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Michael tracked down Carmine, who was alive. Billy forced Adam at gunpoint to admit he had killed Delia. After Billy and Adam got into a horrific car accident, one man staggered away, while the other was still inside the vehicle when it burst into flames.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 27, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, January 27, 2014

At Jabot's fashion division, Chelsea stopped by to bid farewell to Chloe. Chelsea explained that she and Adam had gotten married quickly before a judge. Chelsea said she was aware that Chloe was opposed to the union and wasn't supportive of the newly married couple's decision to move to Paris with Connor. Chloe laughed and replied, "Do you really think you're going to run off and have this married life of bliss? It's never going to happen."

Chelsea noted that she'd originally moved to Genoa City to ruin Billy's life and had later married Dylan, a man she didn't deserve. Chelsea added, "With Adam, there are no secrets. There are no lies. There's just me, and him, and our son. It's wonderful, and I wish that you could see it."

Chloe warned Chelsea that Adam was incapable of telling the truth. Chloe added that Chelsea and Connor would end up being trapped halfway around the world without anyone to protect them from Adam. Chelsea's facial expression tensed when Chloe asked, "Why is Adam rushing you? What is he running from, and what is he scared of?" Chelsea became agitated. Chloe noted that Adam was a sociopath who believed that rules didn't apply to him. Chelsea shook her head in disbelief at her friend's frank comments.

Chelsea seemed crushed when Chloe added, "This is about Adam and what he wants. I know that you know it. You know when someone is playing you." Chelsea cried, "This is my family, Chloe, and you have to stop acting like you have some sort of vote. Friends are supposed to show love and encouragement." Chloe suggested that Adam move to Paris alone. Chelsea asked if she should choose between her friend and her husband.

Chloe, fighting back tears said, "You chose when you decided to take our little boy away." Chelsea replied, "Connor is not your son, and he never will be." Chloe replied, "I know Connor's not mine. I'm not a mom. I don't have a kid." Chelsea apologized and reminded Chloe that she was Connor's godmother. Chloe returned to a cutting table and avoided eye contact with Chelsea.

Chelsea insisted that both she and Connor needed Chloe. Chloe snipped at a length of fabric with a sharp pair of tailor's shears. Chelsea cautioned Chloe not to cut herself. With tears welling in her eyes, Chloe replied, "It can't hurt more than it already does." Chelsea, sobbing softly, turned and left. Later, Chloe sat at her desk and cut out a chain of paper dolls. She extended the length of shaped paper figures linked by hand and sighed heavily.

At the police station, Kevin showed Paul the online interaction between Billy and an anonymous user who had seemed more than casually involved in the hit-and-run accident that had killed Delia. Kevin told Paul that he was researching to determine the anonymous user's IP address. A few minutes later, Kevin announced that he'd gained access to the chat room's database. Paul noted that Kevin's research wasn't an official part of the investigation. Kevin cried that though it would speed along the investigation, he hadn't hacked into the database kept by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Paul was later notified that a report from the DMV was forthcoming. Kevin said he'd discovered that the anonymous user had routed the IP address though several foreign countries. Paul accepted the DMV's printed report when a uniformed officer delivered it. Kevin, indicating results displayed on his computer monitor, gasped and remarked, "It was him, all along. He did it." Paul, his attention drawn to the printed report, added, "It's impossible. We checked his car." Paul handed the printout to Kevin. Adam's name and address had been highlighted in yellow. Paul rushed out to obtain an arrest warrant.

Kevin grabbed his coat and headed to an elevator. Paul stopped Kevin and warned him not to confront Adam or contact Chloe because he would jeopardize capture and arrest of Adam. Paul added, "What we have is circumstantial. We need to prove that Adam was behind the wheel when Delia was struck. We are not there, yet." Paul threatened to throw Kevin in jail if he didn't obey commands. Kevin slumped to the floor, sobbing. Kevin cried, "She was just a baby. He left her there." Paul comforted a distraught Kevin.

Billy stopped by Adam's penthouse and pushed past Adam to gain entry. Billy, seething, noticed the stacks of packed boxes and said, "Your whirlwind move to Paris. Leaving behind your history. It must be nice to erase your mistakes just like that!" Billy snapped his fingers in Adam's face to make his point about the swiftness with which Adam was escaping from Genoa City. Adam asked Billy to watch his tone because Connor, upstairs with the nanny, was sleeping. Billy, recalled that he had watched Delia sleep.

Billy stepped closer to Adam. Billy added, "Bet you watch Connor sleep. When he wakes up, he looks at you with his big, perfect eyes, thanks to Delia." Billy picked up a framed photo of Adam, Chelsea, and Connor. Billy said that he was aware that fathers made promises to protect and love their children, so there was nothing worse than facing something awful happening to one's child. Adam replied, "Why did you come here, and what do you want from me? I can't stand here and play guessing games with you, Billy. I'm leaving."

Adam walked toward the exit door. Billy aimed a cocked handgun toward Adam and said, "You're coming with me." Down a dark road, Billy forced Adam at gunpoint to drive to the makeshift memorial on the side of the road. Billy pointed to a single flower lying in the snow among the items left in Delia's memory. Billy said, "You left that purple calla lily there, didn't you? Just like the calla lilies you gave Chelsea." Adam admitted that he had left the flower.

Billy noted how thoughtful it had been of Adam to create the foundation in Dee Dee's name. Billy kept the handgun aimed toward Adam and said, "A 'new man' -- a decent, honest man." Adam said that he'd never claimed to be decent or honest. Adam kicked at the snow and complained about being detained in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold. Adam cried that Billy seemed to be seeking answers to a cryptic riddle. Billy said, "You've been here before." Adam claimed that he'd previously stopped by to leave the flower.

Billy became incensed and thrust the barrel of the handgun toward Adam. Billy said, "You were here the night Dee Dee died." Adam said that he needed to be somewhere and that Billy wasn't in his right mind. Billy cried, "My daughter was the star of the night, and she just wanted ice cream. You were here; she was here. You just drove off and left her!" Raising his voice, Billy yelled, "I want to hear you say it!" Adam paused and replied, "I'm sorry." Billy raised the handgun level with Adam's head and yelled, "You tell me what you're sorry about! Say it!" Adam's face tensed, but he didn't immediately respond.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse and called out to Adam. She found the note Adam had written and signed. It stated, "I love you. I always will." Chelsea grinned and picked up the camcorder. She pressed play and smiled when she saw Adam talking. As the video continued, Chelsea became distraught as she witnessed Adam confessing that he'd been the one who'd hit Delia. Chelsea began shaking when Adam cried, "There was a little girl that I never even saw. Delia. I swear that I never even knew that I hit her."

At Sharon's house, Nick stopped by. Sharon, dressed in a sports bra and low-rise yoga pants, muted the sound on an exercise video that she'd been following. Nick took notice of Sharon's shapely body. Nick explained that Summer would soon be released from the hospital. Nick sounded disappointed when he added that Jack would be picking up Summer at the hospital. Nick added, "Jack is Summer's father, and he wants to look out for her." Sharon appeared to feel sorry for Nick.

