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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 20, 2010 on GH
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Monday, September 20, 2010

At Jason's penthouse, Dante wanted to know why Spinelli was searching the Internet to get information on the Balkan. Spinelli, who was still angry with Dante, told him it was none of his business. Dante said that the Balkan was a dangerous criminal and if Sonny was thinking about doing business with him, Dante had a right to know. Spinelli spewed out all the animosity he felt and blamed Dante for all Michael's problems.

Dante said he felt horrible about what had happened to Michael and that he had done everything in his power to make up for it. When he asked Spinelli to cut him some slack, Spinelli remained unforgiving. Spinelli said that he hoped that Lulu finally wised up and left Dante. Spinelli said that he also hoped that Dante had to suffer the pain of a broken heart so that he would know what others had felt because of him.

In Ireland, Lucky, as Ronan, was on the phone trying to arrange another meeting place with the Balkan without disclosing that he did not know where the "usual place" was located when Siobhan knocked on the door. He let he in after concluding his phone conversation with a man who told him he would be contacted.

Siobhan warned Lucky that men with Slavic accents were asking for Ronan in the restaurant below. He thanked her for the information, but asked her to leave so that she did not become a target also. Siobhan said that she had a gun and could help him. Lucky maintained his Irish accent and Ronan persona as he told Siobhan that the men looking for him lived by the words, "Leave no witnesses."

Siobhan responded that she was going to help him because she could see the change in Ronan's eyes. She told him to embrace the change in himself and walk away from his gangster life. Lucky said he could not. He said he had to make things right.

Lucky told Siobhan that he had caused her lover's death, and he did not want to be responsible for hers. Siobhan kissed him on the cheek and left the room. As soon as Siobhan left, Lucky called Dante and asked him to get information on the Balkan. Dante was shocked to find out Lucky's undercover assignment and told Lucky to get out quickly because he was dealing with a very dangerous criminal. Lucky said he could not and hung up quickly because someone was pounding loudly on his door.

When Lucky opened the door, two large men with Slavic accents entered and told him that the boss was not happy with him. Lucky resisted when they put a hood over his head and forced him out of his room.

Lucky was taken to a warehouse and tied to a chair to await the Balkan.

Dante called an old friend in the police department where he had worked before transferring to Port Charles. He told his friend that he needed all the "intel" on the Balkan that he could get.

When Lulu got home, Dante told her that he had lied to her, and he needed to tell the truth about Lucky. Dante said that he had promised not to tell, but things had changed. He told her that Lucky was not off looking for Luke, but doing an undercover assignment for Interpol, masquerading as an Irish hit man named Ronan.

Lulu said that Lucky had told her that he was restless with his sons gone. He had also told her that he had been tempted by an offer from Johnny. Lulu said that she thought that looking for Luke was Lucky's way of curing giving in to his restlessness.

Dante told her that he did not know until earlier that day that Lucky's assignment was the Balkan. Dante told Lulu that the Balkan was a walking death sentence. He feared that Lucky was in serious trouble and might not survive. When Lulu wanted to know how Dante knew so much about the Balkan, he said that he had been involved peripherally in a case that concerned the Balkan and he had learned that the Balkan was a seriously bad man.

Claire and Sonny made passionate love. Afterwards, when they talked, Claire wanted to know if it felt as good to Sonny as it had to her. Sonny told her that he wanted a deeper connection with her. He said that he was not good with words so he had tried to show her how he felt. Claire said that she was not good with mixed signals and asked Sonny to try to spell it out for her. Sonny said that he did not make love to her because she was a Fed that he was trying to neutralize, but because she was a fascinating woman that he wanted to know on a more intimate level.

Claire told Sonny that she felt the same way about him. She said that she'd decided that if she did not take a shot with Sonny, she would always wonder what might have been. Sonny said that he did not want to disappoint her. Claire said that she made her own choices and that she chose Sonny. Claire told Sonny that he was the first man she had known who had thrown her for a loop, because he was not a person whose character was black and white. Claire said that she did not want to miss the chance to live and feel, even if what she felt was pain.

Sonny told Claire that he liked the way her mind worked. He said that she had expressive eyes, but she was not transparent or easy to read. Claire said that Sonny had more money that he would ever spend, more influence and power that the majority of men could dream of.

She said he had kids, ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, and current girlfriends all vying for his attention. Yet despite all he had, Claire told Sonny that he was the loneliest man she had ever known. Sonny was smiling when he said, "not tonight," and started kissing Claire.

Downstairs, Diane arrived with papers for Sonny, but found Max instead. They spotted the untouched food and still lit candles on the patio and concluded that Sonny and Claire had argued and both had left the premises.

Max and Diane decided to eat the meal rather than let it go to waste. Max caught her up on the news and told her about Sonny's visit to Brenda in Rome. When Max realized that he had rhapsodized about how sexy Brenda was, he started giving Diane compliments. She told him to prove it. He got up from the table and took her hand.

Sonny and Claire were laughing when they strolled downstairs to snack on their unfinished meal. They were surprised to find Max and Diane making love on the patio. Max wanted to know why Sonny was there. Sonny replied that he lived there, before kicking them out. As they scrambled to leave, Diane told Claire that she had been played.

In Rome, Brenda and Jason bickered in her hotel suite. He wanted her to stay home from a Cartullo gala, but she insisted that she had to go. Brenda said that her work with the charity was important, and she had to go to those events to promote it. Jason told Brenda that she had not changed because she still made everything about herself and her own importance. Brenda was hurt, but covered it with sarcasm and bravado about her safety.

Suzanne interrupted them and wanted to know why Brenda was not ready. Jason said they had to cancel, but Suzanne said that they had taken his advice and upgraded security for the event. He left to check out the new arrangements.

Brenda noted that Suzanne was wearing a white dress instead of her usual black. Brenda wanted to know if Suzanne was trying to impress Jason by looking more feminine. Brenda advised Suzanne not to fall for Jason because he killed people.

Suzanne told Brenda that she like dangerous men. When she called Jason "cuddly," and said that his ideas for security were very impressive, Brenda got snarky. Suzanne told Brenda that she sounded jealous. She also told Brenda that it was refreshing to see a man who did not fawn at Brenda's feet.

Jason returned and told Suzanne and Brenda that security was still not tight enough to guarantee Brenda's safety. Both Brenda and Suzanne insisted that Brenda had to attend. Suzanne explained that Brenda's celebrity was what gave them power to stop abuse of children. She said that because Brenda had gotten so much publicity when she visited a mine that was worked by child slave labor, the mine had been shut down, which was a major victory.

Suzanne said that Brenda had to attend because it would be their last chance of the season to secure donations and support. Brenda told Jason that he would have to be her escort and wear a tux, but he resisted and said he would watch from the sidelines. Suzanne stepped in and explained that the other attackers had appeared suddenly and if that happened again, he would not be able to reach her in time. Jason reluctantly agreed to wear a tux.

In the limo, Jason was uncomfortable in his tux, and even more uncomfortable when Brenda said that her corset had come unhooked and asked him to rehook it. Jason refused and exited the car as soon as it stopped. When Brenda stepped out, photographers surrounded her. She took Jason's arm and posed with him as the paparazzi snapped photos.

Carly and Jax agreed to give their marriage another chance. Jax told Carly that he was committed to her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He said that she was the love of his life. He told Carly that he would fight for their marriage as long as she would let him. Carly told Jax that she felt the same way.

