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Gillian met other deceased Pine Valley residents, including Natalie, who granted Gillian a trip back to Ryan in exchange for completing a task on earth. Laura was released from the hospital, and she and Leo moved in to their new condo. JR accidentally put drugs in Jamie's backpack. Jamie, Petey, and Dixie almost ate them, but JR admitted they were his before anyone could have them. Gabriel slugged Marcus and later resisted arrest. He went to SOS, where he and Bianca found themselves in a locked room, which started to fill with smoke.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, July 2, 2001

Rosa knocked on the door at Wildwind and asked to use the phone. As she was about to pick up the phone, Gabriel entered the room. He wanted to know why she left the funeral. She retorted that it was none of his business, and then immediately apologized and told him she hated funerals. She explained that she hadn't known Gillian very well. Gabriel wanted to know why she came. Rosa explained that she knew the family - and besides, she needed to get out. She was feeling boxed in. She turned from Gabriel saying that she had to make a phone call and wanted some privacy. Irritated, he left the room. Rosa made her phone call and made plans to meet someone at the boathouse in fifteen minutes. Rosa arrived at the boathouse. Seeing no one else around, she went inside and changed her clothes. Gabriel watched from around the corner as Rosa slipped into her sundress and loosened her hair. Rosa waited at the boathouse for her date. She told herself she couldn't believe she was waiting for a guy who was probably not coming. Deciding not to wait, she gathered her things and turned to leave. Just then Gabriel arrived. She wanted to know what he was doing there. He replied that he was walking by the water. She accused him of listening to her telephone conversation and following her there. Rosa wanted to know if he had watched her undress. It was weird that he always seemed to be watching her. Gabriel said he liked to watch faces - they say everything about someone. She looked at him and told him Dimitri was right, he was nothing but trouble. He turned to leave, but Rosa grabbed his arm and told him not to go until he told her what he wanted from her. He stopped and looked at her - then kissed her. As they broke apart, Rosa wanted to know why he did that. Gabriel replied that he wanted to. She told him he couldn't just go around doing what he wanted to do. Gabriel said she changed her clothes, fixed her hair - he knew she was meeting a guy. He warned her to be careful. She was irritated and told him she should be careful around him. He was an animal. Just then Marcus arrived. He noticed Rosa seemed upset and asked if Gabriel had hit on her. She nodded and Marcus started to go after Gabriel. Rosa told him not to hurt Gabriel, but to just make him go away. Marcus stopped and then warned him that if he ever touched Rosa, he'd make dog meat out of him.

At the boathouse, Sweeney called JR telling him to get down there right away. He had some dirt on his mom and her "love doctor." He ended the call and walked over to David, who was leaning against the wall and smiling smugly. When JR arrived at the boathouse, Sweeney told JR that a customer of his saw his mother sneak into David's room. JR said it couldn't have been her. She was at a funeral. Sweeney insinuated that might have been a cover. He offered JR a pill - on the house. JR popped it into his mouth. Sweeney told JR to come with him. They were going to the Valley Inn to teach Hayward a lesson for messing with Dixie.

Clad in a bathrobe, David set his trap for JR. He carefully arranged the room to look as though a romantic tryst had just taken place. Crumpled sheets, a piece of lingerie laying on the bed, Dixie's favorite perfume sprayed around the room, a steamy shower running all added to the effect. When JR knocked at the door, David was ready for him. David opened the door and JR burst into the room demanding to know where his mother was. David feigned innocence as JR stormed through the room looking at all the evidence. JR picked up the bottle of perfume and said it was his mother's. JR noticed the shower running and asked David who was in there. David replied that it was none of his business. He told JR to get the hell out before he called security. Enraged, JR threw the perfume bottle at David, shattering it against the wall. He lunged toward David and threatened to kill him. JR shouted that he knew his mother was in the shower. David said he was about to step into the shower before JR arrived. He told him to feel free to look around. JR walked to the bathroom door and called out to his mother. When there was no reply, he looked inside the bathroom. JR could smell his mother's perfume. David said there had been a woman there, but it wasn't his mother. He grabbed JR by the arms and looked into his eyes. He noticed the pupils were constricted and asked what drug he had taken and who he scored from. JR played right into David's hand by shouting that it wasn't from his medical bag - like last time. "When you broke in here", David added. He told JR he was falling apart and was going to hurt someone. JR sneered that that was the plan. He was going to give him a whole world of hurt, just like David gave his mother. JR told him he'd better watch his back. When he was gone, David walked over to a video camera he had set up on the wall. He looked into the camera. Smiling, he threw a kiss, waved and said, "Gotcha!"

In the Wildwind Chapel, Ryan's gaze was transfixed on Gillian. Alex asked him what was wrong. Ryan told them he could see Gillian - that she was alive. Alex tried to convince him that Gillian was gone and at peace. Ryan wouldn't listen. Dimitri stepped in and tried to tell Ryan he must accept Gillian's death. Ryan continued to insist Gillian was there, looking as beautiful as the day they were married. He turned to them and asked if they could see her, too. When he turned back, Gillian was gone. He rushed to the entry calling her name. He insisted he had to find her. Eugenia agreed with Ryan that Gillian was there. She was in every corner of Wildwind and she would always be in their hearts. Ryan argued that it was not his imagination. She was there and she was alive. Brooke stepped in and told him she understood how hard it is to let go. Ryan could not let it go, he knew Gillian had been there and she was alive. Edmund said he believed Ryan. Maria had come to him when he was sick and gave him the courage to live. Ryan insisted Gillian was not a spirit. She was alive and all the people there scared her away. He left the chapel saying he was going to find her. Dimitri comforted Alex and Eugenia as the watched Ryan leave.

