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Greenlee suffered from dizziness and went to the hospital to be checked out. Leo tried awkwardly to thank Ryan for donating Gillian's heart to Laura. Marian tried unsuccessfully to bake muffins. A dog attacked Erica during a photo shoot. BBMak performed at SOS. Dixie arranged for Tad to secretly meet her at the Pine Cone Motel.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, July 9, 2001

At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake learned his next patient was a female, in her 20's with an earache and dizziness. Taking the chart, he entered the room and began to ask general questions. When patient removed the covers from her head, Jake realized it was Greenlee. She told him she didn't feel well and had an earache. He checked her eyes, then told her they'd have to do some blood work, a radiological study, CAT scan and an MRI. After that they'd do a biopsy to see if she had a brain tumor. Greenlee asked why he was doing that. She just wanted their relationship back the way it was. Jake asked why. Jake was angry with Greenlee for faking her illness. She told him it was just a joke. She had come to rely on him and his advice. She had finally decided to listen to him and not bother Leo anymore. She told him she wouldn't tell Laura that Leo had married her for her money. Jake was obviously irritated. He told Greenlee he didn't care what she did and turned to leave. She shouted that she wanted him to care - she didn't want to lose him. He stopped and looked back at her. Jake replied, "You don't have me." She replied she meant as a friend - her best friend. Greenlee stated that their mistake was having sex. It was great, but sex ruined everything. Jake wanted to know why she had to be so narcissistic when she was trying to be vulnerable. Exasperated, he told her she was driving him nuts. She smiled and said she was a complicated person. Jake finally gave in. Happily, Greenlee informed Jake she wanted to do something nice - like cook dinner for him. He reminded her she couldn't cook. Eventually, they came to a compromise. They would order take-out and split the cost. Jake sat down on the bed and shook his head. He couldn't figure out how ten minutes ago he wanted to strangle her and now he had agreed to have dinner with her. She told him he may not like her motives, but he liked her methods. They agreed to be friends again. Greenlee touched Jake's face and kissed his cheek. He smiled and caressed her arm. Greenlee smiled at Jake as a nurse walked into the room. Jake told her the patient was ready to go home. Greenlee told him she'd have martinis waiting and rushed out. The nurse grinned at Jake. He looked at her and said, "What?" She replied, "You cured her. A medical miracle!" Smiling, she left the room. Jake walked over to the bed and sat down. He shook his head and said, "I think I'm the one who needs the doctor here!"

Ryan sat on a park bench eying a bottle of scotch. As Leo entered the park, he saw Ryan sitting on the bench. He walked over to him and tried to start a conversation. He said Laura was sleeping so he decided to take a walk. He needed to breathe. Ryan told Leo he didn't want to go home. Leo said he didn't want to, either. Leo felt Ryan should not be drinking alone. He took the bottle from Ryan's hands and took a big drink. Ryan told Leo he did not want grief counseling. He asked Leo how his married life was. Leo said it was good - they were happy. He said there's married life - then there's married life with someone who just had a major organ transplant. Upon saying that, he realized he may have offended Ryan and apologized. As they passed the bottle back and forth between them, they continued to talk. Leo said he had learned how to change Laura's bandage earlier that day. After he had explained the procedure, Ryan asked why they didn't get a nurse. Leo said they had one, but Laura wanted Leo to change the bandages. He said she was getting healthier and soon they'd be able to have a normal life. "And then what?" he asked. Leo held up the bottle of scotch, tipped it up and drank the remainder. Ryan pulled out another bottle and handed it to Leo. At this point, Leo had begun to feel the results of the alcohol. He jumped up and said he didn't want to talk about marriage. He couldn't understand it - "you're fine one minute, then you find yourself with the same person for the next fifty years. How do people deal with it?" Ryan replied that sometimes fifty years is just a couple of weeks. Realizing he had put his foot in his mouth again, Leo apologized. Ryan told him he could say whatever he wanted. They were just a couple of guys drinking on the park bench. Leo said it would be great if the bench were somewhere else. He held his arms up, threw his head back and shouted, "I love Maui!" Ryan replied, "And you want out of your marriage. Right?" Leo stopped in his tracks and stared at Ryan. Leo told Ryan he didn't want out of the marriage. He loved Laura, but he was just tired. As he continued drinking the scotch, he said Laura was a great person and he wanted to do the right thing by her. Ryan said he was once self-centered and greedy - just like Leo. He thought he had changed - then "bang" - there he was sitting on a park bench. The honeymoon, turret, blood didn't matter now. He just wanted to sleep and the liquor wasn't helping. Ryan said the needed to get to it, picked up his bottle and left. Leo, totally inebriated, passed out and fell off the bench onto the ground. Greenlee entered the park and saw a man laying face down on the ground. She started to walk away, but then asked herself what Jake would do. Battling with her conscience, she finally got up nerve to approach the man to see if he was alive. She turned him over and realized it was Leo. At first she thought he was dead, but as he opened his eyes and his mouth, she realized he was drunk. She told herself he hadn't been married a week and was out getting drunk already. Then she told Leo not to worry, she'd take care of him. After Greenlee got Leo back on the bench, she tried to soothe him. They stared at each other and then kissed.

Erica was on the phone with a mechanic when Mateo came up to her and asked about Bianca. She said they hadn't been able to locate her yet and she was going home to wait. She would call a limo to pick her up. Mateo told her he would give her a lift. He had to drop someone off at SOS, which would be on the way to her house. Just then Chris asked if Mateo was ready to go. Erica turned to look as Mateo tried to introduce them to each other. When Erica realized who it was, she said she would find her own way home. As she turned to walk away, her phone rang. It was Jack. He hadn't found Bianca yet. Erica was concerned because Bianca left her purse and jacket, which was very uncharacteristic of her. After Erica had finished her conversation with Jack, Mateo again offered her a ride home. He assured her Chris was ok. Erica said she'd get a taxi. Upon hearing that, Chris told her it would take at least 20 minutes to get a taxi out there at that time of night. Erica ignored him and with a superior look on her face, picked up her phone. She made her call and let them know she was "Erica Kane" and needed a taxi immediately. She was informed they couldn't get one there for at least 20 minutes. Erica insisted she could not wait 20 minutes - she needed it immediately. When her insistence didn't work, she told them she'd be speaking to their supervisor tomorrow. She turned to Mateo and asked if she could get that ride after all. Mateo said he wanted to talk to Rosa first, leaving Erica and Chris alone. Chris told Erica she could sit in the back seat and pretend she didn't know them. She looked at him and replied, "That will be easy!"

