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Adam and Chelsea planned to move to Paris. Billy found the same rare lily that Adam had purchased for Chelsea at Delia's roadside shrine. Summer popped multiple energy pills and experienced a cardiac episode.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 13, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, January 13, 2014

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack questioned Victor about Adam. Jack noted that Victor had given Adam "the same patented look [he'd given] all [his] victims before blowing their lives to smithereens." Victor insisted that he wasn't holding anything over Adam's head. Jack reminded Victor that he would become Connor's legal guardian if anything happened to Adam and Chelsea. Victor, seething, glared at Adam.

Nikki arrived and demanded to know what was going on between Jack and Victor. Jack claimed that Victor was planning to steal Adam's son. Nikki replied, "What are you talking about?" Victor responded that he was being accused of trying to steal Newman Enterprises from Adam. Victor added that Jack and Adam were the ones who were trying to steal the company out from under him. Jack grimaced. Victor claimed that Jack was also attempting to keep the Newman family from ever having contact with Summer and Connor.

Jack told Nikki that both he and Adam believed it would be best to keep Connor away from Victor. Nikki told Jack that he shouldn't have any say in whether or not Victor spent time with his grandson. Jack replied, "If anything should happen to Adam or Chelsea, God forbid, I'm his legal proxy and Connor's guardian." Victor threateningly noted that no matter how many legal documents had been drawn up and signed, he was still Connor's grandfather. Before Jack left, he scowled at Victor and said, "You are holding something over Adam's head that's scaring him to death. As his friend and as Connor's guardian, I'm not going to quit until I find out what it is."

As they dined, Victor told Nikki that nothing could have kept him away from his grandson's naming ceremony. Victor said that there was nothing quite like holding a baby he knew was part of his own flesh and blood. Victor added that perhaps Adam had finally realized how sacred a bond was between fathers, sons, and grandsons. Nikki replied, "I know how much it means to you, and I wouldn't want anything in the world to stand in the way of your own flesh and blood. It just breaks my heart that you can't wish me the same." Victor said he didn't understand what Nikki meant.

Nikki angrily reminded Victor that Dylan was her own flesh and blood and meant as much to her as Connor meant to him. Victor replied, "You can't in all honesty compare the life of that newborn to that interloper who's done nothing but damage our family." Nikki told Victor that Avery was to blame for leaving Nick at the altar. She added that no one should blame Dylan for absconding with Connor. Nikki noted that the latter act had been the result of Dylan's posttraumatic stress disorder from fighting a war to protect his country. Victor told Nikki that he would never be able to see things from Dylan's point of view.

Nikki said that Victor should be able to identify with a man whose biological parents had disappeared. Nikki added that Dylan wanted answers, so he could figure out who he was. Victor said that all Dylan needed was to leave town immediately. Nikki replied, "I have never asked you to choose me over your own flesh a blood, so don't you dare try to ask me that." Victor claimed that Nikki was wearing blinders when it came to Dylan McAvoy. Nikki threw her napkin on the table and told Victor that he could do what he had to with his son and that she would do what she had to with hers.

After Nikki left, Victor made a phone call. He said, "Nikki has not disinherited Dylan McAvoy, but that's not what I'm calling about. I am calling about Connor Newman, Adam Newman's son. I want to add him to the will and give him the amount of money we agreed upon." Victor confirmed to the person on the other end of the line that Adam was not to be included in the will. Victor added, "I will see to it that Adam gets exactly what he deserves."

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea demanded to know why Adam hadn't kicked Victor out of the church the second he had arrived. Adam, without elaborating, said that he hadn't been able to. He tersely added, "It happened; it's over, so let's move on." Angrily, Chelsea berated Adam for just standing by and allowing Victor to hold Connor. Adam said that he had done what he had to do. Scowling, Adam ordered Chelsea to "leave it alone."

Billy stopped by and said he'd discovered that Adam had set up and funded the foundation in Delia's name. Chelsea, surprised, recalled that when Jack had first told them about the Delia Project, Adam had acted as if he'd never before heard of it. She asked Adam why he'd never said anything beforehand. Billy replied, "I think we both know the answer to that, honey." Chelsea studied Adam's face and waited for a response.

Nervously, Adam insisted that he didn't want to discuss the matter. Billy explained that he'd seen the paperwork when he'd visited the nonprofit center. Choking back tears, Billy said he was touched by Adam's generous gesture to keep Delia's name alive in a meaningful way. Billy extended his hand to shake Adam's and thanked him. Billy apologized for his gruff manner and again offered his appreciation for Adam's noble gesture.

Before Billy left, he said that he'd never be able to repay Adam for what Adam had done for Delia. Chelsea placed her hands over her heart and said that Adam was amazing for setting up the memorial for Delia. Adam nervously twirled an empty drinking glass in his hands and insisted that he didn't want to discuss the matter. Chelsea noted that Adam was again withholding crucial information that could affect her life and Connor's. Billy left.

Chelsea warned Adam that she wouldn't marry him unless he told her the truth about everything. Adam apologized and claimed that he'd remained mum because Chelsea would've been forced to keep the matter a secret from Chloe. Chelsea agreed with Adam that it would've been tough not to tell Chloe. Chelsea again expressed her frustration that Victor had been allowed to hold their innocent baby at the christening. Adam claimed that he'd allowed Victor access in order to prove to Victor that he was not in charge of Connor or the infant's parents.

Adam attempted to placate Chelsea and said that having Victor present had allowed Victor to hear firsthand that Jack, a man Victor despised, had been named Connor's legal guardian. Chelsea noted that she was concerned about the hold Victor seemed to have on Adam. Adam assured Chelsea that he'd taken every step possible to protect Connor and their family's future. Chelsea curled up on the sofa next to Adam and rested her head on his shoulder. Chelsea said she was grateful that their baby's father had made plans to take care of his family.

Chelsea apologized for second-guessing Adam. Chelsea kissed Adam and invited him to join her upstairs. Adam sent Chelsea ahead and said he'd soon join her. Alone, Adam remembered the video confession he'd made. Recalling the events leading up to the hit-and-run accident, Adam recalled confessing that he'd swerved to miss a little dog in the road. He added that he'd had no knowledge of hitting Delia when he left the scene.

Chelsea later returned, wearing a body-skimming slip. She paused on the stairs and asked Adam if everything was all right. Adam snapped out of his daydream. He walked toward Chelsea and said he was just thinking what a lucky man he was. Chelsea leaned forward and kissed Adam tenderly on the lips. She turned and headed back toward the bedroom. Before Adam ascended the stairs, he worriedly glanced toward the cabinet in which he'd placed the video recorder.

Billy later stopped by Jack's mansion. Jack, who'd just returned from his visit with Victor, was livid and slammed his keys on a desk in frustration. Billy asked what Victor had done, but Jack said he didn't want to discuss it. Billy told Jack that Adam was the one who'd founded the Delia Project. Billy said he couldn't understand why Adam had remained anonymous when he could've proved to others that he truly was a decent human being.

Jack suggested that Adam was concerned that the media would have skewed the story. Jack added that the media would likely claim that Adam was a just a rich man trying to buy himself favorable public relations. Billy, not completely convinced, nodded. Jack insisted that Adam was a better man than many believed he was. Jack said that Adam was still painfully aware of the awful things he'd done. Adam was also grateful, Jack noted, for the miracle from Delia and her parents that had allowed his newborn son to see.

