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Sharon convinced Adam not to leave town. Adam moved into a hotel. Devon grappled with whether to provide Hilary's DNA to determine whether Amanda and Hilary were related. Phyllis became suspicious when she saw Alyssa interrogating Chance.
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Adam moved into a hotel and Amanda sought an answer to why she and Hilary looked alike
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Rey and Sharon argue about her involvement with Adam

Rey and Sharon argue about her involvement with Adam

Monday, August 31, 2020

A somewhat groggy Sharon sat on her sofa as Rey slowly circled behind her and urged her to get some rest. Sharon stated that she'd been napping on and off all day. When Rey continued to press for her to rest, Sharon musingly asked if they were going out to the club that night. Rey expressed concern that Sharon had overdone it with her trip to Kansas. Sharon denied that she was overly taxed and countered that the trip had been productive because it helped Adam with his memories.

A little while later, Victor called Sharon to ask if she'd heard from Adam. She hadn't, and she added that Victor would need to ask Adam about the trip to Kansas because it was not her story to tell. Victoria entered after Victor's call ended and told her father that his grandchildren had wanted to take advantage of the nice day to look for frogs by the pond, brush the horses, and pick wildflowers. "Kids will be kids," Victor said with a chuckle. Victoria turned to walk away, but Victor said that she should stick around because they had a lot to say to each other.

Rey returned to the room and shared that he'd been worried about Sharon the entire time she'd been gone. He began asking questions and making statements that led Sharon to believe that Rey was treating Adam's role in A.J.'s death as an investigation. "Don't go down this path," Sharon said firmly. "My instinct tells me that a crime was committed here," he responded. Sharon insisted that Rey was off the mark. Rey promised to try to turn off the cop part of his brain. Rey and Sharon bickered over Sharon's involvement with Adam. Rey claimed that he'd be equally upset about it even if she were 100% well.

Ceding that the situation wasn't ideal, Sharon declared that she was going to see her commitment to Adam through until the very end. Rey said that he needed to go to work. Asked if he would be home for dinner, Rey grumbled that he'd be working late and walked toward the door. Sharon pleaded with Rey not to be mad. Rey turned back around and shared that two things bothered him: why Adam couldn't help himself, and why Sharon felt the need to jump in and not let Adam help himself. Rey then turned around and left for work.

Victor told Victoria that he'd looked over the numbers for the sales of Newman's cosmetics and media divisions and thought Victoria's decision to sell had been the right move. Victoria was surprised that her dad was supporting her decisions. Victor said that they needed to talk about Adam, but Victoria doubted that they'd ever find common ground. Victor said that he had to help Adam because Adam was his flesh and blood -- and argued that he'd do the same thing for Victoria, Nick, and Abby.

Victoria noted that Victor and Adam's relationship was a constant battle to prove who was more superior. Everyone else, she snarled, was collateral damage.

Adam returned home and found Chelsea waiting for him on the sofa. When asked where he'd gone, Adam explained that he'd gone for a walk to clear his head. Chelsea urged him to get some sleep, but Adam said that he'd be fine. Connor, she said, was upstairs, doing homework, and had no idea that Adam had left town. Chelsea then asked Adam if he felt better since he'd learned the truth. Adam didn't respond. Chelsea wished she could take Adam's pain away, but Adam stated that that particular pain wasn't going to go away.

Chelsea begged Adam to stop dwelling on the past, prompting Adam to wonder if Chelsea was planning to leave him. She said she and Connor weren't going anywhere and that she supported him. Chelsea went to check on Connor, and Adam was left alone. He spotted a fruit bowl across the room and had memories of A.J.'s death.

In Adam's memory, he was hiding around a corner and heard Victor and Hope discussing what had "happened." Hope worried that she would lose her little boy. Victor assured her that would never happen and wondered how Adam had reacted to the news of what he'd done. "He just stood there silently. George said the look on Vic's (Adam's) face was terrifying because Adam was so calm," she replied. Hope added that Adam seemed disconnected from what had happened. Victor stated that it would probably be for the best if Adam never remembered what had happened.

Chelsea returned downstairs, saying that she'd called out to Adam, but he hadn't responded. Adam told Chelsea that his parents had known of A.J.'s death the day it had happened. Adam continued that he finally knew exactly what type of person he was. Adam was angry with himself for putting his mother through so much pain. "You were protecting her," Chelsea countered, adding, "A grown man threatened to hurt an innocent child! That's disgusting. You are not the villain. Why can't you see that?" Adam wondered why Chelsea didn't find what he'd done "troubling." He then questioned how Chelsea would feel if Connor did something similar.

Adam reflected on how he hadn't come forward about Delia's death. Chelsea reiterated that Adam was "not a killer." Adam asked why he hadn't done "kid stuff" to A.J., like egging his house. They continued to argue their respective points before the doorbell sound and put an end to the discussion. Adam opened the door and found Victor staring at him with a grimace on his face.

Billy was in his Chancellor Communications office, having a heated discussion on the phone, when Jack paid him a surprised visit. Billy asked why Jack was there, and Jack quipped, "I came to observe you in your natural habitat." Billy brief Jack on the phone call he'd overheard, saying that Billy was trying to secure the rights to video footage that would be the hottest thing on the Internet -- at least for the next three hours.

Jack and Billy discussed Victoria selling off Newman assets, and both agreed that they were surprised by her decision. Jack was puzzled when Billy remarked that they had Victor to thank for their recent fortunes -- however indirectly it might have been. Jack mused that he'd send the "Black Knight" a handwritten note saying, "Dear Victor, thank you for ostracizing your daughter to the point she was inspired to sell parts of you company to us for fair market value."

The Abbott brothers then discussed Billy hiring Theo. Billy said that he felt Theo could learn a lot from him, since Billy had made just about every mistake that could be made. Jack was impressed. "You seem to have found your path," Jack commented, observing, "There's a lightness in you that I haven't seen in a long time." Jack then said that he was proud of Billy.

Billy asked Jack about his seemingly always-busy life -- companies to run, caring for Dina, and everything else he had to do. Jack mentioned that Dina had managed to give him some very important advice the last time he'd visited with her. "There are more important things than success," Jack said. In addition to that, he said that Dina also appeared to want him to find love. "Love above all else," Billy replied with a smile. Jack then urged Billy to keep his eyes open for a possible love of his own. "Sometime when you least expect it, she'll be standing right there in front of you, and you'll miss." Billy needed to jump on a conference call, so Jack left Billy's office.

As he was leaving, Jack called his assistant to send a big bouquet of flowers to Victor with a card. As he talked through the plan, he rethought things and asked that the flowers be sent to the Abbott mansion. He planned to give them to Dina.

When Billy's called ended, he read a message on his phone, announcing Amanda Sinclair's appointment as general counsel at Chancellor Communications.

