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Someone kidnapped Jill. Devon purchased the Athletic Club. Billy learned that Adam had funded Delia's foundation. Victor blackmailed Adam into letting him be part of Connor's life. Adam allowed Victor to hold Connor at the baby's christening.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 6, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, January 6, 2014

At Adam's penthouse, Adam knelt on one knee and proposed marriage to Chelsea. Adam insisted that the couple marry the next day, but Chelsea said that they shouldn't rush the ceremony. Chelsea added that just a year before, they'd divorced after their relationship had faltered. Adam insisted that he was completely committed to Chelsea. She told Adam that he hadn't told her something she should know. Adam sternly replied, "What's that supposed to mean?" Chelsea reminded Adam that they had "gone through hell in the past" because they'd kept things secret from each other.

Chelsea begged Adam to tell her anything that might interfere with their marriage. Adam insisted that they should forget the past and start their married life anew. Chelsea said she needed Adam to completely forgive her for lying and claiming that Connor belonged to Dylan. Adam insisted that nothing else mattered because Chelsea and Connor were his whole life. Chelsea recalled that she'd forbidden Adam to cultivate his own social life the last the time they had been married. Chelsea said she was even willing to allow Victor to play a part in their lives. Adam explained that Victor was no longer part of the equation.

Adam caressed Chelsea's face and assured her that nothing from their past could ever drive them apart. Chelsea said she would be ready to marry Adam as soon as reasonably possible. Chelsea playfully led Adam to the bedroom, and the couple made love. Chelsea kissed Adam and said, "I'm glad that some things aren't different this time around." Adam rolled Chelsea on her back, and she fished a baby toy out from under the sheets. She held the toy and said, "Well, some things are different -- and better." The couple laughed.

Later, Adam told Chelsea that they needed champagne to toast their engagement. Adam kissed his giddy bride-to-be. After Adam left, Chelsea began sketching. She joyfully readied two crystal champagne flutes. Chelsea smiled broadly as she daydreamed about marrying Adam. Chelsea added additional details to the sketch of her wedding dress after she recalled telling Adam that he deserved to be happy.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor met with his private investigator. After reviewing all of the collected evidence, Victor sighed and said, "So my son was responsible for Delia's death." Victor warned the investigator to remain mum about the discovery. The investigator assured Victor that he would keep the matter confidential. Victor seemed lost in thought after the investigator left.

Paul stopped by, and Victor invited him to sit down. Victor asked about the investigation into the hit-and-run accident that had claimed Delia's life. Paul said it was ongoing. Victor inquired about the punishment awaiting the person involved. Paul explained that the person responsible would be charged with a Class D Felony, punishable with a 25-year prison sentence and a fine. Victor asked if the sentence might be fewer than 25 years if the person convicted had the means to hire a top-notch attorney. Paul, baffled, replied, "Why are you asking about this now? Has something happened?"

Victor claimed that he was interested because he'd been close to Delia. He reminded Paul that police detectives had failed to identify a suspect by the close of the previous year and had begun the New Year without any arrests. Victor asked Paul if police might soon locate the person who'd taken Delia's life. Paul assured Victor that he'd be the first to know when the police department made an announcement about a break in the case. Victor appeared troubled after Paul left.

Paul later sat a table in a private corner. While he waited for his meal, he received a call from Christine. Paul responded to Christine and said, "You're willing to make a deal with the guy?" Paul assured Christine that she'd made a sound decision. Paul said, "If he did see the license plate of the car that hit Delia, it'll be the break we need to solve the case." Paul seemed relieved to hear that the case might be solved.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill stopped in her tracks when she spotted the wooden music box sitting on a table next to a framed photo of herself with Katherine. Kevin rushed down the stairs behind Jill and startled her. He said he'd stopped by to find Chloe's jacket, so he could take it to her. Jill seemed perturbed as she clutched the music box to her chest. Kevin asked if she was okay. Jill replied, "No, Kevin. Everything is not okay."

Jill explained that the music box had somehow moved from a corner shelf to the table. Kevin, teasing, said that a ghost had to have moved the box if Esther knew not to touch it. Jill said she wouldn't put it past Katherine's ghost to haunt her. Jill noted how difficult it had been to cope with the loss of a loved one, and she asked about Chloe. Kevin said that in addition to working with Chelsea on her fashion designs, Chloe had taken an unhealthy interest in Chelsea's baby.

Jill asked Kevin if perhaps Chloe had grown too close to Connor. Kevin admitted that he also felt a closeness to Connor because Connor had been given Delia's corneas. Kevin added that he just wanted Chloe to be all right. Jill received a phone call from an antiques dealer that had seen the music box when it had been listed on an online auction site. Jill admitted to Kevin that she was thankful that Esther had placed the winning bid on the music box. The dealer, Jill explained, had mentioned that the box, once part of a set belonging to a very famous person, might be quite valuable. Excitedly, Jill told Kevin that she might end up getting a fortune.

Jill faced the sketch of Katherine propped on the mantel and said, "Maybe this is what Katherine had in mind all along for me." Jill put on her coat, placed her purse strap over her shoulder, grabbed the music box, and headed toward the door. Kevin went upstairs to search for Chloe's jacket. Jill slipped the box into a small tote bag, paused to gaze at the sketch of Katherine, and said, "Well, you got me. I should have known that you cared about me as much as I cared about you, you wonderful, old coot."

Jill stepped out the door and stood on the front portico, dialing a number on her phone. Suddenly, a man reached out with a gloved hand and placed a handkerchief against Jill's mouth and nose. Jill appeared to lose consciousness, and she slid downward against the door. Back inside the mansion, Kevin descended the stairs and called out to Jill but got no response. He sat on the bottom step and studied the cover of a keepsake book bearing the title "Sweet Little Girl, Delia." Kevin sighed and said, "Chloe, what are you doing?"

At Crimson Lights, Lily admitted to Cane that she was a little nervous about learning the results of her recent medical tests. Lily told Cane that all she could think about was whether or not she was cancer-free. Lily asked Cane to photograph her. She recalled how she'd been blindsided by her cancer diagnosis and vividly remembered that Cane had shaved her head before she'd begun chemotherapy. Lily posed, and Cane snapped a couple of photos of his beloved wife. He told Lily that she was beautiful.

Lily received a call from Dr. Kershaw's office, letting her know that the doctor wished to meet with her in person right away. At the doctor's office, Lily waited apprehensively for Dr. Kershaw. Cane tried to distract Lily by recalling their wedding day in France. He said that Katherine had given them an incredible gift when she flew their family members to France to celebrate. Lily added, "On Valentine's Day, no less, and Katherine had said that nothing would ever keep us apart." Cane told Lily that he loved her more and more each day. Dr. Kershaw arrived and opened Lily's file. Lily became apprehensive as she waited for the doctor to speak.

Stitch found a forgotten cell phone at the coffeehouse, and he asked Kelly if it belonged to her. She said it didn't. Stitch said he'd seen Kelly visiting with Victoria earlier and wanted to know if the two were friends. In a flashback, Kelly remembered making love with Billy in her apartment. Kelly replied, "Friends? No, I wouldn't say that." Kelly told Stitch that her relationship with Victoria was none of his business.

