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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on GL
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Monday, May 28, 2001

In San Cristobel , At the Hospital:

Beth is still sitting with Edmund. He is glad she didn't leave him. She tells him he is getting stronger but he should be careful not to have a setback by doing too much, too soon. He tells her he has to get up and mentions Cassie. Beth tells him that he still cares and worries about Cassie while he is partially paralyzed. She tells him Cassie isn't worth it and tells him not to worry about her. Edmund falls asleep and is dreaming. He wakes with a start calling for Cassie. Beth tells him there hasn't been any more news about Cassie. He tells her he has to tell her something. He tries but tells her he can't. She thinks he can't remember and tells him that is normal and he will be better soon. She tells him she understands if he can't remember. He tells her that he depends on her too much and it complicates everything. She tells him she loves that he needs her. He hates it.

The doctor tells Edmund that he is on his way to full recovery and will be released in 4 or 5 days. The doctor tells Beth that she is part of the reason and calls her "Princess." Edmund doesn't know if Cassie can last 4 or 5 more days.

In San Cristobel , in the Tower:

Cassie is trying to dig her way out of the tunnel. She works on the lock and curses Edmund at the same time. Cassie is getting sick, coughing and hungry, she lies down and wonders if she dies there will anyone ever know. She starts working on the brick again. She carved, "Edmund killed Cassie" into the brick and prays that Richard comes to get her soon.

At Company:

Tony brings Catalina home. She thanks him and he tells her that he has to get up in 5 hours to go to work. She is impressed at how he is handling things. Tony tells her that is what happens when you're in love. Sam comes up and talks to them. Sam asks him if he is going to the prom with Marah. Tony doesn't know about it and Sam tells him that no one waits until the last minute to get a date. Catalina asks who Sam is taking and Sam sits back and talks about the stars and Virgo the virgin. Sam tells her that he isn't going to the prom. He tells her that people think too much of the little things and that may be why Marah hasn't asked Tony to go, since he is an outsider. Sam and Catalina talk about how they are both outsiders as well. Catalina wonders what it would be like to be Marah for one day. Sam tells her that they can do it. He thinks they should do it, dress like who ever they want, act like them, do all the stupid things they do as kind of a sociology experiment. Catalina agrees to go with Sam to his prom. They think it will be fun. Tony is angry and tells her she doesn't have to go. Sam tells him that they can double if Marah ever asks him to go. Sam and Catalina go into Company. Tony calls Marah to say goodnight and she asks him to meet her at Infierno for lunch.

Frank continues to talk about Phillip and how maybe he will be different now and things will be okay with telling him about the baby. Harley tells Frank that she made a mistake and that Rick is the father of her baby. Harley tells Frank the story of the party and how she and Rick conceived the baby. Frank feels bad that they all abandoned her when they passed out. Harley tells him that she needed Rick and she was thankful that he was there with her. Harley feels terrible that she messed up Rick's life as well as her own. Frank is mad and tells her that Rick took advantage of her. Harley tells him that she used Rick, he was drunk but he helped her get through the night. She tells Frank that the next morning they both felt terrible. They both felt embarrassed and decided that it never happened and they would never say anything to anyone. Frank is angry. Harley tells him about Meta coming to see her and knowing automatically she was pregnant. Frank calls her a busy body. Harley tells him that she was nice and said she always thought if she were to have a daughter, she would be like her. Frank can see that. He is calmer now and tells her that if he had to pick a brother in law, it would be Rick. Harley tells him that is not what she needs right now. She wants to know how she can explain this to Susan. She is an adult and should have been more responsible and used birth control at the very least.

Harley tells Frank that it was all her fault. She was the only one not drunk and she wouldn't let him pull away when he tried. She tells him that Rick has always been there and never has asked for anything and now she has the one thing he wants desperately. He deserves to have what he wants but she doesn't want a life with Rick or any guy. She says it should have been Abby and not her. Frank tells her everything will be okay.

At the Bauer's:

Michelle is blown away and wonders how Rick can be the father of Harley's baby. Rick tells her that he has wanted a baby for so long and now his best friends wife is pregnant with his child. He tells her to watch what you wish for. Michelle asks him how it could happen. She asks him if they had an affair. He tells her that the one night of desperation between them, they both decided never happened and now there is no denying it. Rick goes on to tell her about the night of Harley's divorce celebration and the ouzo. He tells her that they were all so depressed and drunk. They all danced a Greek dance to try to cheer each other up and he and Harley both got dizzy for twirling. Later Frank and Buzz past out and then Rick fell out on another couch. Harley went upstairs after kissing all her guys goodnight and checked in on Zach, who was also sound asleep. She went into her bedroom feeling alone again. She looked at a photo of her and Phillip and was overcome with depression and cried uncontrollably. Rick says that he woke to the sounds of Harley sobbing. He went to check on her and to tell her she wasn't alone. He climbed into bed with her to hold her and tell her how sorry he was and then it just happened. Rick tells Michelle that Harley was crying and making the same sounds he made when Abby left him and he only wanted to help. Rick tells Michelle that afterwards they decided not to say anything and he was just there, feeling more alone then ever. Michelle comes over and tells Rick that he deserves to have a child more than anyone. He tells her that he misses his wife. He tells her how he used to fantasize about he and Abby having a baby. He tells her that he betrayed his best friend. All he wanted to do was to make Harley stop crying. He talks about being drunk and how he should have learned from his dad or with the Blake fiasco. He tells her that it is 100% his child, there is no way it is Phillips and now they have to tell him. Michelle tells Rick that Robbie will have a new cousin. Rick feels terrible and says at least he is too young to hate his uncle. Michelle tells Rick that the situation isn't all that different from when she was conceived. She tells him she was raised by a great dad. Rick tells her that Harley doesn't want her to be a father. Rick tells her that he can't even look Phillip in the eye; he doesn't know what to do but knows he has to tell him soon. He says Phillip is like a brother to him and he feels he just threw 30 years of friendship out the window. Michelle tells him that a baby that will be loved by someone like him can't be a bad thing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

In San Cristobel , at the Hospital:

Beth brings the kids to see Edmund. He is glad to see them but upset that the newspapers are still carrying Cassie's disappearance as front-page news. Beth tells Edmund to forget about Cassie, she is alright and when she is through with everything, the entire world will know what Richard has done to his brother. Beth gets a call on her cell. It is Phillip. She starts to hang up but he begs her just to give him a moment. He asks about the kids and she tells him they are fine. Lizzie hears that Beth is talking to her dad and she asks to speak to him. She asks her dad why he left without saying goodbye. He tells her he had to leave suddenly but he knew she was okay. She says it's okay because she is getting to take care of Edmund now. Phillip asks about Edmund and Lizzie tells him that he had a stroke and his voice sounds funny. Phillip asks if he is moving around. Lizzie says he is but he is still in the hospital. Beth gets back on the phone. Phillip says she is killing him, holding his children hostage. Beth says he was doing the same to her when the kids were in Springfield. Beth tells Phillip she needs to settle things here so she has to go. Phillip asks about Cassie and reassures Beth that she has disappeared. Beth wants to know how that is Edmund's fault. Phillip says he knows she is not involved but that Edmund is. Beth asks if he is part of a plot to stigmatize Edmund. Beth tells Phillip she doesn't have to take this anymore and hangs up on him. She tells Lizzie to let Edmund rest and they will visit him in the morning. Lizzie wonders if she will be there tomorrow. Beth isn't sure what she means and Lizzie asks her when she will be going home to her dad. Edmund asks if she is homesick and she says she is and she misses Phillip. Edmund offers to hook up a videophone or have Phillip come down to see her for a visit. Lizzie hugs Edmund and Beth tells her to wait in the hall. Beth tells Edmund that Phillip will keep trying to plant seeds of doubt about him having Cassie. She doesn't know why they would think he would kidnap Cassie. She thinks that borders on the absurd. Beth tells Edmund to get some rest and leaves. Edmund says he wishes he could get some rest. He grabs his paper and tries to figure out how many days he has been in the hospital. He is getting stressed. His eyes roll back and the monitors start going off.

In San Cristobel , in the tower:

Cassie is looking through the basket trying to find anything. She wishes Edmund would at least bring her some water. She says she is thirsty. She sees Richard standing at the door and runs to him but he is only a mirage. She is crying and tries working on the bars again. When she finally sits back in the corner, she sees Edmund lying on the mattress, taunting her. He tells her he didn't mean to neglect her but had his princely duties to attend to. She says he is not really there and she hates him. She asks Edmund if he is just going to leave her there to die. Edmund disappears. Cassie lies back on the mattress and repeats to herself that he is going to leave her there to die.

At the Lewis House:

Richard and Phillip are drawing out their plans when Noah arrives. Reva takes Marah aside and gives her a credit card to buy a prom dress. Noah asks Reva how she and kisses her cheek. He tells Phillip and Richard that he has bad news. The mercenaries are rethinking their mission because they don't know where Cassie is exactly. No intelligence, no invasion. Richard says he will do it himself then. They are running out of time, he has to get Cassie out of there one way or another. Phillip says maybe they should rethink the target. Reva suggests going after Edmund and Phillip agrees. Richard doesn't think it will work; Edmund will just stall until he can have his men come in. He thinks they have to move now and there is only one inside source. Richard looks at Phillip and tells him he needs to call Beth. Reva thinks this is too risky, if Richard keeps asking Phillip to contact Beth, Edmund will get suspicious. Phillip says until they find out where Cassie is they can't do anything. Richard says every minute they waste Cassie could be suffering. Phillip said he would try Beth's cell phone.