Michael arrived for a visit while Jax went to pick up Morgan and Josslyn. Michael told Carly that it was interesting that she and Jax had reunited shortly after Jason went to Rome to see Brenda. Carly said that she was not jealous of Brenda and Brenda had not influenced her decision to reconcile with Jax.

Jax arrived with the children and a cake. While they were eating cake and laughing, Morgan wanted to know if the reconciliation between Jax and Carly meant that Jax no longer needed to adopt him.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At the loft, Lulu insisted on going to Ireland to help Lucky. Dante warned her that it was the quickest way to get Lucky killed. He explained that Interpol had given Lucky very little time to prepare for the assignment, so Lulu's presence could compromise everything. Lulu feared that Lucky might get himself killed. She assured Dante that she was perfectly capable of running a scam, so she wasn't worried about blowing Lucky's cover.

Dante reminded Lulu that he had been trained in undercover work. He explained that the more people who knew of an undercover agent's true identity increased the risk of exposure. Lulu was curious how Dante knew of the Balkan. Before Dante could answer the question, Tracy stopped by to talk to Lulu. Tracy wanted Lucky to stop searching for Luke, but she hadn't been able to reach him.

Lulu was surprised by Tracy's decision, but she agreed to try to get in touch with Lucky to let him know. However, Lulu reminded Tracy that Luke might return on his own. Tracy was confident that the millions that Luke had stolen from her would keep him busy for a year or two. Lulu was certain that Tracy would miss Luke. Tracy confessed that that was part of the problem.

Tracy explained that she couldn't stop thinking about Luke because he was an addiction. Tracy was tired of putting her life on hold for Luke, so she was certain that she would be able to move forward if Luke stayed away. Lulu seemed disappointed, but she agreed to honor Tracy's wishes. However, Lulu assured Tracy that Tracy would always be her "step-monster" whether Tracy was legally wed to Luke or not.

After Tracy left, Lulu made it clear that she intended to fly to Ireland to find Lucky. Dante decided that he would go with Lulu, but Lulu insisted that it wasn't necessary. Dante disagreed. Later, Dante and Lulu were on a flight bound for Ireland. Lulu confessed that she was a little excited to see Ireland because her parents had lived there for a few months before her birth. Dante reminded Lulu that they were not headed to Ireland for a vacation.

Lulu wondered if Dante had ever been to the Emerald Isle, but Dante shook his head. He admitted that he had never left the United States, except to fly to Sonny's island. However, Dante confessed that he had always dreamed of seeing Italy. Lulu smiled as she advised Dante to stick with her; she promised to show him the world.

At the Jacks residence, Morgan explained that it might not be necessary for Jax to adopt him, since Jax would once again be his step-father. Carly realized that Sonny was Morgan's biological father, but she insisted that Jax had practically raised Morgan and that Jax had been Morgan's father in every way that mattered. Morgan conceded that Jax was great, but he remained hesitant to hurt Sonny. Carly suggested that it might be fun for Morgan to have the same last name as his sister, Josslyn.

Morgan pointed out that Michael's name would remain Corinthos, so Michael might feel left out. Michael quickly assured his little brother that he didn't mind, but Morgan argued that Michael was as much a part of the Jacks family as Morgan was. Carly agreed. Jax promised that Morgan could take as much time as he needed to make the decision. Jax made it clear that he would love Morgan regardless.

Morgan loved Jax too, but Morgan was worried about Sonny. Morgan realized that Sonny had been deeply hurt when he had learned about the adoption, so Morgan thought that it would be best to stop the adoption. Morgan wanted everyone to be happy, including Sonny. Jax made a silent plea for Michael to help. Michael stepped forward to explain to Morgan that Sonny wanted Morgan to be safe. Michael believed that Morgan would have a better life as Morgan Jacks rather than Morgan Corinthos.

Morgan finally relented; he agreed to move forward with the adoption, but insisted that he would always love Sonny. Carly and Jax assured Morgan that they didn't have a problem with that. After Morgan and Michael went to Morgan's room, Carly admitted that she was relieved. She was thrilled that everything was back on track for them as a family. Jax smiled as he flirtatiously wondered where she intended for him to sleep. Carly returned the smile as she clarified that she wanted him in bed next to her.

Jax kissed Carly and then explained that he had wanted her to know that he wouldn't take anything for granted, including their sleeping arrangements. Carly showed her appreciation by kissing Jax again. Carly and Jax stumbled onto the sofa just as Michael returned to the living room. Michael tried to quietly leave, but Jax heard the floorboard creak. Jax and Carly apologized for getting carried away.

Michael explained that he would spend the night at the loft and then quickly left. Carly was disappointed, but Jax understood Michael's embarrassment over walking in on his parents. Jax admitted that he had walked in on his father and Lady Jane during an intimate moment and that image continued to haunt him.

At Greystone Manor, Diane was livid that Sonny had slept with Claire. Claire assured Diane that she was perfectly capable to taking care of herself. Sonny's patience evaporated when Diane accused Sonny of playing Claire. Sonny ordered Diane to leave. Max started to drag Diane away, but Diane refused to stop ranting. Claire suggested that Diane was upset because she and Claire had been bitter legal opponents, so Diane resented Claire being with Diane's client.

Diane acknowledged that she admired and respected Claire professionally, but she insisted that Claire had made a mistake. Max finally managed to pulled Diane out of the room. Sonny immediately apologized for Diane's outburst. Claire assured him that she had not been offended. Claire confessed that everything Diane had said had already crossed Claire's mind. Claire admitted that after the trial she had believed that sleeping with Sonny wasn't worth the angst, second-guessing, and gossip.

Sonny was glad that Claire hadn't taken her own advice. "Me too," Claire confided with a smile. Later, Sonny joined Claire on the patio with a tray of fresh strawberries and a bowl of whipped cream. Sonny revealed that he had loved strawberries since he was a child. Sonny confessed that in the third grade his teachers, Miss Runk and Miss Cronk, had taken the class on a field trip to a strawberry patch. Claire giggled when she heard the names of his teachers.

Sonny assured her those had been their real names. He continued his story by explaining that he had spent hours picking strawberries because his mother had promised to make him a strawberry shortcake. However, one of the lazy students had decided to steal Sonny's basket of strawberries, so Sonny had been forced to fight. Sonny was victorious, but during the struggle the basket of strawberries had been crushed. For that reason, Sonny had fresh strawberries delivered to his home daily.

Claire realized that, even at a young age, Sonny had been ready to fight for what he wanted. Sonny added that he continued to live by the same philosophy. Claire smiled when Sonny dipped a strawberry in some cream and then held it out to her. Claire and Sonny moved to the living room where Sonny poured them each a glass of wine. Claire wondered if Sonny's interest in her had diminished, since she was no longer a challenge.

Sonny assured Claire that he was still interested in her. Claire was relieved, since she had basically drop-kicked her career for him. Sonny invited her to spend the night, but Claire decided that she had overstayed her welcome. A short time later, Sonny let Claire know that Max was ready to drive her home. He invited Claire to dinner the following evening. Claire readily accepted Sonny's invitation as they made their way to the front door. They shared one last lingering kiss and then Claire left.

Sonny returned to the living room and then pulled out his cell phone to demand that Diane return to the mansion immediately. When Diane arrived, Sonny let her know that he had not appreciated her lecture about Claire. Diane explained that things would likely end badly between Sonny and Claire. She feared that when that happened Claire would make every effort to bury Sonny.

