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Bill asked Brooke to ride her stallion into the future, and Shauna sought to make Ridge forget about Brooke. Steffy washed down her last pill with beer and lashed out at Hope for not returning Kelly. Finn suspected that Steffy had become reliant upon her pain pills.
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Finn suspected that Steffy had become reliant upon her pain pills
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Bill makes his feelings clear to Brooke

Bill makes his feelings clear to Brooke

Monday, August 31, 2020

In the design office, Carter asked if Zoe was okay after talking with Pam, who'd said that Thomas had jilted Zoe at the altar. Zoe was okay and claimed not to be the type of woman to waste her tears on a man who didn't deserve them. Carter said she'd dodged a bullet and was better off for not committing herself to Thomas.

Zoe and Carter joked about how Pam had said her "Spidey senses" were telling her that something was about to ignite between Zoe and Carter. Carter replied that it sounded dangerous. "And fun," Zoe added. Carter stated that he liked fun.

On her phone, Zoe received photos of Zende's designs. Camille, Zoe's friend in Paris, would model them. Carter said he'd been bummed when Zende had gone to International, but Zende had made a name for himself. Carter hadn't heard from Zende for a while, except through social media. Carter joked that he saw people he didn't care to see more than did those he did.

Knowing the feeling, Zoe said she was seeing Thomas a lot more than when they'd been dating. Carter asked if Thomas was making that happen on purpose. Zoe didn't think so, but she'd already told Thomas that her attention had shifted. Carter said he had a proposition for her.

To Zoe, it was different for a guy to announce his "proposition." Carter replied that it wasn't that kind of "proposition." Carter was old school about certain things. He preferred dating to swiping. She thought that was sweet and asked what his proposition was.

Although he still reserved his right to take her to dinner, Carter wanted to know if Zoe would like to get some lunch together. He'd already ordered the lunch but was prepared to eat it all himself if she turned him down. He warned that it would be her fault if he got sick. Zoe couldn't have him getting sick and guessed she had to suffer through lunch with him.

At Steffy's house, Ridge was sorry for commandeering his daughter's time. It was okay with Steffy, who said Kelly was still with Liam. Ridge announced that his reunion with Brooke had failed. Steffy asked what had happened, and he stated that it was the same thing that always happened -- Bill.

Ridge explained that he'd heard Bill coming on to Brooke. He'd expected her to shoot Bill down, but she hadn't. Instead, she'd said that she loved him, that she'd always love him. "Seriously?" Steffy asked. She wondered if Ridge had misunderstood it. Ridge said he'd seen what he'd seen and heard what he'd heard.

A flashback clip played of Bill expressing love for Brooke. A clip played of Brooke saying she'd always love Bill. Ridge was angry about the things Bill had done to Ridge's family. Because of Bill, Ridge's daughter had to take a pain pill just to make it through her day as a single mother. Ridge mentioned Katie's pain. "But still, she loves him. I can't accept that," Ridge said.

Steffy asked where it left Ridge and Shauna. The couple was still technically married, and Steffy asked if it would stay that way. He didn't know. He just wanted to take a minute and let things land where they'd land. Steffy was sorry that her father was going through it. She knew that he loved Brooke very much.

Ridge said it hadn't changed, but he was tired of getting sucker-punched by Bill and Brooke and wondering what their next move would be. Ridge wanted someone who liked him for himself, and Shauna could be just that. He said Shauna loved him. "I'm sure Brooke does, too, Dad," Steffy replied.

Later, Steffy escorted her father out and attempted to ease into a chair to do some work. She cried out in pain as she sat down. Steffy took a pill and shook the bottle. It sounded as if there were only a few pills left in the bottle.

At Eric's house, Quinn and Shauna were as giddy as school girls as Flo arrived at her mother's behest. Shauna had something to tell Flo. Before Shauna could say it, Quinn announced that Brooke and Ridge were over, and Shauna never had to worry about Brooke again.

Later, Flo expressed disbelief that Brooke had walked in on Shauna and Ridge, but Shauna said it hadn't been as if they'd been doing anything. Quinn thought it was too bad that Brooke hadn't seen something that she couldn't unsee. Flo was surprised to hear about Brooke and Bill, but she was very happy for her mother.

Flo left, and once Quinn and Shauna were alone, Quinn asked Shauna to say why she still wasn't excited. Shauna still felt guilty about Quinn coaching her to file Ridge and Brooke's divorce papers, and she didn't like that Ridge didn't remember the wedding. Quinn said Shauna was a good person but needed to stop fretting about things she couldn't change. She urged Shauna to live for the moment and find ways to prevent Ridge from missing Brooke.

Later, Shauna was alone in the living room when Ridge arrived. She joked that every moment away from him was an eternity. She couldn't believe she'd said it, and he offered to keep it between them. Shauna asked if he'd seen Brooke. He explained that he'd gone to talk to his daughter about everything that had happened.

