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Jill handed all her power at Chancellor-Winters over to Billy. Abby thwarted Devon's board meeting to oust Billy by voting for Billy to stay. Devon turned to Tucker for help. Phyllis quit her job. Without Summer's consent, Kyle told an excited Harrison that Claire would be the boy's nanny.
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Jill handed all her power at Chancellor-Winters over to Billy. Devon turned to Tucker for help. Phyllis quit her job. Kyle told Harrison that Claire would be his nanny.
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Christine's about-face decision irks Phyllis

Christine's about-face decision irks Phyllis

Monday, May 13, 2024

Billy entered Lily's office at Chancellor-Winters. Lily was out, so Billy left her a message requesting they meet as soon as possible to discuss an important matter. A distressed Chelsea arrived and told Billy that she needed to talk. Billy asked about Connor. Breaking down in tears, Chelsea cried, "Things are so much worse for Connor than we thought."

Chelsea explained that because Connor's medications caused grogginess and affected his therapy sessions, his OCD was raging. Chelsea cried, "He's not getting better. He's getting worse. We can't even be in the same room with him. We can't hug him, tell him that we love him." Billy assured Chelsea that it would take time to work things out. Chelsea cried that she and Adam were partly responsible for Connor's illness.

Sobbing, Chelsea related that Connor had self-inflicted bruises all over his thighs. Chelsea tearfully told Billy that Connor might need inpatient treatment, which would require a lengthy isolation period and close observation. Chelsea cried that Connor had no sense of self-worth and felt like he was a burden. Billy replied, "It's the OCD talking. That's not Connor." Chelsea explained that Connor's fears were deep-seated beliefs.

At Society, Nate, Lily, and Devon met for morning coffee. Nate recalled that he had never seen Aunt Mamie so upset. Devon asked Lily and Nate if they should endure Aunt Mamie's frequent disruptions. Lily recalled that Mamie had seemed surprised at their unwillingness to push out Jill and Billy, adding that Mamie might cause even more trouble as a result. Nate replied that Mamie felt betrayed, though she had no intentions of relinquishing her investment. Devon replied, "Well, I thought we had to fend off Tucker, but it's the internal threats within Chancellor-Winters that we have to worry about."

Lily briefly became distracted when she read her urgent message from Billy requesting to meet with her. Nate declared that Mamie, whose goal was to unite her family, did not possess the power to cause corporate instability, adding that she was invested emotionally and financially. Lily stood by their decision to insist that Mamie back down because she had overstepped. Devon said he agreed with Mamie's desire to oust Billy.

Lily momentarily grew silent as she considered Devon's comment before insisting that ousting Billy was not the right move because Jill would take offense and start a war. Devon asked Lily if she thought Billy was more of a threat outside the company than inside. Lily defended Billy and noted that he had good ideas. Devon insisted that Billy was determined to amass more power. Lily told Nate and Devon that Billy wanted to meet with her privately. Devon scoffed, "Well, that sounds like divide and conquer to me."

After Lily left, Devon asked Nate if he thought Billy might attempt to use Mamie's arguments to his advantage. Nate recalled that Billy had never taken Mamie's side, even having agreed with Jill that Mamie was trouble. Nate suggested that Mamie had been right to suspect that there was a level of paranoia beginning to infiltrate their thinking, which might be more damaging that anything Billy might attempt. Nate, recalling Devon's suspicions of Lily and Billy exchanging glances and voting in accord, noted that he often spun conspiracy theories about internal threats. Nate suggested they focus on building bridges instead. Devon replied that the "bomb" Billy was about to drop would unlikely help them build bridges.

Lily arrived at her office and encountered a tearful Chelsea conferring with Billy. Lily said she had been thinking about Connor. Chelsea thanked Lily before she walked out the door. Lily asked Billy if he wanted to leave with Chelsea. Billy replied that what he was about to tell Lily could not wait.

Billy said, "Jill made a very major decision. She has decided to step away, and she is handing all of her decision-making power to me." Lily asked Billy if Jill's decision was the reason he had tried to convince her to join his efforts to grab power. Billy insisted that Jill's decision had been a surprise, though she had opted to retain her seat on the board. Billy explained that Jill's aim was to let him shine. Lily laughed and asked Billy why Jill had not announced the decision to Lily and Devon directly.

Lily compared Jill's decision to Mamie's secretive games. Lily was adamant that she did not like Mamie's tactics or Jill's and was shocked that Jill had not informed her about stepping back and putting Billy in charge. Billy insisted he had no qualms about stepping into his mother's role and noted that warmongering between Devon and Mamie was detrimental to the company. Devon and Nate arrived and learned that Jill had stepped back and appointed Billy to take her place. Lily attempted to defuse the situation by asking Devon to hold off and talk to Jill. Devon complained that Jill was unreachable while traveling around the world. Devon warned Billy that they would not let him get away with anything.

At Adam's apartment, Sally brought coffee and muffins to Adam and offered comfort, knowing he would be exhausted after his journey. Adam reported that Connor was struggling while his doctors attempted to determine the correct medications, which, he explained, involved trial and error to track side effects as well as results. Adam noted that family history of mental illness was also a factor in determining Connor's treatment. Sally acknowledged that it was a scary time for the family.

Adam told Sally that the regimen of drugs had disturbed Connor's sleep. Adam cried that due to the complications, he and Chelsea had not been allowed to visit Connor. Adam explained that Connor had begun punishing himself by punching his legs with his fists. Sally offered encouragement by assuring Adam that Connor would benefit from the care he received from leading experts in the field. Sally told Adam to refrain from worry about worst-case scenarios. Connor, Adam noted, felt guilty because he believed he was broken, forcing his parents to pay to fix him. Chelsea stopped by Adam's apartment and told him she could not face going to work. Sally told Chelsea she was sorry about Connor, and she praised Chelsea and Adam for navigating Connor's painful situation with courage.

After Sally left, Chelsea, sobbing, told Adam she was a mess and did not feel brave at all. Chelsea told Adam she felt like crawling in her bed and screaming. Adam admitted he regretted constantly dumping his woes on Sally, adding that she was powerless to help. Chelsea acknowledged that all she did was cry on Billy's shoulder. Adam told Chelsea that only they understood what they were going through, so they should talk to each other.

Chelsea replied, "We didn't talk to each other the entire way back from Maryland. I'm here because I want to ask. Do you blame me for all this?" Adam insisted that neither of them should waste energy on blaming themselves when their son was literally beating himself. Chelsea, sobbing, said, "His little hands, they used to wrap around my fingers when he was a baby. The hands that we would hold while we'd help him cross the street. How could he be using those hands to hurt himself? How is this not our fault?"

