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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 20, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, September 20, 2010

At Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee listened from the hallway as Dr. Frankel questioned Ryan about his final encounter with David. Under hypnosis, Ryan recalled being angry at David for ruining Greenlee's life. Ryan admitted that he had thought that the world would be a better place without David. Dr. Frankel wondered if Ryan had acted on the thought. Ryan struggled to remember, but everything remained hidden behind a cloud of fog. The last thing that Ryan recalled was that David had been about to take a drink from a glass of champagne.

Dr. Frankel kept pushing Ryan to recall other details from that night, so Greenlee barged into the penthouse to stop the hypnosis session. Within moments, Ryan woke up from the hypnotic state. He was confused why Greenlee was there. Greenlee feared that the session would be too taxing on Ryan after his recent medical crisis. Ryan wanted Greenlee to stay out of it, but Greenlee made it clear that she refused to leave. Dr. Frankel determined that Ryan was no longer in the right state of mind for the hypnosis to be effective.

Dr. Frankel invited Ryan to call her when he was ready to continue their session. After Dr. Frankel left, Ryan made it clear to Greenlee that he would see the doctor again because he needed to know if he had killed David. Greenlee was curious if Ryan thought that the hypnosis had helped. Ryan admitted that he recalled how angry he had been at David. Greenlee wondered if there had been anything else, but Ryan asked, "Should there be?" Greenlee shook her head and then left. In the hallway, Greenlee fought back tears as she walked away.

Greenlee went to see Jake at the hospital to question him about the effects of hypnosis. Jake couldn't answer her questions without more information, so Greenlee insisted that Jake promise not to breathe a word of what she was about to tell him. Jake swore on Tom and Jerry, the two dogs in his prized possession: the painting of dogs playing poker. Greenlee recalled how much the painting had meant to Jake, but she had no idea that he had actually named the dogs. Jake seemed offended, but the painting was quickly forgotten when Greenlee told Jake about Ryan's hypnosis.

Greenlee explained that Ryan had remembered loving her. Jake thought that it was okay for Greenlee to have some happiness with Ryan. Greenlee confessed that Ryan hadn't mentioned anything about his feelings for her after his session. She was worried that Ryan didn't want to love her. Jake reminded Greenlee that Ryan had done some "crappy" things to her, too, so she wasn't the only one who had made mistakes. Greenlee confided that she wished that she could go back in time to before she had gotten on the motorcycle.

Greenlee thought that she and Ryan should have worked out their issues. She realized that she had broken Ryan's heart, so she didn't see how she could ask him to trust her with his heart again. Greenlee felt like an idiot for telling Ryan to protect himself. She realized that he was doing just that by dating Madison. Jake suggested that Greenlee had two options: she could walk away or she could fight. "What's it going to be?" he asked her.

Greenlee acknowledged that she had spent so much time pushing Ryan away that she couldn't expect him to simply forget that. Jake pointed out that Greenlee and Ryan had broken up in the past and then worked things out. Greenlee admitted that she would always care for Ryan; however, she needed to focus on persuading Ryan that he hadn't killed David. Jake offered to help, but Greenlee insisted that she needed to do it on her own. She thanked Jake for his help and then left.

At the police station, Kendall begged Jesse not to arrest her. Jesse pointed out that his hands were tied because she had jumped bail. Kendall decided to call Bianca, but her sister wasn't home, so Kendall asked to speak to her sons. Kendall was happy to hear that the boys were having fun with their cousins. Her tone changed as she broke the news to the boys that she had to spend a few nights away from them. Kendall explained that she didn't know how long she would be gone, but she promised to call her sons as often as possible. Jesse immediately softened as he overheard Kendall on the phone. After Kendall ended the call, Jesse promised to talk to the judge to see if something could be done.

At Fusion, Randi and Frankie were kissing when Madison stepped off of the elevator. Madison immediately looked away as she apologized for interrupting them. Frankie offered his own apologies, but Randi reminded him that they didn't have anything to be sorry for because they were married. Madison quickly stepped away while Randi thanked Frankie for lunch. After Randi walked away, Frankie sought out Madison to let her know that he was headed to the police station to give a statement about what he had witnessed on the night of David's murder.

Madison didn't know what Frankie could contribute to the investigation, since he hadn't been at the party when David had collapsed. Frankie explained that the police had to cover all of the bases, if they were going to find out what had happened to David. Madison was more curious about what had happened between her and Frankie. Frankie advised Madison to relax. "It was just a party. We were hanging out," Frankie added before he stepped onto the elevator. Madison and Frankie were unaware that Randi stood nearby and had overheard them.

Moments later, Randi approached Madison to question her about the party. Randi admitted that she hadn't known that Frankie and Madison had been at the party together. Madison quickly explained that Ryan had ditched her at the party, so Madison had unwisely gotten drunk. According to Madison, Frankie had rescued her before Madison had made a fool of herself. Randi didn't understand why Frankie hadn't mentioned it, but Madison took full responsibility. Madison explained that she had asked Frankie not to say anything because she had been embarrassed. Randi suggested that Madison find someone else for the job the next time something like that happened.

Frankie arrived at the police station to give his statement. Jesse was curious where Frankie had been at the time of David's collapse. Frankie admitted that Madison had had too much to drink, so he had taken her home. "That's it?" Jesse wondered. Frankie remembered standing in a vacant area at the Yacht Club with Madison as she ranted about Ryan's obsession with Greenlee.

Madison had cried as she tried to figure out what was wrong with her. Frankie approached Madison from behind to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. When Madison turned to face Frankie, he pulled her close for a tight embrace. Jesse was forced to call out his son's name several times before Frankie returned to the present. Jesse was curious if anything else had happened. Frankie shook his head. A short time later, Frankie returned to Fusion to talk to Madison about the statement that he had given to Jesse.

Madison warned Frankie that Randi had been asking questions about the party and that Natalia suspected that something was going on between them. Frankie assured Madison that Natalia was wrong, but Madison had her doubts. Madison conceded that she had been drunk on the night of the party and that he had helped her, but she insisted that they both knew that there had been more to it.

At the Hubbard apartment, Natalia read a glowing newspaper article to Angie about Angie's hospital review. Meanwhile, Angie slid a number of rubber bands around various drink containers, so that she could later tell them apart. Angie explained her system to Natalia after Natalia finished reading the article. Natalia quickly let Angie know that Angie had mixed up two of the containers. Natalia offered to fix it, but Angie insisted on doing it herself. Natalia sensed Angie's agitation, so she invited Angie to take a break.

Angie's frustrations mounted when she bumped into a stool on her way to the living room. Angie explained that she had moved the stool, so that she would have a clear path to the living room. Angie realized that Jesse must have forgotten to return the stool to its place. Natalia reminded Angie that it hadn't been intentional, but Angie complained that no one could appreciate what it was like to be blind. Moments later, Brot stopped by for a visit.

Natalia was relieved to see Brot; she let him know that his timing had been perfect. Angie offered to get Brot something to drink when she heard his voice. Brot initially declined, but Angie explained that she needed the practice, so Brot asked for some orange juice. Angie, Natalia, and Brot went to the kitchen island, where Angie successfully poured a glass of orange juice while Natalia and Brot bantered back and forth. Angie's victory was short-lived because she accidentally knocked over the milk on her way back to the living room.