At Wildwind it was time for everyone to reflect on their lives and their loved ones. Hayley asked Dimitri and Alex if Ryan was going to be ok. Alex replied that he just needed some time. Dimitri walked to the center of the room and announced that he and Alex were going to the family vault to be with Edmund, Eugenia and Father Benedict for Gillian's interment.

Hayley asked Mateo why Gillian's father wasn't there. She realized they didn't have a great relationship, but thought he could at least show up for the funeral. Life is so fragile and it starts out so innocently. She told Mateo she wanted to protect her baby as long as she could. Mateo said he'd take her home where he could protect her and the baby.

As Tad returned with a beverage for Dixie, he noticed she was on her phone. He wanted to know whom she was calling. She told him she was calling JR. Tad realized it was hard not to check up on him because of his recent lying, cheating and taking drugs, but it was best if they didn't go looking for trouble.

As they walked to the door, Brooke and Joe Martin met them at the door. Brooke explained that she told Laura she wouldn't be gone long. Alex wanted to know if they had explained to Laura that she had Gillian's heart. Brooke said they hadn't told her yet. They didn't want to make her feel guilty. Dimitri felt Ryan had been right - Gillian was still living on through Laura.

Erica hoped that Dimitri realized the mistake he made marrying Alex with all the heartache she's brought to them. Erica wondered if Dimitri realized what a mistake he had made marrying Alex. Opal said that Alex had saved his life - but Erica reminded her it had been David, not Alex, who had saved Dimitri. As Dimitri, Alex and Edmund walked in, Jackson tells Erica this may not be a good time to discuss that since a young woman had just died. Erica was just getting warmed up, so did not listen to Jackson. She said the bullet had been meant for Alex. She felt Alex had cursed the family ever since she set foot in the house. Erica took Dimitri aside and expressed her condolences. Dimitri thanked her. After Erica was gone, Alex asked Dimitri if he said anything to her. Dimitri said he hadn't, but it was only because she had asked him not to. Alex said that Erica could be infuriating and brutally honest. She felt Erica was right and she was a curse to the family.

Greenlee wondered if, because Ryan thought he saw Gillian in the chapel, he was losing it. Jake thought he lost the one he loved - Gillian was Ryan's whole world. Jake admitted that at one time he thought he could change that, but realized Gillian and Ryan were meant to be together. Greenlee wanted to know if he believed in destiny. He said he did - with all his heart. Greenlee asked Jake how to know you've met that special someone. She wondered if you could have met that person and not even known it. Jake said he didn't want to grow old and talk about the one that got away. He would keep his eyes open so he wouldn't miss it. He left to get some refreshments. When Jake returned, Greenlee told him she had already found her soul mate - Leo. Jake told her that was great, but there was only one problem - Leo was married. "So what?" was her response. "So was Gillian." Jake said there was only one problem with that. Laura was alive and loved Leo. He suggested she leave them alone and walked away.

Marian, Liza and Adam remembered a year ago when they thought Stuart was dead. Marian said she had never believed Stuart was gone. Liza said the situation was different because he knows she's gone. He just hasn't accepted it yet. Marian was feeling very grateful that she still had Stuart with her. She said she was going home and going to hug and love Stuart for the next 50 years. After Marian had gone, Liza turned to Adam and apologized for not trusting him with David. She should have known he'd do the right thing. He said he could understand her doubt given his past history. His better instincts don't always prevail. Adam asked Liza if she had really meant it when she said she'd leave him if he struck up a bargain with David. She said she had. Now seeing how lonely Ryan is, she couldn't do it - no matter what he did. Adam promised that someday he'd remind her of that. As Adam told Liza they should get Colby and go away for the weekend, his cell phone rang. Liza went to say goodbye to Hayley while Adam answered his phone. It was David. He invited Adam over for a movie and some popcorn. Then he added that JR had shown up there high on something, threatening to kill him. He told Adam he had it all on tape. If Adam didn't come to David's room in twenty minutes, he was going to send it to Judge Stanton. Liza returned and told Adam they should leave if he wanted to get to the cabin before dark. Adam told her something had come up and he needed to take care of it first. Liza asked if she could go with him. He told her she couldn't because it was business. He would send a car for her. After Adam had gone, Tad and Dixie approached her and said Adam looked upset and wondered if it was about JR. Liza had no idea.

When Adam arrived at David's room, David told Adam to sit and watch the tape. Adam wanted to know what David wanted. He replied that he wanted his deal back - the promise to help with his legal problems. David started the tape at the point where JR threw the perfume bottle at him. Visibly amused, David watched Adam's reaction as he watched the tape. He told Adam his demands were small - kill the trial or he would destroy JR's life.

Ryan ran into the empty chapel looking for Gillian. When he didn't find her, he knelt at the altar and begged his precious princess to come back to him. Alex and Dimitri entered the chapel and asked him where he had run off to. He said he had been looking for Gillian. He couldn't find her but knew she was coming back. They told him she was in the mausoleum waiting to be interred. They encouraged Ryan to come with them to say goodbye. Angrily Ryan said he'd never say goodbye and told them to get out. After they had gone, Ryan knelt again and prayed that Gillian come back. He promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her ever again. The candles flickered and Gillian appeared behind Ryan. Ryan turned towards Gillian and asked her to come to him. They approached each other with their hands outstretched. As they were about to touch, Gillian disappeared into another realm. Ryan looked anxiously around the room for her, calling her name. Confused, Gillian found herself in a foggy corridor. At the end of it was a large door. She turned around and called for Ryan. She asked where she was. Suddenly a man emerged from the fog behind her and touched her on the shoulder. She asked who he was and he told her to think of him as a friend. Ryan called for Gillian. He told her not to be afraid; it was just the two of them. No one would bother them, he promised. He begged her to come back.

