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Quinn trapped Liam in an elevator while Wyatt whisked Hope away on a road trip. Ridge continued to help Katie sort through her issues about Brooke and Bill. Unable to remain patient about Ridge, Brooke went to Ridge and proposed that they get remarried.
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Hope broke up with Liam after seeing him kissing Steffy
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Outside Brooke's house, Ridge grasped the sobbing Katie and assessed that she was in no condition to drive. He took her to Eric's house, and as he got her some water, she said he probably had better things to do. Ridge replied that he didn't, and he asked what had driven her into his arms earlier.

Katie explained the dilemma she had about taking Bill back, and she wondered if she should do it for Will's sake, as Brooke had urged her to do. Ridge said that reuniting their families might be the ultimate solution for each of their situations, but he and Katie should really think before acting.

Katie discussed Brooke's ease of moving from one relationship to another and said that Brooke didn't worry because she always had someone waiting in the wings. To Katie, it seemed logical to Brooke that Katie would go back to Bill because Brooke followed her heart without thinking about the past or future. Katie said Brooke lived in the present, and it might be nice if everyone could do that.

Ridge began quoting Sonnet 29 by Shakespeare. Recognizing the piece, Katie recited the verse that followed. Ridge continued with the quote, and Katie became thoughtful as he recited his final lines, "For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings that then I scorn to change my state with Kings."

The impressed Katie asked if poetry was Ridge's new hobby. Ridge stammered bashfully, and she said she'd been a life-long poetry fan. He replied that he still had a lot to learn about poetry, relationships, love, and life. Katie thanked him for making time for her. She said she had a tendency to get worked up, but he'd reminded her that being with a friend made all the difference. Ridge smiled and touched her knee.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Quinn warned Wyatt about getting a free place to live from Bill. Wyatt noted that she hadn't minded him living rent-free above the warehouse. "Okay, fine. When do we move in?" Quinn asked. Wyatt stammered, and she claimed that she was joking. He stated that he'd love to live with his mother, but privacy was a good thing to have for him and his girlfriend.

Quinn's eyes lit up at his use of the term. Wyatt bashfully claimed he was trying it out. She complimented him on the necklace he'd give Hope, and he replied that he had more surprises in store. He suspected that one would be arriving soon, and his "girlfriend" would like it more than the necklace.

Quinn became offended that Wyatt hadn't asked her to craft the surprise, but Wyatt said that it wasn't jewelry. He'd promised to go to his mother for ring advice, and Quinn remembered that she needed to talk to him about the attempted heist. Before she could say more, Pam entered to let Wyatt know that there was a delivery for him, and Wyatt asked his mother to check it out with him.

Outside, Quinn stared at the surprise and wondered if it was Hope's kind of thing. Wyatt reasoned that it was adventurous and filled with quality time with him, so Hope couldn't resist.

In the CEO's office, Liam arrived to see Hope. He said he'd missed their relationship, and Hope replied that she felt the same. He wondered if Steffy was still holding Hope back, and Hope admitted that it was partly so. He remarked that he hadn't talked to Steffy and didn't have plans to in the future. Hope quipped that she hadn't expected to see Steffy on the wedding day, but it had happened.

Liam recalled that Steffy's arrival had been Quinn's doing, and if it hadn't been for Quinn, he and Hope would be married. Hope didn't deny that Quinn could go to extremes, but Hope asked if Quinn was any worse than Bill. Liam figured Bill was motivated by his ego, but with Quinn, Liam could hear the Psycho music playing in the background.

Hope was dismissive of Liam's concerns, but Liam insisted that he was just trying to keep her safe. Hope agreed that Quinn had made some bad decisions, but she said she'd called Quinn out on them. Hope felt that Quinn's antics wouldn't do if Hope and Wyatt continued together.

Liam asked if Hope planned on marrying Wyatt or if Liam was wasting his time trying to put the relationship back together. Hope claimed she didn't know the future. "This is too much!" she exclaimed. Liam replied that it was really very simple. He stated that Quinn had gotten Steffy there on the wedding day, but Liam had sent Steffy away. He hadn't spoken to Steffy since then, but Quinn was manipulating the situation to make Steffy look like a problem.

