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Matilda Ashby
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Actor History
Jordan Lemnah
July 6, 2010, to June 27, 2012, recurring
McKenna Roberts

Born June 25, 2010

Morphed into teenager May 24, 2017, said to be fourteen

In Aug, 2018, said to be seventeen

High school senior in fall 2018

Other Names

Goes by Mattie


Attending Stanford University

Working in professorís medical lab

Graduated from Walnut Grove Academy

Former intern at Hamilton-Winters modeling division


Stanford, CA

Marital Status



Lily Ashby (mother)

Mackenzie Browning Helstrom (surrogate mother, godmother)

Cane Ashby (father)

Charlie Ashby (twin brother)

Sam Ashby (half brother)

Drucilla Barber (grandmother; presumed dead)

Genevieve Atkinson (grandmother; presumed dead)

Malcolm Winters (grandfather)

Colin Atkinson (grandfather)

Samantha Atkinson (aunt; deceased)

Caleb Atkinson (uncle; deceased)

Devon Hamilton Winters (uncle by Neil's adoption of Devon, godfather)

Moses Winters (uncle, son of Neil)

Nathan Hastings Jr. (uncle, son of Olivia)

Olivia Barber (great-aunt)

Neil Winters (great-uncle; deceased)

Lillie Belle Barber (great-grandmother)

Walter Barber (great-grandfather)

Mamie Johnson (great-grandaunt)

Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor (cousin; son of Abby and Chance with sperm donation of Devon)

Flings & Affairs

Reed Helstrom (kissed)

Health and Vitals

Crimes Committed

Arrested for protesting Lilyís incarceration by chaining herself to the prison gate [2018]

Brief Character History

Lily Winters married the Australian Cane Ashby in 2009. He was 12 years older than Lily. Lily became a model for Jabot Cosmetics, and Cane was a bartender at her father's club Indigo. After one miscarriage, Lily was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a hysterectomy. But luckily she had the foresight to harvest some of her eggs. Lily's best friend Mackenzie volunteered to be surrogate and soon became pregnant with twins Matilda and Charlie, who were born two months premature. Lily asked Mackenzie to be godmother to the twins, and Lily's adopted brother Devon became their godfather. Cane and Lily broke up numerous times, divorced and remarried, mostly due to Cane's screw-ups and the lies he told to cover them up, usually aided by his father Colin, and some infidelity on both sides. Except for the time that Colin kidnapped the twins and Cane faked his death, they still managed to keep a family atmosphere for the twins to grow up in.

One year when Lily and Cane were split up, the annual Delia Halloween costume party benefit was held at Top of the Tower. A fire broke out on the floors just below, cutting them off from the floor where her children were having their own party. They were rescued from the roof by helicopter and Lily was reunited with the twins who had been led out the front door.

Cane agreed to come home for Christmas eve and morning with the twins, staying in the guest room. Neil and the kids planted some mistletoe, then got the Ashbys to kiss underneath it. Months later, they reconciled.

In late 2016, Neil was playing basketball with little boy grandson Charlie, but by May, 2017, Charlie and Mattie had morphed into teenagers, sophomores attending Walnut Grove Academy. Charlie was popular and confident, Mattie smart, shy and spectacled looking toward a medical degree. Mattie got a summer internship at Hamilton-Winters Group. Mattie was quick to impress her uncle and father going above and beyond the work she was asked to do.

Cane went to Japan with a co-worker Juliet, got drunk and got her pregnant, and both were subsequently fired. Juliet filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cane, so the twins had to be told about their impending half-sibling. They were shocked and appalled. Charlie told Juliet that if she were drowning he would pull her out, because it was his job, but he "wanted nothing to do with her or her kid". After Lily discovered that Cane had used most of the twins' tuition money to pay off a blackmailer, Lily threw Cane out. Feeling guilty and no doubt hoping to win Lily back, Cane sold his car and paid the Walnut Grove tuition for the twins.

Meanwhile, young singer/musician Reed Helstrom became intrigued by Mattie. They began hanging out together when she could, and she would come to see him perform at The Underground. Finding out that her twin brother was Charlie, the guy who had broken up Reed and his former girlfriend Zoey, and that Reed was the son of Victoria who had fired his father, caused the two young men to bicker every time they met. But once Mattie and Charlie discovered the truth behind Cane's being fired, Charlie called a truce between him and Reed. But when her parents found out, Mattie was forbidden to see Reed. They began meeting on the sly, had their first kiss, with Charlie often covering for her absence. Cane caught them, but after Lily decided to divorce Cane she and Victoria removed the restriction. The twins were devastated by the divorce news, but understood.

On Halloween, Reed borrowed the key to The Underground from Noah and he, Mattie and Charlie brought their friends intending to have a party. But when they heard Nick arrive they sent their friends home and hid in the store room. Not long after Nick left they realized the place was on fire and they were trapped. Mattie called 911 while Reed called Billy for help, and Charlie left a voicemail for Cane. Billy got inside and rescued them, they got out, but when the building collapsed, Billyís leg was pinned. Jack arrived, and emotionally insisted on going in. He talked to Billy about forgiveness, and they walked out together with Jack smiling and Billy limping. Lily was reminded why she shouldnít have allowed Mattie and Reed to see each other again, and Mattie was grounded.