After Natalia and Brot cleaned up the spilt milk, Angie informed them that she wanted to be alone. Natalia was reluctant to leave, but Angie was adamant. Eventually, Natalia gave in to Angie's demands, but instead of leaving, Natalia and Brot merely pretended to leave. Angie immediately caught on to Natalia's ruse, so Brot suggested that he stay with Angie while Natalia left. Angie didn't think it was necessary, but Brot stubbornly refused to give in to Angie's demands. Once they were alone, Brot invited Angie to vent her anger to him.

Angie claimed that she had come to terms with her situation. Brot saw shades of himself in Angie. He recalled what it had been like for him in Germany after he had been injured by a rocket-propelled grenade. Angie didn't think her blindness was nearly as horrific as what Brot had suffered. Brot pointed out that there were emotional similarities between their experiences. He begged Angie not to waste months on anger, as he had, because he was certain that she would regret it.

Angie wondered if Brot believed that everything happened for a reason. Brot confessed that he hadn't after he had been struck by the RPG, but recently he had had a change of heart. Angie admitted that she also believed in God's plan. However, she couldn't understand how it benefited her not to see her husband's eyes, her children's smiles, or the face of her unborn child. Brot assured Angie that she would know her baby in other ways, but Angie argued that it wouldn't be the same.

Angie confessed that God had given her more than she could handle. Brot held Angie in his arms, as she gave in to her tears of despair. Later, Natalia returned to find Angie and Brot fixing dinner together in the kitchen. Natalia was pleasantly surprised when Angie suddenly cracked a joke. Angie credited Brot for helping her to make sense of things. According to Angie, Brot knew exactly what to say.

Natalia dove in to help prepare dinner. A short time later, Brot went to answer a knock at the door. Angie whispered that she could hear how much Brot cared about Natalia in Brot's voice. Natalia had her doubts, but didn't get the opportunity to discuss it with Angie because Randi and Brot had entered the dinning room. Randi was surprised that Frankie wasn't already there.

Ryan arrived at the police station to let Jesse know that he had talked to the hypnotherapist that Jesse had recommended. However, Ryan clarified that he hadn't recalled anything of significance. Ryan was stunned when he spotted Kendall sitting in the interrogation room. Ryan demanded to know what Kendall was doing there. Jesse explained that Kendall had jumped bail.

Ryan marched over to the interrogation room, but before he could utter a word, Kendall warned him not to lecture her. Kendall explained that she had been on her way to see Zach, so that she could tell him what had happened. Ryan wondered if it had occurred to her to call Zach. Jesse admitted he had asked the same question. Jesse then revealed that he was hopeful that he could get Kendall released on bail, but he warned her that she would likely have to pay a steep amount.

Kendall was reluctant to take a large sum of money out of her account because she feared that Zach would ask questions. Jesse was frustrated, but Ryan quickly volunteered to pay Kendall's bail. Jesse left to make the arrangements, so Kendall took the opportunity to ask Ryan about his hypnosis session. Ryan confessed that he recalled how he had felt about David and Greenlee. Kendall had a good idea what Ryan's feelings about David had been, so she focused on Ryan's feelings for Greenlee.

Ryan was reluctant to discuss it, but Kendall continued to push for answers. Ryan didn't think that it made a difference; however, Kendall disagreed. Ryan insisted that he and Greenlee weren't good for each other. He finally accepted that and therefore realized that it was truly over for them. Kendall wondered if that meant that he didn't love Greenlee. Ryan clarified, "I can't love her."

Ryan explained that there had always been collateral damage when it involved him and Greenlee; he pointed to David as an example of someone who had died. Kendall was frustrated because there wasn't any proof that Ryan had killed David. Ryan pointed out that there might be a good chance that he had, which was enough for him to know that he and Greenlee weren't good for each other. Kendall was curious how Madison fit into everything.

Ryan believed that he could make Madison happy. Kendall wondered, "What about you?" Ryan was spared from having to answer when Jesse returned to explain that the judge wanted some extra insurance that Kendall wouldn't flee. The judge decided that Ryan had to keep an eye on Kendall. Ryan readily agreed.

A short time later, Ryan and Kendall arrived at Ryan's penthouse. Kendall was curious how Madison would feel about Kendall and her sons crashing at Ryan's place for a while. Ryan assured her that Madison was great, so she would understand. Kendall pointed out that Madison sounded like the exact opposite of Greenlee. She warned Ryan that he couldn't hide that Greenlee was under his skin; it was in the way that Ryan said Greenlee's name. She was curious what Ryan intended to do about it.

Jesse received a phone call from Greenlee asking him to meet her. A short time later, Jesse and Greenlee entered David's room, which remained untouched from the night of his murder. As Greenlee looked around, Jesse demanded to know what they were doing there. Greenlee made the stunning confession that she had murdered David.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At Fusion, Madison informed Frankie that she had told Randi everything that Randi had wanted to hear about the party. Madison was certain that something had happened that night because things had been strange between Madison and Frankie ever since. He placed his hand on her shoulder and recalled embracing an upset Madison at the party. Frankie wasn't sure what had happened, but he took full responsibility for it.

Frankie remembered how he and Madison hadn't gotten off to a good start, but he claimed that she had turned her life around. She wasn't sure what that had to do with the night of the party. He respected her and felt protective of her because he knew what she had been through. Madison knew that their hug had felt different. He admitted that he was just trying to comfort her, but for a minute, it had felt like something more than friendship.

Madison hated that things had been awkward between her and Frankie since the party. He wished that he could take the hug back, as he loved Randi and knew that Madison was with Ryan. They both wanted to remain friends. Madison was glad that they had cleared the air. He was relieved and asked if they were back to normal again. Madison jokingly asked if he would tell her if he thought she was wearing an ugly outfit. He stated that was dangerous territory for a man, but he insisted the honesty go both ways. She teased him about a ratty t-shirt that he loved. They started to hug but stopped themselves. They shook hands instead and agreed that they were still pals.

Later, Randi tracked down Frankie at the hospital. He moved in to kiss her, but Randi was irritated that she had waited for over an hour for him at his parents' home. He said things had been crazy at the hospital and playfully pointed out that he had forgotten to put socks on. She declared it was better if his parents weren't around because she wanted to talk about Madison.

Randi explained that she was fine with the fact that Frankie and Madison were friends. Frankie noted that Ryan had been devoting a lot of time to Greenlee, which had been difficult for Madison. Randi wondered why Frankie hadn't told her that he was with Madison at the party. Frankie insisted that he was just trying to give Madison some privacy but admitted that he had screwed up. He swore that Randi was first in his life and wanted to prove it to her. She maintained that she wasn't accusing him of anything and swore that he did make her feel loved. They kissed, and he closed the hospital curtain so they could give in to their passion.

After they made love, Frankie and Randi laughed that one day they would get caught. They joked about the possibility of having sex on the Fusion elevator. He suggested that they add another purpose to their lovemaking by trying to have a baby. He loved the idea of Randi and Angie being pregnant at the same time and their children growing up together. Randi thought it sounded nice, but she wasn't ready, as she was focused on her career. He asserted that she didn't have to choose, since Fusion supported women. She wanted to concentrate on making up after their fight and not go overboard. Frankie looked disappointed.

Kendall and Ryan discussed Ryan's hypnotherapy. Kendall assured him that hypnosis was effective, but Ryan wondered why he couldn't remember anything if that were true. Kendall thought maybe it was because nothing significant had happened. She wanted him to drop his obsession with finding out what had happened the night of the murder, but he left to find some answers.