Shauna knew that it was a big adjustment for Ridge, and she didn't want him to rush on her account. She said she could take all the time he needed to process it. Ridge told her that she was a very understanding woman, and he wasn't used to that. She just wanted him to be happy.

Shauna was "crazy-happy" to be Ridge's wife. She knew it would take time for him to catch up because he'd thought he'd spend the rest of his life with Brooke until he'd learned that Bill would still be in the picture. Ridge requested that they never talk about Bill.

Shauna announced that Ridge's life was about to change. He was about to see what it was like to be with a woman who loved only him and spent every waking moment making sure that he was happy and fulfilled, because that was what he deserved.

At Brooke's house, Donna couldn't believe Brooke and Ridge still hadn't reunited and asked what had happened. "Him!" Brooke exclaimed as Bill strode into the house without knocking. Brooke told him that he couldn't just walk in there like that. "Well, I just did," he replied.

Brooke didn't think Bill needed to be there. She felt that his focus should instead be on Katie and putting his family back together. Bill revealed that Katie had ended it with him the previous night. Brooke told him not to accept it and that Katie loved him. Bill replied that it wasn't enough. Brooke asked what had happened, but he said she knew the answer to that.

Later, Donna noted that Katie had said she was done with Bill. Donna wondered if it was because something else had happened between Brooke and Bill. Brooke said that they hadn't kissed again, but something else had happened. Donna scoffed, figuring that it explained why Katie wanted nothing to do with Bill and why Brooke wasn't with Ridge.

Brooke said she'd talk to Donna about it later, but Brooke needed to speak to Bill alone. Donna asked if it was really a good idea. Brooke promised that it would be fine. Concluding that neither of them had anything else to lose anyway, Donna strode out of the house.

Bill asked if it was true that Brooke and Ridge were finally over. Brooke began complaining about Bill barging into her house, but Bill wanted to know what else had happened between Ridge and Brooke. Bill conveyed that he'd gotten another of Quinn's unwanted visits the previous night, and Quinn had been smug and self-satisfied, bragging that something game-changing had happened between Ridge and Shauna.

Brooke stated that she'd found Shauna and Ridge together in Ridge's bedroom the previous night. Bill asked how Ridge had gone from dumping Shauna to welcoming her into his bedroom. Brooke explained that "we" had done it, and Bill asked if she meant him and her. She affirmed it, and Bill figured that things were getting interesting.

Brooke explained that Ridge had overheard her tell Bill that she'd always love him. Bill asked if Ridge's reaction had been to run to Shauna five minutes later without allowing Brooke to explain herself. Bill asked if that was the destiny she loved to talk about. He asked why she let Ridge treat her like disposable garbage. Bill implored her to open her eyes and see what Ridge was all about because Ridge's actions were saying all she needed to hear.

Brooke said she had to take some kind of responsibility because it had all started because she and Bill had kissed. Bill recalled that without trying to work the kiss issue out, either, Ridge had run off with Shauna the showgirl, divorced Brooke, and married Shauna. "Do you see a pattern there, Brooke? Do you see it?" Bill asked.

Brooke defended Ridge, who'd been too drunk to remember the wedding. Bill noted that Ridge got drunk and forgot things often, and it was pretty convenient for Ridge to do so. Brooke didn't get why obstacles kept getting in the way. Bill stated that there was a reason for that. "Us," he said. Bill loved Brooke, and he didn't care who heard him say it.

"Bill, I told you -- " Brooke started to say. Bill knew that she believed she loved Ridge and that it was destiny, but Bill believed that their history pushed against that. Bill didn't think that, deep down, Brooke really believed in that destiny. It was just what she would tell herself to justify Ridge disregarding her feelings and humiliating her again and again.

"Put a stop to it, Brooke. Get back on your stallion and ride back to the future with me to the incredible life that we shared," Bill proposed. All Brooke had to do was say the word.

Quinn gloats to Brooke about Shauna and Ridge

Quinn gloats to Brooke about Shauna and Ridge

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

At Forrester, Zoe decided that, while she and Carter awaited their lunch delivery, they'd play a game of confession. Carter seemed nervous about it, but she said it would be simple. All they had to do was say their most embarrassing moment on a date. He instructed her to go first, and she confessed that she'd fainted on a date once.

Zoe explained that her friend had set her up on a blind date in London a while back with Robert Pattinson. Carter was taken aback, and Zoe nodded, saying she'd been so shocked that it had been the hot vampire from Twilight that she'd passed out. He asked what had happened when she'd awakened. Zoe claimed she'd had three bite marks on her neck. "I walked into that one, didn't I?" Carter asked, realizing that she'd been teasing.

Carter received a message that the caterers had just parked. Zoe was impressed, and he asked if she'd thought he'd just feed her a sandwich and chips. She didn't know what to expect from him, but he reasoned that women liked that in a guy.

