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A nurse grabbed the phone away from Téa before she had the chance to talk to Todd. The Evans family rushed to be with Greg after Eli had injected him with a fatal dose. Starr kept Dani hidden. Cole and Hannah kissed, but Cole admitted that he still loved Starr. Eli shot Ross. Eli took Starr, Dani, and Hope hostage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 4, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Upstairs at Todd's house, Starr helped Dani to pack her things even though Dani stated that she didn't want to go with Ross. Starr revealed that Todd had tried everything he could think of to stop Ross, but he hadn't been successful. He loved Dani "so, so much," Starr added. Dani reminisced about the fun things she had done in Tahiti and stated that she was going back to "Paradise." She tried to look at the positive side of it briefly, but she admitted that she would trade it in a "heartbeat" for the chance to remain in Llanview.

Dani wondered why Greg had lied at her custody hearing when she knew perfectly well that Téa had wanted her to stay with Todd and not Ross. Starr suggested that maybe Téa would be able to send them a miracle from beyond the grave. Dani was also concerned that Nate hadn't shown up to say goodbye. Starr was surprised that Dani's boyfriend hadn't appeared, and she wondered if something was going on. Dani admitted that Nate had confided that he planned on "fixing things."

Downstairs, Todd received a phone call from a woman, and he was positive that it was Téa. "Todd?" Téa asked weakly. "Téa, is that you?" Todd replied. The call ended abruptly, and in shock, he told Blair about the call. She did her best to convince him that Téa was dead, and he had been mistaken.

Nate finally arrived but the cops on duty outside of the house prevented him from going inside. He argued with them loudly as James managed to climb a tree and bang on Dani's bedroom window. The girls were stunned to see him, and Starr began to berate him for going to extremes and tracking her down. James quickly clarified that he was helping Nate, and he was there for Dani. He explained that he believed that when two people were meant to be together, one should do whatever was needed in order to make it happen.

Nate continued to argue with the cops and he began to hammer loudly on the front door. Finally, Blair opened it and persuaded the cops to allow Nate to enter the house. They agreed but only with the condition that they accompany Nate. This time Blair began to argue with them. She told them, "Three's a crowd." After threatening to call Bo, the cops relented, and Nate ran upstairs.

At the Cherryvale clinic, the nurse grabbed her phone from Téa's hand, just as Téa had placed her call to Todd. The nurse asked how Téa had gotten hold of the phone and scolded her. She reminded Téa that Dr. Evans had given strict instructions that the phone was not permitted. Téa was upset and was certain that Greg would have allowed it. "Why is he doing this?" she asked. She grew hysterical and begged the nurse for help. Just then, the phone began to ring. The nurse ran out of the room to answer it. It was Todd and he wanted to know who had called him from the nurse's telephone number.

The nurse claimed she had dialed a wrong number, but Todd insisted that the voice sounded like his wife's. The nurse apologized for the call and hung up. Todd was in shock and told Blair that he had spoken to a woman who gave him "bull." He was positive he had heard from Téa, and he pointed out that they had never seen her body. Blair reminded him that Téa had been cremated, but Todd noted that while Greg had told them that, Greg had lied about other things also.

Blair was sure that Todd's mind was playing tricks on him, and nothing would change. Téa would not be returning from the dead to make things right, she informed Todd. He was certain that his mind was fine.

Nate ran into Dani's room and urged his girlfriend to slide down the tree outside of her room and leave with James. At the same time, Ross arrived at the house to take Dani with him. Blair pleaded with him to allow Dani to stay, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Ross coldly reminded her that Todd had upset him and tried to kill him. Blair suggested an alternative arrangement, one that would have both fathers sharing custody of Dani. She proclaimed that Todd would buy Ross a house or a boat or anything that Ross wanted. She promised that Todd would never lay a hand on Ross again.

When that didn't work, Blair began to beg for Ross to do what Téa wanted. She remembered a different Ross, one that wanted to see Téa happy. She asked that he honor Téa's memory. Ross merely rolled his eyes. He felt sure that Téa would want him to do what was best for Dani.

Upstairs, Dani hesitated at Nate's suggestion. Starr jogged Dani's memory. Dani didn't want to go with Ross, Starr said. Dani didn't want to hurt Ross, and she remembered how he had lost it the last time she ran away. James, Nate and Starr did their best to convince Dani to go along with Nate's plan. Starr asked if Dani wanted to go away forever and leave Nate. Suddenly, Starr had an idea. She wondered if Dani would like Starr to go with her.

Blair stopped Ross from going upstairs. She advised him she would check on Dani. As she went upstairs, Starr descended the stairs and stopped to tell Ross off. When she finished speaking her piece, Starr declared that she had to return home. Ross wanted to go upstairs, but Blair returned and demanded that he allow Dani to say goodbye to her boyfriend. Shortly after, Nate walked down the stairs and announced that Dani was finishing up her packing. Ross rushed upstairs with Blair.

Destiny insisted on leaving Rodi's with Shaun in order to visit the Cherryvale clinic where Greg was working with a patient. She was sure that Greg was in trouble. Shaun advised her that he would "deal" with their brother alone, even though Destiny pointed out that she had been the first one who was "on to" Greg. Shaun disagreed, but he managed to get some help when Darren showed up. Darren believed that Destiny was upset about Dani leaving, and she was taking it out on Shaun by being argumentative and difficult.

Shaun and Destiny wondered what Greg was up to, and Destiny suggested that Greg might even be on drugs which were causing his odd behavior. Darren proposed that Destiny allow Shaun to handle an investigation of Greg alone, and the two of them could head to the airport to see Dani off. Shaun promised to keep Destiny updated. He imagined he might even learn something in Cherryvale that would change things for Dani.

After Shaun was gone, Destiny told Darren about Greg's testimony at Dani's custody hearing and the lie he had told. She divulged how successful Greg had been in the past and how he had always made her feel special because she was his sister. She believed that Greg was in trouble with the cops and exclaimed that Darren's brother could be arresting her brother at that very moment. Destiny stated that her brother had never been in trouble before, though Darren believed it was possible that he just hadn't been caught.

Destiny believed that Greg had lied on the stand for a reason. Darren related that big brothers were cool, but they made mistakes too. His own brother had righted his own mistakes. He changed the subject when Destiny attempted to pursue it and announced he was ready to go to the airport. Destiny mentioned that she had hated Dani at first for stealing Matthew, but she liked her after all. She found it difficult to admit that Dani would be leaving. Darren wanted her to cry so that he could look after her.

John and Price found an unconscious Greg laying on the floor of a room in the St. Kitts hospice. Detective Price rushed out, hoping to catch a glimpse of Eli. The hospice doctors worked over Greg until they revived him. They rushed him to the intensive care unit. John showed a picture of Eli to a nurse, and she confirmed that he had been the patient in the room and had been there for weeks. Greg had only allowed a limited amount of people into the room. John sent out an all points bulletin on Eli.

