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Britt returned to Port Charles. Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Mike. Dante refused to see Olivia. Robert received a mysterious phone call. Nina found the jeweler who had split the heart pendant necklace. An autopsy revealed that Neil had died of an opioid overdose. Epiphany and Liz were demoted.
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Dante refused to see Olivia and Robert received a mysterious phone call
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Peter has a plan for Robert

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Peter has a plan for Robert

Monday, September 7, 2020

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC opted to air an encore presentation of a recent General Hospital episode.

The episode that was broadcast originally aired on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. In the episode, Peter had a plan for Robert.

Robert wondered why Anna had summoned him early. She admitted that she'd heard about Liesl's extradition, and she hoped that Robert would let Peter move on in peace. Robert promised to be "the vision of politeness," and he added that "mutual coexistence" was the best that he could manage. Finn and Violet returned, and Robert and Anna talked about a pony they'd gotten for one of Robin's birthday parties and how it had destroyed the house. Peter arrived, and Violet invited everyone outside to see her ride the pony. Anna and Finn followed her outside while Robert and Peter stayed inside to "help with balloons." Robert admitted that he'd been wrong about Peter, which Peter appreciated. Robert suggested "mutual coexistence," and Peter agreed. Anna returned to check on the men, and Robert went outside to see Violet. Peter informed Anna that Robert had claimed to accept Peter's innocence, but Peter wasn't sure if he believed Robert.

You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive General Hospital Daily Recaps dating back to 1996.

Julian finds a syringe under Alexis' bed

Julian finds a syringe under Alexis' bed

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

As Dante did some pushups in his room at the WSB facility in Geneva, Switzerland, he thought about some of his previous conversations with Doctor Kirk. He stopped exercising suddenly and threw a chair against the wall. At the same time, Robert and Olivia arrived at the facility. An agent asked them to sign in while he fetched the agent in charge. Robert and Olivia pinned on their badges.

Olivia wasn't certain that she could take Robert's advice to stay positive. She noted that Ned had worried that she was too vulnerable and would be hurt again. Robert reminded her that she was vulnerable because she was a parent, and he quoted Tennyson's famous "better to have loved and lost." Olivia promised to remember that, no matter what happened.

The agent returned with Agent Bryan Wagner, the interim head of Geneva Station. He knew Robert who muttered that he had to do some paperwork. Olivia thanked Wagner profusely for allowing her the chance to see Dante. He thought that Robert had to love Olivia very much to have gone to such extraordinary lengths for her.

Robert returned and complained about the paperwork. Olivia stressed that she was grateful and embarrassed because of what Agent Wagner had told her. Robert seemed embarrassed in return and insisted that any guy would find Olivia irresistible. Wagner, who had gone out to retrieve Dr. Kirk, returned with the doctor in tow. Dr. Kirk made it clear that Olivia would not be able to see Dante.

Robert was angry and maintained that he'd arranged the proper clearance. The doctor didn't think it would be safe for Dante to have visitors because Dante felt that he couldn't control his actions. Olivia didn't think her son would ever hurt her, and she wanted to prove it. The doctor relented, and he led her and Robert to Dante's room.

Inside, Dante was able to hear Olivia and the doctor talking, and he approached his door. Dr. Kirk entered and closed the door behind him. Dante noted that he'd heard his mother's voice, and Kirk replied that she had gotten clearance to be there because she knew Robert. Dante chuckled, but "I will complete the mission" ran through his head several times.

Out in the hallway, Olivia paced until Dr. Kirk finally emerged from Dante's room. He announced that Dante had refused to see Olivia because it wouldn't be safe, and Dante was the best judge of that. Olivia began to bang on Dante's door as she shouted at him. She tired of that and began to cry and plead instead. Dante sank to the floor beside the door as Olivia told him how much she loved him, and she thought that love was stronger than anything else.

Olivia asked Dante to allow her to see his face and to hold him, but all she received was silence. She sank to the floor and sobbed. Robert leaned over to soothe her and told her it was time to go. Olivia knew that Dante would get better and return home. She would wait. Dante continued to sit on the floor, looking like a broken man.

Out in the lobby area, Olivia decided that Ned had been right, and Dante didn't want her. Robert assured her that Dante knew that someone would be waiting for him, and he would be ready to go home someday. He wanted to book their flight home but Olivia reminded him of their pact. She would be attending Holly's memorial service with him.

Dante asked Dr. Kirk if Olivia had gone. He couldn't be near her because it wasn't safe. The doctor appreciated the choices that Dante had made.

At the nurses' station at General Hospital, Lulu presented Kevin with a chicken Parmesan dish that had originally been meant for Dustin, who hadn't been able to make it to dinner. As she asked when Laura might be returning from Washington, Cyrus approached and echoed the question. Cyrus announced that he had big plans for both the hospital and the city. Kevin didn't know when Laura might be back. Cyrus wondered if Lulu was there to cover a story.

