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Jack stole Nikki's necklace on Diane's behalf. Diane planted incriminating evidence in Stark's hotel suite, and Stark was arrested. Jack and Diane made love. Jill and Lily rejected Devon's offer to repurchase Hamilton-Winters. Sally confessed to Nick that she was pregnant.
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Stark was arrested after Diane planted evidence. Jack and Diane made love. Lily rejected Devon's offer for Hamilton-Winters. Sally told Nick she was pregnant.
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Adam and Billy exchange harsh words over Chelsea

Adam and Billy exchange harsh words over Chelsea

Monday, January 16, 2023

At Society, Adam approached Victor, who was sitting alone at a table, and asked him what he and Kyle had been talking about. Victor, initially evasive, said he had asked Kyle about how it was going with Adam working at Jabot. Adam replied that Kyle's opinion would be skewed because Kyle hated having Adam working for Jabot, so there would be no objective value in making such inquiries. Adam asked Victor what he had really wanted to learn from Kyle. Responding with a question of his own, Victor asked Adam how he would feel if someday Connor wanted his father out of his life. Adam replied that his relationship with Connor was different than Adam's and Victor's relationship.

Victor reminded Adam that he had sworn to treat his own children differently after his father had run off and left his family destitute, forcing his own son to grow up in an orphanage. Adam credited his father for having overcome his past, but he reminded Victor that he was a ruthless businessman who only claimed to put family first. Victor maintained that he always had and would continue to put his family first. Adam called Victor a hypocrite, and replied, "Your actions repeatedly say otherwise." Victor asserted that he had protected Adam and taught him how to handle whatever life might throw at him. Adam leaned forward and cried, "You know what I have found, Dad, is what life usually throws at me is you." Victor asked Adam how he would feel if Connor repeated the same sentiments to him -- claiming that family meant nothing.

Adam accused Victor of using Connor to try to pull him back into his father's orbit. Victor defended himself, saying he had done what he had to do. Adam replied that with Victor, it was always about him and what he wanted. Victor recalled that Adam's mother had not allowed him to raise Adam because she preferred that their son grow up on the farm in Kansas. Victor claimed that Adam had never forgiven him for being estranged from his father during his childhood. Victor rhetorically asked Adam what it would take for him to finally come to his senses. Before Victor left, he said he hoped Adam would never have to endure with Connor the same experience he had just encountered with Adam. Victor walked away and left Adam sitting alone.

At the Glam Club, Diane had a date with Jeremy Stark. After a while, Diane told Jeremy she should head to Chicago. Jeremy suggested he go to Chicago, too, but Diane dissuaded him. Diane insisted that her mission was a one-person job with no room for improvising, adding that it would be too risky. Noting that Jeremy seemed willing to put her plan in jeopardy, Diane said it made her wonder what he really wanted from her. Jeremy asked Diane if she trusted him. Diane told Jeremy she did not need him looking over her shoulder while she engaged in a risky endeavor to prove herself to him.

Diane, anticipating the aftermath of her plan, told Jeremy that listening to Nikki Newman demand that someone be brought to justice for stealing her precious jewelry would make her mission worth the risk. Diane smiled, amped up her charm, and told Jeremy that she would find pleasure in presenting him with an exquisite piece of jewelry to prove she was loyal. Jeremy agreed to let Diane carry out the robbery on her own. Jeremy invited Diane to his room for a nightcap. Diane told Jeremy that her timetable was strict, and she promised to contact him the second she returned from Chicago. After kissing Jeremy on the lips, Diane left.

At the Abbott home, Kyle assured a nervous Summer that she and Harrison were not in danger from Jeremy Stark. Summer expressed relief and said her trust in Kyle made her feel safe. Kyle, mentioning that he did not trust Victor, informed Summer that her grandfather had enlisted him to oust Adam from Jabot. Victor, Kyle explained, had suggested that Adam be set up and fall victim to a business failure that would result in his firing. Summer felt that Victor's plan was cruel, but Kyle explained that Victor's aim was to lure Adam back into the Newman fold.

Summer said she did not support the use of coercion and manipulation and was not pleased about Kyle being asked to help Victor. Kyle told Summer he had not agreed to push Adam out, though he had left his options open due to concerns that Adam had a bad track record and might possibly wreck everything that John and Jack Abbott had built. Kyle acknowledged to Summer that because Jack had a soft spot for Adam, he did not fully trust his father to keep Adam in line. Summer said she could not understand why Jack had a soft spot for a cold and ruthless person. Kyle said he, too, was baffled by his father's allegiance to Adam. Summer warned Kyle that getting involved with Victor could prove to be a slippery slope.

Diane hurriedly entered the Abbott home through the front door. Kyle asked his mom what was going on. Diane asked Kyle if he had heard from his father. Kyle said he had not, and he asked his mom if she was okay. Diane replied, "Yeah, I'm fine. I was with Jeremy, who almost threw a wrench in our plan, but I handled it." Summer, anxious and worried, noted that Diane had been looking over her shoulder like she feared she might have been followed.

Summer cried that she and Harrison had opted not to hop on a plane after being assured they were not in danger. Kyle promised Summer that everything would be okay. Growing frustrated, Summer cried, "No. it's not. The criminal from her past is a real threat. I'm thinking about our son here." Diane assured Summer that she had been careful to ensure she had not been followed. In a snarky tone, Diane acknowledged that though Summer did not yet trust her, she was determined to prove she had sincerely changed her life and would soon be able to put the last painful part behind her.

Jack, dressed in black from head to toe, rushed in through the front door and displayed to Diane, Kyle, and Summer the diamond necklace he had stolen. Summer recognized the jewelry and recalled that her grandfather had given the necklace, worth a fortune, to her grandmother. Summer asked Jack why he had the necklace. Jack claimed there was a simple explanation. Kyle told Summer that Jeremy Stark had demanded that Diane commit a crime to prove she would go to extremes for him. Summer, shocked, exclaimed, "You stole it?" Jack told Summer that they were borrowing the necklace, admitting he had taken the jewelry from Victor and Nikki's apartment in Chicago. Jack assured Summer that the necklace would later be returned.

Angry, Summer asked Kyle if he had purposely kept her in the dark about the planned theft of Nikki's necklace. Kyle admitted to Summer that he had, so she would not become stressed out. Summer cried that grand larceny was something she should stress out about, especially if they got caught. Jack told Summer that the theft was part of the plan to get rid of Jeremy Stark. Summer cried that if the plan blew up, it would affect everyone, and she insisted that Kyle not continue to be involved. After Summer abruptly walked away, Kyle followed her, assuring Jack and Diane that he would fix things.

Diane told Jack she had not intended to create more turmoil for his family. Jack replied that they had to stick to their plan, recalling that he had just pulled off a major heist. Diane thanked Jack and said she could not wait for the whole thing to be over. Jack noted that the plan would become increasingly tricky, and he reminded Diane that she would have to be utterly convincing for Stark to believe her. Jack, visibly charmed by Diane's trust in him, said that her beauty, strength, and especially her newfound courage had made her very attractive. Jack pulled Diane close and kissed her.

At his penthouse, Devon shared with Abby his desire to buy back his company after his and Lily's dream of doing great things had fallen apart. Abby told Devon that what had transpired was just a setback. Devon disagreed and said he had approached Jill about buying back Hamilton-Winters, fearing it could fall into the hands of strangers -- perhaps people like Tucker. Devon told Abby he desired to run the company the same way Neil had. Devon, referring to having been betrayed by Nate and Tucker, vowed to trust his own instincts.

Devon told Abby that Lily, labeling him a traitor and comparing him to Victor, had lashed out at him for backing out of the IPO. Devon cried that Lily had not trusted his instincts. Abby recalled that at one time, both he and Lily had been excited about the merger. Devon agreed he had been excited until he'd realized that the business was being pulled in the wrong direction, which had made him rethink everything. Abby reminded Devon that he and Lily had approached the deal with the best of intentions, a scenario completely different from what had happened with Tucker.

Devon received a text message from Tucker requesting they talk for ten minutes. Devon told Abby that Tucker wanted to meet with him. Abby encouraged Devon to meet with Tucker in person and tell him that he wanted nothing more to do with his father. Tucker later arrived at Devon's penthouse and greeted Devon and Abby. Abby told Tucker he could save his charm for Devon because she was headed to her restaurant.