Price returned without news of Eli. He wondered if the criminal would try to get in touch with Ross. John presumed Eli would do so when it was safe. Price hoped that no one would get in Eli's way, and John pointed out that it looked like Greg already had. The doctor returned and informed the detectives that Greg had received a lethal dose of morphine. He wasn't on the way to recovery yet. John ordered road blocks. He began to think that everything was involved with Téa's death and her daughter in some way.

Charlie opened the front door of Llanfair to see a woman standing there. She threw her arms around him and called him Chuckles. She was thrilled to see him. Viki walked into the foyer and saw them. As the woman reminisced about old times, Charlie turned to introduce the two women to each other. He was shocked to hear that Viki and Echo DiSavoy already knew each other. "Viki and I go way back," Echo announced. "Echo slept with my husband," Viki retorted. Charlie was perplexed. "Which one?" he asked. Viki told him it was Clint, and Echo claimed that Clint had been the one to do the seducing. She had fallen in love with him. The women flashed back to the long ago scene when they'd had words with each other.

Charlie explained that he and Echo had been friends in Atlantic City long ago, but Echo urged him to be honest, because Viki would find out the truth eventually. Echo blurted the truth herself and proclaimed that she and Charlie had been lovers. "Looks like I slept with two of your husbands Viki," Echo observed. Charlie quickly made it clear that it had been long before he met Viki. She was still feeling the "sting" of Viki running her out of town, Echo added, though Chuckles and vodka had made her feel better. Both Charlie and Viki asked why she was back in town.

Echo explained that she had looked Chuckles up on the internet and couldn't believe he was married to the same Viki she knew. Quietly infuriated, Viki stated that Clint was the one who knew her. Echo wanted to "kill two birds with one stone" with her visit. This prompted Viki to call Echo a predator. Echo continued that she was there to both check on Chuckles and apologize for the past. She wanted to make sure he was okay after their wild life in Atlantic City, and she wanted to "bury the hatchet" with Viki. She felt bad for all that had happened. Viki told her she had just apologized and dismissed her abruptly. Echo declared that she wanted to "right the wrong" because she used to have manners. Viki wryly stated that Echo used to claim to be a countess too.

Charlie asked that he and Viki be given time to think about Echo's appearance, and Echo suggested they all meet for drinks. Charlie advised her that both he and Viki didn't drink any longer, but Echo didn't care if they only had tea. She insisted on taking a photo of the couple, and she told them how lucky they were. She informed them she'd be in touch, and she left. Charlie thought it was all "some coincidence." "Oh yes, some big coincidence," Viki replied.

The nurse returned to Téa's room after the brief phone call with Todd. She was afraid that she would lose her job if she didn't follow the doctor's orders, she explained to Téa. He had been angry previously when she had asked him about Téa using the phone. Téa asked to speak to Greg herself, but the nurse explained that he wasn't there. Shaun arrived looking for Greg and another nurse suggested that he try Téa's room.

He headed there as Téa's nurse emerged from the room. She advised him that she thought Greg was out of town when Shaun asked to see his brother. He asked to speak to the patient but the nurse refused to allow it. The woman couldn't have contact with anyone except for her caregivers. Shaun thought that was unusual. Inside the room, Téa began to wonder why Todd sounded surprised to hear from her. She cried out for someone to help her.

Shaun attempted to call Greg and was confused when Price answered Greg's phone. The detective advised Shaun that he couldn't give him any details, but Greg had been badly injured and might not make it. Shaun was devastated though he looked around when he heard "Somebody help me," from Téa's room. He didn't pursue it. Instead, he headed back to Rodi's. Téa was hysterical again and the nurse gave her a sedative.

Detective Price was upset because it had been difficult to divulge the information about Greg to Shaun. John hoped that Greg lived. John declared that Greg had answers to the questions that they didn't know to ask.

Destiny tried to call Shaun but she was unable to reach him. Suddenly, he walked through the door of Rodi's and found that Destiny and Darren were still there. Reluctantly, he gave them the bad news. Destiny began to cry.

A musical montage showed a forlorn Todd sitting with Téa's ashes, Téa removing the sedative from her mouth after the nurse was gone, and Blair and Ross finding an empty bedroom. The kids were gone.

James, Dani and Starr were thrilled to get to James's apartment sight unseen. Dani threw her arms around the others and James's hand accidentally touched Starr's hand.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

At Todd's house, Starr feigned ignorance as the cops searched the house and questioned her about Dani's disappearance. Cole arrived and wondered whether Starr was really telling the truth. She insisted that Dani had just disappeared, and she asked how many times the cops would continue to ask the same questions. Cole was suspicious and pulled her outside. He was certain Starr was lying, and she finally had to admit that Dani was with James.

Cole was aggravated that Starr didn't tell him about it, though Starr tried to explain that Nate had gone to his brother for help because Nate would have been too obvious to the cops. She hadn't had the chance to tell Cole about it, but it was pretty clear to her that Cole was only angry because James was involved. Firmly, she told him she'd had no clue of the plan until Nate and James had showed up. She'd had no time to think about an alternative. Cole was livid that she had allowed Dani to go with a boy who stole cars. He claimed that he wasn't angry because of James, but only at the fact that Starr would be named as an accomplice, while Cole had been in the dark.

Starr stated again that she hadn't known anything about the plan. Cole was insistent that something was always going on when James was around. Starr had been put into a bad position. Starr responded that she had only been thinking about Nate and Dani.

Starr reminded Cole that they had run away once too. She wondered if Cole had forgotten about that. Cole promised that he'd never forget, because his life had begun then. Starr pointed out that it would be the same for Nate and Dani. Cole thought that things were different because he and Starr were older and had a child. He was worried that Starr would be arrested.

Starr assured him she wouldn't be arrested and again told him he was only "freaking out" because James was involved. In fact, she wanted Cole to admit the real reason for his anger. Cole agreed that he was angry because James was a part of the escapade, and Starr was part of it too.

Ford was ready to go out for the day and called to James on his way. He assumed James was still asleep, but as soon as Ford left, James and Dani emerged from the bedroom. She thanked him for getting her away from Todd's house. James was worried that Ford would be infuriated if he found out about Dani, but as the pair sat at the kitchen table and ate breakfast, Ford returned. He had forgotten his duffle bag. Dani ran off to hide, but Ford saw the two cereal bowls. He asked James how long "this" had been going on.

James claimed that both bowls belonged to him, but it was obvious to Ford that James was hiding a girl. He presumed it was Starr, since she was hiding, and he was angry. James accused him of "jumping to conclusions." Suddenly, James realized that his bullet necklace wasn't around his neck. "Get rid of her. Now," Ford ordered. He reminded James that Starr's father and boyfriend were psychos. Ford called out to Starr to show herself, or he would drag her out himself. He was astonished when Dani walked out instead.

James was happy to show Ford that Ford had been wrong, but Ford asked Dani's age. When she replied that she was 16, Ford chuckled sarcastically. He couldn't believe that James was "hooking up" with his brother's underage girlfriend. Dani was disgusted, but Ford wondered how James could commit such an act. James asked why Ford even cared, since he pretended that Nate wasn't his brother. Ford admitted that Nate had helped him out. James retorted that not everyone "lived in the world according to Robert Ford" where everyone slept in bed with each other. James was hiding Dani from her father.