The man introduced himself to Gillian as "Jesse Hubbard, formerly of the Pine Valley Police Department." He stated that he had been shot in the head, "then transferred upstairs." Still confused, Gillian wanted to know where she was. She said she didn't understand what was happening. Jesse replied that she had all the time in the world. He steered her towards the door and told her to go with him because they couldn't keep the head honcho waiting. Jesse led Gillian down the corridor to the door. She told him she needed to go to Ryan. Jesse replied that that was not part of the plan. She could not be with Ryan. Gillian wanted to know why not. He replied, "Because, Princess, you're dead!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Adam told David that he was fool to think that he could blackmail Adam into keeping him out of jail. David, with a giant smirk on his face, replied that if he was going to jail, then so was JR. David picked up a piece of paper and handed it to Adam. It was Adam's "to do" list. He needed to find out where David's case would be heard and who the judge would be and what his vulnerable points were, that way it would be easier to bribe him. David told him that if the case were thrown out by a specific date, which he pointed to on his list, that JR would not end up in juvenile hall. A defeated Adam turned to David and told him that no one must find out about their deal. There was a knock at the door and Adam jumped. David told him to relax; he knew he would be celebrating tonight so he ordered champagne and caviar from room service. He answered the door to find Liza standing there. She walked in and asked Adam what he was doing there. Adam was stuck for an answer so he tried to cover by punching David and telling him that he was not going to allow David to continue blackmailing him. David went along with the cover and told Adam to get the hell out of his room. David threw them both out as room service arrived. An attractive chambermaid delivered David's champagne and caviar and she proceeded to flirt with David. She noticed that he had been hurt so she grabbed some ice, put it in a cloth and leaned over him to put the ice on his face. He was about to kiss her when there was a knock at the door. The girl said that she couldn't be found in David's room because she could be fired. He gave her the choice of leaving with the empty cart or hiding in his bathroom. She chose to hide. David answered the door to find Brooke standing there. She needed to talk to him about JR. She knew that JR was taking drugs and she had heard that he got the drugs from David and she wanted to know if it was true. David swore to her that what she heard was untrue. Brooke threatened him by telling him that if he was lying to her, she would make sure his career would be ruined. Just then, a sneeze came from the bathroom. David opened the bathroom door and hurried the chambermaid out of the room. David and Brooke talked briefly about kids and drugs and she left.

After Adam and Liza left David's room, they stopped by the boathouse. Liza told Adam she was pleased that he had gone to see David, to set him straight. She was also very happy that Adam was being so honest with her. They hugged and Adam looked very worried.

"Upstairs", Gillian was laughing hysterically after Jesse Hubbard told her that she was dead. He explained that it wasn't a joke; She was, in fact, dead and he was there to help her "crossover." She told him that he was crazy and proceeded to yell for help. Jesse kept trying to interrupt her, but it was futile. She told him again that she couldn't be dead, that Ryan needed her. Jesse replied that Ryan did need her, but she could no longer be with him, and couldn't help him. He added that in time, she would get used to the idea of being dead.

Jake and Ryan were in the chapel and Jake was telling him that he had to let go; Gillian was not coming back. Ryan shook his head and told Jake that Gillian was not gone, he had seen her in the chapel, he could still feel her presence. Gillian appeared and stood there listening to the conversation. Jake told Ryan that he had to deal with everything in his own way, and he left the chapel. Gillian called out Ryan's name but he didn't respond. Alex, Dimitri and Edmund walked into the chapel and told Ryan that Gillian's body had been interred in the mausoleum and that he should come with them, they wanted to take care of him. Gillian kept calling Ryan's name and was confused as to why he wasn't answering. She moved towards Ryan, when Jesse appeared, grabbed her and told her that she could no longer be with Ryan. She ran towards Ryan, Jesse touched her and they disappeared and re-appeared in another part of the chapel. A frantic Gillian demanded to be returned to the chapel as Ryan was in pain and needed her. Jesse explained that she could not return, that she needed to let go so that she could move on. She told him that she had no intention of letting go. He replied that he understood; he had been in the same position, he had a wife and child that he loved very much but he had to let them go. Gillian needed to let go. He then added that she would never be forgotten.

Greenlee was heading out of Wildwind, when Leo burst through the door and smacked Greenlee in the head with the door. She fell to the floor and he bent down to help her. She then told him that she had something to tell him that would change both their lives forever. Greenlee was holding her head and mumbling about Leo being so sweet and how she loved him. Leo helped her up and moved her to the couch. She then told him that she knew the truth about Laura. Leo told her that he didn't know what she was getting at, he was just there looking for Ryan. Jake walked in on their conversation and Leo told him that he should check Greenlee to make sure she was okay. Jake checked her out and said she was fine and told Leo that Ryan was in the chapel. Ryan apologized for whacking Greenlee with the door and left. Greenlee confronted Jake and asked him why he had barged in on their conversation. She was about to tell Leo that she knew Brooke had paid him to marry Laura. Jake was angry and told Greenlee that he didn't purposely break up their converation and he didn't care one way or another if she told Leo what she knew. Greenlee responded by telling him that he actually wanted her to tell Leo what she knew so that he would become so furious with her that he wouldn't want to have anything more to do with her and that would leave the door open for Jake. Jake told her she was being ridiculous and that she should go right ahead and tell Leo what she knew. She chuckled and told him that it would probably make him very happy if Leo hated her because then he could give her the biggest "I told you so" speech of a lifetime. Jake told her again that he didn't care what she did, but he did suggest that she stop trying to hurt people all the time. He told her that she should keep her nose out of Leo's business and 'get a life'. Greenlee pretended not to hear his words and asked him if he really thought that Leo would flip out on her; did she need to come up with another plan? "What you need to come up with," Jake replied, "is a whole other value system." He added that he was not going to be the person to show her that other system either, a person would have to be a masochist to come within a 100 yards of her. "Is that why you slept with me," she replied, "becomes I'm some sort of disaster area?" She asked Jake what the real reason was to why he slept with her and he replied that he wasn't about to discuss his feelings with her. She then reminded him that when they made love, he said it was good, even great. He replied that maybe he wasn't telling the truth; maybe it wasn't that good, and he was just trying to spare her feelings. "Oh please," she said laughing, "I'm the best you've ever been with." He told her that she had no idea who he had been with and whether or not it was bad or good. She snorted and told him he was liar and he replied back that she was a Diva. They tossed insults back and forth and Jake stormed out. Greenlee muttered to herself, "Liar, you know you want me."