Adam told Chelsea that casting blame would not help them figure out how to heal their son. Adam told Chelsea that they would have to rely on the professionals and trust the process because their parental instincts had not been successful. Chelsea agreed, adding that she had lived through mental illness and could not stand knowing that their son was suffering like she had. Chelsea praised Adam for handling things with a cool head. Adam was adamant that disrupting Connor's treatment would not be fair. Adam declared, "The only real option is forward."

Sally joined Chloe at Crimson Lights. Chloe said she knew that Sally had been paying their business expenses from her personal account. Sally replied, "I had to. Do you want our company to flatline?" Sally told Chloe that she hoped to buy them some time to find a solution. Chloe insisted that Sally's personal investment would be a loan they would later repay. Sally asked Chloe where they should seek financing to save their firm. Chloe was hesitant to agree with Adam's suggestion that they join Newman Enterprises. Sally noted that Victor had shot down the plan and would not likely reconsider.

Undaunted, Chloe was confident that she and Sally could change Victor's mind by appealing to Adam. Sally was adamant about not adding to Adam's burdens. Chloe suggested approaching Nick. Sally declined. Chloe asked Sally if their partnership had been a mistake. Sally explained that they had made a mistake by stepping outside their comfort zone because fashion was their calling. Chloe asked about Nick's investment in their interior design firm. Sally noted that they should quickly pivot to fashion and forge ahead on their own, so Nick would not lose his investment. Chloe agreed.

Phyllis, wearing a body-skimming dress, sashayed into the Athletic Club and made her way directly to a table occupied by Christine, who was peacefully sipping her coffee. Phyllis, glaring at Christine, said, "Well, looky here. Shouldn't you be working on your super-important case?" Christine replied, "Shouldn't you be minding your own business?" Phyllis crinkled her nose and said, "I guess you're drowning yourself in coffee and muffins because Danny's about to hit the road."

Christine quipped that there was no need to express concern about indulging in muffins because she was getting in plenty of cardio nightly. Phyllis continued to badger Christine and suggested that her important case was not so important, after all. Phyllis accused Christine of carrying out ploys to ruin her chances with Danny. Christine replied, "Once again you're shooting off your mouth without knowing a damn thing."

Danny arrived and greeted Christine with a kiss on the lips. Phyllis told Danny she'd feared she might not get to tell him goodbye before he hit the road. Danny told Phyllis that he had already said his goodbyes to Daniel and Lucy. Phyllis, referring to Christine as a "stinky old flame," noted that Christine had chosen work over romance. Grinning, Christine replied, "I turned down the case. I'm going with Danny, after all." Phyllis claimed that Christine's clients had dumped her. Danny attempted to defuse the quarreling by informing Phyllis that he hoped to begin his tour on a good note, adding that he would rather remember Phyllis behaving according to the positive changes she had made.

Danny told Phyllis that he and Christine had engaged in talks about their shared dreams, hopes for the future, and passions. Christine suggestively added, "But our night was about so much more than just talking." Phyllis accused Christine of blocking her from supporting Danny's tour. Christine defended herself and explained that she and Danny had fallen back in love. Yearning to end the encounter, Danny told Phyllis to take care. Phyllis replied that she would take care of their son and try to stop Daniel from making a tremendous mistake like his father had.

Before Phyllis walked away, she said, "Break a leg." After Phyllis left, Danny apologized to Christine, joking that "break a leg" was not appropriate for a rock tour. Christine, giddy, proclaimed that nothing could spoil her excitement about their next adventure on the road. Danny replied, "To our next chapter together, my love." Danny kissed Christine passionately.

Devon seeks help from a surprising source

Devon seeks help from a surprising source

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

At Chancellor-Winters, Daniel entered Lily's office and mentioned that he'd sent a text message about wanting to stop by, but he'd never heard back. Lily huffed that she was busy, but Daniel informed her that he'd checked with Esther, who had thought Lily might have time between meetings. Lily retorted that she didn't have time for "whatever this is." Daniel shared that he wanted to discuss the lawsuit, since the arbitration date was approaching, and he hoped they could talk before things got completely out of hand.

Lily snapped that there was nothing to talk about, since Daniel was suing Chancellor-Winters, and they intended to fight back. Daniel protested that he wasn't asking for everything -- just the pieces of Omega Sphere that were closest to his heart. Daniel argued that the platform wouldn't exist without him, and it was his vision and direction that had made it successful. Lily countered that the success had happened because of the company's capital and resources.

Daniel pleaded that he'd created Omega Sphere for his daughter to prove that he loved her. Lily retorted that just because he wanted something didn't mean he was entitled to have it. Daniel hoped Lily had changed her mind after things had cooled off between them. Lily scoffed at the idea that he wanted her to do him an expensive favor after he'd cheated on her. Daniel questioned whether it was better to punish him by taking away everything he'd made. Lily reiterated that he hadn't made it on his own, and he didn't get to keep it.

Daniel said he was sorry for hurting Lily, but they needed to keep business separate. Lily defended that she was, but Daniel accused her of only being happy if she crushed him. Lily hesitated to continue the conversation without lawyers present. Daniel demanded to know what it was about if it wasn't revenge. Lily reasoned that she was acting in the best interests of the company, and he'd signed a contract.

Daniel insisted that he wasn't hurting the company by asking for what he deserved. Lily countered that they'd invested a lot of time and money in Omega Sphere, and it was of great value to the company. She continued that if she handed back bits and pieces of it for free because he couldn't afford to buy them out, it would undercut their bottom line because they'd have to start over from scratch. Daniel conceded that she had logic and the law behind her, but he thought it was also something to hide behind.

Daniel recalled that he and Lily had known one another for almost their entire lives, and they'd had one another's backs and even loved one another. He begged her, as a friend and someone who'd adored her, not to take his creation from him. Lily griped that it sounded like a guilt trip. Daniel acknowledged that he was pushing, but he couldn't walk away because Princess Louisa was a love letter to his kid.

Lily explained that the board had voted to keep all of Omega Sphere's intellectual property, and she couldn't undo it. Daniel anticipated that if she backed down, other members might follow to make it easier on her, since everyone knew about their breakup. Lily repeated that it was about the company, and she huffed that she had enough things on her plate right then. Daniel observed that she seemed stressed, and he offered to talk about it, but she snappily declined.

Daniel recognized that he was asking a lot, but he believed they could figure out a solution. Lily agreed to revisit the topic with the board when it was convenient, but she refused to make any promises. Daniel thanked her, and he headed to the door. He stopped and wished her luck with whatever else she was dealing with, and he exited. A video call from Jill appeared on Lily's computer screen, and Jill apologized for the delay. Lily demanded to know if Jill had really given Billy all her power behind their backs.

