All My Children Recaps: The week of March 22, 2004 on AMC

Babe went into labor at David's cabin. Paul delivered Babe's baby, then placed both babies in portable incubators. Paul called Kelly and told her that he had found a baby for her. Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee found Babe, Bianca, and one baby. Maria struggled to accept Edmund's decision to have the surgery.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 22, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, March 22

Unaware that Ryan and Greenlee had information regarding Babe and Bianca, an angry Kendall told the pair that they'd picked the wrong time to try to cause trouble. Ryan finally spoke up, saying that he had spotted Babe's car along a riverbank. Naturally, JR and Krystal questioned now Ryan knew that the car belonged to Babe. Ryan then explained that he'd had the highway patrol call in the plate number. He then reached into bag and pulled out Babe's pink knapsack. Kendall spoke up, asking if there was any indication that Bianca had been with Babe in the car. Greenlee said nothing, and instead opted to hand over Bianca's purse. Both Erica and Kendall recognized the person as Bianca's. Erica took the purse and wrapped her coat around it, then held the coat close to her chest. As the realization that something horrible may have happened to the two young women hit, Kendall lashed out at Erica for "killing" her sister. Kendall argued that Bianca never would have gone out into the storm if it had not been for Erica's cruel words. Jack and David both told Kendall that it was neither the time nor place to lay blame. JR asked Ryan to take him to the spot where he'd found Babe's car. The others made plans to search the entire stretch of Route 32, the road where the car had been found. Erica asked that she be allowed to help with the search, but Tad told her that it would be best if she stayed at Chandler Mansion and waited for news. Erica and Krystal sat next to each other on the sofa, each devastated over the possibility that their daughter had been killed.

Adam retreated to his office and tried to call in favors to help track down Babe and Bianca. He was told repeatedly that the local authorities were stretched too thin because of the storm and that he would get no special favors.

In the cabin, a woozy Bianca began to shiver uncontrollably. She struggled to sit up and noticed that the fire in the fireplace had just about burned out. She tried to get to her feet, but her vision was blurry and she was too weak to stand. She laid back down and prayed that Babe would return with help.

In David's cabin, Babe pleaded with Paul Cramer to fly his medical helicopter to the cabin and rescue her and Bianca. Paul believed that Babe was trying to pull another fast one and refused. As Babe continued her pleas, she was hit by another contraction. Meanwhile, on the other end of the line, Joe Martin passed by the nurses' desk and instructed Paul to hang up the phone. The phone line, he stated sharply, was for emergencies only - not personal calls. When the line went dead, Babe began to panic. She tried to redial the hospital, but received a recorded message stating that all circuits were busy. Babe tried to remain calm, telling herself that Paul would come through for her. Finally, she decided to try calling her mother at Chandler Mansion.

Krystal quietly went through Babe's knapsack, laughing slightly when she found a plush cow inside. She told Erica that she never understood Babe's fascination with cows. The phone rang and Krystal picked up the phone hoping to learn something about her daughter. On the other end, Babe readied to beg her mother for help. Before she could say a word, Babe tripped and pulled the phone cord out of the wall. Without a way to communicate with the outside world, Babe decided to trek back to be with Bianca.

Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Jamie and Maggie arrived to ask for Paul's help in locating Babe and Bianca. Paul refused, saying that he had urgent business back in Llanview. Paul and Jamie - who had had a previous physical encounter over Babe - traded words. Joe happened upon the argument and asked if there had been new information about Bianca and Babe. Jamie shook his head and Paul headed out to return via chopper to Llanview.

At the side of the river where Babe's car had washed up, Ryan watched as JR slipped inside the car to look for clues to Babe's whereabouts. JR found a pair of fuzzy dice and fought to hold back his tears. A short while later, Tad arrived on the scene. JR told the two men how excited Babe had been when he'd bought her the car. He then denied that Babe's disappearance was anything like his mother's. Dixie had been pregnant when her car crashed in Switzerland, presumably killing both her and the unborn child.

David and Kendall returned to David's cabin, hoping to set up a central command spot for the search effort. Kendall was not at all optimistic about finding her sister alive, something that struck David as odd. David looked around his cabin and assessed the damage that he believed had been caused by the storm. When he spotted the frayed phone cord on the floor, he realized that someone had been in his cabin. David pressed the redial button and was connected with Krystal at Chandler Mansion. David didn't want to get Krystal's hopes raised too high, so he said only that he felt they were hot on the trail of the missing women. Overhead, the sounds of a helicopter's blades were heard.

