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Mariah Copeland
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Actor History
January 9, 2014 to May 5, 2014, recurring; May 6, 2014 to Present, contract

Born January 8, 1991

On their birthday in 2020 it was mentioned that Cassie died 15 years ago at age 14, which would make Mariah 30 years old


Marketing head at Jabot Cosmetics

Former head of Power Communications

Former GC Buzz TV host

Former TV co-host of The Hilary Hour

Former GC Buzz TV segment producer

Former go-for at GC Buzz TV, spied on Hilary for Devon

Formerly worked for Chelsea 2.0

Former bartender at The Underground

Worked a con for Victor Newman

Former waitress

Former con artist


Apartment #2 above Crimson Lights Coffee Shop with Tessa

Marital Status

Married to Tessa Porter [Married: May 13, 2022] (Aired May 17,18)

Past Marriages

Ian Ward (Invalid)


Sharon Collins (birth mother)

Frank Barritt (biological father; deceased)

Helen Copeland (was told she was her mother)

Ian Ward (raised her as her father)

Doris Collins (grandmother)

Cassidy Ann Newman (twin sister; deceased)

Noah Newman (half-brother, son of Sharon and Nick)

Faith Cassidy Newman (half-sister, daughter of Sharon and Nick)


Gave birth to Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor by surrogate Aug 30, 2021 (godson)

Flings & Affairs

Tyler Michaelson (lovers, engagement broken)

The boss of Tyler Michaelson in Portland (one night stand)

Kevin Fisher (one night)

Devon Hamilton (lovers 2017)

Tessa Porter (first kissed 2017, couple 2018-2022; engaged)

Crimes Committed

Charged in Portland with burglary, breaking and entering – charges dropped

Paid to gaslight Sharon Newman – charges were never filed

Kidnapped Alice Johnson [2017]

Brief Character History

Mariah grew up with her mother off and on, living in a dump in the Hawthorne District in Portland. Her mother, Helen, was an on-again, off-again, follower of the self-help organization known as The Path, which was run by Ian Ward. Tyler Michaelson referred to her mother as a nut job who was rarely around, and had been told that her father had abandoned them. Mariah said that Ian had been the closest thing to a family she ever had. Growing up in poverty, Mariah learned the only way out was to steal, and got in a lot of trouble.

During 2012, Mariah was engaged to Tyler Michaelson, and they were living in Los Angeles. But when Mariah cheated on Tyler, he broke off their engagement and moved to Genoa City where his sister Leslie had her law practice. Mariah continued to call and call, wanting Tyler to forgive her and reunite.

By 2013, after Tyler had blocked Mariah's calls, she discovered that Tyler had moved on with heiress Abby Newman. So Mariah moved to Genoa City. Tyler suggested to Abby that they move in together, and she agreed, as Mariah, (shown to viewers only as a tattooed arm), looked on. Tyler and Abby put an offer on a house, but lost it when the realtor received a call from someone claiming to be "Tyler's girlfriend", saying that they had changed their mind. Viewers saw the stalker with the tattoo watching them at Crimson Lights coffee shop.

Tyler and Abby looked at an apartment and decided they wanted it. Tyler left, and Abby was to return the key. After Abby failed to come home that night, Tyler found her locked in the apartment the next morning, getting in with the key which was still in the door. They found Abby's phone in the hallway where viewers had seen the tattooed woman smash it. Abby said she was certain that she had been locked in by Mariah, and walked out mad after finding Mariah's number back in Tyler's phone. Tyler texted Mariah, telling her to get the hell out of his life. Viewers saw the tattooed woman receive the text. Later when Tyler was about to delete her number, Abby grabbed the phone, called Mariah, and left a voice mail that she wanted to meet with her. Abby later set up a lunch meeting for the three of them, but Mariah did not show up. Afterward, a relieved Tyler called Mariah and said he was on his way over.

In 2014, Sharon Newman began having hallucinations of her dead daughter Cassie. They were so real, that Sharon could reach out and touch her. Thinking that she was going insane, Sharon underwent electro-convulsive therapy which wiped out a lot of her memories. But when Sharon's ex-husband Nick ran into an older Cassie lookalike named Mariah, he got her to admit that his father Victor Newman had been paying her to gaslight Sharon. Victor had hoped that Mariah could drive a wedge between Sharon and Nick who had reunited after many years, and that she could find out the secret that Sharon had was keeping from Nick. Victor had paid Mariah more than a year's worth of her usual waitress salary, and once it was exposed, Mariah begged Victor to let her get close to Sharon and still find out the secret for more money. Victor said no, and threatened Mariah that if she did not leave town, he would notify the authorities in Portland where there was a warrant for her arrest.

Mariah went to see Sharon and apologized for hurting her, telling her that she actually liked seeing Sharon and Nick together, and hoped they would reunite. Later Mariah made a phone call telling someone that she was in trouble and needed help. Ian Ward, the leader of the New World Cult which she had left, showed up at her door. Ian was quite familiar with Victor Newman, and even more so with his wife Nikki, who had been a member of his cult when she was in her teens. Ian reassured Mariah that he would handle Victor.

After Tyler and Abby's engagement party, they decided to take a room which happened to be at the same motel where Mariah was staying. Outside their room, Abby ran into a person who looked just like her dead niece, Cassie. Having just found out that Victor had paid a lookalike to torment Sharon, Abby lit into her. But Abby was shocked when Tyler came out of the room and joined them, calling the young woman Mariah. Once Abby realized who she was, Abby let Tyler know that his former fiancé had been paid to drive her half-brother Nick's wife insane. Abby left, but Mariah followed Tyler back into his room. Mariah planted a kiss on Tyler, telling him that he was just the pet of a bored heiress, and proclaimed her love for him. Tyler accused Mariah of always only thinking of herself, just like when she had cheated on him with his boss, and told her to go back to L.A. Mariah said that she still had business in Genoa City, and Tyler told her to stay away from Abby. Mariah purposely dropped her bracelet beside the bed to for Abby to find. Abby found it and promptly confronted Mariah, telling her that she was going to get Mariah arrested. Tyler had to break them up.

Later Abby and Tyler confronted Mariah, and Abby tried to pay her to leave town. Mariah tore up the check and refused. As Tyler left, Mariah warned him that she knew all his secrets, and later she pulled out a newspaper clipping with the headline "Portland West Hills Mansion Robbed. Culprits Still at Large".

