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Laura was released from the hospital, and Leo took her to a school dance. Erica hired Greenlee as an Enchantment employee, but under a contract that would let Erica virtually own Greenlee. Gabriel spoke for the first time. Anna realized that it was possible that she and Gabriel were siblings. Gillian continued to work with Ilene on her documentary without Ryan's permission.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, May 21, 2001

Together in the park, Dixie and Tad discussed J.R. She blamed herself for J.R.'s problems. It was troubling to her that they were testing him for drugs. Tad told her there was a possibility he could be using drugs. It certainly would explain his erratic behavior lately. Dixie couldn't understand why he chose Adam over her. "That's a no-brainer!" Tad told Dixie. It was clear to Dixie that they had to get J.R. away from Adam. Although J.R. asked Adam to escort him to the hospital for the drug test, Tad could see no reason why they couldn't go, too. Even though he told Dixie he didn't want her there, Tad felt J.R. really needed her and that she needed to be there, too.

In the emergency room, Hayley was experiencing back pain. She was unable to move. As Joe Martin helped Hayley back to bed, Mateo told her that her little brother was falling right in line with Adam for hurting people. He didn't realize J.R. was standing behind him. Dr. Martin explained to Hayley and Mateo that the problem most likely was a back injury. He told them the baby was fine. Mateo asked why the pain had come on so suddenly. Joe explained that back injuries don't always surface right away, plus Hayley was worried about the baby. Hayley was then taken downstairs for tests. As they took Hayley from the room, Adam told her not to worry. He would get the best care for her he could. Mateo told him to back off. Adam started to follow Hayley, but the police officer told Adam he had to stay with his son. Mateo replied, "Yes, he needs supervision." He then walked up to J.R. and asked him just what he was thinking. Joe stepped out of the room and told Adam he needed to talk to him. Adam followed Joe - and the police officer followed them, too. That left J.R. alone in the waiting area. No sooner had he sat down, when his friend came up to him. J.R. told him that he was going to have to take a drug test. He was afraid they would find out he was high when he was behind the wheel. His friend told him not to worry. They had him covered - but it would cost him a couple of Franklin's. J.R. reached for his wallet, but his friend stopped him and said he'd collect it later. He told J.R. here was a clean specimen by the pay phone. J.R. would be able to play the old "bait and switch" with the sample. Just as J.R. was about to grab the specimen, the police officer returned and demanded to know what he was doing. J.R. grabbed the phone and said he felt dizzy. Suddenly, Adam returned and demanded that the officer leave J.R. alone. While Adam and the officer argue, J.R. had the opening he needed to pocket the specimen. Tad and Dixie arrived at the hospital and wanted to know how J.R. was doing. Adam blamed Tad and Dixie for J.R.'s problems. Dixie was indignant. She reminded Adam that when he was trying to push J.R. out of his life, she told him not to give up on his father. She felt he needed to know his father. Tad told Adam to do the right thing and send J.R. home with his mother. Adam paced as they waited for J.R.'s results. Just then they wheel Hayley back to her room. Adam told Hayley he loved her. Mateo told him if he really meant that, he'd keep his family away from her. Joe took Adam aside and told him Hayley had a ruptured disk. The baby was fine, but Hayley would need a lot of rest and no stress for the next few weeks. Dixie told Mateo how bad she felt about what happened. Mateo was very adamant that he didn't want J.R. around Hayley. What Hayley needed was a "Chandler Sabbatical." J.R. returned then and Adam asked, "What's the news? Negative, right?" The officer told them the tests were negative. Of course, Adam never doubted it. Dixie told J.R. that Hayley and the baby were ok.

Brooke and Erica were arguing in the hospital outside Laura's room. Brooke accused Erica of wanting to get Laura far away from Bianca. Of course, Erica denied it. She said only cared about Laura. Having been through caring for a sick daughter herself, Erica felt Brooke should appreciate her more. A frustrated Brooke told Erica she didn't care about Erica's support. She never wanted to speak to Erica again. Bianca came around the corner just then and called out to her mother. Edmund was with her. Bianca explained that she had waited in the car so long; she began to worry about Laura. Brooke told her Laura was ok and that she and Leo were having a nice visit. Edmund said he wanted to go over some business with Brooke. With that, Erica and Bianca decided to leave. Once Erica and Bianca have gone, Brooke started to talk about Tempo business. Edmund said he didn't come for Tempo business, but came because she needed a friend. As they talked, Brooke asked Edmund not to lecture her about not telling Laura what her true condition is. Edmund responded that it was her call. Brooke told him that she wanted to find a heart for Laura. Edmund said he would talk to the research staff at Tempo about it. With some coaxing, he finally gets Brooke to agree to get something to eat at the cafeteria.

In her hospital room, Laura told Leo she believed she was dying. He wanted to know why she felt that way. She never actually heard anyone say she was dying, but she did overhear her mother, David and Dr. Joe talking and their words and actions lead her to believe that's what they meant. Leo tried to make light of the situation. Laura started crying. Leo held and comforted her. She felt she should have known something was up when her mother got David out of jail. Leo tried to get her to calm down. Laura wanted Leo to do her a favor - ask David what was wrong with her. Leo tried to brush it off at first, but Laura asked him again. He looked at her and walked towards the door. Then he nodded and left the room. Once outside the room, Leo saw Edmund hugging Brooke. He had a look of concern on his face as he walked away.