Hope cited that Quinn hadn't made the video. Liam owned up to making the video, but he said he hadn't given it a second thought until Quinn had dredged it up again. He asked if Hope actually thought he'd been pining for Steffy while planning a wedding with Hope and if Hope thought he had anything to do with Steffy showing up at the wedding.

Hope spoke over Liam, saying that it didn't change how she felt. Liam was saying that Quinn set up the manipulations, and Hope fell for them every time. He said that with one look at Steffy, Hope had run off to Hawaii, and it hadn't been right. Liam declared that the Fullers shouldn't be in their lives, and he vowed not to stop until he'd convinced Hope of it.

In the Forrester corridor, Charlie made his rounds for his new job. Pam was surprised to see him, and he told her that Eric had hired him to patrol at Forrester to keep all the new gems floating around there safe. She lauded Charlie for his work, but his face darkened.

Later, Charlie made his rounds again, and before approaching Pam's desk, he glanced at the boutique video, which was on his phone. He became gloomy again, and Pam guessed he was upset because she'd told him about her past.

As Pam and Charlie spoke, Quinn stopped in a discreet spot in the corridor to observe them. Charlie told Pam that everyone had a past, but he was concerned about the present. Pam said she remembered what it had been like to be on the wrong side of the law, and it was better on his side. She liked a man in uniform, too, so she didn't want to mess things up between them.

Liam exited the CEO's office, and he thanked Charlie for helping him out before. Liam asked if Charlie was sure there had been nothing on the footage. Noticing Quinn standing behind a plant, Charlie replied that he was sorry, but there had been nothing.

Back outside, Wyatt showed Hope the surprise he had for her. It was an aluminum camper. As he tried to sell her on taking a camping adventure with him, she guessed that his mother had never wanted to go with him as a child. Wyatt claimed that camping was about getting away from everything -- including work, family, and mothers. He said he wanted to christen the vehicle on a surfing safari, and he urged her to get away with him for a few days or a week.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

by Pam

On the rooftop at Forrester Creations, Wyatt told Hope that he wanted Hope to get away from everyone -- alone with him. He pointed to the silver retro RV -- a basic trailer -- he had purchased below them in the parking lot. He promised they could unplug from everything and have a surfing vacation at stops along the Pacific coast. Wyatt promised that Hope wouldn't miss anything at Forrester. Hope looked thoughtful. "Let's do it," Hope said. Wyatt and Hope laughed and looked down at the silver bullet -- an aluminum RV.

Liam showed up on the rooftop, and he overheard Wyatt and Hope's laughter. Wyatt dished that he and Hope had planned to head up the coast. Liam asked to talk to Hope privately. Hope agreed, but she had to leave because she received a text message from shipping.

Hope left, and Wyatt warned Liam not to interfere in his time away with Hope. Wyatt said that Liam was boring. Wyatt rubbed it in that he and Hope were going away as a couple. Liam looked angry.

Inside Forrester, Charlie tried to stay away from Quinn on his security rounds. He stepped into the freight elevator, and Quinn followed him. Quinn stopped the elevator and threatened that Charlie needed to remain silent about the security video. Quinn warned Charlie not to talk to Liam. Charlie worried that Hope would be shocked if she knew that Wyatt had stolen the necklace.

Quinn reminded Charlie that he had been a hero because of Wyatt. Charlie admitted that he had enjoyed the notoriety, and he loved that Pam had been turned on by the heroism, but he added that it was unfair to Hope. Quinn warned that if Charlie told the truth, Quinn's business would suffer, and Wyatt's reputation would be ruined. Quinn advised Charlie to forget what he had seen.

In Rick's office, Rick and Caroline joked that they were the perfect couple. They kissed and hugged. Rick said that he hoped Hope could find the right guy. Rick felt that Wyatt might be a better match for Hope than Liam. Caroline argued that Liam was not at fault in most of Hope and Liam's twisted romance.

