The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on B&B

Sally had almost given up on her business, but she discovered a new designer, Antonio Dominguez, who might save the company. Rick called Deacon and put on the speakerphone, so Brooke and Eric could hear the call. Deacon muted the call and made love to Bridget with the three on the line. The enraged Eric ran Deacon over with a car.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, May 28, 2001

Sally tells Clarke that they're in this mess because of the Forresters and what they did to Macy. She wonders when the Forresters are going to get their share of pain. Clarke tries to convince Sally that they can save the business from disaster, but Sally sadly says they would need a miracle. Worried that she'll have to explain her tattoo, Amber tells Rick that she's decided not to swim with Little Eric and him. Rick realizes she's hiding something, and Amber finally shows it to him, explaining that there's a story behind it. Amber tells Rick that she got the tattoo in Vegas and Rick guesses that it was Deacon's idea. Brooke tells Deacon and Bridget that they're marriage is about to be annulled. When Deacon tells them to treat his wife with respect, Eric has to be restrained by Thorne. Brooke tries to convince Bridget that Deacon will drop her the minute they hand over Amber. Deacon tells Eric that he has to accept the marriage, and that he and Bridget are going to make it work. Eric and Brooke plead with Bridget to trust them and think about her decision for a couple of days. They ask her to home with them tonight.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Sally advises Darla and Clarke that they'll all be in the unemployment line before the week's end. As she bemoans the loss of her company, they all start watching a TV interview with Antonio Dominguez the Hispanic designer. They're impressed to see a model wearing one of his modern designs. When he mentions that he's looking for a job with one of the big design firms, both Sally and Clarke realize that he could take Spectra's books and put them in the black. With her face aglow with the thought of success, Sally calls Antonio the "Dream Maker." Eric, Brooke and Thorne report back to Amber and Rick about their confrontation with Deacon and Bridget. Announcing that Bridget is now married to Deacon, Brooke blames Amber for her daughter's troubles. Though Rick tries to stop her, Amber runs out the door, vowing to stop Deacon. Meanwhile, Bridget approaches Deacon and tells him that she wants him to make love to her. While she heads to the bedroom to take a shower and get ready, Deacon greets Amber at the door. He agrees that he's ready to stop this madness.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Amber accuses Deacon of threatening to make love to an 18 year old girl he doesn't love. She vows to hate him forever if he hurts Bridget but he insists that he won't harm his wife. He then goes on to advise her that she can end this dilemma by ending her marriage to Rick. When she refuses, he boasts that after they make love, he will stay faithful to his wife, thus ending any chance that Amber will ever be with him. Meanwhile, Bridget takes a shower, smiling as she thinks about making love for the first time. Afterwards, she lights some candles and then turns on some mood music, telling herself that her honeymoon with her husband will be perfect. Bridget heads to the living room and finds the two arguing. Deacon quietly urges Amber to make up her mind. Rick resents it when Brooke cries that it's Amber's fault that Bridget is now married to an evil man like Deacon. Vowing that he will not have Bridget "violated" by Deacon Sharpe, Eric warns that Amber better return with Bridget tonight. Using the loudspeaker to advise the Spectra staff to be especially warm to Antonio when he arrives, Sally boasts to Clarke and Darla that the future of their company is about to arrive. When the designer arrives, Sally offers him a contract that she claims he won't be able to turn down. However, he does just that and claims that he has other plans for his future.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

While dressed in their bathrobes, Deacon and Bridget discussed the purpose of Amber's visit. Deacon lied and told Bridget that perhaps Amber had just been there to see them on her own, not sent by the Foresters. He further lied concluding that Amber still has feelings for him that she's not willing to admit to.

When Amber returned to Stephanie and Eric's home without Bridget, Brooke became crazed and blamed Amber for Deacon marrying Bridget. Still hysterical, Brooke demanded that Rick end his marriage to Amber immediately so that Deacon would leave Bridget.

Meanwhile, Sally vied for designer Antonio Dominguez to work for Spectra. She tried to appeal to him by explaining that she truly runs a family business. She explained that her daughter Macy had worked there before she died in the car crash. Sally became very upset and reiterated the story of the night that Macy died. Sally warned Antonio that if he went to work for Brooke, she conducts her business in a very selfish manner and that he wouldn't like working at Forrester. Antonio told Sally that he wants to help fix her broken heart by honoring Macy with his designs.

Deacon waited in the bedroom for Bridget. He told himself that he doesn't want to hurt Bridget, but he tossed that thought aside. Deacon was determined to get Amber and Eric back home by going through with his plan of seducing Bridget.

