All My Children Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on AMC

Jamie decided to move out. Jack confronted Erica about her drinking. Babe and Bianca's car went off the road during a storm, and Bianca later went into labor while they were stranded. Reggie and Danielle's friendship grew. Disaster struck while Edmund was alone with the kids.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, March 15

At Fusion's offices, Kendall brings Mia and Simone back on board and makes them shareholders again. Thrilled, Mia asks if this means she forgives her for the Aidan stuff. Kendall replies that life is too short to hold grudges. Mia and Simone ask if that means she is also bringing Greenlee back. Kendall is not willing to forgive that much back stabbing ever and tells them she never wants to hear Greenlee DuPres' name mentioned again. No amount of spinning by Mia and Simone convinces Kendall to change her mind on Greenlee's return. A phone call interrupts their bickering. It is Marian telling them to turn on the TV. Seeing Bianca and Erica being ravaged by Quinn Jaeger, a reporter from WRCW, Kendall rushes out of the office. A bit later, Jamie comes in touting his computer expertise and asking for a job. Over Mia's slight protests, Simone hires Jamie aiming to score points with Tad and to win the Tad contest.

Bianca sits on a park bench telling JR about the house she just put a bid on, imagining Miranda growing up there and the times they'll share. Babe runs up carrying a hand-held TV. Erica's interview just pre-empted Babe's favorite soap opera. Seeing her Mom on TV, Bianca rushes to the Valley Inn interview site.

Greenlee starts to leave the motel room she and Ryan have been sharing in Philadelphia. Ryan stops her with one word, "Wait." Greenlee asks why he wants her to wait. "Because I don't want you to go," Ryan tells her. "Neither do I," Greenlee admits. "Well then don't. Stay," Ryan suggests as they look into one another's eyes. Greenlee tells him he might or might not get over Kendall someday but if it weren't for her they would not be apart and either way he does not need her hanging around. Greenlee tells Ryan the best thing she can do for him is to walk out the door and keep walking. After a few more false starts and a kiss on the cheek for Ryan, Greenlee walks out leaving Ryan alone in the room with the empty box from the mine shaft. Ryan turns on the TV. Seeing the Erica interview fiasco, he grabs his helmet and rushes out of the room.

Tad helps Brooke carry some shopping bags into her house where they discover Jamie packing his stuff to move out. Brooke is upset that her 20-year-old baby is leaving the nest to set up no-commitment housekeeping with Maggie. Jamie uses the diversionary tactic of mentioning Tad's hectic love-live and his "fiancée" to get the attention off himself. Jamie shuffles out the door, and Brooke grills Tad about Krystal's engagement

announcement until he breaks down and tells her about Babe's prior marriage and lacking annulment. Even though he had to lie to do it, Brook assures Tad he did the right thing by keeping quiet. Brooke also points out to Tad he hasn't set the best example for Jamie by all of his non-committed bed hopping. Seeing she is right, Tad takes her point to heart and sets about to make some serious changes in his life.

Erica sits in a suite at the Valley Inn giving an exclusive interview to Quinn Jaeger to announce her new venture, but Quinn has no interest in Erica's business announcement and keeps haranguing her with questions about Bianca having her rapist's child and rumors that Erica, Kendall, and Bianca plotted Michael Cambias' murder to gain control of the Cambias fortune. Erica gracefully dances around the reporter's stabbing questions until Bianca breaks in telling the reporter that she is there to give her the truth if that's what she wants. Babe and JR followed Bianca there and watch from the doorway as Bianca tries to answer the reporter's questions honestly. Erica takes all she can before losing it and screaming at the reporter, "Stop it right now! And leave my daughter alone!" Kendall rushes in to join the melee. As the reporter turns on Kendall, JR steps in and breaks up the interview. After JR tells the reporter who he is and his connection to her boss, Liza, the reporter ends the interview under duress.

With only Erica, Kendall, and Bianca left in the interview suite, Erica sips champagne from a crystal flute. Her daughters try to get her not to drink. As Bianca tries to take the flute from her mom, Erica turns and states, "When did you ever get the idea that you can tell me what I can and cannot do?" Seeing that trying to stop Erica from drinking is not going to work, Kendall and Bianca confront Erica about her feelings toward Bianca's baby. Erica tells them how the world will always look at all of them now and how the baby will suffer for it. Visibly upset from the interview and the drinking and her mom's harsh words about her baby, Bianca darts from the room. JR and Babe are still in the hallway telling one another what wonderful people they are. Seeing Bianca running out, Babe tells JR she's going with her and follows Bianca onto the elevator. Babe asks her where she wants to go. "Anywhere, anywhere far away," Bianca replies.

