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Tad honored Dixie's request to hold off on filing for divorce. Roger blackmailed Vanessa. David plotted to find a way to stay in the hospital and out of jail. Laura had a bad Ecstasy trip. Shannon stole Bianca's journal and had a tech friend post it on the Internet. Gillian found Bart dead in the turret. A young drifter at BJ's turned out to be the same person who had been skulking about Wildwind.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 16, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, April 16, 2001

Wanting to give David a piece of his mind, Tad stormed down a hospital corridor to the room where David slept. Before he could barge into the room, Jake stepped in Tad's path and asked that he turn around and go home. An angry Tad said that he wanted to "tear out" David's heart the same way Dixie had torn out his. Joe wandered by and told Tad and Jake that the injuries to David's hand were quite extensive. Tad asked his dad if David, a skilled surgeon, would ever be able to operate again. He might, Joe replied, but he'd never again operate at Pine Valley Hospital. Inside David's room at the hospital, David begged Leslie to stop his tainted drip. "I don't think so," Leslie replied coldly. She told David that she wasn't sure how to turn off the drip and, while still toying with David, "accidentally" turned a knob so that the solution would drip ever faster. David warned Leslie that she's regret killing him, but Leslie saw no chance that her conscience would get the best of her. "What are you going to do?" she sneered. "Haunt me?" Leslie peered into David's eyes and told him that she wanted to see him beg for his life the same way she'd begged for hers before he allowed her to fall from the Chandler Building. Leslie became annoyed that David hadn't yet died. She looked around the room frantically for something that would speed along David's demise. She reached for a scalpel and held it to a vein in David' neck, stumbling for the word "jugular." For one reason or another, Leslie decided to put down the knife and use something that would cause less mess - a pillow. Leslie picked up the pillow and -- with what can best be described as a pathetic attempt - placed the pillow over David's face. Tad walked into the room and asked Leslie what she was doing. Leslie turned around in shock and calmly explained to David that she was trying to do what they both wanted. That, of course, being to kill David. Tad tried to reason with Leslie, but it did little good. Leslie explained that by killing David, she was insuring that he would never come between Tad and Dixie again. Tad shook his head, took a deep breath, and charged Leslie. Tad wrapped his arms around the woman and called out for his dad and brother. Joe and Jake entered the room and helped escort Leslie to another area of the hospital. After everyone had left the room, David weakly called out for someone to help him. He looked over at the that continued to drip a tainted solution into his body.

Greenlee took Leo back to the loft she shares with Jake for some time alone. Leo asked Greenlee when she plans to move to her own place. Her response of sometime in her "next lifetime" didn't exactly bowl Leo over. Leo admitted that he'd never stopped loving Greenlee; he was merely troubled greatly by her behavior. For her confession, Greenlee said that she thought her actions had pushed Leo out of her life for good. Sheepishly, Greenlee admitted that she might have gone "a little too far" by pushing Laura overboard and blackmailing Bianca. Greenlee excused herself to slip into something a little more comfortable. As she was changing, Leo was haunted by Bianca's admonition to him about telling Greenlee the truth about his original plan to marry her for her money. Later, Jake returned to a darkened loft. He switched on the lights and found a scantily clad Greenlee straddled atop Leo on the sofa. The pair quickly jumped to their feet and apologized for the spectacle. Greenlee tried to talk Leo into going to the yacht or The Valley Inn, but Leo decided that it would be best if he hit the road. After Leo left, Greenlee sat down with Jake to discuss her renewed relationship with Leo. She proudly boasted that she and Leo were once again an item, but explained that they were taking things slow. With a wry smile, Jake asked Greenlee if she and Leo had been "taking things slow" when he walked in on them.

As the party raged on at the boathouse, an overly giddy Laura continued to tell Bianca how much she meant to her. "Do you even know how cool you are?" Laura asked. It was clear to Bianca that Laura was high. Meanwhile, Heather snapped photos of Laura hugging Bianca and promised to post the photos on every wall at school. With JR by his side, Marcus strolled up to the trio of cheerleaders and asked if one of them could spot him $20. None of the girls offered to make the loan. JR, however, reached into his pocket and pulled out $40 for the school's top jock. Heather also hit up JR for some money, presumably for more "X." Back near the water, Bianca told Laura that she was going to go home because she didn't like the idea of people doing drugs. Laura pleaded with Bianca to stick around. She even asked her pal to try Ecstasy; Laura's rationale was that Bianca couldn't say the drugs are bad if she'd never tried them. Bianca explained that she's in recovery and doesn't want to jeopardize her health. Laura cocked her head to the side and noted that Bianca's "problem" was with food - not drugs. Still, Bianca declined Laura's offer. Bianca headed on her way home after unsuccessfully trying to talk Laura into going with her. Shortly after Bianca left, Laura began to suffer some adverse effects of the Ecstasy she'd taken. Her vision blurred, Laura dropped to her knees and grimaced in pain. Sweeney, the boy who'd sold her the Ecstasy, passed by and Laura asked him about the X she'd been given. Sweeney appeared indifferent to Laura's adverse reaction and continued on his way.

Dixie dropped by Chandler Mansion to see her son, but Liza informed her that JR wasn't around. Dixie told Liza that Tad had brought up the subject of divorce. Liza said that she was sorry for the problems that Dixie and Tad were having and again urged Dixie to cut her ties to David. Frazzled by her problems, Dixie accused Liza of wanting to keep JR from her. Liza, of course, denied the allegations and insisted that JR wanted to stay at the mansion because Dixie and Tad's problems were tearing him up inside. She added that she would not try to "steal" JR because it would also mean that she'd be hurting Tad, someone she considered a very good friend. Dixie bowed her head and admitted that she'd overreacted. Liza assured Dixie that Tad loved her - even if he wasn't saying so. Dixie didn't believe that Tad or any man has ever really loved her. "I'm like a one woman rescue mission," Dixie stated. She claimed that she often wanted to be more like Liza, a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Surprisingly, Liza admitted that she often is envious of Dixie because she has - or had - the perfect life. Dixie asked Liza how she'd managed to get past the feelings of love she'd had for Tad. In a startling admission, Liza said that she has never stopped loving Tad and imagined that a part of her would always be in love with Tad. That, however, does not mean that Liza is not "madly" in love with Adam. Dixie said that a part of her still loves David, but added that she isn't sure that she and David will ever be able to be friends in the same way that Liza and Tad are friends. Junior returned to the mansion and claimed that the reason his mother hadn't been able to reach him was because he'd been at the library. Dixie tried to talk to JR about Tad, but JR angrily told that he didn't care what she had to say. Claiming that he had studying to do, JR breezed past his mother and raced up to his room.