Reva takes Noah to talk on the porch. She is concerned because she hasn't seen him since they made love. Noah doesn't know if he would call what happened, making love. He says he needs to focus on saving Cassie and Phillip's kids for now. He needs to focus on something else until she is ready to focus on them. Reva asks Noah if he is still upset about finding her with Josh. Noah says he is trying to give her some distance while he concentrates on helping Cassie. Reva says she wants Noah. Noah hopes that is true but wonders why Reva is so concerned about Josh and his life. He thinks she may be feeling guilt about how things ended with Josh but she may also still want Josh. If it is the first way, they can work things out but if it is the second way they don't have a chance. Only Reva knows which way it will turn out. Noah goes back inside. Richard tells Noah that Edmund is in the hospital and Cassie is probably under guard. Noah says it may look like poor Edmund is being taken advantage of by his brother if they try to make a move right away.

Lillian stops by for a visit with some books on tape. Reva invites her in. Phillip tells Richard that Lillian may be able to help but Lillian tells Phillip not to count on her, she and Beth aren't speaking. Lillian tells Richard she is very sorry about Cassie but she is not in a position to help. She and Beth had a big fight about the wedding and the kids and she has decided to write Beth a letter and tell her she won't be at the wedding. She loves Beth but she cannot endorse the wedding; it's a tragic mistake. Phillip tells her he totally agrees with her. Noah asks if Beth knew where Cassie was, would she tell Lillian? Lillian says that Beth would tell Richard and Noah if she knew about Cassie. Lillian says she knows that Edmund has Cassie and it frightens her. She asks them if it will help any if she were to go to San Cristobel . They tell her not to worry about it.

At a dress shop:

Marah is shopping for a dress when she runs into Catalina. Catalina is also looking for a prom dress and tells Marah she is going with Sam. Catalina learns that the dress she is looking at is $350 after they take a 50% discount. She says she will go to check out a thrift shop instead. Marah tells her that is a bad idea; she can't wear a thrift store dress to the prom. Catalina wonders what it matters if it is a nice dress and she walks away. Marah asks the saleslady for the best dress she has. She tells the lady money is no object. Catalina says an expensive dress is not always the best choice. Marah ignores her and goes to try on her dresses.

At Infierno:

Tony comes in, sweating, wearing his hard hat. He goes into Danny's office to change clothes. Ray comes in and Tony tells him he is meeting Marah for lunch. He tells him that he thinks she is going to ask him to the prom. Ray teases him but think that it is a good thing. He thinks Tony is making good changes. Tony says he is doing what it takes to hold on to Marah. Ray wants him to keep staying on the straight and narrow. Catalina comes in, upset and asks Ray and Tony if they have a sewing machine she can use. They ask her what she needs and she tells them that she thought she could make her a dress to go to the prom. She doesn't want to look like a loser. Tony has the perfect solution and he grabs the phone. Catalina tells him she doesn't want his money but he says he will help her another way.

Geraldo comes in and Ray, Tony and Catalina go into Danny's office. Geraldo has brought all the dresses and shoes from Carmen's party closet. Tony tells Catalina that she should pick what she wants and just keep it, since Carmen wont be using it. She hugs Tony and thanks him for being such a good friend. Tony says it is fashion show time and he and Ray grab a seat outside the office. Catalina comes out modeling all the clothes. The last one she tries she can't get the zipper to work on. Tony offers to help her and while he is working on the zipper, Marah comes in and asks if she is interrupting anything. Tony explains to Marah about Catalina wearing one of Carmen's dresses. Marah finally asks Tony to be her date and he tells her he would love to go, he missed going to his own prom. Marah wants to have lunch but Tony has to get back to work. He leaves. Marah goes to Catalina and says she guesses Catalina does care what she looks like. She is glad Catalina sees that prom is a big deal. She asks Catalina how often you get to go to one. Catalina says if Marah had her way, she would never get to go. Tony has come back around the office and overheard the conversation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

At the Police Station:

Claire comes in with Russo. She is against the deal but Russo is telling her to take it. They go into Gus's office and Vince tells Gus his client will wear the wire but under certain conditions. He wants Claire to be granted transactional immunity but Gus is against it. Russo asks how many time she will have to wear the wire and Gus tells her that she will wear it as many times as it takes. Claire tells Gus and Russo to get on with it. Gus gets the wire and tells her how to put it on and that it is voice activated. The recorder will be taped to the small of her back and the microphone will be either in her jacket or in her cleavage. Claire puts the wire on and Gus tells her that it will be fine but she needs to get used to it for a day or so before she goes to talk to Danny. Claire tells him that she thought time was money and she is intent on going right away. She leaves.