Billy shuddered when Jack said that Adam's gesture had allowed him to "repay a huge karmic debt." Jack noticed Billy's shocked reaction and asked what was going on. Billy recalled that both Adam and a man on an Internet chat room used by grieving parents had used the phrase "balancing the karmic scales." Jack said that Adam had more karma to deal with than either of them could ever know. Billy replied, "That's just it. We're all aware of the really bad things he's done. What's he done that we don't know about?"

At Avery's condo, Dylan stopped by after his return from a trip to find information about his birth father. Avery greeted Dylan with a romantic kiss. He was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that Avery had planned a festive, belated New Year's Eve celebration. Avery sensed something was wrong when Dylan had no reaction to the fabulous menu items she'd prepared. Dylan said that he'd tracked down Ian Ward's ex-wife, who seemed sympathetic about her former spouse. Dylan added that the woman believed her ex-husband might have moved to Indiana after changing his name.

Avery offered to travel to Indiana with Dylan. He said he was reluctant because Ian Ward was known to be a dangerous man. Avery said she had been suffering along with Dylan and wouldn't think of allowing him to face Ian all alone. Avery told Dylan that he seemed to be pushing her away like she had pushed him away years earlier after her miscarriage. Sobbing, Avery said that she felt distanced from Dylan even though they were standing in the same room together.

Dylan told Avery that she had been the only constant in his life. Avery gazed into Dylan's eyes. He insisted that he didn't want to lose her. Dylan gently explained that he needed time to become the man Avery deserved. Fighting back tears, Avery gave Dylan his coat. After Dylan left, Avery gathered up party favors and blew out candles she'd set out to add a festive mood to the party she'd planned for him.

At Crimson Lights, Abby was surprised to find Tyler conversing with a beautiful woman. After the woman left, Abby quickly learned that the woman was a real estate agent named Candice. Abby excitedly showed Tyler photos on the screen of her electronic tablet of a pricey property with luxury amenities. Tyler shook his head and said, "Forget it. That's not happening." Abby appeared to be disappointed.

Tyler explained that he and Abby would have to find a place that was more affordable. Abby assured Tyler that she could afford the mortgage payment. Tyler noted that he wouldn't be able to hold up his end of the deal. He showed Abby a photo displayed on the screen of his electronic tablet of another piece of property. Abby sprang from her chair, grabbed her coat, and told Tyler that they should act immediately before someone else snatched up the house. After Tyler and Abby left, the mysterious woman with the sun tattoo on her inner wrist watched the couple walk out the door.

Later, Abby and Tyler returned to the coffeehouse and each downed tiny cups of espresso as if they were shots of tequila. Abby said, "Did we really just make an offer on a house five minutes after we laid eyes on it?" Abby showed Tyler a photo of a room she planned to copy when she decorated the couple's bedroom. Tyler studied the photo and remarked that it was his ad and that he'd designed every inch of the room. Abby was charmed to learn that Tyler had even designed the bed.

Abby told Tyler that he could decorate the bedroom as long as she could claim one room to be her "woman cave." Abby left to share the news with her Aunt Traci. Tyler phoned his real estate agent and was disappointed to learn that the agent had already accepted another buyer's offer. Tyler was unaware that someone was spying on him. Tyler was confused when the agent explained that Tyler's girlfriend had phoned to say that the couple had changed their minds about buying the property.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Leslie stopped by Avery's apartment to pick up some contracts that needed to be filed. Avery said that it could be done the next day, and Leslie surmised that Avery had forgotten to read them. Avery mentioned that Dylan had been there, and Leslie suggested that Avery hand over the contracts and get back to her man. Avery lamented that it would take a lot more to get her relationship with Dylan back on track. Leslie thought that things had been moving forward with Avery and Dylan, but Avery revealed that Dylan didn't want to burden Avery with his pain regarding his mother's deception and the way he had been conceived.

Avery reported that Dylan had been fixated on finding Ian to prove that the men were nothing alike. Leslie remarked that relationships were never easy, and Avery said that Leslie should be caught up in the excitement of her engagement instead of being cynical about love, but Leslie countered that she was just being practical after handling a ton of divorces. Avery asked if Leslie was having second thoughts, and Leslie confirmed that she loved Neil and wanted to be with him, but she wasn't interested in the hoopla of a big wedding. Avery said that it spoke volumes that Leslie was certain that she wanted to share her life with Neil.

Avery looked through a magazine, and she pointed out a photo of a wedding dress to Leslie. Leslie asked for some coffee, but Avery said that she'd used it all in a dessert. Leslie retrieved the dish from the fridge, and Avery protested that she'd made it for Dylan. Leslie complained that she needed caffeine to endure the conversation, and Avery pointed out that weddings should be fun to plan. Leslie remarked that she wasn't going to get married anytime soon, but Avery contended that it could take a long time to find the right dress. Leslie noted that Avery had obviously kept the magazine for a reason, and she concluded that Avery hadn't given up on a shot at happily ever after.

Summer entered the Baldwins' apartment, and Fen asked what she was doing there. She said that he hadn't answered her calls or text messages, and he retorted that she shouldn't have taken it as an invitation to show up. Summer reported that Lauren had been leaving and had let her in, and she presented him with his favorite muffins. He said that baked goods wouldn't make him forgive and forget, and she hoped for a minute to explain, but he barked that because she'd sold him out, he would be going back to prison.

Summer insisted that she'd been trying to help Fen, but he maintained that she'd tricked him. Summer reasoned that it wouldn't have been any kind of life to be constantly looking over his shoulder, waiting to be killed. Fen contended that because he was the former D.A.'s kid, he'd be living the same way in prison. Fen insisted that running had been his only option, but Summer had ruined it. She pleaded with him to give her a chance to be a better friend, but he spat that she had plenty of friends in the modeling world. Summer said that she couldn't trust them with her secrets, and Fen snapped that she'd fit right in.

Summer admitted that Fen had been a better friend to her than she had been to him, and she contemplated whether or not he would have started using drugs if she had been there for him. Fen said that they would never know, and she asked if he would at least accept her apology. He looked away, and she stumbled as she got up to leave. She blamed her clumsiness on a late photo shoot, and she mentioned that she had another one that day. He asked how she'd make it through the shoot with no energy, and she replied that she would figure it out and that he didn't have to worry. She departed.

At the photo shoot, Esmerelda chided Summer for being late, and she said that she could see the bags under Summer's eyes. Summer didn't understand why Esmerelda wasn't as exhausted as Summer was, and Esmerelda offered her some pick-me-up pills. Esmerelda warned that Summer couldn't afford another bad shoot, and she encouraged Summer to take a pill when she felt tired. Esmerelda told Summer that the photographer was ready, and Summer quickly downed the three pills in her hand.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren and Neil discussed the unveiling of Chelsea's line, and Neil said that he understood if Lauren wanted to hold off on going over the details until things were more settled for her at home. Lauren testily assumed that he was afraid of bad publicity because of the murder charges against Fen, but Neil recognized how all-consuming a trial could be. Lauren apologized for jumping to conclusions, and she explained that work was the only thing keeping her sane. Neil offered to incorporate Lauren's ideas into the marketing campaign, and she remarked that she hoped that Leslie was running down the aisle to marry him, because he was a keeper.

