General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of August 31, 2020

Alexis found Neil dead in bed. Alex called Anna for help. Cyrus fired both Bobbie and Monica. Carly went along with Jax's plan. Michael asked Willow to adopt Wiley. Olivia flew to Geneva with Robert to see Dante. Sonny spent an idyllic day with Mike.
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Alexis found Neil dead in bed and Alex called Anna for help
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Alexis finds an unresponsive Neil

Alexis finds an unresponsive Neil

Monday, August 31, 2020

Sam was happy to receive a phone call from Jason. While she expressed her dismay at the fact that he'd checked out of the hospital, she admitted that she understood. Jason revealed that he had gotten sidetracked on his search for Wiley and had run into another situation. He announced that he would be home to fill her in.

At the cabin in the mountains, Valerie had questions for Carly, who pointed to her facial bruises. Carly explained that she'd found Nelle, who had been vicious. She flashed back to a conversation with Jax, who had pleaded with her not to divulge that Nelle had gone over the cliff. Carly told Valerie about her fight with Nelle and that Nelle had knocked her to the ground. Nelle had disappeared after that.

Carly added that things had happened quickly, and Nelle had to have run off. She didn't know the direction. Jax spoke up and mentioned that when he'd found Carly, she had been trying to "get her bearings." Valerie stressed that while she was Carly's cousin, she was also a cop and had to ask questions. She wanted to know if Carly had hurt Nelle during their fight.

Carly was surprised at Valerie's question and replied that she didn't know. She assumed that Nelle might have scratches, also. Jax asked if he could take Carly home, and Valerie agreed. She wanted to see Carly at the police station the following day so Carly could give her statement. Valerie promised to find Nelle and bring her to justice. Carly thanked her and left with Jax.

Outside of the cabin, Carly took a deep breath and tried not to cry. Jax did his best to comfort her, and he told Carly she'd done the right thing. There was no need to disclose that Nelle had gone over the cliff. He didn't want her to say anything to Michael and Willow, even though Carly was worried that the couple would continue to keep looking over their shoulders for Nelle. She made it clear that she would have to tell Sonny.

Later, the police continued to search for Nelle in the dark. Nelle's broken-heart necklace lay hidden in the grass and dirt.

At the Quartermaines', Michael finished up a phone call with Ned and told him to thank Brook Lynn because he and Willow owed her everything. He turned to Willow and told her about the tracker on the kangaroo and the tracking application on Nelle's phone that he'd been able to access. Brook Lynn had been the one to tell him about it after she'd first tried to stop Nelle. Willow admitted that she liked Brook Lynn more than ever.

Nina sat outside of Kelly's and looked at her phone as she played with her broken-heart necklace. Valentin saw her and offered to help. Nina explained that she had been waiting for news about Wiley, which in turn always prompted her to think about her own child. She didn't know if her child was alive, and it was hurtful.

Just then, Sam emerged from Kelly's and attacked Valentin for not providing her with the fact that he would leave General Hospital wide open to a drug trafficker when she'd given him her children's proxies. She was also angry that he'd fired Michael. Valentin reminded her that she'd wanted a new parole officer, and she'd never asked him for details. They proceeded to argue, and Sam accused Valentin of wanting to protect Sasha and merely looking for revenge because Michael had known the truth about Sasha.

Valentin insisted that he would make the company more successful, and he'd find a job for Michael. Sam left, and Nina asked how Valentin had secured Sam a new parole officer. Valentin indicated that he'd called in a favor. "I think most people would do whatever they have to, to be with the person they love," Valentin declared.

Nina admitted that she'd believed Valentin had had remorse over Sasha. However, she had just learned that Michael had been blackmailing Valentin, and he'd gone for revenge. He claimed he'd done it all to protect their love, and he wondered if Jax would do the same. Nina called Valentin deceitful and a manipulator, and she didn't have to worry about Jax because he'd never do the same.

Nina continued that Jax treated her as an equal, and he had even been helping her to find her child. They had a new lead on the necklace. "That's impossible!" Valentin exclaimed. He stated that there had been no additional information, but Nina didn't believe him. She got up to leave, and Valentin grabbed her arm. He insisted that he hadn't been able to learn anything else, and her child had probably died in childbirth. Nina retorted that maybe Valentin hadn't thought of everything.

Nina revealed that Jax had a jeweler who might be able to help. "So, you're hanging your hopes on a maybe?" Valentin asked. "At least I'm not hanging my hopes on a lie," Nina snapped. She couldn't trust Valentin, and she suggested that he had even found her child and hadn't told her. Valentin insisted he would never do that, but Nina asked why he was objecting to her search. Valentin proclaimed that he didn't want Nina disappointed again.

Jax arrived as Nina and Valentin were having words. He announced that Nelle had gotten away, but everyone was doing okay. Valentin left and told Nina to be careful. Nina informed Jax that Valentin had objected to their search for her child. She knew that the necklace was the key.

As a monitor beeped, Sonny entered Mike's room at Turning Woods. Mike stared into space, and Sonny gently removed Mike's earphones. He acknowledged that Mike had been listening to Ella Fitzgerald, and he reminded his father that Brook Lynn had performed some of that music for him. Sonny talked about Brook Lynn, and he noted that she would sing for Mike again when she was doing better.

Sonny kept on talking. He said that he'd seen Michael and Wiley, and Michael was a great dad. He grabbed Mike's hand and spoke about his kids. He noted that they didn't judge him in the way that Sonny had judged Mike. Sonny was happy about the time he'd gotten to spend with Mike, but he knew that it was "coming to an end." Just then, Mike squeezed Sonny's hand and turned his head to look at Sonny with tears streaming down his face.