Sharon visited Mariah, and ended up taking her grocery shopping. She questioned Mariah about her relatives, trying to come up with a logical reason for the resemblance to Cassie. Mariah claimed she had no family, but said that her deceased mother's name was Helen. When she returned, Mariah discovered that all her money had been stolen from her room. She called Ian for help, and they decided that accepting Sharon's friendship was her only option. Mariah later showed up at Sharon's asking for help after all her money had been stolen from her room. Sharon warned Mariah that she knew how she had been interfering with Abby and Tyler's relationship, but gave her some cash to tide her over.

When Mariah returned to her hotel room, she was arrested to be extradited back to Portland for breaking and entering, and burglary of art, coins and jewelry she had taken while the guy slept. When Tyler found out, he went to Portland to be a character witness for her. Mariah asked Tyler to get Sharon to help her. Tyler relayed the message, telling Sharon about her tough life growing up. Sharon related since she had grown up under similar conditions, went to Portland, got the charges dropped, and brought Mariah back to Genoa City. Sharon got Nick to begrudgingly give Mariah a job tending bar at his club, The Underground, and Sharon paid the rent at her apartment. Mariah informed them that it was only temporary, until she could pay Sharon back. Sharing her news with Ian, he advised Mariah to take advantage of Sharon, but Mariah said she did not want to push her luck. Nick asked Noah to return and train Mariah, but he was resentful of her and tested her by leaving his wallet on the bar. Mariah passed the test until Abby took it, emptied it, and stashed it in the ladies room, setting up Mariah. But when the police showed up, and Noah found out what Abby had done, he confessed all. Mariah got upset and quit. But Sharon convinced Nick to apologize and hire her back. Nick did, but made her agree to give up a portion of her paycheck until her debt to Sharon is paid, then to leave town. He also suggested she stop with the attitude which provoked people, and to make up with Noah.

Later Victor overheard Mariah telling Ian that their plan was not going to work, and Nick saw Ian leaving Mariah's apartment. Nick asked Mariah what her connection with Ian was, and she told how she had know him since she was a kid, and he was the only father she had ever known. Nick warned Mariah that Ian had gone to prison for fraud and had prayed on both his mother and his daughter. Sharon, Noah and Faith were preparing their first dinner as a family again when Mariah showed up to pay Sharon some of the money she owed her. Sharon invited her to stay for dinner, Mariah declined, but Sharon insisted. Dinner went well, and Mariah was getting along well with Faith, but Nick warned Mariah not to get too close to his family. Mariah accused Ian of playing her like everyone else. But Ian claimed that Nikki had made their relationship sordid and ugly, and misled him about Dylan's paternity. Ian suggested that Mariah get Sharon to let her live with them, so Mariah told Nick and Sharon that her room had been broken into again, and she was afraid. Sharon asked why she had not gone to Ian. Mariah said she had promised Nick that she would stay away from Ian. Sharon invited her to stay with them, and Nick surprisingly offered to help her get her things. Mariah declined his help, and returned to her room and Ian, telling Ian of her success.

Mariah tried to convince Nick that Ian was not an evil person, that he had helped a lot of people, and cared about her, taking her in and expecting nothing in return. Then Mariah suddenly started going after Nick, finding ways to be alone with him and to hug him, wearing skimpy clothing and cooking for him. Nick caught Mariah on her phone angrily refusing to give her mother money, and he reminded her that she had told Sharon that her mother was dead. Cassie told Nick how her mother never loved her, was never there for her when she needed her, so she was dead to her. When Nick asked, Mariah told him that her mother Helen was a nurse in Kentucky, last she heard. Mariah reported to Ian that she had heard from her mother, and Ian reacted with dread. Noticing Mariah's apparent attraction to Nick, Ian warned her that she had a good thing going there, and not to screw it up.

Mariah literally ran into Kevin Fisher at the coffee house. Exchanging barbs about each other's clumsiness, Kevin was shocked at how much she resembled Cassie Newman. Comparing their bad days, they agreed that both their lives were cursed, as they quoted from the book The Kingdom Beyond, remarking how they had both escaped reality as kids by reading it.

Mariah confided in Nick that her mother Helen had been a pediatric and obstetric nurse and an occasional a bartender, a free spirit drifting from job to job and in and out of Mariah's life. Nick caught Mariah on her phone angrily refusing to give her mother money, and he reminded her that she had told Sharon that her mother was dead. Cassie told Nick how her mother never loved her, was never there for her when she needed her, so she was dead to her. When Nick asked, Mariah told him that her mother Helen was a nurse in Kentucky, last she heard.

Intending to seduce Nick, Mariah came down the stairs wearing only a teddy announcing a surprise, and found only Sharon. Mariah tried to make excuses, but Sharon saw through her lies. Mariah swore that Nick wanted her, but Sharon told Mariah that Nick would never cheat on her to be with someone who looks like his daughter. Calling Mariah a thief, liar, and a tramp, she kicked Mariah out of the house, telling her to never return. Mariah tried to get help from Ian, but kept getting put off with text messages instead. Kevin bought a Harley motorcycle, and he and Mariah decided to disappear together on it, but Mariah never showed up. Instead she had found Ian to say goodbye, but he convinced her to run away with him instead. Stopping by his storage unit on the way, he gave Mariah a glass of wine that was drugged. Mariah woke up later confused and wearing a wedding gown. Ian told Mariah that their Paths were to marry, and Mariah realized he was as crazy as everyone had told her. But after giving her a drugged glass of water, Ian forced Mariah to sign the paperwork and marry him, which his old cohort Clarence officiated. Ian left them alone together, but Nick, Sharon, and Dylan showed up with the police and rescued her.

Later in the hospital, Nick and Sharon explained to Mariah how he had discovered that she had been born Cassie's twin and Sharon's daughter, but that she had been sold to Ian by Sharon's delivery nurse, Helen. Mariah finally believed it, but refused to forgive Sharon for kicking her out, and refused to become part of their family. Nick was able to assure Mariah that the marriage to Ian would be invalidated and talked her into staying in town at least. But Mariah approached Kevin again wanting to leave town, Kevin was no longer interested in going, but she made Kevin happy saying she needed him as a friend. Mariah told Noah that Sharon wants her perfect daughter back, but Mariah knew that she would never measure up.