Sitting at a table in B.J.'s, Rosa and Marcus discussed Gabriel's weird behavior. Marcus said Gabriel acted the way he did because he was jealous. Then he tried to talk Rosa into giving him a kiss. Marcus wanted to know if Rosa wanted him to kiss her. She replied yes. Marcus grabbed a box of breath mints and ate a handful, then leaned towards Rosa for a kiss. Flustered, Rosa told Marcus she couldn't kiss him when Mateo was around. Mateo came up to their table and told Rosa it was getting late. Marcus said he'd have her home in an hour. Before leaving, Mateo told her to watch out for Gabriel. Once Mateo was gone, Marcus turned and kissed Rosa. Marcus was amazed that he was holding hands with a convent girl who had never been kissed before. Rosa told him she had been kissed just that week. He asked who had kissed her, but Rosa wouldn't tell. Besides she had kissed Marcus twice and the other guy never again. She excused herself to get ready to go home. After she had gone, a jealous Marcus wondered who she had been close to that week. He slammed his glass down, breaking it. The waiter came over and asked if he was ok and he replied no. Then the waiter asked if he could clean up the glass and, again, Marcus replied no. He covered the broken glass with his napkin just as Rosa returned. Rosa was now wearing a blouse over her tank top. She asked Marcus what was wrong and he blamed it on the "stupid" waiter. Then he jumped up and said, "Let's go!"

At SOS, smoke continued to fill the room as Bianca frantically tried to use the phone. Gabriel grabbed a metal bar and tried to pry the door open. As the lights began to flicker, they shouted for help. They continued trying to find a way out of SOS, when Gabriel realized that it smelled like chemicals burning. He told Bianca they had to get out of there now. He tried forcing the door with the metal bar again. The bar broke, sending Gabriel crashing to the floor in pain.

Mateo, Chris and Erica arrived at SOS with Erica insisting she had to get home. Chris told Mateo to take Erica home before she pulled all her hair out. Mateo explained that he needed to show Chris where the problem was. As they approached the building, Chris noticed smoke coming from under the door. They heard someone inside yelling and pounding. Erica was hysterical when she recognized Bianca's voice. When Mateo got the door open, Erica lunged towards the door. Chris grabbed her and told her to wait outside where she'd be safe. He told her to call 911. He followed Mateo inside. After several tries, they got the office door open and went to get Bianca out. She was concerned about Gabriel because he'd been hurt. Mateo tried to get Gabriel to leave, but he insisted on going with Mateo to put out the fire. Meanwhile, Chris got Bianca out of the building. Once outside, they looked around for Erica, but couldn't find her. Inside Erica was lying unconscious on the floor as the smoke swirled around her. Chris carried Erica from the smoky building. He laid her on the ground and remained by her side. Bianca said Erica wasn't breathing, so Chris bent over her preparing to giver her mouth-to-mouth. Just as he was about to begin, Erica opened her eyes and pushed him away. He told her he was just making sure she was alive. She responded that if his lips even came near hers, they'd have to check him to see if he was alive. Bianca came to his defense telling Erica he had gone into a burning building to save her. Erica insisted she had never been in any danger. Mateo and Gabriel returned, coughing and trying to catch their breath. Mateo announced the fire was out and that Gabriel had found the source. He thanked Gabriel for saving SOS. Upon hearing the approaching sirens, Gabriel was ready to bolt again. Mateo grabbed him and hung on as Gabriel struggled to get away. Mateo told Gabriel to stay and deal with his problems. He promised to help and that he wouldn't be alone. As several police officers walked by, one stopped and told Gabriel he had been looking for him. Chris wanted the paramedics to check Erica, but she insisted she was fine. He replied that they should check her to see how hard her head really was. As she walked away, he grinned. She returned and told him she didn't find him one bit amusing. After she was gone, Chris walked around the corner and called someone on his cell phone. He told them Erica Kane would be more of a problem than he thought. For one thing, she was very hostile. He would have to figure out another way to neutralize her. As the conversation ended, he walked away.

Dimitri asked the informant who his sources were. He said they needed to meet face-to-face. As he spoke, he realized the informant had hung up. Alex entered the room and wanted to know what was up. Dimitri explained that the informant was supposedly someone he had met in Europe years before. What he had just told Dimitri was an unbelievable story and if he were telling the truth, Ryan would be in for the shock of his life. Sitting on the sofa, Dimitri and Alex discussed the phone call. Dimitri felt it sounded true, but felt they shouldn't tell Ryan until they knew it was absolutely true. Ryan was not in any condition to handle it. He told Alex it could be an elaborate prank. Gillian's death had been all over the news. Because all the details appeared to be right, he felt he needed to investigate it further. He owed it to Gillian to take care of Ryan. Alex stated she wanted to help. Dimitri agreed, saying they would do it for Gillian and Ryan. He wanted to start in London, which was where the informant had called from. They'd leave tonight. Anna and Edmund entered the room and wanted to know where they were going. Dimitri said they were going to Hungary. Edmund asked Dimitri and Alex how long they'd be gone. Dimitri replied they'd be gone as long as it took to unwind. Alex decided to go pack. As she got up to leave, Anna said she didn't know why, but she didn't want Alex to go. Alex assured her she'd be fine. She told Anna to open her heart to whatever is given. Anna told Alex she couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Gabriel. As she left to find him, she told Alex and Edmund to talk. Edmund wanted to know if Alex was ok with Anna and him. She admitted she was jealous at first because she loved him. She felt that once she and Dimitri were gone, Anna and Edmund could grow closer. There was a knock at the door. Alex opened it to find Ryan standing there. He told her he wanted to talk to Edmund and Dimitri. When he saw Edmund, he told him he wanted him to tear the turret down. Ryan said he'd even pay for the demolition or do whatever it would take to make the turret go away. Dimitri said he couldn't make the decision like that now. He was getting ready to leave. He asked Ryan if they could talk when he got back. Edmund said he would gladly take it down if that was what Ryan really wanted. He asked if Ryan would just give it a little more time. Ryan asked Dimitri where they were going. When Dimitri told him, Ryan assumed they were going to Gillian's memorial service. They told Ryan he could join them, but he said he couldn't do that. Alex worried about Gabriel and asked Anna and Edmund to make him feel like part of the family. After saying their goodbyes, Anna wondered if they were really going to Hungary. Edmund asked if she thought they were lying. She replied she didn't know. Maybe it was just her imagination. They both turned and looked at Ryan. He was sitting in a chair with a drink in one hand and Gillian's picture in the other looking very despondent.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Leo was passed out on a park bench when Gillian appeared and called his name. Leo stirred then sat up and put his hands to his aching head. He looked around and then noticed a note in his pocket. It was a note from Greenlee telling him she had gone to get coffee. He then remembered kissing her the night before. Gillian stood there still calling his name. Just then Ryan walked up and yelled to Leo. Leo told him to quit yelling. Gillian began calling Ryan's name, to no avail. Leo couldn't believe it was morning and told Ryan how he was oh so dead because he didn't go home. Gillian overhearing everything asked Leo if he would like to trade places with her. Leo asked Ryan for a ride home because he had to get out of the park before Gillian showed up. They went to leave, when Gillian tripped Leo. He fell to the ground and looked up wondering if Ryan had tripped him. Gillian was very excited that she was able to trip Leo. Leo, looking very confused, picked himself up off the ground and told Ryan they had to hurry; he wanted to be home before Laura woke up. "Please don't leave me," Gillian whispered. Natalie appeared and told Gillian that she saw how much Gillian loved Ryan and could understand why she kept popping up in Pine Valley, but Natalie was getting in a lot of hot water from "upstairs" because of it. Gillian told Natalie that she was only trying to perform her "task". She needed to find Ryan and got up to leave when Natalie grabbed her and they disappeared.