Rick and Caroline agreed that Quinn had been trouble for Hope and Liam, but Caroline noted that Wyatt and Liam were both her cousins. She had to remain neutral. Hope interrupted. Hope shared that she had an offer to take a trip with Wyatt, and she suddenly realized she had left Wyatt and Liam alone on the rooftop. Caroline promised to check on them, and she left.

Hope told Rick about the surfing trip that Wyatt had planned. Hope admitted she was not sure she was ready to take her relationship with Wyatt to the next level. Rick asked if Liam had heard about the trip. Hope said Liam had overheard Hope and Wyatt planning the trip. Hope said Liam obviously didn't want her to go with Wyatt. Rick believed that Wyatt was good for Hope, but he understood Liam's stance, as well. Hope said she wanted to go on the trip. She left.

Outside on the rooftop, Caroline teased Wyatt about buying a used trailer. He called it vintage. Caroline said that Wyatt was living the glamorous life of a hero with a surfing safari. She teased that he had saved the day, gotten the girl, and was traveling in style -- the glamorous life of a hero. Wyatt looked thoughtful at the mention of being a hero.

In Rick's office, Liam entered, and Liam confessed that he didn't trust Wyatt or Quinn. Liam called Hope on the phone to dissuade her from taking a trip with Wyatt. Hope agreed to meet Liam at his place after she ran an errand. Rick knew that Liam wanted Hope to stay away from Wyatt. Liam said that he loved Hope, and refused to give up on her. Liam wanted to prevent Hope from doing something she'd regret. Quinn had been eavesdropping at the door and heard Liam set up the meeting with Hope.

Quinn put an "out of order" sign on the elevator, and it forced Liam to choose the freight elevator instead of the traditional elevator. He was in a hurry to meet Hope at his house before she left on the trip with Wyatt. After Quinn watched Liam get into the freight elevator, she managed to open the fuse panel and hit the breaker, which left Liam stuck in the elevator in the dark. Liam was furious, and he screamed for help.

Quinn was proud of herself. She called Wyatt and told him to hurry and get Hope out of town because Liam had planned to meet Hope. Wyatt warned his mother not to interfere, but Quinn was adamant that Wyatt had to hurry and get out of town with Hope.

Wyatt said that mechanics had not hooked the RV up to his truck yet. Quinn advised him to hurry. Wyatt worried that Quinn had done something. Quinn hung up and smiled at her success.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

by Pam

In the Forrester freight elevator, Liam shouted for help and continued to pound on the elevator walls, to no avail, because the elevator was stuck. Outside the freight elevator, floors up from where Liam was stuck, Maya waited for the elevator and couldn't understand why it was stuck. Oliver joined her and explained that the freight elevator was always slow when the traditional elevator was out of service.

Oliver and Maya discussed a recent photo shoot. Oliver showed Maya some of the shots on his phone. "The camera loves you," Oliver gushed. Oliver said that he liked working with her. He praised her eyes and her attitude. Oliver said that Maya's warmth came across in her photos. "You brighten up a room," he said.

Oliver said that he had worked with many models, but Maya was something special. He and Maya talked about how well things worked between them in the studio. Oliver kissed her. Maya warned him not to do that. Oliver said he felt something, but Maya reminded him that she was engaged to Carter. Oliver acknowledged that he had been out of line.

Oliver and Maya's conversation turned back to the elevator. Maya gave up and took the stairs. Oliver went to the fuse box to see what was wrong. He noticed the flipped switch and fixed it. The freight elevator started again, and Liam was grateful that it had restarted. He arrived on the first floor and raced out to his car.

Outside on the Forrester rooftop, Wyatt shared his news of the new trailer with other Forester employees. They all looked over the side of the building and admired Wyatt's purchase. Quinn interrupted and pressured Wyatt to hurry and start his vacation because Liam and Hope had plans to meet. Wyatt said Liam didn't threaten him. Quinn insisted that Wyatt had to prevent Liam from dissuading Hope from going on the trip.