Kyle and Summer share big news with Nick and Phyllis

Kyle and Summer share big news with Nick and Phyllis

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Kyle entered Crimson Lights, but Summer advised him to keep his distance because there could be no distractions until they formulated a plan of attack. He pointed out that they weren't going into battle. She insisted that they were, and they needed to act like it. Summer proposed that they deal with the factions separately, and she pondered whether to attack Battalion A or Battalion B first. Kyle replied that it depended on whether Battalion A was her mom or her dad.

Nick arrived at Phyllis' hotel suite, and she held up two outfits and asked which one he liked better. He assured her that she'd look amazing in either one, adding that he'd learned not to answer that question. Nick reminded her that they were just hanging out with Kyle and Summer, but Phyllis pointed out that they'd be in her lobby, and she was the "grand" in the Grand Phoenix. He amorously eyed her skimpy robe and observed that she was looking "pretty damn grand" in what she was wearing right then. He suggested that they be a little late.

After having sex, Nick and Phyllis hurriedly got dressed, and he moaned that she'd worn him out. She hoped she'd relieved his stress so he wouldn't be too hard on Kyle. Nick figured that it would just be drinks and small talk, and he mentioned the honest conversation he'd had with Kyle the other day. Phyllis inquired whether Nick thought Kyle was in it for the long haul that time. Nick believed Kyle knew how lucky he was and wouldn't risk hurting Summer by pushing things too far too fast.

Kyle and Summer arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and he anticipated that their news would be met with pushback. Summer prepared to absorb and pivot if they had to, and she expected that her dad would need the most convincing. Kyle thought he'd made progress with Nick the other day, and he thought her parents would be okay once they saw how sure he and Summer were. Summer resolved to hang tough and stick together, since they'd always have their love to fall back on. She glanced around the lobby and wondered where everyone was.

Summer incredulously asked if their parents were actually standing them up, and she noted that it wasn't like Jack to be late. Kyle figured that his dad had been caught up at work, and Summer realized that they'd been so concerned about her parents that they hadn't talked about how Jack would react. Nick and Phyllis stepped off the elevator, and Summer doubted that they'd been held up at work. Phyllis proclaimed that she and Nick had been excited and intrigued by the invitation, and Summer suggested that they order drinks. "Lots of them," Kyle muttered.

Summer offered Nick a beer. She perused the cocktail menu and asked Phyllis what was in one of the drink specials. Phyllis demanded to know what was going on, and Summer replied that she'd thought it would be nice to get everyone together. Nick scoffed at the idea that Summer and Kyle loved spending time with them, and Phyllis ordered the young couple to spill it. Kyle announced that there was something he and Summer wanted to tell them. Phyllis guessed they were engaged, and Nick asked if Summer was pregnant. "Or both!" Phyllis panicked.

Kyle urged everyone to take a breath. Summer pointed out that there was no ring on her finger, and she confirmed that no baby was on the way. She divulged that she and Kyle were moving in together, and Phyllis admitted that she'd expected something heavier and hastier. Phyllis praised the couple's maturity in taking a smaller step, but Nick was concerned about the status of Kyle's divorce. Kyle reported that it would be final soon, and Nick preferred to table the conversation until that day happened.

Kyle insisted that it was just paperwork, but Nick questioned whether that was all it was. Nick stepped away to get a drink at the bar, and Summer followed him. Nick recognized that Summer was a grown woman who made her own choices, and she informed him there was more. She mentioned that she and Kyle had been thinking about where to live. Nick guessed that they wanted to live in the house he'd originally planned to give them after they'd gotten married.

Summer understood that Nick had intended to sell the house once it was done, but she questioned why he'd sell to strangers when she and Kyle would fill it with love and happiness. Nick regretted that he wasn't able to be as excited about their reconciliation as she was, since he couldn't stand the idea of her having her heart broken again. Summer told him not to worry because that wouldn't happen. She agreed that it was important for Kyle to finalize his divorce, but Lola wasn't fighting it. Summer thought Nick had seen how happy she'd been lately, and it was all because of Kyle.

Kyle thanked Phyllis for her support, but she clarified that she was supporting her daughter. She thought that the couple moving in together was a good idea, so Summer could keep track of Kyle in case he was tempted to visit his ex. Kyle reiterated that Summer was the only woman he wanted in his life. Phyllis warned that if he screwed her daughter over again, she'd invent a new cocktail at the hotel, bearing his name -- and it would be the weakest drink they had.

Summer told Kyle and Phyllis that she wasn't sure she'd gotten through to Nick. Phyllis offered to talk to Nick, but Kyle doubted Nick could be swayed. Nick rejoined them and proclaimed that at the end of the day, love was what it was all about, and he observed that Summer and Kyle seemed very happy. Nick knew there were no guarantees in life, but he thought they had to grab onto happiness when they were fortunate enough to find it. He announced that Kyle and Summer would have a place to live once the house was finished.

At the cottage, Sharon was surprised when Mariah arrived to drop off a few things. Mariah admitted that she'd gone overboard, but she wanted to make sure Sharon had everything she needed. Mariah presented her mother with pillows, a blanket, and herbal tea. Sharon appreciated the pampering, but she insisted that she felt pretty good. Mariah pushed for details, and Sharon wondered what was going on. Mariah revealed that she was trying to figure out how hard she could let her mother have it for putting Adam's recovery before her own.

Sharon assumed that Rey had told Mariah about the trip to Kansas. Sharon claimed that it had been an emergency, but Mariah doubted it had been a greater emergency than Sharon's health. Sharon swore that she'd been doing everything she could to make a full recovery, but that didn't mean she'd turn her back on her life and everyone she cared about. Mariah warned that they knew where Sharon's affiliation with Adam would lead, and she cautioned that the dynamic between Sharon and Adam was toxic.

Mariah added that Adam had cost Sharon her relationship with Rey once before, and Sharon wondered if Rey had said something about Adam getting between them again. Mariah figured that Rey was too good a guy to say anything, even if it was what he was thinking. Mariah appealed to Sharon not to let Adam's latest issues screw up the amazing thing she and Rey had. Sharon vowed not to lose Rey, and she thanked Mariah for being honest. Sharon declared that she had things to do, and Mariah planned to check in again later. After Mariah departed, Sharon hesitated for a moment then grabbed her purse and headed out.

At Society, Theo hesitantly approached Lola at the bar, but she said it wasn't a good time to talk. He promised not to stay, but he didn't like how they'd left things earlier, and it was hard for him to apologize over a text message. He sincerely stated that he was sorry for putting her on the spot about Kyle, especially after the amazing night they'd spent together. He recognized that he should have taken her at her word, but she assured him that it was no big deal because they'd all moved on.

Theo pointed out that neither he nor Lola was into having regrets, and he asked if they were cool. She replied that they were, but she had to get back to work. Theo declared that he was hungry, and he went to get a table. Lola headed into the kitchen and was surprised to see Mariah, who wanted to make sure Lola was okay after the reveal about Kyle and Summer shacking up. Lola opted not to have another conversation about the couple and their future plans, and Mariah turned the topic to Sharon and Rey.

