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Hope returned from Hawaii and learned that Liam hadn't given up on them. Due to Brooke's determination to reunite two broken families, Bill agreed to ask Katie to take him back. Ridge resisted his initial desire to reunite his family, and Katie refused to be Bill's consolation prize.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 6, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, January 6, 2013

At Katie's house, Katie and Adele were concluding a meeting when Brooke arrived. Brooke announced that Ridge was back, and as Adele exited, Katie said Ridge had already visited her. Brooke figured that the visit had been about Brooke and Bill. Brooke said that Bill kept trying to see her, but she was telling him not to. Katie replied that Brooke obviously wanted something from Katie.

Brooke conveyed that she wanted to reestablish her life with Ridge. "If you say so," Katie quipped. Katie then noted that Bill kept ringing Brooke's doorbell, and Brooke kept letting Bill in. Brooke said that Katie knew how much Brooke loved Ridge. Katie made a smart remark, and Brooke asserted she wasn't there to receive bitterness from her sister.

Katie decided that she knew what Brooke wanted, and it was both men. Brooke stood to leave, but Katie stated that Brooke wanted to give Katie her husband back as if he was a loaned sweater. Katie wasn't having that. Brooke asked if it were because of Katie's pride, but Katie responded that it was her self-respect. Brooke wondered if her sister was really happy in that lonely house, and Katie asked if Brooke wanted Katie to sleep beside a man who'd rather be with her sister.

Katie figured that Brooke wanted to drop Bill off with Katie for Ridge's convenience, and as a bonus, Brooke would appear as if she'd cleaned up her mess in the process. Brooke became curious about what Katie and Ridge had discussed before, but Katie was unresponsive about it. Brooke stated that Ridge knew everything but still wanted her. She hoped Katie could see that. Katie decided to check on Will and told Brooke to let herself out.

At Forrester, the employees had a meeting about their upcoming lines. Ridge arrived and said he was ready to make some changes. He relayed that the huge success of HFTF had its consequences. At Ridge's prompting, Carter stated that their traditional buyers and distributors were slow to re-sign contracts. Ridge reasoned that it was because HFTF was changing Forrester's identity, and they couldn't let that happen.

Ridge argued that couture had built their business. He said that the ready-to-wear lines had followed, but they couldn't take center stage. He felt that HFTF had thrown the business off balance, and longtime buyers thought that Forrester had shifted its commitment from them to younger buyers.

Rick stated that in the past, all he'd ever done had been to preach couture, but it had dried up along with their bank accounts. He said that Eric had given him the job of increasing sales in any way possible, and the team had smashed the goal. Rick asked if Ridge was saying that their success would be their demise.

Ridge denied that he was saying such a thing. He believed that they simply needed to recommit to their brand. "What we need is you. Right, Ridge? You need to be our savior," Rick cynically replied. Ridge decided that he and Rick needed to talk. Rick quipped that they might as well do so, because Ridge wasn't letting Rick progress a meeting that Rick had been planning for weeks.

People cleared out of the room, and as Aly cleaned off the meeting table, Rick asked Ridge when he was going back to International. Ridge said he had some bad news for Rick, and it was that Ridge wasn't going anywhere. Ridge announced that Thorne was on his way to Paris to fill Ridge's position, and Aly stated that she couldn't wait to visit her father in Paris. Rick asked who'd authorized it, and Aly said it had been her grandfather.

Ridge received a call from Brooke, who asked him to meet her at her house. Ridge said he was in the middle of something, but Rick stated that Ridge was free to pull himself away.

After the call, Ridge asked if he and Rick could manage working together. Rick replied that it had always depended upon whether Ridge was making Brooke happy or wiping his shoes off on her.

Ridge asked why Rick hadn't done anything about Bill and Brooke. "You left!" Rick raged. Rick said Katie wasn't blameless, and his mother had been drowning after Ridge had cut her loose. Ridge stated that returning home had meant returning to Brooke, but "now" he didn't know what it meant.

Later, Rick was alone when Caroline entered to ask how things had gone. Rick replied that it had been anticlimactic because Ridge had gotten a call. Rick relayed that Ridge wouldn't be going back to Paris. Caroline thought it was a great opportunity for Thorne at International, and it was also a chance for Ridge and Brooke to reunite -- if Ridge could make peace with Brooke and Bill's indiscretion.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was upstairs in her robe when she heard Ridge calling for her, using the pet name "Logan." Seeming surprised that he was already there, Brooke yelled back that she was upstairs. In the mirror, she primped a little. "'Logan,'" Brooke repeated and grinned.

