One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 27, 2010 on OLTL

Ross gained custody of Dani. His manipulations made it possible for him to take Dani to Tahiti. Téa managed to find a cell phone in order to call Todd. Inez was suspicious of Clint's offer to help her sons. Greg and Eli struggled over a syringe filled with a lethal dose of tranquilizers. Rex lied to Bo about locating David. Charlie was shocked to see Echo DiSavoy.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 27, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Todd found Dani and Nate in the school parking lot after the teens had completed Dani's first driving lesson. He told Dani that they had no time and needed to leave right away. Dani inquired where he planned on taking her, and Todd told her it was time to go back to court to hear the judge's decision on the custody case. Dani wanted Nate to accompany them, but Todd refused her request. Nate offered to follow in his own car, but Dani suddenly realized that she hadn't heard from Blair, who was supposed to phone her if the judge's decision had been made.

She was instantly suspicious of Todd and realized that he wanted to run away with her. Todd pointed out that Blair knew he was picking Dani up, but Dani suspected Todd of lying. Todd gave in and agreed, and he recommended that she get into his car "if [you] want to honor [your] mother's dying wish." He planned to take her far away. Dani chastised her father, because she knew he was doing it for himself and not her mother.

He agreed that he was, but also for Dani, because she was his daughter. Dani pointed out that he had other children, but Todd sadly acknowledged that he wouldn't have Dani if she ended up with Ross. Dani admitted that she cared about Todd.

Todd announced that he had a private jet on standby, but Dani turned him down. She didn't want him to go to prison for kidnapping her, and she knew that Téa wouldn't have liked it. They bickered over Téa's will and whether it might be a fake one. Todd was sure it was, and Nate urged him to prove it somehow. Todd thought that Dani reminded him of Téa more and more everyday. Dani was right, he conceded. Téa wouldn't have liked his plan.

Elsewhere on the school grounds, Darren and Destiny walked and talked after their own Driver's Ed class. Destiny admitted that she had trailed her brother Greg to Cherryvale, where he was treating an apparently important woman. Greg had barred her from seeing even a glimpse of the woman, though Darren thought maybe Greg was worried about losing another patient. Destiny was confused that Greg even had a patient somewhere besides the hospital, since he wasn't known to make house calls. Darren wondered if there might be something special about the patient, and Destiny decided she would check it out herself.

The teens checked their funds but realized they were low on cash and wouldn't be able to make the trip in a cab. It was an hour away. Destiny suggested they steal one of the cars from the driving class, but Darren was aghast at the idea. He wondered what Greg's patient might even be able to tell them, but Destiny thought that perhaps Greg might be more open with his patients than with his family.

Todd expressed the need to see Greg, since Greg had been the last one who had spoken to Téa. He could get Greg to testify for him. Destiny and Darren walked up, and Destiny shared the news that her brother had been in Cherryvale. She was confident that Todd would solve the mystery there. Todd quickly got into his car and took off.

Both Starr and Blair showed up at Todd's house separately with the same idea of keeping Todd company until the judge reached her decision. Todd wasn't around, and they both prayed that the judge would side with Todd and award him custody of Dani. They straightened up the place while they chatted and wondered where he might be. Blair was concerned that Ross would win and take Dani out of the country. She wondered how Starr was doing and apologized for devoting all of her time to Dani. Starr confessed that she was stressed, though she advised her mother that she and Cole were still working on their relationship.

Her problem was with James, Starr admitted. They had gotten close while they were on the run, but she had told him she just wanted to be friends. James had wanted more, and while she was hopeful that she and Cole would be happy again, she kept thinking about James. She was unhappy that James just wanted to walk away from their friendship, because she wanted him in her life. Blair gave her daughter a hug.

Starr stressed that she still loved Cole, and she felt like a bad person. Blair promised that it wasn't the first time a woman had loved two different guys, but Starr could only have one. Starr was adamant that she wanted Cole, and she knew that he would be happy that James was gone from her life.

James met up with his brother at Rodi's and let him know that he was still in pursuit of the person who had gotten Ford fired. Ford let it slip that he knew who the perpetrator was, but as James continued to push to make Ford reveal the person's identity, Ford backed off. He explained that he didn't know specifically but assumed it was someone he had "screwed over." James pointed out that Ford really cared about Langston, but Ford acknowledged that sometimes a person had to give something up if he really cared about it.

James was disappointed that he would be at the university without his brother, but Ford explained that it was probably better in the long run. James would be able to have a fresh start. Ford was busy checking out jobs. James pointed out that Ford wouldn't have to lose Langston, and since he was no longer teaching, he could date her openly. Ford informed him that it wasn't to be, and James wondered why. Ford flashed back to Langston's confession of being the person who had caused him to lose his job.

Out loud, Ford asked why James was so interested in Ford's love life. James thought that it would be nice if someone were happy, and Ford asked about Starr. He thought Starr and James were friends. James admitted he had kissed her, and it was too difficult to be friends. It was killing him to not to be able to talk to her, and he would transfer out of class if he did happen to run into her. Ford had to leave for a job interview at the mall camera shop, and James was horrified to hear that it was in sales. James was angry again at the malicious party who had destroyed Ford's life, especially since that person was probably laughing about the entire incident.

Greg spoke quietly to Téa in the Cherryvale hospital when she awoke and asked for Dani and Todd. She was waiting for them, she told him. She grew hysterical, and wanted to know where they were. She expected them to walk through the door at any moment. Suddenly, she looked around and realized that she was no longer in the same room in the hospice.

Greg declared that it was a different room because Téa's condition had changed. She wasn't worse, he assured her. She was getting better and had made a "dramatic turn." He advised her that the tumor was no longer life-threatening. Téa was flabbergasted, and she began to cry. She called Greg a "miracle worker." He wanted her to stay calm. He received a phone call from Todd, but he ignored it. Téa asked him to call Todd for her, because she wanted to be informed when his plane would be landing. She assumed she was still in St. Kitts.

Greg pretended to call Todd, and he claimed to have reached Todd's voicemail. In his fake message, he stated that Téa was awake and had asked for him. He told Téa to get some rest, though she was too excited to sleep. He told her to try counting sheep. She looked at her family photo and proclaimed, "I'll see you real soon, okay? I'm coming back to you."

Langston unexpectedly bumped into Markko at Hallowed Grounds and learned that he was back in Llanview to see his father, who was scheduled to have heart bypass surgery. She wanted to know why Markko hadn't informed her of it previously. "Why would I?" he asked. Langston thought they'd eventually be friends, but Markko made it clear that they knew it wouldn't be possible. Langston started to cry and began to speak. She started to say she thought maybe...She was interrupted when Markko's phone began to ring.