Nick glanced at the video screen and noted that the exercise routine seemed grueling. Sharon explained that exercise, along with medication and therapy sessions, aided treatment of her bipolar disorder. Nick praised Sharon for setting a good example for their children. Nick asked if Sharon was still seeing visions of Cassie. Sharon admitted that she'd seen Cassie on the anniversary of the dead girl's birthday. Sharon added, "It was the last one. It's not fair of me to use Cassie as a crutch."

Sharon assured Nick that she felt peaceful and alive. Nick replied, "The last time I felt like that was..." Before Nick could finish his statement, there was a knock at the door. Jack had arrived escorting Summer. Nick was surprised to learn that Summer had been released a day early. Jack noted that Summer had inherited the "Abbott power of persuasion." Nick bristled, but Sharon quickly asked Summer how she was feeling. Summer forced a smile and said she was fine.

Summer noted that she'd insisted on stopping by because she wanted to thank Sharon for summoning help. Summer admitted that she'd been careless for taking the pills someone had given to her. She added, "I just assumed that they were harmless like an energy drink or the same as drinking several cups of coffee." Sharon scolded herself for not arriving at the photography session earlier to look out for Summer. Sharon added that she was responsible for meeting Summer's needs on the set.

Summer expressed her gratitude and love to her dads, adding that they'd "made her in different ways." Jack and Nick both vowed to be supportive and loving. After Jack and Summer left, Nick seemed downhearted and frustrated. Nick said, "Jack took Summer to his home. Her home is on the other side of the ranch, with me. At least it used to be. Now I just have to nod, smile, and take a backseat to her real father." Sharon praised the way Nick and Jack handled the situation for Summer's sake.

Nick said he was grateful for the time he'd had raising and loving Summer. He mentioned losing Cassie. Nick said that both he and Sharon understood the pain of wishing they could have more time to spend with their beloved child. Nick added that in his heart, Summer would always be his daughter. Nick acknowledged that Jack would be the one to walk Summer down the aisle and hold her close during the father-and-daughter dance. Sharon seemed troubled when Nick said he'd be standing on the sideline with others while Summer danced with Jack.

Sharon tried to comfort Nick. He said that he'd caused the turmoil himself and deserved to suffer for stealing Summer's childhood away from Jack. Sharon seemed especially pained when Nick cried, "I know Summer's not my kid anymore." Sharon embraced Nick to comfort him. Through the glass in the door, Sharon saw Cassie staring at her from the outside. Sharon gasped, and Nick asked what was wrong. Sharon didn't respond, but Cassie's vision remained visible to Sharon.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary met with Jack and learned that Kyle was no longer employed with Newman-Chancellor. Hilary asked if Kyle had given Jack the update about Bonaventure. Jack said he'd been told that Bonaventure hadn't begun selling the energy-enhancing drug online until Victor became head of the company. Jack placed the blame for what had happened to Summer squarely on Victor's head. Jack added that Summer would soon be released from the hospital. Hilary noted that news of Summer's release was a bright spot, as had been Adam and Chelsea's wedding. Jack replied, "Adam's wedding was odd and unsettling. Something is going on with him."

Kyle arrived, and Jack offered his seat. Jack put Hilary in charge of locating Jill. Hilary replied, "I'm on it! Go see your daughter." After Jack left, Kyle noted that Hilary seemed smitten with Jack. Hilary scoffed and cried, "I'm not twelve. Are you that unevolved that you think a man and woman can't work together without a romantic agenda?" Kyle nodded his head sarcastically as Hilary explained that Jack had treated her better than she deserved by giving her a job.

Kyle seemed a bit more understanding when Hilary expressed her gratitude to Jack and said he was a good, decent man with sharp mind and a great sense of humor. Hilary assured Kyle that she wouldn't jeopardize the opportunity Jack had given to her by overstepping her boundaries. Kyle echoed Hilary's sentiment and said, "No overstepping of boundaries." Hilary added that Jack was madly in love with someone else. Kyle replied, "Yes -- he is, but he may never have a life with her."

At Crimson Lights, Courtney stopped by and asked Noah how Summer was feeling. Noah replied, "Given that her heart almost stopped, pretty well. Summer's tougher than she looks." Noah warned Courtney not to visit his sister because Summer had almost died after taking drugs. Noah recalled that he'd caught Courtney buying drugs illegally. Courtney insisted that she wasn't doing drugs. Noah said he was sick of hearing about Zach. Courtney assured Noah that she didn't want to discuss Zach.

Courtney suddenly placed her hands on Noah's cheeks and kissed him on the lips. Afterward, Courtney tried to run away. Noah caught up with Courtney, and she claimed that she'd kissed him to shut him up. Noah recalled that Courtney hadn't elaborated after she admitted betraying him and Summer. Noah grasped Courtney by the arm and informed her that he wouldn't stop looking out for her and didn't intend to just let her go.

Jack took Summer home with him. Summer suggested that she could stay at her mom's place. Jack noted that Phyllis wouldn't have wanted her daughter to be alone. Summer admired a framed photo of her mother. Jack noted that Phyllis would've helped Summer through her health crises. Summer admitted that she'd been mired in emotional pain. She said that she'd taken the pills so she'd be able to smile for the camera. Jack told Summer to never change anything about herself for a job or for anyone.

Jack brightened Summer's spirits when he announced that Phyllis had been responding whenever familiar music was played for her. Summer noted that Jack had never stopped thinking about her mother. Jack replied, "Besides you, Kyle, and the rest of my family, what else do I have but Red?" Jack played the song Phyllis had responded to. Summer asked Jack if he honestly believed that her mom would return to them.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sharon pulled away from Nick's hug when she spotted Cassie through the window. Nick noticed Sharon's alarmed reaction, but she insisted that it was nothing. Faith ran downstairs and told Nick that she'd heard a noise outside. Nick went to check it out, and Sharon assured Faith that her daddy would take care of it. Sharon recalled when Faith had once been scared when a tree branch had brushed against the window, but Faith was certain that it had been a monster or a ghost.

Nick returned and reported that he'd found the trash bin lid on the ground, and Faith guessed that a stinky trash monster had knocked it off. Nick said that he'd sent the trash monster packing a long time before, so he thought that a raccoon had done it. Sharon remembered seeing a raccoon on a hike, and she commented that Faith liked the animal. Nick offered to read Faith a story until she fell asleep, and he carried Faith upstairs. Sharon put on a jacket and stepped outside, and she called out for Cassie.

Sharon realized that Cassie wasn't there, and Nick found Sharon on the porch. She claimed that she had been making sure that the raccoon was gone, and they went back inside. He noticed that Sharon was trembling, and she said that it was freezing outside. He fetched her computer and said that he could fix that, and he turned on the exercise video. Sharon teased that he couldn't dance, but he tried to mimic the moves on the video, and she giggled. He pulled her down with him as he fell on the couch, and he asked if she was feeling better.

Sharon thanked Nick for saving her from the raccoon and her overactive imagination, and he jokingly thanked her for watching his hot dance moves. He kissed her cheek and asked her not to say a word to anyone about the dancing, and she closed the door behind him as he left and returned to her video. She smiled as she danced around, but she stopped short when she saw Cassie in the window again.

