The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 20, 2010 on Y&R

Skye and Jack flaunted their affair to Adam. Victor tried to bribe Abby into working for him, and Abby reconsidered suing Victor for her trust fund. After Victor and Victoria fought, Victoria grabbed her stomach in pain. Lily received a mysterious gift.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 20, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, September 20, 2010

In a secluded, wooded area, Nina, still in shock to discover that Chance was alive, was devastated when she learned that he would enter into a Witness Protection program. Ronan added that Chance wouldn't be able to communicate with anyone until after the corruption trial. Christine explained that a string of convictions tied to organized crime rested on Chance's testimony. Nina, frustrated, held her forehead in her hands when she learned that the continued investigation might take years. Nina sobbed and begged Chance not to leave his family and friends, who were all devastated to believe he was dead. Phillip suggested that other options be considered, but Christine explained that Chance's life would be in danger unless he cut all ties and lived under an assumed name in an undisclosed location.

Puzzled by the unlikely turn of events, Phillip addressed his son and asked, "When did you know that Ronan was FBI?" Chance explained that after his fistfight with Ronan, Chloe had admitted that Ronan was his brother, so Chance had confronted him. Chance said that Ronan had admitted the truth and told him about the undercover investigation. Chance explained that his death had been faked.

Nina cried as she recalled the horror of the shooting. Chance described the special effects that had made the death scene seem realistic. Chance admitted that he'd heard his mother scream and wanted to get up and comfort her. Nina complained that both Phillip and Chance had lied to her and faked their deaths without considering how she felt. Nina suggested that Katherine could have arranged for Chance to have a new identity and a safe hiding place. Chance explained that he could never run and wanted to see the case through to the end.

Ronan recalled that he and Christine had done everything they could to convince Chance to back off the case. Christine's eyes welled with tears when Nina cried that she couldn't tell Chance goodbye twice in one day. Chance reminded his mom how she used to tell him to look at the moon whenever she was away. Chance smiled when he recalled how his mother had promised to gaze up at the moon, too, so they would both know that each was thinking of the other. Chance asked his mom to help his friends and family work through their grief by making them believe that she was coping with his death. Sobbing, Nina promised that she would try. Chance tenderly kissed his mother. Phillip said that he was very proud of his son.

Nina approached Ronan and told him she hoped she wouldn't lose him, too. Ronan explained that he was leaving town with Chance because his assignment was over and his undercover work precluded him from divulging his whereabouts. Crying, Nina said she'd tried to picture what it would be like to meet her son, and she apologized for the way she had treated him. Ronan explained that he admired Nina for standing up for Chance. Ronan seemed moved when Nina insisted that she would have done the same for him had she known who he was. Ronan told Nina that he'd read her book, so he knew she hadn't willingly given him up. Nina seemed relieved after Ronan explained that a good family had raised him.

Nina seemed troubled after she learned that Ronan had known for a while that she was his mother but hadn't contacted her. Ronan explained that he'd learned about his past when the FBI conducted a background check on him. Ronan admitted that he didn't call because Nina had a successful career and another son. Christine said she'd learned about Ronan's identity just before she discovered that Genoa City's police force and the D.A.'s office were corrupt.

Christine regretfully admitted providing a fake photo when Paul had attempted to search for Nina's missing son. Ronan explained that he'd also hidden his identity in order to protect his family. Nina tearfully hugged Chance, and he reminded her to gaze nightly at the moon. Nina turned to Ronan and invited him to call her. Nina warmly embraced Ronan as she begged him to take care of himself. After Nina's sons drove away, Phillip comforted her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine insisted that her family not make a fuss over her. Chloe blamed herself for Katherine's fainting spell because she'd attacked Heather at Chance's funeral. Katherine phoned Nikki to let her know she was home recuperating. After Katherine hung up, she told Murphy, Esther, Jill, and Chloe that it didn't make sense that she, an 81-year-old woman, had come home from the hospital, but Chance, who had his whole life before him, hadn't. Chloe abruptly rose from her seat and left.

Later, when Katherine and Murphy were alone together in the sitting room, she told him that Nina and Christine had first met when they were teenagers. Katherine recalled that Christine, who was known as "Cricket," had been the first person in town to befriend a pregnant Nina. As Katherine reminisced, she sadly recalled that Nina's baby had been taken shortly after birth. Murphy acknowledged learning that the son taken from Nina back then was Ronan. Katherine feared Nina might not forgive Christine for keeping Ronan's identity a secret. Though Christine and Nina's relationship had weathered many adversities, Katherine maintained, Nina blamed Christine for losing one son at the hands of another. Katherine expressed hope that Nina and Christine could come to terms with what had happened.

Inside Chance's unoccupied room, Chloe found her engagement ring and slipped it on her finger. Esther entered, and Chloe apologized for lashing out at her. Esther invited Chloe to move back home, but Chloe explained that it would be too painful to pass by Chance's doorway every day. After Esther left, Chloe placed the ring back into its box and returned it to Chance's jewelry case.

Jill stopped by and told Chloe that she was concerned about her. Chloe told Jill that she was angry and wanted to punch someone. Jill explained that she felt the same way after Chance's grandfather had been killed. Jill admitted that for decades she had blamed Katherine for the accident and was consumed with anger. Jill urged Chloe to let her feelings out, so she could deal with them. Chloe sobbed and said she wanted to be sure that Chance knew she loved him even though she'd broken off their engagement.

Chloe, Jill, and Esther rejoined Katherine and Murphy in the sitting room. Saddened and depressed, everyone refused Esther's offer of food. Christine, Phillip, and Nina returned. Phillip claimed he was managing when asked how he was coping. Nina, stammering, said she couldn't put into words what she was feeling. Katherine approached Nina and comforted her. Katherine said, "Your son was a wonderful man, and we're all so sorry he's gone." As Katherine embraced Nina, Christine caught Nina's gaze. From across the room, Christine's expression seemed to plead with Nina to remain silent about knowing that Chance was still alive.

At the district attorney's office, Paul congratulated Heather after Wisconsin's attorney general appointed her interim D.A. Heather took a seat at Owen's former desk, on which files of pending cases were stacked, awaiting her attention. Paul held Owen Pomerantz's nameplate in his hand and recalled that the D.A. had just reinstated Heather as assistant D.A., so she could help prosecute Ronan for Chance's murder, which Owen had orchestrated. Heather read aloud a press release, which would announce her appointment. Heather swore she'd nail Owen for every illegal thing he'd ever done. Teary-eyed, Heather explained that she'd ensure that Chance's ultimate sacrifice would not be in vain.