After Abby left, Tucker told Devon he understood why Devon felt hurt and angry. Devon mentioned Audra's partnership with Tucker. Tucker recalled that Devon had wanted nothing to do with him when he'd first discovered Tucker was his biological father. Tucker acknowledged that he had brought chaos and upheaval into Devon's life, though all he had truly desired was to grow closer. Devon became impatient and pressured Tucker to make his point. Tucker recalled that after he'd encouraged Devon to undergo surgery to restore his hearing, they had later made positive strides in forming a relationship while producing a song together.

Tucker told Devon he hoped to become a part of Devon's daily life, perhaps working together as executives in a family-owned conglomerate. Tucker shared that he had also hoped Ashley might become his wife again, so he could work with the two people who meant the most to him. Devon recalled that he had hoped to work with the people he loved at Chancellor-Winters. Devon reminded Tucker he would never achieve his dreams by employing deceit and lies, especially falsehoods about having changed his life. Devon informed Tucker that he wanted nothing to do with Tucker, and he was certain that Ashley felt the same way.

Tucker lowered his head and looked down at the floor while mumbling that he needed to make some changes. Devon agreed and asked Tucker to get out of his house. Tucker begged Devon to tell him how he could fix things. Devon replied, "Leave town. You never should have showed up in the first place." Tucker left and stood outside the door with his hands on his head as if he had no clue what to do.

At Crimson Lights, Lily remarked to Daniel that she had talked his ears off after having claimed she had not felt like talking at all. Lily told Daniel she had enjoyed being with someone who listened. Daniel replied that he felt the same way, acknowledging that he had shared with her "the good, the bad, and the painfully unattractive." Lily noticed when Billy and Chelsea walked in together from the patio entrance. While Billy ordered coffee at the counter, Chelsea greeted Daniel and Lily. Daniel told Chelsea he would be working on a project for Chancellor-Winters. After Chelsea mentioned the possibility of Daniel spending time with Kevin, Billy interrupted and suggested that Daniel might not have time to do so while developing his gaming platform. Lily winced, and Daniel's facial expressions telegraphed his reaction to Billy's meddlesome remark.

Daniel asked Chelsea about her plans after having ended her business partnership with Chloe. Chelsea said she was focused mainly on Connor. Daniel asked Chelsea how Connor was doing. Chelsea replied that Connor was doing great, and she asked about Lucy. Daniel explained that Lucy was on a grand adventure with her mother. While Daniel and Chelsea conversed, Billy and Lily struggled not to make eye contact and seemed visibly uncomfortable.

After Chelsea left, Billy said he should leave, and he told Daniel and Lily to enjoy the rest of their night. Lily appeared disheartened. Daniel sarcastically remarked, "That was very pleasant." Daniel acknowledged that the interaction had been obviously painful for Lily. Lily noted that Billy and Chelsea had grown close, so he had probably told her what was going on. Lily told Daniel she was so tired, she felt like she could sleep for a week. Daniel assured Lily she could vent her feelings to him whenever she felt the need.

Billy showed up at Society and took a seat at the bar. Adam approached and complained that he had grown tired of Billy insinuating himself into Adam's life by taking advantage of Chelsea. Billy, having already told Adam he did not feel like talking, ordered Adam to back off. Adam badgered Billy and claimed Billy "got off" by being Chelsea's savior, as it seemed to be the only thing left he could do to boost his self-confidence. Adam ramped up the pressure by insisting that what he was saying was the obvious truth. Billy stood up and yelled, "I said back off!" The tense encounter drew the attention of the others at the restaurant.

Standing face to face, Billy told Adam it was killing Adam because Chelsea no longer leaned on him. Billy cast blame on Adam for Chelsea having ended up in a dire situation because he had hurt her. Adam replied, "She never said that." Billy cried, "No, I'm saying that. You hear me? I'm saying that." Adam yelled back that Chelsea did not need Billy in her life. Abby rushed toward Adam and Billy and insisted they stop arguing because they were frightening her customers. Adam apologized and left. Billy returned to his seat at the bar. Abby asked a disheveled Billy if he was okay. Billy did not immediately respond.

In her apartment, Chelsea began tidying her living area. Chelsea fondly remembered covering Billy with a blanket after he had fallen asleep on her sofa after they had watched a movie earlier in the evening. Adam stopped by. Chelsea asked Adam what was wrong. Adam told Chelsea he had stopped by to check on her, not talk about himself. Chelsea told Adam there was no need to make excuses when she could tell something else was on his mind.

Adam noticed the empty snack plates and drink glasses on the coffee table. Chelsea assured Adam that she was fine and was about to go to bed because she was tired after a long day. Adam asked Chelsea if she had been watching a movie. Chelsea said she had been watching a movie. Chelsea noted that it was late, and she asked Adam to leave. Adam replied, "Okay. Okay, we'll talk tomorrow."

Diane plants evidence in Stark's hotel room

Diane plants evidence in Stark's hotel room

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

At the Abbott mansion, Diane found Jack in the living room and remarked that it looked like he'd gotten as much sleep as she had. He shared that he'd been up all night, trying to figure out a way to swiftly end the Stark mess. Diane pointed out that they were making progress, since she was about to hand over the stolen necklace to prove her loyalty, and it would be the first step in getting Stark sent back to prison. Jack revealed that he'd thought of a way to accelerate things.

After Jack filled Diane in about what he had in mind, she raved that his plan was smart with a certain elegance, and she believed it could work. She questioned where they should start, and he replied that they already had.

Phyllis spotted Stark eating alone at Society, and she made her way over to his table. She asked what kind of game he was playing, and he claimed not to know what she was talking about. She surmised that there were two options -- either he was using Diane, or he and Diane were working Jack. Phyllis demanded to know which one it was.

Stark remarked that he found everything about Phyllis fun, and he invited her to sit. He recalled that she'd been almost apologetic the last time they'd crossed paths, and she pointed out that she'd thought Diane had left town. Phyllis reasoned that just because there was no proof Diane had turned him in to the Feds didn't mean it wasn't true. Stark informed her that he'd know where Diane's loyalties lay by the end of the day. He added that he was grateful Phyllis had reached out to him, and he offered to buy her breakfast. She noted that he hadn't answered her question about what he was up to.

Stark scoffed at the idea that he was devising a diabolical scheme. Phyllis recounted that she'd seen him and Diane looking cozy together, and he demanded to know what Phyllis wanted. She informed him that he wasn't her target -- Diane was. Stark was fascinated by how much time and energy Phyllis spent obsessing over Diane. Phyllis admitted that she wanted to see Diane pay for everything she'd done, and Stark said he respected that.

Stark called Phyllis a woman who knew what she wanted and wouldn't let anything get in her way. He was impressed that she wasn't afraid of him, and she asked if she should be. His phone rang, and he commented that someone's ears had been burning. He answered the call, and Diane purred that she'd love to see him to tell him all about Chicago. Stark mentioned that he was at Society, but Diane preferred to meet someplace more intimate. He invited her to his suite.

After Diane hung up, Jack declared that step one couldn't have gone better, and it was time for him to take care of his part. Summer appeared in the foyer, followed by Kyle. Kyle asked if the banana Summer was holding was for him, and she snapped that she hadn't known if he'd wanted one or if he'd even still been at home. Kyle retorted that he'd grab one before he left, and Summer wondered if that meant he wanted to take separate cars to work. Kyle stalked off. Summer noticed that Diane was wearing the same outfit she'd had on the day before, and she incredulously realized that Diane had spent the night.

Diane confirmed that she'd stayed in the guest room. Jack explained that Stark had needed to believe that Diane had been in Chicago, so she'd had to stay away from the hotel. Summer testily surmised that they didn't want anyone to find out they'd stolen the necklace. Diane chirped that Jack had found a way to get what they wanted and end the situation. Kyle overheard and volunteered to help any way he could. Summer maintained that she and Kyle couldn't be part of any more plans or schemes.