Lauren thanked Neil for meeting with her when he had a wedding to plan, and he said that he didn't know how much Leslie would allow him to help with the details. He added that they hadn't set a date, but he didn't see the point in waiting. Neil said that it wasn't his first marriage, but it would definitely be his last one, and he couldn't wait to see Leslie walking down the aisle. Lauren asked if Leslie had chosen a dress yet, and Neil doubted it, since Leslie had been wrapped up in her cases most of the time. Lauren offered to call Leslie to set up an appointment.

After Lauren left, Leslie arrived and handed Neil the magazine Avery had given her, and she relayed that Avery had said that it took six to eight months to pull together a proper wedding. Neil said that only the venue required a lot of advance notice, but they already had one available, since Devon owned the Athletic Club. Neil said that they just had to pick a date, and he suggested June. Leslie said that it wouldn't work, and he opted for July or August, but she blurted out that none of it would work.

Neil asked if Leslie wanted to call things off, and she said no, but she felt that the wedding was happening too fast. She wanted to enjoy being engaged for a while, and Neil said that he hadn't meant to make her feel rushed. He declared that if she wasn't ready, then he wasn't, either, and she admitted that she was a little intimidated by the frou-frou wedding expectations. She explained that she'd never imagined her wedding day, but she knew that she loved him. Neil said that was all that mattered, and they kissed.

Lauren returned home and found Fen eating muffins on the couch. He mentioned that Summer had dropped them off, and Lauren asked if the teens were on speaking terms. Lauren reiterated that she and Michael had begged Summer to help them and that Summer hadn't wanted to betray him, but they had pressured her. Lauren reminded Fen that he and Summer had known one another since birth, and Fen said that it would make it harder for Summer if he let her back in, since he wouldn't be around to be Summer's friend.

Michael visited Womack at the penitentiary, and Womack sarcastically stated that he was touched. Michael reported that Fen had received the message that Womack had delivered to their doorstep, and he warned Womack to stay away from his son. Michael asked if Womack had tried to be cute with the note on the cake, and Womack quipped that he was more of a pie kind of guy. Michael disclosed that Fen had already filled him in about the favor that Womack intended to collect, and Womack pointed out that it would have been unnecessary for him to send "Mouse" a cake as a reminder.

Michael asked who had sent the cake, and Womack suggested that it had been Fen's old cellmate. Womack insisted that if he had wanted to send a message, they would have known it. Womack insinuated that Michael should thank him for saving Fen from the inmates who had been itching to pay back the former D.A. Michael asked what Womack wanted from his son, and Womack said that he would consider forgiving Fen's debt in exchange for the name of the person who'd turned state's evidence against Womack.

Nikki visited Paul at the police station, and she informed him that Dylan had gone to find Ian. Paul wasn't surprised that Dylan had questions about his father, but Nikki wailed that she never should have risked opening the door to Ian again. Paul assured her that Dylan's search didn't mean that Ian would be back in her life, but Nikki voiced concern that Dylan would fall prey to Ian's charms. Nikki felt like a fool for once wanting to be "chosen" by Ian, and she recalled considering it an honor that Ian had asked her to let him show her the path that she'd been meant to walk. She shuddered and said that the words would haunt her forever.

Paul said that even if Dylan found Ian, Nikki wasn't the same person she had been, and Ian couldn't hurt her. She worried that Ian could hurt Dylan, but Paul was sure that Dylan wouldn't buy into Ian's nonsense. Nikki recalled that everyone in the New World Commune had been confused and looking for answers, just like Dylan was, and she thought that Dylan would be susceptible to Ian's manipulations. Paul remarked that it was a good thing that Dylan had her, but she didn't know how she would react if she saw Ian again, and the thought of it was terrifying. Paul took Nikki into his arms, and Christine looked in on their embrace.

Nikki pulled away when she spotted Christine, who said that she didn't want to interrupt, but she needed to speak with her husband. Nikki thanked Paul for listening, and Paul insisted that Nikki was stronger than she thought. Nikki left, and Paul explained to Christine that Nikki was worried about Dylan. Christine reported that Michael had visited Womack that morning, and a guard had overheard the men arguing about Fen.

Later, Paul asked Michael why he'd visited Womack, and Michael showed him the cake. Michael explained that Womack had threatened Fen in prison and that Fen had thought the cake was a reminder that Fen owed Womack a favor. Michael revealed that Womack had denied it, and he personally believed that the cake had been meant for Lauren, but Paul was skeptical. Michael mentioned the strange phone calls, and Paul asked if Michael wanted to file charges against Womack, but Michael said that wasn't who he was worried about.

Michael requested that Paul assign officers to provide extra security at his apartment building and that Paul give the cake to forensics for testing. Paul said that he had no grounds to do so, but Michael argued that the odd phone calls weren't a coincidence. Paul said that he didn't have the manpower, but he agreed to send a patrol car by a couple of extra times a day. Paul thought that Michael was being paranoid, but Michael believed that he had a right to be after what his family had been through, and he vowed not to let anyone else hurt them.

Paul advised that the best thing Michael could do was to work on Fen's defense, and Michael asked to see the evidence. Paul handed over a box, and he mentioned that the crime scene photos had been lost in transit. Michael complained that it would be tough to make the jury picture the crime scene, and he wanted to speak to the medical examiner, but Paul replied that the man had taken a job with the Feds shortly after he'd performed the autopsy. Michael called Ronan and asked for a favor.

Michael returned home, and he observed Lauren's glum demeanor. She said that Fen was convinced that he'd go back to prison, and Michael replied that he hadn't given up hope. Michael divulged that the holes in the evidence would make his job difficult because he didn't have things to create reasonable doubt, and his phone rang. Michael answered a call from Ronan, and after he hung up, he reported to Lauren that the deeper he dug in, the more he found that didn't make sense.

Womack made a phone call, and the guard gave him two minutes. Womack confirmed that things were looking good for his attorney to get him out soon, and he inquired whether everything was in place.

Christine dropped off a file to Paul, and he recognized that she wasn't happy about seeing him with Nikki, but he sympathized that Nikki was going through a lot. Christine countered that she and Michael were both dealing with difficult things, too, since she'd had to charge their best friends' son with murder. Christine mentioned that the case had been keeping her up at night, and Paul said that he knew she was upset. Christine snapped that what upset her was that he was never home to notice, and she walked off.

Stitch ordered some coffee from Dylan at Crimson Lights, and Dylan reported that he hadn't found Ian Ward in Idaho, but he'd gotten a lead about where his biological father might be, so he would be heading out again. Stitch questioned whether the search was worth it, and Dylan remarked that he'd been kept in the dark about who he really was, and only Ian could provide the full picture. Dylan divulged that Nikki preferred that he just give up, and he added that Avery had been supportive, but she wanted to be more involved. Stitch didn't see a problem with that, but Dylan vowed to protect Avery from Ian.

Stitch advised that shutting down wasn't the way to protect Avery, and he implored Dylan to let people in, including Dylan's new family. Dylan argued that they were strangers, but Stitch countered that they wouldn't be if Dylan got to know them. Stitch mentioned that Victoria was open to having Dylan in her life, and Dylan recalled that even Ian's ex-wife had tried to convince him that Ian wasn't a monster. Dylan added that it would be nice to know if there was any good in Ian at all.

