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Noah Christian Newman
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Actor History
Samantha and Zachary Elkins
March 1997 - ?
Unknown twin actors
Lauren Summer Harvey
Hunter Preisendorfer
1997; 1999 to 2000
C.J. Hunter
1998 to 1999
Unknown actor
Unknown actor
Blake Michael Bryan
2000 to 2001
McKay Giller
Blake Woodruff
Chase Ellison
Hunter Allen
December 2006 to June 9, 2008
Luke Kleintank
October 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015, contract; several guest appearances; December 2016 to February 16, 2018, recurring; October 4, 2018 to December 27, 2018, February 18, 2020 to September 7, 2020 guest appearances
October 12, 2021 to Present

Other Names

"Sport" (by Nick and Jack)

"Champ" (by Jack)

"Partner" (by Nick)


Born on-air March 3, 1997

Returned from camp August 12, 2008, said to be 15

Celebrated his 16th birthday on March 3, 2009

Job as a bartender in 2012, made him at least 18

Mentioned in conversation Apr 2013, was 23 years old, and would have access to his trust fund at age 25


Works for New Hope

Photographic/Visual artist

Formerly ran the London branch of Dark Horse

Former executive for Newman Enterprises in Mumbai, India

Briefly manager of Top of the Tower

Former manager at The Underground

Former bartender at The Underground

Formerly worked at Newman Enterprises

Former executive trainee in the Lifestyles division at Newman-Chancellor

Briefly photographer for Jabot Fashion

Briefly a photographer's assistant at Jabot Fashion

Occasional bartender at his father's night club, The Underground

Former bartender at Genoa City Athletic Club

Formerly worked for Jabot, writing music for their commercials

Former musician in New York City

Former student in Paris

Former student at Genoa City High

Former student at Walnut Grove Academy

Marital Status


Past Marriages



At Sharon’s house on Newman Ranch, 421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B


Sharon Newman (mother)

Nicholas Newman (father)

Nikki Reed Newman (paternal grandmother)

Victor Newman (paternal grandfather)

Doris Collins (maternal grandmother)

Unnamed man (maternal grandfather)

Cora Miller (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Albert Miller (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

unknown first name Reed (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Nick Reed (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Cassidy "Cassie" Newman (half-sister; daughter of Sharon and Frank;deceased)

Mariah Copeland (half-sister daughter of Sharon and Frank)

Unnamed sister (deceased after premature birth in 2001)

Summer Ann Newman (half-sister; daughter of Nick with Phyllis)

Faith Cassidy Newman (sister)

Christian Andrew Newman (half brother; son of Nick/Adam and Sage)

Victoria Newman (paternal aunt)

Victor "Adam" Newman (deceased paternal uncle, son of Victor and Hope)

Dylan McAvoy (paternal uncle; son of Nikki and Paul Williams)

Abby Newman (paternal aunt; daughter of Victor and Ashley)

Matt Miller (paternal great uncle)

Dr. Casey Reed (paternal great aunt)

Eve Nicole Howard (cousin; deceased baby of Victoria)

Reed Newman Hellstrom (cousin; child of Victoria)

Lucy Abbott (cousin when illegally adopted by Billy and Victoria, child of Daisy Carter and Daniel Romalotti)

John "Johnny" Abbott (cousin; adopted son of Victoria)

Riley Newman (cousin, miscarriage son of Adam and Chelsea)

Connor Adam Newman (cousin, son of Adam and Chelsea)

Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (cousin; daughter of Victoria and Billy)

Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor (cousin; son of Abby and Chance with sperm donation of Devon)




Fisher (Noah's dog at Newman Ranch)

Flings & Affairs

Eden (Gerick) Baldwin (dated)

Adriana Chavez (lovers)

Zoe last name unknown (lovers)

Courtney Sloane (deceased) (lovers, engaged)

Marisa Sierras (lovers 2015-2016; engagement broken)

Tessa Porter (lovers 2017)

Health and Vitals

Surgery as a premature baby for serious lung problem

Had his spleen removed due to injuries from the Clear Springs parking garage collapse

Crimes Committed

Theft of his Aunt Casey's iPod

Ran away 2007

Caught under age and not chaperoned in Paris with Eden Baldwin; released into Sharon and Nick's custody

Custody of half million dollars in stolen money which was stolen from him before he was discovered [2012]

Arrested for hit and run of Billy Abbott; sentenced to 12 months probation and 60 hours community service [Mar 2016]

Brief Character History

Sharon Collins married Nick Newman, son of wealthy industrialist Victor Newman. Sharon, being insecure in her marriage, skipped her birth control pills and told Nick she "accidentally" got pregnant. Nick tried to convince Sharon to have an abortion, feeling that they were not ready to become parents. Sharon nearly went through with it, but backed out at the last minute. Months later, Sharon fell on some ice and landed on her stomach. Baby Noah Christian Newman was born prematurely. When it appeared that Noah was going to die, Sharon's best friend Grace Turner and her boyfriend Tony Viscardi tracked down the baby Sharon gave up as a teenager in Madison, to help Sharon ease the pain of her loss. They returned with Cassie, then 5 years old. But Noah lived.

When Cassie was only 14, she was seriously injured in a car accident. She was getting better until she walked out of the hospital in search of Daniel Romalotti who was accused of driving the car, and she was later found and returned to the hospital in bad shape. Anxiously, her family held vigil while Cassie's fever escalated and Newman-financed specialists arrived too late to help. Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Noah, and Cassie's Grandma Doris, who arrived from her home in Eau Claire, sadly said their goodbyes and I love you's, and left her alone with Nick and Sharon. One last whisper in Nick's ear that the accident wasn't Daniel's fault, as he chokingly sang her a lullaby while Sharon hugged her, we saw flashbacks of the adorable child Cassie-the light of their lives-Cassie slipped away.

The memorial service was touching with memorial speeches given by Victor, Nikki, and Sharon. Noah placed Cassie's doll Cindy on her casket with a tear in his eye. During Nick's speech, which was more a threat against Daniel, he spotted Phyllis who had snuck in the back, spoke right at her, then marched to her afterward and demanded she leave. Jack ushered her out in embarrassment.

Life got rough for Noah, losing his sister so young, and with his parents so caught up in the death, he began acting out, throwing tantrums and saying hateful things. Sharon handled her loss, mostly just feeling responsible for letting Cassie go out that night and regretful for all the things Cassie missed out on in her life. Meanwhile Nick was angry, refused to accept any responsibility, and was out for revenge against Daniel. Daniel was charged with vehicular manslaughter, and he ran out on his bail, with Nick and Phyllis in hot pursuit, to California. It was later proven that Cassie was driving, but Noah's parents were torn apart by their loss and Nick's not being there for Sharon when she needed him most.