Ridge entered, noting that she hadn't changed the house locks. Brooke said that on lonely nights, she'd thought she'd heard Ridge's key in the door. "Did Bill's key sound different?" Ridge asked.

Brooke cited that Hope was in Hawaii and R.J. was in Ojai. Brooke reminded Ridge of how much they'd enjoyed their rare moments alone in the house. She said they'd never hidden things from each other, and they'd had an unspoken language.

Ridge dubiously nodded. Brooke cupped his face, and when he tried to pull back, she locked her hands against his ears. "Welcome home, my dear, beautiful husband. I've waited so long for this moment, and now it's finally here," she said.

In Hawaii, Hope still wasn't ready to face the public. Wyatt's phone rang, but staring at Hope, he said he wasn't interested in answering it. Hope figured it could be his mother looking for an update. She noted that his mother was the reason they were there. Wyatt said that Quinn wanted to see him happy, and Hope replied that Quinn hadn't let it happen naturally.

Wyatt figured that Steffy wouldn't have hopped on a plane on the advice of a stranger. He claimed not to be making excuses for Quinn, but in his view, Quinn had felt that Hope had deserved to know what had been going on. Hope reasoned that Liam had affirmed that nothing had been going on. Wyatt, however, asked what her desire to run was telling her.

Hope stated that, even though Liam had made perfect sense, she hadn't been able to go home with him. She felt that she needed to let go and open up to the rest of her life, but she didn't know the direction of her life without Liam. Wyatt asked if he could make a suggestion, and when she turned attentively to him, he kissed her.

Wyatt figured that he and Hope could analyze the situation twenty different ways, or they could just let it blow away. He felt that his words were meaningless because they could never tell her "this." Wyatt swept Hope in for a deeper kiss. Hope pulled away and breathlessly apologized. Wyatt said it was okay because he'd enjoy every step and nibble along the way.

Wyatt had a vision of him and Hope in an outrigger canoe, making love. He had visions of other love-making locations. Figuring that they were falling behind his active imagination, he picked her up to head to the bedroom. Hope giggled, telling him to stop. She said she wanted to take it slowly. As he set her down, he uttered that their first time would be special, and they kissed again.

Tuesday, January 7, 2013

by Pam

At Katie's house, Katie fondly recalled that Ridge had pulled her in for a big hug when he'd visited her at her office. Donna entered and interrupted Katie's reverie. Donna asked how Katie had been doing, and Katie said that she should have been over all the drama. Donna said that she didn't think there was a time limit on healing after your family had been broken apart.

Katie added that Brooke had visited. Donna wondered if Katie and Brooke had patched things up. Katie professed that Brooke still loved Bill, no matter what Brooke had said. Donna defended Brooke and said that Brooke and Ridge would find their way back to each other because they always had. Ridge had returned, and Donna suspected that Brooke would never give Ridge up.

Katie wistfully noted that it seemed Brooke always had men fighting over her. Katie added that there was nothing romantic about it when it was Katie's husband who was one of those men.

Katie laughed and said that Brooke had wanted to give Katie her husband back. Katie told Donna that she didn't think she wanted Bill back, but Katie admitted that she was lonely. Katie thanked God that she had a job, but she knew that every night after she had dinner with Will and played with him, she would put him to bed and spend the night alone.

Donna sympathized. Katie lamented that Brooke and Bill still blamed Katie for throwing Bill and Brooke together. Katie said she'd had it with them both. "They should have known I was sick," she said. Katie wondered if Ridge would really be able to return to Brooke. She added that no man could resist Brooke.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke made out and fell back on the bed in a moment of passion. Ridge stopped suddenly. "I can't do this," he said. Brooke wondered what was wrong. Ridge explained that Bill had been with Brooke on the very same bed. Ridge couldn't get past that. Brooke reminded Ridge that Ridge had left her on their honeymoon. Ridge had not returned for a year.

Ridge reminded Brooke that Bill had been despicable. Brooke agreed, but she defended her relationship with Bill because they had been friends at first. Brooke confessed that it had become physical, and Ridge asked if Brooke had loved Bill. Brooke nodded, but she said it was over because Bill had been cruel to Katie.

Brooke explained that Bill had broken up with Brooke to return to Katie, but it had all been a hoax. Bill had only done it to get Katie to return Bill's company and give him more visits with his son. Brooke said she couldn't love him after that.

