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Sharon learned that her cancer had spread. Sharon secretly counseled Adam. Adam told Chelsea they could never be together again. Devon provided Hilary's DNA for Amanda to test against her own. Billy suggested that he and Alyssa work together to take Adam down.
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Sharon learned that her cancer had spread
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A disappointed Lola sees a new side to Theo

A disappointed Lola sees a new side to Theo

Monday, September 7, 2020

Noah tidied Sharon's living room while she slept in. After Sharon arrived downstairs, Noah said he was eager to help his mom while he was in town. Sharon offered praise for her family's support. Noah told his mom that Rey was at work and would welcome a call from her after she heard from her doctor about her test results. Sharon admitted that waiting had been stressful. Concerned about his mom dealing with stress, Noah asked Sharon if Adam had tried to contact her since he'd shown up the day before. Sharon said she hadn't heard a word. After Sharon received a text message, she glanced at her phone and said to Noah, "It's not Adam." Sharon read the text message. It was from Chelsea, asking Sharon if she'd heard from Adam.

Chelsea paced nervously in her penthouse. She read a text message from Sharon. Sharon stated that Adam hadn't contacted her. As Chelsea was leaving, she ran into Chance, who said he was looking for Adam. Chelsea replied, "You're not the only one." Chelsea admitted that she and Adam were working through a rocky patch, though there was little she could do because Adam wasn't there with her.

Chance offered assistance and asked Chelsea if she knew how to contact Adam. Chance had a second thought and said it might be best for Adam to stay out of touch for a while because a reporter named Alyssa Montalvo had been searching for him. Chelsea asked what Alyssa wanted with Adam. Chance explained that Alyssa had been conducting an investigation about a missing person and had inquired about what he and Adam had been up to in Las Vegas. Chelsea looked concerned. Chance told Chelsea they were both aware of what Alyssa might find if she kept digging, so he hoped she would give up. Chelsea replied, "Sounds like wishful thinking."

Chelsea grew frustrated and agitated and said she was focused on finding Adam. Chance, following his instincts, asked Chelsea what she was hiding. Chelsea explained that Adam was dealing with something that could devastate her family. Chelsea pleaded with Chance to find Adam, so they could figure out what to do next. Chance promised he'd find Adam and would be discreet, so no one would know he was looking. Chelsea remained distraught.

Adam phoned Sharon from a motel and asked her if she still had the motel's address. Sharon nervously glanced at Noah and replied, "Yes." Adam explained that he hadn't been able to sleep, needed someone to talk to, and didn't know who else to call. Sharon paused and told Noah she was talking to a barista from the coffeehouse. Adam told Sharon he needed to talk to her for a few minutes. Sharon told Adam she'd stop by soon. Before Sharon left, she lied to Noah and said she had a work emergency. She suggested that Noah get out and visit friends before he headed to San Francisco.

Sharon arrived at Adam's motel. Adam explained that he'd hoped being alone might help him, though he admitted that being alone with his thoughts hadn't helped. Sharon suggested Adam wasn't in the best place to seek help. Adam insisted he couldn't return to Chelsea and Connor in his current state because he wasn't in his right mind. Sharon assured Adam that he wasn't a monster that needed to be caged off from the rest of the world. Adam called himself a killer and theorized that Victor had framed him and had him sent to prison for having earlier let him off the hook.

Sharon attempted to corral Adam's emotions and reminded him that he'd been a blameless child at the time of the incident. Sharon added that what had taken place years earlier in Kansas had no connection to the number of times over the years that Adam and Victor had hurt each other. Adam admitted he couldn't shake the revelations of his past and had been reexamining his whole life, which had a different meaning altogether. Sharon attempted to set Adam at ease about A.J.'s death, but Adam cried that all the explanations he'd heard were nothing more than others' rationalizations. Adam cried that he felt as though he'd been caught up in the eye of a cyclone, being swallowed up and losing sight of everything.

Sharon told Adam it seemed as if he'd given up and didn't need her. Adam insisted that Sharon always made him feel better. Adam recalled how they'd each helped the other overcome impossible odds. Sharon told Adam she'd help him only if he would acknowledge that there was a path out of the cyclone. Adam expressed remorse for having hurt everyone around him, though he blamed Victor for his role in suppressing the memory of an act Adam wished he'd dealt with long before.

Adam cried that he was uncertain about returning to his old life. Adam said he feared he could inflict the damage inside him onto Chelsea and others that he loved. Adam cried that his choices seemed to be either to hurt them a little at that moment or a lot later on. Sharon told Adam how worried Chelsea had been and that she'd even contacted Sharon, searching for him. Sharon admitted that she'd had to lie to Chelsea, Noah, and Rey in order to help him. Sharon instructed Adam to first get some sleep. Adam protested, but he finally relented. Sharon sat by Adam's bedside while he slept. Later, Adam awoke with a start and found himself alone in his room.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon received a phone call from her doctor's office. She seemed frustrated when the caller put her on hold. Sharon was nervous while she waited to hear the news. Sharon was taken aback to learn that she'd have to visit her doctor's office to hear the results of the pathology report. Sharon asked if she could set up an appointment as soon as possible. Sharon's chest rose and fell heavily as she waited to hear a response.

Victoria and Nikki pored over files and reviewed decisions regarding business deals. Victoria opened one file and found a red envelope inside, bearing her name written in fancy calligraphy. Victoria looked puzzled. Nikki said, "Well, some might call it diversion, but I think the technical term is 'an escape.'" Initially, Nikki thought Victoria might have misgivings about participating in an event hosted by Phyllis, but Victoria was more concerned that Victor might think she wasn't handling her job if she took time off for pleasure. Nikki assured Victoria that Victor thought no such thing.

Victoria remained concerned and recalled that though she'd adeptly handled the family business in the past, Victor had still taken it away from her. Nikki explained that Victor had done so under extraordinary circumstances. Victoria replied, "You know, he had a choice to make, and he chose Adam. Adam always comes first for Dad." Victoria went on to say that her father bent over backwards for Adam to fix his problems because Adam's situation always took priority over everything.

Victoria continued checking over a stack of contracts and insisted she would make herself indispensable. Nikki cautioned that no one was invincible, and she told Victoria not to wear herself out. Victoria declared that she felt more energized and exhilarated than she had in a long time and had no need to escape. Nikki encouraged Victoria to consider taking a break to recharge. Nikki praised Victoria for the way she was taking the company in new directions since she was free from her father's shadow. After Nikki left, Victoria arranged for Billy to look after their children.

While Lola was busy in the kitchen at Society, she phoned Theo and learned that he was alone at the office. Lola suggested Theo show up for lunch and work remotely. Lola stepped out into the dining room and ran into Summer, who noted that she was alone because Kyle was away on business. Summer glanced at the bar and noted Theo's absence. Lola said Theo would show up soon because he liked being there.

After Lola returned to the kitchen, Summer greeted Noah when he arrived and said she'd been surprised when he'd phoned and told her he was around the corner. Noah explained that he'd made a brief stop home before traveling on to San Francisco for an art exhibition. Noah added that he hoped he might lessen his mother's stress, though he was struggling to keep Adam away. Summer asked what Adam had been up to. Noah replied, "Pressuring my mom to be his therapist despite everything he knows that she's going through." Summer acknowledged that Adam had been leaving wreckage in his wake ever since his return to town.