Kelly seemed perturbed with Stitch. She asked, "What's your interest in Victoria?" Stitch reminded Kelly that Victoria was his friend, Dylan's stepsister. Frustrated, Stitch agreed that Victoria wasn't any of his business just like his own life was no longer any of Kelly's business. After Kelly left, Stitch noticed that the wallpaper on the phone he found was a photo of Victoria, Billy, and Johnny.

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy wasn't pleased when Victoria announced that she'd invited Kelly to their home for dinner. Billy pleaded with Victoria to phone Kelly and cancel. Victoria explained that because Billy and Kelly were such good friends, she hoped to strike up a friendship with Billy's friend, too. Billy said he likely wouldn't have anything to talk about with Kelly other than the topics they usually discussed during their counseling sessions. Victoria reminded Billy that he and Kelly had met for coffee once and a drink another time.

Billy answered a knock at the door. It was Stitch, and he'd stopped by to return the phone Victoria had left on the counter at Crimson Lights. Billy and Victoria insisted that Stitch join them and a friend for dinner. As Victoria put away Stitch's coat, Billy worried about being in the same room with his wife and Kelly. After Victoria went upstairs to check on Johnny, Stitch asked about the baby's rash. Billy said he didn't know that Johnny had recently suffered from a rash. Stitch explained that Johnny had recovered with no ill effects. Stitch added, "Kids are resilient." Billy winced, cleared his throat, and said, "Yes. They are."

Stitch expressed sympathy for the loss of Billy's daughter. Billy asked if Stitch had children. Stitch said that he had a son named Max. Stitch added that his son didn't live in Genoa City because he and his wife were no longer together. Stitch said he hoped his wife might forgive him, even though he realized that some mistakes were unforgivable. Kelly arrived. Before Victoria introduced her two guests, Kelly walked toward Stitch and said, "Hello, Ben."

Victoria was surprised to discover that her guests were already acquainted. Victoria noted that Kelly, who worked for a nonprofit group, had helped create the foundation in Delia's honor. Kelly agreed when Victoria noted that charity work was a rewarding field. Billy stood against the wall with his arms clasped across his chest. He rested his chin in his hand. Billy smiled nervously when Victoria said that Billy seemed to have become uncharacteristically shy.

After Stitch and Victoria left the room to get drinks, Kelly and Billy engaged in a hushed conversation. Kelly explained that she'd tried to back out of Victoria's invitation. Billy told Kelly to calm herself and focus on the present. Kelly said that forgetting something that happened had never been easy for her. Billy, using his hands to punctuate his words, said, "It was a mistake; It was a mistake; It was a mistake!" Kelly replied, "I'm afraid I won't be able to hide my guilt. Victoria will take one look at me and figure out that I had sex with you."

Billy said that he and Kelly had done something they'd never do again. Kelly held up her hand to show Billy that it was shaking. Billy suggested that Kelly bury her shaking hand in her pockets. Kelly sighed. She cried that she wasn't good at lying and hiding the truth. Billy said, "You know what? Victoria has no idea." Victoria returned and said, "No idea about what?"

Adam made his way to the parking garage attached to his penthouse. Adam scanned the parking area and checked his watch. He was smiling and thinking about Chelsea as he entered his vehicle. As soon as Adam closed the door, he was startled to find someone seated beside him. Adam sighed. Victor nonchalantly said, "Hello, son."

Tuesday, January 7, 2013

Chloe and Neil stopped by to see Chelsea at the penthouse, and Neil announced that they had good news. Chloe added that she'd use any excuse to see her godson, and they heard Connor cry over the baby monitor. Chloe went upstairs to get the tot, and she declared that it was a godmother's job to spoil him. After Chloe returned with Connor, Neil reported that thanks to the fantastic reviews of Chelsea's line at the fashion show, the orders had been pouring in.

Neil cautioned that they'd have to clear their calendars to get the orders out on time, although he anticipated taking two weeks off for his honeymoon. Chelsea realized that he and Leslie were getting married, and she remarked that it had to be something in the air. Chloe concluded that Chelsea had told Adam yes, and Chelsea pointed to the champagne glasses that she had taken out to celebrate when Adam got home.

Chloe offered to take care of Connor so that Adam and Chelsea could have privacy, but Chelsea wanted Connor to be part of the celebration. Neil left to meet Leslie, and Chelsea hesitantly asked what Chloe's real feelings were regarding Adam's proposal. Chloe advised her to wait a little longer before getting married, but Chelsea was certain that it wouldn't change her mind. Chloe swore that she wanted what was best for Chelsea and Connor, and Chelsea gushed that Adam made her happy.

After Chloe left, Chelsea looked at a sketch of a wedding gown, and she asked Connor if she was going overboard. She wondered whether Connor would have an eye for fashion like his mom or business savvy like his dad, and she imagined that Connor would get the best of both of them and open a fashion house. Chelsea marveled at Connor's beautiful eyes, but she said that she and Adam couldn't take full credit for how he saw the world because he wouldn't have been able to see anything without the amazing gift that Chloe and Delia had given him.

Chelsea wondered where Adam was, and she told Connor that his daddy would be back soon for their celebration. She chirped that it was really happening, and they would be a family. She promised that Connor would have more love, happiness, and security than she or Adam had ever had until they'd found one another.

In Adam's car, Adam referred to Victor as "Miss Daisy" and asked if he needed a ride. Victor huffed that Adam was the last person he'd let drive him around, but he noted that Adam had a nice car without a scratch on it. Victor questioned how the vehicle performed in the dark on a winding, dimly lit road. Adam asked where Victor was going with the conversation, and Victor remarked that it remained to be seen, but it would begin with the night Delia had been killed.

Victor mentioned that Paul was doing everything possible to find out who had hit Delia, but the police department's resources were limited, while Victor's weren't. Victor revealed that he'd found an eyewitness to the accident, but the witness was in dubious standing with the police. Adam scoffed at the thought that the witness was reliable, but Victor contended that he'd had the man's story checked out. Victor recounted that the witness had seen a car like Adam's stop with a screeching halt, and the driver had looked around before driving off. Adam feigned ignorance, but Victor flatly stated that the driver had been Adam.

Adam contended that Victor's accusation was unfounded, and he suspected that the witness wouldn't approach the police, so Victor's hypothesis wouldn't hold up in court. Victor conceded that he'd need supporting evidence, like the fact that Adam had ordered a turn light the day after the accident. Victor chided Adam for thinking that he had been clever to order it under a corporate name, but hackers could always find out when and why Adam had used his credit card. Victor accused Adam of leaving an innocent girl on the road to die, and Adam admitted that he'd never seen Delia that night.

Adam explained that he'd swerved to miss a dog, and he'd stopped and looked around, but the dog had been fine. Victor asked why Adam had done nothing after he'd found out what had really happened, and Adam said that he'd been about to confess when Billy and Chloe had decided to donate Delia's corneas to Connor. Adam explained that he hadn't been able to risk Connor's chance to see, but Victor pointed out that Adam had ordered the car part after the surgery to hide the evidence. Victor admonished Adam for being a coward, and Adam surmised that Victor's next move would be to go to the cops.

