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Isabella and Mary bonded while discussing children. Tricia appeared to be about to poison Noah. Alex talked Malcolm out of skipping town with Nate. Jack convinced Phyllis to marry him. Rianna seemed hurt by J.T.'s feelings for Mac.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, July 9, 2001

Outdoor Restaurant

Nikki explains to Victor that she wanted to fire Larry Warton from Jabot but was unable to because his probation would be rescinded. She lets him know that she knows how pleased he would have been but she had no other choice. She tells him that she is the first person probably in his life that Warton has put his trust in.

Nikki stands by her decision regarding Warton. Victor tells her that he likes that she is standing up to what she believes, that he likes her strength. He also tells that he thinks that they can be friends. Nikki smiles as he touches her hand.

The Coffeehouse

Warton is at the coffeehouse talking to Nick and Sharon. While talking, they ask him how he feels about Nikki getting him another job, Warton wonders if Nikki changed her mind again. They tell him that they don't think so. Cassie brings him a fruit smoothie. He tells Cassie with Nick and Sharon within earshot that he will do everything in his power not to let Nikki down. When Warton leaves, Cassie is happy to see how happy everyone is right now.

Ryan's Apartment

Victoria lets Ryan know how uneasy she is that Tricia has been released from the hospital. Victoria says she does not want this woman loose on the streets. She tells Ryan that she does not believe that she will be able to relax and concentrate on them. Ryan tries to put Victoria at ease by telling him that Tricia is homebound and the only time that she can leave home is to go to see her doctors. She reassures Victoria that they have nothing to fear from Tricia.

Malcolm's Apartment

Alex talks Malcolm out of his plan to run away with Nate. Alex tries to calm by telling him that everything will be okay. Malcolm is concerned that because of the delay that he will disappoint Nate by not being able to come through with the baseball game at the end of the month.

Michael's Office

Phyllis visits Michael and tells him that Jack asked her to marry him. She tells Michael that she is thinking about it. She ask him what is on his mind and he tells her that a case he is working on has him concerned, he thinks that the kid in this case (Nate) would be better off if his client (Olivia) would drop this case. Phyllis is impressed that he thinking of the welfare of a child.

The Abbott House

The Glo by Jabot kids are waiting for Sean so they can begin work. The tension is thick with J.T. and Brittany there. Brittany tells J.T. to stay cool and concentrate on getting Mac back. Billy tells Raul that he is does not like having J.T. there at all. Rianna gets emotional with J.T. there and they talk privately with Mac about how J.T. never really cared for Rianna like he cares for Mac. Mac admits that J.T. has changed. Rianna says that she does not understand why this is bothering her now since she has Raul who is wonderful. Raul and Billy take a swim, afterwards, he needs to check his blood sugar. As he taking his blood sugar, J.T. asks what's going on. Billy tells him this is something he has to do; he should go to the website and read up on juvenile diabetes. After everyone leaves, Mac and Billy have a private moment where they admit how much they care about each other.

Dennison House

Tricia arrives home from the hospital with her father. She tells her father that she will get better. When her father leaves her alone, Matt appears. She asks him what he thinks about her performance thus far. She tells him that she is in control and that he will disappear whenever she wants him to. She tells him that she has been pretending for years since her mother died that she was okay. He asks her why she conjured him of all people up. She tells him that he would appreciate more than anyone else what she has planned.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Crimson Lights:

Sharon informs Victoria that Larry is still working at Jabot. Nikki changed her mind. Victoria is unfazed by the news. She's distracted by the news that Tricia is out of the hospital. Sharon can't believe that Tricia is out. It's way too soon. According to Ryan there's nothing they can do but Sharon is determined to do something. Billy finds Mackenzie and kisses her 'hello'. He wonders where everyone else is since they were supposed to meet there before going to the Boutique. Mac tells him she's nervous about opening her report card. He is too he admits. They're apprehensive about college and being seniors next year. Brittany tells J.T. that he needs to be more focused on their goal but he still isn't interested in doing anything. She has revenge on her mind though. When Raul and Rianna arrive they decide to all open their report cards together. Raul did great considering all the catching up. Mac notices that they also got complete transcripts of all their grades. She decides to get a peak at her transcript to see where she went to school before.