He turned away to talk and thanked the person on the other end for the early ride to the airport. "I didn't want to wake you. You were sleeping so soundly," he added. He finished his conversation and turned back to Langston. She asked if that were Karen, and she was surprised to hear that Karen and Markko had "hooked up" in Los Angeles. Markko replied that they had just been "hanging out," and Langston quickly answered that she had no right to ask in the first place. Markko mentioned Téa, and what an amazing person she had been. That led to talk of Ford, and Langston shared the news that he had been fired for being involved with a student.

Markko called him a jerk, though he thought the man had been a good teacher. He wasn't surprised to learn that Ford had been with another student, but Langston quickly clarified that it wasn't exactly as it sounded. The details weren't known yet, though, she stated. Markko informed her that things were great in California. He had to get to the hospital, and Langston sent her good wishes for his dad, though she knew his dad wouldn't want to hear them. She wondered if she would get to see Markko again.

Markko declared that he would be returning to school, and he was only there to be with his dad. They said goodbye to each other and Markko left. A teary Langston went to the counter to order, and Ford walked in behind her. He looked at her longingly but turned around and ran out. Langston sensed someone behind her, but when she turned around, there was no one there.

Cole visited his mother on the premise of having a break from class, but Marty wondered if he were really there to see Hannah. Just then, the young woman walked into the room and told Marty that she was thrilled to be there, and Marty had been "amazing." She had no idea how she'd repay Marty for all of her kindness, especially after saving her from both St. Anne's and certain jail time. Marty believed that everyone deserved a second chance. Cole mentioned his sociology course, and Hannah recalled that she had wanted to take that same class. Marty frowned when Cole noted that there was still time for Hannah to drop and add courses.

She thought that Hannah should take care of one thing at a time, and she thought that Hannah should concern herself with counseling first. Hannah left the others to take a shower, and Cole asked his mother how Hannah was really doing. Marty reminded him that Hannah had only been there for one night, but she thought the young woman had a "fighting chance." Cole acknowledged that Hannah had made mistakes, but she had risked her life for him, and he wanted to help her. Marty urged her son to back off. She noted that it wasn't too long before that Hannah had been obsessed with Cole, and Marty wouldn't want her to misinterpret Cole's actions.

Cole emphasized that he and Starr were committed to each other, and Hannah was aware of that. He confessed that he hadn't told Starr about Hannah's living with Marty because he hadn't had the time. Marty told him he was giving her excuses and not reasons. Cole was sure that Starr would not react well to the news, and she would "go ballistic." Marty didn't think it was a good idea to keep the information from Starr, because Marty wouldn't want to see that ruin Starr and Cole's relationship. Cole agreed that he should talk to Starr. As the pair spoke, Hannah listened from the next room. She walked out and asked Cole if she could look at his Sociology notes. She might be able to get into his class, she added.

Cole did an about-face and thought it better that she not rush into anything. She had other things to take care of, and school could wait, he told her. He sent Starr a text message and left to meet her. Hannah was clearly annoyed with Marty. She said she'd seen Marty's reaction when Cole had first mentioned class. Hannah asked if Marty thought that Hannah was still a "psycho" who was after her son.

Starr received a text message from Cole and headed out to Rodi's. Before she left, Blair made it clear that she thought James had done the right thing to walk away from Starr. Her daughter didn't feel right about it, but she was happy that she wouldn't have to worry about running into him at the university.

Starr arrived at Rodi's, and the first person she saw was James. He headed to the door, though she assured him that he didn't have to leave. He disagreed with her. Cole walked in and saw the pair standing together. James said goodbye and left, and Cole went over to Starr. He was sorry for interrupting, but she assured him he hadn't. He had something to tell her, and they needed to talk in public, he told her. It was about Hannah, and Starr wasn't going to like it.

Dani was sure they would receive the judge's decision momentarily. Destiny convinced Darren that they needed to go to the library, and they walked off. Dani realized that Destiny was giving her some alone time with Nate, who declared that Todd was "going all Bonnie and Clyde." Dani thought Todd was just like Ross in that way, and Nate proposed that it was because they both loved her. Just then, Dani received a phone call from Blair. The judge had reached her decision.

Blair looked at the wedding photo of Todd and Téa and promised Téa that things would turn out as she had wanted them too.

Todd arrived at the hospital in Cherryvale and called out for Greg in the hallway, right outside of Téa's room.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cole met Starr at Rodi's and told her that Hannah was living with Marty. Starr was angry and didn't think that Marty was the right person to take Hannah in because she wasn't objective. Cole reminded her that his mother was a "shrink" and would be able to get Hannah to a better state of mind. Starr thought that maybe Marty was just a saint.

Cole confessed that Hannah had moved in a day earlier, and Starr was annoyed that she hadn't heard the news previously. Cole admitted that he hadn't wanted to ruin their evening. Starr wondered why he chose to run over to Marty's to see Hannah at all, and Cole explained that Hannah was a friend who risked her life for him. He wanted to be friends with her just the way that Starr was friends with James.

Starr announced that she and James were no longer friends. He was important to her, but he had wanted more than friendship, and that was impossible. James had been obvious with his affection and had finally admitted it, Cole snapped. Starr confessed that James hadn't confessed at all, but he had kissed her. A wide-eyed Cole repeated what Starr told him. Starr related the experience, and she said that James wanted more from her, so it was difficult for him to just be friends. It was painful. She turned and had a longing look in her eyes. Cole looked at her and asked if Starr had feelings for James. Starr was annoyed.

She'd told James over and over that her life was with Cole. She turned the tables and asked if Cole had feelings for Hannah. Cole insisted that he loved Starr. She replied that wasn't what she asked. She admitted to having feelings for James, but it had nothing to do with her and Cole. She knew Cole felt something for Hannah. They finally agreed that it wasn't their feelings that were important at all, but what they did. Starr reminded Cole that she wasn't with James, but Hannah was with Marty. Cole offered to see his mother elsewhere, and Starr was content. They both appeared deep in thought.

At Llanfair, Jessica wanted to pick a wedding date. She considered Halloween but opted for a mid-October affair. Brody voiced his opinion that it might be too soon, which caused a worried Jessica to ask if he still wanted to marry her. Brody assured her that he did, and it wasn't about the baby. He thought it wouldn't give them enough time to plan the large wedding that Jessica wanted. She advised him that it didn't matter to her, and a justice of the peace would do just fine. Just as Jessica hugged Brody and told him how upset she'd be if he had gotten someone else pregnant, Natalie walked into the room.

Brody assured Jessica that she could pick any date she wanted, but he had his own "wedding stuff" to do. Natalie stood there silently as Brody left. Jessica was positive that Brody was having difficulty with the fact that the baby might be Ford's. She felt strongly that any man would have a problem with that situation, and the truth was always there in the background, even if it wasn't mentioned. Natalie stressed that it wasn't Jessica's fault, and while Jessica knew that, and knew that all had been forgiven, she couldn't stop thinking about it. She knew that Brody did the same, and it was torturous.

