One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 20, 2010 on OLTL

Greg confessed his role to an unconscious Téa. Langston regretted her actions against Ford after she learned that James had also been affected by them. Téa awoke and asked for Todd and Dani. Marty took custody of Hannah after testifying on her behalf. James kissed Starr.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 20, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, September 20, 2010

At John's place, Natalie and John tried to assemble the puzzle they found themselves working on regarding Eli and Ross. They determined that Eli had to be alive, since the DNA on the dead body in Tahiti did not match Eli's DNA that Natalie had discovered by happenstance on an envelope in Llanview. John disclosed that he had a tail on Ross, and he was confident that they would locate Eli through his brother. John had already been informed that Ross had been on the phone for a very long time.

It was a beautiful day and several of Llanview's young people found themselves in the park. James told Starr that his brother had been accused of having "inappropriate contact" with a student, and that student was Langston. To make matters worse, Langston was the one who'd had the idea, he divulged. Starr couldn't believe that her friend had gone back to Ford at all. James wondered who had given photos to the dean, since both Ford and Langston were trying to keep their relationship a secret. Starr didn't know anything about it.

Starr was worried about Dani, who was having a hard time, and she realized that things had probably been difficult for James, too, due to his father. James explained that he was too smart to count on anyone for anything, since things always fell through. He'd already lost his chance at college due to Ford being fired. He wasn't "cut out" for it anyway, he told Starr, and should probably just steal cars. Starr thought he should fight for something if he wanted it. She suggested that James apply for some kind of grant, loan, or scholarship, and she offered to help him.

Langston admitted that she was the one who'd had Ford fired, because of all of the horrible things he had done to her in the past. Ford reminded her he had done a complete turnaround with his life and had changed, but Langston had been appalled over his intimacy with Jessica. He couldn't believe that Langston had been the one to set him up. She thought it had been "too easy" and explained that she had left a camera running out in his hallway. Markko would have been proud of her.

"Remember him?" she asked. Ford reluctantly gave James credit, pointing out that his brother had said it was all "too much, too fast," when Langston had returned, but Ford had defended her. He was in shock. He was sorry for hurting Langston, and he had been stupid and selfish. He cared for he,r though, and he was certain that their kiss had meant something. Langston noted that she had set Markko up, too, for all she had done to him behind his back. She was a coward, but she'd gotten what she'd deserved, and so had Ford.

Ford blamed himself for all that had occurred, and he noted that Langston had turned into someone he didn't even recognize. Langston admitted she almost believed in him, but everyone had warned her to stay away. Ford accused her of not only hurting him, but James as well. She had taken away Ford's job and career. Ford admitted that Langston "got [me] good," but he still missed her. Langston believed that James would be fine, and both he and she would be better off without Ford.

On a class trip, Destiny ran into Nate and Dani as she collected two sets of leaves, one for Dani, and one for herself. Dani filled Destiny in on how Nate had rescued Dani from her two fathers, and Nate provided some extra detail. Dani explained that Ross wanted custody of Dani, and he wanted to take her back to Tahiti. She added that Todd thought the will that Ross had was a fake.

Destiny knew that Téa had wanted Dani to remain in Llanview, which was why she had taken Dani there in the first place. Dani thought it was possible that Téa had changed her mind, especially since at first Dani had always talked about missing Tahiti. She couldn't know what her mother might have thought at the end. Destiny guessed that her brother might be more familiar, since he was the last one to be with Téa, and her death had hit him hard. Dani didn't want anything to do with Greg, since he had lied to her previously.

She explained that she and Todd had arrived at the hospital too late, and Greg hadn't told them that Téa had changed her mind about seeing them. He had confessed later. Destiny was certain that her brother had a good reason to lie. Nate wondered why he had confessed at all, and Destiny made it clear that her brother had never been a good liar.

Dani urged Nate to return to school for a special project, but he was worried in case Ross won custody and took Dani away. She promised she would say goodbye first, but Nate assured her they would never say goodbye. Destiny suggested that she and Dani head for the courtroom to check things out. Even though Dani had been told to stay away, Destiny reminded her that the two of them never listened to what they were told.

Greg spent time with an unconscious Téa in a hospital room in an unspecified location. He had to talk to someone and get everything off of his chest. He felt compelled to talk to her, he confessed. He was sorry for all he'd done, but Eli had something on Greg, and so Greg didn't have a choice. He had to save his family in exchange for hurting Téa's family. He hoped that she would forgive him someday, but he couldn't even forgive himself. He had once thought that Eli was a good guy.

Ross sat at the bar in Rodi's and spoke to Eli on the phone. Eli was surprised that Todd had pulled a gun on Ross but was stopped when Blair interceded. Eli thought it was a "good thing we kept her around." The brothers spoke about the custody hearing, though Ross thought it was sad that Téa had to die in order for him to get his daughter back. The woman had been strong and amazing, and he found it difficult to understand how she had died so quickly. He also thought it had been convenient, and he implied that Eli had been involved in some way.

Eli was indignant about his brother's insinuation, and he related the last few months of Téa's life. He had been with her when Téa had her first episode, and he had insisted that she go to the hospital after she felt faint. Eli flashed back silently to the day in the courtroom when he had put something in Téa's glass of water, causing her to feel woozy. Ross knew how Téa had hated hospitals and agreed that it must have been difficult for her to go. Eli declared that it was bad news that Téa had a brain tumor, and he certainly couldn't have made that happen. He only took advantage of the situation when it was time for Dani's custody.

At the same time that Eli related his story to Ross, Greg told Téa his own story. He couldn't understand why she had lost consciousness originally, and he had run all kinds of tests. He was surprised when the results turned up, and he had been just about to call her, when Eli walked into Greg's office. Eli had acted worried, and he had persuaded Greg to give him the results of the tests. Greg had relayed that the tests were negative, and Téa would be fine. Greg told a sleeping Téa that she had been perfectly healthy until she met Greg, because Eli had other ideas.

He wanted Greg to tell Téa she was dying, and he insisted that it was necessary for both of them that she hear that. Eli had admitted that he had slipped something in her drink because he had a plan. Greg refused to listen, but Eli told Greg it was his destiny. Greg had been confused, but Eli cleared it up instantly. It was about what Greg didn't want Destiny or anyone else to know. Greg had no choice but to take orders from Eli. He had to deliver the bad news to Téa, though he had no idea why Eli wanted things that way.