Harley comes into the office and Gus asks where she had been. She tells him she was at a party, a book signing for the book he has been reading in the office, "Heart's Alone." Gus asks about the author and how she got her information. Harley tells her she is good and has sources. He asks how much is fiction and how much is fact. She tells him she isn't sure but mostly it is fact. He asks if the author is a cop but she tells him she isn't. Gus mentions that her picture is hot and he would like to meet her. He asks Harley if Darlena is married and Harley tells him she isn't. He asks her to set up a meeting so he can ask her all these questions himself. Harley says she is at a book signing at Company right now. He leaves to see her. Harley is laughing and after Gus is gone she says, "By the way Boss, I forgot to mention she lives with Ross Marler."

Moments later, Phillip comes in to see Harley. Harley grabs a box top and puts it in front of her tummy. He tells her he missed her at Company and wanted to talk to her for a minute.

At Infierno:

Danny asks Tony if Catalina did okay with Carmen's dresses. He tells him that she looked great in all of them. He goes on to tell Danny how Catalina and Marah were fighting over him and he is surprised that he isn't getting off on it more. He feels sorry for Catalina even though it is Marah he wants. Catalina comes over and thanks Danny for the dresses. Danny tells her it is alright and he goes into his office. Tony asks Catalina if she is okay and she says she is. Tony tells her that he saw Marah come after her yesterday and he wanted to check on her. Catalina says it is not Tony's fault that is what Marah does. Marah arrives and asks Tony if he has time for lunch today. Tony says he does and that he has ordered the limo for prom. They sit down and Tony asks Marah why she went after Catalina; he saw her yesterday. Marah says when she sees him touching another girl she loses it. She knows how it makes her feel when he touches her. Tony says he is crazy about her and they kiss. Bernardo Sandoval walks in and Tony is on guard. Marah asks who he is and Tony tells her he is a very bad man. Marah giggles and Tony tells her it isn't funny the man is dangerous. Catalina walks by and Bernardo asks if Danny is there. She tells him she will check and goes into the office. Catalina tells Danny that Bernardo is there, alone wanting to see him. Danny tells her to send him in. After she leaves, Danny takes his gun out of his desk. Bernardo comes in and tells Danny that he has a kiss for him from Carlos and his Abuela.

Sam comes in and asks Catalina if she is ready for prom. She tells him she got the dress, which was complicated enough.

Bernardo offers Danny a Cuban cigar but Danny declines. Bernardo says Abuela is doing well in Cuba but he is glad to be home. He is happy that the FBI seems to have lost the evidence against him. Danny asks him if he realizes he is out of the business totally. He doesn't want to know anything they are involved in. Bernardo says he knows that Danny has an insurance policy that makes him untouchable and he won't hear a thing from him. Danny tells Bernardo that his insurance policy covers Tony as well and he should spread the word around that if his cousin even gets a headache because of the Sandoval family there will be hell to pay. Bernardo says he just wants to get back to business and doesn't intend to have any Santos involvement. Bernardo leaves and Danny comes out of the office and asks to speak to Tony. He tells Tony that the Sandoval's will leave them alone and he should just not worry. Danny tells him to go enjoy his time with Marah. Bernardo is on the stairwell on the phone. He tells someone that he has found a way to take care of Danny without retaliation.

Tony sits back down with Marah and a waitress comes by and flirts with him. Marah is upset and starts to leave. Tony tells her she isn't leaving and he pulls her into the office. In Danny's office, Tony is trying to reason with Marah. Marah is upset because Tony spends too much time away from her since he is working two jobs. Marah says she just wants to be with him. He tells her that after prom he will tell Danny to cut his hours so that he can have more free time to spend with her. HE tells her he won't have much cash but she will have his attention. She is happy and tells him she just wants a great prom and every day after with him. They kiss.

At the bar, Sam is laughing at Tony's predicament. Sam wonders who the waitress was. Catalina says that women like Tony because he is charming and passionate but the waitress isn't a threat to Marah. Sam says guys like Tony won't wait forever for a girl. Catalina believes Tony would wait for Marah for as long as it took. She reminds Sam that Marah has broken up with Tony and treated him badly on a number of occasions but Tony truly loves her and takes her back.

Danny is back in his office on the computer when Claire arrives. Danny asks what she is doing there and she tells him she doesn't want anything to spoil her relationship with Michelle or Robby so she has come to clear the air.

