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Laura was prepped for heart surgery, but learned that the donor had been treated for cancer before his death, thus making his heart unusable for transplant. Robin Scorpio dropped by Wildwind to talk to Edmund, but Anna couldn't let her daughter leave without seeing her. Gabriel spoke, and it was revealed that he was Anna and Alex's half-brother. Greenlee was not pleased with her job as a gopher for Erica. Gillian continued to press on with Ilene's plans for a documentary about her life, unaware that Ilene was a fraud.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, May 28, 2001

Jake felt uncomfortable as Greenlee made herself at home in Erica's office. Greenlee blew his discomfort aside and told him she didn't have to worry since she was now an employee of Enchantment. At that, she picked up her copy of the contract and waved it under his nose. She looked through Erica's refrigerator and was pleased to find Beluga caviar, Belgian chocolates, five different kinds of mineral water and other gourmet delights. What a way to celebrate her new job. As they munched on the delicacies, Jake told Greenlee she should give Erica her cubicle and she should take Erica's office. Then he got serious and told her he had concerns about her. She hadn't even started the job yet and had already taken over the place. Obviously, she would do what she wanted, so he decided not to worry about it anymore. Greenlee assured Jake she knew exactly what she was doing. She could handle Erica. Tomorrow she'd be all starry-eyed and ready to go. She'd learn all of Erica's secrets and then start her own company. Jake said he hoped Erica would cooperate. Greenlee assured him she would. After all, Greenlee bragged, Erica practically begged her to sign the contract. Jake teased her about her magical nose. As Greenlee explained to him how very unique it was to have this talent, she decided to have him put her to the test. She told him to pick out several perfume strips from magazines. She would tell him what scent they were without looking. She accurately identified each scent he held under her nose. Next it was Jake's turn to try his hand at guessing the fragrances he had just quizzed her on. As he waited with his eyes closed, Greenlee rubbed the fragrance strip across her wrist and inside her elbow. Each time she held her arm under his nose for him and he guessed correctly. Finally, she rubbed the strip across her neck and put her neck under his nose. He again guessed the correct fragrance. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment. Sensing trouble, Jake got up and walked away. Greenlee told him he won and to name his prize. Jake couldn't believe her. After she just got out of a relationship with Leo, she was trying to rebound. She vehemently denied it and said she had no interest in him. He was nothing but a royal pain. He replied that "she" would be a royal pain. He decided it was time to clean up Erica's office and leave. As he began to pick up, he gave her a piece of advice. He told her not to screw up the job before she even starts it. She could learn a lot from Erica. Just then his cell phone rang and he had to go to the hospital. Greenlee said he could drop her off at home first. Of course, this lead to more bickering as Jake told her absolutely not. She finally decided to stay until he was done, then he could pick her up. If he didn't come back, she'd just take a cab. After Jake had gone, Greenlee walked over to the desk, pretending to be Erica. She called an imaginary press conference to announce her new project and star - Greenlee Smythe. Yes, Greenlee, her old rival was now the new face of Enchantment. Greenlee turned to see Myrtle Fargate staring at her. Myrtle shouted for Lester as Greenlee tried to convince her she was doing nothing wrong. As a new employee, she was just getting acquainted with the office. To prove it, she showed Myrtle her contract. Myrtle felt Erica must have lost her senses to have hired Greenlee. Greenlee was sure Erica saw something valuable in her - a kindred spirit. A disgruntled Myrtle said Greenlee wasn't even fit to open the parlor door for Erica or Bianca. She had not forgotten the dreadful way she treated Bianca. Greenlee tried to convince Myrtle she wasn't like that anymore. Myrtle didn't believe her and told her to clean up her mess and get out. As Myrtle turned to leave, Greenlee asked her not to tell Erica. Myrtle replied, "Honey, I'll do as I damn well please!"

Just as Greenlee finished cleaning Erica's office, Jake returned. He had visions of her on the streets alone at night and felt obligated to return for her. She told him that Myrtle had caught her doing her Erica Kane imitation. Now she wished he would have insisted she leave when he did. No doubt, Myrtle was telling Erica the news right that moment. If Erica fired her, she would have to sue her. After all, this was no big deal and she had a contract. It wasn't as if it was a moral issue. Then she handed Jake the contract and asked him if there was a moral clause in the contract. Jake couldn't believe she had not read the contract before she signed it. Greenlee decided if she got fired she'd just skip the mentor/mentee phase with Erica and just start her own company. Jake looked up from reading the contract and told her that according to the contract Erica owned her. Also, Enchantment owned all Greenlee's ideas while she's under their employment. Furthermore, if she would leave Enchantment, she would not be able to start her own company for ten years. This threw Greenlee into another tizzy. No wonder Erica strong-armed her into signing the contract. She berated herself for being so dumb. She was sure this was Erica's way of getting even with her for what she did to Bianca. In fact, she was probably having a good laugh over the whole thing. Jake stopped her and told her that Erica would not write a contract that way unless she felt Greenlee was capable of starting her own company. Obviously, Erica felt Greenlee was a threat. That immediately put her into a better mood. A threat to Erica - yes, she could live with that.

