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Monday, September 20, 2010

At Brooke's house, Hope couldn't stop smiling after Liam had left. Brooke and Ridge entered the living room and admitted to seeing Hope with Liam earlier. Ridge was leery about Liam, but Hope said the new relationship was the real deal. Though Hope no longer blamed Brooke for the "Pose" incident, her feelings for Oliver had forever changed.

Brooke and Ridge wanted to see Hope happy, but they wished she'd move slowly. An elated Hope said she'd thought it would take a while for her to feel that way about a guy again, but Liam had changed everything. Ridge said he was only concerned because he loved Hope.

When Ridge left for work, Hope told Brooke that there was just one problem with the new romance -- Steffy. Hope explained that Steffy had insinuated herself into the breakthrough that Liam and Bill had experienced earlier. Hope didn't trust Steffy, and she hoped that Steffy wouldn't vie for Liam the way she'd vied for Oliver. "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm not gonna let that happen," Brooke declared.

In Taylor's office, Taylor reviewed Steffy's latest Brooke's Bedroom photos and inquired about the young man who'd turned her daughter's head. Steffy said Liam was hot, and Hope would certainly agree. Taylor guessed that Hope and Liam were dating, and Steffy claimed that she wasn't trying to spite Hope. Steffy felt that if Hope were afraid of competition, then she was with the wrong guy because, "William Spencer is the newest, hottest guy in town."

When Steffy explained that Hope and Oliver had broken up, Taylor recalled that Steffy had once liked Oliver. She wondered why Steffy didn't go after him instead. Steffy swore that she wasn't competing against Hope, but Taylor was sure that Brooke and Hope would disagree. Since she wasn't getting straight answers, Taylor asked what was really going on with Steffy.

Steffy admitted that Liam had been rather nondescript until Bill had accepted him. In that moment, Liam had suddenly become William Spencer III. "He's not some nerdy computer tech anymore. He's...he's got a whole different pedigree now," Steffy explained, seemingly turned on by the idea.

Just then, Brooke entered to address Steffy's sudden attraction to Liam. Brooke implored Taylor to exercise some judgment and tell Steffy to stop playing childish games. Taylor pretended not to know that Oliver and Hope had parted ways, or that Liam was Hope's new love interest. After Brooke filled Taylor in, Brooke asked if Taylor found it odd that Steffy was only attracted to the men that Hope dated. Steffy claimed that she genuinely liked Liam, but Brooke wished that Steffy would find her own boyfriend and leave Hope's alone.

Brooke beseeched Taylor to talk some sense into Steffy, but Taylor said that Brooke had no right to make demands or tell Steffy how to feel. Brooke explained Hope was finally moving on her with life, and she was doing it with a man in which Steffy had expressed no prior interest. Steffy quipped that she hadn't been interested in Liam Cooper; however, William Spencer III was an eligible bachelor. Brooke asked Steffy and Taylor to let Hope and Liam get to know each other without interference.

Brooke exited, and after hugging her daughter, Taylor left for a meeting. Alone in Taylor's office, a wickedly smiling Steffy said, "You're not going to get Liam. Not without a little stiff competition."

In the Forrester studio, Oliver glanced at a magazine cover with Hope on it and recalled Hope's decision to date Liam. Liam slipped into the room to talk to Oliver about Hope. Oliver grumbled that Liam wanted congratulations for stealing Oliver's girl. Liam said that Oliver would let Hope go if he truly cared for her. Oliver, however, refused to walk away from the woman he loved.

As the men bickered, Ridge entered. He was perturbed that Liam was in the building, and Liam stated that he'd arrived to talk to Oliver about Hope. Ridge asked Oliver to leave the room. Once alone with Liam, Ridge expressed that he didn't trust Liam, but for some reason, Hope wanted to give him a chance. Liam stammered, saying that he wanted that, too. "My advice -- don't disappoint her," Ridge rasped.

Liam explained that he'd tried to keep his distance, but Hope had shown him the kind of compassion that he'd received only from his mother. Ridge felt that Hope's sensitivity made her vulnerable, but Liam differed, explaining that Hope had been fierce enough to stand up to Bill Spencer on Liam's behalf. Liam figured that she'd been the reason that Bill had changed his mind about being a father, and Liam wished that Hope had been there when it had happened. Ridge grew concerned when Liam remarked that Steffy had been moved by the father and son moment.