Zoe drew Carter back to the confessions game. As he pondered his most embarrassing moment on a date, she figured he didn't have one and was always chill with beautiful women. "Like yourself," he responded. She said she hadn't meant herself. Noting that her job was to turn heads for a living, he stated that she was the definition of beautiful and then some.

Later, the caterers left after setting up. Zoe gushed about the meal being all her favorites, and Carter admitted that he'd done some snooping. He'd even gotten one of Napa's finest wines. He'd wanted to make an impression on her. She said he was impressive all on his own. Carter toasted to fresh starts and the woman before him. He couldn't wait to see where things led.

After Zoe and Carter finished lunch, he offered to get dessert. She thought they should get back to work, but he said he wouldn't tell if she wouldn't. Zoe recalled that the last time she'd had a romantic meal like that, it had been a part of Thomas' manipulations. "In case you didn't notice, I'm not Thomas. I don't manipulate people -- especially someone I care about as much as I care about you," Carter replied.

Zoe told Carter that she cared about him, too. She was just guarded after what Thomas had put her through. Carter hoped she knew he'd never do that to her. Zoe knew it. She saw him as a good guy with a strong moral code. She respected that, despite her past. He replied that they all screwed up from time to time, but all that mattered was changing for the better.

Carter admired Zoe for picking up the pieces after her father had manipulated her. Carter admired everything about her -- her beauty, her talent, her intellect. He thought she'd do great things, and he wanted to be by her side. Carter stood, crossed the room, and kissed her.

At Brooke's house, Bill urged Brooke to ride her stallion and be free of Ridge, who'd chosen Shauna. Bill advised Brooke to choose to be happy, choose to be with him, and to never look back. He said she didn't have to put up with Ridge holding her to a different standard than he held himself to.

Brooke asked Bill to listen to her, but he said he wouldn't if she'd say they couldn't move forward. They'd done it before, and he believed that they could do it again. Brooke, who knew Bill, said that he was getting fixated on something that wasn't good for him. He was reacting to Katie ending it, and Katie had been reacting to the kiss.

Brooke asked Bill to step back and think about what he was doing. She said he loved Katie and couldn't give up on his family. She recalled that they'd had an incredible and wonderful relationship. Before she could say more, she heard Quinn, who'd just walked through the door. It sounded to Quinn as if someone was ready to ride off into the sunset with her stallion.

Brooke ordered Quinn to get out, but Quinn wondered where the popcorn was to go along with her front row seat. Bill threatened to shove popcorn down Quinn's throat, but she said he should be thanking her for getting him to race over there to profess his undying love to Brooke. Ridge had overheard it, and it had pushed him straight into Shauna's arms, according to Quinn.

Brooke said Ridge was with Shauna because Shauna and Quinn had targeted Brooke's husband. Quinn asked when Brooke would get that Ridge was Shauna's husband. Quinn advised Brooke to move on with Bill, "destiny number two." Brooke ordered Quinn not to tell Brooke who to be with. Brooke said that Bill knew how she felt about him, but her true love was Ridge.

Bill began to tell Brooke not to let Quinn and her "B.S" affect Brooke, but Brooke told him that she could handle it. Brooke asked Bill to leave, and he reluctantly complied. Brooke told Quinn that she could gloat all she wanted, but it wasn't over by a long shot.

Quinn said that Brooke was trying to act like it wasn't game over, team Shauna. Brooke wasn't surprised that Quinn viewed it as a contest and had a disregard for people's lives. Brooke said it certainly wasn't about the life of Quinn's bestie. In Brooke's view, it was about Quinn getting back at Brooke, and Quinn was using Shauna to do it.

Quinn claimed to be happy for Shauna and Ridge and believed Shauna would be for Ridge what Brooke couldn't. Quinn was glad that Ridge didn't have to fear another video of Brooke and Bill kissing, and Quinn believed that Shauna could satisfy him in every way.

Brooke said Quinn was disgusting. Quinn asked if Brooke thought she was the only woman who could satisfy Ridge. Quinn stated that Shauna was exciting and provocative, but Brooke was a boring old book that Ridge had read over and over again. She didn't even think Brooke was titillating. She suggested that Brooke go after Bill before he figured out that Katie was the better Logan.

Brooke asked if Quinn had gotten it all out. Brooke wanted Quinn to know that her plan to get Brooke with Bill to clear the way for Shauna wouldn't work. Quinn said Shauna was already Ridge's wife. "For the moment," Brooke replied.

Brooke told Quinn to get it through her head that Brooke didn't want Bill. Brooke wanted Ridge. Brooke believed that Ridge had misunderstood what he'd heard, and Shauna had taken advantage of it -- with Quinn's help. Brooke asserted that Shauna had stolen Brooke's life and husband. Quinn said it was Shauna's life. It was a life Brooke would never have again.