Lulu, Cyrus, and Kevin continued to have a sarcastic conversation about dinner in the cafeteria, poisoning, and firing. Kevin informed Lulu that Cyrus had fired Monica and Bobbie. Cyrus appeared to gloat as Lulu went off. Cyrus maintained that the women had opened up the hospital to a medical malpractice lawsuit but made it clear that Kevin was valued, as well as being the mayor's husband.

Cyrus added that he'd do anything to keep Laura happy. Kevin received a phone message and walked away. Lulu thought that Cyrus was too focused on her mother, but Cyrus claimed he only wanted to have a better relationship with the family. Lulu insisted that he knew nothing about her family, but Cyrus replied that he'd done his research.

Cyrus thought that Lulu was just like her mother, especially by being attracted to danger before settling down. He added that he was fascinated by people who changed their lives and asked if Lulu missed her old life. Lulu snapped that her mother had not been attracted to danger but had been the danger herself.

Kevin returned and announced that a colleague of his had died. Before leaving, Cyrus extended his condolences and told Lulu he'd never say no to a home-cooked meal. Kevin told Lulu about Neil and noted that he'd just received Neil's patient files.

In Brando's room, Jason revealed that he'd watched footage of Brando and his assailants, and that was why Brando had gotten to the hospital so quickly. Brando thanked Jason and Sam for believing that he hadn't sabotaged Jason's bike. He wondered if Jason would retaliate against Cyrus for trying to get Jason killed.

Jason thought that Sonny could be the one to worry, especially since they still didn't have definite proof. He promised Brando that he would receive protection. Jason received a text message from Spinelli, and before she and Jason left, Sam ordered Brando to stay in bed. Brando thanked them again, and Jason reminded Brando that he'd owed Brando for having saved Carly previously. Out in the hallway, Sam told Jason she had things to do before joining him and Spinelli.

In another hallway, Alexis told Jordan that she couldn't accept the autopsy report that stated Neil had died from an overdose unless it had been a mixture of medications. Jordan revealed there had been an opioid in Neil's system. Alexis insisted that she would have known, but Jordan began to question her on Neil's possible depression. Alexis agreed that Neil's career had been over, but they'd laughed and talked about their future.

Alexis continued that Neil had enjoyed his life. Jordan asked about a family history. Alexis admitted that his daughter had ended her own life, but Neil had used the pain to help others. Jordan suggested that he had been in more pain than suspected, and maybe Alexis hadn't known him as well as she'd thought.

Sam returned to Brando's room and found him trying to get out of bed. She quickly got him back under the covers and handed him a glass of water. She admitted she'd returned to apologize for doubting him previously, and Brando suggested that she should have taken the time to get to know him. He confessed that he'd had a tough life, so he hadn't been "warm and cuddly" when he'd arrived.

Sam made it clear that Brando didn't know about the life she'd led, either, and he asked to hear about it. She revealed that she'd been a con artist, and Brando laughed. Sam told him she was serious, and she admitted that it was still a part of her life, just like his past remained in his life. She hadn't meant to judge him. Brando accepted her apology, and Sam repeated her instruction that he stay in bed. He was Sonny's investment. Brando thanked her again.

On the way out, Sam ran into Kevin and Lulu as they were talking about Monica and Bobbie being fired. Sam was furious. Shortly after, Kevin and Lulu spoke about Cyrus and how awful he made them feel. "He seems to have an odd affinity for my wife," Kevin said. "And our family," Lulu added.

At Metro Court, Julian sat down with Valentin and asked about Martin Grey's whereabouts. Julian wanted to end his marriage to Nelle right away. Valentin commented that Julian was probably not the only one who wanted to see an end to Nelle. Peter stood nearby and tried to listen as the men talked.

Julian contended that he had no idea where Nelle had gone. Valentin asked if Julian was worried that Nelle would return or worried that she wouldn't. Valentin suggested that Julian would be better off if Nelle stayed missing permanently. Julian left, and Peter rushed over to ask Valentin what they'd been talking about.

Although Peter stressed that he had nothing to do with Nelle, Valentin asked why Peter had phoned him regarding the missing woman. Peter declared that Nelle had disclosed privileged information about him, and he'd be a dead man if it got back to Jason. Valentin agreed that Jason was dangerous and held Peter responsible for his five-year imprisonment.

Peter insisted that he'd saved Jason's life, and Valentin reminded him that Anna had saved Peter's life. Peter explained that he'd made incriminating comments to Spinelli, and Valentin offered to help. He thought that Jason should accept the fact that Peter was important to Maxie and Anna. Peter wanted to know how Valentin had managed to "bridge the gap" between his dark past and his current life.

Valentin's advice was for Peter to be the man that others thought he was, and hopefully it would be enough. Valentin would do what he could to stop Jason from destroying Peter's life.

Julian spotted Jordan at the hospital. He asked if Jordan had seen Nelle, but Jordan told him there was no word on Nelle's location. Next, he saw Alexis and, after seeing her face, asked what was wrong. He asked about her daughters. He thought she looked as though she'd lost her best friend. Dr. Meyer arrived and announced that there had been no defensive injury on Neil. Jordan took a phone call.

Alexis was adamant that Neil would never have killed himself in her home or in her bed, and she would prove it had been a mistake. Julian offered to take her home.

