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Hilary Curtis Hamilton
Actor History
Other Names

Ann Turner (adoptive name)


Birthday July 1

Died Jul 27, 2018, after being involved in a car accident


Host of The Hilary Hour at time of death

Former owner of GC Buzz TV

Former host of GC Buzz TV

Former spokesperson/partner in the research project headed by Dr. Simon Neville

Former assistant to Jack Abbot at Jabot Cosmetics (and Newman-Abbott Enterprises)

Former assistant to Cane Ashby at Chancellor Industries

Formerly worked at WorldCo in multiplatform advertising and social media

Degree in Economics and International Studies from a college in Chicago

Speaks 3 languages, including Mandarin


Lakeview Towers penthouse B at 1500 Market Street with Devon at time of death

Marital Status

Married Devon Hamilton on her deathbed [Jul 27, 2018]

Past Marriages

Devon Hamilton [Married: Aug 17, 2015; Divorced: Apr 16, 2017; Married: Jul 27, 2018, Died: Jul 27, 2018]

Neil Winters [Married: Jul 24, 2014; Divorced: Jun 2, 2015] (Deceased)


Naya Benedict (Mother)

Richard Nealon (Father; deceased)

Rose Turner (adoptive mother, deceased)

Sutton Ames (Maternal grandfather)

Amanda Sinclair (twin sister)

Imani Benedict (Half sister)


Miscarriage just before death, fathered by Devon Hamilton

Flings & Affairs

Mason Wilder (lovers)

Neil Winters (lovers)

Devon Hamilton Winters (extra-marital affair, 2014, 2015)

Winston Mobley (seduced, had sex with)

Jordan Wilde (lovers 2017)

Devon Hamilton Winters (lovers 2018)

Health and Vitals

Severe leg injury and cardiac arrest from plane crash [Feb 2015]

In coma after a fall from a cliff [Aug 2015]

Dangerous drug cocktail which brought her out of coma resulted in memory loss [Nov 2015]

Ruptured liver and aortic tear suffered in car accident complicated by a disseminated vascular coagulation which led to her death [Jul 2018]

Crimes Committed

Stalking and defamation of the Winters family


Mobile phone number was (262) 555-0171

Brief Character History

Neil Winter's attorney girlfriend Leslie Michaelson broke down and admitted the truth to Neil about her past, that her father, Gus, was in prison for killing her mother, and that she and her brother Tyler had changed their names as teenagers when they went to California to live with an aunt. Neil later stopped Leslie from leaving town after she received a call on her cell phone from Gus, and talked her into going to see Gus in prison. Gus was eventually cleared and released from prison, but it was not long before Gus died from a heart attack. After his death, Leslie found a saved packet of letters written to him from a woman named Rose.

After Neil's apartment was ransacked and memorabilia and a flash drive containing sensitive Jabot files were taken, a story about Leslie hiding her secret past hit the Internet on the GC Buzz page. When questioned about potential enemies, Neil could not think of any. Later another story about his daughter Lily and her husband Cane appeared which had come from Neil's stolen journal. Computer-hacker Kevin Fisher, who was assisting the police, tracked the uploads from a computer in the Genoa City Athletic Club's business center.

When a story about Neil's son Devon hit the GC Buzz, Neil posted an open letter there daring the attacker to identify themselves and take Neil on in the open. Leslie realized that a phrase used in the Lily story was a variation on the line "I don't want realism, I want magic." from Streetcar Named Desire, which had also been used in one of Rose's letters to Gus, and she felt it was no coincidence.

Inside the safety deposit box of Gus, Leslie and Tyler found a will giving Rose half of Gus' estate and photos of their mother, themselves, and one of Rose which was signed, "I haven't forgotten. I never will." A reply to Neil appeared on the GC Buzz: "How easily you seem to have cleaned up your mess and swept it all away. I haven't forgotten. I never will." Leslie noted the similarity in the signature line on Rose's photo. So Neil responded, "You've gotten my attention with pointed remarks, like a thorn on a rose." to see what it might stir up. The reply was "You are not so perfect. What would your children or grandchildren think of you if they knew what you'd done?"

Leslie then discovered that Rose died in 2007 in Evanston, IL, from a stroke, and that Rose had a daughter, Ann Turner, who had left the country after her mother had died. Leslie was trying to track her down.

Neil later remembered that he had been in Evanston that year during his alcoholic period, and met a woman named Rose in a bar. Neil and Leslie went to the bar where the bartender identified Rose's photo. He also remembered how Neil had rescued Rose's stolen purse and subdued the purse-snatcher, how they had left together, but said that he had never seen either of them again. Leslie suggested hypnosis, which made Neil remember that they had talked about his kids and her daughter Ann, that after he caught the purse-snatcher, Rose had kissed him as a reward. They left the bar together falling-down-drunk as he gave her his business card, and they ended up at a hotel. But Neil also recalled that after Rose passed out, he had put a "do not disturb" sign on the door and left. But when Neil told Leslie about it, they put it together that this happened the night that Rose died April 15, 2007.