Stitch stopped by Billy and Victoria's home to check on Billy's hand injury, and Victoria worriedly reported that Billy had left hours earlier without saying goodbye, so she'd hoped that it had been Billy at the door. Stitch inquired why Victoria would think that Billy would knock on his own door, but she reasoned that Billy misplaced his key all the time. Victoria admitted that while she had been disappointed not to see Billy, she had been relieved to see Stitch after she'd heard an authoritative knock. She explained that she feared getting bad news, but Stitch assured her that Billy was okay. Stitch offered to stick around, and she suggested that she make them some dinner.

Later, Stitch expressed his gratitude to Victoria for preparing a real meal, and she noted that he'd peeled the potatoes fast. He said that he'd picked up the skill in military training, and she found it strange to picture him and Dylan in the Army together. She asked if Stitch had gotten his nickname in the Army, and she recalled that Kelly had called him Ben. Stitch said that Victoria could call him whatever she wanted, and he suggested that he repay Victoria by taking her and Billy out sometime, but she replied that she had something better in mind.

Victoria said that it would make a big difference to her if Stitch could teach her how to pull a coin out of someone's ear, and he chuckled. She explained that Johnny had laughed when Stitch had done it, and she thought that Johnny considered his parents to be "non-magical losers." Stitch said that he would be glad to teach her, but he received a page, and he had to go back to the hospital because of a couple of accidents. He reassured her that Billy was fine.

Stitch offered to show Victoria his coin trick the next time, and she handed him a wrapped plate of food and thanked "Ben" for stopping by. After he left, she left Billy another message, asking him to call her back. Clearly worried, Victoria placed another call and asked Kelly whether she'd seen Billy. Kelly said that she hadn't seen him in a while, and Victoria wished Kelly a good night.

Hilary greeted Devon at the Athletic Club, and he complimented her idea for a theme for the Delia Project fundraiser. He informed her that they were going to use the concept, and she wished that she could do more to help. He suggested that she volunteer, but she balked at the thought of working with Lily. He believed that Lily could put aside her feelings toward Hilary for the sake of the cause.

Across the club, Lily attempted to discourage Kelly from using the winter storybook theme that Hilary had brainstormed, but Kelly thought the idea had potential, and she asked what Victoria and Billy had thought. Lily reported that Victoria had loved it, but Billy hadn't shown up for the meeting. Kelly was surprised that Billy had bailed on something related to the Delia Project, and she remarked that the fundraiser needed all the volunteers they could get. Lily spotted Devon and Hilary talking, and she apologized that she'd had a wave of nausea after seeing her brother with the home-wrecker who had tried to ruin Lily's marriage.

Devon and Hilary approached Lily and Kelly's table, and Devon introduced Kelly to the Delia Project's newest volunteer. Devon crowed that there was nothing Hilary couldn't do, and Kelly rattled off a list of tasks that needed to get done. Lily suggested that Hilary take care of the social media, since Hilary was great at creating stories on the Internet. Lily and Hilary bickered, and Devon reprimanded them for making the situation about them when the intent was to honor the memory of a beloved child.

Devon lectured that there would be no winner in Lily and Hilary's fight, and he suggested that they use the opportunity to start fresh and make up. Both women scoffed at the idea, and Devon urged them to at least be civil to one another. Hilary said that she would love to be part of the fundraiser if Lily got over herself, and she walked away. Kelly repeated that they needed volunteers, and she thought that Hilary seemed to have her act together. Devon called Hilary smart and business-savvy, and Lily angrily accused Devon of being attracted to Hilary.

Devon chased after Hilary and apologized for Lily's behavior, and Hilary conceded that she hadn't exactly been gracious, either. Devon hoped that Hilary would still volunteer because she would be an asset to the cause, and she said that he was a hard man to say no to. She promised to think about it, and he said that he understood. He called Lily a good woman with a big heart, and he thought that Lily would accept Hilary eventually. Meanwhile, Lily said that she was sorry that Kelly had witnessed the scene, while Kelly anxiously eyed Billy's contact information on her phone.

At the penthouse, a horrified Chelsea watched Adam's video confession to Delia's murder. She slammed the camera shut, and she panicked when Victor arrived. Victor asked to speak with Adam, but Chelsea stammered that Adam wasn't there and that it wasn't a good time. Victor congratulated her on the wedding, and she brusquely said that she had a lot to do. Victor was surprised that she and Adam were still planning to leave, and he insisted on speaking with Adam before Adam and Chelsea boarded the plane.

Chelsea nervously insisted that Victor had to go, and he asked why she was upset. Victor implored her to let him help her, and she sobbed that she needed to talk to Adam. Chelsea became hysterical, and Victor took her into his arms. Victor asked if Adam was in trouble, but Chelsea questioned when Victor had started caring about Adam. Victor asserted that he was Adam's father no matter what had happened, and Chelsea broke down in tears.

Victor assumed that something terrible had happened after the wedding, and Chelsea suddenly realized why Adam had urgently needed to get as far away as possible. Victor wondered what she meant, but she turned away. Victor noted that she was in no shape to take care of her son, and he urged her to let him help fix things. She whimpered that no one could fix the fact that "she was gone." Victor asked who, but there was pounding on the front door, and the police identified themselves.

Victor opened the door, and two police officers announced that they had a warrant for Adam's arrest. Victor asked about the charges, but the cops wouldn't provide any information, and Victor disclosed that Adam wasn't there. Victor remarked that there was a baby trying to sleep, and he said that he would call them if Adam returned home. After Victor dismissed the officers, Chelsea shakily said that Adam had taken off because he'd known that the cops would be looking for him. She pieced together that Adam's love note was really a goodbye letter.

Chelsea wailed that the world she'd woken up in that morning no longer existed, since her husband was on the run from the cops. She contemplated what would happen if the police found Adam, and Connor cried over the baby monitor. Victor recommended that Chelsea focus on being a good mother to his grandson, and he assured her that he would take care of things. He added that she and Connor were his family, and he hugged her before she went upstairs.

After Victor left, Chelsea held Connor on the couch, and she cried that she didn't know how Adam could have hurt Delia, Billy, and Chloe the way he had. Chelsea reflected upon the lies Adam had told her to keep her from finding out. She said that she didn't know what would happen to Adam, but she knew that Adam loved Connor and always would, and she wanted to make sure Connor was never afraid. Chelsea vowed that Connor would get everything he deserved in life.

Victor stopped by Victoria's home, and she was surprised to see him for a second visit that day. He asked if Billy was there, and Victoria reported that she wasn't sure where Billy was, but she was starting to worry. Victor divulged that he had unhappy news, and he wanted her to hear it from him.

At the police station, Kevin grumbled to himself that the sick freak who had killed Delia had been hiding in plain sight. Chloe rushed in and said that they had to do something to stop Adam. She revealed that she'd had a terrible fight with Chelsea, and she insisted that she couldn't let Adam and Chelsea take the baby away. Kevin said that he was working on it, and Chloe informed him that Adam and Chelsea had gotten married and were leaving for Paris that night.

Kevin called Paul and begged him to get an arrest warrant, since Adam was leaving for Paris that night. Kevin told Chloe to go home, and he promised that he would stop Adam from leaving town and that he would call with any news. Chloe said that Kevin had the worst poker face in the world, and he tried to step away, but she voiced her suspicion about his sudden turnaround regarding the move. Kevin admitted that he had been wrong, and he understood that Chloe was trying to protect Chelsea and Connor. Chloe said that she was scared that Adam was rushing the move to isolate his family, and Kevin swore that there was no way he'd let it happen.