Babe returned to the cabin and found a lifeless Bianca still clutching her baby. Bianca was still alive, but barely breathing. Her cold body had turned a ghostly shade of white. Babe went to add another log to the fire, but was hit by yet another contraction. Babe sat on the floor by the fire and prepared to deliver her own baby. The door to the cabin swung open and Paul Cramer raced to Babe's side. Over the next few minutes, he helped deliver Babe's baby. After making sure that both mother and child were okay, he turned his attention to Bianca. Bianca, he assessed, had lost a lot of blood and her condition was quite serious. He made his way to his helicopter to phone ahead to the hospital. Before he made the call to the medics, he called his sister, Kelly, and told her that he had found a solution to her problem. "Good news, Kelly," Paul said with a little reservation. "I've got a baby for you."

Later, on One Life to Live, Paul made secret plans with Kelly to have her meet him at the cabin so that he could give her one of the babies.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

JR, Ryan, David, and Tad continued the search for Babe and Bianca near the rushing flood waters, trying hard to remain optimistic.

Krystal and Erica were delighted to hear from David, with his news that the girls must have broken into his house and used his phone to call the Chandler's. David told them to get Adam's security team up to his house right away. Kendall told David she'd just heard a helicopter and maybe help was already there. Kendall called JR and the others with the news of the phone call from David's to Adam's. They rushed to David's. Kendall rushed out to search for Bianca alone. Jack called and joined the search. They all thought Babe and Bianca were together and that Babe had left the cabin to get back to help Bianca. David organized a search party while waiting for the rest of Adam's team. David and Ryan started arguing about Kendall and Greenlee and how David didn't trust Ryan or his hero act. David said Ryan has something to gain from Bianca's disappearance and Ryan was not amused.

At Chandler mansion, Adam insisted on looking for more searchers and that Erica and Krystal stay put. They agreed that David would not be lying about this. Krystal asked Erica what her mother's intuition said...Erica said they all have to be alright. Erica begged Adam to tell Bianca that she loves her and will be with her as soon as she can. Krystal wanted a shot of tequila, but decided to stay sober. She asked if Erica wanted a nip. Erica refused and stayed very quiet as Krystal continued to prattle on. Erica told her she is in a different situation, but Krystal reminded her they are the same, as mothers who love their girls. Erica confided her guilt about what she'd said to Bianca. Krystal told her that the children you love can make you madder than anything else. Erica complained about how everyone judges her, but Krystal told her she would never judge another mother. Krystal assured her that Bianca knows that Erica would never hurt her. Erica wept about what she'd said and the hurt in Bianca's eyes. Krystal told stories about how saying no is sometimes necessary. Erica continued to fret that she'd gone too far.

Kendall was in the woods, calling for Bianca and Greenlee stopped her to warn her about the mine shaft she was about to step in. Kendall didn't believe Greenlee's story about spending time in the hole and argued with her about Ryan. She refused to believe that Greenlee and Ryan weren't together. Ryan walked up and Greenlee walked away. Ryan refused to answer directly when Kendall wondered if he and Greenlee were together. He talked instead about blind faith and believing that Bianca and Babe were alright. Greenlee rushed up to them to ask if they saw it. She said she'd seen a helicopter about two miles up the river and they raced off to find it.

Jamie, Maggie, JR and Tad all bumped into each other, frantic about just running around in circles. Jamie apologized to JR for what he'd said and promised to do whatever it takes to make things right. Tad was pleased. JR prayed in the woods and asked to be taken instead of his wife and child.

In the cabin, Babe held her baby and talked to Bianca and Miranda. Outside, Paul talked to his sister Kelly in Llanview about finding a baby, a son, for her and that it was now or never for her, in order to keep her husband Kevin. Paul brought in portable incubators to carry the babies to the hospital. Babe reluctantly let him take her son.

