One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on OLTL

Blair went into labor before she could tell Todd the truth. Cristian ended his relationship with Jen in order to keep her safe. Bo proposed to Melanie while she continued to dupe him. Todd lied that Blair's baby had died. Natalie revealed that she was Viki's daughter.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, October 8, 2001

Blair is taken aback to find Todd at the door of her hacienda. Keri informs a shocked Nora that she is Hank's other daughter. At the hospital, Melanie asks Troy to take over her caseload because she's leaving town. As Cris and Jen bask in the afterglow, R.J. catches Keith lurking outside the loft. Todd berates Blair for leaving Llanview without even saying goodbye to Starr. Gabrielle asks Troy to refill a prescription for her husband. Unable to dissuade Keith from his murderous intent, R.J. attempts to convince Cris to leave town. Keri tells Nora that Hank knew all along about their family ties but refused to live up to his obligations. Later, however, Hank sets Nora straight about a complicated tale. Melanie tells a devastated Bo that she is terminally ill. Todd presses Blair to admit that she still wants him. Troy summons Nora to the hospital to discuss Matthew's test results. Bo tells Melanie he wants to get married right away. Cris receives an ominous message on his answering machine.

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Troy tells a worried Nora that he will need to run additional tests on Matthew's blood. Allison leaves a message on Natalie's answering machine to triumphantly report that she's about to be released from St. Ann's. Seth sheepishly admits to Jessica that he hasn't been a good friend to her. Insisting that he's wrong, Jessica inadvertently adds to Seth's burden of guilt by blurting out that she's crazy about him. Arriving at the cabin with Ben, Natalie senses the increased chemistry between her boyfriend and their intended target and angrily corners Seth. Troy tries to reassure Nora by reminding her that the abnormalities in her son's blood work could simply be an error in the lab. Posing as a nerdy student, Keith deliberately breaks Jen's cell phone to prevent Cris from calling with a timely warning. In Mexico, Blair is sorely tempted to break some big news to Todd. Allison crows to "Dave" about how Viki is going to make her filthy rich. Blair doubles over in pain as Todd looks on. Rae lets slip to Allison the truth about "Dave's" identity.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Cris listens to Keith on the phone threatening Jen, while she lingers nearby. When he's through, Cris takes off, refusing to tell Jen what the phone call was about. Al shows up and Jen tells him about a misunderstanding she's had with her boyfriend but admits how wonderful things are between them and how much she loves him. He's just angry over a chain some guy gave her to repay her for a broken phone. Al just wants her to be happy and suggests that Jen enter a contest for prettiest girl on campus. He tells off Shawna and Mollie for being jealous when they overhear and make rude remarks. Cris watches from nearby, afraid to leave Jen alone. Antonio assures him that a fellow cop, Casey, will keep an eye on her while they peruse more mug shots. Cris is happy that he and Jen argued so that the attacker will think they're apart and won't hurt her to get to him. Cris is able to pick Keith's picture out of the book which disturbs Antonio. This man is a pro wanted for murder-he's already got 4 charges hanging over his head. Antonio is unable to promise that Jen will be safe even with full time protection and assumes that R.J. didn't realize this man was so lethal when he hired him. Cris thinks the original deal was only for Keith to scare him but made it personal when he fought back. Cris figures the only way out is to break up with her. Keith calls information for Jen's home phone number.

Jess tells Troy that he's mistaken, that Seth and Natalie aren't dating each other. When she presses him for more details, he admits that he saw them kissing though he "may have misinterpreted." He suggests that Jess have a talk with Seth, while she insists it must be a mistake.

Viki walks in on Natalie telling Seth he belongs to her, not Jessica. She jumps at them both for being liars and for carrying on together. Seth attempts to apologize for Natalie's extremely sarcastic manner but Viki orders him out so that she can speak to Natalie alone. Natalie seems to have a sudden change in personality as she informs Viki that she and Seth have been lovers for a long time and she was never out on the street; it was all part of the plan. Viki wants Natalie gone from the premises and the carriage house immediately. Natalie refuses to go.