Diane apologized for the disruption in Kyle and Summer's lives, and she promised it would be over soon. Kyle asked how dangerous the plan was, and Jack voiced confidence that they would all emerge unscathed. "Except for Jeremy," Diane added. Summer grumbled that she had to get to work, and she stormed out. Kyle followed her. Diane lamented that it had been the couple's biggest disagreement since they'd moved back from Italy, and she blamed herself. Jack suggested they solve the problem by getting Stark out of Genoa City for good. "Let's take him down!" Diane exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Stark told Phyllis that she'd made his morning more entertaining, but there was someplace more important he had to be. She wondered what she had to say to get him to tell her what Diane was up to. Stark warned her not to push it, since he was better a friend than an enemy. After Stark departed, Daniel joined Phyllis and inquired whether she was ready to brainstorm. Phyllis informed him that the guy who'd just left was a criminal that Diane had been fraternizing with. Daniel hoped Phyllis hadn't engaged with the man.

Phyllis complained that Diane had been acting like a damsel in distress who was fearful for her life, yet Diane had been hanging out with Stark at the Glam Club. Daniel advised his mother to stop worrying about Diane, but Phyllis contended that they could all be in danger. She relayed Stark's implication that something big was going to happen that day. Daniel bellowed that it had to stop. Phyllis insisted that she thought it had stopped when Diane had seemingly left town, but it had just been a scam.

Phyllis suspected that Diane was cooking up a new scheme with a criminal, and Daniel groaned that he'd thought his mother had learned to let things like that go. Phyllis recalled that she and Jack had been happy before Diane had returned to town, and she believed they'd still be together if Diane hadn't shown up. Phyllis spat that Diane had poisoned Jack's mind and ruined the connection Phyllis and Jack had shared. Phyllis divulged that she'd seen Jack and Diane kissing the other day, and she growled that she wanted Diane gone.

Daniel recognized that when Phyllis cared about someone, she'd go to the wall to protect them. Phyllis groused that Diane had manipulated everyone in town, yet Jack still refused to open his eyes. Daniel lectured that Jack got to choose who got to be part of his life, and Phyllis had to live with that decision. Daniel contemplated whether he'd made a mistake by hiring Phyllis, since his project was supposed to be about positivity and self-improvement. Daniel continued that he had one shot at doing it the right way, and he didn't want to ruin it.

Phyllis incredulously asked if Daniel was firing her before the project even launched. He muttered that the way things were going at Chancellor-Winters, it might never get off the ground, anyway. Daniel declined to elaborate, and he urged Phyllis to figure out a way to tame her anger. He suggested that she read a self-help book or two and question whether her feelings were making her a better person. Daniel said he needed to get some air, and he hurried out. Tucker witnessed the exchange and approached Phyllis, noting that someone was having a rough morning. "What's on your mind, sunshine?" he asked.

Tucker considered Phyllis wise to respond with silence, noting that "only when we are silent do we hear the answers we seek." He started to head to the bar, but she stopped him. "You'll do," she stated, and he called it the warmest invitation he'd received in a long time. She wondered what he thought would happen to her if she blackmailed and threatened the entire town, faked her own death, and later tried to convince everyone she'd atoned for her sins. Tucker remarked that the situation sounded strikingly familiar.

Tucker thought Phyllis wasn't giving herself enough credit, since she was very charming and adept at making friends and influencing people. Phyllis flatly stated that the answer was that she'd be tarred and feathered, yet Diane had managed to charm the pants off everyone, including Jack. Tucker doubted the people who knew and loved Phyllis would hold it against her, but she ranted that her son had just told her to get self-help books and allow Diane to put them all in danger. Phyllis griped that Diane had managed to con the smartest men, including Tucker. Phyllis wailed that she didn't know who to trust, and she couldn't take it much longer.

Phyllis desired an explanation of her strange new world. Tucker redirected her attention to the advice he'd given her before the holidays, when he'd told her that the more at peace she was, the more things would go her way. He recommended that she stop fighting the world so hard and take the path of least resistance, but she grumbled that she'd read more profound things in a fortune cookie. Tucker warned that her anger would eat her alive. Phyllis wondered what had happened to the guy who'd wanted to burn it all down, since she found him to be more interesting.

Summer arrived at Jabot. Kyle caught up with her and requested that they talk about what had happened at home, since he wasn't happy about it. A relieved Summer assumed they were finally on the same page, and she wanted to reconsider going to Paris to ensure they stayed out of the Stark situation. Kyle clarified that he was unhappy because Summer had refused to listen to what was going on with his mother, so he had no idea what kind of danger Diane was putting herself in. Summer was appalled that he was blaming her, and she refused to apologize for not wanting them to be dragged into another one of Diane's messes.

Kyle swore he wasn't asking for an apology, but he said he'd appreciate some compassion. Summer hated that he was under stress, and he respectfully requested that she acknowledge that she was part of the reason for it. Kyle explained that they'd once been a team, but he felt like he was in a tug-of-war between his parents and his wife, and he couldn't keep doing it. Summer defended that she'd bent over backwards to welcome Diane into their home and their workplace, but she refused to allow Diane to make Kyle an accomplice in criminal activity, especially when the whole thing would likely blow up. Daniel arrived and inquired whether everything was okay. "Not quite," Kyle replied.

After Kyle walked away, Summer confided to Daniel that she and Kyle had been fighting about Diane. Daniel informed Summer that he was there to talk about their mom, since he'd had to tell Phyllis to tone down her anger toward Diane, or they wouldn't be able to work together. Summer empathized because she'd fired their mother for that very reason, and she worried that Phyllis would spin out of control. Daniel reported that Phyllis was already spinning, and he pondered how they could save her from herself that time.

Summer asserted that Phyllis was an adult who had to figure out how to solve her own problems. Summer crossed her fingers that Phyllis didn't pull everyone into the path of her whirling tornado. Daniel headed out, passing by Kyle on his way to the elevator. Kyle mentioned that he'd overheard Summer's comment about the tornado, and he wondered if she'd been talking about his mother or hers.

Summer confirmed that she'd been talking about Phyllis, but she contended that the remark just as easily could have been made about Diane. Kyle snapped that it wasn't a fair comparison. His phone pinged, and he scowled when he saw a message from Victor, who wanted him to drop by the ranch. Kyle complained that the last thing on his mind was helping Victor cause problems for Adam at Jabot, since the only thing he could think about was getting his mother to the other side of the plan unharmed.

At Crimson Lights, Chance appeared to be deep in thought as Sharon poured him some coffee. He conceded that he'd been light-years away, and she wondered if he'd reached any conclusions. Chance asked if Sharon was still questioning his career choice, and he wondered how much it would run him if the doctor was in. She plopped down at his table and assured him that there would be no charge for friendly advice. She referred to the wide variety of jobs she'd held, and she declared herself a proponent of following one's instincts. She counseled that if he continued to have doubts about his chosen career, he needed to examine things on a deeper level.

Chance remembered that he'd been a scout when he'd been young, and he'd enlisted when he'd been old enough. Sharon asked what he'd liked about being in the service, and he cited the structure and sense of purpose that had made him strive to be the perfect soldier. He recalled that he'd later worked with the Feds before joining the police department. Chance shared that he liked going undercover because it allowed him to be someone else for a while. Sharon sensed a pattern of him pretending to be someone else, and she questioned how much time he'd spent just being himself, doing what he truly wanted to do.

Later, Sharon set down a pastry in front of Chance, noting that he looked like he needed it. Chance recounted that his therapist had asked if he'd had regrets about his career choice, but he hadn't responded. Chance pondered whether he'd chosen his life or if his life had chosen him, and he realized he didn't want to live a life where he stood to lose something every minute he was on the job. He braced himself to start asking himself if he was doing the thing that would make him happy.

Sharon wondered what Chance thought about going back to therapy. Chance admitted that he didn't love the idea, but it might be worth it if it gave him answers. She advised him to consider taking a leave of absence to give himself a fresh perspective. Jack greeted them, and Sharon stepped to the counter to prepare Jack's usual. Chance answered a call, and Jack listened with interest as Chance told the caller that that it wasn't every day they heard from the Chicago Police Department.

Diane arrived at Stark's suite, and Stark inquired whether she had something for him. She pulled a swatch of cloth out of her purse, and he unwrapped the necklace and declared it perfect. Diane fawned over the artistry of the piece, and Stark questioned how he could be sure it was Nikki's. Diane mentioned that Nikki had been photographed wearing it at the latest art exhibit opening at a Chicago museum. Stark pressed to know the details of how Diane had pulled off the heist.