Sonny was excited about the moment and asked Mike to stay, but Mike reverted back to the way that Sonny had found him. Sonny pointed out that Mike had lost some weight, and he didn't want Mike to be uncomfortable. He wanted Mike to leave if he wanted to, and it was entirely up to him. Sonny didn't want Mike to "stick around" for him because the family would all be fine.

Carly showed up, and Sonny told her that Mike was just sleeping. He asked why she had gone after Nelle, and he shared the moment he'd just had with his father. Sonny didn't think that Mike would last much longer, and he had instructed Mike to do what he had to do. Carly was proud of Sonny. Sonny asked if Nelle was in jail, and Carly replied that she had gotten away.

At Alexis' house, Neil asked if she wanted to be friends and would want to see him. He had tried to respect her wishes and had stayed away. Neil had missed her, and he hoped she felt the same way. Alexis admitted that she'd been embarrassed when she'd been disbarred, but she'd had time to think. She thought she had made a severe error and had focused on what they had lost and not what they'd found. She wanted to be more than friends.

Alexis stressed that she and Neil meant something to each other and had been too stupid to move ahead. She wanted no more excuses. They agreed to see where things would lead, and Neil suggested that they could take things slowly. "Who said anything about slow?" Alexis asked. She had options. Neil disclosed that he hadn't been feeling good in a while, and Alexis added that they would have lots of moments to enjoy together.

After Neil suggested that it was all about "carpe diem," Alexis told him that speaking Latin turned her on. She asked Neil to kiss her.

Back at the Quartermaines', Michael and Willow descended the stairs and joked about how often they'd checked on Wiley. Michael wanted a distraction and suggested they watch the movie they'd planned to watch before the kidnapping, but Willow wanted to talk. They sat at the bottom of the winding staircase, and Willow admitted that she should have gone with Michael instead of waiting it out at home, even though she'd had a slew of visitors.

Nelle revealed that Sasha had stopped by, and there had been an "underlying tension," even though Sasha had had the right intentions. Willow was adamant that she should have accompanied Michael because they were stronger together. They had married because Wiley had been their top priority.

Michael agreed that he and Willow were a good team but disagreed that Willow should have been by his side. Michael pondered what might have happened if Nelle had attacked Willow instead of him. He disclosed that Nelle had hit him over the head with a vase.

As Willow finished tending to Michael's bump on the head, they looked into each other's eyes. Michael promised that he was okay and grabbed her hands. He assured her that they were all safe. Willow worried about how things would have been if anything had happened to Michael. She didn't complete her thought, and Michael leaned over and kissed her. They awkwardly broke apart, and before they could discuss what had happened, the doorbell rang. It was Valerie, who asked about Wiley and noted that she had an update. Willow ran upstairs to check on Wiley.

Valerie told Michael that the search for Nelle was still ongoing. She would leave a security detail in front of the house. She left, and Willow returned. She and Michael shared a look.

Sam was at home and was surprised when Jason walked in after knocking on the front door. He admitted that he hadn't expected to be back to their place so soon. They shared a hug, and Sam asked him what had been more important than finding Wiley. Jason explained that Nelle's traced phone had led him to the pier, but instead of finding Nelle, he'd run into Taggert, who had been very much alive.

Jason told Sam about the Taggert situation. Sam wanted him to allow others to handle Cyrus. Suddenly, Danny stood at the top of the steps and was excited to see his father. Jason revealed that he was there to stay. Danny excitedly told Jason about a new video game and invited him to look. While Jason thought the next day would be soon enough, Sam thought it was a special occasion, and Danny should be allowed to stay up late. The trio had a group hug.

As Neil lay in bed at Alexis' place, they joked about her having to use some hand lotion. Neil expressed how he'd just wanted day-to-day moments such as that, and he enjoyed worrying about her. He announced that he was spending the night, and they would start their new lives the following day. He'd decided to be a chef, and Alexis confessed that she wanted to be a professional poker player. She was looking forward to finding out about the future.

When the sun began to stream through the windows, Alexis retrieved two cups of coffee. She was happy as she shouted out to Neil, who was still in bed. She put the cups down and grabbed his feet, which felt cold to her. She reached up to him and turned him over. She began to shout his name, but there was no response.

Sonny and Mike share a special moment

Sonny and Mike share a special moment

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Carly, dressed in a pink bathrobe, poured herself a cup of coffee and sighed. She looked up as someone tapped on the window of her kitchen door. It was Nelle. Carly hurriedly locked the door and turned away, only to see Nelle standing beside her. Carly stammered that Nelle was dead. "As if death can stop me," Nelle replied. Carly woke up with a start.

Nina sat in the Metro Court lobby with Jax's jeweler, Evelyn. The jeweler had done her job and informed Nina that she might be able to trace Nina's necklace back to the original craftsman. Evelyn explained that there was an interwoven set of initials on the clasp, and it could be traced to the artisan. Nina was determined to find the artist, although she figured it could be a "long shot."

Evelyn gave Nina the artist's phone number, and Nina admitted that she was hopeful. She was certain the necklace held the key to a secret, and nothing would stop her.

Jason, Willow, and Michael sat around in the Quartermaine house and joked about Wiley being in the kitchen with the cook, who never permitted anyone to be there. Michael thanked Jason for his help in the search for Wiley, and he disclosed that he and Willow had been up checking on their son all night. Jason headed to the kitchen to see Wiley, and Michael awkwardly tried to explain that he hadn't meant that he and Willow had been up together. They both flashed back to their kiss.

Michael suggested that he and Willow talk about their kiss, and they decided to put it off until later in the day. Willow left the room, and Jason found Michael staring out the French doors. Michael stated that he was still trying to process what had happened, and Jason thought that it might help to talk. Michael teased him and proceeded to talk about the crazy night that had had Nelle seeing herself as the victim. Michael had been afraid that she would hurt Wiley.