Months later, Nick began an affair with Phyllis who got pregnant, and Nick and Sharon were divorced. Then Sharon had an affair with Brad Carlton. Noah's new half-sister, Summer, was born, and Noah was thrilled. Then Nick and Phyllis were married, and Jack and Sharon were married with Noah as best man. They got Noah into therapy and gave him a puppy, who he named Fisher, to try to get him to stop acting out. Then Sharon and Nick went on a photo shoot, but their plane went down with everyone thinking they were dead. But Sharon hadn't been on the plane and returned. Nick was presumed dead for a month-further increasing Noah's anguish. Nick returned injured and with a memory loss of the past two years. But Phyllis was going to prison for extortion, and Noah was losing another person in his life. No wonder the kid was acting out and telling everyone he hated them! He even locked Fisher in the closet, "putting him in jail for being bad." Noah began seeing a psychologist, and appeared to be a pretty normal kid.

One day everyone in GC seemed to be at Clear Springs when its underground parking structure and casino collapsed, trapping several of them inside. Sharon, Jack, and Nick were there to scout for a photo shoot. Nick was knocked out, and Jack pinned by debris, but Nick awoke and got Jack free. Sharon's leg was sprained, but they managed to find an opening in the rubble. Jack levered it open so that Nick and Sharon could escape, leaving him there still trapped. While waiting for rescue, Jack wrote a note to Sharon confessing how much he loved her. Meanwhile Amber crawled out of her crushed car and made her way to an elevator, finding Kay bruised and dirty inside, having been left there while her grandson Cane and J.T. crawled up the shaft for help. Also trapped were Adrian Korbel with a very pregnant Victoria, and Lauren and Noah trapped with Paul. Nikki and others stood vigil on the outside, waiting while rescuers cleared rubble and tried to get to the victims. Phyllis, still in prison, heard about it on TV, got no answer on Nick's cell phone, and got the news when she called Victor. Sharon and Nick walked out of the rubble, asking rescuers to go back for Jack. The rescuers said it was too dangerous, that methane was escaping and about to blow up, so our hero Victor, went in and rescued his worst enemy. Cane and J.T. made it out, but Cane fooled them into believing he'd had rescue training in Australia, and went back to rescue Kay and Amber. Sharon and Nick were relieved when Noah came out on a stretcher. Noah later had his spleen removed as a result of his injuries. Then the dead body of the construction foreman was removed. The reason Cane and Kay were there was to investigate him for shoddy work and kickbacks. Finally, Korbel and Victoria emerged, just as the methane blast occurred. Victoria was hit on the head with a rock, knocked out, and rolled down the pile of debris.

In June 2008 Noah went away to summer camp at age ten, and returned in August fifteen years old and getting into trouble with his buddies who are into drinking beer and partying. He convinced his parents to let him attend Genoa City High School instead of Walnut Grove. Noah was rebuffed and called a loser by newcomer Eden, (Michael Baldwin's half-sister), when he tried to befriend her. One night both were invited to a party in a warehouse. When Noah arrived he realized he was tricked into convincing his parents it was chaperoned and no drinking, then Eden stole his cell phone when he tried to leave. Out past curfew, Nick and Sharon burst in on the party and took Noah home just as the police were showing up and Eden sneaking away.

Noah took an interest in Eden, and persuaded her to go on a French Class trip to France. The trip went well and Noah was enjoying Paris, but Eden was bored and wanted to see the real Paris where her mother grew up. Meanwhile Sharon arrived to meet Noah and do some sightseeing with him, but ran into Nick who was there to find Victor. Eden and Noah went to the Pčre Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison was buried, Eden opened up to Noah about her mother who grew up in Paris, and they ended up in an embrace. But they were interrupted by some young thugs who stole the necklace Eden's mother had left her, and roughed up Noah. Eden got away and called the police. The thugs got away dropping the necklace which Noah retrieved, and Noah and Eden were taken to the police station until Sharon was located and picked them up. Noah and Eden are becoming close and kissing when they can get away with it, since they were forbidden to see each other because of the trouble they got into in Paris.

Once Kay Chancellor was supposedly dead, Kevin's temptation to spend the money she had left at Crimson Lights got the best of him, so Jana found out, disapproved, and although they needed it for repairs at Crimson Lights, she gave the remaining $60,000 to Lowell for the Ashram, thinking it would cleanse their karma. Jana and Kevin thought River had taken the money with him when he skipped town, but Kevin overheard Eden and Noah saying that they found it hidden in Eden's old teddy bear and hid it in the tack house. Jana gave up karma and being the June Cleaver of Genoa City, so helped Kevin steal the money back.

In late January of 2009, Sharon went up to the Abbott cabin at Twin Lakes to be alone and think about what to do with her life after divorce papers were served on Jack. Brad showed up and declared his love, but Sharon sent him away. On the drive home, Brad had car trouble, got out, and heard the screams of Noah Newman who had gone skating with Eden and fallen through the ice. Brad died a hero after he pulled Noah from the hole in the ice, when he fell through himself and drowned. Meanwhile back in Genoa City, Abby and Colleen, concerned that Brad never showed for his dinner date with them, got J.T. and Billy to help search for him. Colleen and J.T. found Brad’s car about the same time Noah remembered and told Victoria that it was Brad who rescued him. J.T. and Colleen heard a boy playing on the ice scream as he discovered Brad's body showing through the ice. J.T. checked out the situation and had to deliver the bad news to Colleen. Colleen and Abby were both devastated by the news, and Victoria and Ashley commiserated over the loss of their former husbands. Noah and Sharon both felt guilty over Brad's death.

Phyllis, knowing all to well that forbidding Noah and Eden to see each other would only push them together, talked Nick and Sharon into letting them see each other so long as they followed the rules of curfews and permission. That same evening they were tempted to have sex, but Noah wisely stopped it.