Later, Hope and Liam met at Insomnia. They kissed, and he shared that Bill had asked him to work with Bill as father and son. He lavished her with compliments, and the two bashfully discussed the declarations of love that they'd made to each other earlier. The couple expressed that they'd meant everything that they'd said, and they kissed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

by Pam

Hope met with Liam just before he prepared to start his first day of work as a true Spencer Publications employee and not just an intern. Hope reminded him that he was William Spencer, and Liam liked the sound of his real name.

Hope returned to her home and found that Brooke and Stephanie were at odds, as usual. Hope told them that she was happy to find her two favorite women together. Brooke and Stephanie started sniping at one another, and Hope stopped them. Hope thanked Stephanie for giving her a place to stay when she desperately needed one. Stephanie reminded Hope and Brooke that Hope wouldn't have needed a place to stay if Brooke hadn't been mistakenly involved with Oliver.

Hope stopped Stephanie from bashing Brooke by telling her that everyone made mistakes, and Hope had already forgiven her mother. Hope told Stephanie that Stephanie and Brooke could become a true force in business if they joined together rather than fighting all the time. Hope left, and Stephanie and Brooke eyed each other up, but Stephanie said that there was no way they would ever be allies.

At Spencer, Bill saw Katie's cell phone on his desk, and noticed a text message about Bridget and Owen's baby -- a supposed secret. Bill was intrigued, but Katie entered and Bill said nothing about the text message. Katie told Bill that he was going to have a great day with his son. They kissed, and Bill was elated that he was getting to work with his son.

Liam entered Bill's office, and Katie exited. Liam said that he was ready to work, and Bill asked him to sit down. Bill showed Liam a video produced and narrated by Bill Spencer Sr. It discussed that Spencer Publications had started as a family-owned company in the printing business and had grown into the largest multi-media conglomerate "on the planet."

Bill presented Liam with a sword necklace -- a duplicate of Bill's necklace. Liam awkwardly accepted it. Bill told Liam that the sword was a symbol of who Bill Spencer was. He added that it reminded him that he fought for what he believed in and never gave up. It was a symbol he wanted Bill Spencer III -- Liam -- to wear with pride. Liam smiled and donned the necklace.

Jarrett entered, and Bill teased him about his reporting style, then Bill told Jarrett that Liam and Bill were accompanying him to the Jackie M fashion show because there was a breaking story. Jarrett and Liam asked what the breaking story was, and Bill said that they would hear about it when they arrived.

At Jackie M, a fashion show was in the offing, and Whip warned everyone to keep the baby news under wraps. Rick showed up and flirted with Jackie. Owen caught a glimpse of Rick looking for a kiss from Jackie, but Jackie asked him to leave.

Nick was missing from the fashion show, and Jackie was upset that he didn't at least show up. Jackie and Whip gathered everyone together in a collective team spirit speech, hoping that everything would go off without a hitch.

Bill, Liam, and Jarrett gathered in the back of the showroom to watch the show. Bill explained to Liam that scandals sold magazines. He added that Liam was about to see his first scandal.

The fashion show started with the models wearing stunning white gowns with flowing lines and contemporary cutouts. Jackie took the stage in another white gown. She kissed what appeared to be a statue, but it was Owen, and he came to life, much to the delight of the crowd.

Jackie announced that Amber Moore and Bridget Forrester had been responsible for the designs. Amber and Bridget took the stage, and waited for questions from the media. Jarrett insinuated that the show was a fake -- as fake as Jackie and Owen's marriage. The crowd started to whisper. Jackie said that she and Owen were very much in love, but Jarrett persisted and announced that Owen was the father of Bridget's baby.

Jarrett wanted Bridget, Owen, and Jackie to address how that affected Jackie M. Whip stepped out on stage and told Jarrett it was a private family matter. Jarrett insisted he and the public wanted answers. Liam uncomfortably looked at Bill and Jarrett, and he realized another scandal involved the Forresters. This time, it was Bridget in the hot seat.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

by Pam

At Brooke's place, Brooke explained to Hope that she and Stephanie would probably never get along. Hope reiterated that Brooke and Stephanie had a lot in common, and Hope called attention to her own experience with Steffy. Hope reminded Brooke that she had learned to get along with Steffy. Brooke changed the subject and worried about Hope's relationship with Liam. Brooke feared that Liam would be influenced by his father, Bill Spencer.

Hope said that she believed that Liam might be a positive influence on his dad. Hope said that Liam was working for Spencer Publications and that Liam and Bill were attending the Jackie M fashion show to cover a breaking story. Brooke looked puzzled that there was a breaking story.

At the fashion show, Jarrett asked Jackie directly if Owen was the father of Bridget's baby. Bill broke in to force the issue. Whip stepped forward and said that the fashion show was all about the fashions, not inappropriate gossip.