As Leo was going back to Laura's room, he spotted David with the guard. He walked up to David and asked why David had not told him Laura was dying. David was surprised and thought Brooke had told Leo. That confirmed Leo's suspicions and the look on Leo's face told David Leo had not known the truth before. David scolded Leo for tricking him. He explained that Brooke didn't want Laura to know. David then took Leo into his confidence and told him the whole story. Under no circumstances was he to tell Laura. Brooke didn't want her to know so she wouldn't give up hope. David told Leo the heart transplant waiting list was long and there wasn't much time left. As David left with the officer, he reminded Leo not to tell anyone. Leo returned to Laura's room and looked in the window before he entered the room. Laura asked him if he found his brother and he didn't answer. The look on Leo's face told her everything. Laura cried as she took in the news that she needed a new heart. Then she told Leo to leave. She wanted to be alone. Leo wanted her to let Brooke know that she knew the truth. Laura said Brooke was putting up a front for her sake and that she just couldn't tell Brooke. Leo promised not to tell. Outside the room, Brooke noticed that Leo seemed upset. She asked him if everything was ok. He told her he hated seeing Laura that way. Brooke and Edmund went into the room and find Laura sitting up in bed looking at a magazine. She showed Brooke some dresses and suggested they go shopping when she gets out of the hospital.

Jake couldn't believe Greenlee's new idea to get on with her life. He told her she was trying to "out-Erica" Erica Kane. He wanted to see her do something worthwhile with her life. Lip gloss was not a higher power. His feelings didn't deter her. She felt with a little make up, lip gloss, hair care and her skin care line, she would be selling "dignity" in a bottle to many women. Jake told her that he had one word that would change her life. "NO!" He urged her to say it with him - "NO!" It was not funny to her. Jake tried to explain that he just wanted to save her dignity and reputation. This made Greenlee angry and she told Jake to go to hell if all he could tell her was that she was a failure. Jake felt she was jumping into something without thinking it through. She told Jake she had thought about it. She had a whole skin care line of all hypoallergenic products with no animal testing. Jake wanted to know what she knew about dermatology. She told him she had been to a dermatologist once. Then she told Jake she would just delegate the work. She would hire the best people. After all, she helped Ryan. "Yes", Jake reminded her. "And look at that mess now!" He explained that you can't just delegate, but you have to take control. Jake felt she had a lot to offer, but cautioned her to offer it slowly. Just then Erica and Bianca walked in and sat down at a table. Jake said Greenlee could learn something from Erica. Erica became involved in her projects. She worked side by side the people who developed her products. What Greenlee needed was a mentor. Greenlee's eyes sparkled as a new idea came to her. Yes, "La Kane" would be her mentor.

At their table, Bianca wanted to know what had gone on between Erica and Brooke. Erica thought they could put their differences aside for Laura's sake, but now she knew that would never happen - ever! Greenlee walked up to their table and asked about Laura. Bianca was skeptical about Greenlee's concern. Greenlee stated that after Erica had humiliated her earlier that day, she took a look at her life. Now she knew she couldn't keep blaming circumstances on everyone else. Bianca was lucky that she had a great mother for her role model and a good relationship with her father. Erica must know how it felt to always struggle and to feel unsure of your father's love. At that point, Erica asked Greenlee to sit down. Greenlee continued with her praise of Erica. She had read Erica's books and was impressed that Erica used her past to make her stronger. Erica explained that self-discovery and hard work was the secret to her success. Hard work was just what Greenlee wanted to do. With her interest in fashion and beauty, she was sure she could help Erica. She told Erica she wanted to work with her as an intern - she'd even work for no pay. She wanted Erica as her mentor. Erica stated that she believed in second chances and that she would consider Greenlee's request. Greenlee was to call Erica the next day and Erica would give her a decision. After Greenlee went back to her table, Bianca couldn't believe that Erica had been taken in by her. Erica hadn't been fooled for a moment. She, too, felt Greenlee was up to something. A good thing to remember was "keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer," Erica told Bianca. Bianca smiled at that response.

A smug Greenlee returned to her table. Patting herself on the back for her great success with Erica, she told Jake that when she was through with Ms. Kane, Erica wouldn't even know what hit her.

As a haunting love song played, a series of scene montages played. Greenlee and Jake returned to loft. Greenlee had a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Jake didn't want any and he left the room. Greenlee sat on the sofa and stared wistfully in the distance.

Leo sat on a bench at the hospital looking very dejected.

A sad Dixie was sitting on a park bench. Tad draped his jacket over her shoulders and sat down beside her and held her hand.

Brooke, near tears, hugged Edmund in the hospital lobby. They later left together.

Hayley and Mateo share a tender moment in the hospital room as she placed his hand on her stomach to feel the baby.

Laura pushed away the applesauce Brooke gave her, buried her face in the blankets and sobbed.