Victor said that Adam already would have been in jail if Victor thought that turning him in would give any peace to those affected by Delia's death. Victor imagined Victoria's reaction to having to tell Billy that Adam had killed Billy's daughter, and he thought that Chloe would be heartsick to know that Connor could see because Adam had left a little girl to die on the roadside. Victor promised to keep the truth to himself in exchange for one thing -- his grandson. Victor asserted that it was a reasonable offer, but Adam barked that he'd rather go to prison than allow Victor near his son.

Victor said that seeing Adam incarcerated was tempting, but there were other people involved, including Connor. Adam reiterated that it wasn't in Connor's best interests, and he told Victor to "go to hell" and that he never wanted to see Victor again. Victor promised that he wouldn't take Connor from Adam, but he vowed to be part of Connor's life, whether Adam liked it or not. Victor told him to take or leave the offer, but either way, Victor would get what he wanted. Victor got out of the car and walked away.

At the Chancellor mansion, Kevin looked through Delia's baby book. He sat down on the stairs and became emotional as he turned the pages of tiny footprints and photos. He was surprised when suddenly the book became dedicated to Connor, including a small envelope with a lock of hair from the baby's first haircut. Kevin slammed the book shut and placed a call, asking someone to meet him there.

As Esther dusted, she noticed that the music box was missing, and she assumed that Jill had done something with it. Esther was startled to run into Kevin, and he explained that Chloe had sent him to pick up a coat. Esther noticed that he had Delia's baby book, and Kevin mentioned that Chloe had made a section in the back for Connor. Esther thought it was sweet, but Kevin was concerned. Meanwhile, Jill was passed out outside the front door, and her assailant checked to make sure the music box was there and then dragged Jill away.

Kevin recounted that Chloe had been angry at the world after Delia's death, but she'd felt like people had been tired of seeing her sad, so she'd acted like she'd shut her feelings off. Kevin believed that she'd shifted all of her emotions to Connor, and he mentioned the sudden drive Chloe had taken with Connor and the baby outfit she'd had in her purse. Kevin thought that too many strange things had happened, and Esther questioned what he was saying. Chloe arrived home and demanded to know the same thing.

Kevin asked if Chloe had gotten his message, and Chloe scolded him for talking about her behind her back. Esther mentioned the pages about Connor in Delia's baby book, and Chloe barked that they'd had no right to go through her things, but Kevin wondered if Chelsea knew that Chloe had taken a lock of Connor's hair. Chloe reasoned that Chelsea wouldn't mind after Chloe had donated Delia's corneas to Connor, and Kevin understood that Chloe felt close to Connor because of the transplant, but he thought that Chloe's behavior had become obsessive.

Chloe lashed out at Kevin, and Esther defended that Kevin was only trying to help. Chloe asked for a minute alone with Kevin, and she asserted that he was way off base. She explained that Connor eased her pain, and Kevin suggested that she focus on other things. She assumed that he meant him, and she snapped that it was good that they weren't together because it would make it easier to end things.

Chloe ordered Kevin to stop telling her what she was thinking and feeling, because he was driving her crazy. Kevin thought that she couldn't get through her grief on her own. Chloe said that she'd leaned on him since Delia's death, but it had only made things worse to be dependent on him. Kevin said that he didn't mind, but she pledged to learn to stand on her own two feet, and she needed him to leave. He said that he loved her, but she replied that it was impossible to love someone without understanding them, and he sadly departed.

Jill awakened to the music box playing, and she grumbled that it was the last thing she needed. She found herself handcuffed to a bed, and she yelled for help. Jill asked what her captor wanted with her, and she said that if the person wanted the music box, they could chop it into toothpicks for all she cared. She offered to pay them anything, and she looked over at the nightstand and saw her purse. She tried to reach for it to retrieve her phone.

Jill knocked her purse to the ground, while her captor used Jill's phone to send a text message. Jill screamed for help, and she swore that she'd keep yelling until the police got there. Someone entered, and Jill gasped and said, "Oh, my God, it's you."

Esther thought it was weird when she got a text message from Jill, saying that Jill was going out of town. Chloe pointed out that Jill did it all the time, and Esther asked where Kevin was. Chloe said that he'd left, and Esther assured Chloe that they'd straighten things out. Chloe clarified that he was gone and not returning because she'd told him that they were through.

Victoria asked what Billy and Kelly had meant after she'd overheard their discussion about Victoria having no idea about something. A frazzled Kelly said that it wasn't what it sounded like, and Billy wanted to explain, but Victoria asserted that she knew exactly what they had been talking about. Victoria insisted that Billy didn't have to protect her because she understood that they'd bonded over the grief of losing a child, and she was glad that they'd found one another in their support group. Stitch seemed surprised, and Kelly explained that she and Billy had met there.

Stitch thought that group therapy could be helpful, and Victoria raved that Kelly had been a lifesaver. An uncomfortable Billy started to leave to get snacks, but Victoria insisted that everyone relax while she got them. Stitch said that he'd seen how overwhelming grief could be and that it could tear people apart or push them together. Stitch added that he was glad that Billy and Kelly were dealing with their emotions in a productive and not a destructive way.

Billy got up to make a stronger drink, and Kelly attempted to make small talk with Stitch about his residency. He said that at least he got to skip the jokes about him looking too young to be a doctor, and Kelly forced a laugh. Victoria asked Billy to join her to change Johnny's diaper, and on the way upstairs, Victoria hoped to play matchmaker between Kelly and Stitch. Billy sensed a strange vibe between the pair, but Victoria thought that Kelly could use another friend.

Stitch recognized that Kelly had suffered a lot, and he noted that she seemed close with Billy. He said that he knew her and what grief could do, and she hissed that he had no right to make assumptions. Stitch swore that he wasn't passing judgment, but he was worried about her and about Victoria. Victoria and Billy returned with Johnny, and Kelly struggled to maintain her composure as she commented that Johnny was beautiful. Victoria said that Johnny was a hellion like his dad, but she loved both of them. An overwrought Kelly said that it was a mistake for her to be there, and she had to go.

Stitch offered to take Kelly home, but she insisted that she was fine, and she went to get her coat. Billy escorted her outside to the porch, and Kelly tearfully stated that he had a beautiful family before she walked away. Inside, Victoria hoped that Kelly was okay, and Stitch assured Victoria that she hadn't been responsible for Kelly's sudden departure. Billy took Johnny to bed, and Stitch got a page to go to the hospital. Billy returned, and Victoria said that it had ended up being just the two of them. He replied that it was just what he wanted.

Victoria said that she felt terrible about Kelly having a rough time, and Billy understood how it felt to be knocked down, grabbing on to the nearest thing to keep from going under. Victoria reiterated that Billy could grab on to her, but she worried that Kelly didn't have anyone. Victoria proposed that she join Billy at meetings to offer Kelly extra support, and they kissed.