Jill confirmed that she was stepping back and giving Billy control because Devon was determined to push Billy out of the company, and she had to make sure that wasn't possible. Lily blasted her for blindsiding them instead of warning them about the decision. Jill believed the move would help the company by limiting the number of arguments because Billy would have power equal to that of Lily and Devon. Jill planned to still be available as an advisor, and she expected that Lily, Devon, and Billy would get back to business when they were forced to work together. Lily protested that it would make things much worse.

Daniel entered Society, looking distant. Tessa asked if she could help him, and he recognized her. She explained that they had mutual friends on social media, and she introduced herself as Mariah's wife. Daniel clarified that he was a fan of her music, which had helped him get through some rough times. She gently pushed to know if he was having a rough time then. He replied that it would be an understatement. Tessa suggested some food and drinks to cheer him up, and she told him she was a good listener. She encouraged him to give her a shot, since she might surprise him.

At the bar, Tessa declared herself a fan of Daniel's, too. She called it a cool tribute to name Princess Louisa after his daughter, and she envisioned writing an album about how much she loved Aria. Daniel reported that he was no longer working for Chancellor-Winters, and the company owned the rights to his games, so they were no longer his. Daniel confided that things with Lily had ended badly after he'd cheated on her, but he didn't want to let go of the work he'd created. He bemoaned that everything was a giant mess, and it was all his fault.

Tessa related to the feeling, and Daniel asked if she'd ruined her own life. She recalled that she's caused plenty of trouble for herself and those around her. Tessa recounted the trip she'd taken to a music festival when she'd been dating Noah, and Mariah had been with Devon. Tessa admitted there had been chemistry between her and Mariah, and she'd been signed to Devon's label at the time.

Tessa continued that she'd used Mariah's journal for inspiration without her permission, and the mistake had cost her a job, a friend, and a boyfriend. Tessa regretted that her whole world had fallen apart, but Daniel pointed out that it hadn't stayed that way. Tessa was thankful that she'd had help putting the pieces back together. Daniel implored her to tell him how to do it step by step, and he'd be forever in her debt.

In Chancellor Park, Devon and Abby admired Dominic's skill at climbing the monkey bars. Abby cited Devon's earlier reference to something going on at work, and he revealed that Billy had told him and Lily that Jill had handed over all her power at Chancellor-Winters to Billy. A shocked Abby thought it didn't make any sense, and Devon questioned why Jill hadn't made the call to let them know. Devon surmised that Billy was making a move to assert control over them, and he refused to stand for it.

Devon stressed that Jill hadn't mentioned a word of it, and Billy had claimed she was unreachable while traveling. Devon considered it "classic Billy" to do something underhanded with an ulterior motive. Devon questioned why Jill would blindside them, especially after Jill had put Lily in charge. He added that Jill was aware of the tension between him and Billy, and he doubted Jill would hand Billy a grenade without warning Devon. Abby theorized that Jill had just been careless. "Or she wants to go to war," Devon replied.

Abby wondered what Devon was going to do if Jill really was handing her power over to Billy. Devon didn't want to think about it until he and Lily talked to Jill. Devon recounted that the chaos at Chancellor-Winters had all started after Lily had gone out of town, when Billy and Chance had stepped in, and Mamie had also started causing issues. Abby pointed out that the company had remained profitable, but Devon fretted that they couldn't do good business when management was unstable. Abby wondered how Neil would have handled the situation.

Devon imagined that Neil would have told them to cut through their issues and figure out how to work together -- or walk away. Devon admitted that he'd love to walk away, but his partnership with Lily was too important, and he would feel awful if he took a step back and watched everything they'd worked for fall apart. Abby contemplated whether there was a way Devon and Billy could work on things. Devon considered Billy to be a threat to the company -- a threat that needed to be gone -- and he intended to figure out a clever way to get Billy out.

Abby clucked that it wasn't like Devon to play dirty, but he vowed to do whatever it took to protect the company. Devon added that Billy had declared war, and if Devon didn't do something, they could lose everything. Devon supposed that if Billy was trying to gain control without Jill's approval, Jill would be angry, and Lily would never trust Billy again. Abby asserted that Billy was smarter than that, and she recommended that they figure out what Billy was up to before Devon drew up battle plans.

Devon answered a call from Lily, who informed him that Jill had confirmed that everything Billy had said was true. Devon told Lily that there was something he needed to take care of, and then he'd be at the office. Abby assured Devon that she and Dominic would be fine on their own, and she asked what he needed to handle that urgently. She warned him not to do something he'd regret.

At Society, Ashley's alter Belle was in control as Ashley cheerfully greeted Audra. Ashley hoped that Audra had wised up about Tucker, and Audra groaned that they were back to that. Ashley guessed everyone had blind spots, but she was optimistic that Audra was by herself because she'd ditched the snake. Audra insisted that she and Tucker were solid and connected, and she divulged that they were leaving town for a bit. Ashley feigned surprise to hear they were going to Paris, sarcastically noting that Tucker's relationships always worked out "so well" there.

Audra suggested that Ashley find someone to talk to who she hadn't insulted a dozen times. Ashley swore that she wasn't trying to be rude, but she reiterated that she thought Audra could do better because Tucker wasn't worth the trouble. Audra asserted that Tucker wasn't trouble for her, and she wouldn't give up on him when things got tough or give him mixed messages. Ashley recognized that it was something to cherish and celebrate, and she wished the couple only the best.

Audra noted that Alan's visit seemed to be helping, but she advised Ashley not to get involved with her therapist. Ashley found it adorable that Audra was giving her dating advice. Audra swore that she had no desire to interfere in Ashley's romantic life, but she cautioned that it was unethical for a therapist to be involved with a client. Ashley reasoned that Alan was her friend and not her therapist, but Audra noted that the two had looked more than friendly. Audra suspected that Ashley was hoping to lure Alan in by flirting with him, so he'd be too busy crushing on her to focus on her psychological problems.

Ashley remarked that it was quite the juicy plot Audra had cooked up. Audra imagined it wasn't easy for Ashley to hide what was happening with her with a psychologist hovering. Ashley recognized that Alan was brilliant and attractive, and she reiterated that they weren't involved in a professional way. Audra asked if that meant Ashley wouldn't pursue him. Ashley chirped that she was open to whatever the universe had in store for her, and she sauntered off.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker greeted Alan and asked if he was leaving. Alan replied that he had business elsewhere, but Tucker protested that Alan couldn't just leave Ashley in the lurch. Tucker insisted that she desperately needed help, and Alan had to do something about it. Alan observed that it mattered a lot to Tucker, who swore that it wasn't about him. Tucker proposed that Alan give Ashley insight and guidance, but Alan doubted she would be comfortable with him discussing her with her ex. Tucker told Alan to consider him a concerned friend.