Leo cried as he stood in the hospital hallway.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

At the Wildwind turret, Anna dreamed of a woman sitting in a rocking chair singing a lullaby. In her dream, Anna began to approach the woman. When she came close she realized it was the mystery man. He began to grab for her and she awoke screaming. Edmund rushed in to comfort her, and Anna began to explain that she believed there is a connection between the woman in her dream and the mystery man. After Anna calmed down, Edmund preceded to tell her that he went to see Robin. At first, Anna was angry and concerned over the possibility of endangering Robin by going to see her. But, Edmund assured her that know one followed him. Edmund handed Anna a box of pictures that Robin gave him to give to her. But Anna became frustrated when the pictures were unable to jog her memory. Anna erupted saying that she wished she stayed dead, just then Edmund pulled her into a passionate kiss...

At Enchantment, Erica told Opal that Greenlee was coming in to interview for a job. Opal didn't understand why Erica would employ her. Erica explained how she suspected that Greenlee was up to something and she intends to keep her close so she can find out. Greenlee arrived and Erica began to question her, she informed her that she had already begun a background check on her. Erica taunted Greenlee a bit about an apparent affair that Greenlee had with one of her professors in college. Greenlee was taken aback, but very confidentally told Erica that she has a great business head and could teach Enchantment a thing or two. Erica asked Greenlee point blank if she thought she could run Enchantment better than she can. Greenlee thanked Erica for here time and said she would be in touch. Opal came back and asked Erica if Greenlee was history. Erica said no and explained that she intended to keep her front and center so she could watch ever move Greenlee makes.

Meanwhile at the yacht salon, Ryan thanked Leo for fixing the lock on the door and then asked him to fix the lamp too. Unbeknownst to them, the mystery man was hiding out waiting to take the lamp. Then, Ilene Pringle entered the salon and placed a mysterious phone call pertaining to Wildwind. When Gillian entered, Ilene reported that they are interested in doing a bio on Gillian, and they want to tape it at Wildwind. Gillian agreed knowing that Ryan and her could use the money. Ryan entered and said there was no way Gillian was going to do this. Gillian wondered why Ryan would not want her to do this. But, he covered his concern over the danger at Wildwind. Ryan exited and Gillian explained to Ilene that she would still participate but they must not tell Ryan. Gillian was sure she could convince Dimitri to let them film at Wildwind. After Gillian left, Ilene placed another call to her contact and exclaimed that they are in!

At the hospital, Brooke delivered the good news that Laura could go home. Just as Brooke was talking to Laura, Bianca arrived at the room. Bianca was excited that Laura would be able to graduate with her class. But, Brooke knowing Laura's true condition didn't know if Laura would necessarily be strong enough for that. Brooke left to talk to Joe. And, an elated Bianca started to share plans of a summer trip to Europe. Laura tried to hold back tears, but couldn't stop from breaking down. Bianca was confused as to why Laura was crying. Laura explained it was just because she is so touched by what a great friend Bianca is. Leo interrupted the emotional moment and assumed that Laura had told Bianca the truth. But, Laura covered before Leo could say too much. When Bianca left the room, Leo asked Laura why she wouldn't tell Bianca, he knows that Bianca could help Laura through this. An upset Laura explained that she can't tell others she's dying because she hasn't accepted it herself. Leo railed at Laura saying that she can't give up on herself and that he won't join her pity party. He told her she's the one that can save herself if she remains hopeful. Outside the room, Joe stressed to Brooke that positive thinking is critical for Laura.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Pacing in an empty courtroom, Dixie waited for JR to arrive. Liza walked in and told her Adam was bringing JR and Tad had some last minute business to take care of and wouldn't be there. Dixie asked Liza how JR was and Liza told her that he feels bad about what happened but isn't talking to them much. Mostly she's heard JR on the phone with his friends. Dixie said she doesn't like JR's new friends, they're older than JR and faster. She's also not happy about Adam showing JR that being a Chandler means he can do anything he wants and get away with it. Liza commented that at least the drug test came back clean. JR walked in followed by Adam and Barry Shire. Dixie asked him how he was doing, he told her he was okay but barely looked at her. Adam stated that JR won't be doing any time; that no child of his will spend time in juvenile detention. Dixie snapped at Adam "You don't know what will happen!" as the Judge walked in. The room came to order and the judge addressed JR, reading the list of charges against him. Barry demanded that the charges be dropped since the police officer JR struggled with was not in attendance. The judge explained that he'd given the officer the day to attend a funeral. The judge read the latest charges against JR, including theft and driving without a license. Adam stood up and tried to defend JR but the judge told him to sit down, he only wanted to hear JR's story. He asked JR to explain his reckless, destructive behavior and all JR could say was he didn't know why he did it, he just got messed up. JR did say he was sorry about risking his sister's life and that "my head wasn't screwed on right that night". He went on to tell the judge that when he saw his mom defending Dr. Hayward he just flipped. That's all he had to say and he sat back down, with his head hung down. Barry stood up and told the judge that JR's behavior was a result of Dixie's reckless behavior. He began attacking Dixie, saying she was an unfit mother and that she had abandoned her son to have an extra marital affair. Dixie sat in the courtroom just stunned. She finally cried out "I'm not an unfit mother!". The judge told Barry that this was not a custody hearing but Barry insisted that Dixie's affair with the infamous Libidozone poisoner affected JR. Liza, sitting behind Adam, kept telling Adam to stop Barry from this tirade but Adam refused. Barry continued telling the judge that Dixie's affair took precedence over the welfare of her son. Dixie shamefully cowered in her seat. Tad, who had just arrived in time to hear Barry's wrongful description of Dixie, blurted out "Shut up! My God, you're out of order!" and stormed up to the front of the court room. Dixie gave a slight smile as Tad apologized to the judge for bursting out like that. Adam stood up saying Tad had no right to be there but Tad argued that he had every right, he'd been with JR since he was one week old. Liza grabbed Adam and forced him back into his seat. The judge told Barry to take his seat and asked Tad if he was there to speak on behalf of his estranged wife Dixie. Tad said no, she needed no one to speak for her. He was there for JR, he knew they'd messed up and that JR was disappointed in the two of them. Tad told the judge about all that Dixie has done for JR, taking care of him when he's sick, comforting him when he's scared, ect. But now JR's family is coming down around his ears and he's in pain, but whatever he's done wrong it's not Dixie's fault. "She's the one constant in his life" Tad told the court room. Tad gave a passionate speech about Dixie's gift to her family and then said they're not here to point fingers, they're here to help JR. Tad turned to JR and told him "You're young, you're scared and in trouble." Then he turned to Adam and his lawyer and said "Shame on you Mr. Shire and you Adam, for insinuating that Dixie is not a good mother." The judge spoke up and said he found JR's behavior troubling. "Life isn't always fair but it will even out" he told the boy. He sentenced JR to 6 months probation, weekly counseling sessions and 50 hours community service. As the judge left the room Adam proudly announced "We won!". Dixie told Tad he was wonderful and Tad told her he came because JR needed him. Dixie told him JR wasn't the only one who needed him. Tad told her that nothing is more important to him than his family. Dixie said she thought JR still needed them and walked over to JR. He met her halfway and Dxie told her son that she missed him, and wants things back the way they were. "It's ok to admit you need me" she told him. JR gave his mother a big hug. Dixie told him that Tad did them proud and JR asked what it meant. "It means Tad loves you, he'll always be there for you" Dixie told JR. Adam spied this heartfelt exchange and walked over to break it up. He told JR to come home for a victory dinner. Dixie said she wanted JR to come home with her. This started an argument between Dixie, Tad and Adam. JR walked away from the arguing adults and out into the lobby. Liza followed him and tried to provide some comforting words. JR thanked her for trying and excused himself to get a drink of water. At the fountain he unwrapped a pill and downed it with the water. He walked back into the court room and Dixie asked him to come home and try to be a family. JR told his mom not to worry about him and she said she wanted to make things up to him. Adam butted in and said to JR "Who do you want to live with?". JR said quietly that his stuff was already at his dad's, "I guess there." Adam gloated as JR gave his mother a hug and thanked Tad for everything he'd said to the judge. Then Adam took JR out of the court house. Dixie looked very forlorn and turned to Tad. She said sadly "I'm very sorry he's going to live with Adam but he seems more like his old self." Tad looked worried and said "Think so? I'm not so sure." Dixie looked at Tad and wondered what he meant.