Bill disagreed. He said that Jackie's campaign clearly wanted consumers to believe that Jackie and her younger husband were so much in love that it supported the Jackie M brand. Bill added that Jackie looked "hot." Bill continued to wonder if Jackie's marriage was a sham if Bridget's baby had been fathered by Owen and not Bridget's husband, Nick.

Jackie told the press that they had always treated her fairly and she had no plans to lie to them. She finally came clean that Bridget and Owen were the parents of Bridget's baby. Jackie added that they were a non-traditional family, but they were a family just the same. Jackie thanked everyone and she, Bridget, Owen, and Amber headed backstage.

Jackie tried to put a positive spin on the entire episode and said that everyone loved the fashions, but Whip and Aggie showed up, and Whip worried that it was a marketing disaster because the room had been full of international reporters.

Rick watched the bickering from behind a curtain, and Whip gathered up some of the staff to help him manage everything on the web site. Jackie and Owen returned to the stage, where they kissed and comforted one another. Owen apologized for putting Jackie and the company in such a difficult situation.

Jackie told Owen how much she loved him. Owen professed his love for Jackie and told her that he never wanted to lose her. Behind them, statues sporting the same look as Owen, surrounded the stage, but one statue opened its eyes. It was Rick, who thought aloud that Owen was going to lose Jackie to Rick.

At Forrester, Stephanie and Ridge bantered about Hope's point that Stephanie and Brooke had a lot in common, but Stephanie disagreed. Stephanie said that she and Brooke were both strong-willed and determined women, but that was it. Stephanie resurrected the Oliver and Brooke interlude again and yakked about Brooke's inappropriate behavior of having sex with her daughter's boyfriend when she was supposed to be a chaperon at a high school dance. Steffy chimed in, and Taylor signaled her approval.

Thomas spoke up and said that they needed to stop being so judgmental. He added that no matter what Brooke did, she was not evil. He agreed she had made mistakes, but all of them had made mistakes, and it was about time they got past them so that they could all get along.

Thomas said that he liked Brooke and Hope, and they belonged at the company. Steffy piped up that Brooke had caused a scandal and damaged the company, but Thomas argued that there had been many scandals that Brooke had nothing to do with. Steffy accused Thomas of being na´ve, but he told her that he wanted to be understanding and forgiving rather than obsessed with trying to get Brooke out of the company.

Stephanie started raving again about Brooke's past indiscretions and her father's interference in Pam's life, but Thomas stopped his grandmother. Thomas reminded Stephanie that Pam was a grown woman and had to make her own decisions.

Thomas said that Hope and Brooke had made great contributions to the company, and Stephanie agreed that Brooke had made contributions. Stephanie also pointed out that Brooke had damaged the company. Steffy complained that Hope had her own clothing line only because of Katie, but Thomas told Steffy that it was sour grapes on Steffy's part. Thomas said that Hope for the Future was a good campaign.

Steffy chattered about how Brooke was responsible for Taylor and Ridge's marriage falling apart, but Thomas disagreed. Thomas said that it was sad, but it was no reason to hold a life-long grudge against Brooke. Thomas reminded Steffy that they were adults, and he walked out.

Ridge spoke up and applauded his son's benevolent attitude and family loyalty to Ridge's wife and family. Ridge said that Thomas had true leadership skills. Ridge reminded Steffy, Stephanie, and Taylor that Brooke and Hope would return to the company one day, and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop them.

After Bill and Liam returned to Spencer Publications, Liam voiced his disapproval of Bill's tactics to get a story. Liam reminded his father that Bridget was related to Katie and should have been off-limits.

Bill said that he had already learned a lesson by trying to squelch Brooke's scandal, and he had antagonized his shareholders. Bill reminded Liam that the truth would be revealed at some point, and it was his job to break and report the story and make money for shareholders. Bill added that it meant selling magazines and being a hardnosed reporter. That, Bill said, was the Spencer way. It was the American way, and "God bless America," Bill said.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disguised as a Roman statue after the Jackie M showing, Rick stood stone still as he spied on the costumed Owen and Jackie. Owen wished that he'd leapt into the crowd and punched Bill; however, Jackie assured her husband that Bill wouldn't get the upper hand.

Jackie relaxed on a chaise beside the stage, and Owen draped a washcloth over her eyes. Owen was turned on by her Venus costume, but before they could make out, someone pulled him away to deal with the press. Jackie insisted that Owen not keep "Venus" waiting long.