Noah changed to subject and joked that it seemed that, after he'd left town, someone had thrown various people's relationships into a tumbler. Summer mentioned Nick and Phyllis and said they seemed happy, though history suggested that it wouldn't last. Noah said some had said the same about her and Kyle. Summer said she felt certain she and Kyle were on the right path after years of missteps. Noah asked Summer if Lola and Theo's relationship felt awkward to her and Kyle. Summer admitted it hadn't been easy, especially for Lola, who probably deserved someone better than Theo, who was selfish and unreliable.

Back in the kitchen, Lola sent Theo a text message informing him she was working on a little surprise just for him. Before Theo was able to respond to the message, Billy, who'd returned from a meeting, walked by. Billy told Theo he should join Billy in Lily's vacant office to learn more about the meeting. Theo slipped his phone in his pocket and followed Billy. Billy told Theo that the key to their digital news site was alchemy, which meant the perfect chemistry mix of stories, writers, and anchors. Billy praised Theo for fitting in well and assigned him the task of seeking the talent they needed. Theo said he'd set up meetings as soon as he could and would share all the ideas he had to expand the company's reach. Billy told Theo he might have to work long nights. Theo eagerly insisted he had nowhere else to be.

Back at Society, Lola prepared a tray of Theo's favorite empanadas and was disappointed when he didn't respond to her message about her surprise. After Theo failed to show up for an extended time, Lola dumped the cold empanadas into the trash. Lola stepped out into the dining room. Noah, standing at the bar, introduced himself. Lola wasn't herself and coldly replied, "Is there something I can help you with?" Noah explained that he was Sharon's son. Lola recalled that Noah lived in London. Noah said he'd returned for a visit. Before Lola walked away, she replied, "Yeah, well, enjoy your stay."

Noah grabbed his beer and rejoined Summer in the lounge area. Lola busily pored over paperwork back at the bar, but her attention was partly drawn to Summer. Noah told Summer that Lola had been barely polite when he'd interacted with her. Summer said that Lola was usually friendly. Noah replied, "Maybe she doesn't like me because of you." Summer somewhat agreed.

Lola was still checking over a stack of paperwork at the bar when Theo arrived and explained that he'd had a meeting with Billy. Lola said she'd thought Billy had been out of the office. Theo explained that Billy had returned early from his meeting. Theo checked his watch and realized he'd lost track of time. Theo barely acknowledged that he'd stood Lola up and pompously bragged that he and Billy had been in agreement with just about everything they'd discussed. Lola asked Theo why he couldn't have taken two seconds to let her know he'd be late. Theo said he hadn't realized that their plans had been set in stone. Lola brushed Theo off and told him she'd talk to him later.

Sharon receives her pathology test results

Sharon receives her pathology test results

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

At the cottage, Sharon was relieved when Rey arrived home. He asked if everything was okay, and she replied that she didn't know. She explained that she'd gotten a call from her doctor's office, requesting that she stop by to discuss her pathology report, which was back from the lab. Rey prepared to ask Mariah to pick up Faith from soccer practice, but Sharon declared that he didn't need to do that because she was going to the appointment alone.

Rey reminded Sharon that they'd agreed he'd be there to advocate for her and ask the questions she might not think of, but she asserted that she'd changed her mind. Rey reasoned that it would be valuable to have another set of ears there, and he could be someone to lean on or cheer with. He teased that he might take her out to dinner afterward if she played her cards right, and she couldn't help but smile. He proclaimed that Team Sharon stuck together, and he pleaded with her to let him go with her for both their sakes.

Sharon figured that there was nothing the doctor could tell her that she hadn't dreamed about a million times, good or bad. She voiced concern that Rey's reaction to news might distract her from what the doctor told her, but she would be fully present to take it in if she was by herself. She promised that she would return home afterward, and he relented if it was what she wanted. Sharon asked if he would be there when she got home, and he assured her that he would be.

At Society, Theo approached Lola at the bar and stated that he knew what she was thinking. She curtly bet he didn't, and he imagined that she was wondering why he was back. He mentioned that he'd gotten a weird vibe before, like the one he was getting then. He sensed that something was wrong, and he pressed her to tell him what it was because he could play guessing games all day. Lola informed him that she had a restaurant to run, and it was about to get slammed. Theo said he would wait, and she told him to suit himself. She headed into the kitchen.

Lola returned to the dining room and spotted Theo at the bar, but she quickly stepped away to take a call from Abby. Later, Theo asked if Lola had a minute, but she brushed him off to put in an order. He called her out on saying everything was fine when it wasn't true, and she snapped that she didn't have time. Theo insisted that he was trying, and he wanted to know what had gone wrong so he could fix it. He was stunned when she called him a time suck.

Lola ranted that she worked long hours and had a kitchen to run, so it mattered when she made time for someone. Theo swore that he felt the same way. Lola retorted that they'd made plans, but he'd blown her off because he thought his time was worth more than hers. He defended that he'd been working with Billy. She countered that Theo could have sent a message to tell her something was up, but he'd done nothing until he'd waltzed in hours later.

Theo said he was sorry, and Lola dryly suggested that he try to live his life so he didn't have to apologize to people. She added that she was only asking for common courtesy, not a relationship or commitment. Theo was taken aback that she was that hung up on it, and Lola spat that she wasn't like the other women in his life who'd been eager to bask in the "glory of Theo" and wait all night for a few minutes of his time. She asserted that she had a job, a life, and standards.

Theo proposed that they sit down and talk. Lola bristled at the expectation that she be available to him whenever he wanted her to be. She noted that he'd been sitting there every day until they'd taken things to the next level, and he could no longer be bothered to even send a text message. Theo admitted that he'd screwed up, but Lola grumbled that she didn't want to be around him right then. She sat down at a table and buried herself in paperwork.

Rey approached Lola and asked if everything was okay. She groaned that Theo had just been being Theo, and it had been another reminder that not everyone was as attentive and thoughtful as her older brother. She realized that Rey had set the bar pretty high, and he thought the bar should be high for her. He volunteered to explain that to Theo, but she informed him that she was more than capable of speaking for herself. Rey indicated that he was picking up dinner for two, but his voice trailed off. He confided that it wasn't always easy being with a strong-willed, independent woman.

Lola led Rey into the kitchen and asked if everything was okay with Sharon. Rey shared that Sharon was at a meeting with her oncologist to go over the surgery results and the pathology report, and Lola questioned why he hadn't gone with her. Rey swore that he wanted to be there, but Sharon had asked him not to go because she was worried that she'd be more concerned about his reaction than dealing with her own emotions. Rey pledged to give Sharon what she needed, even if it wasn't what he wanted.

Lola called it true love, and she offered to throw extra desserts into Rey's order. She inquired whether he had any idea what the doctor would say, but he had no clue. He recognized that things could get better or a heck of a lot worse, but whatever the news was, they'd get through it.

From the Grand Phoenix, Theo checked his phone. He sent a text message to Lola, requesting that they get together and talk because he didn't like the way they'd left things. Lola wrote back that she was tired and ready to crash.

Sharon returned home and called out for Rey, but she received no response. She sat down and stared at an envelope from the doctor's office. She numbly examined her test results, showing no reaction. She tucked the results back inside the envelope and set it on the table.