On the Fidelity Ryan went to get champagne while Gillian said she'd something in the galley to go along with it. Ryan heard her scream and when he found her she said someone's hiding on board the yacht. She said she'd heard foot steps and when she went into the galley she found a half eaten sandwich. Ryan said he'd go look but she wanted to call the police. Ryan refused and said he'd be careful while looking for the intruder. He ordered Gillian to go to their stateroom and stay put. Ryan went to search the yacht and Gabriel snuck into the main living room. He found a bowl of fruit on the table and sat on the couch shoveling the grapes in his mouth. Ryan had been hiding behind the bar and he stood up, startling Gabriel. Ryan told him to stay there and finish eating. He asked the uninvited guest some questions but of course got no answers. Ryan said "If you can't talk, you can write" and handed him some paper and a pen. Gillian happily walked in and didn't seem too worried that Ryan had found Gabriel. She showed Ryan what she had found in her dresser. It was the cameo she'd lost in the turret during their honeymoon. Ryan turned to Gabriel and asked if he'd done it, put the cameo in Gillian's things. Gillian thanked Gabriel for returning it and Ryan realized that he was the one doing the repairs on the yacht. Ryan recognized the burns on the back of Gabriel's hands as cigarette burns and started to ask questions when in burst Derek Frye and friends, with guns drawn. Ryan told him it was a false alarm and that he wasn't pressing charges. Gabriel tried to run and Derek grabbed him, cuffed him and began reading him his rights. Derek took him to the Pine Valley Jail and locked Gabriel in a cell. Gabriel still didn't say a word.