Brando was surprised when he received a flower delivery. He opened the card and read the note from Cyrus, who offered assistance, if needed.

Jason returned home and found Spinelli waiting. Spinelli was excited as he rambled about an encounter he'd had with Nelle. He had the evidence they needed to incriminate Peter -- and in Peter's own words. First, he spoke about Nelle, who had told him that Peter had hired Shiloh to orchestrate Drew's abduction in 2012. Shiloh had then used it as leverage to escape from prison. Jason didn't seem surprised as he mentioned that Peter had been waiting on the pier with a bag full of money.

Spinelli believed that Peter had also been involved in further incidents with Drew, Andre, and Franco. He thought that Obrecht had been framed by either Peter or Anna. Jason denied that Anna would have done such a thing; he said Maxie believed that Peter had been reformed, and Anna wanted to believe it. Finally, Spinelli revealed what he had managed to catch on the camera at Brando's garage. He had the footage.

Jason didn't think it was enough proof to convict anyone, and Spinelli agreed they needed to find the person who had been on the other end of the phone when Peter had been caught on camera, talking about his life being blown up. Jason wanted "hard evidence."

By the time Sam returned home, Spinelli had gone. Jason explained that they had gotten closer to linking Shiloh to Peter. Sam admitted that she'd stopped to see Brando to apologize, and she'd also run into Kevin and Lulu. She had learned that Cyrus had fired Monica and Bobbie, and she guessed that Jason blamed her for Cyrus taking control at the hospital.

Julian drove Alexis home and helped her to search her bedroom. He found a syringe under the bed and held it up for Alexis to see. He was sorry. She was stunned.

Jordan knocked on Cyrus' door as he enjoyed an evening at home. When he opened the door, she stormed inside. She wanted to know why he'd murdered Neil Byrne.

Julian breaks into Martin's office

Julian breaks into Martin's office

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

At the Metro Court bar, Carly suggested that Bobbie sue the hospital for wrongful termination, but Bobbie didn't want to hurt the hospital with another lawsuit. She added that it was Cyrus that had fired her. "He had help," Carly grumbled as Valentin entered the restaurant. Offended that Valentin, who had been the cause of so much harm to the family, was in Carly's restaurant, Bobbie muttered, "I don't think so."

Valentin sat with Martin and nonchalantly asked questions about Nelle's whereabouts until Bobbie stormed over. She called Valentin "worse than Stefan," and Carly added that she wanted to "slap that smirk off your face." Brick arrived and told the women to "have at it. No doubt he deserves it." Martin threatened to call the cops if anyone assaulted his client, but Brick promised to testify that the assault had been provoked. Carly invited Brick to the bar for a drink, and Bobbie left to meet Scott for dinner. She gave one last glare at Valentin and left.

Carly and Brick sat down at the bar, and he told her about visiting Sonny and Mike at Turning Woods. He admired Sonny, but he admitted that seeing Sonny with Mike made him admire Sonny even more. Carly commended Brick for helping them adapt their house for Mike, which she knew was below his expertise. He replied that it had been his honor to help, and if it had made him look better to her, "even better." They shared a laugh, toasted, and drank.

Valentin informed Martin that Julian had been looking for Martin in order to get out of his marriage to Nelle. Valentin casually mentioned leverage that Nelle had over Julian and asked if Martin had proof. Martin confirmed that clients sometimes gave him "loose ends to tie," but if he shared other clients' secrets with Valentin, Valentin would have no reason to trust Martin with his own secrets. Valentin apologized and made sure that his business would take precedence with Martin.

As Alexis stared at the syringe sitting on the table in a baggie, Julian informed her that the cops were on their way over. She couldn't believe that Neil had been a drug addict and she'd had no idea. She'd been certain that she'd been making a better choice when, really, she'd just been falling for a better liar. Julian assured her that she couldn't know whether or not Neil had been an addict. He continued that Neil had been a complicated guy, but he had genuinely cared for Alexis. Alexis wanted to be alone, so she asked Julian to leave. He urged her to call him if she needed anything, and he left.

At Sam and Jason's, Sam blamed herself for Monica and Bobbie getting fired, but Jason called it a reach. Jason reminded her that Valentin was the one who'd put together a majority of the ELQ shares, so he was the one to blame. He wasn't convinced that Monica's firing or Michael losing out on being CEO were permanent, so he advised her to move on. Just then, Sam's phone went off, and she was annoyed to answer it to Julian. He updated her on Alexis' situation and said that he didn't think that Alexis should be alone. Sam promised to be right there, and she thanked Julian for calling. Jason offered to go with Sam, so they left.

At Alexis', an officer descended the stairs and announced that she hadn't found any other drug paraphernalia, but forensics might want to do their own investigation. Alexis answered that she wouldn't be sleeping in her bedroom again anytime soon, anyway. The officer left, and Sam and Jason arrived soon after. Sam begged Alexis to stay at their place, but Alexis didn't think it was a good idea for the kids to see her like that. Alexis lamented that Neil had been thinking about drugs while discussing his future with Alexis, but Sam and Jason tried to convince her that that hadn't been the case.

