All My Children Recaps: The week of March 29, 2004 on AMC

Kendall told Bianca that her baby had not survived the crash. Babe started to remember the crash. Paul considered killing Babe. JR comforted Babe when she had a nightmare about Paul placing her baby in an incubator. Krystal took Bess to Babe's room. Bianca went to visit Babe.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 29, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, March 29

Unaware that the incubator had been found, Lena could not understand why no one was happy to learn that Bianca had awakened. As she turned around and saw the battered piece of medical equipment, Lena suddenly realized that there was no longer a chance of finding Bianca's baby alive. Kendall decided that she should be the one to tell Bianca that Miranda had died.

In the waiting area, an angry David told Erica that somehow she had gotten what she'd wished for -- Bianca's baby was dead. Ryan confronted David and told him to stop hurling accusations at Erica.

Somewhere in Llanview, Paul again assured Kelly that the woman who had "given up" her baby didn't want the little boy back. Kelly remained reluctant, but finally seemed to believe what her brother was saying. Paul again urged Kelly to accept the baby as her own and never mention anything to the contrary again.

Reggie returned to Greenlee's loft and ordered Danielle to pack her bags and leave. A stunned Danielle bowed her head and tried to figure out what had suddenly turned Reggie against her. Reggie scathingly told the young woman to move along and find her next mark. As Danielle was preparing to leave, Reggie revealed the reason for his anger: Bianca's baby had died. A concerned Danielle walked to Reggie's side and tried to figure out a way to make his pain go away.

Back at the hospital, JR walked in Babe's room as Jamie was at Babe's bedside. Jamie feared that JR would lash out at him, and was quite surprised when JR said that he didn't mind his being there. Later, as JR held his baby girl, he apologized to Jamie for the cruel way that he had treated him. He also took back his comments that he and Jamie were not family. JR then said that he couldn't imagine what Bianca and her family were going through.

Bianca awoke and smiled meekly at her sister, Kendall. Bianca recalled the storm and giving birth to Miranda. She apologized for running out into the storm, but said that everything was okay now. Kendall informed Bianca that she had had to undergo emergency surgery, something Bianca had not known anything about. Bianca also knew nothing of the rescue Paul Cramer had mounted or the subsequent chopper crash. Bianca worried that her baby had been injured in the crash and asked to see her. Kendall quietly and painfully told Bianca that her baby was safe in Mona's arms and would never be hurt again. Bianca's face grew pale and was unable to fathom how her baby could be with Mona. That would mean that Miranda was... She was unable to say the word "dead." In the waiting area, Bianca's loved ones cringed and burst into tears as a horrific shriek echoed through the corridors. They knew that Bianca had been informed of Miranda's death. Bianca rolled onto her side, away from Kendall, and sobbed uncontrollably. Kendall crawled into bed next to her sister and held her tightly. The two women continued to cry as Erica slowly made her way into the room.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Edmund rolled in to see Maria in her office, saying he was there for physical therapy. Maria was clearly stressed out and told him about Bianca's tragedy and how she thinks they should be grateful for what they have and not ask for more. Anita walked in and asked Maria to leave with her.

Aidan approached Ryan at the gym and after arguing about Kendall, wondered if he wanted to fight. Anita and Maria saw them and Anita wanted to stop them. Maria explained they had to fight to stop the pain over not being able to help Bianca or find her baby and not being able to control the events. She also said Edmund and she was going through the same thing. Later, Anita and Aidan talked and he told her he doesn't need saving. She opined that if Bobby had boxed, maybe he wouldn't have cheated on her. She wondered how to get over being hurt and he offered her a boxing lesson. Maria patched Ryan up and suggested he go see Kendall.

