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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, May 28, 2001

Jen is lying in the living room floor, almost catatonic. She is trembling, crying and looks as if she is on the verge of insanity. Jack is in the car with someone, telling them that he needs help. He says that he has only a short list of people he could call on and they are on that list. He apologizes for bothering her so late, but she is more than happy to help and assures him he did the right thing. They return to the house to find Jen in the floor trembling (looks like she is even sucking her thumb). Alice is heartbroken to see her like that. Jack goes upstairs to check on Abby as Alice goes to Jen. Jen tells her that she killed Hope's baby. (OMG...that is the saddest face I have ever seen). Alice tries to help her, offering encouragement as Jen falls to pieces and Alice holds her. Jen blames herself and says that it should have been her that died. Alice tells her to listen to her and assures her that it wasn't her fault and that she did all she could. But Jen won't listen, saying that she was responsible and didn't do enough. Alice reminds her that there is someone who needs her, Abby.

Jen talks about how Abby is actually stronger than both her and Jack. She says that she is no good for Abby and that she should be put away just like her mother was, as Alice looks on in shock. Alice tries to reason with her and point out the differences between what happened to her and to Laura, but Jen talks about how Laura left her on a bus when she was little. Jen says that her mother was irresponsible, just like she is. She says all this happened because she was trying to get back at Jack and now JT is dead because of her. She talks about seeing her mother in the institution and wonders if the same thing is now happening to her. Meanwhile, upstairs, Jack sits with Abby (is that child EVER going to sleep?) He tells her that Mommy is having a hard time and that they are not going to bother her or ask questions. Abby promises to "give Mommy space" (says she learned that from Daddy). She gets sleepy and he sings to her and tells her that he loves her. In the hallway, he wonders what he would have done if that had been Abby in the car. His heart goes out to Bo and Hope. He also worries about Jen and how she will ever be able to live with what happened. Back downstairs, Jen tells Alice that she (Alice) should be with Hope right now, not her. But Alice says that Jen needs her too. But, Jen says, she doesn't DESERVE her...because she killed Alice's great grandson. Jack returns to hear Jen beating herself up. He tells her that if she isn't going to listen to Alice, she IS going to listen to him.

The action continues at the hospital as Craig and Stefano try to restrain Lexie, who is fighting them. Abe and a bunch of orderlies/nurses rush in as well. Lexie continues to struggle with them, but they finally get her calmed down. Craig spots Nancy (who is watching) and asks her why she is still there. He tells Abe and Stefano that Lexie needs rest and that one of them can stay with her. Craig follows her into the lobby and she tells him that she is scared as she explains about Stefano's threats. Back in the ER, Stefano and Abe argue over whom does more deserve to stay with her as she comes to and asks what happened. She wants to see Isaac, so Abe goes to get him. While he is gone, Stefano tells her about babbling to Nancy and that he warned her. Lexie wants to talk to her as well. When Abe returns, she asks him to go and find Nancy and he does. When they return, Lexie acts all concerned about Nancy and asks her how she is. A bit embarrassed, Nancy explains what happened. Lexie tries to cover about her babbling, by saying that she was having a nightmare about a bomb going off in the hospital and switching on the lights for the babies. Nancy seems to buy her story. After she leaves, Abe asks Stefano and Lexie what the hell is going on. He and Stefano start to argue and Lexie tells them that they are upsetting the baby. Abe goes to change him and Stefano congratulates Lexie on her performance. They overhear 2 nurses talking about the accident and how JT Brady could not have survived. Both are shocked.

Earlier, Philip and Chloe are in the car on their way home. They talk about various things and Chloe brings up the can and talk about mysteries. They speculate what that couple on the riverbank was doing. Chloe thinks maybe they were having a romantic picnic (they saw them picking something up). Philip thinks maybe it was their kid. But they decide it was too late to have a kid out. Chloe wants to drive all night and changes the subject and wants to talk about love. Philip asks her why she doesn't tell him that she loves him and she explains that if she says the words, it will end. She is still upset over Victor not liking her and Philip assures her that he doesn't care...their love is forever and tells her that they will run away if they have to. He talks about how angry his dad is with his mom. He says that what she did was wrong, but he loves her very much. Chloe wishes she had that same kind of love and compassion for Nancy. He encourages her to make up with her mom. Chloe asks him to take her to the hospital. When they get there, it's daylight. He offers to go in with her, but she tells him that she needs to be alone with Nancy and tells him to go on home. Inside, Craig and Nancy meet up again and she tells him about talking with Lexie. He tells her to go on home. To herself, she says that something still doesn't seem right. She turns to find Chloe standing there.

Glen and Barb are in the car with JT. She says that he is cold and she is holding him close to share her body heat. She is sure something is wrong with him and thinks he needs to go to the hospital. He finally wakes up and is crying as they cuddle him. Barb asks how he is so sure that he is his son and he talks about the car seat with his name on it. She doesn't understand how he ended up on the riverbank. Glen says that it doesn't matter. She wants to let the Carvers know that he is okay, but Glen refuses. She asks if he plans on going on the run with the baby and he tells her yes. She says that it is a HUGE mistake to do that.