Ford was aghast. He couldn't believe that James was keeping her from the psycho. "Wrong father," James told him. He and Dani explained the story to Ford, but Ford was annoyed that Nate had involved James. Nate would do the same for him, James retorted. Sarcastically, Ford wondered if that would be due to James and Nate's long history together -- of the past few weeks. Ford asserted that James had defied a court order and kidnapped a minor. They would be known as "Public Enemies number one." They would be on everyone's hit list, Ford declared. Dani was sorry for their involvement.

Ford wanted to know if there were a plan, and James made it clear that they were waiting for Dani's family to fight the court order. He added that Starr had nothing to do with the entire scheme. Ford asked why Nate wasn't hiding Dani, but James thought it would have been too obvious, and Nate would have been followed. James felt that his apartment was the safest place for Dani. Ford didn't share that opinion and threatened to call the cops if James didn't do the right thing and take Dani back.

At the hospital, Shaun spoke quietly to Vivian as they waited for Greg's arrival. Shaun knew that Greg was in trouble, and he was sorry that he hadn't followed through on his instincts. Vivian was sure that Shaun would be able to help his brother pull through. Mrs. Evans and Destiny showed up and approached John as he escorted Greg's stretcher to the intensive care unit. Mrs. Evans asked what had happened.

Shortly after, a nurse advised everyone that Greg was stable. She invited Greg's mother to see her son, but she was too upset, especially because her husband was out of town. She urged Destiny to sit with Greg as Mrs. Evans composed herself. Destiny assured her mother that Greg would be fine. Mrs. Evans wanted to know why Greg had been plied with a lethal dose of morphine, and John explained that the perpetrator was at large.

He named Elijah Clarke, and a surprised Shaun noted that Eli was dead. John clarified that Eli only wanted everyone to believe it. He added that Greg had been listed as Eli's doctor at the hospice, but Mrs. Evans refused to believe that her son would have been involved with Eli. Shaun believed that Greg had been under pressure and Shaun was worried, but his mother stressed that had been Greg's job. John continued to question the family, but Mrs. Evans insisted John was wrong. She went off in search of an extra blanket for her son.

In the meantime, Destiny sat with Greg and told her unconscious brother that she would talk to him non-stop. She told him things were messed up. He fixed people, but he needed someone to fix him, she said.

Jessica showed up for her appointment with Vivian. The doctor examined her, and explained that she had to recheck Jessica's blood pressure. She asked Jessica about any unusual symptoms. Jessica confirmed that she'd revealed the uncertainty of the baby's father to Brody, and while he would occasionally get angry, it was at the situation and not at her. She was certain the baby would be Brody's, though, she told Vivian.

Vivian explained that Jessica had consistently high blood pressure, and with the hypertension would need bed rest. It was usually stress related, and it probably had to do with the baby's father being in question. Vivian wanted to speak to Brody.

Nate, Todd, and Ross were at the police station in light of Dani's disappearance. Ross accused Brody of being in cahoots with Todd and Nate, but Brody glared at Ross and began to ask Nate questions. Nate claimed that Dani has asked for a minute alone, and she was gone. Todd denied having any knowledge of his daughter's escape. Ross was certain that Todd was involved, since he had acted strangely at the house. Todd recalled his strange phone call, but out loud he claimed to have been thinking of a way to say goodbye to Dani. Todd emphasized that Dani didn't want anything to do with Ross, since he'd had Téa's will changed, so she had run away.

Nate could hardly contain his smug look as Ross and Todd began to argue and accuse each other of Dani's disappearance. Todd pointed out that the last time Dani had run away, she'd had assistance from a boy. Suddenly, he stole a glance at Nate and looked away quickly. Todd suggested that the police look at the Buchanan boy for a lead. Instead, Brody turned to Nate, but Nate insisted he would be with Dani if he could. "I lost her too," he said.

Brody asked Nate who was responsible, but Nate had nothing to say. Ross started in on Todd again, and grabbed him violently. He demanded to know what Todd had done. The cops pulled Ross away, and Todd turned back to Nate. He inquired who had helped Nate, but the teen maintained that he hadn't seen Dani. Todd insisted that he had a right to know everything.

Another police officer announced that there had been no sign of Dani as yet, but they had added roadblocks. Adamantly, Ross advised Brody that Todd had been the one to get Dani out, and Ross feared she was halfway across the world. Brody received a phone call from Vivian, who asked to speak to him right away.

Todd grabbed Nate and tried to get information from him. Todd noted that he had the resources and experience to help Dani better than Nate. When Todd didn't get anywhere, he began to threaten Nate. Brody broke them up and advised them they would be able to leave. As Todd continued to talk to Nate, Ross wandered over. "Look who's buddy-buddy," he called out. Todd wondered if Nate were holding out on them and grabbed him again. Suddenly, he decided that Nate couldn't possibly be involved, and Todd chased him out.

Ross and Todd had words again and continued to threaten and accuse each other. John returned to the station. "What are you girls gabbing about?" he asked the men. "Anything I should know?" The guys went off again, and Ross declared there would be "hell to pay" if his daughter were not returned. He left the station, but John stopped Todd. He wanted to talk to him about Eli. John was certain that Eli was headed to Llanview.

Brody reached the hospital and met with Vivian and Jessica. The doctor explained the situation and stressed that Jessica would need to reduce her tension. She left the couple alone. Jessica assured Brody she felt fine, but Brody blamed himself. Jessica was only happy that Brody had been honest with his feelings. She stressed that they had to tell each other everything. Brody wanted to get her home so he could take care of her and the baby.

Destiny told her mother that Greg had been different lately. He hadn't been willing to talk to anyone, and he had lied in court, she told her mother. Mrs. Evans was certain her son would explain himself eventually. Shaun stated that both he and Destiny had noticed Greg's personality change, and it was possible that Greg had been working with Eli. Perhaps Eli had found Greg's weak spot. Mrs. Evans refused to accept it.

Nate turned up at Todd's house and asked loudly why all of the cops were there. Starr advised him that Cole knew what had happened. Nate didn't think the cops had followed him to Todd's, and he was certain that Starr wasn't a suspect. Nate wanted Starr to do a favor for him. He asked her to call James to check up on Dani. Nate was afraid that his own call would be traced.

Starr looked at Cole for approval. "Do what you have to do, Starr," Cole said. Starr looked at Cole. "I'm sorry, I have to do this," she told him, as she dialed James's number. She wanted to do it for Nate and Dani. Cole couldn't hide his resentment. "It's too bad you won't do anything for us," he uttered.

James asked Ford to give him 24 hours. He asked Ford to do it for Nate. Ford only wanted to keep James safe. Just then, James received a phone call. It was Starr, and she asked how Dani was doing. At the same time, Brody began to knock loudly on the door, and he called for James. Starr heard the commotion and asked what was happening. "I'll tell you in a minute," James told her. He ran to hide Dani as Brody continued to yell and bang on the door.

