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Proteus continued to haunt Mateo. Hayley feared that her husband was keeping secrets from her. Erica tried to convince Frankie to leave town. Greenlee found the letter that Leo had left for Laura, but he vowed that it was a mistake. Laura assured her family and friends that her psychiatrist had attributed her strange behavior to her medication. Adam convinced Mia to seduce Ryan in exchange for information about her family. David was attracted to Anna, although he suspected she might be investigating him on behalf of the WSB.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, October 8, 2001

As Anna was about to unlock the door to her room, she noticed the door was ajar. Cautiously entering the room, she saw a shadowy figure walk by the door. Picking up the fireplace poker, she hid behind the door and waited. As the intruder entered her living room, she struck him with the poker and knocked him to the sofa. As the intruder struggled, he looked up at her. Anna suddenly realized it was Mac. Upset, Anna explained that she thought Mac was an intruder. He told her he came to Pine Valley to find her. Anna explained that it had been a difficult time for her. She found out she had a brother she knew nothing of, Alex had gone to Europe with Dimitri and she had just moved into the suite. She had lots of things to work out. Mac told her he was upset that when she finally remembered Robert was dead, she notified him by email. He couldn't understand who she turned herself into to survive. Anna apologized for handling that so badly. After she had remembered what happened, she wanted to tell Robin in person. She should have done the same for him. She now realized she only had enough courage left for her. She felt she was a coward. Mac told her he could call her a lot of things, but coward was not one of them. Then he asked for a hug. Anna asked how everyone was. Mac stated he was not going there. She had to go back home with him. It was time to put things aside and just go home. Anna replied that she couldn't go home with him. Not now - not ever. She couldn't go back to Port Charles again. Now that she had found out who she was again, she felt she was where she needed to be. Mac wanted to know if she was staying in Pine Valley because she met someone. She denied that, but told him at one point she thought it might have been Edmund. That just didn't work out. Mac didn't believe her. He wanted to know what she was doing there then. Anna accused Mac of being suspicious. He felt she was on a case. She asked him to let her return at her own pace. Finally, he agreed. She was happy to see Mac, but he realized she didn't want him just popping in for a while. Anna promised to keep in touch and they said goodbye. Outside her room, Mac said, "Oh, Anna! You are up to something!"

Jake handed David his resignation from the research project. He felt David had set him up by offering him the job he couldn't refuse, then attacking Joe's reputation. David knew Jake wouldn't stomach working with him after that. David took the resignation from Jake and chided him for not following through. He reminded Jake that it would reflect badly on him, but that he didn't finish med school, either. Jake knew then that what he had thought was true - that David had planned it that way all along. David pretended he didn't know what Jake was getting at. Jake explained that David had set him up. If he resigned, David would look strong and Jake would look weak and spineless. Then David would be getting rid of two Martins with one stone. To David's surprise, Jake said he wasn't resigning. Not only wasn't he resigning, but also his career was going to take off like a booster rocket. David told Jake he didn't have street smarts and was too old to learn them. When he became the Chief of Staff, he'd be calling all the shots. Jake reminded David that the Board called the shots. David laughed at that. He felt money talked. Jake said he had copied David on that. David wanted to know what Jake was babbling about. Jake replied that he was babbling about "the terminator" and left the room. He returned wheeling Phoebe into the room. Phoebe told David she was prepared to give the hospital a large donation. It would be in the form of a trust and would be overseen by the Chief of Staff, Joe Martin. Although David was a brilliant surgeon, Phoebe couldn't stand people who threaten other people and try to dislodge them because of their age. She called that "ageism" and said she didn't like it. She said it was shameful. Then she asked Jake to return her to the hall where her driver was waiting for her. Jake returned to the room gloating. David warned Jake that he'd be watched like a hawk. Jake said he'd actually welcome the scrutiny and hoped David would, too. As David walked away, Jake smiled and told David to get used to it. He couldn't be top dog forever.