Eric, Brooke and Rick together telephoned Deacon to try to reason with him. They put him on the conference line so they all could hear him. Deacon made it clear, that unless he had Amber and Eric, there was no deal. Bridget entered the bedroom. Deacon left the telephone off the hook so the Forresters could hear them begin making love. Deacon and Bridget couldn't hear their hysterical pleas to stop because Deacon had put the bottom of the receiver in water. Eric and Brooke broke down in anger and hysteria as they listened to Deacon and Bridget making love!

Friday, June 1, 2001

At his apartment, Deacon mused about being married to Bridget while staring at a photo of Amber and Little Eric. He put the photo away as Bridget entered the room with his coffee, smiling as she told him that he was an incredible man. Bridget asked Deacon to have dinner with her but he insisted that she go study instead. He reminded her that school should be her first priority and she smiled and told him that she felt like the luckiest girl alive.

At Eric and Stephanie's, Eric looked at old photos of Rick and Bridget and reminded himself that Deacon took his baby girl. Brooke, Stephanie, Amber, and Little Eric looked on and commented how Eric had been awake all night, upset about Bridget. Brooke continued to lash out at Amber and blamed her for Bridget losing her virginity to Deacon. Stephanie suggested that Amber and Little Eric leave the house so she could speak with Brooke alone. Stephanie reminded Brooke that her anger would not solve anything but Brooke continued to blame Amber. Deacon phoned Amber and told her that Bridget was out studying and asked her to call him at Insomnia. He reminded her that she could change everything and admitted that he wanted her and Little Eric in his life, not just visitation. Amber refused to end her marriage and insisted that Deacon tell Bridget the truth. Deacon insisted that he would stay married to Bridget, thereby placing himself in the Forrester family, well within reach of Little Eric at any given time. Amber returned to the house and announced to everyone that Deacon had called. She told them that Bridget was studying with Betsy and that Deacon was waiting for her answer at Insomnia. Brooke continued to hound Amber and even offered financial support to her if she would agree to leave Rick and live with Deacon. Stephanie insisted that Brooke was using emotional blackmail on Amber and insisted that she stop and accept that Amber would not abandon her marriage. As Amber continued to defend her marriage to Brooke, Eric quietly left the house.

At Betsy's, Bridget confided about her wedding night and admitted to Betsy that she is in love and made love for the first time, but assured her that she used protection. The intercom sounded and Betsy's mother announced that Brooke was on her way to Betsy's room. Betsy left the room as Brooke entered. Brooke started in on Bridget about Deacon not really being in love with her. Bridget told her mother that she was only making a scene and asked her to be happy for her. Brooke begged Bridget to trust her and to believe her about Deacon conning her. She insisted that Deacon is only truly in love with Amber. Defiant, Bridget reminded Brooke that Deacon was indeed her husband and suggested that she learn to accept it and treat him with respect.

At Insomnia, Deacon was surprised to see Alexandra away from the Lair. Deacon told her about the events at Rick and Amber's wedding and about his own wedding to Bridget. Deacon bragged to Alexandra that the Forresters would be unable to keep him from Little Eric now. Alexandra chided Deacon for marrying a young girl that he didn't love and for taking her virginity. Deacon likened their lovemaking to a work-out at the gym and insisted that he didn't want things to go as far as they had. Alexandra tried to warn Deacon that the Forresters would seek revenge but he only laughed at the thought of them being upset. He told Alexandra that he would release Bridget when Amber and Little Eric were returned to him. Alexandra tried to reason with Deacon but he insisted that Amber would eventually leave Rick for him on her own accord. He admitted that he had never believed in destiny before he met Amber, but was sure that their common interests and similarities were nothing to write off. Alexandra reminded Deacon that Bridget would be devastated when she realized the truth but Deacon assured her that he would take care of that in time. An enraged Eric stared at an unknowing Alexandra and Deacon through the window of Insomnia. Alexandra asked Deacon if he was afraid of Eric and Deacon insisted that Eric should be afraid of him. He told her that he would bang out a couple of babies with Bridget if the Forresters didn't give Amber back to him. As Deacon left the table, Alexandra reminded him to watch his back.

Outside Insomnia, Eric stared at a photo of himself and Bridget, then returned to his car. As Eric replayed the sounds he heard of Bridget and Deacon's lovemaking in his mind, Deacon stepped out onto the sidewalk and lit a cigarette. Eric vowed that Deacon would pay for taking his sweet daughter to bed and would never get his hands on her again as he punched the accelerator and drove in the direction of Deacon. As Deacon saw the oncoming car, he raised his arms in the air and yelled "No!"

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