Rick sneaked into Owen's place beside Jackie. Delighted that "Owen" had returned, the blindfolded Jackie instructed him to savor every inch of her, from her fingertips to her lips. Rick eagerly complied, but before he could reach her face, he heard a noise and scurried off.

Owen returned and Jackie ordered him not to move his lips unless it was to kiss her. Owen caressed her feet and hands. When a phone rang, she told him to leave it, because there were no phones allowed in her kingdom. As the ringing persisted, Owen darted off to handle it. Rick seized the opportunity to return to Jackie's side. Rick covered her shoulders with kisses, and she said she'd burst if her beautiful Adonis didn't kiss her lips.

Jackie pulled off her blindfold to look into Owen's eyes, but she was shocked to see Rick instead. Just then, Owen rounded the corner and demanded to know why Rick was dressed in a costume and why he was trying to seduce Jackie. Jackie quickly explained that Rick didn't want her to be alone if Owen and Bridget got together. Jackie admitted that Rick had also tried to woo her with champagne and caviar, but she was devoted to her husband.

Rick suggested that Owen go home to Rick's sister and the baby, but Owen raged at the idea of leaving his wife with Rick. When Rick quipped that he'd eventually get Jackie, Owen chased Rick around the showroom. Jackie ordered the "two statues" to stop fighting over her.

In Ridge's office, Ridge commended Thomas for his work on one of Brooke's unfinished projects. Thomas said that Thorne had helped, but they could have used Brooke's input. It boggled Thomas that Stephanie refused to acknowledge Brooke's value. He insisted that Brooke belonged at Forrester, and Ridge assured him that her leave was only temporary. Thomas said Ridge had to know that Stephanie and Steffy would fight Brooke's return.

Thomas wished that their family could move forward; however, he felt that it wouldn't happen until Stephanie relinquished the past. Ridge didn't foresee Stephanie easing up on Brooke anytime soon. Thomas recalled the time that Stephanie had faked a heart attack, and Ridge admitted that it hadn't been Stephanie's finest moment.

At Brooke's house, Stephanie showed up on the doorstep, and Brooke joked that her mother-in-law had probably missed her. Stephanie, however, suggested that Brooke's hiatus from the company become permanent. Stephanie figured that Brooke had been given the perfect opportunity to remain at home and concentrate on R.J. Brooke retorted that Steffy and Stephanie had shoved the "opportunity" down her throat.

Brooke reiterated the plan for her to return to Forrester after the scandal died down. Confused by Thomas' support of Brooke, Stephanie noted that he wanted her and Brooke to make peace. Brooke reminded Stephanie that Hope wished for the same thing, and Brooke asked if it were possible. Stephanie proposed that she and Brooke just stay clear of each other.

Brooke noted that she'd left Forrester to appease Stephanie and Steffy, yet Stephanie had shown up at Brooke's house to create more conflict. Brooke demanded to know why Stephanie was "hell-bent" on fighting with her. Coughing, Stephanie claimed that she didn't enjoy conflict. Brooke remembered when Stephanie had made a tribute to Brooke years earlier. "Without Brooke, this company wouldn't be where it is today,'" Brooke quoted from the tribute.

Stephanie said she'd never denied that Brooke had done well--professionally. However, Stephanie mistrusted Brooke due to her so-called "mistakes." Stephanie coughed more as Brooke concluded that she wouldn't waste her life squabbling, because Stephanie would never change her opinion of Brooke. Stephanie yelled that the "Pose" incident was the epitome of who Brooke was. Coughing, Stephanie ranted that Brooke was self-serving and self-involved.

"Shut up!" Brooke yelled, refusing to be disparaged in her own house. Brooke brushed past Stephanie, who lost her balance and fell to the floor. While headed upstairs, Brooke heard something break behind her. She spotted Stephanie on the floor and rushed toward her to help.

Suddenly, Brooke stopped and asked if Stephanie were faking. "Help me, honey..." Stephanie grunted. Believing that Stephanie was acting, Brooke ordered her to get off the floor. Stephanie struggled to breathe, but Brooke threw her hands up and strode upstairs.

Friday, September 24, 2010

At Jackie M after the showing, Bridget entered an office where Amber was babysitting Logan. Bridget was glad that Logan was too young to know about the scandal in the press, and Amber noted that the headlines had placed Jackie in a difficult position. Amber assumed that Rick would give Bridget a ride home, but Bridget hoped that Rick had already left the building.

Amber revealed her anxiety about Rick not returning her phone calls. She inquired about his love life, but Bridget said his love life was his business. Bridget just hoped he had the good sense to turn in a different direction if an unavailable woman happened to intrigue him. "Even if that direction is towards me? I mean-Rick still is interested in mature women, right?" Amber asked.