Nikki entered, and Stitch pushed Dylan to take his advice and open up. Stitch exited, and Nikki told Dylan that she'd heard that he'd gone looking for Ian. Dylan mentioned that he hadn't found Ian, but he had spoken with Ian's ex-wife. Dylan revealed that Willa had claimed to know another side of Ian, and Nikki said that she'd also felt that way in the beginning, but it wasn't until after Ian had "chosen" her that she'd seen the real thing. Nikki asked if Dylan planned to give up the search, and Dylan informed her that he intended to follow up on a lead, but he promised that he wouldn't mention her name.

Nikki said that she was worried about Dylan because Ian was an awful man, but Dylan commented that he'd already started down the path. Nikki looked stricken, and she recounted that Ian had said similar words about letting him show her the path that she'd been meant to walk when he had "chosen" her. Nikki clarified that Dylan didn't remind her of Ian at all, and she considered it a blessing that a good man like Dylan was her son. She insisted that he was nothing like his biological father, and she reached for his hand. Dylan said that he needed to see it for himself for his own peace of mind.

Dylan performed an online search for "Indiana" and the phrase that Nikki had mentioned about going down a path. Avery appeared at the counter and said that she'd done her thinking, and she needed to know where they stood. Dylan replied that he wanted to be with Avery and that nothing had changed, but Avery insisted that something had to. Dylan reported that he might have found Ian in Indiana, and he had to check it out.

Avery realized that Dylan planned to leave again, and he swore that it didn't change how he felt about her. Avery told him that someone had pointed out that Avery wasn't willing to give up on her happily ever after, but she'd missed him when he'd been away. Dylan replied that he'd missed her, too, and she dejectedly told him to have a good trip and started to leave. He chased after her and asked her to join him because he didn't think he could do it alone. She said that he didn't have to, and they hugged.

At the Athletic Club bar, Nikki flashed back to being a teenage girl, and Ian had reached out to touch her shoulder. She jumped when Neil touched her shoulder to greet her, and she nervously explained that she'd been caught up in her own thoughts. Neil told her to take care, and her hands shook as she reached for her cup.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sharon dropped by the Abbott residence to thank Jack for making sure that Jabot hired only agencies who paid fair wages to their models. Jack said it was the right thing to do, and besides, he had Summer to protect. Sharon was uncomfortable as Jack opined about his relationship with Summer. A phone call from Phyllis's doctor interrupted Jack, who was obviously delighted with the news he was receiving about Phyllis.

Jack immediately told Sharon that it was the best news he had had in a long time. Though Phyllis was not awake or moving, she had shown a change in brainwaves since the doctor had started playing the song "Wait" to her on a frequent basis. Jack had told the doctor how much Phyllis had liked the song and how emotional Phyllis got after she heard it. Jack immediately said Summer needed to know. Sharon said that she was on her way to the shoot and offered to tell Summer, but Jack thought that he should be the one to tell his daughter.

Adam greeted Chelsea with flowers as she walked downstairs to start her day. When Chelsea asked why Adam had left their bed so early, Adam said that he'd had to take care of something. As Chelsea started to chide him for keeping secrets, Adam pulled out a stunningly huge diamond engagement ring. After getting over her shock at the size of the diamond, Chelsea was delighted.

Adam said that their engagement was official, and nothing could break them apart. Adam and Chelsea discussed the past, including that their dream of the year before had been to move to Paris. Adam told Chelsea that it was still possible to have that dream and suggested that they move to Paris. Chelsea worried about new doctors for Connor, her fashion line, and Adam's hedge fund, if they relocated. Adam pointed out that it would certainly help keep Victor's claws out of Connor.

Adam told Chelsea that they could make a fresh start. The doorbell rang, and Chelsea answered it. Jack asked if he was interrupting. Chelsea said she had to go to work then kissed Adam and told him that they would continue their talk later. Jack immediately started questioning Adam about why Adam had not ejected Victor from Connor's naming ceremony the day before. Adam said that he had not wanted a blowout in front of his kid. Jack was not convinced. He pressed Adam to tell him what Victor was holding over Adam's head.

The more evasive Adam became, the more Jack pressed until Adam admitted that Victor did have something on him. Jack begged Adam to let him help. Jack told Adam that Adam could trust Jack, but Adam insisted that Jack could not help him with Victor. Adam told Jack that if Jack wanted to help him then Jack would stop asking questions and honor the agreement that he had made with Adam to take care of Connor if anything should happen to Adam. Jack agreed. They turned to small talk, including the good news about Phyllis.

At the Baldwin home, Michael got a call from FBI agent Ronan, who told him that the medical examiner that had autopsied Carmine's body was not available because he was working undercover. Once off the phone, Michael told Lauren that what he had learned was very suspicious, and he intended to talk to Paul about it. Lauren said that she needed to go to work, but she did not want to leave Fen. Fen left his room and overheard her. Fen told Lauren that he did not need a babysitter and that he did not intend to go anywhere.

Lauren hugged Fen and left for work. Fen was discouraged, but Michael said that Fen should not be discouraged because Michael still had a few tricks up his sleeve. He grabbed his briefcase and headed out the door.

At the police station, Kevin thanked Paul for putting him back on the Delia case. Paul said that it was too bad that the witness had not panned out. Kevin followed Paul to his office to say that Kevin did not believe that the witness had been lying, because the police reconstruction of the accident exactly matched the witness' description.

Kevin thought that even though the witness was convinced that the license had begun with a "G," the witness was mistaken, just like Kevin had been mistaken at the eye doctor when Kevin was convinced that an "O" was a "D." Kevin told Paul that he was searching the DMV database for all SUVs in Genoa City with a letter that could be a "G." Kevin relished the idea of how surprised the driver, who thought that he had gotten away, would be when the police knocked at his door.

Michael entered to talk to Paul. Kevin asked about Fen and told Michael that Fen should be rewarded for taking out a dirt bag. Paul sent Kevin back to work. Michael told Paul that he was suspicious after hearing from their mutual FBI friend, who had told Michael that the medical examiner that he was trying to reach had gone undercover and was unavailable for questioning.

Michael wondered why an outside medical examiner had been called in and why the crime scene photos had disappeared. Paul said it did not matter because they had gunshot residue on Fen's clothes and Carmine's blood on a sobriety chip. When Paul added that facts were facts, Michael responded, "Unless they're not."

When Summer arrived at the photo shoot, Esmerelda immediately pointed out how haggard Summer looked. Summer admitted that she had not been getting very much sleep. Esmerelda gave Summer three "energy" pills and told Summer to take one before the shoot if Summer got tired. When Esmerelda walked away, Summer downed all three pills. After the first series of photographs, Summer said that she needed a break and left the building.

A very shaky Summer sat down on some steps and made a phone call to Fen. Fen did not answer at first, but the phone kept ringing, and he picked it up. He was angry, but Summer was breathing hard and in distress; she tried to ask for help but was unable to complete a sentence, and the phone went dead in Fen's ear. Fen realized that Summer was in trouble and left the apartment to find her. Paul got notification that Fen had left his home and asked for an arrest warrant.