Gillian and Natalie reappeared "upstairs" and Natalie told her that they had to get something straight; Gillian could not keep disappearing. Gillian replied that she had a task to do and needed to figure out what it was. Jesse then appeared and asked them where they had been. Natalie replied that Gillian had gone to Pine Valley and she had gone to search for her. Jesse threw his hands in the air and said "AGAIN?" "Yes," Natalie replied, "but you have to remember that I'm not a cop like you were. These hot pursuits just aren't my thing." Gillian explained that she had gone to Pine Valley to complete her task and went to leave again when both Natalie and Jesse told her to stay put. Travis appeared and told Gillian that he understood what she was going through. He had gone through the same thing when he first arrived "upstairs". He told Jesse and Natalie that he would be more than happy to help Gillian out. Since Jesse and Natalie couldn't seem to help, they were happy to pass Gillian on to him. Travis took Gillian's hand and they disappeared.

Gabriel and Bianca met in the park and Gabriel thanked her for helping him get out of jail. She told him that she was glad he didn't need to spend any time in jail, especially because of what had happened to him as a child. He panicked and asked Bianca if she told anyone about what had happened and she replied that she would never do anything like that. He told her he was in jail all night but the charges were dropped and he just had to do some community service. He got up to leave and told Bianca he was heading over to the shelter to get his stuff as he was leave Pine Valley for good. Bianca told him that he couldn't leave now, he had sisters he needed to get to know. As they were chatting, Travis and Gillian appeared and listened to their conversation. Gabriel told Bianca that Dimitri didn't want him around and Bianca replied that she and Dimitri were tight so she could talk to him. Gabriel didn't want her talking to anyone. She replied that she cared about him and wanted to help him in any way that she could. She added that she knew that he also cared about her. They discussed their new friendship and he asked her if she felt okay with the fact that she was different from everyone else. She replied that it had taken her a long time to come to terms with the fact that she was gay, but she always remembered what her father had told her, "Be proud," she and Travis said at the same time. Gabriel was surprised to find out that her father knew and she replied that he didn't know before he died but that he did know now. Gabriel was confused and asked how her father would know that. She told him that she would play that board game where you talk to spirits and she got a message from her father telling her to be proud. As she said that, Travis looked away with a smile on his face. Bianca then told Gabriel that he could be proud also, but he didn't need to talk to the spirit world to get help; he had 2 sisters in Pine Valley that could help him. She asked him if they could go to Wildwind and talk to Anna and Alex. They left and Travis wiped a tear away. Gillian asked Travis if he had indeed sent Bianca that message. He said yes and then she asked him if that was his task; to make Bianca feel better about herself. Travis told her that it was for that reason and to also let her know that she was loved. Gillian told Travis that that is what she wanted for Ryan; she wanted him to know that she still loved him but she couldn't get through to him. Cindy appeared and told Gillian that maybe she needed to convey her feelings through someone else and Gillian replied that she tried to get through to Leo but he couldn't hear her either. Cindy asked Travis if she could borrow Gillian for a while. Cindy and Gillian disappeared.

At Wildwind, Anna returned from a trip around the grounds. Edmund pointed out how happy she seemed and she replied that she was; she didn't have to look over her shoulder anymore. Edmund asked her if she had any others plans and she said that she wanted to see Robin but Robin was away for a couple of weeks and she also thought that she might want to visit her brother-in-law Mac, in Port Charles. Edmund told her that she didn't need to rush off anywhere; she could stay at Wildwind indefinitely. She told him that it might be best for everyone if she leave and Edmund asked her exactly who it would be better for. She didn't know quite what to say so she told him that it might be very confusing for Edmund's children; first Auntie Alex and then Auntie Anna. As Edmund was about to reply, the doorbell rang, and Mateo walked in. He was happy to meet Anna for the first time. He explained that he had come by to talk to Anna about Gabriel. Gabriel needed her help. Mateo explained what had happened earlier and he felt that Gabriel needed to talk to someone to help get a handle on his anger. Anna agreed and told him that Gabriel would have to trust them before they could help and perhaps Mateo helping him last night would get him on the path of trusting others. Mateo told them that he would keep an eye on Gabriel and he left. Edmund confided to Anna that he understood Gabriel; he had been beaten as a child also and felt unloved. Anna was stunned and thanked Edmund for sharing his story. Edmund told Anna that Gabriel needed help and if Anna stayed in Pine Valley, they could help him together. Gabriel and Bianca walked in and Edmund introduced Bianca to Anna. Edmund told them that Mateo had just filled them in on what had happened and Anna wondered how Gabriel was doing. He replied that he was okay. Then Edmund turned to Gabriel and told him that Mateo said he had listed the shelter as his place of residence and he wondered why. Gabriel said that was his home now. Anna stepped in and told him that both she and Edmund wanted him to live at Wildwind. Gabriel hesitated and asked what Dimitri would think about it. Edmund replied that both Dimitri and Alex were out of town but he would explain it to them when they arrived back home. Anna knew that Alex would be very happy to have Gabriel living with them. It would give them all a chance to be a family. Anna pleaded with him to stay. She told him that they could help each other. She also reminded him that it was his mother that told him to find Anna. Gabriel agreed to stay.

"Upstairs," Natalie was explaining to Jesse that in order to bolster Gillian's spirit, she agreed to give her a "task", however, she added, now Gillian thinks that if she performs her "task" that she will be able to be with Ryan again. Jesse was shocked and asked Natalie what he was going to tell "the boss". Natalie assured him that with Travis and Cindy on the case, they were sure to get Gillian back.

Stuart and Marian were having breakfast and Stuart was reading a magazine with a story on Ecstasy. He was amazed that drug dealers put Ecstasy in candy necklaces to make them more attractive to children. Marian changed the subject by offering him a muffin she had baked expecially for him. He took a bite and pondered what words he could use to describe it. "Delicious," he said as he tried to choke down the bite, "any coffee??" Marian ran to the kitchen to get coffee as Stuart spit out what he hadn't choked down and hid it and the remainder of the muffin under his shirt. Marian returned and was surprised to see how quickly Stuart had gulped down the muffin. She offered him another one, but he declined claiming he was full. The phone rang and Stuart got up to answer it, before picking up the phone, he shoved the uneaten muffin in a drawer. He answered the phone and it was for Marian. She took the phone, listened for a moment and told the person on the other end that she had the wrong number and hung up quickly. "Who was that?" Stuart asked. Marian fumbled and said it was just some crazy lady. Stuart remarked that she didn't sound crazy to him; she actually sounded very nice. Gillian and Cindy appeared. Stuart could tell that Marian was uncomfortable since the phone rang and he asked her about it. Cindy whispered to Marian, "tell the truth." Marian, brushed her hand over her ear. Stuart asked her what was wrong and she told him she thought there was a mosquito in the house. He thought there might be a hole in a screen somewhere so he went outside to take a look. Gillian turned to Cindy and said that she didn't understand what she was supposed to get out of Cindy talking to Marian, "she thought you were a bug," she said. Marian picked up the phone and hit *69, the lady that called earlier answered and Marian told her that she couldn't call there anymore and that she could not come over for a visit. She added that she couldn't stay on the phone too long and hung up. Cindy whispered again to Marian that she should tell the truth. Marian walked out of the house in search of Stuart. Gillian was amazed how Cindy got Marian to go and talk to Stuart. Cindy explained that Marian didn't know that it was Cindy who told her to speak the truth, she thought it was her heart speaking. Cindy added that Stuart was her heart once and now he's Marian's heart and that's how they communicate, through their hearts. Gillian had an epiphany. She understood what she needed to do and disappeared.