Natalie was preoccupied as Jessica stated how simple things were with John and Natalie. After all, they knew that their baby was John's. Brody should "man up," Natalie protested. The odds were that the baby was his, and he would melt when he held the baby for the first time anyway. He would get through it. Jessica thought Natalie was lucky. She then asked her to be her maid-of-honor, unless it was matron-of honor, she clarified.

Jessica asked if John and Natalie planned on marriage, and she hoped that Clint wouldn't trap the couple like he did to Jessica and Brody. Natalie stated that there was no talk of marriage, but they hadn't been back together for very long. Jessica could picture Clint telling Natalie to "marry the baby's father now."

Ross landed at the police station in handcuffs, and John announced with tongue-in-cheek that Ross resembled a local purse snatcher. Ross was irritated and advised John that he needed to get to court for his custody hearing. He was positive that he would get custody of Dani thanks to his copy of the "iron-clad" will. He thought it was a shame that Eli had died. John wasn't so sure, and he mentioned the DNA from the body in Tahiti and the local evidence with Eli's prints that didn't match each other.

John figured that Eli needed help to fake his own death and so helped Ross with his pursuit of custody. Ross reminded John that the DNA test from Tahiti had been spoiled, but John bragged that he'd had his own tests run. He was certain that he could probably tie Ross in with the other murders that Eli had committed, and he would see to it that Ross spent the rest of his life in jail. He would never see Dani again.

Ross insisted that he and Dani loved each other, and Dani needed him. John wondered if Eli wouldn't turn on Ross eventually and even prevent Ross and Dani from leaving. Ross spoke up quickly. Eli wouldn't turn on him, he started. He caught himself and added that Eli was dead. John figured that Ross would wish that Eli was dead. He thought that Ross should "come clean." Ross was afraid he'd lose Dani if he admitted anything, but John told him he would lose her anyway.

John wondered how Dani would feel when she found out the will had been changed. Ross knew he would be forgiven, but John thought it might be difficult to trust Eli to keep quiet. Ross questioned whether he'd stay out of prison and have full access to Dani if he spoke up. John curtly stated that he would consider a deal after he heard what Ross had to say. A police officer showed up to take Ross to court. John suggested that Ross tell his story to the judge.

A nervous Dani began to hyperventilate and told Nate that she really needed to get to court. She was afraid she might have to leave with Ross until she turned 18, and the couple shared a bear hug. Nate handed her a lucky charm that he had, though Dani asked if it would make her mom return because Téa was the only one who would be able to fix things. Nate offered to drive Dani, but she advised him it was only a short walk from school.

Nate was unable to start his car and called James for help. Nate was frantic because he wanted to get to the custody hearing. He was afraid he wouldn't see Dani after it was over. He really liked her, he told James, and he couldn't just let her walk away. He gushed that Dani was the best thing to ever happen to him, and she was a miracle. He hadn't even been looking for anyone. She was just there. She even left another guy for him. Nate vowed that he would go off with her if he could, but she cared about both of her fathers. He was afraid he would lose her. A brooding James bent down under the hood and continued to work on Nate's car. Nate's conversation hit too close to home.

Nate suddenly changed the subject and asked about Ford and his job search. He mentioned that there were jobs available at the country club and he could talk to the manager. He asked what was going on with James and Starr. He thought that James was acting "off." James didn't reply, but instead he advised Nate that he needed a new starter for the car.

Todd wandered the hall at the Cherryvale clinic as he looked for Greg. He paused right in front of Téa's door. Inside, an ecstatic Téa was counting the moments until she would see Todd and Dani. Greg reached Todd just as Todd started to open Téa's door. Greg grabbed the door knob and closed the door. He wanted to know what Todd was doing there. Sarcastically, Todd stated that he was there to see Téa. "Todd, is that you?" Téa called out weakly from inside of the room.

Todd explained that he wanted Greg to testify in court, in order to uphold Téa's desire for Todd to obtain custody of Dani. Todd knew that Greg had been the last person to talk to Téa before she died, and Greg was familiar with her wishes. Greg insisted that he couldn't possibly have known what Téa was thinking about at the end. Téa continued to call out for Todd and Dani, and she began to cry.

Todd pleaded with Greg, and the doctor refused. Suddenly, Todd pushed Greg up against the wall. "You owe me," Todd growled. He reminded Greg that the doctor had lied about Téa and her wishes. Finally, Todd ordered him to testify, or he would see to it that Greg lost his fingers. In her room, Téa continued to call out for Todd, and suddenly he heard it. "What the hell is that?" Todd asked.

Hannah inquired why Marty had invited her to live in Marty's house if she still thought of Hannah as a psycho. Marty admitted that she'd had a crush once-upon-a-time that had turned into an obsession just like Hannah, and she had almost ruined someone's life. Hannah felt she had made some amends, but Marty thought that Hannah was too attached to Cole. It wasn't a normal friendship but based on rejection, Marty explained. Hannah wondered what had happened with Marty's obsession, and the doctor divulged that it had taken lots of work. She ended up being friends with her obsession in the end though.

Brody arrived to talk to Marty. He explained that his doctor was away, and he had been referred to Marty. He needed to talk, but he was concerned since Marty and Jessica were friends. Marty promised that their discussion would remain confidential. Brody told Marty about Jessica and the baby and the fact that the baby could be Ford's. He told Jessica he'd love the baby no matter what, but he was afraid that he might not. He was tired of the lying, and he couldn't hide what he did any longer. He always wanted his own family.

Marty wanted to know what lie Brody was talking about, but Brody didn't reply. He stated that he would be a father to the baby no matter what, and none of it was Jessica's fault. He admitted that he was angry at Ford and disappointed. He wanted to be the baby's father, but he had no right to be angry or to judge. Jessica and Ford had only slept together the one time. "I never would have..." He cut himself off and merely said that he had made some bad choices and done some things.

He really loved Jessica, but she was very fragile and he wasn't perfect. She lost Nash and had split apart. Marty asked if Jessica would lose Brody. "Never," he said. He was afraid she'd lose her baby if she found out he had done something upsetting. Marty explained that Jessica had taken the chance to be honest with Brody and had trusted him. She didn't want Brody to be perfect but honest like her. She had been brave to admit her mistake. Brody replied that he couldn't be completely honest because too many people would get hurt.

Marty mulled over the conversation after Brody left. She kept thinking about his declarations of bad choices and how he had no right to judge. Hannah walked into the room and thanked her for putting up with her. She promised to try to get over her obsession with Cole. Marty thought that Hannah would be happier that way. Hannah walked away and turned to look at Marty behind her back. She appeared menacing.