Babe thanked Paul for helping her deliver the baby and begged him to help Bianca. As she told Paul about how Bianca had been raped and her own mother won't accept her baby, he gave her a shot, allegedly to keep her healthy. She asked him about the paternity test and he insisted she wanted the father to be JR and it is. Babe started feeling funny and he carried her outside. He came back in for Miranda and told baby Chandler that Uncle Paul had to leave, but his mother would be there soon. Outside, he staged an accident scene, with Bianca and Babe on the ground and parts of the helicopter scattered about. He ignored radio calls and Babe came to as he was smashing the radio. He told her there had been an accident and her baby's incubator had fallen into the river during the crash. Babe crawled on the ground to look for her baby and Paul assured her he'd go search. Paul went into the cabin and talked to Babe's baby about his new mother, Kelly.

Jamie and Maggie thought they saw a light and rushed into the cabin as Paul hid with the incubator and baby Chandler. They saw evidence of recent activity and Maggie found Bianca's sweater. They knew they were close and they ran outside to search some more nearby. Paul wondered where his sister was and Kelly finally came to the door and swore no one had seen her. Kelly was amazed to hold her the baby and hear Paul say he was all hers. She asked him how he did it.

Wednesday, March 24

Edmund sat in bed typing on his computer. Maria came in with a dinner tray and wearing a very sexy dress. Edmund looked up and said "Hubba, hubba!." Maria was pleased that he noticed. She placed the tray in front of him and sat at the foot of the bed. Edmund continued to compliment her looks and then told her how much he loves her. Maria came up to the head of the bed and sat with her husband. They kissed but then pulled apart. Maria pulled the dinner tray closer and Edmund talked about the bistro they went to in London and told Maria he wanted to go there again when he gets back on his feet. "Dream with me Maria," he begged. Maria nodded yes. She said she was trying to understand why Edmund wanted to put his life at risk for the surgery. Edmund said he had never been more at peace with a decision in his life. Maria said that was good enough for her. Edmund told her she was amazing and then asked her to sleep with him tonight. She happily went upstairs to change. When she returned Edmund was in bed in his pj's. She walked over and took off her silky robe to reveal a negligee. She crawled in bed, kissed Edmund and then he wrapped her in his arms.

Joe Martin stopped Anita in the hospital and asked how she was adjusting to PV Hospital. She said she was doing well. Joe went on his way and Anita went to the nurses' station where she was handed a package with a note. It was a corsage and a note that asked her to meet her "not so secret admirer" in room 22. She smiled and went to the room, where she found Bobby. He had put candles all around the room and brought in dinner. Anita was impressed and Bobby poured them glasses of sparkling cider for a toast "for their lifetime together." Anita said she needed more time and said he didn't have to do all of this to impress her. Bobby said he did it so when he went back to Vegas without her she would remember him as the guy who loves her more than anything. He uncovered their dinner, which was the entire menu from their first honeymoon meal. Anita smiled and told him he was "evil in a can." Bobby said he couldn't imagine a future without her, then turned on some music and asked her to dance. As they slow danced Bobby begged for another chance to earn back her trust. Anita wasn't sure he could earn it back. Then her pager went off and she said she had to go. Bobby said he'd call her from Las Vegas and kissed her goodbye.

Still at the Chandler mansion, Krystal tried to keep Erica's spirits up. She told Erica she knows that she loves Bianca. Erica said she just wanted to make Bianca understand that she could see what her future held, how brutal it would be because of this baby. She said she tried to warn her but Kendall and Bianca just refused to see it. Krystal said kids rarely ever see it and said "We just have to protect them and take the heat when it all flies back in their face." Erica looked at Krystal and said "You really do understand!." Krystal started to pray out loud to God, begging him to take care of Babe and Bianca. She ended by asking him to bring the girls home safely with their babies. Erica sat down and folded her hands. She begged God to let her hold Bianca again and tell her how much she loves her and how sorry she was. Krystal said "Amen" and knelt in front of Erica, holding her hands.

