One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on OLTL

Gina admitted she'd kidnapped Viki; she showed Ben a tape of Viki's alters. Sam admitted to killing Colin. Gina and Tori struggled over a gun, and Gina fell over a cliff. Max was knocked unconscious. Antonio wanted Roseanne to resign.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, May 28, 2001

Ben demands to see Viki, but he and Gina find her room empty. Gina confesses to imprisoning Viki, then shows Ben a tape of Viki's alters.

Roseanne apologizes to Antonio and agrees to resign from the LPD. When he asks her why she lied, she tells him that he treated her no better than any other man in her life, but that her actions were her own. He tells her he will not turn her in.

Sam confronts R.J. about his connection to Colin. R.J. reveals that he has more information about the killing, and implicates Sam's family.

Nora goes to Bo and tells him she entered R.J.'s apartment and took a stack of money on which Colin's fingerprints were found. She suggests Bo use the information to trip Lindsay up.

Lanie explains to Jenn the reason she killed her father. Jenn says she doesn't believe Lanie killed Colin. Later, Sam asks Jenn why she is upset, and she tells him he knows better than anyone else.

At her gallery, Lindsay calls Hank to push for Lanie's arrest. Cristian arrives and tells her that she is the real criminal for her manipulations of Jenn, then accuses her of killing Colin. Bo arrives and indicates that he has "proof" connecting Lindsay to the murder.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Max and Gabrielle have another hot and heavy confrontation. He knows she still has feelings for him even though she denies it. Asa arrives and gives his "son" a brand new sports car. Max objects that Al is too inexperienced a driver to handle so much horsepower, but Asa scoffs at him. Al questions why Max cares, and Max responds by saying, "You're right, I don't care." Al looks crushed as he goes to take out his new car. After Max leaves, Asa and Gab agree that Max is going to pay dearly for what he has done to them. Gab is concerned about Al after seeing how he responded to Max. Gab requests that Al not be told about "their plan". However, back from his test drive, Al is standing outside the door listening.

Blair is excited to visit with Kelly at St. Ann's. Meanwhile, outside the door Todd argues with a nun to let him in to see Blair. He tries every trick in the book, but Sister Mary won't budge. Todd leaves, but soon returns—dressed as a nun! He sneaks into the room with Blair and Kelly and eavesdrops on their conversation. Blair tries to convince Kelly that Todd was trying to help her and that all she wants is a happy family together. Suddenly, Kelly notices a rather large nun standing right next to them...

Ben demands to know where Viki is. Gina informs Ben that his "precious Viki" is no more. Ben threatens to turn her into the police if she doesn't tell him where Viki is. Gina informs him there is no guarantee she would go to prison, but she can guarantee that he would never see Viki again. Gina claims not to know where Viki is because she escaped. Ben storms out to look for his wife. In front of her house, Gina calls James and orders him to follow Ben and stop him from going to the police by any means necessary. When James asks what to do with Viki, Gina sneers that she wants the pleasure of taking care of her. Gina leaves and Ben creeps out from the bushes to follow her.

Bo and Cris team up on Lindsay to get the truth. Cris tries to give her a guilt trip for ruining Jen's life, and Bo informs her that the earring found at Colin's has DNA that matches hers. Lindsay is pushed to the breaking point and agrees to tell the truth, but the phone rings. Meanwhile, Jen is falling apart at Sam's. Sam reveals to his daughter that he knows exactly what happened the night of the murder. Jen runs out to find Lindsay. Sam calls Lindsay at the gallery and she plays off the call as a client. Sam realizes that Bo is at the gallery with her. Sam informs her not to say another word, he is on his way over. Lindsay clams up and claims she wasn't really going to give them any information. Bo grills her and demands to know if she was talking to R.J. Jen bursts in and says that she has to tell the truth. Lindsay tries to prevent her from talking but Bo and Cris persist. Just as Jen is about to speak up, Sam rushes in and confesses to killing Colin!