Feeling guilty, Neil confessed to the police who felt that no crime had been committed. Neil followed the detective's suggestion that they bait the blogger telling them that he knew what he did and wanted to meet and explain the truth. The response called him a murderer, saying they would not back down until he lost everything just as they had. Neil decided that the blogger had to be Ann Turner, and despite Leslie's insistence that the blogger had to be in Genoa City, Neil took off for her last known address in London. Viewers then saw Cane's assistant Hilary Curtis staring at a photo of Rose, and realized that Hilary was Ann Turner. Neil returned with information that Hilary had been working for a successful financier, but had suddenly quit the day that Gus was released from prison. In Ann's belongings left behind, Neil found his old business card and some newspaper clippings, one announcing that Leslie had joined Jabot and was working for Neil. Meanwhile, Hilary told her boss Cane how her mother had gone through hell, and she had died alone, and that Hilary should have been there for her. Neil gave Kevin the phone number Ann had called repeatedly from London which Kevin tracked back to Newman. Then viewers saw Hilary arrive home and kiss a half-naked Mason Wilder, who formerly worked at Newman and modeled for Jabot. Mason had been her accomplice. Cane and Lily discovered that Hilary was Ann, and told Neil. Neil met with Hilary and explained what had happened between him and her mother, Rose. He assured Hilary that he was not interested in punishing her, but asked her to stop punishing him. But after they parted, Hilary played his confession to the GCBuzz, and it was published that Neil was responsible for Rose's death.

Neil again tried to reason with Hilary, finally telling her that he deserved her anger, to go ahead and hate him, but to stop hurting the people that he loved who were innocent. They sat down and had a heart to heart about how close she had been to her mother, the shock of her death causing Hilary to leave school and the country, desperate to forget. Neil offered to start a memorial in Rose's name or a college scholarship. Hilary agreed and toasted to a fresh start between them. Neil was pleased until he realized there was vodka in the orange juice she had given him, and spit it out. Hilary admitted to trying to get him drunk, just like he had done to her mother. Neil gave up and left. Determined to put an end to it, Devon offered Hilary a million dollars to go away and leave them alone, but she turned it down. Mason overheard, got mad and walked out, realizing they were not partners, and that she had just been using him.

Leslie intervened and gave Hilary the old letters that Rose had written to Gus. After reading them, Hilary apologized to Neil for tormenting him and his family, saying that she knew in her heart that Rose had been drinking ever since Hilary had left for college. Hilary admitted that she had been caught up in grief, and what she had done to his family had not brought her mother back nor made the ache in her heart go away. Neil forgave Hilary, and Hilary reminded Neil that it was time he forgave himself for Rose's death as well. Believing Hilary to be sincere, Neil offered her a job at Jabot as assistant to CEO Jack Abbott. When Jack heard the story, he took up for Hilary against the rest of the Winters family who still did not trust her. The always efficient assistant, Hilary soon became Jack's sounding board and friend. Devon began hanging out with Mason, and dismissed Hilary's warning not to trust him, while Mason continued make charges to a duplicate of Devon's credit card.

Stuck in an elevator together, Jill showed Hilary the music box she had inherited from Katherine, and in chatting, discovered they had similar roots; their families being abandoned by their fathers when they were very young.

Hilary tipped Devon that Mason was the one who had stolen his identity. Devon slugged Mason, accused him, and told him to stop lying as he was about to prove it. Later Mason threatened pressing assault charges. Although the security footage had only shown the back of someone's head, Devon bluffed Mason that they had a great shot of him checking into the hotel, plus handwriting analysis, which sent Mason fleeing.

When Devon heard that the athletic club was for sale, he bought it. Cane agreed to become the business manager, and Lily the club manager. Lily's first act as manager was to kick Hilary out, but Devon stood up for Hilary and got her a suite instead.

Thanks to some effective sleuthing by Hilary, she and Jack discovered that Bonaventure Industries had become profitable by selling diet drugs illegally online only after Victor took over Chancellor and control of Bonaventure. After Summer nearly died from taking Bonaventure's VivaSurge, Jack knew he had the means to get back at Victor.

Devon agreed to underwrite the Delia Project fund raiser that was to be held at the athletic club. Lily was resentful when Hilary came up with a fairytale theme "Once Upon a Winter's Evening". Devon was impressed with her creativity and asked Hilary to help. Lily was shocked to realize that Devon liked and was attracted to Hilary. Neil approved and said he felt confident that Hilary had changed, so Devon finally asked her to have dinner with him.

Jack attended the Delia Project Valentine's Day benefit, calling Phyllis to say good night and wish that she were there with him. Hilary adjusted his tie and kissed him, backing away embarrassed. She later apologized to Jack for being so forward.

Neil and Hilary were appointed by Jack as liaisons between Jabot and Forrester Creations for the promotion of the Chelsea line, but Lily refused to work with her on the fashion show. Hilary and Neil traveled to L.A. to meet with the Forresters and began to enjoy each other. They ended up making a bet on the outcome of the basketball final 4, even though Hilary disliked the game. Then for fun they attended a television taping of 'The Price is Right', where Hilary won $12,500. Upon their return, Neil was shocked to find out that Leslie had gotten married to a doctor she had known online for only three weeks. Neil took it very hard, doubting that she had ever loved him. Hilary told him that he was lucky she had set him free, that it was not meant to be, and reminded him that she knew his history of spending years chasing the wrong women. Neil, in trying to explain what real love is, ended up kissing Hilary. He said that if only they had met at another time.

The fashion show was held using real women of Genoa City as models, Lily, Hilary, and Abby alongside Esmerelda the featured model for the line. Lily insisted on bickering with Hilary throughout, but the fashion show was a hit. Devon accidentally walked in on a half-dressed Hilary as she was changing for the show and was impressed with what he saw. Afterward, Hilary berated Leslie for breaking the heart of a good man like Neil. Leslie accused her of wanting Neil for herself. Later, when Neil kissed Hilary again, she backed away saying that he was only on the rebound, and her number one rule was to not get involved with someone she worked with. But she succumbed to his advances and they made love. Afterward, Hilary felt that it should stay a secret due to the way his family still felt about her.