Sharon began to experience black outs picking up random objects from other people's houses, then later wondering where they came from. After checking out at the bookstore, Sharon added books not paid for. Eden arrived with Noah, Noah left with Sharon, leaving the bag of books on the counter. Eden grabbed them to take to her, was caught by the security system, detained for shop-lifting, and the police were called. Meanwhile Sharon visited her mom in the hospital, and Doris recognized the same behaviors Sharon had as a teen over the guilt she felt when Doris became paralyzed. She asked Sharon if she wasn’t feeling similar guilt over Brad’s death, but Sharon denied it. Back at the bookstore, after Lauren and Michael had no success getting the owner to reconsider pressing charges, Eden was arrested, and later given into Michael’s custody at Juvenile Detention. When Sharon found out what happened, she had no recollection that she was involved, and attacked Nick for trying to help calm her panic.

Once again, Noah and Eden were not allowed to see each other, but when Victor asked Noah to meet him later at the ranch, they showed up together early, thinking they could be alone there together. Instead they walked in on a surprise 16th birthday party for Noah, and Eden made a hasty exit. Victor gave Noah a new car for his birthday, despite the fact that he'd been misbehaving and his parents disapproved.

Eden and Noah took off together for the Abbott cabin at Twin Lakes to be alone and have sex for the first time, but they reconsidered and had left by the time both Sharon and Nick got there to stop them. Once again, Sharon & Nick fell back into the old attraction and had sex there themselves. Nick admitted to Phyllis what had happened and suggested they separate until he could decide who he really wanted. They arrived at home to find Eden and Noah having sex on their couch. Nick spent the night at Victoria's, and Phyllis went crazy in Sharon's hotel room, screaming and cutting up her clothes. She discovered Sharon's stash of stolen items, and notified the police. When Sharon arrived back at her room, she was arrested for theft. Jack bailed her out, Nick accused Phyllis of setting her up, and Victor decided it was time Noah came to live with him. Once Sharon admitted she had been shoplifting, Eden, Noah and Michael were relieved that Eden was not guilty.

Noah was so distressed that his father Nick asked Phyllis for a divorce and that his mother Sharon was expecting a baby, not even knowing who the father was, that he decided to consult Rafe about divorcing his parents and becoming emancipated, but Daniel talked him out of it.

After Sharon began shoplifting again, she was required to check into a mental hospital for observation. Ashley was convinced by Jack to check in to the same mental hospital. Adam followed with Dr. Taylor in tow. It wasn't long afterward that Sharon went into labor, and with no obstetrician on-staff, Dr. Taylor was enlisted to deliver her baby. Ashley went into "labor" for her hysterical pregnancy, and begged Adam to deliver her baby in her room. He gave her a drug that knocked her out. Meanwhile Dr. Taylor delivered Sharon's baby girl. Adam snatched her out of his arms, and when Ashley awoke, Adam handed her Sharon's baby as her own. Dr. Taylor was forced to deliver the news to Sharon that her baby had been born malformed and died. The baby was cremated, so by the time she told Nick, who turned out to be the father, there was no way to prove differently. Adam's guilt began drawing him close to both Ashley and Sharon. Sharon decided it was time to move on and moved in and is renting Brad and Colleen's now vacant house from Jack, and Noah moved in with her.

Noah and Eden became accepted as a couple and managed to stay out of trouble for quite some time. Noah was shocked when Sharon suddenly married Adam, but he and Noah got along well.

College girl, Daisy, convinced Lauren to hire her at her boutique and that she was a sweet, hard-working girl who had no family. When Eden began seeing through Daisy's con job, Daisy set the Carlton house on fire while Eden and Noah were upstairs making love. Noah's uncle Adam arrived in time to save them and Noah's dog Fisher. Eden confronted Daisy with a Fenmore's card found at the scene, certain that Daisy set the fire. Not long afterward, Eden was contacted by an Aunt in Paris, asking her to live with her for awhile and attend a prestigious school there. While she hated to leave Noah, she persuaded Michael and Lauren to let her go. Once Eden got to Paris she told Noah she was confused that her Aunt thanked her for contacting her and requesting to come. Noah soon got permission to join her there.

Six months later, Noah returned from Paris only saying that he and Eden had broken up, and that he was home to stay. Noah began hanging out with Jana after her divorce from Kevin. Noah surprised everyone by playing a guitar and singing at Daniel Romalotti’s showing at an art gallery. Jana was impressed, and Devon told Noah he could set him up with a chance to record. After making and submitting a demo, Noah got a record deal with Tucker McCall’s record company, Resurrection Music, with Devon as producer, and he and Devon left for New York City to record an album.

Noah's mother Sharon was found guilty of the murder of Skye Newman, but Adam arranged an elaborate escape for her from the courthouse. After subduing her guard in the restroom, Sharon escaped out the barred window which Adam had left cut for her. Using the fake ID, a car, clothes, and hair dye Adam supplied, Sharon stopped to see Doris, who tried to talk her into giving herself up. Then Sharon headed for Sedona, Arizona where she would eventually meet Adam.

Sharon called Adam to let him know that she had arrived and was waiting for him at a hotel. But the more Sharon thought about her situation, she decided that everyone would be better off without her, and wrote apologetic goodbye notes to Adam, Noah and Faith, leaving them behind as she drove away. Later Sharon was carjacked by a man and a woman and left alone on the road. Later, the car wrecked out, the female occupant was killed and badly burned, and Sharon's ID was found nearby.

Adam arrived at the motel in Sedona, found the notes that Sharon had left, and was disheartened to realize that she had run away. Adam heard a radio broadcast announcing the accident and that fugitive Sharon Newman had been killed. Adam went to accident site, watched and cried to think that the love of his life was gone. Relatives and friends in Genoa City were horrified. Adam identified the burned body by his engagement ring, her body type, dyed hair color, and clothes.

Adam broke the news to Doris, who gave him hell until he showed her the goodbye letters that Sharon had left, which convinced Doris that Sharon had really loved Adam. Doris told Adam that she would take care of the funeral and that he was not welcome. Victor flew to New York City to retrieve Noah. Noah and Doris planned a lovely funeral for Sharon, Nick gave a touching eulogy about her being the first love of his life and Sharon being together with her daughter Cassie now.

Meanwhile Sharon heard about her "death" on the news, made it to a ranch in the New Mexico desert, where she spent the night in a barn. The owner, veterinarian Sam Gibson woke her up, and she told him that her name was Sheri Coleman. Sam said that she could stay and asked her to assist in birthing a lamb which Sharon named Fanny. Sharon as "Sheri," was disturbed when she saw the suicide posts on the Sharon Newman Faceplace memorial page. But she agreed to stay on at Sam's ranch to assist in his veterinary practice. Sharon was pleased for her children's sake when Adam and Nick later proved that her "death" had not been a suicide.