Chloe refused to leave until Kevin told her what was going on, and she wondered why he kept glancing at his phone. He said that he was waiting on an update about the situation with Adam and Chelsea, and he assured Chloe that she wouldn't be alone. Chloe guessed that Kevin was working on something more than foiling the trip to Paris, and she questioned whether there had been a lead in Delia's case. Chloe begged Kevin to tell her, and he confided that there had been a major break. Chloe's eyes filled with tears, and she asked if he'd found the driver.

Kevin pushed Chloe to go home, but she wouldn't leave until she found out who the viable suspect was. Kevin said that he couldn't say anything more, and an officer informed Kevin that they'd had no luck finding Adam, but they would catch him. Chloe incredulously asked if Kevin had sent the cops to stop Adam from going to Paris, and he silently shook his head. She inquired what Adam had done this time, and Kevin lamented that she wasn't supposed to find out that way. Chloe's eyes widened as she realized that Adam had been the hit-and-run driver, and Kevin nodded in confirmation. Kevin held Chloe as she sobbed.

At Delia's roadside memorial, a gun-wielding Billy demanded to know what Adam was sorry about, and Adam replied that he was sorry that Billy had had to go through losing a child. Billy ordered Adam to shut his mouth because there was no way Adam could understand what it was like, and Adam agreed. Adam suggested that they talk about it at the police station, which had been where Adam had been headed. Billy countered that Adam and his family had been on their way to Paris to get an ocean away, but Adam swore that they wanted the same thing -- for it to be over. Billy cocked the pistol.

Adam reiterated that it could all be over if Billy took him to see the police, but a seething Billy said that he wanted the whole story. Billy recounted the events that had occurred on the night of Delia's death, and he mentioned that it had started as the greatest night of her seven-year-old life, but then he'd found the most precious person he'd ever known lying right where Adam was standing. Billy wailed that when Delia had died, the best part of him had died, too, and he'd have no problem emptying the gun. Billy growled that he didn't know what had happened, but Adam was going to tell him all about it.

Adam promised that he would tell every part of the story at the police station, but Billy ordered Adam to sit on the ground where Delia had died. Billy declared that he'd waited months, and he wouldn't wait another second. Billy threatened to leave Adam there to die alone like Delia had, and he demanded that Adam tell him what had happened to Delia. Adam began to cry, and he admitted that it had been an accident.

Adam's chin trembled as he recounted that he and Chelsea had found out that Connor would go blind without treatment, and he had thought that his own genes had been to blame. Billy sat down to listen, and Adam said that he'd left the hospital alone to take a drive and think. Adam revealed that a dog had run out into the middle of the road, and he had swerved and stopped to look around, but he had been relieved to see the dog run off with a wagging tail, so he had driven home. Billy barked that Adam had left Billy's kid alone to die in the dark, and Adam continued that he hadn't even linked the incident when he'd learned about Delia's accident. Billy asked how Adam had put it together, and Adam replied that he'd found the scarf.

Adam divulged that he'd found the scarf behind the wheel well of his car. Billy chided Adam for packing for Paris rather than calling the cops, but Adam insisted that it wasn't how it had happened. Billy asked where the scarf was, and Adam admitted that he'd he burned it, and he stifled a sob. Billy hissed that Delia had loved the scarf, but Adam had burned it like trash, as if Delia hadn't meant anything.

Adam slowly stood up and pleaded to go to the police station, but Billy coldly replied that Adam wasn't getting out of it and that they would stay there. Adam swore that he'd told Billy everything, but Billy wanted to hear what else Adam had done to cover up killing Delia. Adam revealed that there had been a little chip in his turn light, but he hadn't believed that he'd killed someone. Adam recognized that Billy needed closure, but Billy spat that the word was a myth. Billy said that he wanted to hear one more thing, and he pointed the gun at Adam.

Adam asked what more Billy wanted. "Three words," Billy replied, adding that Adam knew what they were. Billy said that he needed to hear the words, and he commanded Adam to say them. Adam dropped to his knees and looked up, tears in his eyes. "I did it. I killed Delia," Adam confessed.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan discussed their trip to Indiana and what they had found out about Ian Ward, including that Ian was in town and had already made his presence known to Nikki. Ian entered the shop and listened to Avery describe Ian as charming and devious before interrupting to introduce himself. Dylan told Ian there was no need because Dylan recognized Ian from his mug shot.

Ian was very gracious but Dylan was not impressed, especially when Ian tried to throw doubt on Nikki's version of Dylan's conception. Ian said that he was not calling Nikki a liar. He said several decades had passed, and memories were selective. When Ian asked if Dylan agreed, Dylan said that he did not because he had memories that were as clear as the day they had happened.

Ian backed off and said that he had not arrived in town to cause conflict. Ian continued that since Dylan had been to Indiana, looking for Ian, perhaps Dylan would get to know Ian and form his own opinion. Dylan rejoined that he had gone looking for his biological father and found out everything that he had wanted to know.

Ian said that Dylan was just like him. Dylan hotly declared that Avery had been right, and Dylan was nothing like Ian. When Dylan said that he wanted nothing to do with walking any path with Ian, Ian sounded sincerely sorry, and Dylan escorted Ian out of Crimson Lights with a warning for Ian to stay away from Dylan, Avery, and especially Nikki. After Ian left, Avery gave Dylan a fierce hug. Avery told Dylan that Ian was disarming and captivating, and she could see why Ian got away with his scam.

Nikki was startled when she heard a knock at her front door. She remembered returning home and finding Ian in her home. She called out to ask who was there. Nikki was relieved when Paul answered. Once inside, Paul said that he was looking for Adam and wondered if Victor knew where Adam might be. Nikki wanted details, but Paul was tightlipped when he said that it was police business.

Paul turned the conversation to Nikki, who reluctantly admitted that she had been a little shaken by her encounter with Ian Ward. She told Paul that to all appearances, Ian had seen the light and had called on her because Ian wanted to let bygones be bygones. When Nikki told Paul that Ian recalled that Nikki had been a willing participant in Dylan's conception, Paul snorted and said that he wished he had been there to punch him. Nikki said that she had slapped Ian, and Paul approved her action.

Nikki wanted Paul to put Ian behind bars, but since Ian had served his time and was not wanted on other charges, Paul's hands were tied. Nikki asked if she could press rape charges, but Paul said that the statute of limitations had run out. Nikki thought that that was unfair, and Paul told her that he would see if there was some other course that they could take. Paul put more men on the job searching for Adam and had to leave. Nikki told him to be careful in the snow. Paul said that Nikki could rest assured that if Ian so much as jaywalked, Paul would lock Ian up. Paul insisted that Ian would never hurt Nikki again.

Summer visited with Fen in prison. She thanked him for saving her, even at the cost of his own freedom. Fen said that he had known what he was doing, and he would do the same thing again if Summer were in trouble. Fen said that when he'd heard Summer's labored breathing he had known that he was not mad at her anymore. Summer said that she owed Fen far more than she could ever repay.

Fen said that he only wanted one thing and that was for Summer to stay away from drugs. Summer said that she had no intention of ever taking them again. Fen said that he knew how easy it was to slip up, but Summer promised to stay clean. Fen told Summer his good news: he was being sent to an institution where no one would know that his father was a former D.A. Fen also told Summer that he would miss her.