Mariah witnessed Sharon dreaming, mumbling about her secret, saying, "I lied. I should have told Nick who her father really is." Mariah misinterpreted it to mean that Nick was not Faith's father and told Victor, expecting a reward that would allow her to leave town. Victor made her wait until he could get their DNA tested to be sure.

Although still belligerent toward Sharon, Mariah did give in and agree to be a bridesmaid for Nick and Sharon's wedding. She began to get closer to both Kevin and Summer's husband Austin, who both came from the wrong side of the tracks, and could relate to her not fitting in. Kevin and Mariah developed a fun rapport, and Mariah asked him to attend the wedding of Sharon and Nick with her. Mariah began to mellow toward Sharon, especially after Phyllis interrupted the wedding, and it was not completed as Sharon worried that Phyllis would expose her secret.

Kevin took Mariah to a hotel to keep her safe, but they returned to town when they heard that Ian was in jail. Victor returned and informed Mariah that she had been wrong, and the DNA test had proved that Faith was in fact Nick's son.

Nick made an appointment with the justice of the peace for Halloween to complete their wedding vows. Mariah had a change of heart after being reminded by Kevin that Sharon was the only one who had ever believed in her, and took Faith trick or treating after a happy family photo session. But again, the marriage did not happen due to Phyllis' revelation that Sharon had changed the paternity test results, and that Summer was truly Nick's daughter. Nick moved out, and Mariah was the only one who stayed and supported Sharon.

Kevin suddenly came to Mariah and confided to her how upset he was that his brother Michael had cancer. In the heat of the moment, they kissed, and neither knew how to react. Kevin was amused when Mariah began quoting Plato Sphere to him. They agreed to go to the New Year's Eve party at The Underground, but Mariah made it clear, there would be no more kissing. But when midnight came, Mariah grabbed and kissed Kevin.

Mariah went to Cassie's grave to wish her twin a happy birthday. Nick talked her into going home and baking cookies like Cassie used to do on her birthday, a tradition that Sharon, Noah and Faith had kept alive. Mariah seemed to be enjoying it, but when Sharon gave her a gift of a necklace, Mariah threw it back and accused her of giving her Cassie's seconds. Mariah left, ending up at The Underground where she walked up to Austin and kissed him. Summer walked in and saw it, and Kevin got Mariah out of there. Kevin told Mariah he knew that she was scared that no one was ever going to love her, and advised her to stop chasing people like Austin and Tyler who were never going to love her and go after something real.

Faith's custody trial was held and Nick got full custody after it became evident to the judge that Sharon had primed Faith with a story about finding Sage at Nick's with no pants on, and Sharon lost control of herself in court. Because Mariah told the truth, that Faith had known that Sage's pants were in the dryer after spilling a vase of water on them, and because Summer had told how Sharon had faked her paternity results, Sharon accused them of being traitors. Summer left with Austin, Mariah moved out, and moved in with Kevin on a "just friends" basis.

Noah, Kevin, Mariah, Summer, Austin, and Fenmore each received unsigned invitations to a Valentine Day party at Abbott cabin. After they arrived, they deduced that Abby was the hostess since she was the only Abbott there. Abby admitted that she had not wanted to be alone, and that they would never have come had they known. The group played a drinking game, "Never have I Ever", but when someone said "committed murder", Austin left the room upset. He told Summer it had reminded him of his mother. Courtney arrived, telling them that a snowstorm had closed the road behind her. Fen put a party drug in the punch which knocked everyone out, and they woke up to find Austin missing. They opened an armoire, and Austin's body fell out with blood on his head. Courtney tried to revive him, but declared him dead. Noah hugged a distraught Summer who suddenly remembered that she had hidden a brass bookend behind a sofa cushion, pulled it out, and screamed when she saw blood on it. Summer feared that she had killed Austin, but they reminded her that she could not have picked him up and stuffed him in the armoire. It was mentioned that fanfic writer Plato Sphere had recently written a similar murder story. Kevin admitted that he was writing as Plato Sphere in defending that they were not at all the same.

Noah, Mariah, and Kevin suggested a cover-up to protect Summer. Courtney refused to be a part of it, as it would make her a dirty cop, but they talked her into it. The guys put Austin's body outside in the snow as if he had fallen, and his blood on a nearby rock. Mariah suddenly remembered seeing Austin and Abby kissing earlier. She confronted Abby who admitted the kiss, but swore that nothing had been going on between them. Mariah pointed out that if Summer had seen them, it would have been a perfect motive. Courtney called the police but lost the cell signal before she could tell them why. Fen went out to get a ladder to support their story, and discovered Austin's body was gone. When the police arrived, they were told that Kevin had fallen from the roof trying to shovel off the deep snow, Austin had gone for help, but had never come back. As the group left for town, they wondered if Austin was really dead, or if someone else had killed him and taken the body. W The sheriff thought they had located Austin alive, trapped in a ravine, but it turned out to be Kyle who had come up to surprise them. Kevin, Mariah and Noah discovered a bloody towel hanging out of the trunk of Kyle's car. Disbelieving Kyle's excuse of a bloody nose, Noah asked Kevin to get the blood analyzed. Later that night, police broke the news to Summer that they had found Austin dead behind the wheel of a wrecked car, and Summer identified the body in the morgue.

Noah, Abby, Kyle, Mariah and Kevin comforted Summer as she watched Austin's videos on his laptop. One was of Austin telling her that rather than roses and candy Valentines, he needed to give her an apology. Saying that he did not like himself much lately, there was something she needed to know. But he never finished, as Summer had interrupted him. Kevin and Mariah left after receiving a text that the blood results were back. The blood was Austin's.

During Austin's memorial service, Summer suddenly remembered an argument she had witnessed while drugged that night at the cabin. Austin and Abby were admitting they were having an affair, and Austin wanting to tell Summer. After Summer thanked everyone for giving Austin a second chance, she glared at Abby and shouted, "YOU slept with my husband!" All eyes turned to Abby, who was mortified and ran out.

Summer and her friends returned to the cabin following Austin's memorial service, and the armoire was opened to reveal "I know what happened here" written in lipstick on the mirror inside.