Erica was seated at a table at the Valley Inn when Jack joined her. Erica immediately wanted to know what he had found out about Frankie. Jack reminded her that he didn't work for her anymore. She begged Jack to sit down. When he was seated, Erica began to quiz him again about Frankie. He reiterated that he didn't work for her anymore. Erica couldn't let it go. She felt there was something about that girl they couldn't trust. She felt Frankie was after Bianca and they had to stop her. Jack wanted an explanation from Erica. She didn't feel she had to explain anything. Frankie had caused the accident, obviously to get money from her. Then she sold her story to Donald Steele and then ended up in Bianca's bathroom. Erica was afraid Frankie was taking advantage of Bianca's naiveté. She wanted to know what Jack found out in his research. Jack said he never did the research. He told her he wasn't working for her now. He was employed by the DA - not her. Erica appealed to him for help. Jack felt Bianca was very capable of taking care of herself. Erica cried that Bianca was only seventeen and really needed their help. Jack felt it was time to leave. As he started to get up, Chris Stamp arrived at their table. Jack wanted to know when Chris got his summons from "Her Royal Highness." Chris said he had just received it. After Jack was gone, Erica asked Chris to stay. He asked why and Erica said she just wanted a few minutes to explain. She promised she wouldn't resort to games with him ever again. She had wanted Jack and Chris there together so they could pool their information on Frankie. Jack had let her down. Erica felt they needed to find out who Frankie really was. She asked Chris if he found anything. He had done some checking, but didn't find anything on Frankie. Erica assumed she was using an alias then. Chris replied that could be one explanation. The other could be that she was telling the truth. Erica ignored that possibility. She asked Chris if he had used FBI people. Amazed, Chris said he wouldn't use the federal government to run her personal errands. He asked if she had ever heard of invasion of privacy. He felt Erica didn't like Frankie because she rubbed Erica the wrong way. He didn't think Erica would be happy until she was removed from Erica's orbit. He apologized and told Erica he wouldn't do that for her. This irritated Erica. She reminded Chris that he had put her and her family in jeopardy with his undercover scheme. If he didn't help her out, she was going to blow his cover by going to the press. Erica said she had access to every major newspaper and threatened to go to them unless he helped her. This made Chris angry and he warned her to keep her mouth shut about his operation. Then he told Erica since Frankie hadn't filed charges against her, she should just let it drop. Erica said Frankie knew she wouldn't win against Erica, so she had gone to someone more vulnerable - Bianca. Erica was going to protect her at all costs. She said she would do anything if her child were in danger. Chris promised to see what he could do. As he started to rise, Erica placed her hand over his. When Chris asked, "What now?" Erica just looked at him and shook her head. She said she just depended on him like she did with all her friends. He asked if she called all her friends "mister." She said maybe if he was nice - then stopped. Chris shook his head and said she was incredible. Erica thanked him and told him she still wanted Frankie gone. After Chris was gone, Erica smugly said, "I do get what I want."

Bianca and Frankie walked in the park drinking coffee. Frankie told Bianca she thought they were being followed - possibly by a truant officer. When Bianca seemed surprised, Frankie laughed and called her gullible. Irritated, Bianca stated that she wasn't as gullible as Frankie thought. She was miffed because Frankie actually thought Bianca was afraid that a truant officer might be following them. Frankie defended herself by saying Bianca lived in her nice home with her famous mother, while she lived out of her knapsack most of the time. She had no worries and no obligations. Bianca retorted that she probably did have worries but just pretended she didn't. Frankie asked if Bianca was mad at her. Bianca explained that she didn't like be infantilized by someone who thought she was better because she lived out of a knapsack. She felt her mother treated her very well. Then just for her information, she told Frankie she didn't cut classes. She actually had independent studies and just stopped by the school to get a book. Bianca accused Frankie of lying. Frankie had told her she had been planning on registering for classes and getting a job. Bianca wanted to know if she still intended on doing that or if she expected [Bianca] to take care of her to the end of time. Frankie assured Bianca that her intention was to go to school and get a job. Bianca asked where she was staying. The night before Frankie had stayed in a hotel lobby. She didn't have money, and school and housing cost. She couldn't find a job. She had no references, no luck. She felt Erica may have black balled her. Bianca defended her mother. Then she had an idea. She told Frankie to clean up their litter and follow her.