Victor's Office:

Victor demands an update from Ryan on the situation with Tricia. He tells Vic that Tricia signed the divorce papers and his ties to Tricia are on the verge of being completely severed. He is fully committed to Tricia. Before he can mention that Tricia has been released from the hospital Sharon bursts in. She wants to talk about the Tricia situation. She tells Vic that Tricia is out of the hospital and Ryan explains that she's under medication and will be taken care of. Sharon is furious that her warnings about Tricia are once again being ignored. Victor excuses Ryan. Victor calls John Silva to see what they can do. John can't believe she got out so early either. Victor wants to know if they could press charges. John says they could but the DA has no obligation to prosecute her since she was a key witness for the defense. To go after her now wouldn't do any good. She wouldn't serve any jail time and the only thing they can pin on her is hack into the NE computer system and she can claim she was duped by Matt to do it under the impression that they were going after Victoria. Vic thanks John but tells Sharon there is something else they can do.

Abbott House:

Phyllis sits pensively, obviously still thinking about Jack's proposal. She notices Colleen and introduces herself. Colleen recognizes Phyllis' name from last years GLOW campaign. Phyllis offers to answer any computer/Internet questions she might have. Billy arrives and Phyllis leaves the teens to talk. He offers to take her to the new GLOW Boutique. She asks for a rain check. John thanks Billy for his efforts to bring Colleen out of her shell. Jack arrives looking for Phyllis. He needs to speak with her. John asks his son if he's spoken with Phyllis about keeping a low profile. He mentioned it but had other things to talk about that were more pressing. John spots Phyllis later and asks to speak with her. She tells him that she will behave around Colleen as she just did. John grills her about what she said to her. Phyllis is offended by his assumption that any contact with her would corrupt his granddaughter. Jack breaks up the argument and asks to speak with her privately.

Outside he explains that John has never liked the idea of them living together which only upsets her more. She feels an even bigger gulf between her and his father. jack has an idea to brig them together. She can accept his proposal. She thinks that the whole situation is a set up to get her to marry him. Everything is fine the way it is why does it have to change. He tells her this is all about her fear of commitment. She gets defensive about it. Marriage was not a good thing for her and will never work. He wonders if she's avoiding him. She needs time to figure this out. Colleen asks John if he's heard from Traci but he tells her it's only been a day. Colleen worries that Traci might not want to talk with her since it's been so unpleasant dealing with the whole situation. She asks that if Traci goes back to Steve can she stay with John. She doesn't want to ever see him again.

Carlton House:

Brad and Ashley enjoy a romantic breakfast. Ashley appreciates how difficult it must have been for him to tell John that he doesn't think it would be a good idea for Colleen to stay at their house. He hopes for one day to have a good friendship with his daughter but recognizes that now is not the time to try too hard. They decide to stop by the Abbott house so Colleen can play with Abby.

Jabot Boutique:

The GLOW Boutique is finally ready. Jill and Sean double check to make sure everything is ready. Jill is very pleased with the final touches. Sean apologizes for not seeing Jill since their night together and wants to make up for it. Jill won't be pulled in again. She thought that after they spent the night together she thought that his quirky behavior would mellow out and they would have a more normal relationship. He apologizes again for his not calling and kisses her. She resists at first but gives in. The kids arrive and love the set-up. Britt takes Advantage of their distraction to rifle through Mac's purse to pull out her transcript. She gets the name of her old school.