Alex walked in the turret and found Edmund and Anna in a passionate embrace. She left before they saw her and went back to the main house. Edmund pulled away from Anna's arms and she asked "What was that?". She wanted to know if it was her or her sister Alex he had been kissing just then. Edmund apologized and she said there was no need for she had kissed him back. Anna said she could handle it but wasn't sure he could. Edmund said he appreciated her concern but that she didn't have to worry about him. Anna said they're friends and that means she can worry about him. She said they both knew that this kiss had been brewing for weeks but it makes her sad because of his feelings for Alex. She told Edmund "You're still connected, it's not over yet". Edmund stated that he knows the difference between what he wants and what he cant' have. He said the kiss was a mistake and wouldn't be repeated. Anna said "Ok, kiss dismissed!". Edmund left Anna to look through the pictures he'd brought her

Dimitri was surprised to see Alex back so soon from checking on Anna. Alex was upset and told Dimitri that she'd seen her sister and his brother kissing "like teenagers". Alex felt that Anna was too vulnerable right now and that Edmund shouldn't take advantage of that. Alex said Anna was married and has a child and that she didn't want Edmund confusing Anna. "Especially since he's not in love with her" she said. Dimi asked "Why, because he's still in love with you?" Alex said she was worried that Edmund was using Anna but Dimitri countered that if Anna felt she was being used she'd probably "cold cock Edmund across the room". He said they deserved happiness but his wife said Anna still belonged to Robert Scorpio. Dimitri reminded her that Robert Scorpio might not be alive and that Anna deserved to find happiness. He then asked Alex if she was jealous, which she vehemently denied. Dimitri said "Your feelings for Edmund didn't disappear over night". But Alex thought it was perverse that Edmund would fall for her identical twin sister. Edmund came in the front door and heard the argument. Dimitri said this wasn't about Anna, "It's about Edmund kissing your sister and you wanted to take her place". "NO, that's not true!" Alex cried. Edmund walked through the door and Alex and Dimitri stopped the discussion. Alex offered Edmund tea but he requested brandy. He told them he'd just gotten back from Paris where he'd gone to see Robin Scorpio. Stunned, Alex asked if he'd told Robin that her mother was alive. Edmund said no, he'd told her he was doing a story for Tempo about Anna Devane. Dimitri got a call from Peggy and excused himself for a moment. Alex asked Edmund about the photos he brought for Anna. He told her he was more interested in an earring he'd found earlier. It was Alex's and she wondered where Edmund found it. He asked if she'd seen him kissing Anna and she said yes she had. Edmund promised it would never happen again and Alex agreed not to talk about it again. "When I was kissing Anna I was really kissing you" Edmund told Alex as he walked away. Shocked, Alex just stood in the living room until Dimitri returned. He asked where Edmund went and then asked if she'd talked to him about kissing Anna. She told Dimitri that his brother admitted that the kiss meant nothing. "It meant something to you" Dimitri told Alex. She tried to change the subject saying their problem was not enought time together. She reiterated that she was not jealous, that she wants what's best for Anna and happiness for Edmund. "You're the man I want" she told Dimitri as he took her in his arms. After sharing a kiss, she had a sad, far-off look in her eyes.

Edmund returned to Anna and asked if she saw anything familiar in the photos. She showed one to him saying the woman in the picture looked familiar but she couldn't place her. The woman reminded Anna of someone, but she wasn't sure who.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

At Erica's, Bianca and Leo put the finishing touches on their welcome home banner for Laura. Bianca admitted she was scared for Laura and confided that she felt like her mother, Brooke and Laura were keeping something from her. Leo remained silent and Bianca suspiciously asked if he knew something. Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. Bianca opened it to reveal a bubbly Greenlee, whose demeanor changed suddenly when she caught site of Leo. They remained frozen and stared silently at one another. Greenlee asked if they could have a minute alone and Bianca went outside. Alone, Leo asked her if she'd tracked him down but Greenlee calmly told him she was visiting Erica "on business." Leo replied that he didn't know why she'd want to see him anyway and started to leave, but Greenlee grabbed his arm. She asked if they could be friends but Leo told her they couldn't. He explained that he loved her and there was "no other way." They stood close and Greenlee cooly told him that she had given up on love because it was too painful. They leaned in closer but were suddenly interrupted by Erica. Greenlee quickly explained that she was there to show her a brainstorm she had and Erica wondered if there was another reason. As she looked at Leo, Greenlee assured her that running into Leo was purely coincidental. Greenlee and Erica began studying Greenlee's brainstorm, but she suddenly looked over at Leo and asked if he was "supposed to be hanging with Bianca." When he replied that he was, she suggested that he go outside. Sad and shocked, Leo went to the porch. He explained to Bianca that Greenlee was over him and that she was trying to takeover Enchantment. Bianca gently reminded him that they had a "mission" to cheer up Laura and the pair rose to leave. As Leo dragged behind, he peeked into the window and saw Greenlee excitedly showing off her idea to Erica. Erica looked over Greenlee's sketches and asked her if she'd ever seen a professional portfolio before. Greenlee replied that everything she did was instinctive and Erica agreed. She told Greenlee that she wasn't dressed professionally enough for a business meeting and explained that if she was working for her, she wouldn't be allowed to wear what she was wearing. Greenlee became excited over the news of getting the job and asked Erica if she could give her a hug. "No, I don't think so," Erica replied quickly, as she pulled the portfolio up to shield herself from Greenlee. Delighted, Greenlee assured Erica she wouldn't be sorry and left. "Gotcha Erica," Greenlee snickered, once she reached the porch. Erica called Jack and requested his help in "setting a trap for a sneaky weasel."

Brooke and Laura stopped by Pine Valley high to pick up her books and Laura was surprised that she had forgotten that the spring dance was later that night. Brooke suddenly received a phone call from Jamie and wandered away. Mindy, Heather and Shannon approached Laura and asked her if she was going to the dance. Laura replied that she had better things to do but the trio accused her of not being able to find a date. Brooke watched Laura defend herself as they walked away and called her "loser." Brooke came to Laura's side and told her she was about to jump in, but Laura hastily told her to forget about it and left to get her things.

