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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, May 28, 2001

As Lien gets to Ben's apartment door, she remembers seeing John give Ben a brown envelope and she thinks it is about her condition. Inside Ben's apartment, he is running around getting everything ready for Lien. She knocks on the door and he runs to open it. Before he opens the door, he remembers that he doesn't have a shirt on. He grabs his shirt, puts it on, but doesn't button it. He opens the door and Lien sees Ben's bare chest. She asks if she came at a bad time and Ben tells her that he has been expecting her. She says that she can see that he works out. He realizes that his shirt is unbuttoned and starts to button it. She hands him some flowers and says that they are for him. He says that he forgot flowers. She walks in and they make small talk about Curtis and about the flowers and Ben gets her a glass of wine. He tells her to relax and have an appetizer and he will cook for her. She walks over to the coffee table where Ben has put some food. She sees that Ben is busy in the kitchen, so she goes over to the desk and looks through some mail. She finds the brown envelope. Before she opens it, she gets a very bad pain and says, "Oh no, not now!" She grabs the desk to steady herself. Ben sees that she is having a problem and runs over to her. He asks her what is wrong and she tries to cover over that she is in pain. He tells her to not even try to cover that she is having a problem. He keeps hounding her about her pain. She tells him that he needs to stop playing doctor. He confesses that it makes him feel more comfortable than just being himself. She confesses that she plays lawyer way too much for the same reason. She tells him that she has been a little scared to start anything with him because she has been so busy starting her practice with her dad. He tells her to let him know when she is ready to get more serious. She tells him that she promises to let him know. He walks over to her and says that he likes to seal promises with a kiss. As they start to kiss, she gets her pain back and collapses in his arms. He takes her to the couch and checks her heart. He tells her that her heart is racing and has it done that before. She tells him that it has and she confesses to him that she has lied to him. She says that she has not felt good all day and she couldn't eat anything earlier. He says that he is going to take her to the hospital and asks if she can walk. She sits up, but she can't get up from the couch. She tells him that she can't feel her legs. Ben picks her up and they rush out of the apartment. Ben tells her, as they go out the door, that he will take care of her.

At the police station, Lucinda is trying to convince Margo that her brother is up to no good. She accuses Craig of being behind Ruby giving her poison. Craig tells Margo that he can clear it all up, but he has to call his wife first. Craig calls Barbara and asks that she bring him the pictures. Barbara shows up and gives Craig the pictures and Craig shows them to Margo. He explains that Gabriel and Rose had been blackmailing him with the pictures and then he looks at Lucinda and asks if she would like to explain how the pictures came about. He turns the whole thing around on Lucinda and makes it look like she was in cahoots with Ruby and Gabriel. Lucinda explains that Ruby was only staying in her house to keep her away from Craig. Finally, Margo has heard all she can take. She tells Lucinda that they don't have enough evidence to hold Craig. Margo tells Craig not to leave town. Craig says that he wouldn't think of it and asks if she and Tom would like to come over next week for dinner. As he and Barbara are going out the door, he tells Margo not to give Medusa (talking about Lucinda) such a hard time. Lucinda response by saying that he should take it easy on Barbara's bank account. Barbara turns to Lucinda and reminds her that she has not forgot about Lucinda taking her company from her. Lucinda says that she has forgotten it. She says that her new husband will take more than that; he will be taking the shirt off her back. Craig tells her that the Worldwide board meeting is coming up and he has heard that they are losing confidence in Ms. Walsh. Barbara and Craig turn and walk out.

Rose is having dinner with Damian. While Damian is out of the room, Rose finds a Maltese passport with Luke's name and picture on it. Damian walks in and she hides the passport behind her back. Damian goes on about their plans for Rose to bring Luciano to Chicago. Rose says that she wants to get the plan right and asks Damian for some paper. While he is busy looking for paper, she slips the passport back under the map where she found it. Damian brings her paper and she quickly writes down where she is to meet Damian in Chicago. She tells him it is time to go and she leaves. She heads straight for Lily's house. When she gets there, Lily and Luke are in the living room. Rose runs in and tells Lily that she needs to speak to her. Lily can tell that something is up and sends Luke upstairs to check on his sister. Rose tells Lily about having dinner with Damian and finding the passport and the plans that they made to meet in Chicago. Lily realizes that Damian is planning on kidnapping her son. She asks Rose to stay with the children and she leaves to go and see Damian.