Ridge looked uncomfortable. Brooke hugged Ridge and begged him to remember what they'd had together. Brooke reminded Ridge that he had returned to reunite their family. She wanted their family back together again, and so did RJ. Brooke begged Ridge to rebuild their relationship, and she kissed him passionately. Ridge looked thoughtful, but he kissed and caressed Brooke.

At Liam's house, Bill sat deep in thought. Caroline entered and announced that Liam would be late. Liam had asked Caroline to deliver dinner for Bill. Caroline admitted that she had been worried about Bill. Caroline and Bill discussed that Bill had lost a lot -- all because of his relationship with Brooke. Bill agreed that he had regrets, but he did not regret his relationship with Brooke. Bill regretted that he had hurt Katie so deeply because Bill had loved her -- she was the woman with whom he believed he would spend the rest of his life.

Caroline wondered if Bill still wanted a life with Brooke, and Bill admitted that he did. Caroline worried that Bill would get hurt because Brooke and Ridge's prolific love story might reunite Brooke and Ridge forever. Bill equated Ridge to a bad habit that Brooke had. Bill maintained that Ridge could never compete with the passion that Bill and Brooke had shared.

Wednesday, January 08?Year, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's house, Donna suggested that Katie get out of the house and have some fun. Donna offered to babysit while Katie went out with friends, but Katie declined. Katie reminded Donna that Katie had always been more of a homebody. Katie remarked that she'd never thought things would turn out so badly with Bill.

Donna said Brooke had broken things off with Bill before the holidays -- long before Ridge had returned home. Donna anticipated that Brooke and Ridge would be back together soon. Donna had hoped that Bill would return to Katie.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke made out, but Ridge stopped abruptly. Brooke reiterated that he had returned to her, and they could have things the way they had before he'd left. Ridge disagreed. He said that Brooke was not the same woman he'd left. Ridge added that Brooke would never have hurt her baby sister the way she had. Ridge said he loved Brooke, but he could not wrap himself around what Brooke and Bill had done.

Brooke again defended her relationship with Bill -- she claimed that Katie had pushed them together. Brooke added that she should have known better, but she had lost her relationship with Ridge. Brooke admitted that she had lost a part of herself. Brooke promised that her relationship with Bill was over -- and she hoped that Bill and Katie would get back together. Ridge wondered why Brooke would want her sister with Bill, who was a horrible man and had done horrible things.

Brooke looked helpless. Brooke wanted to believe that Katie could forgive Bill, and that they could remember they had loved each other. Brooke was convinced they still loved each other the way Ridge and Brooke loved one another. Ridge admitted that Brooke had forgiven Ridge for deserting her on their honeymoon.

Brooke told Ridge she wanted to forget all their mistakes and go forward. She moved closer to Ridge, but he backed away. He told Brooke he couldn't stay. Brooke begged him to spend the night, but Ridge refused. "Not tonight," he said. Ridge left, and Brooke called out his name.

At Liam's house, Liam entered and flopped on the couch, and Bill surmised it had been a bad day. Liam complained about work and Hope. Bill said he understood, and Bill complimented Liam because Liam had been working so hard at Spencer. Bill noted that Spencer men never gave up. Liam wondered if that meant that Bill would continue to pursue Brooke. Bill admitted he would.

Bill regretted that he had hurt Katie so deeply because Bill had loved her. Bill said Katie was a wonderful woman and mother, but Katie was his past, and Brooke was his future. Bill maintained that Brooke had broken up with Bill because of guilt. Bill insisted that she would see they belonged together. Liam wondered if Ridge would factor into Brooke's decision, but Bill said that Ridge had unceremoniously dumped Brooke after all they had been through. Bill believed that Brooke would soon come to her senses and choose to be with Bill and not Ridge.

At Brooke's house, Brooke recalled how Ridge had returned to her with the flower petals in the fountain. She smiled, and she heard someone in the hall. She called out thinking it had been Ridge. Bill entered, and Brooke told him to get out. Bill insisted that he was never going to leave Brooke. He added that Brooke and Bill belonged together, and Ridge was no competition for him.

Brooke walked away, but Bill grabbed her arm and reminded her that they loved each other. He refused to give up on her. He reminded Brooke that he had lost everything: his family, his company, and his son. He refused to lose Brooke. Brooke looked thoughtful.

