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Devon Hamilton
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Actor History
June 1, 2004 to March 2009, contract; March 2009 to December 2012, recurring; December 2012 to Present, contract
Other Names

"Boo" nickname by Yolanda

Devon Winters (adopted by Neil, later took back name Hamilton)


Birth date February 7, 1988

Said to be 28 years old, Jan 2017


CEO if the Hamilton-Winters division of Chancellor-Winters

Former chairman of The Hamilton-Winters Group

Partner in New Hope (with Nick)

2020 awarded chamber of commerce young business person of the year

Internet-ordained as a minister

Partner in Society restaurant (with Abby)

Owner of Hamilton (LP) Streaming

Former owner of Power Communications

Owner of the Genoa City Athletic Club

Benefactor and board member of "The Delia Project"

Former owner of GC Buzz TV

Former financial backer for the research project headed by Dr. Simon Neville

Former marketing intern at Jabot Cosmetics

Former owner of his own record company

Briefly president of Chancellor's unnamed entertainment division

Former record producer for Resurrection Music, a subsidiary of Tucker McCall Unlimited

Former photographerís assistant working for Malcolm Winters

Graduate of Genoa City University with a music major/business minor

Former part time intern at Newman Enterprises

Graduate of Genoa City High


Lakeview Towers penthouse B at 1500 Market Street with Amanda(Devon owns the building)

Marital Status

In a committed relationship with Amanda Sinclair

Past Marriages

Hilary Curtis [Married: Aug 17, 2015, Divorced: Apr 16, 2017; Married: Jul 27, 2018, Widowed: Jul 27, 2018]


Yolanda/Harmony Hamilton (biological mother)

Tucker McCall (biological father)

Drucilla Barber (mother by adoption) (presumed dead)

Neil Winters (father by adoption; deceased)

Katherine Chancellor (biological paternal grandmother; deceased)

Judge Arthur Hendricks (biological paternal grandfather)

name unknown (maternal grandmother, deceased)

name unknown (maternal grandfather, deceased)

Anastasia "Ana" Hamilton (half-sister, same mother)

Lily Winters (sister by Devon's adoption)

Moses Winters (brother by Devonís adoption, son of Neil)

Brock Reynolds (paternal uncle)

Virginia (maternal great aunt)

Lucinda Winters (grandmother due to adoption; mother of Neil)

name unknown (grandfather due to adoption; father of Neil)

Matilda "Mattie" Ashby (niece by his adoption, goddaughter)

Charlie Ashby (nephew by his adoption, godson)

Mackenzie Browning Hellstrom (paternal cousin)


Miscarriage just before Hilaryís death

Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor (son of Abby and Chance with sperm donation of Devon; godson; has joint custoday)

Flings & Affairs

Tyra Hamilton (lovers)

Roxanne [last name unknown] (lovers)

Sierra Hoffman (dated)

Esmerelda unknown last name (lovers)

Leilani, one of several one-night stands

Hilary Curtis Winters (lovers, 2014, 2015)

Gwen Randall (lovers, 2015)

Mariah Copeland (lovers, 2017)

Simone Burch (2018)

Hilary Curtis (lovers, 2018)

Elena Dawson (lovers, 2019)

Amanda Sinclair (lovers, 2021)

Health and Vitals

Nearly died from meningitis, resulting in complete loss of hearing (2007)

Regained most of his hearing after receiving cochlear implant (2007)

Blood Type: AB negative

Had a transducer successfully implanted in each middle ear to fully recover his hearing (2012)

Broke a couple of toes working out when he dropped a weight on them (2014)

Concussion and internal injuries, heart stopped from car accident (Dec 2016)

Panic attacks following Hilaryís death (2018-2019)

Crimes Committed

Arrested for assault at age 14 for breaking the nose of a guy named Tyrone with a wrench for taunting him about his druggie mother.

Arrested for trashing a Las Vegas hotel room; charges dropped, was not him [2013]

Arrested for homicide of Hilary, was not dead [Sep 2015]

Brief Character History

Lily Winters spent the summer of 2004 as a volunteer working on Victor Newman's Community Service project to turn a vacant factory into a Rec Center for the tough neighborhood it was in. Lily met troubled teen Devon, who was belligerent and just hung around watching and resenting the rich kids who were helping the neighborhood kids fix up the new Market Street Recreation Center. Lily's attempts to befriend him were rebuffed at every turn as Devon did not trust anyone - especially an obviously rich kid. To get her off his back, Devon made up answers to her questions, telling her that he went to a school in the rich part of town and was part of a big happy family. Later when Lily realized that he was lying, Devon told her that he had been shuttled from one group home to another ever since he was taken from his crack head mother, and that his father was dead. He admitted that he was currently living in a foster home, but that he was about to be kicked out for his bad behavior. Just as the bubbly and sweet Lily was finally getting through to Devon, and he started helping out and treating everyone better, Devon was told by his social worker, Lorena Davis, that there was no group home available so he'd have to be sent to a Level 12 facility which sounded more like jail.

Lily's mother Drucilla got to know the boy and saw herself at that age, remembering how she had gone down the wrong road until Nathan Hastings had rescued her and taught her to read. Wanting to pay it forward by helping Devon in the same way, Dru convinced her husband Neil and Ms. Davis to allow them to be his temporary foster parents. Devon blossomed once he knew that someone cared, and he and Lily became very close. During this time, Devon told Lily he'd seen his father only once hanging out in front of a convenience store.

Devon became part of the Winters family, learning table manners, and getting caught up on his education by reading books. Neil was hesitant, but Dru plotted to make the arrangement permanent, and lied to Ms. Davis that Neil was on board with permanent fostering of Devon. When it was discovered that Neil knew nothing about it, Devon had to be sent to a Level 12 facility, but he ran away with Lily instead. Devon was found and Victor Newman volunteered to take him in until a group home could be found. Victor and Devon bunked together at the Rec Center in sleeping bags for a few weeks. The day that Devon was to leave, Neil finally gave in and agreed to permanent foster care.

Devon had actually been taken from his mother, Yolanda, at the age of six when she overdosed, and he went to live with his grandmother until she died. It seemed that his grandmother was the only person who ever cared about Devon. He had fond memories of baking cookies with her and celebrating birthday picnics with her at the zoo watching the seals. He commemorated one of these memories by baking cookies for his new family for Christmas rather than spend the cash he was given by them for presents.

Devon's birthday came around, but no one remembered it. Disappointed, but unwilling to tell anyone but his friend Sierra Hoffman, he skipped school and headed for the zoo. Later that night when he was discovered missing, Sierra told them to check the zoo. Dru, Neil, Lily, and Malcolm found a terrified Devon marooned in the lion habitat, eye to eye with a lion. Malcolm climbed down into the pit and used skills apparently learned in Africa to distract the lion while Devon climbed out with the help of Neil, followed by Malcolm. Lily and Devon brought around the SUV to pick them up, but she lost control when it skidded on the ice and struck Neil. Later at the hospital, Neil made peace with Malcolm, asking him to take care of his family in case he didn't make it through surgery. Neil relieved Devon and Lily of their guilt and said goodbye to Dru. In the waiting room, Lily blamed Devon for causing Neil's impending death, so when Ms. Davis arrived, Devon asked to be put into a group home. Dru intervened and assured Devon that families were all about love and forgiveness. Neil needed blood, and Lily wanted to donate, but Malcolm insisted he be the one to do so. Devon helped Lily see that Malcolm needed to give back to his brother to mend their relationship, but actually Malcolm was really more interested in the possibility that Neil was not Lily's father. Neil came through the surgery fine.

As time went on, Devon became very protective of Lily, and he appeared to have more than a sisterly interest in her, but she was too busy chasing after Daniel Romalotti to notice. After their friend Cassie Newman was killed in a tragic accident, and Daniel thought to be at fault, Daniel and Lily ran off together and became fugitives from the police. After Neil and Dru took out their frustrations over Lily on Devon, he admitted to Sierra that although he hadn't seen her in several years, he might know where his mother could be found, but was afraid of the probable rejection if he did. After Neil joined the search for Lily and Daniel in L.A., and Dru was too busy obsessing over the missing Lily to be interested in Devon's welfare, Devon finally visited the park where his homeless mother Yolanda was living. Devon was disturbed to see how raggedy and thin she was, and he told her how well he was doing in school and that he was living with a rich family now. Devon tried to give Yolanda some cash, but she admitted that she was still a crack head and would only spend it on her habit. Yolanda encouraged Devon to forget her and his old life and take advantage of what the Winters had to offer him. Devon left the cash on the bench beside Yolanda, and said goodbye. But he returned several times to see his mother, and once witnessed her being dragged into the police station.

Alone with Neil and Dru after Lily was sent away to boarding school, Devon tried to talk Yolanda into going into a free state rehab facility. Yolanda refused and claimed that she was off the drugs. So Devon took her home to the Winters', let her clean up, and Yolanda left after stealing Neil's expensive watch. She used the watch to buy enough drugs to overdose, and was found unconscious in the park by Devon. Yolanda recovered and went into rehab. Afterward she lived with the Winters family getting her act together, got a nice job in the Jabot mailroom, but blew it all by coming on to Neil. Neil shot her down, Devon walked in on them, so Yolanda explained what had happened to Devon. Devon turned down Yolanda's offer to leave with her, and she packed and left for her sister's in Seattle.

The Winters were having marital problems when Devon went deaf after surviving meningitis. Neil and Dru reconciled, and the family united to support Devon by learning sign language and having their home equipped for the deaf. Devon was coping well considering that he was a music major in college, but he began looking into having a cochlear implant. Devon was being smothered by his over-protective foster parents, so he moved out to live with Lily and Daniel, but Jack Abbott ended up renting a house to all three of them so they could live together near the GCU campus.

Neil gave Dru the job of decorating his jazz club Indigo and he was hoping Devon would work there too. Indigo's successful grand opening featured Aaron Neville with a sign language interpreter just for Devon. But afterward, Carmen Mezda turned up bludgeoned to death in the alley behind the club. Dru, Neil, Devon and Lily all appeared before the grand jury to testify, and were among the murder suspects. But in a surprise turn of events, Devon was arrested for the murder of Carmen. While he was out on bail awaiting trial, his cochlear implant surgery was successful, and he was able to hear again. Neil and Dru took this opportunity to legally adopt Devon once they heard that his mother was back on drugs.

Three months later, Carmen's former lover David Chow showed up in Genoa City after he received a copy of the video of Dru and Carmen's altercation, and was hell-bent on getting Dru convicted for Carmen's murder. After hooking up with Leanna Love, the video was aired on TV, and all eyes were again on Dru as the murderer. Chow was confronting Dru everywhere, even turning up at her apartment door just after Dru found her own clothes shredded like she did Carmen's. Then Dru started seeing dead Carmen and ended up checked into the psych ward, though it turned out that Carmen's identical cousin Inez was in cahoots with Chow and hey were gas-lighting Dru. After Jana Hawkes confessed to being was the real killer of Carmen, David and Inez appeared at Dru's competency hearing, vindicating her. However, Inez never revealed David was the one behind the gas lighting. Jana disappeared and both Dru and Devon were exonerated.

