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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on GH
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Monday, May 28, 2001

Port Charles Grill:
Most of the action was here today. Lucky was arrested for attacking Stefan. Laura said that Scott would go with him as his lawyer, but Luke said that Alexis would be. They asked Lucky and he chose Scott.
So much for Luke and Roy's plan to kidnap Lucky. Felicia and Mac were watching all the goings on and Mac could see that Felicia would like to be in on it with Luke but she stayed with Mac. Nikolas was disgusted with his uncle. Nikolas told Stefan what he felt for him was beyond contempt, beyond hatred; it was pity. Of course, the action wasn't all with the Spencers and Cassadines. Skye wanted Sonny to help her bring down the Quartermaines. He said he would like nothing better, but didn't agree with her betraying her own family. He knew what it was like to have family betray you. Ned overheard Sonny and Skye talking and told Skye he had declared all out war on her. Alexis had come out and Sonny asked her later why she had come outside after Ned, was she jealous of Skye? She said she had come out for him, Sonny. Nobody told her that Skye was Ned's cousin, she wouldn't have reason to be jealous, if she was. Sonny and Alexis sat at the bar and had a talk. She admitted no matter what he did, he was her friend and she was his.
Bobbie told Roy they were finished. He said good night when she was leaving; she said goodbye. What right does she have to be so mad? She seems to forget how she lied to him, went behind his back to investigate his past and Melissa, but he forgave her.

Hospital (underground):
Helena was down in the room with Stavros' chilled body in his chamber.
One of her minions came and told her about Stefan and of course she has nothing but contempt for her younger son. She told Stavros that they would bring down all the Spencers, starting with Luke. He moved a hand, which thrilled her to no end.

Quartermaine boathouse:
Emily and Zander went to the boathouse and she headed inside to undress, she told him. They went for a swim and when they came out went inside the boathouse, only to have Edward snooping around, wondering what the commotion was that he heard. He didn't see anything so left. They came back out and found the flower she had dropped. They decided they had some cosmic protection. Zander told Emily that wasn't all the protection they had. They went back inside and finally made love.

Police Station:
Lucky was taken to the Police Station and booked. Laura asked Scott about bail but he said they wouldn't be able to get a judge at this time of night so Lucky would have to spend the night. Laura was talking to Liz and asked if she had noticed any strange behavior in Lucky and Liz said no. Laura asked Scott what if Lucky had hit Stefan but didn't remember it. Scott asked what she meant but she didn't want to say. He went and talked to Lucky and Lucky said he was actually going after Nikolas but Stefan intervened. Scott warned him not to admit to anyone about going after Nikolas. Later Lucky was taken down to a cell, right across from Sorel.

Luke's Club:
Luke stormed into his office, threatening to blow up Helena's yacht with her and all her lackeys on it. Roy was the usual voice of reason. Luke admitted Roy was right, but not till he had overturned his desk. Roy asked if he had any other copies of the discs. Luke said he did and he had gone as far as the word awakened. They didn't know what that meant.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Poor Sonny was suffering something furious. There was nothing in his life now. The previously filled penthouse was empty now without Carly and Michael. He saw another vision of Carly pleading with him to let her come home and let her come back to him. Sonny knew he still loved Carly he just cannot forgive the betrayal; it is quite final with him. Still deep in thought Sonny heard a knock at the door and it was Taggert and Ford. They had a search warrant to search his entire belongings house, cars, warehouse, and everywhere. Sonny was not amused, but did let them search without incident. He actually left during the search and wished them happy hunting. Taggert and Ford were insulted that Sonny left because they tried oh so hard to rattle his cage. Sonny actually was being quite productive, even in his weird state of mind. Sonny went to the police station to speak with the new captain, Captain Dalton. At first you wondered what Sonny could possibly want to say to the Captain of Police. Alas the new guy arrived and they covered the small talk for a moment then Sonny told the captain how the searches and harassment from the Port Charles Police Department (PCPD) were becoming nuisances. The captain chuckled and told Sonny that was par for the course considering his profession and why was he trying to tell him how to do his job? Sonny replied I will tell you why. This was an interesting moment because it seemed as if by Sonny's movements that he was going to hit the captain, yet he turned away to look behind him and turned back. Sonny told the captain that he knew of a lieutenant that had problems with the review board and it would be unfortunate if new information would miraculously appear. He also mentioned that this new information could cause that lieutenant to become unemployable which would be a problem for this person who has a 17 year old daughter that will be attending college in the fall and also for this person who was trying to refinance his home. The new captain did not look so good after this conversation. Captain Dalton told Sonny that he was sympathetic to the problems that he was having and would be working to resolve them. Then Sonny told him there was 1 more thing he needed. Later Sonny entered the holding cell area and stood in front of Sorel's cage. Sorel looked over in surprise. Sonny pulled into view a gift, the same as he had for his birthday, and proceeded to give it to Sorel who was reluctant to move at this point.