At Damian's hotel, he is on the phone and making final plans for taking Luciano to Malta. There is a knock at the door and he hangs up the phone and looks through the peephole to see who is at the door. He sees that it is Lily and he opens the door. She comes in and tells him that she has found out what he is planning with Luke. At first, Damian plays dumb. Lily fills him in on what Rose has told her. He says, "So Rose is a traitor." She informs him that taking her son out of the country without her permission is kidnapping. He corrects her and says that Luke is their son. She demands to know what he is planning. He says that he has to take Luciano to Malta. She tells him that he is not making sense; he doesn't have to take Luke out of the country. He looks at her and says that he has to and Luciano's life depends on it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Craig and Barbara returned from the police station and Barbara couldn't believe the wild accusations Lucinda was hurling. Craig was touched to finally have someone in his corner. As he ordered champagne, Barbara returned from their bedroom holding Carly's bracelet and questioned if it was a souvenir left behind by Ruby. Craig freely admitted it looked like Carly's.

Carly found Hal completely drunk at Mable's and wallowing in self-pity.

Lucinda questioned why Margo let Craig go. Margo said there was no proof to hold him, but Lucinda continued that she was not insane and wanted to know why they have stopped the search for Matthew. Sick of Lucinda and her tirades, Margo walked away.

Jake and Molly continued to search for Matthew, but Jake was getting weary of the whole thing and wanted to give up. Molly convinced him that they were Matthew's only hope since the police had stopped searching.

Damian confessed to Lily that Luke's life was in danger - there were people after him because he was determined to reclaim the Grimaldi empire. They told Damian they would stop at nothing to see that didn't happen, and Luke could be their target.

Craig said that Carly had been by the suite earlier and must have dropped her bracelet then. A bit jealous, Barbara wanted specifics from Craig about his relationship with Carly.

Hal apologized to Carly for his condition but said Craig had ruined everything in his life. Carly tried to talk him out of his misery, but when that didn't work, she sent back a pitcher of beer he ordered and

took his keys away from him and left with Parker.

Damian said he was revamping his company, ridding it of all the "scum," but some people were upset to see him take charge again and even shot him as he showed a terrified Lily his gunshot wound on his stomach. Petrified for her son's life, she tried to run to get Luke, but Damian stopped her and told her that if he isn't careful, his enemies will go after him or Luke to exact revenge. But, he told Lily, he was the only one who could save Luke.

Jake and Molly are pulled over by a cop who thought they were casing the neighborhood, but after revealing who they were, they asked the cop how they might trace a garage door opener to a garage door. He said to check the serial numbers and when they took a closer look at the opener, Molly recognized an "F" on it that was the same as the one at the gates to Fairwinds. They took off.

Craig told Barbara just because she didn't like Carly didn't mean he couldn't. Barbara tried to convince him she was a user, but Craig said they really shouldn't fight over something so insignificant. At that moment, the door bell rang and Carly appeared.

Holden found Rose watching over the kids and wanted to know where Lily was. She spilled and told him she went to see Damian because she discovered he may be trying to take Luke back to Malta. Holden rushed out.

Damian said his enemies didn't know where he was. Lily was devastated to think that he may have led them straight to Luke, but Damian said they already knew of Lily and where she lived. Lily demanded to know why he didn't warn them sooner, but he was afraid she wouldn't have believed him. Lily agreed and said he manipulated people all the time and why would this be different - she could handle the situation and she would take care of Luke. Damian said that wasn't good enough, he needed to have his son near him to protect him. Frantic, Lily said no way and blamed everything on Damian screaming as she hit him that she wished she never met or married him and wished Holden was his father. Damian let Lily rage on and apologized for the situation, but he said Luke would be safest with him as he has an underground network that will protect Luke for a long time. Just then, Holden knocked on the door.

Craig told Carly Barbara found her bracelet and Barbara wanted to know what she was doing there. To her surprise, Carly said she was there to see Barbara - Hal was in dire straights and needed her help. Barbara left to find him and Carly stayed on. Craig asked if she was trying to sabotage his relationship and she said it was nice to be on the other side of that one for a change. But Carly is there to ask Craig for help - to lighten up on Hal.

Margo was annoyed to still find Lucinda hanging out at the police station, but Lucinda said she just heard from Jake and they are very close to finding Matthew and when they do, he will implicate Craig in everything.

Molly and Jake finally stumbled upon Matthew tied and gagged at Fairwinds and brought him back to the police station.

Lily rushed to Holden and told him everything Damian said. Holden thought it all was a lie and just a ploy to take Luke away from them. He grabbed Lily and they left.

At the police station, Matthew identified Gabe as his kidnapper and Lucinda tried to get him to tell Margo that Craig was behind everything, but he said that wasn't so.

Barbara showed up at Mables to find Hal a mess. She told him he was destroying himself and that getting drunk wasn't the solution. She grabbed his hand to take him home, but he wouldn't budge and said he wished she would change so he wouldn't feel for her anymore. Then he told her to get out and he ordered another drink.

Carly asked Craig to give Hal his job back - he said under one condition, that she tell him he was as attractive to her as she was to him. Carly burst out in laughter, but then tried to pretend to be serious and tell him what he wanted to hear, but she succumbed to laughter once again and left.