Sam and Jason again asked Alexis to stay with them, but Alexis wanted her privacy. Sam urged Alexis to call if she felt more depressed or if she felt like drinking, and Alexis agreed. Alexis thanked them for the visit. Sam gave her mother a big hug, and she and Jason left. When they were gone, Alexis got herself a glass of water, and she momentarily imagined that it was a shot glass. "One day at a time," she told herself, and she took a sip.

Jason and Sam returned home. Sam told Jason that she'd thought that she'd been doing the right thing by giving Valentin her kids' ELQ shares, as nothing was more important to her than being with Jason. She acknowledged that she'd been wrong, and she was sorry for what it had cost. He assured her that it was over. He gave her a reassuring squeeze on the arm and walked away.

At Cyrus', Jordan demanded to know why Cyrus had killed Neil. Cyrus claimed not to know who Neil was, but Jordan didn't believe his "innocent act." She informed Cyrus that Neil had died in the exact same way as the two colleagues of hers who'd apparently overdosed. Cyrus warned that it seemed like she was "reviving your vendetta against an innocent man." Jordan replied that she'd given him a fresh start, so she felt that he no longer required the personal attention of the police commissioner. She continued that she'd met the terms of their "one-sided agreement," and she was done. "Don't be so sure," he said.

"You never know when old friends will come in handy," Cyrus told Jordan, referencing Taggert. He mentioned all of the shame Jordan had put upon Taggert's family, but he commented that families were resilient like hers. She warned him to stay away from her family, as neither of them knew what she was capable of. He was sure that it would "never come to that," as her job was to "serve and protect." He said goodnight to her and warned that the next time she wanted to drop by for a late-night chat, she should ask herself if it was worth his trouble. She left without a word.

A few minutes after Jordan left, Cyrus was on the phone with Walker, talking about the hospital's new chief of staff. He mentioned Neil, and he asked Walker to find out where Neil had gotten the drugs that had killed him.

Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina arrived at Charlie's. Trina told her friends to grab a table, and she walked away. As Cameron and Josslyn sat down at a table, Josslyn explained that she'd talked to Trina, and she was "cool" with what had happened, as Trina had said that it had been no big deal. She didn't want Cameron to feel like he had to keep secrets from her. Just then, Portia entered and asked the kids where Trina was. Josslyn pointed to the bar, where Trina was talking to Ava.

Ava commended Trina on her and her friends' "spectacular" performance at the Nurses Ball. Trina informed Ava that her counselor had agreed to give her extra credit for working at the gallery, so she could work up to ten more hours per week. Ava appreciated it, but she thought that Trina should talk to Portia first. Right then, Portia approached and asked for a minute with Ava. "If you promise to be nice," Trina replied. "Will you be nice to Curtis?" Portia shot back. "Don't break anything too expensive," Trina cracked, and she walked away to join her friends.

Portia wanted to apologize to Ava for how defensive she'd been the few times they'd met. She understood that the interest Ava had taken in Trina was from a genuine place, and she added that working at the gallery had been helping Trina. Portia countered that she didn't believe that Ava had lived an honest life, so she wouldn't take her eyes off of her daughter. Ava responded that she would normally tell anyone who talked to her like that to go to hell, as they had no idea what she'd been through. However, she related that if she were in Portia's position, "I would be livid."

Ava thought that there was nothing more important to a mother than her daughter's safety or happiness. Portia advised Ava not to feel obligated to accept Trina working extra hours at the gallery. However, she had a couple requests for Ava should Trina work the extra hours. She asked Ava to keep an eye on Trina and to make Trina work, since she was there to work. Ava promised, and she added that there was always a lot to do around the gallery. She invited Portia to "pop in" and check up on Trina anytime, as she was always welcome. Portia laughed and said that she would probably be there at least once a week, and she walked over to join her daughter.

Julian entered Charlie's, and Ava congratulated him on Nelle's disappearance. She noticed that he was in a bad mood and told him that they should be out celebrating the end of his marriage. He told her about the letter Nelle had claimed to leave with Martin, detailing his involvement in Wiley's kidnapping. He muttered that, until he had that letter, he was "living on borrowed time." "You should have let me kill her when I offered," Ava lamented. He asked her to help him find the letter.

Josslyn informed Trina that Josslyn had talked to Cameron about having no more secrets, so everyone was on the same page. Portia approached and informed Trina that she could work the extra hours at the gallery. Trina asked to stay out longer with her friends, as they hadn't spent a lot of time together. Josslyn offered that her driver could drop Trina off, and Portia agreed and left.

A few minutes later, Josslyn was gone, and Cameron was irked at Trina for telling Josslyn about their kiss. Trina replied that she'd wanted it out in the open because it hadn't been a big deal. Cameron didn't want "everyone" talking about it, but Trina countered that only three people knew about it. Josslyn returned and talked about an idea she'd had for the three of them and Dev. She thought that the four could go to homecoming together so they could just avoid the romantic drama of trying to find dates. Cameron and Trina agreed.