At Katie's, Katie played with Will and heard someone at the door. Katie figured that Donna had forgotten something. Ridge entered and smiled at what a big boy Will had become. Ridge complimented Katie on how she had handled everything with Bill and how she had always managed to put Will first. Ridge said that Will was clearly a happy, well-adjusted baby.

Katie thanked Ridge and asked what he wanted. Katie assumed that Ridge had moved back into Brooke's home. Ridge said he had been there, but he couldn't stay. Katie wondered what had happened because she knew that Ridge had returned to Los Angeles to be with Brooke. Ridge agreed, but he explained that Brooke wasn't the same person he remembered.

Ridge couldn't get past what Bill and Brooke had done to Katie. Katie was surprised. She said she wasn't sure she had any answers for Ridge. Katie asked why he was really there to see her.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Donna moped as she walked in and sat at the conference table. She'd thought she was alone, but from behind her, Eric asked why she wasn't on a date. She said she'd decided to tie up loose ends at the office and then mentioned that she'd been at Katie's house earlier. Eric called Donna a supportive sister, and she replied that Ridge was on Katie's side, too.

Eric was surprised that Ridge wasn't supporting Brooke, who'd probably had a difficult time revealing the truth to Ridge. Donna feared that, if Brooke and Ridge didn't reunite, it would give Bill more reason to go after Brooke -- no matter how hard Brooke pushed him away.

Donna and Eric ordered Chinese takeout, and as Eric poured some wine, the topic turned back to Brooke and Katie. Donna stated that Bill wouldn't back down, and Ridge's return had made it even more of a challenge to Bill. "One that he doesn't intend to lose," Donna ominously added.

Donna wondered whether Katie would want Bill back as a consolation prize. Donna assumed that Katie would reunite with him only if he'd get on his hands and knees to beg. Donna stated that, if it weren't for Will needing his parents, she'd prefer that Bill go away and leave the path clear for another man to love Katie in a way that Bill never could.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was livid that Bill had shown up in her bedroom. Bill refused to leave until she assured him that he wasn't losing her to Ridge. She insisted that she wanted Ridge and her family back, and even though Ridge was disillusioned, she'd do everything she could to fix it for him.

Bill felt that Ridge was guilting Brooke into that choice, but Brooke said she'd always wanted her family. "Even when you were with me?" Bill asked. She said that she and Bill had never been together the way a real couple should be, and she claimed that their affair had put her family in jeopardy.

Bill believed that Ridge had put the family in jeopardy, but Brooke insisted it had been her own scandalous ways that had done it. She cited that Ridge had walked out on her because of Deacon, and Ridge had walked out on her again earlier that night because he wasn't sure about her. Rolling his eyes, Bill quipped that Ridge was probably hopping a jet to Paris at that very moment.

Brooke didn't want to listen anymore, but Bill said that Ridge had her taking responsibility for everything. She asserted that she was responsible, and she'd caused a lot of pain and scandal in the past. Bill replied that he didn't care about that; he only cared about her.

Brooke felt that if Bill cared about her, he'd let her go. She stated that she loved Bill, "but my love for Ridge..." She said that their children needed both parents at home, and she and Bill had a chance to do something right. Bill insisted that their relationship was right, but Brooke disagreed. She said he hadn't been there for his older sons and wouldn't be there for Will if he didn't change course.

Brooke noted that Katie was still very upset, and for some reason, Ridge's return had seemed to worsen Katie's feelings about Brooke. Bill figured that Katie had decided that Brooke wanted both men, and that was why Brooke was trying to send him back to her sister. Brooke replied that she was asking Bill to think about what they'd done to Katie and the children.

Brooke said that children picked up on things, and she wanted Will and R.J. to recall having happy childhoods, not ones fraught with tension. She added that she and Bill could achieve that by not making more mistakes. Bill insisted that he and Brooke hadn't been a mistake, but he admitted that he did miss Will. "And Katie," Brooke added.

Brooke urged Bill to return to his family and give them what they deserved. Brooke wanted her family back, but she said it couldn't happen as long as she was with Bill. Bill asked what would happen if Ridge left again or if Katie didn't want him back. Brooke believed that Katie had things to get through, but Katie ultimately wanted to have Will's parents together.

Bill said that he couldn't forget about his relationship with Brooke. Brooke told him that he could savor the memories, and she'd do the same. A song called "Your Bleeding Heart," by Kim Taylor played as Brooke and Bill's memories of Aspen and the Mediterranean played on-screen. Bill touched Brooke's face and strode out of the bedroom.