Dani and Blair walked into the empty courtroom, and Blair promised they would fight the decision if they had to. Dani wasn't sure what she wanted, only that she didn't want to leave Llanview. She also didn't want to lose her dad. Todd's attorney arrived and exclaimed that he was unable to locate Todd. Dani confessed that Todd had wanted to run away with her, but she couldn't leave all of her friends and family. She had known that Todd was lying when he claimed to be picking her up for Blair. She knew that he was panicked.

Blair explained that Todd's actions were always the same when he felt threatened. She thought that Dani was just like her mom, and Dani told her that Todd had said the same thing. Dani declared that she didn't feel like Téa who was a strong woman. Dani was afraid that she couldn't do what she had to without Téa. Blair put her arms around the teen and comforted her as she cried.

Dani wasn't aware of what Téa wanted for her, but Blair felt she had the answers. Téa wanted Blair to take care of Dani, and she had even given her an encyclopedia filled with everything about Dani. She thought that Dani knew the real truth, but didn't want to hurt anyone. Todd was crazy, Blair admitted, but he was a good dad, and Téa wanted Dani to be with him. "Are you sure?" Dani asked. She had never questioned Téa's choice of Blair.

Todd thought that someone had called his name, but Greg explained that his patient was calling her husband Rob. Todd received a call from Blair who urged him to get to the courtroom. Greg rushed into Téa's room. She was awake and insisted she had heard Todd's voice. Greg told her it was a dream. He agreed to accompany Todd to court. A nurse stopped into Téa's room to administer some medication. Téa was positive she had heard Todd's voice.

Later the nurse removed the family photo from a sleeping Téa's hand. She looked at it and did a double take. Téa was right, her husband had been there earlier. She wondered why Greg hadn't said anything to Téa.

The judge arrived and was aggravated that they had to wait for Ross and Todd, but Ross turned up first. He slipped into a seat near Dani and quickly whispered that everything he had done was because he loved her. The hearing was called to order, and Ross stood up and requested that he be allowed to talk.

Shortly after, Todd walked in with Greg. Todd started to talk and said that Greg knew what Téa wanted, but John urged him to shut up. Todd ignored him, but the judge interrupted. She thought it best that Dani leave the courtroom so that she wouldn't have to listen to the commotion. Todd's attorney thought that Greg had important information, and Todd clarified that Greg would tell the court that Téa wanted Dani to be with Todd. Greg took the stand and made it known that Téa wanted Ross to raise Dani.

Jessica advised Natalie that she would have to invite Marty to the wedding, and she was hopeful that John would be okay with that. Natalie was certain that was fine. Brody returned and announced that he had to speak to Jessica. Natalie left the room, and Brody confessed that he hadn't been honest. He was having a difficult time accepting the fact that Ford could be the baby's father. Jessica wondered what would happen next, and Brody thought that she would have to feel what he felt during those periods when he was upset. He loved her. Jessica knew that their doctor would suggest they be honest and always tell each other the truth.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At the courthouse, Danielle and Destiny were barred from the proceedings within the courtroom and were unable to follow the custody hearing. Danielle was beside herself, desperate to know what was happening, but Destiny told her not to stress -- with Greg there to testify about Téa's last wishes, the youngest Evans sibling was sure everything would be straightened out. Greg knew Téa had wanted Dani and Todd to be together, therefore, Destiny reasoned, the case would soon be closed. Dani said she just wanted the case to be over, and hated the fighting between her "two dads." Destiny pushed Dani to face her feelings, and say what she wanted and which father she really wanted to live with.

Dani said her feelings weren't so simple; she had grown up in the ocean with Ross in Tahiti, and they had years of wonderful times together. Her life as the daughter of Ross and Téa had made her who she was. "That's who you used to be," Destiny corrected. "Maybe not who you are now. That's up to you." Dani agreed, and said everything had changed in the past year; she cared about both fathers, and didn't want to hurt Ross. "Deep inside, I believe my mom wanted me to be with Todd," she admitted, "so deep inside...I want to stay with Todd."

Dani told Destiny that all Téa had wanted was for her to accept Todd, and she wanted to respect her mother's wishes; she didn't trust the will that had been presented, and suspected Eli had tampered with it. Destiny wondered if Ross was in on such a scam, but Dani said it didn't matter -- no matter what, she wanted to stay with Todd. Destiny reminded Dani how she used to adore her foster father, but Dani said she had changed. Her whole family was in Llanview, and she would miss Starr, Blair, Sam, and even Jack if she left, not to mention Destiny and Nate. "Llanview feels like my home now," Danielle declared.

Destiny was glad to hear Dani make her feelings plain. She told Dani that even though she gave Todd a hard time, she was sure there was a human being inside him somewhere. She promised her friend that Greg would make sure things went their way in the courtroom.

Inside the courtroom, however, things were going very differently from Destiny's expectations, as Greg told the court that Téa's last wish had been for Ross to raise Danielle. Todd leaped to his feet, calling Greg a liar, but the judge immediately silenced him. Ross smiled triumphantly as he listened to Greg perjure himself. Greg told the judge that Téa had told him in no uncertain terms that she wanted Ross to be Dani's father, and had put it in the will accordingly. He added that he had gone to Todd's home to break the news to the biological father.

Rising again, Todd asked Greg why he had changed his story about his visit to the Manning house, and reiterated how he had told Todd that Téa had wanted to see her husband and daughter before passing away. Greg told the court that he had lied to Todd to spare the family's feelings. Upon cross-examination by Morgan Guthrie, Greg said that he had kept the truth from Todd because he had never expected Ross to return to Llanview and claim Dani, given Ross's fugitive status.

Mumbling to himself, Todd said Greg had lied before and was lying once again. Ross rose and told the judge that Greg had no motive to lie, and that Téa's will had been authenticated. The judge agreed that Greg was an impartial witness, over Todd's angry protests.

"If Téa said that, she was out of her mind," Todd snapped. "She knew Dani belongs with me." He added that Téa had experienced delusions near the end, and Guthrie pressed Greg on whether or not Téa had been in her right mind before passing away. Greg insisted that Téa had been lucid and clear on her wishes. As Todd and Guthrie regrouped, the judge called a recess.

Ross approached Greg to thank him for telling "the truth," but Greg simply walked past the con man and out of the courtroom. Blair attempted to stop Todd from following Greg, but Todd raced after the not-so-good doctor. Todd confronted Greg in the corridor in front of a stunned Danielle and Destiny, lunging at him and threatening to choke the truth out of him. John and Blair pulled Todd away from Greg, as Todd demanded to know what Ross was giving Greg to take Todd's child from him. Stymied, Todd stalked back into the courtroom.