In Rome, Brenda warmly welcomed Ernesto as the paparazzi continued to snap pictures of Brenda and Jason. Brenda introduced Ernesto Cartullo to Jason and then explained to Ernesto that Jason was her ex-husband. Ernesto extended his hand to Jason as he wondered how Jason had managed to let an angel like Brenda get away. Jason ignored Ernesto's question and hand until Brenda ordered Jason to be polite. Jason shook Ernesto's hand and then insisted that they had to get Brenda inside because Ernesto's security team was lacking.

Brenda quickly tried to downplay Jason's assessment of Ernesto's security force, but Jason ignored her as he hustled Brenda away from the paparazzi. Later, Brenda and Jason returned to Brenda's hotel suite where she proceeded to berate Jason for being rude to Ernesto. Jason was unapologetic for letting Ernesto know that Cartullo's security team was ineffective. Brenda was also furious that Jason hadn't made any effort to be sociable during the event. Jason was curious why Brenda had continually introduced him as her ex-husband. Brenda explained that everyone at the party was likely on the computer, as they spoke, trying to find out everything that they could about Jason, so she had decided to put it out there first.

Brenda announced that she was headed to bed because she was exhausted. She was stunned when Jason made it clear that he would remain in the suite to guard her. Brenda didn't think that it was necessary, but Jason refused to budge. Brenda left the room to fetch a pillow and blanket, which she deposited on the sofa. Brenda let Jason know that was called having good manners. After Brenda went to bed, Jason checked the locks on the door and patio and then pulled out his gun. He sat down on the sofa and had just closed his eyes when he heard Brenda cry out.

Moments later, Brenda and Jason emerged from the bedroom. As Brenda curled up on the sofa, Jason sat in a nearby chair. He was curious if Brenda had suffered nightmares often. Brenda admitted that she rarely had them, especially when she was focused on her work for the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. However, she acknowledged that the bad dreams tended to plague her when she had a photo shoot. Jason could see how hard it was on Brenda, which surprised her.

Brenda decided to change the subject by asking if Jason recalled the last time that he had worn a tuxedo and escorted her to an event. Jason was certain that it had never happened before. Brenda burst out laughing as she reminded him of their high school senior prom when he had been in love with Karen Wexler and Brenda had been in love with Jagger Cates. Brenda chuckled as she recalled how she and Jason had felt like a couple of outcasts.

Jason was glad that he didn't remember the prom. Brenda dropped the subject and then asked if Jason had ever visited Greece. Jason quietly confessed that he had gone there once on his way to Egypt. Brenda was curious which part of Greece he had seen. Jason revealed that he had gone to Kythnos. Jason had enjoyed the small island because it hadn't been a tourist spot. He confessed that it reminded him a bit of Italy.

Brenda revealed that it helped her to hear him talking because it made her sleepy. Jason decided to continue telling her about his thoughts of Kythnos, particularly the beaches. As he spoke, Brenda fell asleep. Jason quietly rose, turned off the light, and then returned to his chair. Jason appeared to be deep in thought as he watched Brenda sleep.

At the hospital, a nurse handed Lisa the tranquilizers that Lisa had ordered. The nurse explained that the pharmacist had advised Lisa to read the instructions carefully before administering the drug. Lisa assured the nurse that she knew what to do. After the nurse walked away, Lisa smiled to herself. Patrick approached seconds later and wondered what Lisa had been thinking about.

Lisa brushed off the question, so Patrick flirted with her and then invited her to dinner to discuss who they thought would win the NASCAR race that they planned to go to that weekend. Lisa explained that she would love to have dinner with Patrick, but she had too much work to do. Patrick looked a little surprised, but didn't pursue it.

At Mac's house, Maxie updated Robin about Lisa's behavior at the hospital. Maxie was disgusted because Lisa had been hanging all over Patrick. Robin wasn't happy, but she hoped that Lisa's behavior meant that she had believed their ruse. Maxie was confident that Lisa didn't have a clue about what was really going on. However, Maxie wanted to talk about Robin and Patrick's marriage. Maxie was certain that Patrick felt terrible for being unfaithful to Robin.

Maxie and Robin were unaware that Lisa, dressed in black, stood outside eavesdropping on their conversation. Maxie decided to head to work, so Robin walked Maxie to the door. Robin thanked Maxie for being supportive. Maxie was happy to help; she believed that Lisa would eventually slip up and then everything would be over. Robin had no idea what the future would hold for her and Patrick.

Maxie insisted that Robin and Patrick would go back to being the cutest and happiest family ever. As Maxie walked away, Patrick arrived. Robin was surprised to see him. Patrick explained that he had hoped to kiss Emma goodnight. Robin invited Patrick inside, but didn't follow him to the staircase. Patrick thought that it was important for Emma to see her parents together, so Robin went to Emma's room with Patrick. Lisa quickly slipped into the house and then searched for Robin's purse.

Lisa found the pill organizer, that Robin stored her daily HIV medications in, but was forced to shove it back into Robin's purse when she heard Robin and Patrick at the top of the stairs. Lisa ducked out of sight as Robin and Patrick entered the living room. Patrick let Robin know that Lisa had invited him to spend the weekend at a NASCAR race. Robin didn't want to hear the details, but Patrick assured her that he didn't have any intention of going. Patrick explained that he had planned to make up an excuse at the last minute to get out of it.

Lisa seethed with anger when she overheard Patrick. Robin seemed relieved that Patrick wouldn't spend the weekend with Lisa. However, she advised Patrick to make sure that he sounded disappointed when he told Lisa. Patrick apologized to Robin for not be supportive during the review of her suspension. He realized that her suspension had been his fault. He promised that he would take everything back if he could.

Robin realized that Patrick hadn't known how crazy Lisa had been. Patrick hoped that he and Robin could try to pick up the pieces after Lisa was out of their lives for good. He deeply regretted that he hadn't seen how unstable Lisa was. Robin didn't think that Patrick had wanted to. Patrick clarified that, in college, he and Lisa had been nothing more than a series of one-night stands. According to Patrick, he had never been emotionally attached to Lisa.

Patrick insisted that Robin and Emma were his life and that they meant everything to him. Before Robin could respond, Emma cried out. Robin and Patrick decided to check on their daughter. The moment that they left the room, Lisa returned to Robin's purse and then quickly replaced Robin's HIV medications with the powerful tranquilizers. Afterwards, Lisa slipped out of the house unnoticed.

Robin and Patrick returned to the living room seconds later. Emma was wide awake. Robin was certain that Emma sensed that something was wrong. Patrick promised Emma that mommy and daddy would make the bad lady go away.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Rome, Jason entered Brenda's suite to discover that Brenda had gone to a meeting at Cartullo. Suzanne assured Jason that Cartullo's security team had escorted Brenda, but Jason wasn't satisfied. Suzanne promised Jason that Brenda was her friend, so she had every reason to want Brenda to be safe. Jason didn't think that it mattered because Brenda might end up dead. Suzanne could sense how irritated Jason was; he blamed it on Brenda because Brenda was an annoying person.

Suzanne was surprised that Jason was not smitten with Brenda like every other man. Jason ignored the comment. He was frustrated because Cartullo's security team was more suited to deal with crowd control rather than the type of people who worked for the Balkan. Suzanne thought that it was a good thing then that Jason was Brenda's bodyguard. She handed Jason a magazine that featured a front-page picture of Jason and Brenda at the gala.