At Company:

Buzz is arranging for the book signing party. Harley is there and they are talking about how she is hiding her pregnancy. She tells him she just isn't ready to deal with Phillip. Buzz tells her that as far as he is concerned the baby is a Cooper and they are his family. Blake comes in and sees Harley. She tells Harley that she is pregnant but Harley tried to deny it. Blake asks her how Phillip reacted and Harley tells her that he doesn't know yet. Blake tells Harley that he will know when he sees her and she has to tell him. Harley says this is her child and she will raise it herself. Blake thinks Harley is kidding herself and reminds her that fathers have rights. Rick comes in and Blake is concerned that he will tell Phillip but Harley says Rick already knows and has promised not to tell Phillip. Rick comes over and sits with them. Blake asks Rick if he thinks it is a good idea to keep her pregnancy a secret from Phillip. Rick says he will do what Harley wants. Harley is buying time but Blake thinks putting it off will only make Phillip angrier. Harley tells Blake to get ready for the book signing. Blake says she is the voice of reason and that is scaring all of them. After she leaves, Rick and Harley laugh. Rick tells Harley he told Michelle and Harley says she told Frank. Rick says it's time they started acting like grownups and stop ducking the situation. Harley apologizes for being the one to give him a child and having it happen this way. Rick says he couldn't ask for a better mother and he is going to have a child, which is the only thing he has ever wanted. He tells her she has been an incredible friend to him and he cares for her. She wonders if he likes her as much as he likes Phillip because she is worried about what this will do to his friendship with Phillip. Rick tells her he has thought of all the negative things but still comes back to the fact that he is going to be a dad and that is the one thing he has always wanted. He says he will be a good father and wants to be so involved. He wants to change diapers and everything. Harley wonders how that is going to work with him at his house and the baby with her. He tells her he thinks they should get married. Harley is blown away. He tells her that laughter wouldn't be appropriate at this time. She tells him she is too stunned to laugh. She tells him they aren't in love with each other. Rick says being in love can cause too much pain and they are friends, which can be so much more. He thinks marrying a friend is a much better idea and they may even learn to love each other. Harley says he is going to have a child whether they get married or not; it is his child. She is freaked out about all of this and she is beating herself up for being so stupid when she was just starting to get her life back on track. Just then Phillip comes in Company with Ross. Harley tells Phillip they can't have this conversation right now in public. Blake comes over and tells Harley she will distract Phillip for her. Harley thanks her and tells Rick they will talk later. Blake goes over and asks Phillip to take a picture of her and Ross. Harley sneaks out. Phillip goes to Rick and asks where Harley went. Rick tells him she had to get back to work and he has to leave as well. He walks out and Phillip follows him. Phillip asks Rick what is going on? Phillip says he is sorry he has been so busy with the SC situation. Phillip wants to help Rick and wants to know what the problem is. Rick says he can't help with this one. Phillip reminds him they are having dinner. Rick asks what is going on in San Cristobel . Phillip says Beth appeared on TV and has taken over the island while Edmund is ill with his fake stroke. Phillip says Lizzie was reading to Edmund. Rick says it must tear his heart out to see his kids with another man.

Gus arrives at the book party and finds Blake. He tells her he read an advanced copy a friend had but he wants to have his own copy. He hands her a book and asks her to inscribe it to Augustus. He is flirting with her and asking her if she made the story up or if she has sources. She tells him it is all fiction. He keeps asking about inside sources and praises her for exposing the mob. Ross walks over and greets Gus. He refers to Blake as his wife but Blake corrects him and says she is his ex wife. Ross introduces her to Agent Iaturro and Blake asks Gus to show her his cloven hooves and tail. Gus realizes Harley set him up and leaves.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

At the SFPD:

Phillip asks Harley if she has been avoiding him. He says things were getting easier between them and now she is more distant. He tells her that he is worried about Rick and would like her to help him convince Rick to talk to his friends. Phillip invites Harley to have dinner with him and Rick so that they can help him together but she tells him she thinks it is a bad idea. She thinks Rick needs to be left alone. Phillip says Rick is going through hell and doesn't want to complain. He may feel like he can't count on Phillip but Phillip wants to be the friend Rick deserves since he has always been there for him. Harley says Rick and he have been friends forever and he will talk to him when he wants too. Phillip says Rick has done most of the giving in the friendship and Phillip wants to help Rick. Phillip says Rick helped Harley when their marriage was in trouble and took her side most often. Phillip thinks Rick needs help and they both owe him. Frank arrives and asks what is going on. He tells Phillip that he needs to talk to Harley about a case and Phillip tells Harley he will leave since he has to meet Rick for dinner. When Harley realizes Phillip is meeting Rick right now, she promises to go. Frank asks her if she is sure she should go and asks her how she plans on hiding her tummy. She tells him she will get there first and camouflage herself. Frank thinks it would be easier to just tell Phillip about the baby

At Infierno:

Danny tells Claire that he has nothing to discuss with her and he doesn't feel they need to clear the air. She tells him that he is avoiding her and he tells her that she is of no consequence to him. He stays out of her relationship with Michelle and wants nothing to do with her. He tells her to get out of his office and he walks out for a moment. Claire adjusts her wire before he came back in. When he returns, Claire asks Danny if the place has been swept for bugs because she can't afford for Gus to hear what she has to say. Claire tells Danny that she can't afford for Gus to get more evidence on her, he already knows that she faked Carmen's death. Danny says if none of them cooperate with Gus he can't get anything on them. Claire tells Danny Gus has been threatening her. Danny tells her to calm down; he isn't talking to Gus at all. Claire says that Gus told her that Danny tried to implicate her in Carmen's murder. Danny tells her that is a good idea but he hadn't thought of that. Claire is getting upset that Danny is talking more and just spits out that she knows he killed his mother the night Michelle disappeared from the hospital. She tells him that he has the most to lose so he should talk to her. Danny tells her she has a wild imagination and a reckless mouth. She continues on with Carmen conversation and Danny gets angry. He tells her he will not discuss his mother with her now or ever. He tells her that Gus doesn't know as much as he pretends to know and she should keep her mouth shut. He tells Claire to leave his office and this time he follows her out. Claire calls Gus and tells him that she talk to Danny but didn't get anything concrete. He tells her to try again; the clock on his deal is ticking.

Rick is sitting at a table waiting for Phillip when Harley comes in. She tells him that Phillip came in and cornered her about having dinner with them to try to get Rick to talk about what is bothering him. She asks the waitress for a lobster bib and attempts to put the bib on to hide her tummy. Rick is not happy and tells her that she should just ask Danny to pull out the roulette tables for her to hide behind. Harley stands up and tells Rick that maybe she should just stand exposed so that Phillip sees and Rick can explain how he slept with Phillip's ex wife and now she is having his baby. Rick tells her to sit down. She does and tells him that she just doesn't want to rush into telling Phillip. Phillip comes in and is surprised to see Harley already there. He asks her if she ran ever light in town. He left the station before her and she beat him there. He sits down and tells Rick that they wanted to come together to support him with his problems. Rick talks about San Cristobel and Richard and Cassie. Phillip tells him if that is what he wants to talk about, he has all night. Phillip says he is worried about Rick and wants to help him. Rick says Gus is making life hell around his house and Harley has to be involved because of her job. Harley says she feels bad about it as well. Rick says his house is bugged and under surveillance and he can't sneeze without the feds hearing. Phillip isn't buying and he tells Rick that Harley would never hurt him on purpose. Rick says he doesn't blame Harley for bugging the house. On top of everything else Michelle and Danny are being hounded to the point that they can't even walk outside with their baby. Phillip says this should be a happy time for Danny and Michelle but he wonders if Robbie isn't reminding Rick of what he doesn't have. Phillip says it makes sense that Rick feels bad about not having children. But he is sure that Rick will meet a woman who will give him children someday and those kids will be lucky to have him for a dad. Phillip says it is normal for Rick to feel this way and he should share his feelings with his friends. Harley thinks Rick is about to blow and she tells Phillip to leave Rick alone.

At Company:

Ross tells Gus to stay away from Blake. Gus says he just liked her book and he thought she seems like a great gal. Ross tells Gus that Blake's mother owns the Springfield paper and Washington will hear from her if there is any trouble because of him. They continue sparring back and forth while Blake and Buzz watch from afar.

Blake tells Buzz that it is scary but she thinks Gus and Ross are feeding off of each other and enjoying arguing. She asks Buzz what Harley is thinking about keeping her baby a secret. Buzz tells her that Harley isn't thinking. Buzz tells Blake Harley will never give in. Blake thinks she resembles Buzz. Buzz asks Blake again if Holly would be there. Blake thinks she will be there soon. Blake wonders whether she should break up Ross and Gus. She goes over to the two men just as Ross tells Gus not to speak to Blake about his clients. Gus tells Blake that Ross will hit her over the head and drag her back to his cave pretty soon. Blake says Ross left his club home this time.

Outside, Frank sees Rick sitting on a bench and asks her if he wants to talk. Rick says he is all talked out. Frank persists and Rick finally admits he is having dinner with Phillip. Frank asks if Rick is going to tell Phillip about the baby. Rick says he has wanted to tell him all along but Harley is against it. Frank doesn't want Rick blaming Harley. Rick tells Frank that he believes Harley would like to pretend this baby doesn't exist at all and he wishes Frank would try to get through to her. He tells him he will do what he can.