Alan queried what made Tucker certain Ashley needed psychological therapy. Tucker offered to detail all the disturbing and bizarre behavior Ashley had displayed since their honeymoon in Paris, with her experiencing one personality shift after another. Alan figured that people were entitled to their emotions, but Tucker warned that it was deeper than that. Tucker imagined that Alan had seen it, and he asked if Traci or Jack had approached Alan about it.

Alan inquired whether it was possible that what Ashley was going through was the result of Tucker's behavior. Tucker admitted that he hadn't been the perfect husband, and he could have been more supportive. Alan wondered if Tucker had told Ashley that. Tucker was sure that a kind word from him wouldn't solve whatever was going on, and he cautioned that Ashley couldn't get well on her own if Alan left.

Tucker indicated that Ashley's attitude toward him had been constantly shifting, and Audra had witnessed Ashley talking about herself in the third person, saying "she" was out to get him. Tucker stressed that someone needed to step up immediately, whether it was Alan or it was Ashley's family. Alan pondered whether it had just been a misunderstanding, and Tucker bet the doctor was good at poker. Tucker wondered what hand Alan was holding then, but Alan contended that he didn't play games.

Alan guessed that Tucker felt guilty that Ashley was suffering pain and severe trauma because of how he'd treated her, so Tucker was hoping she'd seek help. Tucker asked how that would benefit him. Alan reasoned that if Ashley got help, Tucker would be off the hook for hurting her. Tucker accepted responsibility for hurting Ashley, but he argued that he hadn't been entirely to blame. He insisted that he really wanted her to get help for her own sake and for her family.

Tucker shared that he'd moved on romantically, and he slept very well at night. Alan figured that he wasn't as good at reading people as he'd thought. Tucker asked how Alan had read Ashley, but Alan declined to discuss her. A staff member handed Alan back his credit card. Tucker realized Alan had decided to stay even before Tucker had sat down, and Alan had eaten up all the information Tucker had provided with a spoon. Tucker added that he liked Alan's style. Alan shook Tucker's hand and wished him well.

Later, Audra joined Tucker at the Athletic Club and relayed that Ashley had just wished them well. Audra recounted that Ashley had first told Audra that Audra could do better than Tucker, but Audra had defended their relationship, and Ashley had backed down and said she was glad they were happy. Audra considered it to be a weird switch from when Ashley had insisted she was Tucker's one true love, and she wondered if Ashley's shift had to do with the therapist friend who was helping her.

Tucker suggested that he and Audra make a conscious effort to drop the subject of Ashley, since he just wanted to concentrate on them and get "the hell out of town." He proposed that they book an earlier flight. Audra wondered if he was trying to run away from something. Tucker swore that he just wanted to get away with Audra. Devon entered the club and asked if Tucker had a second, since Devon could use his help.

Alan met Ashley at Society with apologies for the delay he'd had getting into a new room. Ashley gushed that she was happy he was sticking around. He mentioned that he'd run into her ex-husband, and she called Tucker a selfish pig who liked to hear himself talk. Alan thought Tucker had seemed genuinely concerned and that he carried guilt over what had happened between him and Ashley. Alan believed Tucker might care about her more than she realized. Ashley cooed that she was only interested in better things.

Ashley promised that she would never scare Alan off again because she wanted him to stay as long as possible. Alan noted that Tucker had seemed to think Alan's stay was for professional rather than personal reasons, and Tucker had asked a lot of questions. Alan added that Tucker was the kind of man who felt entitled to what he thought he deserved, so Alan hadn't been inclined to help. Ashley purred that she wanted to focus on what was right in front of her.

Ashley and Alan strolled through the park, and she mused that it was one of her favorite places. He remembered seeing a sign stating it had been named after Katherine Chancellor, and he inquired whether Ashley had known her. Ashley replied that she had, and Alan imagined Katherine had been a powerful figure in town.

In Ashley's head, Belle wondered why she couldn't remember Ashley's past. "Because I want you to fail, you dumbass," Ms. Abbott snarled. Alan asked if everything was okay, and Ashley claimed that she was just enjoying the sunshine and company, since it had been a while since she'd been at ease. Ashley admitted that she'd wanted to kiss him ever since he'd first arrived in town.

Alan alerts Traci about Ashley's multiple personas

Alan alerts Traci about Ashley's multiple personas

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

In Chancellor Park, Ashley leaned in to kiss Alan, but he backed away. Alan said that he thought Ashley was beautiful, but he couldn't have "this kind of relationship" with her. Ashley asked if Alan had been "seeing someone."

Ashley asked Alan if he thought she was crazy. Alan said that he thought she was "beautiful, intelligent, and fascinating." Ashley said that she had felt an attraction "from both sides." Alan said that Genoa City was not his home, so nothing could work out between them. Ashley said that she didn't "buy" Alan's excuse. Ashley accused Alan of just being in town to "psychoanalyze" her.

Alan told Ashley that she was a good friend, and he was sorry. Ashley asked if Alan was sorry for "leading [her] on." Ashley said that she thought Alan actually cared about her. Ashley told Alan goodbye and stormed off.

At the front desk of Chancellor-Winters, Lily asked if Esther had seen Billy. Lily said that no one seemed to know where Billy had been. Esther said that she had not seen him but that she had received a "weird email from Jill." Esther told Lily that Jill had requested all her work correspondence to be forwarded to Billy. Esther, seeming alarmed, asked if Jill was retiring or if Billy was taking over. Lily said that everything was fine, and no one was leaving.

Nate arrived and followed Lily into her office. Lily reported that she had spoken to Jill and that everything Billy had said was correct. Lily said that she was "terrified" that Billy had been handed control and that he hadn't even bothered to show up to work.

Lily suggested that they all needed "to move forward without killing each other." Nate said that he knew where he stood with Billy after Billy hadn't voted Nate onto the board. Nate asked if they should have been nicer to Mamie, but Lily said that Mamie had "needed to back off." Lily's phone pinged, and she reported that the text was from Billy, and it was "not good news."

Lily read the text aloud to Nate. Billy had written that he had left to give everyone time to cool down, and he would be visiting "various company offices" to get to know the employees. Lily said that Billy was going to the different offices to "gather allies," and he had "fired the first shot."

At the Athletic Club, Devon asked Tucker if they could talk. Audra interrupted, asking if the two of them were "tired" of fighting yet. Tucker said that he wanted to hear what Devon had to say. Audra excused herself to pack for the trip to Paris. Devon asked Tucker if they would be gone for a while. Tucker asked if it would bother Devon if Tucker left "for good." Devon replied that he had gotten used to Tucker being gone.