Dennison House:

Tricia senses that Keith still doesn't fully trust her alone I the house but he assures her that he does and offers to make her breakfast. Tricia talks to her conjuring of "Matt Carter" about her plans for revenge. She never mentioned revenge so he asks her what she is planning. She admits that the pills the hospital gave her did clear thing sup but she didn't like the feeling of weakness the medication gave her. She realized her so-called friends and family were responsible for trying to turn her into some weak kitten. They might have even been plotting with her enemies. She realized that the best thing for her was to become the monster they all thought she was anyway. Keith 'interrupts' to tell her he has to run to the store to get her breakfast. Matt criticizes Keith's parenting but Tricia defends her father. He did his best but Matt thinks it obviously wasn't enough. The doorbell rings and she's startled to see Victor there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Victor questions Tricia about her release from the clinic. She goes on to blame Matt for all of her troubles, insisting that she too was tormented by the deranged man, given pills and raped. She claims that she's still in therapy but then accuses Victor of not being satisfied with all she has done. Keith returns and, as Tricia secretly listens from the kitchen, the two face off about whether Keith's daughter should be free to live in Genoa City. Ashley and Brad bring Abby over and convince Colleen to swim with them. Brad decides to do what he can to get Colleen to be with the website kids. She's not interested but does get excited when he mentions signing her up for a dance class. Brittany calls to get the phone number to Mac's school in St. Louis. J.T. senses something is up and warns her about hurting Mac. J.T. then warns Mac as the Glo by Jabot Boutique opens with in-store appearances by the website kids. Michael accuses Phyllis of being afraid to marry Jack because she knows he's the perfect man for her. He urges her not to let her past mistakes ruin her future. She later considers attending a West Coast computer conference. Meanwhile, Nikki can't believe it when Jack admits he asked Phyllis to marry him. Hearing she refused to answer, Nikki guesses her marriage to Danny may be at play here. Just then, Phyllis calls and reveals her travel plans and suggests that when she comes back, she may take up his offer and move out if things with Colleen aren't solved.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

by Ruth

Mamie visited Malcolm at the Studio and tried to console him about his problems with Olivia. While she was there, a box arrived holding a brand new disco ball -- something he had in store as part of a surprise for Alex. He acted like he may not go through with it, but she would hear nothing of it. He headed for Gina's to talk to her.

Before he arrived at Gina's, Alex found Michael Baldwin at a table alone. She quickly joined him and proceeded to accuse him of doing whatever it took to win the case against Malcolm. He would not take responsibility for the situation -- an attorney has to do what the client wants him to do. He did seem somewhat in agreement about what was really best for little Nate and she seemed to sense that.

Malcolm talked to Gina about reserving her new room, Gina's II, some night soon. She wouldn't be able to oblige right away, so she called her friends at the Colonnade Room and reserved the private dining room for him that same evening. Just as he was about to fly into action, Alex arrived to ask what the excitement was all about.

Victor asked Keith Dennison to leave the house with him so that they could talk about Tricia privately. They left her alone with her imaginary friend, Matt Clark, and Matt tried to get her to divulge her sinister plans for the Newmans. She admitted that her targets were Sharon and Victoria, but nothing else. He warned her that she must get Victor off of her back in order to get anything done -- she could not trick herself into thinking that he wasn't dangerous.

After Victoria left Ryan behind at the coffeehouse upset about not being able to tell Victor about Tricia himself, she arrived at her father's office to find him visiting with Keith. Keith stood his ground insisting that he would keep a close eye on his daughter and wouldn't consider sending her back to the hospital. Victor granted him a leave of absence and asked him to make sure that she was taking her medication.

Before J.T. could get into any detail about his suspicions of Brittany, Billy cut in to see what he was talking to Mac about. J.T. did some chatting on the computer and Rianna asked him about his memories of their time together. He wouldn't admit to regretting anything, which upset her. Mac could tell that she wasn't herself -- Rianna asked Mac to keep it quiet and that she had no problem with him being part of the group.

Behind the curtains, Brittany talked to someone at Mackenzie's school about getting in touch with her "old friend." They would not divulge any information, but agreed to forward a letter. Brittany wrote a note to Mac's parents telling them that she had some information about their daughter and was looking forward to hearing from them.