Brooke wondered what Eric would think of Quinn taunting Brooke. Quinn was sure he'd defend Brooke, but Quinn would never understand why everyone tiptoed around the awful things Brooke had done over the years. Quinn said Brooke had slept with almost every Forrester man and asked how many women could say they accidentally kissed their sister's husband.

Quinn gloated about the eyeful Brooke had gotten of Shauna in bed, waiting for her husband. Quinn figured that Ridge finally felt free of Brooke, and it had all started when he'd filed the divorce papers and married Shauna in Vegas. Brooke said she was becoming convinced that Quinn had had a hand in it. Brooke wouldn't put anything past Quinn and Shauna.

Quinn flashed back to instructing Shauna to text Carter with instructions to file the divorce papers. Brooke said if it were true, she'd find out; the truth always came out, and there would be some pretty "good" repercussions. Brooke said that the sham marriage would fall apart because Ridge didn't love Shauna, anyway, and Eric would see Quinn for who she was.

Brooke imagined that Quinn's portrait would go down, and Stephanie's would be where it belonged. Quinn would lose everything, and Brooke and Ridge would prove that they could overcome anything -- including Quinn and Shauna. "Especially you and Shauna," Brooke concluded.

At Eric's house, Shauna made a face at Ridge and asked if he still found her attractive after they'd become married. He laughed, and she figured that she'd accomplished her mission of always keeping a smile on his face. He asked if she could do it without contorting her face. She said she could, but it would start with them getting out of their clothes.

Shauna claimed that she wasn't trying to seduce Ridge. She just wanted to get them out of their clothes and into some swimsuits. Remembering that no one was home, she said the suits could be optional. Ridge looked interested; however, he believed that Quinn and Eric could return home, and besides, the gardener wouldn't be able to sleep after seeing naked backflips.

Shauna and Ridge decided to wear suits, and she challenged him to a ten-lap race in the pool. The winner would get to decide how they spent their evening together.

Later, the wet Shauna and Ridge returned to the living room in robes. He wondered how she'd become such an accomplished swimmer, and she hinted that she had many talents he had yet to discover. She hoped it had worked. Ridge felt defeated, but the swim had been good. Shauna said she was full of ideas to help Ridge enjoy life again. It was her top priority, and she took it very seriously.

Steffy sobs as she recalls being with Liam

Steffy sobs as she recalls being with Liam

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

by Nel

At home, Hope told Liam that it was a treat having Kelly there with Beth and Douglas, but what Steffy was going through was horrible. Hope said that on a positive note, Kelly got to spend more time with them.

After checking on the kids, Hope told Liam that she'd found the kids under the bed playing their own game of hide-and-seek, and Douglas had explained the importance of being quiet to the girls so they wouldn't be found. She told Liam she'd promised the kids that she and Liam would play hide-and-seek with them. Liam wondered when the kids would run out of steam.

Hope made an admission to Liam that she'd been worried about taking care of three very active kids, but she loved it. Liam was delighted that she'd stepped up to help Steffy. Hope said she was happy to give Steffy a break. Liam commented that it had to hurt Steffy not being with Kelly. He stated that he didn't know whether Steffy was getting better. He said that Steffy had wanted to be off the pain medication by that point in time. Hope chirped that it was all the more reason to have Kelly with them more often. It would give Steffy time to heal. Liam said Hope was awesome, and he appreciated her help.

Hope told Liam that it was good having Kelly with them. Liam agreed and claimed it was good for Steffy's recovery. Hope suggested that it might be better to have Kelly more often while Steffy recuperated. Liam checked the time and said he had to take Kelly back to Steffy. Hope asked what time he'd agreed to take Kelly home. Liam said they hadn't set a time. Hope suggested Liam call Steffy and ask if they could keep Kelly for a few more hours.

A short time later, Hope asked if Liam had called Steffy because Kelly had asked her if she could spend another night with them. Liam said he needed to check with Steffy first before getting Kelly's hopes up. Hope said she'd already told Kelly they would have to check with Steffy first. She said it was important for Kelly to know she belonged there with Douglas and Beth.

At the cliff house, Steffy moved around in obvious pain. She stopped and stared at the photo of her and Liam. Thomas arrived. He said he wanted to check up on her. He asked how she was really doing. Steffy claimed she was fine. Thomas picked up Steffy's prescription bottle and said she only had one pain pill left. He asked her if she would need more. When she didn't respond, Thomas asked if Kelly was still sleeping. Steffy said Kelly was with Liam and Hope again. Thomas noticed that Steffy seemed to have a problem with that, but Steffy assured him she didn't have a problem with Kelly spending more time with her dad.