In Adam and Skye's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Skye told Adam that she'd used her incredible wit and charm to procure an interview with Financial Views. Skye gloated that she and Adam, as a power couple, would have investors lined up around the block. Adam, preoccupied, complained that he didn't want to be a power couple, and he refused to dress for the interview. Skye laid down the law and reminded Adam that he was a free man. Skye added that while she might not be his precious Sharon, she gave him all the sex he wanted and warned that there would be consequences if he didn't cooperate.

Skye reminded Adam that she knew that he'd injected his eyes with Botox, so his daddy would get him out of jail. Adam reminded Skye that he'd also been diagnosed with the same condition that his blinded mother had. Skye said that Adam's eyesight wasn't as bad as he pretended it to be. Skye also reminded Adam that he'd helped Patty Williams escape. Knowing she had Adam's attention, Skye said, "What's the matter? Mr. Kitty got your tongue? I expect you downstairs, and wear your blue suit."

After Skye left, Adam sipped whiskey and glanced at a sheet of Skye's stationery, which was engraved with the Newman Fund letterhead. Talking to himself, Adam said, "You think you can threaten me, and I'll just lie down and take it?" Later, in the dining room at the club, spiffily dressed in a blue suit, Adam joined Skye and the reporter and photographer from the magazine.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was about to take a sip of vodka when she heard Victor return. Nikki hid her glass behind a flower arrangement and quickly popped a breath mint into her mouth. Victor walked into the room and said he'd heard about the arrests at the funeral. Running her words together, Nikki tensely explained that Owen Pomerantz had been behind the drug ring. Victor asked Nikki why she was so nervous. Nikki explained that Katherine had collapsed and ended up in the hospital. Nikki added that waiting for word about Katherine's condition was driving her crazy. Victor asked Nikki why she hadn't stayed at the hospital, and she admitted that she and Jill had gotten into a scuffle, and she hadn't wanted things to escalate.

Katherine phoned Nikki and told her that she was home recovering. After Victor learned that Heather had been appointed interim D.A., he told Nikki he had to leave. Nikki nervously checked her breath after Victor kissed her. Paul stopped by to see Nikki after she phoned him and said she needed a friend. Nikki told Paul that she'd been happy about her plans to remarry Victor, but his behavior toward Victoria over her relationship with Billy was abominable. Paul told Nikki that something else seemed to be bothering her.

Nikki admitted that she felt antsy and off-kilter, but she denied having taken a drink. Paul mentioned Nick's divorce and Abby's behavior as stressors in Nikki's life. Nikki explained that she'd weathered similar family crises without falling apart, but remarked that she'd simply awoken one morning to discover that something was different. Nikki admitted that she'd been too busy to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Paul made Nikki promise to call him any time, day or night. Nikki hugged Paul and insisted that she felt better already.

Victor stopped by Heather's office and told her that they each had a burning desire to see that Adam Wilson Newman paid for the hell he'd put everyone through. Victor asked Heather to reopen all of Owen's cases, but Heather explained that the D.A.'s office was in the midst of a scandal, so she would devote herself to cases involving the mob and the cops suspected of working with them. Victor explained that if Heather became district attorney, she could ensure that Adam's case didn't get lost in the shuffle. Victor offered to bankroll Heather's campaign for district attorney if she promised to go after Adam Wilson Newman with all her might.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reed, Summer, and Delia were visiting Billy and Victoria's home for a sleepover. J.T. wasn't sure if Billy and Victoria were ready to care for all the kids at once, but Victoria said it would be good practice for when the new baby arrived. Mac urged Billy and Victoria to call if they needed backup. When J.T. and Mac left, the kids wanted to play and ran upstairs. Victoria and Billy followed, ready to keep up with the energetic children.

A while later, the kids chased Billy and Victoria with water pistols. Victoria smelled her cookies burning and rushed into the kitchen to pull the tray out of the oven. Victoria emerged with the scorched cookie pan. Billy used the squirt gun to douse the smoldering cookies.

Later on, Billy and Victoria were on the couch, leaning against each other and complaining of exhaustion. Victoria and Billy admitted that the kids had wiped them out. Billy commented that he had an early meeting and needed to get to sleep. Victoria was upset about being unemployed. Billy suggested that Victoria call Tucker and consider taking the job he'd offered her. Victoria said that she held Tucker responsible for the Japanese situation. Victoria also believed that Tucker only offered her a job to irk Victor. Victoria said that she wasn't interested in working for Tucker.

Billy reminded Victoria that the job would be working with Ashley at Jabot, and Jabot was a very good company. Victoria was still unsure. Billy suggested that Victoria could take time off from work to be with the kids. Victoria hated that idea. Victoria tried to explain to Billy that she wasn't cut out to be a full-time homemaker. Billy understood that Victoria wasn't the stay-at-home mom type. Victoria said she had tried being a stay-at-home mom right after Reed was born, but she had been bored being home all day.

Victoria told Billy that she loved being a businesswoman. Billy said that if Victoria wanted to return to the business world, he would support her decision. Billy asked Victoria if she would like to work with him at Restless Style. Victoria contended that if she worked all day with Billy, they might kill each other. Victoria said that she wanted to use her expertise in cosmetics. Victoria then wondered if she might follow Abby's path and get into television production. Victoria came up with an idea for a reality television show like Father Knows Best with Billy as the father. Billy laughed at the suggestion.

Later on, Billy and Victoria were happy that the children were finally asleep. Victoria declared that the children had beaten her and Billy down. Billy believed that he and Victoria would always be youthful. Victoria and Billy got romantic, and Billy suggested they make love right there on the couch. Before they could get too involved, Summer called for a glass of water, and Reed said he needed to go to the bathroom. Billy agreed to get the water while Victoria attended to Reed.

J.T. and Mac returned to their apartment, and they both commented on how quiet it was without Reed there. J.T. offered to make something for dinner, but the cupboard was virtually bare. Mac apologized for not having shopped. Talking about their life together, J.T. told Mac that she was great with Reed. Mac said that she enjoyed spending time with Reed. J.T. thought Mac would be a great mother someday. J.T. admired Mac's patience with Reed. J.T. admitted to Mac that he wanted what they had together to last forever. J.T. asked Mac if she would have a baby with him.

Mac didn't answer immediately, and J.T. apologized for blurting out what he was feeling. J.T. thought his timing was wrong. Mac surprised J.T. by saying that she wanted to have a baby with him. Mac said that she'd been thinking about a baby, too. Mac believed that something was missing between her and J.T., and it was a child. J.T. recalled the child they had lost years before. Mac liked the idea of becoming pregnant again, and she suggested they start trying to make a baby immediately. J.T. and Mac undressed each other and began making love.