In Greenlee's Yacht Club room, a stunned Jesse repeated Greenlee's statement that she had killed David. She proclaimed that she had been responsible for David's death because she had realized that her marriage had been a mistake and had pulled away from her husband. She explained that David had gone to extremes to keep her from leaving him. Jesse guessed that David had been blackmailing her and that Ryan had been helping her escape from David.

Greenlee recalled that David had learned of her betrayal on the night of the party and that he had felt humiliated and rejected after finding out that she had been plotting with Ryan. David had lost his medical license and the other people he had loved, and she had been all he had left. She believed that he had lost all reason for living. While she hadn't poisoned him, she felt that she might as well have. Jesse realized that Greenlee was implying that David had committed suicide.

Jesse told Greenlee that her theory didn't make sense based on the rest of the evidence. She implored him to understand David's frame of mind. David had realized that it had been too late to have what he had wanted, and his fight with Ryan had confirmed it. She thought Ryan hadn't killed David, but Ryan had made David understand what David had lost. Jesse didn't think David was the type to jump ship when the going got tough.

Greenlee claimed that she had known David better than anyone else and that he had put on a front for other people. She recalled him wrapping her in a blanket when she was cold and how he would reflectively gaze out the window to gather strength to take on those who had hated him. She mentioned his secret drawer and the fact that he thought he could keep it from her, but she knew him too well. Jesse was interested in the drawer, as his officers hadn't found it when they had investigated the crime scene. She showed him the drawer but didn't think that David had kept anything important there. Jesse opened the drawer and found a handful of letters.

Jesse asked if Greenlee had seen the letters before, but she had turned away and was unresponsive. He inquired again, and she said no. He questioned when she had last looked into the drawer, but she claimed to have no idea. He pressed her to remember so the police could figure out what had happened to David. He needed to open the letters to read them, but she contended that they were private. He insisted that they were evidence and started to open the letter addressed to her. She begged him not to open the letters there.

Jake and Amanda kissed at Krystal's restaurant. She asked how she was supposed to get errands done when he kept distracting her. He told her to forget about her errands, but she reminded him that he had scheduled some brotherly bonding time with Tad. He amorously said that she was much sexier than Tad and continued to kiss her. Tad entered and commented, "Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit are at it again." Tad invited Amanda to join them for drinks, but Amanda left the brothers alone to talk.

Jake and Tad sat at a table and ordered a round of beers. Jake thought Amanda had left because she had known that they were going to discuss David. Jake mused that women were more complicated than men. He found it difficult to understand how Amanda could feel sympathy for David. Liza interrupted them, and the men's conversation halted abruptly. She offered to buy them drinks. Tad silently held up his beer to indicate that she wasn't welcome. She complained that she got the cold shoulder everywhere she went, and Tad thought she shouldn't expect otherwise. Liza walked away.

Jake toasted "PVAD" -- Pine Valley After David -- and clinked his glass of beer against Tad's. Jake chided Tad for not taking a drink. Tad worried that David's death would cause trouble for people they cared about. Ryan approached their table and updated them that his hypnosis hadn't worked. Jake urged him to give it time. Ryan said he didn't have time and commented that he was glad that he had hired the best private investigator around. Jake joked that the P.I. could give Tad some pointers, and Tad kiddingly shot his brother a dirty look.

Ryan and Tad discussed Tad's mission to find out whether Ryan had killed David. Tad asked Ryan again if he was sure that he wanted to know. Jake stated that he would have felt justified if he himself had killed David after everything David had done to Jake's family. Tad counseled Ryan to leave things alone, as Ryan's moral compass wouldn't allow Ryan to live with himself if he was the killer.

Tad insisted that Ryan was better off not knowing. Ryan believed that he had been angry enough to kill David. Jake said that didn't mean that he had done the deed. Ryan recalled Greenlee being scared enough to refuse to leave David on the night of the party. Ryan's intention had been to keep David away from Greenlee, and he had succeeded. Tad asked if Ryan could handle going to prison. Ryan said he could because David could no longer hurt people. Tad said that if he did find evidence against Ryan, it might just disappear.

Kendall answered Ryan's door to Madison, who was surprised to see her there. Kendall explained that Ryan was her babysitter after she had been caught attempting to jump bail. Madison pointed out that Greenlee was right in that Ryan's hero complex was what made him so attractive. Kendall thought Madison couldn't help but think about Greenlee. Madison fretted that the things that they loved about Ryan might cause them to lose him. Kendall swore they wouldn't lose Ryan. Madison admitted that she did think about Greenlee and what Greenlee wanted.

Later, Kendall thanked Madison for giving her a tour of Ryan's kitchen. Kendall sensed that Madison wanted to ask her something. Madison mentioned Kendall's history with Ryan and Greenlee and felt that Ryan respected Kendall's opinion. Kendall said she liked Madison and thought that she was good for Ryan but didn't want to take sides. She wanted Ryan to be happy with his life and kids and could see that Ryan cared about Madison, whereas Greenlee had caused Ryan a lot of trouble and was the reason why Ryan was a murder suspect. Madison professed Ryan's innocence. Kendall thought that Ryan and Greenlee had unfinished business but that they were both trying to wrap things up. Madison asked if Kendall truly believed they would. Kendall cautioned that Greenlee always got what she wanted.

On the Yacht Club patio, Jesse wore plastic gloves as he opened David's letter to Greenlee. It appeared to have been printed from a computer, with David's signature at the bottom. Greenlee read aloud that David had given her everything but that it hadn't been enough, because she could never love him the same way that he had loved her. He had accepted her leaving him but couldn't live with the pain and had hoped that she would forgive him. Jesse promised that he would make a copy but that the letter needed to be entered into evidence. Greenlee looked distraught and Jesse asked if she was all right. She said that she didn't know.

Tad approached Liza, who was working at a table in the park. She sarcastically warned him that the park was filled with dangerous, wild district attorneys. He admitted that he had been harsh at Krystal's. He said that he felt disappointment whenever he saw her, and he wasn't the only one who felt that way. Liza asserted that a man had been murdered and that she couldn't look away from the fact that the evidence pointed to Ryan. Tad declared that the real crime would occur if Ryan were sent to prison. Tad wished that she didn't seem to enjoy her job so much.

Liza found it odd that Tad still didn't really know her despite the years they'd spent together. He stated that he knew that she was the new district attorney who was showing Ryan no mercy. She admitted that she wanted to be respected and recognized for being a good attorney. Tad was astounded that she would defend David. Liza professed that David hadn't been entirely evil. She felt sympathy for him, as he had made mistakes because he had been in a lot of pain. She thought it was unfair of Tad to judge David.

Liza refused to dance on David's grave like everyone else. Tad thought that David would never really be gone because of the impressions he had made. She sighed and said that nothing lasted forever. He pointedly said that he guessed not and left. Later, Jesse found Liza and told her that he had news. He handed her David's letter.

Greenlee ran into Ryan at Krystal's, and she asked him to sit down. Ryan was shocked to hear that David might have committed suicide. Greenlee thought it made no sense that David would have ingested the digitalis accidentally. Ryan speculated that perhaps he had forced it down David's throat. She ordered him to stop trying to remember. She proclaimed that they were both free and that the words in David's letters proved it. Ryan wondered what he could have said to make David give up on life. She argued that it was the most logical explanation and asked Ryan to accept the obvious and to move on with his life.