In April of 2007, Sharon told Drucilla she was being blackmailed by Phyllis over her affair with Brad Carlton. When Sharon and Phyllis began fighting on the edge of a cliff during a NVP photo shoot, Dru intervened. When all lost hold of the cell phone they were fighting over, they lost their balance and fell backward. Dru sailed off the cliff into the river below, and Sharon was left hanging onto the edge for her life. Phyllis tried to save Sharon, but she lost her grip and Sharon also fell to the river below. Rescuers combed the area and found Sharon's lifeless body, but she was revived. Dru was never found. Only the jacket she wore was found below the falls, so she was presumed dead.

A prayer vigil was held at Indigo, where memories were shared by family and friends. Olivia remembered what a precocious child Dru had been, and how she had shown her love for Liv when she donated needed bone marrow to save Liv's life. Sharon remembered Dru's brutal honesty and her one-of-kind hats. Devon recalled that before Dru came into his life, no one had ever believed in him, and how she forced him through her love to believe in himself. Lily said that Dru was the kind of woman who did it all, career and family, and was her role model. Neil believed Dru was still alive, declared that he was not going to give up looking for her, and called her loyal and passionate about life. For a while Neil was turning back to the bottle in his despair over losing Dru, but he stopped for the sake of his children.

New Co-CEO, Neil gave his son Devon a big project of his own to oversee with Kline Outdoor signs, although Brad was not confident in his ability to handle it. But Devon not only got kudos from Kline, but also was given a high profile account of Brad's, and was becoming a serious up and coming businessman. When Devon discovered how badly Daniel had been treating his sister, Lily, he confronted Daniel and punched him out, then Lily tossed Daniel out and later divorced him. Devon began dating a few girls, mostly one named Roxanne.

During a surprise twenty-first birthday party for Lily, Devon's Aunt Tyra and precocious and talented 12-year-old Ana arrived from Seattle. Neil wanted his son to get to know his real family, so soft-hearted Neil invited them to live with him and Karen until they got back on their feet. As weeks went on, Karen was not pleased with this, and asked Tyra to look for her own place, but Neil nixed the idea. Ana had a beautiful singing voice, but was afraid to sing in public. Thanks to Karen relating her mutual stage fright, Ana began singing for the family at Indigo and then with Devon at the annual charity gala which prompted Kay Chancellor to offer Ana the annual scholarship for gifted students to a Music School in New Hampshire. Tyra was reluctant to accept because Ana was not really her daughter, but the daughter of her crack head sister Yolanda, so she was afraid her deception all these years would be exposed. Neil was supportive, and Kay paved the way for Ana to get into the school regardless. Even Devon was unaware that he had a sister. Tyra explained that when Devon was a child living with his grandmother, Yolanda came home pregnant from one of her many disappearances and Tyra, who was only 15 and living with her father (Devon's grandfather), Tyra had begun raising Yolanda's baby, who was Ana. Devon and Ana got along wonderfully as they were both interested in music, writing and singing together. After a brief notion to quit college and launch a singing career, and everyone talking him out of it, Devon changed his major back to music. Tyra left with Ana to New Hampshire.

When Neil was unfairly fired from Newman Enterprises by Adam, Devon quit as well in solidarity. When Neil was later made CEO of Newman by Victor, Devon declined to return because he had decided to concentrate on his music.

A few months after Ana and Tyra left town, Katherine got word that Ana had left her school. Neil and Devon tried to contact them and discovered that Tyra had given up their apartment. Tyra and Ana arrived in Genoa City again by train on the way back to Seattle. Tyra told Neil that things just didn't work out in New Hampshire, the rent was too high and pay too low. Neil pointed out that she had nothing to return to in Seattle. Tyra agreed to stay and take back the manager job at Indigo, once Devon offered to share his house with them so they didn't have to impose on Neil and Karen. Tyra might have gotten over her attraction to Neil once she started dating Detective Gil Wallace. But Gil spotted Ana on a missing person's bulletin reported by Yolanda, and had to confront them to take Ana to a foster home until her custody could be straightened out. Billy Abbott got his young Attorney friend, Rafael Torres, to take the case, but Yolanda further complicated things by disappearing. Meanwhile Neil renewed his foster care license and he and Karen decided to marry earlier than planned to help them get custody of Ana. Their wedding was held on New Year's Eve 2008 at Indigo with Victoria Newman as matron of honor and Victor arriving last minute to be Neil's best man, with Olivia still hoping Tyra would interrupt the wedding by declaring her love for Neil. Neil and Karen went to court the next day and got custody of Ana, but with the restriction that Tyra could only see Ana during supervised visits. Ana was thrilled to be back with family, but Tyra was crushed.

Karen became so attached to Ana that she wanted to legally adopt her, much to Tyra's opposition. Rafe got the courts to terminate Yolanda's legal rights to Ana, and Tyra celebrated by telling Neil how much she cared for him and kissed him, which Karen secretly witnessed. In retaliation, the next day Karen told Tyra that their adoption of Ana was in the works with Neil's blessing, so Tyra took Ana and attempted to flee Genoa City. Neil found them, thanks to Ana's cell phone call. When the police arrived, Neil told them that they were there with his permission. When Neil confronted Karen about provoking Tyra to run away, she confronted him about his kiss with Tyra. Karen told him it was time for him to get his priorities straight if he still wanted her in his life, and that meant firing Tyra. Neil agreed, but telling Tyra ended up in a sexual encounter in the middle of the empty Indigo. Devon walked in and saw them and later confronted Neil, and asked why Neil was risking his marriage and family. Neil later admitted his sexual encounter with Tyra to Karen who forgave him, being afraid that it would hurt their adoption of Ana. But in court Neil convinced the judge to give sole custody of Ana to Tyra because she deserved her after raising Ana so well all those years. Karen was so devastated that she left Neil, and later presented him with divorce papers to sign during the pre-wedding party for Lily and Cane which Neil reluctantly signed. Lily and Cane were married the next day with Devon as best man. A surprise guest arrived, Devon's great aunt, Virginia. She told the family stories about how a five-year-old Devon fell and broke his leg climbing a trellis at to elope with his six-year-old neighbor girl. When they were alone, she told Devon that Tyra was not really related to them, but was taken in as a child when her mother died. She also showed him a letter that his mother Yolanda had never mailed to his father telling him that he had a son, and Devon realized that his father didnít even know that he existed. Devon confronted Tyra, and Tyra explained to Neil who walked in on them arguing. Devon left, saying that he was through with the both of them and their lies.

Devon was having sexual fantasies about Tyra, yet whenever they were around each other he would attack her for breaking up Karen and Neil. In the middle of an argument, Devon and Tyra fell into each other's arms and had sex on the couch at their place. Roxanne walked in on them unnoticed, and later returned with Devon's things from her place, and broke up with Devon. Devon, feeling guilty, admitted to his father what had happened between him and Tyra. Neil was livid when Tyra later arrived to apologize, then Tyra left promising that Ana would still visit her family.

Devon graduated with a degree in Music and was offered a good job in business. Neil was upset when Devon turned it down to work for Malcolm instead as his photography assistant as an income to support his music career. Neil felt that Devon should pursue a real career more befitting a college graduate. Roxanne eventually forgave Devon, and they became a couple again.

Lily asked Traci Abbott to be godmother to her twins, and she accepted in memory of Colleen. Devon felt honored to be the twinís godfather.

Noah Newman surprised everyone by playing a guitar and singing at Daniel Romalottiís showing at an art gallery. Devon told Noah he could set him up with a chance to record. After making and submitting a demo, Noah got a record deal with Tucker McCallís record company, Resurrection Music, with Devon as producer, and he and Devon left for New York City to record. But Devon returned temporarily to help Lily get through the loss of her husband Cane.

Months later, after Tucker McCall was run down by a car and was in critical condition, Noah and Devon's New York careers were put on hold. They returned to Genoa City to finish recording Noah's album. Accompanying Noah home was a young girl, Hunter Forlani. Victor asked Noah if he would like to live in the caretaker's cottage where he had grown up, and Noah agreed. Hunter rented a room in the campus house where Devon lived.

Jack offered Noah a job writing music for Jabot commercials, Noah accepted, and told Devon that he would not be finishing their album. Devon broke the news to Tucker that the Jabot lawyers would be getting Noah out of his contract. Since Noah was the reason Devon was hired, Tucker told him he had twenty-four hours to find someone else worthy of a recording contract. It didn't take Devon long to remember his half-sister Ana, but she was just entering high school and they felt that was more important. Devon returned to Tucker empty-handed and was fired.

Katherine Chancellor had hired Paul Williams to track down the child of her son Tucker McCall, whose mother had gotten pregnant as a teenage groupie, then she had disappeared. The girl being one of many groupies that McCall had slept with, had only sent him an anonymous letter telling him that he had a son whom he would never know. Paul was led by an old photo to another groupie, Amy Koslow, who told him about the groupie known as "Candy Cane," who had a big crush on "Mick", the nickname that McCall went by then, and that Candy was rumored to have been pregnant when she disappeared. This clue led Paul to discover that "Candy Cane" was Yolanda Hamilton, and that Devon Hamilton Winters was Tucker's son. After reporting the news to Katherine, she told Paul not to tell anyone since Tucker obviously didn't care enough to track his son down on his own. Later that same day when Katherine heard that Tucker had fired Devon who worked for Tucker as a record producer, she met with Devon and asked him to become president of a new yet-to-be-named entertainment division of Chancellor Industries. Devon was shocked but accepted the job.

After Katherine had a stroke, Tucker overheard Jill and Katherine's lawyer, Mitchell, discussing Devon's recent inclusion in Katherine's will, and guessed that Devon was his long lost son. Tucker told Sofia, who told Neil, causing Neil to resign from Chancellor. Tucker tracked down Devon and told him that he was his father, but Tucker was rebuffed.

Phyllis broke the story of Devon's paternity in Restless Style, Yolanda saw the webcast, and asked her boss at a Milwaukee diner for time off to see her son. Tucker held a news conference and said that he was happy to welcome Devon, a fine, bright, gifted young man to his family, and that he was looking forward to a relationship with his son.

Yolanda showed up at Devon's, clean and sober, telling him that she finally had her life together, and that she had changed her name to Harmony when she changed her life. Harmony explained that back in the late eighties, she had been jealous that Tucker had taken up with another groupie, and after she gave birth she had let Tucker know that he was a father with an unsigned note. Later after Devon had left, Tucker arrived and was confronted with Harmony. She told Tucker how Rubin, his former road manager, had tried to give her cash to have her pregnancy "taken care of". Tucker swore that he had not known, and said that she should have come to him. Later Tucker apologized to Devon, admitting that he had not tried hard enough to find him, and how guilty he felt for all Devon had gone through when Tucker had had the means to change it. Tucker tried to pay off Harmony to leave town, but she refused, was determined to stay and make things up to Devon, and find a way to restore Devon's trust. Katherine ran into Harmony and asked her to stay at her estate while she was in town. Harmony told Devon that she was grateful for the Winters family giving him a secure and loving home, but she respected his wishes to leave and gave Devon her contact information in Milwaukee, assuring him that she would always be there for him if he needed her. Unfortunately, when Harmony returned to Milwaukee, she found that she had lost her job. She returned to Genoa City, and Katherine convinced her to stay with her.