Bianca and Frankie arrived at the Valley Inn. They met Opal in the lobby. Bianca introduced Frankie to Opal. Getting right to the point, Bianca explained she wanted Opal to give Frankie a job. When Opal recognized Frankie from the Intruder story, Bianca smoothed everything over and asked Opal to give Frankie free room and board if she worked for her. Opal felt Bianca was asking for a whole lot on the spot. Bianca said she'd vouch for Frankie 100%. Opal wanted references first. Just then Erica entered the lobby and wanted to know what was going on. Bianca responded that Opal was very generously thinking of offering Frankie a job. Erica insisted Opal quit thinking about that. Erica forbade it. Opal was incredulous and asked Erica, "Since when?" Bianca asked Erica to stop. Erica ignored Bianca and accused Frankie of being a con artist. Frankie defended herself by saying she only gave the story to the Intruder because she needed the money. She insisted she wasn't going to sue Erica or anyone. She just needed a job. When Erica stated Frankie wasn't going to work at the Glamourama, Opal stepped in and hired Frankie. She told Erica to put a muzzle on it. She reminded Erica she didn't tell her how to run Enchantment and told Erica not to tell her how to run the Glam. Erica told Opal she would so enjoy telling her "I told you so" when Frankie cleaned her out. After Erica was gone, Opal turned to Frankie and said, "Don't make her right, you hear?"

While Hayley tried different combinations to open the safe at SOS, Mateo came back to the room and asked what she was doing. She looked at him and stated that she was trying to figure out just what he was hiding from her. Mateo denied hiding anything from her. He said he changed the safe combination every so often because he read about it in a manual. Hayley told him he was really scaring her now because he was looking right at her and lying. She told him he'd better tell her the truth now or there would be major problems. Frustrated, Mateo agreed to tell her the truth. Mateo told Hayley he didn't trust Chris Stamp, so he changed the combination from time to time. He didn't tell her because he didn't want her to worry. Hayley asked if Chris was dangerous. She told Mateo she thought Chris had been listening in on a conversation she had with Ryan the day before. Then she told Mateo they used to share everything about the business. He replied that that was before she gave him the "beautiful gift." They hugged. Hayley asked Mateo not to protect her like that anymore. It made her not trust him. They were in this together. Hayley told Mateo his mother had agreed to watch the baby all morning. That meant they had some time alone together before SOS opened. Just then the phone rang. It was Proteus. He told Mateo he had followed orders well and everything had gone as planned. He warned Mateo that it would be a mistake to let Hayley in on it. Hayley wanted to know who he was talking to. He told her it was a whiskey distributor. She decided to visit the "little girl's room" and left. Once she was out of the room, Mateo angrily told Proteus to leave Hayley and his family out of this. Proteus told Mateo he did not give the orders. Mateo was upset and warned Proteus to leave his family alone or he'd go to the police. He didn't care if he went to jail. Proteus told Mateo to calm down. When Hayley returned, she commented on the nasty distributor. Mateo hastily lead Hayley from SOS. He wanted to get away. When Hayley asked where they were going, Mateo said he wanted to surprise her.

Hayley and Mateo walked onto the beach. Mateo reminisced that he had found her on the beach and also found himself there. He never wanted to lose what they had found there. Hayley assured him they wouldn't. The baby made their bond stronger. Mateo told Hayley how much he loved her. As they hugged, they were unaware that someone in the shadows was snapping pictures of them.

David pounded at Anna's door, shouting for her to open up. Anna opened the door clad only in a towel and a smile. As David smiled his appreciation, Anna said, "What's up, Doc?"

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Greenlee posed as Laura and visited a psychiatrist at the hospital. "Laura" confessed her irrational behavior and insecurity over her husband being in love with another woman. "Laura" asked the doctor what was wrong with her, but he could sense that she wasn't being honest. Greenlee then lied that she was a writer investigating her character Laura. When the angry doctor asked her to leave, Greenlee finally admitted her deception, saying that someone's life depended on this information. Based on the behavior Greenlee described, the doctor surmised that Laura was a narcissist who loses touch with reality, and has no conscience. As Greenlee thanked the doctor, Jake overheard him refer to her as "Mrs. du Pres." Grateful for her advice regarding David, Jake surprised Greenlee by thanking and kissing her instead of blasting her for her latest antics. Edmund defended Leo's actions to an upset Brooke, and he suggested that they let Leo and Laura work out their own problems. A reluctant Brooke agreed, but was still concerned that Laura's heart would be broken. Laura panicked when she realized Leo's note was gone from her bed, until she spotted it on the gurney outside her room. Leo urged Laura to join his quest to focus on restoring fun to their marriage, but Laura privately remained focused on Leo's lost letter. Laura pretended to be parched, and she asked Leo to fetch her some ice chips from the nurse.