Mariah clucked that Sharon's heart was too big for her own good, and she didn't want Adam to suck Sharon in again. Lola recalled that she'd seen the same thing happen with her parents, since her mom had been unable to say no to her dad. Mariah explained that Sharon believed she was the only person who could save Adam, and Lola hoped they didn't go down the same path her parents had, since it had robbed Celeste of years of her life. Lola advised Mariah not to underestimate Rey, and Mariah marveled that he'd been incredible throughout Sharon's treatment. Mariah inquired about the Theo situation. Lola conceded that Theo might have been more right about something than she'd wanted to admit.

In the dining room, Theo finished his meal, and Lola asked how it had been. He replied that it had been awesome, but it hadn't been what he'd ordered. She revealed that she'd made something new that she'd never tried before -- "sorry calamari with apology aioli sauce." Lola recognized that she'd overreacted earlier because Theo hadn't been entirely wrong, and she knew that he'd just been trying to be sensitive to the feelings she had pretended didn't exist.

Lola explained that she'd never had an almost-ex-husband before, and it was going to take time to get used to it. Theo asserted that he had a thick skin, and he implored her to share her feelings. Lola confided that she didn't know what she was feeling, since she bounced between being totally over everything to wondering when Kyle had decided their marriage had been a mistake. Theo pledged to figure it out together, but she didn't want to take it out on him if she got really mad. He swore that he could take it.

Mariah returned to the cottage and was dismayed to find that Sharon wasn't there. "You didn't. Did you?" Mariah mused.

At the penthouse, Adam chided his "dear old dad" for riding in like the cavalry, and he assumed Chelsea had called Victor. She swore that she hadn't, but she welcomed Victor if he was there to help. Adam cautioned that it wasn't a good idea to help a killer, but Chelsea asserted that he wasn't a cold-blooded murderer. Adam taunted that his father knew exactly who he was, since Victor had watched the darkness in him take over since Adam had been eleven years old. Adam recalled that he'd almost killed Victor fairly recently, but Chelsea argued that Adam had only switched Victor's medication and hadn't meant to kill him. Adam claimed that it was what he'd told himself, but he'd since learned what he had inside of him.

Chelsea refused to listen to Adam talk about himself like he was a monster. He surmised that she was in denial, just like he'd been, but he'd no longer been an innocent kid once he'd killed A.J. Victor sternly stated that it was enough, and Adam suggested that his father go home. Victor requested that Chelsea take Connor and spend the night at the ranch to give Victor and Adam some time alone. Adam agreed, since the last thing Connor needed was to overhear any of it. Chelsea resolved not to give up on Adam.

After Chelsea left, Adam questioned whether Victor was afraid to be in the same room as him, knowing what Adam was capable of. Victor asserted that there was only one scared man in that room, and he intended to prove Adam's fear was unfounded. Adam voiced surprise that Victor hadn't ridden in on a white steed from the stables, since it would have been just as laughable as Victor trying to reach out to him. Adam ordered Victor not to play hero because he wasn't one.

Adam warned that Victor wasn't going to get any gratitude if that was what he was looking for. Adam accused Victor of trying to absolve himself by absolving Adam, but Victor's complicity in covering up the accident hadn't saved Adam -- it had ruined him. Victor took full responsibility for the choices he'd made that fateful night, but he'd never thought those choices would ruin Adam's life. Adam hissed that they had, since he would have been forced to face what he'd done and gotten help if Victor hadn't covered up the crime.

Adam imagined that if he'd dealt with the consequences, he might not have done all the horrible things he'd done in his life, and he was tormented because he'd never know. Victor maintained that it had been a traumatic event that had happened when Adam had tried to protect his mother, but Adam hadn't had any evil in his heart. Adam remembered overhearing Victor warning Hope to keep an eye on Adam because he might hurt someone else or worse. Victor swore that he'd only been worried about an eleven-year-old boy dealing with a traumatic event, not Adam committing another one.

Adam stressed that he knew what he was capable of, and it was what Victor had known all along. Victor acknowledged that he and Hope could have made Adam deal with the event after it had happened, but they hadn't thought it had been the right thing to do. Victor added that Adam had the choice to seek help himself, and he encouraged Adam to deal with it because he had a son of his own. Adam growled that he knew what he needed to do, and he didn't need Victor to tell him. Victor wordlessly left.

Nikki was startled when Chelsea arrived at the ranch. Chelsea explained that Victor had invited her and Connor to spend the night to give Victor time alone with Adam. Nikki hoped Victor was able to straighten Adam out, but Chelsea bemoaned that Adam was just as angry at Victor as he was with himself. Nikki hoped one night apart didn't lead to more, since she'd hate to see it lead to the end of Chelsea and Adam. Chelsea was taken aback that Nikki seemed almost gleeful in predicting their breakup.

Chelsea added that she felt awful about hurting Nick, but she'd thought she and Nikki had found a way to be civil. Chelsea groaned that she was too tired to fight, and she planned to take Connor to the Athletic Club instead. Nikki insisted that they stay, and Chelsea shared that her main concern was protecting Connor from the huge bombshell Adam was coping with. Nikki sympathized that Chelsea was doing what she thought was best as a mother, but she pointedly cautioned that there was only so much one could do to save their child from the world -- or himself.

Victor returned to the ranch, and Chelsea informed him that she and Nikki had had an unexpectedly nice conversation. Victor announced that he didn't have good news to report, but he vowed not to give up trying to get through to Adam. Chelsea planned to go home in the morning and keep trying, as well. Victor advised that Adam wanted them to give up on him, but they couldn't let that happen because Adam needed their help more than ever.

Meanwhile, Adam prepared to leave the penthouse but found Sharon at his door. She was relieved to see he was all right, but he informed her that he wasn't. He considered leaving Genoa City and going someplace he couldn't be found. She chalked it up to a kneejerk reaction to recovering his memories, but he was convinced that it was the best thing do for Chelsea and Connor. Sharon recounted that it had made things worse for everyone the last time he'd left, and she lectured that he couldn't run away from himself, since he'd have the same thoughts and fears, no matter where he went.

Adam pressed Sharon to focus on her own recovery, and she told him that she had a list of therapists who hadn't been personally involved in his situation. Adam declared that he knew everything there was to know about himself, and he guessed it was time to say goodbye. Sharon refused to believe that there was a toxic darkness inside him or that he'd hurt everyone he touched, but he argued that he'd hurt her over and over. She countered that they'd hurt one another, and she questioned whether that made her dark and toxic, too.

Sharon wanted to help Adam see that he was the good, loving father Connor needed, but Adam was adamant that she focus on herself. She reasoned that helping him would help her by giving her extra motivation to win the battle she was fighting. Sharon contended that Chelsea loved him, Victor believed in him, and Connor needed him -- and they couldn't all be wrong. Sharon pleaded with Adam to give her one last chance, but he grumbled that he didn't deserve saving. "Let me prove that you do," Sharon begged, adding that it was the right thing to do. Adam reluctantly agreed to stay.

