The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on Y&R

Chris quit her job as assistant D.A. Nick told Sharon that Cameron was obsessed with her. Katherine was afraid she wouldn't be able to quit drinking. Nikki, Nick, and Sharon pieced together the facts and concluded that Cameron and Grace were scheming together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, May 31, 2004

Nick told Victor he thought he was in over his head. Victor wondered if Nick would feel different if he had asked Nick to be an equal partner. Nick thought about the offer and decided that he would give it a shot. He told his dad they had a deal and that they would discuss the matter further later on. When Nick left, Victor smiled slightly. It had been one of the first positive things in their relationship in a long time.

Michael showed up at Sharon's door and wanted to know why she wanted to apologize to him. Sharon said that she realized that she should have told Nick about Cameron. Since Cameron was alive, everything had become worse. Michael was stunned to hear that Cameron was alive.

Michael thought Sharon would be delighted. However, Sharon said that since Cameron was back in their lives, she could no longer pretend nothing had ever happened. What made it even worse was that Cameron had offered Nick the position of COO, and she thought that Nick was considering taking it. Sharon thought that if she didn't tell Nick the truth, Cameron might have something else up his sleeve. She wondered if she had a chance of getting custody of her children if the issue of divorce arose between her and Nick.

Michael told Sharon that she would be crazy to tell Nick the truth, especially when she was free and clear of her felonies against Cameron. Nick returned home and told Sharon he was glad to see her. Her wondered if she was okay because she had sounded worried on the phone. Sharon told Nick that she had to tell him something really important -- something she should have told him a long time before.

Olivia went to see Dru and wanted to help her with her hair-loss problem. She told Dru that she had read a lot about it, and there were a lot of things one could do about the problem. Dru admitted that she hadn't wanted to leave the house. Even though Neil was very supportive, Dru said, men couldn't understand what it was like for a woman to lose her hair. Olivia was surprised Dru would rely so much on her hair. She'd always thought Dru was very confident in herself. The two shared a sister-to-sister moment.

Christine told Danny that they had to try to convince Daniel to stay longer. Christine was really bothered that Phyllis would accuse Christine of taking her son away from her. Christine was worried about Daniel. She was also worried about the Kevin Fisher case. Her new job was a tough one because she felt that as a prosecutor, she couldn't really get the whole story -- especially with her boss telling her what to do.

Christine told Danny that even Paul was questioning the Fisher case. Just then, Paul knocked on the door. He tried to convince Christine to take new evidence to her boss on Kevin's behalf. Christine agreed.

Diane went to see Jack to give him some news. She knew he had a lot on his mind lately, but as his friend and a major contributor to Jabot, she thought he should know something about some people that he worked for. Diane spilled the beans about Damon's theft of the hair product and how Dru had also stolen a vial and used it on herself. Jack was happy about the new bit of information. It gave Jack a great opportunity to fire Damon and Dru and also remain guilt-free. He thanked Diane for the information.

Phyllis was really quiet, and Damon wondered if anything was wrong. Phyllis told him she was worried that Diane had some tricks up her sleeve where Damon was concerned. Damon laughed it off and stated that Diane was harmless. Although Phyllis was determined to convince him that he should be more skeptical of Diane, he seemed to believe that she was harmless. Just as he wondered what the worst thing she could do was, the phone rang. It was Jack, and he wanted Damon to meet him right away.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Ashley and Olivia discussed the Victor and Abby situation. Ashley wanted to speak with Wesley. Olivia revealed that she and Wesley were no longer engaged. Wesley was in Europe. They had both realized they'd drifted apart. She said she was fine. The topic of Dru arose, and Ashley was shocked to hear about the hair product results.

Phyllis taunted Diane at the Athletic Club, but Diane wasn't fazed. She enjoyed throwing Phyllis' insecurities in her face. Michael spotted Phyllis with Diane and almost left to avoid the certain mess until he spotted Grace with Cameron. Diane wondered why Phyllis was so concerned about her if she and Damon were so solid.

Phyllis threatened to tell Jack, but Diane didn't care. Phyllis told her to back off before she embarrassed herself. Diane laughed that Damon was as useful to her as he was to Jabot. His days were numbered.

Grace and Cameron had breakfast at the club. She was still furious he had revealed he was alive. She was worried he was becoming obsessed. He wanted to see Sharon suffer. Michael joined them for breakfast to catch up with Grace and meet the "back from the dead" Cameron. He knew how much Cameron's disappearance had upset the Newmans. Michael couldn't believe Cameron had been able to convince an ex to fly off and live on an island for months and then convince Grace to take him back.

Jack met with Damon and told him his employment was terminated. Damon didn't believe that was professional but that it was really all about Phyllis. Damon wondered if Jack had told anyone else on the board about it. Jack said he was the president and could fire as he pleased. Damon's sole major project was a failure, and Jack hadn't learned it from Damon.