When Leo left, she slipped out to recover the letter. The note fell from the gurney, and an orderly threw it in the trash. Brooke, Edmund, and Leo caught Laura sifting through trash, but she covered by saying that she was looking for her magazine. Back in her room, Laura had a daymare of Leo and Greenlee mocking her about the note. After Leo snapped her out of it, Laura was further unnerved when she opened Brooke's gift, which was a cukoo clock. Later, Greenlee ran into Laura going through the garbage again. Greenlee taunted Laura, and their exchange turned physical when Laura started to strangle Greenlee.

Jake encountered Joe on the sunporch, and the two discussed Phoebe's donation. Joe thanked Jake, after realizing that he had arranged the donation behind his back. Joe studied Laura's charts, and told Jake that Laura's unreasonable setbacks perplexed him. Meanwhile, Edmund shared the latest developments on "Proteus" with Brooke. Edmund said that evidence from Interpol stated that the person knew science and law, and that they could be using the medical field as a cover. Edmund then shared his suspicion that David could be "Proteus." Serious, Edmund informed Brooke that he intended to cover the story on his own because of the danger surrounding it.

David asked a towel-clad Anna to invite him into her room, but they were interrupted by an irate Dixie. David wanted to speak privately with Dixie, but Anna insisted they stay in her room so she could get a better idea of who David really was. Anna observed with interest as Dixie berated David for attacking Joe professionally. David claimed that he wanted to protect Joe from ruining his stellar career, but Dixie wasn't buying his fabrication. While they were arguing, Anna secretly palmed something from her dresser. After Dixie stormed off, Anna accused David of still having feelings for Dixie. Anna told David that she wasn't offended by his attack on Joe, but astonished at how he let Dixie intimidate him. While seductively distracting David with a kiss, Anna planted a tracking device in his medical bag.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Behind the bar at SOS, Mateo was talking to Hayley on the phone. Chris handed Matt a stack of mail, which Matt began to leaf through. He stopped at one envelope and hesitated to open it, still trying to listen to Hayley on the phone talking about their trip to the beach. He ripped it open and as he agreed with Hayley that "the beach is our safe spot" he pulled out a picture taken of him and his wife that very day at the beach. Mat looked frightened and got off the phone. He grabbed his jacket and left SOS. He arrived at the hospital lounge and found Edmund reading. Mateo grabbed Edmund by the jacket and through clenched teeth yelled "You son of a bitch!." Edmund was stunned and asked Matt what was wrong. Matt accused him of ratting him out to Hayley and said now Hayley won't let him go back to the tracks. Matt told Edmund he was good for the money and handed him a small brown envelope. Before leaving Edmund, Mateo told him to stay away from him, his family and to never come in his club again. After Matt left, Edmund opened the envelope and found a picture of Hayley and Mateo at the beach and a note from Matt. Mateo wrote that he's being watched and that it is wrong to drag Edmund into this. Matt said he's keeping a record of everything that goes on and doesn't want to see Edmund's face until this is all over. "One family at risk is one too many" Mateo wrote. Edmund walked to a hospital phone and called someone. He said into the phone "Our plans have changed, we gotta move NOW!." Back at SOS Mateo was behind the bar filling bottles. Chris came from the kitchen and asked Matt what was up with the safe; he'd tried to put something in it. Mat said he changed the combination and not to worry about it. Rosa walked in and Mat asked her what she was doing there. She said she was scheduled to work tonight and Matt told her she wasn't. They argued and Matt told her to go home and study, he didn't need her there tonight. She walked out the door very upset and ran into Ryan. Rosa told Ryan she was upset with her brother, that he treated her like hired help. Ryan reminded her that she is hired help. Inside Chris told Mateo he was tough on Rosa and was told to stay out of it. Rosa stormed back in and told Mateo that she quit. Matt quickly accepted her resignation and she ran back outside. She told Ryan what happened and said that Matt didn't even try to stop her. Ryan said maybe Mateo was trying to look out for her and then suggested that she go back in as a customer and make Matt wait on her. She brightened and said "The customer is always right!" and went back in with hopes of driving Mat crazy. Before she could though a dark haired girl walked over to Mateo and asked for a job. Matt told her he wasn't hiring and she said maybe he'd better look at her resume first and handed him another photo of him and Hayley at the beach.