Reggie said goodbye to Danielle and she was worried about him being alone. She was still in Greenlee's apartment when Greenlee came home, quite stunned to find Danielle in her dress. Greenlee grilled her and turned to call the police but Danielle said she was a friend of Reggie's. As Danielle started to explain, Reggie came in and Danielle left the room. Greenlee reluctantly admitted the dress looks better on Danielle. Reggie told her Danielle was a runaway and since Greenlee had left without saying goodbye, he let her stay there and had not told Jack. Greenlee offered to let Danielle stay with her, only to cut her a break. Reggie was very suspicious of Greenlee's motives, but agreed after warning Danielle to watch her back and sleep with one eye open. He left for the hospital and Greenlee warned Danielle to be straight with Reggie and to stay away from her closet.

Tad comforted Jack, still holding the broken incubator near the hospital dumpster. Jack placed the incubator in the trash and they went back inside. The police told Jack the recovery effort had to be called off, due to lack of manpower and hope. Jack wondered how to say goodbye to an empty grave and Tad told him it would get easier after time. Jack thanked him for opening his own wound about Dixie and her baby. Tad asked if he wanted to find a bar and get hammered. Jack said he had to see Bianca and Tad said there was nothing to be done; this was something a person has to do alone.

Kendall was next to Bianca, on her bed, when Erica came in. Bianca was furious and told her mother she'd better not dare say it. Erica said she was there to comfort her, if she'd let her. Erica said she was sorry and Bianca wondered if Erica was sorry her baby died. Erica said yes, and she'd been worried and wanted to apologize for what she'd said before to Bianca and Kendall. Bianca asked if she'd stopped by the chapel to light a candle and tell god how much she was suffering. Bianca demanded to know how many candles and Erica said she'd said a prayer for Bianca's happiness. Bianca was upset she couldn't include her baby or Kendall in her prayers. She said she finally knows who Erica is and refused to believe that Erica loves her. She told Erica she was not mother of the year and was nothing but an unforgivable liar. Bianca was furious and told Erica that her wishes had come true and the legacy of rape was over. She reminded her she'd made it clear she would never accept Miranda. She wondered where the tickets were for the cruise and celebration now that her nightmare was over. Bianca guessed Erica was not only sighing with relief, she was jumping for joy inside. Erica begged Bianca to understand that she had never wished harm to her baby or wanted her to suffer. Erica admitted making mistakes, but she'd only ever wanted the best for Bianca and that she would throw herself in the river to spare Bianca this pain. Bianca only said there was no going back to normal and she was miserable and they would never be a happy family again, especially since they never were. She told Erica she was not her mother anymore and that her father was more alive to her than she was. Erica asked for Kendall's help and she told Erica she was on Bianca's side and that Erica was only offering a slap in the face and that she should look at the bright side of not having to relive her rape again. Bianca told Erica that Miranda was about her, not about Erica; she was about Bianca's dreams, not Erica's nightmares. Bianca also said she would never let Erica say she's sorry or that she loves her, because she doesn't believe it.

Erica left Bianca's room and ran into Jack, who tried to say that Bianca hadn't meant what she said. Erica cried and said she knows how Jack, Bianca and Kendall feel about her and she wants nothing from them and ran out. Bianca asked to see Babe's baby girl. Kendall tried to stop her and suggested she rest. Bianca asked Kendall if she'd been too hard on Erica and Kendall agreed she'd done exactly what she needed to do. A nurse came in and said Kendall had to leave. Kendall went home and sobbed.

Jack ran into Edmund and they wondered why. Edmund said his new question is what is he going to do about being in a wheelchair and Jack said he only wonders how they all got here. Jack wanted to know what to do with the sick feeling in his heart and how to help the people he loves. Edmund told him to do whatever he can think of and just keep doing it and keep loving them, without trying to control what happens.

Erica arrived at home and got a phone call and said she refused to discuss him, then was stunned to hear news from the other end of phone call. She drank some wine and walked determinedly into her bedroom.

With the song "Over the Rainbow" playing in background, Jack went to see Bianca and held her as they both cried, Greenlee peered out the windows and gazed a picture of Ryan, Ryan went to see Kendall, Maria wheeled Edmund down the hall at the hospital, and Erica walked out of her apartment carrying an overnight bag.