Desperately needing money to keep Gloworm and herself afloat, Gloria began to butter up the mobster, Angelo. She got Devon to listen to Angelo's spoiled gum-chewing Jersey-accented bimbo daughter, Angelina, who wanted a singing career. Although Angelina couldn't sing on key, Devon reluctantly agreed to help her get into a singing competition. Angie told Devon, "What Angie wants, Angie gets, and Angie wants Kevin." Newly engaged, Kevin, refused to have anything to do with Angie, and warned Gloria about Angelo. But Angelo, who had always been smitten with Gloria, gave her cash in exchange for becoming her partner in Gloworm.

Tucker and Ashley were married again with Abby and Traci as maid and matron of honor, and Sofia as Tucker's best woman. Devon surprised them all by showing up, joining Jack, Genevieve and Olivia as the only guests. Afterward, Devon admitted to Abby that Neil had reminded him that Devon had wanted to know his father all his life, so to give Tucker a chance. Neil caught Harmony about to crash the wedding, called her selfish and took her away. Later after the wedding, Devon ran into Neil and Harmony arguing at Crimson Lights. Devon, Lily, and Cane with the twins spent Thanksgiving at Neil's, where he and Sofia announced their engagement.

On Thanksgiving, after dinner with the Winters family, Devon was summoned to Gloworm to witness Angelina sing for her father Angelo, the Baldwins, and Gloria. The song was written by Devon for Angelina, whose singing had only somewhat improved due to his coaching Ė at least she sang on-key. But the viewers got to hear Angelina sing in the true voice of her portrayer, Diana DeGarmo, as if that were the way that she and Angelo heard her.

Abby came through with a deal to finance Devon's recording company, which made it possible for him to lease space in Nick's building that housed Restless Style and take delivery of the recording equipment ordered when he was going to work for Katherine. Then Devon returned the money to Katherine which she had advanced him. He told Harmony that she looked and sounded sincere, but to not be taken in by "people" who were just using her to get what they wanted. But as time went by, and with Katherine's help, Harmony stayed sober, and she and Devon began establishing a guarded relationship. As a former groupie herself, Harmony took an interest in his recording business, and got a job in the same building as a receptionist at Restless Style.

A week before Christmas, Reverend Fulton called to say goodbye to Sofia and Neil because he was leaving their parish, which caused an impromptu wedding. Neil insisted that Devon attend his conflicting meeting with a big record executive. As Cane and Lily stood up for Neil and Sofia, they both wistfully reflected back to their own wedding. Devon was shocked when Tucker turned out to be the producer. Devon refused his financial backing, but did agree to accept his advice if he needed it, and they left together for the wedding. After the wedding Neil strangely disappeared without a word, and showed up at Devon's studio, leaving Sofia alone to welcome Devon and Tucker when they finally arrived.

Harmony volunteered to be in charge of the Children's Christmas pageant at the church. Katherine arranged for Ana, who was appearing in a concert nearby in Chicago, to come to Genoa City to sing "Oh Holy Night" at the pageant, as a surprise for Devon and Harmony. Harmony was shocked to see her daughter with whom she'd had no contact since Ana was a small child. Ana handled it well, keeping it light was obviously receptive to knowing Harmony. Ana left with Devon, and Harmony ran out of the room overwhelmed with Katherine following. Harmony was grateful for the gift, and told Kay how hard it must be for Ana and Devon to see all those happy families there, knowing they had been cheated of that by her. Kay told Harmony not to look back, but to do what she could to change things for the future. Ana and Devon discussed their circumstances later at Crimson Lights and Ana had similar advice for themselves.

As Kevin, Chloe, Daniel and Devon watched Angelina rehearse, all were amazed when her voice turned from bad to beautiful only when she was looking at Kevin. Later, because the contest had turned away all but the first thousand entries, Devon published Angelina's song online on ViewClick and it started getting a lot of hits.

Harmony convinced Devon to thank Katherine for the visit from Ana, and then convinced Tucker to work on reconciling with Katherine, if he ever hoped to have Devon do the same with him. Afterward Tucker went to wish Katherine a happy new year, she thanked Harmony for being there for her too.

Days later, Tucker showed up at the studio to congratulate Devon, and gave him some tips on how to promote his missing singer. Later Neil and Harmony arrived, and they began bonding over music.

After Devon confided in Harmony that he was having some trouble hearing the finer parts of the tracks in editing Angelina's song, Harmony suggested to Tucker that he look further into some Cochlear implant research that his company was already funding to help Devon. Devon initially refused help from Tucker when he found out, but Harmony and Neil talked him into giving Tucker a chance to help his son. Devon was scheduled for surgery, and Tucker let Devon use his private jet to go to Dallas. Devon asked Neil and Harmony to accompany him. Katherine thanked Tucker for doing this for his son, and Tucker touched Katherine lovingly, and said "Thanks, Mom." Later Tucker convinced Devon to allow him to go along, saying that he needed to be there "to make sure everything goes all right."

Angelina returned home with Kevin, and Devon played her re-mixed song for her in front of her father and Kevin's family. Angelina hated that Devon had added rap artists on HER song, and fired him. But Devon's record company still owned the rights to her song, and Devon released it as it was anyway. When it became a hit, Angelina relented and rehired Devon. But Devon only accepted with the provision that Angelo was not to be involved. Devon presented Angelina with a new song which after hearing, she went home and wrote new lyrics echoing how she felt about her imminent breakup with Kevin. They decided to put some country flavor into it, and called it "Good, Goodbye".

The evening before Devon's surgery, while at a restaurant in Dallas, Tucker toasted Devon saying he had "such great respect the man who happens to be my son." Devon had a transducer successfully implanted in each middle ear, but came out of surgery temporarily deaf, as expected. Devon went home to heal for a few weeks before the devices were to be turned on. Unable to edit the tracks himself, Devon asked Tucker for help while he was deaf. Tucker agreed and was excited about collaborating together. At the sound board, Tucker and Devon further bonded. They finished the song and cut the CD.

After Kevin and Angelina's marriage was annulled, he and Chloe were married, and Angelina surprised them at the wedding by serenading the wedding party with her newest single, "Good Goodbye." Afterward Angelina announced that she was moving to Los Angeles to launch her singing career with Angelo as her manager. Angelo and Angelina left town.

Katherine impressed Devon by using sign language to ask him for forgiveness. Devon said that he was not ready to forgive yet until Katherine reminded him that she doesn't have as much time to wait as Devon. Devon then agreed to forgive, but not forget.

When the implant devices were finally turned on, the whole family was there to rejoice when Devon could hear clearly again. His first request was to hear Angelina's new song, and he was amazed that thanks to Tucker it sounded the way he had heard it in his head.

After Tucker and Ashley had a falling out, Tucker was cheered up by Harmony and they ended up in bed together, when Ashley suddenly walked in on them. Devon took both Tucker and Harmony to task for disillusioning him about how they had both changed and they could be a family. Tucker begged Ashley for forgiveness, but she told him that it was too late, he was out of chances, and that they were through.

On June 27, 2012, a party was held by Lily and Cane at the athletic club to celebrate the second birthday of the Ashby twins. Despite their differences, the whole family showed up with presents, including Neil, Sofia, Devon, Genevieve, and Harmony. Ana showed up as a surprise, and taking him aside, suggested that Devon forgive his mother for not being perfect just as she had. Devon decided she was right, and they all enjoyed the party and Ana's visit.

The theme of the 2012 annual Chancellor 4th of July pool party/barbeque turned out to be forgiveness. While Murphy tended the grill, Devon forgave Katherine and Tucker, with Roxanne and Ana beaming their approval. Ashley had forgiven Tucker so they attended together, and Sofia told Neil that if he wanted Harmony he needed to pursue her. Harmony tried to reconcile with Ashley, but she refused to forgive her.

After Katherine found out that Tucker had known the location of the presumed dead Victor Newman, and used that information to manipulate Sharon into taking over the company to influence the Newman stock, plus had been responsible for Victor nearly being killed, Katherine made derogatory comments to Tucker, and Devon told him that he was not a good person. Kay told him that she had been proud that Tucker McCall, her son, had built his own empire without her help. She had been honored to pass on her legacy, but had now decided to cut Tucker out of her will, and told him it now would go to his son, Devon, instead. Harmony was more understanding, but told Tucker that she was ashamed of him for using a woman as he had Sharon.

During Thanksgiving at the Chancellor estate, Devon admitted that work at his studio had become very slow, that he was frustrated, and not willing to relocate to the coast to be successful. Tucker suggested he bring his music business under McCall, but Devon refused. Jill offered Devon marketing advice. Later Neil offered Devon a job at Jabot with Cane mentoring him in marketing, and Devon accepted. Neil then asked Leslie to become Jabot's chief legal advisor. She initially turned down the position due to their prior romantic relationship, but after assuring each other that it would be strictly business, Leslie accepted the position. Devon and Lily began promoting their romantic relationship again to help loosen Neil up. Devon also began promoting a casual dress code and piped-in music to help promote a better office atmosphere.

Telling Devon he couldn't imagine him fitting into the corporate world, Tucker offered Devon a job as head of publicity for the recording artists at McCall Music Division. Devon saw it as trying to buy his favor again and refused. But a few days later, Devon admitted to Neil that he was having a hard time adjusting, but he felt he would in time.

Months later, Devon had settled into his job, and he received a contract from Tucker as head of McCall music division in London with a large salary and perks. Roxanne was hurt and upset when she discovered that Devon was considering it without consulting her. But when Lily decided to drop out of the "Dare to be Different" campaign, and Neil asked Devon to take over; being suspicious of Tyler's intentions with Lily, Devon stayed in Genoa City and took over heading the campaign. When Lily arrived home drunk to a surprise birthday party on the arm of Tyler, everyone became suspicious of their relationship. Devon clashed with Tyler who insisted that none of Lily's ideas be changed. Tyler went to Neil and gave him attitude about Devon's handling of his campaign, so Neil fired Tyler. Devon revamped the campaign to focus on the female model, and let Mason go, saying he might hire him back. After the success of the campaign, Chelsea and Chloe requested Devon hire Tyler back to Jabot, but Tyler turned him down. After the success of the campaign, Chelsea and Chloe requested Devon hire Tyler back to Jabot, but Tyler turned him down. But after the death of Katherine Chancellor, Tyler and Devon bonded briefly, and Tyler made a deal with Devon to return if Noah Newman were to be promoted to photographer for Jabot Fashion, to follow in the footsteps of Malcolm Winters.

After Katherine's successful brain tumor surgery, she and Murphy took a trip around the world, with Katherine sending postcards but uncharacteristically not keeping abreast on Chancellor.

Three months later at 8:00 P.M. during an ominous thunderstorm, Jill, Victor and Nikki, Cane and Lily, Esther, Chloe, Devon, and Kevin gathered in the Chancellor living room having each received instructions by mysterious postcards from Katherine which arrived from locations around the world. Murphy finally arrived alone and told them what an exhilarating trip they had taken, hitting all the famous locations on Katherine's "bucket list", even including a ride on the world's tallest wooden roller coaster in Germany, dancing the flamenco in Barcelona, and zip-lining in the Sacred Valley. He said that their final stop had been Hong Kong where they met up with Tucker for dinner, which was cordial, almost pleasant. Afterward Murphy and Katherine had sung together in a karaoke bar and gotten a standing ovation, but later that same night Katherine had died in her sleep. Everyone was shocked and saddened by the news. Murphy admitted that the doctors had told Katherine that she did not have long live, so she had decided to take the trip. Jill reacted accusing her of being selfish because she had told them that she had been cured. Murphy asked everyone to forgive her and to remember the love and special moments that she had shared with each of them. As each of them had their own memory, Devon recalled how Katherine had learned sign language to communicate with him when he was deaf. Murphy gave Nikki a letter to read aloud that Katherine had penned for them which asked them to remember her spirit of hope and determination in life, not her death. It ended with "You are not getting rid of me this easily. I will still be watching from another room."