Devon asked Tucker what the original plan with Mamie had been to remove Jill from Chancellor-Winters. Tucker deduced that Devon was asking because someone else was planning a move on the company. Tucker said that whoever that was would be a "power-hungry insider with a perpetual chip on his shoulder...Billy."

Tucker said that he had never "had use" for Billy, and Tucker would help Devon however he could. Devon said that all he needed was "information." Tucker said that helping Devon could be an opportunity to show Devon that Tucker had changed.

Devon said that he would hear Tucker out, but it would not be a "quid pro quo situation." Tucker agreed and asked Devon to "keep an open mind." Tucker said that he was not surprised that Billy was "an issue." Devon said that he didn't want Tucker to "handle anything" with Billy, and all Devon was looking for was leverage against Jill.

Tucker said that he had never had a "specific plan." Devon didn't believe Tucker's answer. Tucker insisted that he had been winging it and had hoped to get dirt on Jill once Mamie was involved in the company. Devon said that he would have to take Tucker's word for it. Devon admitted the family hadn't been seeing "eye to eye," and Tucker apologized for not being able to help Devon. Tucker suggested that Devon let Tucker "take care of Billy."

Tucker said that he could "take actions" that Devon couldn't. Devon asked what Tucker's plan would be. Tucker said that once Billy was gone, Jill would be really upset and retaliate against Devon if she thought Devon had had anything to do with ousting Billy. Devon asked if Tucker's plan was to do "the dirty work" while Devon kept his "hands clean." Tucker said that Devon needed to "make a big show" of making up with Billy so that Devon would look innocent, and Tucker would remain the bad guy. Devon said that the plan sounded "messy" and would blow up in their faces. Devon said that he appreciated Tucker's offer, but "no thanks."

In her suite, Audra answered a knock on the door from Sally. Audra told Sally that she had been packing for Paris. Sally said that she was jealous and happy for Audra. Sally asked Audra how to know when "to cut and run."

Sally told Audra that she was talking about her interior design business, not Adam. Sally confessed that she had been paying company bills out of her personal bank account. Audra suggested going over the options. Sally said that she had considered going back to fashion; however, Nick had invested money in her interior design business, and Sally didn't want to "let him down." Audra said that Nick could just write off the expense on his taxes. Audra said that Sally was good at a lot of things, so Sally needed to do what her heart told her to do.

Audra asked if Sally knew that Audra had been an artist. Audra said that it had been fun, but not profitable. Audra said that she had decided she couldn't "make a career" out of art, and it had been heartbreaking. Audra said that she had had to choose between a life of struggle or security, so she had chosen to go to business school. Sally replied that she had "always known" who she was supposed to be, and she needed to reclaim her "passion."

Sally said that she would love to see Audra's art sometime. Audra said that Sally just needed to keep believing in herself, and Sally would figure out what to do. Audra received a text that the airline had found earlier flights to Paris. Audra said that she couldn't wait to say "au revoir" to Genoa City and to Ashley.

After Sally left, Tucker returned to Audra's room and said that Devon had asked for a favor. Audra said that she hoped Tucker didn't help Devon because Devon didn't "deserve it." Tucker told Audra that if Tucker could get Billy out of Chancellor-Winters, Devon would give him "another chance as a father."

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley's personalities argued. Belle said that she would not give up "on love." Traci walked in and asked who Ashley had been talking to. Traci asked if Ashley had seen Alan. Ashley accused Traci of inquiring because "God forbid Ashley have any feelings or emotions." Ashley said that it was "hurtful" of Traci to try to convince Ashley there was something wrong with her. Ashley asked why Traci couldn't accept her sister for who she was.

Traci argued that the family was "not the enemy." The doorbell rang, and Traci answered and let Alan inside. Traci excused herself. Alan said that he wanted Ashley to know he was her friend. The personalities in Ashley's head started fighting, and Ms. Abbott took control from Belle.

Ashley angrily told Alan that she was "bored" and exhausted by him. Ashley suggested that their friendship had "run its course." Ashley said that she didn't need to be rescued, and she stormed out of the house. Traci returned and asked Alan what he thought. Alan said that there was more than one personality "at play," and the one he had just encountered was very "concerning."

Alan said that it was too early to diagnose Ashley with dissociative identity disorder, but he felt that Ashley's personalities shifted from moment to moment. Traci asked if Ashley's identities were competing against each other or could hurt Ashley. Alan said that usually if someone developed multiple "personas," it would be to protect themselves. Traci asked what Ashley needed to be protected from.

Alan said that he wasn't sure, but they needed to get Ashley into treatment. Alan said that "the real Ashley is in there somewhere," and they needed to reach her. Traci asked what would happen if they couldn't reach Ashley. Alan replied that there weren't a lot of alternatives.

At the park, Belle and Ms. Abbott were taunting each other. Ashley yelled out that it was "time for Tucker McCall to die."

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate asked what Billy had been hoping to prove. As Lily got ready to answer, Devon entered. Lily asked if whatever Devon had been doing had been "more important than Billy and Jill shaking up the entire company." Devon said that he had been trying to find the "solution to that problem" but he hadn't been successful. Nate reported that Billy had left for a "goodwill tour" to some regional offices. Devon suggested that they could use Billy's absence to their advantage.

Audra accuses Tucker of choosing Devon over her

Audra accuses Tucker of choosing Devon over her

Thursday, May 16, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Daniel ran into Abby and sarcastically asked if he was allowed to talk to her without lawyers present. Daniel said that he didn't hold anything against Abby, and knowing someone was on his side meant a lot to him. Abby, looking sheepish, told Daniel that she couldn't lie to him.

Abby said that she couldn't tell Daniel much about the board meeting. Abby confessed that she had voted to fight for Chancellor-Winters' intellectual property. Daniel appeared shocked and asked if some of the board members had been open to settling the lawsuit. Abby reiterated that she couldn't give Daniel any details. Abby apologized and said that she didn't mean to hurt Daniel, but she had had to do what was best for Chancellor-Winters. Daniel angrily suggested that Devon had added Abby to the board so she could vote the way Devon wanted. Abby argued that Devon's feelings didn't matter when she had to give a board vote. Abby said that she needed to get back to the office, and she left.

In Audra's suite, Audra asked Tucker if he was certain that doing a favor for Devon would repair their father-son relationship. Audra said that it was "strangely out of character" for Devon to make a deal with Tucker about getting Billy ousted from Chancellor-Winters. Tucker confessed that Devon hadn't really brokered a deal between them. Tucker said that Devon would be willing to do something "underhanded" to get Billy out of the company, and "underhanded" was Tucker's "specialty." Audra said that she couldn't argue with that.