After lovemaking, Mac asked J.T. to order a pizza. J.T. was surprised that Mac wanted a pizza because when she was pregnant, she always craved pizza. Mac wondered if she had just become impregnated because the craving was so strong. J.T. didn't think it was possible, but J.T. was happy to try again.

Nick and Sharon were with Faith at Sharon's house on the ranch. Sharon and Nick looked at their little girl as they played with her. Nick said he thought that Faith was an old soul, like Noah. Sharon casually asked Nick about the blonde he had been kissing in Jimmy's Bar. Nick wasn't surprised that Phyllis had told Sharon about that night, but he assured Sharon that the woman had been someone he knew. Sharon wondered if the lady looked like her. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Sharon opened the door to find her son, Noah. Sharon hugged Noah and Nick called out excitedly, "Noah's home!"

Nick and Sharon spoke with Noah while he held Faith in his arms. Noah's trip home was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Noah explained that Eden had decided to remain in Paris. Noah was happy to being playing with Faith. Noah imagined that if he took his baby sister to the park, all the girls would be attracted to him. Sharon warned Noah that he couldn't use Faith as a "babe magnet."

Sharon and Noah were very happy to hear that Noah would be home for the foreseeable future. Noah assumed that Sharon and Nick had reconciled, but Sharon explained that they were still apart. Noah said it was just a matter of time before they reunited. Sharon and Nick said they had no plans to get back together again.

Noah mentioned that he'd read Phyllis' blog and was disturbed by what she'd written. Noah worried that someday Faith and Summer would read Phyllis' hurtful words. Nick explained that Phyllis was mad at Nick. Noah's phone rang, and he had a text message. Noah walked out of the room to respond to the message. Nick and Sharon both realized how changed Noah was since his time in Paris.

At the club, a magazine reporter finished interviewing Adam and Skye about the Newman Fund. Watching from across the room, Phyllis and Jack were curious about Adam and Skye's activities. After the interview, Skye and Adam walked over to Jack and Phyllis' table. Skye boasted about how successful the Newman Fund was, assuring Jack that investment was growing. Skye and Adam walked away. Phyllis was shocked that Jack had invested in the hedge fund. When Phyllis questioned Jack about what he was up to, Jack flirted with Phyllis.

Jack wondered why Phyllis was writing a blog that skewered all the women in Genoa City. Phyllis felt the town was filled with hypocrites. Jack thought Phyllis was playing dirty by taking shots at other people through her blog. Phyllis said it was publishing, just like a magazine. Jack thought that Phyllis was returning to her old style. Phyllis urged Jack to return to his old style, too. Jack asked Phyllis if she wanted him to get a room for the two of them.

Jack's offer surprised Phyllis and she turned Jack down. Jack questioned why Phyllis would have a fling with Deacon, but not a fling with Jack, her former love. Phyllis believed that a romp with Deacon made more sense for her. Phyllis said that it was a pride thing. Phyllis said that she wouldn't want Nick to think she had gone back to Jack as a way to hurt Nick. Jack didn't understand Phyllis' reasoning. Phyllis explained that she loved Jack, but she wasn't going to fool around with him.

Back in their hotel room, Skye was beaming about the magazine interview. Skye told Adam that the story would be helpful in getting investors for the Newman Fund. Skye thought that Adam should thank her for how successful their hedge fund had become. Adam told Skye he would not forgive her for humiliating him before the interview. Adam acknowledged that Skye had dirt on him, but Adam said he had an axe over Skye's head, too. Adam warned Skye to stop pushing him or he might snap. Skye was visibly shaken by Adam's implied threat of violence.

Later on, Adam gathered his things to leave the room. Skye told Adam that she was glad that Adam had spoken his mind. Skye said she respected him for standing up to her. Adam told Skye that she might be a great poker player at the table, but without cards in her hands, Adam could see right through her. Adam reminded Skye that he had walked away from his father and the Newman name. Adam warned Skye that he could walk away from her just as easily, and Adam would take his name with him.

When Adam walked out of the hotel by himself, Jack and Phyllis noticed from their vantage point in the restaurant. Jack wondered why Skye wasn't with Adam. Phyllis thought that Skye had been deranged to marry Adam. A little while later, Phyllis thanked Jack for dinner. Jack said goodnight, and Phyllis walked out.

Jack went to the bar, where Skye went over to join him. Jack asked about Adam leaving, and Skye ordered a drink. Skye told Jack that it was boring how much Jack hated Adam. Jack said that Adam was a jackass. Jack flirted with Skye and said she deserved better than Adam. Jack declared that Adam was a loser, and only Skye's expertise had made Adam look like a winner. Skye flirted with Jack, letting him know that she was interested. Jack asked for the check. Upstairs in her hotel room, Jack and Skye fell onto the bed and began to make love.

At Crimson Lights, Noah ordered a coffee. Noah saw Phyllis and said hello. Phyllis hugged Noah warmly and asked about Eden. As they talked, Nick and Sharon appeared in the doorway with Faith. Phyllis told Nick and Sharon that it was great that their family was reunited. A while later, Phyllis was on the patio when Adam walked into coffeehouse. Adam asked Phyllis if she was afraid to go home to her lonely apartment. Phyllis pointed out to Adam that Sharon and Nick were a happy family with their children.

A short time later, Adam returned to the hotel room. Jack was putting on his clothes after having been with Skye. Jack smirked at Adam and said Adam's return had been bad timing. Jack left the room. Adam looked at Skye, still naked in bed. Adam told Skye that he was surprised that she hadn't heeded his words.

Phyllis was still at the coffeehouse. She'd set up her laptop and was writing in her blog. The subject of her screed was pride. Phyllis mused about how pride had transformed her into a strong woman. Phyllis said that for others, "pride goeth before a fall," and that first step could be a doozie.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Chloe walked in and spoke with Kevin. Kevin was glad to see that Chloe was up and around. Kevin commented on how good Chloe looked. Chloe said she was ready to climb back into bed. Chloe explained to Kevin that it hurt less to hide under the covers than to deal with life without Chance. Chloe missed Chance.

In Chance's room at the mansion, Philip and Nina packed their son's belongings. Nina wanted to send Chance's things to him, since he was in Witness Protection, but Philip said it would be risky. Philip reminded Nina that Chance had given up a lot to enter the Witness Protection Program. Nina was tempted to tell Kay and relieve her grief. Paul knocked and entered the room. Paul offered to help Nina and Philip with Chance's things, but Nina said they had it under control.

Paul asked Nina and Philip if their meeting with Chris after the funeral had helped them deal with Chance's death. Nina dodged the question by revealing that she was still upset with Chris. Paul defended the decisions that Chris had made on the case. Paul contended that Chris had never anticipated that Chance would be killed. Nina was unwilling to forgive Chris. Nina pointed out that she was packing up her son's belongings, and Chris was to blame.