Alyssa wants answers about Vegas from Chance

Alyssa wants answers about Vegas from Chance

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

by Nel

At the Newman office, Nikki warned Victoria that she was about to be put to the test. Victoria and Nikki joined a video conference call with Dan Szymborski in the New York office. Dan said that Victoria had the financial world buzzing because of her recent actions, but he assured her that it wasn't too late to undo the damage she'd done. Dan said that he'd always believed in her and mentioned that he and Victor had talked about her over tequila, and they had both agreed that she would make a great leader someday. He ended his comments by saying that even great leaders made mistakes.

Nikki told Dan that Victoria's decisions had been the best thing for Newman Enterprises. Victoria interrupted and said that it was a done deal, but Dan claimed that with the army of lawyers Victor had, it wouldn't take them long to undo what she'd done. Victoria told Dan that she'd made Newman leaner and meaner, but Dan claimed she'd made it vulnerable. He said that Victoria needed the support of the people working for her, people he'd known for many years, and he'd heard the rumblings of discontent. Dan told her that she needed to keep her worker bees content, or she'd have nothing.

Victoria stated that Dan's comment sounded like a threat, and Nikki agreed. Dan said that Victoria knew what Newman meant to him. She said she did. It had made him a very rich man, but change could be difficult. She told Dan that Victor had approved her decision. She said she was sorry if Dan felt threatened, but there was new leadership at Newman. Dan stated that Victoria had made people uncomfortable, but Victoria countered that those people knew where the door was. Dan claimed that she was tarnishing Victor's legacy. At that point, Victoria had had enough; she told Dan their conversation was over and disconnected the call.

Nikki praised Victoria for putting Dan in his place and couldn't wait to tell Victor about it, but Victoria asked Nikki not to say anything because she wanted to see if Dan would report to Victor. She wondered if Dan had been doing Victor's dirty work. Nikki assured Victoria that Victor supported her decisions, and if he'd had any reservations, he would have spoken to Victoria.

Nikki told Victoria she'd been keeping a secret. Nikki told Victoria about her incredible experience at the Escape Club at the Grand Phoenix. Nikki praised Phyllis for developing such an astonishing idea. She wanted Victoria to have the same experience, but Victoria claimed she had enough astonishing things happening in her life without the Escape Club experience.

At ChancComm, Amanda told Billy she'd emailed him a code of conduct together with rules and regulations that he needed to read. Billy felt it was directed specifically at him, but Amanda claimed she needed to protect ChancComm. Billy asked if she was protecting ChancComm or protecting the company from him. Amanda asked why it couldn't be both, and she suggested that he take it seriously. Billy said that he would show her how serious he was by printing her email and hanging it on the wall. Amanda said that on that note, she was leaving.

Before Amanda could make her escape, Billy claimed he liked rules, and he acknowledged that whenever he crossed the line, Amanda would be all over his back. He said he had a certain fondness for being on the edge. Amanda said she knew Billy liked living on the edge, especially after listening to him night after night, talking about his life, and encouraging her to stand at the edge of the rooftop and scream together. Billy said everything had worked out in the end, and they were still friends.

Amanda told Billy she had to leave because she had things to do. Billy asked where she was going. Amanda informed him that Nate had organized a blood drive at the clinic, and she wanted to make a donation. Billy offered to drive her. He teased that they could go over all the rules and regulations, and perhaps she would discover some new ones to add to the list. Amanda claimed she would be doing a lot of that.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby told Chance she hoped she hadn't interrupted him. Chance smiled and said she was a distraction because she was so gorgeous. Abby coyly said she had to keep him on his toes because he made her want to be bad. Chance said he had a meeting to go to and asked her to wait for him. He cautioned her to stay out of trouble.

After Chance left, Abby noticed he had forgotten his phone. With a mischievous look, Abby picked up his phone, took a photo of herself, and wrote, "That feeling when he's so good he makes you want to be so bad," and she smiled. She was about to put the phone down when Chance received a text message. Abby saw it was from Paul, and it read, "Need to talk. Get back to me ASAP." A look of concern crossed Abby's face.

When Chance returned, he saw Abby's concerned look and asked what was wrong. Abby explained about the photo and the text message from Paul. She apologized and said she hadn't been snooping, but she'd seen the text message. She wondered why Paul wanted to see Chance. Abby was worried it might have something to do with the incident in Vegas. Chance said Paul probably wanted to touch base about security, but Abby said her interpretation of the message differed from his. Paul wanted to touch base with Chance immediately. She saw the urgency in that message and continued to stress.

Chance promised Abby it wasn't about Vegas and that he was going to pay Paul a visit. Teasingly, he told Abby to keep bail money handy, just in case, but he assured her all would be fine. He said he would call her, but that didn't reassure Abby.

A short time later, Chance returned and told Abby that Paul wanted to hire him as a detective. He said that one detective had quit, and Rey was overwhelmed with work. Paul needed someone immediately. Abby asked if Chance was actually considering Paul's offer, especially after the events in Vegas, breaking into Phyllis' safe deposit box, and his criminal past. Abby suggested that when Chance spoke to Paul, he needed to let Paul down gently. After the look Chance gave Abby, she asked if he was really considering becoming a detective.

Chance told Abby that he was a lawman at heart. What happened in the past stayed in the past. Paul had given him the opportunity to do some good. Abby stated that she was against him taking the job, but she would never tell him what to do. She said he'd worked very hard getting his security business up and running, and she felt he hadn't given it a fair chance. She confessed she didn't want to worry daily about his safety. Chance said he loved what he did, but security wasn't where his heart was. He loved the danger of solving crimes and helping people.

Abby accused Chance of being an adrenaline junkie. Chance claimed he wanted to make the world a better place. Paul had given him that opportunity, and he wanted that job. Chance felt that was what he wanted to do with his life. He said there was a certain satisfaction in doing a job he was good at. He asked Abby what that meant for them as a couple. Abby said that if he wanted the job, then she wanted it for him.

Alyssa arrived at the Grand Phoenix and approached Chance. She said she'd been looking for him. She said they had a mutual friend, Adam. She told Chance that she and Adam had grown up in Kansas, and they'd been friends. She'd known Adam when he'd been known as Victor. Abby introduced herself as Adam's half-sister.

Alyssa explained that she was a journalist and she wanted to ask Chance a few questions about a missing person in Vegas. Chance said he knew nothing about that. He apologized and said that he and Abby had a previous engagement, and they had to leave. He wished Alyssa the best of luck on her story, and he and Abby left.

Amanda and Billy arrived at the clinic, and Amanda told Billy he didn't need to stay. Nate entered, and Billy said he wanted to make a blood donation before he left. He thanked Nate for saving Katie. After giving blood, Billy told Nate it was clear that Nate loved his job at the clinic. He said that Nate and Elena had created something very special.