Wednesday, March 31

Tad found Krystal at the hospital crying. He tried to comfort her but she snapped at him and pushed him away. He left as she began crying again. Tad returned a bit later with a plastic cup with some amber liquid inside. He offered it to her after wiping her tears. She said if it was hospital apple juice she didn't want it. Tad told her it was whisky and she took it gratefully. They sat down and Krystal told him about her own mama, and how she was a doormat. Krystal said that made her want to be as tough as nails and she didn't want Babe to see her so afraid now. Tad told her to have faith, that Babe was too much like her mother to let this get her down. Krystal began talking about how horrible she felt about Bianca, Erica and Kendall. Tad told her not to underestimate the Kane women. Krystal told Tad about a friend of hers that lost her baby and how she didn't know how Bianca would possibly get over losing her baby. Tad said "You just do" and then told her how he dealt with losing Dixie and their unborn baby. Krystal was touched and Tad told her they would all find their way through this, just like he did. Krystal said she was going to check on Babe but she was afraid she looked like 100 miles of bad highway. Tad touched her cheek and put a strand of hair back in place and then told "Now you're beautiful."

Aidan offered to teach Anita to box and she accepted. He went to get gloves and told her to remove her jewelry. She had a hard time taking off her wedding rings. Aidan returned with gloves and wrap and got Anita set to box. He showed her how to hold her hands in front of her and how to jab. They laughed and had a good time but when he got too close Anita became very upset and thought he was hitting on her. She angrily threw her gloves at him and started to walk off. Aidan stopped her and said he wasn't hitting on her, "I learned the hard way to stay away from women who love other men." Anita stopped and apologized for overreacting. Aidan accepted and asked if they were still "mates." She said yes and started to walk away. He stopped her again and handed back her wedding rings he'd been holding for her.

Kendall sat in her condo and Ryan walked in the door. He told her she shouldn't have to go through this alone. Kendall said she didn't have the energy to fight with him and Ryan told her "Then don't." He reached out for her hand and she looked at him then put her hand in his. He took her to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth and wiped her face. Then he started the shower for her and got her some towels. She just stood there with tears running down her face. Ryan told her to get in the warm shower and he went into the living room. Kendall undressed and got into the shower. She crouched on the shower floor and cried. Later she got out and put on a robe and found Ryan in the living room where he had started a fire. She sat on the couch and Ryan joined her. He took her towel and rubbed her hair, then brushed it for her very gently. Kendall just sat in a daze. He went into the kitchen and brought back a tray of food for her. Kendall just looked at it and Ryan insisted that she eat something. He sat next to her and tenderly fed her. He got up to put more wood on the fire and Kendall picked up a picture of her and Bianca at the baby shower. She let it drop to the floor and Ryan led her over to the fire. They sat in front of it for a while, then Kendall fell asleep. Ryan got a blanket and covered her, then turned out the lights. He sat in a chair and watched Kendall sleep.

Maria and Edmund went to a movie theater. Edmund sat in his wheelchair in the aisle next to Maria. They laughed, joked and shared popcorn until the movie started. Near the end of the movie the film broke. They waited for it to be fixed and talked about how they would make the story end. Edmund's version had him as the leading man, standing and walking around the room talking with "Betty" (Maria). "Betty" had killed "Vic's" (Edmund) brother to protect him. Vic saw someone at the door and a cop came in, ready to arrest Betty. Maria interrupted Edmund's story, arguing that Betty and Vic belonged together. Edmund told her to make a better story so Maria's version had Vic in a wheelchair and Betty admitted she killed Vic's brother. A cop came to arrest Betty and Vic recognized the man. He pulled a gun on the cop and had Betty frisk him. She found some papers and handed them to Vic. He read them and realized the cop was his brother's dirty partner. The cop runs out and Betty and Vic kiss. Edmund liked Maria's story but said it needed a perfect ending. He had Vic standing and taking Betty in his arms to kiss her. Edmund and Maria kissed and he asked if that was the happy ending she had in mind. Maria smiled and said "Exactly!"