Destiny wanted to call Darren and tell him the latest news. Mrs. Evans kept Greg company, while Shaun met up with Vivian. Shaun confessed that his mother didn't believe that anything could be wrong, but Vivian advised him not to read into anything. Inside of Greg's room, Mrs. Evans spoke to her unconscious son. She knew that he had been trying to protect his brother and sister. She knew the reason why he had done Eli's dirty work.

Ross wandered to the docks and tried to call Dani. He left her a message to call him. "You looking for me?" someone asked him. Ross turned and saw Eli standing nearby. Eli was not happy, and he demanded to know why Ross hadn't shown up with Dani in Caracas.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nora arrived in Bo's office at the police station with a bagful of Rodi's burgers. She found Bo weighted down with the Eli Clarke case, as well as Danielle's recent disappearance. Nora remained amazed that Eli could have survived the fire in Tahiti, and feared that Eli might have had a hand in what had happened to Dani. Bo assured Nora he would find the girl, and said he didn't think either of her two fathers had made off with her. His spirits lifted when he realized Nora had another lunch delivery for the two of them.

While chowing down on their burgers, Bo and Nora each worked their phones on their respective cases. After finishing a call, Bo informed Nora that Natalie was over at Todd's searching for clues to Dani's whereabouts, but he feared she hadn't found anything. Nora fussed over her own case, but couldn't help but notice Bo's obvious distraction. She feared he had lost his taste for burgers, but Bo said it wasn't that -- he was fed up with them eating all their meals in the office, and never having any time alone together off the job. Nora agreed, and she and Bo decided to leave the case to John, take the hour off, and "blow this joint" arm in arm.

Brody pounded on the door to the Ford brothers' apartment as inside, James begged Ford not to let on that James was hiding Danielle. Feverishly multi-tasking, he asked Starr over the phone if anyone had told the cops he was hiding Dani, but Starr said no one had spilled the beans. As Ford bickered with him about getting caught up in the Mannings' problems and Brody continued to demand entry, James was forced to hang up on Starr.

Ford shouted to Brody that he was getting dressed, then grudgingly ordered James to head to the rear of the apartment and stay there while he dealt with Brody. As James hid, Ford let Brody in. "What are you hiding in here?" Brody asked him.

Hiding in one of the bedrooms, James listened in on Ford and Brody's confrontation. When his phone buzzed with another call from Starr, he ignored it. At Todd's, Starr was confused and dejected. Back at the apartment, James whispered to the hidden Dani to stay quiet as he continued to monitor Brody and Ford.

In the living area, Brody asked Ford if he was alone, and Ford said that James was studying in the back room. He asked what Brody wanted, and Brody said it wasn't police business -- he wanted to talk about Jessica. Ford said they had nothing to discuss; as far as he was concerned, her baby was Brody's. Brody reminded him that they wouldn't know that for sure until the paternity test, but warned him that his involvement had led to Jessica developing hypertension. "Is she okay?" Ford asked. "What's it to you?" Brody snapped, getting in his face.

Ford told Brody he cared what happened to Jessica, but Brody laughed off his attempt at "passing as a human being." He warned Ford that he had spent all day chasing after one runaway child caught between two fathers, and he wouldn't allow his son or daughter to face the same heartache in a custody battle someday. Ford promised not to fight Brody for custody of the baby.

On his way out, Brody told Ford that the girl he was searching for was Danielle, Nate's girlfriend, and asked if Ford knew anything about her whereabouts. Ford told Brody he barely knew Nate, let alone Dani. Brody ordered him to call the station if he discovered anything, and left.

James reentered the living area, stunned to hear that his brother could be a father. Ford attempted to drop the subject, but as James continued to push him for details, he spilled the story of his dalliance with Jessica. He insisted that there was only a slim chance he could be the baby's father, but Brody wouldn't stop harassing him -- he didn't want anything to do with the child, and he wanted Jessica and her "cop" to be happy and leave him alone. "That's not what I heard," James teased. As Ford continued to deny caring about Jessica and the baby, James asked his big brother if he intended to cut his kid loose just as Inez had done to them.

Ford said his situation and Inez's were nothing alike -- Jessica's child was a Buchanan, set for life, with two loving parents. But James called Brody crazy, and insisted that "Bobby" would make a good father, the same way the Fords could become a good family again. Ford warned that it could all fall apart if James went away for kidnapping a minor. James asked if Ford wanted Danielle to leave, but Ford reluctantly said she could stay until they figured something else out. James thanked him for his help, but Ford said he wasn't doing it for Dani, or Nate -- he just wanted to wipe the smug look off Brody Lovett's face.

As Ford prepared to leave to pick up food for Dani, James thanked him and said Ford was a good guy after all. "Don't," Ford warned, sensing the trajectory of James's gushing. "You're a natural!" James insisted. "I don't wanna hear it," Ford declared. "Baby isn't mine, end of story." With that, he left.

Over at Todd's, Natalie was hard at work outside the house, hunting for clues. She spotted Cole on his way out, and told him she was collecting evidence in the search for Dani. She showed him James's bullet necklace, and asked Cole if he had any idea who it could belong to. Cole instantly recognized the necklace.

At first, Cole played dumb, but as Natalie continued to ponder the necklace, he lost his patience. "It would take a total jackass to wear something that stupid," he blurted out. Natalie asked whom he meant, just as Starr exited the house. "Ask Starr," Cole snapped, and walked off.

Alone with Natalie, Starr struggled to maintain an innocent façade, despite her cousin's probing questions about the necklace. Noting the bullet's caliber and the fact that it had been fired, Natalie recalled the caliber of the bullet Starr had accidentally shot James Ford with. She asked Starr if the necklace belonged to James, and Starr confessed that it did. She said that James had kept it because it reminded him of her.

"So he has a thing for you?" Natalie asked. Starr said James had been interested in her, but she had told him she was with Cole, and he had gotten rid of the necklace. When Natalie asked how the necklace could have ended up outside Dani's window, Starr reluctantly admitted that she had held onto the necklace, expecting that James would want it back. She asked if Natalie had ever gotten mixed up with the wrong guy, and ended up with something she hadn't meant to hold onto, but couldn't throw away. Struck by the parallel to her own troubles, Natalie told Starr she understood.

Believing the necklace to be unrelated to the case, Natalie gave it back to Starr, and asked her to call if she heard from Dani. She warned Starr that Cole hadn't seemed happy to see James's necklace again.

At Marty's place, Hannah rummaged through Marty's case files and discovered the file on Brody. Scanning the documents, she found mention of Ford and Jessica, and secrets that Brody couldn't confess. Before she could read further, Marty returned, surprised to find Hannah reading the files. Suspicious, she warned the girl that her files were confidential. Hannah claimed that she had knocked the files over and was only cleaning them up, then rushed off to cook dinner as Marty picked up Brody's file.

Soon thereafter, Marty told Hannah she had to go to the police station to speak to John. Eyeing Hannah with caution, she said she would see Hannah later.