Damon said it had only been an experiment, but Jack begged to differ. Damon touted it as a miracle product. Damon was effusive until Jack mentioned that Damon had stolen from Jabot. He knew about the vials Damon had stolen. Jack said that Damon should consider himself lucky for not being prosecuted.

Damon bumped into Ashley, who was stunned to hear he had been fired. Ashley stormed into Jack's office and demanded to know what was going on.

Nick told Sharon that, thanks to Cassie, he was thinking about taking his dad up on the offer to work on the recreation center. He weighed the options still, since the job with Cameron would require a move to Colorado. Sharon flipped out and told him she could help him make the decision. She had to tell him about Cameron and her.

Christine had the D.A. meet at her apartment. She didn't think Kevin Fisher had attacked Brittany Hodges. She explained about Neil's P.I. information, but the D.A. wouldn't do anything until the information was confirmed. Christine pointed out that the only witness was the bartender at Marsino's. They owed Kevin some leeway. He ordered her to do her job and to take the proof into open court. She told him the situation wasn't working out. She quit.

Victor met with Miss Davis at the recreation center's site. She had taken three teenagers to help Victor clean. Victor offered to put the three young men's name on a plaque outside the center. He got them to begin working on cleaning. One kid refused to help, so Victor let him know that he could help whenever he wanted.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Ashley confronted Jack about firing Damon. Jack told her that as CEO, he had the right to do that. Not only had Damon's work amounted to nothing and his salary was a drain on Jabot, but he'd just discovered that Damon had stolen from the company. Ashley wasn't impressed by Jack's story or that he'd gotten his information from Diane. She said Damon was a brilliant chemist, and it wasn't Jack's place to hand out pink slips to her employees.

Ashley was sure it was all just payback because Damon was involved with Phyllis. It was her intention to rehire Damon. Jack warned her not to fight him, but Ashley left his office with a vow that it was Jack who shouldn't fight her, because he wouldn't win.

Damon stopped by the Athletic Club to have a drink, and he ran into Diane. He was interested that when he told her that he no longer had a job, she immediately asked if Jack had fired him. Diane managed to evade his questions and said that she and Jack had talked and found some common ground, but she wasn't any more specific than that. She then left him, saying she needed to get back to Kyle, and Damon watched her leave.

Jill arrived home and found Esther and Arthur trying to persuade Katherine to check herself into rehab. Jill was happy to hear that Katherine hadn't had a drink all day, but she took Katherine's side against the others, asking for some time alone with her mother. Jill reassured Katherine that she believed in her and thought Katherine was a strong enough woman to do it without rehab, just as she had twenty years before. But the more important question was whether or not Katherine believed in herself.

Katherine finally broke down and said she didn't know if she could do it, and she couldn't bear to disappoint everyone who believed in her. Jill vowed that she would sit up with her mother all night, and stay with her all day the next day, if it would help her get through the desire to have a drink. She wrapped her arms around a suffering Katherine.

Christine went to Paul's office and enjoyed a warm reunion with Lynne, who she hadn't seen in a while. However, she was there to tell Paul about her meeting with Glenn Richards to discuss Kevin's case. Paul was sorry to hear that neither the new evidence nor Christine's argument on Kevin's behalf had moved Glenn. Paul was surprised to hear that Christine had resigned from the prosecutor's office and apologized, saying he hadn't meant to get her in hot water by asking for her help.

Christine said that her resignation had actually been very civil, and she had no regrets. She was excited about all the possibilities that it opened up for her future. She didn't want to hear Paul's warnings about not getting back into practice with Michael, and she was also a little distressed when Paul speculated that Victor's recommendation of her to the assistant district attorney position might have been because he wanted a friend there when his own activities were revealed. They were surprised when Lynne buzzed Paul to let him know that Detective Weber was there to talk to him.

Michael continued to bait Grace and Cameron at the Athletic Club, talking about how the Grace he'd once known would never have tolerated the public humiliation of Cameron leaving her for months with another woman while the rest of the world thought he'd met with foul play. Cameron began to suspect that Michael knew much more than he was letting on, and the three of them danced around the subject of Sharon and the rest of the Newmans. Michael was obviously pleased that he'd managed to strike a few nerves and left a disgruntled Grace and a curious Cameron alone.

Sharon began her confessions to Nick, beginning with the incident in Denver. Nick was at first angry to hear about Sharon's sexual encounter and wondered if he knew her at all, but he suppressed his anger when she told him that Cameron had brutally beaten her. As she went on to talk about the things Cameron had done after arriving in Genoa City, he asked Sharon why she'd never turned to him about any of it. He felt it was possible he could have helped her.