In the living room, Chris visited with Kay and offered Kay her condolences for Chance's death. Chris inquired about Kay's health. Kay said she was better. Kay urged Chris to persuade Nina to forgive Chris, especially in light of the fact that there was nothing that would ever bring Chance back. Kay commented on how smart and brave Chance had been.

Kay said that she had been hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion, and that she was caring for herself by drinking water and resting. But Kay still had a terrible ache in her heart over losing Chance, and Kay had no idea how to fix it. Chris nodded with understanding. Chris agreed that Chance had been brave. Chris asked Kay to go outside with her so they could speak privately. Kay was unsure, but agreed to go outside with Chris.

Philip arrived at the coffeehouse and said hello to Kevin and Chloe. Kevin expressed his condolences about Chance. Philip asked Chloe if she was doing all right. Chloe was surprised that Philip was so kind to her, especially because Chloe and Chance had broken their engagement before his death. Philip told Chloe that Chance had truly loved Chloe. Philip remembered that Chance had specifically admired Chloe's smile.

Philip told Chloe that he would be happy to speak with her any time she wanted to talk about Chance. Philip walked away. Kevin told Chloe that Chance had been right about one thing. Kevin suggested that there was something magical in Chloe's smile. Chloe hugged Kevin and thanked him for making her laugh.

A while later, Kevin tried to get Chloe to eat some food. Chloe said she had no appetite. Chloe also pointed out to Kevin that he had filled the apartment with food. Kevin mentioned that he had done Chloe's laundry, too. Chloe was surprised, but Kevin said that her clothes were so small that it was no big deal. Chloe apologized for being such a downer. Kevin gave Chloe permission to feel like "Debbie Downer" if that was how she felt.

Tucker met Ashley at the club. They kissed warmly. Ashley asked Tucker about Kay's condition. Tucker responded that he wasn't sure about the status of his mother's health. Ashley told Tucker it was the perfect time for Tucker to get close to Kay and her family. Tucker explained that he had reached out to Kay and the family, but they had shut him out. Ashley was surprised that Murphy had blamed Tucker for causing Kay's collapse. Ashley was also surprised that Tucker hadn't fought with Murphy to get into Kay's hospital room. Ashley blamed Tucker for giving up. Ashley urged Tucker to trust his instincts and to force Murphy to let Tucker see Kay. Ashley told Tucker that she trusted his instincts.

Lily and Cane marveled at how fast the twins were growing. Cane said that he had to leave for a meeting with Philip. Lily wondered if Philip would be in Australia when Cane was there for the bio-fuels project. Cane said the project had been delayed, and Cane wouldn't be leaving for a while. Lily worried about Cane's immigration status, but Cane said that Sofia had arranged everything for Cane. Lily told Cane that she was going to visit Nina to pay a condolence call.

A short time later, Lily and the twins were at the mansion. Murphy was excited to see the babies. Nina and Paul entered the room and were also thrilled to see Charlie and Matilda. Nina held Charlie and remembered what it was like holding Chance as a baby. Nina and Lily shared stories of motherhood. Nina said that she would have done anything for Chance.

Malcolm and Sofia were in their hotel room when Neil knocked on the door. Neil said he was there to see Sofia. Neil told Sofia that the bio-fuels project was a go. Tucker had given Sofia's proposal the thumbs-up. Neil informed Sofia that she and Cane had to leave for Australia right away. Sofia was surprised that Neil had honored their agreement. Neil explained why he had approved her revised proposal. Sofia was pleased that Neil had backed her up. Neil said he was on his way to inform Cane.

Malcolm was glad that Sofia was happy, but Malcolm was curious about the deal Sofia had made with Neil. Sofia told him about their agreement, and Malcolm told Sofia that she'd regret it because it would "bite [her] in the butt." Sofia explained that she needed Neil to be on her side in business. Malcolm said that he didn't trust Neil. Sofia explained to Malcolm that she knew what she was doing. Sofia rattled off a list of things she had to do before flying to Australia. Before she could start, Malcolm began getting romantic with Sofia. Malcolm offered to drive Sofia to the airport, after he made love to her.

At the coffeehouse, Philip met with Cane. Philip asked if Cane still planned to go to Australia because the men who were after Cane would find out about it. Neil showed up and told Cane that the bio-fuels project was a go. Neil explained that Cane had to meet Sofia at the airport and leave for Australia immediately. Cane was stunned. Neil explained that Tucker had given the project the go-ahead. Cane explained to Neil that he couldn't leave right away. Neil assured Cane that Lily and the kids would be fine while Cane was away. Neil explained that Cane had no choice in the matter. Neil told Cane to go home and pack. Cane called Lily and told her the news.

At the mansion, Lily told Nina and Paul that she had to cut the visit short because she needed to get home. Paul helped Lily gather up the babies and their things. Lily offered to meet with Nina again any time she wanted to talk or spend time with the babies. Nina saw Kay and Chris entering the house from the patio doors. Nina wondered why Chris was there. Chris said she had been visiting with Kay.

Kay defended Chris to Nina. From Kay's choice of words, Nina suspected that Chris had told Kay about Chance being in the Witness Protection Program. Before Chris could respond to Nina's question, Paul reappeared. Paul thanked Chris for giving Heather a positive recommendation that had helped her get the job as acting D.A. Chris said Heather deserved the opportunity. Chris said goodbye to Nina and Paul, then left.

Paul asked Nina if she wanted to go out to a movie or perhaps to the mall. Nina didn't want to go out. Paul said that he wanted to help Nina deal with her grief. Nina said that she was reminded of Chance wherever she was. Paul thought going to a movie would help Nina get through a few hours without missing Chance. Nina told Paul that she needed some time away from him. Paul wondered if Nina meant a few days or a week. Nina told Paul that she needed a long break.

Lily returned home, and Neil stopped by to spend some time with his daughter. Lily told Neil that the babies were asleep after their visit at Kay's mansion. Lily was sad about Cane having to leave for business, but she understood that he had to go. Lily recalled that when she was a child, Neil had gone on many business trips.

Cane went to see Sofia at her hotel room. Sofia assumed that Cane was there about the trip. Cane said that the timing was off, and he couldn't leave for Australia. Sofia warned Cane that he risked deportation if he refused to do the job. Cane explained to Sofia that the men he had crossed in Australia were still after him. Sofia thought that the danger had passed.

Cane admitted that he had lied about the threat to protect Lily. Cane told Sofia that the situation was very serious, and the men could follow him back to Genoa City. Cane feared what they might do to Lily and the children. Sofia had an idea to solve Cane's problem. Sofia proposed going to Australia and having the bio-fuels meeting on the plane so his enemies would never even know that Cane was in Australia. Cane approved of Sofia's plan.