Minutes after Marty's departure, Hannah was surprised by Cole's arrival. Cole was clearly pleased to see Hannah. As he entered the house, Hannah told him Marty was out, but Cole said he was there to see Hannah, to apologize for avoiding her. Hannah said she couldn't blame him after everything she had done, and promised to keep her distance. "What if I don't want that?" Cole asked.

Cole said that he and Starr had agreed to steer clear of Hannah and James, respectively, but Starr hadn't kept her promise, so he didn't see why he should. Hannah warned him that whatever was between Starr and James didn't matter, as Starr loved him and he loved her. Cole reminded Hannah that they had been through a lot together, but Hannah said that Starr and James had, as well, and it didn't mean Starr loved Cole any less. Cole apologized for dumping his problems on Hannah, and said he was a hypocrite -- he hated that Starr had feelings for someone else, but she wasn't the only one.

Floored, Hannah asked Cole if he was joking. "No," Cole replied. "I care about you." Hannah couldn't believe what he was saying, and told him not to make a fool of her; she couldn't handle hearing what she had always dreamed of hearing from Cole, because she knew he would take it back. "This isn't a joke, or revenge," Cole said, advancing on Hannah. "It's the truth." With that, he kissed her.

At the Fords' apartment, James answered a knock at the door, expecting that Ford had forgotten his key. Instead, he found Starr standing there.

Marty arrived at the police station and immediately ran into Brody. She told him that she was open to another session if he needed to unload again. Heading down the corridor, she encountered Natalie, and said she was looking for John. On her best behavior, Natalie greeted Marty and asked what she needed John for. "It's personal," Marty muttered, and stalked off.

"Why do I even try?" Natalie said, sighing as she walked over to Brody. Brody said he liked Marty, who had been a great help to him. Natalie asked how, and Brody confessed that he had been seeing Marty as a therapist to deal with the pressures of the baby situation. Horrified, Natalie asked if he had told Marty about their one-night stand.

Brody said he hadn't told Marty about his night with Natalie, only about his anger regarding Ford and Jessica. He had no one else to turn to about his feelings, and couldn't keep sharing clandestine meetings with Natalie that would look suspicious. He promised Natalie he would get better at keeping their secret. He had hoped to confess everything to Jessica, but with her hypertension, he feared she could lose the baby.

Natalie told Brody that all he could do for the moment was comfort Jessica and hold it together. She asked him to stop talking to Marty, and Brody informed her that even if he told Marty the truth, he was protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. "I know everyone likes her, but I don't trust her," Natalie muttered, and ordered Brody to find a new therapist. As Natalie and Brody headed down the hall, Marty walked up, perturbed by her glimpse of their hushed conversation.

Over at La Boulaie, Dorian pressured a frazzled Blair to take medication to help her sleep, but Kelly rushed into the drawing room and intervened. As Dorian and Kelly began to argue, Blair stepped in and told her clan that she wouldn't be able to rest until Dani was home safe. Remembering Dani's distress over leaving Llanview, she couldn't believe that Dani had gone off alone, and blamed herself for not looking after Téa's daughter as she had promised. Just then, the guards dragged in Todd. Todd ordered Dorian to get him released, because he had important information: "Eli Clarke is alive."

Kelly told the guards to let Todd go, and said he was "family." As Todd was released, he told the stunned Cramers that Blair wasn't safe there, and explained that John had discovered that Eli had staged his death in Tahiti. Todd believed Eli was headed for La Boulaie to take revenge on Kelly and Blair, and decided to search the grounds. Reeling, Dorian agreed with Todd that La Boulaie would be Eli's first stop, and immediately called the police. She told her girls that Eli was hell-bent on vengeance, and it was only a question of which of them would be Eli's first target.

As Todd returned to the drawing room, he dispelled Blair's fears that Eli had Dani. He told Blair he knew who had Dani, but not where; as long as the girl stayed hidden, she was safe.

As Kelly and Dorian gave them a moment alone in the foyer, Todd told Blair he agreed with Dorian that she needed protection, and said he wanted to get her and the boys out of Llanview. Blair refused to run, but Todd reminded her that Eli knew La Boulaie's security inside and out. Blair said she had no intention of bunking at his place, but Todd suggested they take a boat and sail away with the kids after retrieving Dani. Blair said they had a life in Llanview, and couldn't just sail away from everything they knew. "Why are you doing this?" she asked. "Because I lost Téa," Todd said softly. "And I just don't want to lose you."

Sitting on the staircase, Todd told Blair that she had almost died in Tahiti, but promised he would be there to save her the next time Eli went after her. Taking Blair in his arms, he said he didn't want to put their boys through what Dani had been through when she lost Téa. "Come with me," he pleaded. Blair reluctantly agreed, and as Todd rose to leave and retrieve their boat, Blair told him to hurry back.

Outside, Dorian and her security team watched Kelly brood. Dorian pleaded with Kelly to come in from the cold, and encouraged her to let the security team and the police do their jobs. Kelly couldn't get the thought of Eli still on the loose out of her head, and began quietly goading him to show his face - "I'm waiting." She laughed at Dorian's promise of police protection, and said that the cops wouldn't know a thing about Eli if not for her and her investigation into Melinda's death. "You've done your job," Dorian insisted. "Not until Eli Clarke pays," Kelly shot back.

Dorian told Kelly she had loved Melinda, and that her sister had never gotten anything she deserved, except Kelly. She said Melinda wouldn't want Kelly risking her life. "Don't you want to see this man dead?" Kelly asked. Dorian admitted she did, but said that vengeance was a dark, messy road. "You could lose your soul," Dorian warned, "and I'm not going to let that happen to you."

Returning to the foyer, Kelly continued to quietly rage about Eli remaining at large. She wondered how long he would continue to evade justice, and how many more people he would hurt. "Elijah Clarke is capable of anything," she warned Dorian.

On the docks, Ross asked Eli what he was doing back in Llanview, and Eli said his plans had changed -- they needed to pick up Danielle and leave immediately. Ross told him they couldn't, and explained Dani's disappearance. "What the hell happened?" Eli snapped, livid. "How could you let her out of your sight?" Ross told him the police were searching for the girl, and Eli was infuriated at the thought of the town crawling with cops.

Ross was consumed with worry over Dani, but Eli had other things on his mind. Fuming, Eli couldn't believe such a thing could happen after everything he had worked so hard for. "What have you worked so hard for?" Ross asked, confused. Eli claimed he only wanted to get Dani back for his brother, but Ross remained unconvinced and suggested Eli head back to Caracas, where Ross and Dani could meet him. Turning cold, Eli asked why Ross and Dani would ever show up if Ross had what he wanted.

Ross was sorry for Eli's predicament, but urged him to start over once again, just as he had so many times before. Eli told Ross that starting over took cash, cash he no longer had access to thanks to John and Kelly's meddling in his affairs. He told Ross they needed to use Dani to squeeze Todd for every penny he had. Ross rejected the idea, and said Todd would never play ball. Ross added that he would never give Dani up again, to Todd or anyone else. "What if she's not yours to give?" Eli asked, voice eerily quiet.