Leo walked into the chapel and Gillian called out his name but he could not hear her. He walked over to Ryan and asked if he could speak to Ryan alone. Dimitri, Edmund and Alex moved away. Leo told Ryan that he had a message from Laura. Laura wanted to see him but Ryan said that he couldn't go. Leo explained that Laura was going through a whole range of emotions. Part of her was happy and part of her was feeling guilty and Leo couldn't help but think that if Ryan talked to her, it would help both of them. Alex stepped in and told Ryan that she thought he should go. Maybe Gillian's last gift to him was to see her light live on through someone else. Jesse told Gillian that she had to leave the 'realm' now in order to move on. She explained that this 'realm' was her home, her heart. He replied that in order to move on, she would have to leave her heart behind. They argued, he touched her shoulder and they disappeared. Ryan turned to Leo and told him that he couldn't leave; he was going to wait in the chapel until Gillian came back to him. They walked out, leaving Ryan alone in the chapel. Gillian begged Jesse to let her go back. Jesse took her over to some doors and opened them. A bright light shone through. Ryan called out Gillian's name. He then turned to the alter, where the candles that were lit for the service had extinguished themselves, then the doors to the chapel slammed shut. "Gilly, don't go," Ryan begged.

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Edmund returned to the chapel the next morning, presumably to say a few prayers. As he walked into the chapel, he found Ryan fast asleep on one of the pews. Edmund gently roused Ryan from his sleep and learned that Ryan had spent the entire night in the chapel waiting for Gillian to return. "I didn't want to miss her," Ryan said softly. Edmund confessed that it took him quite a long time to accept Maria's death, partly because of the fact that Maria's body was never found. Part of him, Edmund added, will never be able to accept Maria's death. Ryan told Edmund that he had been hoping that Gillian's death was a nightmare. Edmund assured Ryan that Gillian would always live on in his heart. "Is that enough for you, Edmund, when you reach for Marian in the middle of the night?" Ryan snapped. As Edmund was admitting that he still aches for his late wife, Ryan apologized for his outburst. He then told Edmund that he was going to get on with his life and stormed out of the chapel.

At the hospital, Leo took a bouquet of flowers in what was to be Laura's hospital room. When he entered the room, there was no sign of his new bride. He asked a nurse about Laura's whereabouts, but all the woman could say was, "I'm sorry." Leo took that as a sign that something horrible had happened to Laura. He vented his frustration and concern on the nurse, unaware that Laura and Zora had entered the room. Laura, who was now walking on her own, told Leo that she was fine. Leo breathed a sigh of relief and raced over to Laura to give her a hug. Leo was worried that Laura was walking too soon after her surgery, but Zora assured Leo that Laura was doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing. Zora urged Leo to "take a chill pill" and let her do her job. Zora helped Laura into bed and granted Leo a few moments alone with his new wife. Before leaving the room, however, she warned Leo to behave. Once alone, Laura asked Leo if he had gotten a chance to speak to Ryan. Leo nodded his head, but informed Laura that Ryan wasn't quite ready yet to talk to her. Laura understood that it would be hard for Ryan to ever look at her again. She also questioned why no one had told her about Gillian's fate sooner. Later, Leo returned to Laura's room with a bowl of soup. As he lamented the fact that Laura would not be able to chow down on some holiday barbecue, David entered the room and told Laura that her latest tests results show that her recovery is moving along nicely. So nicely, in fact, that David felt Laura could be discharged from the hospital. Laura thanked David for his skillful surgery, but David said that he was not the only one who helped Laura on her road to recovery. David told Laura that Leo played a big part in her recovery. Laura smiled and told David that he was a wonderful brother-in-law. David then warned Laura that not all of her in-laws would be as good. As he warned her of the dangers of her new mother-in-law, Vanessa voiced her presence in the doorway. Vanessa told Laura that she looked "remarkable." She was stunned by the news that Laura was being released from the hospital. Vanessa asked if she and Leo would be staying at Brooke's house. As she did, Brooke entered and asked if she'd heard her name mentioned. Brooke nudged Leo into telling Laura that he had gotten himself and Laura a new place to stay - a condo somewhere in town. Leo talked down the new adobe, saying that it was something much more modest than what she might be expecting. Vanessa asked to speak to Brooke in the privacy of the corridor. There, Vanessa thanked Brooke for being able to look past the revelations that Roger had made about her son. She also reminded Brooke that Leo was "quite strapped" for cash at the moment. Brooke nodded and explained that she had co-signed the lease for Leo's condo. Vanessa was surprised by the announcement and hinted that she would try to talk Palmer into providing some financial assistance for Leo and Laura. Joe entered Laura's room to give her his sendoff. He told Laura that he was sure that he'd see her again soon. David nodded his head and interjected that he would be meeting Laura at the hospital in about a week for her first outpatient visit. Joe smiled weakly and followed David out of the room. In the hallway, Joe reminded David that once Laura was discharged from the hospital, his services were no longer needed - or wanted. "You sanctimonious old fool," David snapped. Joe fired an icy glare at the cardiologist and lectured him about badmouthing one's superiors. David did not take kindly to the use of the word "superior," remarking that the Martin family thinks that they are all better than everyone else. Joe refused to allow David to place the blame for his problems on his family. Joe also mentioned that it was a cruel twist for someone with David's attitude to have such superb medical abilities. There are others, said Joe, who have not "squandered their gifts" at the expense of their egos.