Today was not Lucky's day either. Liz visited Lucky to show her support and love. Lucky really was unaffected by his arrest and kept speaking of only their upcoming nuptials. Liz was surprised by Lucky's behavior but continued to be in denial. Shortly after Liz, Nikolas and Gia arrived. Stefan had propositioned Nikolas. If he returned to the family and reclaimed his name then Stefan would drop all charges against Lucky. Of course Lucky took badly to this news. He told Nikolas to run like crazy and stay away from the Cassadines. When Nikolas spoke back Lucky replied with whatever happens to me please protect Liz from the Cassadines. When they all questioned Lucky about this statement he shunned it off. A police officer came for Lucky to be pre-arraigned the visit had to come to an end. Nikolas immediately headed for his uncle. Laura and Scott had been to visit Stefan early and were unsuccessful. Nikolas had devised a plan to trick Stefan or rather beat him at his own game. Nikolas told Stefan that he would lie under oath and tell a jury that Stefan attacked Lucky without provocation. Stefan seemed amused with Nikolas' attempt to be ruthless. Both Gia and Liz resounded with a similar tune. They would be willing to lie to save Lucky. Nevertheless Stefan remained calm and delighted as the gang tried to put him in checkmate.

Ned overheard Skye's conversation with Sonny and was reporting to the troops over breakfast. No one was really surprised except for Alan who was playing the good father role. Ned told them that Sonny had turned her down cold and that they should be on the lookout for Skye because she still holds some anger and animosity against the Quartermaines. Everyone was in agreement except Alan who insisted that Ned must had misunderstood his new daughter. Skye entered the room to get her breakfast when she was bombarded by accusations and questions. Skye managed to get out of the whole issue by giving up Edward; he is such a convenient scapegoat. She told the family that he had asked her to get Sonny's stock in ELQ by any means possible. Without any really supporters except Alan, Skye left the room in a huff. Meanwhile the love making couple Emily and Zander were in a positive place reaffirming their love for one another. They lay in each other's arms peacefully. Zander admitted that he had been watching Emily sleep for a while. Emily asked if all this had been a dream and did it really happen. Zander confirmed that it really did happen and it was a dream. Emily told him she loved him and Zander advised that he wanted to marry Emily. He knew that it would not be immediately because Emily had college and law school to finish, but one day when it was right he would re-ask her the right way. They began kissing and being playful. Skye stumbled upon them and decided to barge right in on them. Emily and Zander were shocked and asked her to leave. Skye wanted to introduce herself to Zander and let Emily know that she had something on her. She walked over to Zander and introduced herself. After Skye left Emily freaked and worried about her parents and grandparents. Zander tried to calm her down by explaining that no one would break up the two because he just would not let them. The two got dressed and entered the Quartermaine main house as if they had just returned from the prom. Emily and Zander were greeted warmly by all but then Skye interjected that she had something to say.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

The Quartermaines:
Downstairs in the mansion, Skye tries to wrangle a confession out of Emily in front of the family. Zander, seeing how difficult the situation is for Emily, stops her from telling the family about what they did the previous night in the boat house. Emily turns the conversation over to Skye, who uses the opportunity to apologize to Emily for telling everyone that Zander was in her room. Skye also tells them that she has taken Alan's suggestions to heart, and will try to work harder to get along with the family.
Emily takes Zander outside to say goodbye to him. He tells her he is going to get a job, go to school, and try to be the kind of guy she deserves. As he is leaving, Alan and Monica come outside. She tells them that Zander is going to look for a job, and happily goes inside. They both notice a change in her. After Emily leaves, Monica and Alan discuss Skye. While Alan believes that Skye is really going to make an effort to get along with everyone, Monica thinks she was just faking it. Monica does however, commend Alan for trying to be a responsible father, and says she understands his feelings towards Skye.
Meanwhile, Emily is in her room clearing out a lot of her old things. Skye comes in and Emily thanks her for not telling everyone about what she saw in the boat house. She also tells Skye that she didn't buy her apology to the family, and she is not afraid of her. Skye puts on a sad face and tries to gain Emily's sympathy. Skye tells her that she thought Emily would relate to her since they both had been adopted, and they both had mothers who were ill (Skye's adopted mother was in and out of mental institutions). Although Emily doesn't befriend her, she does begin to feel sympathy for her. At Emily's request, Skye promises not to tell anyone about the boat house incident.
Downstairs, AJ tells Ned how he is exactly like Skye, which gives Ned an idea about how they can get to her. Ned tells AJ to become Skye's new best friend, and they make a pact to play "good-cop/bad-cop," with Ned as the bad cop, and AJ as the good-cop.