Diane claimed that she'd used the date of Victor and Nikki's first wedding anniversary to bypass the security system. She crowed that she'd gotten in on the first try, and she rambled about how the necklace had been owned by a long line of royals before it had been put up for auction. Stark marveled that Diane had far exceeded his wildest expectations, and he anticipated that the necklace would be the beginning of something new and exciting for them. He proposed that they branch out by stealing from the rest of the rich and powerful in Genoa City, starting with Diane's redheaded arch enemy. Diane grinned.

Diane admitted that the idea of robbing Phyllis blind had beauty to it after everything Phyllis had tried to steal from her, but Diane worried that she'd be the prime suspect if all her enemies started losing their finest jewels. Stark pointed out that Diane could easily get around the Abbotts' alarm codes, but she balked at stealing from her son and grandson. She argued that she'd be caught in a minute if they targeted her inner circle, whereas they should be looking for long-term success. Stark suddenly ordered Diane to turn around.

Diane hesitated, and Stark wondered whether she trusted him. She pointed out that she'd stuck her neck out for him, and he proclaimed that it was time to repay her for a job well done. She turned her back to him and winced as he stepped close. Stark placed the necklace around Diane's neck and told her to remember him every time she wore it. He implored her to imagine making enough money to buy gems like that for herself, but she reasoned that she couldn't exactly go out on the town wearing Nikki's stolen jewelry. Diane insisted that the necklace was for Stark, and she was glad she'd finally proven to him that she was willing to get back in the game.

Stark proposed that he and Diane seal their new partnership with a kiss. Diane turned to face him and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Diane breathlessly enthused that she hadn't realized how much she'd "missed this." Stark thought they should celebrate, and she agreed that it was never too early for Champagne. He replied that he wouldn't mind having a glass or two. "Afterwards," he added, loosening his tie.

Stark assisted Diane with removing the necklace, and she began to cough. She claimed that she was allergic to his cologne, and he offered to take a quick shower. She cooed not to be long, and she promised to make it worth his while. After Stark headed to the bathroom, Diane retrieved some items from her purse and stashed them around the room.

At Crimson Lights, Jack's phone chimed with a text message from Diane. "All set," Diane had written. Jack sighed deeply, set down his phone, and waited.

Chance arrests Stark for stealing Nikki's necklace

Chance arrests Stark for stealing Nikki's necklace

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

by Nel

Diane was agitated when she arrived at Crimson Lights. Jack confirmed that everything was all set, and they had to trust the process and the Genoa City Police Department. Jack received a call from Kyle, who was wondering how things had gone. Jack assured him Diane was safe, and their plan was in motion. Jack asked Kyle to assure Summer everything would be over very soon.

In his suite, Stark walked out of the bathroom after a shower. He playfully asked Diane what she had in store for him, but the suite was empty. Stark saw the necklace had been left on the coffee table. Someone knocked, and Stark put the necklace into the pocket of his robe. Stark opened the door, and Chance informed him that he'd received a call from the Chicago police. Chance asked if Stark had been to Chicago recently. He provided Stark with a warrant allowing him to search Stark's suite. Chance remarked that Stark hadn't been a model citizen in Chicago.

Chance said the search shouldn't be a problem if Stark had nothing to hide. Stark claimed the search was a big mistake because he hadn't been in Chicago in years. Chance asked why he was in Genoa City after he'd been released from prison. Stark claimed he had personal matters to deal with in town.

Chance lifted the mattress and found the schematics for a building on the North Shore in Chicago, Illinois. Stark denied they were his. He suggested they could have been left by a previous guest. Chance found it a strange coincidence that the schematics were for a building where the Newmans owned an apartment, and it had been broken into. Chance relayed that the video showed a man, who was about Stark's size, entering the building around midnight, wearing a black windbreaker. Stark adamantly stated he'd been in his suite all night.

Stark told Chance he didn't know what the burglary in the Chicago building had to do with him. Chance explained that a very valuable necklace had been stolen. He said the thief had known exactly what they'd been looking for. Stark claimed he had no idea what Chance was talking about. Chance said a pair of men's reading glasses had been found by the safe. He said they'd lifted the fingerprints and run them through the database -- and they'd matched Stark's.

Stark laughed and told Chance he'd been set up. Chance said he needed to search Stark, but Stark refused. He said that Stark should have read the warrant because it included a search of him. Stark shouted he'd been set up by Diane and Jack. He denied being in Chicago. Chance asked how Stark's glasses had wound up there. Stark said he had no idea.

Chance asked if Stark was in town because of Diane. Stark claimed he'd arrived in town to collect a personal debt. He accused Diane and Jack of concocting a half-assed plan to frame him. He also claimed there wasn't any concrete evidence. Stark opened the door for Chance to leave, and he was surprised to see Diane and Jack standing there.

Stark told Diane he hadn't bought her act for a second. He accused Diane of being the money-grabbing snake she'd always been. Diane told Chance that Stark had informed her that he was on his way to Chicago the previous evening. Shouting, Stark accused her of being a lying bitch. In his search, Chance found a black windbreaker and said it matched the description shown on the video. Stark denied it was his, but Chance said it was enough to arrest him.

Chance inquired why Jack and Diane were there. Jack explained that Diane had to discuss her debt to Stark, and she'd asked him to accompany her. Diane claimed Stark had been harassing and stalking her every chance he'd had. She said that was the reason Stark was in the same hotel as her, and he'd refused to leave her alone. Stark denied it. He claimed Diane and Jack were there to see all their planted evidence exposed. Stark claimed it would be laughed out of court because there wasn't any concrete evidence.

Chance informed Stark it wasn't his case, but in order to complete his job for the Chicago police, he had to search Stark. Stark refused. Chance reminded him it was in the warrant. Diane said she wondered what Chance would find. Stark lunged at Diane, but Chance grabbed him to stop him. That was when Chance found the necklace in Stark's pocket. Stark threatened to take Diane down with him. He told Chance that Diane had brought the necklace to him earlier that morning, and he accused Diane of stealing it.

Chance asked Diane where she'd been the previous evening. Diane admitted she'd been with Jack all night. Jack confirmed it. Chance asked about her connection to Stark. Diane explained that they'd dated briefly when she'd lived in Los Angeles. She said she'd discovered that Stark had been laundering money out of the country, and when she'd wanted to leave him, Stark had threatened and blackmailed her. She said Stark claimed she owed him money. Jack vouched for everything Diane had said.

Chance asked why Diane hadn't gone to the police with that information. Diane confessed she'd been embarrassed that she'd been associated with Stark. Stark called her a filthy liar. He claimed it was all circumstantial, and he would be free by lunchtime. Chance said Stark was an ex-con in possession of stolen goods, and in Wisconsin, that was a Class G felony that would lead to a good 15 years in prison. Stark warned Diane to sleep lightly because she hadn't seen the last of him. Chance led Stark out.

Lily arrived at Devon's for a meeting with Jill via video chat to discuss revoking the merger. Lily asked if Devon had changed his mind. Devon confirmed he still wanted to buy back Hamilton-Winters. He confirmed he wanted to keep his company private and under his control.

During the video chat, Jill asked Devon "what the hell" was wrong with him. Devon responded that he wanted to maintain the integrity of the company that he and Neil had created. He said the best way to do that was to revoke the merger. Jill reminded him that they'd been very vocal about bringing the companies together, and it would damage the image of both companies. Devon said he understood that, but he felt there would be more damage if they remained partnered. He assured Jill that he didn't want to turn the situation into a personal battle if they couldn't see eye to eye.

Lily warned Devon the situation could turn into a disaster. Devon admitted they would be impacted, but only on a professional level. He reminded Jill that the point of the merger had never been just about making money. He stated that his argument was on an emotional level, as Lily's brother and Katherine's grandson.

Devon told Jill his first instinct had been against the merger. He said he'd agreed to the merger because he'd believed it would bond the family together, but that hadn't happened because of what Nate had done. Devon said Nate's actions had made him realize how important autonomy was to him. He said he wasn't prepared to have a committee make decisions for his company. Devon insisted he wanted his company to carry on the family legacy in the right way. He said creating the company had bonded him and Neil, and it had helped them heal after one of the most difficult times in their lives. Devon refused to hand the company over to the highest bidder.