After the death of Katherine, Tyler and Devon bonded briefly over Devon's guilt at not forgiving Katherine sooner. Tyler made a deal with Devon to return to work for him if Noah Newman were to be promoted to photographer for Jabot Fashion, to follow in the footsteps of Malcolm Winters.

Murphy later delivered letters from Katherine to each of her loved ones. Per Katherine's instructions, Jill and Nikki arranged a celebration of life to be held in a park at Lake Delaney. Delia made the invitations which were titled "Being Free", and guests were instructed that there be no sadness, tears, or regrets, no wearing black, but happy bold colors instead. Father Todd came from Michigan to officiate, and Danny sang. Brock, Nina, Amber, and Gina also came from afar, but Mac sent her regrets. Devon mentioned that he had been in touch with Tucker, and that he was having a hard time dealing with the loss, so was unable to attend. All of Katherine's loved ones had words to say about her. Devon spoke of how finding out that Katherine was his grandmother had changed his life, but he had barely gotten to say hello, and now had to say goodbye. Afterward they put a flower on the altar next to her urn. Then Murphy revealed a plaque saying Chancellor Park. In loving memory of Katherine Chancellor. Days later when Katherine's will was read, Devon was only hoping for her vinyl record collection. Although disappointed when it went to Tucker, Devon was shocked to be bequeathed two billion, 475 million dollars.

Devon confided in Neil that he was not sure how to handle his newfound wealth and being hounded by the press. He knew that he wanted to make donations to help foster kids, the hearing impaired, cancer research, and music programs for underprivileged kids. Neil was impressed, but told him to take his time, do some research, and not to trust any sudden new friends. Devon met with Victor who advised that great wealth can be a burden but does not have to be a curse.

It was discovered that Cane's assistant Hilary had been the person tormenting the Winters family because she blamed Neil for her mother's death. After Devon failed to convince Hilary that he understood her pain as he had lost two mothers due to addiction and accidental deaths, he offered Hilary a million dollars to go away and leave them alone. She turned it down wanting only revenge. Her cohort Mason overheard, got mad and walked out, realizing they were not partners, and that she had just been using him. Seeing dollar signs, Mason tried to befriend Devon, but found out about his connection to Hilary and would not trust him. So Mason stole Devon's wallet, then returned it to him to gain Devon's trust.

After Delia Abbott was killed by a hit and run driver, Devon joined Jack and Jill and offered a million dollars for information to find the driver.

After Leslie gave Hilary the letters that Gus had written to Hilary's mother Rose, she backed down and apologized for coming after the Winters family. The rest of the family was shocked when Neil believed her and gave her a second chance at life and a job working as Jack Abbott's assistant.

After getting a call for a fraud alert on his bank account, Devon confronted Roxanne, whom he had given a debit card and told to go buy something nice for herself. He accused her of taking advantage of his generosity and being a gold-digger. Roxanne tearfully explained that she had put earnest money on a condo for them to live together. Devon tried to apologize for not trusting her, saying that he would love for them to live together. But Roxanne said that it was obvious once again, that their love affair was pretty one-sided, and broke it off.

Instead of trusting the people he loved, Devon began hanging out with Mason. Devon dismissed Hilary's warning not to trust him, while Mason continued to charge things to a duplicate of Devon's credit card. It was not long before the police arrested Devon with a Las Vegas warrant for trashing a hotel room. Never even having been to Las Vegas, Devon was shocked. Neil bailed him out while they awaited the hotel security video to prove that it was not him. Meanwhile, Hilary tipped Devon that Mason was the one who had stolen his identity. Devon slugged Mason, accused him, and told him to stop lying as he was about to prove it. Mason backed off, claiming he had barely put a dent in Devon's account. Later Mason threatened pressing assault charges. Although the security footage had only shown the back of someone's head, Devon bluffed Mason that they had a great shot of him checking into the hotel, plus handwriting analysis, which sent Mason fleeing.

When Devon heard that the athletic club was for sale, he bought it. Cane agreed to become the business manager, and Lily the club manager. Lily's first act as manager was to kick Hilary out, but Devon stood up for Hilary and got her a suite instead.

Devon agreed to underwrite the Delia Project fund raiser that was to be held at the athletic club. Lily was resentful when Hilary came up with a fairytale theme "Once Upon a Winter's Evening". Devon was impressed with her creativity and asked Hilary to help. Lily was shocked to realize that Devon liked and was attracted to Hilary. Neil approved and said he felt confident that Hilary had changed, so Devon finally asked her to have dinner with him.

The news spread that Adam Newman had been the hit and run driver who killed Delia, had been the donor who began the Delia Project, and was assumed dead in an exploding car crash. Chloe refused to allow the Delia Project or the benefit to go on financed by Adam's "blood money". But Devon offered to replace the backing, double it in fact, and she conceded that Delia would want it to go on.

The afternoon of the benefit, Hilary saw Devon and Esmerelda necking in the sauna, and made jealous comments later to Devon. That evening at the benefit, when Lily unveiled the antique snow queen doll which was to be auctioned, the case was empty. But Lily spotted a stranger, Richard Womack, heading for the door with it under his coat. When she grabbed for the doll, it broke, and diamonds showered onto the floor. Womack pulled a gun, and held everyone hostage. Devon triggered a silent alarm, and Paul and the police arrived outside the locked ballroom. Womack fired at the chandelier, which fell on Billy, injuring him. Then when Billy tried to jump Womack, he kicked Billy, breaking some ribs. Victoria cradled Billy while Kelly tried to administer first aid. Billy began babbling, and apologized and confessed to sleeping with Kelly. Victoria told Kelly to get her hands off her husband, slapped Kelly, and called her a tramp.

Jack made Womack a deal to call his private jet if he would let the hostages go. Then Neil, Tyler, Devon, and Cane staged an argument to get the drop on Womack. Tyler knocked out Womack's accomplice with a champagne bottle, whose gun flew across the floor. Paul shut off the ballroom lights and bargained with Womack to let Billy and Victoria go, and the lights would be turned on. Afterward, when Jack's plane was ready to help Womack escape, Womack let everyone go but Cane and Lily. Colin jumped out from where he had been hiding, his gun on Womack. Lily and Cane escaped, and Womack was killed as he and Colin struggled over the gun.

Lily came up with an idea to boost the athletic club's post-Womack slump by suggesting to Jack that Jabot premiere Chelsea's new line there with a fashion show. Jack thought it was a great idea and included partnering with Forrester Creations, naming Neil and Hilary liaisons and sending them to Los Angeles, to which Lily objected strenuously. Meanwhile Devon decided to stir up some publicity by buying Esmerelda an expensive car which hit the tabloids in no time. The fashion show was a trial between Lily bickering with Hilary and Chloe with Chelsea, but it was a success, and Devon was proud of them all. Devon accidentally walked in on a half-dressed Hilary as she was changing for the show, and was impressed with what he saw. Later, he compared the conversations he had with Hilary to the meaningless ones with Esmerelda, and realized that Hilary was more the type of woman he wanted in his life. He went up to her room at the Athletic Club, and was about to knock when he heard her making love with someone, and retreated back down to the bar disappointed that he had made his move too late.

Devon began to make plans to renovate the athletic club penthouse to live there. Devon saw Neil and Hilary kissing as Neil left her room and confronted Hilary, calling her a gold digger. Joining Neil, Lily and Cane in the GCAC dining room, Devon announced that Neil was sleeping with Hilary. All were shocked. Hilary joined them, and Lily tore into her. Hilary left, Neil made his choice and followed. Neil later told Devon and Lily that he thought he was in love with Hilary, and hoped that they would support his decision. Lily suggested Devon pay Hilary off with a million dollars, but Devon reminded her that they had already tried that, and she had refused.

Fed up with Esmerelda's vapid personality and continual marriage hints, Devon broke up with her on the phone while she was in Belize. Hearing that Devon was now free, Lily suggested Devon seduce Hilary, then dump her. Devon refused, then had a daydream of seducing Hilary. Deciding to work if off, Devon broke a couple of toes working out when he dropped a weight on them. Devon and Lily were elated to hear that Hilary was moving out of the GCAC, but shocked when Neil showed up and asked her to move in with him.

At the family father's day celebration, Lily tried to shame Neil into dumping Hilary by telling him that his son Moses would be going to kindergarten this year, and other people would tease him because his father was living in sin with a younger woman. Neil decided she was right, and asked Hilary to marry him instead. Neil decided they would get married the next day. Cane told Devon, reminding him that this was his last chance or "forever hold your peace". So Devon met Hilary in the park and told her he thought she would be better with him and kissed her. Neil and Hilary were married in Chancellor park, and only Devon showed up to be his best man. Hilary hesitated her I do, looking into Devon's eyes, but went through with it. Devon wished them the best, and to be happy.

But Devon drank all night and cornered Hilary in the elevator the next day trying to tell her how much he loved her. Hilary told him to sober up and shut him down. Seeing him drunk at the new Dive Bar on the GCAC rooftop, Abby tried to tell Devon from her experience that he could not escape his woman and wealth problems with alcohol. After Abby left, Devon walked out on the roof ledge, and began throwing $100 bills below.

Marriage did not keep Lily from continually snarking at Hilary, in fact she even pushed Hilary into the GCAG pool. Neil shamed Lily in front of her kids and told her to grow up and get over it. Devon took Hilary to a room, told her to take a relaxing bath while housekeeping took care of her clothes. Devon bought her some clothes when Lily made Hilary's clothes "disappear". Devon and Hilary went to the laundry to look for her clothes, where he told her that he was leaving town for however long it would take to get over her. Hilary tried to talk him out of it until Devon kissed her, and passion overtook them as they started tearing at each others clothes. Cane spotted them and made a noise to interrupt them.

Neil was called away to Hong Kong, and asked Devon to take Hilary home. On the way, Devon stopped to discuss how Hilary could have feelings for him and still be married to his father. Hilary said that she had made her choice, to take her home, but Devon's car would not start and their cells were out of range. They began to argue, and ended up laughing at themselves and Hilary's unreasonable fear of cows. They sat on the side of the road listening to music while waiting for a car to pass by, reminiscing about their childhoods, the stars, and how Hilary had hoped to be a professional dancer. They began to dance, and ended up spending the night there before someone finally drove by and rescued them. Neil's trip had been canceled, and he happily welcomed them home.

Devon decided to move on by taking Lily's suggestion and arranged a fancy brunch date with fellow millionaire Abby Newman, shutting down the rooftop deck for a private party for only the two of them. Afterward, Abby started to cry when Devon brought up something that reminded her of Tyler. Devon admitted that there was a married woman that he was trying to get over as well, and swore Abby to secrecy.