Greg had falsified reports, switched records, and prescribed medication to mimic the symptoms of a brain tumor, he continued his explanation to Téa. Eli had recommended the hospice, as well, and she had been brave and determined. Then she had changed her mind, as Greg continued to lie and deny her last wish to see her family. That had killed him, and he knew he had to do something. He couldn't kill her, but he couldn't allow Eli to destroy Greg's family. He worked many favors and got Téa back to the States. They were there at that moment, and he was waiting for her to recover, he continued. He needed a plan.

He had heard that Eli was dead, and he had rushed over to tell Todd the news. Then he'd received an ominous text message and had learned that Eli was still alive. Eli had faked his own death, Greg exclaimed. Greg promised to make things up to Téa, and continued with his account. He had put her into a coma to enable him to rid her body of all of the drugs he had given her previously. She would recover, he vowed, and she would get back to Todd and Dani. In the meantime, he needed to pay Eli a visit and try to convince him that he needed surgery. Actually, Eli was fine, Greg clarified, but once he got Eli onto an operating table, he would be able to kill him. He put a family photo on the table for Téa to see when she awoke.

Eli urged his brother to head for the hearing. He was waiting to hear from Greg so that he could be out of bed and on his way. Ross was engrossed in his telephone call and didn't see Natalie walk up behind him. She grabbed the phone from him and put it up to her ear silently. "Ross?" Eli called out. He called out twice more. "Who is this?" he asked. When he didn't receive an answer, he hung up. Natalie claimed that she thought it had been her phone that had been stolen. Ross replied that he didn't take things that didn't belong to him.

John walked over, and Natalie apologized to Ross. She realized it wasn't her phone after all. Ross stalked off, and Natalie advised John that she was certain she had heard Eli's voice on the phone. John was unable to obtain a trace of the call, but Natalie was positive it was Eli who she'd heard. She had noted how nervous Ross had appeared. The pair discussed the hearing and contemplated the sudden show of "brotherly love." They wondered what was in it for Eli and tried to figure out what his motive behind his actions could be.

Blair and Todd arrived at the courtroom. Blair thought it was lucky that she had insisted that Todd leave his gun behind. She didn't think that shooting Ross should be one of the options that Todd had to consider. She asked how Todd was doing, and he admitted that he'd been sure he'd see Téa again, so he hadn't properly said goodbye to her when Dani did. Then the men he had hired to follow her, had lost her.

His attorney turned up and advised him that the case appeared complicated. The will had been drawn up, signed in front of Blair, and notarized. Todd stated that it couldn't have been Téa's signature, but the lawyer said he'd had it authenticated. Todd was certain that Eli had done something to the will, and in the meantime, he was Dani's father and her surviving parent. The attorney assured Todd that he had a strategy, and he and Blair advised Todd to control his temper during the hearing.

As they headed into the courtroom, Ross walked up. Blair turned and walked over to him. She shouted "How dare you try to take Todd's child from him." Ross declared that Téa had wanted him to raise Dani. "She did not, you son of a bitch, and you know it," Blair yelled. She accused Ross of using Téa and of setting her up when she was dying. She accused Eli of never caring about Téa, and called him a lying murderer. She hated Eli, she screamed, as she shoved Ross into the wall. She continued to hit him until Todd, hearing the commotion, ran over and pulled Blair away.

Ross asked if Blair were fighting Todd's battles, because even though Ross couldn't get through to Blair's "endless devotion" to Todd, he thought that Eli had succeeded. Ross strolled into the courtroom as Blair put her head on Todd's shoulder. She cried and muttered that she hated Eli. Todd agreed that he did too.

Shortly after, the hearing started. Destiny and Dani sneaked in and hid behind a row of chairs. Ross proclaimed that he couldn't afford an attorney, but the judge didn't see a problem with that. She had examined the will and had found it to be genuine and straightforward. She awarded Ross full custody of Dani. Todd stood up and began to speak out that he was the biological father and Téa's husband. His attorney took charge quickly, and the judge agreed to listen to arguments. It was Ross's turn to stand, and he held a piece of paper in his hand. He had something to clear things up, he said. He had Dani's birth certificate, and he had been named as Dani's father.

Eli lay in his bed in the hospice and phoned Greg. He was waiting for Greg to arrive, but the doctor claimed that he had things to do. Eli threatened him, but Greg advised the killer to have patience, otherwise his blood pressure might rise and it could be fatal. Eli noted that "life is full of unlucky accidents." Later, he spoke out loud to himself. He apologized to Ross because even though his brother would receive custody of Dani, he wouldn't be seeing a lot of her. He added that Dani wouldn't see Ross either.

Starr and Langston ran into each other at the park. Starr grilled Langston until Langston admitted that she had been the one behind Ford's dismissal and had done what she was accused of. "So what if I did?" she asked her friend.

Ford carried his boxful of belongings and sat down to rest, depressed and angry. He set the box down and kicked it. He looked up at a shadow and saw Nate standing there.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In the courtroom, as Destiny, Dani, and Blair stooped hidden behind the benches, Ross handed the judge Dani's birth certificate, which the judge called "compelling evidence." Todd insisted that custody of Dani should be awarded to him, because Téa had been his wife, and Dani was his daughter. Todd claimed that he would not leave, until the judge "got that." When Todd stated again that he was Dani's biological father, the judge asked Todd and Ross to respect the process and informed them that she wanted to hear the evidence.

The judge asked Todd why he should raise Dani. "Because I'm...uh...she's...heh, heh, God, she's everything I want right now in the whole world. I don't know what I'd do without her." Ross stressed that the only thing that mattered to Todd was Todd, and that everything was always all about him. Todd reminded the court that he had not known that Dani had even existed. When Blair testified as a character witness for Todd, she verified that Todd had always loved all of his children, and that he "would walk through fire for any of them." However, Ross insisted that Téa had known about Todd's past and could never trust him.

Ross believed that Téa would never leave Dani with "a killer, an abuser, a rapist." Todd admitted that he had a shady past but questioned why Ross was hiding in the South Pacific and had lived under two different names. Todd then exclaimed that he loved Dani and had supported her through the worst time in her life.

Ross claimed that the will spoke for itself, yet Todd claimed that the will was a forgery. Blair backed up Todd's claim that he did love Dani. Destiny jumped up from behind the bench and demanded to know why no one had asked Dani what she wanted.

Destiny informed the judge that she represented Dani Rayburn, and the judge requested that Dani please take the stand. Once Dani reached the stand, she placed her hand on the Bible.