Adam dozed on his motel room bed. He answered a knock at the door and found Chance there. Adam wondered how Chance had found him, and Chance flatly replied, "This is what I do, man." Adam surmised that Chelsea had put Chance up to it, and he instructed Chance to tell her that Adam was safe and sound. Chance revealed that he'd gone to Chelsea because Adam hadn't returned his messages, and she'd told him that Adam had gone AWOL, so Chance had tracked him down.

Chance implored Adam to explain why he'd disappeared and holed up in a motel. Adam implied that he'd wanted to take time to himself, but Chance warned that people would get suspicious and start making assumptions. Chance complained that Adam had left him twisting in the wind, and he chided Adam for taking off instead of telling him that Alyssa might be a problem. Adam muttered that it was complicated, and Chance wondered why Adam hadn't asked for his help. Adam barked that he didn't want Chance's help.

Adam insisted on being alone, but Chance refused to leave until Adam told him what was going on. Adam cautioned that Chance was wasting his time, since Adam's problem had nothing to do with Chance. Chance noted that Adam had walked out on his fiancé and son, and he questioned whether it was connected to the angry reporter who was gunning for Adam. Adam stated that they weren't directly linked.

Chance pointed out that Adam could have stayed at the Grand Phoenix or the Athletic Club instead of a no-tell motel, and Adam vaguely replied that there were reasons for that. There was a knock at the door, and Chance peeked outside before letting Sharon in. Chance jumped to the wrong conclusion and stammered that it was none of his business, adding that he wouldn't tell Chelsea. "Damn you," he hissed at Adam before he walked out.

Sharon ordered Adam to explain how Chance thinking they were having an affair was okay. She wailed that the last thing she needed was Rey hearing about it, but Adam was confident that Chance wouldn't tell a soul. Sharon fretted that Chance might let it slip to Abby, who in turn would tell Nick. Sharon expected Chelsea to think the worst if she found out, but Adam wasn't worried about it. Sharon guessed that Adam wanted Chelsea to leave him because he was filled with self-loathing.

Adam swore that he didn't want Chelsea to know anything about it. He added that he trusted Chance, who owed him after Adam had done him a huge favor in Las Vegas. Adam reasoned that if Chance thought they were up to something scandalous, Chance would leave him alone to continue with his therapy. Sharon chided Adam for not considering how it might affect her. She raged that other people were dealing with real problems in the present that were completely out of control. Adam took offense at the implication that his problems weren't real.

Sharon acknowledged that Adam had experienced something traumatic as a child, but she lectured that he had a choice about how to deal with it and had made the decision to run. She huffed that it was his decision to make, and she ordered him to leave her out of it because she couldn't help him anymore. Adam begged Sharon not to turn her back on him, since no one else understood him like she did, and there was no one he trusted more. Sharon remembered telling herself that she could keep it professional without having any blowback in her life, but she realized that she'd been wrong.

Sharon contended that Rey was a good man who had stood by her through everything. Adam swore that working with him wouldn't harm her relationship with Rey. Sharon condemned him for not stopping to consider the position he'd put her in, and she worried that Rey would track them down, too. Sharon regretted keeping secrets from her family, and Adam encouraged her to tell Rey if she felt he needed to know -- as long as she didn't abandon Adam. Sharon was adamant that it would never work, since Adam needed more than she could give him. She wished him luck and stressed that she was out. After Sharon left, Adam sat on the floor, despondent.

Rey returned home and was glad to find Mariah there. Mariah was grateful that he'd let her know about Sharon's appointment. Rey respected that Sharon had wanted to go by herself, but Mariah suspected that he'd wanted to go with her because Mariah felt the same way. Rey acknowledged that Sharon's independent streak was one of the things he loved about her, and Mariah considered it great -- except when it left them shut out.

Rey knew that part of Sharon hated needing help and support, and Mariah found it ironic, since providing those things was Sharon's job. Rey worried that it was getting late, and he contemplated going to look for Sharon. Mariah advised him not to turn it into a rescue mission just because the appointment was taking longer than expected. She assured him that Sharon would be home before they knew it.

Mariah passed the time by telling a story about how she'd been recognized by "Teriah" fans at the mall. Rey seemed confused, and Mariah explained that it was her and Tessa's smoosh name to Tessa's loyal fans. Mariah stepped out to make some tea, and Rey noticed the envelope that Sharon had left behind. He read the contents and put it back where he'd found it. When Mariah returned, he suggested that it would be best if only he was there when Sharon got home.

Later, Sharon returned to the cottage and faced Rey. She confessed that she'd been home after she'd seen the doctor, but Rey hadn't been there. He apologized, and she whimpered that he'd said he'd be there. He revealed that he'd seen the results, and he assured her that it was going to be okay. She collapsed to the floor and sobbed.

At Crimson Lights, Elena contemplated why Amanda suddenly had to know whether she and Hilary were related. Nate pointed out that the idea had been there since Amanda had set foot in town, but Elena griped that it was a huge leap to go from never showing any interest to requesting a DNA test. Nate recalled that he'd told Amanda it would be a simple process, and he revealed that he'd offered to oversee the test. Elena was stunned that Nate was the reason Amanda was doing it.

Nate thought it would be good for Amanda to get clarity about her past, and Elena conceded that it might be good to know either way. Nate insisted that Amanda was sensitive to how hard it might be for Devon and that she'd agreed not to pressure Devon to hand over any of Hilary's personal effects. Elena shared that Devon had debated it all night and that morning, and Nate was sure Amanda would understand if Devon couldn't do it. Nate and Elena simultaneously received text messages from Devon, who wanted to meet. Elena guessed that Devon had made up his mind.

Devon entered the coffeehouse and thanked Nate and Elena for meeting him. He admitted that it had been a rough 24 hours of soul-searching, and he'd ended up taking Elena's advice to follow his heart to decide the right thing to do. Devon said he'd thought a lot about what Hilary would have wanted, and he pulled out a small wooden box and handed it to Nate. Devon was sure that Hilary would have wanted him to provide a few belongings with enough material to determine whether Amanda and Hilary were sisters.

Devon revealed that he'd found the box on a closet shelf a while back, and he'd discovered Hilary's combs and barrettes inside. He continued that it had dredged up a lot of tough memories, so he'd closed it up and put it away. He hoped it helped then, and Nate thought there should be enough of Hilary's hair to use for a DNA sample. Devon admitted that it was strange to oversee Hilary's legacy. He wanted to do what she would have wanted, but she'd never shown any interest in her family history besides her mom.

Elena asked why Devon thought Hilary would have agreed to a DNA test. Devon suspected that Hilary hadn't been interested in her family because she hadn't felt connected to anyone else, but there might be a connection right there in town. He compared it to when he'd found out about Tucker and Katherine being his family, and it had given him a better sense of self and made him feel like he belonged. He believed that had been all Hilary had ever wanted, but Elena pointed out that they still weren't sure if Hilary and Amanda were related. Nate offered to start the testing, and he left.

Devon credited Elena with helping him to make the right decision by taking time to consider what Hilary would have wanted. He explained that it hadn't even been Hilary that had pushed him to do it, since he'd thought about Amanda as a fellow foster kid, and it was worth any discomfort he felt if he could help Amanda find her place in the world. Elena kissed him and teased him for being so thoughtful it was disgusting. He joked that she'd just kissed a disgusting guy, and she vowed to do it again. Devon acknowledged that it had been harder for Elena than she'd let on, and she chalked it up to following his lead. He said he loved her and headed out to a meeting. Elena looked worried.