The Cassadines:
In Stefan's study, Nikolas, Liz, and Gia threaten to lie to the police if Stefan doesn't drop the charges against Lucky. Stefan refuses. He tells Nikolas that if he wants help from his family, he should go and ask the Spencers. After the three leave, Helena enters Stefan's study from one of the secret passageways. She tells him that he is making Lucky into a martyr, and that if he wants Nikolas back, he should drop the charges against Lucky. They then start talking about Stavros. Stefan tells her that Stavros is dead, and now Stefan is the only ally he has against the Spencers. He says he will drop the charges against Lucky if she tells him what her plans are for Lucky. He tells her that once Lucky is in prison, it could be years before she can get to him. Helena laughs it off and leaves.

Sonny brings Sorel a birthday present that is wrapped to look exactly like the bomb Sorel had sent for him. After he scares Sorel, he opens the box, which contains a kitchen timer. He reminds Sorel that he can get to him anytime and anywhere he wants. Alexis comes in as Sonny is informing Sorel of how he is going to be taking over everything that used to be Sorel's. Alexis and Sonny go back to his penthouse, where she confronts him about his needless threats to Sorel, who is already on death row, and his feelings for Carly. Sonny tries to convince her, and himself, that Carly doesn't matter. As their conversation is almost over, Zander comes in and tells them about how he wants to turn his life around. Sonny offers him a job at the coffee warehouse, and tells him to sign up for some evening courses and send him the bill. Zander thanks Sonny, and leaves with Alexis.
In the hallway outside, Alexis tells Zander that he should stay away from Sonny. Zander tells her he only plans on working in the warehouse, and he doesn't want to be involved in anything else. Alexis informs him that it could be years before Sorel's appeals are exhausted, and she fears that he may retaliate on Sonny in the mean time. She expresses her concern about Zander being caught in the middle of the crossfire.

The Spencers:
At the police station, Luke tells Laura that the best thing for Lucky would be to stay in jail, where Helena can't get to him. Although Laura feels very guilty about leaving Lucky there, she asks Scotty to try to postpone the arraignment. Scotty refuses. He says that Lucky is of legal age, and can decide for himself what he wants to do. He demands to know what is going on. Just then, Nikolas, Liz, and Gia come in and tell Scotty, Laura and Luke that they want to make a statement to the police. They say that they were in the stair well with Lucky and Stefan, and they say Stefan attack Lucky. Nobody believes them, and Scotty tells them that he will keep them away from the witness stand.
Nikolas and Gia go to talk to Taggert, who also doesn't believe them. He tells Gia he will not allow her to perjure herself, especially for a Cassadine.
Laura tries to talk to Scotty, but refuses to tell him what is really going on. Scotty finally gives in to her, and gets the arraignment postponed for two days. Lucky is very upset when he hears about it, and is taken back to his cell. After Lucky leaves, Luke asks Taggert to keep Helena and Stefan off the visitor list. He reminds Taggert of what Helena did to Lucky with the fire. Taggert understands, and tells Luke he will try his best.
While Lucky is sitting in his cell downstairs, Helena is waiting for him disguised as a janitor.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

by M.A.

Stefan was caught red handed trying to steal the copies of Helena's discs from Luke's safe by none other than his ex-wife, Bobbie! He defended his actions by claiming that Lucky was in grave danger but he could help. Bobbie didn't buy it and tried to take the discs away from him. As he overpowered her, Roy came in and took control. After being threatened by Roy, Stefan left, but told them they had made a mistake they would regret. Once again, Roy and Bobbie hashed over their respective hurt feelings. Bobbie told Roy that it was a mistake to try to recapture the past. She now realized that their trust was broken because of his past. She admitted that she hadn't always been perfect but she had tried to be honest with him. Despite his begging her for another chance, Bobbie told Roy that their relationship was over.