Destiny was outraged by Todd's behavior, and immediately took back her kind words about him from before. She asked Greg what Todd's problem was, and the shame-faced Greg told his little sister to stay out of it. Blair told the girls about Greg's claims in court, and both teens were shocked. Stepping into the corridor, Ross added that with Todd's latest outburst, the judge had all the reason she needed to rule against the Manning patriarch. As he ushered a reluctant Dani back into the courtroom, Blair was hot on his heels.

Eyeing Greg up and down, John asked him if he wanted to file charges against Todd for assault, but Greg declined. Still suspicious, John left the courthouse.

At the police station, Bo was on his way out to pick up dinner at Rodi's when he ran into Inez in a gorgeous evening dress. Taken aback, he was unsurprised to hear she had dinner plans, and called her date a lucky guy.

After Bo left, Nora arrived looking for him but found only Inez at her desk. She immediately surmised that the single mom had a dinner date with Clint. Inez told Nora that Clint had made a wonderful gesture by helping James get back into Llanview University, and agreeing to go to dinner was the least she could do, but she insisted it was not a date. Nora wasn't convinced, and said she could tell Clint liked Inez a lot.

Nora told Inez that though Bo had made Clint out to be a raging gun nut, he was actually a generous and decent man. "No woman has ever encouraged me to date her ex-husband before," Inez mused. Nora said she just wanted Clint to be happy, and told Inez she would cover the front desk while Inez finished primping. Inez headed for the powder room while Nora began to man the phones.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Natalie walked in on Clint getting suited up for his night with Inez, and complimented him on his attire. Clint thanked her for her interest, but said he had bigger questions, such as, "Why have you been avoiding your old man?" Natalie said she had been busy with the Eli Clarke case, and asked Clint what he needed. Clint told her he wanted to speak with her baby's father.

Natalie was rattled by Clint's choice of words, and asked what he meant. "John McBain, who else?" Clint asked. He warned Natalie that he would go after McBain with his trusty shotgun if the top cop hurt her again, and reminded her that it wouldn't be the first time John had broken her heart. Natalie said that her breakup with John had been mutual, but a lot of time had passed, and they had both changed and were looking forward to a life together with their baby. "A Buchanan baby," Clint added.

Clint groused that at least Brody had proposed to Jessica. "Brody isn't that perfect," Natalie muttered, but covered when Clint questioned her on it and said Brody was still her good friend. Clint said Natalie couldn't blame him for worrying about her, given John's history with women. However, Natalie turned her father's fears around and reminded him of what had happened to his relationships with Nora and Kim, suggesting that Clint was more worried about his own heart than hers. She was sorry for what had become of his marriages to Nora and Kim, but Natalie told Clint that she and John were different.

Clint told Natalie that what had happened with Bo and Nora was ancient history -- he was moving on, and having dinner with an attractive lady. "Oh, good," Natalie quipped, "do we need to card her?" "That's enough of that," Clint growled. He explained that his date was Bo's secretary, but insisted that he was not getting too close to Bo and Nora's personal lives. Natalie said she would be happy for Clint if he could be happy for her, and promised that she, John, and the baby would be just fine.

At Rodi's, Rex sat at the bar, sullen and morose. Behind the bar, Gigi asked him what was wrong, but Rex insisted he was fine. Gigi's phone rang, and Cristian summoned her to Llanview University to help him before class. Gigi agreed, and after hanging up, she gushed to a distracted Rex about her winning streak thanks to Cristian and his job offer. She thought she was very lucky, but Rex mumbled that he wouldn't call it luck, then covered and told Gigi she had done it all herself.

On her way out, Gigi greeted Bo, who headed for the bar to meet Rex. Bo asked what Rex had wanted to tell him the night before, but Rex remained vague and said it wasn't a problem anymore. Bo found that hard to believe, remembering Rex and Gigi's distress just one night previous. As Rex flashed back to his confrontation with Clint, he told Bo that Gigi had never been better. Growing upset, he wistfully told Bo that he had been a sleaze when he arrived in Llanview, but Bo had kept him on the straight and narrow and made him want to be a better person.

Oblivious to Rex's anguish, Bo wished he could have been a better influence on David, as well, and asked if Rex had managed to track his wayward son down. Galvanized by his conscience, Rex said he had, but before he could speak, a waitress interrupted and delivered Bo's takeout order. When the waitress left, Rex lied that he had found David at a "foam party" in Ibiza -- "Trust me, you really don't want to know." He told Bo that David was having too much fun to return to Llanview.

Bo was sorry that Rex hadn't been able to help Kelly and Dorian, but promised to help him any time he needed it. As Bo headed out, Rex resumed wallowing in beer and guilt.

Later, Natalie met Rex at a table, sniffing his beer in the hopes of a "contact high" after her argument with Clint about John. "Clint's an ass who needs to mind his own damn business," Rex spat, but an offended Natalie told him that only she could trash talk her dad. Rex deflected her questions about his issues with Clint and said he was truly only mad at himself. Natalie agreed that she was angry at herself, as well, but backtracked when she realized Gigi hadn't told Rex about her disputed pregnancy.

Rex wanted to know why Natalie was upset at herself, but Natalie was staggered to realize that Gigi and Rex kept secrets from each other when she and John had sworn not to. "There are some things I don't tell Gigi," Rex muttered, "or anyone." He told Natalie it didn't matter what he was going through, because Gigi was happy, just like Natalie was with John. The siblings agreed that they could always talk to each other if they really needed to, but the unspoken secrets between them made the moment awkward, and Rex told Natalie goodnight.

Alone at the table, Natalie rubbed her "baby bump" and was surprised by John's arrival. John kissed her head and filled her in on the goings-on at the custody hearing. Natalie couldn't understand why Greg would turn around and testify on Ross's behalf. John agreed it warranted further investigation.

At Llanview University, Gigi arrived in Cristian's studio. Rushing out, Cristian said he needed to talk to the dean about a last-minute transfer student, and asked Gigi to help get the "Life Studies" model started. Gigi agreed, but was mortified when Joel, the handsome model, arrived and promptly stripped to the buff. "So how do you want me?" Joel asked.

Gigi struggled to figure out how to pose her first nude model, who promised to be "putty in her hands." Forced to manhandle Joel herself, Gigi grew apoplectic when Joel began offering his input, such as, "You want me to do anything with the balls?" She was speechless until she realized Joel was referring to a stack of plastic balls Cris had left out. Gigi told him to do what felt natural, and as Joel began doing some aerobic stretches, she fled the classroom.

Cristian returned to find Gigi cowering in the corridor. Laughing, Cristian told her to stop worrying about her inexperience and modesty and go back inside the studio with him. "I'll protect you from the naked guy," he reassured her.