Wednesday, May 30, 2001


Todd, dressed as a nun, eavesdrops on a conversation between Kelly and Blair. When he's asked to give them privacy, he apologizes in a squeaky voice without turning around. As Hank arrives to inform Blair on her latest status, he manages to run from the room where he runs into Sister Michael Marie who introduces herself and asks many questions (and tells Sister she can borrow her depilatory cream for her moustache)! Todd calls himself Sister Bernadette Peter and answers the questions (more or less) of the hard of hearing nun. Meanwhile, Hank announces that Blair's evaluation is finished and it's been decided that she's no longer a threat to anyone, including herself. She will be released tomorrow but informs a gleeful Blair that it's not unconditional-she must see a therapist regularly and will be sent back to St. Ann's if she's deemed mentally unstable again. Blair is ecstatic and wants to rush home to see Starr, thank Todd and inform him of his baby, though Kelly tries to discourage her of that. Blair's therapist arrives and it's Rae. Todd has hidden in Addie's room and while he's looking at familiar pictures, Blair's mother returns. Sister Mary advises Sister Michael not to tell anyone about the strange new nun, she will take care of it.

In The Woods

Ben has followed Gina's car but cannot locate her. Suddenly he's faced with two of her henchmen who fix their guns on Davidson. Ben attempts to bluff his way out of this and gets the men to disagree with each other. He manages to grab both of their guns and secures the men in the trunk of his car. As he makes his way to the women, James comes up behind him, holding a gun to his back. Nearby, Gina trains her gun on Jean and tells her that both she and Ben will have to die. When Jean reminds her of their previous deal, she's informed the deal is off since things didn't work out the way they were supposed to. Suddenly, Jean becomes Niki and babbles on, trying to dissuade Gina from killing her. She makes a proposition that they turn into "Thelma and Louise" and go off together and have some fun. As Gina attempts to force Niki to jump, a new alter Tori (the one who killed Victor Lord) appears and tries to wrestle the gun away. As she threatens to kill Gina, Ben (who has managed to struggle with James and get his gun) appears in time to see the two grapple.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa and Gabrielle discuss their plan to make Max pay while Al returns from driving his new car and listens in. As Gabrielle gets carried away and yells that she wants Max to suffer, Al marches in and questions the pair. Asa doesn't want to give his new son any answers but Al tells him that he and his mom have been close for a long time. Gabrielle asks to speak with Al alone where she denies that there's something else to their original plan of the marriage and adoption, and that she just wants to get Max out of the mansion. She only wants Al's happiness and she even went to prison to protect him, though she admits that for years her dreams and hopes were based on Max. He never once came to visit her in prison she cries as she becomes extremely agitated, but her son assures her that Max isn't worth it. He wants her vendetta against Max dropped though she insists there isn't one because they're happy now. Asa looks on from the other room and once Al leaves he asks his new wife if she has lost her nerve. Mrs. Buchanan assures him she hasn't but she just can't disclose all to her son; she knows he still has some feelings for Max. She'll meet with Ben Davidson next week.

Art Gallery

Sam makes an announcement to all present that he is Colin's killer so Bo can stop the investigation. Jen runs to her father while Cris has words with Lindsay who doesn't want to hear this new confession. Bo wants to hear what Jen has to say still and is quite skeptical of this new development. Sam insists he would have spoken up sooner if he was a better man but he was sure he would have gotten Lanie off as her lawyer anyway. Bo wants to know who Sam is protecting though Rappaport claims to have proof-the murder weapon.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Woods-"Tori" is struggling with Gina for the gun and threatening to kill Gina the way she killed Viki's father. Gina hits her in the head with the gun , knocking her out just as Ben rushes up to help Viki. Gina, still delusional about Ben loving her, tells Ben they will be together as soon as she kills Viki. Ben, however, tells her she'll have to kill him first. Gina tries to get him to move, but when he won't , points the gun at him. Ben continues to try to talk Gina into giving up and going into witness protection, but Gina won't give up and threatens to kill all three of them. Then, as police sirens are heard, Gina asks Ben what's going on and gets a look of ultimate betrayal as she figures out that Ben called the cops on her. She then becomes even more distraught as Ben says he'll never love her and backs away from him, stumbling over a cliff. The police then arrive and say they're going to call an ambulance for Viki, as Ben does his best to wake Viki up. Viki then begins to open her eyes.

St. Anne's-Rae and Blair are both angry over Rae being assigned to treat Blair, and Rae walks out refusing to do it. Max stops Rae and pleads with her to treat Blair on behalf of his baby. Although Rae is still upset about Blair trying to frame Skye, she reluctantly agrees to try to help Blair, as meanwhile Kelly has convinced Blair to play along to be free faster. Max and Rae walk back in just as Blair is telling Kelly that she wants to tell Todd it's his baby. Max asks her what she was saying and Blair covers, saying she was just upset at him for not coming to see her sooner. After some obvious tension, Rae and Blair agree to meet the next day, and Rae leaves. Max then tells Blair he wants to make plans, and Blair gets rid of Kelly by asking her to go get something to eat. Kelly tells Blair not to say anything stupid while she is gone and leaves. Then, when Max asks what Kelly meant, Blair tells him to sit down so she can tell him something. We then see Todd eavesdropping.