Wyatt said that he trusted Hope, but Quinn pointed out that Hope had not told Wyatt about meeting with Liam. Wyatt shrugged and suggested that Hope and Liam had probably already met. Quinn said that she knew Liam had not left the building. She lied that Liam had a meeting with Rick.

Quinn ordered Wyatt to leave. Wyatt countered that his mother had to stop micromanaging his life. Quinn tried to defend herself. She claimed that she wanted to be the best parent she could be. She always wanted to make up for the time that Wyatt had grown up without a dad.

Wyatt maintained that he trusted Hope, and that was what he wanted in a relationship. Quinn agreed that trust was important, but she warned Wyatt not to underestimate Liam's influence on Hope. Wyatt agreed. Quinn hugged him, and Wyatt said that he and Hope would be off the grid for a while. Wyatt left. Quinn smiled.

At Liam's house, Hope entered and remembered good times. She sat on the couch and looked at framed photos of Liam and Hope in happier times. She looked out the window and recalled the wedding that almost occurred until Steffy interrupted.

Wyatt arrived. Wyatt persuaded Hope to leave with him, but Hope insisted that she had to give Liam a few more minutes. Later, Wyatt said they had waited long enough. Hope agreed. She said they had planned to totally unplug. Hope threw her cell phone in the ocean, and they left for their trip in the silver bullet. In the meantime, Liam called Hope's phone after she threw it into the ocean.

Today's episode included the song, "Home" by B&B's makeup artist Jackie Brubaker.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

At Forrester, Quinn encountered Charlie and again urged him to keep his silence. Charlie, however, felt bad because he'd helped Wyatt perpetrate the farce. Charlie noted that Wyatt had gotten Hope, but Liam had nothing. Charlie said it was a crime, not just a publicity prank, and as an officer of the law, he just couldn't live with keeping it quiet. "You will!" Quinn declared.

Just then, Pam strolled back to her desk, and Charlie abruptly stormed off. Pam wondered what was wrong with him, and Quinn assumed he was just overworked. Pam was feeling a little anxious about whatever seemed to be bothering Charlie, but Quinn advised Pam to leave it alone.

Pam said she liked to get things out in the open, but that might be why she was low on the totem pole at Forrester. Quinn exclaimed that Pam was the executive assistant to important people, but Pam replied that she didn't think of herself that way.

Quinn offered to take Pam to lunch, but Pam said she had her bologna sandwich. Quinn decided that Pam was too important not to take a break, and Quinn offered to treat Pam.

At the outdoor café later, Pam said that Quinn didn't have to do the fancy lunch. Quinn conveyed that she didn't get out very often and added that, just between them, she didn't have a lot of friends. Quinn confided that the people at Forrester weren't her type. "They're all a bit stuck-up, if you know what I mean," Quinn said, and Pam replied that she did know.

Quinn claimed that she'd been right in her first impressions of Pam. Quinn felt that Pam was straightforward and easy to be with, and Quinn really wanted to be Pam's friend. Flattered, Pam gasped, and Quinn toasted to friendship.

Quinn thanked Pam for having lunch with her. Quinn usually ate alone, and she guessed she'd made a few mistakes with people. Pam said she'd done a few things in the past, but she was a different person. The women agreed that people deserved second chances.

Pam was curious to know if Quinn had ever done anything really bad. Quinn decided to confide something in Pam -- since they were friends. "It's about my son..." Quinn began saying.

At the cliff house, Liam rushed in to find Hope, but Caroline was there instead. Caroline said she'd just seen Hope with Wyatt on the highway in "that ridiculous trailer of his." Though Caroline claimed to be neutral about the Hope situation between her cousins, she advised that if Liam wanted Hope's love, then he should let Hope go.

Liam told Caroline about his suspicions that Quinn had trapped him in the freight elevator. Caroline asked if Liam thought Wyatt knew about his mother's idiosyncrasies, and Liam stated that he thought Wyatt was covering for Quinn. Caroline asked if Liam might be jealous, but he insisted that no one knew what Quinn might do next.