The judge asked Dani how she felt. "The truth? I feel alone. I miss my mom. And it hurts that I miss her so much." Dani declared that she did not want to hurt either of her dads but admitted that Todd had been good to her. However, Dani exclaimed that when she looked at Ross, she saw her whole life, since he had raised her. "How do you expect me to choose? I care about them both."

Nate entered, as the judge stated that she would deliberate and return with her ruling. Dani begged Nate to take her out of the courtroom, and they walked out together. Ross informed Todd that the memory of Dani's exit from the courtroom would be Todd's last memory of Dani.

At Rodi's, Gigi studied the letter from Llanview University that awarded her the Live and Learn Grant. Kelly and Rex ran in. Rex told Kelly that he wanted to be the one who took the risk with Clint. "This is what you pay me for. If Clint knows you hired me to find David, he'll be suspicious of me. What if he catches you?" Kelly asked, "What's he going to do? Is he going to throw the mother of his great grandchild in jail? We're family."

Gigi welcomed Kelly and Rex, and Kelly immediately said that she had to leave. Gigi remarked, "That makes me feel better." Gigi made Rex promise that Kelly would not get Rex "arrested or dead." Gigi then announced that she had received the grant. Rex grabbed Gigi in his arms and hugged her.

In Clint's office at Buchanan Enterprises, Clint laughed at a picture of David in jail. Clint then admitted that he was having "way too much fun" with David's dilemma. The assistant, who had handed Clint the photo, advised Clint that the warden wanted more money, because David was a big star in Morocco. David had appeared in Pretty People Crime Go Bust, a super model crime club, and had a huge fan club, which made security a problem in Morocco. Clint told the assistant to double the warden's salary, but to keep Clint's name out of it, just as Matthew arrived at the office door.

Matthew introduced himself to Clint's assistant, who did not respond. Clint dismissed his assistant and insisted that the man was Clint's "handyman, one of B.E.'s secret weapons." When Matthew asked what the "handyman" did, Clint stated, "Anything I ask...unofficially." Matthew pondered if Clint really meant illegally. Clint joked that Matthew must mean that Clint was a drug dealer. Matthew realized that he had used the wrong word, because the talk had seemed "private."

Matthew mentioned that he was just an intern and was willing to learn, and Clint commented that Matthew was lucky that he was not "mucking out stalls," as Clint and Asa had done when they had first started. However, Clint believed that Matthew would be in the boardroom in no time at all. Clint pointed out that although the law was cut and dry, things at B.E. were gray. Clint stated that Matthew was the future of B.E., as Kelly knocked on the door.

When Kelly asked if Clint were ready for lunch, Clint pulled out his wallet, which he had laid on his desk, and revealed that he had something to give to Matthew. As Clint handed a set of keys to Matthew, Kelly snatched Clint's passkey out of his wallet. Clint informed Matthew that he would start out by making copies. After Kelly suggested it, Kelly and Clint decided to eat at Rodi's.

Kelly returned to Rodi's and asked for a table for two. Rex understood that Kelly had been successful in her mission. Rex informed Gigi that even though he had to leave, he would not be long. Rex then insisted that he wanted to hear all about Gigi's school supplies when he returned.

At the table, Clint and Kelly discussed Zane, and Clint thought that Zane should be in Llanview. Clint stressed that Zane had family in Llanview, and that he hoped that Zane would be able to learn about the B.E. business. However, Clint claimed that he did not know how long he would be able to keep B.E. afloat, if Kelly and Rex did not "give up the crusade to bring David Vickers back to Llanview."

As Matthew carried two boxes out of Clint's office, Rex watched, unseen. Rex then took Clint's passkey to open the office door. "Okay, Clint, what are you hiding, and where are you hiding it?" On Clint's computer, Rex discovered flight plans scheduled for the day that Dorian was to have married David and then used his Blackberry to determine that Clint had flown to Morocco on the day of the wedding. Rex pried open a desk drawer.

Kelly revealed that Dorian needed to see David "one last time," so that she could recover, but Clint believed that Kelly needed to "do right by the Buchanan side of the family" for a change. Kelly doubted that David would hurt the Buchanans, however, Clint disagreed. "David plays the buffoon, but it's a diversion. It's an act of his. He's a con man. He's survived his entire life being a con man. And he's had more than one run at the Buchanan money."

Kelly thought that David had money, and Clint informed her that David did get a settlement, but that he had really wanted B.E. Clint felt that it would be better for everyone, including Dorian, if David stayed gone. Kelly thought that Clint was exaggerating, but Clint insisted that David was "just bad news." Kelly agreed, and as Clint grabbed the bill for the food, he gave Kelly a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Kelly reached for her phone.

Rex answered his phone to Kelly and exclaimed, "You would not believe what I am looking at." Kelly warned Rex that Clint was on his way back to B.E. Rex grabbed his briefcase and opened the office door to Matthew, who asked, "What are you doing here?"

Gigi walked up to Kelly and asked if Kelly had a minute to talk. "It's about Rex."

In the park, Langston told Starr that Ford had received a taste of his own medicine. Langston then admitted that she had been willing to give Ford another chance, until she had heard about what he had done to Jessica. "Ford's just a dog who's never going to change."

Starr informed Langston that Bobby Ford was not the only one who had deserved another chance, and told her about James. However, Langston was determined not to feel guilty and insisted that Bobby could have refused to take the bait. "Ford's going to be just fine."

Starr wondered why Langston was not celebrating, and Langston admitted that gloating over Ford's downfall was not her. Starr agreed and stated that it did not appear that Langston felt good about what she had done, and Langston claimed that she did not.

Langston had seen how happy Ford had been when he had believed that they had another chance together. Langston realized that she had seen the same expression on Ford's face when he learned of Langston's betrayal as she had seen on Markko's after he had found out that she had cheated on him. Starr claimed that Langston could undo "the lousy thing" that she had done to Ford, and that she could report her plot to the dean. But, Langston was worried that she would be expelled from the university. Starr insisted that Langston could always attend another university, however, Bobby would never get another teaching position if that were to stay on his record. Starr asked Langston to consider what she had said and left.

In another area of the park, after Ford kicked his box of belongings that he had removed from the university, Nate asked if Bobby was okay. When Ford bent down to retrieve his stuff, Nate started to help. Bobby yelled, "No. You don't help."

Ford called Nate spoiled, and Nate reminded Bobby that he was working two jobs and had just been evicted from his home. Ford relented and revealed that he had just been fired, because he had totally "screwed up." Nate mentioned their mother and insisted that he and Inez had never talked about Bobby, because it "hurts her too much." Ford refused to care. Nate cried, "Do you know how many people would kill to have one more day with their mom?"