Erica tells Kendall she should go after her sister, but Kendall wants to finish the confessions Erica began regarding how she feels about Bianca's baby. Erica is not agreeable and starts to sip more champagne. Kendall knocks the flute from her hand saying, "I'm not going to let you do this!"

Tad goes to see Simone at Fusion. Tad stumbles around about how their relationship began as casual but has become so much more complicated. Before he goes on, he tells Simone he's put a lot of thought into what he is about to say. Incredulous, Simone looks at Tad and exclaims, "Oh my God! You're going to dump me!"

In the parking lot, Ryan finds someone on a motorcycle the person can't get started. Ryan quips "you should have read the cereal box before you sent away for the thing" and offers his assistance. Yanking off her helmet, Greenlee tells him not just to help her, to start it for her.

Tuesday, March 16

Ryan catches up with Greenlee back in the Pine Valley area and is upset that she bought and drove a motorcycle to get back. He knows that she doesn't know anything about motorcycles, much less have any experience driving them and he's worried. He starts to lecture her, and she seeming surprised she says, "Wow - you really care!" Ryan responds that of course he does. Greenlee seems more concerned that her new bike seems to be broken. After determining that the valve that allows gas to get to the engine was closed, his fears are confirmed. He agrees to fix the bike only after Greenlee agrees to take some safety courses.

Before they leave, Ryan asks if Greenlee has been in touch with any of her family - like her father (since he is the only one that knows where she is after she disappeared down the mineshaft) - and she says no. He tells her about the reporter that laid into Erica with questions about Bianca and Bianca trying to come to her rescue. He said they got roasted on live TV.

Ryan then gets Greenlee to agree to go to a motel, as a storm is coming. He will follow her to make sure she stays safe. When they get there and Greenlee goes to park her bike, it falls over on her. Ryan comes around the corner and sits the bike up and sees what happened. He tells her that she needs to engage the kickstand before getting off the bike, and she admits she thought it was automatic. He takes her keys and says he will keep them until she adequately learns about the parts of the bike.

They get the last room available at the motel, and Greenlee automatically offers to sleep on the couch. Ryan, still shocked at Greenlee's attitude change, says that they can flip for it. Then, concerned, Ryan says that she should get out of her wet clothes.

Babe and Bianca get into Babe's car after Erica lets loose on Bianca. Babe drives for a moment in silence and then says that it would help if she talked about it. Bianca asks Babe to get her as far away from Erica Kane as humanly possible. With the incoming storm, Bianca is a bit jumpy (because like her mother, her rape occurred during a storm). Her nervousness is rubbing off and Babe pulls over (because she can't drive when nervous). Bianca asks if maybe Erica was right - had she ensured a lifetime for herself, her child and her family?

As they take off again, Bianca says that as much as she already loves Miranda, she can't protect her from the truth (that her father is a rapist and her mother is the murderer who killed her father). She can't protect her from the evil out in the world that will make sure the truth is known. She doesn't want Miranda to hate herself because of the sins of her parents. She doesn't know if she will know when to tell her - and Babe said that she would be able to find the right time. Babe then asks her if she regrets keeping her baby - Bianca says no, but she just never considered that her choice would hurt so many people - especially Miranda. She feels that her only choice now is to go back to her original plan and leave town.

Bianca continues to blame herself for Erica's behavior and the downward spiral that she is in. She just wanted to give Miranda a chance. Babe believes that Erica knows that but Bianca thinks Erica will never be able to accept her baby. She thinks that if she stays in town, every time Erica sees them, it will rip her mother up all over again. Babe, although moved, doesn't want Bianca to leave. She says that she and her baby will miss them, and asks Bianca to promise she won't leave.

The storm gets worse and Babe and Bianca decide that they should pull over and wait until the rain slows down because they can't see. Babe tries to stop the car, but the brakes fail.