Many sexual rendezvous later, Neil suggested taking their relationship public, and telling Devon first, but Hilary reminded him that the gossip rags would have a field day with it. But Devon saw them kissing as Neil left her room and confronted Hilary, calling her a gold digger. Joining Neil, Lily and Cane in the GCAC dining room, Devon announced that Neil was sleeping with Hilary. All were shocked. Hilary joined them, and Lily tore into her. Hilary left, Neil made his choice, and followed her. He then told Hilary that he loved her, and she admitted that she felt the same way. Tired of the flack from Lily and Devon, Hilary packed her bags to move out of the GCAC. Neil intercepted her on the way out and announced to a shocked Lily and Devon that she was moving in with him.

At the family father's day celebration, Lily tried to shame Neil into dumping Hilary by telling him that his son Moses would be going to kindergarten this year, and other people would tease him because his father was living in sin with a younger woman. Neil decided Lily was right, and asked Hilary to marry him instead. Hilary accepted, and Lily was appalled when she found out. Neil decided they would get married the next day. So Devon met Hilary in the park and told her he thought she would be better with him and kissed her. Hilary admitted there was a connection between them, but it was too late, that Neil was fulfilling all her dreams she was committed to him. Neil and Hilary were married in Chancellor park, and only Devon showed up to be his best man. Hilary hesitated her I do, looking into Devon's eyes, but went through with it. Devon wished them the best, and to be happy. But Devon drank all night and cornered Hilary in the elevator the next day trying to tell her how much he loved her. Hilary told him to sober up and shut him down. Then Hilary went to Neil and told him she wanted to have a baby. Neil assured her there was no rush.

Marriage did not keep Lily from continually snarking at Hilary, in fact she even pushed Hilary into the GCAG pool. Neil shamed Lily in front of her kids and told her to grow up and get over it. Devon took Hilary to a room, told her to take a relaxing bath while housekeeping took care of her clothes. Devon bought her some clothes when Lily made Hilary's clothes "disappear". Devon and Hilary went to the laundry to look for her clothes, where he told her that he was leaving town for however long it would take to get over her. Hilary tried to talk him out of it until Devon kissed her, and passion overtook them as they started tearing at each others clothes. Cane spotted them and made a noise to interrupt them. Cane later told Hilary that he knew about them, and suggested to Hilary that if she had feelings for Devon, she needed to break it off with Neil.

Neil was called away to Hong Kong, and asked Devon to take Hilary home. On the way, Devon stopped to discuss how Hilary could have feelings for him and still be married to his father. Hilary said that she had made her choice, to take her home, but Devon's car would not start and their cells were out of range. They began to argue, and ended up laughing at themselves and Hilary's unreasonable fear of cows. They sat on the side of the road listening to music while waiting for a car to pass by, reminiscing about their childhoods, the stars, and how Hilary had hoped to be a professional dancer. They began to dance, and ended up spending the night there before someone finally drove by and rescued them. Neil's trip had been canceled, and he happily welcomed them home. But when Neil passionately kissed Hilary, her mind wished it were Devon.

Running into each other in the park, Devon and Hilary admitted that it was getting harder and harder to deny their feelings. Devon gave her an address of an out of the way bar and challenged Hilary to meet him there, or he was going to have to leave town. After a romantic lunch with Neil, Hilary showed up at the bar, and she and Devon declared their love. They acknowledged that Neil needed to be told, and Hilary offered to do it herself. But Cane and Hilary found Neil unconscious after being electrocuted in the old fixer-upper house he had bought for her. As the family waited in the E.R., Lily attacked Hilary, saying it was all her fault, that she had manipulated Neil into marrying her, tricked him into buying house, and was hurting him just as Lily knew she would. Cane broke them apart, trying to get Lily to stop her tirade. Hilary, feeling both hurt and guilty, told Lily she had no idea Neil had bought a house. Cane admitted that he had known about the house, and felt guilty that he had been there helping Neil with the electrical problem just prior to the accident. Dr. Barton reported that Neil had suffered severe electrical shock with superficial burns, but found no severe internal injury. Neil finally regained consciousness and requested only Hilary, further infuriating Lily. Hilary was shocked when Neil opened his eyes and discovered that he could not see. Neil was diagnosed with cortical visual impairment, and warned that it could be permanent. Later, alone with Hilary, Devon hugged her, and tried to assure her that Neil would be fine, they would help Neil get through it, then afterward they could think about being together. Hilary slapped Devon and said, "There is no us, only Neil."

Neil refused the help of a therapist for the blind at the hospital, and went home, sure that it was only temporary. He became enraged when everyone tried to baby him, and that Lily had rearranged the furniture in an effort to help him avoid it. Sending Lily and Devon away, he was comforted by Hilary. It finally took a visit from Neil's brother Malcolm to get Neil to stop pushing everyone away and admit that he was afraid that he would never see again. Lily later made up with Hilary, telling her that she was glad that Hilary was there for Neil.

Hilary continued to fight her attraction to Devon, reminding him that Neil needed her. But their eyes locked, they kissed, and they burst into a guest room and made love. Later when Hilary arrived home, Neil asked her for a divorce, wanting to set her free. Hilary, feeling guilty, said no, never. Devon was upset to hear from Neil that Hilary had been given the chance for them to be together but had turned it down.