Jason couldn't understand why anyone would care about who Brenda was dating. Suzanne explained that Brenda had been considered Murphy's girlfriend until recently, so Brenda suddenly appearing on the arm of her ex-husband had piqued the public's interest. Jason wondered why Suzanne seemed pleased about it. Suzanne admitted that people didn't want to see pictures of needy children because it made them sad. However, the public took notice when their favorite celebrities were photographed visiting areas in need. People tended to be generous if they thought the charity was "cool."

Suzanne explained that Jason's appearance with Brenda at the gala had made Brenda more famous than ever, which translated to more money for the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. Jason was curious what Interpol was doing for Brenda. Suzanne confessed that Interpol seemed more interested in catching the Balkan rather than protecting Brenda. Their conversation was cut short when Murphy knocked on the door. Murphy wanted to have a private word with Jason about Brenda, so Suzanne excused herself. Murphy wondered what was going on between Brenda and Jason.

Jason explained that he just wanted to keep Brenda safe. Murphy was curious if there were more to Jason's relationship with Brenda. Jason quickly clarified that he and Brenda were not a couple. According to Jason, he and Brenda had gotten married for a stupid reason and then quickly divorced. Murphy revealed that Brenda had unresolved feelings about someone from her past, which had led her to end their engagement. Jason denied that he was the man that Brenda still cared about. Murphy didn't believe Jason, but he wanted Jason to appreciate the second chance that he had been given with Brenda.

In Jax's office, Jax was searching for recent pictures of Brenda when Carly walked in. Jax quickly stepped away from his computer to meet Carly halfway across the room. Carly had a strawberry-mango smoothie for Jax, which she handed to him. Jax took a sip of the fruity drink as Carly admitted that she loved waking up with him. Carly was thrilled that they had worked things out. Jax agreed and then kissed his wife.

Carly wanted to spend more time with Jax, so she suggested that they order some lunch. Carly started to walk to Jax's desk, but Jax explained that he was swamped with work. Carly smiled and then turned away from the desk and the computer, which had a picture of Brenda and Jason displayed on it. Carly admitted that she had been crazy to let Jax go, but she promised not to let it happen again. After Carly left, Jax returned to his desk. He was staring at the picture of Brenda and Jason when Olivia entered the office with some files for Jax to review.

Jax asked her to send them to the house. Olivia was delighted when she realized that Jax and Carly had reconciled. Jax credited their ability to compromise with saving their marriage.

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli quickly closed his laptop when he spotted Sam entering the living room. Sam was curious what Spinelli had been trying to hide. Spinelli lied as he insisted that it was highly sensitive work-related material. Sam saw through Spinelli's lie, so she continued to question him about what he didn't want her to see. Spinelli tried to change the subject by suggesting that he pop into the kitchen to grab a snack.

Sam snatched up the laptop the moment that Spinelli stepped way. Spinelli leapt to stop her from opening it, but Sam made it clear that she was determined to know what he had been hiding from her. Spinelli gave in to Sam's demands by opening the laptop. Sam stared at the picture of Jason and Brenda on the red carpet. Spinelli realized that it was a dagger to her heart, but he reminded her that any hero would rush to Brenda's rescue.

Sam suggested that Spinelli look at the picture objectively instead of through the eyes of his infatuation with Brenda. Sam pointed out that Jason hated tuxedos and the paparazzi. Sam was certain that Jason had been miserable when the picture had been taken. Spinelli wasn't completely convinced; he was certain that Brenda has a strong influence on Jason. Sam insisted that the picture didn't bother her because it had merely been a photo opportunity. The argument was cut short when Carly dropped by to find out if Jason were on his way home.

Spinelli explained that Brenda still required Jason's assistance, so Jason would remain in Italy. Carly was not pleased. She couldn't imagine what kind of "self-made drama" Brenda had gotten herself into and why Murphy and Murphy's bodyguards couldn't help. Spinelli revealed that Brenda had been targeted by sinister forces that only Jason could deal with. Carly thought that Spinelli needed a reality check because Brenda was just a needy and selfish person. Sam explained that Jason had felt obligated to help Brenda, while Spinelli argued that Brenda was grateful for Jason's help. Spinelli decided to show Carly the picture of Jason and Brenda to drive his point home.

Sam entered Jax's office after she received a message from him that he had wanted to talk to her. Jax showed Sam the picture of Brenda and Jason. Sam revealed that she had already seen the picture. Jax was curious what Sam knew about the picture and why Jason was in Rome with Brenda. Sam explained that Brenda was in trouble and that Jason had been listed as the person to contact in case of an emergency. Jax wondered if Sonny's recent visit to Rome had anything to do with the trouble that Brenda was in.

Sam would only reveal that the director of A.S.E.C. had contacted Jason. Jax confessed that, judging by the picture, it was hard for him to believe that Brenda was in dire straights. Sam shrugged and then suggested that Jax should ask himself why Brenda's business mattered to him. She admitted that if she were Carly, she would want to know. Jax claimed that Jason's trip to see Brenda had seemed to happen out of nowhere. Sam suggested that perhaps Jax should call Brenda to find out what was going on.

When Jax didn't respond, Sam realized that Jax was upset that he hadn't been the one that had been called to save Brenda. Carly entered the office in time to hear Sam's comment. "Wrong," Carly clarified. Carly insisted that she and Jax had worked things out, so he didn't care about Brenda. "Do you Jax?" Carly asked her husband.

Ethan went to Johnny's penthouse to check on Johnny. Ethan questioned Johnny's sudden bout of sanity, which had led Johnny to accept the peace treaty with Sonny. Johnny explained that there had been footage of the shooting, which had confirmed that Sonny had shot Johnny in self-defense. Johnny revealed that Dante had agreed to drop the charges if Johnny and Sonny agreed to a truce. Johnny conceded that his plan to kill Sonny had looked better on paper.

Moments later, Claire stopped by the penthouse to have a talk with Johnny about Johnny's legal situation. Johnny was curious what legal situation she referred to. Claire reminded Johnny that attempted murder charges could be filed against Johnny for what had transpired on Baker Street with Sonny. Johnny laughed while Ethan suggested that Claire's threat hadn't been very "peaceful" of her. Claire warned that Ethan could be charged as an accomplice if he had prior knowledge of Johnny's plans.

Ethan decided to seek the advice of a "real" attorney, so he left. Johnny threatened to have a number of witnesses subpoenaed, who could testify to the number of times that Sonny had tried to kill him, if Claire didn't back off. Johnny didn't think that Claire would want that after she had pretty much "pissed away" her career just to get with Sonny. Johnny was curious how things were working out for Claire and Sonny.

Claire ignored the question as she reminded Johnny that she could re-open the case whenever she wanted to. She promised that she would prosecute Johnny if he stepped out of line. Johnny wondered if she had issued the same warning to Sonny. Claire explained that she trusted Sonny to keep his word. Johnny admitted that he felt sorry for Claire because she had the same look in her eyes as Claudia had had. Claire thought that it was time that Johnny let his sister rest in peace.

Johnny pointed out that not every woman that Sonny had "used and exploited" had been on the wrong side of the law. Johnny reminded Claire that there had been an FBI agent and a respected attorney who had fallen for Sonny, the mobster with a heart of gold. Claire argued that all she cared about was having "peace in the kingdom." Johnny chuckled as he advised Claire to keep telling herself that. He was certain that Claire's decision to throw everything away for Sonny would cost her in ways that she couldn't imagine. Johnny warned her that once Sonny had used Claire up, he would throw her away and then move on to the next woman. Claire suggested that Johnny consider himself warned and then left.