Ryan visited a jailed and handcuffed Gabriel in his cell. Derek explained that he had gotten a little disorderly when they brought him in and had handcuffed him for his own safety. He added that he hadn't said anything and wasn't carrying any identification. Ryan approached the cell and asked Gabriel to tell him who he was and why he was in Pine Valley so he could get him out of jail. "Or what, you like it here?" Ryan inquired, as Gabriel turned around and looked at him.

In the turret, Edmund and Anna examined a photo from her childhood. "That's him!" Edmund exclaimed, and explained that the black woman standing beside Anna in the picture looked exactly like the stowaway. Anna admitted that she didn't remember the woman but felt she should and Edmund reasoned that her uniform suggested she may have been a maid or a nanny. Dimitri entered the turret with a look of hopelessness on his face and confided that Ryan had "fed (them) to the wolves." He explained that Ryan had called the police when the stowaway returned to the yacht and that he could not reveal the truth about Anna's existence. Anna showed Dimitri the picture and explained that she would take it over to the stowaway and show it to him. Dimitri refused to allow her to leave and Anna became angry. She asked if Wildwind was now a jail and Dimitri replied that he was only trying to keep her safe. The brothers agreed to take the photo to Gabriel and Dimitri left the turret. Alone, Anna promised she wouldn't wander off because she was going to search through the pictures. Once Edmund left, she picked up an envelope and pulled out a necklace. It reminded her of the singing woman from her dream and she stood up with a start.

Gillian and Ilene were discussing Ilene's television program when they were interrupted by Jake. Gillian introduced the pair and explained that Ilene wanted to shoot a "personality program" on her. Jake confided that she was an "interesting subject" and that, as her ex-husband, he knew lots of stories about her. Ilene left to take an important call and Jake asked Gillian if she was happy. Gillian replied that she was and Jake admitted that was all he ever wanted. Gillian told him she wanted him to be happy too and asked him why he was "getting involved with Greenlee Smythe." Jake explained that she was only living with him temporarily, but Gillian saw it as a plan to use him. Their conversation was interrupted by Jake's pager and he told her he had to go. He thanked her for worrying about him, kissed her on the forehead and left. Ilene arrived back and asked Gillian if everything was alright. "It's just men," she sighed. Ilene laughed and told her that would make a good opening to their piece. She asked how long it would take for her to get into Wildwind and Gillian cautiously told her she'd be able to "soon." She explained that Dimitri hadn't returned her phone call yet and they needed his permission first. She suggested that Ilene could stay there with her camera crew once they were given the go-ahead and boasted that Wildwind had enough rooms to accommodate them. Ryan walked up and asked what they were talking about and Gillian quickly explained that she was describing to Ilene how much Dimitri loved throwing parties. Ilene received another call and left to take it. Alone, Gillian revealed that Ilene still wanted to film at Wildwind. Ryan reminded her that they didn't live there anymore and that Dimitri and Edmund made it clear that they wanted their privacy. Ryan became somber and admitted that he was thinking about the stowaway locked up in the jail cell. Gillian tried to convince him that he was a thief, but Ryan believed he was a good kid. Confused, Gillian asked him what he thought the stowaway was after.

Edmund and Dimitri went to visit Gabriel in his cell. They explained to Derek that they suspected he was the vagrant who kept breaking into the stalls at Wildwind and asked if they could talk to him. Derek gave them the go-ahead and left to take a phone call, with Ryan in tow. Alone, Dimitri pulled out the photo and asked Gabriel if he knew the woman. They began interrogating him as Gabriel's cut wrists squirmed in the handcuffs. Anna suddenly barged in and asked what they were doing. She told Edmund she was Alex and demanded to see Gabriel. Derek came in and suspiciously asked what they were doing there and Anna explained that she wanted to follow up on him since she attended to him when he was in the hospital. Derek replied that she could talk to him from outside the cell and took his handcuffs off. Anna approached the bars, introduced herself and asked if he remembered her.

As they walked through the gym to leave, Brooke tried to convince Laura that the party was not a big deal. Laura hesitantly agreed and the pair were about to leave when Leo and Bianca suddenly ran in. Leo looked around, picked up a cheesy and asked if the lame party was for 12 year olds. Brooke told them that Shannon, Mindy and Heather had given her a hard time but Laura assured them that she didn't want to go to the party. "Not even if I take you?" Leo asked. Brooke began to say no, but Laura stepped aside to speak to Leo privately. When he assured her that he wasn't taking her out of pity for the "dying girl" and that they both needed "laughs", Laura agreed to go. She called Brooke back and told them she was going to the dance after all. "No Laura, you can't," Brooke stated, as a grim look washed over her face. Laura promised she'd only dance to the slow songs, but Brooke was adamant. Leo pulled Brooke aside and suggested that she let Laura go because it was a "once in a lifetime thing."

Erica and Jack reviewed the contract that Jack wrote up. He asked her why she was going to so much trouble to keep Greenlee under her power and Erica confided that Greenlee was trying to steal her job. She admitted that she would never forget was Greenlee had done to Bianca and was going to get her back. Jack explained that the contract gave her full ownership of anything Greenlee created while employed by Enchantment. Erica stated that she knew and that she was going to "own Greenlee Smythe."