Thomas told Steffy that he was surprised that Kelly was with Hope and Liam, given the history between her, Liam, and Hope. Steffy told him that the kids had been having a great time. Thomas said it had to be a madhouse. Steffy said it was, but in a good way. Thomas felt that it wasn't such a bad idea that Steffy had time to herself. Steffy agreed, especially since Amelia couldn't be there because of her family issues, but she wanted to be with her child. Thomas understood because Douglas was with Hope and Liam. He said he missed Douglas, but he spent time with him.

Thomas looked at the photo of Steffy and Liam and stated that there was more to Steffy's pain, like a life and family she'd worked so hard to have. Steffy snapped that Thomas was relentless -- constantly harassing her about her feelings for Liam. He claimed he wasn't harassing her, but he only wanted her to tell the truth about the pain she was in. She claimed she was in pain from her motorcycle accident and not from a failed marriage.

Thomas said that an idiot had hit Steffy with his car, but he wanted to know why she still had the photo of her and Liam on the wall. Steffy claimed it was for Kelly to see that her parents were happy, but Thomas shot back that the photo was there for her as a reminder of what she wished she had -- her with Liam and Kelly as a family, going to the beach and building sand castles. He said Kelly was with another family, and Steffy was alone.

Steffy told Thomas that she wasn't alone. She had Kelly and her work. Thomas said she was successful because of who she was and that she had great in-person interaction. However, she was working from home a lot, not wearing a Forrester suit, and she didn't smile. She asked if Thomas was blaming her for staying home and recovering from a horrible accident. Thomas said he was worried about his vibrant sister. Steffy asked how she should feel after being hit by a car. She confessed that every movement she made and breath she took hurt, but she was fine.

Thomas told Steffy he was there for her and Kelly, and he knew she'd been thinking a lot about the life she didn't have with Liam. He asked Steffy to call him anytime. Steffy appreciated the offer. She said that from time to time, she got lonely, but it wasn't helpful when Thomas constantly shoved it in her face. She said she was waiting for Liam to take Kelly home. Steffy said that Kelly was her everything, and Thomas didn't need to worry about her because she was okay.

After Thomas left, Steffy took a bottle of beer out of the fridge and swallowed her last pain pill. Sadly, she looked at the photo of her and Liam, and she relived some of the great moments they had shared. She also remembered the accident, and she began to sob.

Steffy called Liam. Hope answered Liam's phone. Steffy asked if Liam had forgotten to take Kelly home. Hope said she'd been about to call Steffy because Kelly had asked to spend another night with them. Steffy teared up. She asked if Kelly had asked to stay. Hope confirmed that it had been Kelly's request. Heartbroken, Steffy agreed to Kelly spending another night with Hope and Liam. Hope told Steffy to enjoy her quiet evening and promised to take Kelly home the next day.

Steffy accuses Hope of keeping Kelly from her

Steffy accuses Hope of keeping Kelly from her

Thursday, September 3, 2020

At Spencer, Wyatt, Bill, and Justin were discussing investing in a company that was looking to expand its brand in America. Bill felt that Liam needed to be in the meeting and asked where Liam was. Justin assumed Liam was stuck in traffic. Bill decided to call Liam.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam cleared the breakfast table. Hope was happy that she was learning what Kelly liked to eat, and he replied that his daughter was becoming a picky eater. Hope watched from the front door as Douglas and Kelly made a fort in the garden. Liam said that the napping Beth would be bummed that she'd missed out on it.

Liam thought it had been nice of Steffy to let Kelly stay another night. "Actually, Kelly was begging to sleep over again," Hope responded. Hope was sure Kelly missed her mom, but Hope also wanted to give Steffy time to herself to rest and recover.

Liam received a call from Bill, asking when Liam would be at work. Apologizing, Liam said he and Hope had had a hectic morning with the kids, but he'd be there soon. After the call, Hope offered to take Kelly home. Liam didn't want Hope to have to do that. It was fine with Hope, who wanted to check on Steffy, anyway.

Liam left. Smiling, Hope looked at a drawing a child had done of Kelly, Douglas, and Beth.

Back at Spencer, Bill's meeting continued with Justin's rundown of inclusion and diversity in the workplace programs. Bill said Liam would be there soon. Wyatt remarked that Liam was in "dad mode," and Wyatt could barely get him on the phone. Justin said life wasn't all about money. "Isn't that right, Dollar Bill?" Justin asked.

Bill asked if Justin was hinting that Bill still lived his life that way. "I mean..." Wyatt said. In his own defense, Bill said Katie wanted nothing to do with him, and Brooke was still hung up on Forrester. Bill proffered that he was spending a ton of time with Will.

Justin asked if Bill and Katie were really over. Refusing to have the discussion, Bill said they were there to work. He gave Liam props for spending time with the kids. Bill felt he'd been robbed of that with Wyatt and Liam. Wyatt replied that Bill got to see them every single day as adults. Bill loved having "you knuckleheads" around, even when they drove him crazy.