Audra asked if Tucker really thought that Devon would "respond well" if Tucker got dirt on Billy. Tucker said that Devon needed his father's help, whether Devon knew it or not. Audra said that she didn't want to worry about Devon anymore because she had exciting news. After Audra told Tucker that their flights to Paris had been moved up, Tucker said that he needed to handle the "Billy situation" immediately and postpone the trip again. Audra asked if Tucker was seriously canceling on her again.

Audra was livid and said that she was "sick and tired of being runner-up" to everyone else in Tucker's life. Audra suggested that Tucker's excuse was "just a cover story" to avoid the trip again. Tucker shouted that he finally had an opportunity to "prove" himself to Devon. Tucker argued that if Audra cared about him at all, she would not want him to "blow" his chance with Devon.

Tucker said that if he could put off helping Devon, he would. Tucker said that if there was any chance helping Devon would mend their relationship, Tucker had to do it. Audra argued that what she and Tucker had wasn't "as meaningful" to Tucker as his relationship with people who wanted nothing to do with him. Audra said that Tucker was punishing her for not accepting his proposal, and she started to cry. Audra screamed that she was "done." Audra said that Tucker didn't really want a relationship with her, and she would go to Paris by herself. Audra stormed out, and Tucker kicked the suitcases.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon told Nate and Lily that they had to work fast to pull off their plan against Billy. Lily agreed and said that Jill had betrayed them, and they needed to "respond accordingly."

Abby entered the office. Devon said that he was sorry to "spring" it on her, but an emergency board meeting had been called. Abby protested that Billy was out, but Devon said that that was "the point." Jill popped up on the TV screen and said, "Oh, for God's sake, what now?" Nate excused himself.

Jill said that she had already made it clear that all her voting rights and authority were given to Billy so she could take a step back from the business. Lily said that Jill had made herself clear, but that they couldn't reach Billy. Jill said that they knew that Billy was traveling. Devon said that when the company had merged, Devon and Lily had signed an agreement with Jill, not Billy. Devon motioned to "clearly define Billy's power within the company." Devon suggested that Billy could not veto decisions or make them unilaterally.

Jill accused Lily and Devon of ambushing her. Abby said that she would have liked a "heads-up." Lily told Jill that the "balance" had shifted because Jill had given Billy so much power. Jill argued that their move had neutralized anything Billy could do. Devon said that Billy had already been "causing instability" in the company. Devon suggested they vote, and Jill asked why they should even bother to do that. Jill assumed that Abby would vote with Devon and Lily, so Jill just wanted to call her lawyer to start fighting them. Abby interjected that she would not be voting with Lily and Devon on the matter.

Jill thanked Abby for making a wise choice and warned Devon and Lily not to "try this again." Jill hung up, and Abby asked Devon why he had taken Abby's vote for granted. Devon said that he thought Abby had "understood the situation" with Billy. Abby said that she did understand but didn't necessarily agree with Devon's solution. Abby reminded Devon that she had been forced to choose between the Newmans and the Abbotts her whole life, and she couldn't believe Devon would do that to her, as well.

Devon said that Abby was right and that he should have talked to her. Abby said that her reasons for voting against Devon and Lily had been "legitimate." Abby said that they already had enough tension, and giving Jill trouble would be a "fire starter." Abby reminded Devon that the Winters family had benefited from the merger with Jill and asked if they really wanted to treat Jill that way. Lily suggested that there had been a "silver lining" to losing the vote because Billy could have become even more dangerous if they had weakened his power.

Later, at Chancellor-Winters, Abby knocked on Lily's office door. Abby wanted to discuss her vote earlier in the day. Lily said that she understood Abby's perspective. Abby told Lily that she had spoken with Daniel about voting against settling the lawsuit. Lily reminded Abby that discussing board meetings with outsiders was not appropriate. Lily confessed that Daniel had "got" to her when he'd visited Lily before to "plead his case."

Lily said that there would be bad publicity from the trial, and Abby agreed. Lily said that she'd like to "avoid this whole legal battle." Lily suggested potentially giving Daniel one of the games back or hiring him as a consultant and giving him some of the profits. Abby said that Lily's idea sounded like "a fair compromise."

When Audra and Sally ran into each other at Society, Sally asked why Audra was upset. Audra recounted that Tucker had once again put "someone else's concerns" above Audra. Audra said that Tucker was going to take on a "doomed mission" for his son instead of honoring what he had told Audra. Audra told Sally what had happened in the hotel room. Audra asked if Sally could see "what a thoughtless bastard" Tucker had been. Sally said that she understood Audra's frustration but could see "Tucker's point of view."

Sally said that she was always on Audra's side, but Sally could see where Tucker wanted to take the opportunity to reconnect with his family. Sally said that she was "a little jealous" of Devon having a parent who cared about him. Sally said that Tucker had "faith" in Audra's feelings for him because he trusted her. Audra said that her feelings were being shoved aside because Tucker "just assumes" she would stick around. Audra told Sally that Tucker's plan with Devon was "destined for disaster."

Sally warned Audra not to conflate the situation with Ashley with the situation with Devon. Audra said that Tucker had always taken her for granted and that she would no longer have it. Audra suggested that she might go to Paris and try to turn the Glissade board of directors against Tucker. As Audra was telling Sally that Tucker didn't have all the power in their relationship, Nate walked in and overheard.

Nate asked if he could have a moment with Audra, and Sally said that she needed to go, anyway. Nate told Audra that he had not been surprised at what he had overheard. Nate said that Tucker would always put himself first. Audra wasn't interested in hearing Nate say, "I told you so." Nate suggested Audra skip her solo trip to Paris and have dinner with him instead.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel approached Phyllis at her table. Phyllis had been listening to music and had torn out her earphones when a song by Danny had played. Phyllis said that it was "disgusting" that Danny was touring the world with Christine. Phyllis suggested that Danny was "losing his mind" and trying to relive the past. Daniel didn't respond, and Phyllis asked him what was "going on."

Daniel laughed and said that "it was amazing" how self-involved Phyllis could be when his life was falling apart. Daniel asked Phyllis if she thought he was "a jerk" because he had been "managing to infuriate" everyone he had encountered. Daniel went off about how angry Lily had been with him, and Phyllis said that the situation had not been Daniel's fault. Phyllis said that Lily would change her mind. Daniel told Phyllis that Abby had voted against him at Chancellor-Winters. Daniel asked when he had "become the person that everybody wants to hate."