Jill told Devon she understood, but his timing sucked. She asked for Lily's opinion. Lily claimed Neil's company was just as important to her, and she wouldn't allow anyone to slice it up or dismantle it. Devon asked how she knew it wouldn't go in that direction after the IPO. Lily asked him to trust her to guide them through the process. She claimed Devon could protect his company, and she and Jill would protect theirs. Devon stated that neither Lily nor Jill was protecting anything.

Devon reminded Jill and Lily that they'd had two different entities go after their company even before they'd gone public, Tucker and Newman. He said he didn't feel safe. He was adamant that his company had to stand on its own, and he needed to make all the decisions for it. He asserted that he heard Neil's voice in his head, clearly saying no to having shareholders. He implored Lily and Jill to let him take back his and Lily's father's company.

Jill understood Devon's emotional attachment to what he and Neil had built. She said she felt the same about Katherine's company, but emotions or sentimentality had no place in the business world. She said their merger had been different because it had been about family. Jill said if Devon felt that combining the two companies would be bad for his family, they had to take that into consideration, but they would be losing a lot of money. Jill said they would also have to take into consideration whether Devon's feeling good about his decision was worth incurring the loss. Lily agreed, and she wanted to discuss it alone with Devon.

Kyle was in Jack's office when Summer arrived. She apologized about the argument they'd had earlier. She explained that she and Daniel had been talking about Phyllis. She said Phyllis was an adult and responsible for her own choices. Kyle indicated that what Summer had said about Phyllis could also apply to Diane. Summer said she couldn't continue to walk on eggshells around Kyle. She commented that he was too sensitive about Diane, and everything revolved around Diane.

Summer reminded Kyle their mothers were adults who were responsible for their own choices. Kyle admitted he shouldn't have been upset with Summer for having an opinion. Kyle hated that his parents were attempting to outwit a dangerous criminal, and they were out of their element. Summer asserted that what Jack and Diane were doing had compromised her and Kyle's marriage, and she couldn't allow that to happen again.

Summer told Kyle she might have overstepped. She also admitted that some of the crazy things Phyllis had done had put them in a difficult position, as well. Agitated, Kyle stated that Summer kept comparing their mothers. He said there was a big difference because he was protecting his mother from a criminal who Phyllis had lured to town. He claimed Diane was in serious danger from a criminal, not fighting her worst impulses.

After Kyle heard from Jack, Kyle told Summer that Diane was safe, and he hoped she would stay that way. Summer suggested it would be best if they didn't get involved in Diane's dramas because they were both caught in the middle. Summer said she was trying to protect Harrison, and she couldn't pretend she didn't have concerns about Diane.

Kyle asked if Summer wanted him to cut ties with Diane because of Stark. He claimed he would never ask Summer to cut ties with Phyllis, no matter how much trouble she caused. He accused Summer of putting their mothers on the same level. He claimed there was a difference because Phyllis had put everything in motion. Summer admitted there was a difference, because she acknowledged her mother's flaws and had never put Phyllis on a saintly pedestal.

Kyle received a text message from Jack. Kyle informed Summer that Stark was in custody, and he would be transferred to the Chicago Police Department. Elated, he said it was over, and everything could return to normal. Summer said it wouldn't, because the latest adventure might be over, but trouble had been the recurring theme since Diane's return. He claimed all the haters like Phyllis, Nikki, Ashley, Tucker, and Stark had been going after Diane nonstop.

Yelling, Summer told Kyle that Diane wasn't a helpless victim. She said everyone wanted Diane gone because of what she'd done in the past, and they didn't trust her because of the choices she'd made. Summer reminded him that Diane had chosen to fake her own death, abandon Kyle, assume a false identity, and engage in illegal activities with Stark. Summer said Diane had been forced to face those repercussions, and she'd dragged Kyle and Jack down with her.

Kyle assured Summer that no one had been dragged down. Shouting, Summer reminded Kyle that Jack had broken into Nikki's apartment to steal a seven-figure necklace to help Diane. She asked how much lower things could go. Kyle justified Jack's actions by stating it had only been the one instance. Summer cried that Diane had been forcing them to choose between her family and Kyle's. She remined him that her family was his family, as well, and her family had always been there for them, unlike Diane. Kyle claimed that wasn't fair.

Summer insisted she wasn't trying to justify anyone's behavior since Diane's return, but she needed Kyle to see Diane for who she was. Summer told Kyle to remove Diane from the pedestal.

At Society, Tucker noted that Phyllis seemed angry. Phyllis claimed that Diane had been manipulating and hurting the people Phyllis loved since Diane's return. Phyllis said she thought Tucker would understand that because he was ruthless and self-serving. Tucker said that all Phyllis' anger was aimed at Diane. Tucker claimed Diane had her hands full, and she'd been trying to build a future with Jack.

Phyllis told Tucker that Jack would eventually see who Diane really was. Phyllis claimed Diane was using Jack while she'd been cozying up to Stark. Tucker said he'd known about Diane's past with Stark, and perhaps Stark was Diane's future. Phyllis complained that Diane had inserted herself into every aspect of Phyllis' life, including her career. She said Daniel was having second thoughts about hiring her because she was consumed with hatred for Diane.

Tucker stated that Phyllis was losing everything because of a woman she hated. He asked Phyllis what it would take for her to let go of her crippling disdain for Diane. Phyllis stated that Diane could leave town. Tucker suggested that Phyllis shift her focus to something more productive.

Tucker asked Phyllis about Daniel's new project. Phyllis refused to give him any information. She reminded him that Summer worked with a sociopath, and Phyllis wasn't about to divulge Daniel's ideas to Tucker. He said he would love to have a chat with Daniel. Phyllis claimed she would rather drive across the country with Diane and the windows welded shut than allow Tucker to have a business conversation with Daniel. Phyllis left.

At Society, Tucker approached Devon. Devon said he'd figured Tucker had left town, since Tucker's plans for him and Ashley had fallen apart. Tucker said he believed there was a way to gain Devon's forgiveness. Devon said he didn't. Tucker asked why Devon was so rattled. Devon said he didn't need Tucker to care. Tucker said he was trying to help because he cared.

Devon barked back that if he'd learned anything, it was not to trust Tucker. He told Tucker he wanted to drink alone. Tucker stated he was staying. Devon retorted that he would be sure not to be where Tucker was. Devon downed his drink and left.

When Devon returned home, Lily told him that she and Jill had made a decision about Hamilton-Winters.

When the elated Jack and Diane returned to the Abbott home, Diane gloated that their plan had worked perfectly. Jack called Nikki and left her a voice message. He said the robbery in Chicago had to have been very upsetting, but he had some good and bad news. He asked her to call him.

Diane said Jack had taken a huge risk getting the necklace. She complimented him for stepping up when Chance had begun to interrogate her. Jack claimed they couldn't lose sight of their goal. He said with Stark gone, they could focus on what really mattered -- them. Jack kissed Diane.

Lily and Jill offer to buy Devon out

Lily and Jill offer to buy Devon out

Thursday, January 19, 2023

by Nel

At the penthouse, Lily told Devon that Jill wanted to proceed with the IPO. She said if they kept the companies together, they had a great chance of a successful offering. Devon asked if Lily and Jill were rejecting what he'd asked for. Lily admitted they were. Devon stated that things would become ugly.

Lily told Devon things didn't need to get ugly. Devon asked why they wouldn't, since he was being forced to go to war for his own company, something he'd been trying to avoid. Lily said she and Jill wanted to resolve the situation amicably. She explained that she and Jill would keep the companies intact to maximize the potential of a successful offering. She said they would then rebrand that entity as part of the IPO called Chancellor Worldwide.

Lily told Devon that once they went public and the dust had settled, they would buy Devon out for a very lucrative amount. It would give Devon an opportunity to create a new Hamilton-Winters. She said he would have complete autonomy over his new company, and she and Jill would maintain their strength. Lily claimed it was a win-win for everyone, without acrimony.

Devon told Lily he found it difficult to see how Lily's proposition benefitted him. Lily maintained that she and Jill believed it was a fair and good offer. Devon asked how it was fair. He said Jill and Lily wouldn't be giving up anything because they would still go public, and they would retain the company he'd poured his heart and soul into creating.