Danielle was in a record store and listened closely to a conversation between the manager and an employee regarding closing up that evening. Reggie came in and she told him it was time to chill out and have some fun before going back to the hospital tomorrow. She put him in a listening room with headphones on and said she'd be right back. She went to the cash register and the employee asked if she was ready to check out. Danielle said no, she couldn't afford the CD and went out the door. The employee looked around and didn't see any other customers so she walked across the room to turn out the lights. Danielle snuck back in and hid behind a display as the employee set the alarm and went out the door, locking it behind her. Reggie came out of the booth into the dark store and called out for Danielle. She popped up and he asked what happened to the lights. Danielle said the store is closed now and Reggie began to get upset. He said he'd call security to come let them out. She tried to stop him and said they should just hang out and have some fun. Reggie explained that he was on probation and if he got caught he'd end up in jail. He said he'd tell security it was an accident but Danielle said it was no accident, that she got them locked in on purpose. Reggie was not happy and said it sounded like Danielle had done this sort of thing before. She just smiled and grabbed his hand. She said it was time to dance and they did start dancing all around the store. They laughed and had fun.

Thursday, April 1

Reggie calls Greenlee and asks for help they have been discovered at the music store and are in danger of being arrested. When she shows up, Greenlee tries to lecture him but he's acutely aware that he'll be doing time if they book him on any criminal charges. In the meantime, Danielle doesn't seem to be that concerned. She tells the owner that HE should get a lawyer because if there had been a fire, they didn't have an escape route. Then she tells Greenlee and Reggie not to worry because she thinks she can get them out of this mess. She has a chat with Officer Lyman and somehow does the impossible. She's not giving up secrets though. After leaving, they head out to get some breakfast.

They aren't there more than a few minutes when Mia and Simone walk in. They see Greenlee but try to ignore her (they fail miserably). In addition, Greenlee isn't about to let them get away with it. She goes over to their table and starts to apologize again. Simone honestly listens, but Mia is incensed that Greenlee even came over. Mia repeatedly injects digs about Greenlee doing everything she did just to get Ryan, and how happy she must be. Greenlee lets the attitude pass with a "I don't know why I'm still surprised that people think the worst of me." Mia agrees wholeheartedly. Greenlee notes that she and Ryan are not together. Simone wonders if the four of them can get back to the glory days at the beginning of Fusion. Mia thinks it's a dream, that it was meant to be for a moment in time but they let it go. Greenlee is more in tune with Simone, as they both miss the old days.

Kendall wakes up from a nightmare and is surprised to see that Ryan is still there. She is grateful and okay if he wants to leave. He doesn't think that she is okay but asks if she wants him to leave anyway. She doesn't so she goes through the motions of getting him some coffee. In the process, she comes across a brochure for "Adopt-A-Thon", the place where she was going to take Miranda to adopt a dog. She tears up, and Ryan tries to comfort her. Kendall insists that she needs to get it together so that she can be strong for Bianca. Ryan reminds her of the hell that she has been through to help her sister, and says that it was understandable if she wasn't "okay" for a while. He said that there were plenty of people that wanted to help and they would come to her because she knew exactly what needed to be done.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. The man on the other side introduces himself as George Milligan of Cambias Industries. He says that he is here to see Ryan, and that because the former heir of Cambias Industries was now deceased, they had to sign legal papers immediately to get it back into Ryan's control. Kendall flips out and orders the man out of her house. Ryan calms her first and then takes Mr. Milligan outside. Once there, Milligan tries to insist that the papers needed to be taken care of immediately because Cambias would flounder without a leader. Ryan read him the riot act and said the papers could wait. Further, Ryan informs him that if he dared to approach Kendall or Bianca, Milligan will be destroyed.

Heading back inside, Ryan tries to tell Kendall that Milligan apologized, but she was listening and thanked him again for looking out for her and Bianca. Kendall gets ready to go to the hospital and Ryan offers to drive her since he has some errands to run there as well.

When they get there, they talk for a few more moments about Ryan setting it up with the staff so that neither she nor Bianca are bothered by anyone from Cambias...and then Greenlee shows up.