Michael told Jason all about the GPS tracker and what had happened after he'd found Wiley and Nelle. Jason replied that Nelle's greatest skill was pushing people to their breaking points. He was glad that Michael had stood his ground. Michael mentioned that he would love to have some advice from Sonny, but he awkwardly told Jason about the kiss with Willow.

Jason felt that the kiss probably would have happened "sooner or later," although Michael didn't think that either he or Willow had expected it. Jason thought the couple had the foundation for a good life. He thought Michael should be honest with Willow and allow her to decide how to proceed. Jason headed for the door and offered his congratulations to Wiley for making it into the kitchen.

Upstairs, Willow wanted to get Wiley dressed. She talked about how the little boy looked more like his dad every day. Downstairs, Michael overheard Willow on the baby monitor as she continued to talk about Michael's handsomeness and bravery. Willow spoke of the kiss that had seemed natural, and she added that it had been easy to kiss Michael. She told Wiley that she and Michael loved him very much.

Willow descended the stairs and announced that Wiley had fallen asleep. Michael wanted to go to the hospital to thank Brook Lynn, and they decided to go without the little boy.

Ned and Olivia were shocked to see Brook Lynn out of bed when they walked into her hospital room. They helped her back to bed and showed her the tablet they thought she'd enjoy for communication. Brook Lynn waved them off and motioned to the door without success as Ned sat on the bed instead. Ned stressed that they would get through the latest tragedy because they were Quartermaines. "You disowned me!" Brook Lynn typed.

Olivia disagreed and tried to explain that Ned had just been angry, but Brook Lynn typed that it was "2 late." Ned did his best to apologize, but Brook Lynn didn't want to hear any of it and just wanted her father to go away. Olivia finally spoke up and told Brook Lynn that it was enough. She wanted the young woman to have some compassion and provide the same forgiveness that had so often been given to Brook Lynn. She understood that Brook Lynn was concerned about her voice.

Olivia left the room, and Ned continued trying to make amends to Brook Lynn. He thought that things would get better after Brook Lynn was home. "What home?" she typed. Ned agreed that he had made Brook Lynn feel unwelcome, but she told him to stop trying.

As Brook Lynn continued to give Ned a hard time, he finally lost control and began to shout. He spoke of her being stabbed and her near death. He grew emotional. Brook Lynn had tears in her eyes but typed "Nope." She wanted no part of Ned.

At Turning Woods, Sonny sipped his coffee in Mike's room as Felix arrived and suggested that Sonny take a break. Sonny announced that he was against any heroic measures, although he wasn't sure what Mike wanted. He had been there all night but didn't want Mike to be alone. Just then, Mike opened his eyes.

Alexis returned to her bedroom with coffee and joked about giving Neil a foot rub. She walked to the bed and noticed that his feet felt cold. She gasped as she rolled Neil over onto his back and screamed for Sam. Alexis quickly placed a phone call for help and noted that Neil did not appear to be breathing.

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly was daydreaming when she heard a knock at the kitchen door. It was Jax, who had assumed she'd had a rough night with Sonny's reaction to the evening's incident and what had happened with Nelle. Carly poured him a cup of coffee and explained that Sonny had been at Turning Woods all night because they weren't sure how much time Mike had left.

Carly wondered if Nelle was really gone and thought that maybe she hadn't died. Jax didn't think there was any way that Nelle could have survived the fall, but Carly insisted that she hadn't seen a body. Jax wondered if Carly was hoping that Nelle was still alive. Carly thought it would be best for everyone if Nelle was dead. She told Jax about her nightmare.

Carly explained that she had looked over her shoulder for Nelle for a very long time, but Nelle wouldn't be able to hurt anyone again. Just then, she received a text message from Sonny, and she told Jax that she had to drop something off at Turning Woods. She wouldn't tell Sonny about Nelle because it wasn't a good time. He would be upset with her.

As Neil's body was wheeled away from Alexis' house, Valerie began to ask Alexis questions. Alexis cried and snapped that Neil had been alive the previous night but was dead with the morning coffee. Valerie began to ask about the relationship. "I would characterize my relationship with Dr. Byrne as over. What we were, what we could have been, I don't know. And now I never will," Alexis replied. Sam hugged her mother.

Shortly after, Sam and Alexis sat with Valerie inside. The cop revealed that the medics had suspected that Neil had had a heart attack. Alexis retorted that Neil hadn't been complaining or fatigued all night. Valerie expressed her sorrow for Alexis' loss and announced she'd be in touch.

Alexis cried as she told Sam that she'd finally found someone who didn't lie to her. She and Neil had wasted time, but he'd shown up and apologized for messing up. They had decided to go for it and had had a great night. "I killed him," Alexis said. "One night with me, and he's dead. I wanted more," she concluded.

At Turning Woods, Sonny sat at Mike's bedside and looked at the newspaper. He talked about the horse races. Mike seemed to be out of it, but suddenly, he raised his fingers to indicate the odds on a particular race. Sonny laughed and told Mike he'd always been good with the odds. Felix arrived to see if anything was needed, and Sonny joked that they needed a horse.

Felix thought that Mike was "chatty," and he chalked it up to a good day with "strong emotional ties." Sonny asked if it would be possible for him to take Mike to the racetrack. Felix agreed to help out, and Sonny prepared to help Mike get dressed.

Mike scratched his face, and Sonny realized that his father wouldn't want to go to the track, looking like a "bum." He promised to help Mike to "look sharp." Soon after, Mike sat up in bed as Sonny gave him the "proper shave." Mike was alert and responsive.