In the woods Kendall found the helicopter and Babe and Bianca. She ran to Bianca's side. Ryan and Greenlee were right behind her. They stopped to check Babe while Kendall begged Bianca to open her eyes. Greenlee called David and told him they found the girls. David, Reggie, Jack and Adam ran out the door. Ryan said Babe was still breathing and asked Kendall about Bianca. She cried and said Bianca was so cold she couldn't tell. Ryan rushed to her side and checked on Bianca. He said she was still alive. Tad, JR, Jamie and Maggie arrived. JR rushed to Babe and tried to wake her up. Everyone stopped when they heard a baby cry. Kendall found the incubator and looked in it, saying "Miranda?" David, Reggie, Jack and Adam got there and David began to check on Babe and Bianca. He looked at the baby and said it was ok for now. Babe woke up and asked where her baby was. David said both girls had given birth. Tad said "There's only one baby, where the hell's the other one?" Tad and Adam looked in the chopper for a baby. Paul stumbles into the scene and pretends to be dazed from the chopper crash. JR grabbed him and demanded to know where his baby was. Paul tells them he was barely able to get the disabled helicopter on the ground in one piece. Jamie got in Paul's face and yelled at him for not helping when he asked him to. Paul said he changed his mind and "I delivered Babe's baby, I got the crippled chopper back on the ground. What's the problem?" JR growled "The problem is there are 2 mothers but only 1 child, where's my son?" JR went on to threaten Paul if any harm came to his baby. Then Adam chimed in with ever more dire threats, saying "I will destroy you and everything you ever held sacred if we find out you did anything to harm my grandchild." Paul looked around terrified and heard Bianca's baby cry. He turned back to JR and said "That's your kid. The other baby was thrown from the chopper into the river." Kendall shrieked "NO!" and everyone looked totally devastated. Jack turned away and called Krystal and Erica. Krystal answered the phone and all Jack told her was they found Babe and Bianca alive and both had given birth. He told her to bring Erica and meet them at the hospital. Krystal hugged Erica and they rushed to the hospital. Jack told the group he was going to look for the missing baby. Ryan tried to comfort a grieving Kendall but she shrugged him off and walked over towards Bianca. Greenlee saw this and walked away. Babe came to just as Paul told JR they had a girl. Babe told JR how scary it was and asked about her baby. JR brought the incubator over and told her that was their baby. She talked to the baby as Tad, Paul and Jamie watched. The medics finally arrived and got the girls on stretchers and into the helicopter, along with the baby. Jack and Reggie came back from the river and said they didn't find anything. Maggie stood crying and Jamie hugged her, telling her he'd meet her at the hospital. Reggie told Jack he and Jamie were going to find Bianca's baby and bring it to the hospital. The only people left standing near the crash site were Tad, Jamie, Reggie and Paul. Reggie and Jamie stood in front of Paul and told him they didn't believe his story at all. Reggie said "This has stink all over it." Paul insisted he was telling the truth. Tad got Reggie and Jamie to go look some more by the river then gets in Paul's face. He told Paul he knows all about him, all about the annulment and his history with Babe. Paul tried to deny it but Tad said "Something about you bothers me. It's part of my job to tell when somebody's lying. Cut the crap and tell me what really happened."

Ryan found Greenlee sitting by the river crying. He took her in his arms.

At the hospital Babe was brought in first. JR told Krystal she was going to be ok and Krystal asked about the baby. The incubator was brought in and JR told her Babe had a girl. Bianca was wheeled in and Erica rushed to her side, telling her how much she loved her. David rushed Bianca into surgery to stop the bleeding. Erica turned around and saw Jack, Maggie and Kendall. She asked where Bianca's baby was and they just stared at her.

Thursday, March 25

Erica, Jack, Kendall and Maggie are at the hospital. Erica inquires about Bianca's baby and how she's doing. Kendall almost immediately starts to berate her, sarcastically saying how "nice it was that she was finally concerned." Jackson steps in and says that they don't know much of anything right now outside of the fact that her baby is missing. After Kendall and Maggie walk away, Jackson tells Erica about the failed rescue and how they were told the baby's incubator probably went into the river. Erica hugs Jack and then walks away.

Maggie runs into David and he tells her that Bianca is in surgery and may have a ruptured artery. Maggie worries about the possible scenarios after Bianca wakes up and what they will tell her about her baby. She asks why someone who is so pure and good as Bianca has had to suffer so much, and David has nothing to offer as consolation.

Kendall tells Jack that she isn't surprised that Erica disappeared - she doubts that Erica has cried at all about what has happened. Kendall rants on about how horribly Erica treated Bianca. Previously, Kendall took on all the blame that Erica dished out for being raped, but now, Bianca is paying because in choosing what she did, she was trying to "prove Erica wrong." Kendall said that Bianca proved that a child of rape deserves to be loved.