At the boathouse, Jake and Myrtle prepared for the Martin family picnic. A short time later, Tad and Jamie arrived on the scene. Tad mused that he was surprised that Jake had not brought Greenlee along to the picnic. "I thought you two were joined at the hip or thereabouts," Tad smirked. Jake replied that he couldn't get rid of Greenlee fast enough. Opal and Petey were the next to arrive. Tad boasted that he had a date en route to spend the evening with him. The woman, he said, was "a real tomato." Opal was furious with her son for having a date and demanded to know more about the "floozy." To Opal's horror, Jamie approved of Tad's date, saying that the lady was "slamming." Opal continued to berate her son even as Tad announced the floozy's arrival. Needless to say, Opal quieted rather quickly when she learned that Tad's date was actually Dixie. Tad was quick to dismiss any misconceptions that he and Dixie were back together. That was not the case, he explained. The pair wandered up to the boathouse and sat inside a moored canoe. Dixie told Tad that his speech about the status of their relationship was on target. Back at the picnic scene, Joe finally arrived and told Jake that he and David had had a run-in. Jake grumbled that he could not wait for the day that David was sent to jail. Joe let out a deep breath and revealed that he wasn't so sure that they had seen the last of David Hayward.

As fireworks exploded over Pine Valley, Leo carried his wife over the threshold of their new home.

Ryan returned to the yacht and stormed into his stateroom. He took Gillian's clothing out of the closet and violently threw it down on the bed. As he did, Liza entered the room and asked Ryan what he was doing. Liza urged Ryan to take some time to grieve for his wife. Ryan looked up at Liza angrily and asked her how she thinks he could mourn Gillian. Liza apologized for sounding as though she was trying to tell Ryan what to do. She did, however, want Ryan to know that Adam would be handling the day-to-day operations of while he took time off. Ryan thanked Liza for her concern.

Jesse led Gillian through huge wooden doors and into light-enveloped, serene and somewhat whimsical place. A pair of fencers foiled in the distance. Elsewhere, a woman took a swing ride on what appeared to be the pendulum of a very large clock. Others nearby seemed to move in slow motion. Jesse plucked two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and asked Gillian to toast to "eternity." Gillian refused, saying that she didn't much feel like toasting to anything. Jesse welcomed Gillian to her "homecoming," but Gillian promptly noted that she didn't know any of the people around her. "I don't belong here," Gillian said softly. Suddenly, Cindy Chandler appeared before Gillian and presented her with a gardenia. She said that like Gillian, the flowers were her favorite. Gillian was taken aback and asked the woman for some privacy. Cindy agreed and headed to chat with some other people. Gillian looked to Jesse in horror and asked him how the woman had known that she liked gardenias. Jesse explained that they all knew everything about her. Travis Montgomery walked over and introduced himself to Gillian. He tried to explain to her that she would eventually get accustomed to the fact that she was dead. Gillian, however, had other ideas. She literally pinched herself and said that she was sure she would wake up and find herself in Ryan's arms. Needless to say, it didn't work. When asked why she hadn't woken up, Jesse informed Gillian that she was "the deadest thing." Jeremy Hunter wandered over and greeted Gillian. Gillian recognized Jeremy's name and mistakenly referred to him as one of Erica's husbands. Jeremy quickly corrected her. Cindy returned to Gillian's side, this time introducing herself. Gillian recalled seeing a picture of Cindy when she and Scott were seeing one another. Cindy nodded and said that she knew that Gillian and Scott were once scheduled to be married. Gillian bowed her head and swore that she was a much different person now than she was then. Cindy explained that everyone has had the chance to change. Cindy promised that she would be in touch with Gillian again. Jesse received a phone call from the person who was to be Gillian's "next guide." Jesse did not refer to the person by name, saying only that the next guide was a woman. Jesse bid Gillian farewell and promised to see her again soon. A few seconds later, Natalie Dillon arrived with Harold by her side. Gillian instantly recognized Harold, but needed an introduction to Natalie. Natalie welcomed Gillian to the afterlife and said that she knew it was hard for Gillian to come to terms with her death. Natalie explained that she had missed Timmy and Trevor terribly during the first days of her afterlife. Gillian again explained that she wasn't really supposed to be dead. She called it "an accident," and asked that someone find a way to send her back to Earth to be with Ryan. Natalie understood that the nature of Gillian's death made it much harder for her to come to terms with it. Gillian decided that she wanted a glass of champagne and Natalie scurried off to fetch her some. With Natalie gone, Gillian made a beeline for an elevator located just a few yards away. She pushed the down button and waited for the doors to open. When they did, Harold appeared inside the car, snarling and growling at the princess. Natalie praised Harold for preventing Gillian from getting on the elevator. She then told Gillian that the elevator was "an express to the bottom - and I do mean the bottom." Gillian tried to appeal to Natalie's sensitive side, explaining that she was still a newlywed who had not even had a chance to go on her honeymoon. Natalie pursed her lips and told Gillian of a "loophole" that had allowed her to return to Pine Valley on several occasions. Before Gillian could ever hear the definition of the "task," as Natalie called it, she was voicing her willingness to take part. Natalie was not permitted to tell Gillian what her task would be - she had to figure it out on her own. With that, Natalie bid Gillian goodbye and sent her on her way. Gillian was overjoyed, telling herself that once she completed her task, she would be allowed to return to Pine Valley and the man she loved. After Gillian dissipated, Natalie looked to Harold and said that she hoped she did the right thing.