After Tucker McCall was run down by a car and was in critical condition, Noah and Devon's New York careers were put on hold, and they returned to Genoa City to finish recording Noah's album. Accompanying Noah home was a young girl, Hunter Forlani. Once Victor had chased Adam off the ranch, he asked Noah if he would like to live in the caretaker's cottage where he had grown up, and Noah agreed. Hunter rented a room in the campus house with Devon.

Meanwhile Victor had helped Abby escape some trouble in Genoa City by checking her into a rehab facility in Connecticut where she ran into fellow-resident Eden, there as a bulimic. Eden and Abby came to understand each other, and the day that Eden was to be released and return to Paris, Abby had a surprise visit from Noah. Noah told Abby that the attempted murder charges had been dropped against Ashley, so Abby decided to check herself out and return home with Noah. Although Eden had been adamant that she would not return to her past, she changed her flight plans for Genoa City instead of Paris. Noah, Michael and Lauren were surprised to see Eden again, and she had a heart to heart talk with Noah, apologizing for all that she had put him through in Paris, and Eden told everyone that she was a different person thanks to rehab.

Noah, Nick, Faith, and Doris met on a bridge to dump Sharon's ashes into a creek that she loved. Meanwhile Adam, still trying to clear Sharon's name, found the correct erased memory chip that once contained the video of Sharon attempting to save Skye. That same day, Sharon was recognized and arrested while attending a barn dance with Sam while hiding out in New Mexico. Sharon was extradited back to Genoa City, and her family was shocked to hear that she was still alive. One by one they visited her in jail, Nick told her she was selfish and washed his hands of her. Noah was at first resentful that she could abandon him and Faith, but Eden talked him into going to see his mother where they hugged and reconciled. Adam arrived, elated to see that his Sharon was alive, and let her know that he understood why she let them all think she was dead. But later when Adam returned he caught her and Sam in an embrace and realized that Sharon had not been faithful to him. Feeling betrayed, Adam threw the memory chip that would have vindicated Sharon into the creek with her ashes. Victor came to Sharon to help and verbally attacked Sam for trying to get something from them, but Sam was able to convince Victor that he had been the one to take Sharon in, and had fallen in love with her. Later after Sharon begged Adam for forgiveness, she sent Sam back home, but Victor asked him to stay. Noah was devastated when Adam later told him there was nothing found on the memory chip, and that there was nothing Adam could do to help Sharon. Sharon was convicted to serve thirty years in prison without parole. Victor hired famous New York lawyer, Avery Bailey Clark, to handle Sharon's appeal.

Jack offered Noah a job writing music for Jabot commercials, he accepted, and told Devon that he would not be finishing their album. Devon broke the news to Tucker that the Jabot lawyers would be getting Noah out of his contract. Since Noah was the reason Devon was hired, Tucker told him he had twenty-four hours to find someone else worthy of a recording contract. It didn't take Devon long to remember his half-sister Ana, but she was just entering high school and they felt that was more important. Devon returned to Tucker empty-handed, was reprimanded for it and for not getting tough with Noah, and Devon was fired. In December, 2011, Noah moved to Manhattan to be closer to the music scene of the music used for Jabot commercials.

In May 2012, Noah returned to Genoa City. Finding out that his mother, Sharon, was now seeing his grandfather, Victor, Noah told her that it was her life, and he would accept it. Since Noah needed a place to stay, Eden asked Noah to move in with her platonically. Eden said that she needed him to help safeguard her from Ricky Williams whom she had become afraid of and kicked out of her apartment, but Ricky had moved in across the hall.

When Noah's father Nick decided to remarry Phyllis, he asked Noah to be his best man, and Noah accepted. But when Phyllis had a miscarriage on her wedding day, Katherine performed the ceremony the next day at Phyllis' penthouse, with only their children, Noah, Faith, Daniel and Summer in attendance. Noah told Sharon that living in New York City was not what he thought it would be, and he had decided to stay, but would be living with Nick until he figured things out. Noah admitted to Nick that someone in New York City named Adriana had broken his heart, and that he was no longer interested in music or business. He then took a job as a bartender at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Noah received a package containing a travel bag filled with bundles of cash from Adriana with a note asking him to keep it safe. Noah left a voicemail telling her that he'd gotten the package, but was afraid for her.

NYPD detective Alejandro "Alex" Chavez arrived in Genoa City looking for Noah. After Kevin refused to give him any information, he went to Nick's house and questioned Noah about Adriana. Noah told him that their relationship didn’t end well, he had not seen Adriana since he left New York City, and she wasn't returning his calls. After he left, Noah checked to be sure the bag of money was still hidden in a wooden toy box in the entryway of Nick's house. Noah finally got a text from Adriana, but he told her not to come to Genoa City, that the police were looking for her there.

On a suggestion from Avery, Nick bought a basement bar, starting renovations, and named it The Underground. He brought Noah there, and Nick asked him to run it with him. Noah was very pleased with the idea, arranging to work at both bars a few days a week.

Noah returned home one day to discover the money was missing, and accused Summer of taking it. After Nick witnessed Detective Chavez questioning Noah, Nick confronted Chavez. He showed Nick his badge and explained his suspicion that Noah knew the whereabouts of a girl who was in a lot of trouble with the NYPD. Nick asked Noah about it, and he admitted that it was his former New York girlfriend, but he didn't know where she was. After Nick left the bar, Noah received a text from Adriana saying, "I'm here. See you soon."

When Adriana showed up at Noah's, he reminded her how she had cheated on him with a guy from Brooklyn, and had broken his heart; then how she had the nerve to send him her stolen drug money, implicating him in a crime. Noah told her the money had disappeared. Adriana claimed that Chavez was a dirty cop, that she had found the drug money in the wall of her apartment, and it was her only chance to start over. But Noah later found in her purse a bank statement for a $10,000 account in the name of Maria Sanchez with Adriana's address. Chavez told Noah the money was police sting money, that the guy who Adriana cheated on Noah with had it from a drug buy, and Chavez's job was on the line if he didn’t get it back. Noah admitted he had received the money, but that it had been stolen from where he had hidden it. Chavez believed him since he already suspected Kevin and Chloe of stealing it, and he convinced Noah to work for him to keep himself out of trouble. Adriana figured out that Kevin and Chloe had the money and stole it back. After Noah declined to run away with her, Chavez caught Adriana and tried to talk her into giving him the money. But Adriana pulled his gun on him, handcuffed him to a stairway, hugged and kissed him, and left town. Later after being fired from the NYPD over it, Chavez admitted to Noah that Adriana was his younger sister. Adriana happened on Katherine Chancellor trapped in her car during a bad winter storm, rescued her, and took her home. Adriana then showed up at The Underground where Noah was working to return the money and gun to Chavez. But even after Chavez returned the money, he was fired from the NYPD.