Due to Austin's death, Noah began to realize that Courtney was the best thing to every happen to him, and surprised her with a marriage proposal. The wedding was arranged for Chancellor Park, with Summer and Nick standing up for them. When Courtney did not show up at the wedding, the young people all received a mysterious text asking them to meet her at the Abbott cabin. The group found Courtney dead in her wedding gown in the armoire at the cabin. A note in her hand said, "I warned you. Stop digging." Paul and the police showed up, and the group had to admit Austin had been murdered to explain Courtney's. Paul interviewed each and was appalled that none had come forward about Austin's murder, but understood that they had been threatened. No one in the group was arrested, but were told to keep their mouths shut, so the murderer would assume the police still thought Austin's death had been an accident. Paul warned them not to mention the connection to Courtney or one of them could be next. Mariah tipped Paul during her interview, that Victor and Nick had the most to lose by Sharon revealing a Newman family secret to Austin.

Fen suddenly returned from college and gathered his friends who were involved in the murder at the cabin. He admitted that prior to Austin's murder, he had been about to flunk a class, hacked into the college computers, and gave himself a passing grade so he could still get into law school. Fen had received an anonymous text blackmailing him into picking up a package containing the drug to spike the punch. Paul traced the DNA from the package to a wanted criminal named Marco Annicelli who used to head a South American drug cartel. The FBI got involved, and claimed the DNA did not match.

Abby, Summer and Kyle visited Tobias in the hospital after he had crashed his car, asking why he was following them and what he knew about the murders. Tobias said, "You need to know...Austin..." and died. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mariah snuck into Tobias' place where they found a 3D printer, fingerprint molds, and the stolen GCPD hard drives. Kevin turned in an anonymous tip, but told Paul that he thought everything had been planted by the real killer. The FBI stepped in and matched the DNA originally thought to be Marco's, to Tobias. Paul closed the case, so Kevin leaked his theory to GC Buzz who published it. To keep it viable, Mariah secretly posted as the killer, "Catch me if you can or watch me get away with murder." Kevin was arrested for obstruction and was suspended from the GCPD.

Abby, Summer and Kyle visited Tobias Gray in the hospital after he had crashed his car, asking why he was following them and what he knew about the murders. Tobias said, "You need to know...Austin..." and died. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mariah snuck into Tobias' place where they found a 3D printer, fingerprint molds, and the stolen GCPD hard drives. Kevin turned in an anonymous tip, but told Paul that he thought everything had been planted by the real killer. The FBI stepped in and matched the DNA originally thought to be Marco's, to Tobias. Paul closed the case, so Kevin leaked his theory to GC Buzz who published it. To keep it viable, Mariah secretly posted as the killer, "Catch me if you can or watch me get away with murder." Kevin was arrested for obstruction.

Kevin returned to work from suspension just in time to work on the case of Jack Abbott being shot. In watching the Crimson Lights security videos, he became suspicious when he saw Jack pass the camera twice in too short a time. Kevin became convinced that Austin and Courtney's deaths somehow involved Jack.

Abby, Summer and Kyle visited Tobias Gray in the hospital after he had crashed his car, asking why he was following them and what he knew about the murders. Tobias said, "You need to know...Austin..." and died. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mariah snuck into Tobias' place where they found a 3D printer, fingerprint molds, and the stolen GCPD hard drives. Kevin turned in an anonymous tip, but told Paul that he thought everything had been planted by the real killer. The FBI stepped in and matched the DNA originally thought to be Marco's, to Tobias. Paul closed the case, so Kevin leaked his theory to GC Buzz who published it. To keep it viable, Mariah secretly posted as the killer, "Catch me if you can or watch me get away with murder." Kevin was arrested for obstruction. A young Hispanic woman named Marisa showed up in town, the former girlfriend Of Marco, but she claimed he was dead at the bottom of Lake Delaney. Mariah and Kevin decided to check, but found the car with no one inside. After Kevin exposed Marisa's connection to Marco, the police questioned her and got a composite sketch of Marco.

After Paul had a minor heart attack and took a leave of absence, Detective Harding took over the case and discovered that the composite sketch was really that of the dead captain of a ship Marisa had been on in Peru when it blew up, not of Marco. Kevin told Paul not to trust Harding. Kevin was right as Harding turned out to be the killer of Austin, Courtney, and Tobias Gray, and had changed the DNA results to match Tobias. Harding was later killed in a confrontation with Dylan and Paul. The GCPD closed the case, but Kevin kept looking for the Marco connection to it all.

Sharon admitted to Mariah that she had miscarried Dylan's child, and Mariah advised Sharon to tell Dylan. Because Dylan had said he couldn't survive losing another baby, Sharon's plan was to get pregnant again right away. Only days later, Sharon was convinced that she was pregnant again, and claimed that her doctor had confirmed it. Sharon, feeling she was about to lose it again, decided to check herself into Fairview.

Kevin and Mariah lamented on how they had become an old married couple without any of the perks, admitting they were afraid to take their relationship further, feeling it was hopeless, that no relationships ever work. But they decided to finally have their first date, which ended up being babysitting for Faith when pregnant Sage was admitted to the hospital with Nick at her side. Marisa advised Mariah to make the first move, so she booked a hotel room, enticed Kevin with sexy lingerie, and they finally slept together. But neither was impressed, and they decided to just remain friends.

The annual Delia Halloween costume party benefit was held at Top of the Tower, and everyone attended. Kevin and Mariah decided to take care of the costumed children on a lower floor. While Nick was there visiting the kids, a fire broke out on the floors between them and their parents. All three heroically managed to walk the children down the stairwell and out the front door of the building with minimal excitement by making it a game.

Sharon's doctor surprised Mariah by notifying her with the news that Sharon's baby had been born. Upon visiting Sharon and the baby, Mariah asked Dr. Anderson how it was possible that Sharon's baby was not premature. The doctor told Mariah that the baby was full term because Sharon had never had a miscarriage as she claimed.

Dylan planned a spur of the moment evening wedding, asking Paul to play Santa for Faith, get an online ordination, and perform the ceremony in their living room as a surprise for Sharon. Noah and Mariah showed up with the rings and a mistletoe bridal bouquet. Both Nick and Dr. Anderson happened to show up and stayed for the wedding. Mariah gave Dr. Anderson the evil eye telling Nick she did not trust the woman, that something was off about her.