Phyllis said that Abby was a "spoiled little rich girl" who was not really Daniel's friend. Phyllis said again that Lily would change her thinking. Daniel said that he could not wait for Lily to change her mind, because his life had been built around his games. Daniel said that even his relationships with Heather and Lucy had been strained, and he couldn't fix them. Phyllis said that Daniel needed to calm down and go home to be with his family. Daniel asked if he should just accept that he had to start his career over and let Lily have his game. Frustrated, Daniel said that he would try to create a new game, and he left. Tucker entered as Phyllis was yelling after Daniel that things would pass.

Tucker sat down and said that he could "really use a parent-to-parent bonding moment." Phyllis said that she was not the right person for the job. Tucker continued, anyway, saying that things had been tough with Devon, who had been "so preoccupied with work." Phyllis sarcastically said that Devon was probably trying to find a replacement for her "genius son" who Devon had fired. Tucker feigned ignorance that Daniel had been fired. Phyllis said that she thought Billy would "convince the powers that be" to rehire Daniel. Tucker asked if Billy really had that much power, and Phyllis said that Jill had transferred all her power to Billy.

Phyllis told Tucker that Billy was traveling around the country on Chancellor-Winters business. Devon walked in and ordered a coffee. Tucker approached Devon and said that Billy was out of town, so it would be the "perfect time to deal with him." Devon asked how Tucker had known about Billy's trip.

Devon walked over to Phyllis and asked if she had told Tucker about Billy's new role and trip. Phyllis confessed that she had told Tucker. Devon asked if she had intended to violate her "confidentiality clause." Phyllis said, "I did." Phyllis went on to say she was "disturbed" that Devon had fired Daniel and "stolen his creations." Phyllis said that she would save Devon the trouble of firing her, and she quit. Phyllis said that Chancellor-Winters was "toxic," and Devon accepted her resignation.

Cole suspects Victor is up to something

Cole suspects Victor is up to something

Friday, May 17, 2024

Claire stopped by Crimson Lights for a coffee drink. The helpful Esther suggested ordering caramel macchiato topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. As Claire considered adding sprinkles, a smiling Kyle entered from the patio and said, "I'll have what she's having." After Claire opted for plain coffee, Esther disappointedly declared that the drinks she prepared lacked fun. Kyle, hoping to sip his coffee away from office drama, invited Claire to sit with him.

Claire, grasping to connect complicated family ties, noted that Kyle's mom had once been married to Victor. Kyle nodded and replied, "And my dad was married to your grandmother." Claire remarked that Kyle's parents were examples of a loving couple, and she praised her parents, Nikki, and Victor for showing her the love she had craved all her life. Kyle nodded and noted that his focus was on Harrison and Jabot.

Kyle, blaming Summer's misgivings, admitted to Claire that he was sorry he could not hire her to care for Harrison. Claire suggested Kyle go easy on Summer. Claire explained that trauma had affected everyone, especially Victoria. Claire confided to Kyle that Victoria often quietly watched Claire sleep to make sure her daughter was safe and sound. Before Kyle left, Claire asked him to give Harrison her love.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis greeted Summer and asked about Harrison. Summer reported that Harrison had experienced bouts of exhaustion related to the kidnapping. Phyllis noted that Harrison's loved ones were doing their best to help him feel safe. Summer praised her mother for having confronted Claire regarding Harrison's obsession with her. Summer complained that Kyle had done nothing to address the situation. Phyllis informed her daughter that Diane would not be helpful in limiting Harrison's visits with Claire. Summer insisted she was not overreacting about Claire. Phyllis agreed that people could never be trusted to do the right thing, adding that at least one of her children had heeded her advice.

Discerning that Phyllis was unhappy with Daniel, Summer asked her mother what had happened. Phyllis complained that Daniel had failed to exhibit sympathy after she had told him about Danny breaking her heart. Phyllis acknowledged her concern for Daniel, noting that he seemed unhinged. Summer recalled that Lily had recently fired Daniel and had stolen Omega Sphere, which had resulted in a lawsuit. Phyllis disclosed that she had quit Chancellor-Winters over what had happened to Daniel. Phyllis poured Champagne to toast her decision to cut ties with Lily and Devon and for standing up for herself.

Phyllis admitted she had broken her confidentiality agreement. Summer noted that her mother had claimed she had quit in solidarity with Daniel. Phyllis, explaining that she would have been fired, anyway, berated her former employers for having thrown Daniel out like a piece of garbage. Phyllis said, "I think someone should make them pay." Phyllis reminded Summer that Lily, after firing Daniel because he had hurt her feelings, did not deserve to make millions from the game platform he had developed.

Summer reminded her mother about her pledge to be a better person. Phyllis became defensive and insisted she was protecting her son. Summer pleaded with her mother not to burn Chancellor-Winters to the ground. After Summer left, Phyllis turned on her laptop computer. After clicking a few keys, Phyllis said aloud to herself, "Well, my password still works. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is."

Summer comforted Harrison at the Abbott home after he reported having another bad dream. Harrison cried that he had dreamed about the witch attempting to take him again. Harrison clung to Summer and said, "I'm scared, Mommy." Harrison rushed to greet Kyle when Kyle entered through the front door. Harrison cried that in his dream, the witch had attempted to take him away. Kyle assured his son that he would be safe. Harrison replied, "But what about Claire? She might have the same bad dreams."

Kyle asked Harrison to explain. Harrison said, "The witch took her away and left her someplace dark and scary." Summer replied, "Did Claire tell you that?" Harrison cried, "The witch told me. She said if I wasn't good, she'd take me to the scary place." Summer assured Harrison that he was in the safest place in the world. Harrison asked his parents if Claire could visit, so she could also feel safe.

After Harrison went to the kitchen to eat cookies, Kyle told Summer he planned to give Claire a trial run as Harrison's nanny. Summer protested and told Kyle to give Claire's family time to deal with her trauma. Kyle recalled Harrison and Claire's interaction in the park, acknowledging that they had bonded over their shared trauma. Kyle warned against hiring a stranger to look after Harrison. Kyle said Claire was aware that Summer longed to protect her son like any good mother and had no intentions of breaking Summer and Harrison's mother-son bond.

Summer rehashed her concerns about Claire's past issues and refused to believe that Claire's emotional problems had suddenly resolved. Kyle insisted that Harrison was his main concern, adding that Harrison and Claire had a strong connection. Harrison entered the room and pleaded with Summer to summon Claire. Kyle announced that Claire would become Harrison's new nanny. Harrison jumped up and down with his arms in the air and yelled, "Yay!" Summer glared at Kyle.