A short time later, Olivia arrived. Olivia insisted that compromise wasn't a dirty word; it was a way of showing respect and acceptance to a person. Olivia declared her love for Johnny and then admitted that they belonged together. Johnny agreed; he had never stopped loving her. Olivia smiled as Johnny wrapped his arms around her.

At Wyndemere, Brook modeled one of the outfits that Nikolas had bought for her. Nikolas admitted that he didn't like the suit. Brook agreed; she looked like Jackie Kennedy in the outfit. Nikolas decided that he needed to hire a stylist to help Brook. A short time later Maxie arrived to meet with Nikolas. Maxie was stunned to discover that the rumors about Brook living at Wyndemere were true.

Maxie made a few disparaging remarks about Brook and then warned Nikolas not to trust his new houseguest. Nikolas assured Maxie that he was perfectly capable of drawing his own conclusions about people. Maxie's jaw dropped when Nikolas revealed that he had hired Brook to be his escort for business functions. Maxie was aghast when Brook entered the room moments later, still wearing the suit that Nikolas had purchased for her. Maxie couldn't believe how hideous the outfit was. Brook was equally horrified to realize that Nikolas intended for Maxie to be her stylist. Brook argued that Maxie would intentionally make Brook look terrible.

Maxie countered that she could fix Brook's outward appearance, but Brook would still be trash on the inside. Brook suggested that Nikolas hire Maxie to be his escort; Maxie was a slut, but at least she had style. Afterwards, Brook stormed out. Later, Nikolas found Brook nursing a beer at Jake's. Brook didn't think that anyone would ever believe that she was a princess, but Nikolas disagreed. Nikolas thought that Brook just needed a bit of polish.

Brook had no idea why she remained in Port Charles because everyone treated her so badly. Nikolas pointed out that he wasn't one of the people who treated her poorly. Brook thought that he could easily find a more suitable escort, but Nikolas disagreed. He wondered if she wanted to go away with him for the weekend or not. Brook was curious if she could keep her clothes. "Yes," Nikolas assured her. Brook smiled and then agreed to accept Maxie as her stylist. Brook hoped that Maxie would choke on it.

At the hospital, a nurse expressed her concern about the tranquilizers that Lisa had asked her to pick up from the pharmacy because the medication hadn't been noted on the patient's chart. Lisa explained that it had been mentioned on the outpatient records and that the patient had been given clear instructions on how to take the medication. The nurse was satisfied with Lisa's explanation, so she walked way. Lisa glared at the nurse for a moment and then resumed making notes on a chart.

Later, Lisa was looking at the bottle of tranquilizers when Patrick walked up. Lisa quickly slid them into her pocket before he saw them. She then suggested that Patrick meet her for drinks at Jake's. Patrick wanted to show Robin some compassion, so he didn't think that would be a good idea. Lisa argued that Robin had only been at Jake's once with Patrick and then again recently when Robin had made a point of meeting Steve there. Lisa didn't think it was Robin's kind of place, so they were unlikely to run into Robin there.

Patrick relented, which infuriated Matt, who had overheard the exchange. Matt was furious that Patrick had made plans to meet Lisa when Robin was at home, heartbroken. Patrick advised Matt to stay out of it, but Matt refused to back down. Matt was disgusted with his brother and tired of making excuses for him.

At Mac's house, Robin was trying to take her HIV medications, while she was on the phone with Maxie. Maxie wanted to discuss Robin's marital woes, but Robin wasn't in the mood. As Robin wrapped up the call with Maxie, Patrick knocked on the front door. Patrick had wanted to check on Robin and Emma. Robin assured him that they were both fine; however, he could have called. Robin immediately apologized for snapping at him. She explained that she had been trying to take her HIV meds all morning, but she kept getting interrupted.

Patrick sensed that something was wrong with Robin. Robin admitted that she was a bit queasy, so she intended to find some crackers to help settle her stomach before she took her meds. Patrick thought that perhaps she was having trouble because of stress. He reminded her that stress could affect her immune system. Robin informed him that being cheated on was a stressful situation, so she couldn't help it.

Robin decided that they should focus on protecting their daughter. She admitted that Lisa was scary because she could act very normal and be quite convincing. Lisa wasn't predictable like standard stalkers or obsessed people. Patrick pointed out that they knew what was really going on with Lisa, so they were a step ahead of her. Later, Robin nibbled on some crackers when Mac entered the living room.

Mac couldn't believe that Robin still had to take so many medications. Robin assured her uncle that it wasn't nearly as bad as it looked; many of the pills were vitamin supplements. Mac was frustrated because Robin and Patrick had decided to work together to prove that Lisa was a threat to Robin and Emma. Mac feared that Robin and Patrick would use the opportunity to work things out. Robin wondered why she shouldn't try to save her marriage.

Mac knew from personal experience that love was not always enough. He wanted better for Robin than a man who would cheat on her. Later, Robin was about to take her medications when the doorbell rang. It was Matt. Matt told her about his argument with Patrick. Matt believed that Robin had a right to know that Patrick had plans to meet Lisa at Jake's. Matt felt terrible that his brother had hurt Robin so deeply.

Robin was touched by Matt's concern. She invited him into the living room and then promised to explain everything after she took her medications. She explained that she had been trying to take the pills all day, but kept getting interrupted. After Robin swallowed her pills, she explained to Matt that she and Patrick had been working together to expose Lisa for whom she really was. Robin revealed that Lisa was seriously disturbed. Matt had his doubts, but he was worried that if Lisa were truly as crazy as Robin and Patrick suspected then Lisa might pose a danger to Patrick if she realized what he was up to.

At Jake's, Patrick was shocked when Lisa suggested that they slow things down. Lisa explained that Patrick had not yet formally separated from Robin, so she was uncomfortable dating him. Lisa decided that it would be best to keep things professional until Patrick had legally severed ties with Robin.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

At Jax's office, Jax explained to Carly that he had learned that Jason had escorted Brenda to an event the previous evening. He had been curious about it, so he had asked Sam to stop by. Carly let Jax know that she had been aware of Jason's trip to Italy. Carly grumbled that Brenda had dragged Jason into a situation, of Brenda's own making, that evidently Murphy couldn't handle. Sam insisted that it wasn't a big deal; she was confident that Jason was not buying into all of Brenda's drama.

Carly agreed with Sam's assessment, but it bothered Carly that Brenda had called Jason when she had plenty of other men at her disposal to help. Sam pointed out that Jason would have returned home if there hadn't been a problem, so clearly things were not okay with Brenda. After Sam left, Carly admitted that she hated that Jax had been asking about Brenda. Jax explained that he had been concerned because he realized that it had to have been serious if Jason were willing to attend a red carpet event with Brenda. Carly knew that Jax didn't like Jason, so it was obvious to her that it was all about Brenda.

Jax decided that he didn't want to discuss it anymore. He insisted on focusing on them. Carly immediately stopped sulking when Jax assured her that he didn't have any feelings for Brenda. However, as they hugged, Jax's expression looked troubled. Later, Carly was explaining a computer program to Jax when she realized that he wasn't paying attention. Jax confessed that Olivia had already reviewed the software with him.

Carly wondered why he had let her ramble on. Jax smiled as he admitted that he had enjoyed the view. Jax then questioned if they were okay about Brenda. Carly hugged Jax as he assured his wife that he loved her.