In Chancellor Park, Nate met with Elena after receiving her text message. Elena was aghast that Devon had gone through with it, but Nate was puzzled about why she'd told Devon to look into his heart if she hadn't wanted it to happen. She had expected Devon to decide that it was a bad idea, and she hadn't wanted to look insecure or pressure him. Nate observed that she was obviously insecure for reasons he didn't understand. Elena panicked about where the DNA test could lead.

Nate scoffed at the idea of anything happening between Devon and Amanda. Elena understood that Devon still had strong feelings for Hilary, and she worried that he and Amanda would become closer if they found out she was Hilary's twin sister. Elena referred to Amanda having the same face as the woman Devon had married and the fact that both Devon and Amanda had been in foster care, and she thought it wasn't irrational to think they would bond over their common background. Nate advised Elena to stop spinning out of control by taking a deep breath.

Nate sympathized that the process had stirred up emotions for Devon, but he was certain that Devon was wholly devoted to Elena. Nate told her to remember that Amanda just wanted to know more about her history. Elena conceded that she wasn't thinking rationally, but she anticipated that the DNA test would change things, whether they liked it or not.

Alyssa threatens to expose Adam's crimes

Alyssa threatens to expose Adam's crimes

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

by Nel

When Lily rushed into the office at ChancComm, Billy asked if she'd made any good connections at the conference. Lily told him that she'd met some amazing women of color at the conference, and she felt that they needed to hire "big" immediately. They needed a really diverse team that would represent the country as a whole -- people with different perspectives and backgrounds. Billy asked if they weren't already a good example of that diversity.

Lily said she did and told Billy there was a lot of talent out there, and she suggested they needed to reach out to colleges and big-name universities, where they would find writers or bloggers with dedicated followers, people who deserved a wider audience. Lily said there were a lot of voices out there, and they needed to listen closely. Billy acknowledged that he had a lot to learn. He said he also understood how privileged he was after seeing firsthand the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Lily said everyone had been proud of him for helping to rebuild people's homes in the devasted areas.

Billy told Lily that the people who'd been most at risk had been better funded. He said that the people who went to the same school or lived in the same neighborhood had similar visions, but they couldn't do that in Genoa City. The needed to be better. Billy was happy that Lily was in a position to do something about it because he'd forgotten how important it was. Lily acknowledged her own privilege -- financial, familial, and the way she'd grown up. Billy was very excited about helping Lily find the right people to hire.

A short time later, Billy discovered a person online with a large following with potential to be hired by them. He asked Lily if she thought the person would work for them. Lily said he definitely would because they were ChancComm.

In her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was on the phone and very excited. She asked the person at the other end how long it would take before her ducks were all in a row. Hearing the response, she became even more excited.

At home, Sharon was very upset and in tears when she told Rey that the cancer had spread. Sharon said that before her appointment, she'd needed time to prepare herself for any possible outcome, and she'd played out every horrible scenario in her head, over and over again. She'd needed to practice hearing the words, just in case it had became a reality. She hadn't wanted to lose her mind and start screaming. She admitted that she hadn't expected to hear that they'd failed to remove all the cancer and that it had spread. She said she was no longer in the home stretch, and she couldn't feel that way.

Rey assured Sharon that she could feel however she wanted because he had enough faith for both of them. Sharon stated that she was really tired of fighting, but Rey said that even warriors needed to rest.

Sharon had been reading the pathology report again when Rey asked if she'd eaten anything since returning from the doctor's office. She said she hadn't. Rey told her she needed to keep her strength up, but Sharon yelled that she would love to make a decision that had nothing to do with her illness. She cried that she'd been proactive, and she'd put off doing the things she'd wanted to do. She'd made health her priority in her life, but the treatment hadn't worked. Rey said the results had been a blow, but it was okay to take the time to find her footing.

Sharon told Rey she'd prepared herself for the worst. She'd thought she would waltz into the doctor's office, the doctor would tell her they'd gotten the whole tumor, and she'd be cancer free forever. She said she just wanted to be normal. Rey assured her that she would hear the doctor say those words, but it would take a little longer than they'd anticipated.

Sharon told Rey that the doctor had been very patient with her. She informed Rey that she would require major reconstructive surgery. Rey said he would be with her every step of the way. Rey sent out a text message, and Sharon asked who he'd sent the message to. He said he'd sent it to the usual suspects, explaining that she'd had a rough day and that she was exhausted.

Sharon knew everyone had been wondering about her, but Rey told her to take the time and allow the news to sink in. He assured her that she still got to call the shots. Sharon said she wasn't calling the shots because her test results clearly showed that the cancer was in charge, and she had no control. She admitted that it was the most difficult part for her.

Later, Sharon thanked Rey for insisting that she eat. She said she felt better and asked for some cherry crumble. While Rey was in the kitchen, Sharon sent a text message to Adam: "Sorry for the way I left. I won't abandon you. Hang in there, Okay? I'll be back and I'll help you get through this."

Nick met Summer at Society. Abby affixed a smile on her face and asked if they needed a table for two. Nick said that Phyllis would be joining them. Abby showed them to their favorite table. Summer complained to Nick about his contractor, Tim, at the house she and Kyle were going to live in. She told Nick that Tim always gave her a hard time. Nick explained that if she kept changing the plans, things would go south, and the budget would be blown. He said he would talk to Tim. Summer said the next time she was there, she would tell Tim that she was the new owner.

Nick asked Summer how things were going with Kyle. She stated that she and Kyle were finally on the same page, and it was amazing. Nick reminded her that things didn't always stay that way. Summer said she knew that, but since it had taken her and Kyle such a long time to get to where they were, they were going to cherish every moment.

Phyllis arrived. Summer told Nick she'd been skeptical about his reconciliation with Phyllis, but she'd changed her mind and thought it was adorable to see Nick's face light up whenever he saw Phyllis.

At the entrance, Phyllis crowed to Abby that she had the funds to buy out Abby's shares of the Grand Phoenix, and she would soon be the sole owner of the Grand Phoenix, 20 years ahead of schedule. Phyllis gloated that she'd raised the money herself. Abby claimed that Phyllis was hallucinating, but Phyllis said that the Escape Club had helped her raise the cash.

Abby stated that there was "no way in hell" Phyllis could have come up with that kind of money through the Escape Club membership. Phyllis informed Abby that she'd secured a loan with another lender, and she'd pay off the remaining balance with better terms than Abby had offered. Phyllis said that she and Abby would be free of each other. Abby told Phyllis she would believe it when she saw the money in her account.

Phyllis joined Nick and Summer, and they asked about her conversation with Abby. Phyllis said she would update them later, but first, she wanted to hear if there had been any news about Sharon. Nick said he hadn't heard anything, but he was certain it would be a positive outcome.

Phyllis told Nick that she'd gotten the money to buy out Abby's shares in the Grand Phoenix. She'd signed all the papers and would soon be the sole owner of the hotel. At that moment, Nick received a text message from Rey. Nick told Phyllis the message was vague, but reading between the lines, he felt Sharon had had a setback and that Rey didn't want everyone rushing over and disturbing Sharon's rest. Phyllis said she hoped Nick was mistaken. Nick said he needed to go home to Faith and promised they would celebrate Phyllis' victory later. Phyllis said the news didn't sound good.