While they are talking, Erica is in the chapel asking for help. She asks why Bianca has to suffer, and says she will do anything to make things better for her.

Kendall feels that Erica is to blame for everything that happened - if Erica hadn't been so determined to make Bianca believe her truth at all costs, Bianca wouldn't have gone out into the storm. Jack continues to defend Erica - saying that all that she has done was out of love for her daughters. He explains that Erica has been treating everyone badly and blaming herself for what has happened because it was her job to protect her children from anything like that and she failed. He convinces her that all of them need to stick together and stay strong. If Bianca's baby can't be found, they will need each other to get through it.

The doctor checks over baby Miranda/Bess and JR demands to know if she is all right. He goes to check on the tests that were run, and reports back that she is fine. Adam joins him and wants to celebrate because JR has given him the greatest gift. JR says that he can't celebrate because a parent's worst nightmare was happening to his very good friend right down the hall.

A little later, after the baby has been given a bath, JR talks to his "daughter." Adam returns and they talk about how nothing is better than the "love at first sight" that you feel when you first hold your baby. JR tells Adam that they have decided to name the baby Elizabeth, after his maternal grandmother. Adam thinks that Dixie would be pleased, and offers "Charlotte" as a middle name, after "Aunt Lottie." JR says that Babe would make the final decision.

Tad talks to Paul at the crash site. Tad has told Paul that he knows all about the marriage that wasn't annulled until recently, and tried to use it as leverage for the truth. Tad notes that there were many holes in Paul's original story where he could have called in backup, and Tad thinks he did it on purpose because Paul didn't want any witnesses. Tad informs Paul that he can either fess up - or Tad will start digging. In response, Paul tells part of the truth. He talks about how he ran into Jamie and the hospital and the phone call from Babe. Then he falters with the story so he covers it up by saying that he needed to go find the baby. Paul tells Tad that if he wants to call his father and get him fired, fine - but the search was more important.

Jamie and Reggie meet up with Tad at the site. Tad said that Paul's story holds up for now, regardless of what Jamie thinks of him personally. In the meantime, Paul sneaks into the cabin and smashes the remaining incubator. Back at the site, Tad and Jamie are feeling dejected and Reggie refuses to give up. He thinks the baby is still alive and they will find her.

Krystal sits with Babe in her hospital room and talks to her comfortingly. Babe fades in and out of consciousness and mutters, "My baby is dead." Krystal is confused because she is still under the impression that the baby that JR is with is theirs. She continues to mutter and when Anita comes in, she calms Krystal's fears, saying it must be the medicine. Then Babe says, "I have to see him - bring him to me" and Krystal believes that sing they had a girl, Babe meant JR.

Bianca is now out of surgery, and although Kendall has a million questions, the nurse tells her that all questions will be answered by the doctor. Kendall prays silently that the baby will be found.

Anita runs into Bobby in the hall and tells him about the ongoing saga with Babe and Bianca. Bobby spends a little time with her, and then says that he is going to light a candle in the chapel for the baby, and for their marriage. As she has said to him before, it can't hurt.

In the chapel, Erica and Bobby run into each other again. She talks around what is going on, saying that she thought that she could escape what was going on through her work, but couldn't.

David tells Krystal that there isn't any additional information on Bianca's baby. He tells her that the only thing that saved Bianca from her despair over that rape was the baby. He is concerned about what would happen when she woke up and found out about her baby's disappearance/"death." Krystal tells him that she's sorry, and confused, David asks why. Krystal says, "for the little girl you lost." David says that he never said that, and Krystal said that he didn't need to.

At the end of the show, there were a series of scenes played out in silence:

? Jack walks into the chapel and is quiet while Erica continues to pray

? Maggie looks through a window - presumably into the nursery

? Kendall continues her bedside vigil with Bianca. Bianca starts to wake up and says "Miranda"

? JR is holding Miranda/"Bess" and brings her in to see Babe.

