he liked her new gooey chocolate chip cookies. Connor said he had to have another to be sure his opinion was accurate. He said Rey had taught him to always ask for seconds to make sure. Connor said Rey was the best. Sharon agreed. Connor said that Rey had told him that he should always clean up after himself. Chelsea said she constantly reminded Connor to do that, but Connor said it was different when Rey told him to. Connor picked up his plate and left.

Sharon told Chelsea she'd meant it when she'd said she hadn't been accusing Chelsea of anything. She claimed it had just been one of those nights. Chelsea said she was glad they'd talked. Chelsea said it was late, and they needed to get Connor home. Sharon said she was sorry things hadn't worked out. Chelsea said that Connor would want a rain check and told Sharon to be ready. Sharon said nothing would make Rey happier. Chelsea left.

At the accident scene, Chance told Nick they would continue their search for Victoria and Ashland. Nick told him that Victor and Nikki were on their way. Chance said no one should be on the road on such a night. Nick said it looked like Victoria's car had caught fire, and she'd been lucky to have walked away. Nick said Chance had just lost his partner, and Nick had no idea what to say to Chance.

Chance told Nick that Rey had gone home to get the hockey tickets. He said he'd received a call from the station, and he'd immediately known something bad had happened to Rey. Chance assured Nick that he hadn't said anything to Sharon. Nick said Sharon needed to know, and she shouldn't hear about Rey from a stranger. Chance said he had to stay at the scene and suggested that Nick be the one to break the news to Sharon. Nick admitted it was going to be difficult, but he couldn't let Sharon hear the news from anyone else.

Nick told Chance that Sharon would be shattered. Chance said Sharon needed to hear it from someone she could trust and lean on. Chance understood that Nick was worried about Victoria, and he assured Nick that as soon as he knew anything, he would call Nick.

Victoria and Ashland were surprised when Nikki and Victor walked into the shack. Ashland told them Victoria had hurt her leg. Victor said when they had questions for Ashland, they would ask him. Victoria asked if they'd heard anything about Rey. Victor told her not to worry about that for the moment. Victoria said Ashland had told her Rey had died, and she didn't believe him. Nikki said the paramedics were handling everything. Victor insisted they take Victoria to the hospital. Victoria stated she would go to the hospital as soon as they told her what had happened to Rey.

Victor told Victoria that Nick had arrived at the crash site just before the paramedics had arrived. Nikki said the paramedics had put Rey into the ambulance. Victoria said she was relieved that Rey was alive. Victor told her that Rey hadn't made it. Nikki said Nick had gone to tell Sharon. Victoria said she had to fix things, but Ashland told her it hadn't been her fault. Victor asked why Ashland was there. He asked if Ashland had been responsible for the accident. Victoria said it hadn't been Ashland's fault. She said she'd swerved to avoid Rey's car, she'd crashed into a tree, and she'd been knocked unconscious. The car had burst into flames, and Ashland had saved her life when he'd pulled her out of the burning car.

Sharon closed the coffee shop. She called Rey and left a voicemail message saying she loved him, and she asked him to call her to let her know he was okay.

Nick arrived. Sharon asked how Victoria was. Nick said she hadn't been with her car. Sharon suggested they have some coffee and discuss Mariah's wedding plans. Sharon began talking incessantly about Rey's love of her cookies and brownies. Nick stopped her and said there was something he needed to tell her, but Sharon said she knew. Nick said Rey had been involved in the accident. She began to cry.

Nick told Sharon there had been three cars involved in the accident, Victoria's, Ashland's, and Rey's. Nick said he'd spoken to the EMTs, and there hadn't been anything they could do for Rey. He told her that Rey hadn't made it. Nick held Sharon while she sobbed uncontrollably.

Victor suggests that Adam step in as temporary CEO

Victor suggests that Adam step in as temporary CEO

Friday, April 22, 2022

by Nel

At Sharon's, Noah told Nick he'd called Mariah and Tessa, and they would be there soon. Nick told Noah and Faith that the next few days would be difficult for Sharon, and they needed to help her get through her loss. Nick said he had to call Rey's family in Florida to inform them about Rey's death. Noah said he would handle the funeral arrangements, but Sharon entered and said that was her job.