Jake returned to the table and asked why Greenlee was there. She said that she had been looking for Jake. Ryan requested that Greenlee keep him informed and left. Jake inquired whether Greenlee and Ryan had been discussing Ryan's admission of love for her during his hypnosis session. She didn't want to put any extra pressure on Ryan. Jake asked if she was going to help clear Ryan's name, and she knowingly claimed it had already been done. Amanda returned and was surprised when Greenlee presented her with a letter from David. Greenlee said that though the letter was addressed to Amanda, she suspected that it was for both Amanda and Jake.

Amanda opened the letter and read it aloud. David had written that despite all the ugliness between them, Amanda was a wonderful mother and Trevor was a special boy who David had still loved even though Trevor wasn't his son. The letter assured that Amanda's family was safe and that they would never have to worry about David again. He had asked her to remember that not everything between them had been bad. Jake realized that David had killed himself and asked if Greenlee was all right. Greenlee assured him she'd be fine. She called the letter a gift from David and hoped it helped. She left.

Amanda pointed out to Jake that David had possessed a decent side. Jake tried to change the subject by suggesting they go home to Trevor. Amanda insisted that David hadn't been heartless. Amanda didn't know why David had done so many bad things but agreed with Greenlee that the letter was a gift. An incredulous Jake recounted David's numerous manipulations. He ripped up the letter and a stunned Amanda yelled that he was disrespectful. Jake declared that he respected whoever killed David. He stormed out.

Tad and Kendall ran into one another at the Yacht Club. He compared her to Lindsay Lohan because of her ankle monitor. He mentioned that Liza was upset because Jesse had pulled strings for Kendall. Kendall was more concerned about how Zach was going to take the news about her felony charges, especially since Ryan and Greenlee were involved. Tad implored her to confess her predicament to Zach, but she worried about her husband's reaction. Tad wished that he could help. Kendall hinted that it would help to get the trial over with sooner rather than later. Tad realized that she wanted him to use his influence over Liza to push up the trial date.

Kendall apologized for her lack of subtlety. She said she was desperate because her marriage was on the line. She asked him to forget the request and began to leave. Tad admitted that things were nasty between him and Liza but that Liza owed him. Tad thought it might work out for both women, as Liza wanted to show everyone that she was a good person.

At his penthouse, Ryan apologized for not telling Madison about Kendall staying with him. Jesse arrived with news. Ryan claimed that he had already heard it, but Madison wondered what was going on. Jesse informed them that David might have killed himself. Jesse promised to update them when the letters were returned from the lab. Ryan thanked him, and Jesse left. An overjoyed Madison hugged Ryan and exclaimed that he would be free. He mused that Greenlee had said the same thing.

Madison asked if Ryan felt relieved. Ryan couldn't imagine that David had committed suicide and had a gut feeling that something wasn't right.

A Yacht Club employee escorted Greenlee to her room and asked if she wished to move to a different one. She said that she planned to leave but asked for a few minutes alone. He told her to take as much time as she needed. She wrapped herself in a blanket and picked up a photo of her and David from the desk. She curled up in bed as she held the picture close. "Forgive me," she whispered as tears welled in her eyes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

At the Yacht Club with JR, Scott expressed his displeasure over JR's press release, which announced Scott's supposed move to Europe. JR quipped that someone had to shape the division up. Scott agreed and noted that he'd acquired a new investor for it. Just then, Caleb approached and announced that they were in business together.

JR rolled his eyes as Scott announced that, in exchange for Caleb's investment in revamping Chandler Europe, Caleb would receive stock options and profit participation in a company that they'd eventually form in the region. JR stated that they weren't taking on any new investors, but Scott said it was a done deal. Caleb left a proposal on the table for JR's review, and when Caleb walked away, JR asked if Scott intended to destroy the company. "Or better yet, why don't we all take a family holiday--in prison!" JR proposed.

Scott thought JR was overreacting, but JR assumed that Scott had forgotten that he'd stolen something from Caleb. Scott was confident that he'd buried that secret, but JR figured that Scott had practically handed Caleb a shovel to dig it up. Scott wondered when JR would stop underestimating him. "When you stop proving me right," JR quipped. JR asserted that he knew why Scott had made the deal with Caleb, and it had nothing to do with business.

In Colby's bed at the mansion, Damon pried himself from Colby's arms to dress for work. She figured that Asher was waiting downstairs to show her the new social networking site that he'd helped Chandler's I.T. department create. Colby tried to delay Damon with a kiss, but he left, saying he'd be fired if he were late again.

Downstairs, Asher glanced at Chandler family photos on the mantel. A silk-robed Annie asked why he was in her house. Figuring that he'd seen her before, Asher guessed that Annie was an actress. The unflattered Annie said she was Mrs. Chandler, and Colby's cousin-in-law. Asher recalled seeing her picture in the paper, and Annie went upstairs to get Colby for him.

As Asher and Colby discussed the website later, Annie thumbed through a magazine and conspicuously eavesdropped on them. Annie became so enthralled with the website project that she knocked over a photo as she tried to sneak a peek at the computer screen. Colby snipped at her for being in the room, but Annie warned her to watch her attitude. "Especially if you're trying to snag a new dude," Annie added.

Colby awkwardly chuckled as Annie left the room. Asher figured that Colby thought he was a computer geek, but she said it had been adventurous of him to leave home to forge a new life for himself. She asked if he were homesick for his family or girlfriend. He said there hadn't been anyone worth sticking around home for, and he had things to accomplish before considering a relationship. Asher resumed discussing the website, and Colby grinned at him.

A raging JR arrived home, and Colby wondered who'd "rained on [his] cornflakes." JR ranted about Scott's decision to work with Caleb. JR was certain that Scott had a side deal with Caleb, and thinking more about it, JR concluded that getting his hands on that deal was the key to taking Caleb down. Asher's eyebrows rose in interest.

JR went upstairs, and Annie was instantly abrasive when he walked into her room. He guessed that being so close to him and a bed frustrated her. JR told her that his Uncle Stuart had loved to watch a show about a man and his puppet. JR hadn't understood the show's point, because he could always see the ventriloquist's lips moving. Annie wondered what the point of JR's story was, and he asserted, "I can see your lips moving, Annie."

JR accused Annie of putting Scott up to working with Caleb, because she was so bent on getting back at JR that she didn't care if she destroyed the company or the family in the process. Annie didn't know what he was talking about, and she assumed that he didn't, either. JR warned her that Scott would be ruined because he didn't share their killer instincts. JR figured that he should thank her for showing her hand, because it meant that he was getting to her.

Annie whipped out some honeymoon photos and gloated about her newly wedded bliss. Claiming that she was obviously captivated by her husband, she said that she'd apparently gotten to JR, not the other way around. She reasoned that JR couldn't handle the fact that he'd never have her again; however, JR retorted that while making love to Scott on her honeymoon, she'd been thinking about being with JR.

At work, Damon chatted with Tad, and a book about passing the G.E.D. fell out of Damon's bag. Damon admitted that he was retaking the test, but he wanted it to be a secret in case he didn't pass it. Tad was confident that Damon would do well, since he was back on his medication. Tad offered to help his son study for it. Damon seemed anxious about doing more with his life, but Tad urged his son to be patient, because things would fall into place.

Tad said he was headed to see Liza to ask for a favor for a friend. Damon admitted that he felt responsible for Colby and Liza's fractured relationship, but Tad asserted that Liza had no one to blame but herself. The men figured that the women missed each other. Damon asked Tad to encourage Liza to reconcile with Colby, and Tad agreed to give it a shot.