Noah and Adriana made up and were talking about moving in together. Then after she was accused of stealing by Jill again and quit working for Katherine, Adriana disappeared. Noah went to Alex who was not concerned. He told Noah that she had been a liar and used people all her life. Adriana was not to be trusted and would never change. A few months later, Noah ended up moving into an apartment with Tyler Michaelson, when both realized they needed a roommate. Tyler suggested Noah take a job at Jabot as a cameraman's assistant.

When Nick told Noah that he had lied about Summer's paternity all her life, and that Jack was really her father, he rejected Nick, telling him that he had brought Noah up knowing that honesty was always the best policy, and then he could lie about something as important as Summer's paternity?

After Noah's photos taken at the MS fundraiser were published on the Sophisticate magazine website, Tyler made a deal with his boss Devon to get Noah promoted to photographer for Jabot Fashion, to follow in the footsteps of Malcolm Winters.

Noah began to be concerned about his mother Sharon's strange behavior again, and accused her of being off her medication. But Sharon lied and told him that she was the happiest she had been in years. She later admitted that it was true, but that she had found a new doctor and was on a new drug, and on her way to getting her life back.

Noah became romantically involved with Summer's friend Courtney Sloane. Fen Baldwin shocked Summer with the knowledge that his drug dealer Raven had told him that Courtney was her biggest customer. Summer told Noah, and they both realized how little they knew about Courtney, that in all the years they had know her, she had never spoken of her family, nor had either of them met them. Summer confronted Courtney, and she denied buying drugs. Having never shown any signs of drug use, Summer believed her. But Noah was still skeptical, especially since she kept getting calls and texts from someone named Zach. Courtney explained that Zach was family, and was really messed up.

After Noah's grandfather Victor inherited Chancellor Industries, he asked Noah to work for him as an executive trainee in the Lifestyles division. Nick warned Noah not to become consumed by business and wished him well. Noah gave the corporate world another try, but he became resentful when Victor asked the two of them to present their ideas in front of each other, and he chose Kyle's over Noah's. Later Abby convinced Noah and Kyle to work together.

Victor arrived and caught Noah and Kyle fighting in his office, then assigned both of them to the lowest performing Chancellor subsidiary, Bonaventure Industries, to find out more about it. Noah later returned and told Victor that he had caught Kyle in his office and suspected he was spying on Victor. But Noah working for Victor was cut short when Noah found out that Victor had been blackmailing his own son Adam. Noah told Victor what he thought of him and quit.

When Noah found drugs in Courtney's purse, she claimed that Zach had given them to her to dispose of. Shortly afterward, Courtney broke up with Noah. Noah caught Courtney with known drug-dealer, Raven, and intervened in an attempt to rescue her. Courtney tried to explain to Noah that she still cared about him, she kissed him, and apologized that she was unable to tell him more.

Then Noah saw Courtney take money from a guy in the park. Noah came up behind them and discovered that the guy was in handcuffs. Courtney had to admit that she was a cop, that she was the same age as Noah, but had been in high school with Summer undercover because she looked so young, and that her internship at Jabot had also been a cover. Rather than being relieved, Noah yelled at her that she was a stranger, that nothing she had ever told him was true, and she was not the girl he had fallen in love with. In time they got back together when Courtney helped him celebrate his birthday. But after another bust situation occurred and Noah was concerned for her safety, Courtney asked Police Chief Paul Williams to become a street cop instead of working under cover. Noah asked Courtney to live with him after Tyler moved out to live with Abby. Noah and Courtney began a playful relationship, often enjoying a sex game of cops and robbers.

Courtney had odd encounters with Detective Harding, who smirked when Noah called him out for talking down to Courtney and calling her sweetheart in a derogatory way, and inferring that Courtney does not work hard for her job.

When Noah found out that Victor had hired Mariah who was a Cassie-lookalike to pose as Cassie to torment Sharon, he broke all ties with Victor. Sharon took a liking to the girl, and as a favor to Sharon, Nick hired Mariah to tend bar at the underground. Nick asked Noah to return and train Mariah, but he was resentful of her and tested her by leaving his wallet on the bar. Mariah passed the test until Abby took it, emptied it, and stashed it in the ladies room, setting up Mariah. But when the police showed up, and Noah found out what Abby had done, he confessed all. Sharon told Nick, Noah and Abby that she was very disappointed in them.

In August 2014, Sharon shocked Noah by telling him that they had discovered that Mariah was actually Cassie's twin and Noah's half-sister. Sharon had actually had twins, but Mariah had been sold by the doctor to Ian Ward who had raised her in the same cult that his grandmother Nikki had spent time as a teenager long before.

Summer, Faith, Mariah, and Noah were pleased when Nick and Sharon decided to remarry and asked them to be a part of the wedding. But the wedding was interrupted by the appearance of Phyllis just out of her coma. Noah was shocked with Phyllis' revelation that Sharon had changed the paternity test results, and that Summer was truly Nick's daughter and his sister. Nick washed his hands of Sharon and moved out.

Later at The Underground, Noah told Nick he thought he was being unfair, that he had told Sharon he would forgive her no matter what. Nick said Sharon had gone too far, wrecked too many lives by changing Summer's paternity results. Noah reminded Nick that Nick was the one who set it in motion by not revealing the results of the first test or taking another.

Noah gave Courtney a bracelet for Christmas and did not even realize how broken hearted she became when he told his friends there would be no wedding in his future.

Noah, Kevin, Mariah, Summer, Austin, and Fenmore each received unsigned invitations to a Valentine Day party at Abbott cabin. After they arrived, they deduced that Abby was the hostess since she was the only Abbott there. Abby admitted that she had not wanted to be alone, and that they would never have come had they known. The group played a drinking game, "Never have I Ever", but when someone said "committed murder", Austin left the room upset. He told Summer it had reminded him of his mother. Courtney arrived, telling them that a snowstorm had closed the road behind her. Fen put a party drug in the punch which knocked everyone out, and they woke up to find Austin missing. They opened an armoire, and Austin's body fell out with blood on his head. Courtney tried to revive him, but declared him dead. Noah hugged a distraught Summer who suddenly remembered that she had hidden a brass bookend behind a sofa cushion, pulled it out, and screamed when she saw blood on it. Summer feared that she had killed Austin, but they reminded her that she could not have picked him up and stuffed him in the armoire.