Kevin returned from Geneva excited about a young woman he had met named Natalie, described as a genius whose ideas were going to change the world. Kevin taunted Mariah that her reaction to Natalie was jealousy, which she denied. Billy overheard them discussing the project, and wanted to invest, but Kevin turned him down. Then when Natalie finally contacted Kevin, needing a million dollars to finance the project, on Mariah's suggestion, Kevin asked Billy to invest two million. Billy tried to win the money by betting on a horse but lost. When the bookie could not get his money out of Billy, he beat him up and left him passed out in the parking garage New Years Eve. At the party upstairs Kevin and Mariah kissed at midnight, but she refused to discuss it the next day. Both Victor and Jack approached Kevin about investing in his project, he turned them both down. But after Billy was taken off life support, Kevin gave in and made a deal with Victor.

Then Natalie arrived, admitting she had already taken money from another investor, who was having her followed, asking Kevin to hide her out. Kevin commented on the irony of them hacking her computer being how they knew that her security software was not working and they were after her. Left alone together with a bottle of wine, Mariah and Natalie drank and talked and realized how much alike they were, both intrigued by Kevin but unable to trust anyone enough to feel love. Kevin told Natalie that Victor's son Adam was being held for ransom to be exchanged for "the girl", so Natalie went to Victor, telling him that she was the girl they wanted. Natalie inadvertently disclosed that Kevin had bilked Victor out of an extra million dollars for himself, so Victor informed Kevin that he was no longer part of the deal. Natalie was fired, and went to work for Jabot. Newman sued for product theft, and Summer was pressured by Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie to not testify that they had conspired to double deal Pass Key between Billy and Victor. Summer lied to the police, but later felt guilty and told Victoria the truth, which led to Jack and Victoria agreeing to share profits from Pass Key. Kevin and Natalie made a killing, but Mariah was left out. Mariah became resentful and jealous as Natalie got a makeover and Kevin became interested in Natalie. Kevin bought a suit and a 1968 Stingray, and put the rest of his money into a hedge fund.

Mariah became disappointed in Kevin who was living the high life, moved out and moved back in with Sharon. Kevin begged her to return, but she would not. The next time we saw them, Mariah kissed Kevin, and they left together leaving Natalie flabbergasted. Mariah got Sharon's support in her quest to fill Sage's job at Chelsea 2.0. Sharon shocked Mariah by admitting that Sully is actually Sage and Nick's son Christian, telling her how Dr. Anderson had convinced her she was pregnant and had given her Sully as her own.

Sharon began having nightmares of Sage accusing and haunting her. She confided in Mariah. Mariah confronted Sharon that she had gone off her meds, Sharon saw her as Sage instead, and hit Mariah with a bookend. Kevin arrived, revived Mariah, and they tricked Sharon into going to the hospital, where a doctor insisted she go back on her meds. Mariah told Kevin about Sharon's visions of Sage, and Kevin told Sharon to go back on her meds or he would tell Dylan everything.

Sharon suggested Mariah take Sage's former position with Chelsea 2.0, and Chelsea agreed to it. Mariah was thrilled that she was going to get a chance at a real job.

Mariah confronted Sharon that she had gone off her meds, Sharon saw her as Sage instead, and hit Mariah with a bookend. Kevin arrived, revived Mariah, and they tricked Sharon into going to the hospital, where a doctor insisted she go back on her meds. Mariah told Kevin about Sharon's visions of Sage, and Kevin told Sharon to go back on her meds or he would tell Dylan everything.

Kevin's ex-wife Chloe showed up in town with a daughter named Bella whose age made it possible to have been Kevin's. But when a DNA test showed that Kevin was not Bella's father, Kevin broke up with Natalie, and asked Mariah to help him get back with Chloe. Chloe let Mariah know that she had no interest in Kevin, but over time, they did get back together.

Mariah finally met Daniel Romalotti at Summer's wedding. Mariah greeted him with "You killed my sister." Daniel replied, "Yes I did." Phyllis intervened, and Daniel explained that Cassie had been young and wanted to be older, finding him drunk she wanted to drive him home, and had an accident. Mariah said she understood, introducing herself as Cassie's evil twin. The wedding was interrupted, and Summer's groom Luca was exposed as a saboteur.

Mariah quit her job at Chelsea 2.0, unable to work with Chloe who she knew was lying to and using Kevin. She went to work as a go-for at GC Buzz TV, where her boss, Hilary Hamilton, treated Mariah like her own personal slave. Hilary's husband Devon who owned the company encouraged Mariah not to quit, paying her to keep tabs on his wife. When it came to light that Sharon's baby Sully was actually Nick and Sage's child Christian due to a baby swap, Hilary was suddenly nice to Mariah trying to get Mariah to reveal the full story. Instead, Sharon came forward and did an interview that soared the gossip show's ratings, after which she was arrested for kidnapping. Mariah encouraged Sharon's husband Dylan to be interviewed to help Sharon, but Hilary edited it to reflect badly on Sharon instead. Mariah screamed at Hilary that she was a piece of shit and quit. When Devon found out, and Hilary refused to change her tactics, Devon fired her. He then asked Mariah to return and host the show. Mariah was shocked and scared, but Devon encouraged her to try just one show and decide later. Mariah hosted a live show featuring Chloe and Chelsea talking about Chelsea 2.0. All went well until Mariah modeled one of their designs in 6" heels, tripped and fell on her face. Mariah shook it off and rebounded, but was suspicious to see Hilary heckling in the background. The incident went viral by morning, but by the end of the day Mariah had a fan page who loved her as the new host.

Hilary talked Devon into letting her return as host, with Mariah as segment producer with a generous raise. But Mariah got her revenge at the AbbottWinters Foundation New Years Eve benefit, inserting a confession into Hilary's teleprompter that Hilary had pulled a wire crossing the floor causing Mariah to trip. Hilary and Devon argued, Devon took off in his new sports car and wrecked it, ending up in a coma. Hilary shocked Mariah by thanking her for her heartfelt announcement of Devon's accident on GC Buzz TV, saying she understood that what Mariah had done was just a reaction to what Hilary had done. After Devon came out of his coma, Mariah apologized to him for anything she had done to cause the accident, not realizing that he did not recall the cause. Once Devon knew the whole story, he kicked Hilary out, promising her a divorce. Because Hilary had a contract, she and Mariah became co-hosts of GC Buzz TV, and it really worked. As a test, Devon handed Hilary a 250 million dollar check as a settlement, but she tore it up. It wasn't long before Devon and Hilary reunited. But as time went by they realized they needed to divorce. Hilary agreed to take only GC Buzz as her settlement. Much to her surprise Devon began dating Mariah, and made Hilary agree not to retaliate against her. But instead Hilary marginalized Mariah's role on the show, and renamed it The Hilary Hour. When things got heated after their date, Devon wanted to make love, but Mariah felt it was too soon, that Hilary would still be in bed with them.