While on his break from work, Damon returned to the mansion to kiss Colby, who was alone in the parlor. He promised her that he wouldn't be bussing tables forever. She said it didn't matter what he did for a living. He stated that she already knew what she wanted to do, and he vowed to figure out the same thing for himself.

Later in the day, JR returned downstairs to find Colby on her way out to meet Damon. JR guessed that she planned to help Damon fill ketchup bottles at the restaurant. "I will if he needs me to," Colby retorted. JR complained that she was too good for that, but Colby said she wasn't too good to be happy. She refused to grow up to be as miserable as her brother was.

When Tad arrived outside Liza's new office, he found her admiring her name on her door in the corridor. She asked him not to rain on her parade, because prideful moments were rare for her those days. As he tried to be friendly, she asked why he was there. He said he needed a favor. "Of course you do," she wryly stated, unable to believe it after his treatment of her.

In Liza's office, Tad cited that he had a reason for his attitude after the things she'd done; however, he wanted to put their grievances behind them. Liza questioned his sincerity, but Tad asked her to be a rational adult. When he mentioned Kendall's plight, Liza expressed no sympathy for the bail jumper. Tad asked Liza to at least consider Kendall's children.

While pleading Kendall's case, Tad remarked that he hadn't yet asked for a favor in return for helping Liza when she'd been in a situation similar to Kendall's. Liza agreed to check into community service for Kendall, and Liza said it should prove that she wasn't a vindictive monster. Tad replied that he'd never thought of her as a monster, and she noted that he'd left out the "vindictive" part. Tad took that as his cue to leave; however, before he did, he encouraged her not to give up on Colby, who missed her mother.

At Wildwind, Bianca lectured Kendall about Kendall's latest legal blunders. Kendall swore that she'd learned her lesson, or she was at least trying to. Marissa seemed sullen when she arrived to drop AJ off for his ride to school. She relayed that she'd been asked to remove David's things from his Yacht Club room, since Greenlee couldn't bear to do it. Marissa displayed an unopened letter from David and said she intended to return it to its sender.

Marissa went to David's hotel room. In his closet, she smelled one of his jackets and almost cried. After crumpling up the letter from him, she lobbed it at the bed. The door opened, and she was startled to see Kendall and Bianca enter. They said they were worried about her, but she told them that she was fine. "Well, I have to be, don't I?" she asked.

The women sat down, and Marissa confided that she was falling apart at the seams. She sobbed about her unresolved relationship with David, and Kendall and Bianca urged Marissa to throw a lamp to relieve her stress. Marissa was reluctant, but upon doing it, she felt exhilarated. She threw more things, tore the pillows off the bed, and yelled at David for leaving before he could become the father that she needed.

When a huffing Marissa grabbed a floor lamp, Kendall and Bianca told her not to go overboard. They invited Marissa back to Wildwind to practice primal scream therapy on the grounds. Before leaving, Marissa grabbed the crumpled letter to take with her.

At Wildwind, Asher arrived and told Caleb that Bianca had ordered more computer work. While Asher worked, Kendall, Bianca, Marissa, AJ, and Miranda played a board game. Marissa slipped off to read David's letter. Afterward, she told Bianca and Kendall that David had loved his daughter, and that was all Marissa needed to remember. The women hugged.

Caleb strode into the room, and Bianca remarked that she'd be helpless if the computer screen went blank. "That's why I keep the important things were I can get my hands on them," Caleb stated as Asher left to get something from his car.

Later, the doorbell rang, and Caleb answered it to find a package on the doorstep. When he knelt down to retrieve it, someone whacked him in the head with a gray and orange case similar to the one that Asher had left with.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

After Caleb fell to the ground unconscious, Asher appeared in the Wildwind doorway. He threw the package aside and made a beeline for Caleb's briefcase on the desk. As Asher stole a file, he heard a frightened AJ call out for his mother. AJ, Krystal, and Marissa discovered a groggy Caleb in the foyer. Krystal asked Asher what had happened.

Asher claimed that he had been about to call the police. Krystal and Asher assisted Caleb to the sofa. Caleb insisted that he was fine. Krystal inquired about what Asher had witnessed, and Asher lied that a man had run off when Asher had arrived. Marissa comforted a scared AJ, who worried that the culprit might still be nearby. Marissa led the boy out of the room. Krystal inspected Caleb's head and wanted to take him to the hospital, but Caleb refused. Asher offered to leave if "Mr. Cooney" was all right. Caleb corrected that his last name was Cortlandt.

Marissa and AJ returned with cookies from the kitchen. As Marissa and Krystal fretted that Caleb didn't want to go to the hospital or to call the police, Caleb inspected the contents of his briefcase and realized something was missing. Caleb left to supposedly get some air.

After AJ went upstairs, Marissa and Krystal worried about the boy. Marissa stated that he still had nightmares about JR being in the hospital and that he had been dealing with a lot, like his parents' divorce and David's death. Krystal assured her that they were doing the best that they could, but Marissa felt like she couldn't do enough to protect her son. Krystal remarked that at least Marissa and JR could agree on that, but Marissa didn't think that AJ was JR's top priority.

At the Chandler mansion, JR compared Colby to Damon in an effort to convince her that she was too good for her boyfriend. JR claimed that she was a Chandler who had expectations to fulfill and opined that she could do better than a guy who was attracted to her wealth. She defended Damon and said her beau worked hard for his own money. She pointed out that Damon wasn't a random guy -- he was Tad's son, which made JR and Damon practically brothers. JR admitted that Tad was the best thing in Damon's life, but JR beseeched Colby not to limit herself to Damon.

Colby opened the door to Asher, who wanted to see JR. Colby teased him for not acknowledging her presence, and he jokingly said that she was impossible to ignore. JR entered and was surprised to see Asher. Asher handed him the papers from Caleb's briefcase and claimed it was some research that JR had been seeking. JR asked where Asher had found the papers. Asher simply said that he was good with computers.

Colby inquired about the research that Asher was supposedly doing for JR. JR affirmed that she was part of the team, but she was on a need-to-know basis. JR distracted her by giving her money to go out to dinner with Damon. She realized that JR was trying to get rid of her but good-naturedly accepted the cash anyway. She invited Asher to join them. After Colby exited, JR praised Asher for doing a good job, and Asher followed Colby out the door.

Caleb arrived at the Chandler mansion and commented to JR how the world was a dangerous place. Caleb recounted how he had been attacked. JR was stunned when Caleb implied that JR was behind the assault. Caleb revealed that the only thing that had been stolen was the personal letter from Scott regarding Caleb's investment in Chandler. Caleb pointedly said that the letter wouldn't have meant anything to anyone except JR.

JR scoffed at the idea that he had been behind Caleb's attack and swore that he had been at home all day. Caleb glared at him and asserted that he had never thought JR would stoop that low. JR claimed that he was a businessman, not a thug. Caleb spat that JR was a Chandler and ominously said that he was glad they'd had their discussion.

AJ entered the Wildwind living room and asked for his mom. Marissa hugged him. Caleb returned, and Krystal asked if he had found out anything. He mumbled that he had, and he sat next to AJ. Caleb assured AJ that nothing like the assault on Caleb would ever happen again.

Krystal implored Caleb to call the police, but Caleb said that he didn't need them. Krystal joked that he probably didn't stop to ask for directions, either. Caleb snickered and recalled his promise not to put Marissa in the middle of his battle with JR. A shocked Krystal asked if JR had been behind the attack on Caleb. Caleb was certain that JR had hired someone to do it.