Outside the doctor's office, Cane pointed out that Lily hadn't said a word since she'd received her test results, and she hugged him tightly and cried. Lily marveled that she was cancer-free, and she remarked that she'd thought that she'd used up all her luck the first time. Cane said that he wasn't ready to lose her, and she replied that she wasn't ready to miss seeing the twins grow up. He joked that she'd have to suffer through the kids' teenage years with him, and they agreed that they couldn't wait to spend every minute together.

At the Athletic Club, Leslie informed Devon that the casino's story about the security staff being shorthanded had been a stalling tactic, because their monitoring system had turned out to be shoddy. Leslie presented him with an envelope that contained the best images they'd been able to find, and Devon remarked that the man in the photos definitely hadn't been him, but the pictures weren't good enough to prove that it had been Mason. Leslie reported that the casino had agreed to drop the charges, but she couldn't believe that Mason would let Devon face prison while pretending to be Devon's friend. Devon was more livid that Mason had dragged Katherine's name through the mud.

Leslie implored Devon to tell the police who had really trashed the room, but he lamented that he had no proof. Leslie pointed out that Mason had had access to Devon's wallet, but Devon conceded that Mason had returned it with everything inside, and he couldn't prove that Mason had stolen the credit card number. Devon worried that the press would be all over him again if he made accusations, but Leslie insisted that he had a case for identity theft. Mason overheard and snarled that he had one for felony assault.

Devon growled that Mason had gotten what he'd deserved, but Mason warned that the cops would think otherwise. Devon grabbed the envelope and said that the cops would be interested to see the surveillance photos from the casino, and he claimed that the camera had caught a shot of Mason as he'd registered under Devon's name. Mason tried to explain, but Devon told him to save it for the jury, because between the photos, some handwriting analysis, and an eyewitness, Mason would be locked up for ten years.

Mason argued that his antics hadn't put a dent in Devon's bank account, and Devon chortled that Mason was really in trouble if that was his best defense. Mason begged Devon not to press charges, but Devon said that it was out of his hands, and he ordered Mason to get out of his face. Mason left, and Devon admitted to Leslie that he didn't intend to press charges, but he'd wanted to see Mason sweat.

Cane and Lily met Neil, Leslie, and Devon, and the waiter presented them with champagne. Lily declared that they had reason to celebrate because she was happy to report that she was officially cancer-free. Lily said that she loved all of them, especially Cane for refusing to let her go to the dark places in her head. Leslie remarked that everyone was overflowing with good news, and Devon announced that the charges against him had been dropped. Neil toasted to good things for the rest of the year.

A reporter approached and speculated that Devon had paid someone off to drop the charges. Leslie declared that the charges had been dropped because Devon was innocent, and she threatened that she had contacts at the police department who would throw the reporter in jail. The reporter stalked off, and Devon complained that he was tired of the press being there like they owned the place.

Neil consulted with the club's management and reported to his family that the hotel wasn't interested in hiring more security because the place was up for sale. Devon wondered how to keep the press away, and Lily suggested that Devon buy the place.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Summer found Nick at the Underground, listening to music that reminded him of Cassie because it was Cassie's birthday that day. Summer invited Nick to dance, and while they did, Sharon arrived unnoticed. Sharon listened as Nick and Summer talked about Cassie and father-daughter dances. Nick remembered those fondly that he had attended with both Summer and Cassie. Summer joked with Nick about being a cool dad.

While they were laughing, Summer laughed when she got a text from Jack, which broke the mood. Sharon joined them, and Summer said that she had to meet Courtney and headed out. Sharon admitted that she had heard Nick talking about Cassie and that Sharon had been thinking about her as well. Nick and Sharon reminisced about Cassie and some of the wonderful experiences that they had enjoyed with her.

Nick said that he had been watching Victoria and Billy struggle and had been remembering his family as it struggled at the time of Cassie's death. Nick feared that Billy was following the same path that Nick had. Nick said he would like to say something, but he knew it would not help because good advice had not helped him, and he had ended up hurting a lot of people. Nick speculated about what might have been, but Sharon told him to stop dwelling in the past and concentrate on the happy times because that was what Cassie would have wanted for them.

Sharon said that Summer still loved Nick. Nick said that it might appear that nothing had changed, but it had. He said that before, when Summer had thought that Nick was her father, she had been texting with Nick, but since the revelation, she texted with Jack. Sharon replied that Summer loved both of them. Nick said that he could not help but notice that what Summer had once shared with Nick, she shared with Jack. Nick called himself a selfish jerk.

Sharon pointed out that Nick had a good relationship with Summer, but Nick said it would never be the same because he had lied. Nick regretted not taking the second paternity test immediately after the first proved inconclusive. Sharon looked very uncomfortable as she assured Nick that he was a good person, and Nick told Sharon how grateful he was because Sharon had remained his friend despite the selfish, hurtful action he had taken.

Nick told Sharon that if she were really a friend, she would help him stock the bar. Sharon laughed and said she had something to take care of first. After Sharon left, Nick had a flashback to Cassie and a father-daughter dance that they had attended together.

Noah, fresh from the shower and shirtless, opened the door to Courtney, who was dressed like a blonde Cleopatra for a Jabot presentation at Fenmore's Department Store. She was flirty, but Noah was resistant. When Courtney asked why, Noah explained that it was Cassie's birthday. When Courtney said that she would do anything to make him feel better, Noah replied that she could tell him what she was hiding. Courtney was speechless.

Noah told her that he had inadvertently found pills in her purse. Courtney said that she had taken them from her brother, Zack, who had a problem and was trying to get clean, and had disposed of them immediately after she had seen Noah.

Courtney said that she would hate to think that Noah did not trust her. She asked Noah if he believed her. Noah seemed to, and Courtney went off to take shower and change clothes. Courtney was singing loudly when Summer knocked on Noah's door. Summer asked Noah how he was doing, and they talked about Cassie and about Summer's visit to Nick.

Nick and Summer traded gossip. Summer was surprised that Courtney had a key and was equally surprised that Tyler was moving out. When she inquired if Courtney would be moving in, Noah said that he wanted to get to know Courtney better first.

Summer was alone when Courtney had finished dressing and returned from the bedroom. Summer asked if Courtney intended to cohabit with Noah. Courtney said that her parents were gone, she had the house to herself, and she did not have to pay rent, so she planned to stay where she was. Summer was frustrated and said that in the past, Courtney had been a friend Summer could talk to and who talked to Summer.

Summer and Courtney argued, and Summer stormed out after she yelled, "Who needs a friend like you?" at Courtney. Courtney immediately made a phone call and said that she could not keep doing what she was doing if it meant that she had to lie to the people that she loved. She listened to the person at the other end and then agreed that the other person was right; that it was the only thing that she could do.

Sharon went home, where she found Cassie waiting for her. Sharon told Cassie that Cassie should not be there, but Cassie said that she would be around until Sharon told Nick the truth about what Sharon had done to the paternity test results. Sharon told Cassie that Nick would never forgive her. Noah walked in and heard her. "Forgive for what?" he asked.