Later, class was in session as Gigi and the other students sketched Joel on a raised platform. Cristian was impressed with Gigi's sketch, except for one key detail - her Joel was not anatomically correct. Cris told Gigi that the human body was a natural thing, and that she would learn to see it as an object of inspiration used for clinical study. As Joel began to dress, Rex arrived at the classroom and was shocked to see the barely-clothed model. "What the hell?" he cried.

Cris explained the situation, but Rex was still upset that Gigi was working so closely with nude, hard-bodied men. Gigi called him on his double standard, given his own close encounters with Kelly, and urged Rex not to look at Joel as a naked guy, but rather an object of study. Swallowing his pride, Rex told Gigi that he was happy if she was happy. Gigi laughed in relief, and Cris seemed amused.

Back at the police station, Bo returned with his Rodi's burgers and retrieved Nora from Inez's desk, whisking her into his office for a private meal. When Nora explained that she had sent Inez away to continue primping, Bo once again grew anxious about Clint and Inez's burgeoning relationship. Nora reminded him that it was none of their business, and asked why it bothered him so much. Bo claimed it didn't, and unwrapped their feast as he kissed Nora lovingly.

In the reception area, Inez watched Bo and Nora through the window. "They're lucky, aren't they?" Clint asked, stepping up next to her. Inez agreed that Bo and Nora made a lovely couple, and Clint told her she looked beautiful. Knocking on Bo's office door, Clint told Bo and Nora that he was picking Inez up. Bo and Nora told them to have fun, and Clint and Inez headed down the corridor.

Nora was enthusiastic about Clint and Inez getting together, but Bo remained hesitant and told Nora to stop worrying about Clint's love life. Nora said Clint was making an effort to get things back to normal, and suggested they throw a dinner party and invite Clint and Inez. "I think you are out of your cotton-pickin' mind," Bo grumbled, and said such a party sounded uncomfortable and awkward. Nora said they needed to support Clint's efforts, but Bo disagreed -- he felt Clint was pushing too hard with Matthew, with James, and with Inez, and suspected ulterior motives. Nora didn't understand how Bo could be so suspicious of his own brother.

Bo added that something was up with Rex, as well -- the younger man had a secret he had wanted to tell Bo, but then had shut down. Nora assured Bo that when Rex was ready to talk, he would.

In the corridor, Clint walked Inez through the station and told her they had a dinner date at the country club. Inez was impressed, but unsure of what all the pomp and circumstance meant for them. "There's something important I want to discuss with you," Clint declared.

Back at the courthouse, Destiny and Greg had a moment alone. Destiny asked her big brother if he was okay after Todd's assault, and Greg said he was fine. He told Destiny not to worry, and promised her everything would be all right. He said he needed to get back to an important patient, but Destiny asked him to wait, and said they needed to talk. She wanted the truth, and asked if he had been telling the court the truth about Téa's last wishes.

In the courtroom, Ross told Danielle that Todd's rash actions proved Téa was right to give him custody instead. "I guess," Dani mumbled. Ross added that Todd was out of control, and didn't deserve her. Dani told Ross that Todd was scared of losing her, just as Ross had been in Seattle. Ross told her that he had changed since then, but Todd never would.

In Todd and Blair's corner of the courtroom, Blair urged him not to play into Ross's hands. Neither she nor Todd could understand Greg's actions, but Blair told Todd she knew Téa's wishes, and that was for Todd and Danielle to be together.

The judge returned to the courtroom, and court resumed session. The judge said she had been informed of Todd's violent outburst, and that he was out of leeway. She declared that she had reviewed all the testimony, and made her decision about custody of Danielle Rayburn.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Outside of the courtroom, Greg told Destiny that there was a patient he had to go check on. However, Destiny wanted to know if Greg had told the truth on the stand. Greg was offended and asked why he'd lie, but Destiny said that still wasn't an answer. He apologized if it wasn't what she wanted to hear. Just then, Nate stepped off the elevator and asked if the judge had made a decision yet. Greg said they should go in the courtroom because Dani would need them, and he left.

Inside the courtroom, the judge returned. She explained that she thought it was in Dani's best interest to be in Ross's custody. Furious, Blair insisted that Téa had wanted Dani with Todd. Todd related that the judge had made the wrong decision. The judge told Todd to say his goodbyes and that her decision was effective immediately. Destiny and Nate entered the courtroom just in time to hear the decision.

Ross threatened to fight it if the judge granted visitation rights to Todd. The judge wanted to know why. Ross brought out a tape recorder and hit play. It was a recording of when Todd was threatening to shoot Ross. Dani was horrified, and Todd claimed that it was out of context. Todd tried to tell Dani that he would do anything for her, but the judge ordered everyone to sit down. She gave Ross permission to take Dani out of the country as soon as he wanted to.

The judge ordered Dani to go home with Todd and a police escort to go pack her things and say her goodbyes. An upset Dani ran to Nate and wondered how they could make her leave. An equally upset Nate promised her that he would fix things, kissed her, and left. Destiny blamed the judge's decision on her brother. Dani wished Nate was there and wondered why he'd left. Destiny knew he wouldn't have left without a good reason.

Todd fired his lawyer and vowed to find a way to get Dani back. As Ross took Dani's hand and told her everything would be all right, Todd pushed Ross away from her. With the help of a cop, Blair ushered Todd, Dani, and Destiny out of the courthouse.

In his apartment, James flipped through a textbook. Not wanting to look at it, he threw it over his shoulder toward the door just as Ford walked through. Ford was depressed about not getting the job at the camera shop. James filled Ford in on Nate's problems with his car and then Dani, but Ford thought his and James's problems mattered more than Nate's "love life."

James told Ford about Nate's suggestion to wait tables at the country club. He said that Nate had offered to put in a good word for Ford. James had to go study for a quiz, but advised his brother to stop letting his ego get in the way and take Nate up on his offer.

Ford entered the country club and told the manager that an employee had told him there was a job opening. The manager asked if he was Nate's brother and said that Nate had spoken very highly of Ford. Since Ford had no experience, the manager started him out as a busboy, much to Ford's chagrin. However, he promised that Ford would move up quickly if he worked hard, and started him on the spot.

At the country club, Clint and Inez toasted to "another fine evening." Clint told Inez that he wanted to talk about her son. She began to talk about James, but Clint wanted to talk about Ford. Inez explained how he had loved teaching and that she didn't believe the accusations against him. Clint thought there was unnecessary pressure to fire Ford because the student involved with him was the daughter of the mayor. Clint offered to help get Ford reinstated.

Inez appreciated it, but refused because Ford didn't want any kind of help from her. She told Clint that he was a busy man and he shouldn't waste his time. He wondered why she was fighting. Inez wondered how long he would keep doing things for her without expecting something in return. She didn't understand why he would give so much help to people that he barely knew. He explained that he was a rich man with a lot of power, and it was no fun unless he got to utilize his power. All he wanted in return was her company.