When Bobby compared Inez to a wounded bird, Nate screamed for Ford to shut up. Nate threw Ford's award, which broke. Nate then noticed that Bobby had won the Vallardo Award and informed Bobby that he had not realized that Bobby was "that Ford." Nate exclaimed that he had seen Bobby's film that had won the award. Nate insisted that he would have an expert fix Ford's award and would later return it to Bobby. As Nate started to leave, Ford called out and claimed that Nate knew "his stuff." Bobby joked that was a good thing, since Nate's pitching arm "sucked." Nate laughed, as he walked off.

Ford carried his box of belongings, as he walked by the university building, and he spotted Langston. When Langston noticed Bobby, she sighed, put her purse over her shoulder, and rushed off.

In the hall at the university, James found that the Live and Learn Grant had already been awarded. Inez greeted James and related that she had been thinking of both James and Bobby, since school had started. James informed Inez that Bobby had just been fired, so James would have to quit school. When Inez asked why Ford had been fired, James would only say that it had been because of a scam.

Inez wanted to fix the problem, but James insisted that it was not her problem to fix. James continued to refuse Inez's help. "Cause it's not like you're really my mom anyway." James revealed that he had always wanted a mother, especially when his father had been hitting him, or when something stupid like Parent's Day, Halloween, or making pancakes, had arisen. Inez asked what costume James had worn on Halloween, and James said that his pirate costume had him laughed out of school, so he had quit. However, James added that he had learned how to make pancakes. James insisted that he could take care of himself, and that he no longer needed a mom. Inez apologized for "not being there" for James and left.

At Rodi's, Inez took a sip of wine. Clint peered over her shoulder and asked, "Do you want to talk about it?" Inez sadly smiled.

In the park, Starr found James in tears, as he attempted to hide his face from her. "Hey, James, what's wrong? Are you okay?" James grabbed Starr and kissed her.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cole arrived at the courthouse for Hannah's hearing, where he met Nora. He asked if Nora would be dropping the charges against Hannah, but Nora was reluctant to commit herself. When Hannah arrived accompanied by Marty and a guard, she was surprised to find Cole waiting. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Well, I'm here for you," Cole replied.

They entered the courtroom, and court went into session. Speaking for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Nora informed the judge that Hannah's confession to the assault on Ford had been false, extracted under duress by Eli, and produced affidavits from Blair and Ford confirming Hannah's innocence. She said that the state would not be pursuing charges against Hannah for that crime, but instead for obstruction of justice, as Hannah's lies had allowed Eli to go free and continue his reign of terror.

The judge requested a psychiatric testimony from Marty, who promptly took the stand. Marty defended Hannah, and said that the young girl had been exploited and manipulated by two men, Robert Ford and Elijah Clarke. As Hannah's attorney, Eli had taken advantage of his position and used Hannah to facilitate his crimes, therefore she could not be held responsible for her actions while under Eli's sway. Marty believed that Hannah had been driven to self-destructive behavior and was a victim, not a criminal.

Nora cross-examined Marty, and reminded the court that Hannah's campaign of deception had begun before the coed had run afoul of Eli; her lies had put Todd in the hospital and Cole in jail. Marty countered that while Hannah's actions were wrong, there were mitigating circumstances. She argued that Hannah's psyche had been fragile for years due to parental absence and neglect, which left the young woman emotionally warped. Marty told the court that Hannah was seen as an embarrassment to the O'Connor family, who had all but abandoned her.

Marty told Nora that she knew from personal experience that children from dysfunctional homes lashed out, and did anything for attention and aid. She argued that Hannah was on the verge of a breakdown long before meeting Eli or Ford. Nora insisted that Hannah be held accountable for what she'd done to Cole, which prompted Cole to rise to his feet from the gallery. "Everything Hannah did, she did to protect me!" he cried.

The judge asked to hear Cole's statement. Approaching the center of the courtroom, Cole admitted that Hannah had caused trouble for him and for his relationship with Starr, but said that she had almost died in the hope of saving him from Eli's evil scheme. At a loss for words, he sat back down. Continuing with her testimony, Marty told the court she had seen real remorse from Hannah, and that sending the girl to prison would be throwing her life away; she needed outpatient care and supervision. Incredulous, Nora asked who would be responsible for Hannah if not her parents, and Marty replied, "I will."

Nora couldn't believe that Marty was so willing to forgive Hannah after everything the young woman had done. Marty said she felt she had a bond with Hannah; she had also done terrible, reckless things when she was young, and she felt Hannah deserved the same support and second chance Marty had been given. Nora relented and agreed to drop the obstruction charge, and the judge adjourned the court after warning Hannah not to take her new start for granted.

As the courtroom broke up, Nora congratulated Marty on doing the right thing for Hannah, while Hannah and Cole shared a moment in the gallery. Cole told Hannah how glad he was she was free, but Hannah couldn't believe any of it was happening. Cole asked how he could help her transition back to the free world. "Just be my friend," Hannah said, putting her hand on Cole's. "That's enough."

After the courtroom cleared, Cole thanked Marty for her efforts on Hannah's behalf. Hannah emerged from the back of the courtroom, and told them her paperwork was done and she was free. "Now what?" Hannah asked. "We go home," Marty replied, and left the courtroom arm-in-arm with the happy teens.

At Rodi's, Clint pressed Inez about her obvious distress, but Inez insisted she wasn't crying. After a little prodding, she told him about her run-in with James, and how Ford had been fired and James had lost his free pass to Llanview University. She said that both her long-lost sons were hurting, and there was nothing she could do. Clint was concerned to hear that James was losing an education, and said there had to be something that could be done. Inez said there was nothing to be done -- the boys wouldn't take money from her, and would never forgive her for abandoning them so many years before.

As Clint comforted Inez, Bo walked into Rodi's and glimpsed them together. Inez told Clint she appreciated his listening to her, and Clint promised to always be available if she needed to talk. Just then, Bo horned in on the discussion, greeting the would-be couple. Clint told Bo about Matthew's first day at Buchanan Enterprises, and Bo asked what Matthew was up to at the family business. Clint said that Matthew was a natural, but joked that the boy was mostly handling the photocopying.

At another table, Gigi confronted Kelly and demanded to know if Kelly was interested in Rex. Mortified, Kelly strenuously denied any interest in Rex and said that there was nothing between the two of them; their relationship was strictly business. "So you two ending up naked together is business?" Gigi asked. Kelly blamed Jack for the mishap at La Boulaie, but Gigi's hackles rose as she realized she hadn't heard about Rex and Kelly's latest nude romp. Kelly insisted it had been an innocent mistake, and that she and Rex were only business partners.