Running into each other in the park, Devon and Hilary admitted that it was getting harder and harder to deny their feelings. Devon gave her an address of an out of the way bar and challenged Hilary to meet him there, or he was going to have to leave town. After a romantic lunch with Neil, Hilary showed up at the bar, and she and Devon declared their love. They acknowledged that Neil needed to be told, and Hilary offered to do it herself. But before Hilary could, she and Cane found Neil unconscious in the fixer-upper house he had bought for her. As the family waited in the E.R., Devon watched helplessly as Lily attacked Hilary, saying it was all her fault, that she had manipulated Neil into marrying her, tricked him into buying house, and was hurting him just as Lily knew she would. Cane broke them apart, trying to get Lily to stop her tirade. Hilary, feeling both hurt and guilty, told Lily she had no idea Neil had bought a house. Cane admitted that he had known about the house, and felt guilty that he had been there helping Neil with the electrical problem just prior to the accident. Dr. Barton reported that Neil had suffered severe electrical shock with superficial burns, but found no severe internal injury. Neil finally regained consciousness and requested only Hilary, further infuriating Lily. Hilary was shocked when Neil opened his eyes and discovered that he could not see. Neil was diagnosed with cortical visual impairment, and warned that it could be permanent. Neil requested to see Devon alone, then asked him to be his eyes and look after Hilary, confiding that she was not as tough as she liked people to think. Later, alone with Hilary, Devon hugged her, and tried to assure her that Neil would be fine, they would help Neil get through it, then afterward they could think about being together. Hilary slapped Devon and said, "There is no us, only Neil."

Neil refused the help of a therapist for the blind at the hospital, and went home, sure that it was only temporary. He became enraged when everyone tried to baby him, and that Lily had rearranged the furniture in an effort to help him avoid it. Sending Lily and Devon away, he was comforted by Hilary.

Hilary continued to fight her attraction to Devon, reminding him that Neil needed her. But their eyes locked, they kissed, and they burst into a guest room and made love. Later when Hilary arrived home, Neil asked her for a divorce, wanting to set her free. Hilary, feeling guilty, said no, never. Devon was upset to hear from Neil that Hilary had been given the chance for them to be together, but had turned it down.

While Hilary was in New York on business, Devon showed up at her hotel, and they had a fantasy night pretending they were other people meeting for the first time. The next morning, Cane accompanied Neil to surprise Hilary, walking into the hotel room to find Devon and Hilary in bed together. Luckily since Neil was blind, he was unaware. Cane helped Devon get out unnoticed, and told him that he was done lying to his family for him. Again Devon promised it would never happen again. In his haste to leave Devon dropped his phone in the room, and it rang with Neil recognizing the ring tone as Devon's, but Hilary claimed it was hers.

Colin Atkinson (Cane's father) saw Devon and Hilary kissing then entering a guestroom at GCAC. Colin later went to each of them inferring that he knew about their affair, wanting a payoff to keep quiet. Devon called his bluff until Colin told Neil that he and Devon had made a business deal he wanted to tell him all about, and walked away with an easy two million dollars.

After being pressured by Neil and Lily to meet Devon's "new love", Hilary convinced Gwen Randall, a Jabot accountant, to pose as his girlfriend for dinner at the club. But Neil and Lily became concerned that the couple didn't seem to know much about each other. Afterward, Devon was surprised that Gwen had assumed the reason for the ruse was that he was gay. After correcting her, Gwen let Devon know that she would like to date him.

After the family Christmas celebration, Hilary told Devon she felt too guilty, and they had to end their affair. Devon responded by giving Hilary an eternity band for when they can finally be together. Hilary became jealous seeing Devon and Gwen together on New Year's Eve. After Neil told Devon that he and Hilary were working on having a baby, Devon got it on with Gwen, making Hilary very jealous. Hilary confronted Devon about it, and explained that she was still on the pill, and he was the only man she wanted to have a baby with. Then she and Devon made plans to spend a few days together at a luxury hotel in Chicago. They returned home to a surprise from Neil, news that he was beginning to see light and shadows. Devon and Hilary celebrated, knowing that as soon as Neil regained his sight they would tell him about their love and be free to be together. But later Neil returned from the doctor dejected that he had been dropped from the clinical trial. Devon and Hilary went to Devon's suite to commiserate, and ended up in bed together.

When Colin needed funds for a down payment to help Jill and Cane buy back Chancellor, he blackmailed Devon again. And when Colin pushed Devon for more for the remainder, Devon called his bluff by investing it with Jill instead, and the contract was signed. Jill became CEO, with Cane next in command. Devon's funding stipulated that Colin was not allowed to be any part of the company.

On Valentines Day, Lily, Cane, Jill, Colin, and Devon were flying to Chicago on a private jet provided by a real estate mogul who wanted Chancellor to move to Chicago. Devon turned it into a family trip by inviting Neil and Hilary to come along. During the flight Neil got up and poured himself a drink, turned to see astonished eyes on him, and said, "Yes I know it is alcohol," proceeded to read the bottle to them, and downed it. "Yes, I can see. I can see everything," as he glared at Devon and Hilary. Neil told everyone that the first thing he had seen was his cheating wife in bed with his son Devon, that Cane and Colin had known about their affair, and that Colin had been blackmailing Devon over it. Devon pleaded with everyone that they were in love and did not want to hurt anyone. Lily was livid with Cane and slapped Devon. Moments later, the jet hit turbulence and crashed. Devon came-to among the ruins of the jet in the snow. Everyone had minor cuts and bruises, except the pilot had been killed, and Hilary was pinned under some wreckage. She experienced cardiac arrest, but Neil brought her back with CPR. With no cell signal, they waited to be found, Colin built a fire, sent up flares, and found blankets in the jet to keep them warm. By the next morning with Hilary's leg injury making her weaker, Devon was chosen to hike for help. But before he could leave, Neil was discovered missing, and the map was gone as well. Cane pleaded with Lily to forgive him. Lily felt that her life was ruined, they would either die or it would never be the same, saying, "You broke us." Though Devon said that everything was his fault, Lily responded that she would never forgive him or Cane. Not long afterward, a rescue helicopter that Neil had sent hovered above.

After Hilary's surgery, Devon hovered at her bedside while Hilary worried that Neil now hated them both. Devon said that it was inevitable, and suggested they leave town. Neil arrived, and Devon thanked him for saving everyone's life. Neil spat that if Lily hadnít been there, he would have let them all freeze to death, and let Hilary know that her things would be sent to Devon's. After Devon left the room, Hilary smirked at Neil that she had finally accomplished her revenge by alienating his family and sending Neil back to bottle. Devon overheard her saying that she had never loved Neil or Devon, broke in, and accused her of lying so he could salvage his relationship with his father. Hilary laughed and ridiculed them both.

Neil was drinking heavily, and both Lily and Devon tried to get him to stop. Neil told Devon he was no longer his son, and to go find Tucker, that he was just like him. After Neil was arrested for being responsible for the alcohol-related-death of Christine Williams' unborn child, Devon felt guilty and told the prosecutor about the circumstances which led to Neil's drinking. A.D.A Winston Mobley told Devon he would give no leniency and go for the maximum sentence. But Winston balked and called a recess when Hilary took the witness stand and identified herself as Neil's wife Hilary. Devon overheard Hilary telling someone on her phone that she was "doing this to help Neil." Winston returned to court and proposed a plea bargain. Neil pled guilty to homicide by negligent operation of a motor vehicle and battery to an unborn child, received two years probation and community service, mandatory AA attendance, with any violation getting him prison time. Devon confronted Hilary with using the A.D.A. to get Neil off. Hilary admitted that she did it for Neil and still loved Devon. Devon and Hilary resumed their relationship, and Devon asked Neil to accept that they were in love and going to be together. Neil spat that he wished them pain and unhappiness, reminding them that karma is a bitch.

Hilary received the divorce papers and signed them, insisting on delivering them to Neil herself. As he signed, Hilary sincerely apologized for all that had happened, but Neil was zoned out and fighting off thoughts of revenge. Devon and Hilary celebrated her freedom in bed, and Devon proposed, offering again the promise ring that he had given her secretly. They came downstairs and announced their impending marriage to a steaming Lily and Neil. Devon and Hilary were shocked when Lily suddenly decided to forgive them and welcome them back to the family a few weeks later. But even more so when they discovered it was due to her guilt over being unfaithful to Cane. Devon and Hilary began making wedding plans with Lily as their consultant. Colin threw Devon a bachelor party, drugged Devon's drink, and after Michael and Cane left, Devon took a sexy woman into his room. The next morning Devon woke up with her in his bed, Colin was still there, and assured Devon that he had been unfaithful to Hilary. Devon was crushed, wanting to start his marriage without any lies. There was no doubt Neil intended to use the video for revenge on the woman who had broken his heart, but he surprised everyone by interrupting their wedding, not to stop it, but to give his blessing.

Later during their honeymoon in Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean while Devon napped, Hilary went exploring on her own and disappeared. Devon was horrified when the island authorities began accusing him of murdering Hilary. Michael and Lily arrived, and took him back to Genoa City where Neil commiserated with open arms. When the authorities stopped searching, Devon hired search & rescue teams. But when the DNA found on a shoe of Hilary's matched hers, Paul arrested Devon for homicide and he was to be extradited back to Virgin Gorda. Nikki pulled some strings and got a judge to refuse to allow the police to act on the extradition.

Cane offered to go to Virgin Gorda to investigate, and Devon offered a million dollar reward. A man named Jimmy told Cane he had seen a woman picked up on a beach and carried off by man of Devon's description. Then Michael and Cane were jailed for obscuring this information from the police. Devon arrived, and after meeting him, Jimmy said it was not Devon, the man had been older and taller.

On a tip from Gwen, Devon found Neil at what had been Neil and Hilary's dream house. Neil said he was there working on it as a gift for Devon and Hilary. Kevin found Tom, the pilot, who after pressure from Dylan and Devon, admitted that he had flown Hilary back to Genoa City. Then Devon suddenly received a ransom note, and Colin was suspected of being behind it as just another way to get money out of Devon. Dylan made the drop, hid, and tackled the person in black who picked it up. They fought, but the person escaped with the money. After Lily found the ransom money in Cane's duffle bag in their closet, Cane was arrested. Cane protested claiming he had been framed. After Lauren discovered that Cane had made a deal with a notoriously bad supplier, costing Fenmore's millions, repaying Fenmore's appeared to be the motive. Lily bailed Cane out, but Cane was upset with Devon for not believing that he was innocent, after he had taken a leave of absence from his job to help him find his wife.

Cane reported that he had found Hilary traumatized in the park, and called for help. But when Cane turned his back she wandered off appearing confused or drugged. Devon did not believe she was ever there. Emma later found Hilary in a room at Memorial with IV marks, and apparently had been drugged. Hilary asked for "her husband, Neil". With no memory of her fall and the honeymoon, Hilary declared that her marriage to Devon was not possible. She did not believe anyone when they told her she had been divorced from Neil after being caught in bed with Devon. Devon was devastated that the woman he loved would not have anything to do with him, while Neil sat at her bedside trying to console her.