Adam welcomed Mia into his office at home. She began telling him about a conversation she'd had with "Stuart" in the park and how she figured out it was really Adam. He told her he'd pretended to be Stuart so he could get a sample of her hair and get the DNA test done. He offered to give her the results but Mia wondered if she could trust him. He smiled and Mia told him she has a good "B.S. detector" and that he could shove the results. Before she could walk out the door Adam told her the results were positive, the DNA matched Liza's and said "Welcome to the family." He told her he knew she had a dream of being connected to someone and now she is. Adam went on to tell her that he knew she hadn't come to town for the money, it was with the hope that Liza would give a damn about her. Mia admitted that she did want a family and doesn't want Liza to hurl when she finds out they're sisters. Adam offered to help her, saying he knows Liza better than anyone else. He said what Mia really wants is to be accepted by Liza. Mia replied that Liza has to accept her now, she doesn't have a choice. Adam told her that Liza doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do but that she'll accept Mia if given time. Mia copped an attitude and wondered when the "Golden Girl" would notice her. Adam said he has a plan to use a third party, someone Liza trusts and someone who likes Mia, Ryan Lavery. Mia laughed while Adam explained that Ryan should befriend her and she could help Ryan with his troubles. She laughed at the notion that she should "make time with Liza's boyfriend."

At the Inn dining room, Liza and Ryan had a meeting with Mitch, who is designing the playground memorial for Gillian. They were very impressed with his plans and Mitch told them he was doing it for free because Gillian had spent time with his mother while she was in the hospital. He left and Liza and Ryan talked about how many people Gillian had touched . Ryan left the table for a moment and Marian stormed over saying to Liza "What the hell do you think you're doing?." Liza told her mother that nothing was going on with Ryan and Marian asked what she thought would've happened if Adam had walked in. Liza explained that they were working on a playground memorial for Gillian. Marian asked if Liza she was getting excited while she was getting dressed for her meeting with Ryan, was her heart beating faster? Liza snorted and said "This is rich, coming from a former lush slash alley cat!" Marian looked hurt and Liza apologized. Marian asked if something was troubling Liza just as Ryan returned. He wondered the same thing and Liza looked at the two of them nervously. She changed the subject, asking Ryan where he'd run off to. He said he'd gone to talk to Mitch for a moment, that it had been kind of strange connecting with someone he didn't know who had known Gillian. Ryan asked Liza again if something was the matter and she blamed her mother, saying they'd had a fight. Ryan said he had to go but told Liza he was blown away by everything she was doing for him and that she was a class act all the way. After he was away from the table Marian said Liza was smitten by Ryan. Liza denied this and Marian said she should remember that Adam is the father of her child. Liza replied "Ryan could be too." To Marian's horror Liza admitted that she is pregnant but isn't sure which man is the father. She told her mother she hadn't told anyone else yet and said she didn't know how things got so screwed up. Liza got up to leave and said she was going home to the father of at least one of her children. When she arrived home she was not please to find Mia in Adam's office with him. She started to leave the room but Mia stopped her, saying she had something to tell her.

In a hallway at the hospital, Laura was choking Greenlee, yelling at her "You selfish bitch!." Greenlee broke free and taunted Laura some more. Laura told her to shut up or she'd shut her up forever. Greenlee said Laura was going psycho and that she was going to tell Leo. Laura said she knows Greenlee was just trying to set her up. Greenlee laughed at her and said she's "on the fast track to squirrly-ville!." Laura thanked her, saying Greenlee had "shown her hand" and now Laura knows that she's just trying to push her buttons. Greenlee responded that Leo will always want her and will one day leave Laura. Laura said "Let's ask him!" and started whining loudly for Leo.