Aboard Fidelity, Ryan sat hunched over on his bed. Behind him in the doorway, Gillian stood with a smile. She softly called out Ryan's name.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

As they watched the fireworks at the boathouse, Tad apologized to Dixie for kissing her. As he rambled on about not meaning to hold on to her when he caught her, Dixie simply stated that she had liked it and wanted to do it again. Tad paused and reasoned that they shouldn't until they knew what they were doing, in order to not get the "boys' hopes up." Dixie agreed and assured him that she understood but missed him. Tad replied that he missed her too.

JR approached Sweeney who was standing in front of the boathouse staring at the fireworks. He asked JR if he had ever watched fireworks while on Ecstasy and explained that it seemed like they were "going off inside (his) head." Dixie approached JR and Sweeney left. Dixie asked JR how his community service was coming along and JR angrily told her it was fine. She told him that he didn't have to like it because he was being punished for breaking the law. Tad joined them and Dixie explained that JR didn't like community service but she hoped that he would "get something out of it." Frustrated, JR asked if they could go home but Dixie replied that they would wait for the rest of the family to leave. Tad and Dixie left and JR joined Sweeney in the boathouse. Sweeney produced a small bag and told JR that he was giving him the best hit he would ever have. JR opened the bag and pulled out what appeared to be a candy necklace. Sweeney assured him that it was the most powerful stuff he would ever have and reasoned that the other stuff he had given him was "junk" compared to it. After he paid for it, Sweeney cautioned him to be careful and JR assured him that he wasn't going to "eat it like candy." Sweeney reasoned that was a good idea or else he would be in an ambulance on his way to the hospital. Dixie suddenly came up to the boathouse and asked them what was going on. Petey and Jamie suddenly ran up and caught her attention. As her back was turned, JR ran to his bag and threw the necklace in. Dixie turned back to them and introduced herself to Sweeney. She asked him if he was in JR's class and JR explained that he was telling him which teachers he would have next fall. Dixie invited him to stay for a burger but JR told her he couldn't. Dixie was called away and went to say goodbye to Jake and Joe. She walked over to Opal who was calling out to Petey and Jamie. She explained that Petey was staying over at Brooke's and that they had camp the next morning. After she had gathered the boys, the trio left.

At the door of their new home, Laura became winded and Leo led her through the dark room to the couch. He stubbed his toe and hobbled to the light switch but the room remained dark when he switched it on. Laura asked him if he had the power turned on and Leo realized that he hadn't. He explained that this was the first time he had ever lived in a house of his own since he was used to traveling from hotel to hotel. He picked up the phone and commented that it didn't work either and as he looked out the window, he realized that all of the houses around him were dark as well. Laura pulled out her bottles of pills and complained that she couldn't determine which were the ones she was supposed to take.

Leo lit the room up with candles and Laura began having a coughing fit when he put some flowers to her face. He scrambled to find her pillow but gave her a teddy bear to hold against her chest instead. She apologized but Leo assured her that she had to do that to keep her chest clear. He began reading out the names of the medication on the pill jars until Laura recognized the name of the one she had to take. A knock suddenly came on the door and Leo was happy to see Zora on the other side when he opened it. She came in with a large suitcase and asked Laura how she was doing. She assured her that she wouldn't be experiencing any difficulties on "(her) shift" and asked a confused Laura where her room was. She explained that Brooke hired her to live with them until Laura fully recovered. "That'll just be 2 or 3 more months," Zora happily informed them. She picked up the flowers and ordered Leo to get rid of them because they were a "breeding ground for infection." Leo grabbed a bottle of water for Laura to take her pills and Zora went to her room. Alone, Leo admitted that he was happy Zora was there because she would recover faster. Laura agreed and told him she was hungry and Leo brought a silver platter to her. She squealed in delight when he lifted the lid to reveal ribs and fries. Zora came out, saw the platter, stated that she couldn't eat any of that and took it back to her room with her. As she walked down the hall, she shouted a thank you to Leo for her dinner.

Gillian spoke to Ryan and was confused when he didn't acknowledge her. Ryan called out to Steven to bring him more plastic bags and Gillian asked him if he was packing up her stuff because he was mad at her. As Ryan carefully lifted Gillian's scarf from the drawer, she realized that he couldn't see her. She explained that she hadn't wanted to leave him and went to touch him but as her hand came close to him, she withdrew it in pain. As she rubbed her hand, Gillian wondered why he had been able to see and hear her earlier at the chapel. She sat down on the bed beside Ryan and explained that she had been taken to a place with "people wearing white" and had been introduced to Jesse, an ex-cop from Pine Valley. Ryan rose and lifted an article of Gillian's clothing. She smiled as she asked if he remembered wrapping that around her and holding her close but he still didn't acknowledge her. Gillian became angry and stated that she didn't "care what those people said" and vowed to reach him any way she could. She became angry as he continued to not acknowledge her. Steven came in with the plastic bags and Ryan asked him to take the full bags up to the deck to be given to the community center. "But you can't give my stuff away. I need it!" Gillian cried. She stared at Steven as he picked up the bags and exited the room and watched him fall at the doorway. "I did that," she realized. Ryan went to tend to Steven and Natalie and Harold suddenly appeared. "Oh Gillian, not that way," she stated. Gillian became angry with Natalie and told her she didn't know what the task was that she had to perform. Natalie admitted that was what she had come to help her with. As she looked at Ryan, Gillian realized that he was "giving up" and stated that she wasn't going to let him do that. Ryan told Steven to leave the clothes and sadly asked what he was doing. "Grieving," Steven replied. Quickly, Ryan told Steven that he had to do something that he should have done a while ago and left. Gillian ran after him. "Gillian, there's an easier way!" Natalie called out and sighed when Gillian took off. "Okay Harold," she stated as she knelt next to the dog. "Do your tracking thing," and they disappeared.