At Crimson Lights, Chris told Philip that she was afraid that Nina would never forgive her for losing Chance. Philip believed that Nina would come around in time. Philip was grateful that Chris had gotten Chance into the Witness Protection Program.

Cane returned home and was saying goodbye to the babies before leaving. Lily watched Cane with the children. Cane told Lily that he really didn't want to leave her and the kids. Lily understood why Cane had to leave. Cane hugged Lily and told her that she was his life. Cane picked up his bag and left the house.

Tucker appeared at the mansion, holding a bouquet of flowers for Kay. Murphy answered the door and told Tucker that he wasn't welcome. Murphy refused to let Tucker into the house because he feared Tucker would make Kay ill again. Tucker said he wouldn't leave unless Kay told him to go. Kay appeared at the door and wanted to know what was going on.

Kay invited Tucker into the mansion. Tucker was glad to see that Kay was feeling better. Murphy explained to Kay that it had been Murphy's decision to keep Tucker from visiting Kay in the hospital. Kay defended Tucker to Murphy. Kay said there had been misunderstandings, but that was in the past. Tucker gave Kay the flowers and assured her that he was there with only good intentions. Kay suggested that they trust each other. Tucker agreed.

On the McCall private jet, Sofia assured Cane that he would not be getting off the plane when they landed in Australia. Cane was relieved. Back at Lily and Cane's house, a gift box arrived for Lily. Lily read the card and discovered that it was from Down Under. Neil and Lily unwrapped the box and inside were frozen steaks. Lily assumed that it was a gift from Cane. Neil proposed that Lily have a barbecue.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley asked Chloe about Delia. Chloe said she hadn't been caring for her daughter because she was in mourning for Chance. Delia had been staying with Esther. Nina showed up and said hello to Chloe and Ashley. Nina told Chloe that Chance would have wanted Chloe to be out and about.

Nina saw Philip and Chris at a table on the patio. Philip offered to get Nina a cup of coffee. While Philip was away, Nina asked Chris to answer her question from earlier. Nina reiterated her question, asking Chris if she had told Kay about Chance being in the Witness Protection Program.

At the coffee counter, Philip saw Paul and said hello. Philip assumed that Paul had driven Nina to the coffeehouse. Paul explained that he had not driven Nina because Nina had dumped him. Philip felt bad for Paul. Philip commented that Nina was going through a lot.

Chris explained that she was not allowed to share that information with anyone. Nina noticed that Kay was no longer overcome with grief since her meeting with Chris. Nina demanded that Chris tell her the truth. Chris continued to deny that she'd told Kay about Chance, but Nina knew better. Nina thanked Chris for giving Kay what Nina had not been able to.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

At the ranch, Meggie was going over Nikki's messages and asking Nikki how she should respond. Nikki was acting confused and out of it. Meggie noticed and asked Nikki about the phone calls again. Nikki snapped at Meggie angrily. Meggie asked if Nikki was feeling all right. Meggie offered to listen if Nikki wanted to talk about what was bothering her. Nikki said she was all right. Meggie said she would return to her room, but Nikki stopped her. Nikki then changed her mind and let Meggie walk out of the living room. Nikki's eyes drifted to the liquor bottles.

In the D.A.'s office, Heather pressed her assistant to push the other staff members to get up to speed on all of Owen's cases. The assistant handed Heather the evidence from the drug sting. It was the tape from Chance's wire. Heather wasn't sure that she wanted to listen to it.

Paul arrived and Heather told him about the tape. Paul explained to Heather that it was her responsibility to listen to the tape. Paul offered to stay if she wanted him to help her deal with the emotions. Heather said that she could handle it. Paul encouraged Heather to find a balance between her personal life and her work life. Heather said the Feds were pressing her to investigate all of Owen's cases.

Heather told Paul that she was happy about the prospect of prosecuting Adam. Heather mentioned Victor's offer to help her. Paul was surprised that Heather would consider working with Victor on Adam's case. Paul let Heather know that while Victor could be helpful, he was also a ruthless man, and he wouldn't necessarily play by the rules. The attorney general called, and Heather explained to Paul that she had to take the phone call. Heather informed Paul that she would only reopen Adam's case if she believed she could convict him. Paul understood and left.

Adam was preparing to leave his hotel room. Skye walked in and boasted about a positive transaction for the Newman Fund. Skye asked Adam to go with her to lunch, but Adam turned her down. Adam reminded Skye that they were married, but they weren't friends. Adam walked out of the room.

In the club, Nick was on the phone with Victoria. Nick ended his call when Victor sat at the table with Nick. Victor asked about Victoria. Nick said that he didn't want to get caught between his father and sister. Victor defended his actions against Victoria. Victor believed that Victoria's marriage to Billy was a disaster. Nick defended Billy to his father, explaining that Billy was a better man than Adam.

Adam went to the bar at the club. Jack approached and suggested that Adam might not want to leave Skye alone in the hotel room. Jack subtly needled Adam about the fact that Jack had engaged in sex with Skye in Adam's bed. Adam laughed and told Jack that he didn't care about Skye, and Jack couldn't get to Adam through Skye. Adam assured Jack that Skye needed Adam more than Adam needed Skye, but Jack didn't buy that.

Jack joined Nick and Victor at their table and told the Newmans about his chat with Adam. Victor walked over to Adam and informed him that the Feds had instructed Heather to investigate Owen Pomerantz's cases. Victor said that Adam's case could be reopened. Victor was determined that Adam would face a jury of his peers. Adam walked away from his father and left the club.

At the table, Nick told Jack that Noah was back from Paris. Nick commented on how grown-up Noah seemed. Jack said that was what happened when a young man spent time in Paris. Jack looked forward to seeing Noah. Nick said he loved having his children nearby. Jack wished that he'd been a better father in the past.

Victor returned and Nick asked his father if he'd given Adam a heads-up about Owen's files being investigated. Victor said it had only been a matter of time before Adam would have found out. Victor urged Nick to speak with Heather about reopening Adam's case. Victor suggested that Nick offer to support Heather if she decided to prosecute Adam. Nick agreed to meet with Heather immediately.

Over drinks, Victor handed Jack another check to invest in the Newman Fund. Jack and Victor discussed how they were going to manipulate their investments so that Skye and Adam's hedge fund would be destroyed. Victor questioned Jack about his interaction with Skye. Jack implied that he was using Skye. Victor gleaned that Jack was having sex with Skye. Jack assured Victor that he knew exactly what he was doing with Skye. Victor was concerned, but Jack was cocky and cool. Jack left Victor to join Skye at the bar. Skye wondered when Jack and Victor had become drinking buddies.