Jax found Nina at Metro Court, and she told him about her meeting with Evelyn. She was happy, but she knew there would be many "dots to be connected." She was positive that she was good at looking for a needle in a haystack. Jax asked if he could tag along with her, and Nina admitted she'd planned to ask him to accompany her. They agreed that Nina would make the arrangements.

Nina asked about Carly, and Jax admitted that she was doing well, "all things considered." He hoped she could get past all of it. Nina thought that Nelle would return, but Jax wasn't so certain.

At the hospital, Ned found Olivia on the phone in the hallway. She completed her call, and Ned revealed that Brook Lynn refused to return home. Olivia thought that there was a lot going on, and Brook Lynn needed the space to recover from her throat injury and to get over Ned's previously harsh words She pointed out that Brook Lynn was unable to make decisions in normal times. Olivia declared that she had to get home to pack in order to visit with Dante. Ned sighed.

Ned insisted that Olivia couldn't leave because he needed her. She clarified that he wanted her and didn't need her, but Ned disagreed. She thought that Brook Lynn would listen to others, like Sonny or Michael, but Ned drew the line at Sonny. Olivia advised Ned that he couldn't control Brook Lynn, and it would take time. She had to leave because Robert was doing her a favor.

Brook Lynn smiled broadly when Willow and Michael walked into her room. Michael wanted to extend his thanks for Wiley, who would one day thank Brook Lynn himself. He made it clear that Brook Lynn had risked her life for them. Willow was grateful for Brook Lynn's courage and sacrifice. She promised to say a special prayer for Brook Lynn at bedtime. Brook Lynn was embarrassed at the show of appreciation.

Carly arrived at Turning Woods with a gift for Mike. He was out of bed, sitting in a wheelchair, and was thrilled to see Carly. Sonny announced that Felix was making the proper arrangements for medical care in order for them to go out. Carly asked if it was boys only, and Mike grabbed her hand.

Jason arrived and was surprised to see everyone all dressed and ready to go out. Carly took credit for Mike's new hat, and Sonny invited Jason to accompany them to the track. Jason declined, and Sonny wheeled Mike into the hallway, accompanied by Carly and Felix.

Alexis walked into her bedroom and found Sam stripping the bed. Alexis walked around the bed and picked up Neil's wallet. She found his ticket stub from the performance of Aida that they'd attended in New York City. She sat down on the bed next to Sam, who hugged her as she cried.

Olivia leaves with Robert

Olivia leaves with Robert

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

At Metro Court, Robert asked Spinelli on the phone to keep him in the loop about Peter while Robert was out of town. When he hung up, he watched the meeting between Anna, Maxie, and Peter. Anna told the two that she wanted to host a dinner party to celebrate their baby news. Peter marveled that he'd never imagined what his life would become before he'd arrived in Port Charles. Maxie and Peter had to go meet Lulu and Dustin, so Anna promised to talk about dates with them soon, and the two left.

Robert approached Anna and figured she'd be happy to hear that he would be attending Holly's memorial service. He wanted to talk to her about Peter, but she refused to listen, as she already knew all of his talking points. She rattled some of them off, and Robert instructed that she could either avoid the truth or "step up and face it." He had a flight to catch, so he left, and she glared at him as he walked away. Just then, her phone went off, and she answered the call from the "unknown caller." "Hello, sister," Alex greeted.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia ran around, packing for her trip, and Ned was incredulous that she was still planning on going. Ned argued that she would just be flying all the way to Geneva for inevitable heartbreak while Brook Lynn needed her right then. Olivia accused him of trying to force her to choose between their children, and she thought that he could wait a couple days for her to help "build a bridge" to Brook Lynn. Olivia vowed that she would never abandon her children like Ned had, and she stormed upstairs.

A short while later, Robert arrived, and Olivia returned downstairs with her bags. Robert took her bags to put into the car. Ned wished Olivia luck, and he hoped that everything worked out. She wished that he meant that. She walked out the door, and he begged her not to leave angry. She promised to call when she got there, and she left.

Sasha met Chase at the bistro, and he thanked her for agreeing to meet. He disclosed that he wanted to tell Willow the truth about his and Sasha's affair. "Are you out of your mind?" she questioned. He reasoned that every reason Willow and Michael had to get married was gone. Sasha countered that Willow loved Wiley more than anything, and she didn't think Willow would choose Chase after he'd broken her heart. Sasha didn't think that Michael or Willow would ever forgive them, so she advised Chase to move on. Chase refused to give up on Willow, and he left.

Sonny and Carly entered the stables at the racetrack, followed by Felix, who wheeled Mike in. Felix took Mike to look around at the horses before they placed a bet. Sonny confided in Carly that he could feel that the end was near for Mike, and he wanted to spend as much time with his father as he could. Carly commended Sonny for taking Mike to the track, as she believed that it was the best gift he could have given Mike. Sonny recalled that, before the gambling addiction, Mike had been at his best at the track.

Felix returned with Mike, and Carly invited Felix to the concession stand so that Sonny and Mike could talk. Sonny helped Mike out of the wheelchair, and Mike walked over to a horse to pet it. He thanked Sonny for the trip, and the two embraced. Sonny asked for his father's advice on a bet, and Mike replied, "Shoot the moon, son." Carly and Felix returned with carrots for the horses, and Felix and Mike fed one of the horses. Sonny asked Carly how he was supposed to say goodbye to his father, especially when Mike didn't even know that it was goodbye. Felix helped Mike back into the wheelchair, and the four left the stables to watch the race.