That evening while Leo and Laura were at the school dance, Brooke used her press connections to see David in jail. Alarmed that she was there so late, David worried that something was wrong with Laura. Brooke assured him Laura was fine. It was Brooke who needed his help. She told David she wasn't sure if she could see Laura through this alone. What Laura needed was someone who could be by her side and giver her the strength to hold on until she could get a heart. Brooke was afraid she was failing and didn't want Laura to see her fear. David asked Brooke if she had told Laura that she needed a heart transplant yet. She told him she hadn't. She went on to tell him that Leo took Laura to the school dance. David told her Leo had changed and he wasn't the same person he had been a few weeks ago. Maybe Leo was just what Laura needed to get through this.

Leo carried a tired Laura into her house. He was about to take her up to her bed, when she told him she did not want to sleep. She wanted the one last dance with him. Leo had Laura lie on the sofa with her eyes covered while he planned a surprise for her. When he was ready, she opened her eyes. Leo had decorated the living room with balloons and crepe paper. He put on Laura's favorite song and they began to dance. After dancing only a few minutes, Laura became tired and asked to sit the dance out. She asked if she could rest her head on his chest and listen to his heart because it sounded so strong and comforting. As they sat on the sofa, Brooke came down the stairs and stared at them. Leo started to talk to Laura, but then noticed she was asleep. Brooke walked into the room and asked Leo to take Laura to her bed. After that, she wanted to talk to him. After putting Laura to bed, Leo apologized to Brooke for decorating the living room. Brooke explained that she had seen Laura with Leo and knew he made her happy. Leo replied that he would do anything to make her happy. Brooke looked at him and asked if he could love her.

Outside the Martin's house, Tad found Dixie sitting on the patio. He asked if anything was wrong. She explained she had been out driving and just stopped in. He asked why she didn't knock on the door and she made some excuse to him. She said she couldn't leave without speaking to him. She had spoken to J.R. a couple of times that day. He was going through hell and it was all her fault. Adam and Barry Shire were right. J.R. was acting out because she turned her back on him and her family. Tad sighed and said J.R. was going through a living hell because of the two of them. He told her he was more worried about the one person she refused to quit torturing - herself. He was afraid if she didn't cut herself some slack, she wouldn't make it. Dixie felt she had thrown away everything she ever wanted. Tad sat down beside her and reminded her of the tornado. He had almost been killed, but he survived. The house had survived, too. It needed repairs, but it was the same house because of what was inside. He felt they, too, were going through their own personal storm. He hoped when the storm ended, they would still have what they shared together. They looked at each other and kissed. Then Dixie, still beating herself up, said she didn't deserve that kiss. She explained to Tad that when she took the job with David, she knew he was interested in her. She said her life hadn't been enough. She had to create a whole other life with David. She knew from the start that David wanted her and she liked it. That was why she took the job. As Tad stared at her, she said, "Aren't you sorry you kissed me now?" He, of course, was not sorry he had kissed her. He admitted that every time the pain felt the lowest, they bumped into something else to make it worse. Tad said he didn't have a choice - he had to believe they were going to make it. Near tears, Dixie said she couldn't do it. She couldn't keep hurting him like that. Then she walked away.

At Erica's house, Erica told Myrtle she had some samples for her to give to her customers. Erica suggested she pick them up tonight at Enchantment. She told Myrtle that Lester, the night watchman, always asked about her. Myrtle told her she'd pick them up in the morning. After her phone conversation, Erica turned to Jack and wondered what she would ever do without Myrtle. Jack replied that Greenlee was probably clutching the contract and saying the same thing about her. He wanted to know how she got Greenlee to sign the contract without reading it first. Erica smiled and said she had convinced Greenlee to trust her. Since Erica now had Greenlee in indentured servitude, Jack wanted to know what her plans were. She intended to introduce Greenlee to the real world, a world where nothing is handed to you. She was sure once that happened Greenlee would rush back to her grandfather's mansion to the easy life. Erica added that she hoped Greenlee would rest well, because when she starts at Enchantment she will need all the strength she can get.

Soon after Myrtle arrived at Erica's house. She explained that she had stopped at Enchantment to pick up the samples when she found Greenlee in Erica's office. Erica was astounded. Myrtle said Greenlee showed her the contract and wanted to know if Erica had really hired her. Erica said she had hired Greenlee for several reasons, some of them being to protect her company, protect Bianca and Bianca's legacy. Myrtle then told Erica how Greenlee had been imitating her and that she had it down to the very last detail. She felt Greenlee had been watching and studying Erica - that she wanted to be Erica.

Later while sleeping on the sofa, Erica began to dream. She sat up on the sofa as the dream Erica walked into the room dressed in Greenlee's clothes. She asked Erica why she hadn't moved out yet. Erica replied that she wasn't, that this was her home. Then Erica asked her who she was. She said, "I used to be Greenlee Smythe. Now I'm you!" Erica/Greenlee told the real Erica to get out; She had taken over all Erica's assets, including her beautiful face. She was in charge now. The cell phone rang and she answered it as the "new and improved" Erica Kane. She told her secretary to alert the media that it was a brand new day at Enchantment. The real Erica was astonished and was about to strike Erica/Greenlee, when she suddenly disappeared. At that point Erica woke up from her dream and smiled. She said, "Greenlee Smythe, you are about to learn a very painful lesson. The imitation is never as good as the real thing!"