While Hilary was in New York on business, Devon showed up at her hotel, and they had a fantasy night pretending they were other people meeting for the first time. The next morning, Cane accompanied Neil to surprise Hilary, walking into the hotel room to find Devon and Hilary in bed together. Luckily since Neil was blind, he was unaware. Cane helped Devon get out unnoticed and told him that he was done lying to his family for him. Devon promised it would never happen again. In his haste to leave Devon dropped his phone in the room, and it rang with Neil recognizing the ring tone as Devon's, but Hilary claimed it was hers. Neil tried to talk Hilary into staying and enjoying the honeymoon they had missed, but Hilary made excuses not to be intimate with Neil, but that eventually changed as Neil made peace with his situation. He depended on Hilary and learned braille and how to get around with the use of a cane.

Colin Atkinson (Cane's father) saw Devon and Hilary kissing then entering a guestroom at GCAC. Colin later went to each of them inferring that he knew about their affair, wanting a payoff to keep quiet. Devon called his bluff until Colin told Neil that he and Devon had made a business deal he wanted to tell him all about and walked away with an easy two million dollars.

After being pressured by Neil and Lily to meet Devon's "new love", Hilary convinced Gwen, a Jabot accountant, to pose as his girlfriend for dinner at the club. But Neil and Lily became concerned that the couple didn't seem to know much about each other.

After the family Christmas celebration, Hilary told Devon she felt too guilty, and they had to end their affair. Devon responded by giving Hilary an eternity band for when they can finally be together. Hilary became jealous seeing Devon and Gwen together on New Year's Eve.

Neil told Hilary that he wanted another baby and asked her to throw away her birth control pills. Hilary agreed, but viewers saw what Neil could not, as only the case went into the trash, and the pills back into her purse. When Devon heard about their baby plan, he got it on with Gwen, making Hilary jealous. Hilary confronted Devon about it, and explained that she was still on the pill, and he was the only man she wanted to have a baby with. A few weeks later, Neil was shocked to find birth control pills in Hilary's purse, and Hilary admitted she just wasn't ready yet. Then she and Devon made plans to spend a few days together at a luxury hotel in Chicago.

They returned home to a surprise from Neil, news that he was beginning to see light and shadows. Devon and Hilary celebrated, knowing that as soon as Neil regained his sight they would tell him about their love and be free to be together. But Neil returned from the doctor dejected that he had been dropped from the clinical trial. Devon and Hilary went to his suite to commiserate and ended up in bed together.

On Valentines Day, Lily, Cane, Jill, Colin, and Devon were flying to Chicago on a private jet provided by a real estate mogul who wanted Chancellor to move to Chicago. Devon turned it into a family trip by inviting Neil and Hilary to come along. During the flight Neil got up and poured himself a drink, turned to see astonished eyes on him, and said, "Yes I know it is alcohol," proceeded to read the bottle to them, and downed it. "Yes, I can see. I can see everything," as he glared at Devon and Hilary. Neil told everyone that the first thing he had seen was his cheating wife in bed with his son Devon, that Cane and Colin had known about their affair, and that Colin had been blackmailing Devon over it. Devon pleaded with everyone that they were in love and did not want to hurt anyone. Lily was livid with Cane and slapped Devon. Moments later, the jet hit turbulence and crashed. Devon came-to among the ruins of the jet in the snow. Everyone had minor cuts and bruises, except the pilot had been killed, and Hilary was pinned under some wreckage. She experienced cardiac arrest, but Neil brought her back with CPR. With no cell signal, they waited to be found, Colin built a fire, sent up flares, and found blankets in the jet to keep them warm. By the next morning with Hilary's leg injury making her weaker, Devon was chosen to hike for help. But before he could leave, Neil was discovered missing, and the map was gone as well. Hilary continued to lapse in and out of consciousness until a rescue helicopter that Neil had sent hovered above.

After Hilary's surgery, Devon hovered at her bedside while Hilary worried that Neil now hated them both. Devon said that it was inevitable, and suggested they leave town. Neil arrived, and Devon thanked him for saving everyone's life. Neil spat that if Lily hadn't been there, he would have let them all freeze to death, and let Hilary know that her things would be sent to Devon's. After Devon left the room, Hilary smirked at Neil that she had finally accomplished her revenge by alienating his family and sending Neil back to bottle. Devon overheard her saying that she had never loved Neil or Devon, broke in, and accused her of lying so he could salvage his relationship with his father. Hilary laughed and ridiculed them both. But after they left, she burst into tears. Later Lily stopped by and threatened Hilary to get the hell out of town or else. But Hilary was later seen drinking green beer at a bar on St. Patrick's Day, confiding in a drunk named Lou about how she had ruined the lives of the people she most cared about.

Neil was arraigned and granted bail for causing the death of Christine Williams' unborn child in a car accident. Hilary offered to testify for Neil that she had driven him to drink, but he bitterly told her that if her offer was in hopes of getting a bigger settlement, she could save it, because she was going to get nothing. Neil was upset when Lily hired Leslie Michelson Shelby to represent him, refusing to pander to the jury with his former blindness or to throw Nikki under the bus. But Leslie was able to convince him to plead not guilty. Hilary, feeling bad for Neil and trying to help, arranged to run into Winston Mobley A.D.A. and seduced him as Ann Turner. Winston balked and called a recess when Hilary took the witness stand and identified herself as Neil's wife Hilary. By phone, he told Hilary he would have to recuse himself from the case, but she convinced them that his reason would ruin his career. Winston returned to court and proposed a plea bargain instead. Neil pled guilty to homicide by negligent operation of a motor vehicle and battery to an unborn child, received two years probation and community service, mandatory AA attendance, with any violation getting him prison time. Devon overheard Hilary and confronted her with using the A.D.A. to get Neil off. Hilary admitted that she did it for Neil and still loved Devon. Devon and Hilary resumed their relationship, and Devon asked Neil to accept that they were in love and going to be together. Neil spat that he wished them pain and unhappiness, reminding them that karma is a bitch.