Heather was hard at work in her office, but her eyes drifted to Chance's tape. Suddenly, Adam burst into office, pushing Heather's assistant to the side. Adam demanded to know if Heather was reopening Adam's case. Heather dismissed her assistant. Adam declared that he had no connection to Owen's drug dealing and Heather had no cause to reopen the Hightower murder case. Adam suggested that Heather's decision to go after Adam again would be personal. Heather said there was nothing personal in her pursuit of justice.

Heather complained that Adam was walking around free while someone like Chance had died in cold blood. Adam looked into Heather's eyes and realized that Heather had cared about Chance. Adam sympathized with Heather. Nick entered the office and wondered why Adam was there. Adam wondered what Nick was doing there, as well. Adam suggested that Nick's visit was related to Nick conferring with Victor at the club. Heather told Adam to back off.

After Adam left the office, Nick told Heather that the Newman family would be completely supportive of Heather if she decided to prosecute Adam again. Heather asked if Nick was there on his father's orders. Nick assured Heather he was not Victor's pawn. Heather appreciated Nick's offer.

Paul rang the bell at the Newman ranch. Nikki stopped pouring a drink to answer the door. Paul explained to Nikki that he had a report for Victor that he'd prepared about Meggie. From the stairs, Meggie listened in on Paul and Nikki's conversation. Nikki offered to deliver the report to Victor, but Paul said he had to hand it to Victor personally. Nikki said that Victor was at the club. Paul wondered if Nikki was feeling all right. Nikki lied and said she was fine.

After Paul left, Nikki returned to the living room. Nikki called to Meggie. When Meggie didn't respond, Nikki poured herself a big drink. Nikki sighed with satisfaction as she downed the booze.

At the club, Paul gave Victor the information from the background check he'd done on Meggie McClain. Paul said that Meggie's record was clean. From the foyer, Meggie listened to Paul and Victor. When Meggie was satisfied that Paul had given her a good report, Meggie left without being spotted by Victor. Victor thanked Paul for doing such thorough work.

Paul informed Victor that he was aware of Victor's offer to Heather. Paul asked Victor to treat Heather with care. Paul feared that Victor would take advantage of Heather. Victor told Paul that he sincerely wanted to help Heather in her new position. Paul was skeptical. Paul also told Victor that while Meggie might be clean, there could be other troubles lurking at the ranch. Victor resented Paul's insinuation and told Paul that he didn't appreciate a hired hand lecturing him. Paul got up from the table and walked out of the club.

Heather buzzed her assistant and asked for her calls to be held. Heather put Chance's recording into the tape player. Heather listened for a few minutes, but soon became emotional and began to cry. Heather forced herself to listen to the recording. Heather heard the shots that had killed Chance. Paul entered the office and saw Heather in tears. Paul held his daughter in his arms as she bawled.

Meggie returned to the ranch and realized that Nikki was drunk. Nikki said she needed to rest. Nikki went upstairs and Meggie said -- to herself -- that she would take care of everything.

Jack handed a check to Skye for the Newman Fund. Skye wondered if Jack and Victor were working together like they had in Brazil. Jack said he had been speaking to Victor about family matters. Skye wasn't convinced, but when Jack asked her to go up to her room with him, Skye agreed.

Upstairs at the club, Jack unlocked the door to Skye and Adam's room. Skye and Jack were kissing as they entered, until they saw that Adam was sitting at the desk. Jack wondered if Skye had set Jack up. Skye said she'd had no idea that Adam was in the room. Adam asked Jack to leave. Jack left the room.

Adam told Skye that he didn't care about Skye kissing Jack. Adam said that they were good partners and he wanted then to stop fighting. Skye wasn't fooled by Adam's sudden interest in making peace. Skye told Adam that she knew about Heather's new job. Skye knew that Adam was worried that Heather would reopen his case. Skye warned Adam that Adam needed Skye more than she needed him. Skye asserted that she was in control and said that she would be calling the shots.

Nick reported back to Victor that he'd met with Heather. Nick believed that Heather was frazzled in her new job, but she was in charge. Nick told Victor that Heather had thrown Adam out of the office. Victor told Nick to concentrate on helping Heather and making sure that she reopened Adam's case. A while later, outside Skye and Adam's room, Jack listened at the door and heard their fight. Nick approached Jack and they both listened at the door. Adam said he wished that Skye had remained buried under the floorboards of the stables.

Victor returned to the ranch. Victor wondered why Meggie had a suitcase. Meggie said that she had overheard Paul speaking with Nikki about Meggie's background check. Victor assured her that the background check was standard for a man in his position. Victor told Meggie that Paul had uncovered nothing. Meggie said she was going to move into a hotel.

Victor asked Meggie to stay because she had become an invaluable part of the ranch. Victor believed that Nikki needed Meggie. Victor said that everyone had things in their past they weren't proud of. Victor then embraced Meggie in friendship. Nikki came down the stairs and saw Victor holding Meggie.

On the private plane, Sofia told Cane that she had made all the arrangements with their associates in Australia. They would meet Cane and Sofia onboard, so Cane would never have to leave the plane. Sofia assured Cane that he would be safe from the men who were determined to kill him. Cane tried in vain to call Lily on the cell phone. Sofia offered Cane the satellite phone and Cane was able to leave a message for Lily.

Later on, the Australians finished their meeting with Cane and Sofia. Sofia and Cane said goodbye and thanked them for meeting on the jet. Once they were off the plane, Cane tried to call Lily, but the call wouldn't go through. A while later, Cane was still trying to call Lily when Sofia said they were going to be taking off. Cane finally heard a partial message from Lily and relaxed.

At the house, Lily had her hands full with the babies. Neil arrived and hoped that Lily had gotten some sleep the night before. Lily admitted that it was a challenge caring for the twins without Cane to help her. Neil took one of the babies while Lily went into the nursery to attend to the other. Neil greeted Malcolm at the door, and Malcolm offered to help with the kids.

Lily left her father and uncle with the kids so she could take a bath. Neil mentioned that he would be firing up the grill to cook the steaks. Malcolm was impressed that they were having steak for lunch. Lily assumed the steaks had been sent by Cane because they were a "gift from Down Under."

Later, Lily was refreshed after the bath, but upset that Cane was out of town. Neil and Malcolm were working in the kitchen and urged Lily to relax while the sitter was caring for the babies. Lily walked away, and Malcolm asked Neil about the work he was doing with Sofia. Malcolm was excited about the big event they were planning in Miami. Malcolm looked forward to escorting Sofia to Miami. Neil was down on the idea, saying that Sofia needed to avoid distractions while on the job.