Eli urged Ross to cooperate with his scheme, and said he would take Dani until Todd paid up, then give her back to Ross safe and sound, and ride off into the sunset alone. "With Dani's trust fund?" Ross asked, dubious. Eli suggested Ross consider it payment for getting his daughter back, and said they should leave immediately and find Dani. Ross he said he needed to check in with the police and get information on the search for Dani, but Eli was instantly suspicious. Pulling a gun, he ordered Ross to give him the phone.

Handing Eli the phone, Ross reminded Eli that they were brothers. Eli told Ross their blood connection had cost him everything, ever since Ross had called him a year before, whining about Téa taking Dani. Ross admitted to blackmailing Eli to go to Llanview, and said he had been desperate. "And here you are again," Eli snapped, "story of your sad, sorry life."

Ross was confident Eli wouldn't kill him, but Eli laughed off their family bond -- he explained that he had gotten Téa pumped full of poison and murdered just to get his brother's kid back, but Ross remained ungrateful. "You killed Téa?" Ross cried, horrified. "And you're next," Eli murmured, raising the gun.

Ross was stunned that Eli had murdered Téa, but Eli said he had done anything he could for his brother, all to no avail and with no payoff. "What do you want?" Ross asked. Eli said he didn't want anything from Ross, because Ross had nothing to give him anymore -- they hadn't been able to hold onto Dani long enough to get her out of the country, and Ross was useless to him without Dani as leverage against Todd. Ross mused that John had warned him that Eli would turn on him. "You should've listened," Eli replied, and pulled the trigger, shooting Ross.

Ross collapsed onto the docks, struggling to breathe. "Sorry, Ross," Eli sighed. "I always loved you, even when you were a pain. It was nice having a brother." With his last breath, Ross croaked Dani's name. "Don't worry," Eli soothed. "You'll be together again soon." Then, he shoved Ross's body into the water and watched it sink.

As Eli stared at the water, he heard a noise nearby, and trained his gun at the source of the sound: Todd.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In bed, Bo and Nora agreed that they should get a hotel room in the middle of the day more often. As they marveled that there was no chance of interruption, Bo's phone began to ring. Then, Nora's phone rang. On the phone, both told the person on the other end of the phone that they would "be right there." The two were sad to see their "us time" end, but agreed that their work was never done. They got dressed and talked about their plans for the rest of the day. Nora related that she felt bad for what Todd was going through.

As Ford sat at the bar in Rodi's, a girl walked over to him and asked if there was a chance he could beat the charges because his students missed him. He said there was no chance as Inez entered. Echo, who was also sitting at the bar, told Inez she looked familiar. Inez agreed, but Echo walked away, more interested in Charlie, who had entered Rodi's.

Inez told Ford that she hated seeing him so miserable and she wanted to make it up to him. Inez explained that Clint had offered to help get Ford his job at Llanview University back. Ford wondered what Clint wanted in return, especially after helping James get the grant. Inez related that Clint was a parent too, and just wanted to help because he was a generous man. Ford warned his mother that there was no such thing as "a free lunch," and left.

On the phone, Clint told the dean that he would end Buchanan Enterprises' support to the university, and hung up. Viki entered and asked if he was threatening someone. Clint put a file entitled "Robert Ford" into a drawer and related that he was just playing hardball. Viki told Clint that Echo was back in town. Both agreed that Echo wasn't welcome. Clint regretted his affair with the woman, but Viki had long since forgiven Clint for it. Viki informed Clint that Echo wasn't in town for Clint, but for Charlie.

Viki explained how Echo and Charlie had met in Atlantic City. Echo said she didn't want anything, but Viki didn't believe her. Clint told Viki to call if Echo gave her any trouble, and Viki left. Clint got a call on his phone about a visitor. He wasn't expecting anyone, but said to let the visitor in. Ford entered and wanted to know why Clint wanted to help Ford get his job back.

Clint said he was doing it for Inez. Clint went on that he'd had a rough year and he needed good company. He liked spending time with Inez and wanted to help her and her children, since he had the means to. He picked up his phone and called the dean again. He asked her if she had thought any more about Ford. He smiled and told her that he was glad they were seeing eye-to-eye. He got off the phone and told Ford the charge was history and that he should expect a call from the dean soon. Clint also said that he was glad both of his daughters were taken. A wide-eyed Ford thanked Clint and left.

At Rodi's, Echo asked Charlie where Viki was, but Charlie needed to speak to Echo alone. Charlie didn't want Echo causing trouble for him and Viki. Charlie said that he didn't want Echo interfering in his marriage, and that he would never cheat on Viki. Echo was happy for him. She claimed to have learned her lesson after what had happened with Clint and said she was trying to be a better person. She wanted to apologize to Viki.

Charlie had to leave for work, which surprised Echo because Charlie had "married a millionaire." Charlie hoped Echo understood his suspicions and warned her once again that Viki was the love of his life and that he wouldn't let anything hurt her. They began to reminisce about Atlantic City until Viki entered. Charlie left, and Viki told Echo that they needed to "get a few things straight."

At the police station, Marty asked John why he needed to see her. He informed her that Eli was alive. He explained to her how Ross had probably helped Eli fake Eli's death. She asked where Eli was, but John disclosed that they hadn't found him yet. He said that he would send a patrol car to her house to keep a watch on Marty and Hannah, and Marty left.

Nate entered the station, complaining about a cop taking him out of school. He maintained that he had answered all of John's questions the night before and that morning. John informed him that Dani could be in danger because Eli was still alive. As Inez entered the station, she saw Nate and asked if he was in trouble. Inez said he had answered all of their questions and asked if they were calling him a liar. John related that he just wanted to find Dani before the "bad guys" did.

After hearing that Dani could be in trouble, he told John about how he had helped her get away. Nate told John he would take him to her.

Later, Inez went back to her desk and asked a passing cop if there was any word on Dani. There wasn't. Inez's phone rang, and she answered it to Clint. He asked if she was free for dinner that night, but she needed to spend time with Nate. Clint asked her about after because he had good news and wanted to tell her in person. They agreed to get together later that night.

Hannah and Cole kissed, but Cole pulled away. Cole claimed that kissing Hannah made his feelings for her stronger. He apologized for being unfair to her and maintained that he loved Starr. Hannah ordered Cole to leave. Hannah related that she had almost died for him, and didn't survive to be Cole's "go-to girl" when he and Starr got into fights. Hannah again told him to leave as Marty entered.

Marty was surprised to see Cole there. She explained about Eli to Hannah and Cole. Cole assured his mother and a very distressed Hannah that he wouldn't leave them alone. Marty appreciated that Cole was willing to stay with them, but assured him that there would be a patrol car watching over them. "What about Starr?" Marty asked. Cole saw no reason for Eli to go after Starr and insisted that he wouldn't leave Marty and Hannah.