Later, Liam arrived, and Bill was glad that Liam was there to save his father from the other bozos. Justin said not to mind Bill, who was in an unusually human mood. Bill figured that he just couldn't win with Larry, Curly, and Moe coming at him. Bill repeated what he'd said earlier about how good it was that Liam was spending time with the kids and making memories like the ones Bill hadn't had the chance to make with his older sons.

Liam sensed Bill's words had something to do with Will and said Bill and Katie would do what was best for Will. He claimed that he and Steffy had the "shared custody thing" down pretty well. He assured Bill that it was doable and mentioned that Kelly had just spent the night at the cabin again. Justin was amazed that they'd had all three kids. Liam said Hope was taking Kelly back to Steffy's place.

Later, the men resumed their meeting, and they all agreed on the investment deal they'd been discussing earlier. Liam was glad he hadn't caused them to miss out on the deal. Bill was, too, but he felt that the most important thing was for Liam to be a loving, present parent for his kids. Bill admired what Liam was doing. Liam appreciated it and said it meant a lot.

Wyatt wanted Bill to remember that moment the next time one of them was late. Bill said it didn't go for Wyatt. Guessing it was because he didn't have kids, Wyatt said he did have a vulnerable lizard on his patio that was like a son to him. Liam invited the men to visit his house and the kids at any time. He was glad for all the time he'd spent with Kelly and said it had been hard being away from her. It was hard for Steffy, too, and Liam figured she'd be excited when Hope took Kelly home that day.

At the cliff house, Steffy slept on the sofa with Kelly's stuffed toys all around her. Thomas knocked on the door and watched through the window as a groggy Steffy sat up. He let himself into the darkened home and asked if he'd awakened her. She acted as if he hadn't. He asked if she was okay and where Kelly was.

Steffy text-messaged Liam, asking about Kelly, and he responded that Kelly would be there soon. On the coffee table, a beer bottle sat next to her pill bottle. Thomas went into the kitchen to get her some water. Steffy flashed back on washing her pills down with the beer after her phone call with Hope about Kelly wanting to stay another night at the cabin. With great pain to herself, Steffy swiped the beer and pill bottles off the coffee table and hid them under the blanket draped over her.

Steffy told Thomas that Liam would be dropping Kelly off soon. Thomas was surprised to hear it because Steffy had had dinner plans for Kelly the previous night. Steffy said that plans changed, and it wasn't a big deal. Thomas quipped that if Liam wanted to spend so much time with Kelly, then he should have made his life with Steffy.

Steffy claimed that it hadn't been Liam's fault. Steffy also claimed that it had been Hope's idea, and Kelly, who'd been enjoying herself with the other kids, had asked if she could spend another night. Steffy said it hadn't been like she'd decline if Kelly had been enjoying herself.

Thomas replied that Steffy was Kelly's mother, not Hope. He noted that Steffy had wanted Kelly there that night, and Steffy had wound up spending the night alone. He knew that Steffy was determined to do it on her own without family staying with her; however, she'd been alone a couple of nights in a row, and it wasn't good for her. He stated that she shouldn't be alone; she should be with her daughter.

Steffy said she hadn't wanted to disappoint Kelly. Thomas replied that she needed her daughter, and her daughter needed her. Steffy insisted that she was fine. He told her that she'd slept on the couch; she was a mess, and she barely went to the office. She noted that she worked from home and was still recuperating.

Thomas got that, but he thought it was worse than that. He believed that it killed her that Kelly didn't have her father in the home, and that, coupled with the physical pain, had to be devastating. Thomas guessed she was probably out of pain pills, too.

Steffy told her brother that he was overreacting. She said she'd slept on the couch because she'd fallen asleep while watching a movie, and some people didn't wake up looking perfect like him. Seemingly scrambling to counter all of Thomas' points, she stated that she'd been thinking about going to work and had considered doing it that day; however, Liam was bringing Kelly home. Steffy wanted to give the child her complete attention and told him to stop judging her.

Thomas expressed worry about Steffy. She yelled that she was fine, and he was stressing her out. She asked him to leave. She needed to get ready for Kelly and Liam, and she didn't want Liam and Thomas to get into it. Before leaving, Thomas said he wouldn't stop checking on her.

Later, Steffy was in the kitchen when Hope arrived. Steffy wondered where Kelly and Liam were. Hope explained that Liam was at work. She'd agreed to take Kelly home, but Kelly and Douglas had started an art project. Kelly had begged to stay and finish it, so leaving them to it, Hope had decided to bring Steffy breakfast and let her know what the kids were doing.

"But Kelly spent the last few nights with you," Steffy said. She'd been looking forward to seeing her daughter, whom she hadn't seen in days. Caught off guard, Hope said she hadn't realized and had been trying to help. "By keeping my daughter away from me?" Steffy asked. Hope said it hadn't been like that. The kids were having fun, and Hope had thought that she and Steffy could use the time to catch up. Hope had planned to take Kelly back later.