Malcolm put the salad on the table and Lily commented that Malcolm and Neil had been getting along very well. Malcolm told Lily that as a boy, he'd always wanted to be like Neil. When Lily stepped out for a moment, Malcolm told Neil that he understood about Miami. Neil was grateful. Neil put the steaks on the table. Malcolm noticed that the meat had a different smell. Lily said that perhaps it was due to the fact that the beef had been raised in Australia. Lily said grace and the three of them began to eat.

A while later, Lily was resting on the couch when the phone rang. Lily answered the phone and was happy to hear from Cane. Cane asked about Lily's well-being. Lily said she'd had a big lunch and was exhausted. Malcolm and Neil appeared at the door. They told Lily that Cane had called them when Cane hadn't been able to reach Lily.

Lily assured Cane that she was fine. On the jet, Cane told Sofia that he had been worrying about Lily all day. Cane admitted that he'd let his imagination get the better of him, and Cane feared his enemies from Australia might go after Lily and the children. Back in Genoa City, someone was outside Lily and Cane's house, watching Neil with Lily.

Friday, September 24, 2010

At Restless Style, Billy urged his staff to come up with a cover story. Skye walked in and suggested that Billy put her on the cover. Billy said that he was swamped with work and asked Skye to leave. Skye said that the Newman Fund and her being a member of the Newman family would be a terrific story. Skye also thought her face on the cover would sell magazines.

Billy wasn't interested in doing a story about Skye and Adam. Skye sold herself as the female Warren Buffet and said Adam wasn't included in her pitch. Skye wanted to be on the cover alone. Billy thought about it for a moment. Billy liked the idea when he realized that it would tick off Adam. Billy told Skye that if he agreed to the cover, Billy would have total control of all the images and whatever research Billy dug up about Skye and the Newman Fund. Skye understood and agreed to Billy's terms.

At Crimson Lights, Adam said hello to Victoria. Victoria told Adam to buzz off. Adam tried to get under Victoria's skin by pointing out that she was on the outs with Victor just like Adam was. Victoria told Adam that she had no interest in being part of Adam's "I hate Victor" club.

Adam reminded Victoria that Victor had gotten her arrested. Adam compared Victoria's contentious situation with Victor to his own. Victoria disagreed. Adam told Victoria that Victor would never accept Billy. Victoria told Adam that she was married to a man that she truly loved, while Adam had a sham marriage with a woman who was leaching off his name. Victoria left the coffeehouse.

A short time later, Victoria entered the Restless Style office and saw Billy with Skye. Billy arranged the photo shoot with Skye before Skye left. Victoria handed Billy a triple espresso and they kissed hello.

Victoria asked about Skye's visit. Billy told Victoria that he'd found a cover story. Billy would be putting Skye on the cover and doing a story about the Newman Fund. Victoria asked Billy why he didn't rename the magazine Newman Style, since every story he published was about the Newman family. Billy defended the magazine to Victoria.

Victoria claimed that every cover, even the one featuring Kevin and Chloe, included a teaser line about Victor. Billy explained that his business was selling magazines, and Victoria had known that before she married Billy. Victoria asked Billy to imagine Victor's reaction to Skye being in the cover.

Billy said that Victoria sounded like the old Victoria, the one who was Daddy's little girl. Victoria realized that Billy was right. Victoria wondered why she always had the same knee-jerk reaction when it came to her father. Billy hugged Victoria and told her that she needed a lifetime of practice to become a true rebel.

At the ranch, Nikki reached for a bottle of liquor. Meggie walked into the living room. Nikki recalled Meggie hugging Victor. Nikki mentioned to Meggie that she wanted her help choosing a gift for Victor. Victor entered the room and Nikki asked to speak with Victor alone. Meggie exited.

Nikki told Victor that there had been a lot of turmoil in their lives. Abby walked into the living room, interrupting Nikki. Victor was glad to see Abby and said that he had something that would make Abby very happy. Abby was intrigued and sat down on a chair. Victor asked Nikki if they could speak later over lunch. Victor kissed Nikki, and she said that she would be going shopping with Meggie.

After Nikki was gone, Victor told Abby that he and Ashley had been very happy with Abby for showing restraint of late. Abby realized that Victor was referring to her dropping the lawsuit. Victor said he was also pleased that Abby had remained out of the tabloids. Victor wanted to reward her exemplary behavior. Victor handed her an envelope, which included a check.

Abby noticed that the amount was greater than he'd offered her in the past. Abby saw another document in the envelope. Victor said Abby had to sign it in order to cash the check. Abby recognized that the check was offered with strings attached. Abby looked at the document and didn't like the conditions, which included her not receiving any more of her trust fund until her 30th birthday and Abby having to work at Newman Enterprises.

Abby equated working at the family business to being a slave. Victor reminded her that the company was her family legacy, and someday she'd work there with Nick and Victoria. Victor pointed out that he was allowing Abby to create an entertainment division instead of starting at the bottom, but Abby wasn't impressed. Abby rejected the offer. Victor told her that his offer was extremely generous. Abby asked Victor to listen to her and stop trying to dictate to her.

Abby explained that she had her own plans, and if Victor seriously wanted to reward her, he should give her the trust fund. Victor objected to her controlling such a vast amount of money. Abby said she would not accept the check with Victor's strings attached. Victor warned Abby that he would not be so generous in future dealings. Abby left the check and walked out of the house.

A short time later, Abby was at the coffeehouse when Adam approached her. Adam commented on Abby's lawsuit, warning her that Victor wouldn't approve. Abby told Adam that she had dropped the lawsuit. Abby declared that she and Adam had nothing in common. Abby called Adam a baby-stealing freak. Adam disgusted Abby. Skye walked in and said hello to Abby. Skye told Abby that they shared something in common, since Skye was going to be on the cover of Restless Style. Abby moved away and called Jack on her cell phone. Abby agreed to meet Jack.

Heather addressed her staff at the district attorney's office, telling them to lean on each other. The group departed, but one of the attorneys remained behind. He told Heather that the FBI had suspended some of the A.D.A.'s who might have been involved in Owen's corruption. After he left, Heather called Chris to complain about the FBI firing her staff members. Chris agreed to go to Heather's office and explain the situation.

Chris told Heather that she had confidence in Heather doing the job. Heather complained about the number of lawyers in her office that had been suspended. Chris understood, but said that the suspensions were necessary because the Feds had to be certain Owen's corruption was no longer in the department. Heather wanted to know why she had not been consulted before the suspensions were enacted. Heather wanted to know who was running the FBI investigation. Chris told Heather that the man in charge was Ronan.