Lauren met Michael in Crimson Lights with the box of bath salts that the stalker had left with the words "forget me not" in French. Michael said that he was taking the salts to a friend for analysis and fingerprints. Lauren asked why not the police, but Michael said that they could not trust the police and that they could not count on Paul to help. Michael added that so far, the police had done nothing to help them, so Michael would do things his way.

Michael said that he was working on a way to help Fen. Lauren wanted to know what it was and if it was dangerous, but Michael said that he would do what he had to do to keep his family safe, and at the moment, they did not even know if the creepy gifts were meant for Fen. Lauren squeezed his hand and said that she would also do what it took to keep them together.

Victor went to see Victoria to tell her that Adam had killed Delia, and the police were looking for him. Victoria was devastated to think that her own brother could hurt her family in that way. When Victor asked her to call Billy, Victoria said that she had been leaving messages but that she had not heard from Billy in quite some time.

Victoria mentioned Chelsea's visit with the news that she and Adam were moving to Paris. Victoria suddenly realized that Billy might have figured out what Adam had done. Victor asked if Billy had taken his gun. Victoria said that Billy did not have one, but Victor knew that he did. They started searching and found an open, empty lockbox on a closet shelf.

Summer and Esmerelda walked through Chancellor Park. Esmerelda apologized for giving Summer the pills, but Summer did not blame her, because Summer had taken three pills, not one pill as Esmerelda had instructed. Esmerelda was ready to party and invited Summer, but Summer said that she was rethinking her life and some of the decisions she had made. Esmerelda told Summer it was her loss as she flounced away.

Summer sat on a bench. Ian Ward approached and started talking. Summer got up to leave. Ian said that he was glad to see that her parents had taught her to be wary of strangers. He offered her his card and told Summer that if she wanted to explore her potential or was looking for another way, his group might help. As Ian walked away, Summer looked at his card, which read, "The Path."

Billy forced Adam to go to Delia's memorial and admit that Adam had killed Delia. After doing so, Adam wanted to go to the police and confess, but Billy was not ready to let Adam go. Billy pointed the gun at Adam and then slowly sank to his knees, sobbing. Billy forced Adam down also. Billy told Adam that Billy felt nothing. Billy put down the gun and seemed to space out. Adam asked Billy what he could do to help. Adam said that he wanted to go to jail and serve his time.

Adam reached for the gun, but Billy grabbed it, focused it on Adam, and said that they were not done. Billy stood up but made Adam stay on his knees in the snow. Billy made Adam tell the story of the accident again, as he tried to understand how Adam could do such a thing. Adam tried to explain that he had not felt a bump or an impact of any kind and had not realized until long afterward that he had been responsible for the accident.

Billy wanted to know why Adam had not told when he did know. Adam said that he had been afraid to go to prison and lose all that time with his son. That reminded Billy that Connor had Delia's corneas and laughed ruefully at the irony. Adam told Billy that if Billy had been in Adam's shoes, Billy would have taken the corneas for his son also. Billy said that he would not be able to live with himself. Adam said that he could not either, which was why he had been about to go to the police to confess.

Adam sounded both sincere and broken as he told Billy over and over again how sorry he was about what had happened to Delia. Billy said that sorry was not good enough and that sorry would not mean justice for Delia. Adam offered to go to the police, but Billy said no to that. Adam asked if Billy intended to kill him on the spot. Billy told Adam that what Billy had planned for him was much worse.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paul stopped by the Abbott mansion to inquire whether Jack knew where Adam was. Jack replied that Adam had probably left for France, but Paul reported that Adam's plane had been grounded. Jack assumed that Victor had made an attempt to keep Connor in the country, but Paul mentioned that there was a warrant out for Adam's arrest. Paul added that the he had reason to believe that Adam had been the hit-and-run driver who had killed Delia.

Jack insisted that Adam wouldn't have driven away after hitting a kid, but Paul revealed the information he'd uncovered regarding the partial license plate number and the message board posts. Jack recalled that Billy had mentioned hearing the phrase about karmic scales from multiple sources, and he sank down to the couch and put his face in his hands. Jack said that he'd considered many scenarios in his head, but it had never occurred to him that someone Delia had known had killed her. Paul advised him not to be too hard on himself because Adam had done a good job of covering his tracks. Paul asked Jack to call him if Jack heard from Adam, and he left.

At Crimson Lights, Avery said that she was proud of the way Dylan had stood up to Ian, and Dylan appreciated her not complaining about their delayed plans for a romantic evening. He suggested that they get on with their night by going to her place so she could slip on something else. She asked what he'd be doing, and he replied that he'd be counting the seconds until he could take it off. She told him to start counting, but he became distracted when she started kissing his neck, and he said that he couldn't count any higher.

Dylan reported to Avery that the coffeehouse was in good hands for the evening, but Jack called, asking to see Avery at his home right away. She asked if something was wrong with Phyllis, and he assured her Phyllis was fine, but he wanted to talk in person. She said that she was on her way, and she promised Dylan that it would only be a short delay. Avery suggested that Dylan visit Nikki to discuss his meeting with Ian.

Avery arrived at Jack's home, and he asked if she knew why Adam had asked her to draw up the guardianship papers. He divulged that there was a manhunt for Adam, who would be charged with vehicular manslaughter, and a horrified Avery realized that it involved Delia's accident. Jack asked her point-blank if Adam had killed Billy's little girl, and Avery insisted that it was the first she'd heard of it. Avery half-heartedly said that Adam was innocent until proven guilty, but she conceded that she'd questioned why Adam had requested the guardianship papers. Jack thought that the pieces fit together, and he realized that Avery agreed with him.

After Avery left, Jack flashed back to asking if Adam was in trouble and offering to help. Jack hissed that Adam had killed Jack's niece and hadn't said a thing, but rather, Adam had simply gotten all of his ducks in a row. Jack recalled accusing Victor of holding something over Adam's head, and it dawned on him that Victor had known that Adam had been the driver.

Dylan arrived to see Nikki, and he guessed that she had been afraid that Ian had been at the door again. Dylan disclosed that Ian had found him at the coffeehouse, and he'd made sure that Ian knew that he wasn't welcome in Dylan's life or hers. Dylan asked if she was still concerned, and she asserted that she had no reason to be frightened anymore, but she suspected that Ian would try to worm his way into their lives. Dylan contended that he'd seen for himself the kind of man Ian was, and he didn't want anything to do with Ian.

Nikki was relieved to hear that Dylan didn't want a relationship with Ian, and her hands shook as she picked up her teacup. Dylan apologized for stressing her out, but she explained that she lived with her MS every day. He regretted dredging up painful memories, and she wished that she'd had the courage to deal with them years before. Dylan assured her that she'd faced them when she had been ready. Meanwhile, Ian called Clarence and said that his reunion with Nikki hadn't been what he'd hoped for, but the path could be strewn with obstacles. Ian declared that he was a master of perseverance.

Later, Avery returned to the coffeehouse, and Dylan could tell something bad had happened. She informed him that the police thought that Adam had been the driver who'd hit Delia. Avery said that Adam had done some reprehensible things, but Dylan sympathized that Adam "must be in hell" as a father. Avery apologized that she didn't feel like going through with their romantic plans, but Dylan thought that they should still be together. They embraced and left together.