Nate said he was happy when a patient left happy, but he couldn't work miracles all the time, and it was tough to lose a patient. Billy thanked him and turned to Amanda. He told her things had gone easily, and it was her turn. Billy said he would see her back at the office, and he left.

Amanda joined Nate, who said he had a few basic questions for her before she made her donation. After Nate had finished with his basic questions, he asked Amanda for her blood type. She said she was a B negative. Nate was somewhat taken aback. He said he'd known someone else with that blood type: Hilary. Amanda refused to believe it. Nate said it could be a coincidence, but he wanted her to look at the facts.

Amanda told Nate that looking like Hilary had been bad enough. Nate pointed out that Amanda and Hilary looked identical, they had both grown up in foster care, and they were the same blood type. Amanda said it was weird, but she understood why Nate would wonder. Nate said there were ways of finding out whether it was coincidence or if it was more, but Amanda had to have the desire to look into it. Amanda said she wished she hadn't offered to donate blood, because if she hadn't, then her life would have gone on the way it had been.

Nate told Amanda that her life could go on the way it had been if that was what she wanted. Amanda admitted that the situation would eat at her if she didn't look into it. She asked Nate where to start. She realized she would need something of Hilary's, like a hairbrush that would have her DNA. She told Nate she couldn't just ask Devon for it because it would be very traumatizing for him. Nate said that Amanda would know how to handle the situation when she spoke to Devon. Amanda said she needed to find out the truth about herself once and for all after she was done donating blood.

At ChancComm, Theo provided Billy with some suggestions about writers that might be a good fit. Billy looked through the list and recognized most of them, but he nixed one completely. He said he loved reading that guy's stuff, but that writer didn't only push the envelope, he burned it. Theo claimed that was the kind of writing that would get them noticed, but Billy said he didn't know about that. Theo asked to be corrected if he was mistaken, but he thought ChancComm wanted to stir the pot and keep people talking about their content. He said they were going to prove to people that they weren't playing it safe.

Billy told Theo that he'd been in a meeting about that issue recently. Theo asked if Billy could push the envelope, but he couldn't. Billy stated that there were limits for him and Theo, but since he got to call the shots, he had the right to push those limits as much as possible when the mood struck. Theo said that breaking the rules was what he did, but he reluctantly said he would tone it down. Billy didn't want Theo to tone it down too much because Theo brought talent, he knew how to cross the line, and they needed that wild child esthetic. They needed someone patient and understanding, someone who would start the fire but keep them from getting burned.

Theo stated that Billy had been talking to Amanda. Billy said she was an important person with insight, and she knew what they were trying to build. Billy said that Amanda had shown him how to walk the line without crossing it.

Later, Theo arrived at Society and encountered Victoria at the bar. He commented, "Champagne for one. Good choice. Not something you see every day, but it does make a statement." He asked if she would like some company to help her celebrate. Victoria asked if Theo was hitting on her. He claimed he was merely chatting.

Theo informed Victoria that he was working at ChancComm with Billy, and he knew that she'd been the reason that ChancComm had become a major player in the media game. He provided her with his card that indicated he was the director of talent. Victoria invited him to join her. Theo smiled and said that it sounded like she was hitting on him.

Chelsea spirals out of control

Chelsea spirals out of control

Thursday, September 3, 2020

by Nel

Billy arrived at ChancComm with coffee for Lily. He announced that they were celebrating. He said his meeting with the anchor he wanted to hire had gone well, and he was certain she would sign. He said the buzz around town about ChancComm was electrifying. He thought taking on Newman Media had been a risk, but it had paid off. All the talented people wanted to be part of ChancComm.

Billy told Lily that Jack had stopped by to congratulate him on what they were building. Billy said he felt validated and hadn't realized how intense things had become for him. Jack had said that Billy seemed lighter. Lily agreed, but she thought it was because of Amanda. Billy that he and Amanda were building a rapport and a working relationship. Lily noted that Billy was more willing to take advice from Amanda than from anyone else.

Billy said that he and Amanda hadn't known each other that long, but they'd shared a lot in that time and trusted each other. Billy said that he and Amanda had talked about leveling up from the friend zone but had decided not to, and he'd mentioned that to Lily. Lily said she'd spent a lot of time around him and Amanda. She'd seen a lot of signals like private jokes and the lingering glances. There was an obvious attraction.

Billy accused Lily of reading too many romance submissions from Traci's fiction platform, and he insisted there was nothing happening with Amanda. Lily said they hadn't established an official employee dating policy; she should do a memo about it. Billy asked why she would waste her time on his personal life -- or lack thereof. Lily said that Amanda wasn't only an employee, but she was dating Lily's cousin Nate, and Lily hadn't had a chance to talk to him about that relationship.

Billy told Lily it had nothing do with him. He'd been professional, and he hadn't crossed any lines. He didn't intend to in the future, either. Lily said Billy never intended to cause trouble; it just followed him. Billy pointed out that he'd been well behaved around Lily, and it hadn't been easy, given that they had a lot more history than he and Amanda had.

In her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Amanda called Devon, and she asked to meet him in his office. Devon said he was at Society and was about to attend a meeting, but he wanted to meet with her later at Society. She agreed.

After spending the night at the ranch, Chelsea called Adam. She said she'd been worried about him and was on her way home. Adam informed her that he would be gone by the time she arrived. Chelsea panicked and told Adam not to leave before she got there.

Victor had been standing in the doorway, listening. He asked Chelsea where Adam was going. She didn't know. Victor suggested that Sharon could help. He said Adam had been very upset the previous evening. Chelsea claimed that she shouldn't have left Adam alone. She accused Sharon of pushing Adam to remember things that he wasn't ready to face. She said she, not Sharon, would help Adam.

Nikki arrived after Chelsea left. She told Victor she thought they could have lunch together. She told him about the video call with Dan Szymborski and that Victor would probably hear from him.

Victor told Nikki he was concerned about Adam because Adam was leaving town again, and he wouldn't say where he was going. Nikki stated that Adam wasn't strong enough to handle his situation alone. Victor agreed. He wished he could help Adam, but Nikki claimed that Adam would never accept Victor's help. She said they needed to focus on Connor. Victor stated he wouldn't give up on Adam.

Nikki told Victor that Adam didn't trust him, so he needed to focus on Connor. Connor shouldn't have to handle Adam taking off again. Victor said the last time Adam had left, Connor had thought it had been his fault. Nikki told Victor that they'd shown Connor how much they loved him, and they'd been the steadying factor for him. They needed to do that again, or Connor would be emotionally scarred for life. Victor agreed.

Chelsea arrived at the penthouse and yelled for Adam, but Adam was gone. She immediately tried to phone him, but he didn't answer.

In an extremely agitated state, Chelsea returned to the ranch and said Adam was gone. She blamed Victor and Sharon for telling Adam that he'd killed A.J. as a child. Victor said Adam had forced his hand. She asked why Victor hadn't helped Adam at that time with psychological help instead of covering it up. She said Victor should have taken that information to his grave.