Kelly asked if her hiring Rex twice presented a problem for his and Gigi's relationship, and said that Rex had only taken the job in order to help out with the bills and Gigi's tuition. Seething, Gigi told Kelly that she paid her own way and had just received a grant to help out with her college expenses -- Rex didn't need to work for Kelly to help her, and she didn't need to be a charity case. Kelly apologized, and said that Gigi had no need to worry, as she had no future plans for Rex and the case would likely be solved at any moment. Still miffed, Gigi said she had to get to class and was glad they had sorted things out.

Back at the bar, Clint headed to the office, and Bo and Inez continued their conversation alone. Bo told Inez he owed her an apology for making her uncomfortable during the double date they'd had at the Palace, but Inez insisted that she and Clint hadn't gone on any dates. Bo explained that his relationship with Clint had grown complicated in the previous several years, and that Clint approaching Inez had felt "a little close for comfort" for him, but said they were adults and could make their own decisions. Inez told him she got the impression he didn't want her to date Clint, but Bo denied it and said that Clint had been given "big boots" to fill since Asa's death. Clint had faced disappointment, some of them Bo's fault, and those disappointments had a negative effect on the elder Buchanan.

Bo continued talking out of both sides of his mouth, telling Inez that perhaps she and Clint could help each other while simultaneously recounting Clint's various gun-toting episodes, including the one at Bo's second wedding to Nora. Inez was horrified, but Bo told her Clint's machismo was only bluster. "I'm so excited to date your homicidal brother!" Inez cracked. As she and Bo laughed together, Nora walked up and asked them what was so funny.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Matthew confronted Rex about breaking into Clint's office. Rex told Matthew he couldn't explain, but that Matthew knew him well enough to know he wouldn't be searching Clint's office without a good reason. He pleaded with Matthew not to blow the whistle. He said his case was huge, and he needed to get to the bottom of it in order to protect Clint and the entire Buchanan clan. Matthew was suspicious that Rex was planning to harm the Buchanan empire, but Rex said the boy knew him better than that, and that they were like family. "Actually, Rex," Matthew said as he sneered, "we're not."

Matthew told Rex that he was a true Buchanan, and it was his responsibility to protect the family. He asked again who had hired Rex to break in, and demanded to see the files. Rex attempted to smooth things over by putting the files back in Clint's desk, and asked if they could forget the incident ever happened. In response, Matthew picked up Clint's desk phone and called building security.

Back at Rodi's, Kelly noticed that Clint had left the bar, and she freaked out. She called Rex, murmuring to herself that he needed to get out of the B.E. offices fast.

At B.E., Rex was confronted by security, and prepared to spill the beans to Matthew about his discovery. Before he could, his phone rang as Kelly called. Entering the room, Clint picked up the phone and handed it to Rex, telling him it was likely his boss. Rex told Kelly he would call her back and quickly hung up.

Clint dismissed the security guard as Matthew explained the situation to his uncle. "Good work, son," Clint told him. Matthew asked if he should call his father or the FBI, but Clint told the boy to go back to his photocopying. Snubbed, Matthew left the office.

Alone with the object of his investigation, Rex asked Clint to explain what Rex had found. Clint opened his drawer and produced the file, including a photograph of David imprisoned in Morocco, cleaning toilets. Rex asked why Clint hadn't told Bo about David. "This is as far as it goes, Balsom," Clint said, re-shelving the file and warning that it would be unwise for Rex to share his findings with Kelly or anyone else. Rex asked if Clint was threatening him, and was met with a steely stare.

At Rodi's, Kelly left a message on Rex's phone. She assumed he was all right, and that Clint wasn't onto him. "Let me know if I need to bail you out, plan a funeral," she cracked. "...Kidding."

At Llanview University, Carlotta, who was back from a trip to visit Antonio and Jamie, greeted Cristian in his studio and classroom. She was happy to see him, but wanted to know why on earth he had let his fiancéé leave the country. Cristian explained that he and Layla had competing job offers, but Carlotta couldn't understand letting work get in the way of love and a real commitment. Cristian insisted it wasn't forever, and that in a year, he and Layla would reunite and "reevaluate." "Sounds like a practical business deal," Carlotta sniffed, and said it was no way to start an engagement.

Carlotta told Cris that he could paint anywhere, and needed to join Layla in Paris or defer his grant at L.U. Losing his patience, Cris told his mother that he and Layla had considered all the options; they hadn't wanted to be apart, but felt they had made the best decision, albeit a difficult one. Carlotta apologized for meddling, and said she just wanted him to be happy. Hugging his mom, Cris promised that she would have another grandchild and multicultural family soon enough. As Carlotta left, she told Cristian how proud she was of him.

With Carlotta gone, Cristian called Layla in Paris, only to get her voicemail, as it was the middle of the night in France. He told her he had only called to say he loved her.

Gigi arrived in the studio early for Cristian's first class. She told Cristian she wasn't sure what she was good at, but she hoped art was it. Cris encouraged her to simply express what was in her heart, and Gigi asked if she could see what he was working on. Examining his abstract painting, she concluded that Cris was missing Layla, and that he was sad, but also angry at the situation. As Gigi continued to expertly analyze Cristian's work, he told her he thought she would do just fine.

In the woods, Starr pulled away from James's tempting kiss, only for him to kiss her again. She resisted even less the second time, but pulled away once more, insisting that she couldn't. Still crying, James apologized and said he knew he shouldn't have kissed her. "What were you thinking?" she asked. "Thinking had nothing to do with it," he replied.

Despondent, James told Starr he didn't know what he was doing; his world was falling apart. He wept as he explained what had happened with Ford, his forced dropout, and his encounter with Inez, and how he hadn't been able to let her in despite her overtures. He knew how much "Bobby" hated her, but he still remembered the lullaby she had sung to him, and a blue sweater she had worn when she had held him. Part of him wanted to forgive Inez, to understand what she had been through with his father, but he couldn't get past her abandoning him and Ford. He had wanted his mother to make it all better again, but he hadn't been able to let her.

Touched by James's anguish, Starr told him she knew what it was like to feel torn apart by a parent, but shifted the subject and asked why he had really kissed her. "I've been lying to you," James said - he'd kissed her because he wanted to; it was the only thing that took him away from the pain of reality and made him feel happy. "Well, you're a great friend," Starr began. "That's a lie!" James snapped.