Tad and Damon talked at Krystal's restaurant, where Damon was working. Damon hated that JR considered Damon to not be good enough for Colby. Tad offered to have a conversation with JR, but Damon insisted that his dad not get involved. Tad thought that JR sometimes let the Chandler name get the better of him. Tad pointed out all Damon had accomplished since arriving in Pine Valley and refused to let Damon put himself down. Damon declared that his goal was to figure out what he wanted and then go for it.

Colby and Asher arrived at Krystal's, where Colby excitedly approached Damon. She showed JR's wad of cash to Damon and offered to take him out for lobster. He sheepishly said that he didn't want anything so fancy, but she insisted. She left. Damon told Asher that he detested that Colby had to pay for everything. Asher countered that Damon had been working hard all day and deserved a night out. Damon said that he would have jumped at the chance at one time, but he wasn't that kind of guy anymore.

Asher observed that JR was drowning in cash. Damon stressed that he'd rather have JR's respect than his money. Asher thought that Damon was overreacting. Asher advised Damon to grab what he wanted if it was offered to him.

Damon realized that Asher felt comfortable with the "free ride" concept. Asher recalled going to boarding school with rich kids who took everything for granted -- not just their wealth, but their families as well. Damon related to feeling like the only kid with no parents, but he appreciated that Tad looked out for him. Asher said that not everyone was lucky enough to have a great dad appear out of nowhere. Colby returned and asked about Asher's father. Asher claimed not to remember him. Asher answered his cell phone to JR, who ordered Asher to return to the Chandler estate.

Damon and Colby made a deal that she would take him and Asher out that evening, if Damon could take her to a four-star restaurant another time. He apologized that he had to leave early that night to pull a late shift. She was disappointed but understanding. She asked if there was anything else he wanted. He requested that the next time they went out, he and Colby dine alone, without Asher.

JR berated Asher for attacking Caleb. Asher contended that he was just trying to be a useful employee. JR instructed him not to do anything that JR didn't directly tell him to do. He dismissed Asher, but a smug Asher gloated that Caleb had gone down hard and that JR would have liked it. After Asher sauntered out, JR called an investigator to dig up dirt on Asher.

Bianca stopped by Ryan's penthouse to confirm that he had been cleared of murder charges. She was unnerved that David had committed suicide but was glad that David's letters had proved Ryan innocent. Ryan still believed that there was no chance David had killed himself.

Bianca mentioned the evidence that pointed to suicide as David's cause of death. Ryan was adamant that David hadn't been about to give up on Greenlee or his own life. Bianca thought perhaps David's perspective had changed after his fight with Ryan. Bianca realized that Ryan was going to continue to seek answers.

Greenlee rolled a suitcase into Fusion. She removed David's letter from her purse and softly said, "I'm sorry, David." Kendall entered and noticed that Greenlee had moved her things from home to the office. Greenlee explained that she was storing her belongings temporarily until she found somewhere to live. Kendall invited her to live at Wildwind, but they both quickly realized that was a bad idea.

Kendall asked why Greenlee had said to herself that she was sorry. Greenlee clarified that she was sorry about everything that had happened. Kendall noted that Greenlee was holding David's letter and purported that not everyone believed that David had wanted to die. Greenlee insisted that Kendall help her to convince people that the letters were the real deal.

Kendall recalled how Greenlee had found the vial of digitalis in Ryan's pocket, and Kendall had discovered searches about digitalis poisoning on Ryan's phone. Kendall felt that nothing about David's death made sense. Greenlee insisted David's death had been a suicide. She alleged that David had possessed many demons and that his letters had conveyed immense sadness.

Kendall was skeptical, but Greenlee attested to David's state of mind. Their marriage had been his last chance for love, and he had realized it would never work. Kendall pointed out that he hadn't given up, but rather, he had turned to blackmail. Greenlee listed David's numerous losses -- his father, Leo, Leora, Babe, his wives, his medical license. She felt that the end of their marriage had been too much for him.

Greenlee pointed out that David had left letters for the people who he had wanted to remember him fondly. She regretted causing David pain. Kendall declared that Ryan was off the hook if Greenlee's theory was correct. Greenlee called David's letters a final, loving act. Kendall finally expressed compassion for David and stated that she needed to go to Liza's office to sign her plea deal. Greenlee thanked her again for destroying the false evidence. Kendall suggested that Greenlee could return the favor by running interference between her and Zach. Kendall just wanted to get back to her life with her husband.

At her office, Liza offered to drop the evidence tampering and obstruction of justice charges against Kendall in exchange for a guilty plea to misdemeanor theft. Kendall would also need to pay a fine and perform 250 hours of community service. Kendall flipped out, as she had planned to meet Zach in New York. Liza presented her with the alternative of going to jail. Kendall accused Liza of making things personal.

Kendall was livid that Liza expected her to pick up trash the next morning. Liza maintained that her offer was generous, and she refused to coddle Kendall. Kendall argued that since David hadn't been murdered, the evidence she had stolen hadn't mattered, anyway, and asked that the charges be dropped. Liza insisted that Kendall was getting off easy. Kendall ordered her lawyer to do something, but he thought Liza's deal was fair. Kendall begrudgingly signed the papers.

Liza said Kendall should think of her punishment as an opportunity to beautify the community that had repeatedly forgiven her. Liza admitted that she was enjoying Kendall's plight and walked out. Kendall's lawyer called his client lucky, but Kendall refused to thank him. Bianca arrived and was thrilled to hear that her sister wasn't going to prison. Kendall sarcastically said that she should throw a party and invite her divorce attorney.

Ryan reiterated to Tad that David hadn't committed suicide, and he pushed Tad to dig deeper. Tad thought that David had done them a favor by killing himself. Ryan believed that the evidence was too neat. Ryan wanted to know if Tad had ever seen David give up on anything. Tad had stopped trying to second-guess David years before but realized that Ryan hadn't. Tad urged Ryan to enjoy his freedom and to let go of his quest. An exasperated Ryan asked whether Tad was going to keep working for him or not.

Greenlee looked inside a jewelry box that held her wedding ring. She recalled when David had placed it on her finger during their wedding ceremony. She put it away and opened another box that contained the moonstone ring Ryan had given her. She remembered the happy moment when Ryan had presented her with it. She sadly put the ring back in her bag.

Greenlee and Ryan ran into one another at the hospital. He explained that he was there to be hypnotized again. She tried to convince him not to go through with it and to move past David's death. Ryan wanted to remember his lost time and repeated his belief that David hadn't committed suicide. Greenlee said that she had accepted David's death and wished for Ryan to do the same. She would always have questions, but the answers wouldn't change the fact that David was dead. She suggested that they both move forward.

Ryan wanted Greenlee to stop blaming herself for David's death, and Greenlee implored him to do the same. Greenlee asked when the last time Ryan had spent a whole day with Emma was. Greenlee declared that his obsession with David's death was taking over Ryan's life. She said that his kids were important and that he should embrace his life. She thought he could lose himself in his investigation and begged him to drop it.

At Fusion, Kendall worried to Bianca about how her conversation with Zach would go. Kendall griped that she should be on a boat with Zach for the three weeks she had promised to spend with him alone before their permanent return to Pine Valley. Bianca mentioned that Kendall's actions had cleared Ryan. Kendall quipped that she'd consider that while she scraped gum off park benches. Bianca laughed and turned down Kendall's mock request for Bianca to be the one who explained Kendall's escapades to Zach.