Leo showed up at Erica's house to talk to Bianca. Erica had already gone to bed, so the pair had some private time to talk. Bianca was not in the best of moods. She told Leo about her concern for Laura and her drug use. Leo told Bianca that he hadn't yet told Greenlee the truth about his plan to scam her. Seemingly wanting to talk himself into doing so, Leo swore that he'd eventually tell Greenlee the truth.

Back at the hospital, Joe informed Tad that Leslie had been locked in a secure room elsewhere in the hospital. Tad seemed relieved, but both appeared a bit saddened by Leslie's downfall from a top-notch lawyer to her current state. Joe went in to check on David and found him lying lifelessly in bed. Joe tried to rouse him by gently nudging him, but it did not good. Joe realized that David teetered on the brink of death. He called a "code" and assembled a team to try to resuscitate David. Tad watched from the doorway as Joe used paddles in an attempt to "jump start" David's heart.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

The morning after Ryan and Gillian's wedding, Gillian awoke to an empty bed and wondered what had happened to Ryan. She called out his name repeatedly. Ryan walked in the room and Gillian ran over to give him a kiss, but noticed that he was hiding something behind his back. She asked him what it was and he replied, pulling a gardenia from behind, that the flower was something he had promised her every day. She grabbed the flower away from him and they fell into bed. They kissed and Ryan noticed an envelope in the bed. He pulled it out to find newspaper clippings about Anna Devane. Ryan wondered why Alex would be keeping a scrapbook of information about Anna's death. Gillian said that the reason could be because a while back Edmund and Dimitri were trying to find Alex's niece. Ryan was very confused and said that things just didn't add up. If they were looking for Alex's niece, what did the boat explosion have to do with it? He then reminded Gillian about other strange things, how Bart, the 'security guard', had waved a gun in their faces, Alex's disappearance, how she came back with some rare disease, Alex's mental blocks. He specifically mentioned the mental block Alex had recently about not remembering that Ryan and Gillian had previously been married. Gillian told Ryan that instead of second guessing Alex, they should be thanking her and Dimitri for giving them a beautiful wedding. Ryan agreed. He then told her that maybe they should leave Wildwind for a while and Gillian replied that it was the first day of their honeymoon and that she would think of something that they could do. With a smile on her face, she threw her arms around Ryan and began to kiss him. He then told her that there was in fact something that she could do for him. "It's an incredible dream," he said, "but not ours." Gillian smacked Ryan in the arm after hearing that he wanted to do an incredible dream for someone else. "You're working on our honeymoon, should I file for an annulment now?" she said jokingly. Ryan explained that he made the mistake of checking his messages earlier and there was a message from a very high profile client who was celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary and wanted Ryan to handle the celebration. He said that this person was willing to offer him big money, which would make Adam Chandler a very happy man. Gillian agreed that Ryan should plan something for the anniversary. "The sooner we can get rid of Adam Chander, the sooner I can have you all to myself," she said. They discuss a few options and agree that whatever it is, it should be unique. Gillian told him about a portrait her great-great grandfather commissioned Rembrandt to paint and how breathtaking it was. Ryan jumped to his feet, told Gillian what a genius she was and left the room.

At the main house, Alex had just ended a phone conversation and told Dimitri that David was in the hospital in critical condition because Leslie Coulson tried to kill him. Dimitri was confused as he thought David was in jail, but Alex explained that David had had some sort of "accident" and was taken to the E.R. She explained that Leslie got to David and upped his I.V. full of pain medication and now he is unconscious. Dimitri told Alex that whatever happened, for the time being they did not have to worry about David blabbing Anna's secret. There was a knock at the door and Anna ran in telling Alex that she had to get out... immediately.

At the hospital, Vanessa, with Leo in tow, ran into Joe. Vanessa frantically threw questions out at Joe regarding David. She wanted to know why Leslie wasn't in jail, how David's hand was, would he be able to operate again and was he going to die. Joe tried to respond to each of her questions but couldn't get a word in. Joe finally had a chance to speak and told Vanessa that David's heart had stopped, but noted that they were able to bring him back. His condition, however, was very grave. Hearing this, Vanessa collapsed into Leo's arms. Joe suggested that Vanessa and Leo pray for David as he seemed to have lost the will to live. "Prayer can be a very powerful thing," he told them. Leo replied that Joe should have called someone else; they were the last people on earth who would be able to give David the will to live. Leo then left the room.

Back at Wildwind, Anna told Alex and Dimitri that she was getting a little nutty being cooped up. "The walls are closing in on me," she told them. "I've memorized every crack in the ceiling." Dimitri joked, "Cracks? Well we have got to get them fixed." Anna snapped back, "With all due respect, brother-in-law, SHUT UP." Anna added that she needed to get out of the house; she needed fresh air, trees, grass and sunshine because she was going "bonkers." She pleaded with Alex to let her go outside. Alex told her that it wasn't a good idea; it was too dangerous. Anna then suggested she could go outside if she pretended to be Alex. Alex again told Anna it was not a good idea and turned to Dimitri for back up. He reminded Alex that he had been told earlier to "shut up." Dimitri left them alone so they could discuss things further. Alex told Anna that it was not a good idea for her to go out right now because she was still on medication and just beginning to get her memory back. The sisters argued back and forth and then came to an agreement that Anna would remain inside. Alex left to work in her study for the day and Anna rifled through Alex's purse, found her car keys and headed out.

Back at the hospital, Joe ran into Jake who had just checked on David. Vanessa was standing behind Jake who was unaware of her presence. He told Joe that David's vitals had weakened. "NO," Vanessa exclaims, "my son, my first born." Jake turned around to Vanessa and apologized because he did not realize that she was standing there. Leo returned and told Vanessa that he had made a phone call to the one person who could save David's life. Just then, Dixie walked in and asked Joe if it was true that David was dying.

Anna was standing outside of Stuart's gallery, looking in the window. Stuart opened the door and thinking she was Alex, told her how happy he was to see her and how wonderful she looked. Anna, startled that Stuart knew her, told him him how wonderful the gallery looked. Stuart asked Alex if Dimitri liked the portrait he did of Dimitri and Maximillian. Having no a clue who Max was, Anna tried to tell Stuart in a convincing tone that Dimitri loved the painting. Stuart could tell that Anna was confused so he asked, "Are you feeling okay? You seem kind of hazy." "It's my first day out," she covered. She pointed out a painting of a young girl and asked Stuart about it. As he was telling her about the portrait and who painted it, she was thinking about her own daughter. She wanted to know if he had any other paintings by the same person. Stuart took her into the back room to find more.