Blair's room-Addie tells an in-disguise Todd that Blair has a secret about him. Todd presses Addie until she tells him that Todd really helped Blair, and that if he hadn't lied about not loving her, then she wouldn't have to lie about the baby. Todd gets visibly shaken by this, but just as he is pressing Addie for details, the nun from yesterday's encounter enters the room, and Todd bolts. He is running down the hall, and barely escapes the head nun. As she looks after him, Kelly walks up and asks if there's a problem, and the sister tells her that was no nun.

Sam's house-Nora shows up and Lanie tells her how she suspects Lindsay of using Jenn to cover her crimes. Nora says Sam must know because she might use him, too and leaves to find him. Later, Lindsay shows up and tells a confused Lanie she is going to make Lanie pay.

Lindsay's gallery-Sam tells a disbelieving Bo that the murder weapon is buried behind Colin's house, and Bo gets a team ready to dig there. Lindsay then asks Sam what Bo will find, and Sam tells Lindsay and Jenn not to ask questions and to stay strong. Bo and Sam then leave together. Cris then asks Jenn how he can help, and Lindsay yells at him to leave Jenn alone. Jenn then convinces Cris it would be best to leave, so he does. Jenn then leaves the room, and Nora shows up looking for Sam. Lindsay tells her about Sam's confession and Nora races off to find him after Lindsay tells her where they are. Jenn comes out and tells Lindsay to go help Sam, and Lindsay agrees only after making Jenn promise not to talk to or see anyone. After Lindsay leaves, Jenn tries to call Will, but gets no answer. Cris then comes to the door, but Jenn doesn't let him in. He apologizes for pressing, saying he had no idea that Jenn was covering for her father. Jenn then tells him to leave. He does, and Jenn cries.

Woods behind Colin's-Sam tells Bo they are looking for the same poker Lanie used on Colin. He tells Bo that Colin was disoriented from Lanie's hit when he got there, but he was still gloating. Sam says Colin came at him, and he hit him. He then carried the body off and buried it, finding Nora when he returned. At that moment, an officer finds the poker, and Bo tells Sam he has to take him in just as Nora arrives. Nora insists on coming along.

Friday, June 1, 2001

St. Anne's

While "Sister Todd" eavesdrops, Max interrupts as Blair is trying to explain about the baby.

Palace Hotel Bar

While he awaits Asa and Gabrielle, Renee warns Al that being Asa's son could be hazardous to his health.

Llantano Mountain

Trying to bring her back to consciousness, Ben continues to tell Viki that he will get her back.

Sam's House

Lindsay tells Lanie that Sam has confessed to killing Colin.

Llanview Police Headquarters

Nora refuses to believe Sam is a murderer. Bo sends the murder weapon to the lab and orders the full treatment. Sam practically begs Bo to arrest him. Bo refuses to arrest Sam or take a statement until he has corroborating evidence back from the lab. Nora tries to get Sam to keep quiet, but Sam again professes that he killed Colin, carried his body out of the house and buried him. Sam tells Nora that she doesn't have to worry about him and walks into Bo's office. Nora follows him and says that it is a good idea for her to represent him and that he doesn't get to say no.

Sam's House

Lindsay and Lanie argue about Will and Jen. Lindsay, the demon witch from Chicago, tells Lanie that she will go to prison for killing their father unless Lanie does as she says.

Llantano Mountain

Viki tells Ben that there never were any "others". She explains that Gina saw what Viki wanted her to see and what Gina herself wanted to see. Viki knew that the only way she could survive was to convince Gina that since Ben would not leave her, that "Viki" had left. Ben realizes that Viki had conned Gina in order to get to him, but that she couldn't run because of Gina's threat to Jessie. Ben and Viki discuss the clues "Jean Randolph" kept trying to give while she was at The Crossroads. Viki says that telling Ben she didn't love him was the hardest thing she ever had to do. An officer tells Ben that they found James and the other two henchmen and that they are looking for Gina's body. The officer says there is no way that Gina could have walked away from the fall she took off the mountain. Ben says "It's over, Blondie." and Viki says that she doesn't ever, ever want to be anyone again except herself.