Hilary, dressed in her bathrobe, approached the front desk of the Athletic Club because a plumbing problem had flooded her room. When she asked for the owner, Devon appeared and explained that he had just purchased the club. Devon was charming to Hilary as he dealt with her problem. After Hilary was shown to another room, Devon joined Cane and Lily at a table where Cane was crunching numbers.

When Devon asked what Cane's opinion of the business was, Cane said it was sound as long as Devon stayed organized and got a good numbers-cruncher. Devon said that he trusted Cane, and he wanted to offer both Cane and Lily jobs. He said that he wanted to do a makeover, and he thought that Lily's flair for both organization and design would make her a great manager, and Cane's honesty and trustworthiness as well as his business savvy would also be perfect. Cane was hesitant, but when Devon pointed out that it would give Cane and Lily the opportunity to work together, both Cane and Lily got thoughtful.

Hilary joined them and handed the loaner key to Devon. Lily snatched it out of Hilary's hand, said she could see that Hilary was checking out, and as the new manager, Lily wanted to say goodbye and that she hoped that Hilary had enjoyed her stay. Hilary was incredulous. After Hilary walked away, Devon followed her and convinced her to stay by offering to have the assistant manager deal with Hilary and to give Hilary a no-charge upgrade to a suite. Devin deftly threw in dinner with the boss, but Hilary jokingly said that it might be a deal-breaker.

Hilary told Devon that she would take the upgrade and consider dinner. Cane and Lily looked on and Cane kidded Lily about her claws. When Lily took it a little too seriously, Cane said that he was not defending Hilary because he was always on Lily's side. Lily said it had been very tempting to throw Hilary out. Cane asked if Lily wanted to take the jobs that Devon had offered. Lily said that it seemed like fate was throwing it at them, and it seemed perfect.

When Devon returned to the table, Lily told him that in spite of his bad judgment in women, they were taking the jobs. Devon did make sure that Lily understood that she had to be courteous to all guests, no matter how she felt personally. Lily assured him that she would remain professional under all circumstances. Devon, Lily, and Cane toasted each other, and then Devon made eye contact with Hilary at the bar and raised his glass to her.

Nikki was surprised to find Avery waiting for a meeting outside Kelly's office at GC Cares. Avery explained that she was doing some pro bono work for the foundation set up in Delia's honor and renamed "The Delia Project." Nikki said that she was there to coordinate a fundraiser for the foundation. Nikki immediately asked about Dylan. Avery told Nikki that Dylan was out of town. Nikki was became upset when she surmised that Dylan was looking for Ian Ward.

Nikki's revulsion and fear of Ian Ward was apparent to Avery, who assured Nikki that Dylan would not be fooled. Nikki said that what she feared most was that Dylan would hate her and believe Ian's smooth, seductive lies, as Nikki had. Avery replied that she knew for a fact that Dylan did not hate Nikki. Nikki pressed Avery, who admitted that Dylan had called Nikki "mother."

Nikki was tearful and joyful to hear those words from Avery. Avery apologized for upsetting Nikki, but Nikki said that she was not upset; she was surprised. Nikki added that she did not want to hurt Dylan any more than she already had. Avery said that she thought that Dylan knew that, as well, and Nikki seemed reassured as each woman was called to her meeting.

Dylan, posing as a reporter, managed to get a meeting in his hotel room with a woman named Willa, who claimed to be Ian Ward's wife. At first she was hostile and reluctant to answer any of Dylan's questions, but when Dylan told her that he was Ian's son, Willa was more forthcoming. Willa said that she had helped Ian start the cult, which had begun wanting to change the world for good but had moved further from the dream as the cult had grown in popularity and wealth. Willa said that Ian had been seduced by the power, and they had drifted apart.

Willa denied knowing anything about Ian's dalliances with young girls, but Dylan did not accept her explanation. He said that she had to know. Dylan asked about any siblings that he might have, but Willa said that she did not know of any. When Dylan asked about Ian's whereabouts, Willa said that the last she had heard, Ian had changed his name and moved to Indiana. Willa's last words to Dylan were that she did not know what he was looking for, but whatever it was, Dylan should not count on getting it from Ian.

Dylan called Avery and told her that he was returning home. Avery asked if he had found out anything, but Dylan said he had only learned how much he missed Avery and said that he would see her soon.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Noah caught Sharon talking to herself, and she reasoned that people did it all the time, but he asked what Nick needed to forgive her for. Sharon explained that she wasn't panicky or agitated, and she sometimes considered stopping her therapy. Noah urged her not to, but she complained that reliving the last few years had been draining. Noah asked where Nick's forgiveness fit in, and Sharon claimed that she'd promised that she wouldn't lean on Nick, but she found herself doing so sometimes. She was afraid that she'd let everyone down if she stopped being fine, and Noah asked if she had been talking to Cassie. Sharon swore that she was on her meds, but she admitted that she still had visions of Cassie.

Sharon surmised that her latest vision of Cassie had been a goodbye and that she didn't need to see Cassie again because she was strong enough to let go. Noah asked what Cassie had looked like, and Sharon opened a photo album and showed him the outfit that Cassie had been wearing, although Cassie had been the age she would have been if she'd lived. Noah inquired whether Sharon had told Nick, but Sharon said that she hadn't wanted anyone to think that she was using Cassie to get to Nick. Noah implored Sharon to find other friends, but Sharon was proud of herself for getting to where she was, and Noah said that she should be. She remembered that she had to pick up some papers for Neil.

Jill's captor sent a text message from Jill's cell phone. Meanwhile, Jack and Hilary met at the Athletic Club, and they discussed Devon's purchase of the establishment. Jack wondered why Jill hadn't shown up for their meeting to discuss Victor, and Jack received a text message from Jill's phone, saying that she'd been called out of town suddenly. Hilary theorized that Jill didn't want to make nice with her, but Jack promised that Jill would eventually see Hilary for the person she really was.

Hilary commented that powerful men usually weren't that kind and understanding, and she'd expected Jack to be more ruthless. Jack replied that the ruthless route had bored him, and he didn't want to go down the same path as Victor. A photographer approached and instructed Jack and Hilary to move closer together for a photo. Jack joked that if he were any closer, he'd be wearing Hilary's suit, and Hilary worried that people would think they were a couple.

Hilary explained that she'd made herself out to be Cane's drooling assistant in her online posts, and if the photo of her and Jack went public, then people might think that Jack was her next victim. Jack said that he didn't care what people thought, and Hilary said that she'd never cared until then. Jack assured her that she didn't have to prove herself, and he wondered if that was why she'd given to the Delia Project. She was surprised that he knew about her private donation, and he mentioned that he sat on the foundation's board. Jack was impressed that she'd done it out of the goodness of her heart, and Hilary wished that she could have done more.

Later, Sharon found Hilary sitting alone, and Hilary explained that Jack had left to attend a family event, but he'd left behind some papers for Sharon. Sharon wondered what the event was, and she quickly apologized that it was an old habit, since she had once been part of Jack's family. Hilary noted that Jack made his family his priority, and Sharon said that she felt lucky whenever she looked at Faith because she knew what it was like to lose a child. Hilary imagined that it drove Delia's family crazy to not know who had killed Delia, and Sharon thought that the whole town would breathe a sigh of relief when the killer was found.