Back at the hospital, Dixie was looking in David's room. She turned to Leo and told him that she couldn't help David. Leo replied that David had given up on life and Dixie should not give up on him too. Dixie is David's only hope. "I know everyone hates David," Leo says, "and that no one except for me and Vanessa cares if he lives or dies." Dixie told Leo again that she couldn't help. She felt that it was her fault, that if David had not fallen in love with her, he wouldn't be in that hospital bed, dying. Dixie asked Joe if there was anything else that could be done and Joe told her that they had done everything medically possible to help David. Leo pleaded with her to help. She told Leo that she would try to went into David's room. "Hi David, it's me," she said. "Everyone seems to think that I can give you something to live for. But if you want to go ahead and just give up and die, then just do it. I won't stop you. If this world doesn't hold anything for you then just let go of everything, but I hope you know what you're giving up and who you are leaving behind." The room goes black as David, in an unconscious state, dreams that everyone who hates him is there in his room, having a big party. Appearing in his dream were Joe, Jake, Tad, Ryan, Gillian, Anna, Dimitri, Vanessa and Leo. They were all dressed in party clothes, laughing and drinking champagne while 'Happy Days Are Here Again' played in the background. Balloons began falling from the sky and Tad told everyone it was 'toast' time and that everyone should raise their glasses so that they could give the 'good doctor' a fitting send-off. After everyone toasted, they began a countdown from ten to zero. David woke up and screamed, "Stop laughing at me. I'm dying. Doesn't anybody care at all?" The partygoers burst into fits of laughter again. The room became light again and Dixie and Leo were standing there looking at David. Dixie told Leo that she tried to help but it was no use.

Ryan walked into the gallery and told Stuart that he wanted him to paint a portrait of his client's wife. He had seen the portrait Stuart painted of Marian and thought it was wonderful. Ryan wrote an amount down on a piece of paper and handed it to Stuart. Stuart told Ryan that the amount was twice his normal fee, so Ryan asked if he could paint another portrait, of another woman. Stuart agreed. Ryan told him that he had to get back to his beautiful wife and Stuart, not knowing that they had been married, congratulated him. Ryan turned to leave just as Anna walked into the room. "Why didn't you tell me that Ryan and Gillian got married?", Stuart asked Anna. "Yes it was a lovely wedding," she said hesitantly. Ryan asked Stuart if he could leave for a moment as he wanted to talk to Anna alone. "Alex," Ryan said, "I know that something is going on with you and your sister, and I really need to know what it is."

Back at Wildwind, Alex and Dimitri were frantically searching for Anna. Alex checked her purse and realized her keys were gone, so Anna must have taken the car. Dimitri said that he would check the grounds again and then if he couldn't find Anna, he would go into town. He was about to leave when Gillian walked in and told them she had to talk to them both. Dimitri explained that he was in a hurry and had to leave. Gillian told them that she just wanted to thank them again for the beautiful wedding. "My pleasure," Dimitri said then quickly left the room. "What was that all about?" Gillian asked Alex.

Back at the gallery, Ryan told "Alex" that he found the newspaper clippings. Anna explained that she and Edmund were trying to find out all they could about her 'niece'. Ryan replied by telling her that she could find out whatever she needed to know by just getting on the internet. "Unless there's something else going on," Ryan said. "What else could be going on?" Anna replied. Ryan told "Alex" that there was something going on at Wildwind and he thought she was somehow connected. Anna told him that it didn't concern him but he reminded her that when someone is waving a gun at him and his wife, like Bart did when they first met him, then it does concern him. "I need to know what kind of danger you have us in," Ryan said.

Back in David's room, Leo told Dixie that he was certain that she would be able to help. Dixie said that she didn't think that David wanted to come back. "If there is something that you want to say to him, I think now is the time," she said. Leo looked at David and said, "I never wanted this to happen, I'm sorry man." He then left the room. Dixie told David that Leo cared about him and that he would be leaving Leo behind. The room went black again and David was dreaming. The party-goers were spinning David around in his stretcher, laughing and discussing what organs they could harvest. Joe suggested his eyes. "He always had such pretty eyes," Vanessa said. "You're taking my organs?" David screamed. "I'm not even dead yet!" "It's too bad that we can't take his hands," Jake chimes in, "Because that's about all he's good for." "How about his brain?" Ryan said. "Too warped," Tad replied. "How about his heart?" Gillian said. The entire group laughed and then Gillian said, "Oops, I'm so sorry. Can you imagine David Hayward with a heart?" Dixie, dressed in white, looking like an angel, walked in and told everyone that they were wrong, that David did have a heart, and she had it.

At Wildwind, Alex explained to Gillian that they just found out that David was in the hospital and that he might die. Gillian wasn't concerned. "I couldn't care less about David Hayward," Gillian said. "In fact, I tried to kill him myself once." Gillian thanked Alex again for the wedding and told her how happy she was. Alex wanted to get back to finding Anna so she told Gillian that they would have to get together later to talk about the wedding. Gillian suggested that they get together later that evening.

Back at the gallery, Anna told Ryan that he and Gillian were not in any danger. "What about you, and Dimitri, Edmund, the kids and Eugenia, if anything happens to you...." Ryan said. Anna told Ryan that nothing was going to happen to her. Stuart walked back into the room and told Anna that he found some more paintings for her to look at. Stuart and Anna went off to talk when Ryan's phone rang. Gillian was on the other end and told Ryan that Alex and Dimitri have invited them for dinner later. Ryan asked Gillian if she was there with Alex right now. Gillian told him she was. Ryan turned and looked back at Anna.

In the "real world" at the hospital, Leo was angry that he couldn't help David and Vanessa told him that he had to calm down. "We have to stick together now darling," she told him, "You're all I have left." She told Leo that she could see how tough this was on him and perhaps he should call Greenlee to come down. Leo told Vanessa that she only mentioned Greenlee because Greenlee has money and that is all Vanessa is concerned about. Leo said that it's no wonder David doesn't want to live.