Noah, Mariah, and Kevin suggested a cover-up to protect Summer. Courtney refused to be a part of it, as it would make her a dirty cop, but they talked her into it. The guys put Austin's body outside in the snow as if he had fallen, and his blood on a nearby rock. Mariah suddenly remembered seeing Austin and Abby kissing earlier. She confronted Abby who admitted the kiss, but swore that nothing had been going on between them. Mariah pointed out that if Summer had seen them, it would have been a perfect motive. Courtney called the police but lost the cell signal before she could tell them why. Fen went out to get a ladder to support their story, and discovered Austin's body was gone. When the police arrived, they were told that Kevin had fallen from the roof trying to shovel off the deep snow, Austin had gone for help, but had never come back. As the group left for town, they wondered if Austin was really dead, or if someone else had killed him and taken the body. The sheriff thought they had located Austin alive, trapped in a ravine, but it turned out to be Kyle who had come up to surprise them. Kevin, Mariah and Noah discovered a bloody towel hanging out of the trunk of Kyle's car, and Noah recalled seeing someone hanging outside the cabin. Disbelieving Kyle's excuse of a bloody nose, Noah asked Kevin to get the blood analyzed. Later that night, police broke the news to Summer that they had found Austin dead behind the wheel of a wrecked car, and Summer identified the body in the morgue.

Noah, Abby, Kyle, Mariah and Kevin comforted Summer as she watched Austin's videos on his laptop. One was of Austin telling Summer that rather than roses and candy Valentines, he needed to give her an apology. Saying that he did not like himself much lately, there was something she needed to know. But he never finished, as Summer had interrupted him.

During Austin's memorial service, Summer suddenly remembered an argument she had witnessed while drugged that night at the cabin. Austin and Abby were admitting they were having an affair, and Austin wanting to tell Summer. After Summer thanked everyone for giving Austin a second chance, she glared at Abby and shouted, "YOU slept with my husband!" All eyes turned to Abby, who was mortified and ran out.

Summer and her friends returned to the cabin following Austin's memorial service, and the armoire was opened to reveal "I know what happened here" written in lipstick on the mirror inside. Abby was later attacked in the park, and another lipstick message was left on her phone while she laid unconscious.

After viewing some of the deleted videos which Kevin had found and unencrypted on Austin's laptop, they began to believe that someone had killed Austin to keep their interview from being made public. It was later discovered that Austin had interviewed Sharon who had divulged a Newman family secret, and he had also interviewed Ben. After discovering that Austin had deleted an interview with Jack in Chancellor Park, Courtney and Kevin tried to check the park surveillance for that night in the police computer system, got caught, and Kevin was suspended. Due to Austin's death, Noah began to realize that Courtney was the best thing to ever happen to him, and surprised her with a marriage proposal. The wedding was arranged for Chancellor Park, with Summer and Nick standing up for them. On the way, Courtney stopped at the police department and watched the video surveillance of Jack. When Courtney did not show up at the wedding, Noah received a mysterious text asking Noah to meet her at the Abbott cabin. Then all in their group got same message. Meanwhile, a black gloved hand was seen putting a memory stick into a CGPD computer which caused a virus to shut down the entire system, and Avery found Courtney's phone in a waste basket there. The group found Courtney dead in her wedding gown in the armoire at the cabin. A note in her hand said, "I warned you. Stop digging." Noah was heartbroken and refused to leave Courtney's side as paramedics confirmed she was dead, only later when her body was taken away. No one in the group was arrested, but were told to keep their mouths shut, so the murderer would assume the police still thought Austin's death was an accident. Paul warned them not to mention the connection to Courtney or one of them could be next.

Noah walked in as Dylan was showing Sharon the starburst necklace that Courtney had been wearing which he had found in Sharon's car trunk. Noah was horrified to think that his mother was the murderer. Sharon was arrested for the murders of Austin and Courtney. As a result, Courtney's parents did not let Noah attend the funeral. But Noah believed in Sharon and stood by her, and she was later exonerated.

Fen suddenly returned from college and gathered his friends who were involved in the murder at the cabin. He admitted that prior to Austin's murder, he had been about to flunk a class, hacked into the college computers, and gave himself a passing grade so he could still get into law school. Fen had received an anonymous text blackmailing him into picking up a package containing the drug to spike the punch. Paul traced the DNA from the package to a wanted criminal named Marco Annicelli who used to head a South American drug cartel. The FBI got involved, and claimed the DNA did not match.

Abby, Summer and Kyle visited Tobias Gray in the hospital after he had crashed his car, asking why he was following them and what he knew about the murders. Tobias said, "You need to know...Austin..." and died. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mariah snuck into Tobias' place where they found a 3D printer, fingerprint molds, and the stolen GCPD hard drives. Kevin turned in an anonymous tip, but told Paul that he thought everything had been planted by the real killer. The FBI stepped in and matched the DNA originally thought to be Marco's, to Tobias. Paul closed the case, so Kevin leaked his theory to GC Buzz who published it. To keep it viable, Mariah secretly posted as the killer, "Catch me if you can or watch me get away with murder." Kevin was arrested for obstruction.

Sharon told Dylan that she was pregnant, and having always wanted to be a father, he was elated. Sharon gathered their families and made the announcement. Paul was happy to be getting his first grandchild, but the rest were skeptical. Nikki sniped that Sharon had had all the men in her family now, and Noah questioned if she had spoken to her psychiatrist about it. Sharon assured him that she had, and taking her meds while pregnant was fine.

Late one night as Noah was closing up, a young woman named Marisa staggered into The Underground wet and shaken. She told Noah that she and her boyfriend had had a fight, and she had nowhere to go. Noah gave her a blanket and coffee, and let her sleep on the office couch. The next morning Noah hired her to work at the Underground and got her a room at the athletic club.

Noah told Marisa about the murders of his brother-in-law Austin and his bride Courtney, and DNA found being traced by police to drug lord Marco Annicelli. But when the FBI got involved the DNA suddenly matched Tobias Gray, who since died, instead. Marisa told Noah she did not know Marco, but that her boyfriend had traveled in the same circles, but that he was gone and could not help. Phyllis caught Marisa talking to Jack in his hospital room. Noah intervened and identified Marisa. Jack would not answer if he knew Marisa. Noah asked Marisa what she was doing in Jack's room, asking if it had anything to do with Marco. Marisa told Noah to forget Marco, but later admitted that he was her former boyfriend, but was assumed dead at the bottom of Lake Delaney. Mariah and Kevin decided to check, but found the car with no one inside. After Kevin exposed Marisa's connection to Marco, the police questioned her and got a composite sketch of Marco.