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Greenlee and Jake were jogging on the beach, and Greenlee was bugging Jake telling him that he should be wearing a stronger SPF, "SPF15, because you do have crows feet around your eyes," she said laughing. Jake told her that she could only continue jogging with him if she stopped yapping. They stopped running and Greenlee started chatting about her first day on the job and her plans for Enchantment when Jake reminded her about the contract she signed with Erica. Greenlee responded by telling Jake that she was going to "grind Erica into powder, and you are going to help me," and she ran off with Jake following behind. He caught up to her and told her that he couldn't help her, that "cosmetic espionage was not part of his realm of expertise." She knew that and explained that she just needed someone to bounce ideas off of. She explained that she was the creative type and he was down-to-earth and practical, he balanced her. She added that he could keep her from spinning out of control. He told her that Erica was a major operator who left alot of carnage in her wake and he didn't want to see Greenlee become part of the body count. Greenlee brushed off his words and told him that she was going to make Erica realize how important she would be to Enchantment. Jake told her that he could not be a part of her plan and ran off.

At Enchantment, Erica was sniffing a fragrance and told her assistant that there was nothing like the smell of a best seller. The assistant picked up the empty bottle of champagne Greenlee left behind and replied that it looked like someone had already been celebrating. Erica handed the assistant some files and asked him to pass them along to other staff for feedback. He grabbed the files and headed out, crossing paths with Jack. Jack came in asking Erica why she had called him. He wondered if it had anything to do with Greenlee's contract. "No," Erica replied, as she handed him a brochure for France. She explained that she wanted to take Bianca to Paris to show her all the places Erica loved and wanted to know if Jack would accompany them. Erica was shocked when Jack informed her that Bianca would hate her for what she was doing. He explained that she knew Bianca and Laura were planning this trip together and he wondered if the only reason she was planning the trip was to keep Laura away from Bianca. Erica was offended by what he implied and told him that she would expect Brooke to say something like that, but not him. She went on to tell him how she had given Brooke some information on cardiologists in Europe that could help Laura and Brooke practically threw them back in her face. Jack was shocked and said that he couldn't believe that she was so determined to keep the girls away from each other that she would suggest sending a sick child half way around the world. Erica defended herself by telling him that she was only trying to help Laura. She added that Laura was very sick and might not recover. Jack was unaware of how sick Laura really was so Erica filled him in on the transplant situation. Jack apologized for what he had said and told her that he was going to go see Brooke. Erica told him that it was not a good idea as Laura had no idea how serious her condition was. Bianca was also unaware of what was going on. Jack didn't understand how Brooke and Erica could keep this information from their daughters. Erica explained why Brooke didn't want Laura to know and she hadn't told Bianca because of everything she had already been through in the past year. Jack informed Erica that Bianca was very strong and needed to know about Laura. Just then, Erica's assistant returned and told her that they had a crisis that she needed to attend to immediately.

Erica called a meeting to discuss the crisis. An employee had jumped ship to another cosmetic company with Enchantment's newest fragrance. They had to launch the fragrance first before the other company had time to copy it. She handed out assignments to each employee as they discussed what they would do. An eager Greenlee ran into the office announcing to everyone, "I'm here." A note was given to Greenlee, she took one look at it and handed it to another employee and said, "this must be yours." Erica asked Greenlee if there was a problem. Greenlee gave Erica the note and said that there had been a mistake. "Ah yes, " Erica replied, "forget the latte," and she walked away leaving Greenlee with her mouth hanging open.