In David's room, Dixie said to David, "You matter to me and if you die you're gonna take a part of me with you." The room went black again and once again David was dreaming. Dixie was standing there holding out a chain with a heart on it. "David has a heart. I've seen it. I know it. There is good in him and as long as there is, there's hope." Tad went to Dixie and tried to grab the chain. She told him that he couldn't have it, that it was David's and David had given it to her. "I've been keeping it for you," she said to David, "remember you told me that once you found your heart you wanted me to have it, well now I'm giving it back to you because you need it to live." The room turned bright again and David opened his eyes and looked at Dixie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

At the art gallery, Ryan was on his cell phone talking to Gillian. Gillian told her husband that she was standing there at Wildwind with Alex, who had invited them for dinner that evening. Ryan was astounded, since he was standing in the art gallery looking at a woman he believed to be Alex. He had Gillian repeat what she had said just to make sure he didn't misunderstand her. When he realized that he had heard Gillian correctly, Ryan asked Gillian to tell Alex to stay put -- he needed to speak to her. Gillian said she'd wait there for him too. But Ryan was adamant that she meet him back at the yacht so she reluctantly agreed and told Alex that Ryan needed to see her, it was important and to wait for him. Alex looked a little nervous as Gillian left. Stuart asked Ryan if anything was wrong. Ryan told him no but seemed a little distant. Anna walked up and told the two men she was taking off and thanked Stuart for showing her the paintings. Ryan quickly made up a story that Dimitri had asked him to escort Alex back to Wildwind if he should run into her. Anna tried to get out of it by saying she had her own car but Ryan said he'd send "Good ol' Bart" back for the car and insisted that he take her back to Wildwind. Anna very reluctantly agreed and said goodbye to Stuart. He sensed something was up but didn't say anything to Ryan or the woman he thought was Alex.

At Pine Valley High School, Laura walked into a crowded classroom looking very disheveled. She looked around in surprise; there was camera equipment and lights every which way she turned. Bianca trotted up to her and told her that Erica was giving a speech about Teens Against Addiction. Bianca then commented on Laura's haggard appearance and Laura tried to pass it off as a bad night's sleep. She attempted to leave the room but Bianca kept her there, saying she needed the support. She told Laura that her mother was going to talk about drugs and Laura quipped that she'd stay "if Erica's giving out samples". Bianca did not find the humor in Laura's joke. Erica walked in and was introduced by the teacher. She began telling the story of her own addiction to prescription pain killers. Bianca was seated in the front row and watched as Laura snuck out of the room. Erica told the students how she had sunk so low in her addiction that she tried to score pills off a dealer on Front Street. She told them she knew they thought it would never happen to them - but she warned them that it could. Erica asked for volunteers to help spread the word against teen drug use, but no one stood up. Finally, Shannon walked to the front of the room and said she'd help. Erica, however, quietly turned her down, saying it was too soon in her own recovery to help others. This made Shannon very angry and she stormed off to a corner of the room where Mindy and Heather were standing. They watched as Bianca volunteered and Erica gushed over her. Other kids started coming forward and Erica was thrilled. Shannon and her gang made fun of Bianca's attempt to get her mother's approval and Shannon commented that she was going to make Bianca pay for "outing" her. Bianca left the room and found Laura standing at the lockers. Laura offered her some food as a "peace offering". Bianca said she didn't know one was needed. She then told her friend that Erica was recruiting volunteers, while Shannon and the girls stood across the hallway badmouthing them. They made fun of the two girls, saying Laura and Bianca are "more than just friends" and discussed the picture they had of Laura and Bianca hugging at the party at the boathouse. Erica joined Bianca and Laura and thanked her daughter for volunteering. Erica then asked Laura if she would help their cause, she was sure Brooke would approve. Laura tried to get out of it but Erica told her that her experience of living in a "rough neighborhood" would be good for their cause. Laura was uncomfortable, but finally agreed. Erica called the photographers over and had some pictures taken of her and the volunteers. Meanwhile Shannon, Mindy and Heather continued to look on in disgust. Shannon sneered, "Smile now you bitches, I'm bringing you down". After Erica left the school, Laura told Bianca she just couldn't be a drug counselor. Bianca told her she'd take care of it and get her name off the list. Laura started to pass out and Bianca grabbed her arm to steady her. She asked if Laura was ok, saying she looked "10 sheets of pale". Laura tried to pass it off as low blood sugar but Bianca asked if it was related to the drugs she took last night. Laura said testily that she was sure it wasn't the drugs and Bianca said she wouldn't know since she'd never done drugs. Laura said very snottily "Well, aren't you mommy's good girl. Let me out of the drug free zone!" and stormed off.

Vanessa and Leo were waiting at the hospital for news on David's condition. Vanessa was visibly upset but Leo thought she was putting on an act. He told her to count all the suckers they had fleeced to pass the time. She told him he wasn't helping her and that his brother needed a miracle to survive. "And it's not Dixie!" she assured Leo. Vanessa stomped off and Tad came over to Leo. Leo jumped all over Tad, asking if he'd come to do a victory dance when David dies. Tad told Leo to relax, he was just there to see Dixie. Inside David's hospital room, David gazed at Dixie in disbelief and asked if it was really her. She looked at him with tears in her eyes and a tiny smile on her lips. Outside in the waiting area, Tad told Leo he wasn't there to gloat; he didn't want David dead, "That's his style, not mine.". He went on to tell Leo that he hoped David lived, that at this point if David died "his stock would go up and I can't compete with a dead saint.". Leo said he hoped Dixie could give David a reason to hold on. Joe walked over to them and said David had regained consciousness.

David looked at Dixie, still not believing that she actually came to him. She smiled and held his hand, not saying a word. Joe returned to the room and told Dixie she'd helped David but noted that he needed a complete physical before escorting her from the room. Leo walked in and asked David if he was just going to let Dixie leave because she might not come back. David weakly smiled and said he'd never be afraid again. Jake showed up and told David he was a lucky man, the drugs Leslie had given him would've killed a weaker man. He told David that Leslie was in a padded room and wouldn't hurt him again. Leo told David he and Vanessa didn't know if David was going to make it, they'd been very worried. He asked his brother how he smashed his hand. David claimed it wasn't important. He asked Leo if it was his idea to bring Dixie to him and Leo nodded yes. David thanked him for that and again Leo asked how he could've just let Dixie walk out of the room. David said he knows Dixie came to him because she loves him and that's all he needs now. Leo told David he was "whacked" that 10 minutes ago he didn't even know Dixie loved him. David said it had been the best 10 minutes of his life and went on to describe the dream he'd had while fighting for his life. He believed that Dixie had willed him back to life with her love and Leo asked if David had it in writing. David told him no but he knew what was in Dixie's heart. "I'm going to fight for her, I'm not going to let Tad win" David declared. Leo told him he'd overlooked one detail -- he had confessed to the Libidozone ordeal and was going to prison. David said "You're wrong, I'm not going back to prison. I have every reason to be free now". Vanessa walked in and Leo told her that David thinks he can beat the Libidozone rap. David told his mother to call the attorney and get him to the hospital immediately. Leo said it was good to hear the fight back in David's voice and Vanessa said "never fear, Mommy's on the job!" and happily left to make the call. Jake came in and changed the dressing on David's hand, and told him the surgery had to wait a few days until the drugs were out of his system. After Jake left, David told Leo that he is going to fight for Dixie and fight to stay out of prison.