Hilary received the divorce papers and signed them, insisting on delivering them to Neil herself. As he signed, Hilary sincerely apologized for all that had happened, but Neil was zoned out and fighting off thoughts of revenge. Devon and Hilary celebrated her freedom in bed, and Devon proposed, offering again the promise ring that he had given her secretly. They came downstairs and announced their impending marriage to a steaming Lily and Neil. Devon and Hilary were shocked when Lily suddenly decided to forgive them and welcome them back to the family a few weeks later. But even more so when they discovered it was due to her guilt over being unfaithful to Cane. Devon and Hilary began making wedding plans with Lily as their consultant. Neil assured Hilary that he would not do anything to ruin her wedding, though it would be awkward for him to attend. Lauren brought Hilary gowns to try on, and she selected one the day before her wedding. Lily was surprisingly supportive, even hugging Hilary because she made Devon so happy, and her twins acted as flower girl and ring bearer. Hilary was beautiful in her wedding gown and cascading bouquet, but the wedding was interrupted by Neil at the point where it was asked if anyone objected. Everyone expected revenge, but Neil surprised them by giving his blessing. Later Neil showed up to Hilary during her honeymoon in Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean, told her about Devon's infidelity, and showed her a video. Hilary accused Neil of faking it. Neil told her "Payback's a bitch," and Hilary walked away and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Devon was frantic to find Hilary, and hired a team to search for her. Michael and Lily arrived and took him back to Genoa City. But when Hilary's bloody shoe was found and the DNA matched, Paul had to arrest Devon for homicide.

Meanwhile Hilary woke up, and found herself in a lot of pain, wondering where she was and what had happened to her. She realized that she was in the boathouse of her and Neil's still-abandoned dream house and called out for Neil. Trying to get up, she knocked over the IV rack, then passed out.

After being treated by Dr. Simon Neville, Hilary finally opened her eyes. Finding the doctor asleep, Hilary struggled to the park, where Cane found her traumatized, and called for help. But when Cane turned his back she wandered off appearing confused or drugged. Devon did not believe she was ever there. Gwen ran into her saying she appeared disoriented, but she also gave her the slip, but Dr. Neville grabbed her when she rounded a corner. Hilary in a room at Memorial with IV marks, and apparently had been drugged. Hilary asked for "her husband, Neil". With no memory of her fall and the honeymoon, when corrected, Hilary declared that her marriage to Devon was not possible. She did not believe that she had been divorced from Neil after being caught in bed with Devon. Devon was devastated that the woman he loved would not have anything to do with him, while Neil sat at her bedside trying to console her. Neil and Hilary kissed but Neil stopped it from going any further.

Tests showed that Hilary had been in a coma, and a Dr. Neville had used a dangerous drug cocktail to bring her out of it. Shortly after Hilary checked herself out of the hospital, Neil confessed that he had been the one she had been arguing with on the cliff, she had fallen, and Neil had found and revived her. Neil claimed that it had not been his fault, but he had brought her to Genoa City and taken care of her hoping she would recover and tell everyone that. Hilary was resentful. Gwen let her know that she and Neil had broken up due to his devotion to Hilary, and she had made him tell Devon the truth. Devon took Neil to the police station but had second thoughts about making him confess because Hilary begged him not to. Resuming the drugs with Dr. Neville, Hilary began to remember everything except her love for Devon. She tried to return her rings to Devon, but he told her to donate them. Hilary tried again and again to convince Neil that he still loved her. On New Years Eve, Nikki kissed Neil which made Hilary jealous.

Needing money for his research, Dr. Neville tried to blackmail Neil, but he refused. Instead, Devon gave Neville a check to start the business. Ashley approached Neville about becoming a business partner as a research chemist and convinced Jack to let them lease the Jabot lab. Gwen was hired by Devon to take care of finances, and he put Neil in charge of the project, protecting Devon's investment, and handling the media and FDA. Hilary joined as their spokesperson.

Neil had been trying to shut down Hilary and make her go back to Devon. But Hilary seduced Neil and they were having sex in the lab when Devon walked in on them. Devon confronted Neil, accusing him of finally getting his revenge. Lily confronted Hilary accusing her of being the bitch that Lily always thought she was.

Devon gave Neil divorce papers for Hilary to sign. Neil told her that he would never love her again, that she needed to face the past, get past the guilt, and realize she still loved Devon. Hilary did not sign the papers and told Devon that her memory had returned and convinced him to give her another chance. Neil began skulking around jealously watching them, becoming abrasive to everyone, and started drinking again. When Neil called a news conference to prematurely announce the research project and fell during it in his drunkenness, Devon fired him. Hilary took over the microphone and explained that the project was still in the research stage, but that it had saved her life. She urged the media to help encourage the FDA and medical professionals to get behind the project.

Hilary discovered that Ashley was using the protocol, and confronted her, demanding to take Ashley's job, or she would tell her family that she was dying. Knowing that she didn't have the stamina to do her job, Ashley relented.

Jack and Neil formed the AbbottWinters Foundation and held a fund-Raiser to support recovery centers across the country, and to provide worldwide support for disasters. At the dedication of the Chancellor memorial wing, a rehab and treatment center, Neil announced that he would be its first patient. Hilary also insisted that Devon fund the Turner ward in honor of her mother. Jack offered Ashley a board seat, but Hilary jealously wanted one too. Ambitious Hilary got Devon to write a check for a million dollars and challenged Ashley to match it. Hilary exposed her true self to Devon, saying how she may end up running the whole thing, the whole town. Devon saw the ambitious and vicious Hilary emerging again and asked Neil not to offer his wife the board seat. Hilary was livid when she found out. When Ashley suddenly exposed that she had been sick, and the protocol had cured her, everyone realized that Hilary had coerced Ashley into stepping down. Although Hilary had convinced Jack to give her the board seat, Neil cautioned her that once Jack found out what she had done to his sister, it would not happen. Hilary threatened to tell everyone that Neil had been the one who kidnapped her if he didn't help her.