Blake pulls Ross away and tells him that he is making her nervous. Ross says Gus wants to get info from her about the Santos family. He has been investigating the Santos family for years. Blake is intrigued and thinks Gus may have information she can use for a sequel. Ross tells her there will be no sequel. Blake tells him that she has piles of fan mail asking about whatever happened to Selena's son. She has to know and write it in her next book. Ross is against it. He tells Blake there may be more danger if she wrote again. They are lucky no one was hurt more than they were. Blake says she learned from the last time and will cover her tracks next time. Ross tells her he doesn't want her writing about the Santos family again. Blake gets angry when she asks if Ross is forbidding her to do it. Holly and Billy come in and Buzz greets them. Billy goes to get her some punch and Buzz says he thought Billy would never leave. He apologizes to Holly for the things he said a few weeks ago. Holly accepts and tells him it's a nice party. Buzz says, "That's it?" Holly says, "That's it." Blake thanks everyone for coming and takes a break from signing books. She goes over to Holly and Holly gives her the bestseller list and Blake is happy to be on it. Blake tells Holly she is glad to see her mom has two men interested in her. Billy is talking about how proud Holly must be about Blake's success. She asks if Billy is there for Blake or for her. Billy admits to killing two birds with one stone. Buzz is talking to Blake and has a flashback of Selena right before she left. She was scared and leaves through the window in disguise. The thugs arrive and beat him up. A waitress knocks over some dishes and they crash to the floor but Buzz doesn't seem to notice. Blake is puzzled that he had no reaction at all. She tells her mom what happened and that she thinks Buzz needs some help. She tells Holly that he just froze while they were talking and then acted like nothing happened. Holly wants to check it out but Billy says he will see what is going on. Billy talks to Buzz. He asks if he knows what happened with the waitress but Buzz gets angry and walks away. Ross asks Billy what is going on with Buzz.

Gus thanks Blake for a memorable afternoon and says he thinks it would be inappropriate to ask her to dinner. Blake says she would have to refuse a dinner invite but lunch would great. Gus says that would be very nice and he gives Blake a rose. Gus leaves. Outside, his phone rings again. He asks who it is and how they got the number. The person tells him that they have a tip on a murder. They say they know what happened to Carmen Santos. A few moments later, Gus starts asking questions but the person hangs up.

Friday, June 1, 2001

At Infierno:

Harley tells Phillip not to pressure Rick and that he will talk to him when he is ready. She tells Rick he doesn't have to say anything. Phillip thought Harley came to help him with Rick but tells her she isn't helping. He wonders if both she and Rick are in some sort of trouble. Phillip goes back to the fact that he thinks Rick is bothered about baby Robbie and his presence reminding Rick of what he doesn't have. Rick tells him he will work things out in his own time. The waitress brings a phone over and tells Harley she has a call. It's Aiturro, he tells Harley he will be there to pick her up in 10 minutes, they have a tip that is taking them down to the waterfront. Harley tells the guys that she has to meet up with her boss in 10 minutes. Rick understands that she is going to have to stand up and doesn't want Phillip to see her tummy. He asks Phillip if he wants to go play a game of HORSE with him. Phillip agrees but before they can leave, his phone rings and he has to leave. Rick takes him aside and tells him that he has some things he needs to work out in his own mind but he will talk to him about his troubles later. Phillip seems satisfied and tells Rick he knows where to find him. Harley is left with Rick and he Rick tells her that he believes a part of her wants Phillip to know. She tells him that isn't true but he feels a part of her wants Phillip to feel the pain that she has felt over the last year. Harley tells him that may be, but she really wants to buy Rick some time to be happy. To have a baby on the way and his best friend at the same time because she is sure that once Phillip finds out it will be over for him and Rick and she feels guilty about that. She tells Rick that they made a huge mistake and there will be consequences. Rick says he has spent his life trying to do the right thing and where has it gotten him. Then he makes a bad decision and he has everything he has always wanted, he has a son. Harley doesn't think Phillip will see it that way. Rick says fate handed them a huge challenge and now they are parents. Harley tells him she knows that, she is just having a hard time dealing with her life. Rick promises to help with the baby. He wants to be involved. Harley tells him he has a picture of an ideal family but they can't be that. Gus walks in and gets Harley. They start to leave but Harley has to go to the restroom first. While she is out, Gus greets Michelle and is smugger than ever. He tells her to have a great evening because he just got a tip that is going to make his superb. He invites her to the station for another chat but she tells him to go away. He doesn't listen and Tony comes up behind him and repeats for him to leave and stop bothering his family, they are all legit. Gus tells them that he will get them all. Harley comes out and Gus and her leave. Michelle is worried; she thinks Gus knows something new. Harley asks Gus if that confrontation was necessary. He tells her it wasn't necessary but it sure was fun.