Brooke was over at Laura's and was surprised to find out from Zora that Leo hadn't come home that night. She was concerned and wondered why he would leave Laura the first night she was home from the hospital. Laura walked in and asked where Leo was. Zora and Brooke answered her, both with a different reply. Trying to cover for Leo, Brooke told her he had gone out for some coffee. Leo and Ryan walked in and Laura asked him what happened. "Did you get the coffee?" Brooke asked Leo. Leo was confused. Zora jumped in and told Leo that he had the brain of a gnat, she could not believe he forgot the coffee. Leo, knowing that Brooke and Zora had tried to cover for him, told Laura that he couldn't sleep so he went out for a walk, but it was too early to get coffee. He ran into Ryan and Ryan offered him a ride home. He thanked Ryan and Ryan wandered out. Laura followed Ryan out and told him that she didn't want him feeling awkward around her. He told her that how he was feeling had nothing to do with the fact that she had Gillian's heart. Inside the house, Leo's phone rang, but he was in the shower so Brooke answered it. Leo came out of the shower and Brooke handed him the phone. She told him in an angry tone that it was Greenlee and she wanted to know where he went and if he was okay. Leo took the phone and told Greenlee he was fine and to leave him alone. Brooke looked to Leo for an explanation. He told her it wasn't what she was thinking. He explained that he had gone for a walk and ran into Ryan, who was in a bad way. He added that they shared a couple of bottles of scotch and one thing led to another, and he passed out. Brooke understand that he was concerned for Ryan but she was angry that he left his new wife on her first night home and went out and got drunk. She told Leo that things changed since he married Laura; she had a new heart and a chance to live. She said that Leo was panicked now because he had a wife that was going to live and if that was how he was feeling, he should get out now. He told her that she was blowing everything out of proportion. He reminded Brooke that it was he who asked Laura to marry him, not the other way around. She told him that the only reason he proposed was because he thought Laura was dying; now he was married to someone who wasn't dying and who he didn't truly love. Leo told Brooke that he did love Laura, but Brooke replied, he wasn't in love with her. He admitted that he married Laura to give her hope and he was incredibly freaked out about her health condition, that's why he had gotten drunk the night before, but he was over that now. Laura and Ryan walked in and Leo questioned why Ryan was still around. Ryan explained that he had misplaced his keys. They were all looking for the keys when Gillian appeared. She walked over to Laura and told her she needed to speak with her; through her heart. Gillian told Laura that she had to get Ryan's attention. Just then, Laura noticed Ryan's keys on the floor. Ryan picked up the keys and headed for the door. Gillian pleaded with Laura to hear her. As Ryan was walking out the door, Laura blurted something out in Hungarian. He turned and stared at her.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

In Leo and Laura's condo Ryan asked Laura to repeat the Hungarian phrase she uttered. Laura was confused; she didn't realize she'd said anything. Ryan told her it meant "You are my heart" and that Gillian had said it to him many times. Gillian's spirit was standing next to Laura and urged her to say it again. The words popped out of Laura's mouth and Ryan was amazed. He said it was like Gillian was with him right now. Ryan wanted to know how Laura knew the words and Laura said she had no clue, she felt hypnotized. Leo said maybe somehow Laura had Gillian's spirit in her because of the heart transplant. Ryan was appalled and said Gillian was not living through Laura and stormed out of the condo. Laura felt bad and Leo comforted her. She told Brooke and Leo that she couldn't have known that Hungarian phrase and said Ryan looked like he'd seen a ghost when she uttered the words. Brooke tried to come up with an explanation, saying Laura had spent some time with Gillian and Ryan and maybe she'd heard Gillian say the phrase. But Laura didn't buy it. She excused herself to go take her medications and Brooke asked Leo if he was serious about his marriage with Laura. She reminded him that Laura didn't know he'd been out all night and had seen Greenlee. She then asked her son in law if he still had feelings for Greenlee. Leo told her that Greenlee was in the past. He was a changed man because of Laura but Brooke questioned his motive for getting drunk last night. He said he'd made a mistake but marrying Laura wasn't a mistake. Brooke went into the kitchen to check Laura and there was a knock on the front door. Leo answered it and found a deliveryman handing him a bag with coffee and a note from Greenlee. Leo read the note that told him to meet her at SOS tonight.

Outside the condo Ryan found a bench and sat down. Gillian's spirit walked close to him then knelt next to him. She talked to him, telling him to try to feel her love. "Just open your heart and I could help you!". Jesse showed up and told her that Ryan didn't need her help. She yelled at Jesse, saying she hated "the rules" and how she couldn't touch Ryan. She then realized she could touch something that had never been alive and spotted a beach ball. Gillian rolled it to Ryan who picked it up and asked if anyone was there. Jesse told Gillian she freaked Ryan out and he couldn't believe how she was "messing with Ryan". Gillian said she could help Ryan, that she could see it in his eyes that he remembered the day on the beach and how much they loved each other. Ryan flashed back to their time lying on the sand in each other's arms, while holding the beach ball. Then he flung the ball away and cried out that he couldn't let himself remember and ran off. Gillian didn't understand what happened and Jesse explained that Ryan's heart breaks every time he remembers Gillian. Gillian wondered if it wasn't her task to help him remember and feel her love. Jesse said he didn't know what her task was and Gillian asked who did know. She told Jesse that Natalie had said if she did her task she could stay with Ryan. Jesse said she needed to pay attention to everything that's happening in the town and that would help Ryan. However, Gillian believes her only task has to do with Ryan. Jesse told her that her task might not be Ryan and that she'd find out soon enough. Gillian told Jesse that she loves and misses Ryan as Jesse took her away.