Out in the waiting area, Dixie faced Tad. He asked her if she was okay and she told him she was fine. She asked him why he'd come to the hospital and he told her he wanted to check on her. Tad started to walk away when Joe came over to them and tried to get Tad to stay. Dixie told Joe to let Tad leave. As Tad walked away, Joe turned to Dixie and said he didn't usually get involved with his children's problems but he had to tell her something he was sure Tad wouldn't tell her. He explained that Tad was the one who'd saved David from Leslie's attempt to kill him. "Tad is the reason David is alive" Joe told Dixie. She looked amazed and then went off to find her husband.

Dixie found Tad in the sun room. He tried to leave, but Dixie asked him to stay because she wanted to talk. She asked if he was ready for a "shocker", and then told him about her conversation with Liza. Dixie told him what a good friend he has in Liza. She said Liza had listened to her and told her she had lost her perspective on her life. Dixie also said that Liza advised her to discover or re-discover who she is. Tad asked how she would do this and Dixie said she thought she'd go back to teaching; She knew she couldn't do it full time right now, but she could be a substitute and then tutor in the summer before going back full time. She asked what Tad thought, but Tad wondered if it really mattered what he thought. Dixie assured him that it did matter to her and he told her that if "teaching is a gift, you've got it". She said it was something she could do on her own and Tad agreed that they were both on their own now. He started to leave but Dixie stopped him by telling him she had something to discuss with him. She told him what Joe had said, that Tad had saved David's life. She commented that Tad never ceases to surprise her. He got flustered and said he wanted to cut this short; they really didn't have anything else to say to each other. Dixie didn't want him to leave, but Tad said nothing had changed between them, they had nothing else to discuss. Dixie sadly said "Our divorce?" and Tad stopped. She asked him to hold off on filing for divorce and he asked why. She wanted him to "wait for her to catch up", she didn't know what was happening in the days and months ahead. Dixie went on to tell Tad that she was homesick for what they'd had together. If there was even a little chance that they could work things out, she asked, why throw it all away? Dixie said she just wants to see if they can find their way back to each other. She begged Tad not to file for divorce. Tad explained that when he had run away for a few days earlier this year it was because he thought they weren't going to make it Jake had convinced him to come back and fight for Dixie. But when she told him she loved David, Tad had figured she'd made her choice and he'd given up. Maybe there is hope, he told Dixie and agreed to hold off on the divorce until they both decide what they want. Tad told Dixie the next move was hers though, "because I have no doubt who I love.". Dixie smiled softly at Tad who then walked away. She watched him and then turned her head, looking sad and unsure.

At Wildwind, Alex asked Gillian why Ryan needed to speak with her. Gillian said it probably had something to do with the newspaper articles they'd found in the turret, the ones about her sister, Anna. Alex told Gillian she was sorry they found the articles, that she and Dimitri had looked up information on the internet. Gillian apologized for snooping and told Alex she had missed her while she was gone and felt like Alex was a sister to her. Gillian told her how glad she was that she was back and with Dimitri again. Alex asked Gillian if she was happy and Gillian answered "Delirious!" and left to pack up some things in the turret. Alex left the room and Ryan walked in with Anna. Dimitri charged into the room stating there was "no sign of her" and stopped short when he saw Ryan and Anna. Anna pretended to be Alex and Dimitri tried to go along with it but Ryan was suspicious. He said she seemed to be a person who's in more than one place at one time. He then asked Anna what time he and Gillian were to come for dinner. She bluffed and told him 7pm. Ryan asked if they should bring anything and she told him no, she was taking care of everything. Ryan asked Dimitri who he was looking for just now and Dimitri told him, "Alex, of course." Alex came into the room and said "Here I am!" and came to an abrupt halt when she saw Anna standing there with Dimitri and Ryan. Ryan looked at the two sisters and then to Dimitri. He said something hadn't been adding up and he knows one of these two sisters is Alex and one is Anna, who was supposedly killed in a boat explosion. Anna stepped forward and said she was Anna. Ryan demanded to know what was going on, and what kind of danger they were in. Anna tried to calm him, telling him that she was no threat. Ryan wanted to know if who ever had tried to kill her on the boat were still after her. Dimitri and Alex explained the situation with Anna to Ryan and tried to make him believe they were all safe. They did tell him about the surprise assault at Bart's cabin and how an unknown man was killed. They begged for Ryan's silence, telling him he couldn't even tell Gillian. He wanted to tell her but they said no one else can know about Anna. Gillian entered through the front door and Alex pleaded with him not to give Anna away. Meanwhile, Anna slipped out of the room. Gillian asked if Ryan and Alex finished their chat. When she looked at the two of them she could tell something was amiss and asked everything was okay. Ryan covered by telling her he and Alex couldn't agree on something; he wanted to bring wine to dinner but she was insisting that he not. Gillian bought his story and said she was on her way to the turret to get more of their things. Ryan said he had some "dot com" numbers to crunch and that he'd meet her later. Gillian left and Ryan said to Alex and Dimitri "Nice, you already have me lying to my new bride." Ryan told them how much he hates lying to Gillian but they insist that the less she knows the safer she'll be. He told them they'd better be right and left the house rather angrily.

Gillian climbed the steps to the turret and began picking up a few things. She turned and cast a glance down at the floor. As she did, she screamed in horror.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Erica returned home and frantically called out Bianca's name but no one answered. Jack walked in and joked to Erica that she was supposed to meet him a couple of hours ago at the office but Erica wasn't in the mood for banter. She told Jack that Bianca was missing and explained that her daughter had hurriedly rushed after Laura at the high school. Jack gave her a look but Erica assured him that she wasn't overreacting and that something was wrong. After settling down with some coffee, Erica informed Jack of her presentation at the high school and how "Bianca got the ball rolling by volunteering." She worriedly put her cup down and told Jack that she knew something was wrong. Jack reminded her that Laura and Bianca were teenage girls and that their lives revolved around "high drama." Erica assured him that this was more than high drama and Jack began offering ideas as to what had been the cause of Bianca's hurried escape. He suggested that perhaps Bianca was interested in someone and she had left for that reason. Erica was mildly shocked and replied that this was a situation where her daughter needed her. Jack convinced Erica that if she backed off and gave Bianca some room, she would come to her when she needed her. Calmer, Erica proposed that they go back to Enchantment for their budget meeting and the pair left as Erica promised to "take things into (her) own hands if Bianca wasn't home by the time (she) got back."