Devon told Mariah how grateful he was for her honesty, with no hidden agendas she was a breath of fresh air. He took Mariah on a sightseeing date above Genoa City on his private jet, and afterward they made love at his penthouse beginning on the stairway to the bedroom. The next morning when Mariah was late for work, Devon told her to wear something Hilary had left behind. Remembering how Hilary had been treating her, she did. Hilary saw the dress just as they were about to go on air, and she was livid. Hilary bitchily shared a blind reference to Mariah having slept with the most eligible bachelor in town. After the show Hilary tore the dress off Mariah, and they had a hair-pulling, face-slapping catfight.

Devon took Mariah to San Francisco for a music festival with back stage passes and all the perks. They invited Tessa and Noah to join them. Tessa and Mariah shared some time alone together, and had an awkward moment when Mariah kissed Tessa. Mariah apologized, but Tessa said she liked it. Mariah was confused when she felt a little jealous of Noah. Mariah declared to Devon that she loved him, although Devon did not reciprocate at the time. Mariah tried to ignore her feelings for Tessa until she confessed them to Kevin who told her she needed to deal with them and talk to Tessa about them. Mariah tried but always seemed to be interrupted. Tessa was giving her mixed signals, insisting Mariah be present as she cut her first single, then moved in with Noah. Tessa was booked as an opening act for a Midwest tour.

Tessa confessed to Mariah that her younger sister Crystal had run away from home and was in a sex slave ring working out of Genoa City. Crystal turned out to be the same girl that Sharon was helping as she worked a crisis hotline, and the sex ring Sharon’s boyfriend Scott Grainger was investigating to write an expose. Tessa confided to Mariah that the girl was Crystal. They went to Sharon and Scott, put their facts together, and it turned out that Alice Johnson, who had been Mariah’s twin Cassie’s adoptive mother, was taking care of the girls. Dissatisfied that the police were not doing enough, Mariah and Tessa kidnapped Alice and coerced her into getting them to set Crystal free by letting her think that Mariah was Cassie’s ghost. They allowed Alice to leave once Tessa was reunited with Crystal, and the police put Crystal in protective custody. Alice packed and left town, but her boss found out what she had done. Alice was run down by a car, then later disappeared from the hospital. Security footage showed her painfully walking out, headed for the taxi stand.

Mariah confessed to Sharon her attraction to Tessa, saying she felt so guilty because of her commitment to Devon, and Tessa’s to her brother, Noah. After Sharon got over the shock, she too suggested that Mariah talk to Tessa about it. Mariah finally asked Tessa if the kiss meant something to her too, and Tessa responded, “Yes it did. The moment perfect, but it passed.” Tessa said she loved Mariah, but things were too complicated, that Mariah didn’t really know her, and she would not tell her more because she cared, that this was how it had to be. Not long afterward Mariah broke up with Devon, letting him know that he was the most awesome boyfriend, but she thought they would make better friends.

Mariah was very concerned when her journal was stolen out of her bag while she was at Crimson Lights. It suddenly turned up at GCBuzz just before Tessa debuted her new song on the Hilary Hour which contained words verbatim that Mariah had written. Mariah attacked Tessa on air, calling her a thieving bitch, saying those were her words not Tessa’s. Devon had to drop the song when legal feared a lawsuit and Tessa was dropped from the label. With no paycheck and owing them money, Tessa begged for a job as Devon’s assistant. After Noah found out the whole story about the kiss between his lover and his sister, Tessa was homeless and sleeping at the office, and Mariah had to try to explain it all to Noah. Then Devon bought GCBuzz from Hilary, and Tessa and Mariah had to work together. Devon arranged for Mariah and Tessa to sit down and talk out their feelings, and they became friends again, deciding they might make a good song-writing team. When Mariah realized that Tessa was homeless, she asked Nick to rent Tessa an apartment at Rainbow Gardens.

Mariah successfully pulled off a show on her own when Hilary didn’t show up, causing Devon to realize that Hilary was dispensable. He accepted Hilary’s resignation which he had turned down the day before. Hilary left in tears, sobbing that the show was her life. Both of them softened their attitude against Hilary when they discovered Shauna, a high school girl who Hilary had been secretly mentoring for an after school program. Her no-show was caused by Shauna’s brother Clayton who OD'd, and Hilary went to be with her at the hospital. Hilary also paid for his rehab. Hilary told how she could have used a mentor herself growing up to overcome her background and dream big. Hilary was not fired, and Mariah was given the chance to handle all the music segments. Oddly enough as time went by and Mariah stepped in to rescue Hilary on many occasions, they began to become friends, although Hilary would never admit it.

Kyle Abbott returned to town and began working for Jabot. He noticed the chemistry between Mariah and Tessa, got both to admit they wish they had handled things differently, and set them up. Mariah and Tessa had their first date, a movie on a rooftop where they kissed and held hands. They ran into Hilary, and Mariah awkwardly told her they were on a date. Hilary remarked that she was surprised it took them so long. Mariah and Tessa spent a weekend in the San Francisco, attending a music festival. Mariah saw Tessa hugging another woman, Kimberly, who had found Tessa’s sister Crystal. Tessa told Mariah she had to go be with Crystal, could not keep in touch, but she still wanted Mariah, and promised to return. Mariah tried to go with them, but realized she had a life she could not leave behind. A couple months later Tessa returned, revealing that she'd gotten Crystal to Canada to give her a fresh start with a new job, identity, and place to live. But she needed 20 thousand dollars to off the guys in Canada. Tessa hit up Devon, who became suspicious, refused, and told Mariah. Sharon hired Tessa as a barista at Crimson Lights.

Hilary allowed Charlie and Shauna to use her place to have sex, Lily found out, stopped them, and Shawna ran away. Hilary called Lily a prude. Lily drove as Charlie and Hilary looked for Shawna, while Lily and Hilary argued. Lily ran a red light, and was hit broadside by another car. Lily and Hilary were taken away by ambulance. Lily had no serious injuries, but Hilary lost her baby was in critical condition. Hilary thanked Nate for saving her life and told Mariah to do the show and inform the viewers of the accident. Tears welled in Mariah's eyes as she described Hilary on air to be incredibly warm, generous, and loyal. Aware that Hilary was going to die, Devon proposed, gave Hilary a fabulous ring, and they were married in the hospital. Later she died in his arms.