Tony and Michelle go over to the bar and Danny sets out a bowl of some new potato chip he wants them to try out. Michelle tells him about Gus and that she is worried. Danny goes to take care of some business and Michelle and Tony eat chips and talk about things. Tony tells her that she was brought up seeing cops as people to go to when you need help. He was brought up that they thought they were above the law and they were not to be trusted. She asks him why he isn't more worried about Gus then. Tony tells her that Gus is only bluffing but Michelle isn't so sure. Tony tells her to trust him on this, things are changing for them, the Santos family is legit and he is probably the first Santos to ever go to a prom. Michelle is impressed and asks if he was too cool to attend his own prom. He tells her he was in juvy and missed his prom. She asks if he has his tux yet. He tells her not yet. She tells him that girls take their prom seriously so he better find out what Marah is wearing first. Michelle tells him that she can help him with the basics and she thinks he and Marah can have a perfect evening together. They talk about corsages and pictures and dancing. Tony tells her some of the lines he used on girls at the dance halls and Chicago clubs. He tells her what is special is that he doesn't have to use any lines on Marah; it is the real thing with them. Danny comes back over and Tony asks him what Claire was wanting earlier. Michelle wonders why Claire was there as well. Danny tells her that he believes Claire was on a fact-finding mission for Gus because she was asking a lot of questions. Danny says she was pumping him for information about the night Carmen died. Michelle tells Danny that Claire has been trying to help them out; she can't understand what has changed. Danny says in all these months, Claire hasn't mentioned anything about Carmen's death but today she was practically asking him to draw her a map to the body. Danny thinks Gus threatened Claire and she believed him. Michelle says Gus was in the club earlier and was acting like he knew something. She tells Danny if Claire is helping Gus they will have to be very careful.

At the Waterfront:

Carlos and a henchman are at the docks talking about Danny and how they called the FBI to search the water for Carmen's body so Danny will end up in jail and they wont be to blame. They leave.

Harley and Gus arrive and Gus tells her about the tip. He calls a group of divers and tells them to get down there. Harley doesn't understand why Gus is so out to get Danny. She tells him Danny is a good guy and deserved to be innocent until proven guilty. Gus tells her that is what they are doing there, looking for evidence to prove Santos guilty.

Harley sits back and is very quiet. She tells Gus that is the very water where they found her mother's body five years ago when she was murdered. Gus apologizes for not knowing and tells her that he is sympathetic and if she wants to leave, he will understand. Harley tells him that she is there to do her job and she will be fine. He asks about Nadine and Harley tells him a little. He goes on to tell her that Claire didn't get anything on the wire but that if they find something there along with Claire's testimony that she helped Carmen fake her first death, they will have Danny and Michelle. Harley says she almost feels sorry for Claire. Gus thinks Harley's sympathy is misplaced. They have to have Claire to prove that Carmen didn't die on the porch. Harley repeats that she knows Danny is a good person. Gus says a good person who does bad things and he will have to pay for those bad things. Harley agrees that if Danny did something he deserves what he gets. The dive team arrives and starts to go about their search.

Gus asks Harley if she is okay and she tells him to stop hovering. She isn't used to him being nice. Gus tells her she always keeps her sense of humor. The divers say they found something and think it is a woman. Gus asks Harley what kind of person would put a body in a place like this. He tells Harley to call the medical examiner. While Harley calls, Gus says, "Carmen Santos, we will finally get to meet. You cold witch." Harley wonders what Danny has done.

In San Cristobel:

Beth is with Edmund at the hospital. He tells her he is going home today. She isn't sure the doctors will allow it but Edmund is adamant. They kiss and he tells her that there are too many opportunities for his enemies while he is away. Beth asks Edmund is he is worried about something in particular but he tells her he is worried about everything. The doctor comes in and Edmund tells him he is going home today. The doctor disagrees but Edmund tells him that he is his sovereign and he demands him release him immediately. Beth tells the doctor that she will take care of Edmund.

In the tower, Cassie is coughing and calling out for Richard. She talks to him and Tammy and to RJ telling them she wishes she could stand up for them but she is too weak. She says she refuses to die there; she hasn't had enough time. She gets back over to the window and starts prying at the bars again until one of them breaks loose. She sits back down and starts reading the message she has written on the wall. It says goodbye to Richard and tells him to take care of their family. It tells the kids she loves them and she hasn't had enough time with them so she refuses to say goodbye. She tells Richard that she promised him she would never leave him but she doesn't know if she can keep that promise. She tells them all she will watch over them and love them forever. Then she ends it by saying she is sorry. At the bottom was the message she had wrote first, "Edmund killed Cassie."

At the palace, Beth brings Edmund into his room and gets him into bed. She tells him how lonely she has been and how with him she feels more like a woman and she can do anything. They go to sleep.

After Beth falls asleep Edmund gets up and sneaks out. He goes to the tower where he finds a very unconscious Cassie. He gets upset and demands that Cassie not do this to him.

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