Portia bumped into Jordan outside of Charlie's, and Jordan asked about Trina. Portia answered that Trina had a good structure for healing since school had started. Jordan urged Portia to let her know if there was anything she could do. "Nothing short of clearing her father's name will satisfy Trina," Portia replied sadly, and Jordan wished that it was possible. Portia also wanted to clear the air with Jordan. She knew that Curtis had told Jordan about his conversation with Portia, and she regretted dragging up the past. She apologized and insisted that she wasn't after Curtis. Jordan appreciated the apology.

Portia continued that she was just worried about Trina and Curtis, as Trina still blamed him for Taggert's death. She kept telling Trina that being angry at Curtis was dishonoring Taggert's wishes, but Trina wouldn't listen. An amused Jordan observed that Trina was "more stubborn than he is! -- was." Portia thought that Trina would one day realize that there were few men out there with the integrity that Curtis had, and she added that Jordan and Curtis had been lucky to find each other.

Outside of Martin's office, Ava prepared a mayday text while Julian picked the lock on the door. The door opened, and she urged him to hurry up. As he looked through the files in the office, Ava heard Martin and Valentin approaching. She tried to send the warning text to Julian, but it wasn't going through. She ran off right before Martin and Valentin approached the office door. Julian heard the key in the lock and ran off to hide. As the door opened, a loud alarm sounded, and Ava walked away from the fire alarm she'd just pulled.

A few minutes later, Julian demanded to know what had happened, and Ava replied that she'd had no reception, so her warning text hadn't sent. He questioned her choice of pulling the fire alarm, and she said, "Why are you the only one who gets to commit a felony?" She wondered if he'd found the letter. He hadn't, and he surmised that if Martin had the letter, it wasn't in his office.

In Martin's office, Valentin observed that someone had clearly been in there, looking for something. Martin added that the person's lookout was probably the one who'd pulled the fire alarm. He unlocked a drawer and removed some papers that Valentin had to sign for ELQ. He also pulled some papers out of his briefcase, which surprised Valentin, as Martin couldn't have known that he was going to see Valentin. Martin clarified that he always kept his most sensitive documents with him. Right on top of the briefcase was an envelope with a handwritten note on the front that read, "To be opened in the event of my death. Nelle Benson-Jerome."

Robert receives a mysterious phone call

Robert receives a mysterious phone call

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Nikolas arrived at the park to meet Elizabeth, and he asked what was wrong, as she'd sounded upset in her voicemail. "Your screwed up fake marriage is ruining my real one!" Elizabeth exclaimed. Nikolas stood by his opinion that Elizabeth shouldn't trust Ava with Franco, and he asked if she was having doubts. She replied that she and Franco loved each other, and all couples fought. She acknowledged that Franco had always been insecure about Nikolas and Elizabeth's history, especially since she'd forgiven Nikolas. "You did?" he asked.

Elizabeth told Nikolas she'd missed him, and they had too deep of a bond. He thanked her for the chance and promised not to let her down. She added that, while she wouldn't let anyone pick her friends for her, Franco had been making "unsettling accusations." She wouldn't elaborate, since she knew that they weren't true, but she admitted to a distance between her and Franco ever since Ava had started to dredge up Franco's past. Elizabeth couldn't believe that her marriage was "on the rocks," and Nikolas suggested that she and the boys would be better off without Franco. The two got closer and shared a kiss as someone snapped pictures of them from the bushes.

At the gallery, Franco talked about how restoration wasn't his expertise, so fixing Ava's portrait would be tricky. She suggested that they cut their losses, as being "mistress of Wyndemere" wasn't as fun as she'd thought it would be. Franco offered to start over and make the portrait more casual, but he had no idea how to capture her energy and free spirit. He suddenly realized that he couldn't do that to Elizabeth, as his excessive amount of time with Ava had been an issue for Elizabeth the first time around. Ava thought that Elizabeth needed to get over herself, as she believed that a wife should support her husband's passions.

Franco appreciated Ava always supporting him, and she reminded him that his success meant her success as a gallery owner. Beneath the front she put up, he knew that she cared, and she deserved "way better than Nikolas." She listed all of the terrible things Nikolas thought of her, and she didn't disagree. Franco commented that everyone was their own worst enemy. He was tired of living up to everyone's high expectations, and Ava added that he was "good the way you are." The two got closer and shared a kiss as someone snapped photos of them.

After Holly's memorial service, Robert thanked Olivia for the company. He maintained that it didn't feel right having a memorial when no body had been found, but Olivia advised him that memorials were mostly for the living. He thought back to some of his time with Holly when they'd been married, and he called the woman "one of a kind." Olivia hoped that his memories eased his grief.

Robert suggested that he and Olivia find a decent restaurant and toast to Holly. Olivia walked off to look for a restaurant on her phone. Just then, Robert's phone rang, and he answered the call from a blocked number. He heard a garbled voice begging him for help. "Holly?" he inquired. As he asked for a location, the call cut off.