Matthew confessed that over 30 years ago he was involved in a burglary ring in London and just before he was to be arrested he fled to the US. When Gabe found out about his past and threatened to expose it, Matthew was scared off and left with Gabe. Lucinda tried one last time to get him to implicate Craig, but Matthew said he wasn't involved. Lucinda vowed that Craig was out to get her, but over her dead body.

Barbara returned to Craig and said Hal was hopeless. She hoped that everything was straight now between him and Carly and, facetiously, he said yes, but secretly hoped Carly would return.

Holden and Lily return to tell Rose everything is fine and thanked her for giving them the warning. After she left, Lily asked Holden what they were going to do. He said they have to keep Damian away from Luke because everything he said was a lie.

Damian answered his phone but no one was there. He quickly called the front desk to try to trace it, but they said it was an outside call. Fearful someone had found him, he checked around his room, but found no one and said to himself that time was running out.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

The Police Station:

As Jack sat at his desk with his back to the door, Carly walked up behind him in a playful way. She told him that she some Detective stole her heart. After they kissed, she told Jack that Lucinda invited her to lunch. She was so excited, because she thought that Lucinda was ready to back her dress designing business. She wore one of her dresses and had a portfolio with other designs that she was going to show Lucinda. Jack told Carly the dress she had on and the other designs in her portfolio were great. Just then some guy delivered doughnuts as a ploy to serve Jack divorce papers. The papers claim adultery and various other charges. Jack said he would call Cass and tell him to give Julia what ever she wanted, just to get rid of her. Carly objected to Jack giving into Julia. She said Julia would never be satisfied. They argued about what Julia was trying to do. Carly said "this is war now" and she isn't going to let Julia drive Jack to his grave.

Later, Carly went back to the police station and told Jack that Lucinda didn't want anything to do with her dress design business. He told Carly that he went to see to Dr. Michaels and he thinks that she has suspicions about Julia. He said he was going to call Julia's mom to see if they would work things out. He tried calling, but the person that answered the phone hung up, when Jack said who he was.

Lily's House:

Lily was talking on the phone to Holden when Lucinda knocked at the door. She gave Lily the good news about Matthew. She told her about being drugged and that's why she had been acting so strangely, but that she was OK now. She wanted to make sure that Lily would be at the Shareholder's meeting to support her. She went on to tell Lily that she thought that Craig is trying to undermine her and take over WorldWide. Lily wondered why she had to be at the meeting. Lucinda told her that Craig is trying to maneuver her out of WorldWide. Lucinda went on to say that she suspected that Craig was behind her being poisoned. Lily couldn't believe that Craig would do something criminal, like poison her. She told Lucinda she was sorry, but she was not going to be at the shareholder's meeting. Lucinda wanted to know why she wasn't going to go. Lily didn't want to tell her about the problem with Damian and Luke. She told Lucinda to take Rose to the meeting instead. She said it's a great idea to have Rose impersonate her. Damian was at the door and Lucinda suspected that Lily wanted to be home alone with Damian and that's why she couldn't go to the shareholder's meeting. Lily assured her that she was wrong.

Lucinda left and at first Lily told Damian that she was not letting him in the house. When he told her that he just came to say goodbye for good, she invited him in. He warned her to keep Luke close, that he was in danger. Lily was upset and didn't want to believe anything he told her. He asked if he could say goodbye to Luke. She told him that Luke wasn't there, that he was at the farm with Holden. She didn't like the idea but told him, for Luke's sake, she would arrange for him to see Luke that evening. He told Lily the only way he would leave for good, was to let him see Luke one more time. Lily told Damian that he could tell Luke goodbye because it would be devastating for him if Damian left and didn't say goodbye to him. She told Damian that she had ground rules and that he had to abide by them or he would not be able to see Luke again. Damian said he would accept her conditions and left. He stopped outside the door and looked at Luke's passport photo.

Mable's diner:

Lucinda met Carly at Mable's. Carly was happy to see her and asked why they were meeting at Mable's instead of somewhere else. Lucinda told her she wanted to meet somewhere where they wouldn't be seen together. She told Carly how nice she looked. Carly told her that she made the dress and was excited to show Lucinda her portfolio. Lucinda told her that she would look at her designs at another time, but now she had something else she wanted to talk to her about. She told Carly her suspicions that Craig would try to disrupt the shareholder's meeting that was happening that night. She wanted Carly to watch Craig and let her know what he was up to. Carly told Lucinda she wouldn't spy on her friends and left.

