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Monday, April 16

Alison smells a familiar rat after finding $25,000 in a post office box. Though Alison balks at the idea of accepting money from her disapproving grandmother, Jack suggests that Amanda's recent heart attack may have softened the old lady up. Ian, Chris and Eve struggle to restore Arianna's vital signs after she went into cardiac arrest. Jack convinces Alison to keep the cash and lie about it to Jamal. Rhonda is flustered to bump into Karen and Frank at Kelly's. Meanwhile, in the 1973 version of the cafe, Cookie waits impatiently for her new friends to appear. Karen is appalled to realize that her mother has fallen off the wagon yet again. Apologizing for her slip, Rhonda explains how memories of Carolyn made her too melancholy to resist the lure of the bottle. A relieved Ian thanks Eve for her heroic efforts as Arianna finally returns to normal sinus rhythm. Claiming that her newfound wealth came from a savings bond which just matured, Alison told Jamal she wants to sink all the money into their combination coffee shop-bike repair business. Rhonda tearfully relates for Frank and Karen how her sister died.

Tuesday, April 17

Frank told Karen how he found Cookie's name carved in the windowsill at Kelly's. Fed up with Frank's phantom friend, Karen rails at him for getting obsessed all over again. Though Eve tearfully blames herself for the deterioration in Arianna's condition, Ian insists she did the right thing in giving his wife the new medication. Using aliases, Lucy and Kevin playfully pretend that they're meeting for the first time at the Port Charles Hotel. After calming down, Karen admits to Frank that her mother's slip has made her terribly fearful about maintaining her own sobriety. Arianna regains consciousness and thanks Eve for saving her life. Later, an unhappy Eve confides to Ian how she can't stop wishing that Arianna had never come to town. Lucy secretly begins arranging for Kevin's divorce. Though Karen advises him to get as far away as possible from her and her many problems, Frank declares that he can't leave because he's falling in love with her.

Wednesday, April 18

Kevin suggests to Lucy that their relationship is running so smoothly because they've finally stopped fighting their mutual attraction. After Kevin leaves, Lucy secretly schedules a breakfast meeting at the Grill with a divorce lawyer. Alison blows all of her newfound wealth in one morning as she purchases equipment for the coffee shop. Ian confides to Karen that he and Eve have ended their relationship. Meanwhile, Kevin bumps into his estranged wife and lends Eve a sympathetic ear. Alison reminds Jack not to tell anyone that the $25,000 came from her grandmother. Karen makes contact with Arianna's father. Jack congratulates a beaming Livvie after she proudly announces that she'll soon be starting the pre-med program at PCU. At the hospital, Amanda is puzzled to hear about Alison's sudden windfall. Alone at the loft, Ian sets up the chessboard for a match with his late sister.

Thursday, April 19

Thanks to Lucy's bumbling, Eve flies into a tizzy when a divorce lawyer suddenly approaches Kevin. Karen is outraged when Mr. Shapour refuses to let any member of his family be tested as a possible living donor for Arianna. When Granya asks why she's been summoned from beyond the grave, her melancholy brother explains how badly he needed someone to talk to. Concerned about Karen's high stress level, Chris suggests that she look in at the local N.A. meeting but his idea is met with scorn. Ian admits to Granya that he feels responsible for her untimely demise. Urging him to move past his pain, Granya assures Ian she never blamed him for anything that happened to her. Lucy apologizes to an irked Kevin and Eve for interfering in their personal business. Later, however, Eve and her estranged husband sadly agree that the time has indeed come to initiate divorce proceedings. Frank and Cookie resume communications as each accuses the other of standing him or her up at Kelly's. Chris finds himself playing the uncharacteristic role of understanding chum when a distraught Eve returns to the hospital. Cookie told an astonished Frank that the "current" year is 1973. Feeling strung out by all her problems, Karen contemplates shooting up.

Friday, April 20

Alison promises Jack she will come clean with Jamal as soon as the time is right to disclose that her windfall actually came from her grandmother. An exasperated Frank accuses Cookie of messing with him but she stubbornly maintains that he's the one living in the twilight zone. After discovering that the computer isn't even plugged in, Frank begins to wonder if he's losing his mind. Arianna hopes that her sister might be willing to donate part of her liver, then is dejected to learn from Ian how her entire family has refused to lend her any assistance. Eve is alarmed to catch Karen with a needle and syringe in the staff lounge. Victor told Frank the engraving at Kelly's is probably close to thirty years old. Meanwhile, Cookie confides to a friend named Scott how she seems to be communicating with a man from the future. Assuring Eve she's jumped to the wrong conclusion, Karen reveals that she was merely drawing her own blood for testing on the chance that she could be a donor for Arianna. Kevin told a relieved Lucy that all is forgiven. Ian encourages Arianna to believe that a fresh start is in front of her with her new family---him. A smirking Zach informs Jamal that the 25 grand Alison spent came from someone who will require prompt repayment. Karen learns that she is a match for Arianna. Frank is stunned to receive proof that Cookie is in fact a voice from the past.

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