In Rome, Brenda was livid when she entered her suite to find Jason and Murphy talking about her. Murphy quickly took responsibility for the meeting; he claimed that he had wanted to meet his rival. Brenda clarified that Jason wasn't the man that she had unresolved feelings about, but Murphy didn't believe her. Murphy was certain that Brenda's ex-husband was the reason that she had broken off their engagement. Brenda continued to deny it, so Murphy demanded to know who Brenda was in love with.

Brenda assured Murphy that it didn't matter because she didn't have any intention of seeing that man again. Brenda reminded Murphy that it would never have worked for them because she could never make Murphy happy. Murphy disagreed; she had made him happy. However, Murphy accepted Brenda's decision, so he asked Jason to take care of Brenda and then left. Brenda acknowledged that Murphy was an amazing man, but he didn't make her happy.

Jason suspected that it was because of Sonny. Brenda admitted that she never had the same deep feelings for Murphy that she'd had for Sonny. She was certain that she would have left Murphy one day, one way or another, so she had decided to spare him the pain of that because she knew how deeply it hurt. Moments later Suzanne arrived. Suzanne was upset because the picture of Brenda and Jason had been causing quite a sensation on the Internet.

According to Suzanne, people thought that Brenda and Jason were dating. Brenda didn't see the problem, so Suzanne explained that they couldn't have the world thinking that Brenda was dating a hit man while trying to save exploited children. Suzanne had no idea that Jason had been tried for murder and that he had recently been released from prison. Brenda was surprised to hear that Jason had been in jail. Brenda wondered why Jason hadn't mentioned it. "Because I'm out," Jason answered.

Brenda was curious what he had been convicted of, but Jason didn't want to discuss it. He simply explained that the charges had been dropped. Suzanne explained that the children that they were trying to help were often exploited by crime syndicates, so they couldn't have Brenda running around with a professional criminal. Brenda insisted that Jason wasn't a professional criminal; he was a bodyguard who would kill anyone who hurt a child. Suzanne worried that they would spend so much time explaining Jason that it would take them off-message.

Suzanne confessed that she would never have called Jason if she had known about his life. Brenda pointed out that Jason had been listed as an emergency contact, so it hadn't been up to Suzanne. Brenda insisted that she intended to move forward with her travel plans for the charity and that Jason would head her security team. Suzanne made it clear that Jason was no longer an option. After Suzanne left, Jason acknowledged that Brenda's work to save exploited children was important, but he wanted Brenda to be careful.

Jason confided that he didn't think that the Balkan was trying to kill her. Jason suspected that the Balkan wanted to kidnap Brenda, but he didn't know why. Brenda implored Jason to pass along a message if Sonny asked about her. Brenda wanted Sonny to know that her life was great. "It's not," Jason argued.

Brenda insisted that he tell Sonny that anyway. She also wanted Sonny to know that her work with the children was important and gave her life purpose. Brenda insisted that Sonny needed to know, so that he could go on without her. Jason would only promise to tell Sonny "something," but he wouldn't lie. Brenda was annoyed, but she didn't argue. Jason reminded her that she had all of his numbers, so she was to call if she needed him.

Brenda thanked Jason for helping her. They exchanged goodbyes and then Jason left. Brenda wandered to the patio as she recalled a time that she and Sonny had been driving. Sonny had suddenly stopped the car and then reached over to pull Brenda close for a passionate kiss. Brenda snapped back to the present when she heard her door rattle as someone tried to break into her suite.

At Greystone Manor, Diane was determined to see Sonny. She feared that he had already seen the newspapers, so he was likely brooding in the parlor. Max didn't think that it was a good idea to bother Sonny, but Diane ignored Max's advice. Diane and Max were surprised to find Sonny in a chipper mood. Sonny immediately sensed that Diane had something on her mind, so he warned her that he didn't want another lecture about Claire. Diane handed Sonny a magazine as she informed Sonny that Claire was the least of his problems.

Sonny burst out laughing when he saw the picture of Jason and Brenda. Sonny could tell that Jason was miserable and that Brenda appeared to be enjoying every moment of Jason's discomfort. Sonny was confident that the only reason that Jason was with Brenda was because Brenda was in trouble. Diane reminded Sonny of the age-old tradition of women falling in love with their bodyguards. Sonny wasn't concerned about that happening, but he was worried that something serious was going on if Brenda had reached out to Jason for help.

Diane warned Sonny not to fly to Italy because Claire might not appreciate it. Sonny explained that he and Claire didn't have that kind of relationship, so he didn't owe Claire any explanations. Diane feared that Claire would jump to the conclusion that Sonny had only returned to Port Charles to seduce Claire to get the charges dropped. Diane also reminded Sonny that Claire's career had been crippled because of Sonny, so Claire might become a woman scorned if Sonny ran off to save Brenda. Later, Carly barged into Sonny's parlor to complain about Jason flying to Rome to help Brenda.

Carly insisted that Michael needed Jason, so Jason should be at home. Sonny was curious what Carly wanted him to do. Carly demanded that Sonny go to Italy to help Brenda. According to Carly, Brenda had only asked for Jason's help because it had been a desperate attempt to get Sonny's attention. Carly was certain that Brenda wanted Sonny, not Jason, to save her.

Sonny didn't think that it was just about Michael. He suspected that Carly wanted to make sure that Jax didn't go to Rome. Carly conceded that she and Jax had reconciled, so she was worried about Jax because she had found him asking questions about Brenda. Carly realized that it wasn't good for her, or their marriage, if Jax had Brenda on his mind. However, Carly was familiar with "The Brenda and Sonny Show," which she had watched play out over the years. Carly was well aware that Brenda and Sonny had a long history of breaking up and then making up. Sonny was curious if Carly were suggesting that he work things out with Brenda. "No," Carly admitted; however, she was determined that Jax not get embroiled in Brenda's mess.

Michael went to Jason's penthouse to see if Jason had returned from Italy. Sam explained that Brenda was obviously a handful, so Jason remained in Rome. Michael apologized for bothering Sam and then started to leave, but Sam stopped him. Sam wanted to talk to Michael about something, so she invited him inside. Michael was startled when Sam revealed that Jason had been behaving differently ever since he had returned from Pentonville.

Michael looked uncomfortable as Sam confided that she hoped to help Jason, if she could figure out what had happened to him in jail. Michael didn't know how he could help her. Sam explained that Michael had been in jail with Jason, so he must have seen something. Sam didn't want Jason walking around in so much pain. She wondered if she should try to get Jason to talk to her or just pretend that everything was fine when it wasn't.

Michael suggested that Sam respect Jason's wishes. Sam realized that Michael was right. Moments later, Sonny dropped by to see if there had been any word from Jason. Sonny and Michael were pleasantly surprised to see each other, so Sam excused herself to give Michael some time alone with his father. After Sam left, Michael confessed that he couldn't wait until his probation was over. Sonny assured Michael that it would be soon.

Sonny started to talk about Brenda, but then changed his mind because he didn't want to waste what little time he had with Michael by talking about a woman. Michael assured Sonny that it was okay; it would be more interesting than talking about school. Sonny was curious if Michael remembered Brenda. Michael admitted that he had been a kid the last time that Brenda had been in town, so he hadn't paid much attention to her.

Sonny conceded that he didn't have the healthiest relationship with Brenda, but they kept finding their way back to each other. Sonny explained that Brenda was special; she was unrealistic, spoiled, and dreamed big, but she was also kind. According to Sonny, Brenda broke her own heart most of the time. Sonny accepted that it was over between them and that she was out of his life, but Michael wondered what would happen if Brenda still loved Sonny.