James told Starr he didn't want to be her platonic friend, he couldn't just hang out with her, and the only reason he had said he could was because he hadn't wanted to lose her. "Well, I don't wanna lose you either!" Starr blurted out. James reminded Starr that she didn't feel the same way he did, and she was fine with things staying the way they were. As he turned to leave, Starr told him that wasn't completely true.

"My head wants one thing," Starr explained, "but my heart, it's...really, really complicated." She attempted to flee the scene, but James followed her down the wooded path, asking her to clarify her feelings. Starr said she had analyzed how she felt and concluded that friendship was all they could have. "If I say I want something more, that's what'll happen," she moaned. But Hope was her number one priority, and she loved Cole despite their troubles; she was committed to him, no matter what she felt for James.

"I guess this is it, then," James said glumly, and admitted he had always thought they would have another chance. Starr said she was sorry, but that she wouldn't turn her back on him when he was in trouble. She pleaded with him to try a platonic friendship, and promised to be there for him; they could talk and forget about their romantic lapses. "But I can't do that," James said, and he sighed. He said that if he was around her, the same thing would only happen again. Starr asked if he was walking away from her for good. "I have to," James muttered.

"We mean something to each other, don't we?" Starr asked James. "We get each other, you can't just turn it all off?" She asked if there was really no middle ground to be had for them between platonic friendship and love. James told her second best wasn't good enough for him. Crushed, Starr told him she hated it, but she understood. "See you around, Twinkle," James said as he headed down the path alone, leaving a heartbroken Starr behind.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

At Llanview University, Ford found the dean. He wanted to explain to her what had happened. He said that the "relations" between him and Langston weren't his fault. The dean asked if she should blame Langston. Ford told her that he was a human, and he'd made a mistake. If she hired him back, he would be an inspiration to the students. "By inviting them to your bedroom?" she asked. She told him that her decision stood.

Gigi arrived early to Cristian's art class. She expressed her fears about college to Cristian, but he told her to stop worrying. Other students began to enter and one of them recognized Gigi as a waitress at Rodi's, to Gigi's discomfort. The students began to intelligently talk art, only adding to Gigi's discomfort. Cristian told everyone to sit at an easel and he asked everyone why they were there. After listening to two advanced students talking smugly, Gigi said that she was there because someone she cared about believed in her.

Cristian set up a table of objects in the middle of the room and gave everyone time to draw. When time was up, Cris asked everyone to explain why they'd drawn what they did. One of the smug students explained that his was aesthetic, but Cris told him that if he wanted that, he could have taken a picture. Gigi explained that hers was about how the past "gets pushed in the background but still lingers," and Cris praised her. After class, Gigi thanked Cris again for the encouragement because she was starting to see the possibilities ahead of her.

At the gym, James and Nate worked out together. James told him that he was meeting Ford, implying that Nate should leave. However, Nate informed James that he'd had a breakthrough with Ford. They had started to bond over film. James told Nate about Ford's job. Later, Inez called Nate, wondering where he was. He said that he was at the gym with James, which shocked her. He said he'd be home soon and hung up.

When Nate got off the phone, James updated him about what had happened with him and Inez. He felt bad about telling her that she wasn't his mom, but Nate understood. He told James that "families are inherited but relationships aren't."

Brody was working out when Jess entered. He had just asked how her yoga class had been when the yoga instructor entered. The instructor addressed Brody as the father of Jess's baby and said she'd see Jess at the next class. Jess apologized and asked Brody if he wanted to join her for coffee. He said he was about to start with the punching bag, but he'd see her later. Jess left and Brody prepared to use the punching bag. Ford entered and asked if he should get gloves so the two could duke it out again.

Brody told Ford that it was over. Brody and Jess were getting married and having a baby, which would be Brody's. He told Ford not to cause any problems. Ford related that he had plenty of problems of his own. The yoga instructor walked by and said that she hoped the baby got Brody's muscles. Ford continued and said that the last thing he needed was a kid, especially being unemployed.

Brody punched the bag with fury, hearing himself, Jess, Ford, and the yoga instructor talking about the baby. Cris entered and asked Brody if he was all right. Cris asked who Brody was trying to kill, and Brody looked at Ford. Cris related that he didn't care much for Ford and asked Brody if he was done with the punching bag. "Layla is three thousand miles away so I have some frustrations of my own," he explained. Brody said he'd had enough and left.

After his workout, Cris got a text message from Layla that said "Oh, baby, I miss you too! XOXO."

Ford found James and began to work out. James asked Ford if he knew who had gone to the dean. "No idea," Ford replied.

Langston and a disguised Dorian entered the coffeeshop after a full day of shopping. Dorian asked Langston how school was going. Langston said that Ford was supposed to be one of her professors, but that he'd gotten fired because of her. Langston told Dorian about everything that had happened with her and Ford, and Ford and Jess. Dorian got up and hugged Langston, telling her how proud she was.

Langston felt bad, but Dorian said that Ford had gotten what he deserved. She related that she would have tried to get David fired if he'd had a job. Langston thought she'd gone too far because of the consequences for James, but Dorian didn't think Langston had gone far enough. She assured her daughter that Ford had brought it all upon himself, and that Langston should just concentrate on herself. Anyone who got in the way of that would just be collateral damage.

Dorian told Langston she'd be right back and ran out of the coffeeshop. Jess entered and said hello to Langston. After a moment of discomfort, they both related that what Ford had done to them was low. However, Jess thought that Brody was hurting the most. She showed Langston her ring and assured her that everything was fine between them.

Dorian returned and congratulated Jess. Jess thanked Dorian and said goodbye. Dorian gave Langston a gift bag. Langston opened it and took out a necklace. She recognized it from seeing Blair and Kelly wearing necklaces just like it. Dorian said it was a family tradition, and that Langston was a true Cramer woman. Dorian put the necklace on Langston and told her to always remember who she was.

Brody entered the coffeeshop and found Jess. She asked why he'd left the gym so early, and he replied that it was too crowded.

Clint told Rex that it would be unwise for Rex to share what he had found. Rex wondered if Clint had something to do with David being in jail in Morocco. Rex reasoned that Clint could be getting back at David for what David had done to Kim, and getting back at Dorian for trying to take over Buchanan Enterprises. Clint said that he had only told the Moroccan authorities where to find David, since David was a criminal in Morocco.