At BJ's, Laura was shakily raising a cup of coffee when Bianca came up behind her and placed her hand over hers. Laura assured her that she could take care of herself and Bianca sat down opposite her. She told Laura that caffeine wouldn't help her and suggested "a doctor or a drug counselor" instead. Fidgety, Laura told her "there (was) no way" she'd ever do that. Bianca assured her that she would never "force" anything upon her but Laura was adamant. Heather, Mindy and Shannon suddenly walked into BJ's and over to Bianca and Laura's table. They asked why the pair had rushed off so quickly but Bianca only replied that "nothing (was) wrong." The trio sat down at a nearby table and Bianca convinced Laura that they needed to take a trip to the Emergency Room. After they left, Shannon realized that the pair had left their bags and quickly brought them over to their table. They searched through Bianca's bag for her diary but were happy when they came across her keys. The trio quickly left to do some "investigating."

Leo arrived at the hospital and asked Jake how David's situation was going. Jake explained that the doctor checking on him expected his brother to make a full recovery. Leo asked him what would happen with Leslie but Jake only told him that the "worry has passed." Leo replied that he didn't sound too overjoyed with the news and Jake assured him this was because he didn't like sending "psychopathic jackasses" back into the world. Leo became angry and took a swing at Jake. Greenlee walked into the waiting room as Jake swung back. A security guard pulled Leo away and was about to escort him out but Jake assured him that they were having a private conversation. Greenlee approached the pair and asked what was going on but they didn't reply. Jake asked Leo when he had gotten so sentimental about his brother and blasted him for bringing Dixie to David's bedside. He turned to Greenlee and blamed her for Leo's actions because she supported him. Leo became angry but Jake continued and told Leo that he didn't believe in what he and his family did. Jake accused them of coming into towns and ruining peoples' lives by feeding off of them. Leo became silent and Greenlee tried to pull him away but Leo wouldn't budge. He asked Jake how it felt being the "moral compass" of Pine Valley and coldly asked him if there weren't nights when he wished he had "something warmer to snuggle up to than (his) own righteousness." Jake remained silent and Leo and Greenlee left.

At the turret, Gillian screamed in horror as she discovered Bart's dead body lying beside his gun. A person behind the curtains was about to approach her but retracted when Ryan suddenly ran in. He bent down to check for a pulse as Gillian frantically asked if there was a pulse. A shocked Ryan pulled his hand away and replied, "no." Gillian grabbed the cell phone to call the police but Ryan told her that they would have to call Alex and Dimitri first, so they could "see the scene as (they) found it." Ryan spoke in hushed whispers to Alex and informed her that Bart was dead and that she should come over right away. After he hung up, Gillian hugged Ryan and asked her what was going on. Ryan didn't answer.

Alex and Dimitri arrived and laid blankets on top of Bart's lifeless body. Gillian asked what had happened to him and Alex proposed that he had a massive coronary. Gillian theorized that he had become frightened by something he saw, pulled out his gun and suffered a heart attack because of his fear. Alex hugged her and pulled her away, apologizing for her having to be the one to find the body. Quietly, Dimitri asked Ryan if Gillian knew anything but Ryan angrily assured him that she didn't. He told Dimitri that he didn't like lying to his wife and that he was going to get them out of danger. They walked over to Alex and Gillian and Ryan informed his wife that they were going to the yacht. Gillian protested that the police would want to talk to her because she found the body, but Ryan replied that they could find her on the yacht. The pair left as the figure stood behind the curtains, listening to every word. The two embraced and Alex commented that Anna would be devastated by the news. Dimitri replied that it may set her back but Alex only stated that she had to know.

Bianca dragged Laura into the ER, as Laura protested that she didn't need to be there. Bianca pulled her up to the nurses' station and Laura quickly explained that she had the flu. The nurse gave her some forms to fill out and the pair settled down in the waiting room. Laura complained that she didn't have to be there but Bianca told her she was worried that the Ecstasy she had taken had been "cut with something toxic." She assured Laura that she could "ream her out" once the doctor had checked her out.

Heather, Mindy and Shannon arrived at Bianca's and quickly staked the area out. When they realized that no one was home, they used the keys and stepped into the house. Heather marveled at the fact that Erica's "staff" was not around. Heather and Mindy stayed downstairs on the lookout as Mindy ran upstairs to Bianca's room to search for the diary.

At Greenlee and Jake's apartment, a sullen Leo sat down on the couch. Greenlee passed him a soda and asked him if he was still thinking about what Jake had said to him at the hospital. Leo replied that he was but Greenlee told him that what Jake thought had no real bearing on his life. Leo only responded that some things that people say to you stick. He got up and began rifling through Jake's unpacked boxes, which were full of sports trophies and academic awards. He grumbled to Greenlee about not having a life and explained that the only trophy he had was one he stole from an ex-girlfriend's father who convinced her to break up with him. Greenlee tried to convince him that Jake wasn't above him and reasoned that even though she was superficial, she was no less of a person than her roommate was. Leo sat down on the couch and assured her that she wasn't superficial. Greenlee rubbed her hand along the back of his head and told him that they knew each other and that was all they had to think about. She purred that she wanted to know him to his very soul and felt that she was close to doing that, but Leo only replied that there were many things that she didn't know about him. He rose from the couch and Greenlee stood beside him. She told him that she loved him more than she had loved any man before him and that there was nothing he could tell her that would make him stop. Leo was silent as Greenlee told him she was "laying (her) heart out on the line for (him)" and invited him to stay with her or leave it behind. Leo remained silent and sat down on the couch. Greenlee became worried that he wasn't replying but he assured her that he was only thinking about everything that she didn't know about him. Greenlee suggested that they forget the past and concentrate on the present and, after a moment's thought, Leo embraced her and they kissed.

With a mouth full of chocolate covered cherries, Mindy screamed out that Erica had just pulled into her driveway. Heather ran into the room and relayed the message upstairs to Shannon. The pair decided to leave and walked outside where they ran into Erica. Slightly confused, Erica greeted them and asked them what they were doing at her house. Inside, Shannon breathed deeply and held Bianca's diary to her chest. Heather and Mindy explained that Bianca and Laura had left their bags at BJ's and that they had wanted to return them. Erica became happy when she heard that Bianca had been with Laura and asked them if they thought the pair were going back home. They replied that they had overheard Bianca tell Laura that she was taking her to the ER. Frantically, Erica rushed into the house and Shannon ran from the front door. Erica hurriedly called Brooke and left a message on her machine. Mindy and Heather stood dumbfounded as Erica hung up the phone and hurried them out. She informed the girls that she had to go to the hospital to check on Laura "since her own mother can't be found." Erica locked the door behind her and took off, leaving Shannon staring out from the window.