Chloe started picking outfits for the next group of photos. Chelsea arrived, apologized for being late, and immediately sensed that Chloe was angry with her, especially after Chloe noticed the diamond ring. Chloe was upset about the marriage and Victor's intrusion. Chelsea assured Chloe that she loved Adam, who was a changed man with Connor, and Connor was protected from Victor. Chloe said she was being an overprotective godmother.

Chelsea told Chloe that she was grateful that Chloe was looking out for Chelsea and Connor. Chloe admitted that she was afraid that she would lose Chelsea to Adam, but Chelsea told Chloe that Chloe was her best friend and would always a part of Chelsea's family. Chelsea said that she had told Adam that "no Chloe" was a deal breaker. Chloe brightened up. They finished the business of picking out the costumes, and when Sharon arrived, Chelsea and Chloe felt that Sharon could handle the shoot and took the rest of the day off.

Fen found Sharon and Esmerelda and told them that he was looking for Summer because Fen thought that Summer was in trouble. Neither of the women knew where Summer had gone, so Fen said he would look. Before he could do so, the police arrived and arrested him. Sharon said that she would find Summer.

Sharon went outside and called Summer's phone. When she looked down the outside stairs, Sharon saw Summer lying unconscious at the bottom of the steps. Sharon had a flashback to her altercation with Phyllis that had resulted in Phyllis' fall down another set of stairs.

Gloria met Lauren at Crimson Lights to discuss an upcoming fashion event that Fenmore's would be hosting for Jabot. Lauren was distracted by Fen's troubles, but Gloria said that the way to deal with trouble was to put it off until the next day. Lauren laughed and called Gloria, "Scarlett." Gloria told Lauren that Lauren looked pale and listless and that if Lauren wanted to instill confidence in others, she had to look like she felt powerful, even if she did not. Gloria said makeup would solve all Lauren's problems because it could cover up anything.

Lauren tried to say how scary it was to have a son in prison. As Gloria applied makeup, she gently reminded Lauren that Gloria had gone through the same thing with Michael and that was why she was giving the advice that she was. Gloria told Lauren that she knew how terrifying the situation was for Fen, Lauren and Michael, but they were not powerless, and as long as they had each other and their fighting spirit, they would find a way. Lauren laughed and told Gloria that Gloria was a wise woman. They both laughed when Gloria told Lauren not to forget it. Lauren left for work after Gloria gave Lauren a tube of concealer and they had another chuckle.

Kevin found Gloria preening and told her that she was the fairest of all. Gloria hugged Kevin and said that she did not need a mirror because she had him. Gloria said that he had missed Lauren, and Kevin replied that Michael was going through hell also. Gloria told Kevin that at least he was on track and was a beacon of light in a sea of blackness. Kevin immediately inquired about what she had been drinking.

Gloria said that she meant that Kevin had a good job, and he and Chloe were back on track. Kevin said that he and Chloe had broken up because Chloe wanted what she could not have -- her child back. When Gloria saw Chloe enter the coffeehouse, Gloria called her over and made an excuse to leave. Kevin asked what Chloe would do if he said that he was sorry. Chloe said it depended on whether or not Kevin still thought that she had an unhealthy obsession. Kevin paused and then said that he cared about Chloe.

Chloe interrupted and said that she had her answer and then walked away. Kevin followed her and begged Chloe not to give up on him. Chloe said that Kevin had given up on her because he thought that she was a stalker. Kevin said no; he thought that Chloe was hurting because she had lost her daughter. Kevin said that all he wanted was for Chloe to find peace of mind, and he would do everything in his power to make sure that Chloe found it.

Jack called Phyllis and played her favorite song. He told her he needed advice about Adam, who was in trouble. Jack speculated that if Phyllis were there, she would tell him that Adam had gotten himself into trouble, and Adam should get himself out of trouble as well.

Adam replayed his videotaped confession. When he heard Connor cry, Adam left the camera on the sofa and went upstairs to tend his son. Chelsea arrived home a few minutes later and saw the camera. She picked it up, anticipating a cute new video of Connor.

At the police station Paul was angry when he told Lauren and Michael about Fen's escape. When Fen was led in, handcuffed, Paul ordered Fen to a cell because he had tried to escape, but Fen protested that he had not tried to escape. He had gone to help Summer whom he feared was in trouble.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Victoria found Billy staring intently at his computer screen, and he revealed that he was reading the grief support message board to research a phrase that had been driving him nuts. He acknowledged that he was once again mentally abandoning his wife, and Victoria offered to help. Billy told her about how both Adam and a poster on the board had made comments about balancing the karmic scales, and he was trying to put the pieces together.

Victoria pointed out that Billy had stopped checking the message boards for a while, and Billy explained that they hadn't helped because they were too anonymous. Victoria was glad that he wouldn't resume having sleepless nights because of the boards, and he mentioned that he'd posted about rage and loss, but the same anonymous person had seemed to write most of the responses. Victoria reasoned that people could easily hide online, and she asked if someone had upset him. He replied that he couldn't help but think that the anonymous poster had been trying to tell him something.

Billy recalled that the poster had started with vague comments, but then the posts had become more specific. Billy realized that the anonymous poster had never addressed his or her own grief, and he wondered what kind of person would post on a message board about other people's grief. Victoria theorized that the person was a troll who enjoyed others' pain, but Billy recounted that the poster had tried to defend the killer's feelings. Victoria worried that she'd lose Billy to the board again, and he shut the computer and swore that he was right there. The doorbell rang, and Victoria informed Billy that she'd invited Kelly over.

Victoria apologized for forgetting to tell Billy that Kelly was going to stop by, and Kelly explained that she'd called to find out where to send some foundation documents for Billy's signature. Victoria suggested that they go out for coffee to make up for their botched dinner, but Kelly declined. Victoria stepped out to take a business call, and Kelly presented Billy with the paperwork that named him chairman of the Delia Project. He coldly stated that she hadn't needed to drop them off at his home, and he made it clear that she shouldn't ever stop by again. He hissed that he wasn't comfortable with what had happened between them and that they needed to stay far away from one another.

Kelly pointed out that she'd dropped off the papers at Victoria's request, and she angrily inquired whether Billy had thought that Kelly had expected them to have sex on the floor with his wife in the other room. He explained that he didn't want any confusion or mixed signals, and Kelly told him to get over himself because they'd already agreed that their grief sex had been a mistake. He said that they'd crossed the line, and being friends couldn't work for them. Kelly asked whether Billy was acting that way because of something Stitch had said, and Billy asked what Stitch had to do with it.

Kelly chided Billy for thinking that she was chasing him, and she recognized that he loved his wife and didn't want to jeopardize his marriage, but she didn't want to screw up her own life, either. She testily told him to take the papers, sign them, and mail them to her. Kelly stormed out, and Victoria returned and asked where Kelly was. Billy said that Kelly had been busy and had needed to leave, but Victoria was concerned that Kelly was still upset after seeing Johnny the other night. Billy hurried out to get Adam's signature on the papers.

Kelly returned to Billy and Victoria's home, and Victoria informed her that Billy had taken the documents for Adam to sign. Kelly revealed that she wasn't there for Billy, but there was something she needed to say to Victoria.