Leo and Brooke talked at the hospital. Brooke asked if he and Laura had a future and he said yes but the 24/7 thing "is so not working." He said he needs some down time and asked that Zora come back for "the day watch." Brooke didn't think that was a great idea, she didn't think Laura would go for it. She said they didn't want to give Laura the idea they don't trust her. Leo pushed the idea and Edmund, who'd come in on the end of the conversation, said they'd be doing Laura a favor. Brooke still didn't want to and Edmund told her about Laura's meltdown the other day when Leo was missing. A nurse came running up to the group and told Leo that Laura was shouting for him and they all followed the nurse. When they found Laura with Greenlee, Leo immediately accused Greenlee of harassing Laura. Laura sweetly denied this and said she was shouting because she was so happy about the job Greenlee was going to offer Leo. They all looked at her like she was nuts, especially Greenlee. Laura hung all over Leo and he didn't have a clue about what she was talking about. Laura said he and Greenlee would make a great team at Enchantment. Brooke said Leo already had a job and Laura said he could do split shifts. Leo said Greenlee must've made this up to mess with Laura's head but Greenlee said it was the truth; she did have a job to offer him. He jumped all over her but Laura came to Greenlee's defense but slipped nasty little smirky smiles at her the whole time. Laura said Greenlee knows how to push her buttons but that it was up to her not to react. Leo was amazed and Laura went on to say she owed everyone an apology, that she's been a spoiled brat and needs professional help. Everyone was stunned and Leo gave her a hug. Laura thanked Greenlee, saying she'd shown Laura how she needed to be the person Leo needed her to be. She said she was going to make an appointment with a shrink and that she'd leave Leo and Greenlee to work out the details. He asked if she was sure and she said yes, so she left and Brooke followed. Leo started to bite Greenlee's head off but she told him Laura tried to kill her.

Laura asked Brooke to wait in the lobby for her, she claimed to have left the clock Brooke had brought her in her hospital room. Brooke offered to go for her but Laura said she needed some time to regroup after that scene with Greenlee. She went to her room and muttered that thanks to Greenlee she's never going to know what was in that note Leo wrote. The cuckoo clock started to chime and Laura lost it. She grabbed the clock and threw it across the room.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

At Adam's house, Mia tells Liza she is sorry. She says she won't bother Liza again. Liza asks Mia if she would have tried to find her if Liza wasn't made of money. Mia admits she only wanted a family. She just went about it the wrong way. Mia offers to have a blood test performed then leaves. Liza turns to Adam, asking him how much he had to pay Mia to go away. Adam says he made it profitable for her to back off.

Liza tells Adam she is feeling overwhelmed and moved by what he has done for her. Adam apologizes for things he has done to hurt her in the past. He vows never to hurt her again. They embrace, then Liza says, "Make love to me." After making love, Adam watches Liza sleep. She is dreaming about holding a baby. Ryan and Adam are at her bedside. Adam wants to know whose baby it is. Liza doesn't know. Ryan and Adam argue over which one is the father. Liza calls out Ryan's name in her sleep.

At SOS, Simone tells Mateo she wants to help him. Mateo hires her as a bartender. Hayley enters the bar and approaches Rosa and Ryan who are seated at a table. They tell Hayley that Mateo forced Rosa to quit. After Mateo introduces Hayley to Simone, Hayley pulls him aside. She confronts him as to why he let Rosa go. She demands to know the truth about what is going on. Mateo tries to tell her his odd behavior is caused by the stress of becoming a father. He is trying to do everything right and he couldn't take it if something happened to the people he loves.

Mateo's cell phone rings. The voice asks if he got the pictures. Mateo listens. The voice tells him to take the stash from the safe and leave it on a bench at the park. He leaves and Simone follows. At the park, Mateo crouches in the bushes. Waiting, he sees a huddled figure walk by. Mateo investigates, then is hit over the head with a bottle. He falls to the ground.

Mia comes into the bar and, after Rosa leaves, takes a seat with Ryan. She tells him about her conversation with Liza and how she agreed to leave Liza alone. She knows she can't force Liza to accept her. Mia feels awful about the way things are going between her and Liza. Ryan says he understands. He has no family either. Ryan and Mia end up at his hotel room where they begin to kiss and undress each other. Later, while Ryan is sleeping, Mia goes through his desk drawer. She finds a small wooden box.

Laura studies pieces of a broken cuckoo clock. When Brooke asks what happened, Laura tells her someone must have smashed it. Laura then decides she should see a shrink after all. She tells Brooke she will make an appointment. When Brooke leaves, Laura throws the pieces of the clock into the trash where it begins to make cuckoo noises.

Greenlee tells Leo that Laura tried to strangle her, but Leo is doubtful. He examines Greenlee's neck for bruises. When he fails to find any evidence of an attack, he calls her a liar. Greenlee tells him it is because she is wearing a turtleneck sweater; it saved her life. Leo still doesn't buy it. He wants to know why Greenlee didn't scream for help. She explains that she couldn't call for help because Laura had her hands around her neck. She tells Leo that Laura is certifiably crazy. Leo is angry. He tells Greenlee she has to accept the situation. He is with Laura now.