At Brooke's house, Leo asked Brooke if Laura was still sleeping. He hoped that he hadn't tired her out too much. Brooke replied that Laura was still sound asleep, she then asked Leo if he had thought at all about what she had asked him earlier. He told her not to push it, originally Brooke didn't want him spending 3 hours with her daughter and now she wanted him to love her. She told him that she had been wrong about him. Leo interrupted and told her that she was right about him, he was a con man and the last person Laura needed. He asked Brooke why she had chosen him to be the one to fall in love with Laura. Brooke explained that it was Laura who chose him. She added that medicine could keep her body alive, but Laura needed something else, something or someone that would give her the will to live. Brooke had seen Leo and Laura together and noticed how tender he had been when he brought her home from the dance and carried her upstairs to bed. She knew Laura was happy and didn't want her to lose that feeling. Leo stepped in again and told her that he was not the right person for the job, but Brooke pleaded with him to help Laura. He replied that he didn't love Laura and couldn't lie to her, but Brooke told him that it would only be for a few weeks, until they found a donor. The door bell rang, it was Bianca, bringing Laura her homework. She was surprised to see Leo in the house and asked him what he was doing there. Leo was trying to come up with a reason to explain his presence and Brooke stepped in and told Bianca that he came by because he had left his wallet behind the night before. He needed his wallet because he was supposed to be going to BJs for breakfast, she added. Leo understood and left for BJs. Bianca showed Brooke some brochures she had on Europe and Brooke asked her if she and Laura were still planning their trip. Bianca told her that they were and as she went on about the trip, Brooke interrupted her and told her that they would have to talk about Laura and how she might not be able to go on the trip. An alarmed Bianca asked Brooke why Laura would not be able to travel. Bianca assumed that Laura was okay since the doctors had sent her home. Just then Laura came downstairs and told Bianca how perfect her evening with Leo was, as Brooke looked on, very worried. Brooke left the room to get refreshments and Bianca and Laura went through the info on Europe. Laura talked about the touring they would do and the things they would see and she asked Bianca if she thought Leo would consider going. It would be so romantic if he could join her. As Brooke re-entered the room, Laura went on about the evening her and Leo had spent together and how he decorated the whole house and how she was so much in love. He was her prince. Bianca chimed in and said that he was more like a troll when she saw him that morning. Laura questioned why Leo was still around in the morning and Brooke gave her the fake story that he had forgotten his wallet. Laura couldn't wait to see him again and wondered if she should phone him. Brooke interrupted and said that she had to do something, and left. Bianca told Laura that she too had to leave because she had classes, but Laura begged her to stay and listen to all the details of her evening with Laura. She suggested that they go to the beach and catch some rays.

At B.J.s, Leo was waiting for Brooke to arrive. He glanced at his watch, thought she wasn't going to show up and proceeded to leave when Brooke walked in. She apologized for being late and told him that she had left Laura and Bianca at the house where Laura was telling Bianca how wonderful her evening had been. She wanted Laura to have more evenings like that and pleaded with Leo again to give Laura the life that she deserved. Leo sat Brooke down and tried to explain how he felt. He wanted Laura to live as much as Brooke did, but he didn't think that he could make Laura believe that he truly loved her. Brooke reminded him that Katerina had believed that he loved her. Leo was surprised that Brooke would bring up his past with Katerina. He told Brooke that she must be crazy to think that her plan would work. She told him that she would wrestle God himself if it would save Laura. Leo expressed again that he couldn't do it, just as Greenlee walked in. Brooke glanced at Greenlee, looked back at Leo and said that he had also made Greenlee love him. He explained that what he and Greenlee had was real and that he still loved her. A desperate Brooke tried again to convince Leo to help by offering him money.

Jake and Tad walked in to BJ's and Jake was complaining to Tad about the mess in his apartment because of Greenlee. He went on and on about the bathroom being a mess, she didn't make the bed, there were cookie crumbs all over the place. Tad kept trying to interrupt him as he had seen Greenlee standing over at the counter. Greenlee walked over to them carrying a large box containing coffee for Erica's staff. Jake asked her if she needed any help and joked that she would have to put her big corporate takeover off until after coffee break. Greenlee walked out in a snit. Tad asked Jake what was going on and Jake explained Greenlee's desire to take over Enchantment. He then tried to change the subject and asked Tad what they had been talking about before they ran into Greenlee. Tad reminded Jake that he had been talking about Greenlee for the last hour and wanted to know what was going on between them.

Leo was surprised by Brooke's offer but told her he didn't want her money. "Why?" she asked, "You faked it before for money, why not this time?" She realized she had offended Leo and apologized. Leo then asked Brooke to think about what would happen if he went along with the charade. If Laura got a new heart and was fine, how was he going to break her new heart and tell her that he didn't really love her. Brooke's voice became loud and she told Leo over and over again that she didn't care about what would happen later on, all she cared about was what was going to happen now. Leo told her he couldn't help and got up to leave. Brooke jumped up and with tears in her eyes, begged Leo again to help. He said he was sorry, and walked out. As he left, Shannon, with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, and her obnoxious friends strutted in. An hysterical Brooke went up to Shannon and grabbed the cigarette out of her mouth and butted it out. She said to Shannon, "Don't you get it? These things can kill you." Shannon told her she was 'wigging out' for no reason and lit another smoke as her friends stood there and giggled. Brooke broke down and told the kids that they should have more respect for themselves... life was too precious. Tad, who overheard what she said, walked over to her to comfort her. Jake, who was still sitting at the bar, received a phone call from the hospital. There had been a motorcycle accident and the person injured was not wearing a helmet. Jake asked how serious the injuries were and when he received a response, he asked if the person was an organ donor.

Back at Enchantment, Erica was thanking her staff for all the hard work they were about to do to get the new perfume launched. As Greenlee stood outside eavesdropping, Erica went on to tell the employees that she needed to find a replacement for the person who had defected as soon as possible. Erica left the room but missed Greenlee as she was hiding around the corner. With Erica safely out of the room, Greenlee entered and introduced herself as Enchantment's 'savior'. She was busy singing her praises telling them she was an executive when Erica walked back into the room. Erica explained to her staff that Greenlee was not an executive -- she was a gopher. She was in charge of coffee, lunch and making photocopies, she said, as an embarrassed Greenlee looked on. Greenlee handed out the coffee to which the employees all complained that they had the wrong orders. Erica then told Greenlee that in future, she should arrive before the meetings were to start, WITH hot coffee. She handed a bunch files to Greenlee along with a dry-cleaning ticket, asked her to copy the files and pick up her dry-cleaning. Greenlee was speechless. She took the files and marched out of the room.