After Hilary’s funeral, a reception was held at Devon’s condo. Devon was thankful for her stubbornness, and how she never gave up on him, saying she was a passionate person, their baby being her latest passion. Phyliss read pages written by Hilary in which she told Mariah to believe in herself and upgrade her wardrobe, and to take the show to new heights, and how happy she was that Mariah had finally found someone.

Mark, the man recently seen with Hilary looking guilty, told Devon and Mariah that he'd been recruiting Hilary for a national morning talk show in New York. Mariah commented that it would have been Hilary's dream job. But she had given Mark a forever "no" because she'd be an idiot to walk away from the best job offer she'd ever had -- raising a child with Devon. Lily found guilty of Vehicular homicide, was sentenced to twelve months in Walworth State Prison.

Tessa was roughed up at Crimson Lights, her arms and back bruised severely. She told Mariah that it was a reminder of the $20,000 she owed. Tessa agreed to Mariah’s proposal that they live together. Viewers saw Tessa open a gym bag full of money that she needed to hide. Mariah moved in to Tessa’s efficiency apartment, began organizing it, and bought a new mattress for Tessa’s sofa-bed, the old one was thrown in the dumpster. Tessa got very angry as Mariah watched her pull money from the mattress. Mariah later pressured Tessa to reveal that Nikki had given Tessa $250,000 in hush money, and she had paid off the guys in Canada. Tessa showed Mariah a security video of Victoria’s garage showing Nikki, Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis loading J.T.’s body rolled up in a rug into Victoria’s SUV the night he had disappeared. Tessa explained that she had found the footage taken by J.T.’s surveillance camera on Nick’s computer after he had hacked the Newman server and gotten J.T.’s files. Nick had asked Tessa to transfer files for him, and she had discovered it. Mariah was devastated that Tessa could do such a thing to Mariah’s mother. She left and confronted Sharon. When Mariah returned for her things, Tessa begged her not to leave. She handed Mariah the flash drive and claimed she had donated the remaining money to charity, but instead hid the money and a copy of the file inside a teddy bear.

The Newman stables burned to the ground, leaving behind a shirt with J.T.s blood on it and a gun traced to Victor. Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria kidnapped Tessa and tried to pin it on her, but believed she was innocent after seeing how scared she was. They left Tessa in the middle of nowhere in the cold. Mariah rescued Tessa, and promised she wouldn’t leave her. Victoria showed up at their apartment and took the teddy bear, returning the money to Nikki. When Nikki confessed to save Victor, Tessa was called as a witness for the defense. But she testified to the contents of the video and her kidnapping by the trio, also exposing that she had blackmailed them. Tessa was arrested for extortion and Mariah bailed her out, but after J.T. was discovered to be alive, her charges were dismissed with prejudice, and homicide charges against the women were dropped.

Mariah was shocked when a brick was throw through the Crimson Lights window with a note "Give up the gossip. You're ruining peoples' lives." Weeks later she received a text “I won’t be ignored someday you will know my pain.” Tessa decided it was time to confront them, and texted back an innocent inquiry asking what Mariah had done to hurt him, and that she would like to meet and discuss it. A guy who identified himself as Jared cornered Mariah at Crimson Lights, and in a menacing manor told her how he had written her many letters that were ignored causing him to throw the brick. Mariah said she knew nothing of any letters, but she would look for them. Tessa interrupted, told him where to go, and took his photo for police. Calling him a stalker, Tessa said “Don’t come back.”, and comforted Mariah. Mariah surprised Tessa by admitting that she had never been a public sort of person, and had just fallen into her job by accident. Maybe this was not the right career for her after all.

Mariah encouraged Tessa to return to writing and singing her music, buying back her guitar from the pawn shop. She tried to convince Devon to give Tessa another chance at recording her music. He declined, but his assistant Ana took Tessa on, producing her songs, and trying to teach her some discipline as well as make her over into what Ana thought the public wanted. With Mariah’s encouragement, Tessa became more confident in herself, and eventually stood up to Ana that she was ruining her music by over-producing, and her personal image with wild outfits. Ana gave Tessa an ultimatum, so Tessa told Ana to burn her contract, saying. “That is not who I am.” Abby offered Tessa a gig at her and Devon’s new restaurant Society.

Mariah went to Devon and quit her job at GC Buzz. Devon surprised her by suggesting she run Power Communications instead, mentioning how good she was at PR, image building, and branding like she was doing for Tessa. Mariah was shocked that he would put her in such a high position, but jumped at the chance. She began working with Ana creating a video of Tessa’s newest song casually singing in public places or her fire escape, and partnering with Jabot Collective wearing their clothes and using their social influencers. Devon was not impressed with the quality, but it did get over a million plays. Devon hired Theo Vanderway to be Ana’s boss, saying she needed more training, but Ana was insulted and left town to be with her father Jett. Mariah came up with an idea for Lola to make a cooking video. Lola was very subconscious until Kyle stood behind Mariah and put Lola at ease. Devon was impressed how well it was received and asked for more. Theo Vanderway talked Devon into hiring him to work with Mariah, but savvy Mariah saw right through him, knowing he was after her job. She gave as good as she got, and their first meeting had each feeling they had the other right where they wanted them. Later Theo was fired after Devon caught Theo trying to undermine Mariah for the last time.

Mariah and Tessa celebrated their one-year anniversary together, and Mariah wrote her a mushy poem. They were enjoying being closer than ever, when rock superstar Tanner Watts arrived in town and called Tessa to meet up. Mariah was excited for her. Tessa and Tanner embraced like old friends. He thanked her for being the driving force that got him to superstardom, and asked her to go on the road with him and become his opening act. It turned out that Tessa knew Tanner when they were both young struggling musician who had also left home to escape. Tanner was living in a van, playing in dive bars, going from gig to gig dreaming about his big break. They had gotten drunk before a show in Reno and ended up at an all night chapel, where they got married for $25. They realized it was a mistake the next morning, but it was hilarious and spontaneous, not love. They got busy with their music and never had it annulled, enjoying hanging out together. The fun ended in 3 months, and they chipped in for a divorce. But Mariah had never been told about Tanner being Tessa’s former husband, even when Tessa told her that she was meeting him. Mariah was hurt and resentful, even though Tanner had a girlfriend and totally understood Tessa’s relationship with Mariah. Mariah being Mariah, she got over it. and gave Tessa her blessing to accept the offer. They shed tears and professed their love before she left.