Nick said Sharon should be resting, but Sharon said she had things to do, and she was going to be strong because Rey wouldn't want her to fall apart. Faith told Sharon to lean on all of them; they were there to help. Sharon told Faith not to hide her feelings when she was around Sharon. Sharon said they were all in it together, and they would get through it together.

Sharon told Nick she would call Rey's family. She said she'd practiced what she would say to Celeste, but she asked how one told a mother her son had died. Sharon called Celeste. She told Celeste that a wonderful husband and a beloved son was gone. Sharon said as soon as she had more details, she would update Celeste. Sharon said they could coordinate funeral arrangements. Sharon seemed to be taken aback by Celeste's response, and she ended the call. Nick asked what Celeste had said, but before Sharon could answer, Mariah and Tessa arrived, and Sharon ran into Mariah's arms.

Mariah and Tessa offered to help Sharon in any way they could. Sharon said she'd already made the most difficult call -- to Celeste. Sharon said there were a lot of people they needed to call. Noah said he'd called their immediate family. She asked if Chelsea and Connor had been told. She said Connor had loved Rey. Faith said everybody had loved Rey. Nick shared that he'd spoken to Adam, and Adam would tell Connor.

When Mariah and Tessa offered to have Faith stay with them, Sharon was emphatic that she didn't want anyone's normal routine disrupted. She said Mariah and Tessa had a wedding to plan, but Tessa said they would postpone the wedding. Sharon wouldn't allow them to do that. She said that the wedding shouldn't be delayed and that Rey had been very happy for them. Sharon insisted that the wedding wouldn't be delayed and that Rey would have hated being responsible for postponing their big day.

Nick told Sharon they needed to take one step at a time and focus on the funeral arrangements. He said they didn't need to make any decisions about the wedding at that moment. Sharon informed her family that Celeste wanted Rey to be buried in Miami. Nick asked how Sharon felt about that. Sharon didn't know because she'd never considered it until Celeste had mentioned it.

Sharon said she'd assumed Rey would be buried in Genoa City; however, she understood. She said that Rey had been born and raised in Miami, and to Celeste, that was his home. Faith said Genoa City was Rey's home, too. Sharon said Rey belonged with them. It had been his home, and they were his family.

Noah told the family that if any one of them moved away and something happened to them, Sharon would move heaven and earth to bring them back to Genoa City. He was certain that Celeste felt the same way about Rey. Sharon understood Celeste's wish, but Sharon felt Rey belonged with them in Genoa City. Nick said Sharon needed time to think about it, and she didn't have to make an immediate decision.

After sharing some happy memories of Rey with her family, Sharon said she had to go to the morgue to say goodbye to Rey. She said it might help her decide about the funeral. Nick offered to drive her. Sharon picked up Rey's jacket and hugged it. Mariah told Sharon to let her emotions out. She said they were all strong enough to help her through her grief. Mariah said Sharon had just lost her husband, and she could be herself with them. Nick stated that even though Sharon claimed she was okay, he knew she was in pain. He suggested she share that pain with them. Sharon said she needed to be strong because if she let go, she might never recover.

Adam arrived at Chelsea's suite at the Grand Phoenix. Chelsea asked what was wrong. Adam said there had been an accident the previous evening. Chelsea guessed Rey had been involved. Chelsea was about to call Rey, but Adam told her that Rey had been driving back from the ranch with the hockey tickets when his car had crashed, and Rey had died. Shocked, Chelsea said she didn't understand how that could have happened.

Adam told Chelsea it had been very foggy, and Rey had been involved in an accident with two other vehicles that had been driven by Victoria and Ashland. Chelsea asked if Sharon had been told. Adam said Nick had told her. She asked if Adam had told Connor. Adam said he felt it was a conversation they both needed to be part of. Adam said he'd kept Connor out of school because he hadn't wanted him to hear the news from the teachers or the other kids.