We get a replay of Hope's last scene from Friday as she prays for a miracle in the nursery. Meanwhile, the search continues by the river and they are coming up empty handed. John and Bo talk as John tries to reassure Bo not to give up and they WILL find JT. Bo thanks John for being there for and with him. Bo tells him that Shawn and Hope are at home waiting for news and he just doesn't want it to be bad. He isn't sure that Hope can handle it. Hope comes out of the woods (now changed into jeans and a flannel shirt), telling Bo that she KNOWS that JT is alive and wants to be there when they find him. Bo is upset with her and wants her to go home and get some rest, but she refuses. She wants to be there and help with the search. Bo gives her an update but she is not deterred, she is SURE he is still alive...she can feel it. After listening to the leader of the rescue team, Bo says that it is as if he has just disappeared. Bo continues to try to get Hope to go home, but it is in vain, she isn't budging. She hugs Bo telling him that he is the best husband and father (just ask Shawn) and that someday, JT will know it as well. She also hugs John and thanks him for being such a good friend. John tells them that JT lucked out when he got them as parents. A child could NOT have picked a better mom...OR dad and punctuates it by saying "I mean it." Bo and Hope hug as the search continues. The rescue team returns and tells them that there is absolutely no sign of JT. They asks what does he think and he says that if he had to say, it was as if someone found him and took him. Hope is thrilled by this news, saying "I knew it...he's alive...he's ALIVE

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

With no sign of the body or car seat, Bo finally convinces an encouraged Hope to go home and wait for word from him. Tired of Chloe's constant complaints and put downs, Nancy announces to her daughter that she doesn't care about her anymore and will live with the little memories she has from her birth. When a teary-eyed Chiloe asks if she still loves her, Nancy accuses her of not allowing her to love her and warns that her hate is preventing her from loving or being loved. Chloe confesses that she doesn't know why she says or does the things she does and can't even tell Philip that she loves him. The two have a breakthrough and agree to start over. Stefano listens as Lexie complains to Abe about first Marlo being in the river and now her son. Questioning Stefano, Abe later threatens to offer a reward to find out if he was behind the explosions that ruined Salem. Lexie feels guilty when Hope arrives and offers to help her with her custody fight. Bo guesses to John that Stefano is J.T.'s father but John denies it. Hearing about the lab that was blown up, John guesses Stefano was behind the explosions but wonders why J.T. has disappeared. Barb argues with Glen about telling the police they found a baby but he won't allow it. Later, in disguise, Barb tries to question John who wonders who she is. J.T. then begins crying from their car.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Jack overhears a distraught Jennifer boasting to Alice about how great Jack was to her last night. After Alice leaves, Jack tries to make Jennifer believe that she's not guilty of "killing" J.T. He assures her that Hope will not hate her but suggests that she join in the search for the baby. Lexie warns Brandon about how dangerous Stefano can be, especially with the bombings in Salem. He convinces her to tell him all she knows and she explains about the baby switch. Brandon urges her to come clean to Hope. Thanks to Belle's explanation, Shawn's history teacher understands his lack of interest in class and school. Mr. Woods urges him to accept the support of his fellow students. Belle wonders if J.T. was kidnapped so Shawn decides to run to his parents with the idea. Mr. Woods catches Philip and Chloe hugging and reminds them of the school policy against such action. In spite of the crying baby, John fails to notice it's J.T. in the back of Glen and Barb's car. The couple drives off with the baby. Meanwhile, Hope comes running up after identifying the cries as J.T.'s. She blasts John for not taking a look at the baby and is furious when he can't identify the mystery woman who was asking him questions. Barb urges Glen to turn the baby in but he refuses.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

When John demands that Brady apologize to Marlena for his rude words, he refuses. John insists the three of them sit and talk. Marlena explains that she'll do anything to try to make this family work and insists that she doesn't hate Brady. Marlena goes on to admit that she's still hurt by Isabella's death from cancer and wonders why Brady came home from boarding school with so much hate in him. He complains that he didn't choose to go away but was sent. He adds that when Marlena told him that she loved him, he thought she was lying. When John wonders why Brady wanted to go to boarding school, Brady mentions a poignant moment with him, Isabella and John and forces John to admit he told Isabella he would never love another woman the way he loves her. Marlena is stunned and walks upstairs. Sami overhears Austin chatting with his mother about what happened in Europe. He assures her that he will help her but she doubts that he'll follow through on his promise as long as he's with Sami. Sami interrupts and threatens to tell Austin plenty only to be stopped by Roman who pushes Sami to leave with Austin. Roman then helps Kate to her car after she collapses in pain. She won't tell him anything and insults him until he leaves her alone. Sami tells Austin to choose between her or his mother. Roman interrupts and sends Austin to help his mother. Mimi worries about being caught with the web site. Kevin's knocked down after complimenting Susan. Chloe chats with Belle about having different future plans than Philip. Hearing about J.T., Chloe tells her about what she and Philip saw the night before at the river.

Friday, June 1, 2001

Philip argues with Victor about his love for Chloe as Victor claims he's too young to know what love really is. When their argument heats up, Victor grounds him for having low grades and being distracted by Chloe. Stefano overhears Brandon pleading with Lexie to give Isaac to Hope where he belongs. Stefano first offers him money to keep quiet and then threatens him but Brandon isn't frightened which worries Lexie. When Stefano complains to Rolf about this trouble, Rolf decides to kill Brandon. Belle and Chloe look for Bo and Hope to tell them about what Belle saw at the river. Hearing the fire department found nothing after dragging the river again, Bo decides Hope's right that J.T. is still alive. Jennifer faces a worried Hope who asks why she came back to Salem. Jennifer tries to explain what happened over and over but Hope blasts her for what she has done. Belle and Chloe finally rush in with the news of what Belle saw at the river. Jennifer slips out while Hope calls Bo who gets a description of the couple from Belle. Outside, Jennifer complains to Jack about what Hope said to her and wonders if it's payback time for her being a bad mother to Abby. At a motel, Barb and Glen learn about the accident and the search for a baby. They deny to the manager that they have a child. A cop arrives with a flyer about the missing child, Glenn slips out the window with the baby. Lexie learns from Abe about the break in the case and tries to reassure Brandon that Hope will get her baby back.

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