Lily claimed she would be giving up a chance to work with Devon and creating something amazing with him. She said their relationship would be affected if they went to court. Devon questioned whether Lily planned to cut him out of her life if he didn't accept their offer. Lily explained that she wanted them to remain close and try to salvage things. Devon claimed Lily wasn't doing that. He said she was holding his company hostage and forcing him to choose either to go public with Lily and Jill or to give it up. Lily claimed she was trying to keep them united.

Devon told Lily their discussion was about a professional disagreement, and he wondered why Lily was making it personal. Lily claimed it was because he would be walking away from something that mattered to him. Lily reminded Devon that he'd wanted the merger. Devon agreed he had because it had looked good on paper, but things had changed. Lily reiterated it wasn't a bad deal. Devon said he didn't care about the deal. He said she could throw all the money in the world at him, but she was asking him to build an empire from scratch.

Lily asked if Devon didn't see it as an opportunity. She said he could right the things he'd done wrong the first time. Lily asked if Devon would rather focus on building a new legacy than fighting a potentially unsuccessful lawsuit against Chancellor-Winters. Devon asked why she and Jill wouldn't give him what he'd asked for. Lily stated there was a viable option on the table if Devon would consider it, and it could make him happy. Lily asked Devon to think about it, because what they did next would change their lives. She suggested they do something that would make Neil proud. Lily left.

Abby arrived at Crimson Lights. Abby asked for Sharon's forgiveness for making a scene and storming out the previous day. Abby admitted she'd been horrified because she hadn't expected things would escalate that quickly. Sharon assured her that she understood because Abby, Devon, and Chance had had a few rough years. Mariah and Tessa arrived, and Sharon was overjoyed to see them.

Sharon informed Abby that Mariah and Tessa had gone to Portland to meet with a potential birth mother. Mariah said the birth mother's name was Delphine, she was in her early 20s, and she was attending college to get her bachelor's degree. Tessa said Delphine and the baby daddy were no longer together. Mariah chimed in and said that after a lot of soul-searching, Delphine had decided she didn't want to be a mother yet. She said Delphine had decided adoption was the best option for her and her baby. Mariah said the initial visit hadn't been enough, so they'd all spent the day together, getting to know each other.

Mariah told Sharon and Abby that Delphine had chosen them to adopt her baby. The ladies squealed in delight. Mariah and Tessa said they were aware they had a million hurdles to clear before they brought a child home. Tessa gushed that at that moment, they wanted to celebrate how well things had gone in Oregon. Mariah said they'd accepted that Delphine might change her mind at any time, but they were prepared for the worst and hoped for the best.

Abby said Mariah and Tessa were feeling the same maternal urge she'd felt when they'd all joined together and made Abby's dream of a family a reality. Mariah admitted that if she hadn't been Dominic's surrogate, she never would have known how much she wanted to be a mother. Sharon wanted to hear more about Delphine, and she offered hot chocolate for everyone. Mariah noticed Abby's mood, and she asked if Abby wanted to talk.

On the patio, Abby said she assumed Mariah was aware that Abby and Chance had been having problems. Mariah confirmed she knew. Abby informed Mariah that she and Chance were divorcing. Abby said she'd thought about the time Chance had been in Spain and how Mariah had given them the most incredible gift. Abby said she'd believed that Chance would return home and that they would have a happy future together as a family. Mariah reminded Abby that she, Chance, and Dominic would always remain a family. She said Abby and Chance would be amazing co-parents because of the love they had for Dominic, and that would never change.

As Abby was leaving, she received a text message from Devon: "Are you free?" Abby left without responding.

Tessa told Sharon their conversations with Delphine had been challenging. She said Delphine had been trying to be what she thought Mariah and Tessa had wanted her to be. Mariah said to be fair, they'd done the same thing. She said since Delphine had decided that adoption was the best option for her, Mariah and Tessa had hoped Delphine would choose them as the baby's parents.

Sharon asked Mariah if the baby's father knew about the pregnancy and what Delphine intended to do. Tessa said Delphine had assured them the father was on board, and he'd relinquished all his parental rights. Sharon asked if they'd noticed any reluctance on Delphine's part. Tessa claimed Delphine seemed determined to stay on the path with them. She said Delphine had asked about their parenting philosophy and if the baby would have grandparents.

Mariah informed Sharon that they'd told Delphine all about Sharon, Nick, Crystal, Noah, Faith, and Genoa City. Sharon asked if Delphine had been curious about Mariah and Tessa's childhoods. Mariah said they'd admitted they hadn't had the best childhoods, but they wouldn't make the same mistakes. Sharon said Delphine had obviously liked them because she'd chosen them as her baby's parents. Mariah said she wondered how they would structure an open adoption because Delphine wanted to know the kid. Mariah confirmed they were completely on board with that.

Sharon advised Mariah and Tessa to make sure Christine covered everything in the adoption papers, even things they didn't think mattered. She asked when the baby was due. Mariah said they could be parents by the end of February.

Victoria arrived at Chelsea's with Johnny. Johnny and Connor exchanged some playful barbs and left to get a drink. Chelsea thanked Victoria for allowing Johnny to share pizza with Connor. Chelsea noted that Victoria didn't seem happy about Johnny being with her and Connor.

Victoria admitted she'd wanted to decline the invitation Chelsea had extended inviting Johnny to join Connor for pizza. Victoria said she'd realized it was not a big deal, and she wanted to support Johnny and his relationship with Connor. She said family was important. Victoria admitted she wasn't comfortable with the situation. Chelsea said she understood that "situation" was in reference to her and that Victoria didn't want Johnny around her.

Victoria told Chelsea that she had to keep reminding herself it was about Johnny, and she wouldn't tell him that he couldn't spend time with Chelsea. Victoria admitted she was very protective of him. She said Johnny had processed that Chelsea was his biological mother, and he'd welcomed Chelsea into his life. She said Johnny loved the idea that he and Connor were half-brothers. Victoria admitted she couldn't forget how devastated Johnny had been when he'd been told about Chelsea.

Victoria told Chelsea that she was having a difficult time getting into the new normal, such as pizza night and holidays together. She said that from her perspective, everything was moving too quickly. Chelsea understood. She admitted she shouldn't have forced the issue, and it had been selfish. Chelsea also admitted she'd been in a lot of pain at that time, and she hadn't recognized how her actions had been hurting others. Chelsea said she was very grateful that Victoria was making an effort after Chelsea had blindsided Victoria on a number of occasions.

Chelsea told Victoria she was trying to rebuild her life, and she appreciated that Victoria was allowing her to be a very small part of Johnny's life. Victoria boasted that Johnny was a good kid. Chelsea claimed it was because he had such a good mom, his only mom. She assured Victoria that Victoria had nothing to fear, and she wanted to make Victoria feel comfortable with the situation.

At Society, Lily reluctantly approached Billy at the bar. Billy told Lily he was waiting for his pizzas. He explained it was an oversized version of flatbread, but he was keeping it a secret from the kids. He said Abby had asked for an honest opinion. Lily said she was sure Johnny and Katie would be more than happy to provide one. Billy explained that the pizzas were for Johnny and Connor. He said they were hanging out at Chelsea's. Lily looked a little crestfallen but recovered quickly.

Billy asked if Lily had had a tough week. He said things might be over between them, but it didn't mean he'd stopped caring or supporting her. He said if Lily needed someone to lean on, he wanted to be that person. Lily sat with Billy at the bar.

Lily told Billy that nothing seemed to be going right lately. She said Devon and Nate were still not speaking, Devon wanted to end his partnership with Chancellor-Winters, and then there was that guy she used to have in her life that she'd loved. Billy said he believed they still had something. He stated that because things hadn't lasted forever between them, it didn't mean it had all been bad.

Billy asked if Lily's nightmare about the IPO included Devon wanting to end their partnership. She admitted it did. Billy commented that Nate had been right, and the root of the problem was Devon's desire to be a lone wolf. Lily claimed she was the lone wolf. Billy noted that the lone wolf was in a suite with empty chairs. He assured Lily it wasn't a reflection of her leadership because she'd worked to keep everyone together. Billy insisted Lily had done amazing things for the company.