Heather was unhappy to learn that Ronan was in charge. Victor walked into the office to speak with Heather. Chris greeted Victor before exiting. Heather told Victor that she had reviewed the case file and re-read the transcript from Adam's trial, and there was no indication that the case was tainted by Owen's drug dealing. Heather said she would need new evidence to reopen Adam's case. Victor believed the evidence was out there.

Victor suddenly realized that the key to getting to Adam might be Skye. Victor told Heather that Skye had a criminal record. Heather said that if they found something on Skye, they could use it as leverage against Adam. Victor urged Heather to get to the bottom of it immediately. Victor was confident that they would find a way to put Adam on trial again and this time put him behind bars.

A while later, Heather met with Chris again. Heather said that if Ronan was in charge of the FBI investigation, Heather wanted no part of it. Heather felt she would be constantly reminded that Ronan had shot Chance. Ronan walked into the office. Heather was stunned that Ronan was still in town. Ronan said that if he had his choice, he'd be back in D.C. Heather believed that Ronan was interested in irritating her. Chris urged Heather and Ronan to figure out how to work together. Ronan apologized for Chance's death and told Heather that the only way he could honor Chance's memory was by putting away every dirty cop he'd investigated.

Ronan told Heather that whether she liked him or not, Heather should honor Chance's sacrifice by helping Ronan. Chris thanked Ronan and Heather for cooperating. Heather said that she had one condition before agreeing. Heather wanted control of future staffing decisions. Ronan refused to allow that. Heather declared that she could not be undermined in her office. Ronan said that Heather made a good point, and he agreed to give in to Heather's condition. Chris said she'd inform Ronan's higher-ups at the FBI. Heather said that she wanted to make sure that Chance had not died in vain.

Jack met with Tucker at Gloworm to discuss Jabot business. Tucker was dissatisfied with Jack's performance because he had yet to acquire Beauty of Nature from Victor. Jack said that he still intended to get the company. Tucker told Jack that time was up. Tucker fired Jack from Jabot. Jack was sure that Tucker couldn't fire him because he had a contract. Tucker said that Jack had not fulfilled his part of the bargain. Tucker thought Ashley was doing a great job, and Tucker was interested in hiring Victoria.

Jack demanded that Tucker give him more time to achieve his goal. Jack was concentrating on Abby and her trust fund. Tucker said that Abby had dropped the lawsuit; therefore, Jack's plan was dead in the water. Tucker doubted that Jack had any other moves. Tucker told Jack he had until the end of day to get Abby to reinstate her lawsuit or Tucker's deal with Jack was off. Tucker walked out.

Abby met with Jack at the club and told him about Victor's check and the strings attached. Jack wasn't surprised that Abby had said no to Victor's deal. Jack told Abby that Victor had no respect for her. Abby complained that Victor was self-absorbed. Jack said he understood why Abby had dropped the lawsuit, but if she ever wanted Victor to stop treating her like a child, Abby would have to do something drastic. Abby contemplated calling Vance and reinstating the lawsuit.

Jack told Abby that he was proud of her taking a stand against Victor. Jack had faith in Abby. Abby said she would reinstate the lawsuit, but only if Jack could guarantee that she'd win. Jack said he couldn't do that, but Jack thought she had a compelling case. Abby feared winding up a loser like Adam.

Abby urged Jack to find the evidence that would give Abby a foolproof case. Jack said he would try his damnedest. Jack told Abby to hang tough. Abby kissed her uncle goodbye and walked out of the club. Tucker watched her leave. Tucker asked Jack about Abby. Jack told Tucker that he was making progress. Tucker reiterated to Jack that progress was good, but if Jack wanted to keep his job, he had to get Abby to reinstate the lawsuit by the end of the day.

Victor was in the foyer of Gloworm when Skye and Adam walked in. Skye said hello and told Victor that she was going to be on the cover of Restless Style. Skye said that she would be interviewed about the Newman Fund as well as being part of the Newman family. Victor excused himself and joined Meggie and Nikki at a table. Meggie got up to leave, but Victor stopped her. Victor explained that he couldn't stay for lunch. Nikki understood. Victor kissed Nikki goodbye. Meggie offered to stay and keep Nikki company.

After lunch, Nikki told Meggie to go home without her. Nikki had some personal errands to do. Meggie left and Nikki sat at the bar. Nikki ordered a ginger ale, but she gazed at the liquor bottles. A while later, Nikki walked into an AA meeting and took a seat. Deacon appeared at the podium and introduced himself as an alcoholic. Nikki was surprised to see him there.

At Gloworm, Adam explained to Skye that Billy would twist Skye's words in the Restless Style interview to sensationalize the story. Adam thought that Skye's ego was out of control. Adam was worried that Heather would find a way to reopen his case and feared that the Restless Style cover was too dangerous. Billy appeared at the table to tell Skye that the photo shoot would be at the suite later that day. Adam proposed a joint interview featuring the two of them.

Adam tried to sell the idea of two Newmans instead of one, but Billy wasn't interested. Billy thought Skye was a better draw on the cover and in the pages of the magazine. Billy left, and Adam told Skye the cover story was a foolish move. Skye warned Adam to play along or he might be out in the street.

Victor walked into the Restless Style office and saw Victoria. Victor was looking for Billy to complain about the Skye cover. Victoria said that Billy wasn't there. Victor declared that Billy was helping to promote the Newman Fund. Victoria suggested that Billy might be trying to expose the fund. Victoria declared that Billy would never do anything to hurt her. Victor reminded her of all the issues of Restless Style that were anti-Newman. Victor was shocked by Victoria's insolence.

Victoria reminded Victor that she was carrying Victor's grandchild. Victor claimed that he had never done anything to Victoria. Everything Victor had done had been for Victoria. Victoria was furious about Victor's insinuation that she was an ungrateful child. Victor equated Victoria's ingratitude with Abby's. Victoria asked Victor why he had never given her an ounce of respect. Victor warned Victoria that he was very close to ending their relationship.

Victoria told her father that she had no sense of entitlement because Victor constantly told her that she owed him. Victoria said that Victor was the entitled one. Victoria felt she had lived her entire life trying to live up to her father's standards, and Victoria always come up short. Victoria believed she'd lost her husband, her career, and her son because of her father.

Victoria declared that she had begun a new era of her life, and she had a sense of peace since leaving Newman and her father behind. Victoria credited Billy with making her happy. Victor told Victoria that Billy was a gambler and womanizer and he would ruin Victoria's life. Victor told Victoria that when Billy hurt her, she would regret having burnt bridges with him. Victor asked Victoria to return to the family immediately. Victoria turned her back on her father. Victor walked out of the office. Victoria suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach and keeled over.

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