In the park Erica was in the middle of a photo shoot for her new fall line of cosmetics. A large dog ran over to her and climbed all over her. The photographers thought it was great but she just yelled "Bad dog! Get off me!". The janitor from Enchantment ran over and got the dog off of Erica. She was not happy to see him and he admitted that he'd been following her. She tried to ignore him and told the photographers that they were not using the photos with the dogs because "I don't do down to earth!". The photographer and writer left, saying that was a great headline "Erica Kane doesn't do down to earth!". The janitor came back over to her and re-introduced himself, since Erica couldn't remember his name. Chris Stamp then asked her if she wanted to know why he was following her. She feigned disinterest but he told her anyway. He said he was impressed with her, how she rescued her daughter last night from the fire at SOS. Erica mistakenly thinks he wants her thanks for helping at the rescue so pours out her gratefulness, albeit with great sarcasm, and then dismissed him. He went on with the praise, and told her she was a real pro considering she'd been at a fire, hit her head, gone to the hospital but here she was, looking "like a million". Erica didn't accept his compliments and wondered what he really wanted. Chris walked away from her for a moment and returned with an ice cream cone for her. She rudely refused his offering and asked again what he really wanted from her. He finally admitted to needing a favor from her. She was threatening to go to his boss at the cleaning company and complain about him. Chris requested that she not do that because he desperately needed the job. He explained that he's barely making ends meet, he rents a small room, has a very old car and would much appreciate Erica giving him a break. Erica pondered this for a moment and then relented. She said she wouldn't get him fired but that he should consider himself on probation. Chris laughed at this saying that was how he spent his youth. Erica started to walk away and he tried to hand her briefcase to her. It fell open and the contents spilled out. He tried to help pick up the papers but Erica said she could do it herself. He commented that "at least they had last night" and Erica told him he would never touch her again unless she was unconscious and in a burning building. She closed her briefcase and walked away.

Tad and Dixie discussed JR, who was upstairs in his room. Dixie said JR thinks they're ganging up on him and was very mad right now. Adam barged in and bellowed "There's no conceivable way I'll let you do this to my son!". Dixie just glared at him while he went on a tirade, saying they were treating JR like an addict when he only took one prescription pill. Adam said JR didn't need rehab and Dixie explained that it wasn't rehab, it was a drug counselor. Adam said this would affect JR for the rest of his life and Tad told him JR may not have the rest of his life. He handed Adam the candy necklace. Tad showed him which tablets were the drug X and said that JR was able to buy this because of the money Adam gives his son. Tad got more and more upset and said he wanted to go after the drug dealer but Dixie stopped him. Adam wondered if JR had taken any of the drug and was told no, but only because he didn't have time. Tad told Adam that the necklace had wound up in Jamie's hands and he'd almost taken some. Adam was visibly upset by this. JR came downstairs and thanked his dad for coming over and said "Don't let them do this to me!". Adam showed the candy necklace to his son and asked if he'd bought it. JR admitted it and Adam asked to speak to JR alone. Tad and Dixie stepped outside while Adam turned to JR. JR asked if Adam was going to come down on him too. Adam took JR into his arms and told him he loved him and that he was a good kid. He said he knew JR was just experimenting, like his generation did with alcohol. JR agreed with his father and wondered why everyone was getting so upset about it. Adam told JR he agreed with Dixie and wanted JR to attend the counseling sessions. JR tried to turn the tables on his father and asked Adam how many bottles of alcohol were at his home. Adam didn't fall for this and said he was an adult and knew what was in the bottles. He asked JR if he knew for certain what was in the pills he bought. JR said no and Adam again told him he was to attend the counseling sessions. Then Adam told JR about David Hayward's blackmail scheme. He explained that David had set a trap for JR and he'd fallen into it. David had a tape with JR confessing to stealing the drugs from David's room and then ingesting them. Adam said David was planning to take the tape to the cops and then JR would get a criminal record. JR told his father not to let David get away with this but Adam said he'd take care of David. He told JR to stay away from drugs and that he'd handle David Hayward. Adam made JR swear that he'd never tell anyone about David's blackmail and they shook hands on it.

Meanwhile, outside Tad and Dixie talked about what they could do to help JR. Tad was sure that Adam was telling JR how to lie to the counselor. Dixie was touched by how much Tad cared for her son and Tad said it was because he'd always thought of JR as "our son". Dixie thanked him for staying the night with them and joked about the sofa being a bit lumpy. Tad admitted that he didn't sleep much, he was awake all night wondering why he wasn't upstairs in his own bed with her. Dixie said she had been awake wondering the same thing. Tad thought maybe they could tell JR about the two of them working things out, but Dixie said not yet. Since they aren't officially back together she thought it best not to give JR false hope. Tad said JR is really mad at them, they had let him down and now he has no one to turn to. Tad said JR has some friends and they talked about the kinds of kids JR has been hanging around with. Sweeney's name came up and they both wondered why JR would hang around someone who was so much older. This raised a red flag for both of them. Tad said he was going to see Derek Frye, to show him the necklace and find out if he had any information on JR's friends. Adam came out and said JR will go to counseling. Dixie went back into the house and Adam told Tad not to go too hard on the boy and walked away. Tad got out his cell phone and called Derek. After speaking with Derek Tad went back into the house. Dixie and JR were leaving to go to the counselor's and Dixie asked if Tad would want to join them. He said no, they should keep it simple right now. After Dixie and JR left, someone knocked on the back door. Tad opened the door and let in Officer Frye. Tad handed the candy necklace to Derek who asked where Tad got it. Tad said "my 13 year old boy! Now what's going on in this town?". Derek didn't want to tell Tad anything other than the police were working on getting drugs out of Pine Valley. Tad said he thought JR got the drugs from a guy named Sweeney and wondered if Derek had ever heard of him. Derek refused to give Tad information and told him to let the police do their work. Derek said "It's bigger than you think and dangerous". He wouldn't involve Tad and Tad got very angry. He grabbed Derek and said he was already involved. Derek wouldn't budge though. Tad told him that Dixie had just taken JR to drug counseling and Derek said he wouldn't tell anyone about JR and the necklace this time. He then made Tad promise to stay out of this. Tad promised and Derek left. Tad glared at the door and said "The hell I'll stay out of it!".

Ryan returned to the yacht and his butler told him he'd being trying to reach him. As Ryan poured a drink he told the man he was sure he could handle anything that came up. The man told him it was an urgent business matter and Ryan said he didn't care about the business. Adam Chandler strolled in and told him he'd better start caring about the business. He began to lecture Ryan about taking care of Incredible Dreams. Adam said he realized Ryan was going through a terrible time but it was time to stop wallowing in his grief and get back to work. Ryan turned and punched Adam in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

