The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on Y&R

Tricia signed herself out of the hospital. Brittany admitted that she hadn't slept with Billy. The judge reduced Larry's sentence. Brad wanted to take a more active role in Colleen's life. Jack wished to have a child of his own.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 28, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, May 28, 2001


Rianna and Raul arrive at the coffeehouse and Raul realizes that he has not checked his blood sugar today. He wants to do it in private but Rianna convinces him to do right where they are seated. Raul takes his blood sugar in front of everyone and is stunned by the reading. He realizes that he needs to take an insulin shot. He wants to leave but again Rianna tells him to do it in front of everyone.

Abbott House

Traci has arrived in town for a book signing and John invites her to join him for lunch at Gina's. Traci tells him she needs to freshen up first and she will meet him in after that. As she about to leave to meet her father, Ashley, Brad and Abby arrive. Traci congratulates them on their marriage and the birth of their baby. Ashley tells Traci that Brad is not Abby's biological father. Ashley admits that Brad had adopted Abby and is a father to her in every way. Traci tells Ash that Abby is luck to have Brad as her father. Brad and Traci get an opportunity to talk alone about Colleen. Traci is about to tell Brad something before Ashley comes back in. Ashley tells Traci that she dreaded their first meeting since her marriage to Brad. Ashley tells Traci she hopes they can now see more of each other.

Gina's Restaurant

Jill arrives and Gina asks her if she looking for someone. Jill spots Jerri Manthey from Survivor II. Jill tells Jerri that she was hooked on that show. Jerri asks Jill for a job as a spokesperson for Jabot since she loves their products. Jill tells Jerri that she's sure she'll be successful in whatever she does.

John Abbott arrives and he and Gina talk about the new restaurant that she is going to open. Gina tells John that all the attention he is paying her could easily turn her head and he tells her that is indeed his plan. They discuss her singing in her new place and Gina realizes that John can sing. Gina sets it up so John can join her for a duet. As they are singing, Traci arrives. John and Traci talk about her running into Brad and Ashley at the house. She admits her surprise to find out that Brad was not Abby's biological father.

Chancellor Estate

Katherine and Brock are talking and Katherine is telling Brock that she is happy that Jill is no where to found on this Memorial Day. She also tells him that she is happy that she has him and Mackenzie with her. Jill comes home has words with Katherine then Jill storms out. Katherine tells Esther if she wonders if Jill's relationship with Sean is kaput and that is the reason for Jill's bad mood

Esther gawks at Sean as she let him in. Jill is returning from playing tennis with her grandson. Phillip introduces himself to Sean and offers to work for him during the summer on Jabot summer campaign. Sean realizes that Jill is angry with him. Sean tells Jill that he was away at a seminar and that if he had any free time he would have invited her. He gives her a gift from his trip. Before he leaves, he tells her that she acts like she cares and kisses her goodbye.

Katherine, Brock and Esther are visiting the late Phillip Chancellor's grave as Jill and Little Phillip arrive. Brock tells Jill and Phillip that he is happy he joined them to remember Phillip's grandfather. He tells them that that is a tie that will bind them all forever. Katherine, meanwhile, rolls her eyes at Jill.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Abbott House:

Jack is nervous about Phyllis' plans to throw a pool party. She's moving too fast. Let his family gradually get to know her first. She decides to throw a 4th of July party. He wonders if she's planning on inviting a Newman to the party. She won't invite Vic but Ryan and Neil are fine. Then she realizes that Malcolm and Olivia don't get along so she nixes Neil and Olivia. She then expresses her doubts about Alex's interest in Malcolm. She then second guesses not inviting Liv because she and Ashley are good friends and doesn't want to alienate Ash. Jack tells her not to over think it or change just to please his family; Just be herself and they will come around. They talk about Ashley and Jack's envy of her because of Abby. He always wanted a baby and doubts it could happen to him.


Victoria joins the party to celebrate Nick's release. Nick asks if Ryan's coming but Victoria's not sure between work and visiting Tricia. She's physically well but emotionally less so. Nick wonders where things stand now between Ryan and Victoria. Nikki asks Nick if Sharon is okay after her ordeal. Doris arrives ready to celebrate. Cassie wonders why Victor said unkind things about Larry Warton after he helped get Nick out. They say it's complicated. Doris regrets not trusting her instincts when she first met Carter Mills. This triggers more anxiety in Sharon. Paul and Isabella arrive to help celebrate. Sharon thanks Paul for helping so much and asks about Christine. She doesn't want Chris' partnership with Michael Baldwin to come between them. John Silva arrives later as well. Isabella thanks Paul for inviting her but wonders if they are making a scene by her presence. He wonders if the family togetherness of the Newman's makes her miss her family in LA. Nick makes another speech thanking everyone for helping him get home.

Neil's Office:

Ryan can't figure out where Neil's head is where Alex is concerned. Neil admits to finding her interesting and that's it. Ryan knows it's more. He admits that he has wondered about he and Alex but must forget it considering that she's with his brother. Ryan tells him he should act on it. There's nothing wrong with some healthy competition but Neil won't hear of it. Ryan asks him how into Malcolm is Alex.