Michael and Willow sat down on a blanket at the park. Willow hoped that they weren't becoming hovering parents as they observed Wiley with his nanny in the distance. Michael advised Willow that he'd talked to Diane, and once they legally settled things with Nelle, he wanted Willow to adopt Wiley. As Chase walked by, she said that she loved the idea of adopting Wiley, but she wanted to make sure that Michael wasn't doing it because he felt like it had been wrong to kiss her. Both agreed that they didn't regret the kiss, but Willow added that she didn't want to rush anything. Michael respected that she was still in love with Chase, and they agreed that family was the most important thing. A dejected Chase walked away.

Willow told Michael about Nina's surprisingly welcome visit the night before. Just then, Michael got a text, and Willow questioned him about his suddenly furrowed brow. Michael told her about Mike, who'd been taken to the track. He loved his grandfather, but he admitted that he'd learned from Mike about what not to do. He vowed to commit to giving Wiley the best life possible, and he wanted Willow included in that. "Sounds like a plan," she agreed.

There was a knock on Brook Lynn's hospital room door, and Lulu and Dustin entered. Lulu observed that Brook Lynn looked great, and she wondered how Brook Lynn was doing. "Fantastic. You can go now," Brook Lynn replied via her tablet. Lulu told Brook Lynn that she knew what it was like to be stabbed and left to die, thanks to Ryan Chamberlain. She promised to be there if Brook Lynn wanted to commiserate. Dustin said they would check in again soon, and the two left.

Later, Sasha arrived to visit Brook Lynn, and she hoped it wasn't a bad time. "They're all bad times, so..." Brook Lynn replied on her tablet with a smile. Sasha handed her a gift bag, and Brook Lynn took out what Sasha described as "Deception's newest moisturizer." Sasha explained that, when she'd been in the hospital for an extended period, she'd been plagued by dry skin. Taking advantage of Brook Lynn's silence, Sasha insisted that Chase was a genuinely good guy, and that she'd been the one to make the first move on him. She reasoned that the saving grace was Michael and Willow getting full custody of Wiley out of it.

Chase arrived at Brook Lynn's room, and Sasha immediately left. Chase wanted to check up on Brook Lynn, and he also wanted to thank her for being the one responsible for Wiley's safety. "Does this mean I get a free pass the next time you want to arrest me?" she typed out with a smile. Chase chuckled, told her to feel better, and left. He caught up with Sasha at the elevators, and he admitted that she'd been right about not telling Willow the truth. She replied that the worst part was that accepting reality didn't make it hurt any less.

Maxie and Peter met up with Lulu and Dustin at the bistro. Lulu divulged that she and Dustin had visited Brook Lynn, and they felt really bad for her. Lulu was grateful that her nephew was safe because of Brook Lynn. Maxie feared that Brook Lynn would never be able to sing again, and Lulu hoped that wouldn't happen. Lulu wanted to move on to happier subjects and mentioned the baby. Maxie thought that Peter would make an "incredible dad."

Brando has some visitors

Brando has some visitors

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Peter scrambled into Maxie's examination room at the hospital, and he apologized for being late. He promised that it would be the last time work interfered with their family. She completely understood, and she talked about all of the "imaginary obstacles" she'd put in front of herself regarding having a baby. There was a knock on the door, and Dr. Navarro entered the room. A few minutes later, she performed Maxie's ultrasound and confirmed that the baby was healthy. She let the couple hear the baby's heartbeat, and Peter was amazed. A short while later, Dr. Navarro confirmed Maxie's next appointment for three weeks from then, and she handed them a sonogram picture. Maxie admired Peter as he admired the photo.

"Alex?" Anna asked on the phone is disbelief. Alex congratulated Anna on becoming a grandmother again, but Anna demanded to know what Alex really wanted. Alex replied that she wanted to stop running, and she begged Anna to help her. She asked Anna to meet her in Berlin, and she would get back to Anna with the time and place. Finn arrived as Alex said goodbye to Anna, and Anna hung up. Finn could tell that something was wrong, and Anna told him about the phone call. Anna knew that Alex was baiting her, and she worried about how a meeting could affect Peter. However, Anna decided that she had to accept Alex's invitation.

Finn thought that Anna would be walking into a trap, but she promised to take the necessary precautions, as Alex wouldn't go away, even if she was ignored. Finn didn't want her to go, especially because he figured that Alex knew about Peter being Anna's weak spot. Anna stated that she had to protect her family. Finn told her to let him know when she was leaving, as Violet would want to say goodbye, and he walked out on a tearful Anna.

Maxie and Peter arrived and handed Anna the sonogram picture. The couple gushed over how great their baby would be, not least of all because of the two "magnificent" grandmothers. An emotional Anna nodded in agreement.

Robert and Olivia entered the plane, and Olivia talked about how grateful she was to Robert. He informed her that he had a couple strings left to pull before she could see Dante, but they wouldn't be a problem. They sat down, and Olivia wished Ned wasn't so upset about her trip. As a stewardess set drinks down in front of them, Olivia explained to Robert about Ned throwing Brook Lynn out, and then her attack. She thought that Ned didn't understand that Brook Lynn needed time and space to heal. Robert agreed that it was crazy when a loved one refused to see what was right in front of them.

Olivia wondered who Robert was really talking about. He replied that Anna was forcing him to go to Holly's memorial service. Olivia related that she'd read Holly's tribute in The Invader, and she sounded like the perfect woman for Robert. He told Olivia how he'd married Holly to help her stay in the country, and they'd slowly fallen in love. "No wonder you're afraid to go," Olivia observed, but Robert countered that she was also afraid to visit her son.

Olivia repeated to Robert what Ned had said about going all the way to Geneva just to get her heart broken. She feared that Dante would want nothing to do with her, but Robert urged her to stay positive. "As long as you let me support you, too," she replied. She decided to go to the memorial service with Robert. "I've heard worse ideas," he said, and they clinked their glasses together and drank.