Laura and Bianca arrived at the beach. Laura looked around and asked Bianca if the scenery was always this beautiful or was it just because she was in love. Bianca suggested that she not overdo it, but Laura said that she wanted to do everything that she could; she didn't want to miss a thing. She gazed out at the water thinking about her illness. Bianca told her that they would have lots of time to do everything that she wanted to do. Laura wanted to go for a swim so she ran into the water and Bianca followed. They came out of the water and sat on the beach shivering from the cold. Laura was going on about how exhilarated she was and how happy she was. Bianca stared at her and asked her if she was on something. Laura replied that she was high on Leo and life. Bianca suggested that they leave because Laura's lips were turning blue but Laura told her that she wanted to go in the water again. Bianca reminded her that they had all summer to go swimming. Laura was looking out at the water, not saying anything. Bianca called her name with no response and then tried again. When Laura didn't say anything, Bianca asked her what was wrong. Laura turned to Bianca and told her that she didn't know if she had all summer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Alex was searching through Dimitri's closet when he walked in. She told him she was hunting clothes for her brother, which rubbed Dimitri the wrong way. He told his wife that he didn't believe that Gabriel was her brother and that maybe he was actually the hit man sent to kill Anna. Dimitri told Alex he doesn't want Gabriel anywhere near his family but Alex told him that Edmund was at the jail at that moment bailing Gabriel out. Dimitri said "He'd better not bring him into my home." A few minutes later Edmund did show up with Gabriel and Dimitri was furious. Edmund told Alex and Dimitri that Ryan had dropped all charges against Gabriel. Edmund did have a police officer frisk Gabriel before they left the station and he didn't have any type of weapon on him. Edmund's cell phone rang and he walked into another room to take the call. Alex began making introductions to Gabriel and Gabriel told her his name. Anna walked in and was pleased when Alex told her that the boy's name was Gabriel. She asked him if he remembered meeting her before but he said no. She told him she remembers his mother, Cecilia, she was Anna's nanny. He just stared at Anna without saying a word. Alex jumped in and said it was all pretty new to her too, that until just recently she thought she was an only child and was surprised to find out she had a twin sister. And now a half-brother! Edmund returned saying that it was the hospital on the phone. They had the DNA results from Gabriel's blood and he is related to Anna and Alex. Edmund declared "He's the long lost brother you never knew you had!." Alex and Anna both smiled and Alex said "My brother Gabriel. It sounds wonderful to me!" Dimitri told everyone to "put the breaks on" and asked Gabriel how long he'd been in Pine Valley and why he didn't come forward sooner. Gabriel said he didn't know they were his sisters. Anna said they could get some answers from Cecilia but Gabriel told her his mother had died. He said he'd heard that Alex Devane lived in Pine Valley and thought maybe she was related to Anna, whom he'd heard about while still at home. He said he waited to come forward because he didn't know who to trust. Alex said it made sense since their own father wouldn't acknowledge him. Dimitri won't give Gabriel an inch and said he thought he was "out of control." Anna stuck up for her brother saying things haven't been easy for him. Both sisters say they want Gabriel to stay there at Wildwind with them. At first Dimitri is adamantly opposed but finally he backed down and said he'd go tell Stella to prepare a room. Alex, Anna, Edmund and Gabriel sat down and Gabriel wanted to know why Anna was staring at him. She said he brought back so many memories. She remembered his mother and the fun she'd had with her back in England. Anna commented that Cecilia was a wonderful woman and that Gabriel must miss her. "I'm sure my daughter misses me" Anna said. Gabriel asked her about that and she told him that was part of her life that has slipped away and that Robin thinks her mother is dead. She said she can't let Robin know she's alive because someone might still be trying to kill her and that would put Robin in danger. Anna asked if Gabriel remembered much of his mother but he said no, she'd died when he was young. Anna told him he was safe now and that he could tell her what he's been doing, where he's been since his mother died. Gabriel got panicky and ran out of Wildwind. Edmund stood up to follow him but Anna stopped him, saying Gabriel needed time alone. She said she was worried that Gabriel won't talk about what's happened to him. Edmund said he'd do some digging and find out anything he could about her brother. Dimitri came back and said Gabriel's room was ready, and asked where he was. When Anna told Dimitri that Gabriel left, Dimitri got very upset and said Gabriel might be dangerous. He wanted to hunt for him and Edmund said he'd go along. Anna begged them not to scare Gabriel away. She sat down and looked sadly at a picture of Robin. Gabriel found his way to the stable office and walked in. He sat down on the bunk bed and one of the guard dogs came in. Gabriel called the dog to him and began rubbing the dog's ears and talking to him. Dimitri stomped in, steam rolling from his ears. He verbally attacked Gabriel, telling him to leave the dog alone. Gabriel said he wasn't hurting the dog but Dimitri wasn't finished with his tirade. He told Gabriel that even though his wife and her sister may trust Gabriel he surely didn't. He said they may have bought his story but he didn't and that Gabriel had better not betray Alex and Anna's trust.