Noah was falling for Marisa, but felt disloyal to Courtney. Eventually they did make love, but then the police told Noah that the sketch was of the dead captain of a ship Marisa had been on in Peru when it blew up, not of Marco. Noah confronted Marisa for trying to protect Marco, but she said she had done it to protect herself from Marco.

Summer told Kevin, that upon recently hearing Detective Harding's ringtone, she recalled hearing that same ringtone and seeing Harding in the cabin the night of Austin's murder. Noah found Harding on the GCAC rooftop and accused him of killing Austin and Courtney. Harding pulled a gun on Noah, but Dylan intervened, as Kevin and the gang watched via surveillance cameras. Harding admitted he had been paid to keep secrets, but not to kill anyone. Paul arrived, and Harding warned Paul to let him escape or he would kill Dylan. Paul was about to lay down his gun when Dylan jumped Harding, the gun went off, and Harding was killed. The GCPD closed the case, but Kevin kept investigating Marco, looking for his connection.

Noah asked Marisa to find an apartment and move in together. She hedged. Just in time, a Newman check for half million dollars was delivered. Marisa explained that Victor had tried to get rid of her, and just as Victor had planned, Noah assumed that she had taken the bribe.

Marisa was shocked when a young handsome man named Luca Santori showed up at The Underground looking for his wife. She told Noah that his wife was a friend of hers, as she handed Luca the wife's phone number. After Luca left, Marisa told Noah that as soon as her friend had married him, he became possessive and jealous, the wife had become afraid and left. Later Luca returned and told Noah that he had spoken with his wife, but she had not been cooperative. Noah told him maybe he should leave the past in the past. Luca said that moving on was not an option. Noah eventually guessed that Marisa was the runaway wife of Luca, and broke up with her over her constant lying. Marisa said that she had married Luca as a way out, and Luca had only married her to oppose his family. As Marisa was leaving town, she got mugged, and was hospitalized. Noah was called from information found in her phone, and they embraced. As a sign of her complete honesty with Noah, Marisa told him of the plot by his grandfather Victor to replace Jack with Marco, how she had helped Jack get back to Genoa City, and helped to get Marco captured and sent to prison. Noah was disbelieving, but confronted Jack and Victor with his knowledge of the plot. Victor made excuses, but admitted it was true.

After her release from the hospital Marisa admitted to Noah that she had been pregnant when she left Luca, and had given up her daughter for adoption. Luca claimed to have found their daughter, whom Marco had sold, and together they could claim their little girl. Marisa agreed to live with Luca for a month to reclaim her. Noah told Marisa she could not trust Luca, and Noah would help her find daughter instead. But when Noah asked Victor for help, Victor refused unless Noah broke things off with Marisa. Noah refused, but when she found out that he could not help her, Marisa returned to Luca.

The annual Delia Halloween costume party benefit was held at Top of the Tower, with Noah dressed as Charlie Chaplin. Marisa, dressed as a Spanish folk doll, was there with Luca, dressed as a Spanish conquistador. Luca did his best to goad Noah, even when a fire broke out on the floors below, he bragged how he would save his beloved Marisa, as he put her onboard the rescue helicopter and stayed behind with Noah. They were both rescued on a later flight.

Dylan planned a spur of the moment evening wedding, asking Paul to play Santa for Faith, get an online ordination, and perform the ceremony in their living room as a surprise for Sharon. Noah and Mariah showed up with the rings and a mistletoe bridal bouquet.

Marisa returned to Genoa City without Ava, explaining that after they had spoken with Ava's adoptive mother they agreed it was the best place for her, and had set up a trust fund. Noah did not believe Luca was being sincere with Marisa, and contacted the FBI trying to keep Luca from returning. Victor tried to pay back the Santori family with interest for their share of Newman, claiming the contract had included a three day right of rescission. But Luca would not accept, demanding an office for himself and for Marisa, his assistant. They were surprised when they were shown to the offices by Noah, who had gone back to work at Newman to learn from his grandfather, all part of Adam and Victor's plan to get rid of the Santoris.

Noah attended Abby and Ben's New Years Eve wedding, and left early after seeing Luca and Marisa kissing. Finding his car blocked by another car, he had to back up to get around it. He was shocked when Marisa later told him that he had backed over Billy Abbott who had been lying behind Noah's car after being beaten up by his bookie. Noah wanted to confess, but Maria and later Victor talked him out of it, and Marisa had Noah's tires changed and disposed of. Billy ended up in a coma after going into cardiac arrest while undergoing surgery for his injuries. After Noah heard that Billy was being taken off life support and allowed to die, Noah went to Victor, telling him this made him a killer, and he had to turn himself in. Victor warned Noah that if he did, he was on his own. Noah also had a talk with Adam, asking him how he was able to live with himself after causing Delia's death, even though it had been an accident.

Noah was chatting with Marisa when Victor's men came in and took her away. Luca showed up afterward, telling Noah that Victor had taken Marisa to trade her for Adam who had been abducted by Luca's father. But when Victor realized she was not the girl they wanted to trade, he had Marisa released, and the trade was made for Adam.

Adam and Victor's scheme to oust the Santoris from Newman backfired when Luca used exposing Noah's hit and run to thwart them. Noah tried to confess, but Adam stopped him, knowing by his own experience how an accident would ruin Noah's life. Noah asked Adam how he could work with a double-dealing man like his grandfather who had used him again and again. Noah went to Luca ready to join him to bring down Victor. But Adam convinced Noah to flee the country, and Marisa went with him. Word reached Victor that Noah had betrayed him, so Victor went to the police and told them that Noah had been Billy's hit and run driver, and that Marisa had taken him out of the country and covered it up. Noah woke up in Genoa City Memorial chained to the bed with broken ribs and internal bleeding after running from his arrest for hit and run. Marisa tried but failed to convince police chief Paul that she had been driving the car. Paul accused Victor of covering up for his grandson, then changing his mind. Leslie Michaelson became Noah's lawyer, and Noah ended up sentenced to 12 months probation and 60 hours of community service. Noah celebrated by giving Marisa an engagement ring, even though she was still married to Luca. But Luca suddenly agreed to the divorce, hoping to marry into the Newman family with Summer.