At Katie's house, Katie was surprised by Ridge's arrival and asked why he was there. Ridge asked why she hadn't told him about Bill's fake reunion with her just to get her to sign the documents. Katie frowned, and Ridge expressed amazement at what Brooke and Bill had put Katie through.

Katie asked what had happened between Ridge and Brooke earlier. Ridge murmured that it was complicated. He felt that Katie had survived her share of heartache from Brooke, and he was sure Katie would survive "this," too. Katie was relieved that someone finally understood her point of view.

Katie noted that even the family members who were supposed to be on her side had always wound up telling her to forgive Brooke, who hadn't meant to hurt anyone. Katie had almost been convinced that she was wrong to feel the way she did, and she'd begun to think that she was losing her mind. Katie said she was glad to have Ridge back in town.

Ridge remarked that he'd never know what Katie had seen in Bill. Katie explained that Bill had been the first person to see the real her, and when she'd looked into his eyes, she had been able to tell that he'd believed she was someone special. Bill had made her believe it, too, and the feeling had been intoxicating and additive. "He looks at Brooke like that now," Katie added.

Katie relayed that Brooke had taken that feeling away from Katie because Brooke had been alone and lost without Ridge. Katie didn't know if Brooke had targeted Bill, but she said it didn't matter because Brooke and Bill loved each other. "And I don't think he'll ever look at me that way again," Katie sadly concluded.

Katie guessed she was sounding pitiful. Ridge disagreed, but she noted that things were much better for her than they'd been in the past months. He responded that Brooke and Bill hadn't made it better, but Katie said she had some responsibility in it, too. Ridge felt that he had some responsibility, as well, but the bulk of the blame belonged to Bill.

Ridge said he'd returned to town to reunite his family; however, he felt that doing so at that point would be like condoning what Bill and Brooke had done. "And I don't. I can't," Ridge decided.

Katie said that the issue shouldn't destroy two families, and if Brooke was truly sorry, then Ridge should go back and give R.J. his family. Katie was sure that Ridge could forgive Brooke because he'd done it before, and Katie added that R.J. was counting on Ridge.

Ridge assumed that Katie was saying that she'd also take back Bill. Katie said that was entirely different, and she didn't even know if Bill wanted to be back with her. Katie reminded Ridge that Brooke was his destiny. Since nothing had gotten between him and Brooke before, Katie didn't see why it should be any different that time. "It feels different," Ridge responded.

Katie advised Ridge not to let it be. Ridge asked if she minded being alone. She said she was fine, but he told her that she deserved to have someone to care for her and cherish her. Katie replied that she was good at caring for herself, and love was overrated. He agreed with that, but he was sure she'd find love again. Katie and Ridge hugged.

This episode feature the song "Your Bleeding Heart" by Kim Taylor.

Friday, January 10, 2014

At Forrester, Quinn was surprised to see Hope. She'd assumed that Hope had gone with Wyatt to get some pearls from another part of Hawaii. Hope replied that she'd returned early to get some work done and to have a conversation that she hadn't been looking forward to having.

Quinn assumed that Hope was angry. Hope responded that the manipulation of her and Liam had gotten old, and if Quinn wanted Hope to know something, Quinn could just tell her without faking emails or forging notes. Hope also felt that Quinn hadn't had a reason to get involved with Steffy's fertility news. Hope liked working with Quinn but was starting to feel like she couldn't trust Quinn.

Quinn asked Hope not to blame Wyatt, who'd had nothing to do with his mother's actions, and then asked how the trip had gone. Hope said Wyatt had gone out of his way to make it special. Quinn admired Hope's new necklace and said that her son really was "Mr. Romance."

Liam stepped into the doorway, and Quinn welcomed him to take a look at the jewel Wyatt had given Hope. "Hope, I need to talk to you -- alone," Liam said. Hope asked Quinn to leave, and Quinn sneered at Liam as she exited.

Liam guessed that the jewelry gift and trip to Hawaii meant that things with Wyatt were getting serious. Hope indicated that Wyatt hadn't ever been shy about his feelings for her, but she wanted to take time for herself. She was excited about her line and a future with no weddings on the horizon.

Liam asked where she stood with Wyatt. Hope said that one could say she and Wyatt were dating. "And you and me?" Liam asked. Hope grew tearful and turned away. "Okay, so I'll wait," he decided as the two sat on the sofa in Rick's office.

Hope became confused and said Liam had told her that it had been "now or never." Liam reasoned that Hope had been shocked by Steffy's visit, but Hope was already starting to see through Quinn's games. Believing that she wasn't far from seeing through Wyatt's, too, Liam assured her that a marriage and family with Liam would be waiting for her once she finally did.