Kendall tried calling Zach again and worried when she couldn't reach him. Bianca insisted that Zach loved Kendall and would understand Kendall's antics. Kendall was concerned that she had pushed things too far. The phone rang, and Bianca answered it. She smiled as she informed Kendall that her husband was on the line.

Kendall asked if Zach could travel to Pine Valley that day and said that she couldn't wait to see him. She requested that they meet at their favorite place in the park. She professed her love and hung up. Bianca surmised that based on Kendall's expression, the conversation had gone well. Kendall admitted that he was upset, but not surprised, when she had confessed everything to him. She was elated that she would soon see her husband in person.

Ryan looked at David's photo on the hospital wall and made a call. He canceled his hypnotherapy appointment. Later, Madison arrived at Ryan's penthouse. He declared that he was starting his life over at that moment. He held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.

Greenlee found Marissa in the park and asked how she was doing. Marissa said that her feelings changed every five minutes. Greenlee knew what she meant. Marissa recalled that David's father had also committed suicide. Greenlee declared that the pain and tragedy ended with Marissa, who would live a happy life with AJ, just like David had wanted for her. Marissa mentioned David's kind, loving letter. She lamented that David had never shown that side of himself and that maybe if he had, he would still be alive.

Marissa began to cry, and Greenlee consoled her. Marissa blamed herself for avoiding her father and deleting his last message. Greenlee assured Marissa that it wasn't her fault. Marissa thought things would have been different if she had gotten to know the man who had written the letter, but her chance with David was gone. Greenlee conveyed that David had written the letter so Marissa would know that he had loved her. Marissa apologized for dumping her grief on Greenlee, who insisted that David had wanted to give Marissa peace. Marissa hoped one of them would find peace and left. An eavesdropping Tad gazed thoughtfully at Greenlee.

Tad sat with Greenlee and remarked that the conclusion that David's death had been a suicide was almost official. He asked if David had seemed despondent the last time she had seen her husband. She asserted that he had often hidden his emotions. Tad continued to push, and Greenlee realized that Ryan had hired Tad even though the police were about to close the case.

Tad empathized that Greenlee was in a tough place and urged her to talk. Greenlee thought Ryan was so busy saving everyone else that he never considered his own needs. Tad called Ryan a good man. Tad commented that he had witnessed Greenlee with Marissa. Greenlee bemoaned that the intent of David's letter had been to give Marissa closure, but it had made her feel guilty instead. "That's not the way it was supposed to work, was it?" Tad asked her. Greenlee stared at him. He confidently asserted that David hadn't written the letters ... Greenlee had.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Frankie stopped by to see Angie before her prenatal appointment. He asked her to get a sonogram picture so that he could work on an embarrassing nickname. Jesse arrived, and gave some last minute instructions to one of his officers via phone. When Jesse ended the call, Angie asked if Jesse had time for the appointment. Jesse said that nothing could keep him from the appointment. Angie was excited that Jesse would be able to see how much the baby had grown.

While Angie finished getting ready, Frankie and Jesse checked in with each other on the work front. While Jesse gave a good summary of where he was with David's case, Frankie only managed a one-word answer. Jesse had hoped for more, so Frankie admitted that he was concerned about Angie. Frankie said that he wanted to help his mother out more, but knew the help would be rejected. Jesse understood completely.

At the hospital, Jesse and Angie got the chance to hear their baby's heart beat strong and fast. Angie asked Jesse to look at the sonogram screen and describe what he saw. Jesse went to look, but needed help from the doctor. The doctor pointed out the heartbeat and Jesse was amazed. Then, Jesse said that he couldn't see much else, but did know that their baby was alive and moving around a lot.

At the station, Natalia talked to Randi about the exciting day's events for Jesse and Angie. Natalia asked if she would have a niece or nephew to look forward to. Randi said that she and Frankie had talked about it, but decided that they weren't ready. She told Natalia that modeling was keeping her busy, and Frankie was picking up as many shifts as he could at the hospital.

Natalia was glad to hear that Frankie was staying busy, because she wanted her brother to stay out of trouble. Randi asked what kind of trouble Natalia was worried about. Natalia tried to dismiss her comments, but Randi wouldn't let them go. Natalia admitted that she thought Frankie and Madison spent too much time together. Natalia also said that Madison always seemed to need help.

Randi said that Madison had been through tough times, but that Frankie's help was born out of friendship. Randi added that her marriage to Frankie was solid, and that Madison was crazy about Ryan. Natalia agreed, and said that she was likely being too overprotective. Randi said that she needed to get back to work, and left the station.

Once Randi was gone, Brot called Natalia out for what she'd done. Natalia acted as if she didn't know what Brot meant. Brot said that Natalia's words were akin to putting a target on Frankie and giving Randi a gun. Natalia said that she just wanted to prevent anything happening between Frankie and Madison.

Brot reminded Natalia of what Randi had said moments before: the younger Hubbards were madly in love with each other. Brot said that Natalia's cynicism was a good trait on the job, but not one to relish while off-duty. Natalia was glad that she wasn't gullible, and Brot said that he simply had more faith in humanity than Natalia.

Natalia asked how Brot could be so optimistic after everything he'd seen in Iraq. Brot said that because of the horrors he'd witnessed, all that was left to see was the good in people. Brot quoted Churchill and said that if you're going through hell -- keep going. He added that Frankie and Randi would remain happy and strong. Natalia admitted that Jesse had been happy with her mother, and said that happiness didn't always last.

Ryan told Madison that the police were ready to rule David's death a suicide. Ryan said that he'd realized he had much better things to focus on besides questions regarding David's death. Ryan kissed Madison to infuse validity into his words. Ryan said that once the investigation into David's death was closed, they would all be free. Madison emphasized that Greenlee would be free as well.

Ryan apologized if his actions had made Madison feel like she was on the sidelines of his life. Ryan said that with David's case almost closed, they would be free of unexpected visits from Greenlee. Ryan also pointed out that Kendall had signed her plea deal, so Kendall would be moving back into Wildwind. Ryan promised that Madison and his children would be his priority. Madison was pleased with the idea, but asked if Greenlee was aware of Ryan's shift in focus.

Frankie stopped by Fusion to surprise Randi, but she wasn't there. He started to leave, but saw that Madison was having problems with her computer. Frankie offered to help, but Madison initially resisted. Frankie insisted, so Madison caved in.

Once the problem was fixed, Madison explained that she and Ryan were going to finally take a vacation together. Frankie asked if Madison was worried that Greenlee would show up. Madison said that Ryan had promised to focus on his relationship with her. Frankie said that it was time Ryan realized how lucky he was.

Frankie tossed out ideas about vacation destinations in Europe. Madison admitted that she didn't have much knowledge about the majority of European languages. Madison suggested South America, and Frankie thought Madison and Ryan could survive by dancing. Frankie stuck a flower in his mouth and elicited raucous laughter from Madison by dancing the tango. Randi showed up and unnoticed, watched the exchange.

Randi made her presence known a few moments later, but neither Frankie nor Madison seemed to pick up on Randi's sour disposition. Madison explained Frankie's antics, and Randi acted uninterested. Randi said that she'd gotten a call about a photo shoot, and asked if Madison would have time to book the travel. Madison said that she would work on the arrangements when she got back from making a delivery.

