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Passions Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on PS
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Monday, May 28, 2001

Tabitha and Timmy remain stuck in Hecuba's lair beneath the Crane estate. To Tabitha's delight, Timmy accidentally releases a potion that will wreak havoc on Harmony's couples. Tabitha regrets not being able to witness the chaos as the potion's mysterious mist rises above ground. Kay, Miguel, Charity, Simone, Chad, Whitney, Ethan, and Theresa wander through the garden maze trying to find the "love square." The magical mist affects Charity as she has a disturbing vision of Miguel and Kay kissing. Later, she's further troubled when she has a vision of Whitney and Simone fighting over Chad. Meanwhile, Kay runs into Simone and warns her friend that Whitney wants Chad. Simone remains in denial. Gwen itches to take out her revenge on Theresa. Rebecca warns her daughter to be patient. Meanwhile, the tabloid reporter, Mort, gets the go-ahead from his editor to investigate who sent the e-mail about Ethan's paternity. Mort shows up at the engagement party to dig around for information. Sheridan spies "Luis" having a lovers' quarrel with a mysterious woman (DeeDee). Sheridan is shocked when she recognizes the woman's voice from the call she answered on Luis' cell phone. Julian and Rebecca celebrate how smoothly their plan is going.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Tabitha begs Timmy to change her back from a white mouse into the wonderful witch she was. Inside the maze, Charity's distressing vision gives Kay something to gloat about. Gwen decides to hand a certain tabloid reporter a fresh new scoop for his front page. Though Jessica implores him to give up on his futile quest, Reese remains stubbornly determined to find proof that Tabitha is a witch. Relieved to be back in fighting form, Tabitha summons the powers of a magic pool to watch the events transpiring above the cave. Later, Timmy shudders to see Tabitha transform a purring pussycat into a ferocious lion which advances on a terrified Reese. Mort encounters Theresa in the garden and begins to question Ethan's jittery fiancée.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Ivy entreats Sam to admit that their love is not dead and buried but very much alive. Meanwhile, Grace awakens shrieking from a dream about her husband lost in an embrace with Ivy. Eve hears her own voice emanating from Julian's library and hurries to switch off the tape but is rattled to find T.C. listening to the song. Luis is baffled when Sheridan demands to know who he was arguing with on the terrace. Pulling away from Ivy's clutches, Sam accuses her of trying to trick him into deserting the only woman he loves. Eavesdropping on Luis and Sheridan, Julian and Rebecca wonder if they'll have to resort to plan B. Devastated by Sam's rejection, Ivy clambers out onto a ledge and threatens to jump. Tabitha's magic fog summons T.C.'s late father forth from the grave and sends Eve on a trip back through time. Sam grabs Ivy just in time to prevent her from leaping to her death.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Gazing through the magic pool, Tabitha and Timmy watch the effects of the supernatural fog take a harsh toll on the good folks of Harmony. Surprised to find herself in Chad's room, Whitney's confusion mounts when he insists they must never see each other again. Grace arrives at the mansion and watches in alarm as Sam begins to respond to Ivy's soft words. T.C.'s father takes him on a journey into the past to re-live the devastating accident which changed his life forever. Meanwhile, during her own trip through time, Eve happily cuddles her newborn baby boy. Affected by the mist, Chad mistakes Simone for her sister and sweeps her into his arms for a passionate kiss. As Grace looks on, Sam succumbs to temptation and plants a lingering kiss on Ivy. Eve becomes hysterical when a man snatches her son out of his crib in the hospital's nursery. Simone happily informs Whitney that Chad's embrace proves his love. An enraged T.C. renews his vow to kill Julian.

Friday, June 1, 2001

As the mist continues to fog minds all over town, Charity is distraught to see Miguel kissing Kay and declaring that he can't wait to make love to her. Mort bumps into Theresa inside the garden maze and begins chatting about the e-mail which changed the course of his journalistic career. Meanwhile, behind the hedge, Ethan and Gwen eavesdrop on the tabloid reporter and his uneasy confidante. Luis explains to Sheridan how he's been called away on a police emergency and must leave their engagement party early. Ethan puts Mort in a choke-hold, then demands answers from a rattled Theresa. Miguel tells a weeping Charity he can no longer deny his strong feelings for Kay. Though Tabitha gloats over the anguish she's caused, Timmy's little heart goes out to the town's suffering teens. Theresa swears to Ethan that she is not Mort's accomplice. Puzzled by Charity's hysterics, Miguel assures her she was hallucinating. Julian continues to plant doubts in Sheridan's mind about her fiancé's faithfulness.

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