Tests showed that Hilary had been in a coma, and a Dr. Neville had used a dangerous drug cocktail to bring her out of it. Shortly after Hilary checked herself out of the hospital, Neil confessed that he had been the one she had been arguing with on the cliff, she had fallen, and Neil had found and revived her. Neil claimed that it had not been his fault, but he had brought her to Genoa City and taken care of her hoping she would recover and tell everyone. Hilary was resentful. Gwen let her know that she and Neil had broken up due to his devotion to Hilary, and she had made him tell Devon the truth. Devon took Neil to the police station, but had second thoughts about making him confess because Hilary begged him not to. Resuming the drugs with Dr. Neville, Hilary began to remember everything except her love for Devon. She tried to return her rings to Devon, but he told her to donate them.

Needing money for his research, Dr. Neville tried to blackmail Neil, but he refused. Instead, Devon gave Neville a check to start the business. Ashley approached Neville about becoming a business partner as a research chemist and convinced Jack to let them lease the Jabot lab. Gwen was hired by Devon to take care of finances, and he put Neil in charge of the project, writing the checks, protecting Devon's investment, and handling the media and FDA. Hilary joined as their spokesperson.

Neil had been working with Devon and Nikki trying to shut down Hilary and make her go back to Devon. But Neil broke Devon's heart again when Devon walked in and caught them making love. Devon confronted Neil, accusing him of finally getting his revenge.

Devon gave Neil divorce papers for Hilary to sign. Neil told her that he would never love her again, that she needed to face the past, get past the guilt, and realize she still loved Devon. Hilary did not sign the papers and told Devon that her memory had returned, and convinced him to give her another chance. Neil began skulking around jealously watching them, becoming abrasive to everyone, and started drinking again.

Neil called a news conference to prematurely announce the research project and fell during it in his drunkenness, so Devon fired him. Neil protested that Devon had everything of his now. Then told Devon to go to hell. Hilary took over the microphone and explained that the project was still in the research stage, but that it had saved her life. She urged the media to help encourage the FDA and medical professionals to get behind the project. But when Hilary somehow walked into Ashley's position with her blessing, Neil told Devon to keep an eye on Hilary, that she was up to her old manipulations again.

Jack and Neil formed the AbbottWinters Foundation and held a fund-Raiser to support recovery centers across the country, and to provide worldwide support for disasters. Jack offered Ashley a board seat, but Hilary jealously wanted one too. Ambitious Hilary got Devon to write a check for a million dollars and challenged Ashley to match it. Hilary also insisted that Devon fund the Turner ward in honor of her mother. Hilary exposed her true self to Devon, saying how she may end up running whole thing, the whole town. Devon saw the ambitious and vicious Hilary emerging again and asked Neil not to offer his wife the board seat.

Hilary left Devon, telling Lily and Cane that she was divorcing him and taking half his fortune. But when Devon found out that Hilary was in the hospital and Dr. Neville was going to try a new protocol to save her again, Devon was there at her bedside reassuring her that she would be fine and they would reunite.

Hilary claimed to be feeling sick, while Dr. Neville was reveling in her recovery. Hilary made it downstairs and fainted into Devon's arms, saying that something was very wrong. Tests proved that Neville's celebrating and reports to the FDA were premature. Hilary accused him of trying to kill her, with Devon lovingly at her side. Dr. Shelby took over Hilary's case, and she was stabilized and released, agreeing to go home with Devon. Neville confessed to the FDA and got Ashley exonerated, the Protocol lab was shut down, and Ashley said goodbye to Neville, who left town. As the drug trial patients began suing, Hilary talked Devon into just paying off the victims rather than escalate the scandal.

Hilary became the host of GC Buzz TV, and despite the fact that their intent in buying the gossip rag was to change its image, Hilary became just as nasty as the former owner/host. She treated her new go-for, Mariah Copeland, like her own personal slave. Devon encouraged Mariah not to quit, paying her to keep tabs on his wife. When it came to light that Sharon's baby Sully was actually Nick and Sage's child Christian due to a baby swap, Hilary was suddenly nice to Mariah trying to get Mariah to reveal the full story. Instead, Sharon came forward and did an interview that soared the gossip show's ratings, after which she was arrested on camera for kidnapping. Mariah encouraged Sharon's husband Dylan to be interviewed to help Sharon, but Hilary edited it to reflect badly on Sharon instead. When Devon found out, and Hilary refused to change her tactics, Devon fired her.

In Hilary's place, Mariah hosted a live show featuring Chloe and Chelsea talking about Chelsea 2.0. All went well until Mariah modeled one of their designs in 6" heels, tripped and fell on her face. Mariah shook it off and rebounded, but was suspicious to see Hilary heckling in the background. The incident went viral by morning, but by the end of the day Mariah had a fan page who loved her as the new host. Hilary talked Devon into letting her return as host, with Mariah as segment producer with a generous raise. But Mariah got her revenge at the AbbottWinters Foundation New Years Eve benefit, inserting a confession into Hilary's teleprompter that Hilary had pulled a wire crossing the floor causing Mariah to trip. Devon called Hilary pure evil, accusing her of manipulating him and taking advantage of his love for her, saying how stupid he had been to keep forgiving and staying with her. Devon left furious in the new $300,000 sports car he had just bought at the benefit auction. He crashed it going over 140 mph, causing a serious concussion and internal organ damage. His heart stopped and was brought back by defibrillation. Devon later awoke, not remembering the gala or the accident. Dr. Ben told everyone not to upset Devon by telling him what had caused it. Hilary took Devon home to their condo, waiting on him hand and foot. Devon surprised her, telling her he had decided it was time to start a family. Mariah apologized to him for anything she had done to cause the accident, not realizing that he did not recall the cause. Devon remembered the incident and kicked Hilary out, promising her a divorce. Because Hilary had a contract, she and Mariah became co-hosts of GC Buzz TV, and it really worked. As a test, Devon handed Hilary a 250 million dollar check as a settlement, but she tore it up. It wasn't long before Devon and Hilary reunited. But as time went by they realized they needed to divorce. Hilary agreed to take only GC Buzz as her settlement. Devon began dating Mariah, and made Hilary agree not to retaliate against her. The ink was not even dry before Hilary had sex in her office with photographer Jordan Wilde. But instead Hilary marginalized Mariah's role on the show. Things got heated, and Devon wanted to make love, but Mariah felt it was too soon, that Hilary would still be in bed with them. Devon mentioned to Mariah that he might get back into the music production business, and filled her in on his musical past.

Devon approached Neil about starting a company together, and he agreed. They drew up papers to form the Hamilton-Winters group with Devon focusing on the music industry, artist management, a record label, and streaming service. While Neil would be exploring companies to invest in or acquire. Devon proposed the each own fifty percent, but Neil balked, saying he was investing nothing but experience, accusing Devon of doing it out of guilt. Devon told that he owed Neil for everything in his life, from his adoption to even finding out Katherine was his grandmother, and Neil agreed to the terms. The partnership's mission statement: To discover and empower new talent, with special focus on businesses founded by women and minorities to develop into huge successes.

Devon told Mariah how grateful he was for her honesty, with no hidden agendas she was a breath of fresh air. He took Mariah on a sightseeing date above Genoa City on his private jet, and afterward they made love at his penthouse beginning on the stairway to the bedroom. The next morning when Mariah was late for work, Devon told her to wear something Hilary had left behind and she did.

Mergeron Industries suddenly came up for sale, the company Dina Mergeron had run for 30 years since her husband's death. The news created some bad reminders for Ashley and Jack of how she, their mother, had abandoned them as children. Victor took notice, as did the newly formed Hamilton-Winters group, primarily for Mergeron's ownership of the largest music streaming service in Europe. Devon and Neil flew to Paris, and they met on Devon's private jet. Dina balked at them being too new, and this their first acquisition. Attempting to convince her, Devon-mentioned that he was Katherine Chancellor's grandson and had inherited her wealth when she had died in 2013. Devon himself had nearly died recently, and declared that his new mission was to make Katherine's money matter. They asked why Dina was selling, she replied that it was the right time. It wasn't long before Dina agreed to the sale, then sent a contract making demands, including a seat on the Mergeron board and consultant status. Devon became impressed with singer Tessa Porter, and signed her to a recording contract. He took Mariah to San Francisco for a music festival with back stage passes and all the perks. He included Tessa and her boyfriend Noah and they had a great time together. Mariah declared to Devon that she loved him, although Devon did not reciprocate at the time. Tessa cut her first single and was booked as an opening act for a Midwest tour. Devon was elated when Nick Newman publicly announced he was donating his entire two and a half billion dollar trust fund to the Abbott-Winters foundation, part of it earmarked for orphanages.

Neil was proud of his new acquisition, Power Communications, a PR firm that needed a new president. Neil admitted how bored he was with acquisitions, and Devon urged him to take the job. Chelsea suggested a new hip look and began choosing a new wardrobe. After Victor fired his entire PR staff, Neil suggested they outsource their PR to Power Communications, and personally took charge. Per Charlieís request, Devon gave him an internship learning the music side of the Hamilton-Winters Group.

Mariah rather suddenly broke up with Devon, letting him know that he was the most awesome boyfriend, but she thought they would make better friends. Impressed with the changes in Hilary, Devon teamed up with her for a Christmas Hilary Hour where they read letters to Santa and he granted their wishes. One letter from a poor child who wanted only things for her mother and signed Annie brought Hilary to tears. An accompanying note from a former teacher said she had sent the letter to its writer, Hilary to remind her of her humble unselfish beginnings.

Hilary surprised Devon by confiding that what she really wanted in life was to have a child. She also told Devon that a media mogul wanted to buy GCBuzz, and Devon said that with her new show direction he was interested. So Hilary sold the show to Devon.

Devon had be break it to Tessa that she was not making them any money, and she needed another hit. Devon was very pleased with her new song and recorded it. Devon arranged for her to debut it on the Hilary Hour. In the middle of her song, Mariah attacked Tessa on air, calling her a thieving bitch, saying those were her words not Tessaís, and they had come from her stolen journal. Devon had to drop the song when legal feared a lawsuit and Tessa was dropped from the label. With no paycheck and owing them money, Tessa begged for a job as Devonís assistant. Now that Devon owned GCBuzz, Tessa and Mariah had to work together. So Devon arranged for Mariah and Tessa to sit down and talk out their feelings, and they became friends again, maybe even song-writing partners. Hilary began taking fertility drugs for sperm donation, which affected her personality, making her bitchier than ever.

Devon discovered a recording of Juliet admitting to Hilary that she and Cane had sex. He gave it to Lily. Lily called Hilary vicious and self-serving, and assured her that she would never have contact with Caneís son Sam again. Hilary begged Devon to try again, but he shut her down - not interested - accusing her of still wanting to see people suffer, how disgusted he was with her, that she will never change. Hoping it would help, Hilary gave a long emotional on-air apology to anyone that she had ever hurt. Devon gave her a warning, that he was in violation of her contract by being self-serving and manipulative, and quit speaking to her. He purposely let her realize that his heart was now with Simone, one of his singers. After their next conflict, Hilary quit the show, but Devon reminded her that he bought it including her as an investment, so she would need to repay him. Hilary decided to win Devon back, or to talk him into being the father of her baby. Devon realized what she was up to, and let her know that neither was going to happen. But the more Devon thought about the idea, he decided he liked it, and agreed to be Hilaryís sperm donor so long as he could be a part of raising the child. But he dashed Hilaryís delight by telling her they were not getting back together.