Kendall and Erica face off in Erica's office. Kendall smashes the glass of champagne that Erica is drinking and tells her that she was unbelievably cruel to Bianca when she needed her most. Erica is quasi flippant about the glass but Kendall doesn't let her off that easy. She said that she has been waiting for her to take Bianca in her arms and tell her everything would be all right. Erica says Kendall is just upset because she knows Erica is right and knows the truth. Kendall asks what the "great truth" is, and Erica said, "The truth about you." Erica said that Bianca needed to know the real truth about her situation, not the sugarcoated version. Erica now blames Kendall for Bianca's decision to keep her baby and said that Kendall convinced Bianca for selfish reasons. Erica believes that Kendall was taking advantage of Bianca in her fragile state. Kendall tells Erica that Bianca is a grown up, a strong and courageous woman and that Erica needs to accept that. Erica says that she knows both of her daughters well and that Kendall is responsible for destroying all of their lives and their family.

Erica believes that by keeping the baby, Bianca is trying to prove that she is better than Erica was. Kendall begins to tear up, and says that they could all be happy. Erica thinks that Kendall set a series of events in motion and that it will end badly for all, but especially for the baby. Kendall continues to cry and Erica abandons her in favor of her waiting car.

Erica arrives home and immediately looks for the bottle of alcohol that should be sitting by the glasses in the living room. Jackson appears, alcohol in hand, and asks if this is what she is looking for. She takes the bottle and pours a drink, and says she hopes he isn't going to try to stop her or lecture her. He says he won't stop her, but that he wants her to listen to what he has to say. She agrees.

Jackson says that while she is there physically - mentally, emotionally - she is somewhere where he can't reach her anymore. Jack wants her to hold on to him instead of the bottle. She feels like with Bianca, and Kendall, and Greenlee - he already has too many people hanging on to him. He insists that he always has room for her. He continues by saying that he needs to tell her how he feels: he thinks that what she is doing is not only hurting her but "us."

As the storm gets closer and louder, Erica starts to get more jumpy. She insists that she doesn't need to be taken care of or protected. Jackson says that their future is in jeopardy and that he doesn't intend to let go of their relationship without a fight. He said either she stays "over there" with the alcohol or she chooses him. Erica goes to him and lets Jack put his arms around her.

Meanwhile, Kendall goes to David's cabin and asks what Bianca said to him on the day that she was supposed to have the abortion. At first, David says no because he had to abide by the rules of doctor/patient confidentiality. He asks why she is so upset and needs to know. She recounts her experience with Erica and said that she is afraid that she really is responsible for ruining Bianca and Miranda's life. She wants to know from David if Erica was right.

David said that Bianca made her own decision - and that she wanted to carry the baby to term with every fiber of her being. Kendall says that she talked to Bianca before she went in, and thought that maybe her presence there was enough to sway Bianca into not having the abortion. David points out that if that is what happened, Bianca would have likely made it known that she was pregnant instead of hiding it the way she did. By hiding it, she was trying to protect everyone. Kendall only knew because she figured it out.

Finally, to drive the point home, David said that Bianca tried to keep it from Erica because she knew Erica would come unhinged and everyone knew it. Now that Erica was in the know, what was predicted was coming true and he believes that Erica, in her actions, is trying to take everyone over the edge with her.

Grateful for her conversation with David, Kendall leaves, saying that she has to find Bianca. After she takes off, David goes back inside and turns on the radio. He hears the severe storm and flash flood warnings and tries to call to call to Kendall to come back, but she is already gone.

Simone is ranting while Tad tries to talk some sense into her - she is convinced that he is going to dump her. Once he settles her down, he announces that he wants to make some changes and is going on hiatus. He needs time to figure out what is best for him and for everyone else involved. Then Liza shows up and Simone freaks out all over again. She thinks that Liza is going to replace her and that Tad was just trying to let her down easy. Liza pushes Simone's buttons and Simone launches at Liza. Tad has to hold her back.

Krystal shows up and Tad asks her to stay. He said that he was heading into a "female-free zone" as far as his love life is concerned. He "forbid" them to love him and Krystal has a good time laughing at him. Tad says that the whole situation now felt wrong and that they all deserved better than what he could give them. Liza says she understands, but as she leaves, she says that they would talk about it more when they were alone. Krystal leaves soon after.

Simone wants one last romp to seal the deal, but after a goodbye kiss, Tad shuts her down.