After a protocol patient nearly died, Hilary was blamed for announcing the product before it was ready. They agreed to allow clinical trials only to those without other options. Hilary tried to hide the fact that she was having symptoms of rejecting the protocol herself, and left Devon, telling Lily and Cane that she was divorcing him and taking half his fortune. But when Devon found out that Hilary was in the hospital and Dr. Neville was going to try a new protocol to save her again, Devon was there at her bedside reassuring her that she would be fine and they would reunite.

Hilary kissed Jack and blamed it on the side effects of her medication. She claimed to be feeling sick, while Dr. Neville was reveling in her recovery. Hilary made it downstairs and fainted into Devon's arms, saying that something was very wrong. Tests proved that Neville's celebrating and reports to the FDA were premature. Hilary accused him of trying to kill her, with Devon lovingly at her side. Dr. Shelby took over Hilary's case, and she was stabilized and released, agreeing to go home with Devon. She forgave Neville for just trying to save her as he had before. Neville confessed to the FDA and got Ashley exonerated, the Protocol lab was shut down, and Ashley said goodbye to Neville, who left town. As the drug trial patients began suing, Hilary talked Devon into just paying off the victims rather than escalate the scandal.

Hilary became the host of GC Buzz TV, and despite the fact that their intent in buying the gossip rag was to change its image, Hilary became just as nasty as the former owner/host. She treated her new go-for, Mariah, like her own personal slave. Devon encouraged Mariah not to quit, paying her to keep tabs on his wife. When it came to light that Sharon's baby Sully was actually Nick and Sage's child Christian due to a baby swap, Hilary was suddenly nice to Mariah trying to get Mariah to reveal the full story. Instead, Sharon came forward and did an interview that soared the gossip show's ratings, after which she was arrested on camera for kidnapping. Mariah encouraged Sharon's husband Dylan to be interviewed to help Sharon, but Hilary edited it to reflect badly on Sharon instead. When Devon found out, and Hilary refused to change her tactics, Devon fired her.

In Hilary's place, Mariah hosted a live show featuring Chloe and Chelsea talking about Chelsea 2.0. All went well until Mariah modeled one of their designs in 6" heels, tripped and fell on her face. Mariah shook it off and rebounded but was suspicious to see Hilary heckling in the background. The incident went viral by morning, but by the end of the day Mariah had a fan page who loved her as the new host. Hilary talked Devon into letting her return as host, with Mariah as segment producer with a generous raise. But Mariah got her revenge at the AbbottWinters Foundation New Years Eve benefit, inserting a confession into Hilary's teleprompter that Hilary had pulled a wire crossing the floor causing Mariah to trip. Devon called Hilary pure evil, accusing her of manipulating him and taking advantage of his love for her, saying how stupid he had been to keep forgiving and staying with her. Devon left furious in the new $300,000 sports car he had just bought at the benefit auction. He crashed it going over 140 mph, causing a serious concussion and internal organ damage. His heart stopped and was brought back by defibrillation. Devon later awoke, not remembering the gala or the accident. Dr. Ben told everyone not to upset Devon by telling him what had caused it.

Hilary shocked Mariah by thanking her for her heartfelt announcement of Devon's accident on GC Buzz TV, saying she understood that what Mariah had done was just a reaction to what Hilary had done. After Devon came out of his coma, Mariah apologized to him for anything she had done to cause the accident, not realizing that he did not recall the cause. Devon kicked Hilary out, promising her a divorce. Because Hilary had a contract, she and Mariah became co-hosts of GC Buzz TV, and it really worked. As a test, Devon handed Hilary a 250 million dollar check as a settlement, but she tore it up. It wasn't long before Devon and Hilary reunited. But as time went by they realized they needed to divorce. Hilary agreed to take only GC Buzz as her settlement. Devon began dating Mariah, and made Hilary agree not to retaliate against her. But Hilary marginalized Mariah's role and renamed the show The Hilary Hour. The ink was not even dry before Hilary had sex in her office with photographer Jordan Wilde. Afterward he took nude photos of her, and she confiscated the memory card.

Hilary let herself in at Devon's to get some of her wardrobe she had left behind. She hid when Devon and Mariah returned to the penthouse after a romantic date sightseeing date above Genoa City on his private jet. She cringed and whimpered as they made love beginning on the stairway to the bedroom. The next morning when Mariah was late for work, Devon told her to wear something Hilary had left behind. Remembering how Hilary had been treating her, she did. Hilary saw the dress just as they were about to go on air, and she was livid. Hilary bitchily shared a blind reference to Mariah having slept with the most eligible bachelor in town. After the show Hilary tore the dress off Mariah, and they had a hair-pulling, face-slapping catfight.

Hilary told Juliet she had overheard her and Cane talking about their one-night stand, but Juliet convinced her that no one would believe it if she aired the news. Instead Hilary put a video of their conversation on a flash drive and gave it to Lily, but Cane intervened and trashed it before she could see it. Hilary was overjoyed when she got a chance to interview TV star, Julie Chen, and it was well-received. After Juliet was fired from Brass & Sassy, Hilary talked her into suing them for sexual harassment by Cane and hire Leslie to be Juliet's lawyer.