Robert made a phone call and told someone about the mysterious call. He asked the person to trace the call as soon as possible, and he added that he owed the person a favor. Olivia returned when he hung up, and he reluctantly told her about the call. Olivia believed that his mind had "filled in the blanks" with Holly's voice during the badly connected call. Robert insisted that it had been Holly, whether it had actually been her voice or her voice on a recording. He thought she was alive, and he needed to know either way. Olivia understood.

Robert's phone went off, and he answered, immediately asking if the call could be traced. After listening for a few moments, he hung up and informed Olivia that the call had originated in Monte Carlo. He thought there was a good chance that he could find Holly there, so he instructed Olivia to get a flight back to Port Charles. Olivia insisted on going with him as he walked away to make arrangements. She called Ned and left a voicemail telling him that there was a "situation," and she would explain in person. Robert returned and asked if she'd made her plans to get back to Port Charles. "I'm coming to Monte Carlo with you. End of story," she stated.

Jax and Nina arrived in front of a door in an apartment building, and Nina remarked on how fast things were going. Jax told her that they were at the home of the jeweler who'd fashioned the clasp on her necklace and who could have been the one to separate the original piece. Just then, Nina's phone went off, and she saw a bulletin from the Invader about Nelle's disappearance. Nina remarked that Nelle could be anywhere, "even here!" Jax reassured Nina that she was doing the right thing, so she knocked on the apartment door.

A man opened the door, and Jax made sure that he was a retired jeweler named Abraham. The man confirmed it, and Nina showed him the necklace. He looked at it and saw that it was his clasp, but he didn't know if the half heart pendant was his, as he'd usually only sold full heart pendants. Nina informed him that the heart had been split in half, and he thought that sounded familiar, as it had been such an unusual request. He remembered the requester telling him that money was no issue. He added that he didn't remember the name, but he was "good with faces." Nina showed him a picture of Madeline, but she didn't look familiar to him.

Nina asked Abraham about the time frame of the request, but he replied that he'd been in business for 40 years. He realized that he'd kept all of his records, so he asked for a rough time frame from her. She replied that it would have been sometime around 1991, so he told them to wait while he looked through his records. He returned with a receipt from September of 1991 with the request to divide the heart pendant into two matching necklaces.

Abraham was startled by Nina's tears, and she insisted that they were happy tears. He let her keep the receipt, and he hoped that she found what she was looking for. He excused himself, as his "stories" were about to start, so Nina and Jax left. Out in the hall, Nina read the name "Phyllis Caulfield" off the receipt, and she thought that she recognized it.

Cameron, Josslyn, and Dev sat down in the park. Josslyn was sad that Trina couldn't join them, as it had been a long time since the four of them had hung out. "Isn't that what homecoming is for?" Dev asked. Cameron commented that they would soon all go their separate ways for college, and Josslyn couldn't imagine not being around her friends. She suddenly excused herself to go visit Mike at Turning Woods. Cameron advised her that she could talk to him if she ever needed to. "You're the best," she told him warmly, and she left. "I think Josslyn likes me," Cameron told Dev with a smile.

Sonny was sitting with an unresponsive Mike at Turning Woods when he excused himself for a coffee break. He had his face in his hands when Stella approached, and he was happy to see her. He told her about the amazing day at the track, but he added how hard it was not knowing how long Mike had left. Stella disclosed that a "final burst of energy" usually happened right before the end. She went in to sit with Mike and took his hand. She assured him that many people loved him, including her. He turned his head to look at her, and she was glad to have the chance to sit with him again "like old times." She asked if he was tired, and he nodded. She advised him that there was nothing to be afraid of and that everything would be all right.

In the lobby of Turning Woods, Carly read the bulletin from the Invader about Nelle's disappearance and thought about the last time she'd seen Nelle. "Carly!" Ned called out, startling her out of her memories. Carly told him that she was about to text Olivia about hotel business, but she asked if Olivia was there. He replied that Olivia wasn't there, but he needed to update Sonny on where she was and what she was doing.

Just then, Sonny approached, and he asked Ned about Brook Lynn. Ned replied that she needed to make some more progress before she could get a full prognosis. Sonny had faith in Brook Lynn, as she was a strong woman. Sonny informed Carly that Stella was with Mike, so Carly excused herself to go see Stella.

Ned apologized for the interruption and excused himself, but Sonny told Ned that he needed a distraction. Ned told Sonny about Olivia's whereabouts, and he figured that she would have invited Sonny along if Sonny hadn't needed to be with Mike. Ned continued that it really wasn't a good time for Olivia to "run off to Europe," but Sonny understood why she'd gone. He said that one couldn't waste time with the people one loved. Ned feared heartbreak for Olivia, but Sonny joked that nothing would ever stop Olivia from doing what she wanted to do. Ned expressed his sympathy about Mike, and Sonny replied that he was just trying to make the most of the time they had left together.

Carly found Stella outside of Mike's room just as Josslyn arrived. Josslyn explained that she wanted to be with Mike, even if he didn't know that she was there. Stella assured Josslyn that Mike would be able to feel her love, and the three entered Mike's room. Sonny entered the room, and he was glad that his family, which included Stella, was there. Just then, Mike started to have trouble breathing, so Josslyn ran out of the room to get a nurse.