St. Anne's

"Sister Todd" listens as Max offers to get Blair a suite at the Palace. Max explains to Blair that he realizes that he has been a rotten father and that this baby gives him another chance to think about someone beside himself. Then he asks Blair what she had wanted to say about the baby. After his poignant speech about being a better father, Blair can't work up the courage to tell Max that the baby is not his. She agrees that she has been concerned about where she was going to stay and she and Max agree that a suite is a good short term solution and Blair shows Max out.

Kelly pleads with the Mother Superior (Mariette Hartley is GREAT!) to tell her if Todd is found and not to tell Blair. Sister Mary Daniel tells Kelly not to worry and that if she needs any help to be sure and ask any of the Sisters. Kelly goes back into the room where Blair is with Max and spots a "Sister" in the corner. "Sister Todd" turns around so that Kelly can't see him and doesn't answer when she asks for help getting Blair ready to leave. He tries to escape, but Kelly is very suspicious and almost traps Todd, but Blair walks back into the room.

Palace Hotel Bar

Asa asks what Renee has been telling Al and Renee says she was explaining to Al that being Asa's son was a full time job, with a high turnover and that they either get fired, like Bo or terminated like Ben. Her statement obviously upsets Asa, but Gabrielle distracts him and tells Renee to worry about her own son, not Al. After Al goes out to put the hood up on his new car, Asa asks Gabrielle what her next move is.

The Lord Mansion

Viki tells Ben that she was afraid she would never see her home again and then they go upstairs.

Llanview Police Headquarters

Sam tells Nora that he does not want her or anyone else to defend him. Nora knows Sam is lying and she tells him she wants to know why. Sam continues to claim he is telling the truth. Nora asks him to swear to her, as the mother of his child, that he is telling the truth.

Sam's House

Lindsay tells Lanie that she'll make sure the North Carolina authorities won't prosecute her if Lanie will leave Llanview and go far away.

The Lord Mansion

Ben starts the music as Viki (?) walks into the room with a big grin on her face. He and Viki (or maybe Niki) step into a romantic dance without saying anything.

St. Anne's

Blair realizes that "Sister Todd" is in the room and tells Kelly she has a big secret to tell her about Todd. Back still turned, "Sister Todd" is very shocked. Blair yanks "Sister Todd's" headdress off as she tells Kelly that Todd is a nun.

Palace Hotel Bar

Both Asa and Gabrielle leave Al alone just as Max comes in to book a suite for Blair.

The Lord Mansion

Viki (the real one, I think) and Ben are sitting on the couch and Ben gives her the gold record bracelet he had bought her. The phone rings and it is the police telling Ben that Sam has just confessed to murder.

Llanview Police Headquarters

Sam begs Nora to let it go and believe that he is guilty, but Nora just keeps shaking her head. Sam still has not sworn to her, as the mother of his child, when Lindsay walks in and tells Sam she has to talk to him. Nora tells Lindsay that he doesn't have time for her, but Sam tells Nora that he wants to talk to Lindsay alone.

The Lord Mansion

Ben leaves to go to the Police Station and Viki starts to go upstairs. The doorbell rings and it is Gabrielle.

Palace Hotel Bar

Max tells Renee that he is not Al's father anymore because Al traded him in on the luxury model. Max tries to fix Renee's lights under the bar when he gets a shock that knocks him out. Al jumps up and runs to Max calling him "Dad".

Llanview Police Headquarters

Asa tells Bo that he has married Gabrielle Medina. Lanie walks in and before they can tell Asa that they are not getting married, Asa asks if they can have a double reception.

Obviously hurt at the rejection, Nora tells Sam she will see him and leaves he and Lindsay alone. With Nora standing outside the door listening, Lindsay tells Sam she knows why he is doing what he is and that they have to talk about it.

St. Anne's

Blair asks Kelly to leave she and Todd alone so they could talk. Blair tells Todd she knows that his testimony was his way of helping her stay out of prison. She said she knew he was terribly hurt when she told him that the baby she was carrying belonged to Max because he loves her – enough to save her life. Blair asks Todd if that is true and that she needs to know the truth so she will know what to do next. She promises that if Todd will tell her the truth, she will tell him the truth.

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