Rae convinces Allison that it's been Ben Davidson she's been talking to all along, not "Dave." He's only feeling overprotective for Viki but she forgave Allison so Ms. Perkins should hold on to that. When "Dave" returns after he sees Rae go off, Allison plays dumb. She's decided to wait to see Rae to say goodbye, she tells him. He wavers back and forth over hearing her plan now or later and she becomes suspicious, telling him that she hates liars. After she gets her stuff and says goodbye she'll tell him all, she says. Rae finds Ben and is angry at him for confronting Allison which he denies. He's angry with Rae for revealing his true identity to Allison and tells her she doesn't know what Ms. Perkins is really capable of. Allison eavesdrops nearby.

Starr visits Addie with the collage-she can't read the script in it. Addie tells her it's a letter from Blair to Todd but they can't read someone else's mail. The pair argue over what to do when Rae happens to walk by. She rips the collage in half along with the letter and tells them now it's settled. Starr advises Rae that she can't read script so Rae reads her portion of the letter. It says "It's your." Starr wants to see Addie's half and pulls it out of her hand. It reads "baby Todd." Addie laughs that Todd isn't a baby but Starr is able to put it all together and is ecstatic.

Blair is having contractions and begs Todd to search for the midwife. She tells him the baby is premature.

Sam seeks Troy out and demands to know why Troy ordered more tests for Matthew without his permission. The boy has two parents and they both need to be consulted, he yells. Soon after, Sam's cell rings and it's Blair calling from Mexico begging for help, she's having the baby. She tells him that Todd is near but she's afraid to tell him the truth though she knows now that he loves her and won't leave her. She begs Sam to put a doctor on the phone and he grabs Troy, still standing nearby. Todd returns looking helpless and uncomfortable- he can't find anyone and he just doesn't want to be there for this. He offers to drive Blair to the hospital which is about 50 miles from there but Blair says she can't manage that. She has something to tell him, she indicates, but gets put off by another contraction. Todd picks up the phone and talks with Troy, who'll tell him how to deliver the baby. He instructs him first of all, to disregard Blair's name calling, that it is a normal part of the labor. He wants him to look for the baby's head. Todd is a bit squeamish but finally looks quickly. He's frantic as he sees the baby coming.

Jess lets herself into Seth's apartment with the key he left behind at the hospital. She finds the blouse that she gave to Natalie and starts to remember different things in the past that may have indicated the truth. She spots pictures of Seth and Natalie together just as Seth walks in.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

St. Anne's
Allison leaves St. Anne's while Ben is confronting Rae and Ben is very upset when he finds out. He begins to rummage through Allison's bag that she left and finds Viki's book with Viki's picture crossed out. All present become alarmed and a nun goes to call the police. Ben then discovers Allison's cell phone and sees that the number that she has been calling belongs to his old cell phone, consequently Natalie. He then heads for Llanfair.Meanwhile, Starr tries to contact Todd on his cell phone, but gets the midwife who doesn't speak any English. She then demands that a nun take her to a real phone.

Llanview U
Cris tells Antonio he wishes there was another way other than leaving Jenn, but says he realizes that there is not. He then leaves Jenn in Antonio's care and heads to the diner to see his mother. Jenn then asks Antonio to come with her to help her surprise Cris.

Seth's apartment
Jess is very upset and looking at the picture of Seth and Natalie when Seth comes in. His attempts at explanation are futile, so he decides to tell Jess the truth. Seth tells her that he and Natalie have been involved all along, and that all of the chance meetings, from the flat tire to the elevator, were planned. Jess wonders why her and Seth will only say that it had to be her. Jess tells him she hates him and storms out.

Allison goes to the pay phone and tries to call Natalie, who doesn't answer. She then leaves and Cris enters. Cris tells his Mom that he is going to New York for an indefinite period of time and won't tell her why. Jenn and Antonio then walk in and Jenn overhears Cris say he is leaving and appears very upset and confused.

Natalie keeps goading Viki about how much she hates Jessica and how Jess had everything she was supposed to have. Jess then enters, and having found out about the deception, slaps Natalie across the face. Viki and Jess are very distraught and confused when Allison enters through the side door, followed by Seth. Allison says she is going to tell Viki the truth when Ben walks in. When Viki demands to know what is going on and how they are all connected, Natalie tells Viki that Jess is not her daughter, Natalie is.