Noah was there at the wedding for Summer, even though he opposed her choice of Luca. But as it turned out, Luca was exposed to be sabotaging Newman, and the wedding did not happen.

In February 2017, Noah told his friends that he and Marisa had broken up, and that she had moved to Spain since she was being allowed to visit her daughter Ava. He admitted that he preferred the single life.

Noah resumed managing The Underground and created the successful Open Mike Night, at which his cousin Reed Hellstrom began playing his guitar and singing regularly. Noah began dating singer Tessa Porter, who was mentoring Reed, and working for Noah's grandmother Nikki. Nikki even joined Tessa on stage and had fun accompanying her. One night at the Underground a drunk heckled Tessa during her performance. Noah kicked him out, but later found Tessa standing over him, having fought back when the guy had gotten rough with her. The guy was Zack Stinnett, someone from her past. Tessa told Noah that she had grown up in Chicago, but her family moved around a lot. She had left home at 17, but was still in touch with her younger sister, Crystal. Crystal turned out to be part of a sex ring, being held against her will and made to turn tricks. Tessa and Mariah cooked up a scheme to get Crystal out, and she was taken into protective custody. Noah asked Tessa to move in with him, and she did.

Noah and Nick planned to open more Underground bars in college towns. When Victor found out, he did everything he could to stand in the way of his “disloyal son’s” success. But he did help Noah out by expediting the liquor license in the new Ann Arbor, Michigan location.

One night, The Underground burned with Reed, Mattie and Charlie trapped inside. They were rescued by Billy, who ended up trapped himself, and was also successfully rescued. The building was declared a total loss. Nick broke it to Noah that after two disasters there where people had almost been killed, he had decided not to rebuild, and was no longer interested in expansion. Pointing out that it was Noah’s dream, not his, Nick suggested Noah use his own money and proceed on his own. Then Victor asked Noah if he would like to manage Top of the Tower. Noah declined, but Victoria talked him into it.

Noah went to Mariah demanding an explanation for her accusing Tessa of stealing her words to write a song. Mariah tried to hide the truth from him, but finally gave in and let him read her journal. Noah was convinced that Tessa had used her words, then saw that it was Tessa who Mariah had been mooning over, and that they had kissed. Noah was furious with Mariah, then Sharon from keeping it from him too. Noah accused Tessa of exploiting Mariah’s feelings to make a profit. Telling Tessa there had been too many lies and secrets between them, so they were done, he kicked her out. Tessa begged forgiveness, that she had not confessed because it would have hurt him, and she had never considered being with anyone but him, but Noah spurned her. Bemoaning his lot as forever unlucky in love, Noah drowned his sorrows and got drunk at Top of the Tower and had to be taken home. Not long afterward, Noah called a family dinner to announce that he had accepted a position with Newman in the Mumbai, India, office. Nick protested that Noah had always hated a desk job. Noah explained that most of job would be in the field, not at a desk, and he was looking forward to interacting with the greatest innovators in India. He left Genoa City the following day.

In 2018, Noah’s father Nick started a new company called Dark Horse. Noah resigned from Newman and joined Dark Horse running its London branch. Noah said he was much more at home there than Newman, young company, young staff, starting fresh. He arrived in Genoa City as a welcome surprise for Sharon and Nick’s wedding in October, and took over from Jack as best man. Waiting for the bride to arrive, Summer broke the news to Noah that Mariah and Tessa were a couple, upsetting him. Sharon finally arrived but blew everyone away when her vows suddenly veered to regaling Nick for sleeping with Phyllis and backing out of the marriage. Afterward, Noah and Mariah talked and cleared the air over Tessa.

A year later, after Adam returned from the dead, bought up the Dark Horse loans, and took the company away from Nick, Adam fired Noah.

In early 2020, Noah was concerned to hear that his mother Sharon had breast cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. She insisted he stay in London and work on his new career in photography, and would let him know if she needed him. Weeks later, Noah arrived in Genoa City to attend the Newman Enterprises 50th Anniversary celebration. Noah had created an amazing gallery of Victor photographic art, with both a light show, and darkness. Everyone was impressed. Noah explained that he had returned to photography, had a gallery show in New York, and had been commissioned to create another art installation. Noah wanted to stay in Genoa City for Sharon, but Sharon convinced him to return to his work and his new girlfriend.

Noah returned briefly for Sharon’s wedding to Rey in December 2020. But he had to leave early to attend his art exhibit in San Francisco.

In 2021, Noah returned from London to stay. He was asked to join Newman Media, a company created by Adam and Victor. When Nick found out, he asked Noah to join him at New Hope instead. In reconnecting with his friends Tessa and Maria he disclosed that a girl in London had broken his heart. Noah had fallen hard for her, a fellow artist, saying they had talked about art like he and Tessa used to, but she dumped him. They critiqued each other’s works, so possibly she resented his success. They fought hard, then she left. Memories in London were too hard for Noah to live with. When Mariah and Tessa shared that they were thinking of having a child together, Noah began acting strangely, as though he might still have feelings for Tessa. When they announced their engagement, Noah's face fell. The family threw them an engagement party at Crimson Lights. Noah had a hard time accepting it but assured them that he loved them both and wished them every happiness together. Later on Valentines Day, Noah delivered a painting he had done of the two of them which they proudly displayed on their living room wall.

Victor wanted Noah to work for Newman Media, but when Nick offered him a job with New Hope, Noah chose it instead.

Described as the funkiest grooviest most bad-assed wedding you've ever been to, visual artist Noah and Faith as planner turned the Top of the Tower into a 70’s disco complete with disco ball and light show. Everyone wore 70’s garb in loud colors, sequins, and feathers. The men wore ruffled shirts and Abby a short iridescent string dress. Both brides wore white satin gowns designed by Chelsea with flowers in their hair. Nick and Sharon walked them down aisle, Kevin was Mariah’s man of honor, and Chrystal Tessa’s maid of honor. Kyle got a last-minute Internet ordination and officiated. To top it off Jack caught the bouquet. Sharon and Nick gave the couple a Paris honeymoon. Noah met Allie Nguyen attending the wedding, and after a rocky start began enjoying each other’s company. Allie was the recently discovered granddaughter of Jack Abbott, the daughter of his deceased son Keemo.

Noah brought Allie a copy of an old radio mystery show and an MP3 Player. The two of them had a ball listening to it together and trying to identify the killer. In their excitement they nearly kissed but aborted when the killer turned out to be someone other than either of their guesses.

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