Juliet went into labor, her baby was born via c-section, but Juliet died in childbirth. Cane and Lily named the baby Sam in honor of Caneís deceased sister Samantha. Sam had a serious heart problem, his medication no longer working, he required cardiothoracic surgery. Lily and Mattie donated blood that contained the antigens which saved his life.

On Christmas eve, Mattie announced that she was going vegan with the new year. Reed and Mattie attended a party, and Reed had a couple beers. Mattie tried to keep him from driving home, refused to go with him, and threatened to call the police Ė which she did after Reed left without her. Reed was stopped and arrested for driving under the influence. At the end of Reedís trial, he was about to be sentenced with a 90 day suspended license, when Mattie broke in and attempted to explain and stand up for him. But the judge was so appalled by her story, how she tried to stop him from driving by threatening to call 911, and he still drove, she changed his suspension to a year. Reed broke it off with Mattie.

After Cane surprised Lily in Paris where she had gone on a business trip, they reunited and Cane moved back home with baby Sam. Charlie accepted it readily, but Mattie was hesitant to forgive him, and Lily had a hard time dealing with Sam being there, but both gave it their all for the sake of the innocent baby. Both Mattie and Charlie went to work as interns at Hamilton-Winters. Mattie worked mostly with Lilyís modeling agency.

Shauna, the girl being mentored by Hilary, ran away from her auntís where she had been living since her family moved to California to concentrate on her brotherís addiction. Unable to get Hilaryís attention for help, she began hiding out in Charlieís room. When Cane and Lily found out they offered to let Shawna stay and room with Mattie, who was fine with it. Hilary, who was pregnant with Devonís child, had just moved into Devonís guest room, insisted Shawna share the room. Although it was awkward at first, it wasnít long before Devon asked Hilary to move into his room.

Hilary allowed Charlie and Shauna to use their place to have sex, Lily found out, stopped them, and Shawna ran away. Hilary called Lily a prude. Lily drove as Charlie and Hilary looked for Shawna, while Lily and Hilary argued. Lily ran a red light, and was hit broadside by another car. Lily and Hilary were taken away by ambulance. Lily had no serious injuries, but Hilary was in critical condition and lost her baby. Devon proposed, gave Hilary a fabulous ring, and they were married in the hospital. Afterward she died in his arms.

Following Hilaryís funeral and reception, Shawna attacked Lily, saying, ďDonít pretend you cared. Her death was your fault for running the red light.Ē Unaware what she had done, Lily was shocked with disbelief. Charlie verified that it was true. Devon spat that he would never forgive Lily. Devon was insistent on giving a statement at her trial to condemn Lily to make her pay for the death of Hilary and their baby. Neil, Abby and Nate tried to talk him out of it, reminding him that Lilyís children would suffer. Devon gave his statement, asking for the maximum penalty, reminding them that Lily always hated Hilary, and had plotted before to get her out of his life. At sentencing, Devon recanted his statement and asked for lenience. Lily was sentenced to two years with her driverís license suspended, a fifty thousand dollar fine, and twelve months in Walworth state prison. Lily went to prison, and spent her first days sobbing constantly. Mattie was arrested for protesting Lilyís incarceration by chaining herself to the prison gate. The family seemed to be falling apart without Lily. Then Lily was targeted by other inmates for coming to the defense of Mikayla whom they were picking on. Lily was put in isolation for her protection, then transferred to Lakewood Correctional Center which was four hours away. Neil moved to Lakewood to assure Lily that family would be nearby. Devon bought him house there and arranged tele-commuting from the company.

The twins realized that something was going on with their parents. Cane was suddenly no longer visiting Lily, and they feared they would divorce. They were reconciled with it, seeing first hand the pain they both caused each other. Plus Lily reminded them that they would be leaving home for college soon anyway.

On April 23, 2019, Lily was released from prison, and Neil was there to welcome her. They traveled to Genoa City to attend the grand opening of Society, a new restaurant venture by Devon and Abby Newman, featuring head chef Lola Rosales. Neil felt exhausted and laid down for a nap upstairs at Devonís penthouse, promising to meet them there later. When Neil failed to show up, Devon went home to check on him. Devon came down his stairway in tears, having discovered that Neil had died of a stroke in his sleep.

Family and friends gathered for Neilís funeral in tears, where Ana sang ďAmazing GraceĒ. They shared remembrances and stories of how Neil had touched their lives and made them better.

Lily and Cane divorced, and Lily returned to Lakewood to continue teaching at the correctional center as an employee. Neilís will was read a month later by Michael Baldwin. Neil wrote that Cane had hurt Lily but also gave her a lot of happiness and him two grandchildren, so forgave him. Lily was willed Neilís entire financial assets, trust funds for Charlie and Mattie, Neilís hope that they would in the future run Hamilton Winters together, and a copy of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, telling Lily to ďgo find your happily ever after,Ē

Mattie and Charlie visited Cane in Europe for the 2019 holidays. Devon visited Lily at Christmas, since Elena was working. Lily announced that she had begun dating again.

Smart but shy, Mattie enrolled at Stanford University, and was working in her professorís medical lab, unsure if she wanted to be a doctor or lawyer. Last we heard, Lily had to help her move to another apartment to avoid her psychotic roommate.

Mattie and Charlie spent the 2021 holidays with Cane and Sam in Hawaii.

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Who's Who in Genoa City

Y&R Actor biographies
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