At Jason's, Spinelli was explaining to Jason how to work a device when Sam entered with Alexis. Sam revealed that Alexis would be staying with them for a little while. Alexis gave the go-ahead for Sam to tell them the news, so Sam updated them on Neil. Alexis added that she was waiting to hear about the autopsy results. Jason figured that the kids would love having Alexis there. Spinelli chimed in that he and Jason were working on a project and had to go, but he hoped that Alexis found the answers she was looking for. When they were gone, Alexis wanted to focus on a situation that wasn't her own, so she asked about Sam's parole officer.

After trying to change the subject, Sam confessed that she'd "traded favors" with Valentin. As a result, she blamed herself for Michael being ousted as CEO of ELQ, and for Cyrus' installation as hospital board chairman. Alexis advised Sam that it was all right to acknowledge the mistake, but life was too short for regret. Sam was glad that Alexis had had one happy night with Neil. Just then, Alexis' phone went off, and she saw a text message from the medical examiner that the autopsy results were in. Sam wanted to accompany Alexis, but Alexis wanted to go alone. She urged Sam to live her life and enjoy herself, and she left.

A short while later, Alexis bumped into Finn at the hospital. He offered to accompany her to their meeting, but she revealed that she wasn't there for the meeting. She revealed to Finn that Neil was dead.

At Turning Woods, Cyrus was helping an older man with a puzzle when Walker, his henchman, arrived. Cyrus advised Walker that it was time to "pay our friend a visit," and he asked Walker to let him know what happened. When Walker was gone, Sonny entered the room and asked to join Cyrus. A nurse approached and told the older man that it was time for his walk, so the two left. Cyrus asked about Mike, but Sonny refused to answer. He advised that Cyrus being there broke their truce and could be considered an "act of war." Cyrus insisted that he liked to volunteer to fill gaps in people's lives, and he wondered if that was so hard to believe. "For you? It's impossible to believe," Brick answered as he entered the room.

Brick informed Sonny that he was in town on his way to a job, but he'd figured he'd say hello first. Cyrus observed that Brick seemed to know a lot about him, but he didn't know anything about Brick. Brick introduced himself and added that he knew a lot about Cyrus, and none of it was good. Cyrus told Brick about how he'd helped General Hospital, where an outside consultant had found "institutional rot." He continued that he had a big revamp planned. Cyrus commented that Jason had checked himself out of the hospital against his doctor's advice, and he hoped that it didn't set Jason's recovery back. When he was gone, Brick figured that he knew why Cyrus wanted to control the hospital. "I'm way ahead of you," Sonny answered.

Brick offered to look into Cyrus for Sonny, and Sonny warned that he might need Brick's help in the future. Brick asked about Mike, and Sonny revealed that Mike was "getting to the end." Brick offered his services, but Sonny didn't know what to do, either. Brick offered Sonny a drink, and Sonny agreed to take Brick up on the offer the first chance he got.

A short while later, Sonny arrived at the hospital and asked Deanna if he could see Monica. Deanna divulged that Monica and Bobbie had just cleared out their offices because Cyrus had fired them both.

Brando was working on a car at his shop when a cop entered with some questions for him. Brando assumed that the questions were about Jason's motorcycle. He handed the cop the receipt for the job, and he added that he'd called the manufacturer of the stabilizer for any reported defects, of which there were none. Brando insisted that it wasn't his fault, as he'd installed hundreds of the part. Walker arrived and asked for a minute with Brando. The cop advised that he'd be in touch, and he left.

Walker told Brando that Cyrus had asked him to stop by to see if Brando needed any help, like making legal issues go away. Brando replied that he could use some more business, and he gave Walker some car tips. An annoyed Walker left. Spinelli arrived at the shop minutes later, and he asked Brando to look at his car, which wasn't starting, in a parking lot down the street. Brando finally agreed, and he locked the shop before they left. Jason appeared in the garage.

A short while later, Jason could hear Spinelli outside the shop, loudly thanking Brando for his help. Spinelli offered to take Brando to lunch for his trouble, but Brando declined the offer. Brando advised Spinelli to remember to turn his lights off before parking and to get a newer vehicle. He added that he wasn't going to charge Spinelli for a jump-start. Brando entered the shop, and Spinelli looked around to make sure that Jason was gone. He was delighted to see the camera high up and unseen on the wall.

Walker met up with Cyrus in the park and informed Cyrus that the cops had been questioning Brando. Cyrus wondered if Brando had accepted their offer, but Walker revealed that Brando hadn't. "Time for next steps," Cyrus stated, and he added that Brando would be sorry.

Cyrus thought back to the day he'd visited Brando at the garage. He'd offered Brando a job as a chauffeur and mechanic for him, but Brando had turned the job offer down. Brando had explained that he was happy at the shop that his cousin Sonny had set up for him. As Cyrus had talked to Brando, someone had tampered with Jason's motorcycle outside. Walker commented that the man who'd tampered with bike clearly hadn't known what he was doing, since Jason was still alive. "As long as he's in the way, I can't get to the real target, Sonny," Walker said.

Spinelli met up with Jason at the park, and he inquired how Jason had gotten out. Jason reminded him that it was Sonny's shop, so he was familiar with the layout. Spinelli opened his laptop and was delighted to see that the camera Jason had planted in Brando's shop was functioning perfectly. Spinelli mentioned that he'd been thinking about reviving his private investigation agency, called Jackal and Associates, and he suggested that Jason be the "associate."

Spinelli wanted to vent about Maxie's situation for a minute, and he feared how hurt Maxie would be when she found out that Peter was a heinous sham. Jason advised Spinelli that the only way to get Maxie to believe him was to find irrefutable proof. Sam arrived and asked about Jason and Spinelli's surveillance. Spinelli answered that, so far, Brando "appears pristine."