Mariah successfully pulled off a show on her own when Hilary didnít show up, causing Devon to realize that Hilary was dispensable. He accepted Hilaryís resignation. Hilary left in tears, sobbing that the show was her life. Both of them softened their attitude against Hilary when they discovered Shauna Nelson, a high school girl who Hilary had been secretly mentoring for an after school program. Her no-show was caused by Shaunaís brother Clayton who OD'd, and Hilary went to be with Shauna at the hospital. Hilary also paid for his rehab. Hilary told Devon how she could have used a mentor herself growing up to overcome her background and dream big. Hilary was not fired, and Mariah was given the chance to handle all the music segments. Devon saw the changes in Hilary and agreed to be her sperm donor so long as he could be a part of raising the child. But he dashed Hilaryís delight by telling her they were not getting back together and had a legal contract drawn up covering the pregnancy and any child conceived.

Lily quit working at Newman and ran an idea by Devon to start her own modeling agency. Devon approved and made it part of Hamilton-Winters. Lily asked Simone to model for her company.

After Lily locked Hilary in her office causing her to miss the appointment for Devonís sperm implant, Devon and Hilary decided to conceive the old fashioned way. They had a falling out again, leaving Devon hoping he hadnít gotten her pregnant. But of course Hilary turned up pregnant.

When Neil returned to town after an extended emergency spent with Sophia and their son Moses, he was upset that he had not been kept in the loop about Lilyís new modeling agency and Hilary becoming more a part of the company after selling GC Buzz to Devon, nor Devonís agreement to help Hilary have his baby.

Hilary found out she'd had a false pregnancy, decided she would not tell Devon and quickly get inseminated instead, but Devon caught her. She explained that it had been emotionally too hard to admit. Devon understood and told her to go ahead. It didnít take long before Hilary was pregnant. Chelseaís penthouse went up for sale, and Hilary jumped at the chance to live across the hall from Devon. But Neil had the winning bid. So Devon asked her to move into his guest room instead. Shawna, the girl Hilary had been mentoring, ran away from her auntís where she had been living since her family moved to California to concentrate on her brotherís addiction. Unable to get Hilaryís attention for help, she began hiding out in Charlieís room. When Cane and Lily found out they offered to let Shawna stay and room with Mattie, who was fine with it. But when Hilary found out she insisted Shawna share the guest room. Although it was awkward at first, it wasnít long before Devon fell back in love and asked Hilary to move into his room. They took a romantic trip to St. Croix to celebrate getting back together.

Hilary allowed Charlie and Shauna to use her place to have sex, Lily found out, stopped them, and Shawna ran away. Hilary called Lily a prude. Lily drove as Charlie and Hilary looked for Shawna, while Lily and Hilary argued. Lily ran a red light, and was hit broadside by another car. Lily and Hilary were taken away by ambulance. Lily had no serious injuries, but Hilary was in critical condition with Dr. West trying to save both Hilary and her baby. Dr. Nate took over despite Hilary refusing, calling him egotistical and rude. The baby didnít make it, and Hilary had suffered a ruptured liver and aortic tear. Hilary thanked Nate for saving her life and told Mariah to do the show and inform the viewers of the accident. Tears welled in Mariah's eyes as she described Hilary on air to be incredibly warm, generous, and loyal. Nate told Devon to prepare himself, that Hilary had a disseminated vascular coagulation, which had resulted from blood loss and probably wouldn't make it. Devon, devastated, stifled tears as he watched Hilary sleep. Devon told Lily, and she and Hilary made amends. Devon proposed, gave Hilary a fabulous ring, and planned a wedding at the hospital. Phyllis threatened Devon to tell Hilary she was dying or Phyllis would. Devon refused, wanting her to die happy. Phyllis was her maid of honor, and Neil best man. Phyllis vowed to find Hilary the perfect dress. Charlie convinced Shawna to see Hilary and she asked forgiveness, but Hilary instead asked her to be a bridesmaid because she was like a daughter to her. Hilary got Phyllis to tell her the truth but not to tell Devon that she knew. Hilary and Devon were married. Later they cuddled in her hospital bed and spoke of future children and fights and making up. Hilary admitted that she knew she was dying, but she appreciated that he gave her a day of happiness. They reminisced about him making 7-layer bars and her being afraid of cows. Hilary made Devon promise to have a celebration where everyone would wear hats, and that he would find someone else to love and have children with. Then she died in his arms.

After Hilaryís funeral, a reception was held at Devonís condo. Devon was thankful for her stubbornness, and how she never gave up on him, saying she was a passionate person, their baby being her latest passion. Jack spoke as her friend and sponsor of her show, Neil, then Shawna spoke, with Shawna calling her a fairy godmother. Phyliss read pages written by Hillary. Hilary told Shawna to be strong but not silent, saying she knew Devon would take care of her. Hilary told Mariah to believe in herself and upgrade her wardrobe, and to take the show to new heights, and how happy she was that Mariah had finally found someone. Hilary thanked Jack for teaching her to put love first. To all the singles, with an exe they still had a thing for, donít let it get away, be headstrong like she was. Hilary wrote that Devon had given her a wonderful life, and tried to make everything perfect. How she would be furious if all he did was look back, to take some time, then launch himself into the biggest and best life possible, to always picture her at peace holding their baby in her arms.

Mark, the man recently seen with Hilary looking guilty, told Devon and Mariah that he'd been recruiting Hilary for a national morning talk show in New York. Mariah commented that it would have been Hilary's dream job.†But she had given Mark a forever "no" because she'd be an idiot to walk away from the best job offer she'd ever had -- raising a child with Devon. Devon snapped at Nate, that he should have done more to save her, gotten a specialist. Neil said that Nate had given them more time to plan, which not many got.

Shauna attacked Lily, saying, ďDonít pretend you cared. Her death was your fault for running the red light.Ē Unaware what she had done, Lily was shocked with disbelief. Charlie verified that it was true. Devon spat that he would never forgive Lily. Cane admitted he had made Shawna keep the secret. Later Shauna tried to leave the condo, but Devon asked her to stay, and her parents were okay with her staying. Devon urged Lily to confess to the police or he would for her. Devon would not forgive Lily, in fact fired her, but Neil wouldnít let him. Knowing that her confession could get her up to 20 years in prison, Lily confessed to Paul. While Devon was finding baby things sent by fans with gushing notes about how much they loved and admired Hilary, Cane bought 5 tickets to Australia and was preparing to run. Lily found out and put an end to it.

Devon was insistent on giving a statement at her trial to condemn Lily to make her pay for the death of Hilary and their baby. Neil, Abby and Nate tried to talk him out of it, reminding him that Lilyís children would suffer. Devon gave his statement, asking for the maximum penalty, reminding them that Lily always hated Hilary, and had plotted before to get her out of his life. At sentencing, Devon recanted his statement and asked for lenience, Shawna asked as well. Lily was sentenced to two years with her driverís license suspended, a fifty thousand dollar fine, and twelve months in Walworth state prison. Lily went to prison, and spent her first days sobbing constantly. Meanwhile Devon surprised Shawna by remembering her 18th birthday. Devon threw her a party, and gave her a four-year college scholarship, all expenses paid, to anywhere she wanted to attend. But Shawna moved to Colorado to join her family when she became afraid of all the strange friends Devon became involved with, the wild parties with drugs, as he attempted to get over the death of Hilary.

When Devon failed to show up for the family Thanksgiving celebration, Neil and Nate realized that Devon was spiraling out of control. Neil enlisted the help of Devonís half-sister Ana who had given up her singing career and had a degree in arts administration. Devon asked her to move into his condo and gave her a job as his assistant at LP Streaming. Ana was a whiz, and became an invaluable trusted employee. She took an interest in singer Fen Baldwin, and used Devonís facilities to make a demo with him. After some fallout over that, Devon had to admit that Fen was good, and the song was even better. Hoping to sign the songwriter as well as Fen, Ana gave Devon the run-around about ďthe guyĒ. Devon finally found out that the songwriter was Ana herself. But she refused to sign a contract and insisted on being paid only for the song, not royalties, citing some debts from college that needed to be paid. Devon set up a showcase for Fen, but when Fen failed to show up, Ana performed instead and wowed the crowd. She still refused to return to her singing career, inferring that she had fallen for a guy who had burned her emotionally and financially. Fen begged for another chance, but Devon refused until Summer came to him and explained that Fen had been comforting her, and it was her fault that he missed the show. Devon relented and sent Fen on the road as an opening act to get some life lessons. Nate and Ana talked to Devon who was having panic attacks and got him to see a therapist, Dr. Charles, who helped Devon learn to cope with the loss. Devon encouraged Ana to write more songs, she did, and Devon accepted them. But Ana needed the payment immediately again. Devon made sure the money was transferred to her bank, and also had her credit checked. Devon told Ana that her credit was fine, and asked what was really going on. Ana got upset that he was digging into her life, and refused to explain, so Devon followed her to a hotel room where he met former R&B singer, Jett Slade, Anaís father, whom Yolanda had helped her find. Jett was ill, and Ana was financing his medical treatment.

Abby Newman came to Devon with a proposal to create a restaurant in a building she had just purchased. Devon looked into it and took it on. Abby and Devon convinced Lola, the talented young owner of a Cuban food truck to be their head chef. But Lola was attacked and fell into the Abbott pool in winter. Kyle saved her but she went into a coma and needed a liver transplant. Devon wanted to find another chef, but Abby talked him into waiting now that a donor had been found. After Lola received a transplant from Summer Newman, Abby went to her, encouraging her to recuperate fast, and get the ball rolling on the new restaurant named Society.

Devon convinced Ana, then Jett and his caretaker niece Elena Dawson, to move into Devonís penthouse and let Devon pay for his medical treatment. Devon pointed out that Jettís last album was 10 years ago, and perhaps he could be cured and even get his music career back on track. Devon got Elena to open up, telling him that she was born and raised in Milwaukee, was actually a doctor who had given up her residency because she didnít get along with chief resident, and that Jettís disability paid her salary as his caretaker while she worked on paying her college debt. Devon and Elena began spending time together, enjoying each otherís company. Elena told Devon about her mother Monica, (Jettís sister), during the time she was a resident working crazy hours. Her mother had been epileptic, and it was Elenaís job to make sure Monica took her pills, but when Elena wasnít there, Monica fell, hit her head, had a seizure and died. Elena still felt guilty, not being there and so caught up in her career. Devon began seeing a lot of Hilary in her. One night Elena found Devon crying in his sleep on the couch. Elena woke him, and he kissed her, but Devon apologized the next day.

On April 23, 2019, Lily was released from prison, and Neil was there to welcome her. They traveled to Genoa City to attend the grand opening of Society. Devon gave Elena her choice of Hilaryís unworn gowns to wear. Neil felt exhausted and laid down for a nap upstairs at Devonís penthouse, promising to meet them there later. When Neil failed to show up, Devon went home to check on him. Devon came down his stairway in tears, having discovered that Neil had died of a stroke in his sleep. Everyone in Genoa City whose life Neil had touched was saddened and shocked by the news of the death of their friend. Lily blamed herself for being a constant worry to Neil, having even moved to be near her, and visited her all the time. She said that she had killed Hilary, and now she had killed her father. Devon shared how his life had become a series of goodbyes; to Dru, Katherine, Hilary, their unborn child, and now Neil. Lilyís biological father Malcolm arrived, saying he and Neil had loved each other as much as they had fought. Ashley and Jack Abbott called a truce to their feud in memory of Neil.