Anna arrived at the turret to see Bart's body laid out peacefully on the bed. Alex and Dimitri assured Anna that Bart hadn't suffered and that "it was his time." Anna noticed that he was wearing the shirt she had given him and quietly asked if she could have a moment with him before they called the police. Alex and Dimitri agreed and left Anna alone with Bart. Anna held his hand and sadly told Bart that she had never revealed his "secret" and that it would go to the grave with her. She apologized to Bart for not being able to return his love and assured him that she had needed him and appreciated his help. She laid her head on his chest and the figure behind the curtains began to make its way out. It stopped as Anna shouted out to Alex that she could call the police now and raised the blanket over Bart's face.

Gillian and Ryan settled down at a table at BJ's. Gillian lamented about Bart dying in the turret, what she had deemed their "special place." Ryan assured her that they would be alright back at the yacht, but Gillian reminded him that they had dinner plans. Ryan adamantly told her that he wasn't taking her back to Wildwind and Gillian asked him if he was keeping something from her. Ryan replied that he didn't want her to ever be in danger and Gillian jokingly asked if he was going to be behind her for the rest of her life making sure that no one evil was around her. Ryan replied that was his plan and the two shared a kiss.

Dimitri hung up from Alex and let Anna know that a policeman was on his way. He apologized for her loss but Anna only replied that he had always been there for her. He suggested that Bart felt that Anna was safe now and he was able to let go. Anna quickly kissed Bart, covered him with the blanket and ran out of the turret with Dimitri in tow. The stranger behind the curtains stepped out and walked to the center of the room. He produced a picture of Anna and crumpled it in his hands.

Outside Erica's, Heather and Mindy finally met up with Shannon who produced the diary. She began skimming it, all the while saying "boring" and "loser" until she came to a page and stopped. "Oh baby!" she exclaimed. Heather and Mindy begged to be told but Shannon informed them that she would tell them in the car and the trio left.

At the hospital, Laura got up in frustration and told Bianca she was leaving. Bianca followed her to the nurses' station and informed her that Jake was on and that "he'd be totally cool with it." Angry, Laura told Bianca that she wasn't going to be tested for drugs. The pair turned around to see Erica, who had just heard Laura's outburst.

Thursday, April 20, 2001

Leo and Greenlee were glowing in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Leo tried to leave their bed to get some chilled champagne. Greenlee grabbed his arm and told him not to leave, "Don't get out of this bed, I mean it. Ever! If you do we are through." Greenlee explained that every time he left her that something bad happened. Leo agreed to stay in bed with her for awhile but explained that they couldn't stay there forever. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Greenlee's father, Roger, and he continued to bang on the door exclaiming that he knew she was in there as he had seen her car. Through the door, Roger said it was really was about her mother. Greenlee reluctantly left Leo in the bedroom but made him promise not to go far as she went to answer the door. Roger entered the loft and told Greenlee that he had very upsetting news about her mother. Greenlee looked at him in horror, afraid for her mother's welfare.

Roger then told Greenlee that her mother was being unreasonable and that she had completely cut him off financially and that he could barely get buy on the money that she had been giving him. Greenlee retorted in anger that he had barged in to her house and made her think something awful had happened to her mother "just to cry poverty!?" Roger tried to convince Greenlee to get on the phone with her mother on his behalf. Greenlee said, "Like hell I will!" She told him to go ask his new girlfriend, Erica Kane, or better yet...get a job like everyone else. Roger began insulting her and went so far as to grab her by the arms and shake her. Just then Leo emerged and pulled Roger away from Greenlee asking him to leave. When Roger refused to leave and told Leo to stay out of their business, he took a swing at Leo and missed. Leo took a swing right back at Roger and hit him dead in the mouth knocking him to the floor to Greenlee's horror.

After Roger picked himself up off of the floor, Leo insisted he leave and told him to stay away from Greenlee. Roger tired to apologize to Greenlee and begged her to help him. Leo informed Roger that Greenlee was with him now and that Roger wasn't a part of that picture. Roger said he did get the picture, "Far more than you know" and departed.

At BJ's, Gillian and Ryan were flirting across the table discussing what their perfect dreams were. Gillian, at Ryan's prompting, told him about her own fantasy. They then discussed how Gillian's fantasy would be good for Ryan's company. As they were discussing the issue, an unknown African American entered BJ's. Ryan watched the unknown man take money off of a table and put it in his pocket. Gillian saw Ryan watching the man and asked him if he knew him. Ryan informed him that he knew what the guy was doing, "He is trying to buy as much food as he can with that $5.50 tip he just lifted from that table right there." Ryan got up and replaced the money the man had stolen back on the table he had stolen it from and returned to his own table. Ryan then told Gillian about the times he himself had had to resort to the same tactics. Gillian asked Ryan if he thought they should give the man some money. Ryan told her that the man would not take it of they did.

Shannon, Mindy, and Heather entered BJ's and handed Bianca's journal over to Albert and asked him how long it would take him to pull it off. He told them to give him about an hour. The girls giggled as Albert went on his way to "pull it off."

At Pine Valley Hospital's ER, Erica entered just as Laura was telling Bianca that she would not be tested for drugs. Erica overhead Laura's statement. Bianca turned around and asked her mother what she was doing there. Erica explained that she had heard from Shannon and her friends while bumping into them at her house (supposedly returning Bianca and Laura's backpacks) that Laura and Bianca had come to the hospital to have Laura checked out. Erica asked Laura why she would not take a drug test and why she felt she needed to take one at all. Laura lied to Ms. Kane by telling her that she hadn't eaten all day and that her blood sugar was low. She went on to say that the hospital would not examine her unless she took a blood test and that she felt that was discriminatory. Erica looked at Bianca and outright asked her why she wasn't saying anything.

Bianca went along with Laura's lie and told Erica that Laura had "just felt faint." Erica offered to drive them home. Laura told Erica that she had her own car. Erica told Laura to drive carefully and left the two of them. Laura then apologized to Bianca for the position she had put her in with her mother and Bianca just said she wanted to leave. After Laura and Bianca left, Erica confronted Joe and asked him who the doctor was that had examined Laura. Joe informed her that he hadn't realized that Laura was there as he had been concentrating mainly on the David Hayward situation. Erica replied with, "Oh, what situation is that?" Joe told her that David had had an accident. She asked him if he was all right.

David's was transported from his private room back the ER. Vanessa inquired why he had been moved back to the ER, as David needed his privacy. Joe explained that after a very unusual staff meeting that consisted mainly of police officer's, it was decided that David's surgery on his hand would take place not at Pine Valley Hospital, but at Statesville Prison Hospital and that he would be transported there that day. After Joe left the room, David told Vanessa that he was not going to Statesville today, "There is no way I am leaving Pine Valley today."