Meanwhile back at Wildwind, Anna sat in the chair still gazing at the photo of Robin. The doorbell rang and she asked Stella to answer the door. She heard a girl's voice asking for Edmund Grey and Anna flashed back to a scene from her past. She saw herself with a small child, running to her and speaking. At the door the girl was told that Mr. Grey wasn't in the house at the moment but he'd be right back. Stella offered to have the girl wait but she refused saying she probably shouldn't have come anyway. Anna was too stunned to move as she realized she was hearing her daughter's voice. Robin thanked Stella and began walking away from the door.

At BJ's, Brooke continued yelling at the cheerleaders, asking them if they knew what it was like to die from lung cancer. Tad tore her away from the scene she was making and asked her what was wrong. Across the room Jake was on the phone to the hospital, discussing a motorcycle accident victim. "No brain function? Have you notified the family?" Jake told the staff to keep the man on life support until he got to the hospital. As an afterthought he asked "Was his heart damaged?" Brooke told Tad about Laura's serious condition and Tad thought she should tell her daughter the truth. Brooke said she just couldn't, that Laura looks so alive "if I don't say it out loud, maybe it won't happen." She went on to tell Tad that even if a donor heart becomes available Laura might not make it. Tad comforted her and Jake came over to say goodbye. He told them he had to go to the hospital to see a patient on life support. Brooke asked if the man would survive. Jake knew why Brooke would ask this and told her the man might be a donor but that didn't mean he'd be compatible. "I'm talking like I can't wait for him to die!" Brooke wailed. Jake left and Tad stayed with Brooke. She asked him if she was a monster and he told her no. He told her that she'd do anything to help her daughter and to him that made her a hero. Tad then said he'd take Brooke to the hospital to find out what happened and they left. At the hospital Jake told them there's a waiting list for hearts and Brooke tearfully said Laura couldn't wait. Tad stood up for Brooke and said he'd be chasing ambulances if it was Jamie needing a transplant. Brooke asked about the accident victim and Jake said he wasn't checked off as a donor. Brooke asked if they'd found the next of kin and was told that they had found the aunt and uncle. She wanted to go talk to them about donating the organs but Jake refused to let her. He finally agreed to talk to them himself and left Tad and Brooke to wait. Jake was gone quite a while and Brooke began to get antsy, wondering why Jake wasn't back yet. Tad told her that if anyone could convince them to donate it was Jake. Brooke decided to check on Laura, to make sure she was close by in case a heart became available. She called home but was told that Laura had left with Bianca. She called Bianca's house but only got the answering machine. She then called Enchantment and talked to Erica. After asking if she'd seen the girls, she asked Erica to tell Laura to come to the hospital right away. Jake walked up so Brooke got off the phone without further explanation to Erica. But Jake had bad news, the relatives refused to give permission to harvest the organs, they weren't ready to take him off life support. Jake said he hoped another heart would be available soon and left. Brooke wondered out loud why they wouldn't want to help someone else. Tad told her they needed to go pick up Jamie but she asked him to do it, saying she needed some time alone. He agreed and walked out the door. Brooke waited a moment then walked out a different way, the same way Jake had gone when he talked to the relatives. She found them and they all sat at a table together. The aunt and uncle asked Brooke if she was a friend of their nephew's and she admitted that she didn't know him. She asked them if they saw him often and Mrs. Carter (the aunt) said no and that the last time she did see him he wasn't wearing his motorcycle helmet. She had asked him if he had a death wish and now here he was. Brooke tried to sympathize, telling them about her 7-year-old daughter being hit by a drunk driver and now her teenage daughter needs a heart transplant. The Carter's told Brooke they refused to donate their nephew's organs. She told them at first she'd refused to donate her little girl's organs too but then realized that a part of her would live forever. Brooke hoped they'd change their minds, something that made the Carters angry. They stood up to leave and Brooke got desperate and offered them money. "Name your price, I can make all your children's dreams come true!" she cried. She wrote out a check and shoved it in front of them asking "Is this enough?." They just stared at Brooke and the check in disbelief.