Gabriel entered BJ's and went to speak to the manager. He asked if they were hiring and stated that he was looking for a job. The manager confided that his bartender and waiter had bailed on him and asked him if he could wait tables. Gabriel admitted that he couldn't but that he could learn. The manager interrogated him and was dismayed to learn that he wasn't in college and didn't hold a high school diploma. Gabriel explained that he never held a job before and the manager wondered if he was rich. Gabriel assured him that they weren't and the manager began calling him "caveman." Gabriel begged for him to give him a chance but the manager simply informed him that they had a loitering rule and asked him to leave. Bianca suddenly came up behind Gabriel, apologized for being late and ordered food for them. She assured the manager that if he thought she was ordering, she would pay in advance. He apologized and suggested that they find a table.

As Gabriel wolfed down his food, Bianca joked that she hoped it was good. Gabriel apologized for not thanking her and informed her that the manager was about to kick him out before she came. Bianca confessed that she had heard most of their conversation and told him that he would get a job if he had another strategy. Gabriel replied that he had never had a job and had just answered the manager's questions truthfully. Bianca wondered why he had gotten so angry when the manger called him a "caveman" and Gabriel confessed that the people who had taken him when his parents died had locked him up in a cage. He became angry with himself for sharing the information and wondered why she cared so much. Bianca told him that she couldn't compare her life to his but that she knew what it was like to be alone and lonely. Gabriel suddenly averted his eyes and caught sight of Marcus and Rosa at the door. Bianca turned around and spotted the pair. She asked Gabriel what was wrong and he admitted that he didn't trust Marcus. She agreed. On the other side of the restaurant, Marcus told Rosa how beautiful she was and suddenly spotted Gabriel. He asked her not to turn around but she did, and when she saw Gabriel, she smiled.

Leo brought Laura a glass of water and asked her if there was anything else she needed. Laura admitted that she felt guilty that he couldn't eat his ribs but Leo reasoned that the "steamed vegetables" that he ordered would be just as good. He stated that Zora told him to remind her to take her pills and Laura became quiet. She asked him if he was sure he wanted to "go through" with their marriage and Leo assured her that he made a promise to her and that wherever she went, he wanted to go with her. The doorbell suddenly rang and Leo opened it to reveal Ryan. With Gillian standing behind him, Ryan stepped in and admitted that he came over to see if he did the "right thing" and realized that he had. Laura told him that she placed her hand on her chest every day to feel Gillian's heart and that she'd always be grateful to the both of them. Gillian became upset and ran out crying. "Ryan couldn't have taken my heart or else I wouldn't feel it breaking," she sobbed. Natalie and Harold suddenly appeared and she looked at them with teary eyes. She asked how she was able to be there if "an operation took (her) heart out" and Natalie explained that she was there only in spirit. Inside, Leo invited Ryan to stay but he politely refused. Laura thanked him for coming and let him know that it meant a lot to her. As he left, Ryan told Leo to take care of his wife. "Nobody has my heart but you," Gillian cried, as Ryan walked by her. Gillian became angry with Natalie and told her that she was frustrated with being so close to Ryan but being so far away. She told her she didn't know the task that she had to perform and asked her to "stop torturing" her. Before Natalie could reply, Gillian disappeared. Natalie sighed, went back to Harold and the pair disappeared to look for her.

At their table, Rosa assured Marcus that Gabriel meant nothing to her. She left to "freshen up" and Marcus went over to their table. He asked Bianca what they were doing and she rudely replied that they were friends who were having dinner. Marcus reminded her of Gabriel's attack on Sweeney but Bianca reasoned that Sweeney deserved it. Marcus turned his attention to Gabriel and told him that it was too bad that all Bianca would ever be to him was a "fan." He tauntingly told him that she'd never like him because she enjoyed being a "girl's girl." Gabriel became enraged, threw his water on Marcus and pushed him to the ground. Marcus put his hand to his head and pulled it back to reveal bloodstained fingers. "I'm bleeding," she stated as he went after Gabriel but the manager broke them up. Alone, Bianca thanked Gabriel for "defending (her) honor - such as it is" but advised him to just walk away the next time because Marcus "holds grudges." They began to leave when Marcus returned with a police officer who promptly announced that he was arresting him for assault.

As they cleaned up, Dixie asked JR to pack the bug spray away into his bag. JR took it and went to his knapsack. When he opened it up, he couldn't find the drug necklace and became scared when he realized he had put it in Jamie's bag by accident.

At Brooke's, Opal told the boys to behave and that she'd be back the next day to take them to camp. She left to talk to Brooke and Petey asked if they could play the card game. Jamie opened his bag and pulled out the necklace. "Where'd this candy come from?" he asked and Petey asked if he could have some. "Sure. I don't see why not," he replied.