Sharon said she'd been terrified of losing him, and she'd made a lot of mistakes. Nick listened with disbelief to the tale of New Year's Eve and all the things she'd done afterward, including seeking legal advice from Michael and getting help from Larry. He said it was all like a bad horror story, but Sharon said there was more and begged him to hear her out.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

In Paul's office, Detective Weber arrived and explained that the evidence exonerating Kevin hadn't checked out because the private investigator had refused to stand up in court and back up his activity log. Paul was certain somebody had scared Eddie into not testifying. Meanwhile, at the mental hospital, Michael visited Kevin and revealed evidence had surfaced that proved Kevin hadn't electrocuted Brittany.

Unable to fight the urge, Katherine went for a drink. Jill stopped her and suggested they sing instead. She launched into "I'm Gonna Live Till I Die," and Katherine reluctantly joined in. Soon, Katherine broke down in tears, unable to cope with the craving, and poured herself some vodka. Ashamed, Katherine asked Jill to leave, but Jill insisted she wasn't going anywhere and hugged Katherine.

Meanwhile, Cameron worried Michael might unravel all he and Grace had worked so hard to do. In an attempt to get Cameron's mind off things, Grace tried to seduce him but was rejected.

At home, Victor continued working on plans for the recreation center. Nikki arrived. Victor mentioned the foster kids Lorena had taken to help him and in particular, Devon. Victor hoped he'd be able to reach out to some of the kids and have a positive impact on their lives. Nikki was thrilled when Victor revealed Nick had agreed to help in the project, hoping it would allow father and son to repair their relationship. Victor was inspired by Nikki's faith and kissed her passionately.

Friday, June 4, 2004

When Sharon joined Nick at the Newman pool after they'd both had a sleepless night, they reviewed some of the details of what she'd told him about Cameron. Nikki was relieved to find out that Sharon had told Nick the whole truth, and the three of them speculated on what Cameron was up to. When Sharon continued to be baffled by Cameron's interest in her, Nick mentioned Grace, wondering if she was conspiring with Cameron because of her vendetta against Sharon.

Michael startled Grace by walking up behind her at Crimson Lights then he sat down to have a little talk with her. Grace deftly handled his questions, especially when Michael speculated that Grace might have been in Genoa City with Cameron as early as New Year's Eve. Grace insisted that her delay in going there wasn't because she knew Cameron was okay but because she'd had to wait until she could take a leave of absence from work. She wondered if Michael had something going on with Sharon. Michael said that he and Sharon had become close when he had offered her legal advice, but he wouldn't give Grace any of the details she wanted. Finally he told her that he liked her and thought she might be in over her head. When he questioned the nature of Cameron and Grace's sex life, Grace tried to leave, and Michael urged her to call him if she ever needed him.

Victor visited Cameron in his hotel room and asked him to withdraw his offer of a COO position to Nick. Victor insisted that he and his son would be working side by side on projects to benefit the community, and he didn't trust Cameron's motives in wanting to hire Nick. When Cameron refused to withdraw his offer but reassured Victor that he wouldn't make things worse between him and his son by telling Nick that Victor had been meddling in his life, Victor warned Cameron not to interfere with Victor's family, or Cameron would be very sorry.

Bobby went to see Paul, who told him about the new information that exonerated Kevin. The problem was, the P.I. who'd done it had refused to testify as to its accuracy. In Paul's opinion, someone in Bobby's organization had leaned on the P.I. Bobby was furious, saying if anyone he knew had done that to Brittany, then Bobby hadn't been part of it and would make them pay. He left, telling Paul that they hadn't had that conversation.

Brittany wasn't impressed by the research Raul had been doing on the Internet to find a means for removing her scar. She said she was just learning to live with it, and she didn't want to try things that would give her false hope. All she wanted to do was adjust, and Bobby's offer to give her a venue to sing in was what she really wanted. When Raul tried to get romantic with her, Brittany's withdrawal made him suspicious.

Raul asked Brittany what was going on with Bobby, telling her he knew they weren't sleeping together. He asked if something was going on in her heart. Brittany said she didn't know and left to get dressed. As Raul brooded, Bobby arrived at the loft and told Raul that something bad was going down, and Raul needed to get Brittany out of town.

Lauren went to visit Kevin in the psychiatric ward and was impressed by the relaxed way he handled the other patients there. Kevin said it felt good not to be the most messed up person there. When Lauren suggested that when he got out, Kevin consider becoming a counselor, Kevin said he didn't know about that. But he was going to do something with his life. He was tired of being a screwup, and he felt like he'd been given a second chance.

Kevin borrowed Lauren's cell phone, and while another patient distracted her, Kevin called Detective Weber and chided the detective for having arrested him. He admitted that he'd been faking being crazy and gloated that he'd gotten the best of Hank Weber. Weber told Kevin he should have played his game a little longer, because the evidence that he'd thought would clear him hadn't panned out. Kevin was still under arrest. Kevin snapped the cell phone shut and began screaming, "No!" as Lauren looked on in dismay.

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