JR visits with Babe and assures her that she will be able to hold Bess soon. Babe, delirious, continues to mutter, "not Bess...not Bess..." in an attempt to tell him that she didn't have a girl. JR, unsure of what she is trying to say, just tries to keep her quiet so that she can rest and get better.

David tells Krystal that if she leaves Babe at PVH, Babe will die. This, of course, gets Krystal in an uproar, and she wants an explanation. David explains that the infection that Babe originally had is now worse and affecting her heart. He said that the treatment the hospital staff was using was all wrong. Krystal thinks that David should treat Babe, but JR barges in and says "No way in hell!" A lot of accusations are flung about, mainly about David's character. It came down to Krystal asking Tad's opinion because he is the only one she can trust to be honest. While he hates David as a person, he said that without a doubt, when it comes to the heart no one is a better doctor.

JR is completely against it, and as her husband, has the final word. Tad takes him aside and says that he knows that JR is blending in his feelings about what David did to wreck Dixie's life with the current situation. Tad realizes that this is hard for JR, but tells him that he has to have faith in the people he loves and let David do what he does best. JR acquiesces and they convince Joe to let David have special privileges so that he could treat Babe.

At the nursery, Paul looks through the window at "Bess"/Miranda and flashes back to delivering Babe's child. Adam shows up and tells him to stay away. Paul says he was just worried, but Adam can sense that something is wrong because Paul is acting very nervous. Paul asks how Babe is, but Adam won't divulge any information.

After leaving Adam, Paul goes to Babe's room. She's still mostly unconscious and he starts talking to her. He says that she needs to accept "Bess"/Miranda as her own. He says, "You had a girl" quite menacingly in her ear. Still nervous that she may blow his cover, he looks at her chart and says that the only way he can guarantee she won't talk is if she doesn't wake up at all. He continues the conversation in his head. When he starts yelling in his head, he finally says aloud, "Kelly deserves that baby she'd make a much better mom than you!" At that point, JR and David walk in.

JR takes Paul into the hallway so that David could work with Babe. JR asked what Paul said to Babe, admitting that he heard Paul mention his sister. Paul starts spouting off, leaving no answers about what was actually said. JR tells Paul to just "walk away" so Paul gets away without confessing. At that point, David opens the door and says that Babe is waking up.

While standing over Babe, JR says that he won't forget what David is doing meaning that if something bad happens with Babe, JR will come after David. In his usual arrogant way, David said nothing would because he hates to lose. Babe will be fine now that he is on the case.

Babe starts to mumble "Paul" and JR wants her to tell him what he said to her.

Friday, April 2

Jackson goes over to Erica's place and finds a note addressed to him. He reads it and when he sees an empty wine glass on the coffee table, he shakes his head in disbelief. Taking the note with him, he leaves and heads over to the hospital.

Krystal and Tad are on their way with "Bess" to see Babe, when Adam stops them and says they are not taking the baby anywhere. Adam tells Tad that he can't interfere with his grandchild's life because he is not family. Tad reminds him that although Jamie isn't the father of this baby, he is as much as a father to JR as Adam is. Adam continues to insist that he won't let Tad in Bess's life while Tad tells him that Bess is a part of Dixie as well as JR. Tad tells Adam he will protect the baby and make sure she doesn't end up to be an Adam Chandler clone.

There is no way Kendall will allow Greenlee to step foot in Bianca's room and she makes that perfectly clear to Greenlee. While Greenlee is pleading to talk to Bianca to share her sympathy, Krystal and Anita walk by with "Bess." The women pause a moment with Bess and then continue to walk on. Greenlee and Ryan go to a waiting room to talk privately while Kendall visits her sister. Greenlee asks Ryan to give Bianca a necklace that Leo gave her to remind her that Leo would be so happy about her baby. She adds that it will give Bianca comfort and let her know that Leo is watching over Miranda now and keeping her safe. Ryan is touched by Greenlee's gesture and tells her that when the time is right, she should be the one to give Bianca the necklace. Greenlee says that there will never be a right time for her and Ryan says that she will know when the time is right and to just speak from her heart, like she did with him. Ryan gets a call from the lawyers at Cambias Enterprises and he tells Greenlee that he wishes he never met Alexander Cambias because he wants nothing to do with the company. Greenlee says that Alexander saw something in him, something great and he shouldn't worry about taking anything away from Bianca. She says he could do so much good with the company by building hospitals and organizations in memory of Miranda's life. "You can actually make some good out of this situation," she says. Greenlee also tells Ryan that if he has to choose between her and Kendall, she will understand if he chooses Kendall. Ryan tells her that he and Kendall are not together anymore, but Greenlee can see he still loves Kendall very much. Ryan goes to find Bianca and Bobby walks in, telling Greenlee that Ryan's "got it bad for someone."