Chelsea told Adam she was having a problem comprehending all of it, but Connor needed to be their focus. Adam said they had to tell Connor soon. Chelsea said Connor had adored Rey, and their bond had been growing. Chelsea said the news would be very difficult for him. Adam said he would get Connor and give Chelsea some time to process the news. Chelsea began to cry. Adam said it had been a horrible accident, and it hadn't been anyone's fault. He said they had to make sure Connor understood that.

After Adam left to get Connor, Chelsea looked at her hockey ticket. She recalled Rey telling her how much Connor loved spending time with Chelsea and that Rey hadn't wanted to be a third wheel. She'd told Rey that Connor had wanted to make sure that Rey would be going with them because Rey was Connor's new best friend. She had asked Rey not to let Connor down. Rey had agreed to go with them. As the memory faded, Chelsea began to cry.

When Adam returned with Connor, Connor said he could tell something was wrong. Chelsea told Connor they had to tell him something that was very sad. Chelsea tried to tell Connor, but when she hesitated, Adam told Connor that Rey had been in a car accident and that Rey had died. Connor wanted to know if that was why Rey hadn't returned to the coffeehouse. He asked if Rey had died because he'd gone home to get the hockey tickets.

Adam told Connor it had been an accident and that no one was to blame. Connor said Rey had been driving because he'd been planning to take Connor to a game. Adam said no one knew what had caused the accident. He said the weather had been bad, and there could have been something on the road. Adam stressed that it hadn't been Connor's fault. What had happened to Rey was very sad, but their plans had had nothing to do with Rey's accident. Connor said he felt bad for Chelsea because Rey and Chelsea had become such good friends. Chelsea agreed and said she would miss Rey a lot.

Adam told Connor it was time to head back to the ranch. He said they could stop for ice cream on the way, but Connor said he was too sad for ice cream. Chelsea said it was okay for him to be sad. She said they would do something together later to honor Rey's memory. Connor liked that idea. After Adam and Connor left, Chelsea picked up the hockey ticket again. Crying and in a fit of anger, she tore up the ticket and threw it.

Nikki entered Victoria's office and was surprised to see Victoria working. Nikki said Victoria should be at home, resting. Victoria said she'd been cleared for work. Nikki said she'd heard the doctor tell Victoria how lucky she'd been to walk away with only a sprained knee. Victoria said she had a knee brace and a cane to use. Nikki reminded Victoria the doctor had also told her to rest because Victoria was probably still in shock after the accident and everything that had happened with Ashland. Victoria said, "And Rey's death."

Victoria told Nikki the worst thing she could do was stay home and fixate on the situation. She said she needed to focus on work to distract her from her guilt. She said she shouldn't have been driving in the first place after what had happened with Ashland. Nikki reiterated that no matter how tragic the accident had been, it hadn't been Victoria's fault. Victoria asked how anyone knew that.

Victoria told Nikki she didn't remember much about the accident. She said it had been a blur. She said she'd been upset and on the phone with Nikki, and she didn't remember anything after that. Nikki assured Victoria the police would piece things together and provide her with answers that would alleviate some of Victoria's guilt.

Victoria told Nikki that one minute she'd been driving, and the next, she'd been surrounded by flames, pulled out of her car, and carried to safety. She said Ashland had risked his life to save hers -- the very person she wanted to forget and the reason she'd been driving in the first place. She said Ashland had been there to save her life, not Rey's, and that compounded her grief and her guilt. Nikki told her to stop thinking that way. What had happened to Rey was heartbreaking, but Victoria was alive, and Nikki thanked God and Ashland.

In his suite at the Grand Phoenix, Ashland recalled the previous night when he'd rescued Victoria from her burning vehicle after the accident. He'd burned his hand, trying to open her car door, and he'd carried her to a nearby shack.

Ashland snapped out of his reverie when there was a knock at the door. Ashland dried his tears and limped to answer the door. It was Victor. Ashland asked how Victor had known he was there. Victor said he'd had his people keeping tabs on Ashland. Ashland pointed out that he'd easily eluded Victor's people. Victor said if he hadn't, the accident could have been avoided.