At the shop, Brando was working on an engine when he heard the door open. "I'll be with you in a minute," he called out with his back to the door. "You Corbin?" one of the two men in the shop asked. He warned that it hadn't been smart for Brando to turn Cyrus' offers down. One of the men held Brando as the other one beat up on Brando. Jason, Spinelli, and Sam watched the altercation and decided that they needed to help Brando.

Spinelli catches Peter on camera

Spinelli catches Peter on camera

Friday, September 4, 2020

Finn handed Alexis a glass of water as they stood in his office at the hospital. He asked about Neil, and Alexis informed him that she had found Neil dead in her bed after having spent the night with him. Finn was shocked and sorry, and Alexis was sorry, too. She started to tell him what the worst part about it was, but she stopped short.

Finn began to rearrange his furniture and told Alexis it was time for an impromptu meeting. They sat down, and Finn assured her it was a safe space. Alexis declared that she and Neil had decided to go forward, but he had died in her bed. She had taken that personally. Alexis continued talking. She stated that Neil had had a career and life, and then he'd had neither. She had sent him to an early grave.

Finn assured Alexis that she couldn't kill someone with love, and Alexis admitted that she and Neil had had "something." Finn suggested she honor that. Finn added that he was there for her, and he suggested she attend a meeting. Alexis revealed that she was waiting to hear from the medical examiner, and Finn asked if Neil had ever talked about any medical issues. Alexis noted that they hadn't been in contact for a while; otherwise she might have spotted something.

Molly stepped off the elevator and spotted T.J. She announced that she was ready to head to dinner at the Floating Rib, but T.J. suggested they do takeout instead. He wanted to get in some batting practice before he met up with Brando. Molly was taken aback, and T.J. wondered if she liked Brando. Molly flashed back to her one-night stand, but she confessed that she hardly knew Brando.

Molly urged T.J. to be careful, and her fiancÚ was confused. He reminded her that she had urged him to "widen the circle" of people he hung out with. Molly quickly covered and recalled Brando's baseball injury that Sam had mentioned. T.J. vowed to take it easy but not too easy. He noted that one never knew when they'd be blindsided like Monica Quartermaine.

Molly didn't understand, and T.J. revealed that Monica and Bobbie had both been fired on Cyrus' orders. Molly turned and saw Cyrus looking at his phone. Molly loudly spoke highly of Monica and Bobbie and stated that Alexis would have filed suit if she was still practicing. Cyrus joined them, and T.J. quickly ordered Cyrus not to offer his hand because T.J. would spit on it.

Portia spoke to Trina on the phone and told her she'd be home late. She asked who Trina would be hanging out with and added that she trusted her daughter but not others.

Cyrus' two thugs beat up Brando in his garage. Before they were able to do further damage, they fled when they heard voices. Jason found an unconscious Brando on the floor. Sam and Spinelli rushed inside. "Is he alive?" Sam asked. "For now," Jason replied. Sam thought it best to take Brando to the hospital themselves, and the guys picked up the victim and carried him out.

Maxie, Peter, and Anna sat at a table with drinks at Metro Court and fawned over the sonogram photo. Maxie reported that James didn't understand, but Georgie wanted a sister. Valentin approached the table. "Sisters can be a handful. Right, Anna?" he asked. Maxie quickly rose and announced that she had a meeting with Lucy, and she and Peter departed.

Valentin sat down with Anna and noted that she was awfully cheerful. He suspected that she needed him, and Anna confessed that was true. She planned on going after Alex, and she wanted Valentin to be her backup. Valentin recalled how Alex had betrayed him, although Anna pointed out that Valentin wasn't truly a victim because he'd "crossed the line."

Anna wanted Valentin's "logistical talent" and his special form of ethics in order to figure out why Alex wanted to "come in from the cold." She suggested that they take Alex down together. Valentin wasn't sure who the bigger fool was -- Anna for going after Alex or himself for going along with Anna. He maintained that with his daughter and new position at ELQ, he'd be hard-pressed to join in.

Anna thought that Alex could be a threat to Peter, who had remade himself into a good person. She was afraid that Alex would also hurt Maxie and the new baby, and she thought that Valentin would be willing to help after he'd "bollixed up" Peter's life. Valentin was certain that Alex would set a trap, although Anna didn't think that Alex would suspect Valentin.

Valentin wondered what Anna would want to do if Alex was caught. The WSB wouldn't want her. He thought that Alex was desperate and would wait for Anna to make a mistake. They agreed the three steps would be to assess, identify the weakness, and seize the initiative. Valentin wanted Anna to play Alexis' game and set a trap. "Then I'll help you," he said.

Jordan spoke to Taggert on the phone and ordered him to stay away from town because she was handling things. She walked into her office at the police station, and Curtis greeted her. He was wearing a chef's hat and had a romantic table for two set up. He lit a candle and suggested they call the place "Chez Cop." He poured her a glass of sparkling water and announced that the chef had selected the main course. He left the office.

When Curtis returned, he was without his chef's getup and had substituted the white cloth over his arm for a jacket. He apologized for being late. He presented one of Jordan's favorite meals: lake trout, fries, and sweet tea. Jordan wondered if he had an excuse for pampering her, and Curtis pointed out her recent long hours. He thought she'd needed an "interlude."

Curtis and Jordan talked about Cyrus and about Jordan's plan to earn Cyrus' trust before she could put him away. Curtis confessed that he was having difficulty because every time he saw Trina, he thought about Cyrus. He'd tried apologizing and had spoken to Trina several times, to no avail. Jordan thought that Portia would be helpful, and she didn't think that Trina should blame Curtis for the incident that had transpired.