Billy asked if Lily regretted any decisions she'd made when she'd taken over Chancellor Media and Chancellor Industries, the merger, and the IPO. Lily admitted she didn't regret anything. She said she was proud of everything she'd accomplished. Billy said he hoped Lily could see it as a golden opportunity.

Billy reminded Lily she was strongest when she was backed into a corner. He said she rose to greater heights. He also reminded Lily he'd had experience with family business drama, and over time, everyone would eventually forgive and forget. Billy said Devon would get over it because Devon and Lily had an incredible bond. Lily thanked him for the pep talk. Before Billy left, he told Lily to call him if there was anything he could do to help. Lily said she had it under control.

After Billy left, Lily stared at her phone at a photo of her, Neil, and Devon.

Abby arrived at Devon's. She announced that Mariah and Tessa had had a wonderful visit with a potential birth mother. She said things were looking good. Devon said it was nice to hear someone had something good happen to them. Abby asked if there had been a resolution about the merger. Devon said the decision hadn't been what he'd expected.

Devon told Abby that Jill had decided to move forward with the IPO and that she needed to keep Chancellor-Winters merged with Hamilton-Winters. He said Jill and Lily wanted to buy him out, and that would leave him free to create a new company and call it Hamilton-Winters.

Abby reminded Devon that empires had been built on a lot less. Abby said Devon would make his sister happy if he took the deal, and he could start something that would be right up his ally and brand new. Devon asked how he was supposed to walk away from the biggest professional achievement in his life. He said the company was invaluable because he'd created it with Neil, and it was his connection to Neil. He asked if that would defeat the purpose if he left. Abby explained that Neil would always be part of every move and decision Devon made.

Abby suggested that Devon had to decide how he saw his future and not how he felt about the past. Devon admitted he didn't know what he saw when he thought about the future.

Abby asked Devon what he'd loved about Hamilton-Winters. Devon indicated that he'd loved that it was an established company, and it had a history of success he could build on. Abby asked how he felt about a new company. He said it would just be a brand-new company, and he didn't know how it would compare with the existing one. He said he could fail if he started over, but Abby countered that he could also soar. She assured him that whatever choice he made, he wouldn't face it alone.

Devon took Abby's hand and asked when she'd taken off her wedding rings. Abby said she had to face her new reality, and she'd removed them a few days earlier. She admitted she was filled with a lot of uncertainty, but Devon assured her that no matter what life threw at her, she wouldn't face it alone. They kissed.

When Billy arrived at Chelsea's and saw Victoria, he asked if there was a problem. Chelsea and Victoria confirmed everything was fine and said they'd been chatting. Chelsea invited Victoria to stay for pizza.

Billy told Johnny and Connor the pizza was new from Society, and Abby wanted their honest opinion. Johnny asked Victoria if she was staying for pizza. Connor firmly stated that of course Victoria would stay because no one would say no to pizza. Victoria agreed to stay.

Billy asked for everyone's opinion on Society's pizza, but Connor wanted to know what was for dessert. Connor also suggested that Katie should be there on the next pizza night. He said Katie was Johnny's sister and Connor's cousin, and it was a family dinner.

Victoria said she had to leave to pick up Katie from ballet class. Billy told Victoria he would drop Johnny off after the movie. Victoria agreed. She thanked Chelsea for dinner and said she would be in touch, and she left.

Nikki questions Jack and Diane about the break-in

Nikki questions Jack and Diane about the break-in

Friday, January 20, 2023

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Diane told Summer and Kyle how she'd proven her loyalty and her desire to resume her criminal life with Stark. Summer suggested that Stark might have been setting Diane up. Diane said Jeremy had believed they were going to reconnect physically. She said that while Jeremy had been in the shower, she'd planted the evidence Jack had given her, and she'd left.

Jack told Summer and Kyle that Chance had obtained a warrant to search Stark's suite, and he'd found the necklace and the other evidence connecting Stark to the theft. He said Stark had been arrested and turned over to the Chicago Police Department. Gloating, Diane said they were finally rid of that "horrible man." She claimed they could return to their normal lives. Kyle growled that he wasn't happy with how everything had gone down.

Diane told Kyle that Jeremy had violated his parole and committed a crime, and he would go back to prison. Summer asked what would happen if Jeremy had a solid alibi for the night of the burglary. Jack maintained it had been worth the risk. Jack claimed if their plan was going to work, they'd had to move quickly. Summer asked if they should be happy about Jack breaking the law and lying to the police. Jack countered that Stark had been a genuine threat to all of them, and they had to eradicate him from the lives. Kyle said that would only happen if the charges stuck. He said Stark could post bail and retaliate.

At Crimson Lights, Chance informed Sharon that Victor's apartment in Chicago had been broken into. Sharon asked why Chance was involved, since it had happened out of state. Chance explained that it had involved Jeremy Stark, a paroled ex-con who was connected to Diane Jenkins. Sharon whispered that there had been a lot of speculation about what Diane had done all those years in California.

Chance told Sharon that because Stark had been staying in town, the Chicago Police Department had requested assistance. Chance said Stark was considered a flight risk, and they'd wanted him picked up immediately. Chance said he'd searched Stark's room, and he'd found the necklace and other evidence connecting him to the crime. He said he'd arrested Stark and taken him to Chicago. Sharon said it sounded very cut and dried. Chance agreed but admitted it wasn't sitting right with him.

Chance told Sharon that Stark had been paroled after serving six years of a ten-year prison sentence for money laundering. Chance asked why Stark would be charged with theft. Sharon asked if Stark's M.O. had given Chance pause. Chance admitted all the pieces had fit, and on paper, it had been a solid arrest. He said everyone in Chicago seemed satisfied. Chance said he didn't like how easily things had fallen into place or that Stark had only taken one piece of jewelry. Sharon agreed that Stark should have walked away with everything he could carry. Chance said he wondered why Nikki Newman had been the target. He also wondered what the connection was.

Sharon told Chance it might have been that Nikki was wealthy with a high profile, and there would have been a lot there worth stealing. Chance questioned why Chicago. He said Stark had ranted that Diane and Jack had framed him because they wanted him out of town. Chance said he wouldn't normally have paid attention, but there had been a certain bitterness in Stark's voice that kept eating at him. He said it felt like the whole thing had been contrived. Sharon agreed.

Chance asked Sharon if he was supposed to walk away, ignore his doubts, and trust that the legal system would do its job. He asked if Stark was going to get a fair trial or an adequate defense in front of an impartial judge. Chance admitted he'd put the job above everything else at huge personal cost. He said he'd believed in what he was doing. Sharon said she'd seen a lot of rules bent and laws broken by people she loved and respected. She said sometimes it had been done for her benefit. Sharon reminded him that things weren't always black and white, and compromises had to be made. She said Chance had to internalize in order to continue doing his job and doing what was right. She said that was the only thing he could control.

Sharon suggested that Chance was in a situation he no longer wanted to be in. She asked Chance what he would want to do if he were to change his career. Chance said he had no idea because his whole life had been in public service -- soldier, federal agent, and detective. Sharon was sure there were all kinds of fields he could explore. She offered some silly suggestions, which had Chance laughing. He thanked Sharon for that and remarked that she was good at getting him out of his head. Sharon was happy he felt comfortable enough to be silly with her.

Chance told Sharon he'd received a text message from the Chicago Police Department, and he had to follow up on Stark's arrest. Chance admitted he was reluctant to leave. Sharon told him to take care of business while she thought about all the career paths he could consider. Chance smiled, and he left.

Nikki arrived at the Abbotts' home. Jack asked if Nikki had been informed about the theft in Chicago. Nikki said she had. Jack said the thief had been Jeremy Stark. Stunned, Nikki asked why Stark would do that. Jack said he assumed Stark had stolen the necklace to set Diane up. Diane said Stark believed she'd turned him in to the Feds. Nikki knew the police were following up about some reading glasses.

Nikki asked how Jack knew so much about the theft. Jack explained that he and Diane had gone to speak with Stark just as Chance had been about arrest Stark. Nikki said she found the timing interesting. Nikki looked pointedly at Diane when she asked why a convicted felon would go to Chicago to steal from her. Jack said the good news was that Stark had been arrested with Nikki's necklace on him. Nikki snarked that it had been very lucky for Diane.