Hilary teamed up with Howard Green to help her get her "news". Victor hired her to publicize Nikki's benefit piano concert with a slant on making Victor look good. Afterward, she and Howard followed Nick and Victor down to the parking garage and caught them on film arguing. Victor slugged Nick and disowned him. She aired it with Victor's blessing. Jordan kept disapproving of the nasty things Hilary did, but she always managed to dissuade him from dumping her with sex. But when Hilary submitted her own audition for a commercial Lily had auditioned for and got the part, Jordan said that was the final straw. Jordan made a play for Lily after she filed for divorce from Cane, but Lily said she needed to concentrate on herself and her children for a while. So Jordan went back to Hilary. Hilary was incensed that she was second choice. Jordan spat at her how nothing about her was real, it was all about Hilary. That she was a joke, such a diva that her husband gave her a TV show to not have to deal with her. Hilary told Jordan she was going to dig up his past for revenge. Jordan threatened to expose the nude photos he took of her. Hilary got Phyllis to occupy Jordan while Hilary searched his room for his backup drive. Hilary trashed his room and found the drive, a California ID as Jason Hightower, and an Illinois ID as Marcus Jones. She exposed her findings on her show challenging others who knew him to contact her with their stories. Jordan admitted that there were no backups, it was a bluff. Hilary also found the photos Jordan took of Nikki and Jack, and gave the backups to Nikki, knowing it would get back to Victoria who fired Jordan. But Jordan got payback by posting Hilary's nude photos on her website causing sponsors and guests to drop out. Hilary asked Devon to add GC Buzz to Hamilton-Winters, but Devon said no, it did not fit their mission statement. Hilary had a meltdown. She bounced back by interviewing a viewer on-air, widow Connie Woods who knew Jordan years ago as conman Justin Timmons. His accomplice showed up at their wedding claiming to be his wife. She even had pictures showing Chelsea as the accomplice in an altercation. Jordan's reputation was ruined, and he reminded her that Hilary was not her real name either. Hilary went to her friend Jack Abbott and talked him into Jabot sponsoring her show. But he agreed only if she cleaned it up, no more trash, and more upbeat. Hilary's new mission became to uplift and empower.

Mariah rather suddenly broke up with Devon, giving Hilary hope to reunite with him. Impressed with the changes in Hilary and her show, Devon teamed up with her for a Christmas Hilary Hour where they read letters to Santa and he granted their wishes. One letter from a poor child who wanted only things for her mother and signed Annie brought Hilary to tears. An accompanying note from a former teacher said she had sent the letter to its writer, Hilary, to remind her of her humble unselfish beginnings.

Hilary surprised Devon by confiding that what she really wanted in life was to have a child. Phyllis set her up on a blind date with Ravi Shapur. Although she was initially turned off by his geekiness, Hilary realized what a brilliant and handsome man he was. She admitted that her intent was to find a perfect man to have a baby with, but Ravi said he was not interested in being a dad at this point in life. Hilary also told Devon that a media mogul wanted to buy GCBuzz, and Devon said that with her new show direction he was interested. So Hilary sold the show to Devon. So the strange combination of Hilary, Maria and Tessa were now working for Devon. Hilary began taking fertility drugs for sperm donation, which affected her personality, making her bitchier than ever. Jordan cautioned Hilary, how she would never know who father really was, and that he had donated before and knew they had committed fraud with it. That and imagining the potential fathers trying to take her child, Hilary decided to drop the idea of having a baby until she fell in love and married.

Devon discovered a recording of Juliet admitting to Hilary that she and Cane had sex. He gave it to Lily. Lily called Hilary vicious and self-serving, and assured her that she would never have contact with Cane's son Sam again. Hilary begged Devon to try again, but he shut her down - not interested - accusing her of still wanting to see people suffer, how disgusted he was with her, that she will never change. Hoping it would help, Hilary gave a long emotional on-air apology to anyone that she had ever hurt. Devon gave her a warning, that he was in violation of her contract by being self-serving and manipulative, and quit speaking to her. He purposely let her realize that his heart was now with Simone, one of his singers. After their next conflict, Hilary quit the show, but Devon reminded her that he bought it including her as an investment, so she would need to repay him. Hilary decided to win Devon back, or to talk him into being the father of her baby. Devon realized what she was up to, and let her know that neither was going to happen.

Mariah successfully pulled off a show on her own when Hilary didn't show up, causing Devon to realize that Hilary was dispensable, and he accepted Hilary's. Hilary left in tears, sobbing that the show was her life. Both of them softened their attitude against Hilary when they discovered Shauna Nelson, a high school girl who Hilary had been secretly mentoring for an after school program. Her no-show was caused by Shauna's brother Clayton who OD'd, and Hilary went to be with her at the hospital. Hilary also paid for his rehab. Hilary told how she could have used a mentor herself growing up to overcome her background and dream big. Hilary was not fired, and Mariah was given the chance to handle all the music segments. Hilary offered to sell GC Buzz TV to Devon, part of the deal being that she would take an active role in managing it from Hamilton-Winters, and Devon accepted.

The more Devon thought about the idea, and seeing the changes in Hilary, he agreed to be Hilary's sperm donor so long as he could be a part of raising the child. But he dashed Hilary's delight by telling her they were not getting back together and had a legal contract drawn up covering the pregnancy and any child conceived. After Lily locked Hilary in her office causing her to miss the appointment for Devon's sperm implant, Devon and Hilary decided to conceive the old-fashioned way. They had a falling out again, leaving Devon hoping he hadn't gotten her pregnant. But of course Hilary turned up pregnant. Devon insisted she see a doctor, who devastated her, telling her that she had lost the baby already. Hilary decided she would not tell Devon and quickly get inseminated instead, but Devon caught her. She explained that it had been emotionally too hard to admit. Devon understood and told her to go ahead. It didn't take long before Hilary was pregnant.