Todd thinks that Blair is asleep and whispers that he loves her and always will. Blair then awakens and tells him she loves him too. She almost tells him the truth about the baby, but then just asks to see him. Todd tells her he will take care of everything, and goes into the next room where the midwife has the baby boy. He tells the midwife to do whatever it takes to get rid of the baby.

Thursday, October 12, 2001

Todd tells the midwife to get rid of Blair's baby. Paloma asks Todd if he wants her to kill the baby. Still drowsy, Blair talks about her family, Todd, Starr and their baby boy. Todd comes back into the room and tells Blair she is fine and encourages her to rest, but Blair insists that she wants to see the baby. Todd tells Blair that the baby is with Paloma and that he is fine and convinces her to get into bed. Once settled in bed, Blair tells Todd that she never went back to Max and that the only reason she was going to marry him was to keep Todd from taking the baby the way he did Starr. Todd says he only took Starr to keep her away from Max. Blair bemoans the fact that she and Todd have hurt each other when they could have been together and happy the whole time. Todd feels that saying you love someone is not enough and has to be shown in what a person does. Blair tells Todd that he has done everything by coming to Mexico to see if she was ok, which he denies saying that he came to Mexico because he knew she could not take care of herself. She tells him he came because he loves her and tells Todd that she loves him too and has loved him through everything. She says that she understands why he did all the things he had to do. Paloma comes into the room and Blair asks about the baby but she can't understand what Paloma is saying. Todd tells Blair that the baby is dead.

Having gone to the diner to tell Carlotta goodbye, Cris is there when Antonio and Jen come in. Cris tells Jen that he is going away to New York. Jen, thinking that Cris is painting again insists that she wants to go with him, but Cris tells her that he is leaving Llanview and going to New York alone. Jen asks him what that means for them. Antonio tells Carlotta that Cris has to leave in order to protect Jen from the killer who has been after him. Jen begs Cris to tell her what is wrong and swears that if it something wrong with her she will fix it. Cris tells her that it is over between them. Téarfully, Jen continues to beg Cris to explain to her what it going on but Cris only says terrible and cruel things to her purposely trying to hurt her.

Bo, Hank and Lindsay surprise Melanie and Bo tells her it is her wedding day. When Bo mentions that they have to get a marriage license, Melanie tells him that she had already drawn her own blood. Bo thought this was strange, but dismissed it. He leaves with Hank to go to the hospital to have his own blood drawn and to file for a license. Out in the hallway, Bo explains to Hank that Melanie is dying. Melanie tells Lindsay that she could not bear it if Bo found out she was lying and that from now on, she was really dying. With Melanie's blood sample in hand, Bo tells Hank that since Melanie won't tell him anything about the type of leukemia she has, he will have to find out for himself. Bo takes the blood sample to Dr. McIver and tells Troy that he has been diagnosed with leukemia and asks Troy for second opinion holding nothing back. Bo tells him he wants to know exactly what kind of leukemia it is and what the best form of treatment is. Bo returns to the apartment dressed for the wedding. Lindsay asks him where he was for such a long time and he tells Lindsay that he had asked Dr. McIver to give him a second opinion on Melanie's condition.

Natalie continues to insist that she is Viki's daughter but Viki refuses the concept and asks Natalie what her connection to Allison is. Allison tells Viki that she brought Viki a baby and let her get one with her life while she had ended up being hit by a car, going into a coma, then spending years in institutions and ending up with nothing. Viki says that Allison kept Jessica for four agonizing weeks then brought her baby back. Allison replies, "Did I?" Ben tells Viki not to listen to Allison because she is obsessed with trying to hurt her. Allison then starts telling Viki about how "Dave" was romancing her and wanted to move in with her. Ben tells Viki that he did it for her and he will explain the whole thing later. Allison then tells Viki that she did not return the real Jessica, but had switched baby Jessica for another baby and had returned the other baby. Jessica becomes upset and asks Viki what if Allison and Natalie are telling the truth but Viki continues to assure her that they are lying and tells Allison, Natalie and Seth to leave. They continue to refuse and Natalie explains that the reason she became Jessica's "friend" was so she could get into the house to find the proof she would need to convince Viki. Allison asks Viki what she would say if they could produce irrefutable proof that Natalie was Viki's real daughter.

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