Diane said it was ironic that Nikki's misfortune had saved Diane. Nikki said she was curious how Stark had gotten into her apartment so easily. She said there hadn't been any signs of a break-in, and Stark seemed to have known the codes to the alarm. Nikki realized the codes hadn't changed from when she and Jack had spent time there. Chance arrived.

Nikki thanked Chance for his work on her behalf. Nikki said she was curious how Stark had been able to figure out the code. She asked if Chance had any theories on how Stark had accessed the apartment. She asked if Stark had used an electronic gadget to bypass the alarm. Chance said no. He couldn't explain it.

Chance told Jack that Stark had been very loud in proclaiming his innocence. Chance said Stark had played by the rules while he'd been in Genoa City. Nikki said she had to leave. Chance promised to keep Nikki updated about her necklace.

Chance told Jack and Diane that Stark had been arraigned earlier, and the judge had denied bail. Jack and Diane breathed a sigh of relief. Chance said Stark was no amateur. He said it made no sense, and it seemed odd that Stark would have been so careless about breaking into an apartment and stealing one necklace. He said Stark had also left his reading glasses behind while committing grand larceny. He asked if there was anything else that Jack or Diane could tell him about the incident.

Jack said they couldn't shed any additional light on the situation. Jack said Stark had been threatening Diane since his arrival in Genoa City. Jack opined that Stark had to have been infuriated that Diane wouldn't play his game. Chance said it was his job to handle men like Stark and not people who believed their wealth and position gave them carte blanche to maneuver any situation to their benefit. Jack said the Chicago police and the reigning judge had found everything aboveboard, and they were proceeding accordingly. Chance agreed that was how it looked. Chance left.

Jack gleefully told Diane that Jeremy was gone for good. Diane said she was overwhelmed in a good way, and she felt free. She said it wouldn't have happened without Jack. He said he'd known that at times Diane had been afraid, but she hadn't needed anyone to save her from the situation. He said he'd been happy to provide his support. They kissed and wound up in bed together.

At Jabot, Adam demanded to know why Victor was looking for Kyle. Victor said he wanted to finish his discussion with Kyle about Summer and Harrison. Adam reminded Victor that at Society, Victor had admitted that Adam had been the topic of the day. Victor claimed Adam had been mentioned in passing. Adam said he wanted to know what was really going on. Victor reiterated that he was there to talk about Harrison, since he was part of the next generation of Newmans.

Victor asked Adam why there always had to be an argument between them. Adam said he knew Victor hated that Adam was working with Jack at Jabot. He said Kyle believed Jack had only given him the job to stick it to Victor. He said Kyle would love it if he wasn't there. Victor admitted Adam was right.

Victor boasted that Adam was a very talented businessman, something he'd said on a number of occasions. Adam asked if Victor had hoped to hear that Adam had crashed and burned. Victor asked "why the hell" Adam was at Jabot, selling lipstick and makeup. Adam asked if Victor wanted Victoria to give him some rinky-dink position so he could be under Victor's thumb at Newman. Adam declared that that wouldn't happen.

Victor greeted Summer and Kyle when they arrived. He asked Kyle to give him a minute before starting his day. Adam told Kyle it was sad how Kyle allowed Victor to pull his strings. Kyle said he had no idea what Adam was talking about. Victor entered Jack's office. Adam said Summer had to be proud that her husband did whatever Victor wanted. Summer said she hated to disappoint Adam's massive ego, but Kyle was making Valentine's Day plans and had asked Victor for a favor. Kyle joined Victor in Jack's office.

Adam claimed he felt for Summer because she'd been dragged into the family machinations yet again. Summer commented that Adam's paranoia was working overtime. Adam claimed he knew what was going on behind the closed door, and it had nothing to do with Valentine's Day. Adam claimed Victor wanted to humiliate him, and Victor was capitalizing on Kyle's animosity toward him. Summer asked how exactly Victor would do that. Adam said Victor would manipulate Kyle by making it seem they both wanted the same thing, and they'd work together to give Adam the heave-ho. Adam said Victor had a way of corrupting the most upstanding people.

Summer told Adam that Kyle didn't need to work with Victor to push Adam out the door. She said history had proven that Adam could ruin things without anyone's help. Summer walked away.

In Jack's office, Kyle apologized to Victor for not returning his calls. He explained that Diane had been going through some serious issues recently, and he'd been focused on that. Victor assumed it had something to do with Stark. Victor sad that when Kyle had realized there was a connection between Diane and Stark, it should have triggered alarm bells, and Kyle should have severed all ties with Diane.

Kyle asked how Victor could ask him to cut ties with his mother. Victor asked if Kyle had ever given any thought to what his life would be like if Diane hadn't returned. Kyle said he'd thought Victor was there about Adam. Victor claimed Adam didn't belong at Jabot because his place was with his family. Victor said Kyle had to hate that Adam was running Jabot with Jack. Kyle said he and Summer didn't report to Adam, and Adam had no authority over Marchetti. Kyle said they rarely crossed paths. Kyle admitted Adam hadn't been his first choice when Jack had been hiring to replace him as co-CEO.

Kyle said Adam might be competent at his job, but he would never trust Adam. Kyle said they didn't get along, and Kyle saw Adam as arrogant and disrespectful. Kyle added that he didn't appreciate the constant drama that swirled around Adam -- it was negative energy no one needed. Kyle asked how Victor proposed they get Adam out of Jabot and back to Newman.

Victor told Kyle he only wanted Adam to realize he had made a mistake and didn't belong at Jabot. Victor said he wanted Kyle to make sure Adam took a big fall. Victor said Adam would fall, then Victor would present Adam with an opportunity to pick himself up and make things right. Victor said he needed Kyle's assistance to facilitate his plan. Kyle said he wanted something in return.

In Sally's suite, Chloe commented on how the pregnancy was affecting Sally. Chloe said Sally would get through it. She said she'd brought Sally something that would help her feel better before her meeting with Jill. Nick startled Sally and Chloe when he knocked on the door.

Nick told Chloe he knew they had a big presentation coming up, and he wanted to wish them luck. Nick commented that Sally wasn't looking her best. He asked if it was the stomach bug again. Chloe jumped in and claimed that the virus going around was a real killer, and her kids had had it a couple of times. Sally claimed it was probably all the junk food and late nights.

Nick asked what Sally's symptoms were, but Sally asked for Nick and Chloe to leave because she had to get ready. Chloe assured Sally she had everything dialed in for their pitch. She said Sally needed very little time to get through her pitch. Chloe told Nick they needed to leave, but Nick said he needed to talk to Sally. After Chloe left, he asked Sally if there was more to the bug than Sally was letting on. Sally said there was a lot riding on her presentation, and she'd been working really hard to get everything ready.

Nick reminded Sally he'd seen her deal with pressure before, and things appeared to be more than just nerves. He mentioned that Sally hadn't wanted to have a drink with him the previous evening. Nick asked if there was a chance it was morning sickness. Sally admitted she was pregnant but hadn't wanted to say anything yet. Nick asked how Sally felt about the pregnancy. She said she was trying to wrap her head around it.

Nick asked why Sally hadn't said anything earlier. Sally confessed she'd been overwhelmed. She said she knew what people thought of her, and the pregnancy was confirmation. Nick said it was just between him and Sally, no one else. Sally reminded Nick that she'd tried to manipulate a guy in Los Angeles. She asked why Nick wouldn't think she was trying to manipulate him. Nick said he didn't think that. Sally said they were supposed to take things slow, and it wasn't the way things were supposed to go. She said she liked Nick a lot, and she'd wanted things to be easy, sweet, and sexy a little longer. She said the pregnancy had changed everything.

Nick told Sally not to assume the worst. Sally admitted she'd been in denial, and she'd been on overload since she'd found out. She said on top of that, she felt crummy. She asked Nick to be in denial with her for the moment because she wasn't ready to deal with everything that came next. Nick told her not to stress, and they would figure it.

Chance returned to the coffeehouse and appeared very frustrated. Chance told Sharon he'd had a conversation that had reenforced every nagging doubt he'd had about his job in law enforcement. He said it had made him realize he couldn't do it anymore.

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