At the penthouse, Chelsea received a surprise visit from Alyssa, who wanted to speak with Adam. Chelsea told her Adam was out of town on a hush-hush business trip, and she didn't know when he would return. Chelsea jokingly said she probably shouldn't give a crime reporter that information, but Alyssa told her not to worry; she wouldn't say anything -- unless Adam had done something criminal. Chelsea smiled and said he hadn't.

Alyssa asked how Adam was doing. Chelsea said Adam had been shaken up after finding out that Victor had killed A.J. She said that Alyssa could see what Victor was capable of, and she understood how Alyssa had to have felt after finding out about the unsavory things A.J. had done to people. Chelsea said that information wasn't good for anyone, so she was happy they hadn't published the story. It was best to leave the past in the past.

Alyssa told Chelsea that she'd felt the same when she'd left Genoa City but had changed her mind since then. Chelsea asked if Alyssa intended to print the story. Alyssa answered, "Yes." She admitted she'd been overwhelmed at that time because the story was so awful and upsetting, but she'd had time to think things over. Alyssa said that her whole career as a crime reporter had been dedicated to bringing the truth to light. She'd believed that Chelsea and Adam had been committed to that, as well.

Chelsea assured Alyssa they were, but she wondered who they would be helping by dragging all that dirt out into the open. Chelsea said it wasn't her place to say much of anything because it had been Alyssa and Adam's fathers who'd been involved. She suggested that Alyssa and Adam sit down and talk it through. Chelsea hoped that Alyssa would put off making any decision until she and Adam had spoken.

Alyssa smirked and said that Chelsea and Adam were the perfect couple because Chelsea was every bit the con artist that Adam was. She said Chelsea had known that Adam had never had any intention of running the story about A.J.'s death. His plan had been to use it to blackmail Victor. Alyssa said that her friend since kindergarten had taken advantage of her by using her grief and shame to manipulate her just so he could grab the top seat at Newman. She said that, as a crime reporter, she'd dealt with sociopaths, but Adam had taken it to the next level.

Shaken, Chelsea told Alyssa that there had been extenuating circumstances and that Adam and Victor had had a long and painful history, but Adam had realized what he'd done had been wrong. He'd stepped down, and he no longer worked at Newman. Alyssa said it was amazing how easily the lies rolled off Chelsea's tongue. Alyssa knew that Adam had lost his leverage when he'd discovered that he, not Victor, had killed A.J. She said she knew the whole sordid story, and soon, everyone else would know about it.

As Alyssa was about to leave, she asked Chelsea to have Adam call her. Chelsea stopped her and said Adam had left, and she didn't know where he was. Alyssa didn't believe her. Chelsea explained that Adam had had total recall of the incident, and he didn't know how to handle it. Alyssa said that running away sounded like Adam. He always hid from the truth. Chelsea said A.J.'s death hadn't been Adam's fault because he'd been a child at the time.

Alyssa asked Chelsea how she thought things should go forward. She asked if Adam and Victor should go on with their lives like A.J.'s death had been inconsequential. Chelsea claimed that Adam was tormented by the incident. She said he was broken and questioning everything he'd ever done. He was suffering. Chelsea said if Alyssa published the story, she would take away any chance of Adam putting all the pieces together, and she asked what would happen to Connor. She said she couldn't imagine how Alyssa had to have felt after all the whispering about her father.

Alyssa told Chelsea to stop attempting to guilt her into keeping quiet. She said that Adam and Victor had to face the consequences. She said Connor was a sweet kid, but it was better that he knew the truth rather than carry all the secrets and lies for another generation. Chelsea warned Alyssa that if she was determined to destroy Adam's life, she'd better be prepared for the consequences. Alyssa said that, at last, the real Chelsea revealed herself, but that wouldn't work, either, because no contract would stop her from reporting a crime, because she had an obligation to be her father's voice.

Desperate, Chelsea told Alyssa that the last time A.J. had spoken, he'd threatened a blind woman and a helpless kid. Chelsea told Alyssa not to pretend that A.J. hadn't gotten what he'd deserved. As Alyssa turned to leave, Chelsea realized her mistake and admitted she shouldn't have said that, but Alyssa said she was glad Chelsea had said what she had because it showed her exactly what kind of person Chelsea was. Chelsea claimed she was a person trying to protect her child.

Chance arrived at that moment and asked Chelsea what was going on. Alyssa said they had been talking about Adam and that Chelsea realized that Alyssa would be looking into what had happened in Vegas, as well. She said that, one way or another, Adam's crimes would be exposed. Chelsea demanded that Alyssa leave. Alyssa smiled and said, "With pleasure," and she left.

Chance asked what Chelsea and Alyssa had argued about, and he wanted to know about the crisis Adam was dealing with. Chelsea told him to leave it alone and asked if Chance had found Adam.

Nick is shocked by Victoria’s power move

Nick is shocked by Victoria’s power move

Thursday, September 10, 2020

by Nel

At the penthouse, Chance told Chelsea that his "ass" was "on the line," and he needed to know what he was dealing with regarding Adam. Chance told her that he'd seen Adam, and he was fine. Chance wanted to know what Chelsea and Alyssa had been arguing about, but Chelsea said she would tell him after he told her where Adam was. Chance claimed that he couldn't help Adam if he didn't know what was going on with him, what Alyssa knew, and what she planned to do with that information. He said he didn't like flying blind.

Chance assured Chelsea that she could trust him to help Adam. Chelsea told him that Adam had killed A.J., Alyssa's father, and Victor had covered it up until very recently. Victor had told Adam that Adam had killed A.J. Montalvo. She said Adam was spiraling. Chance admitted he didn't know Victor well enough to speculate his reason for telling Adam, but Chelsea needed to bring Adam home.

Chance told Chelsea that Adam hadn't made sense when Chance had seen him. Adam had acted a bit squirrely, but because of what Chelsea had told him, Adam's behavior made sense. Chelsea wanted to know where Adam was, and she wanted to know why Chance was so reluctant to tell her. Chance informed her that Adam hadn't been alone. When he'd been there, Adam had appeared distant and shut down, and he hadn't been happy to see Chance. He said Sharon had arrived to see Adam. Chelsea was initially shocked. Chance told her that Adam had been in a bad way, and he told Chelsea not to read anything into it.

Chelsea told Adam she was happy Sharon was there because Sharon was a therapist and had been helping Adam with his memories. Chance asked if Chelsea was on board with Sharon helping Adam. Chelsea said she hadn't been at first, but Adam was the priority. She said that Sharon was a professional and that she'd previously helped Connor. Sharon knew Adam very well, and Chelsea was happy that Adam was close by and reaching out for help.

Chance sent Adam's address to Chelsea's phone and told her to bring Adam home, but Chelsea wasn't sure she should go to Adam. She said it had been a difficult decision for Adam to leave his family. He was living in his own private hell, and she wasn't sure she should show up on Adam's doorstep. Chance claimed that Adam wouldn't get results while hiding with Sharon in a motel room, the worst place possible.