At the beach Laura told Bianca there was no way she could go to Europe with her. Bianca thought it was because of her feelings for Laura but Laura said no, she was cool with that. She told Bianca it was because "I'm dying." Bianca, barely holding back tears, said, "I don't understand, your mom says you're getting better." Laura told her that Brooke is lying to her and that she's letting her. Bianca wanted to know who told Laura this news but before she'd tell Bianca, Laura wanted Bianca to promise not to tell Brooke that she knows. Bianca was sure that Laura and her mother could comfort each other. "You're not dying, I won't let you!" cried Bianca. Laura told her that Leo confirmed her diagnosis. She'd overheard Brooke, Dr. Joe and Dr. Hayward discussing her prognosis and she got Leo to pester David into telling him the truth. "Baring a miracle, I'm dying" Laura told her friend. Bianca asked her if she believed in miracles and Laura said "I can tell you don't, you're already saying goodbye." Bianca with great sadness said she didn't want to lose Laura, and that she was scared. Laura admitted to being scared too and leaned over to Bianca, who held onto her friend. Bianca told her she has to fight this. "David can fix this, my mom can get him out of jail." The girls realized then that Erica knew the truth about Laura's condition. They wondered when their mothers would admit they were all grown up. Laura said "Not in my lifetime." Bianca started coming up with a plan, saying "Dr. David thinks he's a god, let's let him prove it." Laura said she heard she has once chance to beat this and that would be a heart transplant. But Laura was upset to think that she has to hope for someone else to die so she can have a new heart. Bianca comforted her, telling her the donor would be "someone who was checking out soon anyway." Laura said she felt so guilty for hoping someone would die. She also said she was afraid to tell Brooke she knows the truth. Laura made Bianca promise not to tell Brooke that Laura knows about needing a transplant. Bianca reluctantly agreed and Laura said, "You're the best!" They huddled closely under the blanket together and looked at the ocean. Erica walked up and was horrified to see them that way.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

by M.A.


Back in town, Gillian was meeting with Ilene, the mystery woman, unaware of the danger she was about to put everyone in. Although she initially resisted Ilene's demand to film footage at Wildwind for the supposed documentary, Gillian had a change of heart when she realized how the money being offered could help Ryan.

Shortly after that, Ryan and Dimitri met there. Dimitri updated Ryan on the goings on at Wildwind and told Ryan he needed to take Gillian away as soon as possible to minimize her exposure to risk. Ryan agreed and met his wife later on to make plans.

Ryan and Gillian ended up at the beach where, presumably, they made love. Gillian fidgeted nervously, realizing that she'd be late for the meeting she'd planned with Ilene.


Unable to let Robin simply walk away, Anna made a frantic dash to the door. She called out Robin's name just as Robin was walking down the walkway and away from the house. Robin froze in her tracks, unable to look back to see who had called her name. When she did, she sobbed that the vision of her mother must have been a hallucination. Overcome, Robin started to collapse to the ground. Anna raced towards her daughter and caught her in her arms. The two embraced and cried at their happy reunion. Later, they went inside and Robin spoke about returning to Port Charles and reuniting with the rest of their family and loved ones. Alex joined in on the visit and Robin did a double take. She had never known that her mother had a twin sister. Alex tried to help Robin understand what was happening. It was explained to Robin that the people who had tried to kill Anna were still on the loose. Robin found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that she would have to carry on as though her mother were still dead. In the foyer, Ilene Pringle gasped as she spotted the two Devane sisters in the same room.


Brooke totally came undone and offered a check to the family of the dying boy so a heart would be available. Jake came to her rescue and explained to the boy's family why Brooke was so upset. The people actually came around and agreed to remove their nephew from life support after realizing there was no hope, and Laura could be saved. The court allowed David to be released from the hospital so he could perform Laura's surgery. Erica arrived with Laura and Bianca after tracking them down at the beach. Brooke tearfully told Erica that she was grateful for everything, and thanked Erica. Brooke then apologized for misreading Erica and her intentions the day before. Neither Erica nor Brooke realized that Bianca was listening in as Erica explained she only had Laura's in mind when she suggested Brooke go to a clinic in Europe. Blanca didn't buy it either and believed it was Erica's way of keeping her and Laura apart. Brooke and Laura both came clean about the gravity of Laura's condition. Laura told Leo about how she wanted to survive so they could dance again. Leo held Laura's hand and promised that they would dance again.

Erica and Bianca headed to BJ's where they discussed, among other things, Bianca's plan to travel to Europe with Laura. Erica proudly announced that she had come up with the idea of going to Europe with her daughter. Bianca railed against the idea, saying that her mother was trying to keep her and Laura apart. Erica explained that she was trying to prevent her daughter from having her heart broken. Bianca declared that she loved Laura and stormed out of the restaurant.

Back at the hospital, David walked into the sunroom with a somber face. He looked sadly at Brooke and informed her that he had "bad news."

Thursday, June 1, 2001

Hayley is reclining in a lounge chair in the courtyard outside her apartment. Liza and Marian are there. They encourage her to go in and watch her show The Wave. Hayley says, "I'd rather watch a test pattern. I'm stuck here and someone else is doing my show." It's the 300th show and the special guest is Shaggy. Just then, Shaggy and Rayvon walk up. Hayley is surprised, saying they are supposed to be at the studio. Mateo shows up with the camera crew and informs her she will be doing the show live from home. Hayley is delighted. Mateo and Liza have been planning this for weeks. Hayley starts the show and introduces Shaggy and Rayvon. She says, "I play your music for the baby. I put the headphones on my belly and when I play 'Oh Carolina', the baby moves." Shaggy and Rayvon perform "Angel", dedicated to the little angel Hayley is carrying. Then three NHL hockey players show up with a cake-Bill Garron of the Bruins, Kevin Weeks of the Lightning, and Rob Neidermeyer of the Panthers. Hayley's a big hockey fan. She says she remembers going to Blackhawk games in Chicago with her father, Harry Vaughn. The players each give her a little team jersey for the baby.