Nikki was shocked when Ian appeared at her door, and she asked how he'd gotten past security. He cheerfully noted that he'd rung the bell to avoid startling her, and she hoped that he was there to tell her that he was leaving town. He replied that he'd just gotten there, and he found Genoa City more intriguing than he'd remembered, especially after meeting his son. She snapped that Dylan wanted nothing to do with Ian, but he surmised that was only because of the stories she'd told. Ian declared that Dylan was living proof that what had happened hadn't been all bad, and he smiled and walked away.

A frantic Victoria wanted to find Billy, but Victor suggested that she stay at home in case Billy returned there. Victoria insisted that Billy would kill Adam if she didn't stop him. Victor reasoned that he didn't want Billy to injure anyone, including Victoria, so he wouldn't allow her to leave. She begged Victor to let her go, but he instructed her to find a sitter, and they would go together.

At the police station, Chloe asked why the cops hadn't found Adam yet. Kevin said that they'd issued an APB, and all available cops were out looking for Adam, so there was no way Adam would get away. Chloe ranted that Adam had gotten away for months, and Kevin promised that Adam would pay for all the pain he'd caused. Kevin stepped aside to take some files from an officer, and when he turned back around, Chloe was gone.

Victor and Victoria arrived at the station, and she warned Kevin that the police had better find Adam before Billy did. Victor said that perhaps Billy didn't know about the warrant for Adam's arrest, but Kevin reported that Billy had been there earlier with a theory about who the driver had been. Victoria fretted that Billy was wandering around town with a gun, and Paul notified his officers to keep an eye out for Billy. Paul asked Victor about his conversation with Adam at the christening, and Victor claimed that he'd tried to convince Adam to stay in town for Connor's sake.

Kevin discovered that Billy's car had been parked at Adam's building for hours, and Victoria was certain that Billy had confronted Adam, but Kevin said that the cop on duty hadn't seen either man. Victor added that Chelsea didn't know where Adam was, and Paul wondered if there was somewhere remote Billy would take Adam. Victor suggested the Abbott cabin, but Paul contemplated what he would do in Billy's position -- go back to the scene of the crime. Paul left for the scene of Delia's accident, and Victoria wanted to go with him, but Paul instructed a cop to keep her at the station. Victoria sobbed in Victor's arms.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tended to Connor as she contemplated that Adam had known that the police had been closing in, and she cried that Adam had killed Delia. Chelsea wailed that Adam could be in prison for years, and Connor would grow up without a father. She blamed herself for falling in love with Adam again and for not figuring out the truth when Adam had been acting guilty. She suddenly panicked that the police might not believe that she hadn't known and that she might go to prison, too. Chelsea quickly gathered her things and picked up Connor's carrier, and she opened the door to leave, but she found Chloe in the hallway.

Chloe spat that she bet that Chelsea couldn't wait to start her new life in a romantic city, where Chelsea could forget that she was there with a killer. Chelsea insisted that she wasn't going to Paris, but Chloe asserted that she'd given Chelsea an incredible gift, and she accused Chelsea of repaying her by hiding the fact that Adam had killed Delia. Chelsea swore that she hadn't known until that night, when she'd seen the taped confession that Adam had left. Chloe grabbed the camera, and Chelsea cautioned that it wouldn't help to watch it, but Chloe wanted to hear him admit what he'd done. Chloe cried as she watched the video.

Chloe became irate that Adam had dared to say Delia's name on the video after he'd left her on the side of the road, and Chelsea said that Adam hadn't known that Delia had been there. Chloe lectured that she'd warned Chelsea to stay away from Adam, but Chelsea defended that she loved him, although she wouldn't defend him. Chloe groused that Adam could be halfway to Dubai, and she begged Chelsea to convince him to return home. Chloe contended that Chelsea owed it to her to do whatever it took to get justice for Delia.

At Delia's roadside memorial, Adam questioned what Billy could do that would be worse than leaving Adam there to die. Billy ordered Adam not to ask any more questions, but Adam countered that he was entitled to know what Billy intended to do. An enraged Billy demanded to know what Adam was entitled to, and Adam begged Billy not to hurt him because Adam had a son. Billy retorted that he'd had a daughter.

Adam said that he'd thought many times that he hadn't deserved to live, but Billy pointed out that someone who felt that way wouldn't have gotten married and planned to run away. Adam explained that he'd seen a glimpse of the life he could have, and he recognized that he should have taken responsibility for what had been a terrible accident, but his crime had been in not owning up to it. He continued that he'd wanted to have a regular life with a family and not miss another minute with his son, and Billy swore that Adam would miss years with his family.

Billy said that he'd taken Adam to that cold bend in the road because that had been where Billy had assured Delia that she was going to be okay, and it tore his guts out that the last thing he'd said to her had been a lie. Billy continued that he'd thought that if he heard Adam confess in that spot, he'd feel better, but he felt the same way. Adam suggested that it would make Billy feel better to see him in handcuffs, but Billy spat that even in prison, Adam would get to see his kid grow up, while Billy's daughter would still be dead.

Billy growled that all of Delia's potential was gone because Adam had left her on the side of the road, and Adam reiterated that he hadn't known she'd been there. Adam questioned whether Billy would feel better if he put a bullet in Adam. Adam said that Billy had a chance to watch Johnny grow up, but Billy would go to prison if he killed Adam, and it wouldn't solve anything. Adam implored Billy to send him to prison to get justice, but Billy snapped that Adam didn't know how badly Billy wanted to pull the trigger, and he ordered Adam to start walking. Adam was relieved when Billy forced him to go back to the car, and he said that Billy was doing the right thing.

Billy instructed Adam to head north, and Adam drove through the falling snow. Adam told Billy to buckle up, but Billy snarled at him to shut up. Adam reasoned that Billy would have shot him already if that had been Billy's plan, and he wondered how the next place they went could be more fitting. Billy said that it could be a better place to hide a body, but Adam believed that Billy was acting on impulse. Adam suddenly swerved, and Billy angrily inquired whether Adam was trying to hit a tree. Billy threatened to shoot Adam if Adam didn't watch the road.

Billy instructed Adam to pull over, and Adam complied. Billy said that he'd been thinking about Adam's mention of getting a glimpse of what Adam's life could have been, and he wanted Adam to get a glimpse of the life Adam had taken. Billy pointed to Delia's school, and he explained that the double doors led to an auditorium where she'd made her onstage debut. Billy remarked that it had been the best night of her life, and he hoped that Adam had nightmares about what Adam had destroyed. Billy imagined that Connor would attend the same school and that Adam's son would have good and bad days, but he vowed that Adam wouldn't see any of it.

Billy recounted that he'd loved picking Delia up from school and talking about her day, and Adam's phone rang. The men both grabbed for it, and over the speakerphone, Chelsea said that she'd seen the tape and that she understood why Adam had been drowning in guilt. When she didn't hear a reply, she assured Adam that she knew that it had been a terrible accident, but she still loved him and wanted them to be a family. She urged him to return home, and Billy abruptly ended the call. Billy realized that it had crushed Adam to hear that Chelsea knew the truth, and he imagined that it would kill Adam to have to confess to everyone that he'd left a little girl on the road to die. Billy commanded Adam to drive.