Hilary contemplated what justice for the death of a child looked like, and Sharon envisioned a trial and a conviction, but she thought that a confession would be easier on everyone. Sharon suggested vigilante justice as another option, although she worried that it would create an ongoing war. Hilary asserted that Delia's parents deserved justice, but she didn't think it would ever take the pain away. Sharon divulged that she'd lost Cassie in a car accident, and although the circumstances had been different, Sharon had wanted someone to blame. Sharon thought that perhaps part of getting justice was finding out who had caused the pain and making sure that they couldn't hide ever again.

Sharon and Hilary enjoyed mimosas on the house, and Hilary explained that management was trying to make up for the flooding in her bathroom. Sharon recalled when she had lived at the club between breakups. Hilary referred to Sharon's relationship with Jack, and Sharon said that she was lucky to still have him as a friend. Hilary wondered if Sharon wished that it were more, and Sharon laughed and said no, but she understood that it was an easy thing to want back something she'd once had. They toasted to not chasing the past.

At the Underground, Victor asked whether Nick had fond memories of New Year's Eve, and he remarked that Sharon had taken long enough to make her move on Nick. Nick insisted that his kiss with Sharon had been an isolated incident, and he remembered when Victor had once been Sharon's savior. Victor changed the subject to visiting Cassie's grave, and he recognized that losing a child was the hardest thing for a parent to deal with. Victor said that in addition to Cassie's birthday, he'd been thinking about Delia as well as Summer's connection to Jack. Nick said that Summer was alive and healthy, and he was grateful for every second he had with her.

Victor wondered if it was possible for the feelings a parent had for a child to slip away, and he admitted that he was talking about Adam. Nick recounted that Adam had caused one firestorm after another since he'd arrived in town, and he wondered whether Victor was buying Adam's reformed act. Victor noted that Hope had been a wonderful woman, but Nick thought that Victor should consider himself lucky that Adam had walked away from the family and the company. Nick thought that Adam would focus on his own family and not mess with the Newmans, and he concluded that something else was bothering Victor.

Noah arrived, and Victor said that it was important to take care of family when things got tough. Noah asked if they'd been discussing Sharon, and Victor denied it. Nick remarked that he and Victor had agreed that Sharon was a non-issue, and Victor said that he was proud of both men for being honest people who tried to rectify things when they went wrong. Victor departed, and Noah asked whether Victor had been sincere. Nick replied that he was unsure whether Victor had dropped in because it was Cassie's birthday or for another reason altogether.

Nick disclosed that Victor had been talking about Delia and Summer, and then Victor had mentioned Adam. Noah thought it was warped how Victor and Adam had messed with one another, and Nick noted that Victor had seemed worried, even though Adam had been on his best behavior. Noah cautioned that Victor would lose his mind if Nick and Sharon got back together, but he believed that Sharon was in a good place, and he was proud of her.

Noah worried that it was upsetting for Nick to talk about Cassie on her birthday, but Nick stated that when he thought about Cassie, it was more good than bad. Nick added that he missed her, but he had been lucky to have her in his life. Noah was baffled as to why Victor had been there, and Nick was equally puzzled by Victor's preoccupation with Delia. Nick asked whether Victor had seemed the same at the office, and Noah said that Victor had always been himself. Nick suspected that something was bothering Victor and that it had to do with Adam.

At the police station, Kevin rambled to Alex about Chloe's odd behavior regarding Connor. Kevin insisted that he wasn't being judgmental, but he was concerned, because no one could replace Delia. Alex said that Chloe needed time, and Kevin revealed that she'd dumped him. Kevin demanded that the witness provide information that would lead to Delia's killer, and Alex reported that Christine was willing to make a deal.

Alex informed the eyewitness, George, that the D.A. had agreed to drop the latest felony charges against him in exchange for information about the accident. Alex ordered George not to waste his time, and he escorted George into the interrogation room. Kevin started to go in, too, but Alex denied him entrance because Kevin wasn't a cop. Kevin was grateful when Alex intentionally left the door ajar. Alex asked George who had killed Delia.

Alex recalled that George had claimed that he'd seen the car and the driver, and he said that the D.A. was willing to work out a deal, but George had to give real facts in return. George whined that it had been dark and late, and Alex warned that useless information would result in George being thrown back in his cell. George said that he'd heard tires squeal, and then he'd seen the car stop. Alex asked what the driver had looked like.

George described the driver as a man with a thin face and a slim build, and Alex pushed George to remember the man's hair color or any distinguishing marks. George said that he wouldn't make up something that he hadn't seen, and Alex asked about the license plate. George revealed that it had started with the letter "G," but he'd told Alex everything he'd seen. George inquired about the million-dollar reward, but Alex countered that they hadn't found the driver yet, so George had better pray that what he'd said was enough for the police to solve the case.

An officer took George back to his cell, and Kevin anxiously asked if Alex believed what George had said. Kevin wondered whether George was holding out, and he and Alex bickered about Kevin listening to the interrogation. Kevin said that they had a place to start, and Alex questioned what role Kevin expected to play in the investigation. Kevin insisted that the police needed his skills more than ever, or Delia's killer would remain free.

Kevin babbled that it wasn't right that Delia was gone and that Chloe wouldn't be able to handle it if the driver got away with it. Alex ordered Kevin to stop talking and to get to work, and Kevin looked at him with surprise. Alex announced that he'd informed the chief that Kevin was no longer involved romantically with Chloe, and Kevin had been assigned to the case. Kevin blasted Alex for letting him blather on, but Alex teased that Kevin was cute when he talked about endless love and devotion. Later, Alex handed over a list of license plates to Kevin, who remarked that it could be the day he found the killer.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea and Chloe looked for something for Connor to wear to his christening, and Chloe contemplated her own outfit, since she would be the next most important person there. Chelsea said that Chloe could be in every picture with Kevin, but Chloe revealed that they'd broken up. A shocked Chelsea pointed out that Kevin and Chloe had been spending every minute together, but Chloe remarked that being needy hadn't been good for either of them. Chelsea swore that Kevin loved Chloe and wanted what was best for her, and she urged Chloe to work things out with him.

Avery arrived at the church, and she questioned whether Adam was sure he wanted to sign the legal documents there. He said that it made sense to tie up the legal ends at Connor's christening, and she asked if he'd discussed the arrangements with Chelsea. Adam said that Chelsea didn't want Victor around their baby, and he wanted to be sure that the documents were airtight to give Jack legal authority over Connor. Avery queried why the matter was urgent to Adam, and she asked whether he was ill.

Adam confirmed that he wasn't dying, but he said that things happened in life, and he didn't want Victor to have any opportunity to swoop in. Avery argued that Chelsea wouldn't let that happen, but Adam warned that Victor could be lethal. Avery advised Adam not to spring the guardianship papers on Chelsea there, and she reminded him that she was his friend and that he'd trusted her with his video. Adam flashed back to taping his confession to Delia's murder. Avery noted the look on his face and reiterated that he could tell her anything under attorney-client privilege.