At BJ's, Greenlee approached Gillian and asked if she'd seen Jake. She explained that she had to share "some wonderful news" with him. "What, you're moving?" Gillian replied. "You know, people are wrong about you when they say you don't have a sense of humor," Greenlee quipped and walked away. Ilene returned to the table and asked Gillian when her camera crew would be able to move into Wildwind. When she hesitated, Ilene reminded her that the money she would be making would allow her to buy back from Adam. Quietly, Gillian advised Ilene to tell her camera crews it would "only be a matter of time before they can move in." At the other end of the restaurant, Ryan called Dimitri and explained what Gillian was up to. He advised Dimitri to think of a new plan because the situation was "getting out of control."

At his jail cell, Anna explained to Gabriel that she felt like she knew him when she spoke to him on the yacht. He remained silent as she promised she would do her best to get him out of jail. Quietly, Anna told him that she had "mislaid" her past and thought he had something to do with it. She held up the picture and explained that it was taken during her childhood and that he closely resembled the woman in it. Gabriel suddenly became alert as his attention was drawn to the necklace Anna was wearing and Anna asked if he recognized it. "That's mine!" Gabriel screamed. He lunged for Anna's neck and began pulling on the necklace.

As she prepared tea, Erica asked Jack if he thought she was "horrible for taking advantage of Greenlee's inexperience." Jack replied that Greenlee had caused Bianca a lot of trouble and that she was due for some payback. Erica smiled slyly as Jack assured her that she was the perfect one to deliver it.

At BJ's, Greenlee handed Jake a glass of champagne and told him her good news. He was shocked that Erica hired her but Greenlee was confident that she was a "great find." She explained that she would go under Erica's wing, learn everything she knows and then leave to start a rival company which would steal all of Enchantment's business. She pulled Jake in and planted a kiss on his lips. As Gillian and Ryan rose to leave, they spotted Jake and Gillian in a tight embrace. "Poor Jake," mused Ryan, "he'll never know what hit him." In a quiet corner of the restaurant, Ilene spoke to someone on her cell phone and informed the person that she was nearly able to be inside Wildwind. "And if I find any evidence that Anna Devane is there, I'll take care of her," she whispered.

Thursday, May 25, 2001

Laura, Leo, and Brooke are at Brooke's house. Laura is upset and pacing around because her dress for the dance is not there. Brooke goes to call the dry cleaners. Leo tells Laura she needs to take it easy at the dance. She promises and says, "Tonight's a memory, a memory I'll give my mother. This is how I want her to remember me-happy. And I am happy." Brooke comes in with Laura's dress and Laura goes to try it on. Brooke confronts Leo, saying, "What did you mean when you said that Laura should go to the dance, that she should have the chance of a lifetime opportunity...You know, don't you? Who told you?" Leo confesses that he tricked David into telling him. Brooke is alarmed and asks if he has told Laura how sick she is. Leo reassures her that he will say nothing. Brooke says Laura is on a list for a transplant. She tells Leo how she met Laura, who was living on the streets and eating out of trashcans. Brooke says, "Now that you understand how much she means to me, you can understand why I'm changing my mind. I can't let you take Laura to the dance tonight." Leo says Laura should go, she should live life while she can and not be housebound. Brooke says, "You're being awfully generous with my daughter's life." Leo replies, "I'm just trying to put myself in her place." Brooke says, "There's two things wrong with that. One is that you're not dying, and second, your offer to hold Laura's hand while she dances the last dance is just a little suspect." Brooke points out that Leo has a reputation as a fortune hunter and she is a wealthy woman. She asks whether he is interested in her daughter or her money? Then Brooke apologizes, saying she didn't mean it. She admits that she is scared. Laura comes in, looking beautiful in a pink dress. Brooke takes a picture of them together and they leave for the dance. When they arrive at the school, Leo confesses that he never went to a school dance-he was never in one school long enough to make friends. They dance and suddenly, Laura becomes breathless, like she's going to pass out. Leo says he's taking her home.

Over at Erica's house, Bianca comments that Greenlee's portfolio looks thrown together. Erica admits that it is very amateurish and slapdash, but it's also brazen and brassy. She says Greenlee also has a very sensitive nose for fragrance, and adds, "So I guess I'm lucky she came to me before she went shopping around to the other big cosmetic companies." Bianca cannot believe that Erica wants to hire Greenlee, but Erica says she did it partly to protect Bianca and to find out what Greenlee is plotting. Erica says, "Remember what I told you about keeping your enemies close? Well, Greenlee doesn't know it yet, but once she steps over the threshold at Enchantment, she is walking into the lion's den." Bianca comments that it is a pretty cushy den, and Erica replies, "But Greenlee won't see it that way, especially after she realizes the terms of her employment. But by then, it will be too late. Her greedy, grabbing ambition will have cost her dearly because I will own Greenlee Smythe and every little idea that comes into that conniving little head....You just watch and learn."