Chelsea found Adam's camera and assumed that Adam had taped Connor doing something cute. She started to play the video, but Adam caught her and yelled for her to stop. Adam grabbed the camera, and he claimed that he didn't want Chelsea to tape over anything. She teased him for trusting her with his baby but not his camera, and he conceded that he was on edge because he was waiting for her answer. He inquired whether she was ready to start a life in Paris.

Chelsea said that it had been a long time since she and Adam had dreamed about moving to Paris, and Adam wished that they had done it. She pointed out that things were different because they had Connor, and she had to consider her fashion line. She noted that all of Connor's doctors were in Genoa City, but Adam replied that he'd already put together a list of specialists in Paris. Chelsea balked at leaving her family, and Adam offered to foot the bill for Anita to fly out occasionally. He added that Paris was the mecca of fashion, and he could work from anywhere on his hedge fund.

Adam noted that the Paris dream wasn't complete without a home, and he showed Chelsea an online picture of some available real estate. She gushed over its amenities, and he told her that their son didn't have to grow up as a Newman with Victor looking over his shoulder. She agreed that she wanted to go to Paris with Adam, and they excitedly hugged. Adam suggested that they leave that night and send for their things later, but she contended that people didn't just move to another country overnight. Adam replied that they weren't like other people, and he remarked that they had to do it. Chelsea questioned whether he was running from something.

Adam clarified that he was running to the next thing, and he didn't want to waste another second in Genoa City. He asserted that they could buy what they needed in Paris, and he assured Chelsea that she could fly back whenever she wanted to. She asked about Jack and Chloe, and Adam argued that their friends were adults who would survive the news of the move. He refused to blow things with Chelsea again by waiting like they had the last time, and she requested a few days to get everything together. He agreed, and he marveled that they'd be beginning their new life in just a few days. They kissed.

Billy arrived at the penthouse, and Chelsea informed him that Adam was on the phone. Adam descended the stairs as he finished a call to finalize flight arrangements. Billy asked if they were going on vacation, and Chelsea announced that they were moving to Paris. Billy commented that it seemed to be a whirlwind decision, and he wondered why Adam was leaving the country.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack listened to Phyllis' favorite song, and he smiled as he gazed at her photo on the mantel. Kyle entered and asked if Jack planned to go line-dancing later, but Jack disclosed that Phyllis' doctors had measured her brainwaves, and she'd responded to the music. Hilary stopped by and reported that she hadn't yet found the source of Bonaventure Industries' sudden profit uptick, and she pulled out her files to try to identify it. Kyle thought that the photos that he'd taken of Victor's files could help, and he suggested that the company's success might be due to one little pill.

Jack remarked that Bonaventure's energy supplement hadn't been approved in the United States, and he wondered how the company was making a profit. Kyle mentioned that there were decent sales in Mexico, and Hilary commented that there was a huge market for unregulated drugs online. Jack realized that the activity could be highly illegal, and Kyle pointed out that it was possible that no one at Newman-Chancellor had any idea. Kyle said that the drug had been marketed as a weight-loss aid, and he imagined that the bulk of sales had been made to young women.

Hilary found a drug called Surge available for sale online, but no manufacturer was listed. Jack contemplated how they could trace its connection to Bonaventure, and Hilary suggested that they place an online order. Jack grumbled that he was getting back into the drug-buying business, but Hilary pulled out a credit card with her former name, Anne Turner, and she declared that the "old her" needed a surge of energy. She placed the order, and Jack and Kyle marveled at how easy the process had been. Kyle remarked that the funds would flow into Bonaventure's system, not Newman's, but Jack said that all they needed was a direct hit on anything that happened under Newman's umbrella.

At the Underground, Noah asked how Nick had gotten over a broken heart as quickly as he had. Nick cracked a joke about chilling at home, eating ice cream, and repeatedly watching a chick flick, but he admitted that his breakup with Avery still hurt. Nick thought that things had been going well for Noah and Courtney, but Noah replied that Courtney had decided to end it out of nowhere. Noah mentioned that he'd called her out on her secrets, and her reaction had been to break up with him. Noah wondered what secret could be worth her blowing up something good rather than talking about it.

Noah revealed that he'd found pills in Courtney's handbag, and even though she'd had an explanation, he thought she'd been lying. Nick contended that Courtney might have done Noah a favor by dumping him, especially after Noah's experience with Adriana. Nick didn't want Noah mixed up with someone who did drugs, but Noah questioned how he could help Courtney. Noah referred to Nikki's problems with addiction, but Nick noted that he'd had to wait for Nikki to accept help, and he surmised that Courtney might not be willing to do so yet.

Noah believed that it made more sense to help Courtney before she spun out of control, and he wanted her to be okay. Nick warned that things would only get worse, but Noah couldn't just walk away, and he wanted to try to get through to Courtney. Noah prepared to leave, and Nick cautioned Noah to protect himself. Nick added that he would be there for Noah, and Noah thanked him.

At Crimson Lights, Courtney complained that Raven had jacked up her prices, and Raven explained that her old supplier had been busted. Courtney pushed for information about whether the new supplier was local, but Raven countered that it shouldn't matter, since Courtney had received her delivery. Courtney inquired whether it was the same quality, and Raven told her to feel free to give the drugs back. Raven asked whether Courtney had the money, and Courtney handed it over. Noah witnessed the exchange and confronted Courtney about using drugs.

Noah accused Courtney of lying to him, but she insisted that he didn't know what he'd seen. Noah snapped that he could handle anything but a lie, and he demanded to know what was really going on. He said that he cared about her and wanted to help her, but she insisted that she didn't need it. He pressured her to show him what was in her purse, and she pulled out the key to his apartment and spat that she'd forgotten to give it back. Courtney stormed off, but she fought back tears once she was out of Noah's sight.

Sharon found Summer lying motionless at the bottom of the stairs, and she envisioned that Summer was Phyllis. Sharon raced to Summer's side and asked if Summer could hear her, and she instructed Esmerelda to call 9-1-1. Sharon could barely feel a pulse, and she sent Esmerelda to wait for the ambulance. Sharon assured an unconscious Summer that help was on the way and that Summer's dad loved her. Sharon swore that she wouldn't let anything bad happen, and she frantically called Nick.

At the hospital, Sharon informed Nick that the doctors were examining Summer and that no one could see Summer yet. Sharon summarized that Summer had taken a break to get some air, and then Fen had shown up despite being under house arrest because Summer hadn't sounded right over the phone. Sharon continued that she'd found Summer at bottom of a flight of stairs, and Nick realized that the accident had been just like Phyllis' fall, but Sharon said that she didn't know what had happened. Stitch approached and asked if Nick was Summer's father, and Nick replied that he was. Stitch revealed that Summer was fine from the tumble, but there was a problem with Summer's heart.

Nick looked in on Summer, and he said that her heart had been fine and that she was an active, healthy person. He mentioned Summer's peanut allergy, and he wondered if her condition could be related to anaphylactic shock, but Sharon said that she'd made sure that there had been nothing that Summer could have reacted badly to at the shoot. Stitch inquired whether Summer had taken any prescription medication or recreational drugs, but Nick was adamant that Summer had never done drugs.