Chelsea told Chance that Adam had taken off before, and she was afraid that if she pressured him to return home, he'd run. She had to leave him alone for the time being, and when Adam was strong enough, he would contact her. Chance didn't think that was the best idea. He said that when he'd seen Adam, there had been something in his eyes and his demeaner -- a sense of recklessness and danger that he'd seen before in Vegas. He said that Adam was ready to explode, and he was worried because Adam was searching for answers and for someone to blame.

Chelsea assured Chance that Adam wouldn't blame him for anything and that Adam would never divulge Chance's secret. Chance said that wasn't the reason he was there. He said he was worried about Adam, and as the mother of Adam's child, she should be worried, too. Chance left.

Adam opened his motel room door to Sharon, who reminded him that she'd sent him a text message that she would help him. Adam said he'd received the text message, but he hadn't thought that she would show up that night. She apologized for the way she'd acted earlier. Adam said he never should have asked her to help him, and he told Sharon she should leave.

Sharon told Adam that she had to stay because, at that moment, she didn't have control of her life or a voice about what happened to her. Helping him was her job, and she asked Adam to let her in. Adam said he would get through his issues without her. He insisted that she leave and focus on her recovery. He appreciated Sharon trying to fix him, but he said he was a lost cause. Sharon stated she was staying because it wasn't just about him, but then she said, "Forget it!"

Adam begged Sharon to tell him what had happened. She told him that her surgery hadn't gone as they'd hoped, and they hadn't gotten the whole tumor. The cancer had spread. She said she needed more surgery, chemo, and radiation. Sharon was scared, and she felt that her life was out of control. Being with him and helping him was something she could do, and it felt good. She claimed she was going to help him, whether he liked it or not.

Adam apologized to Sharon for being so wrapped up in his own garbage that he hadn't seen her pain. Sharon admitted that she was in a dark place, but she wanted to help Adam find the light. Sharon apologized once again for losing control earlier that day, but Adam said she'd had a setback and that she'd reacted normally. He stated he was her old friend, and she could say or do anything around him.

Adam told Sharon that he'd turned to her because she understood him, and he hoped it worked both ways. Adam told Sharon not to be ashamed of or apologize for anything. He wanted her to take it easy. She'd been there for him, he wanted to be there for her, and he wanted her to rest. Sharon put her head on his shoulder and said she liked being with him.

A short time later, Adam sat in a chair and watched as Sharon slept on his bed. He wrote a note for her, saying he'd gone to get food, and placed it where Sharon would see it when she woke up.

A short time later, Sharon was startled by a knock on the door and then panicked when she heard Chelsea say that Adam didn't have to open the door, but she wanted him to listen to what she had to say.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that Alyssa Montalvo had returned to town with a vengeance, to punish Adam for killing her father. He couldn't understand how Alyssa could blame an eleven-year-old boy. He told Nikki that he'd warned Alyssa that he would go after her with everything he had. He said he'd made a dreadful mistake in telling Adam that he'd killed A.J., and he asked what good it had done. Nikki told Victor to stop second-guessing himself.

Victor told Nikki he'd been torn about what had happened that night. He said he should have dealt with things differently. He said that Nick and Victoria had been raised by two loving parents. Abby had a loving mother, and he was always around for Abby. Adam didn't have that. Nikki said that Victor couldn't blame himself, but Victor stated that he should have insisted on being a prominent figure in Adam's life, and perhaps they wouldn't be in the mess they were in. Nikki wouldn't allow Victor to blame himself for the way Adam had turned out. She reminded him that Adam had been raised by two fine people, Hope and Cliff, so Victor couldn't blame Adam's upbringing for the way he'd turned out.

Victor told Nikki he didn't buy that, but Nikki said that he and Hope had wanted to protect Adam. She reminded Victor that Adam had blackmailed him for a crime Adam had committed. Adam had forced Victor's hand. She said that Adam had put Victor in a position where he'd had to tell Adam the truth, but Victor insisted he could have handled it differently. Nikki asked if Victor had forgotten that Adam had tried to kill him. Victor didn't believe that had been Adam's intention. Incensed, Nikki pointed out that Adam had switched out Victor's medication and then stood back and watched as Victor had deteriorated. Adam had shown what type of person he was.

Victor asked Nikki whether, if Adam had been her flesh and blood, she would have called him a bad seed or the devil incarnate. Victor didn't believe she would. He waited for a response, but Nikki said she'd been waiting for him to play that card -- that she'd been judging Adam. She said it was hurtful and unfair.

Victor asked Nikki if she would judge Nick and Victoria that harshly. Nikki stated that their kids weren't perfect, but she argued that they'd caused a fraction of the pain that Adam had. Victor maintained that that was because they'd always been loved. Nikki said their children didn't destroy people whenever they were angry or hurt. She said she was sorry for what Adam was going through and also felt sorry for Chelsea, but most of all, she felt sorry for Connor, whom she considered her grandchild as much as her other grandchildren.

Nikki told Victor that she'd tried to embrace Adam, but he'd refused to be accepted because of who he was. Nikki said that all those years earlier, Adam had had a crisis, and Victor's decision had been based on his instincts. Nikki said she trusted Victor's instincts, and she knew he'd done the right thing at that time. Victor thanked Nikki for understanding. Nikki said she wouldn't be much of a partner if she didn't understand how hurtful it was, and she'd give anything to be wrong about Adam. Victor apologized for his comment about Adam not being her flesh and blood.

Nikki told Victor she wished things could be different, but Victor said they couldn't turn back the clock. He said Adam hated him for the choices Victor had made, and Adam would always resent him. He said they needed to move forward.

When Rey met Mariah at Crimson Lights, she immediately inquired about Sharon. Rey told her the surgery had failed to remove all the cancer, and Sharon would require more surgery. He said he wanted to be with Sharon, but Sharon had claimed she had needed air and had taken off. That had been the second time that day Sharon had done that. Mariah was certain Sharon was on her own, but Rey said his gut feeling told him that she was with Adam. He didn't want to feel that way, and he asked Mariah to stop him from doing something he would regret.

Mariah told Rey that Sharon had always been honest with him about Adam, and Sharon had asked Rey to go to Kansas with her because she had wanted him there. Mariah didn't believe Sharon had seen Adam that day. Rey said that Sharon needed to look after herself. She'd looked exhausted, like the air had been sucked out of her. He still believed Sharon had gone to Adam. He claimed he didn't want to get into those ugly thoughts. He wanted to be Sharon's rock, but he didn't want to show her how scared he was.

Mariah assured Rey that Sharon loved him and knew what she had with Rey. Sharon wouldn't risk losing that for Adam. Rey wished he was as confident as Mariah was. Mariah said that Adam had just as much at stake and as much to lose as Sharon did. Adam was engaged to Chelsea; they had a son, and he seemed to be a good father. Mariah couldn't see Adam risking all that.

After Rey left, Mariah sent a text message to Sharon, asking where she was. Under her breath, Mariah whispered that she hoped Sharon wasn't doing anything stupid.

Nick arrived at the Newman office to see Victoria. She asked if he was finally single, but Nick said that he and Phyllis had agreed to take things one day at a time. Victoria was happy for him. Nick said he'd heard that Victoria and Billy were doing better. She said that they were on better footing, but they were co-parenting, nothing more. Nick asked if she'd made peace with Victor. She said she hadn't spoken to him in a while. Nick was surprised because usually, after she and Victor fought, they straightened things out and made peace. Victoria said it wouldn't happen that time.