Victor told Chelsea that Adam had no one to blame but himself for bringing up the subject of A.J.'s death. He reminded Chelsea that Adam had tried to blame Victor for the incident. Chelsea claimed that Victor should have allowed Adam to believe Victor was guilty. Shocked, Nikki asked if they should have allowed Adam to keep holding that over Victor's head. Chelsea said yes because Adam would never have exposed Victor. All Adam had wanted had been to show Victor that he was capable of running Newman. Nikki asked if he'd wanted to do that by shoving Victoria aside after all the years she'd spent earning her position. Chelsea asked if it had been worth ruining Adam just so Victoria could hang onto a job.

Chelsea asked if Nikki understood how shattered Adam was and if she even cared. Victor said Chelsea had no idea what she was talking about. He asked if Chelsea had any idea how much time he'd spent trying to help Adam. Chelsea claimed he'd only helped Adam until Nick and Victoria had complained, then Victor had thrown Adam under the bus. She said that Adam had been dealing with those ramifications on his own, just as he'd been dealing with the A.J. situation. She accused Victor of not being there for Adam.

Nikki yelled, "Enough." She said that Chelsea was spewing all that garbage because she was desperate and scared, and she needed a scapegoat; however, what was happening at that moment was that Chelsea's greed and the quest for power had returned to bite her. Chelsea was stunned. Nikki stated that Chelsea could have stopped Adam from blackmailing Victor. She'd been the only one who'd had that kind of influence with Adam, but Chelsea had loved the idea of being married to the CEO of Newman. Nikki said that had to have warmed Chelsea's cold grifter heart. She asked Chelsea if they were supposed to roll over and allow that to happen.

Chelsea said that Nikki could blame Chelsea all she wanted, but Nikki would never allow Adam to be part of the family where he belonged. Chelsea said the silver lining in their situation was that she no longer felt obligated to bring Connor to the ranch. Chelsea left. Victor and Nikki were shocked.

Victor told Nikki he was worried about Chelsea's threat to keep Connor away from them. Nikki said it wasn't the first time. She stated that Chelsea had had a complete meltdown in front of them. Victor said they had to do everything in their power to protect Connor and that something had to be done very soon.

Adam received a call from Chelsea just as he arrived at Sharon's door. He didn't answer. Noah answered the door and said that Adam shouldn't be there. Adam promised he wouldn't stay long. Noah said he would stay to make sure of that. He accused Adam of convincing Sharon to treat him. Adam admitted he had, but Sharon was doing well.

Noah claimed that Sharon was tired and preoccupied from the stress of dealing with Adam. Adam said that he hadn't known that Sharon had been ill when he'd asked for her help. Noah claimed that when Adam had found out, he should have found someone else to work with him.

Noah told Adam that Sharon was in a life-and-death situation, and nothing should distract from that. Sharon entered the room and said she hadn't known that Adam would be stopping by. She asked Noah to give them a few minutes. After Noah left, Sharon asked if Adam was okay. Adam said his mind was spinning, but he wasn't there to talk. He said he was leaving because he couldn't stay at home. Things wouldn't work for him being around Chelsea and Connor. He admitted it would be difficult, but it had to be done.

Adam told Sharon that Connor would know something was wrong, and he would be upset to see his dad falling apart. He said he couldn't be responsible for that. He wouldn't put Chelsea in a position where she needed to help him and Connor. He wanted to do what was right for them. He said he'd caused enough damage. He knew Chelsea would come up with a story for Connor. He said he would check in with Sharon from time to time.

Sharon wanted to know where Adam would be staying, but he wouldn't tell her unless she promised not to disclose his whereabouts to anyone. Sharon said it was a mistake to exclude Chelsea, but she promised to keep his secret. Adam sent the address where he would be staying to Sharon's phone. Noah returned just as Sharon received a call from Mariah, and she left the room.

Noah told Adam it was unacceptable for Adam to barge in and expect Sharon to help him. He said Sharon's priority was to get well. Adam agreed. Noah was sorry for whatever Adam was dealing with, and he suggested that Adam find another therapist who wasn't fighting for their life. Adam said he'd told Sharon he would handle his own situation. Noah warned Adam that as long as he kept depending on Sharon's help, she would want to help him. Noah said Adam needed to stop being self-absorbed, and he needed to stay away from Sharon. Adam assured Noah he wouldn't see Sharon again.

Later, Noah told Sharon he hoped she would focus on herself rather than Adam. Sharon said she'd already heard the same concern from Rey, Mariah, and Nick. She said she'd listened, and she'd been careful not to overdo it. Noah asked what would happen if Sharon misjudged her limits, but Sharon claimed that having a conversation with Adam wasn't going to hurt her.

Noah claimed that therapy wasn't just about talking to someone. It was emotional and intense, especially if the person Sharon treated was her ex. Noah said he saw how dealing with Adam had worn her out. He said she should think about what it was like for her family, knowing she wasn't taking care of herself. He said Adam could take care of himself, but her family couldn't take care of themselves without her.

At Society, Amanda told Devon she had a question about Hilary. She asked about Hilary's birthdate. She explained that she'd been at the clinic, and it had turned out that she and Hilary had the same rare blood type. Amanda said there were too many coincidences: they had the same blood type, she and Hilary looked alike, and they had both been in foster care. She'd been abandoned, and the people who'd found her had decided her birthday would be July 2. Devon said Hilary's birthday had been July 1.

Devon asked if Amanda was going to investigate. She said she had to because she might have family, and she might have had a twin sister. She hoped Devon still had something of Hilary's with her DNA. Devon said he had to think about it. Amanda assured him there was no pressure.

Amanda said she would be out of town for a few days, and before leaving, she would provide Nate with a sample of her DNA. She said it was up to Devon whether or not to give Nate something of Hilary's. She assured him she would never bother him with that request again. She thanked him and left. Devon sat at the bar, deep in thought, and he stared at a photo of himself and Hilary on his phone.

At ChancComm, Billy saw Amanda sitting on the couch with something in her hand. He asked if it was for a paternity test. She admitted it was, and it was a little scary. She asked Billy not to mention it to anyone. She explained that at the clinic, she'd discovered she and Hilary had the same rare blood type, and she was ready to move forward. Billy asked if that was what she wanted and not because Nate thought it was a good idea. Amanda said that Nate had been very supportive; he'd provided her with options, but he hadn't pushed her into it.

Billy said that Amanda had always known her options and she'd chosen not to act on them, but after a conversation with Nate, she'd decided to move forward. Amanda said that Billy didn't get to weigh in on her relationship with Nate or anyone else she saw. She'd confided something personal and sensitive to Billy, but he saw it as an opportunity to get a dig in at Nate. Billy claimed he'd only been expressing concern for a friend. Amanda asked if Billy was jealous. He denied it. He'd only offered friendly advice that they should slow down.