On the yacht, Ryan angrily threw Adam to the floor and declared that he didn't want to hear what he had to say. A shocked Liza walked in and asked Adam if he was alright. Adam angrily retorted that Ryan had "lost his mind." Calmly, Ryan asked the pair to leave but Adam reminded him that they were standing on his yacht and he didn't have that power. Liza came between them but Adam pushed his way past her and came face-to-face with Ryan. "If you think you're in hell young man, you're wrong," he hissed. "You ain't even seen purgatory yet." Ryan reminded Adam that he had just buried his wife and that he was unaffected by anything he had to say and demanded again that he leave. Softly, Adam told him that he had faith in him, which was proven by the "bundles of money and trust" that he had given him and that he didn't want to see him flush his life and his business down the drain just because of a "personal loss." He encouraged Ryan to "move on" and "be a man." Incredulous, Liza reminded Adam of the way he had treated his family when he believed Stuart to be dead. Adam turned to her and demanded that she stay out of it. The two began to bicker and Ryan hollered that he was leaving. Liza stopped him and told the pair that they weren't leaving until they "shut (their) mouths" and listened to what she had to say. She advised Adam to wait until Ryan had the chance to collect himself but Adam replied that his dying company didn't have time. Liza suggested that he give Ryan a week to figure out what he wanted to do and if he didn't want to continue working for, then he could be replaced. Adam repeated that he didn't have the time to do that but Liza retorted that his anger stemmed from his "personal stress about JR" and not about the company. Frustrated, Adam replied that he could separate the two but Liza informed him that he couldn't and neither could anyone else going through a personal crisis. After a moment, Adam agreed to give Ryan a week and he stormed out. Alone, Ryan wondered whether "Madeleine Albright" was going to go after her husband but a teary Liza just hugged Ryan and told him she was sorry for his loss. Ryan pulled away and thanked her for her concern but assured her that he didn't need it. Liza admitted that she felt sorry for him and couldn't imagine what it felt like to lose the love of your life. Ryan confided that he constantly felt like nothing mattered anymore. She replied that she didn't want to see him throw his life away but Ryan told her that he couldn't just give it time because there wasn't "enough time in the world." Through her tears, Liza feigned a weak smile and left. "That girl sure can talk," Marion stated, as she slipped in through the back door. Surprised, Ryan asked her what she was doing there and Marion explained that she had a job for him. Ryan angrily replied that he didn't want to work and wondered what was wrong with everyone. She stated that it was important and that it meant "everything to (her)." Quietly, she confided that no one could ever know, especially

At SOS, Mateo thanked Rosa for getting her friends from St. Agnes to help prepare the club for BB Mack's return. He left to take care of some business and Rosa spotted Marcus laughing along with her friends while they cleaned tables. Smiling, she turned around and lifted up a tray of glasses. Her wobbly grip was helped by a pair of hands which came around behind her and helped her put the tray back on the table. She began to thank the person and was shocked when she turned around and realized it was Gabriel. "What are you doing here?" she asked him, as Marcus watched from across the club. Marcus made his way over to the pair and wrapped his arm around Rosa. He accused Gabriel of "harassing" her but Mateo walked over before Gabriel could reply. He demanded that Marcus go back to cleaning tables and when Marcus hesitated, Mateo told him to "get out of (his) face." Shocked, Marcus explained that Gabriel was hurting Rosa but she quickly admitted that she had just been surprised to see him. Rosa asked him what he was doing there and Gabriel quietly stated that he worked there. Marcus was shocked but Mateo challenged him and asked him if he a "problem with that." He explained that Gabriel had helped him extinguish a fire last night which nearly burned SOS down. He told the trio that they were "going to have fun" that night and advised them to stay away from each other. He led a reluctant Marcus to the back to help unload boxes and Rosa returned to the tray. Gabriel quickly ran behind the bar so that when she placed it down, they were face-to-face. Rosa turned to leave but Gabriel placed his hand on top of hers. He apologized for scaring her and explained that he had only wanted to help her. She smiled and thanked him for helping Mateo put the fire out. Gabriel didn't reply as she walked away and into the arms of Marcus, who gave Gabriel a smug look before strolling away.

Dixie and JR returned home from the drug counselor's office and Tad was no where to be found. Gingerly, Dixie asked JR if he wanted to talk about the visit but JR didn't. Dixie assured him that she would always be there for him and an agitated JR nodded and went to find doughnuts. A knock on the door jolted Dixie out of her thoughts and she answered it to find Jake on the other side, in work out clothes. He explained that he and Tad were supposed to go running and Dixie reasoned this was why he was "MIA." Inside, Jake admitted that he was surprised that he was picking Tad up there and asked Dixie if they were getting back together. Lost in her thoughts, Dixie didn't answer. She confided that she was worried that Tad had gone out looking for the dealer that sold JR drugs and that she wasn't sure what he would do once he found him. She explained that she had never seen him so "wild" before but Jake advised her not to jump to conclusions. He suggested that Tad could have "gone out looking for some old PI favors" but Dixie remained firm. She wondered whether he had already confronted the dealer and if they were too late to stop him from "making the biggest mistake of his life." JR interrupted the conversation and asked his uncle if he had heard the "good news" that he was in therapy. Jake replied that he had and reminded him that his family was always willing to listen to him. JR only nodded and admitted that he had come out to tell Jake that he was sorry for Gillian's death because he knew how much he had cared for her. Jake thanked him and stood up. He stated that he was going to leave before it got too late and Dixie agreed to walk him out. Jake turned to face JR and told him that he could get through this and advised him to not shut out the people who loved him. JR nodded and the pair left. Alone, JR quickly went to his bag, grabbed his cell phone and left a message for Sweeney asking him to meet him at the boathouse in an hour. He heard Dixie returning and quickly grabbed a magazine and sat on the couch. When she came in, JR asked his mother if they had been talking about him but Dixie assured him that "everyone (wasn't) really interested" in his "personal business." JR admitted that he wasn't liked at the community center but Dixie replied that his supervisor, John, had called the other day to tell her how much he liked him. Sneakily, JR told her that John had just called while she was in the driveway to ask him if he could stop by the community center and help out with an open house. Dixie agreed that it sounded like a fantastic idea and JR quickly picked up his bag and got ready to leave. As he reached the door, Dixie stated that she knew the past six months had been hard on him and told him she loved him. JR returned the sentiment and left.

At the boathouse, Sweeney fought with someone on his cell phone and angrily hung up. He heard a rustling in the bushes and Tad, hidden in the shadows, asked "Mr. Sweeney" if he could get him some Ecstasy. Confused, Sweeney asked who he was and how he knew his name and Tad threw a business card to his feet. Sweeney picked it up, read it and turned to run away but Tad caught him. He shoved him up against a beam and reminded him that he sold an Ecstasy necklace to his son. When Sweeney asked him what he wanted, Tad merely replied, "satisfaction." He asked Sweeney if he had given JR the Ecstasy. After Tad bashed him into the beams a few more times, Sweeney admitted that he had. Sweating and out of breath, with his hands around Sweeney's collar, Tad demanded that he give up the name of "the guy at the top" who was selling drugs to kids. Sweeney told him he couldn't because they would kill him. "Kill you, Mr. Sweeney?" Tad cooly asked. "Do you really think for one moment that I care?" Sweeney repeated that he couldn't give names but Tad told him that he would and threw him to the ground. As his hands gripped Sweeney's throat, Tad demanded to know his supplier's name. Sweeney repeated that he couldn't give names and Tad became enraged. "You can and you will," he hissed as his grip tightened. "Or so help me God, I will kill you."