A little later, as the storm is going full-force, and he is sitting at his desk, Tad hears a knock at the door. He hopes it isn't a female, but he opens the door and finds Krystal on the other side.

Wednesday, March 17

While the storm howled outside Ryan helped Greenlee out of her wet jacket. She went in the bathroom to completely undress and get a towel, and Ryan quickly stripped down to his boxers and wrapped a blanket around himself. Greenlee came out wrapped only in a towel and Ryan gave her his blanket. She saw him shivering and offered to share the blanket. Ryan joined her and they looked into each other's' eyes. Ryan backed off and said he'd look for another blanket in the closet. The lights went out and Ryan ran into one thing after another on his way to the closet. On his way back to Greenlee he tripped and they both fell to the floor, her on top of him. He quickly helped Greenlee up and then grabbed the blanket and ran to the motel office to look for more blankets or food. When he returned he had food and candles. After they chowed down on vending machine snacks and exchanged some sexual innuendoes, Ryan decided he wanted to go to sleep. He gave Greenlee the bed and he tried to get comfortable on the chair. Greenlee had pity on him and offered to share the bed. Ryan reluctantly crawled in next to her. To ease the tension Ryan told Greenlee a goofy story and they both started laughing, then tickling each other. She ended up on top of Ryan again, but moved back saying she was staying out of trouble. Ryan said they should keep sex out of their friendship and Greenlee agreed, but neither one was thrilled with the idea. They retreated to separate sides of the bed and tried to fall asleep.

Kendall showed up at the Chandler residence and JR told her he had no idea where Babe and Bianca were. He said Babe was smart and would take good care of Bianca. JR tried calling Babe's cell phone but there was no answer. Kendall asked JR if he were truly over Babe sleeping with his brother. JR said he loved Babe and he was getting past that. Kendall told him he was a better person than she was, because she couldn't get past that kind of betrayal. JR told her a wise woman once told him it wasn't about what you believed in, it was about what you wanted. Kendall remembered saying this to JR soon after he arrived back in Pine Valley. He asked Kendall if she'd heard from Ryan but she said she didn't want to talk about it.

Jack held Erica in his arms as the thunder boomed outside. He told her they would get through everything that has happened but she wasn't sure. Jack said they could get back everything they had before things hit the fan. Erica said she just couldn't deal with it and Jack suggested they all go to therapy. Erica thought that might be an answer for Kendall and Bianca. Jack said it would help them all get a fresh perspective on things and that "Maybe you'll get an insight into your drinking." Erica went ballistic on Jack and ordered him to leave. He refused and she accused him of having spies watching her every drink. Jack said her over reaction should tell her something but that just made her even madder. He said he just wanted to understand her and she said she met someone, a complete stranger, who understood her better than her family. Jack told Erica she was ducking the real issues and that she needed to tell him what she really felt. Erica said she felt betrayed by everyone, Jack, Kendall, Bianca, David. She said that they weren't protecting her, they were helping Bianca make the worst decision of her life. Erica began yelling about how this baby will bring nothing but misery to them. Jack tried to explain but Erica refused to listen and handed his engagement ring back to him. She said she was out of his life and not his concern anymore. They argued and Erica said some very hurtful things to Jack. He finally left with his head hanging down.

Liza was in Adam's office, thinking she was there on WRCW business. Adam instead congratulated her for conquering Tad. Adam said he was happy for her and that she looked contented. Liza asked why he was pretending to be happy for her and Tad. Adam told her that Krystal and Babe have a secret and he's sure Krystal told Tad. Liza refused to do Adam's dirty work. Adam said if she wouldn't help him wouldn't she help JR. He said "that mall rat" didn't deserve JR. Liza said that while she isn't thrilled with Babe's fashion sense she does know that Babe is a sweet girl and that Adam is on his own. She headed for the door when Adam said "If Babe goes, so goes her mother." Liza turned and said Krystal was already out of Tad's picture.