Inez said she'd think about it. Ready to order, Clint called a waiter over. Ford walked over to the table and was as shocked as his mother. Ford said he had just started and that Nate had put in a good word for him. He left to get a waiter, since he wasn't allowed to take orders yet. Clint wondered if Ford's career change was a good fit. Inez couldn't stand seeing Ford so unhappy and accepted Clint's offer for help.

In a classroom at Llanview University, the dean talked to Langston and Starr. She said that the school would review its fraternization policy to make sure it would never happen again. She explained that the incident was on Ford's record and that he would never teach again. As the dean was about to leave, Langston called her back, but only thanked her. Starr wondered if Langston was going to tell the dean that Ford was innocent, but Langston said she wasn't.

Langston filled Starr in about running into Markko, only to find out that Starr and Cole knew about Markko's father having surgery. Starr said the guys were supposed to go out later that night and that she needed a breather anyway. Starr updated Langston about Hannah staying with Marty and about how Cole had admitted that he had feelings for Hannah. She had also admitted that she had feelings for James. However, they were just going to forget about James and Hannah. Langston wasn't so sure Starr could do that.

Starr said it would work, and the two walked out of the classroom. Starr literally bumped into James in the hallway. After an awkward moment, James told her that he had gotten the grant and was back in school. In unison, both said that they'd better go, and James walked away. Langston sarcastically commended Starr on her effort to forget about James as Starr's phone rang. She answered it to Blair, who informed her about Dani. Starr's face changed and Langston asked what had happened. "My sister..." was all Starr could say.

Back at his apartment, James resumed flipping through his textbook when there was a knock at the door. He answered it to Nate, who said that he badly needed James's help.

At Rodi's, John and Natalie wondered why Greg would testify in favor of Ross because he didn't seem like a typical accomplice. John suggested that Eli was threatening Greg. John and Natalie decided that they needed someone who had been around Téa right before she died to contradict Greg's story. John took out his phone to call the hospice.

At the hospice, Eli yelled at the aide that they couldn't hold him against his will and that he needed his doctor. The aide said that it was doctor's orders, and that Greg was considered the best in his field. She was sure Greg would check in soon. Eli said that if Greg didn't check in by the end of the day, Eli was going to leave. Another aide entered the room and said there was a call for the aide working with Eli. She said it was "a detective from the States" calling about a former patient. Eli looked panic-stricken.

On the phone, John asked the aide if she'd had any contact with Téa before Téa died. He wanted to know if Téa had ever mentioned her will, or arrangements she wanted made for her daughter. The aide explained that Téa had been heavily sedated, and she hadn't spent much time with the patient, anyway, because Greg had taken over most of the duties involving Téa. She said that it wasn't typical, but he'd seemed to have a strong personal interest in Téa. The last time she'd seen Greg was a few days before.

John got off the phone and updated Natalie. Natalie asked why Greg had been back to the hospice after Téa's death. John said that was what they needed to find out. He wanted Greg at the station for questioning.

Later, John got off the phone, and Natalie asked if John was having someone pick Greg up at the Palace. John said that Greg wasn't at the Palace because he had already "hopped a plane" back to the hospice.

The aide returned to Eli's room, and Eli apologized to her for being so rude. She left, and Eli received a text message from Ross saying that he had won custody of Dani. Eli said that it wouldn't be long, which Greg walked into the room and heard. "For what?" Greg asked. "Until I get what's coming to me," Eli replied. Greg couldn't agree more. Eli explained that he had just heard from Ross, and thanked Greg for his "expert testimony." All Eli needed was a clean bill of health, but Greg refused, saying that there was "no way in hell" Eli could leave.

Friday, October 1, 2010

At Rodi's, Natalie told John that Greg had hopped a plane to St. Kitts hospice, and John guessed that Greg had flown there for something other than the windsurfing. John believed that after Eli Clarke had received the injuries in the fire, he had needed someone that he could trust to treat him.

Shaun arrived, and John asked about Greg. John stated that he was aware that Greg had flown back to the hospice, and Shaun indicated that Greg had wanted to review Téa's case. However, Shaun was surprised to learn that Greg had been back to St. Kitts twice. Shaun informed John and Natalie that Téa had wanted to die alone, because she had loved Todd and Dani. However, when John announced that Greg had testified in the custody case that Téa had wanted Ross to raise Dani, Shaun yelled, "No. Hell, no!"

Shaun insisted that Téa had wanted Todd and Dani to stay together and stressed that something was just not right. Shaun then excused himself, so that he could meet with Destiny. When Shaun joined Destiny at her table, Destiny regretted that Dani had to leave with Ross and wondered what Greg was "mixed up in."

After Shaun left, John and Natalie speculated that Greg had asked Téa to sign the fake will, while she was weak from her condition. John decided that it was time that he flew to St. Kitts, and he told Natalie that Detective Price would be accompanying him. After John gave Natalie a kiss, Natalie yelled out at John to call her.

Destiny continued to ponder over Greg's new mystery mission, and Shaun guessed that Greg was "standing in some deep shade these days." Destiny believed that Greg should have been more relaxed after his vacation, but also felt that "something about Téa had gotten to him." Destiny informed Shaun that she had a plan that involved Darren, but Shaun refused her help. "You are not messing in our brother's business. Leave that to me."

At Llanfair, Todd, escorted by two police officers, informed Viki and Charlie that the judge had awarded Dani to Ross, who was taking her to Tahiti within the hour. Viki hugged Todd, as he expressed his grief over losing his daughter. Todd insisted that Viki and Charlie could help him. When Todd asked for some private time to speak with his sister, Charlie assisted the policemen out into the lobby.

Todd announced his plot to kidnap Dani. "Viki, I just can't let her go like this. She's my daughter. And she's Téa's daughter. She's all I have left of Téa." Todd explained that he would have his private plane ready, when one of the policemen walked into the room and told Todd that it was time to leave. Todd begged Viki for her help, and Viki refused. Todd yelled at Viki to forget helping him and screamed that he was sorry that Viki could not help Dani.

After Todd stormed out, Charlie asked if Viki was okay. Viki cried that Todd was right, and that made him want to do something desperate. Later, on the phone, Viki found out about Todd's threat to kill Ross. Viki offered to act as a neutral party to prevent Dani from leaving, but she was turned down. Viki informed Charlie that there was no way to stop the process.

Charlie was outraged that Todd had threatened to kill Ross but also did not want to judge Todd. Viki voiced that Todd had lost Téa and Dani, which made Viki afraid that Todd would lash out. When Charlie asked if Todd would try something else, Viki claimed, "Oh yes, and it will probably be something really foolish, or very, very dangerous."