Rex thought that Bo should know what had happened to his son, but Clint said that Rex wasn't going to tell Bo anything. Clint said it would humiliate the commissioner to know that his son was a criminal, and also to arrest Rex for burglary. He wondered how Bo would feel to learn that Rex had tried to get Matthew to cover for him. He could also file charges against Kelly. As Rex tried to defend Kelly, Clint said that "there's also Gigi to worry about."

Clint explained to a confused Rex that their relationship couldn't possibly last if he was in jail. Rex decided that he'd take his chances with Bo, but Clint decided to make him "an offer you can't refuse." Clint knew that Ultraviolet wasn't doing very well, and that Rex had expenses. He offered to double what Kelly was paying him. Rex told Clint about Gigi's grant, and said he didn't need Clint's money. Clint said it would be a shame if the grant fell through because that kind of thing happened all the time.

Rex said he needed some air, but Clint told him to sleep on it. Clint knew that Rex would do what was best for everyone. After Rex left, Clint made a phone call to the dean of Llanview University. He needed to call in a favor.

Nora entered Rodi's to find Bo and Inez laughing and wondered what was so funny. They tried to explain that they were laughing about the way Clint dealt with his problems -- with a shotgun. "That's funny?" Nora asked. Feeling awkward, Inez got up to freshen up. Nora thought Bo had been trashing his brother, but he insisted that he was trying to give Inez some insight about Clint. He was trying to encourage her, but knew that she could form her own opinion. Nora thought they would make a cute couple.

Bo asked about court, and Nora told him about what had happened with Hannah. She thought that it was the right decision for Hannah to be in Marty's custody. The two figured out that they both had the night free, right when Inez returned. She had to go, but appreciated Bo's talk about Clint.

When Inez was outside of Rodi's, her phone rang. She answered it to Clint. He told her that he had a hunch things would work out for James.

Gigi returned to Rodi's and put on her apron, telling it that its days were numbered. Rex entered and asked how her day had been. She'd loved it, and she thought that her life could really change. It helped that Cris was a great teacher. Just then, Gigi's phone rang. Rex took the opportunity to tell Bo that they needed to talk. Before Rex could say anything, he noticed Gigi's face fall. She told him that there was some kind of technical issue, and her grant had been rescinded. She wondered how she would pay for school. Bo asked Rex what he wanted to talk about, but Rex said it wasn't important as he comforted his girlfriend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

At Llanview High School, Darren showed up in the parking lot for his first period Driver's Ed class, but none of the other students were there. Specifically, both Destiny and Dani were missing, and Darren was forced to listen to the robotic Mr. Stein as he lectured Darren on the rules of the road. The teacher noted that "money buys power," and rich people like the Buchanans had their own drivers.

Rex showed up at Buchanan Enterprises to see Clint, but he received a phone call from Kelly before he was able to march into Clint's office. Kelly wondered whether Rex had any information for her after his search of Clint's office, but Rex reported that he wasn't ready to deliver the information yet. He ended the call and burst through Clint's office door. He demanded to know if Clint had been responsible for making Gigi's grant disappear. Clint stated that he thought the noisy entrance had been the Llanview Police Department, and Rex made reference to the fact that it should have been for what Clint had done to David. Clint was positive that Rex would have reported Clint already if that were his intention.

Clint related that Gigi's grant had been lost because there was someone else more deserving of the money, though it was possible that someone who had donated several buildings to the college might have advised the selection committee of the error they had made. He added that the grant might be restored under the "right circumstances," by that person who had the power to do so. He could return the favor and have Rex busted for breaking and entering, Clint stated. Rex was certain that Clint would have done that already if that were his plan.

Clint made it known that he could do whatever he wanted, but he would hate for Shane and Gigi to be without the man in the house. Rex thought that Clint only cared about himself, but Clint reminded Rex that Rex used to be that way too. He reminisced about a time when Rex was able to locate a missing Asa and had been offered a job with Buchanan Enterprises. Rex remembered the situation, and the fact that he had turned the job down. Clint thought it had been a bad move, and he wondered if Rex were about to make another one.

Rex thought it over, and Clint made a phone call to the dean of the college. He asked her about possible financial aid for a new student. He gave her Gigi's name.

Ford and James sat in Rodi's and ate what they thought might be their last breakfast out. They argued over who would have the last piece of bacon, and James strongly suggested that Ford pursue the person who "ratted him out" to the dean with the photos of Ford and Langston kissing. Langston walked in as if on cue, and she and Ford stared at each other momentarily. Langston turned around and walked back out, but Inez appeared at the same time. She headed to her sons' table and extended her condolences to Ford for the loss of his job.

She announced that she wanted James to stay in school, but he advised her that he would have to wait until he could afford it. Inez suggested that it might be possible for that to happen right away, but James reminded her that he and Ford had no money, no jobs and could barely pay for breakfast. Inez explained that she had a friend who might be able to help James with the grant which had apparently turned out to still be available. Clint had put in a good word for James at the university. Sarcastically, Ford asked Inez if she had slept with Clint.

James quickly defended his mother, but Ford still wanted to know if Inez had made some kind of deal. The brothers argued, but Inez suggested that James call the financial aid office instead. Ford wondered how many billionaires would actually get involved to help out, but James returned the sarcasm and noted that not everyone did favors for sex. Before another argument ensued, James walked off to make the call after making sure that he could leave his mother and brother together without supervision.

Inez admitted she was happy to see that Ford looked after his younger brother, and she hoped they too could have some kind of relationship someday. Ford stated that he wanted his brother to attend college "without strings," and his mother assured him there were none. She only wanted to help out. She also didn't expect Ford to treat her like a mother, though she wouldn't stop acting like one. She wished she could help Ford too. Ford apologized for his rude comment, and he thought it would be great for James to be able to go to school.

An excited James returned to the table after his phone call. He'd had an interview on the phone, he was the preferred candidate and he was pretty certain it was "a lock." Ford was doubtful, but James added that he had been told to expect something in the mail to sign. He thanked his mom, and she and Ford congratulated him. A teary Inez stated that she was the happiest she had been in some time.

After Inez left, Ford admitted that he was ready to "give her some slack." James was once again ready to focus on the culprit who had made Ford lose his job, and he was determined to make that person pay.

Cristian arrived and headed to the bar to speak to Gigi. She had "rocked" his class, and he had a loaner book for her to study. Gigi informed him that she would be dropping out of school due to the loss of her grant. She enlightened him on the apparent technical error that had occurred to award her the grant in the first place. Cristian believed the school should compensate Gigi in some way for their mistake because it didn't sound right. Gigi thought it was possible that someone didn't want her to attend the college.