Alex is distracted at dinner with Malcolm. He asks how things went when she was alone with Phyllis. He thinks Phyllis may have gotten possessive but Alex assure shim that there was no problem. She wonders if he really is happy gong as slow as she wants to. Before he met her he promised to live in the fast lane but she changed that. She thanks him for being so patient but wonders if he's really being honest with himself about it. He wonders if she wants to end things.


Olivia consults with Michael about Malcolm's plans to go after custody. He asks if she's truly looking out only for Nate's interests or if it's personal. She assures him it's for Nate's best. She wants to know that he can't take Nate away from her but Malcolm can't promise that. Olivia can't believe it. He goes over the exact details of the case and her reasons for not allowing Malcolm to visit. She can avoid court by granting even a small amount of visitation but she can't. Michael will fight for her tooth and nail but wants her to know exactly what could happen. Later, Chantal asks Michael if he would consider going to Hong Kong to convince her to go to Fiji but he's sure she can't be strong armed. She then mentions an invitation for a consulting job in Australia.

Crimson Lights:

Raul and Rianna talk about upcoming finals when J.T. interrupts looking for Mac. Raul wants to know where J.T. gets off telling everyone he slept with Mac. He clams it wasn't him and Raul figures out it was Brittany. Rianna doesn't understand why she would do that since she and Billy are so solid but Raul knows. He feels her in on what really happened that night in the pool house. Rianna is livid and wonders why Mac is keeping quiet. J.T. thinks it's because she knows Billy and Brittany are sleeping together now. J.T. doesn't think Britt's out for the count yet though: she destroyed the tape and when it comes down to word against word Billy won't believe Mac because of the CleanQueen thing.

Pool House:

Brittany gloats to Mackenzie that she has nothing on her now that Britt destroyed the tape. "Good thing I made a copy" Mac retorts while holding another tape. Britt thinks she's bluffing but Mac kept a copy as a reminder to never trust her. Billy walks in at that moment and wonders what's going on. She pulls out the tape and asks Billy if he remembers the final night of the GLOW House last summer and wonders if he really knows what really happened. She tells him that a second camera caught what really happened. She thinks he would really like to see it. He agrees to see it if it will get Mac to leave them alone. Just as he's about to watch it Britt stops him. She has something she needs to tell him.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

As Billy is about to watch the tape, Brittany grabs the remote out of his hand and confesses that they never had sex that night. When Brittany asks for his forgiveness, Billy replies that her deception was intentional and malicious. Billy refuses to discuss it further and leaves. Mac shows Brittany the tape for a different day, indicating she was bluffing all along, and the truth finally came out. Raul and Rianna wonder why J.T. is so worried about Mac going back to Billy, and questions if J.T. wants Mac. Ashley confesses to Brad that it was awkward to see Traci, especially since Traci didn't go to their wedding or know about Abby. Traci is having second thoughts about her book signing and wants to return to Genoa City. Paul wants to discuss Isabella's case with her, but she avoids it and hopes it will all go away. She calls Michael saying she is having second thoughts, and is considering moving out. Neil admits to Ryan that he is attracted to Alex, but he won't let that get between him and Malcolm, affirming that he will stand by Malcolm through his ordeal. Neil confronts Malcolm and Alex, and apologizes for holding a grudge. Ryan and Victoria agree to just spend some time together before making any commitments.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

by Ruth

Sharon and Nicholas paid a visit to the coffeehouse for the first time since their ordeal with Matt. Cody was glad to see them, but Sharon asked to go home right away after having visions of her conversations with "Carter" there. Once they returned home, Nick wanted to know what was wrong and encouraged to talk about her fears. She wondered if something was wrong with her, the way she was sucked in by Matt's lies.

Tricia received a visit from her father who brought her some new clothes in preparation for her release. She told him that she looked forward to seeing Ryan and being with him again -- her father tried to clear the situation up for her and told her that Ryan was just her friend now. She seemed to accept it, but later told the nurse about how much in love they were and how excited she was to be with him again.

At Ryan's apartment, Victoria sensed too many memories of Tricia there and wanted to go somewhere else. They talked together and thought about their future.

Brad and Ashley talked about his ideas for Colleen spending more time in Genoa City this summer. At first she was a bit threatened, but came around, understanding that his daughter was important to him. At the same time, Tracey was talking to Colleen about coming to Genoa City for the summer and getting to know her side of the family. Colleen wasn't positive that she wanted to do it, but Tracey told her booking agent that she was taking some time off from book signings.

Brittany told J.T. about what had happened in the poolhouse. He didn't have much sympathy for her, considering the fact that she had deceived so many people in order to get what she wanted. She spat back at him that he had a lot to lose if Mac and Billy reunited -- he didn't think that that would happen.