A short while later, the nurse emerged from Mike's room to talk to the family, and she revealed that Mike had pneumonia, so he was being put on oxygen. Stella entered the room and found Mike hooked up to the oxygen. She advised him to "hang out a little longer," as his family wanted to say goodbye. Stella went back out into the hall, and Sonny asked, "It's the end, isn't it?" Stella confirmed it, and she said that it was time for everyone to say goodbye to Mike.

Josslyn says goodbye to Mike

Josslyn says goodbye to Mike

Friday, September 11, 2020

At the art gallery, a camera shutter clicked as Franco and Ava shared a kiss. They pulled apart quickly and agreed they shouldn't have done that. Ava admitted it had felt right, and it had taken her back. Franco verified that Ava had meant in the days before they'd married others. Ava confessed that she missed the closeness but was concerned that someone might find out about the kiss. Franco asked if she wanted to preserve his marriage. "And mine," Ava replied.

Franco wondered if Ava had feelings for Nikolas, after all, but Ava insisted that she despised the air he breathed. Franco thought she should find someone to take care of her needs, but Ava confessed that if Nikolas were to find out about the kiss, she'd lose everything. Nikolas would get it all. Franco couldn't believe that Ava had such a crazy agreement. She confirmed that the cheater would lose all, but she smiled. She firmly believed that Nikolas would screw up first. "What if he doesn't?" Franco asked.

Ava reiterated that Nikolas couldn't find out about the kiss, and Franco assured her that it wouldn't be from him. He thought that Ava and Nikolas should find a way to fall in love with each other.

In the park, a camera shutter clicked as Nikolas and Elizabeth shared a kiss. Nikolas thought it felt right, and they fit together perfectly. Elizabeth stressed that she couldn't do that to Franco, although Nikolas was adamant that she deserved better. He thought she had been looking for a way out. Elizabeth assured him that she loved her husband, and she was trying to save their relationship.

Elizabeth made it clear that the kiss had been a mistake, and she apologized if she'd given Nikolas the wrong idea. Nikolas revealed that she wasn't the only one with a lot to lose, but Elizabeth was annoyed that he was comparing marriages because there was no contest, as far as she was concerned. Nikolas assured her that there was no contest, as Elizabeth and Franco were in love, while he and Ava were not.

Elizabeth expressed her opinion of Nikolas' marriage and called Ava and Nikolas "mutually destructive" because they were trapped in a marriage for money. Nikolas declared that he and Ava had not been sleeping together, and he had had to ensure that Ava didn't get all of his fortune. Elizabeth couldn't believe there was no sex or love, and she didn't think that Nikolas would be able to last.

Nikolas insisted that he'd had practice while away, and he was sure that Ava would cheat first. He wanted to make sure that Ava wouldn't hear about the kiss, and Elizabeth promised that Ava and Franco wouldn't hear it from her. She urged Nikolas to fix things.

Elsewhere in the park, Cameron and Dev sat on a bench and chatted. Cameron revealed that he couldn't choose between Trina and Josslyn. Dev could see why the girls liked Cameron, although Cameron wasn't too sure about that. He thought it was all a mess, and he considered that he, Dev, and the girls were all a package deal. He didn't want to mess it up.

Dev urged Cameron to make up his mind, pick one girl, and set the other girl free. Cameron was annoyed and voiced his opinion that Dev was probably asexual and didn't understand. Dev quickly took exception, and Cameron pointed out that Dev had never spoken about anyone. He asked Dev if there was someone, and Dev ordered Cameron to stay focused on his own problem. He stormed off.

At General Hospital, Trina surprised Portia with a visit. She wanted to thank her mother for "clearing the air" with Ava and giving her permission to work the extra hours at the art gallery. She told Portia about attending the upcoming homecoming dance with Dev, Cameron, and Josslyn as a group of friends with no drama. Portia asked how Trina would feel if Cameron ended up with Josslyn at the end of the night.

Shortly after, Portia ran into Finn and Epiphany, and they wondered about the new chief of staff they'd be meeting. Trina received a text message that Josslyn's grandfather was in hospice. Epiphany was upset to hear about Mike, and Finn noted that it put their fear of a new chief of staff into perspective. Just as Finn finished his sentence, Britt greeted the group. She noted that she was looking forward to working with Finn again.

Finn was incredulous as Britt turned and congratulated Portia on her new position. Britt announced that she was not like her mother, except for the fact that she would be running a "tight ship." Britt and Epiphany had words, and Elizabeth arrived as Britt made it known that she would whip the hospital into shape.

Britt realized that her appointment was shocking, but she thought that she should almost feel offended at the reactions she'd received. She explained that Cyrus had reached out to her. Elizabeth reminded her that Cyrus was an accused drug lord, but Britt pointed out that he had been framed by some cop. Portia called out Taggert's name. Britt continued that she'd been horrified by the mismanagement at the hospital and by the unethical Monica and Bobbie. Finn and Elizabeth quickly spoke up to defend the fired women.