Adam repeated that the video didn't matter anymore, and Avery informed him that Chelsea needed to sign the papers. Chelsea walked in and wondered what was going on, and Adam explained that he'd taken measures to "Victor-proof the peanut." Chelsea was surprised by the timing, but Adam said that one signature would ensure their son was safe. Avery explained that the paperwork designated Jack as Connor's joint guardian if something happened to Adam. Anita, Chloe, and Jack arrived, and Adam announced that Jack would be serving a dual purpose as Connor's godfather and future legal guardian. Chloe was stunned.

Chelsea pulled Chloe aside, and Chloe blurted out that Connor was supposed to be hers. Chloe quickly clarified that she'd promised to look out for her godson, and Chelsea explained that Adam was just freaked out that Victor would get his hands on Connor. Chloe advised Chelsea not to marry Victor's son if Chelsea didn't want Victor to be part of Connor's life. Meanwhile, Adam assured Jack that he'd had no second thoughts, and he believed that Jack was the one person who could keep Victor from his son. Adam said that Connor needed Jack, and Jack promised to do whatever would give Adam peace of mind.

Jack signed the papers, and he told Chelsea that it was a safety net to protect Connor from Victor, but he didn't want to get in her way. Chelsea added her signature to the papers, and Adam thanked them. Avery said that she had one more document to legally change the baby's name to Connor Adam Newman. Avery assured Adam that he could rest easy, and she left to file the paperwork. Chelsea suggested they get back to the reason they were there, but Adam proclaimed that he had one small announcement first.

Adam told the guests that Chelsea had agreed to be his wife, and they'd be a family, "now and always." Chloe asked if she had to hold her peace until the ceremony, and Jack congratulated the couple. Anita pulled Chelsea aside and marveled that her daughter's life was complete, but she wondered where Chelsea's huge ring was. Chelsea said that she had everything she could ever want, and she and Adam gazed lovingly at one another.

Later, the priest concluded the christening ceremony, and Adam offered the guests some sparkling cider. He raised his glass and thanked everyone for being there to celebrate his family, which was the joy of his life. Victor appeared in the church and referred to Connor as the youngest member of his family.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Over the phone, Victoria told someone that she understood, and she hung up. Billy asked what was wrong, and she said that she'd just spoken with Kelly, who had called to apologize for running out on dinner. Victoria sensed that Kelly was lonely and in a lot of pain, and she could see why Kelly had turned to Billy. Victoria regretted that she'd questioned the time Billy and Kelly had spent together, and she said that she was glad that Billy and Kelly could comfort one another. Victoria revealed that she'd told Kelly that they'd try to have dinner again sometime, and Billy covered his discomfort.

Victoria mentioned that Kelly had said that she'd left a few messages for Billy, and she asked if he had been avoiding Kelly. Victoria hoped that she hadn't screwed things up by throwing Billy and Kelly into a social situation, and Billy explained that he and Kelly had spent most of their time together in intense, private settings with a counselor, so it had been strange to adapt to a light social occasion. Victoria wished that she'd understood before she'd extended the dinner invitation, but Billy assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong.

Victoria vowed to make it up to Kelly, and she prepared to check on Johnny before she went for a run. She suggested that Billy join her, but he said that a January jog in Wisconsin would never happen for him. She went upstairs, and he called Kelly and apologized for not returning her call, but he asked her not to call his house again. Kelly replied that she needed to see him right away.

In Chancellor Park, Victoria stopped to stretch during her run, and Stitch called to her, but she couldn't hear him because of her headphones. He startled her when he approached, and he teased her for singing along with a boy band. He mentioned that he'd just finished a long shift, and he asked how her dinner had been. She reported that there had been a lot of leftovers, but she'd meant it when she'd said that she owed him a meal. He said that he was always up for a burger, but she suggested that they arrange a nice dinner and invite Kelly. Stitch didn't think that it was a good idea.

Stitch explained that he was still married, and Victoria replied that she'd overheard him tell Billy that his marriage was over. Stitch admitted that it was painful but true, and Victoria promised that she wouldn't try to play matchmaker, but she thought that Stitch and Kelly were decent people who could both use a friend. Stitch called Victoria a very compassionate person, but he maintained that he wasn't in a position to get involved. He commented that broken trust was corrosive and that it could do damage in ways she didn't realize.

Victoria said that she could relate to broken trust, and Stitch placed his coat around her shoulders. He suggested that they find the hot dog cart, and she agreed to join him for a pretzel. Stitch and Victoria enjoyed their snacks, and they light-heartedly bantered about the proper way to eat a hot dog.

Billy stopped by Kelly's office, and she said that she'd been trying to contact him about the Delia Project. He admitted that he should have responded sooner, but she didn't blame him for keeping his distance after she'd acted like a basket case at his house. He said that he was glad she'd called, and he hoped that they could get back to being friends. She turned the topic to the foundation, and she informed him that Jill had suggested that Billy head things up. Billy said that Jill was another well-intentioned person who wanted him to forget about the death of his child and move on, and Kelly empathized.

Kelly showed Billy how the Delia Project had been set up legally, and Billy referred to the anonymous founder. Kelly asserted that the donor had ensured focus on the mission by not calling attention to himself, and she asked if Billy was willing to head the board. Billy felt as if he had no choice, but Kelly gushed about how Billy would be a great director. She continued that he was wonderful with kids and that he had management experience, and she knew for a fact that he was very passionate. She quickly clammed up, and she suggested that his first order of business would be to personalize the mission statement.

Kelly reached for a copy of the statement, and she got a paper cut. Billy grabbed a tissue and gently applied it to her hand, and he commented that sometimes the little things hurt the most. She said that they needed to talk, and he pulled his hand away from hers. Kelly asserted that they couldn't ignore the elephant in the room, and she was sorry that she had gone to his house and had made things worse when she'd opened up to Victoria. Billy said that Victoria was determined to be a friend to Kelly, but he would make sure that there were no more awkward dinners.

Kelly wished that things could be different because most of her friends had drifted away after Sam's death. She asked if she and Billy could ever be friends again like they had been, and Billy replied that they could figure things out while working together on the Delia Project. Kelly was thrilled that he'd decided to do it, and he said that he couldn't turn down the opportunity to keep his daughter's memory alive. Kelly went to get a bandage for her finger, and Billy leafed through the file. He spotted Adam's signature on the paperwork.

At the police station, Kevin became irritated when he encountered problems with his license plate search. Alex assumed that the server was overloaded, but he assured Kevin that they were starting in the right place. Kevin yelled at the computer, and Alex suggested that Kevin take a break to eat some Chinese food, but Kevin was repulsed by how long the food had been there. Alex explained that part of investigative work was learning to wait for when real information presented itself.