Nick questioned what else would have triggered a heart problem, and Esmerelda panicked when she overheard. Stitch said that they were running tests and would have to wait for the results, but he would let Nick know when he could see Summer. Stitch pulled Esmerelda aside and warned that Summer could die if the medication they were giving her reacted badly with something else in her system. Esmerelda confessed that Summer had taken three energy pills at once, and she handed over her remaining supply. Stitch went to take them to the lab.

Nick said that Jack should be there, and Sharon offered to call him, but Nick thought that he should do it. Nick left an urgent message, and he dazedly remarked to Sharon that Summer had been at the bottom of the stairs, just like Phyllis had been. Nick realized that it could be worse for Summer if the problem really was her heart, and he worried that Summer wouldn't wake up. Nick's voice cracked as he said that he loved Summer, and even though he wasn't her father, she was his kid. He imagined what would happen if he really lost Summer, and Sharon comforted him.

Sharon said that she'd left more messages for Jack, and Nick expected Jack to be angry that Sharon had called Nick first. Nick was determined to remember that Jack was Summer's father and to respect the fact that Jack got to make the decisions. Sharon said that Summer was strong and resilient, and she was sure that Summer would wake up and be fine. Nick said that he'd lost Summer the day he'd gotten the lab results and learned that he wasn't her father, but the situation at hand was different.

Nick bemoaned that he couldn't handle the thought of Summer not being in the world, and Sharon struggled to stay composed. Nick blamed himself for stealing the life that Summer should have had, and he imagined that perhaps Summer wouldn't have ended up in the hospital if he hadn't lied about the paternity test. Sharon declared that there was something he had to know.

Jack and Hilary arrived at the Athletic Club, and Hilary teased him for booking a meeting without letting her know. He said that they were there to relax and enjoy a meal, and she realized that he was proud of himself for being one step ahead of Victor. Jack remarked that he had a few reasons to be joyful, and he spotted Esmerelda. Jack asked how the photo shoot had gone, and a stunned Esmerelda blurted out, "You don't know?"

Friday, January 17, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea informed Billy that the move to Europe had been Adam's idea, and Billy quipped that Paris was famous for its springtime, not the dead of winter. Chelsea contended that the cold would be no big deal after living in Wisconsin and that living in Paris had always been a dream of hers. Billy asked about Adam and Chelsea's jobs, and Chelsea responded that Adam could build his business in Europe, while Chloe would remain in Genoa City to deal with the fashion line. Chelsea gushed that they could give Connor a great life abroad, and Billy inquired about Delia.

Adam asked what Billy meant, and Billy referred to the foundation that Adam had founded in Delia's name. Adam declared that he was leaving it in capable hands with Billy as the chairman, and Billy handed over the paperwork to Adam. Chelsea said that she had a few things to take care of before they flew to Paris, and she paused for a moment to smell the flowers that Adam had given her. Billy commented that the bouquet was nice, and she mentioned that calla lilies were hard to find, but Adam had managed to track them down.

Chelsea departed, and Adam hurriedly attempted to process the paperwork so that Billy could be on his way. Billy noted that Adam was about to move away from Victor and that Adam had a woman he loved and a healthy child, so he wondered why Adam seemed stressed out. Adam signed the documents, and he blamed his frazzled demeanor on having a million things to do before he moved across the ocean. There was a knock at the door, and Adam answered it to two police officers. One of the cops asked if Adam was going somewhere.

Adam nervously stated that he had a lot going on, and he asked what the policemen needed. One officer mentioned the Police Athletic League, and Adam masked his relief as he remembered that Chelsea had told him that she'd offered to make a donation. Adam handed over a check and hoped that it helped, and he escorted the officers out. Adam noticed Billy staring at him, and Billy remarked that he hadn't realized that Adam was that generous. Billy added that between creating the foundation and supporting the police, Adam seemed to have all of his bases covered.

Billy assumed that Adam was trying to clean up his reputation before he bolted, and Adam remarked that Billy knew him too well. Adam presented Billy with the signed documents, and Billy commented that the karmic scales really had been balanced. Billy mentioned that Adam had used the same phrase recently, and Adam remembered talking about it before. Billy said that someone on the grief support board had used the same words.

Billy thanked Adam for making Billy's appointment as chairman official, and he wished Adam luck on the sudden move, although he couldn't blame Adam for wanting to leave town. Adam remarked that it would be best for everyone, and Billy reiterated that he appreciated Adam keeping Delia's name alive. Billy added that even if Adam wouldn't be there to see the foundation take off, a piece of Billy's daughter lived on in Adam's son, so Delia would always be with Adam. Billy left, and Adam wrestled with his guilt.

Billy visited Delia's roadside shrine, and he gazed at the gifts and photos that had been blanketed in snow. He reached down and picked up a fresh calla lily that had obviously been placed there recently.

At the design studio, Kevin returned a bottle of shampoo to Chloe, but she said that she'd already bought a new bottle. He admitted that it had been an excuse for them to talk because he had important news to share. Chloe reiterated that her relationship with Kevin was over, but Kevin refused to give up. She argued that she didn't want to be with someone who thought that she was a crazy person, and Kevin begged her to trust him, but Chloe contended that he could never give her peace of mind because he could never give her Delia back. Kevin countered that he could try to find justice.

Kevin reported that the police had a lead on the driver, and Chelsea overheard as she arrived. Chelsea announced that she had news, but she wanted to know if the police had found the killer, and Kevin said that he expected a new development soon. Chelsea happily proclaimed that she and Adam would be moving to Paris in a couple of days, and Chloe protested that Adam couldn't make Chelsea do it. Chelsea asserted that it was her choice and her dream, and she pointed out that she and Adam would have been there already if they'd stuck to their original plan. "You can't take Connor away from me," Chloe cried.

Chloe argued that everything Connor knew was in Genoa City, including his godmother. Chloe snapped that Chelsea had been blinded by the huge ring Adam had given her, but he was the same monster who had wanted to keep Chelsea's son away from her, and Chloe thought that he was making Chelsea do the same thing to Chloe. Chelsea hugged Chloe and vowed to live up to her promise that Chloe would always be part of her and Connor's lives, but Chloe huffed that Adam was making Chelsea break it. Chelsea swore that nothing would change, and Kevin received a call, summoning him to the police station. Chloe asked if it was about Delia, and he replied that he didn't want to get her hopes up yet.

Kevin left, and Chloe asked Chelsea, "So when are we going?" Chloe asserted that if Chelsea was going to Paris, then so was she. Chelsea stammered that it was important for her and Adam to do it on their own to rebuild their relationship, but Chloe countered that she could use a fresh start, too. Chloe suggested that she could be a familiar face to Connor, but Chelsea reminded her that the line was still part of Jabot. Chloe questioned how they were supposed to work together while living on different continents, but Chelsea insisted that Chloe would always be Connor's godmother, and she urged Chloe to give it time.

Chloe whimpered that she had no one left, but Chelsea pointed out that Chloe had Esther and Kevin, and she promised that everything would be okay. Chloe cried that she would miss her best friend, and Chelsea replied that she would miss Chloe, too. They hugged, and Chelsea swore that she wouldn't leave town without saying goodbye. After Chelsea departed, Chloe looked at photos of Delia and mused that she was lucky that Delia had entered her life, and she wouldn't let anyone take Delia away.