Friday, March 26

Babe and Bianca are both resting in the hospital, with their mothers sitting by their side. Erica walks outside where she runs into Krystal. Joe Martin finds them and tells them about their daughter's conditions. He tries to persuade them to talk in private, but Krystal and Erica tell him that they want to hear the news together. Joe explains that Bianca suffered a large amount of bleeding internally, but she is doing well and will recover completely. When Erica asks Joe if Bianca will be able to have children again, he reassures her that Bianca will be able to have more children. As for Babe, Joe tells Krystal that Babe still has an infection and they plan to treat it more, although the worst case scenario is that the infection turns into a deadly disease. Joe leaves and Krystal tells an unconscious Babe that she has to fight off the illness. Babe's eyes flutter open and when she sees Erica huddled in the corner, she tells her that she has to talk about Bianca. Krystal and Erica tell Babe to rest, but Babe starts telling Erica the reason Bianca left Pine Valley. She begs Erica to talk to Bianca and love her and Miranda. Erica is shocked to hear that Bianca felt like she had to make a choice between her mother and her own child. When Babe asks Erica to go to Bianca and start a clean slate, she tells Babe to get some rest and rushes outside.

Brooke finds Adam looking at Miranda through the glass. She offers her congratulations and then realizes that he doesn't care about Babe at all. He doesn't even seem to be showing any sympathy for Bianca and her missing baby. Disgusted by his attitude, she slaps him. Adam says that he is sorry for Bianca, but will admit he is thrilled his grandchild lived. Brooke tells him that she wished the child has been Jamie's so she would have not have to grow up with Adam.

JR sees Kendall looking at Miranda through the glass. She tells him that she is beautiful and JR apologizes for the pain she is going through. Kendall tells him that Miranda could still be found. JR agrees and Kendall admits that when she first saw Miranda, she thought she saw Bianca in her eyes.

When Brooke leaves, she bumps into Erica, who is crying and upset. She asks Brooke for advice about how to help Bianca with Miranda's possible death, when Bianca is so angry at her. Brooke says that she has made parenting mistakes herself, which surprises Erica. Brooke says that she made her mistakes thinking she knew what was best for her kids and that she admires Erica's undying love for Bianca. Erica is touched and hugs Brooke. Joe interrupts them and says he received a call about the crash.

Ryan finds Kendall sitting alone outside and when she sees him, she asks him if he found Miranda. He tells her no but that the search will not stop until there is something to report. Kendall worries about how Bianca will react when she finds out Miranda is missing and even blames herself for not being there to help her sister. Ryan tells Kendall not to blame herself and that no one has more devoted to Miranda that her. He tells her to have faith and believe that miracles can happen. He also says that the incubator is secure or someone could have found Miranda and is keeping her safe. When David shows up, Kendall rushes to the hospital. David immediately starts telling Ryan that he is low life for hitting on Kendall, when Bianca is ill and her baby is missing. He even warns Ryan to stay away from Greenlee and Kendall, until Tad interrupts and tells them that the rescue crew found something in the river.

Bobby sees Greenlee sitting in a waiting room and asks her if she is okay. Greenlee warns him not to go near Erica and even blabs that she is engaged to Jackson Montgomery, her father. Bobby says that Erica never mentioned she was engaged, but isn't interested in her romantically. Greenlee asks him who he is there to see, but Bobby ignores her questions and retorts that if her and Erica don't even like each other, then why is she acting so concerned about Erica's welfare? Greenlee doesn't answer and figures that he must be new in town if he hasn't heard about her yet. Bobby starts to go, seeing that talking to Greenlee is pointless, but she asks him if he has even done something on impulse, even if it hurts the one he loves. Bobby says that he has been in that situation and that he kept asking for forgiveness until he was given another chance. He tells her not to give up and then leaves. Jackson walks in and is happy to see Greenlee, which surprises her. She tells him she was just going to look for him to apologize for all the agony she has caused. Jackson interrupts her and accepts her apology. When Greenlee mentions leaving town again, Jackson tells her that he needs her with him. Her and Jackson embrace in a hug.

While Maggie is visiting Bianca, Lena shows up, shocked at what she sees. She drags Maggie outside and scolds her for not calling her sooner about Bianca. Maggie apologizes and explains that with everything happening so fast, she didn't even think about calling Lena. Jamie goes to see Maggie and asks how Bianca is doing. Maggie tells him about Babe's infection and he goes to visit her.

Everyone gathers outside Bianca's room to hear the news. Ryan comes upstairs through the elevator, carrying the incubator that Paul smashed after he gave Babe's baby to Kelly. Ryan says that it was pulled from the river 10 miles from the crash site and that the rescuers say the baby could not have survived. Lena rushes out to the crowd and tells them that Bianca is awake!



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