Amanda asked Billy if she should slow down with the testing, with Nate, or both. Amanda said she was a very cautious person, yet Billy felt he could lecture her about backing away from learning about Hilary, especially if it involved getting any help from Nate, the man she was dating. She said her instincts told her that Billy was threatened by Nate. Billy was taken aback. Amanda said that she and Billy had agreed they wouldn't discuss whatever those feelings were between them.

Adam entered the motel room where he intended to hide. He was deep in thought as he lay on the bed.

Devon and Elena grapple with Amanda's request

Devon and Elena grapple with Amanda's request

Friday, September 4, 2020

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis looked deep in thought at the bar. Nick greeted her and asked what was up. She informed him that she was working on something big, but she couldn't tell him what it was until it worked out. Nick inquired whether it was bigger than the Escape Club, and Phyllis contended that it was just as big but more important. She refused to tell him anything more to avoid jinxing it. Nick flirtatiously questioned whether he could charm it out of her. Phyllis replied that he could charm anything out of her -- but she had to get back to work right then.

In Chancellor Park, Nick informed Noah that Summer and Kyle seemed solid. Noah grumbled that everyone in their family was insisting on revisiting the past. Nick guessed that he was referring to Phyllis, but Noah reported that his mom had had a surprise visitor. Nick barked that both he and Rey had warned Adam to stay away, but Adam wouldn't put anyone's feelings or wants above his own. Noah recounted that Adam had said he'd accepted the fact that he couldn't show up to see Sharon whenever he wanted, but Noah hadn't believed him. Noah contemplated how to stop Adam.

Noah didn't understand why Sharon put up with Adam, and Nick acknowledged that the two had a complicated history. Noah asserted that it needed to stay in the past, but Nick recognized that Sharon simply wanted to help Adam and that Adam felt she was the only person who could give him the answers he needed. Nick conceded that Adam needed help, but he dodged Noah's inquiries about the details. Noah vowed to stop Adam if no one else would. Nick urged him to consider other people's feelings, since Nick didn't want his son caught in the line of fire. Nick warned that Adam was a snake who didn't fight fair, and things never ended well.

Noah felt that he'd made a mistake by going back to London, since he'd been fiddling with pictures thousands of miles away when he should have been there to make sure Adam had stayed away. Nick reminded Noah that Sharon wanted him to live his life to the fullest, and Noah's fiddling was what made him special. Nick added that Sharon had lit up when she'd heard about the art exhibit, and the last thing she wanted was to feel like she was holding Noah back. Nick assured Noah that their family had it covered, and together, they'd keep Adam out of Sharon's life for good. Noah prayed that his mom got good news.

Noah turned the topic to Nick's life, since he couldn't believe that his father was back with Phyllis again. Noah wondered if he should be concerned because they tended to get a little crazy. Nick was sure that he and Phyllis had gotten all the crazy out of their systems. Noah advised Nick to keep his guard up, since craziness popped up again when one least expected it. Nick anticipated that he and Phyllis would be crazy in only the best possible way from then on.

At Society, Chance told Abby that Paul had invited them to lunch with him and Christine the next day. Abby imagined that Paul wanted Chance on the police force badly to suggest a double date. Chance spotted Alyssa enter the restaurant and instructed Abby not to turn around, but Abby immediately disregarded the request and stared at Alyssa. Abby wondered why Alyssa was following him.

Abby worried that Alyssa knew what had happened with Chance and Adam in Las Vegas. Chance reasoned that if Alyssa had anything solid, she wouldn't be sniffing around. Abby suggested that they book flights to Hawaii, but Chance intended on finding out what Alyssa was up to. Chance crossed the room and greeted Alyssa.

Alyssa voiced surprise that Chance could spare the time, since he'd been in a hurry to blow her off earlier. Chance referred to a prior engagement he'd had with Abby, and he assured Alyssa that he'd meant no offense. Alyssa wondered if he'd remembered anything about the missing guy in Vegas, and he noted that she was a good reporter who sensed he hadn't given her the full story. He readily admitted that he hadn't been completely honest with her.

Chance assumed that Alyssa knew that he'd once been a federal agent, and he claimed that he'd been investigating a money-laundering operation that the missing man had been involved in. He continued that he couldn't reveal more details because the investigation was ongoing. Alyssa haughtily remarked that it was convenient, and Chance insisted that it was true.

Meanwhile, Phyllis approached Abby and noted that she'd been trying to get in touch with her. Abby tried to brush her off, but Phyllis was adamant that they talk about their future, since hers might not include Abby. Phyllis observed that Abby was preoccupied with Chase and Alyssa's conversation, and she wondered why Abby was concerned about her boyfriend. Abby fibbed that Alyssa was just a former security client of Chance's, but Phyllis noted that the conversation seemed very intense.

Chance was skeptical that a story about a missing man in Vegas had fallen into the lap of a Kansas newspaper reporter. Alyssa queried why Chance had left his high-profile government job for security work in Genoa City, and he replied that it was his home there. He pointed out that she still hadn't answered his question about why she was covering a story out of her jurisdiction. She admitted that she hadn't been able to help but wonder what Adam had been doing all those years, and it had been quite a lot. Chance realized it was personal, and she reasoned that all her stories became personal -- especially one as mysterious as that one.

Chance wished Alyssa the best of luck and stepped over to the bar. He sent a text message to Adam, asking where he was because they needed to meet. Abby asked Chance if he'd handled things, but he wasn't sure. He believed Alyssa was tenacious and wouldn't give up. From a distance, Phyllis glanced suspiciously from Chance and Abby over to Alyssa.

At Chancellor Communications, Amanda sternly reminded Billy that they'd made a deal not to get involved, and she accused him of overstepping. He argued that he'd just been giving his opinion, and he pointed out that she could have told him that the DNA swab was none of his business instead of confiding in him about wanting to find out whether Hilary was her sister. Amanda scolded him for trying to make it about the man she was dating. She asserted that if she chose to find out if she had a sister, it was her call -- not Nate's, and definitely not Billy's.

Amanda defended that Nate had been nothing but supportive. Billy swore that he had no beef with Nate, and he apologized if it had seemed that way. Billy asked where he and Amanda stood, and he pressed her to put a label on it because he had no idea. She insisted that she liked working with him and considered him a friend, but the days of them confessing their secrets over drinks were over. She was adamant that things between them needed to stay professional. Lily overheard from the doorway and inquired whether the negotiation had been settled or if she needed to weigh in.

Amanda indicated that she'd wanted to make sure she and Billy were on the same page before she left on her trip, and Billy added that he was good with it. After Amanda stepped out, Billy expected Lily to let him have it. He swore that he hadn't just been blowing smoke about keeping things solely professional with Amanda, and Lily ordered him to prove it. Lily reminded Billy of his promise that there would be no issues with Amanda working there, and Billy questioned whether he had to date someone else to prove it wasn't a problem. He whipped out his phone to sign up for a dating app, but Lily stated that the conversation was over.