Chelsea returned home and observed that Adam had already packed. Adam could tell that something was wrong, and she recounted her sad conversation with Chloe. She mentioned that Chloe had wanted to join them, and she had felt awful, since she knew that Chloe was still having a hard time dealing with Delia's death. Adam said that was exactly why they needed to leave.

At Billy and Victoria's home, Kelly revealed to Victoria that something had been bothering her, and she said that she'd returned to talk to Victoria about Kelly and Billy. Victoria said that she'd thought that something might have happened between Kelly and Billy, and Kelly played dumb. Victoria mentioned that Billy had seemed upset after Kelly had abruptly left earlier, and Kelly advised Victoria not to schedule another friendly dinner. Kelly explained that she and Billy had bonded at grief support over their losses, but it wouldn't work for them to be friends in their regular lives.

Victoria pointed out that Kelly and Billy had shared intimate moments and talks over coffee, but Kelly simply stated that she appreciated Victoria's thoughtfulness. Victoria apologized for making Kelly feel uncomfortable, and she recalled that Billy had said something similar about the transition from group therapy to a social setting being awkward. Kelly thanked Victoria for understanding, and Victoria expressed her gratitude toward Kelly for listening to Billy and giving him comfort. Kelly replied that Billy had done a lot for her, too, but she needed to stop leaning on others and find other ways to cope.

Victoria promised that she and Billy would be there if Kelly needed them, and Kelly thanked Victoria for her kindness. Victoria thought that Kelly was being nice, considering that Victoria had tried to force a friendship and had jumped the gun by fixing Kelly up with Stitch. Victoria mentioned that Stitch was still raw from his breakup, but Kelly suddenly said that she had to get going. The women agreed that it had been nice knowing one another.

At the Athletic Club, Lily rambled about her amazing brainstorming session with a designer, and she proposed taking down a wall at the club. Cane and Devon protested, and Lily stepped away to take a call. Devon grumbled that the renovations would take longer than he'd planned, and Cane added that they wouldn't be ready until Labor Day. Lily returned and announced that she'd booked their first huge event -- Nikki had made a reservation for a fundraiser for the Delia Project in a few weeks. Cane objected that they couldn't put anything together that fast.

Devon listed the various construction and repair projects that wouldn't be completed by the date of the event, but Lily countered that most of the renovations were in the guest rooms, and all they needed to provide was a beautiful entryway and ballroom. Lily insisted that they couldn't turn Nikki down, especially since it was a cause they were all personally connected to. Lily continued that it would be an opportunity to show the town's high rollers what the club was all about, and Devon asked what Lily's vision was. She replied that the club should be elegant and classy with old school charm, unlike anything else in town.

Devon noted that Lily had described the club the way it already was, and Cane agreed that they didn't have to change much. Lily wanted to put her mark on it, but Devon said that he'd bought the club because he loved it, and he didn't want to reinvent the wheel. Later, Devon, Lily, and Cane clashed over concepts for the fundraiser as Victoria entered, and Lily suggested that Victoria cast the deciding vote. Victoria said that she was there for a business meeting, and Kelly entered and said that she was the liaison between the foundation and GC Cares. Kelly and Victoria looked uncomfortably at one another.

Kelly and Victoria moved to a table, and Kelly recognized that the situation was a little awkward after their conversation at Victoria's house. Victoria pointed out that they weren't hanging out socially, but Kelly offered to find a replacement liaison. Victoria asserted that it was only one event, and she suggested that they find a way to work on it together without things getting weird. Kelly conceded that it would look ridiculous if she backed out, and Cane approached and said that Billy had to sign off on the event as chairman of the foundation.

Victoria said that there would be no problem with Billy signing off, and Cane said that although he and Billy didn't get along, they had both loved Delia. Lily pledged that they would all work as a team to make the event happen, and Victoria commented that she and Kelly seemed destined to be thrown together.

At the hospital, Sharon told Nick that she couldn't wait to tell him something that he needed to know, and he anxiously looked in at Summer. He wondered when the doctor would give them an update, and he said that he couldn't deal with whatever Sharon had to say right then. Sharon insisted that she had to get it out immediately, but Jack rushed in and asked where his daughter was. Nick pointed to Summer's room, and Jack started to go in, but Stitch stopped him. Jack recognized Stitch from the Veterans Day event, and Stitch introduced himself as a resident who was trying to keep Summer alive.

Sharon disclosed that Summer had suffered a cardiac episode, and Nick explained that the doctors were trying to figure out what had sent Summer's heartbeat into overdrive. Sharon recounted the chain of events that had led up to her finding Summer at the bottom of the stairs, and Jack compared it to Phyllis' accident. Jack demanded details, but Sharon apologetically stated that Summer had blacked out before Sharon had gotten there. Nick assured Sharon that the important thing was that she'd found Summer, and Jack asked if Nick had been there, too. Nick replied that Sharon had called him, and Jack angrily questioned why she hadn't called Jack.

Nick mentioned that he'd left a message for Jack, but Jack argued that he would have known that the matter had been urgent if he'd seen a call from Sharon. Jack spat that he'd found out about Summer from one of the models, and he confronted Sharon, who feebly defended that things had been hectic. Stitch returned and said that he needed to speak with Summer's father, and he turned to Nick, but Jack testily clarified that he was Summer's father.

Jack conceded that it was fine for Stitch to share what he had to say with all of them, and Stitch reported that Summer's blood pressure had stabilized, but the rapid change in her heart rate had caused her to go into congestive heart failure. Jack worried that it sounded serious, and he asked if the condition was permanent. Stitch said that he needed to gather more information, but the EMTs had gotten there in time and had saved Summer's life. Stitch planned to administer more tests, but Nick didn't understand how a healthy person's heart could suddenly fail. Stitch said that it would be nearly impossible unless drugs had been involved.

Nick reiterated that Summer didn't use drugs, but Stitch revealed that another model had given him the kind of pills that Summer had taken, and he was in the process of running tests on both Summer's blood and the pills themselves. Jack wanted to see Summer, but Stitch refused to allow any visitors until the cardiology work had been done. Nick contended that Summer had seemed perfectly fine, but Jack pointed out that she had been dealing with a lot of stress. Nick barked that the conditions at Jabot's photo shoots weren't great, and Jack shot back that the fact that Nick had lied to Summer had added stress to her life. Sharon ordered both men to stop.

Sharon lectured that fighting wouldn't help Summer, and she urged Nick and Jack to put aside their differences and focus on Summer getting better. Jack wanted to fly in the best cardiologist he could find, and Nick said to let him know if he could help. Jack stepped aside to look in on Summer, and Nick thanked Sharon for calling the ambulance and for alerting him. He noticed that Sharon's hands were shaking, and he recognized that the situation was scary, but he credited her with saving Summer.

Nick blamed himself for putting Summer through enough stress to literally break her heart. Sharon assured him that Summer had a huge, adoring family and that no one cherished Summer more than Nick did. Sharon started to say more, but she decided to get some coffee instead. Sharon told Nick to remember that Summer knew how much he loved her and that Summer had never stopped loving him. Sharon pulled Nick into a hug and firmly stated, "You're her father."

Nick paced outside Summer's room. In the hospital chapel, Sharon begged God to let Summer be okay. Sharon pleaded that Summer's father couldn't lose Summer again, and she turned around and faced Jack.

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