Thursday, July 6, 2001

J.R. discovers that he put the candy necklace laced with Ecstasy in Jamie's backpack by mistake. Sweeney says only the red ones are drugged, but with very strong doses. Over at Brooke's house, Jamie and Petey have found the candy necklace. Jamie wants to throw it away because he doesn't know where it came from, but Petey wants to eat it, especially the red ones. Jamie tells him to go ahead, but just as Petey is about to eat it, Opal comes in and stops him. She reminds him that he's not supposed to have candy before bed. She asks who gave it to him, and Jamie says he found it in his backpack. Brooke tells Jamie to let her know if he finds anything in his backpack that he doesn't know where it came from. They send the boys upstairs, and Opal says she knows who gave Petey the candy-Vanessa or "Cruella de Courtland" as Opal calls her. She thinks Vanessa is spoiling Petey to impress Palmer. Then Tad and Dixie show up, with J.R. who wants to talk to Jamie. J.R. runs upstairs in a rush. Opal tells them about the candy necklace. Dixie says she's always liked them and it brings back childhood memories. Opal gives it to her and she starts to eat it, putting a piece in her mouth. J.R. comes downstairs just in time to see her and is very alarmed, saying, "Mom, don't! Spit it out now. I mean it! Spit it out!" Tad and Dixie are surprised and suspicious of his reaction. They want to know what is going on. J.R. tries to cover, saying he didn't want Dixie to eat it because it had been on the ground and is dirty. They don't buy it, and Dixie asks, "What is it about this candy that has you so freaked out?" J.R. gets defensive, tells her not to make a federal case about it. Tad takes the necklace and examines it. He says, "This isn't just candy, is it? You know exactly what I mean. Sometimes drug dealers like to make their product a little more kid-friendly." Tad looks closely at the necklace and says the red ones are just more than sugar and food coloring. J.R. tries to deny it but Tad presses him furiously. J.R. admits that it's drugs but says he was holding it for a friend. Dixie says, "I want you to tell me the truth no matter how much trouble you think it's going to get you into. You're not just keeping this for a friend of yours. These drugs are yours, aren't they?" J.R. can't meet Dixie's eyes and admits it. He says he lied because he was scared for Jamie and Petey. Opal says she snatched the necklace away just in time. She and Brooke go upstairs to check on the boys. Tad is very angry with J.R., saying, "With your mother's heart condition, it could have killed her.... Petey and Jamie could have OD'd." J.R. says they didn't like that makes everything all right. Tad says, "But not because you're so kind of genius. The only reason we are not on the way to the hospital right now is because you got lucky. What the hell is wrong with you? How long have you been lying to us? How long have you been mixed up with this?" J.R. says he's not an addict and he has just dropped ecstasy a few times, it's no big deal. Tad says when he was J.R.'s age; he got high to escape his problems. Dixie asks, "Is that why you're doing this, Honey? Because you're hurting...You have a problem and we're going to talk about it." J.R. gets angry and says, "I have a problem? You're the ones with the problem. You're the ones that messed up this whole family, and you're the ones that need the help, not me. I'll be in the car." He storms out the door and Tad and Dixie talk about him. Dixie blames herself but Tad points out that this didn't happen until J.R. went to live with Adam. They agree to both be there for him.

At the Valley Inn, Dimitri and Alex are having a romantic dinner. They are snuggling when Erica walks in. She is not pleased to see them like this and comes over. Erica says she's surprised to see Alex out in public, "Because you've brought nothing but heartache and shame to Dimitri's family. If I were you, I'd keep a very low profile." Alex retorts, "Well, you're not me, Erica. You just wish you were." Just then Edmund and Anna come up. Erica is shocked to see Alex's twin. Alex and Dimitri are concerned that Anna is out in public, but Edmund says everything is okay now. Ilene Pringle confessed to Gillian's murder, Charlotte's involvement, and then was extradited back to England. Charlotte and her cohorts are in solitary and are silenced. Erica says to Anna, "You're the reason Gillian's dead." Edmund and Dimitri try to shut her up, and Alex says, "You don't know all the facts and you have no right to stand in judgment." Erica says, "I see. I'm no longer a member of this family, but I still have every right.... How can you possibly live with the fact that you're responsible for her death?" Anna calmly says, "What you say is true. I do have blood on my hands. I hold myself responsible for Gillian's death. And who are you accountable to?" Erica says, "I beg your pardon?" and Anna says, "I'm familiar with you and Dimitri's history. I mean, I'm not the only one around here with blood on my hands, am I?" She reminds Erica of the time she stabbed Dimitri with a letter opener and stood trial for attempted murder. Erica says, "There happen to have been extenuating circumstances." Anna says, "Yes, there always are. We are ruled by the choices we make and I must live with mine...but I don't have to do it alone. I have my sister, Dimitri, and Edmund. They're my family now. They're MY family. That's what really galls you, isn't it. It's not that life goes on, but that it goes on without you." Jackson shows up and takes Erica away, saying there's a problem with Bianca.

Later on, at Wildwind, Dimitri gets a mysterious phone call from a man who says he has information regarding Gillian's husband, Ryan.

At B. J.'s , the police officer is reading Gabriel his rights. Bianca tries to explain what really happened, but Marcus continues to lie and paint himself as an innocent victim. Bianca tells Gabriel not to say anything and goes to call Jackson to be his lawyer. The officer starts to handcuff Gabriel, who blows up, punches the officer, and runs away. He collides with Mateo at the door and they scuffle, but Gabriel runs away. Bianca runs after him. Rosa comes out and Marcus lies to them, saying Gabriel was talking about Rosa. Marcus tries to make himself out to be some kind of hero, defending Rosa's honor. He says Gabriel is a stalker and Rosa should get a restraining order. Rosa wants to know if Mateo is checking up on her. Mateo says there is an electrical problem at the club, SOS, and it's closed. Chris Stamp overhears this; he's working as a bartender at B.J.'s. He says he knows about electrical work and can help when his shift is over.

At the Valley Inn, Jackson tells Erica that Bianca called him, saying she had a friend who needs some legal help, then hung up suddenly. Erica calls Bianca's phone and is alarmed when there is no answer. She and Jackson go over to B.J.'s. Erica sees Chris tending bar and they verbally spar some more. Chris says he almost didn't recognize her with her clothes on. He tells her about Gabriel hitting a police officer and then fleeing. Jackson brings Erica a purse and cell phone. Erica says they are Bianca's and she would never leave without them.

Gabriel is in an alley, looking for a place to hide as police sirens wail in the background. He starts to break into the back door of SOS and Bianca comes up. She wants him to come back and tell the police the truth. Gabriel says they won't believe him and tells Bianca to leave. He goes into SOS and Bianca follows him. He goes into another back room and Bianca comes in and talks to him. She wants him to leave with her, as there could be a silent alarm at the club. He refuses and she shuts the inner door, locking them both in. At B.J.'s Mateo gets a call from his contractor, who says the electrical problem at SOS could start a fire. At the club, Gabriel and Bianca are talking and smoke starts coming into the room. SOS is on fire and they are trapped.



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