Jack was trying to get a story from Raul about possible problems between Billy and Brittany when Billy ran into the house and tried to go straight upstairs to his room. Jack called him back down and asked what the deal was, but with no success. Phyllis encouraged Jack to back off and they left for her apartment.

Rianna went to the pool house to talk to Mac, while Raul talked to Billy. Raul and Rianna encouraged their friends to talk to each other right away, but Billy was upset that Mac hadn't told him about the tape and Mac was worried about how Billy was feeling. They came together in the house, but Billy ran off upstairs and Mac left as well.

Phyllis and Jack talked about the fact that she had known that something was going on, but hadn't told him. She gave him some ideas about how to turn this whole thing around to make it a positive for the Glo by Jabot website, and diverted his attention with a sexy nurse's outfit that turned into lingerie and they melted together on the sofa. . . .

Friday, June 1, 2001


Nikki visits Nick and Sharon but Sharon is still asleep. John calls and asks to have Nick and Sharon appear at Warton's hearing. Nick will be there but doesn't want to put Sharon through it. He fills Nikki in on Sharon's difficulty in dealing with the memories of Matt Clark. Nikki now supports Nick idea to give Larry a second chance but she also trusts Victor's instincts. Nikki volunteers to go in Sharon's place.

Abbott House:

Billy contemplates the recent events over breakfast. Jack stops him from leaving wanting to talk. Billy reveals that he's learned his whole relationship is based on a lie. Jack learns the whole story and can't believe what Brittany did to his brother. He isn't too impressed with the fact that Phyllis put a 2nd camera there. Jack points out that the relationship isn't just what happened at the pool house. There's more to it than that and wonders if his feelings for Britt were ever that strong if it's so easy for him to forget her. Billy doesn't deny that and defends himself that things were complicated. Jack tells him that he was obviously on the rebound and now wonders where he stands now. He won't be running back to Mac. She's moved on with her life and he's fine with that.

Crimson Lights:

Brittany and Rianna talk about her recent exposure. Mac is to blame after all the secrets she's been involved in. Brittany is determined to keep Billy and wants Rianna to use her position as the girlfriend of his best friend to help. Rianna flat out refuses. Brittany won't forget Rianna turning on her. Rianna fills in Raul about Britt's delusional belief that Billy will get over the whole thing in a few days. He asks about how Mac is dealing with it. They both think it will all work out between Billy and Mac once they sit down and talk to each other. Later Mac arrives but heads out when she sees Billy show up. Raul asks him about trying to talk to Mac again but Billy doesn't think it's a good idea. Rianna thinks they just need time to cool off but Raul doesn't want their chance to pass by.

McNeil Apt.:

Ryan makes breakfast for Victoria. She thanks him for the wonderful night they had together. He can't help but think of Tricia's tragic situation. He's going to finish packing up all her things and have them ready to go for when she moves to London with Keith. Victoria will help. She finds his petition for a legal separation from Tricia. Keith stops by and tells him about Tricia's decision not to go London. Ryan can't believe Keith is going along with her idea that she doesn't need therapy. Keith corrects him: he is not allowing her to brush it off again. Ryan mentions wanting to get the separation papers signed but Keith thinks that's a horrible idea.


Keith comes to pick up Tricia. She thinks she's well enough to be released but Keith would prefer for the doctor to give his okay. He wants her to be well enough to move to England. Tricia doesn't think that's a good idea anymore. Keith doesn't agree with her decision to stay in GC but she insists it's her decision. She's strong and can take care of herself. Keith reports to Reese that Tricia is putting up a front and needs more help. He wants to know how to forcibly commit Tricia. Reese wonders if Ryan will support him. A united front is very important. Keith is sure he will. They have to be very careful not to push Tricia over the edge. She's very close as it is. In her room Tricia stares lovingly at a picture of Ryan as she puts on her make-up. When a nurse checks on her later she can't find Tricia anywhere.

Chancellor House:

Mac fills in Kay about what Billy has learned. Kay wonders why Mac sat on the truth for so long. She felt they were happy together and worried that she might have been doing it out of spite. But she realizes that she thought Billy would have dumped Britt and want to get back together with her. She felt that deep down it could never work between them and wanted to keep the option form happening.


A new prisoner tries to make small talk with Larry who isn't in the mood. The new prisoner finds one of Cassie's drawings that she made for Nick. Warton wants it and even threatens him over it.

DA's Office:

Nick and Nikki talk with the DA about Larry. Nick believes that Warton wants to make a change in his life. The DA doesn't really care about that but will listen to anything Nick wants to say. John points out that Larry helped the DA's case. Larry's parole officer also supports his case. The DA can't forget Larry's part in the drugs. Nick is sure that Larry will make the best of a second chance. The DA will do his best to get a reduced sentence but can't fathom him getting time served. He has no job and no prospects. Nick can't hire him at NE and doesn't think Crimson Lights will be best due to Sharon's ordeal. With no prospects the DA has no choice but to keep him in jail. Nikki proposes an alternative.

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