When Natalie arrived at Llanfair, Viki greeted and hugged her. Viki told Natalie of Todd's visit, and Natalie expressed that she could not possibly imagine what Todd was going through. Natalie gave Viki a kiss and headed off to bed. As Viki wistfully watched Natalie walked up the stairs, Charlie commented that Viki looked like she wanted to tuck Natalie in -- and read her a story. Just as Viki hoped that she could help Todd out somehow, the doorbell rang. Charlie opened the door to Echo DiSavoy. "Chuckles, long time, no see." Echo threw her arms around Charlie, and he stood with a shocked expression on his face.

In Todd's mansion, Dani walked in, stunned, and Blair swore that Dani would not lose them. Starr arrived and wondered why the cops were on the porch. After Blair explained about the verdict of the trial, Starr could not believe that Dani had to leave immediately and asked why Todd was not at home. Blair remarked that Todd was at Viki's, because he was avoiding the reality.

Blair informed Starr that, during the court hearings, Ross had played a tape of Todd's threats to Ross. Blair also related that although Dani loved Ross, Dani did not want to leave her friends and family. Blair regretted that Dani would never get the chance to know her father as Téa had wished. When Blair and Starr later found Dani in her room, Dani sadly stated that she had not yet started to pack. Starr asked about Nate, and Dani suspected that Nate would find it too hard to say goodbye.

In Ford's apartment, Nate announced to James that Nate would lose Dani if they did not do something to help. Nate exclaimed that he would never see Dani again. Nate insisted that he and James had to hide Dani, so that no one could find her, but James considered Todd. "He's a huge problem, man. He's loaded, he's powerful, and he's crazy protective of those girls. Why isn't he all over this?"

Nate explained that the cops would not allow Todd to be close to Dani but offered that if Nate and James prevented Dani from moving to Tahiti, they would be heroes to Todd. James pondered about the timeline, especially in regards to prison time, because he was just starting school. So, Nate yelled that he would do what needed to be done himself.

Starr called and insisted that Nate rush over to Todd's mansion to say goodbye to Dani. Nate informed James that Starr had said that Nate needed to step up for Dani. Nate started to leave, but James stopped him. James announced that he would help Dani. After James revealed his plan, Nate felt that it was a good plan and believed that they could make it work. Nate thanked James, who said, "Look, don't thank me, until we get Dani out of that house, okay?"

At St. Kitts hospice, Téa awoke in her hospital bed and whispered, "Todd." A nurse entered the room, and when Téa asked about Todd, the nurse claimed that he had already left the hospice. After Téa asked if her daughter had been with Todd, the nurse stated that she had not seen Dani. The nurse informed Téa that Dr. Evans had left strict instructions that Téa was not to be disturbed. However, the nurse told Téa that she would try to find out when Todd would return, and she left the room. Téa cried out loud, "Why did you leave, Todd?"

Also at St. Kitts, Greg told Eli that if Eli were to leave the hospice, he would be a dead man. Greg informed Eli that the bed rest had helped him, but that he had a blood clot in his brain. "If it blows, you're dead." Greg explained that the nurse only knew about Eli's vital signs, so she would believe that Eli was fine. Greg insisted that Eli was a walking time bomb, and if the clot moved around in his brain, it would blow.

Greg informed Eli that he needed surgery. Eli wondered why he did not have any symptoms, but Greg maintained that Eli could have a stroke, so Greg had scheduled an operating room for later that day. Eli yelled, "No, no, Doc. I don't have time for major surgery. I have things to do." Greg replied, "Well, you can't do anything if you're dead. I'm going to prep."

As Greg walked out of the room, his phone rang. When the nurse told Greg that Téa had questions, Greg demanded that the nurse follow his orders and said to give Téa a sedative to calm her. Greg reentered the room and told Eli that the ugly red blotch in his brain would be gone by the next day.

When Eli questioned Greg about his odds of survival during the surgery, Greg was vague. Eli declared that Greg could not fool him, because he had created that con. Greg cried that he could not do it anymore, and Eli said that Greg was in way too deep. When Greg said that he could still correct it, Eli warned, "Really, how? Because no matter what you do, Téa Delgado will still be dead."

Greg still begged for Eli to let Greg "fix" him, and Eli wondered why Greg would want do that. Greg insisted, "I want the dying to stop. My job is to keep people alive." When Eli stated that he had "places to go and a teenage girl to see," Greg remarked, "I don't think so," as he held a needle and syringe in his hand.

Greg tried to stab Eli with the needle, but Eli fought him off. Greg screamed, "The poison that you wanted me to give to Téa Delgado. It'll kill you too." Greg and Eli fell onto the floor.

Back at Todd's mansion, Todd walked through the front door and announced that Viki had refused to help. Blair did not blame Viki, and Dani told Todd that she had just one question. "Would you really have killed Ross, if you had the chance?" Blair explained to Dani that Todd had been desperate and had been afraid of losing Dani. Blair only hoped that Dani would never have to feel that desperate. However, Dani reflected that she already had, when she had held a gun on Todd.

Todd insisted that he loved Dani and would never want to do anything to hurt her, and that included killing Ross. Todd told Dani that he would always love her. Starr stated that she loved Dani, and that Dani would always be her sister. Blair said that she loved Dani, as Blair kissed her on the head. Dani revealed that when the judge had asked in court what Dani had really wanted, she had mentally chosen to be with Todd. Todd was pleased that Dani had chosen him, and Dani ran upstairs with Starr to get her "stuff."

Todd exclaimed to Blair, "She chose me. She wants to stay with me. I know that's what Téa wanted. That was her wish. I can't believe she's not going to see it come true." Todd sadly shook his head.

When the nurse reentered Téa's room at the hospice, Téa insisted that she needed to see her husband and her daughter and pleaded with the nurse to let Téa use the nurae's phone. When Téa declared that she needed to talk to her daughter, the nurse informed Téa that the doctor would return, once he was finished with his other patient. When the nurse asked Téa to get some rest, Téa claimed that she could not sleep. The nurse left to get medication.

The nurse returned and bent over Téa to give her a pill and a drink of water. The nurse stated that she would check on Téa later and exited the room. Téa then looked at the phone in her hand, which she had taken from the nurse.

John arrived at St. Kitts and asked the nurse for the location of Dr. Greg Evans. The nurse pointed at a room and indicated that the doctor was with a patient. John reached for his gun and kicked open the door of the room.

In her room, Téa punched in some numbers on the cell phone. Blair and Todd walked into the living room in his mansion. Todd declared, "My daughter loves me," and Blair observed, "Well, you earned that." When Todd's phone rang, Blair asked, "Who is it?" Todd replied, "I don't recognize the number. It can wait." Blair insisted, "No, it might be somebody from the court about Dani." When Todd picked up the phone, Téa gasped, "Todd...Todd."

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