"That's not your decision to make!" Steffy exclaimed and then reeled in pain from a catch in her back. Hope said that she knew Steffy, who was obviously still in pain. Hope assured Steffy that it was okay to take it easy and rest up for a while, and Kelly could stay with Liam and Hope for as long as Steffy needed. Steffy yelled that she wasn't hearing that, especially not from Hope. Steffy asserted that Kelly was her daughter, not Hope's.

Hope asked if Steffy was sure that she was okay because she didn't sound it. "I'm okay; I'm okay! I'm fine; I'm fine!" Steffy replied, flailing her arms. She was sick and tired of everyone being worried about her. "Of course, I'm not okay! I was hit by a car!" Steffy said. She was trying her best, but it was a slow and difficult process, "and you can just ease up on me!"

Steffy was tired of people asking if she was okay and saying she seemed different. She yelled that she wasn't okay because she needed her little girl. "Where is my daughter? I just want Kelly! I just want my little girl," Steffy said, anxiously looking around and rubbing her hands on her thighs as if she needed something other than Kelly entirely.

Finn suspects Steffy is reliant upon the pills

Finn suspects Steffy is reliant upon the pills

Friday, September 4, 2020

At Spencer, Bill changed his mind about investing in the company. He wanted to buy it instead. As Wyatt and Justin tried to reason with Bill, Bill noticed Liam checking his phone. Liam apologized. He was preoccupied because he hadn't heard from either Steffy or Hope, who was supposed to drop Kelly off at home. He was anxious to know how it had gone.

Bill reminded Liam that he was at work. Justin told Liam to ignore Bill and that they were all concerned about Steffy. Liam said that he and Hope had been pitching in, but he knew how he'd feel if he hadn't seen one of his daughters for a few days. He wanted to believe that he and Hope were helping, but he wondered if being with Kelly was the best medicine for Steffy.

Liam conveyed that it would take time for Steffy to heal, but Bill said Steffy didn't wait around for problems to pass. Instead, she attacked and fixed them. Liam replied that the injury was different, and it was frustrating for Steffy, who was used to being in control. He hoped that she could get past it. Wyatt said it would be good for all of them.

Justin figured that having three kids in a cabin was like a circus. Liam said he and Hope loved it, and the kids loved it, too. Bill wondered why Liam was acting worried, but then Bill figured that it was because Steffy had been expecting Liam, not Hope, to drop off Kelly. Bill felt that after Steffy had lost Liam to Hope, Kelly spending all that time with Liam and Hope would create tension.

Agreeing with Bill, Wyatt said it was no secret that Hope and Steffy didn't get along. Liam replied that he and Wyatt hadn't, either, but he tolerated Wyatt. Though Liam didn't think it was perfect, he said the women had put their differences aside and weren't adversaries. He stated that they wanted what was best for the kids and for Steffy to get through things with as little tension as possible.

Later, Liam and Bill were alone. Liam still seemed uneasy, and Bill assumed his son was worried about Hope dropping Kelly off instead of Liam. Liam said that Bill was worried, too. Bill asked what was going on with Steffy and if she was in more pain. Liam stated that she might not be doing as well as she wanted everyone to think she was. "Physically?" Bill asked.

Liam reasoned that it could also be emotionally, but he didn't know. He said he and Steffy had usually been in sync. Usually, he'd known what she'd needed without him asking, but he didn't know anymore. Bill said it shouldn't surprise Liam. Bill noted that Katie wasn't calling him about her feelings, and if Steffy was hurting, she wasn't going to express it to Liam -- "And she sure as hell isn't going to express it to Hope."

Agreeing, Liam said he hadn't really thought about everything that Steffy had lost. Bill concluded that there was probably more going on with Steffy than they realized. Liam replied that Steffy had been through a lot before the accident, and it had to be hard on Steffy to be unable to be the parent she wanted to be. Steffy was barely at Forrester, isolated at the cliff house, and when Liam had Kelly, Stefy was completely alone. Bill said he stopped by when he could.

Liam said Bill knew what Liam meant. Steffy liked to go a hundred miles per hour, but she was stuck at a red light. He and Hope loved taking care of the kids, but "not at her expense. Not if it makes her feel more isolated." Bill asked if Steffy had said that, but Liam replied that it was just a feeling he had. Bill asked if the feeling might be guilt.

Bill said Liam was having the time of his life at the cabin, but Steffy was alone. He wasn't saying that Liam should feel guilty, and in fact, he didn't think Liam should. Bill just figured that was how Liam might feel, anyway. Liam said he just didn't think Steffy should be on her own. Bill reasoned that it might be exactly what she needed. Bill figured that Steffy wouldn't let Liam have Kelly as much if she wasn't trying to recover and get back to being a mother. Liam said Bill was probably right. Bill replied that he was always right.