Chloe asked if Adam was on his way, and Chelsea replied that she didn't know because he hadn't said a word. Chelsea lamented that all she'd ever wanted was a stable home for her son and to be a mom, and she told Chloe that she was sorry. Chloe sighed and said that Chelsea wasn't alone because Chloe was still her friend. Chloe promised that Connor would have a stable home with his godmother there to help every step of the way. The women consoled one another as they gazed at the baby.

Adam asked if Billy intended to cart him around to confess on command like a dog performing tricks, and Billy replied that he wanted everyone to remember what Adam had done. Billy threatened that everyone would help to keep Adam away from children, especially Adam's own. Billy taunted that there would be no visits with Connor in prison, and even if Adam managed to avoid prison, all the people Adam cared about would band together to keep Adam away from his boy. Billy pledged to make it his one single goal to ensure that Adam never saw Connor again.

Adam suggested that Billy was misplacing his anger because there was someone else to blame. Adam reflected upon what Delia had been doing on the side of the road, and he questioned who had left her all alone in the car. Billy barked at Adam to shut up, and Adam contended that Billy shared the blame. Adam eyed the gun and suddenly reached for it. The tires squealed, and the gun went off as the car crashed.

Friday, January 31, 2014

At the prison, Fen revealed to Michael and Lauren that he was preparing for his sentencing because he had accepted the D.A.'s deal. Lauren protested that Michael could have proved that Fen had acted in self-defense, but Christine explained that Fen would be safe in a medium-security prison out of state, and she declared her intent to recommend the minimum sentence. Lauren wailed that it would be at least ten years, and Michael asked if they could postpone the sentencing for a day. Christine thought it would make no difference, but Michael countered that it could make all the difference in the world.

Christine advised that the judge wouldn't postpone the hearing without a reason, and she realized that Michael hoped to find new evidence. Fen contended that there was no point to putting off the inevitable, and Christine left to give the Baldwins some time together before the sentencing. Michael begged Fen to reconsider pleading guilty, but Fen said that he needed his parents to be okay with his decision in order for him to make it in prison, and he asked them to promise that they'd be strong. Michael stated that Fen hadn't been sentenced yet, but Fen believed that only a miracle would keep him from going to prison. Michael told Fen not to underestimate him.

Fen pleaded with his parents to accept that he'd be in prison for the next ten years, and Lauren said that she would do her best to avoid making it harder on him. Fen recognized that he shouldn't have killed Carmine, but he was glad that Carmine was out of their lives. Michael stepped aside to take a call from Ronan, and Lauren told Fen that she felt that she was the one who'd let him down. Michael reported that he had to leave, but he'd make it back in time for the sentencing. Lauren asked where he was going, but Michael simply said that they had to trust him.

Later, Lauren straightened Fen's tie, and he griped that it was a sentencing, not a wedding. She wanted him to make a good impression, and Christine entered and asked if they were ready. Lauren fretted that Michael hadn't returned, and she wondered where he was. Meanwhile, Michael knocked on an apartment door, and when it opened, he faced Carmine.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci informed Abby that Mrs. Martinez had prepared breakfast, but Abby just wanted tea. The women agreed that neither one of them had slept well, and Traci voiced her concern about Billy and Adam. Abby was surprised that Traci was worried about Adam, but Traci reasoned that Adam was a father and Jack's friend. Abby recalled that she'd warned Jack that it had been a mistake to get mixed up with Adam, and Traci thought it was killing Jack to know that Adam had been responsible for Delia's death. Traci thought that a family breakfast might help, and Abby wondered where Jack was.

Abby fretted that Jack wasn't responding to her text messages, and Traci surmised that he was looking for Billy. Traci remarked that the situation had set the stage for another Newman-Abbott battle, and Abby lamented that she and Summer would be caught in the middle. Traci assured Abby that they'd be there for one another, and Tyler entered. Traci recommended that the Abbotts also accept the support that their loved ones were offering.

Tyler explained that Mrs. Martinez had let him in the back entrance, since he'd thought that Abby would have slammed the front door in his face. Abby replied that he would have been right, and Tyler said that he'd heard the news that the cops were looking for Adam. He added that he was there to help, and he urged Abby not to push him away. Traci said that she'd promised to keep Kyle updated, since he had gone to New York to deal with the PR nightmare after Summer's overdose, and she left to contact him.

Abby grumbled that she had nothing to say to Tyler, and he implored her just to listen. He asked for five minutes, and if she still wanted nothing to do with him, he'd walk out the door and out of her life. As Abby sternly counted down the minutes, Tyler said that even if Abby had been right and Mariah had been behind the crazy things that had happened, it didn't matter because he was through with Mariah. Tyler pledged his love and said that he was there to show he cared.

Tyler beseeched Abby to forget about Mariah and to let him prove that he and Abby had something special, but he wanted more than five minutes to do so. He proclaimed that he needed a lot more time to prove how much he loved Abby, and she informed him that he had 20 seconds left. He didn't know what else to say, and she said that she did. Abby pulled Tyler into a kiss.

Tyler asked if Abby had forgiven him, and she replied that she was getting there. He seductively offered to take the discussion elsewhere if she needed to find more forgiveness, and she said that there was nothing she needed to forgive him for, other than having a psycho ex. He promised to take legal action if Mariah did anything to mess with them, but he hoped that Mariah had gotten the message that nothing would break Tyler and Abby up. He said that he still didn't know how Mariah's number had reappeared on his phone, and he moved to delete it, but Abby had another idea. Abby grabbed Tyler's phone and called Mariah, and she left a message, saying it was time she and Mariah met.

Nick informed Victoria and Nikki that no one fitting Billy or Adam's descriptions had been admitted to any local hospitals, and Victoria hoped that meant no one had been hurt, but she worried that Billy hadn't answered her messages. Victoria wondered if Billy had done something to Adam, but Nick pointed out that Billy wouldn't do anything to risk losing Victoria and Johnny. Victoria suggested that Nikki go home to get some rest, but Nikki wanted to be there for her daughter. Victoria pointed out that Nick was there, and Nick agreed that stress wasn't good for Nikki. Nikki conceded that she couldn't fight them both, and Victoria promised to call later.

After Nikki left, Nick told Victoria that she could drop the brave act. Victoria wanted to go look for Billy, but Paul had insisted that she stay home, and Nick sided with Paul. Victoria said that she would be fine if Nick had something to do, but he replied that he was doing it. Victoria expressed her appreciation for having a family that cared, and she mentioned that Victor had stopped by to give her the news about Adam. Victoria was glad that she'd heard it from Victor, and Nick commented that Victor was always there when they needed him.

Victoria recalled that Victor had dropped by another time out of concern for Billy, and Nick was surprised, but he recounted his own odd conversation with Victor about protecting family. Nick and Victoria agreed that something had seemed different about Victor, and she remembered that Victor had inquired whether Billy would be able to make peace if the driver had never been found. Nick doubted that any father could, but Victoria wondered if Billy could make peace with the truth.