Victor wanted to know why Ashland was still in town after receiving half a billion dollars to leave. Ashland said he'd honored the terms of the agreement. He'd left the company, and he'd had his marriage annulled. He didn't understand why Victor was upset. Ashland said Victor hadn't spoken a word to him at the hospital. Victor asked why he would have when he'd been concerned about Victoria's welfare, not Ashland's. Victor wanted Ashland to tell him how the accident had happened. Ashland said that Victor and his family had good reason to despise him, but his love for Victoria had always been genuine.

Ashland told Victor that after he'd left the office, he'd wanted to make sure Victoria had been okay, and he'd waited outside the building. When he'd spotted Victor's people, he'd figured they were there to run him out of town. Ashland said he'd driven around, and he'd lost them. He'd returned to Newman Tower in time to see Victoria leave. He said the fog had been thick, and he'd been worried about her. He'd decided to follow her to make sure she'd arrived home safely.

Ashland told Victor it had turned out that Victoria had decided to go for a much longer drive. He said he'd kept his distance while following her. He'd seen a car approaching from the opposite direction. Ashland said the driver had been driving erratically, possibly trying to avoid something on the road, but it had been difficult to see in that fog. He'd seen the car veer into Victoria's lane; she'd swerved to avoid the car and gone off the road and into a tree. Ashland said he'd later discovered the other driver had been Rey Rosales.

Ashland told Victor that after Victoria had gone off the road, he'd been watching her, and he hadn't realized that Rey's had been coming straight at him. He said he'd turned sharply, but Rey's car had sideswiped his car. He said it was possible the impact had resulted in Rey's car flipping over. Ashland said he hadn't seen whether that had happened, but when he'd seen the car later, it had been upside down.

Ashland told Victor he'd hit something and been knocked unconscious, but not for long. When he'd regained consciousness, he'd seen Victoria's car had been on fire. He'd struggled to get out of his car, and he'd rushed to her. He said the flames had become more intense, but he'd known he had to rescue her. He said he'd pulled Victoria out of her car with only seconds to spare before the car had been completely engulfed in flames.

Victor stated that Ashland had risked his life to save Victoria, and despite the disdain and disgust he felt for Ashland and the damage Ashland had done to Victor's family, he was grateful. Ashland said he didn't need or expect gratitude from Victor or any of the Newmans. He'd saved Victoria because she'd needed to be saved, and he would never stop loving her.

Victor said all Ashland would get from him was his thanks and his gratitude. He told Ashland to leave town and never set foot in Victoria's life again. Ashland stated that was up to Victoria. Victor said one act didn't change their arrangement. He said if it hadn't been for Ashland, Victoria wouldn't have been on that road. Victor claimed Ashland was as responsible for Victoria being on that road and for Rey's death as anyone. Ashland said he wasn't leaving town, because he needed time to heal. Victor said they'd made a deal, and Ashland had better keep his end of that deal -- otherwise, Ashland would have hell to pay. Victor left.

Ashland called Victoria and said he wanted to know if she was okay. Victoria said she would be fine. She reported she had a few bruises and a sprained knee. He said he kept replaying the accident in his mind, and it could have been a lot worse. Victoria acknowledged that he'd pulled her out. She said his burn had looked very painful. Ashland said he could handle the pain and probably deserved it. Victoria said the person who hadn't deserved it was Rey. Ashland agreed. She said she couldn't help feeling responsible.

Ashland told Victoria she had to find a way to let go of that guilt, and if she wanted to blame someone, she should blame him. She asked how she could do that after he'd saved her. He said he would be leaving town soon and that he was sorry for everything.

When Victor entered the Newman office, Victoria told Ashland she had to go, and she ended the call. Victor said she needed to be home, resting. Victoria said the future of Newman Locke rested on her shoulders, and she didn't want to let anyone down. Victor asked how Victoria felt about allowing Adam to continue as temporary CEO. He said Adam could run the company until Victoria sorted everything out with Ashland. Victoria was strenuously opposed to that suggestion.

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