Jack slid his way into Phyllis' hotel room along with her assistant as she came out of the shower with a towel on. She threatened to have them call Security, but he appeased her in time. He apologized for his family's behavior and wondered why she wasn't willing to fight for what they both knew was the best thing. She continued to fight against being pressured into marriage -- they couldn't seem to get through to each other. Finally, he headed for the door, telling her to call him when she returned to Genoa City and they would decide what to do with her things. . . . . .

Friday, July 13, 2001

Phyllis' Hotel room:

A teary-eyed Phyllis stops Jack from leaving her hotel room. He doesn't want to leave until he knows exactly why she is so adamant about not marrying him. She feels that marriage closes doors but he tells her that he is tired of searching. He's found the woman he wants to love forever. She worries she'll mess up and he tells her she probably will, as will he; they're not perfect. He's sure his family will eventually come around and if they don't that's their problem. He wants to be with the woman who gave him back his life. She's shocked that he thinks she did that to him. He asks her to marry him again. She's not good at marriage but he tells her he is not Danny Romalotti nor is she the same woman who married him. She finally accepts his proposal. He promises her the most wonderful life together with never a dull moment. They kiss.

Nick's Office:

Victoria stops by to tell Nick that Tricia is out of the hospital. He thinks she's talking about Larry still working at Jabot. Nick is as surprised as she is that Tricia is out. She fills him on Vic's visit to the Dennison house and his plan to keep tabs on Tricia through Keith.

Dennison House:

Tricia watches as Keith lays out mousetraps filled laced with poison. He asks if Victor's visit bothered her but she says she's fine. She asks if Victor was going to try to have her committed. He tells her that he convinced Vic not to take any action by appealing to hiss compassionate side. Tricia is skeptical but Keith is sure that everyone will soon see the remarkable changes in her. She heads out to her therapy session and convinces him not to take her to it. Before she leaves she pockets one of the mousetrap baits.


Alex wonders what Malcolm and Gina were talking about but both clam up. He tells her to keep tonight open but she can't make promises. He then gets Gina to stall as long as possible. She gets Alex to try a new red pepper sauce. Alex realizes it's a stall tactic and wants to know why. Before she is about to leave Malcolm calls her and tells her to go to the Colonnade Room. He will explain everything there.

Colonnade Room:

Malcolm puts the finishing touches on his surprise for Alex. She finally arrives and demands to know what's going on. She figures it's some sort of party but tells him that she isn't dressed for such an occasion. He proceeds to have several dresses brought out for her. She is touched by the gesture but hesitates putting anything on until he explains but he keeps mum. Dressed up, he pins a corsage on her dress. He escorts her into the main room made up as a prom from 1988 complete with music and decorations.

Williams Investigations:

Paul is bothered that he had to be called in on another case in the middle of an important development in the Isabella case. Nikki stops by and notices the tension between him and Lynn. She asks how things are with Christine but he says the more time passes the more he loses hope of reconciliation. She senses that maybe Isabella has something to do with his changing attitude. Marissa notices Lynn's melancholy over the Isabella/Paul situation. She is sure there's something she could do to help. Nikki tells him that he is on the rebound and should tread carefully. It's not one sided he tells her. They've helped each other. Once the case is over something more may develop. Nikki decides to check out Isabella more thoroughly.

Williams' Apt.:

Mary keeps Isabella company while she looks through her husband's papers. They find old pictures of Isabella which makes her regret not having a family of her own. She's happy she didn't with James but still wonders what it would be like to have children. Mary tells her that children are a way to bring a couple together and laments that it was children that drove a wedge between Paul and Christine. Christine put her career first and Paul wanted a child very much.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon has to leave but Doris will be late picking up Noah. Nick arrives and will take Noah over himself later. He tells his wife that he knows about Tricia. She asks if Victor had her put away yet. He tells her that Keith got Victor to back off. She's furious that Vic caved so easily. Tricia is a murderer! They don't notice Tricia sneak in through the back. They realize that they must stay on their toes. Tricia overhears Sharon bad-mouthing her and notices Noah playing with the sugar packets. She approaches Noah and asks if he likes sweet things. She has something even better than sugar and offers him the mouse poison.

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