At SOS, Marcus was getting touchy with Rosa and suggested that they "be alone" that evening. Rosa asked "how alone" and Marcus wondered if he had to "draw (her) a picture." Shannon suddenly walked in and spied the pair cuddling. She approached them and asked Marcus where he was taking her after the BB Mack concert. Coldly, Marcus replied that he had plans with Rosa and Shannon asked her if she could leave her alone with "(her) Marcus." Marcus replied that he was with Rosa now but Rosa left anyway to find her brother. Alone, Shannon wondered how he could be attracted to a "convent school girl" but Marcus assured her that he was. He stated that they were no longer dating and suggested that she "get a life." Shannon protested and said that he bought her a ring but Marcus only laughed and said that he had purchased it at a "street vendor in front of the mall" and it meant nothing. He turned to walk away but Shannon uneasily stated that he "owed" her for what he "did to (her)." Gabriel watched and listened as Shannon confided that she had never told anyone and wondered what would happen if she did. Marcus grabbed her arm and led her away. He told her to shut up or he would "shut (her) mouth for (her)." Shaky, Shannon reasoned that the things he had done and said to her "weren't right" but Marcus assured her that she had deserved it. "Underneath all that glam that you show everyone, you know you're not worth anything," he stated and walked away. Gabriel watched as Shannon, shocked and visibly upset, sank into a chair.

Tad arrived at SOS and sat down beside a man whom he had known in the past. The man nervously told Tad that he didn't appreciate such messages being left on his voicemail but Tad assured him that he shouldn't worry. "I always took care of you," Tad reminded him and asked him for the name of his supplier. The man replied that he couldn't give names but Tad replied that he would or else he would never be able to sell again without getting busted. Before he could reply, the man stared over Tad's head and Tad turned to see Derek. When he turned back around, the man was gone. Derek approached Tad and became suspicious of why he was with a "crack dealer" that the whole squad knew about. Tad replied that he was merely catching up with someone he knew when he was a PI but Derek was unbelieving. Derek sat down and advised Tad that dealers were dangerous and unforgiving and didn't deal well with people asking questions. When Tad became silent, Derek wondered if he had already "done something (he) shouldn't."

JR arrived at the boathouse and became nervous when he couldn't find Sweeney. He stated that Sweeney checked his messages "every two minutes" and reasoned that he should be there. His phone suddenly rang and he picked it up to hear Adam on the other line. He asked his son how his meeting had gone and JR quickly told him it was fine. Adam assured him that he just wanted to make sure he was "cared for" and stated that he and Liza were behind him. Frustrated, JR replied that he had heard this before and hung up. He continued to search the park around the boathouse but came up with nothing. "C'mon Sweeney, I don't have time for this," he called out. "We're in a lot of trouble."

At the Valley Inn, Adam became dismayed and hung up his phone. When Liza began asking how JR was, he skillfully avoided her questions. Liza demanded to know why he was shutting her out and advised him to share his feelings with her or he'd be staying at the hotel that night. She declared that he was a "live wire" and Adam explained that he became angry when the people whom he employed didn't make him any money. Liza tried to explain that Ryan was in mourning but Adam wouldn't listen. She wondered where "the man (she) loved" was hiding and Adam assured her that he was right there. He asked her what she wanted from him and Liza replied that she simply wanted his heart. Agitated, Adam told her that he had a lot on his mind and asked her if she even knew what he was going through. She admitted that she didn't and Adam wondered if that didn't tell her something. He picked up his phone again and dialed JR's number.

At the boathouse, JR's phone rang and when he saw that it was Adam, he turned his phone off. "What the hell is going on here?" he wondered, as there was still no sign of Sweeney.

Liza assured Adam that she only wanted to help him but Adam questioned why she felt the need to "challenge (him) in front of other men." Liza corrected him and said she wasn't challenging him, she was looking for a little compassion for a man who had just lost his wife. Adam assured her that this wasn't about his "fragile ego" and admitted that he doubted her faith in him. Quietly, he confided that he was "starting to wonder if (they were) on the same side of anything at all."

With a glass of scotch at his side, Ryan folded Marion's piece of paper into a paper airplane and tossed it into the air. As he raised the glass to his lips, he realized that had been nothing but a "crock."

Gabriel approached Shannon at the bar and asked her what Marcus had done to her. He admitted that he had overheard their conversation and confided that he knew what it was like to feel powerless against someone who thought they had control over you. Crying, Shannon turned to face him and wondered if he had heard the part where he said she deserved it. A giant laugh interrupted their conversation and Gabriel turned to see Marcus entertaining Rosa and her group of friends. When he turned back, Shannon was gone.

Tad confided to Derek that the people that worked with Sweeney were cowards who sold drugs to children. Derek assured him that the police were doing everything they could but Tad angrily replied that it wasn't enough. He divulged that Jake saw "a dozen underage OD's a week" in the ER and vowed that he wasn't going to wait around for a call from the hospital telling him one of his sons was there. "This insanity has got to stop," Tad stated and became quiet when he noticed the blood on his cuff. Suspicious, Derek asked him what he was hiding.

JR came down the steps of the boathouse and saw the back of Sweeney, sitting and leaning against a beam. He blasted him for not returning his calls and admitted that he had gotten worried. JR lightly hit Sweeney in the back of the head and Sweeney fell over onto his side. Shocked, JR turned him over and revealed Sweeney's eyes staring blankly into space. Realizing he was dead, JR jumped back in fear.

Thursday, July 13, 2001

Trembling, JR slowly dropped to his knees next to Sweeney's lifeless body. He hesitantly reached out to feel for a pulse on the young man's neck. In the background, the sound of an approaching voice startled the boy. He quickly jumped to his feet and raced off into the night. A man's voice called out for JR to stop, JR managed to disappear into the dark before being recognized. The man approached the boathouse, revealing his identity as Officer Bergen of the Pine Valley Police Department. Unlike JR, he immediately came upon Sweeney's body. Realizing that Sweeney had no pulse, the officer radioed to a partner to announce that he'd found "a cold one."

At Sounds of Salsa, Mateo proudly showed off the redesigned nightclub to Christian Burns, a member of pop group BBMak. Christian proudly told Mateo that "Pine Valley is [their] favorite venue." Across the club, Bianca arrived and almost immediately bumped into a very nervous Leo. Bianca smiled broadly and asked her friend if he was there to watch the concert. Having no idea that BBMak was set to perform, Leo lamely replied that he'd decided to take in the concert while Laura rested at home. Bianca's eyes widened when she spotted Greenlee slinking into the club. Leo's eyes shifted nervously and he asked Bianca not to get the wrong idea about his meeting with Greenlee. Greenlee approached Leo and told him that she was glad that he'd gotten her note and decided to meet her at the club. Leo held up his hand, flashing his wedding ring to his former lover.

Elsewhere in the club, Gabriel continued to press Shannon for the details of how Marcus had hurt her. Shannon angrily asked that Gabriel stop grilling her and stormed away. Marcus continued to put the moves on Rosa, kissing her passionately in the middle of the club. Mateo approached the pair from behind and quickly broke up their public display of affection.