Bill thought it was admirable that Liam cared about the mother of his child. Liam stated that he always would. Bill figured Liam hadn't heard from Steffy because she and Kelly had "run down to the beach" and were having a blast. Bill told Liam to stop beating himself up; Liam had two families he loved, and he was doing the best he could. Bill was proud of his son. Liam just hoped that Steffy knew that. He didn't want her to feel as if she had to go through any of it on her own.

At the cliff house, Steffy was upset that Kelly wasn't home and said that Hope and Liam had had the child for days. Hope said that she and Liam had just been trying to help. Deciding that Hope was right, Steffy stated that it hadn't been easy on her, and she'd been excited to see Kelly.

Hope replied that she'd messed up and should have let Steffy know ahead of time. Hope offered to go and get the child, but she'd just been hoping for a chance to talk. Hope understood that Steffy couldn't be the energetic mother she'd always been, and it wasn't fair what had happened to Steffy; however, Steffy's reaction had gone beyond frustration, and Hope needed to ask what Steffy didn't want to be asked. "Steffy, are you really all right?" Hope asked.

Hope wasn't trying to put Steffy on the spot; Hope was just concerned. Steffy asked if it was why Hope was keeping Kelly from Steffy. Hope said she wasn't doing that, and she and Liam were happy to have Kelly if Steffy needed that. Steffy replied that she'd ask if she needed help. Hope explained that she was there to talk about it and find out what she could do. "Not this. Not this!" Steffy raged. All the questioning and distance from her daughter didn't help.

Just then, Finn arrived. He'd heard raised voices, and the door had been unlocked. Hope took the blame for the raised voices and asked who he was. He introduced himself as Dr. John Finnegan, who lived in the neighborhood. He'd thought he'd swing by to check on Steffy. Hope thought it was kind, and Steffy added that it wasn't necessary because she was fine.

"Are you, though? Really?" Hope asked. Figuring that he'd caught Steffy at a bad time, Finn thought he should leave. Hope stopped him. She said she was just worried about Steffy, and Liam was, too. Steffy replied that they didn't have to be, but Hope interjected that Steffy was dealing with a lot. Steffy snapped that being confronted like that didn't help.

Hope said that she and Liam had been giving Steffy space to heal. Healing wasn't what Hope was seeing, and Hope thought it was important that Steffy's doctor knew what was really going on. Steffy said her doctor would hear what he needed to from her, but Hope reasoned that he couldn't help if Steffy wasn't completely honest.

Hope rose to leave. She apologized to Finn for overstepping, but because Steffy was an important part of Hope's family, she wanted Steffy to be okay. Finn believed that it was good support to have. As she left, Hope said she'd be back with Kelly.

Alone with Finn, Steffy murmured that her bad day kept getting worse. He asked if she wanted to talk. She realized that she shouldn't have lost her temper. She knew that Hope was trying to help, "but..." Finn guessed it might have been too much. He said stress wasn't good for her recovery and asked if there was something he needed to know.

Steffy said she and Hope had a long history, and Steffy didn't have the energy to talk about it. She'd been up late. She had a rough time sleeping when Kelly wasn't there, and Kelly had been with her father a lot. Finn replied that Hope was returning Kelly to Steffy. Steffy reminded him that she'd said there was "another woman" in the life of Kelly's father. Finn guessed it was Hope.

Looking at the portrait, Finn said that Hope was involved with Steffy's ex. Steffy said Hope and Liam were married and had a child. Steffy knew she shouldn't have let herself get worked up. The pain had her on edge. She'd taken her last pain pill. It was good that he was there because she could use a refill. Finn replied that it was something they should discuss.

Finn wondered if he should schedule some more tests if Steffy was in pain and unable to sleep. Steffy said that wasn't it, and the pills made her feel better. He stated that her injuries could have been worse, and she was lucky to be alive. He realized how frustrating and exhausting it was to get back to normal, but he believed she'd get there if she stayed focused and optimistic.

Finn assured Steffy that her daughter would be there soon. Steffy wanted to hold Kelly and play with her. Steffy didn't want to miss a thing. Finn figured that Steffy missed Kelly and felt empty when Kelly wasn't there. Looking at the portrait, he said Steffy looked happy there. Steffy said she had been. He stated that she wanted to feel that way again.

Steffy said she would be happy to just be herself again. Finn thought she was a remarkable woman, but she was in pain. He suspected that she might be depending on the medication to alleviate the pain. Steffy stiffened. He said he wasn't judging her, but he couldn't allow her to go down that slippery slope. He'd taken an oath to care for the whole person, not just an injury. He'd stopped by to tell her that he was committed to helping her heal, and just because she'd left the hospital didn't mean she had to go on the journey alone. He pledged to be there for her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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