Hope asked if Liam thought it was just another obstacle for them. Liam stated that it wasn't unlike the other obstacles that they'd surmounted. Disagreeing, she said she'd experienced divided feelings like the ones that Liam had experienced with her and Steffy, and she'd figured out that Wyatt was more than just a roadblock in Hope and Liam's relationship.

Liam felt that it was a good thing, and it meant that she understood why he'd allowed Steffy to tell her news to him that day. Because Steffy had been his wife, he believed that they'd always have some sort of connection. Liam figured that Hope and Wyatt would probably be the same way.

"But it's not this, Hope. It's not us, and you know what I'm talking about," Liam stated. Hope agreed, adding that it didn't hurt with Wyatt. Liam guessed it didn't, but he said Wyatt wasn't the guy for her. Liam expressed genuine worry for Hope if Wyatt turned out to be anything like his mother.

Quinn slipped up to the ajar office door and listened in as Hope declared that Quinn just wanted her son to be happy, and Liam was reading too much into it. With a mirthless chuckle, Liam asked how Hope would have responded if he'd said the same thing about his interfering father. She guessed she wouldn't have let it slide.

Liam declared that Wyatt and Quinn weren't good people, and Liam intended prove it. Liam stated that he wasn't done with Hope. He knew that she was the only one for him, and he sensed that she knew it, too. Quinn's mind churned in thought as she listened.

At Katie's house, Bill met Brooke and asked why they were there. Brooke said it was his home, but Bill corrected that it was his property. He warned her about trying to get him to have a sit-down with Katie, but Brooke replied that Katie was at work and didn't know they were there. He wondered what they were doing there. "Opening your eyes," Brooke replied.

Bill said that being in that house wouldn't make Brooke's words more believable to him. Bill and Brooke looked at the pictures on the mantel, and after citing how much Will had grown, she asked Bill to consider what he'd missed. Bill stubbornly replied that it couldn't be helped.

Brooke asked Bill to remind her of what he'd been thinking about during his fall. Bill replied that he'd thought of what Katie had taken from him. Brooke, however, reasoned that he'd been thinking about what he'd been losing -- not what Katie had taken.

Bill said that he'd reflected upon his life the other evening, and it had felt no different from when he'd dangled from the rope on the mountainside. "You've been my rope. Are you sure you want me to let go?" Bill asked. Brooke replied that they'd had their time, and the time had arrived for him to think about his important memories with Katie.

Bill said Brooke was talking as if Katie wanted him back, but Katie hated him. Brooke asserted that Katie loved him, and though it might take her time to work through things, he was the father of her son. Brooke believed Katie would take him back. He asked if it was really what Brooke wanted.

Brooke said it was. She relayed that she'd finally have her happily ever after with Ridge, and Katie would have hers with Bill. Brooke felt that she and Katie were parents who wanted their children raised in two-parent homes. Brooke asked if he'd want anything less for himself. Bill sadly relented, and Brooke shed a tear as he decided that he'd get Katie to take him back.

At Spencer, Ridge arrived to further discuss Brooke and Bill with Katie. Ridge was sorry to keep rehashing the pain for Katie, but he didn't have anyone else to talk to about it. No matter how much Brooke had explained things to him, he couldn't understand how she and Bill could have betrayed Katie.

Ridge asked how Katie had found out about Brooke and Bill and what Brooke had said for herself. Katie began with the story of Taylor at Brooke's birthday party, explaining that by that time, Brooke and Bill had made themselves break up as a sacrifice for Katie. Katie said the cameras had given Bill the excuse he'd needed to walk away.

Katie claimed that she wouldn't have wanted Bill anyway because he'd be fantasizing about her sister. She supposed that some women would settle for that. "But not me. Not from any man," she said.

Katie relayed what had happened with her premonition about Bill's climb. Ridge wondered why she'd cared if Bill had fallen off the mountain. Katie said that Bill was the father of her son, and she'd loved the man he'd once been. She recalled how electric her connection with Bill had been, even when he'd touch her, but she guessed that relationships like that only happened once in a lifetime.

Ridge assured Katie that she'd get it again someday. Katie doubted it, but he said she wasn't the only one with premonitions. Ridge touched Katie's arm, and an imperceptible change occurred in Katie. She looked down at his hand on her arm, and then she tearfully stared into his smiling face.

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