Victoria was convinced that Billy had gone after Adam, and she thought that she should have known something had been wrong when Billy hadn't shown up for the Delia Project meeting. Nick asserted that there was no way anyone could have known that Adam had hit Delia, and Victoria regretted that she'd just defended Adam to Victor the day before. Victoria thought that Adam using his money to try to right the situation would make Billy even angrier, but Nick encouraged her to believe that there had been enough suffering and that there wouldn't be any more.

After Nick departed, Victoria left Billy another message, tearfully begging him to return home. She told Johnny that she knew he missed his daddy, and they cuddled. She promised the tot that Billy would be home soon.

At the ranch, Victor complained to his investigator that their witness had spilled everything to the police. The investigator thought that he could get George Hawkins to revise his account of the accident, but Victor flatly stated that the truth was out. Victor ordered the investigator to find Billy and Adam, and the investor replied that he didn't know how Adam had avoided the police. Victor suspected that justice was being handed out as they spoke.

As Victor's investigator left, Jack showed up at the ranch and bellowed that Victor had really done it "this time." Victor feigned ignorance, and Jack said that he'd known that Victor had been blackmailing Adam with something, but he'd never dreamed that Victor would use information about Delia's death for his own gain rather than going to the police. "Whatever happens to Billy and Adam now is on your head," Jack snarled.

Victor said that he had been deeply upset when he'd found out that Adam had accidentally killed Delia, just as Jack had been. Jack barked that the difference was that Jack had found out the day before, while Victor had known for weeks. Victor countered that he'd only been certain for a few days, but Jack asserted that Victor was guilty of obstruction, and he admonished Victor for denying Delia's loved ones a sense of peace just to get closer to his grandson. Jack spat that it was a new low for Victor, but Victor huffed that Jack had no idea what lengths he would go to for his family's protection.

Jack contemplated how Victor's family would react to what Victor had done, but Victor refused to defend himself in his own home. Victor argued that Jack had become a close friend to Adam and the godfather of Adam's son, so Jack should have known what had been going on. Jack recognized that it would take him a long time to forgive himself, but he honestly hadn't known, while Victor had. Jack taunted that Victor was about to get a big dose of karma, and Victor proclaimed that Jack could never hurt him. Jack retorted that Victor had done all the damage himself, and it was only a matter of time until Nikki and the kids learned that Victor had been willing to keep the truth from them.

Victor warned Jack not to use the situation to get back at him for taking back Newman Enterprises, but Jack growled that the situation was entirely about Billy and Delia, and Victor had shown no regard for either of them. Victor hollered that he'd loved Delia, but Jack argued that if Victor had, then Victor would have pursued justice rather than blackmailing his son. Nikki entered and asked what Jack was talking about. Victor said that Jack was full of hot air, but Nikki inquired whether Victor had been holding something over Adam. Jack revealed that Victor had found out long before the police that Adam had been responsible for Delia's death, but Nikki couldn't believe that Victor would keep the information to himself.

Jack said that Victor had only kept mum because it had served a purpose, but Victor called Jack's claims conjecture. Jack said that Adam had made it clear that he'd wanted nothing to do with Victor, but then suddenly Victor had been bouncing his baby grandson on his knee. Victor claimed that Adam had had a change of heart, but Jack referred to the guardianship paperwork that Adam had insisted upon pushing through and Adam's abrupt decision to leave the country. Jack remarked that they were all pieces to a puzzle, but they made quite a picture when they were put together. Jack stormed out.

Over the phone, Victor told his investigator that he was tired of excuses, and he demanded that the investigator find Adam and Billy. Nikki commented that despite his threats and money, Victor had had no luck, but Victor swore that he would find the men. Nikki testily noted that Victor was taking care of things like he always had, and he asked what was wrong with that. She inquired whether he'd known that Adam had been the hit-and-run driver, and Victor groused that what Jack had said had been irrelevant. Nikki demanded an answer.

Nikki realized that Jack's assertion was true and that Victor had blackmailed Adam in exchange for time with his grandson. Victor defended that Connor was a Newman, but Nikki incredulously noted that Victoria was a Newman, too, and Delia had been Victoria's stepdaughter. Nikki angrily pointed out that Victoria and Billy had been mourning for months, and Victor could have given them peace. Victor imagined that Billy would have unleashed his anger on Victoria if Billy had known the truth, but Nikki admonished Victor for letting a killer go unpunished. Nikki spat that Victor had betrayed his daughter to protect his murdering son.

Victor said that Delia's death had been an accident, but Nikki ordered him not to defend what Adam had done. Victor refused to apologize for his own actions, and Nikki blasted him for showing no remorse. Victor yelled that everything he'd done had been for the sake of his family, and she scoffed at the thought that he actually believed that. She shouted that she would never understand what he had done.

Jack arrived home, and Traci guessed by his sullen demeanor that he'd seen Victor. Jack reported that Victor had denied everything, but both he and Nikki had seen Victor's guilt. Jack remarked that nothing was beneath Victor, including using blackmail to cover up a crime. Jack admitted that he blamed himself, too, since he had been closer to Adam than almost anyone. Jack wondered why Adam hadn't been honest with him, and Traci asked if Jack would have understood if Adam had confided in him. Jack said that he would have tried to if the victim had been anyone other than Delia.

Jack said that Adam had talked repeatedly about redemption, but he'd never imagined what Adam had really meant. Traci assured Jack that he couldn't have known, but Jack worried that he'd let Billy down. Traci advised that it wouldn't do Jack or Billy any good to blame himself, and Traci worried about Billy being out there alone. Jack hated the thought of Billy being alone with Adam even more.

Paul walked through the search strategy with his officers to find Adam and Billy within a ten-mile radius of the hit-and-run site. He stressed that Adam was a fugitive and that Billy was a person of interest who was likely armed, and he instructed his team to recover the men alive. An officer presented Paul with a glove that had been found at Delia's memorial site, and he said that Chelsea had identified it as Adam's.

Nick arrived at the police station and asked Paul for an update, and Paul relayed that they'd figured out that Adam had been at the memorial site. Nick surmised that Billy had probably been there, too, and Paul said that his men were covering the surrounding area, but there had been no sign of either Billy or Adam. Nick figured that Billy was calling the shots if the men were together, and he recalled that he had been out of his mind with grief and bent on revenge after Cassie had died. Nick recounted that he'd wanted Daniel to see everything Daniel had taken, and he'd imagined forcing Daniel to go to Cassie's favorite places. Paul thought that Nick was onto something, and he raced off to check Nick's theory. Nick chased after him.

In the aftermath of the crash, Adam's car had flipped over. Someone pounded on the window from inside the car, and glass shattered. One of the passengers tumbled out of the car and struggled to stand, and he started to stagger away in the snow. Meanwhile, the other passenger's bloody fingers twitched.

Paul arrived at the crash scene and saw the overturned car. Nick recognized it as Adam's vehicle, and he started to head down the embankment, despite Paul's attempts to stop him. Paul asked a man at the scene if he'd witnessed the accident, but the man reported that he'd found the car like that. The man added that he'd seen a guy wander off, and he pointed in the direction the person had headed. Nick yelled out that someone was still in the car, and Paul rushed over to help.

Nick said that he couldn't tell who was in the car, and Paul determined that they needed the Jaws of Life to get the person out. A spark suddenly ignited, and Paul and Nick dropped to the ground as the vehicle burst into flames.

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