Britt thought it was troubling that Elizabeth and Finn were condoning Monica and Bobbie's behavior. Epiphany proclaimed that she and Elizabeth had patients to tend to, and they began to walk off. Britt stopped them and urged them to check the schedule. The new head nurse had made some changes. Portia, Finn, and Elizabeth quickly shouted out in support of Epiphany. Britt insisted it was time for change, and it had been the chairman's decision.

Epiphany and Elizabeth walked off. Finn mentioned his drug abuse past, but Britt was only concerned that he run his department efficiently. She wanted him to set up a meeting. Finn was resistant and stated that he was busy, but Britt ordered him to make an appointment with her. Portia asked about her own job security, and Britt declared that she had faith in Portia, as did Cyrus.

Elizabeth and Epiphany looked at the nurses' schedule in dismay. Epiphany had been relegated to an administrative position, and Elizabeth had had her full-time shifts taken away. She had ended up with two satellite shifts. Epiphany vowed to fight, and they told Finn about their demotions. Epiphany thought that Cyrus was messing around with things that he shouldn't be involved in and was putting the hospital at risk.

At Turning Woods, a doctor met with Sonny, Carly, and Josslyn in the hallway. He told them that oxygen was keeping Mike comfortable, and the staff was monitoring his pain. He encouraged the family to visit with Mike. The trio entered the room, and Sonny made his way to his father's bedside. He stated that the doctor had suggested that Mike was ready to leave, and he wanted Mike to know that they were all there for him. Sonny cried and told Mike that he wouldn't have to do it alone.

Carly announced that she would leave to call Michael, and Sonny wondered if Josslyn was okay after having gone through the same thing with Oscar. The teen noted that she had been lucky to have said everything that she'd wanted to say, and she wanted to do the same thing with Mike. She promised to be quick, and Sonny left her alone with Mike.

Josslyn sat down by the bed and thanked Mike for having treated her like one of his own. He was the only grandfather she'd ever known, and she couldn't and didn't want to picture a future without him. She thanked him for the time the family had had with him living in their house, and she laughed at a memory of Mike thinking she had been his childhood friend Mary.

Josslyn was sad and happy that she had gotten to see Mike as a kid when he'd asked her to play stickball with him, thinking she was Mary. She cried that that had been special, and he'd made her think about her future differently. She thought about having Mike around for her upcoming homecoming dance and providing her with a corsage. He would state that he'd always watch out for her. She promised to have a good time because he would want her to. She would miss him. Mike smiled.

Josslyn talked about working her way back in school after Oscar's death. She pictured Mike at her graduation when he would present her with a watch that had belonged to Sonny's mother and tell her to remember how time flew. He would tell her to make the best of it, and she would promise to make him proud.

Josslyn stated that she would always make room for love, just like Mike, even at the end. She thought of her wedding day when Mike would tell her husband how important Josslyn was to him. She daydreamed of telling Mike in later years about her pregnancy, and she called Mike a blessing.

Josslyn declared that she was super competitive and would always try to fix her mistakes, just like Mike had done with Sonny and Sonny's mother. She hoped she would deal with things like him and that she had learned life's lessons from him. She hoped he could hear her, and she thanked him again for everything. Mike turned his head and gave her a thumbs-up as Josslyn cried and expressed her love.

Out in the hallway, Carly spotted Sonny, and he explained that Josslyn had asked for time alone with Mike. They were glad that Mike and Josslyn had gotten to know each other. Carly noted that even when Mike had begun to deteriorate, he'd never let Josslyn down. She had enjoyed and loved him, and Sonny called it an "incredible gift."

Carly exclaimed that Mike had experienced love and joy, and he'd given it back. He had made their family life better, and he would take it with him. She spoke of all the memories that Mike had probably retained, and the feeling that he was lucky. Carly hugged Sonny, and he said that he couldn't have done it without her. Carly promised he would always have her. They expressed their love, and Carly went off to get some coffee.

Trina arrived at the gallery and asked if she could start on her extra hours because she needed a distraction. She told Ava about the homecoming dance and how she had continued to think about the last one. Ava pointed out that the same thing wouldn't happen again. Trina related that she and Cameron had never kissed again, and the group was going as friends. Ava wondered if that was good or bad.

Trina didn't want to mess up any relationships. She mentioned that Josslyn's grandfather was in hospice, and Ava asked her to keep an eye on things because she had an errand to attend to. Trina thought back to the conversation she'd had with Cameron after their kiss and brush with death.

Franco ran into Nikolas at the park and claimed to be looking for Elizabeth for a lunch date. Nikolas stated that he'd had a rough day, and he claimed to have not seen Elizabeth. Franco feigned surprise and noted that Elizabeth had told him she'd run into Nikolas earlier. Nikolas suggested that Franco call her, and Franco played dumb. He pretended to realize that he was late but said time had gotten away from him when he'd been with Ava.

Franco said that he and Ava had sorted things out after having a disagreement about her portrait. Nikolas wished Franco luck, and Franco asked why. Nikolas stuttered and replied that he hoped Franco found Elizabeth.

Ava found Sonny at Turning Woods and asked if there was anything she could do for him.

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