Chelsea's penthouse went up for sale, and Hilary jumped at the chance to live across the hall from Devon. But Neil had the winning bid. So Devon asked her to move into his guest room instead. Shawna ran away from her aunt's where she had been living since her family moved to California to concentrate on her brother's addiction. Unable to get Hilary's attention for help, she began hiding out in Charlie's room. When Cane and Lily found out they offered to let Shawna stay and room with Mattie, who was fine with it. But when Hilary found out she insisted Shawna share the guest room. Although it was awkward at first, it wasn't long before Devon fell back in love and asked Hilary to move into his room. They took a romantic trip to St. Croix to celebrate getting back together. The Hilary Hour moved to live remotes from the GCAC rooftop called "Summer in the City" with morning sickness upon their return.

Hilary allowed Charlie and Shauna to use her place to have sex, Lily found out, stopped them, and Shawna ran away. Hilary called Lily a prude. Lily drove as Charlie and Hilary looked for Shawna, while Lily and Hilary argued. Lily ran a red light and was hit broadside by another car. Lily and Hilary were taken away by ambulance. Lily had no serious injuries, but Hilary was in critical condition with Dr. West trying to save both Hilary and her baby. Dr. Nate took over despite Hilary refusing, calling him egotistical and rude. The baby didn't make it, and Hilary had suffered a ruptured liver and aortic tear. Hilary thanked Nate for saving her life and told Mariah to do the show and inform the viewers of the accident. Tears welled in Mariah's eyes as she described Hilary on air to be incredibly warm, generous, and loyal. Nate told Devon to prepare himself, that Hilary had a disseminated vascular coagulation, which had resulted from blood loss and probably wouldn't make it. Devon, devastated, stifled tears as he watched Hilary sleep. Devon told Lily, and she and Hilary made amends. Devon proposed, gave Hilary a fabulous ring, and planned a wedding at the hospital. Phyllis threatened Devon to tell Hilary she was dying or Phyllis would. Devon refused, wanting her to die happy. Phyllis was her maid of honor, and Neil best man. Phyllis vowed to find Hilary the perfect dress. Charlie convinced Shawna to see Hilary and she asked forgiveness, but Hilary instead asked her to be a bridesmaid because she was like a daughter to her. Hilary got Phyllis to tell her the truth but not to tell Devon that she knew. Hilary and Devon were married. Later they cuddled in her hospital bed and spoke of future children and fights and making up. Hilary admitted that she knew she was dying, but she appreciated that he gave her a day of happiness. They reminisced about him making 7-layer bars and her being afraid of cows. Hilary made Devon promise to have a celebration where everyone would wear hats, and that he would find someone else to love and have children with. Then she died in his arms.

After Hilary's funeral, a reception was held at Devon's condo. Devon was thankful for her stubbornness, and how she never gave up on him, saying she was a passionate person, their baby being her latest passion. Jack spoke as her friend and sponsor of her show, Neil, then Shawna spoke, with Shawna calling her a fairy godmother. Phyliss read pages written by Hillary. Hilary told Shawna to be strong but not silent, saying she knew Devon would take care of her. Hilary told Mariah to believe in herself and upgrade her wardrobe, and to take the show to new heights, and how happy she was that Mariah had finally found someone. Hilary thanked Jack for teaching her to put love first. To all the singles, with an exe they still had a thing for, don't let it get away, be headstrong like she was. Hilary wrote that Devon had given her a wonderful life and tried to make everything perfect. How she would be furious if all he did was look back, to take some time, then launch himself into the biggest and best life possible, to always picture her at peace holding their baby in her arms.

Mark, the man recently seen with Hilary looking guilty, told Devon and Mariah that he'd been recruiting Hilary for a national morning talk show in New York. Mariah commented that it would have been Hilary's dream job. But she had given Mark a forever "no" because she'd be an idiot to walk away from the best job offer she had ever had -- raising a child with Devon. Devon snapped at Nate, that he should have done more to save her, gotten a specialist. Neil said that Nate had given them more time to plan, which not many got.

Shauna attacked Lily, saying, "Don't pretend you cared. Her death was your fault for running the red light." Unaware what she had done, Lily was shocked with disbelief. Charlie verified that it was true. Devon spat that he would never forgive Lily. Cane admitted he had made Shawna keep the secret. Later Shauna tried to leave the condo, but Devon asked her to stay, and her parents were okay with her staying. Devon urged Lily to confess to the police or he would for her. Devon would not forgive Lily, in fact fired her, but Neil wouldn't let him. Knowing that her confession could get her up to 20 years in prison, Lily confessed to Paul. While Devon was finding baby things sent by fans with gushing notes about how much they loved and admired Hilary, Cane bought 5 tickets to Australia and was preparing to run. Lily found out and put an end to it.

Devon was insistent on giving a statement at her trial to condemn Lily to make her pay for the death of Hilary and their baby. Neil, Abby and Nate tried to talk him out of it, reminding him that Lily's children would suffer. Devon gave his statement, asking for the maximum penalty, reminding them that Lily always hated Hilary, and had plotted before to get her out of his life. At sentencing, Devon recanted his statement and asked for lenience, Shawna asked as well. Lily was sentenced to two years with her driver's license suspended, a fifty thousand dollar fine, and twelve months in Walworth state prison. Lily went to prison, and spent her first days sobbing constantly.

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