Nick asked if Victoria had finally cut the cord, and Victoria replied that Victor had cut the cord when he'd made Adam his priority over her and Nick. She said that while she'd been in the hospital, she'd had time to think. She had almost died after being attacked by a lunatic, her relationship with Billy had ended, she hadn't been able to do the job she'd worked her entire life for, but she'd had her family. Nick had been there to carry the torch until her return. However, when she'd returned, Victor had been there and had said he was sorry, but Adam would be in charge.

Nick reminded Victoria that they both knew why Victor had done that. Victoria said therein lay the irony; Adam had tried to blackmail Victor for killing A.J., and it turned out that Adam had been the killer. She asked Nick if it didn't make him sick that they'd always done the right thing and gotten smacked down, but Adam did everything wrong, including killing people, and he remained the golden boy. She said nothing had changed, and Victor and Adam had to learn there were real consequences for their actions.

Nick asked if Victoria had something up her sleeve, but she said it wasn't his concern. He said it was if it was going to cause problems in the family. Victoria repeated that it wasn't his problem -- he'd chosen to go down a different path. She said she wanted to call her actions a personal declaration of independence. She said she didn't need Victor's approval or forgiveness. If anything, Victor should ask for her forgiveness. Nick wanted to know more, but Victoria said that he would be the first to know if and when something was about to happen. Nick told her to be careful, and he left.

Billy offers to team up with Alyssa

Billy offers to team up with Alyssa

Friday, September 11, 2020

Outside Adam's motel room door, Chelsea begged Adam to talk to her, unaware that Sharon was inside. Chelsea said she understood Adam needed to be alone; however, Chance had told her where he was, and she hadn't been able to stay away. Chelsea added that Chance thought she could help, and she wanted to be there for Adam. Sharon squirmed on the other side of the door.

Chelsea expressed relief that Adam hadn't left the state, and she took it as a good sign that he didn't want to be far from the people who loved him. She hoped he reached out to her soon, and she reiterated that she and Connor adored him. She was stunned when Adam suddenly returned, and she sheepishly explained that she'd thought she'd been talking to him through the door. He guessed that Chance had told her where to find him, and she relayed that Chance thought she and Adam should talk. Adam agreed, and Chelsea requested to go inside because it was chilly. Sharon grappled with what to do.

Adam protested that it was depressing in his room, and he proposed that he and Chelsea go for coffee. She preferred to go home instead, noting that Connor was staying with a friend. Adam promised he'd be right behind her after he grabbed his jacket from inside. She walked away, and he waited until she was gone to open the door. His room appeared to be empty, and he picked up his jacket and headed back out. Once alone, Sharon emerged from the bathroom.

Adam and Chelsea met at their penthouse, where she encouraged him to relax at home. She confessed that she knew Sharon had been going to see him, and she wondered if the therapy sessions had been working. Adam apologized for hurting Chelsea by telling Sharon where he'd been staying but not telling Chelsea. Chelsea acknowledged that she didn't have the training Sharon did, and she supported the sessions if they helped Adam heal and get home to her and Connor. Adam thanked her, but she pointed out that he still hadn't told her if the therapy was helping.

Adam asserted that it wasn't good for Sharon to be helping him because of her cancer. He shared that she'd received some test results that day that indicated she needed more surgery, so he'd told her to stop seeing him and focus on her own situation. Chelsea thought it was for the best, but she stressed that he wasn't alone because he had his family, who wanted him home. She advanced toward him, but he backed away. She asked why he was keeping his distance and putting up walls. Adam conceded that she had a right to know.

Adam explained that he hadn't moved out just because he'd been shaken up or depressed. He shared that he was livid, since he'd been playing the story of his life on a loop inside his head, and he'd gone to extreme measures to win his father's approval when it was never going to happen. Adam snarled that the joke was on him, since the game had been rigged after what he'd done to A.J., and Victor would never see Adam as anything but sick and deranged because it was the truth. Chelsea argued that Victor didn't think of Adam that way, but Adam retorted that she was blind.

Adam contended that Victor had had information about what had happened in Adam's youth, it had been why Adam had become the person he had, but Victor had chosen not to share it. Adam believed that he'd turned into a cynical and cruel man that his mother wouldn't have recognized, and he'd hurt people in unforgivable ways. He continued that he'd tortured himself by trying to figure out what was wrong with him, and Victor had had the key but had kept it all to himself. Adam considered himself a lost cause.

Adam was enraged that Victor had written him off like a failing subsidiary and moved on. Chelsea insisted that she knew Adam deep down in his soul, but Adam lectured that she didn't have the first clue about the darkness inside him, which he'd let consume him until it had crushed any scrap of light or hope. He explained that he'd had to leave to get a handle on his rage, since it had led him to dark places when it had taken over. Chelsea asked if he and Sharon had been working on controlling his anger, but he replied that they hadn't gotten that far because it had already been too late.

Adam swore that he'd tried to stuff it down or make peace with it, but it had been of no use. Chelsea reasoned that it was too soon to become hopeless, and she encouraged him to find a new therapist and surround himself with love. Adam growled that it wouldn't work, since it only became more intense as time went on. He anticipated that no matter how hard he tried, he'd always end up back in the same horrible place. She asked where that left them, and he thought it was best to accept the inevitable and surrender to it.

Chelsea surmised that Adam was in pain and not thinking straight, so it was a mistake for him to be dealing with it alone. Adam complained that she wasn't listening to him, since he would always be dealing with it. He told her that he couldn't be the man who'd proposed to her, and he couldn't promise the future they'd envisioned together. He wailed that he'd never regretted anything more in his life; it killed him to think about the future they could have had, but it wouldn't be fair to ask her and Connor to walk that path with him. "We can't be together. Not now, not ever," Adam firmly stated.

Sharon returned to the cottage and was surprised Rey was still there. He explained that he hadn't felt comfortable leaving until he'd known she was okay, but he hadn't expected her to be gone that long. He shared that he'd bumped into Mariah at the coffeeshop, Nick had called, and Faith wanted Sharon to call her before bed. Rey revealed that everyone had had questions after the text message he'd sent out before Sharon had taken off, and he'd gotten Nick and Mariah up to speed because he'd figured Sharon hadn't wanted to have the conversation more than once.

Sharon appreciated everything Rey was doing for her. He coolly stated that he'd see her the next day, and he headed to the door. She suggested that he stay because it was late, but he claimed that he had to be at the station early. He told her to trust him that it would be best that way. Sharon blurted out that there was something she needed to tell him.

Sharon had a feeling that Rey already knew what she was going to say, and he replied that he was listening. She confessed that she'd gone both that afternoon and that evening to see how Adam was doing, and she wanted to explain. Rey barked that he wasn't interested in hearing about her concern over Adam's mental state, but she insisted that it was the truth. Rey ranted that she had no idea what it had been like for him, waiting for her and not knowing where she'd been or who she'd been with but having a pretty good idea. He continued that he'd felt guilty for having suspicions, but it had been layered with intense worry about her, and he questioned whether his mental state registered with her at all.

Rey demanded to know when it would finally stop. Sharon promised that she was done keeping things from him, even though she'd had a professional obligation to protect Adam's privacy. Rey groused that it wouldn't have been an issue if she'd told Adam she couldn't work with him because of her health. Sharon maintained that she hadn't wanted to abandon Adam in crisis, but Rey refused to argue about it because they were both tired. He said they'd talk about it in the morning, and he walked out.