Babe and Bianca drove slowly in the storm, unable to see the road. They pulled over and Babe went to look for shelter. She returned and told Bianca she found an empty cabin. The two women ran out in the rain and into the cabin. Babe tried to use her cell phone to call JR but the battery was dead. Bianca realized her phone and purse were still in the car. Babe started out the door to go back to the car but was hit by a huge gust and pushed back into the cabin. They were very frightened but a few minutes later Babe tried again. From the doorway they could tell the road was washed over and the car was gone. Babe looked around the cabin and found lots of canned goods while she joked about whose lawn her car might end up on. Bianca laughed and then grabbed her stomach crying out "Oh no!" She looked at Babe and said "I think my water just broke! It means the baby is coming now!" Babe was horrified.

Krystal returned to Tad's and said she wanted to show him proof that the annulment papers were filed. She turned to leave but Tad stopped her. He said she couldn't go out in this storm, it was too dangerous. Krystal agreed to stay but said he had to find something to occupy their time until the storm was over. Tad pulled out the Monopoly game and they had a great time playing. They teased and laughed and Tad asked if she'd ever played strip Monopoly. Krystal stopped laughing and thanked Tad for caring enough not to send her out in the storm. Just then an email popped up on Tad's computer. He checked it and said it was from JR, that Babe and Bianca were missing. They rushed out and drove around Pine Valley, looking for Babe's car. When they couldn't find it they went to the Chandler house and ran in to tell JR they couldn't find Babe or Bianca.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Everyone at Chandler mansion was worried about Babe. No one felt better just because Babe and Bianca were together and they all realized that they could not go out and search in the storm. Tad tried to comfort Krystal, who couldn't stop eating. Adam couldn't reach the governor but sent his own security team to search. Liza watched Tad and Krystal leave together to go to the hospital. Adam told Liza he plans to keep the baby and get rid of Babe as soon as it's born and how easy it will be for Liza to throw herself at Tad if Krystal is gone.

At the cabin, Bianca told Babe that she was really in labor as the contractions started. Babe was in denial, even though Bianca wanted to prepare for childbirth. Bianca wanted to go to the hospital, but realized they couldn't travel. Babe was confident that Adam and JR would send help soon. They were both scared and tried to stay calm as Bianca's contractions speeded up. Babe boiled water and admitted she was afraid they wouldn't get to the hospital in time. She also told Bianca she would name her baby "Bess" if it is a girl. Babe realized Bianca's baby was coming and told her they'd have to deliver it themselves.

At Wildwind, Edmund insisted that Maria and Anita go to work and not stay at home during the storm. Isabella was unable to come over as planned and Edmund was stuck downstairs as his children cried out when a window broke upstairs, possibly by a downed power line. Edmund became frustrated when he couldn't get a phone line and fell out of his wheelchair to start to crawl up the steps as the kids screamed upstairs. Bobby showed up and Edmund sent him to get the kids.

Maggie and Jamie moved into their new apartment. Maggie seemed hesitant and explained all the good memories with Bianca and Bianca's exciting new life. Kendall and JR showed up, looking for Bianca and Babe. Jamie and JR shared their concern over Babe. JR and Kendall went back to Chandler mansion and tried to comfort each other in their fear.

Reggie went to visit Danielle, his new friend, in Greenlee's apartment. Reggie was very pleasantly surprised to see how good she looked in Greenlee's clothes. They enjoyed the meal Reggie brought and discussed their lives. Reggie bragged about Bianca and Danielle complained about her selfish mother. Reggie said she sounded like Derek Frye.

At the hospital, David carried a woman in after she'd rear-ended him in the storm. Tad and Krystal arrived and he tried to calm her fears. Maria said she'd keep an eye out for Babe and Bianca. David overheard and ran out.

Friday, March 19

Anita and Maria go back to Wildwind after the storm has passed and see Bobby talking to Edmund. Anita asks Bobby why he is there and Edmund tells them about the oak tree hitting their home. Edmund says that Bobby arrived just in time to get the kids out of their rooms. Maddie and Sam run downstairs to greet Maria and excitedly tell her about the tree crashing through their window. Sam even praises Bobby rescue methods and when he asks who he is, Bobby explains that he is married to Anita, which makes him their uncle. Bobby and Anita go upstairs to play with the kids, leaving Maria and Edmund alone in the living room to talk. Edmund tells Maria that he is upset he could not help his kids and had to watch someone else do his job. Maria insists that they should be grateful the kids are safe and just let the incident go. But Edmund is determined to have the surgery and tells Maria his mind is made up.