Cristian made a phone call and was shocked to learn that his own funding included money to have an assistant. Apparently, Gigi's name had been mentioned as the person to get that position, possibly as a payback for the loss of the grant. Gigi was ecstatic after he related the information to her, and she gave him a big hug as Rex walked into the bar. She ran to tell Rex about her new job as Cristian's assistant. He looked surprised as Cristian declared that he hadn't even known he was entitled to have an assistant.

Gigi wanted to celebrate, but Rex let Gigi know that he was on his way to see Kelly in order to give her his final report. Cristian had to leave too, and Gigi was ready to follow him. He urged her to remain at Rodi's and look at the book he had given her.

Greg examined Téa in her hospital room and advised the unconscious woman that they couldn't allow Eli to find out that Téa was alive. Greg vowed to take care of Eli first. He opened the door to leave the room and was shocked to find Destiny standing there. He quickly closed the door behind him and walked out into the hallway. He was not happy to see her there and yelled that she was supposed to be in school. In answer to his questioning, Destiny admitted that she had followed him there in a cab, and she wanted to talk to him about Téa, because she knew what he had done. Inside of the room, Téa began to move her fingers.

Greg was taken aback, but Destiny told him she knew that he had lied to Todd and Dani about Téa's last request to see them. Greg explained that they had arrived late, and he felt it was better to not say anything at the time. He would do lots of things differently if he had the chance, Greg added. He mentioned that he wanted his new patient to do well, because she'd had lots of problems. Destiny was certain he would have helped Téa if he could have. Greg insisted on giving Destiny some money for a cab in order to get to school. He told Destiny he loved her and thought he should have been saying it more often. Destiny told her brother she loved him too. As Greg turned to go back into Téa's room, he heard the machines that were hooked up to her, going off. They beeped loudly.

He rushed inside and examined her. He informed the nurse that there had been "significant spikes" in Téa's blood pressure and heart rate. He didn't understand why. The nurse left, and Greg sat down by Téa's side. "What's going on with you, Téa?" he asked. He continued to talk to her, mentioned they were in Cherryvale and wondered if she could understand him. Suddenly, Téa awoke and asked for Dani and Todd.

Dani sat with Todd at Hallowed Grounds and quietly spoke to someone on the phone. She hung up as Nate walked in, and Todd invited the teen to join them. Todd thought they should get to know one another, though Dani was anxious to get to school for her Driver's Ed class. Todd implied that she might have her own car soon enough. When Dani got up to refill her cup, Todd urged Nate to sit next to him. He whispered that they couldn't let Ross take Dani away, and he wanted Nate to get in touch with him if Ross showed up. He also didn't want Nate to leave Dani alone with Ross. Dani returned and the young couple insisted they had to get to school.

Todd walked into his office at the Sun and found Kelly sitting there as she looked at files on David. She explained that she had hired someone to track David's whereabouts in order to give Dorian some closure. Todd was annoyed and tossed the files into the trashcan. He wanted Kelly to do some work. She asked him about Dani, but Todd responded that there were only two things that would make him feel better. One was dead, and the other couldn't stand him. Kelly understood his grief and reminded him that it hadn't been Téa's choice to leave. She guessed he was afraid that Dani would leave too. Todd was irritated at Kelly's attempt to analyze him, and he noted that he hated "shrinks."

Kelly ignored him and continued. She knew that Dani didn't hate Todd, because she hadn't run off with Ross. Todd thought it was because Dani didn't want to leave her boyfriend. Kelly was sure that he and Dani shared a bond, since they had both lost someone they loved. Todd admitted that he wanted Dani to say she loved him, because he was certain he had heard her say it to Ross earlier in the day when she was on the phone with him. Kelly wondered if Todd had ever told Dani he loved her first, but Todd said he couldn't, because he was worried that she wouldn't say it back.

Kelly softly enlightened Todd that Dani was a teenager who had just lost her mother. She was also in the middle of a custody battle. She thought that Todd should have the guts, as an adult, to tell Dani first. Todd was worried that Dani would leave, and he thought that he should do something. Kelly believed he should wait for the judge's ruling. "There's always another choice," Todd replied. "Just got to be willing to make it." He jumped up to leave and refused to tell Kelly where he was going.

Dani and Nate arrived at school, and Dani was disappointed to see that she had missed her class. Nate thought she was lucky she had escaped "End of the line Stein," and it would be better if he were the one to give Dani some behind-the-wheel instruction. He pointed out many of the necessary parts of the car, and she played dumb at first. Laughing, she told him she was familiar with them, and she related a story about how she used to sit on her dad's lap when she was a little girl, as he drove his truck around Tahiti.

She always thought her mom would be the one to teach her how to drive, but now her dad would be the one, Dani stated matter-of-factly. Nate asked which dad she had referred to, and Dani guessed it all depended on the judge's decision. Nate suggested that it was time for Dani to take the car out for a drive, and off they went.

Destiny finally arrived in time to see Darren with Mr. Stein. She apologized for being late, but explained she'd had a family emergency with her brother Greg. The teacher informed her she'd missed an important lesson on "K" turns. Darren told Destiny that the teacher was a nightmare, and he thought she'd do better off skipping the lesson. "Hell to the no," she declared. She had been waiting too long for this. She told him there was something wrong with Greg.

Destiny climbed into the car with Mr. Stein and drove off at a high rate of speed. Afterwards, she told a shaken teacher that she wasn't that bad, and she hadn't hit anyone. Mr. Stein mentioned the near-miss of the woman who had been walking on the course and advised Destiny that she would need further instruction. He would check into getting her another teacher. Destiny told Darren that she was certain that Greg was hiding something, because he had definitely been acting strangely.

Rex found Kelly in her office at the paper and advised her that he had been able to locate David. The man was "gone because he wants to be gone." It had nothing to do with Clint, and David just wanted to escape from Dorian. Kelly was ready to speak to David herself, but Rex quickly assured her that David would be long gone, especially after Rex had found him. He thought that Kelly should get Dorian to forget about David, because the man was "out of the picture."

Inez spoke to Clint after she left Rodi's and thanked him for helping out with the grant. She would try to find a way to make it up to him, she noted. Clint asked her to have dinner with him instead.

Langston ran into the coffee shop after she left Rodi's, but she wasn't prepared when she accidentally bumped into someone. It was Markko.

Todd found Dani and Nate together as Nate was about to kiss her. Todd demanded that Dani leave with him right away.

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