While Babe is dreaming of her baby, Bianca is dreaming of the moment she first held Miranda in her arms. She wakes up and asks Lena and Maggie to bring Miranda to her so she can hold her in her arms. Lena tells Bianca that Miranda is gone and when Bianca hears Bess crying outside, she asks her friends again to bring her baby to her. They tell her that the baby outside is not her baby, even thought Bianca insists that she knows the sound of her baby's cry. Lena asks her to recall the events of the night before and Bianca talks about giving birth to Miranda, the chopper that rescued her, and then realizes that her baby is gone. Kendall goes inside Bianca's room and Bianca immediately starts talking about the different ways that her baby could still be alive. Kendall tells her not to torture herself with different scenarios, but Bianca says that she can't believe her baby is gone because she still feels her. Kendall tells her that the baby outside was Babe's and when Bianca asks how Babe is doing, everyone gets quiet. Bianca senses that something is wrong and asks them again. Kendall tells Bianca about Babe's infection and says that since David is treating her, she will be just as well as her baby. Bianca tells her that she wants to see Babe and has to talk to her immediately.

Babe is having nightmares and remembers when Paul took her baby and put him in the incubator. She cries out in her sleep to JR, "Paul, please don't take my baby." JR tells Babe that Paul is not there anymore and he will never hurt her. Krystal and Tad bring Bess in to see Babe. JR picks her up and carries over to Babe, but Babe looks confused and distraught when he starts talking about their daughter, "Bess." Babe panics because her vision is blurry from the infection and she can't see her baby's face. Anita tells JR that Babe is delirious and the antibiotics will help sooth her. Bianca comes to visit Babe and JR immediately offers his condolences about Miranda. Bianca accepts them and asks if she can speak to Babe. JR tells her it is fine and steps back. When Babe sees Bianca, she immediately asks how Miranda is doing. No one answers her directly--instead they tell Babe not to worry about Miranda and just worry about getting herself better. Babe asks Bianca to make a very important promise--she asks her to take care of her baby and JR, incase she dies. Bianca says that she is going to live, but of course, she will obey Babe's wishes if something happens. When JR is alone with Babe, he tells her that she is going to be ok and soon, she will be singing her own lullaby's to Bess.

While Kendall waits outside Babe's room, Jackson comes over to her and asks if she has seen Erica. Kendall says no and then Jackson shows her the letter that Erica wrote. Kendall reads the letter out loud, which says that Erica has left town because SHE has suffered so much pain and doesn't want to be found, but will not do anything to hurt herself. Jackson is determined to find Erica, even though Kendall tells him not to. Kendall says that Erica wants Jackson to find her and as far as she is concerned, she doesn't care where Erica is and if she ever returns. Jackson leaves and Bianca comes out of Babe's room. Ryan finds her and immediately gives her a hug. Finally, Bianca tells them that she has to see Babe's baby.

Krystal breaks up the Adam and Tad verbal lashings and takes Tad to the nursery so he can hold the baby. Krystal assures Tad that she will teach Bess how to outsmart Adam before she even gets her first tooth in. Tad starts talking about all the tea parties, beauty parlors, and stuffed animal parties he will be attending with Bess. He also tells her that Babe is going to be pull through the infection and be ok. Tad even feeds the baby, although he is a bit nervous about burping her.



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