Caroline asked what Quinn could possibly do. Liam replied that the woman had flown to Paris to ruin his wedding, and he was concerned about a cornered Quinn's next move. He was certain that he and Hope weren't finished, and he was worried about how Quinn would react once she realized that. Liam insisted that he had to protect Hope.

On a roadside, Hope perched on a rock overlooking the ocean, and Wyatt approached after checking the tires on the bullet trailer that he had attached to the back of a pickup truck. They decided to take pictures, and Hope pulled him in for a kiss. The pair drove on and found another beachside location that was more suitable to set up the trailer.

A song played as Hope and Wyatt played catch football, frolicked, and made out on the beach. Wyatt took Hope into the trailer for the first time, and she exclaimed that it was so him. He was glad she liked it because it would be their cozy home for a while. He wanted it to be the "good old days" for them to look back on and said maybe they'd never go back home.

Hope figured his mom would have something to say about that. Wyatt grew quiet and said he needed to talk to her about his mother. He hadn't really discussed Quinn with anyone else because no one else had mattered enough in his life. He admitted that Quinn was pretty wrapped up in her son; however, he was hopeful that Hope would get used to that, because Quinn really liked her.

Wyatt said he didn't want Hope to be shocked or surprised if Quinn got a little overprotective at times. "Like sending me private videos or getting Steffy to fly back to L.A.," Hope murmured. Wyatt was sorry for his mother's actions, and he guessed that Quinn's people skills were the reason that their business hadn't taken off until the Forrester deal.

Wyatt admitted that once, Quinn had sold some gems that hadn't been what she'd claimed them to be. Hope was shocked and asked if he'd known about it. Wyatt said they'd barely been surviving, so he hadn't stopped Quinn. He claimed that he'd never done anything like that since he'd met Hope, but he wanted her to know who he'd been and who he'd become, thanks to her.

Hope asked if there was anything else Wyatt had to tell her, and Wyatt grew worried that his honesty had messed up things. She replied that honesty could never do that. She decided that she wouldn't fault him for his parents if he wouldn't fault her for hers. He called it a deal and kissed her.

Wyatt handed Hope a big gift box and said it was one of many surprises for her. He asked her not to open it until he was gone. Hope asked where he was going, and he said to set something up.

Later, Hope had changed into the white flowing skirt and half bustier that Wyatt had given her. She found him on the beach, pitching a teepee. She was impressed by his craftsmanship and said she hadn't expected it. Wyatt told her that she was as beautiful as anything out there, and they kissed.

Hope decides to go all-in with her burgeoning relationship with Wyatt

Hope decides to go all-in with her burgeoning relationship with Wyatt

Friday, January 24, 2014

At the beach, Wyatt and Hope kissed. Hope was flattered that Wyatt had made the setup for her, and Wyatt said that, with help from Mother Nature, it was just another day in paradise. She was happy that she'd agreed to the trip, and he stated that it was just the beginning.

Wyatt and Hope cuddled under their makeshift tent, and Hope asked what was next. Wyatt replied that there was no agenda, and they'd do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. They strolled down the beach and saw dolphins in the ocean. Wyatt hoped she didn't feel bummed out about being disconnected from the world, but Hope said that everything she needed was right there.

A song played as the sun set. Wyatt and Hope danced on the beach. At night, they made a fire, roasted marshmallows, and kissed on a pallet. Hope relaxed in Wyatt's arms, and he said he'd dreamed of finding a place of peace, but a person, not a place, had given him peace and satisfaction. He said that her eyes reflected everything good in the world, and the closer they got, the more he felt it.

A song played as Hope and Wyatt kissed. He pulled the tent's flap down, and they began to have sex inside the tent.

At lunch with Quinn, Pam said that she was a really good listener if Quinn needed to get something off her chest. Quinn stated that she'd been all alone when she'd had Wyatt. Quinn hadn't had any guidance in parenting, and he'd become her reason for existence. She admitted that it probably wasn't always easy for Wyatt to have her as a mother.