In the basement of the Newmans' mansion, Victor crept toward the prison-like cell holding Jordan captive. Jordan awoke with a start and said, "Oh, Victor, Victor, Victor. Get me out of here, okay? Please. Time to let me go." Victor informed Jordan that she was not in a position to make demands. Jordan promised to do whatever Victor requested, including instigating mayhem, causing chaos, and drawing blood. Victor taunted Jordan by describing the warm spring weather and fresh breezes outside. Victor took a seat in a leather club chair and appeared to enjoy Jordan's distress.

Jordan again offered to carry out Victor's orders, so she could be transferred, as agreed, to a conventional prison "for all eternity." Victor replied, "We have agreed to nothing." Jordan slumped to her knees and pleaded as she humbled herself. Victor leaned forward, glared at Jordan, and reminded her that she had attempted to kill him and his family. Victor laughed when Jordan offered to be "the bullet in [his] chamber."

Victor berated Jordan, labeling her as a pathetic creature bent on destroying people. Jordan's lips quivered when Victor reminded her that she was no longer in control. Jordan challenged Victor to show off his accomplishment by having Nikki see her enemy imprisoned. Jordan reminded Victor that Nikki had shown weakness by saving Jordan's life and would likely even free her again.

Jordan warned Victor that people would eventually wonder where she was. Victor told Jordan that everyone believed she was dead after plunging a hundred feet into the dark, cold waters below the Galewood River Bridge when she had slipped while fleeing in panic. Jordan replied, "You bastard." Victor set another bottle of vodka on the table outside the cell, grabbed Jordan by her shirt collar, and warned her never to mention Nikki's name again. Jordan shouted contrite apologies as Victor walked away.

Nick entered the sitting room at the Newman ranch and greeted Cole, who was waiting for Victor. Nick pondered the mystery of his father's whereabouts after Cole explained that no one seemed to know where on the property Victor might be located. After Nick searched for his missing father, he reported to Cole that security officers and even the staff were certain that Victor had not left the property. Cole recalled a similar incident that had recently occurred, though when Victor had eventually turned up, he'd claimed he had been at the stables. Cole asked Nick if Victor might be keeping a secret. Nick replied, "Absolutely."

Cole, grasping for reasons Victor might be plotting something, recalled that he resented Jack and had insisted that all Newmans keep their distance from the Abbott family. Cole told Nick he could not rule out a plot related to Jordan, citing Victor's unsubstantiated claim about the way Jordan had supposedly died. Cole revealed that he had informed Victor that he intended to protect Victoria and Claire until Jordan's body was found. Nick asked Cole about Victor's reaction. Cole replied, "He was very confident that Jordan was out of our lives for good."

Cole recalled that Victor seemed unconcerned, even though Jordan's body had never been recovered. Nick asked Cole if he thought Victor might have been involved in Jordan's death. Cole noted that had Jordan actually fallen into the river, Victor would have ordered his guards to dredge the waters night and day to recover Jordan's body as solid proof that their enemy was gone for good. Nick recalled that several witnesses had seen Jordan fall into the river. Cole replied, "All on Victor's security team."

Victor entered the room. Cole told Victor he and Nick were wondering where Victor had been. Victor punched the air with his fists and replied, "I just went a few round with the old bag."

Victor collected some file folders containing signed contracts and gave them to Nick. Nick became distracted when Victor shared news that Nikki was getting stronger. After Nick left, Cole mentioned giving Claire riding lessons and asked Victor which horse might be the best choice for her. Victor was eager to help.

Claire entered and greeted Cole and Victor. Cole asked Claire if she was interested in riding lessons. Claire was excited about the idea. Victor suggested Claire ride Midnight Blue, which he noted was a steady horse with a strong stride. Victor added that riding horses was in the Newman genes, assuring Claire that she would follow in Victoria and Nikki's footsteps as a natural.

Victor invited Cole and Claire to stay for dinner, enticing them with a menu of prime roast and Brussels sprouts. Claire noted that she had never tasted Brussels sprouts because Jordan despised them with a passion, explaining that the even the smell of the vegetable would make her aunt retch. Victor laughed and replied, "Well, that's interesting." Victor sent Claire and Cole to the stables to meet Midnight Blue while he attended to business. Cole and Claire headed toward the stables. Cole returned after a few minutes and was surprised to discover that Victor was no longer in the room and did not respond when Cole called out.

Victor returned to the basement. Jordan, still holding the half-empty bottle of vodka, was lying on the floor. Victor slammed a covered dish on the table outside the cell. Jordan, startled awake, declined Victor's offer of food and ordered him to take it away. Victor assured Jordan that he had brought her a dish of wonderful food that was full of fiber to make her strong. Jordan gagged when she beheld the dish of Brussels sprouts. Jordan cried, "I can't breathe." Victor popped a Brussels sprout into his mouth and chewed before spitting the macerated green bits onto the floor inside the cell. Before Victor walked away, he said, "Bon appétit." Jordan tossed her pillow to cover the mess on the floor.

While Phyllis was engaged with her laptop, Nick approached. Phyllis quickly closed the lid on her laptop and greeted Nick. Nick asked Phyllis what she was doing. Phyllis replied, "Nothing." Nick admitted he had noticed Chancellor-Winters' logo on Phyllis' laptop screen. Phyllis noted that she no longer worked for Chancellor-Winters because she had quit, adding that she would have been fired due to her connection with Daniel.

Phyllis cried, "Lily and Devon are going all scorched earth." Nick replied, "So, they fired you. But you logged on, and you don't want anyone to see that, so I can't shake the feeling that you're about to scorch your own earth." Phyllis claimed she sought justice for Daniel, hinting that she might upload computer viruses, post unflattering comments on the company's website, or divert Omega Sphere's players to another game. Phyllis assured Nick she had not yet carried out any of her harmful ideas. Phyllis could not believe her ears when Nick replied, "Well, what are we waiting for? I'm in. Let's do this."

Nick sipped Champagne and invited Phyllis to share her deepest, darkest revenge fantasies. Phyllis explained that her goal was to make Lily and Devon regret firing Daniel. Nick replied, "And you, of course." Phyllis said she anticipated that Lily and Devon would rehire Daniel, raise his pay, and bestow a fancier job title. Phyllis included herself to receive the same treatment. Nick warned that Chancellor-Winters' cybersecurity team could trace the virus back to Phyllis.

Phyllis confidently noted that she was an expert and adept at covering her tracks. Nick warned that authorities would confiscate Phyllis' laptop and question Daniel, adding that Phyllis' misdeeds would disappoint Summer once again. Phyllis paused and replied, "Okay. Ugh. How do you do that? I mean, how do you make me realize that what I'm doing is wrong? I won't plant a virus." Phyllis joked that she was at least adept at stirring pots. Nick smiled and complimented the bright-blue color of Phyllis' dress. Phyllis replied, "Thank you. It's electric."

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