As time went by, there was little contact from Tessa, and Tanner kept interrupting the few times they video-chatted. Tessa was enjoying her shot at fame, traveling with Tanner on his North American tour and songwriting together on his private jet. Tanner’s promoter was hinting that Tanner and Tessa were a couple, making Mariah jealous. Meanwhile, after Devon was bilked out of his fortune, he decided to shut down Power Communications, and Mariah lost her job. Devon got her an interview with an entrepreneur who offered her a job in Chicago, but Mariah declined. Then Sharon broke the news to Mariah and Faith that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Sharon took them upstairs, showed them her lump, and how to do their monthly exams. Although Mariah had hoped to join Tessa on the tour for a while, she had to be there to support her mom. When she tried to call Tessa to tell her all the bad news, Tanner answered Tessa’s phone and let her assume he was he was getting it on with Tessa.

Feeling lost and insecure, Mariah confided in an old bartender friend, Lindsay, who had worked at the Matchbox, now at Society. Lindsay went home with Mariah, comforted her, then they started kissing and tearing off their clothes. Tessa arrived home just in time to catch them post sex. Lindsay uncomfortably left, and Mariah tried to convince Tessa that nothing had happened. Tessa walked out distraught, and returned to the tour.

Tanner called, inviting Mariah to their next concert. He apologized, admitting he had fallen for Tessa, had engineered the misinterpretation, and kept her from contacting Tessa. But he told her that Tessa had shut him down because of her love for Mariah. Tanner arranged for Mariah to join Tessa on stage while Tanner sang the song that Tessa had written for Mariah. Mariah made a public apology, but Tessa ran off the stage humiliated and rejected her. After a lot of pleading and explaining all that she had been going through at home and Tanner’s interference, they made up on the plane, and both returned home to support Sharon. Sharon had the lumpectomy, later had more chemo and radiation treatments, and eventually was cancer-free.

Kyle hired Mariah to replace Summer as Marketing head at Jabot Cosmetics. Abby and Chance fell in love and planned to be married at the Chancellor Estate by Devon with Mariah as maid of honor. But as guests waited in the living room, Abby was having a meltdown locked in her bathroom. Mariah called in Ashley and Chance, and they managed to talk her out, reassure her, and wedding happened. A couple months later, Abby was disappointed to discover she was not yet pregnant. Her doctor found scarring of the uterus after her miscarriage had left her unable to carry a baby. Mariah agreed to be their surrogate, but before that could happen Chance found out that he was unable to father a child. Then the Justice Department stepped in, and Chance was called away on a case. He left letters for both Nina and Abby, imploring Abby to go ahead and find a sperm donor and make their baby happen. After Nina and Abby agonized pouring over donor profiles, Devon stepped in and offered to be the donor. Chance was gone for months, throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Mariah, Devon, Abby, Tessa, and Nina bonded together for the baby. Mariah and Tessa moved into the Chancellor estate, and Nina stayed on.

Months later, a very pregnant Mariah was kidnapped and held in a windowless room with a bed and only a food delivery hatch. Her captor was very sensitive to her pregnancy providing her favorite energy bars, vitamins and healthy food. Mariah screamed and cried, unable to understand why anyone would want to kidnap her. She grew very close to the baby, her only companion, and began calling him “Bowie”. Weeks later she was rescued by Devon, Abby, and Rey, just as she was going into labor. Rey chased the kidnapper while Devon and Abby delivered her baby with Nate’s virtual help. Going through that together, Mariah had bonded with the baby and it was hard for her to let go, and to get over being afraid; even though Abby’s former husband Stitch who had kidnapped her had vanished. Abby named the baby Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor and a christening was held with Mariah and Devon as god parents. Afterward Mariah and Tessa moved out, Mariah assuring Abby that she would be pumping and saving her milk for Dominic.

Mariah and Tessa moved into a room at the Grand Phoenix. Mariah was distraught as Bowie had been her reason for living through it all, then she had to let him go. She began having nightmares. Tessa, Sharon, Devon all tried to help although he was feeling left out too. Meanwhile, Chance was reported presumed dead when his safe house exploded in Spain. Abby refused to believe it, left Dominic with Devon and sneaked off to Spain, tracked down Chance and brought him home alive. Mariah suddenly decided that she and Tessa needed to have their own baby to help her get over the loss, but her doctor told her she should wait at least a year to become pregnant again. And Tessa had her singing career where touring did not lend well to pregnancy. After months of discussion they decided to adopt. When the apartment above Crimson Lights became available, Tessa and Mariah moved in. Tessa surprised Mariah with a romantic private dinner at Society, proposed marriage, and Mariah accepted. The family threw them an engagement party at Crimson Lights. A week or so later Tessa wrote a song for Mariah and sang it for her. Noah had a hard time accepting it but assured them that he loved them both and wished them every happiness together. Later on Valentines Day, Noah delivered a painting he had done of the two of them which they proudly displayed on their living room wall.

After Rey’s sudden death, Mariah suggested they postpone the wedding but Sharon said no, she wanted to focus on their happiness or she might fall apart. Tessa's sister Crystal was able to attend the wedding because Rey had intervened and gotten all the charges against her dropped and Zach was arrested. Mariah saw it as one last gift before he died. Described as the funkiest grooviest most bad-assed wedding you've ever been to, visual artist Noah and Faith as planner turned the Top of the Tower into a 70’s disco complete with disco ball and light show. Everyone wore 70’s garb in loud colors, sequins, and feathers. The men wore ruffled shirts and Abby a short iridescent string dress. Both brides wore white satin gowns designed by Chelsea with flowers in their hair. Nick and Sharon walked them down aisle, Kevin was Mariah’s man of honor, and Chrystal Tessa’s maid of honor. Kyle got a last-minute Internet ordination and officiated. To top it off Jack caught the bouquet. Sharon and Nick gave the couple a Paris honeymoon.

They returned home in time for Tessa to start her tour but she had been coughing excessively. A visit to a specialist found nodules on her vocal chords requiring surgery and vocal therapy. They were advised by Alena whose uncle Jet had the same surgery by the same surgeon and had totally recovered.

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