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In the back of the club, Derek assured Tad that the police department had a "task force" in place to keep an eye on the drug epidemic in town. He warned Tad that he could ruin everything by sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. If that happened, Derek snarled that he'd "skin [Tad] alive." Tad turned to walk away, but Derek reached out and grabbed hold of his arm. Derek forced Tad's arm into the air, revealing the little crimson spot on his white sleeve. Derek demanded to know how Tad had gotten the blood stain. "My conscience is clean" Tad replied coldly. "I haven't done anything I regret." Before Derek could express his concern of Tad's remark, he received a phone call alerting him to the corpse found at the boathouse.

BBMak took center stage and performed their latest hot, "The Ghost of You and Me."

After the mini-concert, Christian told Mateo that he was upset that Hayley had been unable to attend the performance. With a smile he asked Mateo if it would be okay for him and his two bandmates to sneak to their condo and meet privately with Hayley. Mateo was overjoyed and said that he'd help the group sneak out of the club through the back door.

Rosa received a note from Marcus asking her to meet him at the boathouse. Rosa melted upon reading the words, dotted with Spanish expressions like "mi corazón." Suddenly, Gabriel snatched the note away from Rosa and told her not to go anywhere with Marcus. "He's not right for you," Gabriel snapped. Rosa was visibly upset and told Gabriel that she is tired of people telling her how to live her life. "I want to scope [life] out and see what all the buzz is about," Rosa replied. Nevertheless, she thanked Gabriel for his concern. Bianca raced over to Gabriel and asked if he'd like to dance with her. "I thought you didn't like guys," Gabriel replied sassily. He quickly realized that his remark wasn't quite polite and apologized to Bianca for the crack. Nevertheless, Bianca took Gabriel by the hand and led him to the dance floor, promising that she'd help prevent him from getting himself into more trouble. After their dance, Shannon sauntered over to the pair and mused that she didn't realize Bianca was "into" dancing with guys. Bianca tilted her head to the side and told Shannon that she had toyed with the idea of asking her to dance. "I didn't want to turn you on," Bianca sneered. Outraged, Shannon stormed away. Gabriel, meanwhile, burst into laughter.

Greenlee and Leo sat down at a table to discuss some matters. Greenlee told Leo that she was sad to see that he was lying to himself about his feelings for Laura. "You're trying so hard to prove you're not the same guy who broke my heart," Greenlee said softly. Leo continued to insist that he truly loves Laura. Greenlee didn't by it. Finally, she revealed that she caught Leo getting a cash handout from Brooke. Leo nodded his head and explained that Brooke had given him "a loan" for his condo. He insisted that he planned to pay back every cent to Brooke. Greenlee urged Leo to cut his ties to Laura. After all, she said somewhat coldly, he had already lived up to his end of the bargain by helping give Laura a reason to fight for her life. The way Greenlee sees it, Brooke owes Leo "way more." Greenlee then pledged to Leo "exactly" as he is. Leo looked up as Laura slowly walked into the club.

Derek arrive at the boathouse and was briefed on the situation by Officer Bergen. The officer offered several scenarios as to who might have bumped off Sweeney. Derek seemed to agree that a rival drug dealer might have offed Sweeney to take over his territory. As Derek walked around, he spotted a small rectangular piece of paper on the ground. He leaned over to take a closer look and found that it was the business card that Tad had slipped to Sweeney earlier in the evening. Derek took a plastic bag from his pocket and properly bagged the piece of evidence. With that, he told Officer Bergen that he was going to make sure that a friend hadn't gotten himself into some serious trouble.

At The Valley Inn, Adam continued to chastise Liza for what he saw as her siding against him. Liza rolled her eyes and explained that she wanted Adam to give Ryan another week to mourn for Gillian before forcing him back into work. Adam argued that an additional week probably wouldn't help Ryan. Liza agreed that an additional week might not help, but continued to ask that her husband show some restraint when dealing with Ryan. Liza stepped away to handle a business call to Japan. Soon after she left, David strolled over to the table and informed Adam that he'd met with his "legal dream team." According to David, Barry Shire wanted him to cop a plea and serve three years at Statesville. Adam replied that the deal sounded quite good considering the charges against David. David angrily told Adam that he didn't want to spend "three minutes" in jail. He ordered the multi-millionaire to meet with Barry and do whatever he had to do to keep him out of jail. If not, David growled, he'd take JR down with him. Adam reluctantly agreed to David's terms and David headed on his way. Seconds later, JR raced into the restaurant and frantically told his father that something terrible had happened. JR confessed that he'd lied about being at the community center and said that he'd found Sweeney dead at the boathouse. As soon as JR dropped this bombshell, Liza appeared tableside and tried to make small talk with her stepson. JR appeared cold and unwilling to engage in the banter. Adam told Liza to feel free to finish her business calls because he and JR had some "father-son" things to discuss. Liza nodded and headed on her way. Adam listened to the remainder of JR's tale and told him to head home and stay there for the rest of the night. If asked about his whereabouts, Adam told JR that he was to say that he'd been with him and Liza the whole night. Adam handed his son some cab fare and sent him on his way. Liza returned to the table and asked Adam about his chat with JR. Adam told Liza that he needed her to lie about being with JR for the entire evening. Liza refused and became furious when Adam told her that she did not need to know why he wanted her to lie. Adam paused for a moment, presumably mulling whether or not to tell Liza the truth. Ultimately he did reveal the truth to Liza, telling her that JR had stumbled across the body of one of his friends. Liza gasped, but her reaction was not what would draw fire from Adam. Liza questioned if it was possible that JR had killed Sweeney. She rationalized that since JR had lied about his drug use it was possible that he'd lie about killing someone. "He's my son," snapped Adam. "That's exactly what I'm afraid of," Liza replied.

Derek arrived at Tad and Dixie's house looking for Tad. Dixie greeted Derek at the door and soon realized that the detective had not dropped by for a social call. Derek told Dixie that he was concerned that Tad was playing "vigilante cowboy" as a result of JR's drug use. Dixie's eyes widened, but she did not reveal that she had similar concerns about her husband. Dixie asked Derek why he'd come by with so many questions. Derek flashed a pained expression for several moments before telling Dixie that Sweeney had been found dead at the boathouse. He also revealed that when he'd talked to Tad earlier in the night, he'd noticed a spot of blood on his cuff. Dixie remained calm and assured Derek that she'd have Tad call him as soon as he returned home. After Derek left, Dixie scrambled for the phone. She called Tad's cellular phone and asked him to meet her at the Pine Cone Motel where she'd be registered under the name Mrs. Carson. She then grabbed a piece of paper and scrawled a note to her son telling him that she had to step out.

Later when Tad arrived at the sleazy motel just outside town, he knocked on the door of on of the motel rooms. The door quickly opened and Dixie pulled her husband inside. She slammed the door and wrapped her arms around Tad. Tad looked curiously at Dixie and asked her what was going on. "What have you done?" Dixie said softly as she looked up at her husband.

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