Quinn felt the line between parenting and friendship was hard to define, and Pam said that Quinn had gone overboard with the Hope thing. Quinn claimed that she'd had been terrified of losing Wyatt, but after she'd seen how good Hope was for him, Quinn's excitement had carried her away.

Quinn wanted to show Pam some other places that afternoon, and Pam figured that it was okay, because Donna would cover for her at work. Quinn remarked that she and Pam were very different, but it made for a good friendship. Raising her glass, Quinn toasted to new friendships.

A song about best friends played as scenes of Pam and Quinn talking, shopping, and getting manicures played. Quinn pretended to enjoy herself but rolled her eyes whenever Pam wasn't looking.

When the chatting Pam and Quinn returned to Forrester, an irritated Charlie was standing by Pam's desk. He asked where Pam had been all afternoon and why Pam was with "her." Pam chuckled as she explained what she'd done with Quinn that afternoon, and Quinn remarked that she and Pam were friends. Charlie ordered Pam to stay away from Quinn and Wyatt, who were both trouble.

The shocked Pam asked what had gotten into Charlie. Charlie said he'd been hiding something from her about Wyatt. Quinn cut in and reminded Pam that Quinn had said that she and Wyatt could get carried away at times. Quinn said that Wyatt had done something, and she wanted Pam to hear her out.

At Katie's house, Ridge arrived with a cell phone Katie had left at his house. Katie said she was taking a mental health day, and he asked if their talk earlier hadn't helped her. She replied that it had made her go home and pull out books to read, but she guessed that it wasn't his usual effect on women.

Katie felt that she had a lot of work to do on herself, and Ridge had been very helpful to her. "And here you are again," she added. Ridge asked if that bothered her. She wasn't bothered, but she asked if people would miss him at the office. He stated that they'd call him if they needed him. Katie recalled that she'd encountered Ridge at Brooke's door earlier, but he said his talk with Brooke could wait.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Rick told Brooke about Hope's impromptu trip. Brooke said that Hope had just gotten back from Hawaii, and he replied that she'd ended things with Liam there. Rick figured that the new trip would take things to the next level for Hope and Wyatt. Brooke said Hope took that type of thing seriously, but Rick stated that Wyatt would be protective of Hope's feelings.

The conversation shifted to Ridge, and Brooke stated that Ridge needed time. Rick said Ridge had been in Paris for months and months. Brooke replied that Ridge had returned for her. She pulled out the ring Ridge had given her in Italy, and Rick was surprised that she hadn't given it back. She stated that Ridge hadn't asked for it back.

Brooke felt that when Ridge had been gone, she'd given him the time and space that he'd needed; however, he'd returned, and she just couldn't wait any longer.

Brooke called Ridge, who told her that it wasn't a good time because he was with Katie. Brooke asked if they were at Katie's office, and he replied that they were at Katie's house. Brooke said it was good that Ridge was supporting Katie, but what Brooke wanted couldn't wait. Brooke stated that taking more time wasn't really the answer for them. Ridge agreed to stop by Brooke's house later.

Back at Katie's house, Ridge ended his call, and Katie guessed he'd been speaking with Brooke. Ridge conveyed that Brooke wanted to see him, and he'd stop by her house later. Katie decided that Ridge should go at that moment because Brooke needed him.

Ridge said that Brooke wanted an answer, but he didn't know what to say to her. Katie figured that he might feel different after seeing Brooke. Katie stated that Ridge was a good guy, and she understood what Brooke saw in him. Kate expressed that, after all she'd been through with Bill, it was nice for her to be around a decent man.

To Ridge and Katie's surprise, Brooke whizzed in through the front door. She said she hadn't been able to wait to talk to Ridge. Katie remarked that Ridge had been on his way to Brooke's house, but Brooke said it was probably good for Katie to hear what Brooke had to say to Ridge.

Brooke relayed that Ridge had said he'd needed time, but he'd built a wall between them. Brooke was ready for the wall to crumble. In Brooke's hand was her engagement ring. She showed it to Ridge and said that they could put their mistakes behind them and move forward. She told him that they could make a decision to move forward, and all he had to do was put the ring on her finger and agree to marry her.

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