In the meantime, Laura goes to the Psychiatrist's office. When she gives her name, the secretary tells her to get out. She thinks Laura and the "other" Laura du Pres are trying to put on some kind of scam. The secretary calls it a sick game played by two little rich girls. When Laura describes Greenlee, the secretary confirms it was Greenlee who pretended to be Laura. Laura shows her driver's license to prove she is who she says she is, then demands to see the file the doctor had created on the other Laura du Pres. The secretary refuses, telling Laura that she will have to take it up with the doctor.

When Laura finds Leo, she tells him she went to see a psychiatrist. She says the Doctor told her that her medication is causing her to feel weird and act nuts. Once her meds are adjusted, she will be back to normal. Leo asks her if she was alone with Greenlee earlier. He asks if there was any kind of physical confrontation. Laura admits she was with Greenlee, but denies attacking her. Leo believes her.

Greenlee stops the janitor who is taking the out the trash. She explains she has misplaced some papers. When he hesitates, she pays him. After fishing around in the trash, Greenlee finds the goodbye letter Leo wrote to Laura. Greenlee finds them in the hospital hallway then brandishes the letter triumphantly saying, Look what I found!"

Friday, October 12, 2001

At SOS, Bianca expressed to Erica her desire to get past the tension between them. Erica agreed, as she blamed Frankie for the current rift in their relationship. Frankie interrupted to ask Erica if she was ready to kiss and makeup. Bianca suggested that the two of them call a truce. Disgusted, Erica asked for a moment alone with Frankie. After Bianca and Opal reluctantly stepped away, Frankie assumed Erica was going to offer her money to leave town, and Erica said that could be arranged. Upon refusing Erica's bribe, Frankie surmised that Erica's real fear was that Frankie was after Bianca. Frankie taunted Erica, and Erica warned her that she would do anything to protect her child. Further, Erica assured Frankie that she would learn her story, and then bring her down. After Frankie left, Bianca blasted Erica for attempting to control her life and choose her friends. Alone, Opal cautioned Erica not to alienate Bianca. Chris, who overheard the entire exchange, comforted an emotional Erica. Erica pleaded with Chris to help her stop Frankie from destroying her daughter's life.

Dressed in sexy attire, Anna arrived at David's romantically set room. Anna revealed to David that she had a tough day because Gabriel had left to live with Alex and Dimitri. David coyly commented that Anna wanted to live alone in order to do the "spy thing." Anna continued to use seduction to find out information about David, and a suspicious David asked if Anna thought he was the bad guy she was trying to nail. Anna asked David if "Proteus" meant anything to him, but David avoided association other than through literature. The two moved to the bed as they kissed passionately. When David stepped away, Anna answered his phone. Upon his hasty return, David grabbed the phone and freaked out. Frustrated by his behavior, Anna rushed out in a huff. From the hallway, Anna spied as Roger arrived to do business with David.

At the park, a disguised Roger shoved cash in Mateo's pocket as he laid unconscious from the hit to his head. Upon regaining consciousness, Mateo grabbed the broken bottle and cut Roger before he escaped into the night. Simone arrived upon the scene, and questioned Mateo as to who he thought was responsible for the attack. Mateo suggested that Chris orchestrated the exchange of drugs for cash. Mateo warned Simone that her presence might call attention to them because it would look suspicious if his waitress was tailing him. Simone then suggested that they pretend to be having an affair, but Mateo was wary of jeopardizing his marriage.

Caught off guard, Leo quickly grabbed Greenlee and the letter, and dragged her into a room away from Laura. Leo ripped the letter to shreds, and he berated Greenlee for attempting to shatter Laura with the contents. Greenlee implored Leo to leave Laura before the real Leo died inside of him. Laura interrupted to say that she knew about the letter and Leo's doubts about their marriage, but she intended to go back to being the woman Leo married. Greenlee said she wasn't trying to win back Leo for herself — she just didn't want him with a crazy person like Laura. Leo told Greenlee that they all needed to move on. Greenlee ran into Jake, after learning that Leo intended to remain with Laura, and Greenlee jokingly asked for shock therapy in order to erase her memories of Leo. Meanwhile, Laura incorrectly pieced together some of the words from the remains of Leo's letter, which revealed "I am leaving you for Greenlee." Laura then vowed that Leo would never want Greenlee... after she was done with her.



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