Over the phone, Sharon told Faith that she felt okay but tired. Faith asked to say goodnight to Rey, but Sharon claimed that he wasn't there because he was scheduled to work first thing in the morning. After they hung up, Sharon contemplated making another call, but she stopped herself.

At the Grand Phoenix, Chance approached Abby, intrigued by the text message she'd sent. She gushed that she wanted to share the amazing news in person, and she recalled talking about their lives being drama-free one day. Abby declared that the universe had listened, since Phyllis had announced that she'd gotten financing to buy out Abby's shares of the hotel. Abby imagined waking up with a peaceful day to look forward to, and she suggested they pop some Champagne and make a toast.

Abby proclaimed that the whole time Phyllis had been crowing about besting her, Abby had been thinking how fantastic it would be to no longer have to put up with Phyllis' horrible tricks. Abby admitted that part of her had enjoyed the sparring, but she wanted to put it behind her, especially since Phyllis and Nick were back together. Abby didn't want to put Nick in the middle of the battle because she knew how it felt to be caught up in family drama. Chance referred to Adam and Victoria fighting over control of Newman. Abby was glad she'd stayed out of it because life was happier being oblivious to the chaos around her. Chance invited her up to his room to talk to her about something.

Chance escorted Abby to his room and invited her to have a seat. She was disappointed that he hadn't asked her there to fool around, and she asked what was wrong. He informed her that he'd spoken to Adam and run into Alyssa earlier that night, and the two were on a collision course. Chance worried about what that meant for a lot of other people -- especially Abby. Abby noted that only four people knew what had happened in Las Vegas, but Chance clucked that Alyssa was "hellbent" on taking Adam down.

Abby thought it went beyond Alyssa just doing her job, and she pondered whether Adam had burned Alyssa in some way. Chance mused that Adam had a lot of secrets with the potential to explode one day. Chance recalled that he owed his life to Adam, and he felt he had a responsibility to help Adam however he could. However, he insisted that Abby didn't. He suggested that she get out while the getting was good.

Chance repeated Abby's words about wanting a life with a lot less stress and drama, but he expected to be caught in the middle of the mess with Adam and Alyssa. He warned that Abby might find herself with him unless she took a step back. He asserted that he was too dangerous to be around right then, and she incredulously asked if he was breaking up with her.

Chance swore that he hadn't meant to frighten Abby, but he'd dragged her into a risky situation. Abby bristled at the implication that she was a poor little rich girl who would fall apart at the first sign of trouble, and she couldn't believe he saw her as a delicate flower. Chance clarified that he was trying to do the decent thing by giving her a way out, but she scoffed at the idea of him scaring her into leaving him. He swore that he didn't want her to go anywhere because he didn't ever want to lose her.

Abby scolded Chance for telling her how he felt by pushing her away. He thought he'd been noble to put her safety ahead of his own selfish desires, but he realized that he'd botched it. Abby confirmed that he'd sounded like a jerk. She said he was more of an action guy, and she recommended that he just show her how he felt. He amorously asked what she had in mind.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy called Alyssa and introduced himself as the as co-CEO ChancComm. Alyssa confirmed that she knew who he was from Victoria's press conference about selling Newman's media division to him. Alyssa assumed that Victoria had given him her name, and he explained that he wanted to talk about a potential opportunity for Alyssa at his company. He offered to fly her out to Genoa City to meet in person, but she informed him that she was already in town. She asked when and where he'd like to meet.

Billy met Alyssa at Crimson Lights. He considered it his lucky day because she happened to be in town, and he surmised that she was following up on a story. She indicated that she had been, but she'd run into some roadblocks. He hoped to help her overcome the obstacles. She inquired why Newman's CEO had chosen to sell the media division of her family's company to her ex-husband. Alyssa sensed there was a story there, but Billy played devil's advocate and questioned why Victoria wouldn't sell if the price was right.

Billy added that Victoria wasn't one to let personal issues get in the way of a good business deal, and Alyssa anticipated that Victoria would do whatever it took to get what she wanted -- just like Victor. Billy asked if that was part of Alyssa's story, but she ordered him to save them both time by telling her what he and Victoria were really after. Billy recalled that Victoria had mentioned that Alyssa had been digging into her father's death and had learned that, to protect an eleven-year-old Adam, Victor had bribed a local coroner to claim it had been an accident.

Billy recognized that Alyssa and Adam had been friends growing up, and he imagined that she felt sympathy for Adam. Alyssa spat that it was gone, but Billy recounted that Victoria had told him that Alyssa had been trying to protect Adam by keeping the story quiet. Alyssa clarified that it was what she'd done when she'd first learned what Adam had done as a child, but she'd since done her research and knew the man he'd grown up to be -- a liar, manipulator, and killer. She hissed that she wanted to see Adam burn for it. "Well, that changes everything," Billy replied.

Alyssa confided that she hadn't been speaking to other media outlets because of the nondisclosure agreement she'd signed, and she no longer owned the evidence she'd collected. She was sure that Adam had destroyed it, and Billy questioned whether she planned to talk to the coroner on record the next time. Alyssa groaned that it had been her plan; however, the coroner had mysteriously left town, and no one knew where he'd gone or when he'd be back. Billy suspected it had been Victor's handiwork.

Alyssa lamented that she'd also gotten nowhere with George, who was loyal to Victor. Alyssa was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to tell that story, but there were other stories about other crimes Adam had committed. Billy figured they were old stories that the media had covered already, but Alyssa remained silent. He wondered if she was saying there was something else.

Alyssa informed Billy that she had another story about Adam in the works, and it was why she was back in town. Billy asked if it was something that would appeal to a mass audience, and she referred to an incident that had occurred in Las Vegas while Adam had been calling himself Spider. Alyssa added that Adam had kept his record lean, and no one had been cooperative. Billy mentioned his own time in that world and thought he might be able to help her, since Chancellor Communications had deep pockets. Alyssa wondered if his partner knew he was talking to her, and Billy offered to call Lily and tell her that Alyssa was on board. Alyssa flatly declined.

Billy invited Alyssa to work with him with no strings attached, and if she found dirt on Adam, Billy would do everything he could to help it see the light of day. Alyssa asked what was in it for him, and Billy spat that he detested the guy. Alyssa theorized that Victoria had put Billy up to it as part of the media deal, but Billy asserted that the important thing was that he and Alyssa felt the same way about Adam, who had gotten away with too much for too long. Alyssa knew one of those things had been the tragic death of Billy's daughter, and she inquired whether he was out for revenge.

Alyssa apologized for being insensitive about Billy's loss, but he assured her that he wasn't offended. He understood why she thought he'd want payback for the death of his daughter. He said it was probably something he would have done in the past, but he'd learned that vengeance offered no comfort. Billy called Adam a menace who was incapable of redemption, and people who got sucked into Adam's web only found that out after it was too late.

Billy cited Alyssa as an example, since Adam had been able to play on the savvy reporter's sympathies and use it as a weapon against his own family. Billy declared that he'd had enough, and he was on board with whatever it took to make sure Adam ended up in jail or at least warn the public about what Adam was capable of. Billy warned that Adam was an escape artist, and Alyssa would need Billy's resources to pin Adam down.

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