Meanwhile, Greenlee is with Jake celebrating her job with Erica. Jake is skeptical, wondering why Erica would hire someone without any experience. Greenlee says Erica sees her talent and potential. Jake reminds her that she blackmailed Erica's daughter. Greenlee shrugs it off saying, "That is so yesterday....One of the seven secrets of successful people is that they don't live in the past." Jake says, "No, I think Erica's the kind of person who's going to hold a grudge until she gets even." Greenlee says Erica is a businesswoman and won't let personal feelings cloud her judgment. Jake warns Greenlee about her tendency to mess up. Greenlee says, "I learn from my mistakes. Anyway, you're the one who told me to get a life." Jake comments, "It just seems like you picked one at random without giving any thought." He asks how much Erica is paying her and Greenlee says, "Nothing to start, but you can't put a dollar amount on experience. Think of the contacts I'll make. Once I learn the biz, I'll dump Erica, steal all her beauty secrets, and then I'll start my own megabucks cosmetics empire." Her phone rings, it's Erica, asking her to come to the house now. Greenlee leaves.

When Greenlee arrives, she is insincerely friendly with Bianca. Erica tells Greenlee she can't work at Enchantment without a contract. Greenlee asks about the terms, and Erica says it's the standard binding contract that she insists all her employees sign-while employed, she is to give no interviews to media or sign any book deals. It's to protect Erica's privacy. Erica presents two copies of the contract for Greenlee to sign. Greenlee says there's a lot of fine print-maybe she should give this to her grandfather's lawyer to check out before she signs. Erica says, "Why Greenlee, don't you trust me?" The phone rings and Erica goes to answer it. Bianca says she wants a ringside seat to watch Greenlee finesse her way out of a job. Greenlee wants to know how she can undo this mess. Bianca says, "The one thing my mother demands is loyalty-complete, unswerving loyalty." Greenlee accuses Bianca of being jealous of Erica's interest in her, saying, "I'm everything your mother wished you could be. Face it, Hon. I'm here and I'm not queer. Get used to it." Bianca says she doesn't have to prove herself, but that Greenlee is desperate for approval. "My mother is not a team player," says Bianca, "You'll be just another name on her payroll." Greenlee retorts, "I have a fantastic nose." Bianca counters, "Which is stuck so high in the air, you can't see what's directly in front of you. My mother can't stand you." Erica gets off the phone and tells Greenlee she's trying to hire her, but there's the little matter of the contract. Greenlee signs both contracts quickly while Erica and Bianca look at each other triumphantly. Erica gives Greenlee one copy of the contract and tells her to report for work at 8a.m. Greenlee leaves, very smug and self-satisfied. Once out the door, she says, "Sleep tight, Erica, because I am going to bury you. Inside the house, Erica and Bianca celebrate. "Oh, you did good, baby....And now I have Greenlee Smythe right where I want her-right under my thumb." Erica kisses the contract.

At the jail, the boy, Gabriel has a hold of the ring on a chain around Anna's neck. Edmund and Dimitri pry him off. Gabriel says, "It's mine. Give it to me!" Anna asks how the ring could be his. Gabriel says it was his mother's. Anna says, "The ring belonged to your mother? But it's a man's ring. It was probably my father's. The initials on it are TJD-Thomas John Devane. How did your mother come to have it?" Dimitri is hostile and suspicious of Gabriel and says, "I hope you like it in jail, because you're going to stay here for a long time until we get some answers." Anna tells Dimitri he is upsetting Gabriel. Dimitri says he is an assassin sent to kill her. Gabriel picks the mattress off the bunk in his cell and throw it down, saying, "No, I'm not." When the guard comes, Anna asks him to open the cell and bring Gabriel out. Dimitri doesn't want that but Edmund assures him that the three of them can protect Anna. She gives the boy the ring, and he starts humming "Greensleeves", the song that Anna remembers hearing. She asks him how his mother had her father's ring. He says, "It was my father's." Dimitri is hostile accusing him making up everything as he goes along and being a con man. Anna shows Gabriel the photograph saying, "Please tell me. Do you recognize anyone in here? I will get you out of here, I promise. You must trust me." Gabriel points to a woman and says that's his mother. Anna remembers the song again and says, "Oh I remember. Oh my God....The name of the woman in the photograph is Cecelia. She was my nanny. She took care of me...She would sing to me, Irish lullabies. She had a beautiful voice....I loved her. Everybody did. She was so kind and gentle." Gabriel says, "She sent me. She told me to find you. She said, when I did, I'd know what to do." Anna says, "I know what to do. I want him released at once." Dimitri says, "There's no way he's getting out of here until we know more about him." Anna says, "I know all I need to know...If his mother was given this ring by his father, it's my father's ring." She says to Gabriel, "That makes you my brother." Dimitri protests, "He is a con, an assassin. Don't let him get to you." Edmund says, "Hold on. We didn't know we were brothers for the longest time." Edmund says they can take the blanket with his blood and run a DNA test to prove if he's Anna's brother. Anna says, "I want him out of here. We can go back to Wildwind with him." Dimitri becomes angry, saying, "No I forbid it...He tried to kill you.... It is not going to happen. You're not going to take control of this. This kid is not going back to Wildwind!" Suddenly, Gabriel attacks Dimitri, who fights back. Gabriel falls on the bunk in the cell, cringing. Anna approaches slowly and says, "Are you all right? Oh, what's been done to you?"



B&B dedicates episode to Betty White
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