Vanessa asked him how he planned on getting out of his predicament, that he needed an attorney. David told her what he needed was for her to calm down, listen to him, and do what he says. He then asked her to get him some potassium and a clean syringe out of the locked medicine cabinet outside his room. As Vanessa is arguing with David about how she is going to get a key to get into the locked medicine cabinet, a police officer entered the room and announced that he was in charge of watching David while they arranged for transport for him to Statesville. Just then, a nurse entered with Erica barging in at her heels. David asked his mother to cause a distraction. Vanessa immediately got into Erica's face and started rolling obscenities off to her; blaming her for David's troubles. Meanwhile, David was lifting keys out of the nurse's pocket as the nurse stood beside him watching the ruckus that Vanessa was creating with Erica.

After David had successfully lifted the keys from the nurse, he summoned his mother to his bedside and passed her the keys without anyone else's knowledge. He then asked her to please give him and Erica a moment alone assuming she would use the keys to get the stuff he had requested before the nurse discovered her keys were missing.

After the others left his room, David apologized to Erica for his mother's behavior. David went on to tell Erica that he had so many regrets and that she was right about the things she had said when she had came to his jail cell. As he held her hand, David told Erica that he needed her more now then he had probably ever needed anybody in his life. Erica asked him what he wanted from her and what he was up to. David denied being up to anything but Erica refused to believe him stating that she knew him. Erica assumed that David wanted her to testify at the trial on his behalf. David decided to use that to explain his odd behavior and asked her if she would. Erica asked him if it was so hard for him to just ask her. David responded with "Only if you turn me down." Erica reminded him of what he had done to her; jeopardizing her sobriety and reminded him that her daughter had passed out at the party due to the Libidozone he had put in the punch. David continued to apologize as he put up with Erica's banter. Erica refused to testify on his behalf and told him that she hoped he gets convicted and that he goes to prison. She then left the room.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was outside of David's room and faked a dizzy spell to send a nurse off to get her water so that she can be alone to get the items David requested. Vanessa successfully got the potassium and syringe. After Erica stormed out of David's room Vanessa entered the room and was conferring with David with her body blocking the guard's view of David's IV. As she spoke to David, she injected David's with the potassium while the guard was busy perusing a magazine at his post next to the door. After she injected David with the potassium, she asked David how he was feeling and nervously waited for the drug to take effect. Almost immediately, the doctors began entering the room in a rush. When Dr. Martin entered and inquired what was going on, another doctor informed him that David's monitor had picked up an arrhythmia. Joe desperately tried to stabilize David. The crew showed up to transport David to the prison but Joe sent them away because he was not stable. Vanessa left the room and ran into Roger. Roger told her that he was just with her son (Leo) and his daughter. Roger went on to say he had figured out her son as well as her. When Vanessa asked him what he was talking about, Roger accused her of coming to Pine Valley to score with Palmer Cortlandt and that her son came to Pine Valley to score his daughter. Amidst Vanessa's denials, Roger said he would keep quiet about her scams as long as she cut him in on the profits; when Leo marries Greenlee, he wants half of the money.

Back at the loft, Leo apologized to Greenlee for what he had done to her father. In Leo's defense, she acknowledged that he Dad had come after him first and told Leo that she did not want her father to come around her ever again. Leo promised her that he would do anything necessary to keep her safe. Greenlee asked him if he really meant it and he reiterated that he did. Greenlee then asked Leo to marry him.

Brooke showed up at the hospital and told Erica she had just gotten her message and asked her if Laura was all right. Erica told her that she would have to ask her daughter that...that Laura had said that she was fine. Brooke said she didn't know what was going on...she had got a message from Erica saying her daughter was on her way to the hospital and now Erica is telling her that Laura was fine. Erica told Brooke that Laura had said that she was hypoglycemic. Brooke was shocked, as she knew that Laura wasn't. Brooke asked if a doctor had diagnosed her. Smugly, Erica said that apparently Laura had diagnosed herself and that Laura had told the doctor her symptoms and that the doctors had apparently diagnosed that Laura was a teen with a drug problem and that they had wanted to test her for drugs and that Laura had refused. Brooke excused herself to go find her daughter.

Laura and Bianca went back to Erica's. As soon as Bianca got home she gave Laura her backpack and told her she was tired, she had to study for an exam and she wanted her to leave. Laura begged her to talk to her. Bianca told her that she "couldn't do this anymore." Bianca went on to tell her that she had watched Laura do "X", had watched her almost black out, had lied to her mother on her behalf, and that she did not want any part of Laura's drug use. She went on to say that she didn't want to be different, she didn't want to be the school nark, but she also didn't want to be around people using drugs...that it was too scary. Laura promised that it wouldn't happen again. Bianca told her she was right because she wasn't going to be hanging around her to see it.

Back at BJ's Shannon was talking to Albert on her cell phone. Albert informed her that "it" was on line. She was given the address where "it" was located at "" They logged onto to a laptop to view it. They gawked at the information they were seeing and picked up a cell phone to call Bianca to fill her in on the new website.

Bianca explained to Laura that she could no longer be her friend; it just wasn't working and again asked her to leave. She told her not to call her anymore or talk to her at school. The phone rang and it was Shannon laughing and telling her where to logon and hung up. Laura asked her what Shannon had said. Bianca told her that they were laughing like they had before. Laura asked Bianca where her laptop was and they quickly logged on. They saw a picture of Erica as well as the picture that Mindy had taken of Laura and Bianca in an embrace. Laura asked Bianca if the information was from her journal. Erica and Brooke then walked in and wondered what was going on.

Dr. Joe Martin was dining at the counter at BJ's when he had to leave. He asked that his food be boxed up to take out. Joe tossed a $20.00 bill on the counter and departed. The African American guy who had stolen a tip off another table previously and who was also seated at the counter, reached out and stole Joe's $20.00. Ryan saw it and confronted the man before he could leave the restaurant. Ryan told him that he knew he was hungry but wanted him to return the money. The man ran out the door as Gillian grabbed Ryan to keep him from pursuing the man. After the man had left, Ryan found the $20.00 bill that the mysterious stranger had dropped.

Shannon, Mindy, and Heather left BJ's celebrating their victory. Ryan and Gillian were also preparing to leave. Ryan was ready to go back to the yacht with Gillian but she informed him that she had to go back to Wildwind as she had left something at the turret. Ryan offered to pick it up for her tomorrow. Gillian said she wanted to go then because it was her grandmother's cameo and she didn't want it lying around. Ryan agreed to go with her to retrieve the cameo. As Ryan and Gillian were getting up to leave, the stranger was shown breaking into the turret. They finally showed who was above those shoes that had been lurking around was the young African American man from the restaurant!



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