In Ireland, Lulu and Dante tracked down Ronan O'Reilly's room. Lulu quickly gained entry by picking the lock. Dante was discouraged when he realized that Lucky wasn't there. Lulu managed to figure out where Lucky had stashed some important documents, including a picture of Ronan. She was taken aback by how much Lucky resembled Ronan. Dante was impressed with Lulu's remarkable skill of picking a lock and finding the hidden documents.

Lulu explained that Lucky and, on occasion, Luke had taught her a few tricks. Lulu confessed that it felt a bit like "coming home." Dante admitted that he, too, sometimes wondered how he fit in with his family's history. Lulu realized that he was referring to Sonny. Dante revealed that he was curious how things would have turned out if he had grown up with Sonny in his life. Lulu didn't think that Olivia would have been able to raise Dante as well as she had because Dante would have been conflicted about right from wrong, just like Michael was.

Lulu warned Dante that he might not have turned out to be the man that she had fallen in love with. Lulu then switched gears to remind Dante that they needed to concentrate on the present. She didn't think that Lucky had been in the room for any length of time. Dante and Lulu decided to track Lucky down, so they left the room. However, Dante took a moment to remind Lulu that they weren't on a backyard adventure; the Balkan was lethal.

Lucky found himself bound to a chair in a warehouse at an unknown location. One of the Balkan's thugs entered the room and immediately let Lucky know that Lucky would remain handcuffed and bound to the chair until the Balkan arrived. Lucky, posing as Ronan, made it clear that he was not happy with his treatment. The thug quickly lost his temper with Lucky, so he punched him. Lucky was knocked backwards, chair and all. Before the thug righted Lucky's chair, Lucky managed to find something on the floor to help him pick the lock on the handcuffs.

After the thug left the room, Lucky immediately went to work freeing himself. When the thug returned, Lucky provoked another fight until the thug approached the chair to slug Lucky for a second time. Lucky jumped up and then quickly gained the upper hand. After Lucky knocked the thug out, he grabbed a gun and then left the warehouse.

Lulu entered a tavern, where Dante was already seated at a table and sipping on some ale. Lulu strode to the bar, ordered a beer, and then asked the bartender if he knew Ronan O'Reilly. The bartender denied knowing Ronan, but Siobhan had overheard the exchange. Dante joined Lulu at the bar after the bartender walked away. Siobhan had a brief exchange of words with the bartender and then walked up to Lulu.

Siobhan admitted that she had heard that Lulu had been looking for someone. Siobhan offered to continue their conversation elsewhere, but Lulu refused to leave. Dante started to question Siobhan, but Lucky entered the tavern. Lucky took one look at Siobhan, Lulu, and Dante at the bar and then commented that they were quite an interesting group to behold.

At the nurses' station, Patrick was reviewing a chart when Lisa walked up. Lisa hoped that Patrick was okay with her decision to cancel their NASCAR weekend. Patrick claimed that he had been looking forward to it, but he respected her decision. However, Patrick let her know that he intended to watch the race at home, so he invited her to join him. "Maybe," Lisa told him before she confessed that she was surprised that Patrick wasn't trying to work things out with Robin.

Patrick confided that Mac's house was enemy territory. Lisa didn't drop it; she admitted that she didn't understand why he had given up so easily. Patrick explained that he had realized that marriage wasn't for him. However, he was curious what had prompted all the questions. Patrick pointed out that Lisa had seemed interested in him until she had suddenly bailed on their weekend. Lisa chuckled as she observed that Patrick hadn't changed a bit; he never really wanted her until she was about to slip away.

Lisa started to walk away, but Patrick followed her. He apologized if he had made her feel that way; it hadn't been his intention. Lisa assured Patrick that she had always loved him and continued to love him, but she wanted to be honest with him. Patrick explained that he was trying to balance losing his marriage and being a father to Emma. Lisa insisted that she needed to get some perspective on the situation. Patrick backed down, but he let her know that his offer to watch the race and drink beer would remain open.

After Patrick walked away, a nurse approached Lisa to let her know that a doctor wanted to see Lisa about the tranquilizer that Lisa had ordered. The doctor wanted to administer it to one of his patients, but he wanted Lisa's advice first. Lisa wondered if the nurse had mentioned to the doctor that Lisa had used the medication, but the nurse assured her that she hadn't. The nurse explained that the doctor wanted to talk to Lisa because Lisa knew more about the drug than anyone else on staff. Lisa smiled as she agreed to meet the doctor, but after the nurse walked away, Lisa's expression changed to one of extreme annoyance.

At Mac's house, Robin prepared to take Emma to Maxie's apartment for a visit. Robin appeared forgetful as she tried to pack a bag for Emma. Eventually, Robin headed to the car with her daughter in her arms. In the car, Robin offered to stop off to get Emma some ice cream before they went to Maxie's apartment. However, moments later, Robin fell asleep behind the wheel of the car.

Patrick entered Mac's house, looking for Robin. He became concerned when he noticed that Emma's bag had been left in the living room, but there wasn't any sign of Robin or Emma.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Siobhan confronted Lulu at the pub in Ireland and insinuated that Lulu was a working girl. Lulu casually denied the accusation and asked if Siobhan knew Ronan O'Reilly. Siobhan was caught off-guard when Dante turned around and asked if she considered herself a friend of Ronan's.

Just then, Lucky entered the bar and asked Siobhan who her friends were. She replied that she didn't know them but that they'd been asking about him. The innkeeper warned Ronan that he'd have to take any hostilities outside. Dante identified himself as a cop, and Lulu introduced herself as Detective Leslie Spencer.

Dante questioned "Ronan" about his whereabouts on the 20th of August, the night a bomb had killed several people. Lucky replied that he had been in church. He told Dante and Lulu to stop poking around in places they had no business. Dante and Lulu left the bar and sat at a table without saying another word.

Lucky bought Siobhan a drink. The innkeeper grumbled about the cops having been there. He suggested Ronan and Siobhan find another pub to frequent. Lucky told him to mind his own business. "It would just break my heart if a faulty gas line leak suddenly exploded, left it nothing but rubble," Lucky threatened. The man apologized and walked away.

Siobhan asked Ronan why he was wasn't making plans to kill the cops. Lucky replied that, since he'd found God, he was trying to walk down a new path.

At their table, Lulu expressed that she was impressed by Lucky's skill as a con artist, but Dante warned her not to celebrate any victories. Impersonating someone one knew nothing about was exceedingly dangerous, he cautioned. Lulu and Dante shared their mutual appreciation for each other's abilities to deceive as well.

Dante approached Lucky and told him to be prepared to make a statement, because Dante was planning to work with local authorities to take "Ronan" in. After Dante left, Siobhan laughed about the situation. Lucky let her believe that he had been responsible for the bombing.

She asked him if he'd be able to continue in his line of work if his heart was no longer in it. He said that whatever he did in the future, he wouldn't be able to make those he'd killed live again. Siobhan suggested he double-cross the man he'd been committing crimes for. Lucky told her she'd be disappointed if she allowed herself to have faith in his ability to redeem himself.

Moments after Lucky returned to his room, Dante knocked on the door. Lucky invited Dante and Lulu in. After establishing that the room was not bugged, they spoke freely. Lucky hostilely demanded to know why they were there. Lulu and Dante explained that they knew Lucky was impersonating Ronan O'Reilly and was attempting to take down the Balkan.