Laura and Nikolas finally sat Liz down and explained to her where Lucky had gotten her engagement ring and what him having it meant. Liz finally broke down and realized that Lucky was still programmed. She blamed herself for not seeing the signs sooner, and told them that she would do whatever it took to save Lucky from Helena.
Disguised as a cleaning lady, Helena appeared outside of Lucky's jail cell and re-enforced her hold him on him by using the Ice Princess. He immediately went into his trance, but they were interrupted when Luke and Kevin Collins came in.
Kevin hypnotized Lucky and tried to break through the programming. Kevin put Lucky in a trance and got him to answer a few questions, but when he asked about Helena, Lucky froze. Lucky was able to resist Kevin because of Helena's presence. Kevin realized that he couldn't get through to Lucky. He told Luke and Laura that it might be dangerous for him to try again and he wasn't certain what he would trigger. Kevin told them the last option he could see was Liz, and the love that She and Lucky share.
While Kevin was talking to Liz, Laura tried to get through to her son. After being frustrated by his response, she left, disheartened. After Laura left the cell, Helena came out from her hiding place. Holding up the Ice Princess, she told Lucky it was time for him to get out of jail. She handed him matches and lighter fluid and told him that he'd know what to do with them.

Gia was tired of being left out of the loop and decided to get answers out of Emily. She told Emily that she was worried about Nikolas. She faked Emily out by pretending to know about the programming. Emily played into her hands by revealing the details of Lucky's mind control and how they all dealt with it last summer. Nikolas showed up and asked Gia to leave with him so they could talk about what had happened.

Friday, June 1, 2001

Felicia attempted to enlist Mac into performing with her at the Nurses Ball. Mac was wary of performing and resisted all of her attempts at luring him in. When she said that it was a way for them to take a step toward a reconciliation, Mac became more interested. In the midst of their playing around, Mac got serious and told Felicia that he missed the more intimate aspects of their relationship. He pulled her into a kiss that she didn't break away from.

Laura finally told Scott the truth about what was wrong with Lucky. She was surprised by Scott's calm acceptance of the mind control and she was grateful that he was willing to help in whatever way he could. She gave him a quick history lesson on the Spencer/Cassadine feud and told Scott how much all of their lives had been damaged by it. Scott promised her that they would deal with everything together.

Keeping to her promise to do anything to save Lucky, Liz begged him to continue his therapy sessions with Kevin. She assured him that she didn't think he was crazy, but she wanted them to start their life together without any worries. Lucky was extremely resistant to the idea, especially after seeing that Liz wasn't wearing her engagement ring. Liz asked him again where he bought it and Lucky made a vague attempt at explaining, but it didn't make much sense. He told her that if she wanted to prove her love for him, she would never take the ring off. Under those conditions, he would agree to see Kevin. After she left, Lucky poured lighter fluid on his cell mattress and lit a fire.

Luke and Kevin discussed Lucky's condition to try to figure out a way to break through the programming. Luke told Kevin about his maze dream and how much it disturbed him. Kevin suggested that the dream might be Luke's way of channeling his fears about his children's safety. Kevin thought that the woman Luke heard in the dream might not even be real. Luke went to Laura's house because he needed to see Lulu and be certain she was alright. He stroked Lulu's head as she slept and related the tale of how the Cassadines came back into their lives after her illness. He didn't blame her, but he realized that a chain reaction had been set in motion that was having deadly consequences. Laura was furious to learn that Luke had planned to kidnap Lucky from his engagement dinner. Her anger quickly evaporated after she received a phone call about a fire at the police station. She and Luke rushed out to see what had happened.

Nikolas was furious with Gia for manipulating Emily into telling her about Lucky's programming. Gia calmed him by telling him that the only reason she did it was because she wanted to help him and Lucky. He confided that in addition to keeping Lucky's secret, he had also been afraid that she would leave once she found out how truly twisted his family was. Gia promised him that she would never leave him no matter what happened with the Cassadines.

Helena sent her assistants off to make sure that nothing went wrong with Lucky at the police station. She sat with Stavros and whispered that all the plans were in motion for his return. At the sound of her voice, Stavros opened his eyes. Helena broke down in tears at this sign of life, but she bade him to go back to sleep because he would need his rest for all that was in front of them.

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