Randi asked Frankie why he'd stopped by Fusion. Frankie said that he hadn't asked his wife out on a date in a while, and wanted to rectify that. Randi said that she couldn't resist the offer. However, when Frankie wrapped her in a loving hug, Randi looked less than thrilled with her husband.

In the park, Greenlee told Tad that David wrote the letters to her, Marissa, and Amanda. Tad pointed out that no one believed someone as self-involved as David would take his own life, let alone write poignant letters beforehand. Greenlee insisted that David was a complicated and multifaceted man. Tad agreed, but said that something didn't fit.

Tad admitted that he'd watched how Greenlee had acted when she'd comforted Marissa. Tad said that he saw guilt in Greenlee's actions. Tad noted that while false, the letters had done a lot of good, and he understood why Greenlee had done it. He asked her again if she'd written the letters, and with tears brimming behind her eyelids, Greenlee nodded.

Greenlee said that the investigation needed to be over so that the people who loved David could mourn him. Tad said that if he was able to figure out that Greenlee had written the letters, Jesse could too. Greenlee pointed out that Jesse had his own reasons to close the case -- mainly to take stress off of Angie.

Tad asked if Greenlee had been careful when she planted the letters. Greenlee said that she'd worn gloves and that no one had seen her. Tad said Greenlee needed to deal with her own mess, and that he wouldn't lie for her. Greenlee asked if Tad would keep what he knew to himself, and Tad agreed. Before Tad walked away, Greenlee thanked him. Once she was alone, David's specter appeared and asked how Greenlee could lie.

David said that the letters made him look like a coward. Greenlee said that the letters made David appear as a man who loved deeply, but couldn't take the pain of not having his love returned. David said that Greenlee's actions were not motivated by her devotion to David. Greenlee said that although she was sad for David, everyone needed to put David's death behind them. David said that Greenlee's only goal was to save Ryan. David said that Greenlee might succeed, but asked if she could live with the guilt.

David asked Greenlee why she'd chosen to cover up his murder instead of fighting for justice. David said that Greenlee owed at least that to the man who had saved her from death. Greenlee reminded David that he'd also blackmailed her and caused pain to many others. David asked if Greenlee's actions were payback. Greenlee promised to remember the good parts of David, and said she would make sire that Marissa and AJ remembered the good things as well.

Greenlee said that she had loved David as much as she could. David knew that Greenlee had loved Ryan all along, and asked her to admit it, finally. The tears sprang into Greenlee's eyes again, and she admitted that she was in love with Ryan. David was dismayed because Greenlee also believed that Ryan had killed David.

David asked if Greenlee and Ryan could live happily ever after. Greenlee begged for David's forgiveness, and said that she'd never wanted to hurt David. David's ghost disappeared, and Greenlee tried to stop crying. Ryan showed up and said that he'd been looking for Greenlee. Ryan recounted how he'd been focused on saving Greenlee from David, and his relief that he didn't have to worry any longer.

Ryan said that both and he and Greenlee were free. Greenlee asked what Ryan planned to do. Ryan said that he wanted to make Madison and his children a priority again. He told Greenlee that he and Madison would be taking a vacation. Greenlee asked about their destination, but Ryan said he didn't know yet. Greenlee asked if Ryan loved Madison. Ryan said that he knew Madison was very important to him. Ryan said he didn't know if he and Madison had a future together, but he wanted to find out.

Ryan told Greenlee that he wasn't abandoning her. Ryan said that he needed to focus on his life and his future. Ryan said that the only way that he could do that was by taking a step back from Greenlee and her life. Greenlee asked if Ryan was telling her goodbye. Ryan said that he knew better. Ryan said that moving forward, their interactions with each other would have to be less intense.

Greenlee thanked Ryan for all he'd done to help her. Ryan said that he wished things had turned out differently. Greenlee remarked that people tended to get hurt when they were together. Ryan said he was glad Greenlee wasn't hurt. Ryan knew that it would take time, but said that he couldn't wait for Greenlee to find true happiness. Greenlee was skeptical, but Ryan said that she deserved it more than anyone.

Ryan started to leave, and Greenlee flashed back to Ryan's session with Dr. Frankel, the hypnotherapist. She recalled that Ryan said that he loved Greenlee. Greenlee snapped back to the present and called out to Ryan. Greenlee said that she had to tell him something about his session with Dr. Frankel.

After their appointment, Jesse walked Angie out into the hall. Jesse effusively talked about his excitement over the baby and how proud he was of their family. Jesse's phone rang, and after Jesse answered the call, his mood visibly deflated. When he ended the call, Angie asked what had happened.

Jesse told Angie that the letters David had supposedly written had been tested. No fingerprints were found, which meant that if David had written them, he was wearing gloves at the time. Additionally, Jesse had asked technicians to examine David's signature. The technicians found the signature to be a fake as well. As Tad walked up to them, Jesse announced that the letters had been forged.

Angie said that someone went through a lot of trouble crafting the "suicide" letters. Tad reminded Jesse that both the medical examiner and Liza were prepared to sign off on the idea that David had killed himself. Jesse pointed out that the medical examiner knew what was in David's body but not how it had gotten there. Jesse added that if anything, the letters had blown the case wide open, and said that he couldn't ignore that. Tad asked if Jesse would continue his pursuit if doing so meant putting a friend in jail.

Jesse wondered how Tad could be so sure about the culprit. Tad said that the content of the letters meant that the writer knew David fairly well. From that, Tad presumed that they would know the writer. Jesse was disappointed that the case couldn't be closed. Angie told Jesse that she was proud of him for his relentless pursuit of the truth, despite the degree of difficulty. Tad agreed, and then went to get his car so that he could take Angie to lunch.

After Tad left, Angie asked how Jesse was holding up, in light of the new revelations about David's case. Jesse promised that he would be fine. The sonogram doctor showed up and presented a picture of the baby to Angie and Jesse. When the doctor left, Angie asked some rapid-fire questions about the image. She then told Jesse that the picture would go in the baby's scrapbook.

Tad had to stop by his house before he and Angie went to lunch. As Tad was looking through papers, Angie related how she'd spent the previous few weeks learning how to do her job and navigate through her life without sight. Angie admitted that she hadn't realized how tough it had been on her family. She told Tad that she didn't want to be treated like an invalid.

Tad told Angie that she needed to be patient, and said that her family would catch up to her soon enough. Then, Tad lightened the mood by asking to see the sonogram picture. Angie dug it out of her bag and proudly handed it over. Tad made sad sounds as he looked at the picture. Angie was alarmed until Tad said that the baby looked just like Jesse. Angie thanked Tad for his offbeat sense of humor.

Greenlee told Ryan that she hadn't wanted him to relive the night of David's death. Ryan reminded Greenlee that he wasn't going to see Dr. Frankel again. Greenlee started to talk about the feelings that Ryan had that night, but Jesse walked up and interrupted their conversation. Jesse asked if he could talk with Greenlee privately. Greenlee said that anything Jesse had to say could be shared in front of Ryan.

Jesse said that he needed Greenlee to go to the station with him to review the last night of David's life. Jesse revealed that the letters Greenlee had found were forgeries, and Jesse needed to try to unearth the source. Ryan was shocked that Jesse seemed to believe Greenlee had something to do with David's death. Before Jesse could explain any further, Brot showed up and handed Jesse a vial. Jesse told Greenlee that they'd obtained a search warrant for her car. Jesse hoped that the vial Brot had found didn't test positive for digitalis.



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