Bobby and Anita go downstairs and start talking about Sam and Maddie. Their discussion prompts Bobby ask Anita about them having their own children one day. Anita admits that she has always wanted a family, but isn't ready yet. He asks Anita to go with him to Las Vegas, where he has accepted a new job. Anita asks Bobby about Tracy, the co-worker he cheated on her with. Bobby tells Anita that he wishes he could take it back and wants to save his marriage. Anita points out that a baby won't save their marriage and she will not have one with him right now. Bobby tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away and tells him to go to Vegas without her.

Kendall goes to see Erica and ask her if she has heard from Bianca. Erica tells her no and gets worried when she realizes that something is wrong. Kendall asks Erica if she is actually afraid that Bianca is hurt and of course, Erica admits that she is. Kendall doesn't seem to believe her and they begin to bicker over how Erica treated Bianca, before she left town. After Kendall leaves, Erica looks at a picture of her mother, Mona and asks her to keep Bianca safe.

Mary tries to comfort Adam and tell him that his grandchild is safe. However, Adam is not comforted and begins to tell Mary some of his fondest memories of JR. He talks about how he loved being a father and that JR was always a great kid. Adam turns to Mary and says, "What if I never get to see my grandchild?" Shortly after, family members start arriving, trying to figure out a way to find Babe and Bianca. Even Erica shows up wanting to help. Jackson suggests that everyone splits up in teams and look in different areas of Pine Valley. Jackson asks David how the cabin roads are and David says that last night, they were pretty bad.

Reggie is holding Danielle in his arms behind Greenlee's couch, when Jackson comes in, looking for him. Reggie gets up and Danielle stays hidden. Jackson reams him for not calling home when the storm was so terrible. Reggie apologizes and tells Jackson they he watched some television and chilled out at Greenlee's place during the storm. Jackson accepts his apology, reminds him to always call home, and informs him that Bianca and Babe are missing. Reggie volunteers to help Jackson with the search and tells him he will clean up Greenlee's home first. Jackson gives him two minutes and leaves. Danielle stands up and offers to clean the apartment up so Reggie can find Bianca. Reggie thanks her, tells her she is welcome to stay there, and leaves. Danielle tells him he will find his sister and promises to be there when he returns.

Ryan and Greenlee end up a stream, where they see Babe's abandoned car crushed beneath debris. Ryan goes over to investigate and pulls Bianca's purse out of the passenger's seat. When he digs inside the purse, he finds a wallet and Bianca's ID inside. Greenlee begins to panic and tells Ryan that they have to save Bianca. Ryan sees a pink purse floating near the car. Greenlee starts to go in the water, but Ryan tells her not to because the current is so bad. She calls 911 and Ryan gets the pink bag. When he opens it, he sees Babe's ID inside. The rescue team arrives and decide to look downstream, but conclude that if anyone was in Babe's car, there is no way they could have survived the storm. Ryan asks the rescue team to let him deliver the news to the family and they agree. Ryan gets on his bike, ready to head back to Pine Valley, when Greenlee stops him. She tells him she is going to go back and at least be there to support Jackson. She says she deserves all the verbal lashing that she gets, but also needs to help her father find Bianca. When they arrive back in town, they stop at Adam's house, where Kendall is startled to see them.

Babe encourages Bianca to keep pushing because the baby is almost there. Bianca is exhausted and doesn't want to push anymore, but with Babe's help, she gives birth a beautiful baby girl, Miranda. Bianca is overjoyed as she holds Miranda in her arms and praises Babe for her wonderful coaching and delivery. Although Bianca insists she is fine, Babe tells her that she is going to go find help and needs a doctor. Bianca tells Babe to be careful and while she is gone, she talks to Meredith. She tells her how much she loves her and that she will always be there for her to protect her. She begins singing a lullaby to Meredith. Bianca tries to stay awake, but she keeps floating in and out of consciousness. Babe manages to find her way to none other than David's cabin. When she realizes no one is home, she breaks his window with a stick and goes inside. She picks up the phone and is relieved to hear a dial tone. She immediately calls Pine Valley Hospital and tells them franticly that she needs help. When the nurse tries to transfer her to another department, Babe asks to speak to Paul Cramer. When Paul gets on the phone, Babe tells him that she needs his chopper right now because Bianca is in danger. Suddenly, Babe grabs her stomach and screams in pain.



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