Starr entered James's apartment and demanded to know where Dani was. Dani entered, and Starr was glad she was safe. Starr explained about Natalie finding James's necklace. Dani hated that everyone was lying for her and thought that she should just give up and leave with Ross. Starr wouldn't let Ross take her, but Dani said that Ford hated that Dani was in his apartment. Starr thought they needed to move on to plan B for multiple reasons. She cited the fact that Cole was the other reason.

After James went off on Starr for telling Cole, she assured James and Dani that Cole was okay with her helping Dani, but not that James was involved. However, Cole wouldn't say a word. Starr had an idea about what plan B could be, since James and Nate hadn't thought of one. Dani said that no matter where she went, Ross would never stop looking for her. Starr tried to tell Dani that anything was better than going with Ross because that wasn't what Téa had wanted.

The sisters agreed that they would go through with the plan for Téa. Starr explained that Todd had a boat and that Dani could stay there for a while. Dani went to get her things together, and Starr gave James's necklace back to him. He told her to keep it so they could keep up with the lie that Starr had told Natalie about the two getting into a fight. Starr thanked James for his help. The two almost kissed, but Dani reentered, ready to leave.

James told both girls that if they ever needed a sister kidnapped again, "I'm your guy." Dani gave James a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for helping her and Nate. He said he was just doing what he thought was best for everyone. The two left. Later, John and Nate arrived at the apartment, looking for Dani. James played dumb, but Nate said that he had told John everything. James said that Dani had been there, but she was gone.

Eli pushed Ross into the water and told him that he and Dani would be together again soon. Todd walked by and Eli pointed his gun at Todd. Todd took his gun out and pointed it at Eli, saying that Eli was going to die a second time. Eli said it would be better if they just went their separate ways, but Todd disagreed. Eli had faked Téa's will and made Todd lose Dani. Looking into the bubbling water, Eli assured Todd that he could make sure Ross was no longer a problem.

Todd shot Eli. He walked over to him and kicked the gun out of his hand. As Todd stood over him, Eli hit Todd, knocking the gun out of his hand. Todd reached for the gun, but Eli jumped on top of him and the two hit each other. Eli grabbed Todd's gun and pointed it at Todd, telling him not to move. Eli ran away and Todd grabbed the remaining gun. Suddenly, Ross emerged from the water and grabbed Todd's arm.

Ross begged for help, but Todd only pointed the gun at him. Todd reasoned that Dani would hate him if he let Ross die, but she probably wouldn't find out anyway. Todd walked away and Ross went back under the water, grasping for the side. Todd returned and helped Ross out of the water. Todd asked why Eli had shot Ross. Ross replied that Eli wanted Dani and passed out.

At the docks, Starr gave Dani the marina pass, and the alarm code for Todd's boat. Starr apologized for having to leave, but Dani thanked her sister for everything she had done. Starr left, and Dani began to walk toward the boat. As she made her way to the boat, she saw Todd holding a gun over an unconscious Ross.

Starr arrived in front of her apartment and noticed a stain on the floor that looked like blood. Her thoughts immediately went to Hope as she fumbled in her purse for her keys. She finally entered the apartment to find Eli pointing his gun at her.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Inside Rodi's, Viki prevented Echo from leaving. Echo invited Viki to sit at a table and ordered two milks, one with rum. Echo then revealed that she had "all kinds of unfinished business here in Llanview." Viki reflected that Echo had no business in Llanview, since she had left over 25 years before, however Echo insisted that she still needed to see Clint. Viki insisted that Clint had no wish to see Echo.

Echo believed that Viki was too interested in the reason for Echo's visit in Llanview. "Do you want to know why I am really here? I want something from you." Echo explained that a title was not enough to open up doors. When Viki asked if Echo wanted money, Echo announced that she wanted a job. "I think I'm just what you need to boost sales at the Banner."

Echo reminded Viki that Echo had once been an internationally renowned photographer, and that it would not be the first time that Echo had worked at the Banner. After Viki turned down Echo's offer, Echo stated that she knew Viki was having trouble "keeping the Banner afloat." Echo claimed that she had learned that information from the Internet, and that she did not need to read the newspapers to keep up with the current events in Llanview.

Viki refused to hire Echo and told her to go far, far away. Echo revealed that she could always turn to Viki's brother, Todd, who own a tabloid, but Viki claimed that Todd would never take Echo's call. Viki announced, "I know. You're so keen on the Internet. Why don't you log on right now and book yourself a bus ticket out of here." Echo sneered.

When Echo asked if Viki was always that cold, Viki stated that she was not cold, only direct. As Viki stood up to leave, she commented, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out." As Echo held up her milk, she cheered, "Here's to you, Viki. Always a class act." Once Viki had left, a waitress walked up to the table, and Echo ordered a vodka stinger and vowed that she would not leave Llanview.

At Llanview Hospital, Destiny yelled for Greg to wake up "real soon," because their mother was picking up their father from the airport. Destiny claimed that their father would "hit the roof" if he saw Greg lying flat on his back. Destiny begged Greg, "Come back to me."

In Téa's hospice room, Téa awoke and saw Todd and Dani. Téa laughed and announced that she would not die. "I'm going to come home. Did you hear me? I said I'm coming home. Dani? Todd?" Téa then realized that she had only imagined them. The nurse walked in to check on Téa, who asked for Dr. Evans. The nurse voiced that she would call Dr. Evans for Téa, and the nurse left Téa's room.

The nurse walked into the hall and left a message for Greg to return her call. The nurse then reentered Téa's room and expressed that she had left the message for Dr. Evans. Still, the nurse insisted that Todd had been at the hospice, and Téa feared that something was wrong with Dani.

When Téa asked the nurse if Todd had mentioned anything about flying back to "the States," the nurse informed Téa that they were in "the States." After Téa clarified that the nurse meant the United States, the nurse replied that she had. The nurse understood that Téa had been a little confused, since Téa was recovering from a brain tumor. The nurse insisted that Téa needed her rest, and that it would all make sense in time.

Once the nurse exited the room, Téa remarked out loud, "None of this makes sense. Dr. Evans told me that we were in St. Kitts. He lied to me. Why?" Later, when the nurse reentered, Téa asked her the location of the place. When the nurse revealed that they were in Cherryville, Pennsylvania, Téa pondered, "How could I be so close to home?"

In the hall, outside of Greg's room, Darren greeted his brother, Theo, as Theo walked over to Shaun. When Theo asked about Greg's condition, Shaun demanded that Detective Price stop "hanging around like some vulture." Theo remarked, "All right, fine. The fact is your brother could put away some man who has killed a half a dozen people." Shaun wondered why Greg would get mixed up with a creep like Eli Clarke, and Theo stated that he wanted to ask Greg that himself.

As Destiny left Greg's room, she ran into Darren in the hall; he gave Destiny a big hug. They walked through the hall and found Theo and Shaun still arguing. When an EMT technician handed Greg's cell phone to the detective, Shaun questioned why no warrant had been issued. Theo responded, "Look, we're trying to catch Eli Clarke, and if he tried to contact your brother, then this phone will help us catch him."