Family and friends gathered for Neilís funeral in tears, where Ana sang ďAmazing GraceĒ. They shared remembrances and stories of how Neil had touched their lives and made them better. Neilís former wife Sofia was there with their young son Moses. Lily tried to speak but got choked up. Malcolm took over, and off the cuff, gave a touching eulogy about how Neil was always dogging him, trying to make him a better man. Olivia was unable to attend, but through her son Nate sent a message that Neil was with Dru again, united forever. Everyone then gathered at Devonís penthouse to celebrate Neilís life, reminiscing, honoring, and playing his favorite jazz. Malcolm took a group photo, and ended it with a toast; ďto Neil Ellis Winters, music lover, businessman, philanthropist, humanitarian, best friend, father, grandfather, best brother you could ask for.Ē

Lily and Cane split up and eventually divorced, and Lily returned to Lakewood to continue teaching at the correctional center as an employee. Neilís will was read a month later by Michael Baldwin. Neil wrote that Cane had hurt Lily but also gave her a lot of happiness and him two grandchildren, so forgave him. Malcolm was left the family photo albums, and Olivia a $100,000 donation to Doctors Without Borders and a sculpture. Ana was left Neilís vinyl record collection. Moses was left a trust fund, a college fund, and a stipend for Sofia. Devon was willed Neilís half of Hamilton Winters, making him Chairman with stipulations; that Nate would have a board seat and be given a monthly stipend and Neilís penthouse, and that Devon would do random acts of kindness, giving others a leg up as Kay had done for him. Devon accepted the stipulations, and Devon made Ana co-head of LP Streaming to lighten his load. Lily was willed Neilís entire financial assets, trust funds for Charlie and Mattie, Neilís hope that they would in the future run Hamilton Winters together, and a copy of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, telling Lily to ďgo find your happily ever after.Ē Devon held a dedication ceremony of the Society stage to Neil with a large plaque A year later a Neil Tribute Day was held featuring a memorial walk of displays in all of Neil's favorite places with music, shared recipes, video displays, etc. Devon launched a new jazz label, Winters Mood, which benefits Abbott Winters treatment centers.

Cane finally gave in and signed the divorce papers and Lily returned to Lakewood. Elena was there to comfort Devon in his mourning. Left alone after Ana went on the road with Jettís comeback tour, Elena prepared to move out. But Devon let her know how much he wanted her there with him, and he and Elena made love. But Elena became furious with Devon when she discovered that he had paid off her college loans. But they talked it out and came to an understanding, and Devon convinced her to stay. Elena got an EMT position at Memorial, not wanting to dive back in to interning again.

Elena confronted Devon after discovering that he was still having panic attacks, not taking his medication, and believing that Hilary just wouldnít let go. Nate, Ana, and Elena intervened pointing out that Devon was still watching videos of her show to keep her alive, her clothes, photos and perfume were all still there. Devon finally gave in and got rid of everything except a few photos and his favorite video. In time he asked Elena to move into his bedroom, and officially be ďliving togetherĒ. Elena, with support from Nate and Devon, took an opportunity to become a general surgery resident at Genoa City Memorial.

Mariah quit her job at GC Buzz. Devon surprised her by suggesting she run Power Communications instead, mentioning how good she was at PR, image building, and branding like she was doing for Tessa. Mariah was shocked that he would put in such a high position, but jumped at the chance. She began working with Ana creating a video of Tessaís newest song casually singing in public places or her fire escape, and partnering with Jabot Collective wearing their clothes and using their social media influencers. Devon was not impressed with the quality, but it did get over a million plays. Devon considered hiring Theo Vanderway to be Anaís boss, saying she needed more training. Ana was insulted and resentful, noting that a social media influencer did not have more qualifications that she did. She left to spend some time on the road with Jett. Mariah came up with an idea for Lola to make a cooking video. Lola was very subconscious until Kyle stood behind Mariah and put Lola at ease. Devon was impressed how well it was received and asked for more. Nick came to Devon and asked him to partner in his latest venture New Hope, and he agreed.

Devon was suddenly notified of discrepancies in Katherineís will. Attorney Amanda Sinclair arrived in town, shocking Devon and everyone she met by looking identical to Hilary. Amanda claimed that Chance Chancellor had hired her after he discovered that Devonís father Tucker McCall had paid Katherineís attorney David Sherman to alter 2 pages of her will to leave the bulk of her estate to Devon instead of Cane Ashby. Cane denied any knowledge of it, Chance was working undercover and could not be reached, nor could Tucker who had abandoned his business and was on a retreat. Once the original pages were authenticated, and even though the statute of limitations to contest the will had run out, Devon felt obligated to give Cane the two billion, 475 million dollars he had inherited. Devon kept his companies and assets the money had allowed him to secure. Then Chance showed up in town saying he knew nothing about the claim, and had not hired Amanda. Chance exposed that it had all been a scam by Caneís conman father Colin Atkinson, who had already stolen the money out of Caneís bank account and was hiding out on the island of Kuredu, The Maldives. While Chance and the Feds waited on extradition, Colin managed to escape the authorities there, and called Chance to taunt him. Devon couldnít believe he had been totally scammed, and all eyes turned to Cane, accusing him of being in on the scam. Cane assured them he was not, and vowed to track down his father Colin, bring him to justice, and clear his own name.

Devon started getting frantic phone calls from board members of Tuckerís company claiming that employees were siphoning profits from the company. He felt obligated to help however he could. Meanwhile Devon was having a hard time dealing with Amanda, who had decided to live in Genoa City. Both Nate and Elena had made peace with her, and they wanted Devon to do the same. But Victor suddenly brought Devon the results of his investigation of Amanda which implicated her in Colinís scheme.

Mattie and Charlie visited Cane in Europe for the 2019 holidays. Devon visited Lily for Christmas, since Elena was working. Lily announced that she had begun dating again.

Devon had to close down under performing Power Communications, regretfully leaving Mariah without a job. Devon hooked her up with an entrepreneur who offered her a job in Chicago, but she declined. Devon received an anonymous text of numbers which Kevin traced to an offshore account containing two billion, 475 million dollars in Devonís name. Another text to Devon said, ďMoney can make a person crazy, apologies mate.Ē Devon was shocked but relieved. Chance explained that Colin had used it to launder other money, and had used Chancellor to funnel money through as well. Chance located Colin in Switzerland, set him up, and Colin was captured. Last we heard, Colin was awaiting extradition.

Elena proposed creating a low-cost clinic for New Hope residents and anyone needing low cost medical care. Devon thought it was a great idea. They convinced Nate to oversee medical protocol for people in recovery, and Nate and Elena would work there part time. Devon, Nate, and Elena went to check out a location they had in mind for the clinic, when a teenager named Jered came in with a deep cut he had received by being shoved against a security gate by two guys who had looted his grandfatherís store where Jered worked. Nate and Elena tended to his wounds, and they gave him supplies for him and his grandfather. The next day, Devon bought the rundown building. Jared returned, upset that his grandfather had passed out. They got the old man to the hospital, but he later died. When the trio tried to comfort Jered, he ran off. Later Jered fought with their landlord, and ended up in jail. Amanda got the charges dropped. Jered had been a foster kid until he found his grandfather, who had agreed to take him in. Amanda shared that she too had grown up in foster care and got him to open up. Jered told how his grandfather had been a domino master, that his shop was rented, and he didnít know how he could possibly keep it. They gave him a job working at the clinic. Seeing this new side of Amanda, Devon decided to forgive and befriend her. They asked her to give legal assistance at New Hope, and she agreed to do it pro-bono.

Devon and Elena fell in love and she moved into Devonís penthouse. But after Elena confessed that she and Nate had sex after a crazy emotional day at the clinic, Devon asked her to leave.

Nate suggested Amanda get a DNA test to find out if she and Hilary might have been related. Devon found some of Hilaryís hair clips, and the test showed that they had been born twins. They hired a detective who discovered their mother, Naya Benedict, and Amanda showed up at her door. Naya denied knowing anything about Amanda or Hilary and sent her away. Later Nayaís daughter Imani tracked Amanda down and threatened her. It turned out that Nayaís father Sutton Ames had been a rich politician who refused to endure the scandal of his daughter being pregnant by a poor boy. Naya was sent away, delivered the twins, and they were taken from her. Hilary had been adopted, but Amanda had been abandoned at a fire station. Their father Richard Nealon had died in a car crash. Naya went back to college and married well. Devonís detective later discovered evidence that Sutton had arranged Richardís death, and thanks to Victor Newman he was convicted. Amanda and Imani opened a law firm together.

Abby and Chance were married by Devon who got an online ordination so he could officiate. Months later when they were unable to conceive, they asked Mariah to be their surrogate and Devon offered to donate the needed sperm to Abby. Chance was away on a secret mission for months. Mariah was kidnapped and locked in a room during the final month of the pregnancy with no one but the unborn baby, who she had been calling Bowie. Devonís detective friend Denise discovered that Stitch the kidnapper had rented a house 2 months prior. Abby arrived to find Mariah in labor, Devon shortly afterward, and Rey left them to pursue Stitch. Abby and Devon delivered the baby boy with the online help of Nate. Abby named the baby Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor and a christening was held with Mariah and Devon as god parents.

During their shared experiences, Devon had fallen in love with Amanda and eventually asked her to move in with him. Abby received devastating news that Chance had been killed in a bombing raid, but she refused to believe it. Abby left Dominic in Devonís care, then went to Spain, located Chance, and brought him home alive. With the family reunited, Devon realized how much he missed Dominic. He discussed it with Amanda and asked to have Dominic on weekends. Abby was upset and refused his request. Devon decided to petition the court to amend their contract to allow him to have joint custody of Dominic. Chance then admitted that he was not ready to be a father and talked Abby into agreeing to the joint custody situation. Devon requested and they agreed that Winters be added to Dominic's name in honor of Neil.

Dominic suddenly started acting lethargic, and tests showed he had a rare blood disorder which could lead to complete bone marrow failure. Abby's marrow was only a half match, but Devon's was a full match. After a bone marrow transplant, Dominic was confirmed to be doing fine and should make a full recovery. But they needed to take all care to avoid any infection. Chance offered to fund setting up transports and visits to Devon.

Jill suggested a merger between Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters. Devon initially refused Lily, but Jill helped convince Devon to do it. Lilly proposed that Chancellor-Winters become two-fold with the Hamilton-Winters division focusing on entertainment and media and Chancellor on merchandise, hospitality, commercial real estate such as concert venues and hotels. Devon and Lily would still in charge of their divisions. Devon asked Nate to be his COO. Devon made Nate his COO and renamed LP Streaming to Hamilton Streaming to honor his mother. Jill arrived in town to attend the launch party. Devon had Nate give a speech but warned him to just give an overview, not to tell any details of their plans. Not liking their strategy, Nate wanted to give details. So with Imaniís urging Nate plunged ahead and told of their podcast plans. Devon did not approve, but Lily and Billy agreed that it piqued the interest of their audience and made them hungry for more. Nate continued to overstep, and Devon got more and more upset with him.

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