Kevin wanted the lead to pan out for Chloe's sake, and he wondered if he'd overreacted about how she was dealing with her grief, but Alex opined that Kevin was right to be concerned about Chloe's attachment to Connor. Alex recommended that Kevin trust his instincts, and Kevin said that regardless of whether he was right about Chloe's obsession with Connor, it would be great to give her the gift of justice for Delia. The server resumed working, and Kevin excitedly prepared to run his search.

Kevin printed out the results of his search, and Alex looked at the report and dejectedly announced that it had turned up nothing. Kevin couldn't believe that there wasn't a match, and he assumed that George had either been snowing them or that he hadn't seen it right. Alex bellowed that they were no closer to finding the killer, and he angrily pushed paperwork off his desk. Kevin said that George's story had made perfect sense, but Alex reasoned that it hadn't been the first time a criminal had lied to the cops to cut a deal, and he was determined to find another solution to the problem.

Kevin refused to give up on the lead, and he gathered the condiments from the Chinese food to reenact the scene of the accident. Kevin was convinced that the accident had happened just as George had described, and he was sure that George had seen the monster who had killed Delia. Kevin noted that George had mentioned details that hadn't been covered in the media, but Alex theorized that George had overheard officers talking and had created a convincing story.

Alex added that the license plate search they'd generated had been conclusive, and he reminded Kevin to stay objective, or Kevin would waste time chasing false leads. Kevin remained perplexed, and he sat back down at his computer and stared at the image of Delia and Chloe on his screen. Kevin told himself that something had to be missing, and he began to type.

At Crimson Lights, Noah apologized to Courtney for being late, and she remained silent. He said that he was sorry for being hard on her earlier, but Cassie's birthday had been tough for him. He conceded that Courtney clearly wasn't comfortable talking about her life and family, and he should have left it alone, but he had dated women who hadn't been honest with him in the past. Noah promised to try not to pressure Courtney, and he hoped that she knew that nothing would make him feel different about her. Courtney softly replied that she couldn't see him anymore.

Noah swore that his apartment wouldn't be a man cave for long, but Courtney claimed that their relationship wasn't working for her and that they'd been moving too fast. He offered to slow things down, but she flatly stated that she was breaking up with him. He protested that just hours before, she had showed up in a Cleopatra outfit in an attempt to seduce him, yet she wanted to end things before they went any further. Noah asserted that he hadn't imagined that they had something really good, and he couldn't believe that she could flip a switch and turn off her feelings.

Courtney said that Noah had only seen what he'd wanted to see, like he had with Adriana, but he pleaded with her to tell him what had really happened. He asked if Summer had said something to upset Courtney, but Courtney insisted that it wasn't about Summer. She reasoned that she and Noah both had busy lives, and it was too much to spend all their free time together. Noah didn't buy it, and he asked if her change of heart had to do with Zach.

Noah stopped Courtney from leaving, and he pointed out that she'd told him something different about Zach every time they'd talked about him. She cried that she was done explaining herself, but he accused her of pushing him away instead of being honest with him. She reiterated that they didn't belong together, and he swore that she could trust him, but she whimpered that it was over. Courtney ran out.

Courtney arrived at the police station in tears, and Alex saw her and dragged her aside. He asked what "Farrah" was doing there, and he told her not to blow it. Courtney reported that she'd broken up with Noah for "Zach."

At the church, Victor asked how his grandson was doing, and the christening guests stared at him. Chelsea declared that the blessing for her son hadn't included Victor, but Victor stated that she was mistaken, and he blew kisses to Connor. Chelsea retorted that Victor was the one who was mistaken, and she ordered him to leave. She asked Adam to show Victor the door, and Jack added that it wasn't the time or place for Victor's antics. Victor huffed that it was a family matter, and he demanded that Jack mind his own business. Victor and Adam locked eyes.

Anita scolded Chelsea for being rude to Connor's grandfather, but Chelsea repeated that Victor wasn't welcome. Victor contended that it was a blessing for a member of his family, and he should be there. Chloe remarked that the day was about Connor, and Victor barked that Connor was his grandson. Chelsea couldn't believe that Victor was injecting himself where he wasn't wanted, and Adam echoed that it was Connor's day, so he didn't want to argue. Chelsea incredulously asked if Adam was letting Victor stay.

Adam said that there was no need to fight, but Chloe volunteered to fight for Connor if no one else would. Jack chided Victor for making a scene, and Victor haughtily declared that Jack would understand when he became a grandfather. Jack argued that Adam had made his feelings clear, and Victor pointedly stated that Adam understood the importance of family. Victor added that life was tenuous at best, and family needed to band together. Chelsea said that she and Connor were Adam's family, and Chloe added that Jack was next in line as Connor's guardian. "Is that so?" Victor inquired with a smirk.

Adam informed Victor that Chloe and Jack were Connor's godparents and that he'd named Jack as Connor's legal guardian if anything happened to Adam. Chelsea snapped that Victor couldn't stake a claim to their son, and Anita asked Chelsea to walk her out. Anita urged Chelsea to call her later, and they hugged. Jack asked Adam what was going on, since Adam had been adamant about not wanting Victor near their lives. Adam crossed the church to take Connor from Chloe, and Victor approached and reached out his hands to hold the baby. Chelsea, Chloe, and Jack stared in disbelief as Adam handed Connor to Victor.

Victor cooed that Connor got his spunk from the Newman side, and Chelsea said that she needed to feed the baby. Chelsea proclaimed that the blessing was over, and she walked out with Connor. Chloe followed them and warned Chelsea that she'd be stuck with Victor if she stayed with Adam. Chloe vowed to always protect Connor, and she cautioned that Adam couldn't control Victor, so Chelsea needed to act in Connor's best interests. Chelsea yelled that she'd heard enough.

Adam thanked Jack for attending, and Jack offered to stay, but Adam insisted that he would be fine. Jack suspected that something more was going on, but Adam noted that they were protected legally, and Jack gave his word that he would do everything in his power to make sure it stayed that way. Jack left, and Adam confronted Victor. Victor recalled that he had made Adam a proposal, and it appeared as though Adam had given his answer.

Victor guessed that Adam had made the decision to give Victor access to Connor on Victor's terms, and in exchange, Victor wouldn't go to the authorities. Chelsea reentered and said that it was time to go. Victor congratulated Adam and Chelsea on their upcoming nuptials, and he told them to have a nice day. After Victor left, Chelsea remarked that she and Adam had agreed that their family consisted of just the three of them, and she spat, "What was that?" Adam flashed back to Victor's threat that Victor would be part of Connor's life, whether Adam liked it or not. Chelsea demanded an answer.

At the Athletic Club, Jack sat down at Victor's table, and Victor offered to buy him a drink. Jack accused Victor of finding a way to wedge himself back into Adam's life, and he vowed not to let Victor hurt Adam again.

At the penthouse, Chelsea said that Connor was down for his nap, and she testily inquired why Adam had allowed Victor to intrude and to hold their son. Adam didn't want to talk about it, but Chelsea ranted that Victor had walked in like he'd had a right to be there, and she questioned why Adam hadn't tried to stop him. Chelsea implored Adam to make her understand why he hadn't kicked Victor out. "Because I couldn't," Adam replied.

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