Destiny questioned why Eli would call Greg, if Eli thought that Greg was dead. Theo believed that Eli would want to see if he had finished the job. Theo then saw that Greg had a message on the cell phone. Detective Price needed the pass code to Greg's phone, so that he could hear the message. Theo then discovered that even though Shaun did not know the code, Destiny did. Theo played the message from the nurse to Greg.

Destiny believed that a nurse at the hospital would have known that Greg was in Intensive Care, and Darren speculated that the nurse might have called from Cherryville. Shaun and Destiny verified that Greg had treated a patient in Cherryville, but Shaun did not see what that had to do with Elijah Clarke. Theo asked if Greg had any other patients at Cherryville, besides Eli, but Shaun refused to believe that Eli was Greg's patient. However, Destiny felt that Téa's death had shaken Greg up, and that was why he had left for St. Kitts.

Detective Price insisted that he had to leave. Shaun declared that Theo would do anything to make his case. However, Theo stated that he would still have to question Greg, but that he truly only wished the best for Greg. After Detective Price left, Shaun angrily said to Darren, "Your brother is barking up the wrong tree," and stormed into Greg's room.

Destiny apologized on Shaun's behalf, but Darren just wondered how Destiny had known Greg's password. Destiny revealed that Greg's password was her birth date. Darren thought that he and her brother, Shaun, had something in common. "We both think your brother's pretty special." Destiny informed Darren that in the past, Greg had driven Shaun crazy by trying to make Destiny's birthdays special. Darren announced that he would make all of Destiny's birthdays special in the future.

In Greg's hospital room, Shaun told Greg that he could not protect Greg, unless Greg woke up. Shaun believed that their mother knew more about the situation but refused to tell Shaun what she knew. Suddenly, Greg moved his head, and Shaun cried out Greg's name. When Greg opened his eyes, Shaun said, "Welcome back, brother. Don't talk. Don't talk. Just rest." Greg whispered, "Téa."

At the Fords' apartment, John told James that Nate had revealed that Dani had been in the apartment. John claimed that if he did not find Dani in time, Nate and James would "lose her for good." Nate insisted that James not trust John, who insisted that his only concern was for Dani. John maintained that he was trying to protect Dani from Eli Clarke. "We need to get to Clarke in time, or he could kill her."

James informed John that Dani had been in the apartment but had left for Todd's yacht in the harbor. When John questioned which marina, James stated that he did not realize that there was more than one. John called to find the location of Todd's yacht. As he started to leave, John told Nate and James that if they heard from Dani, to let him know, and he insisted that they try not to handle it themselves.

James wondered how Eli Clarke was "back from the dead." When Nate showed concern for Dani's safety, James reminded Nate that the only people who knew Dani's location were "us, Starr, and now the cops." Nate regretted that he had not allowed Dani to "go to Tahiti with Ross." Nate claimed, "It's all my fault."

At the docks, Dani found Todd, who held a gun, as he stood over the lifeless body of Ross. As Dani cried for Todd to get help, Todd informed her that it was too late to call an ambulance. Todd insisted that he had not shot Ross, and Dani blared, "Then who did?"

Dani refused to leave Ross and apologized to him, as Todd tried to grab her arm. Dani screamed, "This is your fault. You always hated him, because I loved him. He's been more of a father to me than you'll ever be. That's why you killed him." Todd maintained that Eli Clarke had killed Ross, and when Dani asked if Eli had returned from the dead, Todd answered, "Yes."

Dani cried that Blair had shot Eli, so he was dead. Yet Todd claimed that it had been Eli, who had shot Ross, and that Todd had actually pulled Ross out of the water. Dani believed that Todd felt guilty for what he had done, but Todd hugged Dani and insisted that they had to leave the docks immediately.

Dani yelled that Ross was dead, and that according to Todd, a dead man had killed Ross. Dani insisted that Todd was crazy. Todd pleaded with Dani to look at him, and when she glanced at Todd, he insisted that he loved Dani. Todd reminded Dani that both Jessica and Blair trusted Todd, and that Dani needed to trust him too. "We're getting on my boat, and we're going somewhere, where Eli can never find us."

Dani maintained that Todd had tried to run with Dani before, when Ross had wanted custody. Todd wryly stated, "Not much chance of that now," and when Dani cried out, Todd apologized. Dani insisted that Todd was running, because Todd had murdered Ross, but Todd insisted that Ross had wanted Todd to run someplace safe with Dani.

Dani reached for her phone and called the Llanview police. She then snatched the gun from Todd and yelled, "I'm not going anywhere with you." Dani ran off. As Todd started to chase after Dani, the police officers arrived and stopped him. John McBain then took charge at the scene.

Todd revealed to John that Eli had shot Ross, and that Todd had pulled Ross out of "the drink." Todd maintained that he did not know where Eli was, and after John asked, Todd replied that he had been on the docks to retrieve his boat. John insisted that Todd call Blair to warn her to stay at La Boulaie. Detective Theo Price arrived on the docks and informed John that the detective would conduct an investigation in Cherryville.

Todd revealed to John that Ross's dying words were "Eli wants Dani." When John questioned why, Todd claimed, "He died before I could get it out of him." Just as John insisted that Todd leave for Dorian's, Nate arrived and saw Ross dead. Nate asked, "Where are Dani and Starr?" Todd wondered, "Starr? What's Starr got to do with this?" Nate revealed, "Starr is the one who brought Dani to the docks." After John mentioned that he believed that Dani would run to somewhere safe, Todd felt that Starr and Dani were together.

At Starr's apartment, Eli held a gun on Starr, who was at her door, and demanded, "Get in. Move it!" Starr yelled that Blair had killed Eli, so she wondered how Eli could still be alive. Starr then tried to run to Hope's room, but Eli stopped her. Eli informed Starr that Ross was dead and asked if she wanted to join him. Eli then informed Starr that the bullets in the gun that Blair had held to shoot him had been blanks. However, Eli agreed to let Starr see Hope. Starr ran into Hope's room and screamed.

Starr carried Hope out of her room and apologized to her for screaming at Hope's "blankie on the floor." Starr then asked to know Eli's plan. Eli sulked that his plan had changed thanks to his "idiot brother," who had been Plan A, and thanks to Danielle, who had been Plan B. Eli revealed that his Plan C was Hope.

Frightened, Starr believed that Eli did not have much time, since his arm was bleeding. Starr insisted that Cole would return home, see the blood, and call the cops. Eli agreed that they had to leave the apartment immediately. As Eli tried to pack up a few items for the baby, Starr insisted that they would have to stop at the store for baby needs. Eli mused that Dani would have been much simpler. Starr begged Eli to just take her and to leave Hope, when they heard a knock on the door. Dani cried, "Starr, it's me. Open up."

Eli covered Starr's mouth, as she held Hope. Eli demanded, "Not a sound. Understand me?" Dani cried through the door, "Ross is dead. Todd killed him. Come on, he won't admit to it. He says that Eli is...," as Eli flung open the door with a gun pointed at Dani. Eli jeered, "Alive? Who says Todd Manning is a liar? Come on in. Join the party."

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