Billy marveled at the many options and questions on the app, and he mused that it was a good thing online dating hadn't been around back in the day, or he and Lily never would have hooked up. He encountered a question that asked what three words a friend would use to describe him, and Lily flatly replied, "Pain in the ass." She insisted that he didn't need a dating service, but he complained that he was sick of cuddling with takeout containers. He added that it had been her idea for him to stop playing hero with Amanda. She suggested that they get back into work. Billy teased her for turning into a buzzkill, but Lily replied that he wasn't fooling anyone, since she knew exactly what he was feeling.

Lily empathized because she'd been where Billy was, and she'd been ready to swear off relationships forever when she'd ended things with Cane. Billy asked about the guy she'd been seeing upstate, and Lily explained that it had only lasted as long as it had because it had been long distance. Billy proposed that they both create profiles and have some pain-free online dating fun. Lily lectured that it was impossible to avoid pain, since emotional risks were part of life. She confided that she wanted to share her life with someone again, and she believed that deep down, he wanted that, too.

Billy thanked Lily for the pep talk. He thought she should take another shot at the brass ring because she deserved it, but he'd been the reason his relationships had broken up, so it was his civic duty not to enter into anything meaningful again. Lily accused him of being full of it, since she sensed that under the bluster and cynicism was a warm, mushy heart ready to fall in love again. Billy swore that he was nothing but a wolf on the prowl, and he playfully howled. He declared that the wolf was hungry, and he invited her to get something to eat. They headed out together.

Nate stopped by Amanda's hotel suite to say goodbye before she left. Amanda anxiously looked around for her DNA sample, and she chalked her frazzled demeanor up to a rough day at work. She shared that Billy had been sticking his nose into something that was none of his business, but he'd backed off when she'd reminded him that they were just colleagues. She found the sample and couldn't believe that it might answer the questions she'd had her whole life.

Nate assumed that Devon was on board. Amanda informed him that Devon hadn't made up his mind yet, since the request had hit him harder than she'd expected. Nate thought he'd been too optimistic when he'd thought Devon wouldn't have an issue with it, but Amanda figured that Devon hadn't said no. Nate was sure that Devon would have said yes if he was okay with it, and Amanda relayed that Devon needed time to think about what Hilary would have wanted. Nate thought it wasn't a good sign, and he was sorry that he'd gotten Amanda's hopes up when she might never get her questions answered.

Nate stressed that he wasn't trying to discourage Amanda from finding out if she was related to Hilary, but he thought she might have to do it without Devon. Amanda understood that he wanted to protect his cousin, and he swore that he wanted to do right by Amanda, too. Nate offered to help her look into different options if Devon turned her down. Amanda inquired whether the hospital might still have a sample of Hilary's DNA, but Nate found it unlikely after all that time. Amanda resolved to respect Devon's decision if he said no, and she could only imagine how hard it had been for him to lose Hilary. Nate revealed that Devon had also lost their unborn child, rendering Amanda speechless.

Nate recounted that Devon had married Hilary on her deathbed at the hospital, knowing she wouldn't make it. Amanda regretted that she'd asked Devon to dredge it all up again, but Nate blamed himself for not giving it more thought. Nate recalled watching Devon's grief, and he realized the wounds hadn't disappeared. Amanda promised that she would never force Devon to give up a piece of Hilary, especially when it might prove the theory false, but he'd said something that had made her feel there could be a connection. Amanda divulged that her estimated birthdate and Hilary's actual one were only a day apart.

Nate wished he could do more, but Amanda said he'd done a lot by looking out for both her and Devon. She was grateful to Nate for helping her face the questions she'd been asking her whole life about who she was, and she was finally ready to go on the journey, no matter where it led. She realized that she had to catch her flight, and she promised that she'd be back soon. "Not soon enough," Nate affectionately replied. She mused that something could be waiting for her when she got back, since she might have a whole new family history if Devon donated Hilary's DNA.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Devon gazed forlornly at a wedding photo of him and Hilary on his phone. Elena entered and cheerfully asked what he was looking at, and he quickly put the phone away. A short time later, Elena noticed that Devon was distracted, and she questioned whether he had something on his mind. He admitted that he hadn't been forthcoming earlier, and he showed her the photo. Elena considered it perfectly natural that he'd be thinking about Hilary, and she swore that he didn't have to hide it. He confessed that it was more than that, since Amanda had asked him to help her figure out if her resemblance to Hilary was more than just a coincidence.

Elena figured that the idea had been in the back of everyone's minds, but she wondered why Amanda was suddenly interested in finding out the truth. Devon imagined that the new medical evidence had made it impossible for Amanda to just keep wondering, but Elena pointed out that Amanda had always been emphatic that she had no interest in Hilary. Elena theorized that it was a situation similar to the one with Katherine's will, and Amanda was trying to get a portion of Hilary's estate. Devon didn't believe it, since he'd seen real emotion in Amanda's eyes when she'd asked for help.

Devon understood the desperate need to know one's heritage, and he reflected back on the questions he'd once had about his biological father. Elena agreed that Amanda had proven herself to everyone, and she regretted thinking of Amanda that way. Devon grappled with how Hilary would have felt about having a sister. He suspected that Hilary's life would have been better if she'd grown up with a sibling, and he noted that Amanda stood to find out about her real family for the first time in her life. Elena seemed unnerved that he'd considered how it would affect Amanda.

Devon explained that it wasn't hard to imagine being in Amanda's shoes because he'd been in the same position when he'd found out he was a Chancellor after growing up in foster care. Elena admitted that she felt a little overwhelmed, since it would be a big deal for Devon if Amanda and Hilary turned out to be related, and he might even feel like he had part of Hilary back. Devon assured her that it wouldn't be like before, when he'd pushed Elena away because he'd been obsessing over Hilary. Devon gushed that Elena was the best thing in his life, and they'd built something too solid to let anything get in the way again. He told her to just say the word if she didn't want him to help Amanda.

Elena refused to be the person to tell Devon not to do it, and she thought it had to be between him and Amanda. Devon appreciated her honesty but also wanted her opinion, and Elena asked if he thought he owed Amanda something because of how he'd treated her at first. Devon was most concerned with figuring out what Hilary would have wanted him to do, and he wanted Elena to have a say in the decision.

Elena thought she had an idea of what Hilary would want based on what Devon had told her, but she didn't feel it was her place to say. She knew he had some of Hilary's belongings that would have traces of her DNA, and it would be difficult if not impossible for Amanda to find answers without those things. Elena counseled that neither she nor Hilary could make him do it, and he had to follow what his heart was telling him to do.

Devon struggled with what to do about Amanda's request. Elena recommended that he take some time to process it, stressing that it was perfectly okay if his answer was no. Devon thanked her for giving him clarity and support and for showing him love every single day. He murmured that he didn't know what he would do without her, and they exchanged words of love. He kissed her forehead and headed to the counter to order refills. She looked at the wedding photo on his phone again and looked worried.

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