Psychiatric Ward at the Hospital:

Jack talked to Dr. Michaels outside the ward room. She said that Julia has changed a lot since she has been there and that she has become the leader of the ward. The doctor told Jack that she was sorry but that he wasn't on Julia's list of acceptable visitors. Jack said he didn't come to see Julia; he came to see her. He wanted to know why she didn't let him know that new doctors were examining Julia. She told him that she didn't know about it. Julia's mother arranged it when she wasn't in the hospital for a day. She went on to say that she wasn't consulted about Julia's competency hearing. The more she thought about it, the more she thought something fishy was going on. Jack asked if she thought that Julia was faking her illness. Dr. Michaels said that Julia is sick all right, but not the way they thought. She told Jack that Julia's mother is calling all the shots now. Julia saw Jack through the window and got the other patients to start yelling what a bad person that Jack was. Julia stood behind them with an evil grin on her face. Dr. Michaels told Jack that he better leave.

Lakeview Bar:

Craig was on the phone talking to Cass. He told Cass he wanted to cause problems with Lucinda at the shareholder's meeting and Barbara's money would take care of all the costs. Simon walked up and took the phone out of Craig's hand. He told him to cough up the money he owes him or he's going to tell all Craig's secrets. Craig took out his checkbook and started to write a check. Simon told him the check better not bounce. Craig assured him that the check from his rich wife's account was good. As he was writing the check for Simon, he tried to talk him into doing one more job for him. Craig told him that he would pay him a million dollars for doing it. Simon was interested in what he wanted him to do for that much money. Craig said that he double-crossed Gabe by telling the police that Gabe was blackmailing him. He wanted Simon to get drunk at the bar and pick a fight with him so that Simon would get arrested. Then while he was in jail, he wanted Simon to give Gabe a sealed envelope. Simon told him that he wasn't going to jail for anyone. Craig changed his mind by telling him that he would have to press charges to keep him in jail and he wasn't going to do that. He said his lawyer would bail him out in a couple of hours. Craig again reminded Simon that he would get a million dollars for a couple of hours in jail. Simon agreed to do what Craig wanted. He told Craig that if he double-crossed him, he'd be sorry. He started a fight with Craig and the bartender called the cops.

Craig told the cops that he didn't want to press charges. He said it's his brother-in-law and he was a little drunk. He told the cop to just put him in a holding cell for a couple of hours to let him sober up. As the cops escorted Simon out of the bar, Craig said to himself. "Lucinda we are going to have fun tonight"

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Feigning drunkenness, Simon finally comes clean to Gabriel that he has an offer from Craig that will get him out of jail tonight. He explains that Craig's attorney is waiting to arrange bail for Gabriel if he will douse a box of chocolates with the hallucinogen and arrange to have it delivered to Lucinda. Gabriel quickly agrees to the deal and rushes to Craig's place to do the dirty deed. Afterwards, Craig calls Emily and urges her to bring her camera to tonight's board meeting.

Lucinda pleads with Rose to pose as Lily for tonight's Worldwide board meeting. Upset that Lucinda put off a discussion about funding her design company, Carly runs to Craig with the news that Lucinda wanted her to spy on him. He hints that he may be willing to help her finance her new design company. Lucinda guesses that the box of chocolates has come from Lucy and starts to sample them.

After Holden takes Faith to her doctor's appointment, Damian arrives to say goodbye to his son. Instead, he pleads with Luke before an incredulous Lily to come to Malta with him. Lily shouts at Damian to stop but he refuses. Gunfire erupts outside and though no one is hurt, the house is in shatters and Lily is outraged at the danger. Upon being called by Lily, Holden returns home and is furious at what Damian has done. When Margo arrives with the police, she sends Damian outside for questioning with a cop and Damian gets away from the cops and slips upstairs and convinces Luke to leave with him.

When he can't get through to Julia's mother, Jack decides to go to New York to confront her.

Friday, June 1, 2001

Simon was frustrated when he learned that his sentence for punching Craig was performing twenty hours of community service. Margo became suspicious when she realized that Craig's lawyer, Cass, was the same one who bailed Simon out of jail.

Katie and Simon's plane was apparently wrecked during their landing on the island. Although Henry tried to stress the seriousness of the situation, Katie's spirits remained high. Their spirits were dampened however, when they found that Lily and Simon's cave was now flooded. Katie tried unsuccessfully to start a fire with sticks, but was relieved when a cocky Henry whipped out his lighter and started it the "old-fashioned" way.

Lucinda ate the drug-laced chocolates prior to the start of the World Wide shareholder's meeting. She was surprised to see Craig at the meeting under the guise of watching out for Lucy's stock. She began to hallucinate during her presentation as the drug began to take effect and medics were called to transport her to the hospital. To cause further discord among the shareholders, Craig called his stockbroker and loudly advised him to sell his stock. Posing as Lily, Rose persuaded the stockholders to postpone the meeting.

Holden and Lily were outraged when they realized that Damian kidnapped Luke for the purpose of taking him to Malta and they set out to find them. Meanwhile, Damian brought Luke to a dock in Chicago and prepared to catch a boat. An angry Holden showed up just before they left and informed Damian he was not taking Luke anywhere!



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