Lucky told them that he'd been close to getting a meeting with the man but had been kidnapped by the Balkan's goons because "Ronan" had changed the rendezvous location. Lucky had escaped and was still alive, he reasoned, because the Balkan wanted something from O'Reilly.

Dante suggested that the Balkan might have changed his mind since "Ronan" had embarrassed the man by having fled. Dante warned Lucky not to become too confident. He urged Lucky not to make the same mistakes Dante had made with Sonny and advised Lucky to cut his losses and walk away, but Lulu interjected that she knew her brother too well and that he wouldn't quit. However, Lucky wouldn't be on his own; she and Dante were going to stay and help, she stated.

At Sonny's mansion, Michael hypothetically asked his dad whether Sonny would want Brenda back if she were available. Sonny replied that the joy that he'd have if she were to become a part of his life again would be exceeded by the pain of losing her once more. Michael offered the hope that maybe Sonny wouldn't lose her again.

Sonny said that there was there was too much baggage between him and Brenda. He lamented that he'd hurt her too many times and that he hated himself for that. Sonny stated that love wasn't enough to sustain a relationship if two people weren't good for each other. Michael argued that both Brenda and Sonny had changed.

Sonny shared that, years before, Brenda had worn a wire to get Sonny to incriminate himself, because she'd thought that he'd get out of the business. Since Sonny was still in the business, he pointed out, Brenda would never have him back. He used his experience to illustrate that Michael should not follow Sonny's footsteps, because Michael might someday find love and not be able to maintain a relationship if he were in the mob.

After Jason left Brenda's villa, two men burst through her door and grabbed her. They told her they wanted answers. Brenda was defiant, so one of the men injected her with heroin.

As Jason was driven to the airport, he received a call from Suzanne, who was worried, because Brenda had missed two appointments and was not answering her phone. Jason told the driver to turn around.

A bound Brenda, woozy from the drug, still refused to answer her captors' questions. Jason broke through the door and shot each man. He demanded to know what the Balkan wanted from Brenda, but it was too late. Both men were dead. Suzanne walked in and was shocked by the scene. She called the doctor and told him that there had been an unintentional overdose. Jason wanted to take Brenda to the hospital, but Suzanne explained that they needed to protect Brenda's privacy.

After the doctor left, Jason returned to the suite after having conferred with Agent Bates of Interpol. Bates had confirmed that the two men who attacked Brenda had been working for the Balkan. Jason made clear to Suzanne that the Balkan would have killed Brenda had he just wanted to stop the work of ASEC. She had something the Balkan wanted, Jason argued.

Brenda regained consciousness, and Jason asked what she remembered. Brenda recalled that the men who Jason had killed were the same men who'd tried to abduct her when Sonny had been in town. Jason assured her that Suzanne would keep the incident out of the media. She noted that Suzanne really cared about her. Brenda replied that Jason did too.

Robin sat in the driver's seat of her crashed car, but Emma appeared to be unscathed, protected by her car seat. Soon after, a state trooper found the car and checked on Emma. He wondered why she was sitting in the car all by herself. Robin was gone.

Patrick went to Mac's office to tell her that something was wrong. Patrick explained that he'd gone to Mac's house to check on Robin and Emma, and the front door had been wide open. Emma's half-packed diaper bag had been sitting on the floor, and there appeared to have been a struggle. Patrick had gone to the hospital after that, but Robin and Emma hadn't been there, and Lisa was nowhere to be found. Neither Robin nor Lisa was answering their cell phones.

Mac didn't believe Patrick and suggested that Robin might have taken Emma for a drive or to the mall. He berated Patrick for being a lousy husband and insinuated that Patrick was using Lisa as a scapegoat for Patrick's own shortcomings.

After Mac received the report of Robin's accident, he and Patrick went to the scene. Patrick made it clear that Robin would never have left Emma behind. Mac tried to reason that maybe Robin, dazed, had gone for help. Patrick pleaded with Mac to believe that Lisa had taken Robin and that they had to act quickly.

Robin lay on a couch in a cabin that belonged to a patient who'd allowed Lisa to stay there. Lisa hovered above Robin as Robin regained consciousness. Lisa asked how Robin had gotten there. Lisa seemed genuinely surprised when Robin frantically asked what Lisa had done with Emma. Lisa replied that she hadn't seen Emma since the night she'd taken her out for ice cream.

Lisa explained that that she'd found the front door wide open and Robin out cold on the couch. Robin tried to remember what had happened prior to that but couldn't. Lisa informed Robin that there was no cell reception and that the landline had been turned off. Lisa suggested that she drive somewhere her phone would work, but Robin assumed Lisa would just abandon her and go to get Emma.

Lisa replied that Robin had gotten herself to the cabin and, if Robin couldn't remember what had transpired before that, she was more unstable than Lisa had previously thought. As Lisa drank a beer, she laid out a plan: they would wait until Robin was strong enough to travel, then Lisa would take Robin to the hospital.

Robin accused Lisa of having become unhinged. Lisa replied that Robin was the one who needed medication. Lisa bemoaned that she had been unwisely romantic and had carried a torch for Patrick for years. She recounted the steamy encounters she and Patrick had shared in college. She belittled Robin for not being as spontaneous.

She continued her diatribe and called Robin a boring know-it-all. Lisa had convinced herself that Patrick had wanted to be with her when all he'd really wanted was a break from Robin, she spewed.

Patrick went to the hospital and informed Steven that Robin had been in an accident and was missing. Patrick said that Lisa was responsible but that Mac wouldn't believe it. Steven told Patrick that an orthopedic nurse who had frequently worked with Lisa had been found dead, apparently the result of a fall down the hospital stairs. Patrick posited that the woman had been Lisa's victim. It was too coincidental that a woman close to Lisa would have died in what appeared to be an accident the same day Robin went missing.

Claire stormed into the Metro Court bar and confronted Carly. Claire demanded to know where Jax was. Carly barely acknowledged Claire's presence. Claire told Carly to pass along a message to Jax: Claire did not work for him, and he needed to stay out of her business. Carly replied that she wasn't a messenger service.

Claire decided that Carly should know what was going on and shared that Claire had taken herself off of Sonny's case but that Jax had gone to her superiors to have her put back on it. Claire warned Carly that, whatever Jax said about making peace, he was still waging a vendetta against Sonny.

Carly had one question for Claire: why would a woman who'd staked her entire career on taking Sonny down suddenly back off? Claire replied that she'd become personally involved with Sonny. Carly was not at all surprised and giggled about the turn of events. Carly couldn't care less who Sonny slept with, she told Claire, or whether Claire trashed her own career. She wished Claire luck, because Claire would need it with Sonny.

Jax arrived, and Claire told him to ask Carly why Claire had been looking for him. Then she abruptly exited. Carly had a laugh and asked why Jax was "all up in Claire's business." He replied that he still believed Claire was the best hope for getting Sonny convicted.

After Jax departed, Sonny arrived. Carly smugly told him that Claire would be a little late. Sonny wondered why Carly seemed so calm. He asked if it was because Jason was on his way home. She replied with the question she knew he wanted answered, "What did Jason say about Brenda?" Sonny took her cue and did ask. She replied that she hadn't heard from Jason and that she assumed he was on "Brenda patrol."

She also stated that she knew why Sonny hadn't gone back to Rome to pitch in. It was because Sonny was involved with Claire. Sonny asked if Carly was the least bit concerned about Jax's obsession with him, and Carly responded that the feelings of enmity between the two men were mutual. It all started, she declared, years before, when they began to compete over Brenda's affections.

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