At Wildwind, Alex, Anna, and Robin are talking. Alex suggests they move the conversation to the turret as a safety precaution. Robin is surprised, saying, "She's not even safe in the house?" Anna says, "Only a handful of people know I'm alive. Thank God, you're one of them." Eileen, the assassin, is listening in the foyer. She stumbles and makes a noise. Anna and Robin duck behind the sofa. Alex goes into the foyer, putting Eileen into an arm lock against the door. Alex demands to know who she is and what she is doing there. Eileen says she is going to shoot a documentary on Gillian and was supposed to meet her there to scout locations. Anna asks for id. Eileen wants to look around, but Alex says it's not a good day. Gillian comes in and Anna says, "I don't mean to be rude, but we're not receiving visitors today." Gillian asks why not and Eileen pretends to feel faint. Gillian insists on taking her inside over Alex's protests. Eileen says she was just shaken up by Alex grabbing her. Gillian wants to know what happened and Alex says, "I didn't realize that she was your guest." Eileen says the house will be perfect for the shot. Alex asks to speak to Gillian in private. Alex says, "I know this project means a great deal to you, but there's no way I'm going to allow a film crew to invade our privacy." Gillian protests that it's her privacy they'll be invading. Alex suggests they shoot it on the yacht since Gillian lives there now. Gillian says, "It's not the same. Wildwind is steeped in family history." Alex says, "I'm not going to budge on this." Gillian says, "Do you know how much this means to me? Dimitri said I should always think of this as my home and that's what I'm doing. Why are you putting conditions on it? Why do I get the feeling Ryan and I are not welcome here anymore?" Meanwhile, Eileen searches the room and eavesdrops on their conversation. Alex says she's working hard at the Foundation and needs her peace and quiet. Gillian says they could just shoot in the turret. Alex reacts visibly and says, "No, you can't. I know you are anxious to help Ryan but can't you find someway to do it without compromising Wildwind's security?" Gillian wants to know what they need protection from. Alex says, "Don't fight me on this. Tell Ms. Pringle she can't shoot her documentary here. That's my final word." Gillian show Eileen out and says they'll have to find another place to shoot. Eileen calls someone on her cell phone and says, "Your information was correct. Anna Devane is alive and well and living at Wildwind with her twin...No, not yet. We can't risk taking out the wrong sister."

Meanwhile, Anna and Robin go to the stables. Anna asks Robin if she likes to ride. Robin says she does and also bungee jumps from bridges and races motorcycles. Anna says, "That sounds dangerous." Robin says, "It's pretty tame compared to your life." Anna says, "I can't believe that after all these years I'm still a moving target. I don't know who's after me. That makes it really dangerous." Robin says Anna should come back to Paris with her. Anna says she'd love to go to Paris, but she can't. Robin says, "I want my mother with me. I'm not going to leave you." Anna says she must, she must leave now for her own safety. She'll come to Robin when it's safe. Robin says, "Why do you keep doing this? Why did you have me if your whole life is going to be about leaving me?" Anna hugs Robin and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Just give me a chance to turn everything around and I'll come to you and be your mother." Robin, with tears in her eyes, says, "Mom, you have no idea what I've been through." Anna says, "I know all the risks I've exposed you to." Robin cuts in, "Means nothing. I know all about life and death, Mom. I'm Hpositive."

At the hospital, David tells Brooke there's bad news. Brooke becomes hysterical, saying she wants her miracle and she will kill David if he tells her Laura is dead. She starts sobbing. David tells her Laura is alive, and sits her down. He says they can't use the young man's heart for Laura. The young man had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, which makes his heart unsuitable for transplant. Brooke wonders how she will tell Laura. "How is she going to survive this?" she says. Leo offers to tell Laura. Brooke says he's a good friend and she's sorry she doubted him, but it's better if Laura hears it from her. She apologizes to David and leaves. David tells Leo Laura's condition is a lot worse. She has pneumonia and it's putting additional stress on her heart. "Laura needs a transplant now," says David. Leo is very upset. David says he didn't know Leo would take it this hard. Leo asks if there's a chance. David assures him there is and pats him on the shoulder in a brotherly manner.

Brooke goes to see Laura, who says she's ready to try her new heart on. Laura tries to joke, "Just put me back on the rack until a new part comes in." Brooke and Laura hug. Laura says, "Everything's going to be okay." Elsewhere in the hospital, Bianca talks with Jackson about how scared Laura and Brooke must be. Bianca wants to sign up to be an organ donor. If anything happens to her, she wants Laura to have her heart. Jackson hugs her and says he'll get her signed up, but she must promise she'll live a long time.

Mr. Carter, the uncle of the young man, tells Brooke he's very sorry and tries to return the check she gave them. Brooke suggests they donate it to the heart fund. Then Brooke talks to Leo. She apologizes to him for asking him to pretend to be in love with Laura and says she was desperate. Leo goes into see Laura. She wants him to leave because she's going to cry. He embraces her and she says, "I'm so scared," and cries in his arms. Then Leo tells her he can't face life without her.



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