In the showroom, Jackie attempted to mitigate the tension between the ash-painted Rick and Owen, but the men almost began a physical fight when Rick brazenly asserted his interest in Jackie. She ordered the men to wash off their makeup, so they could have a serious conversation. Owen picked up a stick on his way out. "No more mischief," she warned, and he put it down.

After the three changed clothes, they returned to the showroom. Rick insisted that Jackie needed something to occupy her while Owen was playing house with Bridget and Logan. Owen claimed that Jackie understood his parental responsibilities, but Rick replied that it was about Bridget and Owen. Just then, Bridget entered and asked what Rick was doing. Rick claimed that he was airing things out. "I think it's about time for that; don't you?" he asked.

Bridget was embarrassed upon hearing about Rick's statue antics, but Jackie said that Rick was just trying to help his sister. Bridget muttered that she didn't need any help. Owen asserted that Rick didn't have a chance with Jackie because the Knights adored each other.

Amber entered with Logan. As Owen held his baby in his arms, he said he couldn't think of anything that could break up his marriage. "I can," Rick readily responded.

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Thomas saw that Bridget's baby scandal had gone public. After Ridge left a message for Brooke to call him, Thomas persisted in his belief that the feuding between the Logans and Forresters was getting old. Ridge admitted that all the problems between Brooke and Stephanie weren't solely Stephanie's fault. Thomas wished his grandmother would let the bitterness go, because the negativity wasn't good for her health.

Thomas had never understood Stephanie's obsession with protecting her family. He figured that she'd misdirected her childhood anger onto Brooke. Ridge didn't even think Freud could sort out Brooke and Stephanie's relationship; however, he wondered what would happen if the women were forced to depend upon each other. Ridge considered stranding the women on a deserted island, and though Thomas doubted that would ever happen, he concurred that it would take something drastic to pull the women together.

At Brooke's house, Brooke scoffed to see Stephanie still on the floor. Stephanie opened her eyes and asked if the paramedics were on the way. Brooke quipped that Stephanie needed an acting coach, not the paramedics, because her fall routine was getting lamer by the performance.

A disoriented Stephanie assumed that Brooke had pushed her again, but Brooke insisted that Stephanie was faking again. Stephanie called the paramedics herself, and when they arrived, she accused Brooke of pushing her. Brooke corrected that Stephanie had lost her balance when Brooke had pushed past her. Brooke stated that Stephanie had faked that kind of thing before, but the paramedics still readied her for transport. Stephanie noted that she was short of breath, and Brooke quipped that she'd inform the critics to watch act two of "Blame Brooke."

At the hospital, Dr. Lewis asked Stephanie questions about her fall. "I was pushed," Stephanie insisted, and Brooke scoffed. Stephanie's last CT scan hadn't revealed any head trauma, and Stephanie didn't appear to have any from the second fall, either. Stephanie indicated that she'd experienced a shortness of breath earlier, and Dr. Lewis decided to order additional testing on Stephanie.

Brooke waited in Stephanie's room while Stephanie underwent the tests. When Stephanie returned, she mentioned that they'd put a tube down her throat. Brooke grew concerned, and Stephanie said they'd done it because she'd indicated that she'd been coughing. Brooke thought it was ridiculous for Stephanie to subject herself to random tests when everyone knew she was fine. Stephanie asked if Brooke had called the family, but Brooke retorted that she would have-if Stephanie were actually sick. Stephanie said that Brooke would be "the death of [her] yet."

Brooke stared at the coughing Stephanie as if wondering if she really should be worried. Stephanie fell asleep, but awakened later with a cough. "You're still here?" she asked upon seeing Brooke in the visitor's chair. Brooke said she couldn't leave in Stephanie's time of need; however, Stephanie asked why Brooke hadn't slit Stephanie's throat when she'd had the chance.

Brooke asked what Stephanie would say if Brooke said that Stephanie was the most remarkable woman that Brooke had ever met. "I'd say you're more heavily medicated than I am," Stephanie responded. As Brooke remarked that Stephanie could do anything, Stephanie cut in to ask if Brooke were being nice because the doctor had said that Stephanie was dying.

Brooke claimed that Stephanie was fine, and when the doctor entered, Brooke expected to hear that she could take Stephanie home. Dr. Lewis, however, asked Stephanie to stay at the hospital. The doctor seemed hesitant to convey some news, but Stephanie told her to say it straight out. "I'm sorry. You have cancer," Dr. Lewis replied.

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