Jordan was sure that Portia wanted Trina to heal, too. Curtis revealed that he'd run into Portia at Kelly's, and they'd had a talk. Jordan flashed back to her conversation with Jason regarding Curtis not knowing that Taggert was still alive. Jordan told Curtis she only wanted peace between the two families. When she received a phone call, she announced that she had to leave.

Spinelli returned to Brando's garage and attempted to remove the camera. He was unable to reach it, and before he could climb onto a tool box, he heard Peter and Maxie's voices. He quickly sat down as the couple walked in, surprised to see him. Spinelli made up an awkward story about his van, and he learned that Peter was there about his own car. Spinelli confirmed that Brando was good at his job but had stepped out. He offered to catch up with the couple while they waited for Brando's return.

Maxie argued with Lucy on the phone and announced that she had to leave. Peter called a car for her, as he intended to wait for Brando. Once Maxie had gone, Peter wanted to know what Spinelli wanted to talk about. He'd gotten the impression that Spinelli wanted to chat. Spinelli exclaimed that he'd heard from a "little birdie" at the Nurses Ball that Peter and Shiloh had had a relationship going way back and far away.

Peter hoped that Spinelli wasn't spreading rumors, and he thought that Spinelli might be jealous of his relationship with Maxie. He thought that Spinelli was making it difficult to get along, and he wondered if Spinelli would prefer him as an enemy. Spinelli made it known that his source had been Nelle Benson Jerome, who had been married to Shiloh. He assumed she would divulge even more information after her capture. Spinelli departed the garage.

As Peter continued to wait for Brando, he received a phone call from Maxie. She was eager for him to get home. Peter phoned Valentin and told him what he'd just learned from Spinelli. Peter was worried that Nelle would run her mouth and "blow up my life."

Portia looked in on Brando as he lay in bed, and she asked Jason and Sam to wait outside. Sam was certain that Cyrus was behind Brando's beating, and she wondered if they should contact Sonny. Jason agreed it was Cyrus' doing. Portia emerged and stated that Brando was alert and had given her permission to talk to them.

Portia noted that Brando had multiple contusions, lacerations, and possibly a fractured rib. Sam suggested that the beating had been staged, and she argued with Jason about it. Jason was adamant that Brando's story had remained the same, and he believed the mechanic. He called Brando "collateral damage" in Cyrus' war with Sonny. He figured that one of Cyrus' men had tampered with the motorcycle.

Elsewhere, Cyrus wondered why T.J. was so angry at him, and T.J. went off about Cyrus firing Monica and Bobbie. He asked if Cyrus had considered all of the lives the women had saved or their vast community work and support. Cyrus related that the women had opened up the hospital to a vast lawsuit. He addressed T.J. by his name and claimed that he merely recognized T.J. because of his mother.

Cyrus added that it was a privilege to meet T.J. because Jordan had freed Cyrus. Curtis arrived with a brown bag in his hand and remained out of sight. T.J. continued to argue about Monica and Bobbie, but Cyrus continued to stand by his decision of doing what had been best for the hospital. Cyrus hoped to shake T.J.'s hand someday. T.J. extended his hand. "Don't hold your breath," T.J. said as he quickly pulled his hand away and stormed off.

Cyrus saw Curtis and reminded him that T.J. worked for him. "Sooner or later everyone does," Cyrus concluded as he stepped onto the elevator. "Well, you'll find that you're wrong about that. And a whole lot more," Curtis muttered.

Molly had gone after T.J. to tell him how impressed she'd been with his argument. Curtis wanted to give the young couple the dinner that he and Jordan had been unable to enjoy. Molly bragged about T.J.'s bravado with Cyrus, but Curtis wished he'd been there to stop T.J. Molly was fired up, and she spoke about T.J. standing up for Monica and Bobbie.

Curtis made it clear that he didn't want T.J. to pick fights with Cyrus because Cyrus was still dangerous. T.J. proclaimed that he refused to be silenced, and he thought maybe he should take some action. He didn't care if he was fired; he'd transfer to Mercy Hospital.

Cyrus spotted Jason and Sam, and he asked how Brando was doing. He'd heard that the young man was a patient. Jason asked how he knew about it, and Cyrus claimed to be interested in anyone with ties to Sonny. He'd also heard that Jason had checked himself out of the hospital, and he thought it a shame to hear about Sonny's father. "It must be all Sonny can do to keep his head above water," Cyrus said smugly. "That's why he has me," Jason snapped.

Sam checked in on Brando, and he admitted that he wished he had gone back to Chicago. He couldn't remember much other than being jumped by the two men. Then, he'd been in the hospital. Sam told him how he had arrived at the hospital, and she asked Brando if he'd had any run-ins with Cyrus.

Brando recalled Cyrus' associate stopping by to ask if he had needed help. The man's implications had been clear, and Brando had declined. Jason entered the room. He knew that Cyrus had been behind his motorcycle accident.

Back in Finn's office, Finn thought that Alexis was trying to make sense of what had happened. He suggested she breathe, talk, and take part in some self-care. There was a knock at the door, and Finn opened it to Jordan. She wanted to talk to Alexis in private about Neil. Finn wanted to join them in order to support Alexis, but Alexis assured him she'd be okay. She and Jordan walked out into the hallway.

Jordan wanted Alexis' account of what had happened, and Alexis told her about the evening. She added that Neil had been his usual self. Jordan announced that she had the medical examiner's preliminary report. Neil had died of respiratory failure due to a drug overdose.

Anna paid Finn a visit and told him she'd decided not to go to Berlin. She would figure out something else.

"Gotcha," Spinelli said as he watched and listened to Peter on his laptop. The feed was focused on the camera still in position at the garage.

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